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Thus the rituals ended and came the time of bidaai where Geet cried hugging her mother and taayji both.Maan couldnt see his mishty crying anymore and assured taayji and Rano that he’ll take care of her.Everyone were totally happy but also sad as their apple of the family is going away with her life.Brij hugged Geet tightly and kissed her forehead….and then she hugged Rajji and Tito and said them to take care of themselves.Maaneet sat in their car and the Khuranas left for KM where dadimaa and Annie was ready with d grahapravesh ceremony.

Maaneet came and stood near d dehleez of the KM and Dadimaa and Annie stood facing Maaneet.Annie did aarti of Maaneet.Then Dadimaa said,”Geet bete..aap apne daayne pair se kalash ko giraayiye aur ander aayiye…!!!”Geet nodded but Maan said to Geet,”Ruko Geet….!!!”Eveeryone saw him apprehensively while Maan nodded to Adi who went giving a smile to Maan.Adi brought a wet mud and kept it in front of Maaneet’s feet.

Geet saw Maan with questioning eyes while Maan said,”Jaan…kalash ko giraane ke baad apne pair us par rakho…i want ur feet imprint on it….!!!!”His words brought tears on Geet’s eyes but wiped it immediately when Maan frowned and slowly kicked d kalash of rice and kept her feet on d wet mud and her feet imprint came when she took back.

Now Dadimaa said,”Maan..Geet ko apne bod mein uthaayiye…!!!!!”Maan lifted her immediately and she blushed when she felt his hands on her back which tickled her so much.Maan gave a lovely stare and Dadimaa said to Maan to bring her to the courtyard.

After all the rituals which ended with full on masti and leg pulling of Maaneet Maaneet were let free with totally annoyed Maan and blushing Geet.But their trouoble was never ending when dadimaa said Maan to lift Geet in his strong arms then Meera,Annie,Vicky and Dev made her totally red from the face giving teasing look to Geet.Maan glared at them for making his mishty like this while he lifted her in his strong arms and was made her to take inside their room.

Maan carried Geet inside the KM in his strong arms and took her to their room after all the rituals.There was someone who was seeing Maaneet intently.Maan entered the room with Geet and made her stand on the floor and said,”Jaan..tum change karlo…!!!!!”Geet nodded and went inside the washroom while Maan heard the arguing of Annie and Nikhila.Nikhila shouted angrily as she never shouted at anyone anytime but this time she was glaring at Annie angrily,”Annie..kam se kam aap humein pooch liya hota..ki Geet kya khaati hai aur peeti hai….aapko usse galati se papita khila di kal aur keh rahi ho ki aapko maaloom nahin tha….Geet toh abhi abhi mature huyi hai lekin aapko in sabke baare mein experience haina..kya sikhaaya tha humne aapko..sab bhool gayi ki jab din nazdeeg ho toh papita khaani chaahiye…..aur aap aise samay mein usse papita kkhilaadi….!!!!!”

Annie was crying and said,”Kasam se badimaa meine bhabhi ko kuch bhi nahin khilaayi sirf meine khaayi thi….aur meine bhabhi ko offer bhi nahin kiya….!!!!”Nikhila said angrily,”Jhoot mat boliye aap…humein maaloom hai ki aapko papita bahut pasand hai aur aap apne aapko nahin rok paati usse khaane mein humne mana kiya tha na usse khaane se…kyunki aapko bhi pooja mein havan mein baithna hai..aaur aap humaari baat nahin suni aur poora khaa liye,,jab meine kal dekha toh papita aadha kata huva tha aur meine humne Nakul ko strictly warn kiya tha ki woh aapke saamne na lekar jaaye..lekin aapne..humaari baat taaldi….jaayiye hum aapse baat nahin karenge….!!!!!

Maan interrupedted immediately and said to Nikhila,”Maa..shaayad isme Annie ki koi galati nahin hogi…aap kyun Annie ko daant rahe hai….aap rukiye mein Geet se poochta hoon…..!!!!”Nikhila said angrily,”Koi zaroorat nahin bete…aur waise bhi woh kehrahi hai ki usse pet dard ho raha hai…meine socha shaayad khaana hazam nahin hoga isiliye pet dard ho raha hai lekin usne kaha ki neeche ki pet dard ho rahi hai…abdomen mein aur jab meine usse perids ke baare mein pocha toh usne kaha ki kal ka date tha…magar aaj hi hogaya hai iska matlab ye hai ki usse shaayad periods commence ho gaya hai lekin woh confirm bhi ho gaya jab meine papaya gaayab huva dekhkar….aur Annie ne khud confess kiya hai ki usne khaaya..lekin jhoot bo, rahi hai ki usne Geet ko kuch nahin diya….balki Geet bataa rahi hai ki usne kal raat ko khaaya…agar Ranoji dekha hota toh woh mana karti lekin….uske peeche khaayi hai Geet ne….!!!”

Nikhila made Annie to walk with her leaving thoughtful Maan..he was so much suspicious abt Manmeet..how he came inside inspite of all the security and that too direct to Geet’s room and this papaya incident was making him more fishy and was confirmed that inside person involved in this but he wasnt figuring out that who’s the person.Maan came back to his room still thinking when he heard Geet crying from wahsroom.Maan was panic and ran inside the washroom breaking the door and was shocked to see Geet like that.Geet had curled up and was crying hoarsely cursing herserlf.Maan asked worriedly,”Jaan..kya huva tum ro kyun rahi ho????”Geet saw Maan without thinking she came inside his embrace and stammered still crying,”Mein aapki achchi patni nahin ban saki….yeh sab mere wajaise huva hai….!!!!”She cried her heart out while Maan asked stroking her loose hairs,”Jaan kya huva..tum aise ro kyun rahi ho….!!!!”

Geet cutely lifted her head from his chest and said cutely,”Woh meine usse khaa liya isiliye mujhe aaj ke din bhi khush nahin rakh paayi..mere bewakoofi ki wajaise aapko mein khush nahin rakh paavoongi aaj….!!!”Maan dint understand her puzzled words and said softly, still stroking her silky hairs,”Jaan..saaf saaf bolo kya keh rahi ho…!!!!”Geet said hesitatingly,”Woh..aaj mein aapke saath nahin so sakti….!!!!”Maan stared her intently as she had guilty in her almond eyes.Maan kissed away her tears and said,”Jaan…tumhe iske baare mein sochne ki koi zaroorat nahin….mujhe tum par gussa nahin..aur koi shikaayat bhi nahin yeh sab kuch ho jaata hai jaan….mein hoona..tu chinta mat kar..kabhi kabhi anjaane mein yeh ho jaata hai aur aaj tum kitni stress saha hai….shaayad isiliye yeh sab kuch huva hai…aur waise bhi mein aaj apne aapko rok nahin pata….jaan…tumne kuch nahin kiya hai yeh natural hai..toh tu chinta mat kar….!!!”

Geet still was cursing herself while Maan cocooned her inside his embrace and rubbed her back soothing her and stroked her silky hairs softly but his mind was racing as some things were going on behind him and he have to know that immediately.After sometime he saw Geet sleeping on his chest peacefully due to fatigue and crying.He saw trails of tears on her angelic face and cursed him who gave his mishty pain.Geet was helpless on that time and Maan was angry on the person who made Geet like this.Geet was cursing herself for eating papaya.But Geet ate papaya out of taste..she would never resist it like gol gappa and Rano had warned her not to eat in that situation but still ate it which resulted the periods to commence.Maan saw restless who was holding her abdomen and her face was wrinkled in pain and she was feeling restless on his chest as she was feeling totally weak and her legs were numb due to this type of pain.

Maan lifted Geet in his strong arms when she moaned in pain as d force squeezed her abdomen.Maan loosened his grip and she felt relief and Maan walked towards their room and made her sleep gently on the bed.He tucked her in the blanket and went inside the washroom taking towel and changed himself.When he came back to his room then he saw Geet who was searching for his warmth and he chuckled seeing her restlessness.Maan entered inside the blanket and slept beside her and took her on him and made her sleep on him.Geet felt restlessness feeling his rough body which was pricking her like thorn…well on that time no one wants to be irritated like that…Maan saw this and made her sleep gently beside him but Geet frowned lacking the warmth and she cutely came and slept on his left arm and kept her left hand on his right chest and kissed his left chest softly and slept comfortably.

Maan chuckled at her cute gestures and his desires tolled over when he felt her soft lips on his rough left chest and had the urge to eat her alive but resisted and kissed her forehead and slept holding her waist softly.At night she felt pain on abdomen to get high and she moaned in pain and turned that side totally wrinkling her face while Maan was awake due to her pain as she was tossing this side and that side trying to resist and this time the pain was so strong as it was early commence.Maan hovered on her back as she turned that side and started kissing her back softly trying to distract her and Geet moaned in pleasure which made him insane.Maan stopped himself cursing himself as he was tempted by her body and turned that side…but her moan of pain made hims turn her side and hugged her from the back.Maan’s hands slipped on her flat tummy and started making patterns pleasuring her to forget the pain controlling his every cell now as her moan of pleasure was driving him crazy.

After sometime Geet was relaxed as she felt warmth of Maan and she hugged him tightly and slept peacefully.On that time only in the other corner of KM…in guest room…the darkness crept everywhere and only source of light was coming from a night lamp near the study table where the arm chair was comfortably shaking and a person sat shaking it comfortably.That person recalled the previous moments which she had heard..when Nikhila and Annie were arguing….and when the person heard that Geet is feeling stomach pain then the person’s slight red tinged lips widened with victorious smile and had went to the guest room dancing in mind.The person took Maan’s photograph and said softly,”Maan mujhe tumhaari dard mehsoos hota hai..ek baar us Prachi se dhoka khaane ke baad…yeh Geet bhi aayi hai teri zindagi mein..mujhe maaloom tha ki Geet se shaadi karna teri majboori thi..magar is majboori ko mein tumhaari zindagi se ukhaadke phenk doongi..taaki koi bhi humaare beeche mein na aa sake….Maan mein tumse bahut pyaar karti hoon aur is Geet ko tere paas aane se rokne ke liye yahi ek tareekha tha……mein hi thi jisne Geet ko woh papaya khilaayi…..mein hi thi Manmeet ko jail se baahar nikaalne waali aur Geet ko stress dene waali…mein hi thi jisne Geet ke drink pe woh periods ki pills milaadi…..mein hi thi tumhaara suhaag raat rokne waali….magar…tumhaara suhaag raat toh sirf mere saath hoga..jab mere gale mein tumhaara pehena huva mangalsutra hoga…aur maang mein tumhaare naam ka sindhoor…aur jab tak tum mere nahin ho jaate tab tak is Geet ko mein jeene nahin donngi….kabhi nahin…..!!!!”

Roshni Chopra 1926

On that time she got a phone and she answered it and a smile crept on her lips while she swinged her arm chair and said,”Very good….aur haan tumhe iske liye paise dee jaati hai…isiliye Maan ko wahan par ek mahine baand ke rakhna samjhe…kal hi Maan London ka flight chadne waala hai…..!!!!!Aur haan us par ek kharoch bhi nahin honi chaahiye….agar huyi toh tu is duniya mein nahin raehga..samjhe????”She cut the call and she bent and her face came into vision in the bed light lamp which had victorious smile.She was none other than Simran Singhania…who took Geet’s photo and saw it with anger filled eyes and tore it into million pieces and said,”Geet…tujhe humesha Maan ka saaya apne sir par hai isiliye humesha tu meri shikanj se bachke nikal rahi thi..lekin agar Maan hi tere paas nahin rahega to tujhe mujhse bachaane waala kaun hoga?????”Simran saw Geet’s tore photos and gave sinister and victorious smile and laughed impressively still swinging her arm chair.

Precap-6 months leap….

Guys u will be wondering y i gave 6 months leap but it was must for Maaneet…as distance brings closer and what is the purpose of new entry u r thinking which makes Maaneet to bond themselves in unbreakable relationship…now u r thinking what is this fiasco and who’s this Simran Singhania…..she’s d another cousin of Maan and Maan’s mother Nikhila is bua in relation to Simran…Simran had the crush from beginning when she saw Maan in Annie’s birthday of age 19..that is one year ago..from that day she had the crush..but this crush turned into obsession when she had the habit of seeing Maan one year ago…..but on that time she had proposed him though she’s one year elder to him but he refused her proposal as he was in love with Prachi…so this crush turned into obsession and had decided to break Prachi and Maan’s relationship but fate broke them apart but still Maan dint accept Simran then she tried to defame Maan in front of his family then only she was threw out of Khurana family but at the end she apologised Khurana family but this time she had the support of Singhania as Simran has told lies abt Maan that he stole her virtue and so trying to take revenge on Nikhila and Khuranas….


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