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Aaj meri best buddy Tamanna ki birthday hai so aaj yeh update uski naam ki hai….Tamanna happy b’day shona and love ya so much…..


Maan cut d call immediately hearing her sweet voice but Geet was hell angry on him now for cutting her call and pouted,”When i dint answer him then he troubled me to pick up d call but when i scolded him then he cut d call…..hey babaji[god]y made this special piece????”She pouted cutely and went fm there angrily.Maan sighed still seeing d laptop screen & got ready for d bachelor’s party while Geet wore d navy blue color patiala for their bachelor’s party.

Maan arranged everything for Geet in Handa mansion with security,Brij was in charge of d security of Geet.He was walking like a shadow to her while he was doing d marraige preparation paralelly.Meanwhile in faraway of d outskirts of Delhi in d burnt cement factory a summon was going on secretly oblivious to d fact a pair of eyes watching it.The meeting was going on on some topic which was having an extreme serious problem and the men were discussing how to destroy Nikhila’s life.How to make Nikhila’s life as hell…and the people who were discussing the problem were none other than Nikhila’s family..her brother Santhosh Singhania and her sister-in-law Anjum Singhania.

Santhosh said angrily,”Now we cant destroy the marriage or stop it as Maan will be having the tight security which cant be penetrated by anyone..it only be done when the inside people help us….!!!!”Anjum was thinking abt the problem when someone came and gestured to them to be dont worry.Then Santosh and Anjum were happy and they exited the place feeling extremely pleased with the man who assured them to be dont worry.They were oblivious for the fact that a pair of eyes watched them with fear.

On that time only Geet and her girl friend’s were enjoying girl’s bachelor’s party where Maan was sitting in his party dull and sad.He was missing his mishty so much.He too was wondering that how a person gets inside their heart that their slightest presence give them the joy of the life while if they will be far away then they feel empty and hollow….Maan was sipping his drink slowly seeing around him where boys were enjoying the party chatting with each other.

Maan’s friends saw Maan in that state and talked between them,”Ye lo..kiske liye party rakha hai woh toh enjoy hi nahin kar raha sirf hum log enjoy kar rahe hai….!!!”Then his one of friend poured some strong matured whisky to the glass and gave it to Maan.Maan dint think abt it and took it in one sip and on that time a girl started dancing in front of the boys sexily brushing her thighs and curves to him.She also came to Maan to seduce him but Maan stood far away refusing her touch as he always felt suffocated whenever a girl touched him other than Geet.

But Maan’s friends dint give the oppurtunity to him and dragged him to the dance floor.On that time only Geet was enjoying her party with dadimaa,Annie,Pinky,Tasha & Meera.They were enjoying when a pair of eyes saw the party intently.When Geet came to d vision of d pair of eyes then that eyes turned to hunger gaze which was seeing Geet tip to toe lustfully.Geet felt some uneasiness and saw around her as if she felt a hungry gaze of someone on her while everyone stopped and Annie said angrily,”Dadi..this isnt fair..socho bhai wahan kitna maze kar raha hoga aur humein sirf itne se hi khush kardiya….!!!”

When Annie pouted then dadimaa too said sarcastically,”Haan Annie..pata nahin mere bete aur mere teen pote kya gul khilaa rahe hai…aur woh bhi us ball dancers ke saath….!!!”Geet screamed immediately,”Ball dancers……!!!”Which showed the extreme jealousy,”Unhone toh mujhe bataaya hi nahin….!!!”Dadimaa said calmly,”Kaise bataate bete…Qki Maan ko iske baare mein pata hi nahin hoga…yeh toh aapke papa ka choice hai….pata nahin sharaab ke nashe mein kya haalat hogi unki….!!!”Annie said cutely smiling,”Kya mera boyfriend itna forward hai….lekin badimaa ko kya jawaab denge…jab unhe pata chala toh….!!!”

Dadimaa said immediately laughing heartily,”Woh toh aapke badimaa ke saamne chuhe banjaate hai…..!!!”Annie said immediately,”Lekin badimaa hai kaha subah se meine unhe dekhi nahin…..!!!Lekin dadi mujhe bhai ki party gate crash karni hai….sach me….i want to see my boyfriend urf badepapa ko….!!!!!”Dadimaa smirked and said,”Theek hai beta….lekin ab Nikhila ko bhi saath le jaate hi….shaayad woh marraige preparation busy hogi….Q Geet beta manzoor hai….!!!”Geet dint think twice as she too was missing Maan and wanted to meet him or have to say embrace him  tightly after their cute quarrel in the phone and have to kiss him to the oblivion that she gave dadimaa thumps up.

Geet got ready wearing d blue color chudidar in which she looked so beautiful and walked towards the hotel where Maan’s bachelor’s party was going on.But someone was disappointed seeing them exit the HM and the person followed Geet secretly as he wanted to fulfill his plan of kidnapping Geet.On that time Maan was dancing with d belly dancer for d song Sheila Ki Jawani

Geet saw Maan with d belly dancer and stood folding her hands seeing him with jealousy.Maan felt Geet’s presence and saw around him and saw Geet standing near d doorway while Adi got tensed seeing Geet there.Amarnath too saw d doorway with popped eyes as Nikhila glared at him as he too was dancing with Maan.Geet came to Maan and glared at him and went from there.Maan followed her immediately to manofy her.Maan said follwing Geet fastly,”Geet meri baat toh suno….!!!”But Geet cut across him and asked angrily,”Kaun thi woh ladki….!!!!”Maan tried to explain her but Geet dint listen to him and was going then someone tried to shot on her to make her unconscious but failed and Maan saw an arrow go across him not hurting him and was shocked and saw a sharp edged arrow which was abt to pierce her and Maan shouted with panic,”Geeeeetttttt….!!!!”

Geet turned and was scared on his panic and asked coming inside his hard frame,”Kya huva Maan..aap aise Q chilla rahe ho????”Maan was shocked and saw around him immediately but no one was there while on that time only a man escaped the party silently.Maan saw around him and he dint see a single person and he got silent and crushed her inside his hard frame tightly so dat air wont enter between them.Geet dint know abt the arrow and Maan became silent due to Geet’s health and he smiled lovingly.Geet saw this and said,”Aap mujhse khel rahe ho….kaun thi woh ladki…..!!!”

Maan got alarmed seeing his sherni who had held his collar cutely and showing her big brown eyes in anger.Oh god she was luking more adorable in that expression that he thot of eating her alive….he dint know that she had so much fire inside her that would make him melt and mould to her accord.Geet left his collar and walked angrily leaving him alone but he followed her immediately on that time he started singing to manofy her.

Geet danced with them only to maintain the dignity of the party and then went from there angrily.Geet was abt to enter the lift but she felt that she has been lifted and saw around her to see Maan there who was carrying Geet in his strong arms while Geet said angrily,”Chodiye mujhe….mujhe neeche utaariye…nahin toh….!!!!!!”Maan said lovingly,”Nahin toh kya jaan….!!!!”Geet blushed inwardly seeing Maan’s lovely stare but she composed and said angrily,”Nahin toh mein chilla doongi…..!!!!”Maan said freely,”Theek hai chill do lekin baad mein mujhe blame mat karna jab mein kuch karoonga tab…..!!!!”Geet glared at him and before she would scream her mouth was sealed with something rough ones and only moan came outside which was so pleasurable that she fell silent relishing it becoz Maan had sealed his rough lips on her petal ones relishing it.

Maan nibbled those luch lips and sucked its honey sweet juice and Geet encircled her arms around his neck pulling him near to her.After the passionate kiss Maan left her swollen lips licking it last time and gave a lovely stare catching some breath.Geet was totally lost in his kiss that she dint realised when he took off his lips fm her lips that when she opened her hazel almond eyes then Geet blushed seeing his lovely stare.Maan knew that Geet couldnt leave a second without talking to him and admired her love which was showering on him unconditionally.

Maan took Geet in his arms to his private suite where he had planned a date with her with the help of Annie bribing a car for the deal and that too the sports car.Maan entered their room and made her sit on d bed which was decorated with rose petals and she knew his intentions and after all he’s her husband and she blushed furiously.Maan dint ask her anything and took her right hand and said bowing,”Shall we dance Mrs.Khurana???”Geet blushed furiously and nodded flushing and stood and started to dance for the song maashallah……

After the dance he so much wanted to spend the time with Geet so she switched off his mobile and sat beside her taking her inside his embrace and asked,”Geet…am sorry mujhe pata nahin kab mein us ladki ke saath dance kar raha tha woh Kunal ne mujhe strong whisky pilaa dee aur mujhe beech dance floor mein chod diya..isiliye mujhe dance karna pada to keep the dignity of the party…am sorry jaan…dont think me as betrayer…..!!!!”Geet sensed the pain and cupped his face and said,”Aap apne aapko doshi mat tehraayiye…woh am sorry mein kuch zyaada hi over react kar baithi…mujhe aap par poora bharosa hai….!!!!!”

Maan was happy seeing her trust and took her lips totally swallowing it.Now he was totally addicted to her….her non stop chatter box….her cute adorable antics….her cute pouting face…her unconditional love and promised himself that he’ll protect her keeping inside his embrace and cocoon her fm evil eyes and wrong intentions.After the passionate kiss which made her lips even more swollen due to his kiss that he licked it to soothe her pain and Geet calmed a bit inside his embrace and relaxed totally lying on his chest and hugging him fm his waist in sitting position.Geet inhaled his manly scent and kissed his left chest which were exposed slightly fm his shirt and Maan groaned and complained cutely,”Dont tempt me jaan….!!!!!”

Geet giggled totally and kissed his hard rock chest softly and he pushed her to the bed swiftly pinning her hands to the bed and lied on her pressing her soft body with his rough body.Maan glared at her almond eyes hungrily and Geet blushed furiously and moaned,”Maan……!!!!!”Her moan made him insane that he took off the duppatta immediately and kissed her milky soft slender neck and entangled his fingers on hers.Geet felt his wild passion which made her melt and she moaned his name which made him insane.Maan feasted her soft neck till his fill and left it making it raw red for which she winced in pain and pleasure.

Maan licked his love bite slowly and soothe her pain but Geet screamed in pleasure and said,”Maan dont give me those tortures….!!!!”Geet wanted him to enter inside her but Maan ws busy feasting her body to lower his erotic wild passion.He was hypnotised seeing Geet in that dress that he wanted eat her alive completely.Maan unzipped her top immediately still feasting her soft neck and took her top in swift moment.He saw her full mounts which were held tightly with d help of b**.He hated it and unhooked to release her mount.His fingers moved on her back slowly for she moaned loudly feeling his fingers on her back.But Maan unhooked her b** and immediately held it with his rough palm and started stroking it totally giving pleasure to her.

Geet moaned badly and he took her one mount inside his mouth and sucked it hungrily.Geet moaned as her nails dugged inside his flesh making him groan in pain and pleasure.Maan sucked her one mount till it was sour with his biting marks and bit her n****e making her moan badly.He was enjoying her moan with feasting her mount and left it when it was red with sour.Geet was breathing heavily and blushed when he was feasting her another mount.His hands were possessively stroking her mount and his erect m*****d was tickling her abdomen fm d barrier.

She so much hated the barrier and she took off his shirt in swift moment exposing his rock chest and taut muscles which were flexing when it was moving on her body.Maan groaned feeling her soft slender fingers and he kissed her every bit of finger lovingly and licking it.Geet blushed feeling his love and he slept beside her feeling totally aroused becoz of her innocence.Maan dint know what was happening to him as he was getting uncontrollable time after time that he was totally addicted to Geet and if she wasnt with him then he cant live without her.

Geet took the oppurtunity and sat him rubbing her thighs on his flat tummy and kissed his forehead slowly and eyes….and nose..and pecked his lips.His whole body burned when he felt a small peck of her lips for he was totally aroused that he groaned badly and squeezed her mounts harshly.Geet screamed in pain and pleasure,”Maan….!!!!”Maan said feeling guilty giving her pain,”Sorry jaan….!!!!!”But Geet was in way of teasing him and she pinned his hands to the bed and kissed his chest slowly.Maan groaned badly feeling her soft warm lips and her thighs which was sensually rubbing his hardness.Maan glared at her giving this torture while Geet smiled victoriously as he was giving her so many tortures.

But in the end Maan got victory and he crushed her soft body under his rough body gasping her and making her skin burn with desires.Geet moaned badly and he slammed his lips on her swollen lips kissing her passionately.Geet thot that he enter inside her immediately but Maan controlled that desire with enormous difficulty that she kissed his cheek feeling his concern towards her.After another round of love making,Geet was sleeping peacefully on Maan’s chest where Maan observed her content serene face lovingly which has content smile.Maan kissed her forehead softly and made her sleep on him comfortably.

It was midnight when Maaneet reached fm d party as Annie,Meera and Pinky teased her so much seeing the love bite on her neck.Geet was totally blushing and was cursing Maan for giving that torture and giving that marks.Maan saw Geet lovingly and she would blushed furiously remembering their passionate moment in their suite.Geet blushed and cursed herself for giving the permission to meet him during their marraige preparation as he wasnt leaving her single moment to be in peace.Still her love was doubling up due to his gestures…he had accepted Geet as his life partner fm his heart and mind and was enjoying his company so much.

Next morning everyone got ready for haldi ceremony but Maan wanted to put haldi on Geet first and ran to HM to put her haldi but saw that she was sleeping peacefully on her bed.Maan smiled at her innocence and made her get up cutely.Geet was shocked Maan to see there and asked in single breath to not to torture her like yesterday night.Maan chuckled at her cuteness and put haldi on her and ran fm there before anyone comes to know.Geet was happy that he had come to put the haldi over her and was happy so much.Maan also gifted a blue tooth to her so that he’ll in touch with her and she can know his every movement.All the ceremonies were going on and mehendi ceremony was set up and Geet said Maan’s name to right on her palm blushing furiously.

After that Geet got ready wearing d red color lehenga which was so heavy and d jewels were too heavy but Geet wore it due to Maan as he dont want to hurt him.Maan hadnt seen that the lehenga was so heavy but still he was imagining Geet to be in that dress where she was most beautiful girl in the whole world.

and the jewels too…….

 jewelry Fashion 2012

Geet got ready and sat inside her room waiting for baaraat to come while Maan was giving his gestures as Geet listened in the blue tooth silently not making Meera and Pinky to know that she’s talking to Maan.Maan was teasing Geet so much while she glared at his gestures and pouted cutely for he was totally fida.On that time her friends went outside leaving her alone in the room for work and listening fm Geet that baraat has come near their doorway.Everyone was ready to welcome Maan and his family holding the aarti while Geet cribbed cutely which was audible to Maan that how much time she have to be far away fm him.Maan gave a cute killer smile and fell silent as Rano was doing aarti.

On that time Geet who was sitting on her bed in her room felt someone moved across her fm the back and she got scared and asked,”Kaun hai waha…..!!!!!”No one answered her and she felt someone was moving behind her and saw it fm d shadow and she turned back immediately and saw with wide eyes.Geet whispered softly,”Manmeet…..!!!!”Maan dint hear this as d music was loud near him.Geet shouted immediately,”Maan…..!!!!!”But Manmeet tried to unconscious her by his handkerchief which contained chloroform but Geet pushed him all her might and ran towards the door shouting,”Maan…..!!!!!”Maan heard her shout and said holding blue tooth,”Geet…..!!!!”Geet shouted once again,”Maan….!!!!!”But Manmeet dint let her escape and pulled her towards him to carry her immediately for which Geet kicked him and was struck between his shoulders.

Maan stood near d doorway of d Handa Mansion and he heard d screaming of Geet fm his blue tooth and was so worried and said to everyone,”Geet is in danger…i heard her screaming voice…!!!”Brij,Vicky,Dev were worried seeing Maan say that and asked abt that when Maan answered taking d blue tooth fm his ear,”Meine blue tooth se suna……!!!”Maan ran towards Geet’s room while Geet saw d stalker as Manmeet who was walking towards her with lustful eyes seeing her in her wedding attire….

Geet screamed once again,”Maan…..!!!!!!”Maan came inside her room where she was sitting and waiting and saw Manmeet walking towards her and before he hold Geet’s hands Maan pulled her towards his embrace and Geet saw Maan and hugged him immediately and tightly.

Maan glared at Manmeet……

Manmeet came forward to beat Maan but Maan held his shoulder and twisted it and said smirking,”Guru ke saath hi panga….!!!!!”Manmeet screamed with pain while security came and held arrested Manmeet immediately while Geet hugged Maan tightly still she was scared to be parted by him or else Manmeet will misbehave with her.Maan consoled her lovingly,”Jaan…ab woh tere zindagi barbaad karne nahin aayega….dont worry….mein hoona……!!!!”Geet’s almond eyes were glistened with tears which pierced Maan.Maan immediately wiped her tears and went fm there leaving Meera and Pinky with Geet.After some time all the rituals started and Geet was summoned to mandap and the ceremonies went on rapidly.

Geet was blushing when they played d garland game and Maan cutely lowered his neck first and gave a lovely stare to her.Geet put the garland and Maan too put the garland and proceeded to further rituals.

And thus the rituals ended and came the time of bidaai where Geet cried hugging her mother and taayji both.Maan couldnt see his mishty crying anymore and assured taayji and Rano that he’ll take care of her.Everyone were totally happy but also sad as their apple of the family is going away with her life.Brij hugged Geet tightly and kissed her forehead….and then she hugged Rajji and Tito and said them to take care of themselves.Maaneet sat in their car and the Khuranas left for KM where dadimaa and Annie was ready with d grahapravesh ceremony.

Precap-Suhaagraat or not?????

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