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Desires how very beautiful word from dictionary….desires always makes man weak from every possible way…desires gives dawn to d new man which have d bad behaviour….these desires makes d man uncontrollable….when these desires towers inside d man’s mind then he wont sleep peacefully till he satisfies his desires….desires have many types….some has d desires to control d whole world..some has desires to control their mental stability..some has d desires to achieve something..then some has d desires to reach d goal completely….physically,mentally,biologically,man is surrounded by desires….man can be alive if he wont have any desires though it can be positive desires or negative desires or we cant say dat person as man..but a stone…..

These desires dawns in each human which can be shown d right pathway by d family..friends or even this society..then only man can become man and can stopped by becoming an animal.But for me…i dont hv any family…i was d silent spectator of d violence which was done by my father Nishanth Singh Khurana for my mother Sahana Singh Khurana….my mother who was d calm person just like her name Sahana…was d epitome of beauty…she was d epitome of beauty and perfect wife for my father but for my father….she was d use nd throw thing….when he want to fulfill his desires then he would come to her and fulfill his desires and hurt her and throw her to d corner and went fm there leaving my mother in grief..in pain….

I was d silent spectator as i dint understood abt this type of actions but when my mind matured then i came to know dat how my father was cruel to my mother.My father in his dominance hurted my mother so much till she was sold to his friends in  gambling.My father in his ego..dominance he sold my mother in d gambling in order to get rid of her fm his life becoz of another woman.Pammi Singhania d love interest of my father who had left him due dat he’s poor and not able to fulfill her pocket money dat she had played with his heart and went fm his life then only my mother Sahana came into his life.

My mother gave my father everything….money…status…name….and property and herself but he wasnt satisfied with d way of d life…he wanted to go back to his love interest….he wanted to lead d life with d woman whom he loved truly.or is it d mere attraction…..my mother also loved my father truly…but what she got in return….just only pain fm my father….is it d result we get for d person whom love them unconditionally…..is it d result which we hv to face when we love and concern for d man unconditionally….

Life is so complicated and d relationships r too complicated….but this life is full of sorrow….and happiness…..cruel and pity….cheat and trust…just we have to choose it rightfully..becoz life give every oppurtunity to man to overcome it…today also i remember my mother crying and dragged by those thugs and i cant do anything on that time as myself was oblivious to these facts but one thing i felt when they dragged and dat was d departure fm my mother..which was so painful….and dat was d last i saw my mother…and dat was last i saw my father too…as next morning when he went to his love interest…he was cheated…..he was cheated by his beloved….he thot her as his life and left his life partner..dint even saved her fm those thugs whom he had promised to take care during d wedding but was cheated when he saw his beloved marrying a rich guy for money..where he was thrown out fm d place when he got to know d real truth.

This is d life which gives everything and it also snatches away everything in single second.My father repented his sins for he committed on my mother but till today i dont know where my mother is but till now becoz of this mentality dat my father confined himself inside d four walls of d house.Then only my grandmother came to me and took d charge of KC and KM and i was left in d care of my grandmother.My grandmother also taught me everything but i was once again cheated by woman but also blessed by a girl who loved me unconditionally and she was Geet Singhania.But i dint recognise her love till d end..till she was in deathbed..till she was nearing her death….and i was d one who was ignorant to her love..oblivious to her love becoz of d cheat with made me stone heart….but ……

…….Geet made my stone heart melt and mould it to love her…her cute antics….her lovely adorable face….her pouting lips….it was blissful to see her cute antics but i dint see her in dat way told her dat i wont love her but d desires always made her to have her near her love her….possess her..but i thot this as d lust..which made me think abt her like dat but she never complained to me when i was satisfying my desires with her she only gave in just out of love..she loved me unconditionally..but i crushed her love..made her stone heart and made suicide herself in front of me with my harsh words and behaviour….


After 21 years………..Mumbai

A girl sat there wearing d wedding attire with a glow in her face.She had round black eyes,long white nose,slightly flattened red tinged lips,with long chin.She was looking beautiful and this was Sameera Singhania…Geet’s cousin and Geet’s uncle’s daughter whom i was abt to marry.She was a struggling model and her father had brought alliance to my house and had gave d hand of Sameera to me….i liked d girl too…she was chirpy bubbly and non stop chatter box and she was attracted by my handsomeness seeing my bisceps and well toned chest…which i had maintained it for my health…but she was so much attracted dat she was so forward having S** with me….

I refused it as it was wrong before their marriage..but she was so excited and seducing girl dat i have to slap her for make her to come into senses..and then only she had vowed to not to marry me….but i liked her…may be it was only attraction but when i met Geet who was so soft…chirpy,bubbly and non stop chatter box too…i was mesmerised with her beauty…and my desires tolled over to have her…love her….(Guys dont think it wrongly am only explaining Maan’s mental state..how a man can change seeing anything in front of him if it is d persons or it is d thing….everytime his minds wanders off to see new things and new people and when he sees that then he thinks of grabbing it and having it as their possession)

I was mesmerised with her beauty and felt a magnetic pull towards her..she was innocent and cute dat i cant believe myself dat i was attracted towards her.She was studying d first year of graduation in Architecture and wanted a guide for this subject as it was d toughest subject and i had done masters in dat and was running my KC and have made d company to stand in No.1 position.Geet asked d help fm me and i was glad to give her d help but some magnetic pull i felt towards her..her hazel brown eyes..long white nose..baby pink lush lips….and soft dimple chin..and her perfect statur made him invited to kiss her…love her and devour her..but i had d barrier dat i was d would be brother-in law of her..but still her cuteness made me look so much pully towards her.

Panditji called d bride to come to d mandap but on dat time Sameera got a call to her mobile and d agent who was struggling with her profile in fashion world told her to come to Delhi tonight now to give her first profile details to d fashion designer Manish Malhotra who had came to d city for some work.Sameera was excited to hear d news and in haste made Geet to sit on d mandap forcefully in full ghoongat and ran to give her first interview to Delhi.Geet refused abt this but Sameera made her to sit on d mandap forcefully and ran.No one knew abt this arrangement except Geet who sat beside Maan in ghoongat and was crying inside d ghoongat becoz all d rituals went on..Maan wore mangalsutra to Geet and put over d sindhoor to her fm d ghoongat Maan dint see d person for a single second too and Geet sat there crying at their marraige was complete.

When Maan opened d ghoongat then he got d shock of his life as it wasnt Sameera but Geet who was crying silently in front of him.Somewhere in his corner of his heart he was feeling rejoiced but major part was he was cheated and Maan was angry on Sameera’s parents who cheated him and his family.Dadimaa was shocked and she brutally had a row with Singhania family and went fm there taking Geet with her as she some where accepted Geet as her daughter-in-law.But Maan never accepted Geet but he was always attracted towards her and he also disowned her and dint gave his name to her also.

Precap-Maaneet’s first kiss…..


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Here Pammi was wondering why Maan has changed entirely,firstly he was ignorant and what happened around him he was just like blind and secondly he never was womanizer and more over he never spoke rudely to d women though they irritate him.(Guys u r confusing dat Paami is thinking like Maan isnt a womanizer but d truth is he’s nt a womanizer.He was always wanted d healthy relationship not those unhealthy relationships but Pammi is also behind this and u come to know in further updates dat how much Pammi is so cunning  & cruel and true dat Maan is ignorant….ignorant for himself  as not for others he thinks dat he has stone heart and Maan’s this condition also has d reason and d reason is none other than Pammi and dat’s y he became shaitan[devil])

But yesterday’s party behaviour made her left baffled and sat there completely blank as she dont know what to do..then an idea popped on her mind and she snapped her eyes which were closed due to blankness in her mind.Pammi took d mobile and dialled someone and waited to answer and banged d phone immediately and angrily becoz no one answered her call.Pammi cursed,”Yeh chote log….jab unki zaroorat hoti hai toh yeh log humein nahin milte….aur jab inhe humaari zaroorat padti hai tab yeh log mere saamne aake khade ho jaate hai….grrr……!!!!”[These small people…..whenever  i have been needed then they wont answer my call but when they need me then they come and stand in front of me….grrrr…!!!!]

Pammi dialled him and now her call was answered and Pammi shouted at him,”Kaha mar gaye the sab log????”[Where were u been????]The person asked knowing her temper,”Q madamji…aapko humaari zaroorat thi kya????[Y madamji do need me????]Paami said angrily,”Haan..aur mein pichle ek ghanta se tumhe try kar rahi hoon..aur tum phone hi nahin utha rahe the…..Q koi chikni ladki mil thi kya apne havas poori karne ke liye????”[Yeah…and i was trying ur phone fm one hr but u were nt answering…y do any girl was there to satisfy ur desires???]That person stretched his legs and turned this side to reveal he was naked and a girl slept beside him and her white back was revealed when he was turned and he kept his hand on her back and stroked it.The girl moaned and turned and hugged him pressing her soft curves to his rock chest and he took her lips to tight smooch.

After dat passionate kiss he answered lazily,”Kaam kya hai bataayiye madamji….!!!”[What is d work tell me madamji….!!!]Pammi heard d moan and she made disgusting face and said,”I want u to keep an eye on my son Maan Singh Khurana…..!!!”That person nodded yes but his eyes popped open and asked,”Oh madamji..mujhe marvaayega kya????”[Madamji do u want me to be killed???]Aapke bete MSK par nazar rakhna…yamraaj ko nyota dena ek hi baat hai…..!!![Keeping an eye on ur son MSK and give d invitation to yamraj(king of hell)is same…!!!!!]Pammi said immediately,”Dont worry abt that i’ll fix everything for ur entry but i need u to keep an eye on him and inform me everytime…ok..and for that u will get ur wish of money understand????”That person said,”Ok madamji….!!!”

Pammi cut d call and gave a victorious smirk while dadimaa observed this silently and went from there silently.Next morning Geet got up and felt hungry so much so she went to d kitchen to prepare something for her and saw d eggs,mushroom,pasta packet fruits and some of d kitchen accessories but couldnt find anything of her fav dish ingredients.Geet pouted her lips and talked to her babaji,”Hey babaji kaisa sa banda mere naseeb mein likh diya jo sirf apne baare mein sochta rehta hai….yahan koi bhi ingredients nahin hai jo mujhe pasand ho..she twisted her lips once again and walked towards her room then she smelt d freshly prepared aloo paratha with spicy curds.

Geet’s eyes widened with excitement as she was so hungry dat her lips curved into cute smile seeing her fav dishes.She ran to it and opened every vessels lid and saw it with excitement and licking her lips.Geet said opening every vessels lid,”Khaana…sarso ka sag…makhi de roti..aloo paratha….haayee…babaji  jinhone  bhi yeh khaana bheja hai unki saari ichchaye..poori ho jaaye….lekin itna saara khaana kisne banaaya….!!!”She thot for a second but her stomach growled smelling d delicious dishes.Geet said immediately,”chaddo mein khaaleti hoon…..!!!”Geet put some parathas to her plate and kept d bowl of d spicy dahi and took a bite and relished it cutely licking her lips.

A pair of eyes saw d scene with immense love and admiration in those eyes and that were none other than MSK who was observing her cute expressions.Her hazels widened seeing d aloo parathas with excitement her relishing style her licking lips….she was looking adorable in dat expressions.Maan felt to eat her alive as she was looking so cute and her antics were childish.Unknowingly a small smile crept on his M shaped lips and saw relishing her d breakfast now he wanted to tease her as she always refused his every offer and tried to draw her attention towards him.

Maan came and sat on d chair beside her and took d plate and put some paratha and poured d spicy dahi and started eating it relishing it.Geet saw him with shock as she knew dat he likes only continental food.He easily took d paratha bite and chewed it comfortably.Geet dint say anything as she too was busy in eating and she resumed her eating.Within a sec..Maan’s dahi bowl was empty and he saw d vessel to put some of it but wasnt there as Geet had poured d last spoon too.

Maan saw dat some of d spicy dahi was there in Geet’s plate and without her permission he dipped his paratha bite on it and ate it relishing it.Geet saw this with eyes popped up and glared at him as he was eating her jhoota(her left over food)Geet complained to Maan,”Yeh meri plate hai aap isse Q khaa rahe hai????”Maan said cutely relishing another paratha bite,”Geet meri bowl mein dahi khatam ho gaya isi liye tumhaare bowl se khaaya…Q koi problem hai tumhe????”Geet said innocently,”Aap aise kisike jhoota nahin  khaa sakte..yeh galat hai….!!!”Maan saw her almond eyes intently and asked,”Tumhe Q problem ho rahi hai…yeh baat toh mujhe sochna chaahiye tumhe Q farak pad raha hai????”

Geet was hell irritated becoz of his behaviour and was abt to go dat side to hv her breakfast in peace but Maan took another bite and dipped inside her spicy dahi bowl and chewed it relishing as if he was relishing her sweet mouth.Maan gave a lovely naughty grin to her for which she was fida fm inside but composed herself and went fm there and ate her breakfast in her room cursing Maan under her breath.Maan saw her cute antics and a killer smile crept on his M shaped lips and he went to get ready.Geet also got ready and went towards d near bus stop where she stood waiting for d bus while a thug looking so jerk came on d way towards d bus stop.

All d girls werer scared seeing d jerk and stand in one corner while Geet dint see behind her and stood there swinging her back seeing d traces of her bus.That thug saw Geet and his eyes fell on her curved waist which he eyed lustfully and came behind her and grabbed her waist tightly and said,”Tu toh bahut hi khoobsurat hai…..!!!”He turned her towards his face and pressed her soft bosom to his rock chest and was abt to kiss but Geet punched him fm her small fist and screamed,”Chodo mujhe….!!!”But that thug was no way to leave her and she with difficulty pushed him and ran fm there but he was quicker to catch her but in a few seconds Geet heard d squeal of pain and she turned to see d scene with shock.

There stood Maan spitting d fire and saw d thug giving murderous glare where he pulled Geet towards him fm d waist and pinned her to his rough body.For d first time Geet felt she’s safe inside d protective embrace of him and dint flinch or tried to pull herself and tears poured down seeing d torn dress of her.Maan observed this and closed her immediately fm his coat as everyone eyeing her lustfully seeing her milky white skin.Maan’s one glare made them close their eyes tightly and Maan forwarded towards d thug and started beating him black and blue till he was unconscious and he was still beating for touching his Geet.Geet cant see d situation and she called his name with utmost pain for his entire existence shook when he heard it.

Maan saw her almond eyes which had turned to d pain and fear and he left d thug & carried her in his arms with total anger and made her sit inside d car and sat beside her protectively encircling his hands around her waist and saw her torn dress and blood boiled to kill dat thug.Geet dint say anything but her mind has become d big question bank but no answers in that as her mind was asking so many questions and her heart was unable to answer but only one word was coming fm her heart to trust him.Maan was so angry dat he squeezed her soft waist tightly for making d thug touch her while she wont give him permission to touch her for he had d first right.He was so angry and he saw outside still digging his nails on her soft waist for she winced in pain.

Maan was alarmed seeing her pain and saw dat he’s giving pain and said softly,”Am sorry Geet….woh mein…tum mere liye wait nahin kar sakti thi kya hum dono office jaa sakte the saath saath mein….!!!”Geet said firmly,”Aap mere boss hai aur secretary apne boss ke gaadi mein nahin aati bus mein aati hai aur yeh baat aap maane ya na maane yahi sach hai…..!!!”Maan glared at her and said angrily,”Aaj se tum sirf mere saath hi jaayegi aur mere saath hi ghar waapis jaayegi..samjhi tum???”Geet tried to aruge but Maan sealed his lips in to her lips immediately with utmost anger.Geet was shocked becoz of this new gesture where her almond eyes spitted fire once again and he noticed which made his heart enormous satisfaction and he left her lips after kissing passionately once again and licking it one last time.

Geet gave an angry glare fm those almond eyes which made Maan melt away but he composed to show d furious pretence and d driver stopped in front of d mall where Maan went fm there and Geet sat there completely blank.After few minutes Maan came back with a parcel and signalled d driver to go out of d car and said bossily,”Isse pehenlo….hum bahut late ho rahe hai office ke liye….!!!”Geet was blank but opened d box and saw a kundan designed yellow mixed green selwaar kameez and her eyes popped open and saw Maan intently.Maan said immediately,”Pehenlo..hum late ho rahe hai office ke liye….!!!”But Geet asked curiously,”Yeh aapne Q diya mein manage kar leti aaj….!!!Aur waise bhi mujhe nahin chaahiye aapki de huyi cheez…!!!”And she kept d box back on Maan’s hand while Maan glared at her angrily and said angrily but firmly,”Haan dekh raha tha ki apne aapko kaise sambhaalti thi wahan par..aur waise bhi mein nahin chaahtha ki log tumhe in kapdo mein apni gande nazar se dekhe..isliye isse pehenlo nahin toh pehna doonga….!!!”

Geet’s eyes popped up when he said dat he’ll make her wear d dress.Maan saw her expression and teased,”Pehenaavoon…..!!!”Geet nodded and shouted with shock,”No……!!!”Geet snatched d box and waited him to go out of d car but Maan waited her to wear.Geet asked cutely,”Ab baahar toh jaayiyena….!!!”Maan said immediately,”Nahin….Qki mein nahin chaahtha ki mein aur bhi late ho jaavoon so driver…..!!!”Driver turned and Maan instructed him to drive d car and Geet asked cutely,”Mein aap dono aadmi ke saamne kaise dress change karoon..mujhe ajeeb lagta hai….!!”Maan pressed a button immediately and d curtains closed their sitting part closing d driver seat part and she saw dat with shock while Maan said,”Ab change karlo..abi bhi tumhe sirf 20 minute hai office pahunchne mein us samay mein tum nahin pehni toh mein tumhe pehna doonga….!!!”Geet argued too,”Mein aapke saamne change nahin karsakti…..!!!”

Maan glared at her but said,”Theek hai mein apni aankhen band karta hoon change karlo…..!!!”Geet nodded no vigorously and said cutely,”Meri maa kehti hai ek ladki ko nanga sirf uski maa ya uski pati hi dekhne ki permission hai..so am not gonna change it in front of u..u r nt my mother and not even my husband too…..!!!”Maan saw her innocent eyes and started laughing and made Geet glare at him.Then Maan said,”Theek hai samjho ki mein tumhaara pati hoon…and dont worry koi nahin jaanega ki shaadi se pehle meine tumhe nanga dkha tha….and now change ur dress….!!!”But Geet refused and she pouted cutely to babaji for which her pout made her edible for him and he kissed her cheeks softly.For her eyes widened with shock and her eyes dint moved and she was stunned and Maan took this as oppurtunity and made her change d dress immediately.

Then Maan kissed her other cheeks and she came into d  present world and saw her dress has been changed and Maan gave d evil smirk to her.Geet couldnt take it any more and said angrily,”U…..U…changed my dress…what do u want to do next..u wanna rape me….then do dat y r u troubling me….!!!”Maan glared at her angrily and said,”For ur kind information Ms.Geet Handa…ab kuch hi der pehle rape hote hote tum bachi thi us thug se…aur tum keh rahi ho ki mein tumhe rape kar raha hoon…..!!!”Geet spitted fire immediately and said,”Lekin unme aur aap mein koi farak nahin..woh toh apni havas poori karne ke liye mujhe chuvaa tha lekin aap..meine aapke saamne surrender karne ke baavajood bhi aap mujhe apne paas hi rakh rahe hai….kya farak hai aap dono mein…..har baar mujhe aap chot pahuncha rahe hai….mein humesha kehti aayi hoon ki mein aapse pyaar nahin karti..aur aap bhi toh nahin karte phir bhi aap mujhe apne paas rekh rahenge Q…ab samjhi Qki aap mujhe apne rakhel banaana chaahthe hai right…….?????

That’s it she had gone too far and Maan slammed his lips on her petal like ones harshly.He nibbled her lips with urgency and bit her upper lips and Geet was punching her hand on his rock chest which made his devil to provoke and he pressed his lips on her harshly.After sometime Maan struggled to seek entrance inside her mouth and bit her lips harshly and she gasped then his tongue entered and sucked her honey sweet juice which drove im crazy and his han ds moved on her waist and squeezed it harshly and after sometime Geet stopped her struggle and became silent relishing his kiss in which Maan became gentle and she was weak in her knees and Maan’s hands moved on her bare back and opened her top’s dori in swift moment and her eyes popped open when she felt dat and he pushed fm her with total force dat he banged his back to d car door and Geet sat there crying with difficulty.

Geet couldnt believe dat she responded him and sat there crying hoarsely which made him bothered and said painfully,”Geet please Geet..tum mar rovo…..mujeh tumhaari aankhon mein aasoon achcha nahin lagta….pls..am sorry meri galati hai mein aaj se tumhaare paas nahin aavoonga..lekin pls rona mat…..pls i feel pierced here….!!!”Pressing his index finger on his left chest where heart lies and saw her with painful eyes.Geet was so angry dat she was still crying hoarsely when Maan banged his hand to d glass immediately and hurted himself and Geet was shocked to see this side of Maan and her stomach lurched seeing d wound on his hands and said to Geet,”Geet..se i hv hurted myself..ab toh apni aasoon pochdo…..!!!”Geet saw his painful eyes and couldnt believe him dat MSK who is ruthless to whole world hurted himself just to wipe my tears.Geet saw his wound and without knowing her fingers moved on d wind and touched it with utmost care dat Maan felt peace in his mind.

D way she was touching his wound with utmost love and concern which was glanced by Maan which was shown in her almond eyes made him totally fida on her.Geet dint know wat she was doing and she tore her duppatta and tied it to d wound immediately and caressed it with utmost care and asked as tears pored down her almond eyes which were flowing becoz of his wound,”Q kiya yeh sab..kya samjhte hai apne aapko….!!!”This tym Geet was angry on Maan for hurting himself and she forgot what went on previous seconds.Previous sec she was accusing him and now she was showing d love to him seeing d wounded hand and nursing it.Maan’s heart rejoiced when her hand was on his hand which was making him current run down his spine.He felt a warmth fill inside him despite d cold body and he felt a strange peace come inside his body and his face turned into d content smile.and he gave a killer smile.

Geet pouted cutely and asked,”Aap has rahe ho????”And she said turning dat side cutely showing d angry face,”Chaddo mein aapse baat nahin karooongi….!!!”Maan came forward and whispered huskily in her ear biting it softly,”Jaan..philhaal abhi ke liye tum mujhse baat toh karni hi hogi nahin toh kaam nahin karpaayenge….office aagayi hai…..!!!”Geet felt a shiver down her spine hearing his whisper with seducing tone and she got outside d car immediately.Geet couldnt figure out dat what happened dat he turned d situation into his favour dat she too carried away and she was shocked to know dat she too was changing.Maan got up fm d car and walked with full attitude and when his watchman saluted him then Maan nodded him and went fm there where Geet ran to match his steps.d watchman was surprised to see that as he never answered to his salute dat today he answered him nodding his head and saw d girl with him running behind matching his step and was shocked to see such a beautiful girl.

Geet walked into d lift immediately and was abt to fall on one of d security who surrounded him but was saved by Maan who glared at her and pulled her by her waist and pinned her to his rough body.Geet struggled to free herself but his one glare made her to stop d attempt and stood silently in d lift where they reached d top most floor.D security went outside and made Maan to walk past them and after that Maan walked towards his office holding Geet near her waist and dragged her pinning to his rough body.Geet tried to free herself but Maan glared at her possessively then Geet pleaded,”Yeh pffice hai aap pls mujhe chodiye nahin toh staff kya sochegi….!!!”Maan dint think abt it as he dragged her still pinning to his rough body.Geet felt awkward while everyone were shocked to see a girl..and dat too beautiful girl with MSK….and some was abt to gossip in their back while some girls eyes Geet with jealousy and some boys eyed Geet lustfully.

Maan dragged Geet to his cabin but stopped right away and said to d staff bossily,”Aaj se yeh ladki meri personal secretary hai aur is company ki junior architect aur mere under kaam karegi….inka naam hai Geet Handa….!!!”Then on dat tym a meek voice came to him which was a girl’s voice wearing short dress  which would barely cover her thigh,”Excuse me sir..mein aapki secretary hoon toh phir aap is ladki ko Q kaam diya???”Maan said rudely,”Qki..yeh able hai aur efficient hai..and i want d people who work with me not drool over me….!!!”That girl’s cheeks turned pink with embarassment and she tried to argue and said,”Agar Pammi madam ko pata chal gaya toh woh aapko nahin chodegi…..!!!”Geet saw that girl and for a second she was shocked with d girl’s audacity dat she’s threatening MSK..then Maan said,”Unhe pata hai aur unhone hi mujhe permission diya hai..so it’s better u clear up ur cabin u r working as d PA of Sasha….she’ll guide u am sure and clear Geet’s cabin now….!!!!!”Then Maan dragged her inside d cabin fm her waist and closed d door.

Maan saw Geet thinking something and asked,”Do u wanna say sumthing????”Geet asked,”Jab aapko pehle se hi ek secretary thi toh aapne mujhe Q rakha????”Maan answered her immediately,”Shayad meine tumhaare sawaal ka jawaab baahar dediya hai….!!”Geet thought and asked innocently,”Kya woh sach mein aapko drool karti hai?????”Maan nodded to her.But Geet’s next set of words made him glare at her as she had called him das sir vaala raavan.Geet said immediately Shaayad uski aankhon problem hai….!!!”Maan asked curiously,”Tumhe kaise pata????”Geet said immediately without thinking,”Arrey dikhne mein aap toh das sir waala raavan lagte ho phir bhi woh aapko handsome guy sochkar drool karti hai?????”Geet was shocked wat she said immediately and saw Maan nervously where he was glaring at her angrily.Geet pouted cutely and complained babaji and Maan’s angry melt away seeing d pout on her face and he started drooling over her.

Next moment Geet glanced him and their eye locked immediately as they lost themselves in each other’s eyes.They came to d present world when they heard d knock at d door.Maan said bossily,”Come in…..!!!”A man entered wearing glasses and saw Geet there and stammered,”Sir….mein baad mein aavoon….!!!”A s he thot dat Maan was busy with Geet but Maan said immediately,”Adi nahin…woh papers tayaar hai….!!!”Adi said,”J….Jee……ssssirrrrr….!!”Maan examined it and gave it to Geet to sign it.Geet read d papers intently and signed it immediately but she dint read d last paper where she signed without seeing it and Maan smirked to himself.Adi asked with concern,”Sssssirrr..aapke hhhaaath kkkkooo…..kkkkyyaa huva..???”Geet looked up expecting d outburst but Maan said casually,”Nothing Adi..it was an accident….!!!Tum jaake Pinky se first aid box leke aavo….!!!!”Adi nodded and went fm ther taking d papers while a cute bubbly girl entered munching chips and said chirpily,”Good morning sir and kya huva sir aapko chot kaise lagi?????”

Maan said smiling to her,”Kuch nahin Pinky it was an accident woh box mujhe dedo….!!!”Pinky asked chirpily,”Mein aapko help karoon????”Maan answered her calmly,”Nahin Pinky..mein khud hi lagaadeta hoon….!!!!!”Pinky nodded and went fm there closing d door before giving a cute smile to Geet.Geet also smiled at Pinky and saw dat he is nursing himself and went to him and said,”Mein aapko help karoon….!!!”Maan said,”Dont worry mein karta hoon tab tak tum woh phone attend karo…..!!!”Which was ringing and she answered it politely,”Hello….!!!”No one answered while Geet said hello to d phone still no one answered while Maan winced in pain and Geet hung up d phone and ran to him.Maan was having difficulty to band aid it and Geet held his hand slowly and immediately which made him a current run down his spine.

Geet caressed his wound and nursed it whenever he winced with pain she would blew d air and he would eye Geet’s lips hungrily.After band aiding Geet went to keep d first aid box but Maan held her hand and asked……….Maan-Geet u still have nt told me what is love????Geet-“Maan sir…..!!!”For which made him bothered as she was calling him as sir.Ofcourse as it is d office.Maan came forward slowly while Geet walked backwards afraid of his proximity.Maan came forward while Geet banged her back to d wall and saw Maan closing d gap with hungry move and eyes fixed on Geet’s face.

Geet fluttered her eye lashes when she felt a current run down her spine with shock when his rough body rubbed to her soft petite body.Geet lowered her eye lashes with shy and Maan noticed this where his hot breath fell on her lush lips.He eyes those lips hungrily but said huskily,”Call me Maan…..and till evening u will have to tell me d definition of love or else u will have to pay very dearly…..!!!”

Geet saw those chocolate brown eyes and said firmly,”Am not gonna call u Maan…..!!!!”Maan held her shoulder tightly for she felt pain as her face wrinkled and Maan said angrily,”Meri har baat ko tum naa kehti ho….call me Maan….!!!!”Geet nodded no vigorously which made him glare at her with anger but stopped himself and said,”Ok…dont call me but u hv to play a game with u and if u fail in that then u will call me Maan till my death…..understand….!!!”

Geet came to rebellious mode and said firmly seeing Maan straight in his eyes,”Ok..but this time i win….!!!!”Maan smirked giving d killer smile and left her where she came back to her cabin and took d deep calming breath.

Precap-Now what happens next?????

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Maan nodded no to her and said,”Let’s have d shower together….!!!!”Geet was abt to oppose it but Maan took her lips into d soul searing kiss.After few hours Geet was examining her naked body in d mirror where she noticed d scratches and finger prints marks and d biting marks too.Geet remembered their passionate night and d passionate love making in d washroom where Maan left her totally making her exhausted dat she blushed seeing her naked body in d mirror.Maan had left her when he had heard his mother-in-law’s voice near d  washroom.

Geet have to convince her mother Rano this time with difficulty dat Rano was getting suspicious of her behaviour.Maan had to escape fm washroom window and have to escape outside becoz of Rano giving a last passionate kiss to Geet’s swollen lips.Geet blushed once again seeing her naked body and closed her face with her palm with total blush in her face.Geet went outside wrapping herself in d towel and saw a packet on d bed.Geet saw it curiously and opened it which reveled d half-red sari with green blouse and matching accessories and smiled seeing d clothes and jewels.

Geet wore it which wasnt dat heavy and knew dat whose choice will be this and smiled at Maan’s photo and kissed it and said,”Mujhe maaloom hai yeh aap hi ki choice hai love u….!!!!!”[I know dat this ur choice only love u…..!!!]On that time a message came to her mobile which said,”Kaash mein wahan hota..toh mujh par meri biwi meherbaan hoti kiss karne mein naaki photo pe….!!!”Geet glared at her and turned that side twisting her cute lips while she got another message to her mobile which said,”Geet dont make dat face or else i will come there immediately and u cant resist me for a second also….!!!”

Geet blushed cutely and closed her eyes then a question popped in her mind dat how he’s guessing my gestures and my reactions???Then Geet sent a message asking,”How r u getting to know my gestures???”Then Maan dailled to her seeing d message and Geet received it saying hello to him.Maan asked,”Want to know????”Geet nodded cutely while Maan said,”Turn around and see upwards towards ur left side….!!!”Geet turned immediately and saw towards her left side and saw a camera fixed there.

Geet was shocked and asked,”Maan…who’s this who has fixed d camera here????”Maan chuckled while she try to take it but it wasnt in her reach and Maan saw this fm d camera dn said immediately,”Geet….dont take it over jaan[sweet heart]…..!!!”Geet asked immediately,”Y????”Maan answered,”I have fixed d camera….so dont worry….!!!”Geet’s eyes popped open and asked,”U did that but y????”Maan said immediately,”Geet becoz i wanted to see u safe till d wedding and after that u will be inside my protective embrace but till then i’ll see u thru this camera jaan[sweetheart]so pls co-operate…i dont want any complications becoz of dat stalker….pls jaan[sweetheart]understand….!!!!

Geet sensed his restlessness and said,”Maan dont worry i wont take off this camera and no one knows abt this ok….!!!”Maan smiled and said,”Ok jaan[sweetheart]..!!!”Geet then thot and said,”OMG….then its meant dat u were seeing me changing my dress???”Geet’s cheeks turned to pink and showed her big brown glaring eyes towards d camera while Maan chuckled and said,”Jaan[sweet heart]i hv every right to see u like that..so dont worry….!!!”Geet blushed furiously and cut d call and ran fm there.

Maan smiled at her and leaned to his long chair comfortably seeing his laptop screen.Geet was busy with some ceremonies and was totally tired and came to d room where Maan was feeling restless and when he came then Maan dialled to her and shouted at her,”Where were u Geet????Do u know i was waiting for ur one glimpse from so many hours but u dint come to d room????What were u doing there….?????”And he stopped abruptly seeing d screen with shock as he had seen her crying as d fresh tears leaked fm those almond eyes and he banged his hand to d table angrily for shouting on her.

Geet stammered,”I……..I…..was busy with d ceremonies so dint come to d room….am……am….sorry…..!!!!!”Maan said with soft and lovely voice,”Geet…..am sorry…i was worried not seeing u till this hours and shouted on u…am sorry jaan[sweetheart]…!!!”A moan escaped fm those petal like lips which was painful moan which made Maan alarm and asked worriedly,”Jaan[sweetheart]what happened??”Geet got scared becoz he’s gonna scold her after hearing d incident and she told him d lie dat she’s alright but she forgot dat he’s seeing her so Maan fell silent seeing her gestures for a minutes when he saw d screen with popped eyes.

Geet had cut her finger when she was cutting d vegetables and she was wincing with pain when she was band aiding d finger which had turned to red color due to clotting of blood.Maan shouted once again immediately & angrily,”What d hell..u cut d finger and told me lies dat u r alright???”Geet was scared hearing d angry tone of him and she started crying once again and he banged his hand once again for shouting at her once again.Maan said softly once again with full of love,”Jaan[sweetheart]where will be ur attention….what happened to ur finger..how did this happen????”

Maan sighed with guilt seeing d fresh tears which leaked fm her almond eyes and he said softly with love,”Geet..take care of urself  jaan[sweetheart] or else i hv to take care of u..and taking care of u is making me tiresome..am fed up becoz of d childish behaviour..u r more than d child…..!!!”Maan teased her calling her child for she glared at camera immediately and said,”Maan…do i look like child to u????”Maan teased,”Of course but d difference is dat u wont drink anything fm feeding bottle…!!!”For which Geet’s eyes popped open and glared at d camera den said pouting her lips angrily,”Chaddo mein aapse baat nahin karoongi…..!!!!”[I wont talk to u now onwards]

Maan smiled at her cute anger and said to Geet,”Geet u look so cute when u r angry and i want to eat ur cheeks which has become red due to anger….!!”Geet’s eyes popped open and she twisted her lips pouting and cut d call and slept immediately.Maan was abt to say something but Geet saw towards d camera one last time with anger and slept tucking herself fm d blanket as she knew dat she hv to get ready for d lady’s bachelor’s party which was specially organised by Maan where dadimaa,Nikhila,Rano,taayji,Aniee,Rajji and Pinky were invited.

Maan got ready for d bachelor’s party and glanced towards d laptop screen where Geet wasnt there.and he dialled to her while saw d screen of d laptop.Geet dint take d call and he was scared and tried once again when she answered d call then Maan once again shouted on her for Geet double shouted this time angrily for which Maan was alarmed and thot,”So punjabi sherni jaag uthi hai…!!!!!!”Maan smiled hearing her cute pouting and anger words in which she gave so funny gaalis for Maan smiled hearing it silently.

Maan cut d call immediately hearing her sweet voice but Geet was hell angry on him now for cutting her call and pouted,”When i dint answer him then he troubled me to pick up d call but when i scolded him then he cut d call…..hey babaji[god]y made this special piece????”She pouted cutely and went fm there angrily.


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Darkness crept on d alleyway of d road where two shaped man were sleeping hugging each other.It was full moon day and d light was reflecting on d ground.A human shape tossed on d other human shape as d moon light was dim.On that time a moan escaped from d lying human shape.That’s because his skin brushed on her breast which were lied without any barrier.That man saw d woman intently……she has hazel brown eyes,long white nose & baby pink luscious lips.She was d angel descended from heaven as she had perfect body structure..perfect waist..perfect hips..perfect breast..perfect buttocks….perfect feminine parts….

That human who was lying on her pressing his manly body has d handsome features with chocolate brown eyes,long white nose,exact M shaped pink lips and slight stubble..he was looking like a man of action as now he’s in action.The girl was called as Geet Singhania who had wore mangalsutra and sindhoor on her forehead partition and d man was d most hot tempered guy in d whole country was Maan Singh Khurana who saw her lovingly drinking d beauty which made her cheek turn apple color.



Darkness crept on d alleyway of d road where two shaped man were sleeping hugging each other.It was full moon day and d light was reflecting on d ground.A human shape tossed on d other human shape as d moon light was dim.On that time a moan escaped from d lying human shape.That’s because his skin brushed on her breast which were lied without any barrier.That man saw d woman intently……she has hazel brown eyes,long white nose & baby pink luscious lips.She was d angel descended from heaven as she had perfect body structure..perfect waist..perfect hips..perfect breast..perfect buttocks….perfect feminine parts….

That human who was lying on her pressing his manly body has d handsome features with chocolate brown eyes,long white nose,exact M shaped pink lips and slight stubble..he was looking like a man of action as now he’s in action.The girl was called as Geet Singhania who had wore mangalsutra and sindhoor on her forehead partition and d man was d most hot tempered guy in d whole country was Maan Singh Khurana who saw her lovingly drinking d beauty which made her cheek turn apple color.

Maan hovered on her and pressed his hard body to her soft petite body and Geet felt a strange heat produce inside her body inside her veins as blood rushed in abnormal amount inside her veins.Maan saw her naked beauty with piercing gaze that she blushed furiously feeling his intense gaze.Maan moved his hands on her soft naked white waist and squeezed softly and a moan escaped fm those petal like lips and he saw her with dark desires.Maan took those petal like lips and nibbled her lower lips.He sucked her honey sweet juice and licking her upper lips which made her a current run down his spine.

Maan sucked her upper lips and licked her lower lips once again which made her moan in between d kisses.Geet’s cheeks were turning red color secs after secs……Maan crushed her petal lips inside his rough lips and nibbled it passionately.Maan’s tongue probed inside her mouth and she parted her lips willingly and he entered exploring d hidden treasure of her mouth.Maan kissed her passionately till they were out of breath and he left her swollen lips when she whimpered for breath.

Then his hands roamed over her naked upper body and cupped her b****t and squeezed it making her mad for desires.She moaned innocently feeling his hands on her body and he licked her globe hungrily and bit her n****e making her moan immediately.Maan was driving crazy hearing her every ounce of moan and his every cell crave for her moans and he took her another b****t and licked it hungrily and bit her n****e too.ZGeet was moaning continuously that he took those petal like ones again and sucked it passionately.

Geet blushed so much dat she turned showing her back with shy dat she closed her eyes and buried her face inside d pillow.But Maan’s next move made her eyes popped open.Maan kissed her back and traced it with his rough lips making her sweat due to d heat produced inside her veins.Geet gave up and melted in his love and Maan kissed her back every inch and bit it marking his possession.Maan forcefully made her turn but Geet turned that side then he chose to assualt her milky white neck which was soft and slender.

Maan licked her neck hungrily and kissed it and bit it harshly to cool his desires.He was slow and steady and was relishing her every inch of body after committing so many sins in his life.Maan was feeling pure and divine inside her touch.Maan licked his love bites which was turning d bluish red now which made him bothered very much.His heart always bothered to give her pain but still his mind show d most dangerous emotion ego.Maan had surrendered himself in front of her pure and innocence after giving her so much pain in her life.

Now for Maan only Geet’s happiness is seen and he was giving her d true love by giving love to her.Maan saw her glowing red face which were blushed due to his lips assault and a content smile crept on his M shaped lips.Maan proceeded and kissed her back waist biting it harshly for Geet winced with pain and pleasure and he went downwards to relish her lower body.Maan kissed her b*** for her hazel eyes widened with shock.Maan bit her b*** and kissed her back thighs going lower when Geet turned exactly sensing d place with total blush and hugged him tightly and buried her face inside his chest.

Maan chuckled and said,”Jaan[Sweetheart]….dont stop me i want to feel u there…..!!!!”Geet nodded no still burying her face inside his rock chest but Maan came forward and kissed her bare shoulder for which she felt a 440 volt current pass inside her.Geet saw his eyes lifting her big brown eyes and drowned herself  in  those chocolate brown eyes.Maan moved his hands over her feminine parts and started rubbing her w*******d sensually for Geet moaned totally.

Maan came forward and took those petal ones rubbing his fingers sensually on her feminine parts then her hands were pinned to d ground immediately and Maan glared at bright hazels while she blushed furiously couldnt bare his intense gaze.Maan gave a peck on her lips kissing it passionately and went downwards to give more torture to her and kissed her bare waist stroking it sensually.Geet melted inside his touch and she squirmed feeling d sensation for he gave a tight kiss to her bare front waist.

Geet moaned once again while he went downwards kissing her abdomen and kissed her feminine parts slowly licking it.Geet squirmed feeling d sensation and her vagina became moist.Maan came forward but Geet turned him immediately and sat on him rubbing her thighs sensually.Maan groaned and said,”Geet..dont tempt me or i can go wild and u know this too…..!!!”But Geet was having revenge for torturing her so much and she planted some wet kissed on his rock chest.His skin burn into desires feeling her soft warm lips on his rock hard chest.

Geet kissed his muscles and went downwards and kissed his flattened stomach.Maan groaned and he squeezed her b****t harshly and made Geet moan once again.Maan came forward to kiss her lips but Geet stopped him and she moved her b*** sensually on his thighs and went downwards and her hands went towards his m*****d.Maan’s eyes popped open feeling her soft slender fingers on his hardness and he groaned badly controlling his harshness seeing Geet’s innocent eyes which were narrowed for revenge.

Geet was playing with his hardness and he inhaled her fresh feminine scent dat he lost d track how many hrs went on while Geet still was playing with his masculine parts.Maan couldnt sontrol himself and he immediately hovered on her and entered inside her immediately with deep thrust.Geet was shocked with his sudden movement but she lost in his love immediately moaning and making him insane with her moan.Maan slammed his lips on her and kissed it passionately while he rubbed continuously till his desires were satisfied.

Geet was totally exhausted when he did so many rounds of love making and she collapsed on his chest totally exhausted and kissed his left chest feeling contented.Maan took those petal like ones for one last passionate kiss and Geet carried to deep slumber encircling her legs around his legs and hands around his waist tightly.Maan saw her face which was glowing and had d content smile.Maan kissed her forehead lovingly and saw towards d ceiling where d stars gleamed brightly.

Maan saw around him and saw a mango plant which had grown to abt 4ft with tender leaves and hard stalk to stand in front of him firmly.A tear escaped fm those chocolate brown eyes which flown on d ground while Geet frowned in her sleep as if she felt dat he’s crying.Geet felt restless when Maan saw her serene face which were wrinkled with restlessness dat he kissed her forehead once again softly for she felt his kiss and gave a cute content smile.

Maan made her sleep on him comfortably and encircled his arm around her soft slender naked waist tightly for she slept on him comfortably.Maan saw around him once again and remembered d two people of his life..who were more important.A entered d room drinking and his eyes was droopy and saw d woman waiting for him for dinner.The woman was disgusted seeing him drinking daily and trouble her and try to oppose this then d man slammed his lips on her woman’s lips and had s** with her forcibly and left her leaving her crying becoz of his harshness in corner and slept snoring loudly on d bed.

A pair of eyes saw this total anger on those eyes on his dad.Those chocolate brown eyes saw d man angrily but his eyes had become moist seeing d woman’s condition.That boy was none other than Maan Singh Khurana.Maan saw his mother’s state as her mother’s clothes were torn and blood was oozing fm her feminine parts.Maan ran and took d long sheet and came near her and wrapped her fm d sheet immediately and saw his mother’s eyes with pain.Maan asked innocently to his mother,”Maa…papa har aat aapse aise Q behave karte hai?????Q har baar aapki kapde phaad dete hai aur woh jaake poori kapde mein so jaate hai aapki koi parwaah hi nahin karte..aisa Q maa…..!!!!”

His mother once again started crying hoarsely and hugged him tightly.Maan opened his eyes once again and saw Geet’s serene face which had content smile and kissed her forehead once again and closed his eyes to remember his past.

Precap-Maan shouting for her mother,”Maa…….!!!!!!”

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Karz PI


Maan screamed with panic seeing d blood in his right hand and Geet was unconscious in his arms.Meera saw Geet’s back and saw a bullet had pierced her waist ribs fm d back and blood was oozing continuously.Meera said,”Mr.Khurana..Geet ko jaldi se hospital leke jaana hoga……!!!”Maan nodded as he has become numb seeing d blood on his hands and lifted her in huis strong arms and walked towards d ranger’s office where a doctor was summoned to treat her as she can’t go to d doctor.

The doctor took d bullet fm her waist and Maan was helping d doctor and his face wrinkled with pain when he saw d doctor taking d bullet shell from her body.Doctor saw dis and said,”I told u dat u won’t control dis thing when u see this part….!!!”Maan said,”It’s ok doc mein apne Geet ke liye kuch bhi sehne ke liye tayaar hoon……!!!!”Doctor asked smiling,”Itna pyaar karte ho usse….i can see dat in ur eyes….!!!”Maan gave a smile and doc bandaged her waist and gave her d injection.

Doc & Maan went outside making her sleep in d guest house and ranger & Geet’s friends came forward and asked abt her condition.Meera asked,”Doc.kaise hai ab tabiyat Geet ki???”Doctor said smiling,”Nothing to worry guys….bullet toh unke kamar mein ghusa tha meine nikaal diya hai aur she’s in sedatives so she needs a lot rest so please aap mein se koi ek yahan ruk jaaye….!!!”Meera said,”Mein rahoongi Geet ke saath…..!!!”But Maan declared dat he’s gonna stay and doc somehow helped him stay with Geet.

Doc said,”It’s ok miss…Mr.Khurana unke saath rahe to behtar hoga…..aur waise bhi unhe pata Geet ke medicines ke baare mein….toh aap aaj raat unhe Geet ke saath rehne deejiye…..!!!”Meera hesitated,”Lekin Mr.Khurana…ek ladka…aur woh bhi Geet ke saath……!!!”Doc said angrily,”Miss…aap ladka aisa sochti hai toh mein aapke liye bataadoon ki Miss Geet apne sub conscious stage mein Mr.Khurana ka naam le rahi thi…toh isiliye meine kaha ki woh rahe….!!!”Maan was amazed and racked his brains as when Geet was taking his name in sub-conscious stage…but he didn’t stop himself noticing d mischievous wink giving him fm doc and going fm there.

Maan smiled seeing his mischievous wink and hid it immediately fm Meera and his friends.Maan went inside and sat beside Geet who was asleep peacefully.Maan held her soft milky white hand and couldn’t stop himself recalling today’s incident how she gave advice to him abt riding d bike and how he took her into consider blindly as if he’s at her command.Maan kissed her hand softly and saw her angelic face which was serene with pale becoz of d pain.

Maan kissed her forehead and pecked her soft lips softly and he saw a small smile crept on her baby pink lush lips.Maan chuckled seeing how she recognises his touch and she snuggled closer holding his hand tightly but her wound scratched to her bed and she moaned in pain in her sleep.Maan was alarmed and asked,”Geet…r u alright….!!!!:Maan saw how much she was wrinkling her face in pain and moaning in pain and saw d restlessness and made her sleep to her right side as d bullet had pierced her left side waist.

Geet felt comfortable when she was slept towards him.Maan sat beside her and took her on him and made her to sleep on his chest and she snuggled closer inhaling her manly scent and a content smile crept on her lips.Maan also leaned to d bed wall and closed his eyes encircling his hands around her waist protectively.At midnight Geet whimpered for pain once again and d incident came into her mind when they were jumping d ditch and d thug’s boss had shot d bullet to her.

Geet was scared and she whimpered and she shivered in her sleep which Maan sensed immediately who was awake when he heard her whimper.Maan whispered in her ear,”Geet…kuch nahin huva tujhe dekho….apne aapko mehsoos karo…..!!!!!”Maan kept his palm on her curves can she feels d change becoz of d touch and Geet felt it.Geet moaned feeling his touch as she was in sedatives and was feeling all these in her sub-conscious stage.Maan brushed his ling fingers on her soft curves and he felt a current run down his spine and a pink tinge crept on her chubby cheeks.

Geet was blushing becoz of his touch and this thot made him so happy dat she too feels d same way like him.Geet frowned when he stopped d touch and he chuckled but he kept her palm on his rock chest and her soft fingers made him feel a current run down his spine once again.Maan resisted it and saw she was moving her fingers inside his vest slowly feeling his skin exploring his body.Maan felt shy for d first time feeling her fingers on his body and his eyes widened in shock.

Geet frowned feeling d barrier but when she felt his skin inside d vest then she calmed down and felt peace and dozed off immediately.Maan saw her caressing his skin and he felt so many desires to tower inside him and his devil tempted him to take her on that time but he saw her serene innocent face and dint proceed further instead he released himself fm her grip and went to sleep on d couch making her sleep comfortably giving his shirt to feel her as she was frowning feeling d lack of warmth in her sleep.

Geet felt peace having d shirt around her and she snuggled closer to it feeling peace inhaling his scent.Next morning sun crept on Maan’s face as he slept near d window and Maan closed his palm feeling d heat and opened his eyes and saw Geet who was fast asleep clutching his shirt carefully.Maan got up and went towards d kitchen and opened d fridge and saw d egg there some vegetables and decided to make mushroom omlete.He took d 5-6 eggs and beaten it and collected d yolk and mixed it with rice flour,onion,green chillies which were chopped finely and put a pinch of pepper and salt and mixed d finely chopped mushroom and stirred it completely till d yolk and vegetables and spices mix well.

Then he was abt to pour it on pan then he heard d moan of pain and ran to d room where Geet was trying to get up to go towards washroom.She was holding d bed wall and trying to get up then Maan rushed towards her and held her tightly glaring at her.Geet asked cutely,”Aap aise ghoor Q rahe ho??????”Maan said angrily,”Mujhe bula nahin sakti thi kya….!!!Kahan jaana hai tumhe????”Geet said angrily,”Chodiye mujhe mein chal sakti hoon mujhe washroom jaana hai…..!!!”Maan glared at her reluctance and lifted her in his strong arms and took her to d washroom.

Geet blushed furiously when she felt d brush of his fingers near her waist when he had lifted in his strong arms.Maan left on d ground inside d washroom and said angrily,”Don’t lock d door..mein yahi hoon and will turning dat side understand…..!!!”And went outside and stood near d doorway…Geet came utside holding d wall slowly and Maan held her immediately when d door was opened.Maan lifted her inside d strong arms and made her lie on d bed carefully and went inside d washroom and brought a towel and a bowl of warm water.

Geet was feeling reluctant and said feeling shy,”Mein karloongi holding d warm water bowl and taking d towel….!!!”Maan glared at her but left her for d privacy as he was nt prepared to give d sponge bath as he knew he’s gonna cary away during dat process.Maan went towards d kitchen while Geet wiped herself from warm water and changed her dress which was kept by Maan and leaned to d bed wall feeling tired.Maan came back after making d Mushroom Omlette and kept d tray in front of Geet.

Geet’s stomach growled when she smelt of d omlete and pounced it on immediately eating it in top speed.Maan chuckled at her childish behaviour when she was making all kind of faces relishing d omlete.Maan went to freshen up and came back when she was abt to get up to keep d tray.Maan shouted angrily,”Geet…..!!!”For which she shivered and left d tray immediately feeling scared of his anger and Maan felt guilty for scaring her.Maan said compsing himself angrily,”Geet..jab meine kaha na ki uthana mat toh tum meri baat nahin maanogi kya….grrrr….!!!”Geet pouted her lips cutely and said,”Maan mein aise nahin baith sakti..aur waise bhi jab bhi mujhe choti ya badi chote huyi hai toh mein aivanyi yahan nahin baiththi kaam karti hoon jitna ho sake aur raat ko so jaati hoon..aur haan aap chinta mat keejiye mein apne aapko chot nahin pahunchaane dongi..pakka….!!!”

Maan glared at her and lifted her in his strong arms and made her lie down on d bed and she frowned but a pink tinge had formed on her chubby cheeks feeling his naked hard frame with alluring eyes and d water dripping from his dense jet black hairs.Maan felt a current run down his spine when he felt her soft body rub to his naked frame but resisted it immediately.Geet drooled over his greek god body while Maan turned that side chuckling and heard d knock on d door.

Maan opened it and d rangers entered inside d room immediately and talked to Geet abt d accident.But Geet declared dat she was pushed fm d bus and she dint trip fm d bus and Maan also gave d witness…..

Maan:Yahi hai wo dono inspector saab jisne Geet ko maarne ki koshish ki…..!!!

He had showed his fingers to Rahul & Sonali.

Sonali saw Maan with shock and said immediately,”Maan..meine Geet ko Q maaroongi????”

Maan said immediately,”Uski kaaran tumhe hi bataana hoga…Q maarne ki koshish ki Geet ko….aur Rahul tum hi the na jisne Geet ko wahan dhakka diya tha bus se taaki woh bhooka sher ke saamne jaakar gire…..!!!!”

Rahul was speechless and tried to convince Maan but Maan made Rahul to be arrested by d rangers….Sonali was also caught but she showed some fake witness and wiggled out of d problem immediately leaving Rahul and his cunning friends to suffer in jail.Geet saw Rahul glaring at her for as if he’s gonna swallow her in one swift moment for making him arrested and Geet dint flinch seeing his glaring eyes.Meanwhile Geet saw her mother there and Rano hugged her tightly .Rano had came to know abt this fm Meera and had come there catching d first flight fm Delhi to Gujarat.

Amarnath was also worried hearing d news abt Maan getting lost in jungle and he also heard d news abt Geet’s injure saving Maan.Amarnath had also came there taking d first flight fm Delhi and Gujarat and came there worried abt Maaneet.Rano saw Geet state and started crying while Amarnath entered d room and saw Rano there hugging Geet and Geet calling her as mom and stood stunned….

Precap-Now what happens next?????

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Sameer said immediately,”Yeh jhoot nahin sach hai…..kyunki mein hi tha unke saath unke aakhri saas tak…..!!!”Geet was shocked and saw him with stun..when Geet dint say anything Sameer proceeded to his story.Sameer said,”Hum wahan lad rahe the dushman par hum bhaari pad rahe the tabhi ek goli mujh par shoot kiya gaya dushmano se lekin Dev sir beech mein aagaye..aur mujhe bachaane ke liye unhone goli apni chaati par le liya….!!!”Geet’s eyes widened immediately and her inner turmoil started and her mind started asking questions.

Sameer said,”Humne Dev sir ko bachaane ki poori koshish ki lekin jab wahan medical aid aa pahunchi tab Dev sir apna dam tod diya tha lekin zubaan mein ek hi naam aaya jab unhone aakhri saas liya aur woh tha Geet…..!!!”Geet’s eyes widened her eyes hearing d entire picture and collapsed on d ground completely.Maan worried so much seeing her state and said,”Geet..tum theek ho….!!!”Sameer and his wife were seeing them with shock.Geet sat there completely blank and Maan nodded to him and Sameer proceeded with d story and said to Geet who sat there with stunned belief.

Sameer said slowly,”Jab unhone aapka naam liya toh mujhe samajhe me nahin aaya kya chaahthe hai woh lekin itna kaha ki….am sorry Geet…mein tumhe is janam mein khush nahin rakh saka…aur mein tumhe akele chodke jaa raha hoon..am sorry….!!!!”Phir unhone apne pocket se apne purse liya aur usse open kiya aur ek baar aapki photo dekhi…and then his eye lid dint move in d socket and his hands and body went cold after few hours…..!!!”Geet’s eyes widened once again still not crying and sat there completely blank.Maan was worried now hearing her husband’s last journey she was not crying too.

Then Maan came there and said completely emotional as her state was breaking him fm inside..an unknown pain was forming inside his heart seeing Geet in that state…but as a doctor he have to cure her at any cost as it has become an important for him..for his life if have to say…..Maan said with deep paining voice,”Geet,Dev aapse bahut pyaar karta tha aur aap unse….jab aapne unki mrit shareer ko dekha toh Q nahi royi…..Q…dekho aapke na rone se unki aatma bahut tadap rahi hai…..ek baar rode…ek baar aapke saari dard apne ander jo hai usse baahar laayiye…royiye…..royie….nahin toh Dev aapse naaraaz ho jaayenge yeh soch kar ki aap unse pyaar nahin karti thi…..ek baar us din ko yaad keejiye jis din aapne apne pati ke mrit shareer ko dekha tha…aapko kaisa lagaa tha us din…us din ki dard ko aap baahar laayiye…..royiye……….!!!!!!!”

Geet sat there completely blank and when she recalled her memory when she was in danger when she had went to d mumbai for d truth dat came in front of her.How that terrorist was abt to rip her virgin in a few seconds and how Dev had came there to save her and killed dat terrorists for trying to touch her.Unknowingly he had possessively acted like that seeing Geet in dat state and immediately he had covered her giving his army shirt and carrying her in his strong arms protectively.

Geet was scared seeing d man who is unknown to her was carrying her in his arms but she felt a secured feeling when he saw her with concern showing his big black eyes assuring her dat she wont be harmed further till she’s in d protective embrace of him.Geet’s eyes welled up but still she controlled her feelings then one last time Maan said shaking her angrily,”Toh aap apne Dev se pyaar nahin karti….!!!!”Geet saw him instantly spitting d fire then Maan asked,”Toh phir unke liye yeh kurbaani nahin de sakti apne ander jo dard hai usse baahar nahin laa sakti….unke liye ek boond paani nahin bahaasakti..bataayiye…..kya woh itne badnaseeb hai jinhe aapki aasoon bhi naseeb nahin hai….bataayiye Geet……ek baar us yaadon ko yaad keejiye jahaan aap apne Dev ke saath gol gappa khaate the…..!!!”

Geet remembered one memory where Dev was cursing d gol gappa as Geet had mischievously poured lots of pepper powder and made him to eat it forcefully.He even cursed d gol gappa vendor for giving d spicy gol gappa and Geet had started laughing when his face had turned red due to d spicy gol gappa and his eyes red becoz of not able to resist it further…..he had coughed very badly and had chased Geet all over d market for making her eat d spicy gol gappa when he came to know it was d work of Geet.

Dev had caught her very soon and had given d lip lock kiss immediately for dat mistake and she had shied immediately when everyone clapped seeing d lip lock kiss and ran fm there pushing him in top speed.After that only Darji had fixed their marriage as everyone had started talking abt them.Darji wasnt angry on them but d way people were talking made him mad…..Geet was totally sharam se pani pani on that day when she had to take d teasing of her bhabhi and cousin.

Geet’s face wrinkled to a small smile which Maan felt she’s trying to remember d old memories dat was a positive sign…so Maan pressed on once again and reminded d incident to her,”Aapko yaad bhi hai jab woh aapko pakadte the jab bhi aapse milne aate the tab…!!!”Geet remembered it and a small smile crept on her lips then Maan pressed on,”Aapko yaad bhi hai jab woh aapse milne chale aate the tab aapko woh kya bulaate the….!!!”Geet remembered d name Pari…..She felt he’s calling d name on dat time and she saw around her and saw Dev there…..

Dev crying in front of her and she was abt to walk towards him but he vanished into thin air and she was stunned once again and Maan pressed on,”Aapko maaloom bhi hai unke pasand na pasand…!!!”Geet cutely told him still in her trance,”Unhe toh italian khaana achcha lagta hai pasta……!!!”One that time she felt dat Dev spoke to her,”Geet mujhe italian khaana banaake doge na…..!!!!”Then Geet had remembered answering Dev with attitude,”?Nahin Dev..aapko meri sarsoka saag makhi ki roti hi khaani hogi….aur gol gappa…..!!!”

Dev said,”Achcha hai am so excited ki tum gol gappa zaroor banaana..aur usme teeka bahut saare daalna…..!!!”Geet asked curiously,”Q????”Dev smiled and said shamelessly,”Qki…mujhe phir se tumhe kiss karne ka mauka milega…..!!!”Geet had blushed for that furiously and he had pulled towards her and had whispered huskily,”Chaaho toh aaj uski rehersal bhi karsakte hai….!!!”Geet had blushed for that and pushed him forcefully had ran fm there feeling extremely shy……Next Maan pressed on and said abt his likes and her eyes glistened with tears but she once again hold it back not making those pearls fall on d ground but Maan have to attempt so much….

Maan one last time he reminded of Dev’s dead body scene..jab Dev tumhaare aasoon ke liye wait karte the..toh phir aapne Q nahin bahaaya apne aasoon..kya aap naaraaz the?????”Geet nodded no immediately…Maan asked,”Toh phir Q aapne aasoon naghin bahaaya….ek baar sochiye kitna tadap raha hoga unki aatma aapki ye dasha dekhkar kya aap unhe aur bhi pareshan karna chaahthe hai bataayiyena…kya aap chaahthe hai ki unhe wahan swarg mein bhi chain nahin milegi..bataayiye……!!!”Geet nodded no vigorously and then Maan said,”Toh phir aap Q apne gham ko baahar nahin nikaalna chaahthe hai kya aap unse pyaar nahin karte the..agar kiya hai toh unke yaadon me ek boond aasoon bhi nahin bahaa sakte……!!!!Ek baar unki yaad keejiye aur ek baar royiye…ek baar jitna royiye ki utna aapki dil halka ho jaaye…..!!!!!!”

On that time Geet burst into tears screaming with pain and collapsed to d ground feeling defeated..feeling disappointed……Geet said crying so much,”Dev…..dev…aap Q mujhe chodke chale gaye…..Q..ek baar bhi mere baare mein socha nahin kya aapne……Q aap mere zindagi mein aaye….Q…mujhe aapke pyaar se bhar diya..aur jab hum dono ke shaadi ke rishta shuru hone se pehle mujhe akela chodke Q chale gaye…..Q…….aaaaaaahhhhhhhh….!!!!!!!!!!”Geet slept on d floor immediatelty and tears glistened fm those almond eyes….she writhed with pain and her body was shivering…hiccups came but tears dint stop she cried..cried at loud..cried at olud so much and Maan collapsed to d nearby arm chair closing his eyes with sigh and relief while Sameer and his wife were silent spectator and they too were crying silently seeing Geet’s grief……

Geet puched her fist to d hard ground with anger..pain..sad…and most importantly anger on god for seperating Dev fm her….and that too on d eve of their marraige…..she was becoming weaker not exposing any grief and her emotions turmoil went to it’s peak then it came outside with d help of Maan……Geet cried cried cried till her heart out..she grieved she complained…..to d god for her grief..cursed her babaji for giving this widow life before she start her life with her husband….she was totally defeated hearing d whole incident which went on in front of Sameer fm Sameer…..Sameer’s wife tried to forward her comforting embrace but Sameer stopped her and said,”Let her cry….is ghadi ke liye kitne dino se Handa family intezaar kar rahi thi….!!!!”

On that time all Handas came there seeing her state as there was a happiness and sadness on their faces seeing Geet like that..happiness was dat she was crying her heart out and sadness for seeing her crying for Dev…..Rano tried to forward to give comforting embrace a motherly shade but Mohinder stopped her for leaving her for herself….Rano saw Geet’s state and her stomach lurched seeing her sadness and when she saw some movements then she had looked up and saw her mother Rano and got up and was abt to run inside her embrace but she felt dat her eyes went dark and she fell on d floor but was caught by protective arms which was none other than Maan…..

Precap-Now what happens?????

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I am a Devil who have any regrets I am devil who regrets this world to have me but an angel entered into my life…..

She was pure and innocent just like the rain drop which falls from the cloud till it reaches d earth…..

She was so sweet and tender in her behaviour which made me amazed seeing her pure and tenderness…..

But i felt a desire arouse inside me to have her…to feel her….to love her…..

First i thought that it is only lusftful attraction but am scared to touch her pure body by my sinful hands…….

Her hazel eyes which were windows of her soul always sees me with disgust……

My hands tremble to touch her soft milky body yet it tempts me to taste her beauty……

Her baby pink luscious lips invites me to kiss her till she is breathless…….

Yet this heart is scared to touch her without her will…..

I thought she is the girl just like other girl and i offered her so many things yet she refuses my nearness……..

But still i crave for her touch…crave for her one gaze…..crave for one smile from her for me……

The world is so cruel which made this angel to be pried by me…the devil…..

Someone was reading d book of some romantic love story with full concentration and trust that they dint notice d other person’s reaction who’s eyes were droopy due to feeling sleepy and was yawning widely snapping d fingers on d open mouth.Then the person noticed a pair of hazel almond eyes glaring at d person’s reaction.The person who was yawning was none other than d great Maan Singh Khurana who saw d glaring Geet Handa from her almond eyes.Maan saw her intently where her cheeks turned red due to anger and her almond eyes spitted fire…but for him she was looking adorable…..he imagined her round red face as tomato vegetable and admired her face with a chuckle on his face.

Geet saw Maan who was chuckling at her anger and glared at him once again and asked angrily,”Aap has Q rahe hai??????”[Y r u laughing????]Maan dint react for her question a second as he was admiring her pink cheeks and lush lips which were teasing him to kiss it and bite it.Maan came near her and his hot breath fell on her lush lips for she wiggled backwards immediately breathing heavily.Maan chuckled seeing her mixed emotions which were changing due to his nearness.Those hazel almond eyes showed fear..and then it changed into disgust….and it changed into a dark desire which he noticed for a second but it was covered up immediately with d disgust once again.

Maan went back but he rubbed her soft supple lips from his thumb which made Geet’s face turn with disgust.She thot he’s gonna kiss her but his next movement made her left baffled.Maan said with disgust rubbing her soft supple lips slowly,”Tum Kitna lipstick lagaavoge…is lipstick ke wajaise tumhaari yeh hot apne rang khodegi….Qki isme bahut saare harmful chemicals hote hai..stop it or else ur lips will be damaged…mein tumhe kalse herbal lipstick laake doonga..usse lagaana…..!!!”[How much u apply lipstick….becoz of this lipstick d lips loss it’s natural color…becoz it has harmful chemicals…stop it or else ur lips will be damaged…..tomorrow i’ll bring u herbal lipstick apply it…..!!!”]

Maan went from there but turned and asked,”Oh haan..tumne mujhe abhi tak yeh nahin kaha ki pyaar ka matlab kya hai?????Tum jhoot bol rahi ho ya phir tumhe iski matlab nahin pata sach me…..!!!”[Ok……but u dont give me d explanation of love??????R u telling lies or truly u dont know anything abt that….??????]Geet couldnt predict him and she remembered d incident which went on an hour ago.Geet sat there crying continuously feeling helpless…she was indeed in hell with this Shaitan….she never wanted this circumstances to come.It was a change of her mind to her seeing d situation…she was so much shocked to know that this shaitan is so shameless that she wanted to puke whenever she remembered d act which went on in front her.Though a woman bother d entry of others in her life and likewise she wont interfere others life till her need but whenever a girl is molested in front of anybody then a kind of woman behaviour rises from her inside heart to stop d wrong doings.

Though d girl is molested on her own will by men still d other woman wont tolerate it and this is called as d self respect of a woman which Maan had risen inside Geet…..though she was weak to see all these situations but even d weakest person also opposes this situation for some seconds too.Maan had risen d self respect of Geet in that way making that scene in front of her.Maan dint knew abt this very much..how can be as he even dont know dat what is d value of a girl in every man’s life.That’s becoz of d cunning mother to have and d weak dadi in his house wont make any difference in his behaviour as he’s brought up taking d long lectures fm his cunning mother dat girls r only use and throw thing.

Here also a woman is d enemy of woman….Geet couldnt tolerate this situation and went inside and started crying..not for that girl..but for not stopping dat shaitan with her guts…..becoz this shaitan was unpredictable.Geet had become weak in front of his harshness and d way he was asking..she couldnt tolerate his behaviour anymore but she somehow try to revolt him and decided to leave d house as for as possible.Geet packed her luggage and opened d door and saw dat  Maan stood near d doorway and saw him with disgust.Maan saw her luggage and asked sternly,”Tum kahin jaa rahe ho????”[R u going somewhere???]Geet dint say anything and walked past him but Maan held her hand and twisted to her back and said with anger,”Tum kahin jaa nahin sakti…Qki tum meri ho..is shaitan ki..aur agar tum mujhse bhaagne ki koshish ki..to mein tumhaare ghar waalon ko upar pahuncha donga samjhi tum????”[U cant go anywhere….becoz u r only mine….this devil’s….and if u run away from me then am gonna kill ur family..do u understand????]

Geet’s eyes welled op becoz of d pain and Maan left her wrist and she rubbed in pain and asked angrily,”Kya chaahthe hai aap….haan kyun nahin aap mujhe chodte akela…meine aap se kaha tha na ki mujhe aapse koi pyaar nahin…..toh phir kyun aap mujhe tang kar rahe hai?????Aur waise bhi mein aapki ghulaam nahin hoon ki aap jo bhi kuch kare usse mein chup chap dekthi rahoongi……aapne jo woh neeche kiya haina usse dekhkar mujhe ghin aati hai aap par…..i feel like puking……itna ghatia soch……itni gande iraaden……aap kabhi bhi nahin badal sakte Qki aapko sahi aur galath ka koi farak nahin……!!!!”[What do u want anyway?????Y dont u leave me…y cant u leave me alone?????Dint i tell u dat i wont love u then also…y u trouble me???????And as a matter of fact am not ur slave for what u don in front of me that i see it dumbly……What u did downstairs after seeing that am disgusted…i feel like puking……i dint saw d person having so bad thots..so bad intentions…….u cant change urself ever..that’s becoz u dont have any difference that what is right and what is wrong……!!!!]Her almond eyes showed d disgust for him and he understood that she is referring to d mistake which was abt to be done downstairs.

Her eyes had welled up seeing d scene and she cried for being d part of that act……Maan saw her eyes intently and thot,”Sach me…she is innocent..innocent to know d cruel truth of this world…where only there d value for money..cruel,malice,cunningness……!!!!!!!!”[Is it true that she’s innocent…innocent to know d cruel truth of this world..where only there is d value of money..cruel, malice….cunningness…..!!!]Maan tried to change d subject and tried to make her stay back now.Maan asked sarcastically,”Love…so u r giving this thing as d name love…..waise what is love???????[Love…..so u r giving this thing as d name love..as a matter of fact what is love??????]Geet saw him with disgust and answered,”Mujhe aapke sawaallon ka jawaab dena zaroori nahin samjhti…..!!!”[I dont see d importance to answer ur questions]And she was abt to go further then Maan said sarcastically,”So tum mujhse darke bhaag rahi ho…..tabhi to aur bhi asaan ho jaayega tumhe paane ka…..!!!”[So u r running away fm me due to fear……then it will good to have u very easily…….!!!]

Geet saw him angrily and said,”Mein aapse darkar nahin bhaag rahi hoon…..!!”[Am not running away fm u out of fear…..!!!]Maan saw her hazel brown eyes intently giving sarcastic smile then Geet went inside without seeing him once also but Maan followed her and pulled her to his hard frame and asked,”U still havent told me what is love…….!!!”Geet said politely trying to get free fm him for some time,”Love is a word which can be expressed in heart and it cant be expressed fm d words…..!!!”Maan listened to her intently and for a second considered her reply but he burst into laughter and said,”So u want something from return..so y dont u tell me directly dat u want some thing as a pay for it…..!!!”Geet felt disgusted  hearing his thots which always referred S** here but she tried to convince him dont know y she was doing but her mind was trying to convince him.

Geet tried and answered politely,”No….u r misunderstanding me…love wont asks anything fm d person…d person decides what he wants…and blames d love……lust is also d part of love but it stand on trust..but lust is a mere physical attraction which makes d man and woman vulnerable to have s**..one minute i’ll explain it i have some quotings in my fav author’s book.Geet took d book and started reading d lines……and flashback ends immediately……Maan who was observing her face and almond eyes intently dint say anything but he said immediately smirking,”U people think dat d love has greatest value but it is nothing but lust….and u only told dat lust is also d part of love….and i lust u not love u……!!!”

But his words made him breath caught in his throat he felt some kind of restlessness when he was referring d lust word to Geet……he couldnt believe himself dat what is dis feeling which makes him feel restless….is it d truth..or is it d lies in which am carrying away..swallowing her every thot and thinking it as truth…..he never trusted any woman not even his mother when he knew d purpose of his survival fm his cunning mother.But still his heart made d situation to trust her……but some dilemma which he was having which made her see Geet once again.

Maan came back to his room in guest house and sat on his bed thinking abt Geet’s words.He dont know himself but some change he felt when he was abt to be lost Geet when she stood to leave d house.He felt a pain inside his dead heart….his dead heart which had nt having any means of movement till Geet came was making him vulnerable to melt in front of his angel.Then he remembered Geet’s words which she read it from her book…..

I am a Devil who have any regrets I am devil who regrets this world to have me but an angel entered into my life…..

She was pure and innocent just like the rain drop which falls from the cloud till it reaches d earth…..

She was so sweet and tender in her behaviour which made me amazed seeing her pure and tenderness…..

But i felt a desire arouse inside me to have her…to feel her….to love her…..

First i thought that it is only lusftful attraction but am scared to touch her pure body by my sinful hands…….

Her hazel eyes which were windows of her soul always sees me with disgust……

My hands tremble to touch her soft milky body yet it tempts me to taste her beauty……

Her baby pink luscious lips invites me to kiss her till she is breathless…….

Yet this heart is scared to touch her without her will…..

I thought she is the girl just like other girl and i offered her so many things yet she refuses my nearness……..

But still i crave for her touch…crave for her one gaze…..crave for one smile from her for me……

The world is so cruel which made this angel to be pried by me…the devil…..

After sometime Maan thot abt Geet….

But Geet has come from the different world only………..

The world which was filled with love and sweetness….the world which had the most precious possession…..

I love her so much…that this world can’t snatch it from me……

I fight for her….and make her mine….make her to love this devil unconditionally…….

Still MSK was having doubt abt his feeling which he felt for Geet….but he decided to test it on Geet and decided to work with her closely.

Precap-Geet’s first day of work with Maan…..and d game begins….



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