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Every man has the colors of life….sometimes….black as dark times or sad times..sometimes as white as happy times….in between this times are called as colors of times like…..Red,Yellow,Blue,Green…..

Red color depicts the symbol of passion and romance……it is the nature’s process for the reproduction……

Yellow color depicts the symbol of holiness….which has the healing power……and is the color of friendship…..friends who are trustworthy and committed….

Blue color depicts the symbol of power and life….which also gives man to live in his dark times….

Green color depicts the symbol of new beginning, harvest, and happiness…..which gives the man to gain his happiness by moving on in his life after his dark times….

White color depicts the symbol of serenity. It is pure and soothes the eye and hence spreads the message of peace.This is a color which gives peace when a man lives with peace and prosperity….this is the most bright part of his life where he’ll be surrounded by his family,relatives,friends and admirers…..

Black color depicts the symbol of darkness and negativity…..that is lust….malice..cruel….greediness….anger….jealousy….this is the characters of black which has the power to engulf any strong man from happiness….from white…from peace…..

These are the colors of love…..now we’ve to see that Maaneet our most Favourite Jodi can feel these Colors of Love??????Can Maaneet become one in between these colors of love..let’s welcome another ff Colors of Love which depicts the true love of Maaneet….

Character Sketch

Maan Singh Khurana…the great surgeon and pathologist….very hot tempered and always silent…Talk very less and have so much attitude….have dark past and have become like robot….no emotions in his professional life and he always runs away from the girls….but girls drool over him….Famous Senior Doctor in Sanjeevani hospital…..right now he’s in dark..due to his past….

Geet Handa….she’s about to study Medicine…she took this subject as her life’s ambition and got admission in Delhi Medical College…..cute bubbly and non-stop chatter box…..she’s the apple of the family….she has one elder brother and one younger brother….elder brother is handling Handa industries chachaji Mohinder Handa….but is very protective to her sister….Geet taking the medicine subject has the reason behind….the reason will be revealed in first part of the ff…..

Savithri Devi…Maan’s dadimaa……..

Suryakanth Khurana…father of Maan Singh Khurana…and Vicky Singh Khurana….Maan’s younger brother….

Chaaya Singh Khurana….mother of Maan and Vicky….

Mohit Malik

Vicky Singh Khurana….Maan’s younger brother….working as MD of KC…..he’s 21 yrs old handling his masters and company….

Krystle Dsouza

Anwesha Khurana….Maan & Vicky’s little sister..and cousin…daughter of Chandrakanth Khurana…younger brother of Maan’s father….she’s the apple of the family and very notorious and naughty…stubborn..but cute and bubbly..non stop chatter box….studying in 1st year Architecture in Delhi,IIT…. 😉

Mohinder Handa….father of Geet and Rohan….

Rohan Handa…..

Still image of Thakur Uday Pratap

Kulwant Handa….darji of Brij,Geet,Rohan….

Smita Jaykar in Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli

Laxmidevi Handa….beeji of Brij,Geet,Rohan….

Echidna nebulosa.jpg

Geet’s pet eel….called as sparkler….Geet is very much attached to it..she always shares her thots to it…..

Geet’s friends….

Karan Singh Grover

Armaan Malik….boxer..but senior to Geet in college and family friend of  Handa Family..very protective to her like brother….

Jennifer Winget

Sneha Goshal…Armaan’s love interest….working as fashion designer….

Aditti Chopra

Mridula Manchanda…Geet’s close and childhood friend….

Aakanksha Nimonkar

Tanya Bhatnaagar….Maan’s current secretary….she’s the decent one and had any crush on Maan..she has a love interest..and he’s Rahul…..

Other characters will be given on the way in the part 1….


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Thus the rituals ended and came the time of bidaai where Geet cried hugging her mother and taayji both.Maan couldnt see his mishty crying anymore and assured taayji and Rano that he’ll take care of her.Everyone were totally happy but also sad as their apple of the family is going away with her life.Brij hugged Geet tightly and kissed her forehead….and then she hugged Rajji and Tito and said them to take care of themselves.Maaneet sat in their car and the Khuranas left for KM where dadimaa and Annie was ready with d grahapravesh ceremony.

Maaneet came and stood near d dehleez of the KM and Dadimaa and Annie stood facing Maaneet.Annie did aarti of Maaneet.Then Dadimaa said,”Geet bete..aap apne daayne pair se kalash ko giraayiye aur ander aayiye…!!!”Geet nodded but Maan said to Geet,”Ruko Geet….!!!”Eveeryone saw him apprehensively while Maan nodded to Adi who went giving a smile to Maan.Adi brought a wet mud and kept it in front of Maaneet’s feet.

Geet saw Maan with questioning eyes while Maan said,”Jaan…kalash ko giraane ke baad apne pair us par rakho…i want ur feet imprint on it….!!!!”His words brought tears on Geet’s eyes but wiped it immediately when Maan frowned and slowly kicked d kalash of rice and kept her feet on d wet mud and her feet imprint came when she took back.

Now Dadimaa said,”Maan..Geet ko apne bod mein uthaayiye…!!!!!”Maan lifted her immediately and she blushed when she felt his hands on her back which tickled her so much.Maan gave a lovely stare and Dadimaa said to Maan to bring her to the courtyard.

After all the rituals which ended with full on masti and leg pulling of Maaneet Maaneet were let free with totally annoyed Maan and blushing Geet.But their trouoble was never ending when dadimaa said Maan to lift Geet in his strong arms then Meera,Annie,Vicky and Dev made her totally red from the face giving teasing look to Geet.Maan glared at them for making his mishty like this while he lifted her in his strong arms and was made her to take inside their room.

Maan carried Geet inside the KM in his strong arms and took her to their room after all the rituals.There was someone who was seeing Maaneet intently.Maan entered the room with Geet and made her stand on the floor and said,”Jaan..tum change karlo…!!!!!”Geet nodded and went inside the washroom while Maan heard the arguing of Annie and Nikhila.Nikhila shouted angrily as she never shouted at anyone anytime but this time she was glaring at Annie angrily,”Annie..kam se kam aap humein pooch liya hota..ki Geet kya khaati hai aur peeti hai….aapko usse galati se papita khila di kal aur keh rahi ho ki aapko maaloom nahin tha….Geet toh abhi abhi mature huyi hai lekin aapko in sabke baare mein experience haina..kya sikhaaya tha humne aapko..sab bhool gayi ki jab din nazdeeg ho toh papita khaani chaahiye…..aur aap aise samay mein usse papita kkhilaadi….!!!!!”

Annie was crying and said,”Kasam se badimaa meine bhabhi ko kuch bhi nahin khilaayi sirf meine khaayi thi….aur meine bhabhi ko offer bhi nahin kiya….!!!!”Nikhila said angrily,”Jhoot mat boliye aap…humein maaloom hai ki aapko papita bahut pasand hai aur aap apne aapko nahin rok paati usse khaane mein humne mana kiya tha na usse khaane se…kyunki aapko bhi pooja mein havan mein baithna hai..aaur aap humaari baat nahin suni aur poora khaa liye,,jab meine kal dekha toh papita aadha kata huva tha aur meine humne Nakul ko strictly warn kiya tha ki woh aapke saamne na lekar jaaye..lekin aapne..humaari baat taaldi….jaayiye hum aapse baat nahin karenge….!!!!!

Maan interrupedted immediately and said to Nikhila,”Maa..shaayad isme Annie ki koi galati nahin hogi…aap kyun Annie ko daant rahe hai….aap rukiye mein Geet se poochta hoon…..!!!!”Nikhila said angrily,”Koi zaroorat nahin bete…aur waise bhi woh kehrahi hai ki usse pet dard ho raha hai…meine socha shaayad khaana hazam nahin hoga isiliye pet dard ho raha hai lekin usne kaha ki neeche ki pet dard ho rahi hai…abdomen mein aur jab meine usse perids ke baare mein pocha toh usne kaha ki kal ka date tha…magar aaj hi hogaya hai iska matlab ye hai ki usse shaayad periods commence ho gaya hai lekin woh confirm bhi ho gaya jab meine papaya gaayab huva dekhkar….aur Annie ne khud confess kiya hai ki usne khaaya..lekin jhoot bo, rahi hai ki usne Geet ko kuch nahin diya….balki Geet bataa rahi hai ki usne kal raat ko khaaya…agar Ranoji dekha hota toh woh mana karti lekin….uske peeche khaayi hai Geet ne….!!!”

Nikhila made Annie to walk with her leaving thoughtful Maan..he was so much suspicious abt Manmeet..how he came inside inspite of all the security and that too direct to Geet’s room and this papaya incident was making him more fishy and was confirmed that inside person involved in this but he wasnt figuring out that who’s the person.Maan came back to his room still thinking when he heard Geet crying from wahsroom.Maan was panic and ran inside the washroom breaking the door and was shocked to see Geet like that.Geet had curled up and was crying hoarsely cursing herserlf.Maan asked worriedly,”Jaan..kya huva tum ro kyun rahi ho????”Geet saw Maan without thinking she came inside his embrace and stammered still crying,”Mein aapki achchi patni nahin ban saki….yeh sab mere wajaise huva hai….!!!!”She cried her heart out while Maan asked stroking her loose hairs,”Jaan kya huva..tum aise ro kyun rahi ho….!!!!”

Geet cutely lifted her head from his chest and said cutely,”Woh meine usse khaa liya isiliye mujhe aaj ke din bhi khush nahin rakh paayi..mere bewakoofi ki wajaise aapko mein khush nahin rakh paavoongi aaj….!!!”Maan dint understand her puzzled words and said softly, still stroking her silky hairs,”Jaan..saaf saaf bolo kya keh rahi ho…!!!!”Geet said hesitatingly,”Woh..aaj mein aapke saath nahin so sakti….!!!!”Maan stared her intently as she had guilty in her almond eyes.Maan kissed away her tears and said,”Jaan…tumhe iske baare mein sochne ki koi zaroorat nahin….mujhe tum par gussa nahin..aur koi shikaayat bhi nahin yeh sab kuch ho jaata hai jaan….mein hoona..tu chinta mat kar..kabhi kabhi anjaane mein yeh ho jaata hai aur aaj tum kitni stress saha hai….shaayad isiliye yeh sab kuch huva hai…aur waise bhi mein aaj apne aapko rok nahin pata….jaan…tumne kuch nahin kiya hai yeh natural hai..toh tu chinta mat kar….!!!”

Geet still was cursing herself while Maan cocooned her inside his embrace and rubbed her back soothing her and stroked her silky hairs softly but his mind was racing as some things were going on behind him and he have to know that immediately.After sometime he saw Geet sleeping on his chest peacefully due to fatigue and crying.He saw trails of tears on her angelic face and cursed him who gave his mishty pain.Geet was helpless on that time and Maan was angry on the person who made Geet like this.Geet was cursing herself for eating papaya.But Geet ate papaya out of taste..she would never resist it like gol gappa and Rano had warned her not to eat in that situation but still ate it which resulted the periods to commence.Maan saw restless who was holding her abdomen and her face was wrinkled in pain and she was feeling restless on his chest as she was feeling totally weak and her legs were numb due to this type of pain.

Maan lifted Geet in his strong arms when she moaned in pain as d force squeezed her abdomen.Maan loosened his grip and she felt relief and Maan walked towards their room and made her sleep gently on the bed.He tucked her in the blanket and went inside the washroom taking towel and changed himself.When he came back to his room then he saw Geet who was searching for his warmth and he chuckled seeing her restlessness.Maan entered inside the blanket and slept beside her and took her on him and made her sleep on him.Geet felt restlessness feeling his rough body which was pricking her like thorn…well on that time no one wants to be irritated like that…Maan saw this and made her sleep gently beside him but Geet frowned lacking the warmth and she cutely came and slept on his left arm and kept her left hand on his right chest and kissed his left chest softly and slept comfortably.

Maan chuckled at her cute gestures and his desires tolled over when he felt her soft lips on his rough left chest and had the urge to eat her alive but resisted and kissed her forehead and slept holding her waist softly.At night she felt pain on abdomen to get high and she moaned in pain and turned that side totally wrinkling her face while Maan was awake due to her pain as she was tossing this side and that side trying to resist and this time the pain was so strong as it was early commence.Maan hovered on her back as she turned that side and started kissing her back softly trying to distract her and Geet moaned in pleasure which made him insane.Maan stopped himself cursing himself as he was tempted by her body and turned that side…but her moan of pain made hims turn her side and hugged her from the back.Maan’s hands slipped on her flat tummy and started making patterns pleasuring her to forget the pain controlling his every cell now as her moan of pleasure was driving him crazy.

After sometime Geet was relaxed as she felt warmth of Maan and she hugged him tightly and slept peacefully.On that time only in the other corner of KM…in guest room…the darkness crept everywhere and only source of light was coming from a night lamp near the study table where the arm chair was comfortably shaking and a person sat shaking it comfortably.That person recalled the previous moments which she had heard..when Nikhila and Annie were arguing….and when the person heard that Geet is feeling stomach pain then the person’s slight red tinged lips widened with victorious smile and had went to the guest room dancing in mind.The person took Maan’s photograph and said softly,”Maan mujhe tumhaari dard mehsoos hota hai..ek baar us Prachi se dhoka khaane ke baad…yeh Geet bhi aayi hai teri zindagi mein..mujhe maaloom tha ki Geet se shaadi karna teri majboori thi..magar is majboori ko mein tumhaari zindagi se ukhaadke phenk doongi..taaki koi bhi humaare beeche mein na aa sake….Maan mein tumse bahut pyaar karti hoon aur is Geet ko tere paas aane se rokne ke liye yahi ek tareekha tha……mein hi thi jisne Geet ko woh papaya khilaayi…..mein hi thi Manmeet ko jail se baahar nikaalne waali aur Geet ko stress dene waali…mein hi thi jisne Geet ke drink pe woh periods ki pills milaadi…..mein hi thi tumhaara suhaag raat rokne waali….magar…tumhaara suhaag raat toh sirf mere saath hoga..jab mere gale mein tumhaara pehena huva mangalsutra hoga…aur maang mein tumhaare naam ka sindhoor…aur jab tak tum mere nahin ho jaate tab tak is Geet ko mein jeene nahin donngi….kabhi nahin…..!!!!”

Roshni Chopra 1926

On that time she got a phone and she answered it and a smile crept on her lips while she swinged her arm chair and said,”Very good….aur haan tumhe iske liye paise dee jaati hai…isiliye Maan ko wahan par ek mahine baand ke rakhna samjhe…kal hi Maan London ka flight chadne waala hai…..!!!!!Aur haan us par ek kharoch bhi nahin honi chaahiye….agar huyi toh tu is duniya mein nahin raehga..samjhe????”She cut the call and she bent and her face came into vision in the bed light lamp which had victorious smile.She was none other than Simran Singhania…who took Geet’s photo and saw it with anger filled eyes and tore it into million pieces and said,”Geet…tujhe humesha Maan ka saaya apne sir par hai isiliye humesha tu meri shikanj se bachke nikal rahi thi..lekin agar Maan hi tere paas nahin rahega to tujhe mujhse bachaane waala kaun hoga?????”Simran saw Geet’s tore photos and gave sinister and victorious smile and laughed impressively still swinging her arm chair.

Precap-6 months leap….

Guys u will be wondering y i gave 6 months leap but it was must for Maaneet…as distance brings closer and what is the purpose of new entry u r thinking which makes Maaneet to bond themselves in unbreakable relationship…now u r thinking what is this fiasco and who’s this Simran Singhania…..she’s d another cousin of Maan and Maan’s mother Nikhila is bua in relation to Simran…Simran had the crush from beginning when she saw Maan in Annie’s birthday of age 19..that is one year ago..from that day she had the crush..but this crush turned into obsession when she had the habit of seeing Maan one year ago…..but on that time she had proposed him though she’s one year elder to him but he refused her proposal as he was in love with Prachi…so this crush turned into obsession and had decided to break Prachi and Maan’s relationship but fate broke them apart but still Maan dint accept Simran then she tried to defame Maan in front of his family then only she was threw out of Khurana family but at the end she apologised Khurana family but this time she had the support of Singhania as Simran has told lies abt Maan that he stole her virtue and so trying to take revenge on Nikhila and Khuranas….

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Geet sobbed feeling d pain on her feminine parts and she sobbed silently and tried to push Maan fm her but he held her naked waist holding it possessively and she sobbed feeling his crushing finger as it was marked by his fingers.Geet saw upwards complaining to her babaji for giving this painful night as a gift of her marraige….she had forceful marraige and forceful suhaagraat where Maan was half-drunk and was tired with exercise and was angered and he nearly raped her but difference is that Geet too responded to his wild passion but still she dont wanted this.Geet tried to get up but his hard body unknowingly pressed her soft petite body that she cant get up so she closed her eyes to catch some sleep but was thinking tomorrow’s Maan’s reaction and she felt restless.But Maan was soothing her restlessness in his way and kissed her neck softly and stroked her hairs slowly to go to sleep.Geet dint had any choice and she closed her eyes tightly and went off to a deep slumber which was peaceful and her hands slipped around his waist in her sleep and he groaned badly and in his sleep still he gave another deep thrust and went off to a deep slumber hugging Geet’s waist possessively.

Next morning sun dawned on Maan’s room making it brighter..today the surrounding was more brighter now making the room fresh and sweet.Maan stirred in his sleep and pressed to the soft ones and held her waist even more tighter which made Geet moan in her sleep.Maan’s M shaped lips curved into cute killer smile hearing her moan and he once again buried his face inside her soft curves.Maaneet slept peacefully some more time while Geet was in deep slumber and Maan stirred in his sleep once again and he opened his wide chocolate brown eyes and lifted his head fm her soft bare curves and saw around him.When he lifted then Geet came into his vision who was in deep slumber.For a moment he thot it was only a dream but when he blinked then he came to reality he did actually first night with her.

Maan was shocked to see her in that state and stood up immediately and saw her state.Her vermilion was scattered away fm her forehead and her soft slender neck was full of love bites.Her curves were red and sour and her lips were swollen and her feminine parts were raw red.Maan banged his back to the wall walking backwards in so much force that his back skin scratched to the edge of d wooden wardrobe and started bleeding but he dint give any attention as he stood seeing her state totally numb.His eyes were widened with shock and soon it resumed the hatredness…not for Geet but for him.Maan gulped down saliva seeing Geet’s state and was afraid of facing her questioning eyes which would accuse him in every possible way.Those hazel almond eyes which were windows of her soul..she would see him with accusable eyes which would burn his soul with guilt….

Maan thot,”What happened to me last night..i lost control, in front of her..who’s she to me..just a mere substitute her sister made gave me to success her plans..that Sameera made her sit in her place thought knowing that i was her would brother-in-law…her sister Sameera made all that fiasco…but Geet never wanted this to herself….she did as her sister said to her..and that too forcibly..but what i did last night was also force…i forcibly had s** with her….(This time he was using the word s** becoz this action was forcible in the view of Geet)..i became just like dad….what have I become….but i hate this girl..and her family…in one day they turned my life upside down….in one second i was her husband not of my choice….!!!”(Though Maan’s was an arranged marraige still he was cheated..and for Geet it was a mere arranged but forcible marraige….arranged in heaven but on that time it was forcible)Maan lowered his head with shame not seeing her state fm his eyes.

Maan came forward and tucked her in the sheet and was abt to go from there but was stopped due to the stir on the bed.Geet moved on the bed and she lifted her hands stretching it still sleeping on the bed and opened her almond eyes slightly and saw Maan rotted to the spot with guilt.Geet blinked and got up and felt the pain around her thighs and saw it entering inside her blanket.Geet was shocked and came outside from her blanket and closed it immediately seeing Maan till her curves and saw Maan who stood there feeling guilty.Maan was observing her from the corner of his eyes while Geet’s eyes welled up and tears poured down from those almond eyes.Maan closed his eyes totally feeling guilty seeing the big fat tears leaking from those painful almond eyes and she tried to stand from the bed but couldnt and she fell on the bed immediately as her knees were wobbly due to the pain in between her thighs.

Maan stood there without giving any helping hand to her while Geet once again tried to stand holding the bed rest firmly and tried to manage her blanket on her closing her naked body from the sheet and holding the bed rest.Maan couldnt see her attempts and ran inside the washroom immediately leaving the baffled Geet of his behaviour.Geet’s eyes welled up once again and tears poured down from her almond eyes.Geet thot,”Why am the unfortunate one…i never get any love from anyone…when i was 5 then i lost my parents then only i came to my uncle’s house…then when i expected the motherly love from Pammi aunty then she gave only hatred to me…then when i expected the motherly love from my sister then for her selfishness my life turned upside down..she bound my hands giving the loyalty towards uncle and have to sit in the mandap…when i expected love from Maan..then he too gave pain to me and left me to burn myself in that pain which he gave me cruelly….why am unfortunate one….!!!!”

Geet cried silently and walked in difficulty holding the bed rest when she felt two strong arms lifting her.Geet was shocked to see Maan who was lifting her on his arms..she noticed guilt in his eyes and he dint even take any glimpse towards her and looked straight and avoided her gaze.Maan carried her to the washroom and placed her gently on the floor and took her blanket and she stood closing her curves and her naked body from her hands whole Maan dint even took a glimpse of her body and took her in his strong arms.When her soft milky white skin rubbed his hard skin then he felt a current run down his spine still resisted it and placed her inside the tub filled lukewarm water and said to her without meeting her eyes,”Stay there for sometime u feel better and get ready for further rituals dadimaa will be waiting for u and if u have any means of pity to Dadimaa then i presume that u wont say anything abt last night……(The last night caught on his throat which Geet understood immediately) and am sorry for everything…..!!!!”That was the last word which he told and ran from washroom feeling totally suffocated..becoz he thot that he had polluted her and her breathing air and cursed himself for doing that and ran towards his gym still half bare.

Dadimaa saw his state and the scratches of Geet’s nails and smiled that actually Maan accepted Geet after that marraige fiasco but least she knew that Maan forced her just like his father always did to his mother and she thanked god for making everything alright.Geet stayed inside the tub and felt better and got up and had the shower and wore a pink color selwaar suit and went downstairs for further rituals…Here Maan exercised aggressively to wear off the mistake he had done lat night but cant be gone so easily while Get asked dadimaa innocently,”Dadimaa…unhe kya pasand hai….!!!!”Dadimaa teased,”Unhe kinhe beta????”Geet blushed furiously and whispered,”Maan ko….!!!!”On that time Maan came downstairs wearing his formals with red color office attire in which he looked even more hot and sexy.Geet unknowingly drooled over him which Maan noticed it and felt uncomfortable and shouted for Nakul,”Nakul..meri black coffee kaha hai????”Nakul came waddling holding a tray of black coffee and stood in front of Maan.Maan took it and took a sip and spat immediately and shouted,”Nakul…meine black coffee maangi thi sugar coffee nahin..tum kisi kaam ke nahin ho….!!!”

Maan went to kitchen to make black coffee but stopped by Geet.Geet said politely,”Aap baithiye…mein aapke liye black coffee laati hoon….!!!!”Maan said rudely,”Koi zaroorat nahin mein apna kaam khud kar sakta hoon…..!!!!”Hearing this Geet’s eyes welled up and said in lower tone which was only audible to Maan painfully,”Haan….mein aapke liye kaun hoon…sorry for invading ur space…..!!!”Maan saw her almond eyes which were glistening with tears and bothered him so much but he was alarmed when dadimaa came towards her.Geet sensed it too and wiped it immediately and Maan noticed it as she was fast of hiding her pain to others.Dadimaa came and said softly,”Geet bete..aap rasoyi ki pooja karke Maan ke liye black coffee le aayiye..Maan chalo ab ye zimmedaari Geet ki hai…!!!”Geet nodded smiling immediately but her eyes always showed pain and Maan noticed it and started her works.Geet did pooja of the stove and kept a water filled vessel and added coffee powder to it and then added one cube of sugar and let it to boil.Maan wanted his coffee to be correctly boiled and d sugar cube will added perfectly to it.

Geet made it and served them and went towards kitchen to prepare breakfast.She made poori and sabzi for dadimaa and macaroni pasta to Maan which was simply delicious.Geet prepared it in one hour and the table was filled with hot smoking pasta with poori and sabzi.Dadima tasted poori and it was simply delicious and gave a diamond necklace to her as a shagun and blessed her whole heartedly.Maan took a spoonful of pasta and he felt a familiar taste and it was so tasty that he relished it totally licking it.The pasta taste was so familiar..and he felt as if his mother prepared the food and he gave one simple smile to Geet and appreciated her.Geet was in cloud 9 when she saw the killer smile of him but thot in her mind,”Why am feeling that am in seventh heaven…he gave only one smile nothing was special but why i felt of drooling over his smile….????”

Maan dint give any moment to talk to her and ran immediately avoiding her and Geet went to the college to attend the classes as she had got permission from dadimaa.

Precap-Maan is coming to Geet’s college to take a private class for Geet’s class….gossip is going on but Geet dont know who is that man.

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On that time lift door opened and Geet exited immediately while Maan followed and said,”Geet meri baat suno…..!!!!”But Geet said angrily,”Mujhe aapki koi baat nahin suni..mujhe chodiye….!!!!”Maan said immediately,”Geet meri baat toh suno….!!!!!”But she dint listen to him and ran fm there still crying and took a taxi to the guest house immediately.Pammi saw Maaneet coming from the lift together and her face burned with anger and thot,”Mein tumhe is office se nikaalke rahoongi Miss Geet Handa…..nahin chodungi tumhe….!!!!”Pammi took her mobile and dialled someone and said to him,”Meri baat kaan kholke sun lo…..!!!!!”

Here Geet reached the guest house and went towards her room and banged the door angrily.Geet was so angry on Maan as he had kissed breaking his promise…but Geet felt a content as he had kissed her with all might…..On that time Maan was abt to take his car when he was stopped by Pammi….Pammi asked angrily,”Kyun kar rahe hai aap aisa..aap humaare saath aisa bartaav kyun kar rahe hai????”Maan dint answer him and was abt to sit inside car when Pammi’s men stood in front of his car blocking his road.Maan’s anger towered and ordered,”Raaste se hat jaavo nahin toh ek ek ko maar doonga….!!!!!!”

Pammi asked once again,”Aap humse is tarah baat nahin kar sakte….hum aapke maa hai..yeh aap apne dimaag mein daaliyega…aur hum kya kar sakte hai aapko andaaza bhi nahin hai….aur aap humein kyun itna beizzat kar rahe hai..aur woh Geet kaun hai..aur aapne apne puraani secretary Tasha ko aapke PS ke kaam ke jagah se kyun hataa diya….!!!!”Maan glared at her and said rudely,”Aapke har sawaal ka jawaab dena zaroori nahin samajhta mein..samjhe aap…..aur aapke chamchon ko kahiye ki mera raasta kholde..nahin toh aap pachtaavoge…unki woh harsh ke liye….!!!!Pammi got angry and lifted her hand to slap him when Maan held it tightly and twsited it and said angrily,”Is ka haq aap ussi din kho chuki hai jis din aapki asliyaat sabke saamne aagayi….aur agar aise harkat ki toh mein aapko ek baar bhi nahin sochoonga….humaare ghar ke sewage gutter mein..samjhe aap…..!!!!!”

Pammi was shocked hearing the rude words of her step-son and said crying,”Bete…humse galati ho gayi….lekin hum aapse bahut pyaar karte hai….hum us waqt jo socha tha woh humaare dimaag mein se nasht ho gayi hai jis din hum aapse door reh rahe hai…jitni bhi gaaliyaan aap dedijiye..lekin humaare saath aisa bura bartaav mat keejiye..hum aapse bahut pyaar karte hai beta….humaari baat suniye….!!!!!”Maan turned towards and her and glared at her and said angrily,”Pyaar…..aap ek maa kehne ki bhi laayak nahin hai..aur aaj bhi mujhe KM mein waapas chaahthi hai kyunki mein ek noton ki maunfacture karne waala ek machine hoon….!!!!!!”Pami said crying,”Nahin bete….hum us waqt aise sochte the..lekin ab hum boodhe ho gaye hai…ab humein apne beton ka sahaara chaahiye….jis din aap ghar chodkar baahar chale gaye us din se Vicky bhi hum se baat karna band kardiya hai….woh kehte hai ki humaari wajaise aap ghar chodke chale gaye…aur yeh sach bhi hai lekin..jis din aap ghar chodkar chale gaye us din se hum aap logon ko kitna miss kiye hai jaante hai….pls beta..is baar humaara yakeen karo….hum yeh jaan gaye hai ki hum aapke bagay nahin jee sakte….!!!!!!”

Maan said angrily,”Jhooth….phir se jhooth..aur kitna jhooth bolegi aap….aaj papa ka yeh haal sirf aapke wajaise hai…..aaj papa ek zinda laash bankar ghar mein baithe hai toh sirf aapke wajaise….aur aap keh rahe hai ki mein aapko maaf kardoon..kabhi nahin Mrs.Parminder Khurana……aur yeh aakhri baar mein aapse keh rahi hoon mere saamne se hat jaayiye..nahin toh aap zinda nahin bachenge….!!!!”Pammi said holding his shoulder,”Beta..humaari baat toh suno…..!!!”But before she would talk to him he sat inside the car and changed the gear and moved it in sudden jerk that her men scattered away scared of their life giving access to his way and he immediately moved his car in one swift moment and went outside swooshing immediately.

Pammi was so disappointed becoz of her attempt and she wiped her crocodile tears and said to herself in her mind.One of the men came and said bowing his head,”Am sorry madam hum unhe rok nahin paaye…..!!!!”Pammi shouted angrily on him,”Woh toh meine dekha tha…..agar uske gaadi ke neeche nahin aate toh tumhaari kuch bigad nahin jaata….!!!!”That man said scared,”Madam..agar meri jaan hi chali gayi hoti..us samay toh….!!!!”Pammi said angrily,”Toh is dharti ka boj toh kam ho jaata…aur waise bhi meri policy yeh hai ki u cant quit when u join my team…karo ya maro..yeh hai meri ussool…aur agar nahin kar paaye….toh jaakar chullu bhar paani mein maro……Samjhe..ab jaavo yahan se…..!!!!The man dipped his head with remorse and went to the busy road and stood in mid way when an horning truck came fastly and went over him immediately and the man fell over opening his eye seeing towards Pammi in pool of blood.

Pammi dint even give any remorse or any guilt and went and sat inside her car while her men saw her with fear while she ordered another man with attitude,”Iska beta ab bees saal ka hogaya hoga haina????”That man said politely,”Jee madam….!!!!”Pammi said,”Toh theek hai…usse KM aaj hi bulaavo..aur kaho ki uske pitah humein bachaate bachaate usne apni jaan dedi..isiliye hum yeh chaahthe hai ki woh humaare body guard bane…aur haan unke liye ek laakh ka compensation bhi leke jaavo….aur kaho ki kal se kaam par aane ko….mujhe bahut saara kaam karwaana hai usse….!!!!”That man nodded and said politely,”Jee madam…..!!!!!”Pammi said immediately showing the man’s dead body where all people were surrounded,”Clean up this mess….!!!!”Pammi’s driver moved his car and she dint even glance her man who had sacrificed himself becoz of her.

Here Geet was thinking abt her reaction in the lift for Maan when he kissed her…..!!!!!”Geet touched her lips where had marked by MSK’s claim….she felt a current run down her spine as feeling his rough lips on her soft supple lips now also…..Geet closed her eyes stil feeling the passion of his rough lips which had today kissed hers gently and caringly but passionately.

When she was thinking then she felt a hand slipping around her soft waist and pinned her soft body to d hard frame.Geet opened her almond eyes and turned to see Maan there who was seeing her lovingly.Maan had come to know after staying with her for a week that he’s falling towards her and this not any attraction but love..still he dint wanted to give that feeling as love..as he never know what is the definition of love.

Maan lowered his lips to captured her petal soft lips…….but stopped himself while Geet was waiting for his kiss but he backed off and saw her painfully.Geet’s eyes pierced his chocolate brown eyes burning him inside and his soul trembled to let out his all the pain but he composed himself and went backwards and walked away while Geet stretched her hnad to stop him and was abt to stop him but she heard a ringing noise and she opened her eyes and saw around her.She was leaning to her bed wall and had closed her eyes and was dreaming abt Maan.Geet was angry that he has started to come in her dream too but her heart was throbbing badly which was rejoicing…she felt so calm after so many days.

She felt contented and couldnt know the reason of this content smile and she saw around her and came to present world.Her phone number was still ringing and she saw the caller id and a wide smile crept on her lips and took it and answered,”Hello….Prithvi….tum kaise hai…aur nayi company ki junior architect kaise hai aap????Humein toh bhool hi gaye hai aap….!!!!”Prithvi said immediately,”Galath vhoti..mein tumhe nahin bhool hoon..tu mujhe bhool gaye ho….aur waise bhi mein honn kaun jab tumhe tumhaara pyaar milgaaya hai MSK ke roop mein…..!!!!!!”Geet said angrily when she heard his name,”Please veerji aap us aadmi ke naam mat leejiyega…meri khoon kholta hai us aadmi ke naam sunte hi…..!!!!”Prithvi now got alarmed..becoz Geet would call him veerji whenever she was sad or too happy or in anger too….and asked worriedly,”Choti..sab kuch theek haina…kahin MSK ne tere saath battameezi toh nahin ki….aur agar kiya toh mein usse nahin chodunga…meri choti ko koi bhi pareshan nahin kar sakta…..!!!!!!”

Geet said immediately hiding the whole fact,”Prithvi mein theek hoon…..tum bhi na….ainvayi samjhte ho…..achcha chod….aaj aapki choti kaise yaad aayi aapko…..kuch kaam tha kya……!!!!”Prithvi said angrily,”Geet tumse milne ke liye ya baath karne ke liye mujhe bahaane ki zaroorat nahin……haan lekin tumhe kuch yaad dilaana tha…..!!!!”Geet asked politely,”Kya…????”Prithvi said,”……..ki kal Sam ki barsi hai uske liye tayyaari karni hai aaj….isiliye tumhe mein apne yahan bulaa rahi hoon….aavogi na……!!!!”Prithvi asked her cutely but eagerly.Geet was shocked and thot,”Sam ke mare huve sirf ek mahina huva hai….aur mein Maan ke baare mein aise soch rahi thi….!!!!”Prithvi shouted on that time,”Choti…..choti……choti……!!!!!!”Geet said immediately coming to present world,”Haan….Prithvi…..!!!!”Prithvi asked,”Kahan kho gayi hai tu…kab se aawaaz lagaa raha hoon…..!!!!”

Geet said immediately,”Kuch nahin Prithvi..bas Sam ki yaad aagayi..ji mein abhi nikal rahi hoon….!!!!”Geet cut the call and packed her clothes…she waited for Maan to come and to inform him as he had warned her so many times but he dint come and she left without informing him abt her whereabouts.Meanwhile Maan had come to guest house but he dint meet Geet and he had left for his private gym as he was in wretched state becoz of the sudden meeting of his step-mom and convo…..he exercised aggressively…he broke bricks….

Gurmeet Choudhary in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3

Gurmeet Choudhary in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3

Photo: last one !!

He took off his shirt exposing greek god body and started exercising aggressively…..he was extremely tired then he remembered Geet..as she came into his mind vision…he felt so much peace and calm when he said her name fm his M shaped lips and he opened his eyes and ran to her room.Geet left her room ajar and he opened it and saw around her room..she wasnt there.Maan dialled to Geet but she dint took her phone as she was busy preparing for the barsi while Maan felt restless…wrong thots started coming to his mind while…Man walked and saw that room has been abandoned and felt a wrong feeling and opened her wardrobe..where he saw her dresses..but some dresses were missing too….Maan thot that Geet had left the house permanently and shouted her name all over the house.

Then Maan asked abt her to the servant when he saw Geet holding a bag and going in taxi.Maan was shocked and was so angry and dialled to someone and said,”Find her..u know whom am talking abt….!!!”And he cut the call immediately.Maan was strodding in tension..as tension lines formed on his forehead.From 10 yrs of his existence…he was never tensed for anyone..and Geet was making him desperate everytime…..Here Geet wasnt worried abt Maan and had immersed herself in the work and when she finished her dinner and saw her mobile then she saw so many missed calls from Maan.Geet was shocked and thot,”Yeh mujhe kyun phone karna chaahthe hai….!!!!!!”But before that Prithvi came to say some work to her so she switched off the mobile and went with him to do the work.When Maan called her cell phone then it said that has been switched off….

Maan was totally angry on her and he was restless all the night and dint slept becoz of Geet that he was dozing off in his arm chair..half-sleep….and his position made his body pain all the way..he wasnt practised of  like this to sleep….he’s the heir of Khuranas and never slept like this before..so he was sleeping halfly…..mumbling in his sleep,”Geet…..Geet…..Geet…..Geet……!!!!!”On that time his cell rung and he woke up with the jerk..he saw the time it was already 7 and he saw his cell buzzing..he took the phone and answered and nodded and got ready immediately and went to the place where his men had informed abt Geet’s whereabouts…..Here Sam’s barsi was abt to end where Prithvi was sitting in havan putting the ghee to the havan kund….while Geet sat there crying silently remembering Sam..her friend….Geet wore white color selwaar kameez and Sam’s friends were there…..Prachi,Milind who were couple who loved her like her sister while Anant,Navya,Viren,Jeevika,Virat and Maanvi were their best friends who were too mourning for her.

Maan came to the place with full attitude and got down fm the car wearing a white see thru shirt with blue denim jeans and went towards the place where Sam’s barsi was going on and shouted angrily,”Geet…..!!!!!”Everyone saw towards the source of sound while Geet was shocked to see Maan there.Geet astonished,”Maan….!!!!!”While Maan spitted fire to her immediately and said,”Geet..tumhaari himmat kaise huyi mujhe naa bataaye yahan aane ki…..!!!!”Geet’s friends except Prithvi saw Maan to Geet shocked while Prithvi was abt to tell him abt the barsi but Maan held his hand to stop him immediately.Maan said dragging Geet,”Chalo mere saath…..!!!!!”Geet said standing firmly,”Kahan????”Maan said angrily spitting fire fm his eyes,”Tumne meri yakeen toda hai….tumhe kya lagta hai ki tum mujhe dhoka dekar chaligayi toh mein yahan dhoond nahin paavoonga….!!!!”Viren said immediately holding Geet’s elbow,”Oi chod usse..aur tum hote kaun ho isske saath battameezi karne ki…..!!!!”Maan saw  the hold on Geet by Viren and was abt to punch him but Geet shouted immediately,”Nahin……!!!!”

Maan saw her closed eyes and ears that he dint punch Viren and she opened her almond eyes to see Maan smirking at her.Geet saw him with disgust and said,”Aaj meri dost ki barsi hai….isiliye mein yahan aayi thi Prithvi ne mujhe bulaaya….aur mein aapko bataane ki koshish ki aur meine aapka intezaar bhi kiya lekin aap nahin aaye isiliye mujhe yahan aana pada…..!!!!!”Maan said angrily,”Jhoot..phirse jhoot…..tumhe himmat kaise huyi mujhse jhot bolne ki…..!!!!”On that time Viren said,”Oye…Geet tumhe jhoot bole ya sach…tumhe kya farak padti hai…BTW tu hai kaun…aur chod Geet ko…agar usse choone ki koshish ki toh mein nahin chodoonga tumhe…..!!!!!”Maan was abt to punch him when Geet made Viren mum immediately,”Viren pls..chup raho…..!!!!!!”She was scared for Viren as she knew Maan’s temper….but Maan dint even answer him and pulled her fm d elbow and said,”Chalo….!!!!”Viren was abt to speak when Geet pleaded to him to keep quiet and went with him quietly.

Maan immediately lifted her in his strong arms doubting she will go fm him once again and made her sit inside the car gently and tied the seat belt and took the driver seat and drove the car in top speed…while Geet fell silent….Geet was so anger on him now that she gave a disgusting glare and turned seeing outside…Maan drove the car even more faster still hearing her silence where Geet was fed up with his possessiveness while he drove the car even more faster…Geet was angry on Maan that she dint even speak till they were in outskirts of Delhi.Geet broke silence finally and asked,”Aap mujhe kahan leke jaa rahe hai….!!!!!!!”Maan dint answer and he chnaged the gear to higher level….Geet asked angrily,”Gaadi rokiye…..!!!!”Maan dint obey her order while he drove the car faster while Geet said immediately,”Agar aap gaadi nahin roki tu mein kood jaavoongi…..!!!!”For Maan herked the car and stopped it immediately near deep ditch and pulled her towards the deep ditch and said angrily,”Ye lo koodo….!!!!”Geet was scared seeing the deep ditch and she nodded totally scared and hugged him tightly when he was abt to get angry on her even more.

When she hugged him tightly then he felt a current run down his spine and he felt a funny jolt and his anger which had tolled over started vanishing into thin air.Maan felt her soft milky skin rubbing to his rough ones.Geet was totally scared and she hugged him even more tightly and he felt her soft bosom pressing his rock chest and he closed his eyes totally calm and content and he reciprocated her hug and hugged her crushing her every bones.Maan’s rough M shaped lips touched her shoulder skin and he kissed it softly inhaling her scent which was driving him crazy on that time.Geet too felt content and she rubbed her cheek to his cheek feeling his hug and she too closed her eyes hugging him even more tightly.Maan’s hands went on her soft milky back which was tied from the dori.

His long fingers moved on her back skin and a moan escaped from those petal like lips and he kissed her shoulder skin even more possessively.After some ages i think Geet opened her eyes and saw herself hugging Maan and Maan lost in her hug and Geet’s eyes widened in shock and she pulled herself fm him and saw him with total shock and said angrily,”Door rahiye aap mujhse….!!!!!”Geet stepped back and she tripped and fallen inside the deep ditch while Maan screamed,”GGGGGGGeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttttttttt………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


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When Maan opened d ghoongat then he got d shock of his life as it wasnt Sameera but Geet who was crying silently in front of him.Somewhere in his corner of his heart he was feeling rejoiced but major part was he was cheated and Maan was angry on Sameera’s parents who cheated him and his family.Dadimaa was shocked and she brutally had a row with Singhania family and went fm there taking Geet with her as she some where accepted Geet as her daughter-in-law.But Maan never accepted Geet but he was always attracted towards her and he also disowned her and dint gave his name to her also.

Maan’s POV-My state was like a betrayed and fooled man by Singhanias and i was angry…I went to my private gym and started exercising aggressively…My mind lingered on the scene where i was betrayed from Sameera…i thot she’s my destiny but i dint know that my life is gonna change in one night.I was the husband of Geet now ..Sameera’s sister..whom i had attraction which was so fatal..that i crossed my limit every time…..this desires took over me so much..this venomous desire….i exercised aggressively still feeling the betrayal and when i was totally tired then i came back to me room where my bride was sitting with hooded veil hiding her face….

My blood rushed thru my body in my veins and my face turned red instantly and i held Geet fm her elbow and pulled her fm the bed and pushed her fm my room and slammed the door on her face.Then i leaned to my door calming myself closing my eyes when i heard the sobbing of her…i wanted to console her pulling her inside my tight embrace but my pain was towering and couldnt swallow the truth that he has been betrayed…what would this society thinks….but i was thinking abt d society for d 1st time….dint know what will be their reaction…but her sobbing started to grew louder and i couldnt tolerate it and opened it and shouted on her angrily,”Tumhaari problem kya hai…tum yahan se jaa nahin sakti kya….Q mere liye mushkile khadi kar rahi ho…..!!!”

Geet was abt to say when she got a phone…her phone was on my bed inside my room…Geet ran inside and answered the phone…Geet got conscious when she saw d caller id and i saw her expressions which were changing and she adjusted her tone and said,”Hello….!!!!”It was her one of my friend Armaan who had phoned up to know his friend’s state of mind after d fiasco which went on in d marriage…and i thot her as betrayer..i was seathing with anger and blinded with my anger that i thot that she has connection between her friend Armaan that i fumed with anger.

Geet answered,”Mein theek hoon Armaan…..mein apne chaahne waalon se hi shaadi kiya hai…mein unse pyaar karti thi..aur aage karta rahoongi..tum chinta mat karo woh mujhe achche se dekh baal karenge….!!!!”I was baffled hearing her instant answer..firstly she had betrayed me and secondly she telling lies to her friend Armaan…I couldnt tolerate her presence and snatched her phone and threw it which landed on the bowl of water which contained candles and rose petals.

Geet saw him with shock and i said angrily,”Tum mujhse pyaar karti ho….!!!”Geet was trying to tell me something but i dint listen to her and pulled her to my hard frame and slammed my lips on her petal ones.When her petal ones touched my rough lips then i felt a current run down my spine but my anger towered and i crushed her lips inside my rough ones.Geet tried to push me but i was nibbling her lips harshly and sucked her honey sweet juice.Geet punched her small fist on my rock chest which made my skin burn becoz of the desires..venomous desire….Geet moaned between the kisses which made me insane and lifted her in my strong arms without leaving her lips.

Geet tried to free herself but i was so strong that she couldnt..I slammed my bedroom door fm my leg and carried her without leaving her petal like lips to my bed…I placed her and hovered on her and loosening her dress dori…Geet moaned and tried to push me which made my anger tower and bit her lips harshly for she gasped and my tongue entered inside her mouth…she was so sweet..and her mouth was full of honey sweetness…..she had turned 19 this year which was making her beauty swelling as maturity was happening inside her body.I ripped her dress in swift moment my hands roamed on her soft milky skin….Geet felt this new sensation and she responded me..but i was getting wilder to her seeing her tenderness…my wild side was getting aroused and was coming in front of Geet…i left her swollen lips and feasted her neck which was soft and slender and i groaned badly when i felt her fingers on my muscles…i was getting aroused by her simple touch…..Maan turned her and made him to face her back.Maan’s fingers moved on her skin and it burned her and her chest started heaving back and forth.She felt a current run down her spine feeling his soft slender fingers which were dominating her to touch her skin.Maan nibbled her lips and sucked its honey sweet juice in urgency while Geet parted her lips melting in his touch which was creating a havoc inside her.Maan’s tongue entered inside her mouth and plundered her treasure.She was so sweet that he wanted to eat her alive now only.A heat was produced inside both Maaneet’s veins and Geet gripped Maan tightly as he was giving weight on her.Maan hovered on her rubbing his body which made her gasp as a current run down her spine.A fire was ignited inside the both of them and Maan’s eyes pierced seeing her barrier.He ripped off her shirt immediately and saw her naked body with desireful eyes.Maan came on her and took her lips into the soul searing kiss while his hands was busy taking off her inside barriers.Geet’s hands lingered on his back which made him a current run down his spine feeling her innocent touch.he took off his vest exposing his greek god body.Geet gulped down seeing his taut muscles and perfect shape of waist which was sweating becoz of the pleasure which Geet was creating becoz of her simple touch.Maan the got rid of his pant and inners and joined her naked and saw her with desireful eyes asking permission to proceed.Geet still tried to push him off which made his anger to tower.Maan got angry and took her lips angrily pinning her to his hard frame.He kissed her lips angrily and showed his pain and frustration on her lips.He bit her lips with frustration and pain that it’s got bleeding and a lone tear escaped from those almond eyes becoz of the pain.Geet tired to resist his proximity but still she was melting away in his touch that she hugged him feeling extremely shy..a red tinge crept on her cheeks which Maan dint notice and he bit her bosom harshly.Maan kissed her lips passionately and broke apart to grab some air then he went and kissed her neck and sucked it.He bit her neck and licked it to soothe the pain and a moan escaped from those petal like lips.His hands went to her curves and started caressing it and squeezing it softly.Geet moaned feeling the sensation which was melting her inside his fire and he was craving for her love once again.Geet’s hands went back and rubbed it sensually then pleasure towered inside him and he kissed her neck and bit it.Geet dug her nails moaning his name and Maan took her one curve and bit it.He then played with her another curve and kissed it biting it marking his possession.But still he was towered by his desires and anger which made her totally vulnerable to his passion.Her moan made him insane that he took off the duppatta immediately and kissed her milky soft slender neck and entangled his fingers on hers.Geet felt his wild passion which made her melt and she moaned his name which made him insane.Maan feasted her soft neck till his fill and left it making it raw red for which she winced in pain and pleasure.Maan once again came on her curves and held it with his rough palm and started stroking it totally giving pleasure to her.Geet moaned badly and he took her one mount inside his mouth and sucked it hungrily.Geet moaned as her nails dugged inside his flesh making him groan in pain and pleasure.Maan sucked her one mount till it was sour with his biting marks and bit her n****e making her moan badly.He was enjoying her moan with feasting her mount and left it when it was red with sour.Geet was breathing heavily and blushed when he was feasting her another mount.His hands were possessively stroking her mount and his erect m*****d was tickling her abdomen fm d barrier.Maan pulled her panty in swift moment and lifted her one thigh and entered inside her immediately.Geet gasped feeling the pain while he rubbed his palm on her soft curves.Geet’s pleasure towered over pain and she moaned his name immediately and she encircled her legs around his waist.Maan made her sleep on the bed and entered once again feeling her warmth.Geet moaned and she bit her lips feeling the sensation while he rocked backwards and forwards making her pleasure tower.Her lips were swollen and he took it once again to bit it suck it and taste its honey sweet juice.Geet dug her nails feeling his inside her and a lone tear escaped from her almond eyes.Maan groaned entering inside her with deep powerful thrust and Geet moaned badly.But his anger had towered on her and he once agin entered inside with deep powerful thrust that Get screamed with pain.Geet pleaded for not taking anymore but he was blinded with anger and he forcefully thrust inside her once again and she sobbed harder feeling his throbbing m*****d.Maan dint realise her pain and he thursted inside her once again and collapsed on her pounding on her one last time with his wild passion.After some time she felt his snore who was sleeping on breathing on her neck softly and had a very content peaceful expression on his face.

Geet sobbed feeling d pain on her feminine parts and she sobbed silently and tried to push Maan fm her but he held her naked waist holding it possessively and she sobbed feeling his crushing finger as it was marked by his fingers.Geet saw upwards complaining to her babaji for giving this painful night as a gift of her marraige….she had forceful marraige and forceful suhaagraat where Maan was half-drunk and was tired with exercise and was angered and he nearly raped her but difference is that Geet too responded to his wild passion but still she dont wanted this.Geet tried to get up but his hard body unknowingly pressed her soft petite body that she cant get up so she closed her eyes to catch some sleep but was thinking tomorrow’s Maan’s reaction and she felt restless.But Maan was soothing her restlessness in his way and kissed her neck softly and stroked her hairs slowly to go to sleep.Geet dint had any choice and she closed her eyes tightly and went off to a deep slumber which was peaceful and her hands slipped around his waist in her sleep and he groaned badly and in his sleep still he gave another deep thrust and went off to a deep slumber. hugging Geet’s waist possessively.

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Geet saw those chocolate brown eyes and said firmly,”Am not gonna call u Maan…..!!!!”Maan held her shoulder tightly for she felt pain as her face wrinkled and Maan said angrily,”Meri har baat ko tum naa kehti ho….call me Maan….!!!!”Geet nodded no vigorously which made him glare at her with anger but stopped himself and said,”Ok…dont call me but u hv to play a game with u and if u fail in that then u will call me Maan till my death…..understand….!!!”

Geet came to rebellious mode and said firmly seeing Maan straight in his eyes,”Ok..but this time i win….!!!!”Maan smirked giving d killer smile and left her where she came back to her cabin and took d deep calming breath.Geet saw around her after breathing and saw it was so beautiful cabin with colors of red as her fav color is red and a smile crept on her lush lips.Maan was observing this and he too smiled seeing Geet fm his cabin where they were seperated by a glass where he can see her every movement.

Geet took her file while Maan phoned her up.Geet answered it and Maan said cutely but lovingly,”Miss Secretary….mein kaam kar raha hoon so i dont need any kind of disturbance got it????”Geet said politely,”Jee sir….!!!!”Maan was smirking seeing her expression while Maan turned that side to work as he was so much attracted towards her cute antics and adorable face.On that time Maan’s old secretary was trying to call Pammi while Pammi was calling d office fm her mobile.

Geet answered the phone and said,”Khurana Constructions…!!!!!”Pammi felt a new voice and asked,”Mujhe Maan se baat karvaayiye aur aap kaun hai????”Geet said immediately,”Mein Mr.Khurana ki secretary hoon..nayi secretary aur aap….!!!!”Pammi was shocked and thot,”Maan ne secretary badaldi aur mujhe bataaya thak nahin….aur yeh ladki kaun hai….!!!!”Geet said politely,”Hello..madam…..aap wahan hai kya????”Pammi said with attitude,”Jee haan…mujhe Maan se baat karvaayiye….!!!!”Get answered politely,”Am sorry madam…woh sir ne kaha ki unhe koi disturb na kare….!!!”

Pammi got angry and said with attitude,”What the hell…aap humein mana kar rahi hai aap jaanti bhi hai ki hum kaun hai….!!!!”Geet said politely,”Nahin madam….!!!”Pammi said immediately,”What????”Geet said politely,”Jee madam..lekin bahut jald jaan jaavoongi aap kaun hai lekin is waqt mein sir ki order follow kar rahi hoon aur unhone strictly mana kiya hai kisi phone ko transfer karne se..so am sorry madam….!!!!”Maan was working on some file that he dint notice Geet’s trouble and Geet answered Pammi politely but Pammi was fuming with anger that she cute d call immediately.

Geet felt that she was harsh to her but she took off that from her ind while Pammi was fuming with anger and said clentching her hand as if crushing something and said,”Maan ne humaara call nahin liya this is not done…kuch toh change usme hai…aaj kal ghar nahin aa rahe hai…aur us guest house mein rehte hai..kya hai us guest house mein….pata lagaana padega…..!!!!”Pammi took her car and drove to the guest house and reached there to talk to Maan while the servant said that he has gone to office while Pammi said that she has come there to see around her everything is in order or not.

Servant wasnt suspicious abt her intentions and walked past her to do his work leaving her alone in d house.Pammi walked towards his room and entered it and saw around her.Pammi saw his room was in order and saw around her and saw his study room.Pammi tried to enter the room but it was locked and wondered why Maan had locked it and couldnt understand his intentions.Then Pammi got a phone and Maan’s old secretary said sighing,”Thank god aapne call liya madam…woh madam…Maan sir ne mujhe Sasha ki secretary banaa diya hai aur unke liye ek naya secretary laa diya hai..aur aap mujhse koi umeed mat rakhiyega aage…Qki us Sasha ke under kaam karna itna asaana nahin…i cant work for u anymore…..!!!!!!”Pammi said,”Never ind but tell me what is the name of his new secretary????”

The secretary said,”Geet….Geet Handa….!!!!!”Pammi heard it and cut the call and started searching about her here in his room then she dint get to know about her…as she knew she’s some one special for Maan had brought and made her as his secretary.Pammi was tired searching about her then she dialled to her people and ordered them to know abt Geet fully.Here Geet befriend with Pinky who was the receptionist and Adi who was handling accounts dept.Pammi had lot tried to fire him fm Maan’s office with the help of his old secretary that she was unsuccessful and thus Adi had become very much loyal to Maan in the office so he was fascinated to see a strange glow in Maan’s eyes when he was introducing Geet to the office.

So Adi to get to know abt Geet he became friend of her.Geet dint know abt this and she get to know the environment of the KC.Geet started to adjust in the environment when she got another call to Maan…this time it was fm his dadi.Geet answered politely,”Khurana Constructions….!!!”Dadi dint get the familiar voice which always she got fm the old secretary she had ticked her number that sometime she would cut the call and whenever Adi or Pinky took the call then she would talk with Maan or else the old secretary would never let dadi to talk with Maan.But now dadi felt a warmth of the voice which was polite and calm that Dadi asked politely,”Aap kaun hai..aur Maan ki secretary kaha gayi????”

Geet asked politely,”Jee aap…..!!!!”Dadi answered politely,”Hum Savitri Devi hai…Maan ki dadimaa….aur aap…..!!!!”Geet said politely,”Namaste madam……mein Maan sir ki nayi secretary hoon….!!!!!!”Dadi was surprised and thot,”What happened to old secretary and asked politely,”Jee woh puraani secretary kaha gayi..aur usne koi protest bhi nahin ki jab Maan ne aapko rakha tab….!!!!”Geet dint say anything abt that while Dadi said warmly,”Aap humse kuch mat chupaayiyega…humein sab maaloom ho jaata hai aapke na bataaye bagay….!!!!”Geet said politely,”Jee mera woh matlab nahin tha madam…woh Maan sir ki puraani secretary ne Maan sir ko dhamki dee thi ki woh Pammi madam ko bataadegi iske baare mein lekin Maan sir ne unki ek nahin suni aur mujhe rakh diya….!!!!”

Dadi felt a helplessness in Geet’s tone and said warmly,”Bete…shaayad aap unki secretary banneke laayak hai isiliye rakha hoga…aur aap chinta mat keejiye..Maan itne bure bhi nahin hai….!!!!!”Geet dint wanted to disappoint the old lady complaining abt her grandson’s behaviour that she said politely,”Jee madam….!!!!”Dadimaa asked politely,”Kya aap humein Maan se baat karvaa sakte hai????”Geet dint wanted to disappoint the old lady but still she was following Maan’s orders that she thot and she said politely,”Am sorry madam…woh aaj kisise bhi baat nahin karna chaahthe….!!!!”Dadimaa was disappointed but she wanted to make her to be in her good books so dadi asked Geet abt her sweetly.

Dadi joked something that Geet laughed and this was seen by MSK who saw Geet laughing with someone talking in phone.Maan came to his cabin after several times of not answering his phone that he banged inside her cabin and shouted angrily,”Tumhe phone ki ghanti sunaayi nahin deti….!!!”Geet was alarmed seeing him in anger that she stood seeing him puzzled and saw that he actually called her and stuttered,”Am sorry sir…woh….woh phone pe aapki dadimaa baat kar rahi thi toh mujhe nahin sunaayi di….!!!!!”Maan saw the hunged up phone and took it and said,”Hello…..!!!!”Dadimaa said after hearing his shouting,”Maan bata hum Geet se baat kar rahe the…aap un par Q chilla rahe the….humne phone kiya tha unhe…aapse baat karni thi….!!!!”

Maan asked sternly,”Kya baat karni thi aapko?????”Dadimaa asked,”Hum aapse poochna chaahthe the ki aaj bhi aap ghar nahin aayenge kya…bete kab tak aap baahar rahenge….humse toh aap milne nahin aayenge????”Maan said rudely,”Nahin dadimaa..jab tak woh aurat us ghar mein rahegi..tab tak mein nahin aa sakta….aur haan agar woh aurat baahar gayi toh mein us ghar mein aavoonga nahin toh aap mujhe bhool jaayiye…..!!!!!”Dadi was so hurted with d words and said,”Ab hum aapko na dekhe bagay mujhe marna hoga kya…..!!!!!”Maan dint answer her and he cut the call immediately and said smirking mishchievously,”Kaam ke wqat time waste karne se mein tumhe kaam se nikaal doonga yeh socha hai toh yeh tumhaari galafaimi hai jaan…..mein tumhe zindagi bahr nahin chodne waala..samjhi tum…..!!!!!”

Geet glared at him and said keeping her hands on her hips,”Oh hello..meine phone nahin kiya aapke dadimaa ko woh khud hi phone kiye the aur jab meine kaha ki aap phone nahin lena chaahthe tab unhone mujhse hi baat karna shuru kardiya….aur jab meine mana karne waali thi tab aap mujhe phone cheen liya…aur waise bhi mein time waste karo ya na karo….usse kuch badalne waala nahin haina….!!!!!”And she folded her hands across her chest making cribbing face.Geet was looking adorable in that expression that he felt to eat her alive and walked towards her.Geet got conscious and walked backwards but before she could struck by his body and the wall she escaped and on that time she got another phone.

Maan saw Geet’s cheeks had turned red due to blush that he gave a mischievous smirk

Geet cribbed seeing her mischievous smile and she answered the phone.The phone was fm his client which he refused to take and she answered that Maan dont wanted to answer any of his call.Geet felt awkward when Maan stared her liking eating her and came behind her and stood behind her breathing on her shoulder.Geet got conscious and was abt to walk forward but Maan held her tummy and whispered huskily in her ear,”U still want to call me sir????”Geet nodded yes to his question while Maan said huskily which made her shiver down her spine,”Then get ready for d game jaan….!!!!”Geet saw around her where everyone were seeing them with total astonishment that she pushed him fm her and went fm there feeling extremely awkward.

Maan saw the staff and glared at them for they lowered their eyes immediately and ran for their life.Geet started working as Maan called her to his cabin for dictation.Geet knocked the door and a stern manly voice said to come in.Geet went inside and Maan said her sit down and started giving dictation to her.Meanwhile Pammi came to know everything abt Geet and came to office immediately with attitude.All the staff wished her while she walked towards Maan’s cabin.Pammi saw Maan sitting with someone dictating something and the girl was scribbling something in a note pad.Pammi entered without knocking and stood in front of Maan who was fuming becoz of d banging entry of his mother.

Maan was abt to shout on his mother that she cut across him and said sternly to Geet,”Kaun ho tum….tumhe sharam nahin aati doosron ki jagah cheen ne mein…!!!!”Geet saw her puzzled and stood innocently,”Yeh bholi aankhen kissi aur ko dikhaayiyega..mujhe nahin aur aapki himmat kaise huyi Maan ke secretary ko nikaalne ki….!!!!!!”Before Geet would answer her,Maan said immediately and sternly,”Us sawaal ka jawaab aap wahan nahin mujhe poochenge to behtar hai…aur aapko koi haq nahin hai mere maamle mein dakhal andaazi dene ki….!!!!!Aur waise bhi meine usse mere secretary ke kaam se nikaala hai is office se nahin…toh behtar hai ki aap yahan se jaaye aur dobaara is office mein paavo bhi nahin rakhiyega….!!!”

Geet saw the scene with shock while Pammi’s eyes welled up and asked painfully,”Aap mujhse is tarah Q baat kar rahe hai beta….hum aapke maa hai….!!!!”For which Maan glared at her and said sternly,”Aap jaa sakti hai….!!!!”Pammi wiped her tears immediately and turned but she gave an accusing look to Geet for Geet dint understand and stared Pammi innocently.Pammi exited d cabin like a storm and all the staff saw the scene with shock.Maan controlled his anger and saw Geet’s hazel brown eyes which was unknowingly assuring him to calm himself that he calmed himself immediately.Maan said to Geet,”Geet is file ko le jaavo aur complete karo..and i want it this evening and give my dictation to print and send it by fax….i want it very urgent or else u have to call me Maan as u will lose ur bet….!!!!”

Geet was shocked and saw him with stunned belief and thot,”Now he was shouting with anger on his mother and made her to cry and now he was talking abt the bet…!!!!!”Which made her feel disgusted and asked angrily,”Aapko sharam nahin aati..apne maa se is tarah baat karne ki…..pata nahin woh kis haalat mein hogi aur aap unke baare mein sochne ke bagay aap humaari bet ke baare mein baat kar rahe hai….!!!!!”Maan said rudely,”Tumhe unke baare mein chinta karne ki koi zaroorat nahin…!!!!!”Get said,”But….!!!”But Maan came forward to hold her which made her alarmed and she ran fm d cabin immediately.Then Maan saw Geet’s cribbing face and pouting lips that he admired her cute antics having a smile on his M shaped lips.

This was seen by Pammi who saw Maan expressions with fumed anger and thot,”Mujhe rulaa kar aap muskuraa rahe hai…dekhiyega agar mein aapko nahin rulaaya toh mera naam Parminder nahin….!!!!”Pammi exited the KC immediately and Adi and Pinky saw each other worriedly.Becoz they knew Pammi is a dangerous woman who can go any lengths to ruin other’s life and they were scared for Geet who was so innocent in this matters.Geet ready her file in time and was abt to go to submit it to Maan when Maan was not in his cabin.Geet saw him going outside that she followed him calling him sir that he entered the lift and she entered too to catch him up and Maan immediately pressed the lift button to close the door.

Maan held her by her waist when she was falling on the lift door and pulled to his hard frame.Geet felt a current run down her spine but she pushed herself fm him and and said,”Aap ek minute ke liye ruk nahin sakte the kya..mujhe aapko yeh file dikhaana tha….!!!!”But Maan said smiling mischievously,”Tum bet haar gayi thi aur mujhe ek ghante mein file chaahiye tha lekin tumne do ghanta lagaa diya…so u hv lost ur bet….!!!!”Geet was shocked that he was really playing with her and said immediately,”Yeh cheating hai….!!!!”Maan said giving teasing smile,”Meine kab kaha ki mein sach mein tumse sahi raaste se jeetna chaahtha hoon….!!!!”While Geet showed her back to him angrily where lift was moving slowly.

Maan hugged Geet fm d back and kissed her soft milky shoulder while Geet clentched her fist to control her desires.She felt that she’s been burned with d hot fire which was inside Maan.Maan said kissing her shoulder ever so softly,”Call me Maan….!!!!!!”But Geet nodded no stubbornly for Maan got angry and he bit her shoulder harshly for she yelped with pain and pleasure.His hands moved on her tummy slowly and went inside her top and rubbed her milky white skin sensually and kissed his love bite and licked it sensually.

Geet started breathing due to his seduction that her knees were weakly hanging on her body while he pressed his rock chest to her milky white back and said with dominance,”Call me Maan…..!!!!”Before Geet respond him his another hand went sensually on her shoulder and hands that she gave up and moaned loudly,”Maan…..!!!!”Maan smirked with enormous satisfaction and kissed her another shoulder ever so possessively……..

Geet went to the trance when she felt his warm lips on her shoulder that she clentched her fist tightly but it was freed when his fingers were entangled to her palm opening her tight fist.Maan took her soft slender neck giving butterfly kisses and kissed her nape ever so possessively.Geet was in trance that she felt her legs weak like a jelly and she was abt to fall but Maan pinned her to his hard frame crushing her back inside his embrace and he kissed her shoulder…neck…nape and kissed her hairs inhaling her feminine scent.A moan escaped fm those lush lips which made him insane and he turned her swiftly and took those petal lips slamming his rough ones on it.Geet felt his hands were roaming on her back nibbling her lips and she was in trance that she hugged him with all might.

After an ages of time which they felt they broke apart to grab some air when the lift was still moving as they r in second floor which was reaching d ground floor dat she saw Maan with horrified expression and her eyes welled up.Maan was in trance and he forwarded to kiss her once again and then only Geet said angrily,”Stay away fm me….!!!!”She showed her finger to him which broke his trance and saw Geet’s accusing eyes which were glistening with tears.He so much hated her tears that Maan forwarded his hands to wipe her tears which made her to shout hoarsely,”Meine kaha mujhse door rahiye….!!!!!”?Maan was speechless as he couldnt answer her accusing look..he had broken his promise that he lowered his eyes with guilt…..

On that time lift door opened and Geet exited immediately while Maan followed and said,”Geet meri baat suno…..!!!!”But Geet said angrily,”Mujhe aapki koi baat nahin suni..mujhe chodiye….!!!!”Maan said immediately,”Geet meri baat toh suno….!!!!!”But she dint listen to him and ran fm there still crying and took a taxi to the guest house immediately.



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Aaj meri best buddy Tamanna ki birthday hai so aaj yeh update uski naam ki hai….Tamanna happy b’day shona and love ya so much…..


Maan cut d call immediately hearing her sweet voice but Geet was hell angry on him now for cutting her call and pouted,”When i dint answer him then he troubled me to pick up d call but when i scolded him then he cut d call…..hey babaji[god]y made this special piece????”She pouted cutely and went fm there angrily.Maan sighed still seeing d laptop screen & got ready for d bachelor’s party while Geet wore d navy blue color patiala for their bachelor’s party.

Maan arranged everything for Geet in Handa mansion with security,Brij was in charge of d security of Geet.He was walking like a shadow to her while he was doing d marraige preparation paralelly.Meanwhile in faraway of d outskirts of Delhi in d burnt cement factory a summon was going on secretly oblivious to d fact a pair of eyes watching it.The meeting was going on on some topic which was having an extreme serious problem and the men were discussing how to destroy Nikhila’s life.How to make Nikhila’s life as hell…and the people who were discussing the problem were none other than Nikhila’s family..her brother Santhosh Singhania and her sister-in-law Anjum Singhania.

Santhosh said angrily,”Now we cant destroy the marriage or stop it as Maan will be having the tight security which cant be penetrated by anyone..it only be done when the inside people help us….!!!!”Anjum was thinking abt the problem when someone came and gestured to them to be dont worry.Then Santosh and Anjum were happy and they exited the place feeling extremely pleased with the man who assured them to be dont worry.They were oblivious for the fact that a pair of eyes watched them with fear.

On that time only Geet and her girl friend’s were enjoying girl’s bachelor’s party where Maan was sitting in his party dull and sad.He was missing his mishty so much.He too was wondering that how a person gets inside their heart that their slightest presence give them the joy of the life while if they will be far away then they feel empty and hollow….Maan was sipping his drink slowly seeing around him where boys were enjoying the party chatting with each other.

Maan’s friends saw Maan in that state and talked between them,”Ye lo..kiske liye party rakha hai woh toh enjoy hi nahin kar raha sirf hum log enjoy kar rahe hai….!!!”Then his one of friend poured some strong matured whisky to the glass and gave it to Maan.Maan dint think abt it and took it in one sip and on that time a girl started dancing in front of the boys sexily brushing her thighs and curves to him.She also came to Maan to seduce him but Maan stood far away refusing her touch as he always felt suffocated whenever a girl touched him other than Geet.

But Maan’s friends dint give the oppurtunity to him and dragged him to the dance floor.On that time only Geet was enjoying her party with dadimaa,Annie,Pinky,Tasha & Meera.They were enjoying when a pair of eyes saw the party intently.When Geet came to d vision of d pair of eyes then that eyes turned to hunger gaze which was seeing Geet tip to toe lustfully.Geet felt some uneasiness and saw around her as if she felt a hungry gaze of someone on her while everyone stopped and Annie said angrily,”Dadi..this isnt fair..socho bhai wahan kitna maze kar raha hoga aur humein sirf itne se hi khush kardiya….!!!”

When Annie pouted then dadimaa too said sarcastically,”Haan Annie..pata nahin mere bete aur mere teen pote kya gul khilaa rahe hai…aur woh bhi us ball dancers ke saath….!!!”Geet screamed immediately,”Ball dancers……!!!”Which showed the extreme jealousy,”Unhone toh mujhe bataaya hi nahin….!!!”Dadimaa said calmly,”Kaise bataate bete…Qki Maan ko iske baare mein pata hi nahin hoga…yeh toh aapke papa ka choice hai….pata nahin sharaab ke nashe mein kya haalat hogi unki….!!!”Annie said cutely smiling,”Kya mera boyfriend itna forward hai….lekin badimaa ko kya jawaab denge…jab unhe pata chala toh….!!!”

Dadimaa said immediately laughing heartily,”Woh toh aapke badimaa ke saamne chuhe banjaate hai…..!!!”Annie said immediately,”Lekin badimaa hai kaha subah se meine unhe dekhi nahin…..!!!Lekin dadi mujhe bhai ki party gate crash karni hai….sach me….i want to see my boyfriend urf badepapa ko….!!!!!”Dadimaa smirked and said,”Theek hai beta….lekin ab Nikhila ko bhi saath le jaate hi….shaayad woh marraige preparation busy hogi….Q Geet beta manzoor hai….!!!”Geet dint think twice as she too was missing Maan and wanted to meet him or have to say embrace him  tightly after their cute quarrel in the phone and have to kiss him to the oblivion that she gave dadimaa thumps up.

Geet got ready wearing d blue color chudidar in which she looked so beautiful and walked towards the hotel where Maan’s bachelor’s party was going on.But someone was disappointed seeing them exit the HM and the person followed Geet secretly as he wanted to fulfill his plan of kidnapping Geet.On that time Maan was dancing with d belly dancer for d song Sheila Ki Jawani

Geet saw Maan with d belly dancer and stood folding her hands seeing him with jealousy.Maan felt Geet’s presence and saw around him and saw Geet standing near d doorway while Adi got tensed seeing Geet there.Amarnath too saw d doorway with popped eyes as Nikhila glared at him as he too was dancing with Maan.Geet came to Maan and glared at him and went from there.Maan followed her immediately to manofy her.Maan said follwing Geet fastly,”Geet meri baat toh suno….!!!”But Geet cut across him and asked angrily,”Kaun thi woh ladki….!!!!”Maan tried to explain her but Geet dint listen to him and was going then someone tried to shot on her to make her unconscious but failed and Maan saw an arrow go across him not hurting him and was shocked and saw a sharp edged arrow which was abt to pierce her and Maan shouted with panic,”Geeeeetttttt….!!!!”

Geet turned and was scared on his panic and asked coming inside his hard frame,”Kya huva Maan..aap aise Q chilla rahe ho????”Maan was shocked and saw around him immediately but no one was there while on that time only a man escaped the party silently.Maan saw around him and he dint see a single person and he got silent and crushed her inside his hard frame tightly so dat air wont enter between them.Geet dint know abt the arrow and Maan became silent due to Geet’s health and he smiled lovingly.Geet saw this and said,”Aap mujhse khel rahe ho….kaun thi woh ladki…..!!!”

Maan got alarmed seeing his sherni who had held his collar cutely and showing her big brown eyes in anger.Oh god she was luking more adorable in that expression that he thot of eating her alive….he dint know that she had so much fire inside her that would make him melt and mould to her accord.Geet left his collar and walked angrily leaving him alone but he followed her immediately on that time he started singing to manofy her.

Geet danced with them only to maintain the dignity of the party and then went from there angrily.Geet was abt to enter the lift but she felt that she has been lifted and saw around her to see Maan there who was carrying Geet in his strong arms while Geet said angrily,”Chodiye mujhe….mujhe neeche utaariye…nahin toh….!!!!!!”Maan said lovingly,”Nahin toh kya jaan….!!!!”Geet blushed inwardly seeing Maan’s lovely stare but she composed and said angrily,”Nahin toh mein chilla doongi…..!!!!”Maan said freely,”Theek hai chill do lekin baad mein mujhe blame mat karna jab mein kuch karoonga tab…..!!!!”Geet glared at him and before she would scream her mouth was sealed with something rough ones and only moan came outside which was so pleasurable that she fell silent relishing it becoz Maan had sealed his rough lips on her petal ones relishing it.

Maan nibbled those luch lips and sucked its honey sweet juice and Geet encircled her arms around his neck pulling him near to her.After the passionate kiss Maan left her swollen lips licking it last time and gave a lovely stare catching some breath.Geet was totally lost in his kiss that she dint realised when he took off his lips fm her lips that when she opened her hazel almond eyes then Geet blushed seeing his lovely stare.Maan knew that Geet couldnt leave a second without talking to him and admired her love which was showering on him unconditionally.

Maan took Geet in his arms to his private suite where he had planned a date with her with the help of Annie bribing a car for the deal and that too the sports car.Maan entered their room and made her sit on d bed which was decorated with rose petals and she knew his intentions and after all he’s her husband and she blushed furiously.Maan dint ask her anything and took her right hand and said bowing,”Shall we dance Mrs.Khurana???”Geet blushed furiously and nodded flushing and stood and started to dance for the song maashallah……

After the dance he so much wanted to spend the time with Geet so she switched off his mobile and sat beside her taking her inside his embrace and asked,”Geet…am sorry mujhe pata nahin kab mein us ladki ke saath dance kar raha tha woh Kunal ne mujhe strong whisky pilaa dee aur mujhe beech dance floor mein chod diya..isiliye mujhe dance karna pada to keep the dignity of the party…am sorry jaan…dont think me as betrayer…..!!!!”Geet sensed the pain and cupped his face and said,”Aap apne aapko doshi mat tehraayiye…woh am sorry mein kuch zyaada hi over react kar baithi…mujhe aap par poora bharosa hai….!!!!!”

Maan was happy seeing her trust and took her lips totally swallowing it.Now he was totally addicted to her….her non stop chatter box….her cute adorable antics….her cute pouting face…her unconditional love and promised himself that he’ll protect her keeping inside his embrace and cocoon her fm evil eyes and wrong intentions.After the passionate kiss which made her lips even more swollen due to his kiss that he licked it to soothe her pain and Geet calmed a bit inside his embrace and relaxed totally lying on his chest and hugging him fm his waist in sitting position.Geet inhaled his manly scent and kissed his left chest which were exposed slightly fm his shirt and Maan groaned and complained cutely,”Dont tempt me jaan….!!!!!”

Geet giggled totally and kissed his hard rock chest softly and he pushed her to the bed swiftly pinning her hands to the bed and lied on her pressing her soft body with his rough body.Maan glared at her almond eyes hungrily and Geet blushed furiously and moaned,”Maan……!!!!!”Her moan made him insane that he took off the duppatta immediately and kissed her milky soft slender neck and entangled his fingers on hers.Geet felt his wild passion which made her melt and she moaned his name which made him insane.Maan feasted her soft neck till his fill and left it making it raw red for which she winced in pain and pleasure.

Maan licked his love bite slowly and soothe her pain but Geet screamed in pleasure and said,”Maan dont give me those tortures….!!!!”Geet wanted him to enter inside her but Maan ws busy feasting her body to lower his erotic wild passion.He was hypnotised seeing Geet in that dress that he wanted eat her alive completely.Maan unzipped her top immediately still feasting her soft neck and took her top in swift moment.He saw her full mounts which were held tightly with d help of b**.He hated it and unhooked to release her mount.His fingers moved on her back slowly for she moaned loudly feeling his fingers on her back.But Maan unhooked her b** and immediately held it with his rough palm and started stroking it totally giving pleasure to her.

Geet moaned badly and he took her one mount inside his mouth and sucked it hungrily.Geet moaned as her nails dugged inside his flesh making him groan in pain and pleasure.Maan sucked her one mount till it was sour with his biting marks and bit her n****e making her moan badly.He was enjoying her moan with feasting her mount and left it when it was red with sour.Geet was breathing heavily and blushed when he was feasting her another mount.His hands were possessively stroking her mount and his erect m*****d was tickling her abdomen fm d barrier.

She so much hated the barrier and she took off his shirt in swift moment exposing his rock chest and taut muscles which were flexing when it was moving on her body.Maan groaned feeling her soft slender fingers and he kissed her every bit of finger lovingly and licking it.Geet blushed feeling his love and he slept beside her feeling totally aroused becoz of her innocence.Maan dint know what was happening to him as he was getting uncontrollable time after time that he was totally addicted to Geet and if she wasnt with him then he cant live without her.

Geet took the oppurtunity and sat him rubbing her thighs on his flat tummy and kissed his forehead slowly and eyes….and nose..and pecked his lips.His whole body burned when he felt a small peck of her lips for he was totally aroused that he groaned badly and squeezed her mounts harshly.Geet screamed in pain and pleasure,”Maan….!!!!”Maan said feeling guilty giving her pain,”Sorry jaan….!!!!!”But Geet was in way of teasing him and she pinned his hands to the bed and kissed his chest slowly.Maan groaned badly feeling her soft warm lips and her thighs which was sensually rubbing his hardness.Maan glared at her giving this torture while Geet smiled victoriously as he was giving her so many tortures.

But in the end Maan got victory and he crushed her soft body under his rough body gasping her and making her skin burn with desires.Geet moaned badly and he slammed his lips on her swollen lips kissing her passionately.Geet thot that he enter inside her immediately but Maan controlled that desire with enormous difficulty that she kissed his cheek feeling his concern towards her.After another round of love making,Geet was sleeping peacefully on Maan’s chest where Maan observed her content serene face lovingly which has content smile.Maan kissed her forehead softly and made her sleep on him comfortably.

It was midnight when Maaneet reached fm d party as Annie,Meera and Pinky teased her so much seeing the love bite on her neck.Geet was totally blushing and was cursing Maan for giving that torture and giving that marks.Maan saw Geet lovingly and she would blushed furiously remembering their passionate moment in their suite.Geet blushed and cursed herself for giving the permission to meet him during their marraige preparation as he wasnt leaving her single moment to be in peace.Still her love was doubling up due to his gestures…he had accepted Geet as his life partner fm his heart and mind and was enjoying his company so much.

Next morning everyone got ready for haldi ceremony but Maan wanted to put haldi on Geet first and ran to HM to put her haldi but saw that she was sleeping peacefully on her bed.Maan smiled at her innocence and made her get up cutely.Geet was shocked Maan to see there and asked in single breath to not to torture her like yesterday night.Maan chuckled at her cuteness and put haldi on her and ran fm there before anyone comes to know.Geet was happy that he had come to put the haldi over her and was happy so much.Maan also gifted a blue tooth to her so that he’ll in touch with her and she can know his every movement.All the ceremonies were going on and mehendi ceremony was set up and Geet said Maan’s name to right on her palm blushing furiously.

After that Geet got ready wearing d red color lehenga which was so heavy and d jewels were too heavy but Geet wore it due to Maan as he dont want to hurt him.Maan hadnt seen that the lehenga was so heavy but still he was imagining Geet to be in that dress where she was most beautiful girl in the whole world.

and the jewels too…….

 jewelry Fashion 2012

Geet got ready and sat inside her room waiting for baaraat to come while Maan was giving his gestures as Geet listened in the blue tooth silently not making Meera and Pinky to know that she’s talking to Maan.Maan was teasing Geet so much while she glared at his gestures and pouted cutely for he was totally fida.On that time her friends went outside leaving her alone in the room for work and listening fm Geet that baraat has come near their doorway.Everyone was ready to welcome Maan and his family holding the aarti while Geet cribbed cutely which was audible to Maan that how much time she have to be far away fm him.Maan gave a cute killer smile and fell silent as Rano was doing aarti.

On that time Geet who was sitting on her bed in her room felt someone moved across her fm the back and she got scared and asked,”Kaun hai waha…..!!!!!”No one answered her and she felt someone was moving behind her and saw it fm d shadow and she turned back immediately and saw with wide eyes.Geet whispered softly,”Manmeet…..!!!!”Maan dint hear this as d music was loud near him.Geet shouted immediately,”Maan…..!!!!!”But Manmeet tried to unconscious her by his handkerchief which contained chloroform but Geet pushed him all her might and ran towards the door shouting,”Maan…..!!!!!”Maan heard her shout and said holding blue tooth,”Geet…..!!!!”Geet shouted once again,”Maan….!!!!!”But Manmeet dint let her escape and pulled her towards him to carry her immediately for which Geet kicked him and was struck between his shoulders.

Maan stood near d doorway of d Handa Mansion and he heard d screaming of Geet fm his blue tooth and was so worried and said to everyone,”Geet is in danger…i heard her screaming voice…!!!”Brij,Vicky,Dev were worried seeing Maan say that and asked abt that when Maan answered taking d blue tooth fm his ear,”Meine blue tooth se suna……!!!”Maan ran towards Geet’s room while Geet saw d stalker as Manmeet who was walking towards her with lustful eyes seeing her in her wedding attire….

Geet screamed once again,”Maan…..!!!!!!”Maan came inside her room where she was sitting and waiting and saw Manmeet walking towards her and before he hold Geet’s hands Maan pulled her towards his embrace and Geet saw Maan and hugged him immediately and tightly.

Maan glared at Manmeet……

Manmeet came forward to beat Maan but Maan held his shoulder and twisted it and said smirking,”Guru ke saath hi panga….!!!!!”Manmeet screamed with pain while security came and held arrested Manmeet immediately while Geet hugged Maan tightly still she was scared to be parted by him or else Manmeet will misbehave with her.Maan consoled her lovingly,”Jaan…ab woh tere zindagi barbaad karne nahin aayega….dont worry….mein hoona……!!!!”Geet’s almond eyes were glistened with tears which pierced Maan.Maan immediately wiped her tears and went fm there leaving Meera and Pinky with Geet.After some time all the rituals started and Geet was summoned to mandap and the ceremonies went on rapidly.

Geet was blushing when they played d garland game and Maan cutely lowered his neck first and gave a lovely stare to her.Geet put the garland and Maan too put the garland and proceeded to further rituals.

And thus the rituals ended and came the time of bidaai where Geet cried hugging her mother and taayji both.Maan couldnt see his mishty crying anymore and assured taayji and Rano that he’ll take care of her.Everyone were totally happy but also sad as their apple of the family is going away with her life.Brij hugged Geet tightly and kissed her forehead….and then she hugged Rajji and Tito and said them to take care of themselves.Maaneet sat in their car and the Khuranas left for KM where dadimaa and Annie was ready with d grahapravesh ceremony.

Precap-Suhaagraat or not?????

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