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Sun gleamed on the windows of KM and entered the room of Geet and reflected on Maaneet who had cuddled up each other inside their embrace.Geet’s swelling has come to normal but still she had irritation on her feet due to acid.Geet stirred up inside his embrace and felt the rock chest in which her fingers moved slowly.Maan opened his eyes with shock as his skin burned with desires becoz of her simple touch.Maan tried to pull himself far away from her but she had slept on his shoulder peacefully.

Maan saw that Geet’s face was near his rough lips and she was still cuddling inside his chest peacefully.Geet’s supple lips brushed his chest when she cuddled inside his chest for which his eyes popped open with shock as his skin burned feeling her supple lips.Maan saw her now intently fm near.She had the angelic face more beautiful than Samyukta.She had hazel brown eyes which were closed peacefully inside his chest and long white nose….he had the urge to bite it…and soft supple baby pink lips which had the world’s sweetness.

Maan was so tempted to taste those soft supple lips which were inviting him to taste it.Maan thot seeing her lips that she’ll be having this world’s sweetness.Then he proceeded down and saw her soft jaw which was nuzzling hbis neck smiling.A peaceful smile had crept on her lush lips which he was tempted to taste it.Maan saw her soft slender neck which was milky white…and he had the urge to bite it and make his love bite.Then Maan went down and saw her erecting curves which were seen under her duppatta and turned that side feeling uncomfortable.But still he couldn’t stop himself admiring those white milky curves which was inviting him to bite but resisted.Becoz she had the right to make think MSK those erotic thots abt her.

Maan chuckled at his thots wacking his head mentally and he went downwards & saw her perfect shape of her waist.Maan was tempted to touch the soft slender waist and he raised his other hand to reach her waist but stopped right there as if he was doing wrong and he took off his hand back immediately cursing himself mentally.But a naughty glint crept on his M shaped lips thinking abt her waist shamelessly.Maan had the strange trust on his thots and thot that she’s only for him and am for her.But he didn’t know what happens next as he was observing her so much and was imagining himself with her.

Then Maan saw downwards and saw her womanhood part and his eyes popped up to stop his erotic thots abt her.For a moment he thot that he was abt to enter inside her and feeling her warmth inside her feminine parts.Maan gulped down his saliva and closed his eyes and mentally wacked himself feeling shamelessly abt her like that.But still thinking abt her like that he had a contentment and felt that she was only his everytime he thot those erotic thots for her.

When Maan opened his eyes then his eyes once again popped open as her pyjama had lifted slightly and her soft milky legs came into the vision.Her reddened feet was ugly but her milky legs were luking beautiful.He saw her swollen feet which was softened slightly and the skin was turning to the milky white color.Maan felt guilty giving pain to her then his attention turned towards her bu**.Maan’s eyes popped open as he had the urge to squeeze it.Maan was now annoyed seeing her top to bottom as she was the epitome of beauty and she was making him think the erotic thots for her.

Maan tried to pull his shoulder but saw her sleeping peacefully holding his palm and a smile crept on his M shaped lips.Maan smiled seeing her peacefully and saw her intently.Geet was frowning in her sleep as the sun’s rays disturbed her so much.Maan saw her lips were pouting cutely and frowning for the rays and smiled once again flawlessly.Maan closed his palm towards the sun’s rays then she felt that she is in darkness and opened her almond eyes slowly.

Geet’s blurred vision showed a palm is closing the sun’s rays and tried to understand what is happening.Then she rubbed her eyes and saw that she had her two hands in her place then which was this third hand which was closing sun’s rays.Then she turned and saw Maan there who saw her lovingly.Geet smiled cutely & said,”Good morning….!!!!!”Maan said giving killer smile,”Good morning…..!!!!”Geet turned that side and was abt to sleep but her eyes popped open and turned immediately and saw it was real.

Geet touched his cheek with her soft fingers for which he felt a shiver down his spine and he closed his eyes feeling her touch which was heavenly.Geet shouted immediately,”Aap…..!!!!”For which Maan closed her mouth from his palm as he was alarmed hearing her shout & said,”Chup….bilkul chup……!!!!”Geet said,”hmmm…hmmmmm….!!!”Maan asked still closing her mouth,”Kya hai kyun chilla rahe ho….!!!!”Geet’s eyes were popped up and she gestured to take his palm fm her mouth fm her hand.

Maan asked doubtfully,”Agar tum chillavoge phirse toh……!!!”Geet nodded no to him.Maan asked,”Nahin chillaavoge????”Maan asked still coming near her and rubbing his rough body to her soft petite body,”Pakka..????”Geet’s eyes popped up feeling his rough skin on her soft skin which burned with desires but she nodded yes to him.Maan left her soft supple lips slowly and saw her eyes which has turned into fear.Maan said,”Tumhe mujhse darne ki koi zaroorat nahin…tum mere saamne kuch bhi kar sakthi ho…kuch bhi keh sakthi ho……!!!!”Geet saw his eyes with shock and she tried to get up but he was still on her and felt embarassed when his rough body rubbed her soft ones.

Maan’s eyes turned to desires feeling her soft skin against his rough ones.Geet was scared once again seeing his desireful eyes and tears poured down fm those almond eyes.Maan was shocked to see those tears fm those almond eyes and his eyes turned to pain and said wiping her tears,”Please Geet mujhe aise dard mat do..i feel pain in my heart whenever i see ur tearful eyes….!!”Fresh tears leaked fm those almond eyes and he once again wiped it.When he wiped it then she felt his fingers which made her chill down spine and she saw him with shock.



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The sound of music starts with the notes called Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti…

Doe a deer a female deer…Ray a drop of golden sun…
Me a name i call my myself…Far a long long way to run…
Sew a needle pulling thread…La a note to follow Sew…
Tea a drink with jam and bread…That will bring us back to Doe…

Likewise in our culture we start the music with the basic notes Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa Da Nee

Sa for Shadja…Ri for Rishaba…Ga for Gaandhaara…Ma for Madhyama…Pa for Panchama…Da for Daivata…Nee for Nishaada

Just like the english notes in life…man wil be like a Doe who attracts others to his attention from his beauty or success or from his nature or from his behaviour

Man wil be the ray of sunshine to others life sometime & live in darkness for himself

Man wil be having the proud inside his mind & have the word to himself as Mi

Man wil be running away from others…from himself sometime & forget abt his success of his life & try to live in grief & make others to live in the grief seeing him just like the note Fa…and the note La wil be following him just like a shadow…

Man wil be having the bitter taste of Tea with the sweetness of Jam & Bread but still won’t recover from it after having the long experience…just like the note Ti

But this the story of the two souls who become one in the Sound of Music & fight with the world with this weapon and live peacefully in this society proving to the whole world that they’re the best…

Let’s welcome the new story of Maaneet in which both come from difficult circumstances & end up as a couple & love each other unconditionally taking their professions with them parellely…

Guys in this story Maaneet r the strict professional of the arts…but they won’t feel any superiority complex between them due to their professionals…They success their relationship & their professionalism without fail with all other complications…

This is a extraordinary love story in simple life of the ocean of arts.


Geet Handa a beautiful classical dancer in Bharatanaatyam.

Maan Singh Khurana a beautiful classical dancer Bharatanaatyam & a very good music player of

all the instruments…if it is classical or hindusthani or western…

Aditya Srivastav…he’s the manager of Maan and best friend.


The building called Jnanajyothi arts school stood in front of a big building called Arkagnana arts school.Jnanajyothi arts school had the big fame in whole world but it has been closed since one decade.A boy stood in front of that building with his father Mr. Lakshya Singh Khurana.Lakshya saw that building with immense love as if he had owned it which the boy noticed.

Maan’s father

Maan’s mother

This boy was Maan Singh khurana who asked his father curiously,”Papa…kya yeh aapka ghar hai?????”Lakshya answered with immense love towards the building,”Haan beta…yeh mera ghar tha..lekin ab nahin…tumhaare maa ke ilaaj ke liye yeh ghar girvi rakha tha…lekin tumhaari maa ko mein apna paas nahin rakh paaya…!!!!!!”

That’s man’s eyes welled up & tears poured down from his eyes.Maan wiped those eyes from his tiny palm & said,”Aap chinta mat keejiye papa…jab mein bada hoonga na tab mein is ghar ko khareedoonga…aur mein isme ek arts school bhi open karoonga…maa ke naam par…!!!!!!!”Maan’s father saw his son’s determined face & smiled at him & walked past it.

Here in Handa mansion Tiruvaiyyar…a small girl of age 10 yrs is running shouting at her mom,”Maa…mein mandir jaa rahi hoon naachne ke liye…aap bhi aajayiyega…!!!!!!”This was Geet Handa who ran to lord vishnu temple wearing her bharatanatyam dress.Geet started her dance standing in first row…

The song started in Raaga Malahari & Taala Aadi…and its lyrics was like this…”Jhem…jhem…tanana…tajhem…jhem tanana…takundari…kitataka…kukundari…”(It is the song of Lord Ganesha)Geet held her hands folded & opened upwards with some flowers & came forward shaking her leg & banging it to the ground with grip.She danced to the rhythm…but before that she proceed…someone was shouting & crying which she noticed still dancing.

Geet’s father

Geet’s mother

Geet’s eyes widened with shock seeing the scene…her father has lifted her mother & took her to the stage & everyone stood seeing the scene with shock.Geet’s mother Rano’s mouth was stained with blood & she was wincing with some pain.Geet whimpered seeing her mother,”Maa…!!!!!!!”

Geet’s father made Rano to lie on the floor while Geet sat beside her & was crying loudly.Rano said to Geet,”Geet…kya tum mujhe ek waada karoge???????”Geet nodded cutely still her eyes were glistened with tears.Rano said,”Beta…tum apne papa ko kabhi niraash nahin karogi…tum is field mein unka naam roshan karoge…!!!!!!”Geet nodded & held her palm on her mother’s palm as a promise.

Rano smiled at her sweetly but she clutched her chest immediately with pain & more blood oozed out from her mouth & her eye lid didn’t move after that…Geet was shocked & shouted,”Maa…!!!!!!!”Mohinder was crying silently seeing Rano’s face.

After Rano’s cremation,Mohinder & Geet left the village Tiruvayyar & went to his best friend’s house Lakshya Khurana who helped Mohinder to gain a work in Mysore where Geet grew up practising the arts with concentration.(Guys in here Maaneet both hasn’t met each other but they meet in a very peculiar circumstances)

Now after 20 yrs————>In Mysore…a girl is dancing for keerthana of carnatic music ‘Bantu reethi kolu.’composed by saint Tyagaraja which had fusion beats with western instrument…

That girl had hazel brown eyes…long white nose…baby pink lips…her cheeks were rosy & her eyes were closed relishing the music in her ears & was dancing in full concentration.She had tied her duppatta to her waist tightly & had tied the payals which was tingling when with her slight movement.

She had perfect body structure built for the dance only.He hands were showing numerous postures & her face was showing numerous expressions.She was looking like an angel yet she was the matured girl.Her surrounding was perfect for her dance peacefully as she was dancing in Chamundi Hill near the big basava.

Here in Khurana mansion,a boy of 25yrs was drinking alcohol at dawn & was playing the piano in wrong tunes making apaswaras.He has chocolate brown eyes…long white nose…and exact M shaped pink lips…his stature was perfect for dancing but he had an immense pain in those chocolate brown eyes…

His father couldn’t listen the apaswaras from his son & shouted,”Kyun aise play kar rahi ho Maan…bhool jao us ladki ko aur tumhaare zindagi mein aage badho…kyun beete huve kal mein jee rahe ho…!!!!!!”Maan didn’t gave hell attention to his father’s pleas & continued his wrong playing while his father’s eyes welled up & he cursed the girl who had made his son like that.

Precap-Maaneet first meeting…Cry

I hope u like my first part guys am a bit nervousCry…tich help me…Cry


Geet who was dancing near big basava of Cahmundi hill gave the expressions just like the song…Bantu reeti koluvu eeyav ayya rama…

Geet who had wore the anklets to her leg was dancing keeping her step.She would give a first beat just like rhythm & would stood tip toe from her right leg & would relax & would stood tip toe from her left leg & would relax her leg on the floor.

As the song Bantu reethi kolu[The saint Tyagaraja wanted to become the servant of lord Ram in his court.He also explained in his keerthana that what r the qualities & qualifications a servant will have to be in which he can give his life for his king…his father…his beloved lord Ram…for his safety]

Geet twisted her waist & did the expressions on her face in which sha had the pity.Geet gave the clear expressions like how saint Tyagaraja felt when he wrote this keerthana.Those hazels were showing asking the permission to Lord Ram to give her a place in his court.She expressed that on her face & changed how lord Ram will be seen in the full court just like the Sun is gleaming when he rises.

Geet was immersed in that song so much that her hands showed numerous hasthas & her face gave numerous expressions & her legs banged to the floor according to the beats & jathis in which Geet was swayed to the heaven.She looked like an apsara who had come down to the earth to do the dance.She looked like an angel in that attire.

But this was seen by one person & he was none other than Geet’s father.He was reminded of Geet’s mother seeing Geet.He too wanted to give the best future to his daughter but the health problem which he had for that he can’t go further to support so he had thought that Geet will have to moved on to his best friend’s home where she can learn dance & her future will be secured.

Mohinder convinced Geet that she move onto his friend’s house.When she entered KM then the environment mad her so lively.Becoz she had come to a new world of arts.She saw numerous instruments which was kept…which made her overwhelmed.Around her there were numerous musical instruments like Mridanga,Tabala,Harmonium,Violin,Veena,Guitar,Mandolin,Flute,Shehnai,Khanjeera,Bugle,Piano,Drums.

Geet was excited to see those instrument & took her favourite instrument & that was Veena

She folded her hands cutely & prayed for the god & she touched the instrument from her eye & tuned it neatly & started playing the Veena instrument…first she gave some the beautiful raaga of the hamsadhvani raaga…means aalaap…and then she started her

On that time someone came angrily to stop the one who was playing the instrument & he was none other than Maan Singh Khurana who saw an angel sitting playing the Veena.Maan was mesmerised seeing the girl playing the alaap of Hamsadhvani raaga.Maan for the first time saw the angel in front of him with mouth hanging open.

Her hazel brown eyes…her long white nose…her baby pink lips which was curved to the smile feeling the slow waves of the raaga…her body stature which was built for the dance only…her white legs which were slightly opened which showed the soft milky white color.Maan saw her top to bottom who was immersed in those waves of the sound coming from the Veena.

Maan went gaga seeing the beauty in front of him…those hazels which had the world’s innocence..which showed volumes of emotions…innocence…contentment…peace…excitement..happiness…The way those eyes showed the changed emotions for which Maan’s heart said to drown himself in those hazels.When he saw the long white nose he wished of biting it & marking its possession…then he saw those baby pink lips which had curved into slight smile…he wanted to take those lips into his rough ones & have the urge to explore the hidden secrets of her mouth sucking her honey sweet juice…

Her swelling beauty made him go gaga which was unaware of Geet who was still immersed playing the alaap fo raaga Hamsadhvani…Maan saw the beauty till his fill & come to the present world & thought of accompanying her with his beats & he gave her his presence by giving some rhythmic beats to that raaga…

Geet was overwhelmed seeing someone was accompanying her & she started the song called…Vaatapi Ganapathim bhaje

After the second stanza of the song she have to give the swara kalpanas which gives the beauty of the raaga…so Maan took the Veena from her hand to play it.When he took the Veena from her then her hands brushed his which made them current passed down her spine & he also thought like that so but both resisted.Geet’s cheeks turned red becoz of blushing which she hid from Maan.While Maan gave the swara kalpanas to the song…

After the swara kalpanas Geet took the Veena immediately & she finished the song with Maan accompanying her…both were smiling with this song & Maan couldn’t stop smiling seeing the angel smiling at her.Geet finished the song neatly for which Maan gave the perfect beats from his Mridanga & Drums…

Geet took the taala to help him to come as per the taala…and Maan saw her taala & gave the beats perfectly…and Maan ended the song neatly.Maaneet saw each other for a second & both started to laugh loudly holding their stomach.First time Maan was laughing cutely

Both smiled cutely holding the stomach till their fill & they stopped to catch the breath then Geet saw noticed him now correctly.He had chocolate brown eyes…long white nose…exact M shaped pink lips…and stubble…kuch zyaada hi long tha but he looked handsome in that also…then he had bulging muscles which were shaped due to his tight shirt.

His first two buttons of the shirt didn’t buttoned & it exposed his hard chest & collar bone…he didn’t wore any vest inside so his bare chest was visible outside becoz of the buttons opened.His long fingers which had held the sticks of the drum was white…Geet couldn’t help seeing him repeatedly as she was acknowledging in her mind that how much he was so handsome…

Geet felt contented thinking abt him & seeing him in front of her which made her a bit odd.She thought why she’s thinking abt this man so much when she even don’t know this man.She shrugged off her thoughts & said stretching her palm in front of him,”Hi…am Geet Handa…!!!!!!!”Maan felt a bit odd seeing the milky white hand & he saw her eyes which had world’s innocence & gave the hand to shake.

When he held her hand then he felt a current run his spin & she also thought too.But Maan was mesmerised with those bright twinkling hazels & didn’t gave the attention.Geet snapped her fingers in front of him & he came to present world & saw eagerness on her face.Maan said as if he was remembering,”Oh…am Maan Singh Khurana…!!!!!!!!”

Geet gave a cute smile when he said his name which made him his breath take away…he couldn’t stop himself admiring that cute smile which made him smile for the first time.

Geet was mesmerised with his killing smile gave a cute smile.But this was noticed by someone & he was none other than Maan’s father.Maan saw the cute smile which was coming becoz of this angel & decided that she’s the one who gonna become his daughter in law.

Precap-Maan is attracting towards Geet but not accepting & quarreling with Geet…Ouch


Geet started learning Bharatanaatyam’s further’s steps while Maan was observing her cutely.Here face expressions…her hasthas which had the stiffness…her lips twisting pouting for the song explaining the each words of the song from her facial expressions.Maan had the urge to take those baby pink lips which were twisting for the song.Those almond eyes which showed anger…pity…peace…disgust…anguish…contentment…her eyes showed multiple emotions for which Maan was tempted to dance with her.

Maan came forward & stood in front of her while Geet was mesmerised to see Maan.Becoz he had shaven his beard which he let it after his past.Geet smiled seeing looking so handsome & Maan was mesmerised with those cute smile.Maaneet danced for the song which Maan’s father was singing.

Iske aage aapko next part padna hoga…Wink


After their meeting each other which nature had decided like that only then Maan’s father came there after seeing his son laughing so heartily that too with a girl.Becoz Maan always ran away from the girls & never give any heed to entrance his life from any other thing.

Geet was the one who entered Maan’s heart instantly which shook his entire existence with her beauty,talent & innocence.Maan couldn’t help himself admiring the epitome of beauty which was standing in front of him smiling cutely.Maan had an inner turmoil inside him seeing her cute innocent smile.

Maan’s father Rajan Khurana greeted Geet smiling while Geet bent down to touch his feet which was her culture given by Rano whom he loved as his sister.Rajan was so happy seeing the mini Rano as Geet.Becoz she had the perfect stature just like her mother having the bright twinkling hazels which had the power to drown any man.

Geet was the epitome of beauty for which Maan has become lattoo over her.He couldn’t believe himself that he’s admiring a girl & that too such an innocent girl.Now battle started between the good & guilt conscious inside him of not getting attracted to the epitome of beauty.

Maan’s father Rajan said warmly,”Maan…yeh mere dost Mohinder ki beti hai..jo yahan apne sapne lekar aayi hai…ek behtareen dancer banneki aur musician bhi…!!!!!!!”Maan nodded with attitude while Geet smiled at her cutely.But Maan didn’t smile to her which made her a bit odd.Geet said to babaji upwards,”Ab inhe kya ho gaya babaji…abhi toh bahut achche se has rahe the…!!!!!!!”

While Maan noticed Geet who was seeing upwards & thought,”Sach mein paagal ladki hai ye…ab upar dekhke kya baat kar rahi hai…!!!!!!!!”And he also saw upwards as if he will know when he sees upwards but he didn’t see anything & he composed himself & glared at her.Geet thought to babaji,”Ab dekha kaise ghoor rahe hai…!!!!!!!!”

Then she also composed herself & lowered her eyes immediately.Rajan said everything abt the rules of their small gurukul & gave the admission to her.But Geet was left in the outhouse of the KM as she’s the special guest for him.Geet went & settled down in the second floor room of the outhouse.

Geet slept for sometime but she was woken up with a jerk becoz of the music which was coming from the basement of the outhouse.

Rajan couldn’t tolerate this sad music which was coming from the outhouse basement & went to scold the one who was playing that song.But saw Geet entering trying to search the source of sound & hid himself to see that can she control him or not.Geet entered the basement room & saw several bottles was broken which were alcohol bottles while a man was sitting playing the violin turning that side.

Geet saw around him the light was dim & the room was so messy.It had not cleaned for several yrs but still the man was sitting playing a violin playing a sad tone.Geet asked,”Kaun hai aap…aur aap yah sad tone kyun bajaa rahe hai…??????”That man didn’t say anything & was playing the sad tone feeling contented.Geet came inside & came forward stretching her hands & her hand’s finger tips touched the man’s shoulder immediately which made him stop his playing & turned backwards.

This man was Maan & he saw the person who disturbed him from his privacy.Maan came near the dim light & his face reflected to Geet.Geet was shocked to see it was Maan.Maan’s eyes was droopy becoz of his overdose of alcohol & he was standing wobbly.Maan tried focus his vision to see who it was while Geet said,”Sir,aap yahan…aur..!!!!!!”She wrinkled her nose becoz of the alcohol smell.

Maan’s eyes finally came to focus then he saw a big brown hazel eyes which was twinkling at him with the same warmth.Maan’s saw the face once again blinking then Geet came to focus.Maan asked still focusing trying to stand firmly,”Geet…tum yahan kya kar rahi ho…??????”Geet asked with anger,”Wahi toh mein aapse pooch na chaahthi hoon ki aap yahan kya kar rahe hai…aur…!!!!!!”She said wrinkling her nose with digust”…aapne pee rakhi hai??????”

Maan said immediately,”Chali jao…yahan se mujhe kissi ki koi zaroorat nahin mein sirf waste body hoon…kissi ko koi khushi nahin de saktha mein…!!!!!!!!”There was a pain visible in his chocolate brown eyes for which Geet got a slight pain in her heart unknowingly.But Geet shrugged it off immediately & said,”Dekhiye sir aap chaliye so jaayiye…hum subah baat karthe hai…!!!!!!!!”

Maan said laughing maniacally,”Geet…yeh subah kyun hoti hai…sab log kehthe hai ki har din ek nayi roshni laathi hai jab andhera chip jaata hai…lekin mere zindagi mein kyun aisa nahin ho sakthi…mujhe pata nahin kab mere Sam aati hai…!!!!!!!!”Geet’s ears were now wide & thought,”Yeh Sam kaun hai?????”She felt an urge of jealousy but she composed herself & said holding his shoulder,”Sir…chaliye aap so jaayiye…!!!!!!!!”

Maan felt a current run down his spine when eh felt her fingers on his muscles holding ever so possessively.Maan saw her bright twinkling hazels with blurred vision which had pain.Maan can feel that she’ feeling pain seeing him in that state.Maan saw her frills were teasing her baby pink luscious lips as if it was kissing her lips.

Maan walked forward while Geet was conscious & she walked backwards Maan saw those luscious lips hungrily where her hairs were teasing him to kiss it & leave it.Geet asked,”Sir…yeh aap kya kar rahe hai??????”Then Geet was trapped between the wall & Maan who was coming closer.Geet closed her eyes not able to take the next movement anymore while Maan saw her lush lips which was inviting him to crush it inside his rough ones.

After few seconds Geet opened to see what is happeneing when she saw Maan who stood an inch far away from her.Geet sighed but Maan came forward & he pressed his rock chest to her soft ones for which he felt that a current run down his spine.Maan took his right hand & he pinned the hair behind Geet’s ear & leaned on her crushing his petite body to her.

Geet gasped feeling his masculine scent which was overdosed with alcohol which was driving her crazy.becoz she was feeling her sanity becoz of the scent.Her senses were giving her up & his scent was taking the place to seduce her.Geet moved the lips but the sound didn’t came while her mouth went dry.

While Maan saw her lush lips which were inviting him to taste it.Becoz her scent was driving crazy inside him.Maan went backwards immediately & took a sip of alcohol from his bottle which he had held it in his left hand & turned once again to play the sad tune.Geet couldn’t tolerate this & she snatched the violin and bow & asked,”Aap aisa kyun kar rahe hai…???????”

Maan’s anger towered & he pulled her immediately from the hand and she landed on his lap immediately.Geet gripped his collar to save herself to press herself deep inside the lap.Maan said angrily twisting her hand,”Tum hoti kaun ho mujhe order dene waali…mein MSK hoon…MSK…aur mujhe achche se maaloom hain ki aap jaise ladkiyaan sirf ek aadmi ke peeche sirf unke daulat…shohrat ya beauty ke liye aati ho…!!!!!!!!”

Geet said painfully,”Sir…mujhe chodiye na…mujhe dard ho raha hai…!!!!!!!!”Maan left her hand & said angrily,”Dard toh mujeh ho raha hai…jaanthi ho jab tum us Vicky ke saath gayi toh mujhe kitna bura laga…mera dil kitna royaa…!!!!!!!”On that Maan jerked her & she landed on deep inside his lap & he held her around her waist which tickled & a strange pleasure increased for her eyes popped up and her hand went on the radio which was kept aside & switched on.

On that time the radio said,”Yeh gaana un logon ki hai jinhe hum sabse zyaada pyar karthe hai…yeh gaane un logon ki hai jinhe hum sabse zyaada apna maanthe hai…!!!!!!!”And the song started immediately…

When the song started he felt her soft body on him & he pushed her immediately standing & took off his shirt which exposed his greek god body.

Geet gasped seeing his greek god like body & she had the urge to kiss it possessively while Maan wasn’t in his sense so he pulled Geet to dance with the song.When she touched his greek god like body then he felt that a current run down his spine.Then Maan held her waist tightly.Geet’s eyes popped up feeling his fingers on her bare waist as his hands moved inside her kurta.

Geet tried to push herself from him but he pulled her inside his greek god frame.Geet couldn’t resist this close proximity from Maan but her heart was anticipating for more from him.Maan was not in the senses & when the song ended then he came forward to kiss her slowly.Geet couldn’t tolerate this but she walked backwards scared.

Maan came forward & Geet went backwards & she was once again trapped between Maan & the wall.Maan bent down to kiss her lush lips then he was overdosed becoz of alcohol then his eyes went blurr & he kept his face in the crook of her neck & slept immediately hugging her cutely.His hands was around her waist & his head was on her shoulder & his lips was touching her bare shoulder which made her burn with desires.

Geet heard him snoring softly and she sighed immediately but the turn of events went on inside her mind vision for which her cheeks became red with shy.Then Geet made Maan to sleep on his room & went to her room immediately but heard Maan’s mumbling in sleep…Samyukta…mujhe chodke mat jao…mein tumhaare bagay jee nahin saktha…!!!!!!!!”

Geet felt odd & thought that,”Yeh Samyukta kaun hai?????”

Precap-Maan observing Geet learning dance.


Geet went to her room clutching her chest which was throbbing violently.Geet’s cheeks became red remembering the events which went on in the basement.Geet’s heart anticipated painfully seeing Maan’s state unknowingly.Geet’s heart had started reacting to Maan’s movement.His smile…his scent…his eyes which were chocolate brown & showed some kind of pain.She had the every urge to wipe off those pain which reflected in his eyes.

Geet didn’t know abt him anything but still she felt he is no stranger to her.His cute killing smile which made her breath take away.His way of dancing with her holding her ever so possessively even in drunken state.His helplessness for not getting some Samyukta back…her heart went crazy thinking abt him.

But her mind had another way of thinking that he’s her teacher’s son for whom she was given admission to learn the dance.She didn’t knew that loving Maan is a biggest sin but her mind stopped her right there of thinking abt him.Maan on the other hand was mumbling in the sleep dreaming abt Sam.

He didn’t know that Geet was feeling something to her.On other hand Maan’s father saw Geet handling Maan in an drunken state.Maan had some kind of respect to Geet & had a limit on him seeing Geet.Maan was touching Geet with every care & love which he saw in Maan’s eyes.Becoz he always behaved rudely with everyone & even with him also and Maan’s father was amazed to see Geet handle him perfectly.

Maan mumbled in his sleep with pain,”Kyun mujhe chodkar chali gayi Sam…kya mein itni waste body hoon ko mein tumhaare expectations par khara nahin utar saka??????”Geet felt a slight pang in her heart as if she was feeling a pain.Geet held her heart & saw around her as if someone is gonna crept outside & hug her to soothe their pain fm her.

Geet didn’t sleep all the night thinking abt the new sensation which had dawned inside her which is not leaving her for peace & calm.And when she got the sleep then she felt calm when she took Maan’s name in her mind.She felt that she’s sleeping on his lap peacefully.

Maan’s father felt that both of them r loving each other seeing the craving between them for each other.He was happy that he’s gonna get a gud bahu as Geet but he also knew his son…he’s not gonna accept Geet so easily after having a heart break fm his beloved Samyukta.

Next morning Geet got up & started doing Yoga & instructed the school’s students with that activity.Maan on the other hand was sleeping peacefully in his room.The sun teased him reflecting on his face.Maan closed his hands to the sun’s rays while he was hearing Geet’s magical voice which was instructing them to do some exercise.

Maan yawned widely holding his head which was paining becoz of the overdose of alcohol & thought,”Yaar basement mein bhi roshni aane lagi…!!!!!!!”Then he thought for a second,”Basement mein toh Soorya ki roshni kabhi nahin aa sakthi isiliye toh mein wahan shift ho gaya tha…!!!!!!!”And he saw around him & was shocked that he was in his room.

His room was nice & cozy having the bed in the middle.There was the bedside tables beside his cot where some books were kept which had the tunes of the musical instruments.In the another corner..he had the drum set with sticks kept on the drums.On the another corner a big Guitar was entangled to the wall.Numerous flutes of the high pitches were kept on the table.

Then the violin which he was playing yesterday was kept on the table securely.He didn’t know that who cleaned his bedroom & made him to sleep here.Then he saw the glass of lemon water kept aside on his bedside table.Maan took the lemon water & drank it.It tasted just like he preferred…a small smile crept on his lips cutely.

Then Maan got up & saw that his dresses were in his wardrobe here.Maan was amazed & called the servant of the house abt this.Servant didn’t knew abt this while he went & took a shower & came outside & wore his pink T-shirt & blue jeans pant & went outside.When he came to the class then the girls were learning dance fm his father.

When he came then everyone saw him with amazement & was mesmerised with his new stature.Becoz he had shaved his chin & cheeks cleanly which showed soft white skin.Geet saw him & her cheeks turned with shy seeing his handsomeness but she shrugged off immediately & concentrated on her steps.Maan came & saw Get who was dancing wearing a maroon color dress.

Maan tried to get a glimpse of her or her eyes warmth…those bright twinkling hazels but all he saw was that she was avoiding him.Maan’s heart felt restless when he felt that she’s avoiding him.When Maan entered the big hall then every girls eyes turned towards him & started rolling over him but Geet was the one who controlled her emotions.

Maan was feeling disappointed seeing Geet avoiding him.What he has done that she’s avoiding him?This question made him restless & he didn’t knew that who cleaned his bedroom & made him to sleep in his room.Maan was feeling contented when he was sleeping in his room.He didn’t know it was her scent which has made him breathe peacefully.It was her scent which was lingering around him which was making him peace & calm.

Maan’s father Rajan Khurana couldn’t believe that his son had got up so early & had came there.Maan was observing Geet intently to get a glimpse of her eyes…but he was failing while Rajan Khurana observed him seeing Geet intently.Geet was dancing for the song bho shambho with such an concentration that she ignored Maan completely.Maan’s ego was hit becoz of this & was so angry with her.

Maan went to his room & opened his wardrobe & saw a red box.He opened it & it revealed the anklets which he was using this when he was dancing.Maan took it & went to the big hall where Geet ignored his presence completely.Maan’s anger went to its peak & he shaked the anklets to get her attention but she ignored him completely.

Maan’s anger went to its peak while Rajan was excited to see that he’ll wear it or not or he’s gonna throw it ages ago.Maan saw her ignorance which hit his ego & tied it to his feet immediately.Maan’s father was happy to see that he had tied his anklets.He had a question in his mind will he dance and all his students were seeing him in amazement.

Maan came forward & stomped his feet with a high intensity that made the sound of anklets echo in the big hall.Geet opened her eyes immediately feeling the echo & saw the source of sound.She saw a feet & the person.It was none other than MSK.Maan glared at & gave the expression that she’s no match for him in this.Geet gave a deadly glare that she’s challenging him.

Maan raise his eyebrows & smirked while Geet also smirked at him which made him disturbed.Then Maan started,”Dad..start to sing…i want to show this attitude girl that who am i…!!!!!”Rajan was shocked but sat in his place happily & started singing the song Bho Shambho Shiva Shambho svayambhoIt is the song sung on Lord Shiva

Maan held his hands stiffly giving hasthas & gave a deadly glare to her & twisted immediately lifting his left leg 90 degrees & gave the Nataraja posture & danced.Geet didn’t gave up & she also stood to challenge him & she acted just like Mohini to him.Maan was breaking his concentration seeing those bright twinkling hazels but still holded himself & did taanadav dance showing him that he’s strong.

Geet gave the competition with him & when she was dancing then she tripped & was abt to fall then she closed her eyes of hitting the floor but a pair of strong arms caught her waist & saved her by falling her.It was Maan & their eyes locked for a brief moment.But they both came to present world feeling around them immediately.

Rajan was so happy that he sung a song which portrayed the song as ardhanaarishwara.Man didn’t wanted to dance to this song but Geet’s smirk made him to dance to this song.Maan held Geet’s hands fm back & held her waist fm his another hand.Geet felt that a current run down her spine & Maan also felt like her.They both involved in that song & forgot themselves in that song & danced.

At end of the song Geet’s legs were on Maan’s waist & she had bended forward & he had caressed her body from his hands.Geet’s senses driving crazy becoz of his masculine scent.Today for the first time Rajan saw his son’s eyes twinkled becoz of Geet.Maan was so happy to have Geet so near him.Geet got down immediately feeling shy where all the students saw them with mouth hanging open.

Becoz Maan never danced with one of the student like this and they thought that they made for each other.But one of the student didn’t like this and that is Naina who saw the couple with jealousy.Becoz she always tried to impress Maan but he didn’t gave any attention to her but Geet only came yesterday & have made a place inside Maan’s heart which intrigued her so much.

Precap-Maan’s past is revealed by his father to Geet.Maan’s anger on Geet…and after that feeling guilty seeing her state.



Geet was feeling shy when she left Maan and ran from there feeling extremely shy.Maan saw around him and was shocked to see the anklets on his legs.Maan remembered some of the glimpse of his past running towards his room.Maan opened the drawer from his bedside table and saw a girl smiling at her peacefully.Maan saw her false smile which she gave to him for which he left everything singing,dancing,composing everything and became the slave of alcohol.

Geet on the other hand was breathing heavily feeling his fingers on her body which held her possessively…his scent which drives her crazy…and his behaviour makes her admire so much.But Geet hadn’t seen his other side…the anger side for which she was unaware.Geet stood in the centre of her room clutching her chest which was throbbing and her chest moved unevenly.

Geet thought,”Babaji yeh kaisa ehsaas hai jo mujhe unse jude rehneka ek aur mouka dethi hai…kyun mein unke bagay jee nahin sakthi…kyun unki khushboo mujhe achchi lagthi hai…kyun mein chain se saas le sakthi hoon unki khushboo mein…kyun unki maujoodgi mehsoos hoti hai…kyun mein unki baahon sukoon mehsoos karthi hoon…kyun…kya mein galath kar rahi hoon babaji…kya mein apne lakshya se bhatak rahi hoon…kya mein maa ko diya huva waada thod rahi hoon…bataayiye na babaji…kyun…!!!!!”

On that time someone kept the hand on her shoulder and Geet turned to see who is it.It was Rajan Khurana and Geet wiped her tears immediately turning that side.Rajan noticed this and asked,”Yenu aayithu magu…yaattakke aluttideeya????”What happened child y r u crying???Geet said smiling,”Yenu illa sir…aadre neevu illi…students yella horathodra sir??????”Nothing sir but u here…!!!!!all the students went?????Rajan said smiling stroking her hairs,”Ninna kanneeranna nanninda muchidbeda puta…!!!!!!”Don’t hide ur tears fm me child

Geet turned that side while Rajan asked,”Ninage aashcharya aagtha ide alva Maan hege ninna jothe maatra haage dance maadidru antha…!!!!!”U r amazed right that y Maan danced with u like that Geet saw Rajan curiously then Raj made her sit on the sofa in her room and said,”Geet…Maan..ee munche tumbaane geluvaagidda..aadre aa Samyukta bandmele avanige ee stithi banthu…!!!”Geet…Maan before this was so lively but after the entry of samyukta he came to this state

Geet asked,”Sir pls bidisi heli yenu vishaya antha  Sir pls tell me clearly that what is the matter…!!!!!

Rajan nodded and started telling,”Geet…ninge gottu naavu matte ninna thande ibbarigu ondu arts school thegibeku antha ishta ittu…adakke sariyaada finance kooda sikkittu..aadre adella Maan taayi goskara kharachu aag hoyitu…aadre Maan na determination na munde idella chikkadu anisthaa ittu…avanu B.Arch maadidru kooda nanna ondu aase pooraisbeku antha avanu tanna ella dreams annu bitta…matte olle dancer aada…adu allade avanige yella tarahada instruments kooda hege upayogisuvudu antha nu kooda gottittu…avanu kale ya jagattinalli beroori nintha…idu kelavarige eershye unto maadithu…adakke avananna hegaadaru maadi kelakke ilisa beku antha avana virodhi galu maadida sanchu idu…idyaavadu kooda avanige kinchittu kooda gottilla…aagle ne ee Samyukta bandiddu…Maan ge yaavattu hodageer mele ashtu moha annuvudu iralilla aadru kooda Samyukta na nodida maru kshana avanu aake ne tanna hendathi antha sveekarisi bitta…!!!!!!”

Geet u do know that me and ur father wanted to open an arts school…and for that we hd the sufficient finance also…but it was spent off becoz of Maan’s mother’s health…but in front of Maan’s determination i was thinking that it was small…he did B.Arch then also..to fulfill my one wish he gave up his dreams…he became a gud dancer and he also knew to play all type of musical instruments…he stood firmly in the world of arts…but some people didn’t like his success…they were feling jealousy towards Maan becoz of his success…that’s y to make him come downwards at any cost they played an conspiracy with him.He didn’t even know abt this conspiracy…then only this Samyukta entered his life…Maan never the guys who run behind the girls but when he saw Samyukta then he decided that she’s his wife next second

Geet remembered how Maan was mumbling in his sleep that pleading Samyukta not to leave him.Geet’s heart cried when she remembered it.Then Rajan’s father explained further abt Samyukta.Rajan now switched over to Hindi from Kannada.Rajan said,”Mujhe woh ladki bilkul bhi pasand nahin aayi aur usen mere bete ke banaayi huyi saare tunes chori karke leke chali gayi mere bete ko aisi haalath mein chodkar…!!!!!!!!”

Here Maan saw the frame and a lone tear escaped from his eyes and he was abt to drink the alcohol from the bottle on that time that he saw Geet standing near doorway.Maan hid his alcohol immediately seeing her then Geet said,”Bade ek baat kehthe hai…jab bhi koi kaam karna hai toh khulle aam karni chaahiye aise chip chip ke karne se insan ki value kam ho jaathi hai aur dosre uski credit leke chale jaathe hai…!!!!!!!”Maan felt there was a sarcasm in her tone for which he didn’t understand.

Geet entered inside while Maan hid the photo from her and kept it inside the drawer immediately.Maan asked sternly,”Tum yahan kyun aayi ho…!!!!!!”Geet asked directly seeing his eyes,”Mujhe woh taandav aapse seekhna hai…kya aap mujhe sikhaadenge…?????”Maan saw her sternly and said,”Mujhe kuch bhi nahin aati…tum behtar hai papa se seekho…woh bahut achchi teacher hai…!!!!!”Geet said stubbornly,”Nahin mujhe sirf aapse hi seekhna hai…!!!!”

And she tied the anklets to her legs while Maan saw her with amazement.She prayed to god first and said,”Ab aap sikhaayiye mujhe…!!!!”And she winked to Maan’s friend Adi fm whom he always shared his thoughts.Adi had seen their taandav which he had danced perfectly and had seen Maan feeling comfortable.Maan turned that side refusing her.Geet smirked seeing his refusal first but still she danced.

Geet for the first time did a wrong step and Maan saw this immediately as he was having the sharp eyes.Maan was silent and now she did the wrong step once again.Maan got angry now seeing her but still he turned that side.Then Geet still did the wrong step then his anger went into it’s peak and said angrily stopping her,”Kyun galath move kar rahi ho…tum logon ko yeh taandav sirf ek khelthi huyi cheez dikthi hai kya????Taandav keliye apne aapko man se ready jo ki tum nahin kar sakthi toh behtar hai tum sirf normal dance seekho…!!!!!!”

Geet answered him rudely,”Jab koi shishya apne guru se pooche ki yeh sikaaye toh woh guru ko bahut khush hote hai ki woh pooch raha hain usse aur woh bhi poori interest se…agar aapko karni nahin aati toh aap saaf saaf kyun nahin ekhthe ki aapko kuch bhi nahin aati…sahi kehthe hai aap…aap waste body hai…sirf waise body jo din raat nashe mein doobe rehthe hai…aap toh sirf apne hi dhun mein rahenge…aur jab koi aapko obey na kare toh aa jaathe hai dikhaane ke liye ki aap kya cheez hai…aur woh bin bulaaye mehmaan ki tarah…!!!!!”

Geet went towards the door but Maan pulled her immediately and angrily and said,”Mujhe kuch bhi nahin aati…mujhe kuch bhi nahin aati…mein tumhe dikhaata hoon ki mujhe kya aati hai…!!!!!!!”And he showed the taandav dance to her.Geet was so happy that her eyes welled up seeing Maan dance in front of her.A smile crept on her petal like lips.Maan saw this and thought it is a smirk to taunt him and his anger went into it’s peak.

Maan asked pulling her towards him and seeing the smile on her face,”Yeh muskuraahat kiske liye…yahi chaahthi hona ki mein waste body banjaavoon…mein nahin banoongi…aur tumhe is baat ki sazaa zaroor milegi…!!!!!!!”Maan dragged Geet to the courtyard and tied her forcefully on the sun and said angrily,”Jab tum ye dhoop mein rahogi toh tumhaari hosh thikaane par aajaayenge…!!!!!!”Maan went and sat in the shade enjoying her expressions.

Geet tried to open her eyes but the sun shine on her face.Geet made a puppy face to Maan for Maan melted immediately but turned that side angrily.Geet was resisting the sun but something bit on her feet.Geet saw it was the red ant which was biting her feet.Geet saw around her and was shocked becoz the ant hill was their behind the tree.

Geet was feeling irritation and pain when numerous red ants bit her feet.geet was trying to scratch the red ants bite but more were coming and more were biting her feet.Geet said with pain,”Maan sir pls…mujhe yahan se chodiye…mujhe irritation ho rahi hai…!!!!!”Maan didn’t listen to her and sat drinking the alcohol peacefully but her painful voice made his existence shook.But he shrugged off his thought and sipped his alcohol peacefully.

Geet pleaded couldn’t resisting the irritation and pain which was formed becoz of the biting of the red ants.Her feet was swelling and it had turned red.Adi who was passing saw this and was shocked and said,”Maan,chodo Geet ko usse bahut dard ho raha hai…she’s bitten by red ants…!!!!!!”On that time Geet couldn’t tolerate this and she shouted and fainted.

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Precap-Geet is scared of Maan becoz of his rude behaviour and Maan is feeling guilty…Ouch


Geet couldn’t tolerate the irritation and pain and she fainted immediately.Adi saw Geet and said with panic,”Geet…!!!!”Maan was alarmed when he heard Adi’s panicked voice and turned and saw that Geet had fainted and ran towards her.Maan’s heart lurched seeing Geet in that state and was shocked seeing Geet’s feet which was red and swollen due to ant bites.

Some of the ants were still biting her feet and Maan bent down and  crushed the ants angrily for biting his Geet’s feet and untied her and said patting her cheeks,”Geet…!!!!!”Geet didn’t answer him and was still unconscious.But when he touched her rosy cheeks then he felt a current run down his spine and saw her intently and he felt peace when he held her inside his embrace.

Maan shrugged of these thought immediately and lifted her in his strong arms and carried her inside the house to his room.Maan said with panic,”Geet aankhen kholo Geet…pls…!!!!!!”Maan lied Geet in his bed and he took a bowl of cold water and some soft cloth and rubbed it to her ant bites.It was turning swollen red due the acid which had entered inside her skin.

Maan said with panic and said patting her cheek,”Geet aankhen kholo..pls am sorry…dekho mein tumhe taanadav sikhaadoonga lekin pls aankhen khol do…pls Geet…plsss..!!!!!!”Geet didn’t answer and after sometime she opened her eyes lowly.When she opened then a blurry vision came into her eyes which showed a man sitting beside her keeping his hand on his forehead.

Geet rubbed her eyes and the blurry vision turned to exact and saw Rajan sitting beside her and Maan in her right side.Maan saw geet had opened her eyes and said,”Geet…tum theek ho…am sorry…!!!!!”On that time Geet was scared hearing his voice and she backed off scared seeing Maan.Rajan saw this and said angrily,”Maan…jao yahan se tum usse daraakar usse sorry maang rahe ho…jao yahan se…!!!!!”

Geet saw her swollen feet which was swollen so much for she can’t dance for atleast 24 hrs.Geet was horrified seeing her feet condition and tried to get up from there but she couldn’t while rajan said,”Beta..aap yahi kyun nahin araam karlethe…!!!!!!”Geet said,”Nahin sir…yeh mera kamra nahin hai i can go to my room…!!!!!”Geet got up and tried to walk but her swollen feet wasn’t co-operating with her and she was abt to fall but two strong hands held her waist.

Geet was scared feeling the warmth and she knew who held her and it was MSK.Maan said,”Geet…tum yahan aaraam karsakthi ho..pls zidd mat karo..agar aur pressure daalogi apne pair par toh woh aur bhi swelling ho sakthi hai…pls…meri baat suno…!!!!!!”Geet said with painful voice folding her hands,”Please mujhe akela chod deejiye…!!!!”Maan couldn’t see the pain in those almond eyes and he left her immediately and she was abt to fall but she held the wall for support.

Maan walked behind her trying to help her and he would try stretch his hands to hold her..to help her till she reaches her room but Geet held her hand to stop him in the meaning that she won’t need his help.Maan’s heart was crying to see her pain while his mind was showing the ego.But his heart won his mind once again and he was once again attracted towards Geet.

Finally Geet reached her room with great difficulty and she lied on her bed feeling pain.Tears poured down from those almond eyes and she was afraid of Maan now.Maan came back to his room which was empty now and remembered today’s incident how she was purposely doing wrong step to make him attract towards the dance once again fm alcohol.

Maan took his alcohol bottle still feeling her pain and was abt to sip it but her sarcastic words came into her mind saying that man has to work in open or else his credit will be taken by others.On that time his one murky past came into his vision.He remembered how Samyukta saw the talent and took advantage of it and left him in the darkness taking his talent fm him.

Maan tried to concentrate on sipping alcohol but couldn’t becoz Geet’s scaring almond eyes came into his vision.Maan threw the alcohol bottle to the ground with anger and the alcohol spilled everywhere.Maan now took the glass pieces and was abt to crush it in his hand but a voice said,”What r u waiting for…do it!!!!”Maan looked up and saw Geet apprehensively while Geet smirked at him.

Geet said smirking,”Tum sirf yahi karsakthe ho..tum sirf apne aapko chot pahuncha sakthe ho..naaki unlogon ko nahin jinhone tumhe is dasha mein dakhel diya…kyun maaro apne aapko…pahunchaavo apne aapko chot…aur mar jaavo…tum aaj saabit kar rahe ho ki tum ek waste body ho…lo stab urself…!!!”Geet gave the glass piece to his hand and held it tightly but before it’s sharp blade scratch his hand he took off his hands back immediately leaving the glass piece.

Maan shouted at her turning opposite to her immediately,”Tum hoti kaun ho yeh kehne waali..mein apne aapko kyun chot pahunchaavoon…mein nahin karoonga aisa kabhi nahin…!!!”Geet gave the impressive smile and she vanished immediately and Maan turned and saw Geet.But she wasn’t there and Maan called,”Geet…Geet…kahan chalo gayi tum…!!!!!”His eyes welled up becoz he didn’t saw any warmth today in those almond eyes seeing him.It showed only fear for which his mind and heart were shaked inside to his core.

Maan didn’t know what was going on but Geet was slowly filling inside him just like a creeper climb for the strong grip from the strong tree.Maan was foolishly following her but there was a bond of trust between them or rather hv to say fm her.Maan didn’t knew that what was the sensation which Geet was developing inside him but this was blissful…it was peaceful…it was so contented that whenever her name came to his lips then he felt a strange content for her.

Maan closed hs eyes to calm his thought but still Geet came to his mind vision and he was now confirmed that he like Geet so much that’s y he was getting restless feeling her pain.If he gives punishment to her then it would pain him only.If he scold her for no mistake then he would feel angry on himself.If he try to harm her then he would pain in his heart for now it was beating only for her.

Now Maan realised that what was this sensation which was tying them both again and again and it was nothing but the love which had developed inside them both.Becoz Geet didn’t give oppurtunity to hurt himself just she provoked him so that he can stop the act of stabbing himself and punishing himself.Maan saw the difference between Samyukta and Geet.Samyukta never showed the concern towards Maan but Geet is showing the concern in his imagination also.

If it is in real part then how Geet wil react he didn’t know am sure she would be crying seeing his state.But ofcourse she was crying seeing his state…this was not a pity but was the love and concern which was overshadowing her heart.She couldn’t stop thinking abt himself abt his pain and his state.Her heart was betraying her to love him deeply.Her heart was crying becoz of behaving with him today very rudely when he tried to help her.

Geet didn’t know how to wash out the pain inside him but his pain was making her heart melt for him.Geet was thinking of hug him kiss him…console him…make him ready to face this cruel world which can pounce on him any day now if they come to know that he had once again lifted his head in this arts world.Geet was crying so much that she slept on the bed at almost morning.

Maan came to see Geet in her room to know that is she ok or not becoz his heart was beating restlessly and saw her sleeping peacefully in the bed.Maan saw Geet and sat beside her and kept his hand on her head.He felt her soft silky hair which were soft just like her body which he felt.When his fingers touched her skin accidentally then a current run down her spine and she willingly came into his lap in her half sleep state.

Maan was shocked to see her sleeping on his lap and tried to take his lap fm her head but saw she was sleeping peacefully.There was an innocent smile on her face and there was any fear on her face which he observed.Maan stroked her hairs and she cuddled inside his lap smiling cutely.Maan’s M shaped lips curved into big smile seeing her cuddling her inside his lap.

Maan saw the innocent but angelic face for he felt that his miseries were washed out from his mind and body.He felt peace feeling her against his body.He was feeling so much calm and peace that he also cuddled up into her embrace and his head slid inside her chest and he hugged her waist tightly and drifted off to sleep.

Precap-Geet avoiding Maan and Maan is feeling guilty.Cry

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Sasha came to know that Geet has joined KC to get some experience & she had told abt this to Amarnath sir during her interview and was fuming with anger and a strange fear was spreading inside the mind.But still Sasha is hell bent to kick Geet fm KC company unaware of her power which she possesses inside her.Firstly Sasha thot of insult Geet in front of everyone and was searching for the oppurtunity.Meanwhile Maan was seeing Geet everywhere now as his heart was craving for her one presence & Geet was also feeling like him but she was trying her best to control her feelings in front of him.

Maan didn’t know that Geet also feeling the same as him and tried to talk to her alone to confess his feelings.But Geet was a big duffer that she didn’t understand Maan’s intentions & misunderstood him.Maan asked,”Geet..tumne kabhi kisi se pyaar kiya hai?????”Geet was apprehensive and saw those chocolate brown eyes intently before answering him.Geet saw a strange thirst & eagerness in his face & said rudely,”Nahin sir..aur waise bhi mujhe in faaltu cheezon ke liye mere paas time nahin hai…!!!”Maan was disappointed becoz of her answer and his eyes showed a strange pain.

Geet observed this and thot,”Kaisa sa banda hai abhi mujhe aise ghoor raha tha jaise woh mujhe kachcha khaa jaayega..jab meine unki sawaal ka jawaab dediya..tab mujhe dard bhari aankhon se dekh raha hai….shaayad woh mujhe phaasaaneki koshish kar raha hai isiliye aise dekh raha hai…..!!!”Geet shrugged off her thots but a strange pang she felt inside her heart seeing the painful eyes of MSK but she once again shrugged it off and concentrated on her work.Maan thot cursing her,”Mein bhi kisse umeed rakh raha hoon…yeh toh no.1 phoolan devi hai..isse pyaar ka shabd ka arth pata hai ya nahin pata nahin….!!!”

Maan’s mood changed to chirpy to dull and sat seeing the file trying to concentrate on his work but couldn’t and he turned his chair to his back and tried to control his pain.After sometime Geet’s anklets jingled when she moved her legs for which Maan felt peace hearing those jingling anklets.Maan thot,”Na jaane tum mere liye ek ajeeb si patience laadethi ho apne harkato se…..!!!!”Maan smiled at his thot & he turned towards her and gave a killing smile to her and concentrated on his work immediately.

Geet was apprehensive seeing his killer smile & she lost in his smile and both eye locked for a brief moment.They broke apart immediately and turned that side.Geet lowered her eyes with shy seeing his chocolate brown eyes which were showing volumes of emotions and she was drowned in his eyes.Maan also felt too but he controlled himself immediately & saw Geet whose cheeks had turned into slight pink.Maan saw those pink cheeks and he had the urge to bite those cheeks but resisted.Geet saw him once again and she unknowingly shied immediately for which Maan gave a naughty smile.

Geet thot,”Babaji..yeh aise smile dekar mujhe phasa denge…kyun nahin sochthe ki inki yeh smile mere man mein bhari toofan uthaa dethi hai…..!!!!”She was pouting cutely to babaji seeing upwards angrily.Maan saw her pouting and unknowingly a smile crept immediately on his M shaped lips and Geet couldn’t help herself admiring that killer smile for she was always become fida.Geet thot,”Haayee..kitni sweet smile hai…..!!!”Geet widened her eyes with shock and thot,”Oye..tu kisse admire kar rahi hai..dekh tu yeh sab nautanki chod..aur kaam pe dhyaan de..theek hai….!!!”

Geet saw his killer smile once again but she lowered her eye lashes and saw down immediately.Maan couldn’t help himself admiring her silent antics which was making her look even more beautiful & edible to eat her alive.Maan thot,”Oye choona bhi mat nahin toh no.1 phoolan devi manjaayegi..aur tumhaare tai chi skills iske saamne tai tai fish ho jaayega…!!!!Lekin tu usse admire toh karsaktha haina….!!!”For which his mind was so happy that he checked her secretly.

On that time Sasha knocked the door and Maan said sternly,”Come in…..!!!!”Sasha entered and saw Geet there sitting looking the file.Sasha saw that she hd almost completed her file & was fuming with anger.Maan asked sternly,”Kuch kaam tha Sasha???”Sasha said politely,”MK mujhe Gurgaon waali project file ki accounts file chaahiye jo Geet complete kar rahi hai abhi tak……!!!!”Geet said immediately,”Ho gayi madam..bas do secs deejiye ek baar dekhloongi….!!!”Sasha was apprehensive & asked,”Abhi toh meine dekha hai ki tum acomplete kar rahi thi itni jaldi ho gayi kaise???”Geet smiled,”Madam…is project ki budget bahut hi saral hai isiliye bahut hi jaldi ho gayi…..!!!”Geet gave the file to Sasha and said,”Leejiye madam..aapki file…!!!!”

Sasha took it and examined it and saw it was perfect and she didn’t like that Geet is perfect in all the ways and said,”Mere saath aavo..mujhe is project ki construction file bhi theek thak chaahiye……!!!”Geet nodded politely,”Jee madam…!!!!”But Maan stopped them and said,”Sasha..us file ko toh tumhe dee gayi thi na..theek karne ke liye..toh woh Geet ko kyun de rahi ho???”Sasha was abt to explain but Maan shouted immediately,”Kitni baar kaha hai ki apna kaam doosron ko mat diya karo…….!!!”Sasha & Geet shivered seeing his anger which made Maan bothered as Geet glared at him with her almond eyes becoz of his shout.

Sasha mumbled sorry to him and went outside while Geet was abt to go but Maan snapped immediately,”Tum kahin nahin jaa rahi ho..yahan baith kar dictation likho meri….!!!”Geet was apprehesive seeing his bossiness which was on her and she gave a deadly glare but in front of his glare he wasn’t a match.Geet saw his glare and shied and cursed inside her mind to babaji,”Yeh aap kya kar rahe mere saath babaji..mein inhe naa keh nahin sakthi…par kyun aap mere man ko itna piglaa rahe ho….!!!”

Maan saw her face which was seeing upwards and was pouting and a naughty smile crept his M shaped lips.Next morning the trip to Gujarat was announced and the money was collected for the trip.Geet also gave her money for the trip and Maan who always showed attitude not to participate in these trips gave the money.Rahul was disappointed seeing Maan joining the trip becoz he thot that he’ll harm Geet in absence of Maan as these days Maan was walking behind Geet like a bodyguard.

Sonali was fuming with anger seeing Maan change and that too for Geet becoz she hadn’t forgotten the insult fm Geet in freshers party.Sonali tried to talk Maan but Maan would leave her halfway giving deadly glare and would join Geet’s group immediately.Sonali was scared in freshers party seeing Geet’s anger as Geet had squeezed her neck to death for insulting her mother.So Geet would see Maan’s plight and would save him Sonali giving a deadly glare to her.

So the trip commencing day came and everyone got ready at 4am loading their luggages.Maan came with driver and driver loaded his luggage to the bus & went from there.Maan was searching Geet and saw in the corner where she was chatting with their group laughing chirpyly.A smile crept on his M shaped lips seeing Geet’s laughter and went to them to wish them but he halfway heard Rahul’s convo with their gang.Rahul said seeing towards Geet fm his corner of his eyes,”Is Geet toh is trip mein sabak sikhaakar rahoonga dekhna???”

Sonali nodded to his plan and Maan didn’t understood his plan as he didn’t say anything to them but Maan decided that he’ll protect Geet now.Maan thot,”Tumhaara koi bhi plan kaamyaab nahin hoga Rahul..kyunki Geet ke paas MSK hai..jab tak mein zinda hoon tum usse kuch bhi nahin karsakthe…..!!!”Maan joined Geet’s gang and talked to him.At 6am the bus started to drive and left the Delhi border to enter Gujarat border.When they reached Gujarat then it was night so they had booked a big dormitory for boys and girls and they went to sleep with the respective rooms.

Maan was worried for Geet as Rahul was planning something to harm Geet & in this Sonali was also there.Maan wanted to see Geet now only but he can’t enter girls dormitory so he thot of some plan and he sent SMS to Sonali.Sonali saw Maan’s message and was happy becoz she read that Maan has forgiven him and want to see her in dormitory.Sonali thot of some plan and started scaring the girls that someone was saying that this dormitory contains bhoot.All the girls except Geet’s gang were scared and ran to boys dormitory with fear.

Sonali tried to scare Geet’s gang but she was caught and she was cursed by lecturers and students.Meanwhile Maan was the one who caught Sonali in front of the students making the lecturers to trust him.Maan played double game and saved Sonali and & gained entry to the girls dormitory.All the girls started drooling over seeing the handsome Maan while Geet was hell irritated seeing the girls drooling over her Maan.Maan was enjoying his helplessness as she wasn’t accepting the feeling of love to him.

Maan took off his shirt and sat in front of the fire giving access to his exposed muscles for which Geet gulped down the saliva.Hayee all the girls drooled over his muscles and Sonali was completely pissed off seeing his antics as he was showing his abs to those girls.But Maan’s eyes never left Geet only.After sometime everyone slept in front of fire peacefully and Geet slept on Romeo’s shoulder peacefully.Maan’s mind bothere seeing her head on Romeo’s shoulder which has the right only for him.

Maan thot of killing Romeo the then but he saw that she was disturbed in sleep as her head was slipping again & again fm Romeo’s shoulder.Maan got up and sat beside her and made her sleep on his shoulder.When she felt Maan’s warmth then she felt that this shoulder is for her only..meant & made for her only & she kept her fingers on Maan’s right chest and nuzzled inside his neck peacefully.Maan felt Geet’s lips rub against his neck and he felt his skin burn with desire.

Maan controlled his urges while Geet slept peacefully on his shoulder silently.Sonali who was waiting for everyone to sleep so that she can chat with Maan saw the scene and fumed with anger and slept turning that side angrily.Sonali then realised that Maan gained the entry to see Geet taking her help and she cursed herself of trusting Maan.


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Maan was so shaken fearing her loss and wanted him to feel her.Geet gasped when she felt his taut muscles & 6 packs abs that her pleasure towered to feel him.Geet stood and walked towards her & kept her palm on his bare rock chest.Maan felt the touch as heavenly and he felt he’s floating in heaven.Geet came forward closing every gap and hugged him tightly moving her palms on his bare back.Maan groaned feeling her soft hands which drived him crazy.

Maan pulled her neck and slammed his lips on her soft supple lips and gave the soul searing kiss.Geet kissed him back stroking his hairs lovingly.Geet was weak in her knees as becoz of weakness and she was abt to fall but Maan held her waist tightly and pinned to his hard frame.Her soft chest pressed to his rock bare chest then his skin burned with desire.Geet whimpered for breath then he left her lips and both breathed heavily and geet kept her head on his bare rock chest.Geet kept her right palm on his bare rock left chest where heart lies and felt that his heart is throbbing.

Geet sensed his guilt in his every touch and felt he’s cribbing some mistake in his mind and asked worriedly,”Maan..aap sach me theek hai..aap mere Maan nahin hain….jo mujhe aise pyaar kare….Maan bataayiye..kya baat hai jo aapke ander hi ander khaayi jaa rahi hai bataayiye Maan…!!!”Maan was a bit conscious now and he kissed her lips once again to make her forget his turmoil.Geet once again lost in his kiss and forgot what she was asking in few secs back.

Maan left Geet totally exhausted after another round of love making.Geet collapsed on his bare chest totally exhausted and she slept peacefully hugging him tightly.Maan saw her love which always became high to him which was unconditional and felt guilty.Maan left the ward making her sleep comfortably in her bed in the ward and went to ask that she can be discharged.Priyanka came and hugged her bro and said,”Bhai…Rajeev apne aapko sazaa de rahe hai aur..woh apne kamre mein band kardiya hai..pls aap ek baar unhe kehde ki aap unhe maaf kardiya hai shaayad woh aapke baat sun sakte hai..bhai pls…ek baar toh aajaayiye….!!!!”

Maan stood just like a stone and asked angrily,”Q..Priya…aisa Q larna chaahthi hai…us aadmi ko sirf apne matlab se kaam hai..meine us par case file kiya hai isiliye jaa kar chip gaya kya…aur tumhe bheja hai kya apne aapko bachaane ke liye…..???”Priyanka cried and said,”Nahin bhai..bhia pls aap unhe ek baar miliye…ek baar toh sahi…pls bhai..mein unse sorry bulvaaongi promise…bhai ek baar toh unhe maaf kardeejiye….!!!”Maan said angrily,”Rajeev ko maaf kardoon…tum jaanthi ho kal raat hum log Geet ko khote khote rehgaye the..jaanthi ho…aur in sabke wajay tumhaara pati…aur tum kehrahi ho ki..mein unhe maaf kardoon…!!!!”

Priyanka pleaded,”Bhai..plss..!!!”Maan turned that side then Priyanka went fm there feeling defeated.While Geet was discharged and she was made to come home.Geet was a bit weak after that accident and she was abt to fall but Maan caught her and lifted her in his strong arms.Maan lied her down on their bed gently and opened every window so that the fresh air enters inside and Geet felt peace inhaling the aroma of their room.Geet smiled cutely to Maan and was abt to get up to freshen up but Maan said,”Ruko Geet..mein tumhe help kartha hoon…..!!!!”

Maan brought a bowl of hot water and some soft cloth and he washed her face and wiped the water on her face and lips fm the soft cloth.Geet was overwhelmed seeing his love towards her and kissed his cheeks lovingly.Maan chuckled & gave a lovely stare feeling her soft supple lips on his cheeks where it burned.Geet blushed furiously but gave a full dimple smile.Maan pecked her lips and said,”Mein tumhaara lunch leke aata hoon….!!!”Geet saw his dull & pale face which had the guilt and tried to ask abt that but he didn’t give any oppurtunity and went fm there in top speed.

Maaneet fed each other lovingly and Geet slept for sometime as doctor had told her take maximum amt of rest.At night Geet was feeling the lack of Maan’s warmth and she turned to his side and searched him in the bed but he wasn’t there.Geet was wondered where he’ll be as he won’t leave me these days.Geet felt some pain in her heart and thot that something is bad.Geet got up & searched him everywhere now.Geet entered his gym as he can be there or not and saw the most painful scene.

Maan was breaking the blocks of ice and his hands were bleeding and her hear whimpered seeing his painful eyes.Geet whimpered softly,”Maan…..!!!!”Maan turned and was shocked to see Geet there & asked,”Geet tum yahan kya kar rahi ho…!!!!!”Geet ran to her and was abt to trip but Maan caught her immediately and she hugged him tightly and said,”Yeh kya haal banaakar rakhi hai aapne…yeh kya hai maan..barf..aur aapko chot bhi lagi hai….!!!!”She kissed his wound softly and his blood was smeared to Geet’s lips.

Maan was now collapsed in front of her with guilt and said keeping his hand on her raised tummy,”Babies…mujhe pata hai ki aap mujhse naraaz honge..kyunki jab doctor ne kaha ki tumhe kise chuna hoga tab meine aapki mamma ko chuna…am sorry babies mein aapke liye achcha papa nahin bansaktha..kyunki mein apne baare mein soch raha tha..yeh soch raha tha ki mein aapki mumma ke bina nahin jee saktha….am sure jab aap dono is duniya mein aayenge na tab aap mujhe nafrat karenge kyunki aapke papa sirf aapke mumma ko chuna..mujhe maaf kardo..babies…!!!”And he kissed her tummy lovingly & kept his ear on her tummy to hear the movements of the babies..expecting the angry kick fm the babies but the babies were so calm.

Geet’s eyes welled up that he was hiding his guilt that becoz of me that i’ll be angry on him.Geet’s heart cried seeing his pain and tears poured down fm those almond eyes and he felt that and hugged her tummy tightly.

Precap-Ahem Ahem….

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Sun dawned on the windows of the Noida farm house and it reflected on the couples who were cuddled inside each other’s embrace and and was sleeping peacefully.The sun’s rays reflected on Maan’s face and he frowned in his sleep.His hand which were on Geet’s bare waist tried to move to shield the rays but couldn’t becoz it was held tightly by Geet who was still in deep sleep.Maan opened his eyes slowly where he got the blurred vision and he blinked once again & the surrounding came into focus.Maan turned and saw the most adorable scene…he saw Geet who was frowning in her sleep trying to shield the sun’s rays.

Maan kept his palm to the sun’s rays and she cuddled up and buried her face inside his rock bare chest.When her soft swollen lips brushed his chest then his skin burned with desires.Maan was wondering how much he’s affected becoz of her innocent simple touch.Maan saw her glowing face which had the most beautiful smile.She was smiling in her sleep & it had contentment.He observed her serene face and saw her vermilion was spread away all over her forehead and her lips were swollen due to continous sucking.

Maan observed that his biting of her lips were becoming dry and the dry skin was about to form on the wound.Maan took his palm and wiped the smeared vermilion on her forehead and licked her lips softly making her soothe the pain.Maan was a bit guilty giving pain to her and Geet stirred in her sleep feeling his tongue on her lips.Geet opened her almond eyes slowly moving her fingers on his bare chest for which he groaned softly.Geet saw Maan when he groaned and blinked innocently.

Geet saw Maan’s adorable face and smiled cutely and said softly,”Gud morning Maan…aao kab uthe?????”Maan gave a lovely stare and smile and said,”Jab tum araam se mere upar so rahi thi na tab mein uth gaya…..!!!!”Geet blushed furiously hearing his set of words.Geet try to get up but Maan pulled her back and asked,”Mishty…tum theek ho…mein kuch zyaada hi kal raat aggressive tha na….!!!!”But Geet closed his mouth fm her palm and said,”Nahin Maan mein theek hoon…bas yahan thodi si dard hai…..!!!!”She showed her finger towards her womanhood.Maan rubbed his finger on it sensually controlling himself.

But he was tempting Geet rubbing it slowly that she moaned his name loudly.Maan was alarmed & asked worriedly,”Jaan..kya huva???”Geet shied furiously and said cutely,”Woh aap aisa karne se mujhe bahut hi hulchul hoti hai…i feel like am burning myself…pls aisa mat keejiye…..!!!!!”Maan admired her that she won’t keep anything secret and she was always open to him.Maan saw her pouting cutely seeing him admiring her that he had the urge to eat her alive now only.Maan took her pouting lips immediately and gave a soul searing kiss.

Geet was shocked seeing his gesture but she lost in his kiss and responded immediately.They broke apart to grab some air and Maan got a phone.Geet was abt to get up but Maan pulled her once again while she pouted cutely.Maan answered sternly,”Hello….!!!!”The phone was fm his mother Nikhila who asked worriedly,”Maan..aap theek toh haina..aap kahan hai kal raat se hum aapke aur Geet ke cell phone try kar rahe hai..aap mil hi nahi rahe…..kaise hai aap..kahin baarish mein bheega toh nahin aapne..aur Geet kaisi hai…mein unse baat karna chaahthi hoon phone deejiye aap unhe…..!!!!!”

Maan was wiping his sweat hearing his mother’s fast chatter box and asked,”Maa..aapko kabse Geet ki bolne ki bimaari lag gayi…..!!!!”Geet made the big brown eyes and punched his chest from her soft fist which made Maan stare at her lovingly.Geet blushed once again seeing his lovely stare while Maan continued,”Maa..hum dono theek hai aur aap pls humaare liya kapde yahan bhej sakthi hai…Geet ko nayi kapde chaahiye kyunki hum dono kal raat baarish mein bheeg gaye aur abhi hum woh geeli kapdo mein nahin aa sakthe…aur haan mein geet ko phone de raha hoon..baat keejiye……!!!!”

Maan gave Get phone and Geet said,”Hello maa..hum dono theek hai aur yahi so gaye the yahan farm house mein baarish ke wajaise…aur haan aap chinta mat keejiye……!!!!”Nikhila asked,”Geet..Maan ne aapko zyaada pareshan toh nahin kiya…!!!!”Geet blushed once again but said firmly,”Nahin maa..woh aisa kuch bhi nahin kiya…!!!!!”Nikhila smiled and said,”Theek hai beta..hum kapde bhej rahe hai driver ke saath aap log usse pehen kar aayiyega…meine luggage tayyar karvaa diya hai..breakfast karke bahut jald aapko HM bhi jaana hai..aage ki rasam ke liye……!!!!”Geet was shocked that she hv to leave Maan for one week and she said in hurt tone,”Jee maa…!!!!!”And she cut the call.

Man saw her becoming thoughtful and turned her face towards her and saw that her eyes were welled up and poured down from those almond eyes.Maan asked with shock,”Tum ro kyun rahi ho???”Geet said cutely amking cry face,”Mujhe aaj se ek hafte tak door rehne hai aapse…!!!!”And she hugged him tightly and said,”Mujhe aapko chodne ka man hi nahin kar raha hai…..!!!!”Maan was also breaking down that he hd to be far away fm her for one week but he made a straight face and said,”Geet..isme dukhi hone waali baat toh hai hi nahin…tumhaara jab bhi man kare mujhe dekhne chale aana in ek hafthe mein aur uske baad hum dono toh saath saath mein humesha band jaayenge…..!!!!”

Geet made the cute complaining face but she nodded cutely giving cute broad smile when he said that she can see him whenever u want.Geet said giving hand to him,”Toh theek hai deal..aap mujhe jab chaahe dekh sakthe hai..aur mein aapko jab chaahe dekh sakthi hoon…..theek hai???”Maan gave his hand and both shake and Geet gave cute dimple smile for Maan was fida.Maan pulled her and gave another soul searing kiss and Geet responded him back stroking his dense hairs.

Maan’s hands moved on her bare back making her goosebumps and she moaned his name between those kisses.Maan hovered on her and kissed her neck and bit it moaning her.Then he licked her love bite to soothe her pain.Geet’s chest was heaving unevenly as he was creating havoc inside her.Maan kissed her eyes,cheeks,bit her nose and took her lips immediately.Geet winced in pain but she was muted by his kiss.Maan kissed her curves and bit it marking his possession and she dug her nails in pleasure moaning his name.Then he kissed and bit her waist kneading her curves and crushed his body on her soft petite body.

Geet moaned and she widened her legs to enter then Maan got another phone and he stopped right there and went to answer it.Geet breathed with relief & got up to go to washroom wrapped in the blanket but she couldn’t stand becoz her legs were wobbly due to continous rubbing and she was abt to fall but Maan caught her immediately and lifted her in his arms and took her inside the bathroom.

Precap-Guess urself guys….

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Love is a musical note….

Love is a dancing step….

Love is a feeling in ur heart….

Love is the boon for a man to stay like a man….

Love is god and the feeling is the worship to god….

Love is the desire inside a man which can turn him to man or animal…

Love is also a part lust for a man….

Love is pure which recognises the bonding of the heart….

Love is a song which has the musical voice inside every soul of a man….

Love is trust…

Love is desire….

Love is the thing which is present inside the every man as a sanity of the man…..

Overall totally Love is everything to man who trusts the love………

I thought love isn’t in my dictionary till now becoz my heart was stolen by a most beautiful girl in this whole world.Heart only recognises the bonding..it only recognises the touch..that touch which had the eternal glory…which makes me so calm and peace and contentment that i can’t hv any means of anger or sadness in my heart.But fate changed my destiny..i was once the most handsome,most prankster and most jovial person but this heart lost its color….its passion…its power ot love other girl when i lost her.

A girl came to the man…that girl had black round eyes,long white nose,red tinged lips and she was looking so sexy…her  name was Sameera….Sameera Singhania…who was my classmate..who loved me beyond her life but still my heart is not ready to accept her love…becoz am a ruthless man..am a killer..killer of my beloved…i’ve no right to love others..no right like others….Sam said to the man,”Maan…ek baar mere paas aavo..shaayad tum kuch mehsoos kar sakthe ho mere liye….!!!!!!!!”The man was Maan…the great Maan Singh Khurana..who hd the power to rule this whole world..who hd the power to control anything with one eye smirk….who hd the power to destroy anything in this whole world with his one angry glare…saw Sameera with fear….Sam smiled at him and she started opening her sexy dress in front of him.Sam took off her red top in which she was luking ever more sexy……Maan saw her intently to try and control his anger…when she removed her bottom the denim blue jeans and stood in front of him in her inners then Maan’s eyes changed…Sam observed this and smiled having victory at last……

Sam took off her inners immediately and stood in front of him naked..and his eyes changed to desires…and he was abt to pull her inside his hard frame but he felt he’s becoming restless…a small girl’s eyes came into his mind vision….those eyes were hazel brown eyes…long white nose..baby pink lips…she was luking beautiful..she was an angel…Maan stopped right there and saw the Sam who stood in front of him completely naked.Maan threw her dress and said angrily,”Wear this..and don’t u dare come near me….am not worth of u….!!!!!”And he turned that side immediately calming his rage which was developed becoz of the guilt which was forming inside him becoz of that little girl.Sam was disappointed and thot,”No one can tempt him..but am happy that girl is giving him peace whenever he remembers her…or else today’s my movement would make him angry young man of this whole world……!!!!”

Sam said,”Am sorry Maan..meine tumhe tempt karne ke liye yeh sab nahin kiya..mein sirf apna pyaar tumhe dikhaana chaahthi thi…lekin am sure tumhe mujhse bhi zyaada pyaar karne waali zaroor aayegi……!!!!!”Maan said with sadness,”Nahin aayegi..kyunki woh waapas aane waali jagah se baahar chali gayi hai…..!!!!!”Sam said,”Maan…jab tumhaara dil tumhe jawaab degi jab woh ladki saamne aayegi tab…meri ek baat yaad rakhna ki wohi tumhaare liye sahi hai..aur us waqt sirf apne dil ki sochna..dimaag ki nahin…..all the best Maan..India jaa rahe ho…mein duva karthi hoon ki tumhe woh ladki mile..ye tumhe ussi tarah ki ladki mile jisse tum chaahthe ho…..!!!!!”Maan smiled and saw she hd wore her dress and turned and said,”Thanks Sam…..!!!!!”And he went from her quarters silently so that no one doubt on her.


The plane landed and Maan boarded down fm the plane and sat in the car and driver drove towards KM.He was thinking abt Sameera’s words only and thot,”Mein kaise doosre ladki ko pasand kar saktha hoon..mujhe koi haq nahin hai usse pasand karne ki kyunki..mein woh haq kho chuka hoon…Mein apne gudiya ke alaava..kisiko pasand nahin karsaktha…ksiko bhi nahin…..!!!!!”Driver entered inside the KM and Maan was now conscious expecting his father & mother & his dadimaa.Everyone stood near the doorway while Maan went and was abt to enter then his mother Damini said,”Beta…wahi ruk jao….!!!!!!”Maan was apprehensive & said,”Maa..kyun?????”Damini said,”Arrey ek minute beta…Geet aarti ki thaali tayaar haina bete…!!!!!!!”Geet answered fm inside,”Jee choti maa..abhi aati hoon…..!!!!!!”Maan said frwoning,”Maa…in sabki koi zaroorat nahin thi…….!!!!!!!”Damini said excitedly,”Zaroorat hai beta..kyunki ab humaara beta..videsh mein padke aaya hai aur humaara KC sambhaalega..toh khushi ki baat toh haina beta…..!!!!!”

Damini said,”Geet..jaldi aana beta…..!!!!”Geet said,”Jee choti maa…!!!!!!!”And she came holding the thali with lit lamp.Maan saw the girl who was coming towards him holding the thali.Maan was shocked to see the beauty which was coming towards her slowly.She had hazel brown eyes which had the world’s innocence,long white nose,baby pink lips and perfect stature.She was luking like an angel and first time Maan felt his heart is throbbing seeing the angel.Damini said,”Geet beta..aana jaldi….!!!!!”Maan thought,”Oh her name is Geet…..!!!!”But unknowingly his heart and mind was so happy as if he has got the most precious possession.His heart felt peace when he heard her name.Unknowingly he felt a possessive towards her that he has the right to call her name.Maan was totally annoyed seeing Geet that for a second she had spread over his heart and was trying to make her his.

Geet didn aarti to him and took the red kumkum and put the tilak on his forehead.Now Geet had observed him.He was the most handsome man with chocolate brown eyes,long white nose,exact M shaped pink lips and stubble.Geet gulped down seeing his six pack abs and tight fitting of his shirt which exposed his hard chest as he didn’t buttoned his first two buttons.Maan observed and smirked as every girl would went gaga seeing his handsomeness.Geet thought while doing aarti that y she’s so attracted towards her so much.Maan saw her inner turmoil in her eyes which was windows of her soul and first time he was feeling happy that he’s attracted towards her,Maan was thinking between these thots that her finger pressed to his forehead to put the tilak then he felt a current run down his spine.Geet also thot so too and she took her hand back immediately feeling a current run down her spine.

Maan was came inside after the aarti and he settled in his room as it was decorated as his taste.Maan thot seeing the full moon as it glared brightly giving him a pain inside his heart.Maan didn’t knew the reason of this pain which was coursing inside his heart.First time he felt something to some girl becoz he hadn’t touched Sameera also when she stood naked in front of him.but he was so excited to think the erotic thots abt this girl Geet.Geet was also in that turmoil only and she cursed her babaji for giving this sensation inisde her.She hadn’t right to think abt other man as she hadn’t any right.Maan also thot too like her as he had not hv any right but their hearts didn’t listen to their minds.


As today i decided to go to the office but was stopped by Damini and Gaurav,Maan’s parents who talked abt his marraige.Maan said angrily,”Please…dad..mujhe koi haq nahin hai ki mein kiss aur ladki par aankh uthaakar dekh sakoon..mujhe koi haq nahin hai..mera haq toh sirf meri gudiya ka hai..aur kissiko nahin……!!!!!”And he went from there but was stopped by an cute laughter.Maan went and saw that Geet was playing with a small puppy which had taken birth now only.Geet was stroking it cutely and was smiling cutely.Maan felt peace seeing her smile and a smile curved on his M shaped lips.Dadimaa saw this and was amazed to see him smiling and saw the reason and was shocked to see it was Geet.Dadimaa saw this and a smile crept on her lips too.Maan saw the cute smile on Geet’s face till his fill but Geet was a bit conscious seeing that Maan was observing her and ran inside the out house feeling shy.

Shy….Geet thot..y am shying seeing him..i never felt like this before seeing any man…his piercing gaze was killing me…burning me…y what is this sensation….i don’t know but he was exactly trying to distract me.Geet thot and prayed to babaji to not give these feelings to her which has no right to her.Maan sat there in the office thinking abt Geet only he couldn’t control his feelings now when ever she was in front of him.This was the first time he was distracted fm his work.Those chocolate brown eyes were lost in her beauty..lost in her laughter…lost in her eyes which were windows of her soul.

Days passed and Maan was getting used to her presence he always search her presence and when he saw her reading a book he would check out secretly observing from the pillars.Maan had now came near to her by giving tuition to her abt her course when he was in free time.Geet was slowly attracted towards him as her heart was overpowering her mind.Geet’s mind would row with her heart and in the end she would admire him silently & secretly.Maan thot,”Now i can’t control myself as am getting attracted towards her..!!!”And he remembered Sam’s words that he won’t know when he falls in love to the girl which he loves truly.


This was the one part of the truth but other part which Maan’s parents were worried was that abt gudiya which he had loved so much.When Maan was in childhood state then he was diseased with strange one for the astrolger told that if her was married to a strong horoscoped girl then he will be safe or else he would die at some months.On that time only gudiya came as Maan’s saviour and Rano had married her gudiya to Maan becoz of the money.Rano was collecting money for gudiya’s well being but this was seen by her brother who was greedy of money.After gudiya’s marraige,Maan was perfectly alright & gudiya has become his beloved.He was feeling possessive when it came the time of their departure for their destiny.This was when they got the news that gudiya had died in an accident which was built up lies fm Rano’s brother.

Rano’s brother took so much money fm Khuranas and went to his sister and told that her daamaad had died which made her to give back the money which was given by Khuranas for the marraige.Both were separated by Rano’s brother on that time which made Maan sad as she gave her life to me saving me.That’s y Maan always told that he’s the right of gudiya only.This past was remembered by Maan’s parents Gaurav & Damini who was sad for losing their daughter-in-law.Maan always refused to marry when they tried to keep the subject becoz of this reason but today seeing Geet he was breaking all his walls.He broke his first promise which he had given himself keeping the witness as his gudiya that he won’t see any other girl except her.


Today me & Geet were abt to be married and Geet was so happy accepting him moving fm the past.But Geet still had some reminents of past.Geet had the past too just like Maan and the past is that she was the gudiya of Maan.That Maan who had loved her beyond his life.Today Maan was luking handsome in his black & red combination sherwani & Geet was luking like an angel in her red lehenge matching Maan’s sherwani.Maan was dumbstruck seeing her beauty which was swelling when she wore those traditional jewels.Maan gave a piercing gaze to Geet for which she blushed furiously.Her friends were teasing her so much seeing that the handsome & most eligible bachelor of the whole country had fell for her.

It was a very happy day for Maan when he was in cloud nine as he was marrying his beloved…it was the feeling to his heart becoz heart always recognises the beloved ones.Geet sat beside Maan and Maan whispered in her ear,”Tum bahut khoobsurat dikh rahe ho…i feel like eating u alive now only…..!!!!!”Geet blushed furiously hearing his set of words which he has chosen for her.Maan smiled at her red cheeks which was blushing becoz of his teasing.Maan’s parents did the kanyaadaan as she was orphan and both stood for phera after kanyaadaan.When Maan was abt to tie mangalsutra around her neck Geet’s fear towered and saw the manglasutra coming towards her.Immediately guilt formed inisde her and thot that she’s ruining Maan’s life and she backed off.

Maan was baffled seeing Geet’s sudden movement but Geet pushed his hands and said standing shocked,”No….!!!!!!”And she ran inside her room.Maan went inside her room as everyone came there and Maan banged open the door.Man was shocked seeing the mess which Geet did.Geet had messed her hairs and pulled the flowers which she put and to her hairs.She had pulled her jewels lose and was crying hugging her trunk hoarsely.Maan said worriedly,”Geet……!!!!!”Geet said immediately,”Aage mat badhiye Maan..mein aapke laayak nahin hoon…!!!!!!!”Maan said angrily,”Kisine kaha tumse aisa???”Geet said crying,”Kyunki mein vidhwa hoon…mujhe koi haq nahin hai aapse shaadi karne ki…..!!!!!”

Maan was shocked and asked,”Tum abhi abhi athhara saal ki ho..tum kaise shaadi kar sakthi ho…..!!!!”Geet said crying,”Kyunki meri shaadi bachpan mein hi huyi thi…isse…..!!!!!”And she showed the photo of a boy.Maan took it and saw the photo then  he was shocked that it was his photo.Maan couldn’t believe it that Geet is his gudiya.Daamini & Gaurav saw this and was shocked to see Maan’s childhood photo.Geet said,”Mein unse apne zindagi se bhi zyaada pyaar karthi hoon aur mein baal vidhwa bhi hoon..mein aapse shaadi nahin karsakthi…..mein har baar yeh aapse kehneki koshish ki lekin himmat juta nahin paayi….mujhe maaf kardeejiye…..!!!!!”Maan saw her pleas but his fav name escaped fm his M shaped lips,”Gudiya….!!!!”

Geet was shocked,”Yahi mera asli naam hai..lekin aapko kaise pata…!!!!!!”Daamini said feeling calm,”Kyunki Maan hi tumhaara pati hai Geet…aur tum vidhwa nahin ho…!!!!!!”Geet was shocked and saw towards Maan who nodded silently.His happiness was in no bounds that he has become dumb now.Geet’s cried face split up into the wide smile.But Daamini asked,”Lekin Geet..tumhaara maama ne toh humein bataadiya tha ki aap dono mar chuke ho accident mein….lekin tum zinda kaise…!!!”Geet said immediately,”Issi jhoot ke sahaare humein bhi dhoka diya mere Maama ne…aur uske baad hum Amritsar chake gaye aur wahan meri maa ki maut ho gayi jab mein 16 baras ki thi..tabhi aap mile mujhe wahan..shaayad mere babaji har baar yahi ishaara karte the ki jab bhi mein apni maa ko mehsoos kar rahi thi tab aap mujhe sambhaal rahi thi…..!!!!!”

Daamini was so happy when she said maa to her.Daamini hugged her and kissed her forehead lovingly and said,”Ab toh chalogi na mandap..muhoorat ka samay jaa rahi hai….!!!”Geet nodded and got ready once again and sat with Maan who was observing her eyes only.Geet was blushing seeing his piercing gaze which would never leave her only.Maan sat beside Geet and put the mangalsutra around her neck and put the sindhoor on her forehead partition.Geet felt when he put the sindhoor to her forehead partition and they both became man & wife now.Geet was so happy that she had reached her destiny and had changed her decision and Maan’s also.The marraige was complete and they took the blessings from Dadimaa,Gaurav & Daamini who blessed them whole heartedly.



Geet was made enter Maan’s room where she had decorated for him when he first time came to home after his studies.Geet was happy that she was the wife of the man whom she loved from all her life.Her day would dawn with his name and would end with his name and Maan’s was also like her condition.Today it was auspicious day for them and it was the special day where they start a new and fresh life.Maan entered his room and closed the door and Geet was conscious as she observed Maan fm her corner of her eye.Geet clentched her fist with nervousness while Maan saw her standing far away.Geet waited that he’ll comes but he was checking her from every inch that he was mesmerised with her beauty.Geet said after few seconds,”Aap wahi kahde rahenge ya phir yahaan aayegge?????”Maan chuckled seeing her frustration and sat beside her and saw her eyes which was her windows of her soul.

Geet blushed furiously seeing his penetrating gaze and he kept his palm on her right cheek and stroked it slowly.Geet felt that she was floating in heaven feeling his touch.His hand went towards her jewels and slowly he started removing her jewels.He removed all her jewels like long chain,necklace,bangles,anklets leaving only one jewel which was priceless and that was her manglasutra which flashed when it was exposed to the light.Then Maan opened her silky hair and inhaled its fragrance which drived him crazy.Geet was breathing heavily feeling his touch and her chest heaved unevenly.Maan said seeing her eyes directly,”Gudiya….I love u…..!!!!”And that was it that Geet was fida and she hugged him smiling tightly.

Maan smiled and huged her tightly and started opening her dori and hooka of her blouse.Geet blushed and was abt to go but Maan pulled her and took her lips immediately.This was their first kiss and he nibbled her lips sucking its honey sweet juice & pulled her inisde his hard frame.Geet parted her lips and he entered to taste her honey sweet juice.Maan plundered the treasure of her mouth while his hands was busy loosening her dress.Maan’s pleasure towered and he ripped off her top and bottom and made her lie down in her inners.Maan hovered on her and squeezed her waist for which Geet moaned.He took her lips and kissed it passionately and broke apart to grab some air.He came to her neck and bit it and sucked and licked the love bite to soothe the pain while she moaned his name once again.

His hands roamed over her upper body while Geet moaned and turned and she showed her back to him.Maan came and kissed her back..he explored every inch of her back and he moaned and sweat started to come as the heat was produced inside their body.Maan bit her back making her moan and marking his possession while Geet clentched her fist holding the sheet.Maan made her turn once again and took her lips and her hands roamed and she groaned feeling his barriers.Maan took off her barriers and joined her naked and ripped off her inners immediately.Geet gasped with his sudden movement but he took her lips once again and tasted every bit of her mouth.Then they broke apart and slept beside her making her sit on his stomach.Geet hesitated but she bent down seeing his greek god like body and kissed his muscles.When he felt her warm soft lips then his skin burned with desires that he squeezed her curves with pleasure.

Geet moaned feeling his hands on her curves but she kissed his taut muscles and bit it making him groan with pleasure.Maan’s pleasure towered and he made her lie under him and entered inside her without any warning.Geet gasped feeling the pain while he kneaded her curved making her soothe the pain.Geet felt pain but it was overpowered by pleasure that she moaned loudly.Maan rocked backwards & forwards thrusting inside her and pounded on her and thrusted till she moaned loudly.Both collapsed each other besides them and cuddles up to deep slumber.But Maan couldn’t tolerate his devil and he made Geet to get up and did another round of love making and Maan thrusted inside hers till she feels sour and they hit climax once again.After so many round of love making Geet fell on Maan’s chest exhausted and dozed off immediately.Maan kissed her forehead and smiled seeing her contentment in her face and he too dozed off inside her embrace and waiting for their another good sun’s dawn which is gonna dawn in their life now further.

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Geet sat near the dead body of Dev without spilling her tears and completely blank.Geet’s gud memories with Dev came into her mind vision for which she sat there completely blank.Her eyes didn’t showed any kind of pain or sadness,she had the completely blank expression.Everyone were crying including Dev’s parents.Dev’s father Ranjeet was seeing his daughter-in-law worriedly.Geet saw the dead body still with blank expression.She had lost everything in her life.She had lost her most precious possession..her husband Dev Rathod for whom she loved beyond her life.Ganga Dev’s mother was crying out loudly not swallowing the truth that she has lost her one & only son Dev.Ranjeet said to Geet,”Beta…rodo aise dard ko ander mat rakho…rodo beta….!!!!”But Geet didn’t say anything her movement was making them worriedly.She hadn’t spilled a single tear from her eyes for Dev’s departure.

She didn’t even know what she was doing she sat there completely blank.Rano came and said still crying,”Geet….tu kya kar rahi hai….yeh dekho..yeh tumhaara pati hai jo tumhe chodkar chala gaya hai..tum uske liye ek aasoon bhi nahin baha sakthi…..Geet…mujhse baat karo Geet…dekho Dev tujhe chodkar chala gaya hai….ek baar dekho Dev ki taraf Geet….woh tumhaare in aasuvon ka intezar kar raha hai….Geet sagme se baahar aavo..aur asliyat dekho…….!!!!!”But Geet still didn’t budge & sat there completely blank.Rano banged her head feeling defeated.Everyone tried Geet to make her cry but Geet sat there completely blank.Ganga tried to make her remember the old times with Dev & her family with Geet but Geet sat there completely.She didn’t cry to their please also she sat there completely blank.

Everyone felt defeated making her cry for Dev but after sometimes Geet said,”Woh aayenge….papaji unhone mujhse waada kiya tha ki woh aayenge…aur aap log…yeh galath aadmi ko yahan laaye hai….Dev aise nahin the…woh aayange…..mujhe yakeen hai…woh zaroor aayenge…..mein unka intezaar kar rahi hoon….!!!!!”She showed towards Dev’s dead body and said,”Yeh mere Dev nahin hai…yeh mere Dev nahin hai..aap sab log jhoot bol rahe hai…..yeh mere Dev nahin hai..agar hote toh ye mujhe apne godi mein uthaate…woh aisa kyun nahin kar rahe hai…..woh bolthe the ki woh humesha apne palko mein bithaakar rakhenge..kabhi mujhe zameen par nahin chodenge…..dekhiye..mein abhi zameen par khadi hoon..woh kyun nahin aa rahe hai…mujhe uthaane ke liye….nahin…yeh mere Dev nahin hai……!!!!!”

Rano said trying to convince her,”Geet..yahi tumhaara Dev hai…uske liye ek boond toh aasoon giraavo…yeh ab tumhaare saath nahin rahenge…ek boond toh aasoon giraavo…..!!!!”Geet said stil with blank expression,”Nahin maa….aap ko galath faime huyi hai..mere pati nahin hai…mere pati toh..aayenge…..yeh koi behroopiyaan hai jo merepati ke shakal lagaakar mar gaya hai….mere pati aayenge..mere Dev aayenge…woh itni asaani se mujhe chodkar nahin jaa sakthe…..abhi toh humaari shaadi huyi hai…aur humein do bachche bhi honi hai….woh mujhe itni asaani se nahin chod kar jaa sakthe….nahin……!!!!”And she ran inside her room and closed her door immediately and sat there talking to herself convincing herself that Dev hasn’t dead yet..and he’ll come but what can be done in front of the fate.

Gradually Geet came to know that Dev isn’t gonna come to meet her and she’s widow then a big turmoil started inside her that can she marry someone when her husband is alive inside her.Her every cell called the name Dev for her but Dev’s father didn’t wanted Geet to remain as widow becoz what the society sees a widow which he can’t imagine his daughter-in-law like that.Ranjeet suggested Handas to re-marry Geet.Becoz she has become widow in a very young age.But Geet still not forgotten Dev and she refused to her another marraige as she still under the impression that Dev comes to her at any cost.Handas were worried to see Geet like this..her health was not good.Geet had stopped to eat properly and whenever the family members insisted her for another marriage then she would behave with them badly.


Here Khurana Mansion,a man is exersicing in his gym and practising the tai-chi skills.

He was the most handsome in this whole world.He had chocolate brown eyes,long white nose,exact M shaped pink lips and stubble.He had 6 packs abs and taut muscles and his muscles were contracting and dilating as he was exercising in the gym.His name was Maan Singh Khurana the most eligible bachelor,wanted man of the all class of women.He was psychiartist and he was lost in though as he was doing his exercise but was mind was calculating something.He wanted to cure a patient having split personality and it was none other than his best friend’s beloved Pinky.Pinky was chirpy and bubbly girl but she was diseased of this split personailty becoz of his husband.His husband always came to home in drunken state and would beat Geet often.Adi who saw Pinky had got liking with first sight and he didn’t know when his liking turned to the love.But on that time Pinky was engaged with other boy.

Pinky was admitted to hospital and Maan detected that she was suffering from split personality seeing her expression which went on when he came to meet her.Pinky had shown the sinister rage which Maan didn’t expected when she came to know that he’s psychiartist.Maan remembered Pinky’s rage closing his eyes while Adi introduced him to her.Pinky said taking the knife and attacking Maan & held his collar,”Tum..mujhe chudvaaoge…jaanthe ho ki mein akun hoon..mein sharaara hoon..aur mein apne us aadam khor Pinky ke pati ko maarna chaahthi hoon…aur tum kuch bhi nahin karpaavoge……!!!”Maan had acted immediately and asked Pinky urf Sharaara that who’s she????”For Pinky was shocked that y he’s asking her that question.Now she wanted to be cured by him or else she’ll kill someone for which she’ll be the victim.The rage which man always resisted becoz of the crime always commited can’t be weared off so easily and Pinky wasn’t in her state.So Maan was successful by warning Pinky that something was wrong inside her but now it has to be cured easily.

Maan made up his mind and kept a determined face to cure Pinky’s disease.He dialled to Adi and said,”Adi..meri baat dhyaan se suno…!!!”And he told everything to him.Maan went to Pinky’s husband and requested him but when he didn’t give approve then he threatened giving his true name for the whole world was scared of him.Pinky’s husband was made come to the home where Pinky’s sees him and tries to attacks him.Pinky was made to sit in the cage and made promise the Sharaara that she’ll leave Pinky forever when she kills her husband.Pinky’s husband was made to be tied to the wall and Pinky was given a knife to kill him.Pinky was abt to kill him then Maan rotated a lever and a doll of Pinky’s husband came in front of her and she killed him with so much rage.She showed all her frustration & anger on the doll.Then her rage went to its cool form and she fainted and Pinky’s husband who saw this was so much guilty for giving so much pain to her.He decided to look after Pinky now dutifully but after Pinky was cured she didn’t recognise him.

Maan gave the statement that this can happen as she was giving so much strain to her brain that she forgotten her husband.Pinky’s husband saw this and was disappointed and left her to herself giving divorce to her.Pinky had only two memories and that was only Adi and Maan.Pinky said to Maan that she has been cured and she loves Adi.Adi was happy to to accept Pinky like this and they both were married in register office.Adi kept a reception for his office staff,and friends and Pinky called her best friends and sent an invitation card to Geet’s house also.

Precap-Maaneet meeting in Pinky’s reception and Maan liking Geet very much.

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