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He was completely covered with her bites and bruises.When he finished pouring his climax inside her then he switched on the hot water once again and winced immediately feeling it.

Geet saw this and was in verge of tears then he said,”U have given me the best memories to keep in my mind for lifetime.I never saw this wildness inside u till now jaan,but i love it.Every time i will provoke u to do this!I love u mishty!”

Geet smiled and pecked his lips and said,”I love u too Maan…u r my Maan!”

Maan grinned ear to ear and spoke,”Yes yours always!”




Geet was shocked hearing the word pamper from his mouth and he immediately took her soft hand and dragged her from the library.He locked his office and made her sit in the car and for safety measure he put the seat belt brushing his fingers on her soft skin.She blushed furiously feeling that tingling sensation.


Part 22



Maan looked around outside and held her hand and walked faster from his office.He was a bit agitated as she had held Prem’s present there.Prem had gifted a small teddy bear as his present to keep her company in absence of him.Maan had seen that inside her bag.He was angry but he controlled it remembering Geet’s state in that club.Both Maaneet went and settled themselves in an Punjabi cuisine restaurant.

Geet was mesmerised looking at the restaurant as it was 5 star hotel and asked abruptly,”Professor,how much a Punjabi thali costs?

Maan was stunned and asked,”And may i know why do u ask Miss Handa?”

Geet said,”I dont have enough money to pay in here!Lets go,sir!I think the food will be expensive here!”

Maan glared at her but spoke gently,”Miss Handa,dont bother.I have brought u to this hotel so am paying for it!”

Geet protested but his one glare made her shut her mouth.Maan smiled looking at pouting Geet while waiter came and gave the menu card.Maan took it and ordered Butter Chicken,when Geet spoke,”Sir,dont order meat!It will be more expensive!Order vegetarian!”

But Maan glared and she pouted while he spoke,”Miss Handa,am paying so am gonna order my choice!”

Geet spoke once again,”But sir…!”

But Maan spoke glaring at her,”Am gonna order meat and u gonna eat it.U r fading away in front of me.Look at u,u have lost weight since i saw u in my office!I know that u r a hard worker but that doesnt mean that u keep ur appetite aside.u need to be healthy to work more hard!”

Geet pouted but nodded.Waiter came with the Butter Chicken,Chicken Lollipops,Shahi Paneer,Egg Masala and Lachche Paratha.Geet’s mouth watered looking at the dishes as her almond eyes danced in its sockets seeing the dishes and her stomach grumbled cutely which she held it looking at Maan consciously.

Maan chuckled looking at her feeling conscious but he served all the dishes to her plate and said to proceed.

Geet widened her eyes looking at Maan serving the half of the dish to her and said,”Sir,serve urself!I will serve myself!”

Maan spoke glaring at her,”Will u stop fussing around Miss Handa?”

Geet gulped her saliva looking at his intense glare.She squirmed under his intense glare and cleared her throat to break the glare.Maan lowered his eyes feeling embarassed while Geet took her knife and cut the Chicken and put it into her mouth and groaned softly.He softly groaned seeing her almond eyes widen in excitement and mouth watering seeing the Chicken and then stuffing it into her mouth licking her lips and groaning softly savouring every bite of the Chicken.Maan once again adjusted himself as his hardness had erected immediately seeing her in that state.Maan cleared his throat and asked smiling,”Good?”

Geet nodded once again stuffing the Chicken bite inside her mouth.He looked her intently.She was eating the Chicken as if she was starved for it.Maan felt sad seeing her like that and was amazed seeing her never complaining.When it was the turn of Lachche Paratha then their hands crashed to each other.Both Maaneet felt the very same current surge through their veins.They were embarassed as they were gawking each other.Geet lowered her almond eyes and cleared her throat.She served the Lachche Paratha to both and he muttered thanks and lowered his head to concentrate on the food.But food was not in his concentration as Geet was there to distract.She was the special piece as she always savoured whatever she ate.Maan was drinking her appearance with hungry and dark look.Her cute pout when she felt the chilli taste and she cutely fanning her hand in front of her mouth and drinking the water and licking her lips softly.Maan softly groaned looking at her face.She was indeed mouth watering and his untamed desires started to boil from his stomach.His desires tempted him to pull her towards him and savour her soft lips which was tempting him to eat it.Geet who was busy having food glanced at once towards Maan.Immediately she blushed looking at the dark look oozing from those deep chocolate eyes.Heat started to produce inside her veins and her cheeks heated with red color turning from pink.Maan closed his eyes at once cant able to see the scene as guilt built over inside him with regret.He was abt to do sin by thinking abt Geet like that and he dint wanted to do another sin after committing his first sin in past.Geet who glanced him once again felt he’s avoiding her.Her eyes welled up and she lowered her eyes immediately.Maan who had closed his eyes opened it and looked at her with regret and detach.He concentrated on the foods.Geet cant able to eat further as her emotions were making her stomach to role.

Geet said controlling her all emotions,”Am done sir!”

She stood to go but he caught her hand immediately.

She took a sharp breath and he spoke,”Geet,u havent finished yet.Empty ur plate atleast!Its not good to leave the food halfway!”

Geet dint wanted to stay there and she said,”I will pack it sir and eat it when am hungry!”

Maan dint speak further and called a waiter to pack the food.Geet excused herself to the ladies room and broke down sitting inside the toilet.Geet cried her hear out letting her emotions wash out completely.After that she came outside washing her face.Maan noticed it and felt sad for making her cry.He dint look toward her further.She took the food packets and walked towards his car.He too dint spoke further and started his car and made her sit inside it.But on that time he got a phone.Geet was a bit distracted and looked at his profile.He was indeed handsome but he was healthy in appearance but there was a pain in those deep chocolate eyes.She concentrated on his convo now which she heard,”Piya,what happened?”

Then Maan spoke,”Ok,am coming!Stay where u r!”

He disconnected the phone and spoke to Geet,”Miss Handa,am sorry i insist u to take taxi!Am in hurry!”

Geet dint speak further as she was feeling jealous hearing the girl’s name and his hurry to meet her and making her to take a taxi made her angry.Geet said rudely,”No need to bother professor,i will walk towards my home myself!”

Maan snarled,”Miss Handa,dont argue with me now!Take taxi and i will pay!”

Before Geet would protest his glare and agitation made her mouth shut and nodded meekly.He made her to sit in an taxi and he paid the driver and told the address and hurried immediately in his car.Geet came back to her home and changed herself getting freshen up.Now she was feeling hungry so she took the Chicken packet and started to eat it.She was disturbed hearing the name Piya.Life had changed completely since she had the crush on Maan.After the encounter in Hoshiarpur she had been caught by an couple in unconscious stage who had made her the member of an orphanage when they got to know that she was orphan.But from that time,she has changed.Strong,witty,beguilingly beautiful.One fine day she met with Anwesha who was her age only,who had come there to take part in an Orphanage function along with her parents who were the owner of that Orphanage who became her best friend.Anwesha was soft,gentle and generous from her heart.She had given her favourite dresses to Geet so that she can wear.She even had always bought clothes for every occasion.Though Geet felt reluctance still she would never mind abt her words.One day Anwesha had took Geet to her home and had introduced to her family.Everyone were happy to meet Geet and showered the love or which she was craving.She and Dev had become best friends too.But she dint meet Maan there as he was always detached himself from the family.When Geet saw Maan’s picture in Anwesha’s family album then she was shocked.She dint share the news that he was the one who saved me from Hoshiarpur but looking at his handsome face she had developed a crush inside her for him.This crush when turned as love she dint know.Geet finished her dinner and kept the left overs inside the fridge which Maan had provided giving all types of dangerous glare when she protested.Geet went to bed and took a picture of Maan which she had taken from Anwesha’s bulletin board.She was impressed and proud too on that time knowing that he had achieved so many things in his young age.

She looked at his handsome face and stroked it softly and asked,”Why u have so much pain in ur face Maan now?”She stared at picture till her eyes got tired and she snuggled the photo slowly slipping inside the blanket.She was asleep already.


Next morning Geet got up and went to her college and into his Library and started writing her first thesis abt the topic given by Maan.After few hours Prem entered the library and saw Geet working on something chewing the edge of her pencil.Prem smiled broadly and walked towards her and kept his hand on her shoulder.She got startled but smiled back and he sat with her to do his work too.Both Prem and Geet finished their work and walked outside Maan’s library locking it.

Prem asked,”Lunch?”

Geet said,”Ok!”

Both walked towards their favourite restaurant while Prem spoke,”I missed u so much yesterday!”

Geet asked,”Ur paper went well?”

Prem said smiling broadly,”Yeah!”

Both Prem and Geet walked towards an empty table and occupied it.Before Prem would speak further Geet softly came forward and kissed his rough but firm lips.Prem froze immediately shocked but he dint kiss her back.Geet who kissed him felt disappointed and went back stopping her coax.She thought by kissing him she can soothe her pain which she’s feeling from past.But Prem’s lips weren’t like Maan’s…so she stopped herself and her face fell feeling that Vikram’s words are so true that she’s frigid and will be an lousy lay.Now Geet was disappointed and got ready to feel Prem’s wrath.She looked into those black eyes of Prem’s which were looking at her softly.It was an gentle stare which he gave her when Geet kissed her best friend goodbye.

Prem asked,”Geet,what happened to u?”

Geet dint say anything while his look was so tender.Prem coaxed,”Why did u kiss me?”

Geet apologised immediately,”Am sorry Prem!”

Prem said giving the very same tender look,”U r not mine Geet!”

Geet was astonished hearing those words from Prem while he continued,”U know what,u dont feel anything for me like the way i feel abt u!Geet i never was attracted towards any girl but u…u came and spinned my world upside down.Ur simplicity and forgiveness made me feel for u.But i dont know what it is but i can say one thing whenever i will be with u.U bring an protective instinct inside me.Everytime when am with u on that time i feel abt protecting u,nothing else!Yet i cant say this as love but when i see ur expression when am near u then i feel an discomfort inside u.We have known from 3 months and as a best friends u will be comfortable with me as u have known me just like i have known u.But whenever i come near u,i can see rejection in ur eyes.So dont feel bad dear!”

Geet said guiltily,”Am sorry Prem!”Her eyes welled up looking at Prem’s expression.

Prem said softly,”Will u stop asking apology?I said na that whatever i feel abt u isnt love or lust or crush!So relax!”

Geet nodded cutely just like a puppet.Prem smiled broadly and took her hand and made her to sit on the chair and pushed it inside.On that time They heard some commotion and saw an witch with ghost make up holding a paper cups of black coffee.

Prem glared,”Antara!”

Antara glared back,”Prem!”

Prem dint speak further and sat on the opposite chair of Geet’s.

But Antara snarled,”Slumming with the MA students,Prem,So cozy!”

Prem snarled back,”She’s a doctoral student Antara!Go and check ur IQ for god sake!”

Antara said,”Whatever!But dont u think that she’s bitching around with our professor and with u too!She was having dinner with Professor Khurana yesterday!”

Geet was shocked to hear it but Prem came to her air immediately,”Mind ur language Antara,what happens if she hav dinner with Professor Khurana.U r also having coffee with him now or abt to!May be Professor Khurana called Geet there so that they discussion abt her thesis and have dinner and being an gentleman Professor Khurana had said to Geet to not to pay for the dinner!”

Antara said harshly,”Or she persuaded Maan to having get laid!”

Geet and Prem was shocked and glared at her immediately where Prem said harshly,”Everyone will not be like u Antara,so stop giving remarks abt others!”

Antara blushed furiously but said,”What do u know abt her Prem?U r practically a monk,who even dont know what she playing with!”

Prem glared and said,”Antara,dont make me as devil from monk as u acknowledge abt me!”

Antara snarled,”Dont get so hyper or else i need to run to a BP machine!”

Prem glared and snarled,”Antara,dont make me to stand or else i will sure forget that am a monk!”

But Antara dint listen to him and asked Geet directly,”Really,u have the nerve of taking Professor Khurana for the dinner yesterday!What charm u used Geet,did u make ur ***** wet with his come yesterday!”

Thats it…thats f***ing it there came a slap across Antara’s face.Antara was shocked as someone had become a red beetroot after slapping her.

There stood Maan who was seething with anger.Maan snarled immediately,”Miss Sharma,u will receive a notification abt ur desertation proposal tomorrow morning from my office!I regret to cover up all ur mistakes as a teacher but u r doing it more.So i wont be taking ur proposal anymore.U r dismissed from your programme!”

Announcing it he looked towards Geet who had lowered her head with shame but dint speak and walked away.Antara was shocked hearing his words and immediately followed him abandoning her paper black coffee cups inside the dust bin.


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After sometime she drifted once again.After few hours,Maan got up and lifted his head from her curves.He cant believe,he actually got her bedded with him.He was in love with her from his past but he never told it and he never saw the spark in her eyes whenever he came in front of her.But today everything which he desired came true.She was indeed in front of him naked claimed by him.Her state made him swell with pride.She was a mess with so many scratches and love bites.He had claimed her so passionately and he was still inside her and she dint even complain when he was claiming her.This thought intrigued him and his sadness started to boil inside him.He knew that after this then she gonna despise him ever but he has also decided that he gonna feel her wrath.His brewing desires made her melt but he decided himself that he not gonna trouble her anymore.Whatever happened,she gave in due to his passion and he dint wanted her to feel so vulnerable in front of him.He cant tolerate it and he decided he gonna feel her wrath forever.






Maan was thinking when he saw her stirring and her almond brown eyes flicker open.Geet got up clutching the blanket till her chest and looked at Maan.Maan expected her anger but whatever he saw made him shocked.There was a dark desire lurking inside those deep brown orbs.But it got covered up by a blank expression.She got up and took her clothes and started wearing her clothes in front of him only without any shame but blank.Maan stepped forward and saw the bed have blood stains.Now he got to know that she was still virgin and she lost it for him few hours back.

Then she spoke rather harshly,”Testing that am still virgin or not?Well for ur kind information,am not virgin at all Mr.Khurana!”

He looked towards her with guilt.

She saw him angrily and said,”Dont u feel guilty Mr.Khurana,becoz u were right!Am no longer virgin!”

Maan tried to touch her..cocoon her and tell that he dont think like that and he stretched his hand to cocoon her but she stepped back and spoke with moistened eyes,”Dont!Enough!Stay away from me!”

Maan said,”Geet listen to me…!”

Geet snarled,”No,why i listen to u,when u dint listen to me?”

Maan dipped his head with guilt

Geet snarled,”I shouted at u…i screamed at u that am a virgin!I dont love Christian!But did u listen to me!But now ur assumptions became true!Am not an virgin anymore!”

Maan stepped forward but Geet stepped backward when her naked breasts dangled brushing his fingers to her nipples.She inhaled sharply feeling a current run through her veins and he getting harder once again.She was sore,yet she resisted her pain by biting her lip.

Maan saw this and said,”Darling,let me tend u!”

He tried to hold her hand but she pushed it immediately and snarled,”Dont come near me,Mr Khurana!”

Maan snapped,”Stop calling me Mr.Khurana!Call me Maan!”

Geet snapped back,”U r no one to me so i will settle with Mr.Khurana!”

Maan said,”Damn it!”

And he pulled her to him and took her lips.Geet moaned feeling his warm lips.His tongue entered inside her mouth while her soft frame pressed into his hard frame.

Maan said between the kisses,”I love u!I want u now!”

He was so hard previously that he was stopping himself becoz she was sore.But her resistance made him to break his control.

Geet tried to say stop but he dint let her and in result she fell on the bed and he on her and she was stuck beneath him.

Geet moaned,”Maanu,i dont want u leave me!”

He stopped abruptly and looked at her with desire and an smirk.She looked puzzled and was struggling continuously.

Geet asked,”What?”

Maan smirked,”U said now only that u gonna settle with Mr.Khurana,then how come u called my name?”

Geet blushed furiously seeing his teasing smirk.Maan softened seeing the pink cheeks and spoke softly,”Now u will listen to me?”

Geet moaned,”Never!”

Still struggling from his grip.

Maan said menacingly now,”Oh so wise!”

And he entered inside her with powerful thrust.She moaned and her eyes filled with dark desire.

Geet moaned,”Leave me!”

Maan said thrusting his hardness inside her powerfully,”Not until u listen to me!”

She pleaded,”Am sore!”

Maan left her coming outside when she got disappointed.But that freedom dint get last as he possessed her softness from his mouth.She screamed and raked her nails inside his shoulder flesh.He winced but he dint leave her.

She screamed in ecstacy,”Maanu,dont torture me!”

Maan said,”Geetu,if u wont listen to me then am not gonna leave u like that!”

Geet screamed,”Maanu,please!”

But Maan dint leave her and he started licking her softness more and more.She screamed and pleaded,”Please Maanu!”

But he dint listen to her and licked her softness till she got her orgasm.He licked her in so much intensity that she cant take it anymore and screamed raking her nails on his back.Her hands palmed his back and he groaned feeling it.He loved her so much and this distance had been made him insane and edgy.

Maan said now stretching his fingers inside her softness,”Do u know how much i missed u?”

Geet moaned,”U only pushed me from u thinking that i got laid with Christian!Now leave me Maan!”

Maan dint leave her but at once he loosened his grip.Geet felt this and immediately pushed him from her.Maan collapsed on his knees while she got up.Geet said angrily,”Just stay away from me!”

Geet wore her clothes in record time and was abt to go when Maan spoke,”Geetu,u cant go like that!U r appointed as my personal secretary!”

Geet said,”I dont want to work with u!”

Maan asked,”Then how come u came to my office if u dont wanted to work with me!”

Geet stammered and spoke meekly,”I dint know that this is also ur office!”

Maan sighed and wore his clothes and stood in front of her and softly lifted her chin and spoke,”This is my main office and u r appointed here as my personal secretary!”

Geet was abt to refuse when Maan spoke sadly,”Atleast let me stay near u!Please Geet,i cant stay without u!U despise me,i accept it!U hate me,i accept it!But dont deprive me staying away from me!Please darling,i request u!”

Geet asked,”Maan,dint u deprive me,by calling me as characterless?Am sorry!”

She walked inside his cabin from private room and he followed and spoke,”Then get ready to lose everything!”

Geet turned and asked,”I dont have anything remaining to lose…i had most precious thing and that was my virtue,but u took it!Now what u want to take from me?”

Maan smirked,”Ur step father’s business!”

Geet’s face became white but her anger also came and immediately she slapped him.Maan got angry and pulled her towards him pinning her soft body to his hard frame.She immediately shivered feeling his long fingers which tortured her soft skin stroking it.

His expression softened seeing her react to his touch but he said strongly,”If u dont stay then am gonna ruin ur step father’s business!”

Geet’s eyes became moist and asked sadly,”Why r u troubling me so much?”Maan said,”Becoz,i love u!”Geet said,”U dont love me!U only want me to fulfill ur sexual urges!”Maan’s jaw tightened and his eyes blazed with anger but he dint answer her but asked,”So what u decide?”Geet lowered her almond eyes and spoke,”Ok,i will work with u!”Maan’s eyes danced in the socket with happiness.




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It was the time of their departure to London where Maan had set up a grand wedding but before that he wanted to stop Dev so he kidnapped him & kept him in a secret place where Dev was kept seperated from the whole world not getting any news of the world.






Dev opened his eyes to get he was in some strange place.He looked around him.He was in some kind of ground place…some kind of cellar.His vision was blur so he wiped off his eyes from his hands.His vision came to focus and saw around him.Darkness crept everywhere and from one corner only the light is coming.He tried to move and saw himself to be tied to a chair.He tried to free himself but he was bound tightly.He looked around and saw a man standing.He tried to trace him in darkness but he cant come into focus.

He asked,”Who’s there?”

He closed his eyes and opened it to trace the man but he cant come into focus as he was standing in the half darkness.He try to see his face but the man was standing in darkness covering his face completely to him.

That person asked,”How r u Dev?”

Dev tried to catch his voice but it wasnt familiar.It was a new one.

Dev asked,”Who r u,and why have u tied me here?

That person said,”Just for fun Mr.Dev!U will be freed till tomorrow!”

Dev snarled,”What?Let me go or u will pay very dearly!”

That person snarled too,”Listen bastard,u r stayed here till tomorrow means till tomorrow!”

Dev asked,”Why have u tied here?What have i done to u?”

That person said,”Dint i tell u,this is for fun!I wanted to tie u and prove my father that i can capture a business tycoon like u!”

Dev snarled,”What?Are u crazy?To prove ur father i was the person u captured.Look am gonna pay u whatever u want but leave me today!I cant stay here!I want to finish my work which i had started.

That person said,”U can finish ur work tomorrow also but for now just shut up and sit down!”

Dev was angry and struggled but immediately something pierced to his neck..a needle type and he fainted immediately.


Here Geet sat in front of mirror not wearing any wedding dress or jewellery.She still was in turmoil and many questions were madly coming to her mind.Most of questions were abt Dev.Is he gonna stop her marriage this time?Is he gonna harm Maan?She dint wanted this to be like this but she cant see Maan in trouble.

On that time there was a knock and she opened the door to get her Maan standing there smirking at her and said,”Waiting for me Jaan?”

Geet turned and said worriedly,”Maan be serious!Am serious that Dev gonna come here too.I havent forgotten the bomb blast!”

Maan sighed and followed her closing the door and held her hand and said,”Meet,listen to me!”

Geet turned and hugged him tightly cant able to resist her anxiety.She only wanted his well being.Maan dint say anything only rubbed her back soothingly.Geet snuggled closer inhaling his sweet sweet scent.She sighed feeling his manly scent.

Maan said after sometime,”Meet,trust me,nothing going to happen!Dev not going to come to our marriage as we r far away from him.We’re in London and he’s in Delhi!Look i had kept an private detective to keep an eye on him and he’s in Delhi only searching for us.So he’s not gonna come and when he get to know where we r on that our marriage will be over here.Mishty,get ready for marriage!Or else am going to take u to honeymoon without any marriage!”

Geet blushed hearing his demanding words and he chuckled and spoke,”Now that’s my mishty..my meet!Now get ready fast!”

Geet nodded and said to go outside but he stood there denying her plea.Atlast he declared that he gonna put the dress and jewellery on her.

Geet blushed but she give into his demand as he was looking more cute with his demanding intense eyes.Maan slowly slid her dori captivating her soft body inside his strong arms and moved his fingers on her sexy back.She moaned and her eyes blazed with dark desire.Maan unzipped her top slowly brushing his thumb on her spine.She quivered feeling it and her cheeks reddened.He smirked looking at her red cheeks and softly pecked it.He wanted to taste it but stopped himself.He wanted to reserve it for his first night.He moved his finger softly on her spine once again and she moaned arching her back.

Maan slowly slid her top from her both shoulders and said,”Lift ur hands sweety!”

Geet lifted her hand and he took off her top from her neck.Now he saw her round small soft curves.He groaned looking at it and a blush crept on her cheeks seeing his intense eyes.

She was abt to turn when he stopped her and said,”Let me!”

She blushed but dint object.She knew that he wont take any wrong step.He slid his hands on her spine and unhooked her b**.He softly brushed his fingers on the side of her breasts and made her moan softly.He slowly slid her pant loosening the thread.She slowly moved her legs which he noticed was milky white.He wanted to grab his legs and bite it sucking its skin but resisted it.Geet stood in front of him naked.

Maan made her to wear the skirt first.He groaned seeing her curves dangle seeing her body move.He wanted to grab those warm soft small curves and suck it till its is sore.He then made her wear b** and then blouse.He breathed seeing the cloth cover her soft curves.Now it was the task of hooking it.He turned her softly and made her face her back to his front and slowly slid his fingers on her nape and then on her spine.She wiggled her back moaning softly.Maan pecked her nape and hooked her b**.Then he kissed her back and hooked her blous.He sensually moved his fingers on her sexy back and she moaned wiggling it feeling ticklish.She giggled softly cant able to resist when he chuckled.He tied the dori of her blouse.


Then he made her stand in front of mirror and started combing her hair.She was so overwhelmed seeing him comb her hair.She blushed seeing his teasing eyes.Then he wove the plaits and twisted it into bun and pinned it.She was like stunned.He actually knows the hairstyle!

Seeing her questioning eyes he spoke softly,”I dont want u to wear any heavy thing and more pins makes u headache so i saw this simple hairstyle for u in the hairstyle magazine so i learnt it!”

He added an ornament to her tight bun and left it like that and slowly freed the curls from her hairs.


Geet was stunned hearing his words and her eyes welled up but he nodded no to her and pecked her forehead.He made her wear the necklace,long chain and ear rings giving occasional pecks.She  moaned softly.


He kissed her knuckles and made her wear bangles and chuda.She had the natural blush seeing him so naughty and dutifully putting the jewellery on her.


Then he sat on his knees and came near her front waist.he took an belly chain and kissed her front waist for which she moaned and put it around her soft waist.She was weak in her knees now.But Maan made her sit on the stool and took her feet where he put golden anklets.

bellychain-1761 Bridal-Anklet-Barefoot-Jewelry

He softly kissed her ankles and stood and let her do the make up.She put foundation cream and she dint add rosy glow to her cheeks and she was blushing profusely.Shaped her almond eyes with kajal,eye liner and mascara.Put some light pink lip stick and stuck a small round bindi which made her complete.

She turned to Maan and asked excitedly,”How am looking?”

Maan said with dark glare,”Sexy!”

Geet blushed furiously when he gave that remark and exited her room.She blushed profusely and sat there waiting for Panditji’s word.Here Maan wore a beautiful sherwani which matched Geet’s lehenga.He was happy to get Geet in her life.


Maan came to mandap first and sat to do havan.When the ash air went into his mouth he started to cough unknowingly and Rano and Geet’s family got panic.

Rano asked worriedly,”What happened son?U r coughing like anything!”

Maan immediately said,”Mom,calm down!Nothing happened to me and please stop being scared of that man.Am not accustomed to the havan air that’s why am coughing but i will get adjusted.Stop blaming urself and Geet for everything wrong happens here.Calm down,i will get accustomed to that!”

Rano who was panicked sighed.She was overwhelmed to get Maan as her son-in-law.She kissed his forhead and sat on the mandap when panditji called Geet.She came to the mandap and Maan looked up and saw around her cautiously while he was mesmerised in her.He noticed she was cautious and nodded dismissively and sighed thinking till he get married to Geet and lead his lifetime fully and peacefully till then Geet and her family wont believe.He dint say anything while Geet glanced him and blushed furiously seeing her teasing smirk.She was indeed beautiful.

She sat beside him and panditji said to stand for jaimala.Maaneet stood and there was a competition that who will put the garland first.Maan first put it but she cant able to put her garland to him as he was taller than her.Geet pouted cutely and stood in tip toe still she cant reach.She jumped but still she cant reach then she got tired and showed her big brown eyes.Maan who was enjoying her plight melted seeing her cute stare.He bent down and she put the garland.Everyone wolf-whistled seeing Maan bowing in front of her and teased that he will become joru ka ghulam.Dadi smiled seeing his love towards her.Then Maan put mangalsutra and then sindhoor to her forehead partition.


Then he made her wear toe rings


Then they stood for pheras.Maaneet promised their 7 promises and sat back for further ceremony.Guests came and wished the couple and they took blessings from Khurana and Handa family.

Precap-Suhaagraat? ya Geet’s 3rd semester medical exams preparation? ;-)

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Maan dint let her go and asked,”Are u being a good girl and gonna listen to me or force me to seduce u now only?”

Geet snarled,”Put me down Maan!”

He smacked her b*** making her flush crimson red and said,”First say yes to me!”

Geet said stubbornly,”No,put me down Maan!”

Maan smacked her b*** once again and said,”Never!”





Geet said at once panting heavily,”Ok!”

Maan immediately let her go but brushing her soft body on his hard frame.Before Geet would react as she has gone to trance feeling his rough body he grabbed her and pinned her to his hard frame and took her soft lips.He kissed her passionately and his arms moved around her body protectively and possessively.He felt her arms raise on his back making him go insane.Her soft fingers moved on his hard back and she felt scratches there thru his shirt.He winced slightly when she turned him and saw so many scratches when she pulled his shirt backwards slightly.

She thought,”Why he has hurted himself this much?”

Before Geet would ask,Maan took her lips once again to distract her.

He pulled her skirt which she wore and held her bu** possessively and squeezed it.She moaned as she felt heat coursed thru her veins and she scratched her nails in his nape.He saw that she’s trying to pull his shirt and he stood and took off his shirt stripping for her as she saw him with desire filled almond eyes.She was looking beautiful drooling over his greek god body.When he removed the last cloth on his broad shoulder then she pounced on him and took his nipple.He groaned as he felt her tongue licking his hard bud.He snaked his arms around her waist and started to unbutton her shirt.Then he freed her inners too which she took it without any hesitation.He was amazed how much she trusts him.He groaned seeing her harden his another bud too which she was licking it passionately.

Maan pulled her from him and said,”Its my turn now!”

And he lifted her and pinned her soft body to his hard frame and mouthed her hard bud.

She moaned,”Maan!”

Her hands went to his nape and then his bare back where those muscles rippled completely feeling her fingers.Her fingers explored his back eagerly when he bit,bruised,licked her hard buds.He was so eager to taste her every inch and his hand supported her waist and his other hand squeezed her bu**.He wanted to kiss her all over so he came towards the bed still suckling her breasts and made her to lie on the bed.He made her free of his body making her body rest on the bed and took her lips kissing her passionately.He so much wanted to torture her so he started kissing her face first.Her eyes,her nose,her red cheeks which had turned into apple color due to his passion and then her soft petals which were swollen due to continuous sucking.He groaned when her softness flexed his hardness.She reached and held his rigid p***s.He hardened immediately feeling her soft palm.He slept beside her and immediately she hovered on him.His hands travelled on her curves and palmed them but her mouth watered seeing his hardness.She took it inside her mouth.A groan escaped from his warm mouth.She licked it pleasuring him.She softly bit it pleasuring him and he squeezed her bu** harshly.He loved this torture as it was making him alive.

Maan moaned,”Geet,let me love u jaan!”

But she dint leave him and licked his hardness and stuffed it inside her mouth.He groaned and he was abt climax when he pulled her towards him and pinned her to the bed hovering on her and started licking her feminine parts.He too tortured her just like she tortured him.His thrusted his tongue deeper and deeper and at once she screamed his name.

Geet pleaded,”Maan i want u now!”

Maan licked her core one last time & made her come then he thrusted his hardness ripping her virginity.She screamed feeling his hardness as he stilled and asked,”U ok?”

She nodded as she felt a pinching sensation and every bit of her past came into her mind vision.He was flexing his hips thrusting deeper and deeper that he dint wanted to break the contact.He was feeling heaven after so many months.He was in so much pain that only Geet can soothe it.She stroked his bu** possessively while he flexed his hips possessively.

Maan said hoarsely,”Geet,mark my words,u r only mine!U cant run away from me.I will always capture u like this whenever u think of leaving me!Enough i have suffered staying away from u and i don’t want to suffer anymore!”

He thrusted inside her more deeper when she felt she’s gonna ready for climax.

Geet moaned,”Maan!”

Maan said,”Scream,squeal,moan!I want to hear u while i take u!”

Geet screamed when he flexed his hips entering inside her more deeper.She scratched her nails on his back and moaned and at once she came screaming his name and he too poured his come hotly inside her womb and collapsed.Their body was full of sweat and Geet wiped the sweat over his forehead when he pecked her forehead.He was still inside her but he was totally relaxed feeling her so close.After sometime they both drifted to the sleep.

After one hour or two she saw his mobile ringing,it was in her reach so she answered his phone.Before she would speak she heard an familiar voice which made her blood boiled which Maan sensed in her body as he was still connected to her and slowly rubbed her body to soothe.

Geet was shocked seeing his gestures when she heard the caller,”Maan,where r u?We’re victorious,Geet isn’t in her hometown.Am sure she ran away after getting betrayal from u!It was the perfect planning to destroy her life and am so happy!Maan why r u not speaking?Speak now man,u know how much am happy.Now Christian came back to me and am happy so much to get him back.He loves him and i love him and no Geet gonna come between us!”

The person cut the call feeling happy and she was shocked.

Geet felt once again betrayed.She looked up his face which had only contentment.She had noticed whenever she refused him then a pain would appear in those windows of his soul and she shoved it to be his ego hurt and she had enjoyed his pain.But today she got to know the one small truth.She felt content and she flexed her lips when he thrusted his rigid p***s inside her once again and this time more powerful that her tears rolled down.But strangely she felt content as her beloved was with her now.

After sometime she drifted once again.After few hours,Maan got up and lifted his head from her curves.He cant believe,he actually got her bedded with him.He was in love with her from his past but he never told it and he never saw the spark in her eyes whenever he came in front of her.But today everything which he desired came true.She was indeed in front of him naked claimed by him.Her state made him swell with pride.She was a mess with so many scratches and love bites.He had claimed her so passionately and he was still inside her and she dint even complain when he was claiming her.This thought intrigued him and his sadness started to boil inside him.He knew that after this then she gonna despise him ever but he has also decided that he gonna feel her wrath.His brewing desires made her melt but he decided himself that he not gonna trouble her anymore.Whatever happened,she gave in due to his passion and he dint wanted her to feel so vulnerable in front of him.He cant tolerate it and he decided he gonna feel her wrath forever.


Precap-Geet accused him,”Now what do u want after having my virginity?”

Maan looked down guiltily.

Geet was angry now seeing him guilty and snarled,”Dont u want me for ur lifetime.Am ur wife goddamn it!”

Maan was shocked and looked up when he saw there was a glow in those almond eyes and his eyes filled with tears.

Geet came forward and cupped his face and said,”I want u for my lifetime!”

Tears came from his white eyes which she wiped and said,”U wont good looking this much vulnerable Maan!”

Maan immediately grabbed her and took her lips kissing her passionately and leaving her breathless and giggling and declared,”I want u now!”

And there he started all over again loving her and she giggled feeling his hot yet loving kisses.

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Kamiya was scared of Naintara’s decision and tried to stop her but she dint budge and she pleaded Maan too to stop him but Maan shouted angrily,”Kamiya,i dont want tolerate traitor like her in my office.If u want to go with her then go but dont expect me to take u both back!”

Kamiya was shocked with his decision but stayed back.She knew if Naintara gets into trouble then she can save her and she dialled her security to keep an eye on her.



Part 21

Warning 18+



Geet heard Bhoomi’s giggling when she got up next day.She was playing on her dada’s lap.Both Bhoomi and Maan looked up hearing Geet’s whispers and Bhoomi’s stomach growled seeing her mother up.Immediately she was transferred to Geet’s lap and nipple was stuffed inside her mouth.She suckled the milk hungrily and Geet giggled seeing Bhoomi throwing her legs and hands suckling the milk.Maan chuckled seeing Bhoomi’s antics.On that time Mariah got up hearing the commotion and yawned cutely.

Maan pulled her on his lap and kissed her cheek and said,”Good morning butter scotch!”

Mariah wished him in tid bits and cutely closed her eyes snuggling to his chest.

Geet said sharply,”Dont go back to sleep,u need to go to school!”Mariah pouted while Maan chuckled.

Geet burped Bhoomi and made her to sleep inside her crib and stuffed her inside the warm blanket.Bhoomi snuggled while she kissed her forehead.

Mariah ran towards her mother and pouted,”Bath…you…school!”
Geet said,”Ok!Ok! I will bathe u and make u ready today for school!Come on beta,u get first!”

Maan sighed looking at the mother daughter.He pouted in his mind as he had the mind of romancing his wife but she was busy with his children.Mariah came outside after 20 minutes wrapped in towel while Geet brought her school uniform.

Geet said to Maan,”Maan,u go now!I will set ur dress!”Maan nodded but he dint go.

While Geet made Mariah wore her uniform and pecked her cheek and said,”Now u look like angel sweety!”

Mariah ran from their room pecking Geet’s both cheeks.Maan who was waiting for this opportunity came stealthily behind her.Geet walked towards Maan’s wardrobe and took his suit.She was abt to keep it when she felt ground slip under her feet.She was shocked and when she saw what happened then she was in Maan’s arms.

Geet said with shock,”Maan what r u doing?”She looked at his eyes now intently which had a dark look.

She blushed furiously but said controlling her rapid heartbeat which had started beating seeing his dark stare,”Maan,let me down!You r getting late for office!”

Maan said huskily,”I don’t get late,lets have shower together!”

Geet was shocked and blushed furiously but before she protest she was took into the bathroom and door was locked.

He let her go when she spoke,”Maan,i have left Bhoomi alone there!”

Maan said hoarsely who was bosy unzipping her nighty,”She’s fed full jaan and she sleeps soundly when she’s fed full!”

Geet said meekly feeling his fingers brush her back and unhooking her b**,”Mariah can come back anytime!”

Maan said nuzzling her face from his nose,”The door is locked jaan,now stop worrying abt others!”

Geet moaned feeling his fingers moving on her bare back.

He said,”Lift ur hands!”

Geet lifted her hands when he pulled her nighty from her head and he pulled her b** from her upper part.His finger brushed on her eager cruves and she moaned feeling it.Maan immediately pulled her towards him pinning her soft body to his hard frame.She blushed furiously and lowered her beautiful almond eyes.Maan lifted her chin and she saw him with luminous shy eyes.Her cheeks were already read and it became more red.He chuckled seeing his shy wifey.She moved her hands on him and held the hem of his vest.He lifted his hands too just like her and she pulled his vest from his head.She took an sharp breath seeing his hard body,curved and rugged and all male in right place.He pulled his tracks and boxers making himself naked.He pulled her towards him and his right hand moved over her waist and travelled towards her thighs and he held her panty and pulled it downwards.His dark eyes was now blazing with emotions and it was only love which had.She gulped her saliva feeling his finger travel down on her leg with panty.

Geet once again softly protested,”Maan!”

But Maan captured her lips and said hoarsely,”Jaan,i need u now!”

She blushed immediately feeling her abdomen poked by his manhood.He immediately dragged her towards the shower and opened the water.Hot water made her squeal but that was muted becoz his hardness had entered inside her softness without any tease or preamble kiss.He was desperate that he stuffed his hardness deeper and deeper.Geet moaned and her hand travelled on his back squeezing his back possessively while stuffed deeper and deeper inside her.She cant able to resist so she screamed his name feeling his hardness expand and contract inside her.He reached her womb stuffing more powerfully and she screamed and released her climx along with him screaming her name.He had spurted hotly inside her and she felt her knees can go weak feeling this deep penetration.He was still inside her when he came to focus and pecked her forehead.Geet dint had any idea why he did this as he never do thai always when they share intimacy.He would love her with all his might and then he would take the final step but today final step was his first step.

When Geet came to focus then she kept her palm on his face and asked,”Maan what is it bothering u?”

As always Maan was shocked but said,”Nothing jaan,i wanted u and i fulfilled it now!”

Maan turned and try to pull his hardness from her when she moved more towards him and his hardness entered more deeper.

He groaned feeling his hardness pressed once again and he said,”Jaan,u r sore!”

Geet said angrily,”No am not sore.Now will u answer my question,what is bothering u?Tell me!Tell me Maan!”

Maan dint answer when she flexed her hips making him groan with pleasure.

Maan asked with dark glare,”What r u doing?”

Geet said with the very same glare,”Teaching u to talk with ur wifey when there’s problem and not to hide it thinking that u hv a fragile wifey!”

Maan looked towards her and chuckled softly as she was looking more adorable with flushed cheeks and angry glare.

Maan pecked her forehead and said,”Jaan,nothing is there to tell.Am not hiding anything!”

Geet glared at him and said,”Maan u r making me lose my patience,answer me Maan!”

She immediately licked his nipple and softly bit it.

He groaned and gave her an angry glare but it vanished into thin air when he saw her moist eyes.

Maan spoke,”Jaan….!”

But Geet held her hand and immediately went back when they broke apart and she winced in pain.

Maan immediately made an hot tub and stuffed her inside that tub when she pushed his hand and said angrily,”I don’t need ur help!”

Maan sighed and spoke,”Jaan…!”

But she kept her fore finger on his lips and said,”Dont ever talk to me!”

He was shocked and immediately she got up still wincing and started soaping her body under the shower.

Maan was abt to speak when she shouted,”Bola na nahin!”

Maan glared and immediately started soaping her body.She snatched the soap but he cocooned her inside his hard frame.He wanted to melt her but she aroused her flexing her bu** to his hardness.He hardened immediately and pinned her front to the wall and he pinned his front to her back.She moaned feeling his hardness.

He immediately stuffed his hardness from the back and said,”Will u listen to me?”

Geet was stubborn but she moaned feeling his hardness stuff inside her once again.

Geet tried to move her hand wack him but he pinned her hands to the wall and spoke,”Am feeling uncomfortable since Antara touched me!”

Geet’s eyes welled up hearing it and her body loosened completely.He left her taking his hardness from her softness.

She winced but cocooned him inside her embrace from the back when he turned and said,”Jaan,am your wife!When i touched u with true love then ur dirt has been washed off!”

Maan looked up with surprise while she continued,”If u don’t believe me then i will wash you once again!”

She made her turned and immediately took his lips.He kissed her passionately snaking his arms around her.When they broke apart then they were breathless but she kissed his eyes..then nose and then pecked his sculpted swollen lips and his stubble.She brushed it softly making him groan.Then she took his right hand and kissed his knuckles.He groaned feeling her soft lips kissing his rough skin.She kissed his every finger in the right hand and licked it softly.She softly bit the pad of his fingers making him more aroused but loved this sweet torture.She took his left hand and did the same thing.He moaned feeling the sensation coursing throught his veins.His hardness hardened stood erect which she saw with cute blush.But she was proud too that she too affected him like he affects her.

She dint stop and started kissing his collar bone and left her mark there by biting his collar bone.He held her small waist tightly groaning loudly.She kissed his chest then his nipples.She stroked it,teased it,bit it marking that as hers.Her nails scratched on his nipples bruising it.He groaned and she felt he hardened immediately.She kissed his stomach and muscles which was rippling and relaxing due to her kisses.Then came the most important part which was hardened and he was controlling himself due to her soreness which he had given before.She saw his hardness erect and hot all the way.Her mouth watered seeing it and immediately took it inside her mouth.He stiffened immediately feeling her tongue.He dint wanted this but it was so soothing too.

Maan said hoarsely,”Jaan!”

He was abt to protest but he cant able to protest so he let her do whatever she want but moaned feeling the sensation.He reached his climax and spurted hotly inside her mouth.Geet was like Aphrodite took all of his hot cum inside her mouth and swallowed it licking his hardness clean.She had squeezed his b*** so strongly that it bear her finger nails marks.

After her kisses and licks he pulled her towards him and started licking her.He dint even leave a small inch also left his bites and kisses.When he came to her softness then he pleasured her just like she pleasured him and at once fed his hardness to it.She was tired of his tortures but when she felt his hardness hardeneing inside her then she swelled with pride as she can only give him that not anyone else.He never was tired of her.He entered inside her deeper and deeper kissing her madly.She reciprocated him with equal madness.

He chuckled and said,”Wild Tigress!”

He was completely covered with her bites and bruises.When he finished pouring his climax inside her then he switched on the hot water once again and winced immediately feeling it.

Geet saw this and was in verge of tears then he said,”U have given me the best memories to keep in my mind for lifetime.I never saw this wildness inside u till now jaan,but i love it.Every time i will provoke u to do this!I love u mishty!”

Geet smiled and pecked his lips and said,”I love u too Maan…u r my Maan!”

Maan grinned ear to ear and spoke,”Yes yours always!”


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Tasha was shocked & was scared of the convo with Pammi.Before Tasha could speak security came & dragged her from the KC building.Geet turned & asked angrily,”Why dint u ask that why am firing her?”

Maan said casually,”Geet now u r my wife & u have every right to fire my staff..i dont know for what reason u fired her but am sure ur decision will be perfect firing her!”

Geet was shocked to see the trust in his eyes & the love.Geet turned that side angrily not able to drown inside his love.





Maan dint speak abt the incident further and asked her to replace Tasha’s place with another assistant.Geet nodded for this and she dialled to Prithvi to help her.Prithvi immediately gave the information abt someone and Geet enrolled her without examining.She have trust that whomever Prithvi appoints is the trustable person which turned to be Pari who was silent and obedient.No mischievousness in her blood or acting so insensible just like Tasha.Maan was impressed seeing Pari’s work so he dint show any reluctance towards her.

Both Maaneet came to home and faced Pammi’s wrath. Pammi shouted on Geet,”How dare u fire her Geet?Tomorrow u r gonna reinstate her to her post or else am not gonna leave u!”

On that time Maan shouted angrily,”Enough!Enough u have ruled the KC now i dont want any ruling here..she’s my wife & u have to accept it..or else u can leave the house!”

Pammi stood shocked seeing Maan shouting on her while Maan dragged Geet from there wrapping his arms around her shoulder…he said to Geet,”Let’s have dinner outside!”

Pammi gritted her teeth looking them together but swore in her mind that she gonna destroy Geet’s life.But she dint know that her life was in the protective arms of Maan who can go any length to protect her and he had proven it by killing Sameer Singhania in that hotel in front of everyone.

Here both Maaneet walked towards an five star hotel.But today Geet wanted to eat Punjabi cuisine but he had brought her to an Italian restaurant.

Geet said meekly,”Suniye!”

Maan’s heart skipped a beat hearing the word which had only love in that word.Maan said sweetly,”Kahiye?”

Geet gulped her saliva seeing his intense dark eyes but spoke,”Er….Er….I wanted to eat Punjabi cuisine today!Can u take me to any Dhaba?”

Maan said,”Dhaba?Mrs.Khurana,in Dhaba u will get unhygienic food!Dont worry i will take u to an 5 star Punjabi cuisine hotel!”

Hearing that she pouted and spitted fire from her almond eyes and said,”Mr.Khurana,its my wish!How can u deny?”

Maan said,”Becoz am MSK,that’s why i can deny!”

Geet rolled her eyes and smirked,”So u r afraid of dhaba cuisine!”

Maan said with attitude,”MSK is nt scared of anything!”

Geet provoked,”Ofcourse he’s afraid or else he wouldn’t refuse to eat in dhaba!”

Maan got angry and he pulled her and pinned her soft body to his hard frame.Geet shivered feeling his touch which was moving possessively around her soft waist.He smirked but came near her ear and whispered,”U know i love to defeat u!”

Geet shivered when he continued,”What do i get as a prize,if i defeat u?”

Geet dint say anything and gave confused look.Maan cleared her confusion,”If i eat food in dhaba then u gonna kiss me from ur concent with all the love which u r hiding inside this tiny heart which is beating for me only!”

He pressed his long finger on her left chest.Geet took a sharp breath feeling his finger tickling.He looked at her dark look and softly moved his long fore finger on her left curves softly.She shivered feeling it.He softly circled her curves from his fore finger and circled her nipples softly.She cant able to resist so moaned his name.He got an enormous satisfaction hearing her soft moan.He pecked her lips softly and left her and walked towards the car.

Geet stopped him and said,”Maan,there’s an dhaba nearby this restaurant,its in walkable distance,lets walk Maan!”

Maan nodded and said to the security of theat hotel to take care of his car and both walked towards the dhaba.When Geet reached the premises then she was so happy smelling the air.The butter chicken smell wafted into her nostrils and she sighed as her stomach grumbled.Maan chuckled hearing the noise and made her to sit on the manja.

She was smiling with full dimple and he smiled looking at her smiling face.Waiter came and asked what they want when she cutely ordered,”I want butter chicken,shahi paneer,lachche parathe and please cut the onion and chillies too!”

Maan looked at her smiling and he was getting hard seeing her cutely smile seeing around her.The waiter brought the dishes and they had it.She started to praise the chillies which she was eating and he got irritated and  started eating it.Geet was shocked seeing it and try to stop him.But Maan dint listen and started coughing.Her eyes welled up looking him coughing holding his stomach.But at once she made him to drink Lassi.Maan was shocked but drank it as her eyes were showing concern and hidden love.His heart swelled seeing it,he sighed when burning sensation lowered.But there was an white moustache formed due to Lassi on his M shaped lips and she cutely showed it.He was busy wiping his tears when he felt a soft finger moving on his upper lip.He wanted to bite the pad of her finger and he got opportunity.

Geet took back the finger wincing in pain and glaring at him.Maan took her finger and softly licked it and kissed it softly.She moaned as she felt a shiver run down her spine.She was indeed aroused but took back her finger and lowered her eyes and took a bite.Maan smirked seeing her uncomfortable and came and sat beside her snaking her waist from his right arm and stuffed a bite of butter chicken inside her small mouth.Her soft lips which moved on his long sexy fingers made her shiver.She wanted to suck every finger and wanted to such every inch of his body.He groaned softly feeling her soft lips but lovingly fed her while other customers giggled seeing their love.She was embarrassed and hid her face inside his chest.He smiled seeing her shyness but fed her lovingly.When they finished their dinner they felt its abt to rain and immediately started raining.

Maan hated rain so he ran inside the shelter but Geet loved rain so she stood there. Its started raining and Geet loved the rain and she started to dance in the rain with full dimpled smile…Maan called,”Geet get inside or else u will catch cold!”

Geet called,”Maan,come under the rain u don’t know how much enjoyable a rain is!”

She threw the water around her. Maan looked towards her hungrily.Her wet form was making him getting hard and he drooled over her continuously.Geet who sensed looked towards Maan to get an intense Maan and she blushed furiously…that’s it that was indication and he grabbed her waist under the rain and looked towards her with an intense gaze.He wanted to feel her every inch.

He said hoarsely,”Geet,i want to have today and tonight or else i might be force u.Before i lose my control,will let me come so near to u,tell me!”

Maan knew that she gonna refuse and when she fell silent then he thought it as deny.He left her disappointed and was abt to walk away when she held his hand.He looked up painfully when she said,”Maan,i want to take our relationship one step further!”He was shocked hearing it and his face lit like Christmas and immediately took her lips.He kissed her passionately and lifted her in his arms.


Precap-Geet moaned feeling his fingers inside her feminine parts…..




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Maan asked glaring at her,”What was that for?”

Geet stammered,”Er…er….am sorry Mr.Khurana..i thought u as my imagination!

She blurted out to make him his eyes go big.

He thought,”Imagination..does this mean i was coming in her dream like she comes in my dream?”

He sat on the chair & said smiling impressively,”Have a seat Ms.Handa!”

Geet gulped down seeing his intense gaze once again but sat slowly curling like a ball.

Maan dint like this Geet & said softly,”Relax!”

Geet dint relax but he said once again seeing her warmly,”Relax Ms.Handa!”

Geet relaxed for a minute or so when he started his question bank as she had came to his office for intern job & he was very much delighted to see her in his office.

Maan asked shamelessly,”So tell me did ur greedy silky c**t missed me?”

Geet was shocked & a pink shade formed on her chubby cheeks.

He saw this & smirked,”So tell me did ur b****t was heavy becoz it dint had my warm mouth on it?”

Geet saw him angrily as her b****t was indeed getting heavy with his crude words.

He still asked,”So tell me..did ur mouth craved of my hard p***s to suck?”

Geet softly moaned when Maan immediately got up gracefully & sat on his table leaning on her thigh & rubbing his thigh to her softness.Geet tried to move back but he held her shoulder tight digging hid fingers inside her flesh.She moaned feeling his fingers……





Maan said looking deep into those almond eyes and said,”Geet,i don’t want to lose u!I want u!”

Geet looked shocked hearing his words.His eyes were sincere and very tempting.It has scorching flame,sexy as hell.His chocolate eyes were intense and she squirmed under his gaze.

Geet controlled her desires and said,”Mr.Khurana,i don’t have that intentions,why don’t u leave me to myself!”

She got up to go when he held her hand tightly.She had soft skin which was milky white.Her hand was so soft that he wanted to leave his love bites on it and admire it in his leisure loving her inch by inch.Geet took a sharp breath and freed her hand from him.She moved instantly but his hand came in front of her.Geet stepped back when he stood in front of her.Geet was abt to speak when he muted her by his palm.

Maan said looking at her deep ocean almond eyes,”One kiss…give me one kiss Geet.If u don’t feel anything then i will leave u forever.If u feel it then don’t blame me after that,becoz i want to stuff my rigid p***s inside u next moment!”

Geet was abt to protest when he lowered his sculpted lips on her soft petals.She widened her eyes feeling his warm breath which was etching inside her skin heating her blood inside her veins.Desire pooled deep inside her groin and all the muscles in her abdomen got tightened.Her breath quickened feeling his warm breath blewing on her soft skin making it crawl with desire…dancing with his heartbeat.He snaked his free arm around her waist and pulled her towards him.His lips came so close and she blushed feeling his warm breath which was giving the indication to her of longing.She felt something move on her abdomen and when her hand went to it then she felt his rigid p***s.Her eyes widened feeling it erect.He took her hand and stroked it softly on it.She dint know what to do but he was aroused extremely.She gulped her saliva when he closed his sexy eyes and when he opened then it blazed with desire.It was so intense dark which was an mixture of lust and love too.She stroked his hardness to calm him but aroused him more and more.She was carried away with his arousal that she dint mind losing her virginity with him.Though she denied him completely yet he had some magnetic pull inside him for which she always got tied herself.

Seeing her silence he took it as approval and rubbed his rough lips on her petal ones.She shivered feeling those lips.She felt he’s flaming her whole body and she gripped his hardness more tightly.He dint do anything as that hold was so erotic squeezing it.He licked her lips first time which was so sweet like honey.He got aroused and she felt it in his erection.He pressed his rough lips on her sweet petals.She felt she’s burning inside the scorching flame as if she’s the moth circling the flame.He started to assault her lips by licking it and nibbling it gently.She felt she’s gonna fall as she was weak on her knees.He snaked his arms around her feeling her state.He kissed her vigorously not giving her opportunity to moan.He was highly aroused and he wanted her to himself.He nibbled her petal lips licking it hungrily.He quenched his thirst by drinking its juice.She cant able to control so she moaned opening her mouth when his tongue entered exploring her eager mouth.He drank the saliva feeling its sweetness and she felt she’s gonna burst into smithereens feeling his scorching desire.His hardness poked inside her abdomen making her flushed.He wanted to be inside her.

He kissed her passionately and at last tearing his rough lips from her swollen petals,he rasped,”I want u now Geet,good way or bad way!”

Her blood sang its own tune heating her already heated blood and she stuttered trying to calm her breath but it got faster when his hand went inside her bottom unbuttoning it.His hand slowly held her soft c**t and inserted his long finger inside it.

He felt the wetness and a groan formed and said impressively,”U r wet Geet!”

Geet who was knocked off by his kiss came to her sense and immediately pushed him from her and buttoned her jeans and snarled,”I said u to stay away from me!”

Maan dint bother but came forward with attitude looking at her intensely and spoke,”What would u do?”

Before Geet would react she was hoisted on his shoulder from her legs and was taken to an adjacent room and the door was locked.

Maan dint let her go and asked,”Are u being a good girl and gonna listen to me or force me to seduce u now only?”

Geet snarled,”Put me down Maan!”

He smacked her b*** making her flush crimson red and said,”First say yes to me!”

Geet said stubbornly,”No,put me down Maan!”

Maan smacked her b*** once again and said,”Never!”




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He spoke guiltily,”Jaan,i lost my mother when i was so little…on that time i craved for my mother’s love.Then dadimaa came into my life.She took the charge of my life.She gave me motherly love but i always craved for my mother’s love and when i dint get it then i became stone.I searched for her for many years and then came to the conclusion that she’s no more.But now i believe in god that he never did bad to me.It was me who became bad…it was me who became rude….it was me who despised him….am lucky to get u and from u to get my mother….!”

He wanted to speak more but she muted him by keeping her finger on his sculpted lips and spoke,”Enough!enough!”

And immediately took his lips.She kissed him with immense love and he responded with the very same.






Sahana walked all over the mansion trying to catch the old times when she felt the very same door closed which was always her study.She got curious that why is it locked and tried to open the lock.She dint know where the keys kept and she walked back from there.Everything has changed in KM since her exit 20 yrs ago.Sahana came to her MIL who was lighting the lamp in sacred room.Sahana stood there folding her hands while dadimaa lit the lamp and she too closed her eyes praying to god.Sahana too did that and when dadimaa opened her eyes then dadimaa saw her two children standing behind Sahana.Dadimaa did aarti and gave it her two children and walked to Sahana who was still folding her hand closing her eyes.Sahana wished that the happiness which is becoz of Geet wont waver ever and her children will be safe from evil eyes.Least she knew that evil’s eyes has been fall upon her children mainly Geet who is bearing the heir of Khuranas.

Maan made Sahana to settle down in her room while Sahana abruptly asked,”Beta,where is ur father?”

She dint know what had happened when she was dragged by his lusty companions.Maan stiffened immediately and his jaw tightened controlling his anger as he dint wanted to blast his anger on his mother.

On that time Geet came and heard Sahana’s questions and distracted Maan immediately,”Maan,don’t u want to prepare ur mom’s favourite dishes.U even stopped me by doing so!”

Geet pouted cutely and he calmed down and looked at her gratefully being glad of running away from Sahana’s questions.Maan went outside immediately while Geet entered holding her baby bump and walking slowly.

Sahana saw her being clumsy and held her and said,”Be careful beta!Come on sit down!”

Geet sat on the bed and Sahana sat beside her and asked,”Which month doll?”

Geet said,”4 and 4/5 months mom!”

Sahana asked,”Are u taking medicine in correct time?”

Geet chuckled,”Mom,don’t worry!Ur son is very strict abt this!”

Sahana chuckled too and got up to freshen up when Geet held her hand.

Sahana raised her eyebrows when she spoke,”Mom,promise me that u wont ask abt dad to Maan!”

Sahana was shocked and she looked confused.

Geet spoke,”I heard ur questions!I know u want to know what become of him after ur exit but please mom don’t ask abt this to Maan.He feels angry everytime his dad is mentioned for slightest.His anger is so dangerous and sometimes this anger may leads his life in danger.That’s why please promise me that u wont ask anything abt dad to him!”

Sahana understood her words as he was also witness of her state 20 yrs back and nodded and said,”I wont ask him anything beta!”

Geet smiled and came to her bubbly self and chatted with her eating her head.

Maan peeped inside their room and said,”Jaan,am sure u will be hungry eating mom’s head which is tasteless so come to dining table.Everything is ready!”

Geet pouted glaring at him and he chuckled sweetly and went away.

Geet cutely complained,”Look at him,he wont change ever!”

Sahana chuckled but said,”Lets go or else baby will be hungry and tortures her mumma!”

Geet blushed and cutely got up holding her stomach.Before she would walk she felt the ground slip from her feet and looked that she was in Maan’s arms.Maan stared at her lovingly and walked towards the door while Sahana chuckled and left them.Geet looked what had happened and pouted and turned her face opposite twisting her lips.

Maan said boldly,”As far as am concerned am gonna eat u here only jaan if u once twist ur lips with that cute anger but am sure my angel inside u will be playing Kabaddi with the mouse!I don’t want her to trouble her mumma!After dinner i will surely eat u alive sweety!”

Geet widened her eyes with his shameless remark but glared at him with blush lingering on her chubby cheeks.She immediately hid her face cant able to resist his teasing smirk inside his neck punching his left chest.He groaned feeling her soft body but walked towards the dining table.Today their daily routine wont be there as they r having dinner with their mom and grandmom.Geet grinned imagining that scene.Maan knew what is going on inside his little innocent wify’s head and he made her blush with his words.

Maan said,”Penny for ur thoughts,but sure this wont be like daily.U will be in my lap and my lips inside ur lips with food.I love to feed u like that jaan,just u r spared today only!”

Geet pouted but cutely blushed and whacked his shoulder.He pecked her forehead and made her sit on the chair and pushed it near the table slowly holding her stomach.He kissed her hairs and stood to serve.Sahana was now getting the glimpse of Maaneet’s love.He served them and at when Geet served his favourite and lovingly fed him.

She nodded him to bend and whispered in his ear,”I will feed u first and then eat it from my fingers only.In that way we will be connected!”

His eyes darkened immediately hearing it and said,”I will feed u too!”

Sahana was overwhelemed seeing her favourite dishes.He had made Punjabi cuisine for her and for him and Maaneet Italian cuisine.These days Geet was wishing Italian cuisine only.Both Maaneet fed each other lovingly while both mom and grandmom admired their love.Maan was purposefully licking her fingers giving his dark passionate stare while she blushed profusely looking at his teasing yet lovely eyes.Sahana and dadimaa finished their food and ordered the servants to clean up while Maan immediately dragged Geet along with his dinner plate and lovingly fed her from his mouth.Geet blushed feeling his hot rouch lips tasting her soft petal lips.After their dinner Maan carried to plate to the kitched and handed it to the servant and washed his hands there and came back to his room where Geet was standing near the window holding her baby bump and cutely whispering to baby showing the full moon.He immediately came towards her and hugged her from back holding her cute baby bump.

Geet giggled sweetly while he kissed her shoulder and spoke,”So lets start!”

She giggled sweetly and was abt to step out when she felt a swift kick and pain in her stomach.Geet squealed in pain and held her stomach.

Maan was concerned and asked,”Jaan,what happened?Why r u holding the stomach?Are u having pain?Should i call doctor?”

Geet felt another pain as another kick she felt and he immediately lifted her in his arms to walk towards the door.

Geet stopped him,”Maan am ok!”

Maan glared at her,”What do u mean u r ok?U r holding ur stomach continuously and don’t hide that from me!”

He immediately stepped forward when she whispered,”Maan,baby kicked!”

Maan stopped and looked at her with wide eyes.Geet nodded and he gently let go of her and she stood steadily and held his hand on her baby bump.Maan was shocked feeling another kick and sat on his knees and nuzzled his nose on her baby bump.Geet once again felt the kick and he was shocked and fascinated.Geet cant able to stand due to that she stumbled when he immediately got up and picked her in his arms.

He immediately made her to sleep on the bed and came towards her baby bump and kept his ear on it.Geet giggled but she squealed in pain once again feeling the kick.

Maan felt it and pecked her baby bump and spoke,”Angel calm down,don’t hurt mumma!Or else dada will also be hurt!”

He pecked her baby bump and after that she dint feel any kick.

Geet was fascinated and asked,”Shant hogayi?Sach me she’ll be dada’s angel!”

He chuckled and led beside her and made her comfortable beside him.Geet who was sleeping on his right shoulder asked,”Maan,r u happy?”

Maan looked up and asked,”Jaan,what type of question is this?Of course am happy!Am getting my happiness back which was snatched by fate.My mother and my priceless possession,my blood,my baby!”

He stroked his left hand on her baby bump lovingly.He once again felt the baby kick and she softly whimpered as if she expected.


Precap-Sahana’s monologue.

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Maan lifted her smiling widely and pecked her forehead and asked,”Hey butterscotch,what did u do today?”

Mariah spoke in tit bits,”School…..games….breakfast….lunch….dinner…eat!”

She meant that she went to kindergarten school.There she played games and before that she had breakfast and then lunch.Now she’s hungry and have to have dinner.Maan smiled and asked abt that further when she said in tit bits once again while Geet left them to have hot shower and help her MIL in dinner.



Geet was shocked hearing the word pamper from his mouth and he immediately took her soft hand and dragged her from the library.He locked his office and made her sit in the car and for safety measure he put the seat belt brushing his fingers on her soft skin.She blushed furiously feeling that tingling sensation.






Today Mariah slept in her parents room only after Bhoomi’s feed.These days,Bhoomi has become more cranky and stubborn to sleep between her parents holding their hands inside her tiny fist.Maan admired his angel who was making her mother life as hell holding her mangalsutra tightly.Geet would hv to stay awake till midnight so that she can take her mangalsutra from Bhoomi’s fist.Maan chuckled seeing Geet pouting nth time as she failed to free her mangalsutra from Bhoomi’s fist.

Geet glared at him and spoke,”He only know to laugh instead of helping me!”

In next second she felt a warm breathe fan her slender neck and looked up to get Maan had come to her side and was bending on her slender neck.He more bent on her pressing her soft body from his rock chest and pecked Bhoomi’s tiny fist.Bhoomi loosened her grip and he slowly freed her mangalsutra.Bhoomi snuggled to the blanket while Geet stuffed more pillows around her.Geet turned towards him to say thanks when her hands were pinned above her head and he lowered his face towards her plump lips.

Before he kiss her she spoke,”Maan,Mariah is asleep!”

Maan dint listened to her plea and more lowered his face when he heard Mariah’s anklets as she had turned that side and had turned towards them.Maan immediately stood leaving her with shocked expression when she giggled cutely seeing Mariah fast asleep.Now it was Maan’s turn to pout but he saw that Mariah was shivering as she wasnt under the blanket and went to her side and spread the blanket over her and slept beside her snaking his warm arms around her soft body.Mariah snuggled to his chest and he pecked her forehead and both sighed in unison.Geet saw them both and sighed in admiration and drifted immediately.Next morning Maan got up early to get ready for work when Geet stopped him.

Geet said,”Maan,u need to have rest jaan!Dont go to office!”

Geet was a bit scared after that Antara’s fiasco what would office staff would speak abt him as she has seen his office staff gossipping around abt him wrongly.Maan considered it but he had an ultimatum as he need to finish his works till his paternal leave ends to resume his lectureship.

Maan said,”Jaan,i need to finish my office works in the period of this paternal leave!”

Geet said,”But u can handle office and lectures like previously!”

Maan said,”I dont want to be apart from my family while am handling my office and lectures.Mariah needs me and Bhoomi also,i want to handover the company once again to Naintara and Kamiya.Am sure they got to know what is hardwork is and now am trusting Kamiya.She’s working here smoothly and abt Naintara,she’ll get there where i had thought.She too get to know the reality.I cant leave my responsibilities trying to feed the staff of KC.Am need of my family and my family needs me too.Now Sasha is also there to handle the company.If Kamiya and Naintara does mistakes then she will inform me!”

Geet nodded but she was worried abt the staff who were gossiping around abt him and Antara.Maan had breakfast and left Mariah to school and looked around her school confirming that the environment to be secured.He had set up and security on her and had warned them to be very attentive.The security were friendly with her and very much protective.Geet went towards the university while Maan drove his car towards KC.He entered his office to get the normal environment.Actually he too expected some gossip but he dint get and he was impressed so he went inside his cabin.All the staff sighed scared of someone and she was Kamiya who had took class of them when she heard the very same gossip.Maan walked inside when he heard his two step-sister’s conversation.

Kamiya asked angrily,”Naina,u r forgetting that he’s our brother…though step-brother but he’s always took care of us!U dont remember anything but i remember when Mom’s relative laid greedy eyes on Mom’s money then he’s the one who saved our family,and u did this betrayal to him.U sold ur own bro to that bi*** Antara?”

Maan was shocked hearing it and then he came to know why he saw a smirking Naintara that day.She was victorious in her plan that’s why she was happy.He felt disgust over her step-sister and walked towards her cabin to confront her.

Naintara said,”Dont defend him di,he’s nt worth of ur defence!”

Kamiya’s anger went its peak and said,”He’s worth of my defence Naina becoz he deserve it.Till now i too hated him becoz he was snatching our right but now i will say if he makes me his slave then am ready to become and u dont understand abt this!”

Naintara was shocked with Kamiya’s words and said angrily,”So he bewitched u too!”

Kamiya said angrily,”Shut up Naina!Dont speak abt the matter which u r nt fully aware.U have seen his attitude,ego and anger but it is from outside but from inside he has always acted as our brother.Do u remember that incident when we were bad eyed by our father’s drugmates who wanted us at any cost.On that time we were still 10 yrs but Maan veerji dint let us to be victims of those lusty men and u..what u did u sold ur brother to that lusty woman!”

Naina dint believe her words and said,”Stop lying me dee!Nothing had happened becoz we are Khuranas.No one has guts to touch Khurana sisters….!”

But Kamiya cut her words and said,”That’s becoz we are under the protective shadow of Maan Singh Khurana.If he takes his protective shadow from our head then everything will be destroyed!”

Naintara asked,”And who said this to u?”Kamiya said,”Mom said this to me..she has said everything to me Naina so stop hating Maan veerji for god sake!”

Naintara said sarcastically,”Oh please,dont give me lecture and dont think that i wont survive without his protective shadow…i will survive and show u and ur Maan veerji that i can live without his protective shadow!”

Kamiya was shocked hearing her decision and said,”Naina,dont do it.I cant lose u after dad!”

Naintara dint listen to her and turned to get Maan standing at door folding his hands and looking at them blankly.

Kamiya was abt to speak when he held his hand and spoke with calmness,”So u want to grow without my protective shadow.By all means,its free world,every man has that right.But let me tell u one thing,u r going outside empty handed.Am nt gonna give u single penny!”

Naintara said angrily,”That’s my right which u r nt giving!I will file a case against u Mr.Maan Singh Khurana!”

Maan laughed out loud and said,”First u earn money to pay compensations to a lawyer and after that file the case against me!Now u can go!”

Naintara was shocked hearing his decision,she thought that he gonna shower his anger on her once again and make hasty decisions but he was totally confident and she glared at him and walked away.

Kamiya was scared of Naintara’s decision and tried to stop her but she dint budge and she pleaded Maan too to stop him but Maan shouted angrily,”Kamiya,i dont want tolerate traitor like her in my office.If u want to go with her then go but dont expect me to take u both back!”

Kamiya was shocked with his decision but stayed back.She knew if Naintara gets into trouble then she can save her and she dialled her security to keep an eye on her.

Gonna post past tomorrow till then present se hi kaam chalaana.

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Maan immediately nodded no to her and made her sit back in her place and he prepared his favourite pasta there.On that time her mother came and saw the scene with admiration.When he kept his pasta dish on the table and sat to eat then Geet climbed on his lap and said,”U r forgetting our daily routine!”She took the pasta in her mouth and sealed her lips on his rough lips.He groaned and licked her mouth and ate the breakfast as before.Sahana blushed seeing them like that and left them to themselves leaving the kitchen immediately.




Sorry guys wasnt feeling well these days so cant able to give updates of my FFs.Here is the update…enjoy reading and please comment. :-D

Maan’s Monologue

Luck…Fortunate…Peace…Love….I never believed this and these words were never in my dictionary.I thought am born to feel the pain.But an angel came into my life as my wife…My wife Mrs.Geet Maan Singh Khurana….i feel proud to say this name and proud to say that she’s mine…Mine always!This makes me get hard with desire..makes my stomach grumble as if butterflies r inside…makes my heart skip a beat…makes me crave for her….makes me yearn for her…makes me love her crazily…and i love this sweet torture as it was from my beloved innocent pouty wifey.I love her all tantrums now.

But there was a time when i had despised her..hated her to such an extent that i forced her in my first night with her.Though she dont want me to guilt trip and accuses herself that she was involved too.But still i was dominant on that time.Though she responded for me but i was harsh with her.Yet she brings the carefree smile on my face.I was lucky to get wife like her…strong,witty,innocent,compassionate..forgives anyone if they try to murder her.May be i was destined to her.But i think if she wasnt destined to me then what would happen to my life.I take a trip to my past where am rude,arrogant,selfish man where as she…she’s an angel who loved me with all my negativity.

She came into my life mistakenly and got her place in one night.She spoiled me to her sister and those countless women who wanted to pursue me just for my physique and richness.But this angel showed me that love exists and she changed me with love.I looked up to get her lovely face.We have gained and lost so much since she stepped inside my life.Our baby which was the victim of harassment and her ill-health which made me scared to death and her recovery and our love and once again becoming parents.I looked up to get her lovely smiling sleeping face tugged inside my embrace.Her lovely profile is enough to makes me hard and her one tantrum makes me dance head over heels.Yet i love to dance on my head over heels on her orders.She stirs once more and snuggles to my rough body and more nestles her body on my hard frame and my fingers move over her baby bump.Our baby which was snatched by our fate has been cocooned inside her womb.I caress it lovingly and she more nestles on me.She is indeed a goddess beauty.Almond eyes with bright brown eye balls…makes me drown in those deep oceans.She makes me feel cherished.She makes me happy.She loves me with her all might.Long white nose and baby pink lush lips.Her lush lips always makes my skin heated,as if am inside the Hot Air Oven.My skin crawls seeing her lush pink lips.I cant have enough of her.When she entered in my life she only gave happiness,love,strong support and today becoz of her i got my most precious thing…my mother.I love my mother beyond my life and today another person has been add on to that and she’s my wife.I can give anything to her.If she asks for freedom then also am ready to give in becoz today what she has given me is priceless and for her wishes i can give my life.

On that time Geet stirred and more snuggled to my chest and i gently patted her head to make her sleep.As i feel her more snuggled i drift to my sleep with my beloved beside me.


Geet’s Monologue

I open my eyes and get the most serene scene.There slept my jaan who’s sleeping peacefully…today i saw his emotions…i saw an innocent Maan Singh Khurana who hides behind his mother doing mischief.I smile broadly looking at his sleeping profile.He’s indeed the most handsome man and he’s mine.I love him crazily.But in past he was the rude arrogant man.His anger was the first weapon he would apply to handle the situation but it got vanished into thin air when he listened to my plight…my troubles…how i was tortured by Chachiji and abt Sameera di..her contract with me…and then wiping out that smirk on Vikram’s face when i was being tortured…he’s my knight in shining armour and he’s my shield.We lost everything in our life but i never was troubled by him.Since he got to know that Sameera di was behind all the conspiracy he loved me unconditionally.May be we dint recognise our chemistry but he created the love inside me when i got pregnant of his baby….but when we lost it then he dint blame me…he only blamed himself…from childhood i dint get any love from my loved ones but from him i lived my full life with him…his love…his passion…his craziness for me…his compassionate emotions…everything about him is awe-inspiring…i would always drown inside his ocean of love…i would like to swim always inside his ocean of love…but still i always felt his pain…an unknown pain..his eyes always made realise that though he gets the richness of this world still the pain he was feeling cant be compensated to that richness…but today it got wiped out from his face…from those deep ocean chocolate eyes which had the power to drown me…he got his mother back…and am proud that am the reason of his happiness…i always thought that bua’s son will be soft just like bua and it got proven…he’s so soft from inside just hard from outside like an coconut…like bua said…sorry!sorry! from today onwards i have to call her as mom as she’s my mother-in-law.tomorrow we’re going to KM and after 20 yrs for the first time bua am mean mom is setting her foot in that temple…am so happy and waiting for that time to come.




Sahana entered her home and looked around her.It was the very same when she left the house.

Sahana searched something on every wall but she dint get that when a voice came from her behind,”What u r searching here isnt there as it has been destroyed so many years ago by ur son Sahana!”

Sahana turned to get dadimaa standing crying silently.

Sahana ran towards her and hugged her tight and spoke,”Mom!”

Dadimaa was so happy and she closed her eyes contently feeling her DIL in her arms.After sometime they broke apart to looked up to get both Maaneet were cutely arguing over something.

Sahana admired the couple and asked,”Mom….tell me something…do they behave like this always when they’re in home or all the time?”

Dadimaa said,”Actually both r so understandable when it comes the case of each other…but Maan is testing Geet’s mood swings…look at his eyes!”

Then Sahana looked towards Maan’s eyes which were staring at Geet so lovingly and mischievously that she got to know he was troubling her and was enjoying.While Geet was pouting cutely and was throwing all her tantrums towards Maan who was admiring her lovingly.

Sahana went towards them and asked,”What happened?”

Before Maan would speak Geet started her chatter box,”Mom,i wanted to prepare ur favourite and his favourite but he’s saying that he gonna prepare it!How can he…he needs to look after his office now….!”

But before Geet would complete the ground slipped from her feet and she looked around her widening her almond eyes.

Maan was carrying her and he kissed her cheek in front of his mother making her more shocked and blush furiously,”How much u talk mishty?When am saying that everything will be done why r u so tensed?But i loved ur tantrums…u were looking more sexy throwing those cute tantrums…!”

He pecked her cheeks once again making her hide her face inside his neck.He chuckled and Sahana’s face widened with broad smile.He walked inside their bedroom while Sahana stared at her lovingly.

Dadimaa came towards her and spoke,”After ur exit,i took care of this house but i never succeeded bringing this playful Maan in my brought up…but Geet fulfilled my all wishes!I was scared seeing little Maan who was so angry,rude and arrogant that what will be his future.But when Geet came into his life everything changed…he became an patient,happy,fun loving man.Am thankful to god for sending Geet in his life!”

Sahana gave an impressive smile.Here Maan entered their room carrying Geet in his arms and gently made her sit on bed and he sat on his knees in front of her.

Geet asked,”What r u doing Maan?U will get hurt!”

She glanced towards his knees.but he kept his long finger on her petal lips.

He said softly,”I want to say something to u!”Geet looked into his eyes as if x-raying his soul while he took her both hands in his hands and kissed her both knuckles.

His eyes became moist and when he looked up then she got panicked and asked,”Maan,why r u crying?”

She tried to free her hand but he held it more tighter and tears rolled down.

Geet came forward to kiss away those tears but her baby bump dint give permission when he spoke,”Listen to me jaan!”

Her eyes already welled up seeing her beloved crying and she cant even wipe that..she whispered huskily,”Maan!”

He closed his eyes for a second and when he opened then his eyes blazed with emotions.

He spoke huskily with immense love,”I wanted to tell u something jaan!”

Geet nodded to proceed.

He spoke guiltily,”Jaan,i lost my mother when i was so little…on that time i craved for my mother’s love.Then dadimaa came into my life.She took the charge of my life.She gave me motherly love but i always craved for my mother’s love and when i dint get it then i became stone.I searched for her for many years and then came to the conclusion that she’s no more.But now i believe in god that he never did bad to me.It was me who became bad…it was me who became rude….it was me who despised him….am lucky to get u and from u to get my mother….!”

He wanted to speak more but she muted him by keeping her finger on his sculpted lips and spoke,”Enough!enough!”

And immediately took his lips.She kissed him with immense love and he responded with the very same.


Precap-Sahana’s Monologue

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