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Geet was shocked seeing what Maan was about to do when she felt her kurti was lifted upwards and her bottom was loosened and felt a rough lips brushing on her waist.Geet cudnt able to resist this sensation so she moaned,”Maan!”Maan ripped her kurti off getting aroused and she was pushed on the bed and he was hovered on her.Geet dint know what to do but his next movement made her froze to death.Maan was licking her soft waist possessively where Sameer had held her.Maan bit her waist harshly giving the reaction that he is angry on her and then licked it once again.Geet moaned,”Maan!”As this was making her uncontrollable while had taken the barrier over Geet and he too was joining her naked.Maan held her soft body and kissed it possessively……



Geet who was going to the trance controlled herself and asked once and for all,”Why did u killed that man?”Maan who was busy kissing her soft curves looked up to get the glare from those almond eyes.Maan said simply but possessively,”he was touching u in forbidden parts and u do know abt that too..that’s why i killed him.I dint wanted his scent on ur body jaan…and now am taking over it…!”And he immediately took her lips to mute her next blabber.Geet moaned feeling his hungry palm travelling over her soft curves.Geet still controlled herself and asked taking her lips from his lips,”U should have handed him over to police and or made him kicked out of ur sight or from my sight…for that why u killed him?”Maan answered still feasting on her curves,”Am saying u from first time that i want u for myself only…only for myself…and if u were touched or u pourposely touch urself fromother men then am gonna kill them…becoz u r only mine…only mine..and dont u dare make that comment of killing i have only given justice for whom u were more troubled!”

Maan saw the numerous beads of sweats on her forehead when his words shook her completely scared.Maan came forward and softly kissed her forehead and drank all the salty water from her forehead and spoke huskily,”I wont like a bead of sweat on ur face jaan which is coming out of fear!Just keep it in your mind that u r only mine….only mine and no one cant seperate u from me!”Maan hovered on her and kissed her forehead and asked,”Are u alright?”On that time Geet said sobbing softly,”He was just so cheap…he said that am a s**t that he was calling me like that….am i…!”She cant complete the sentence as she was feeling disgusted becoz of Sameer and hiccuped.Maan immediately cocooned her soft body inside his hard frame and stroked her naked back.

Maan said soothing words,”Shh jaan..nothing happened..nothing am gonna let u happen…till am with u no one is gonna see or touch u in that way!”Geet hid her face inside his chest and sobbed harder making his heart sob with her pain.Maan gripped her more tightly hearing her every sob.His body was getting insane and his senses too hearing her rack of sobs.Maan knew that she was humiliated by world every time like this..first Rahul and now this Sameer and from today onwards she had a bodyguard…a insane lover who love her unconditionally & insanely making her love back insanely.Yes Geet was in love insanely with Maan but she wasnt admitting it in front of Maan.But Maan had got of this news from her by her possessive gestures and claiming gestures.But Maan would feel totally weak seeing his jaan to get weak in this vulnerable state.Maan tried to change the topic and asked angrily,”Why u slapped me?”

Geet lifted her head scared and said,”I dint know that u were gonna kill him!Or else i would stop u!U r unpredictable Maan and becoz u took the law on ur hands i slapped u…i cant make u as murderer becoz of me!”On that time Maan said angrily,”Dont u ever think abt that!Teh way i have right on u u also have right on me but u r not claiming.Honey dont ever think like that..am risking my life just for u and dont make my actions to be pity…i love u and i cant see u in any trouble.Geet saw his face intently as her rigidness was broking from inside seeing his love.His eyes always depicted the love for her and she had seen but she wasnt acepting it.But Maan was thinking other way round he wanted Geet to be more strong to handle this type of situation.He knew that he will be always with her like a shadow but he wanted to make her self-capable…capable of handling this type of situation.

On that time Maan got the idea to teach Tai Chi skills to her so that she wont feel weak in front of any men who attack her like Sameer and Rahul.Geet still was crying and her sobs was making his rage to go higher but he have to calm himself as he wasnt in his room.Maan got up making Geet shock.Maan said to Geet,”Geet..i need to go back to meeting..stay back here and have lunch..will be back after one hour…!”That’s it Geet glared at him and turned that side giving the gestures that she is angry with him.Maan sighed but was a bit happy seeing her spitting fire…he can tolerate her angry eyes but the wet moist eyes which sobbing continuously cant able to resist by him.Maan let her to be herself for sometime and went back to the meeting.Geet wore her dress and sat once again near the window where all the girls had started their drooling session on him.

Geet got frustrated seeing the girls and she once again came downstairs to talk to him when he was walking towards her finishing his meeting.Maan saw the raged fire in her almond eyes and was amused seeing her like that.Geet asked,”Why r u laughing?”Maan gave confused look to her but cudnt stop admiring her pouting lips in anger.Geet said,”Dont look at me like that..u perfectly know for what am talking abt!”Maan bored his eyes inside her almond ones and x-rayed her soul completely for she immediately lowered her almond eyes pouting her lips.Geet ran inside the room while Maan followed her faster.When she was abt to bang the door on his face on that time he held the door and Geet glared at him and walked back turning opposite.Maan locked the door and hugged her from behind and asked huskily,”What happened honey?”Geet dint answer and tried to free herslef while maan gripped her small frame inside his hard frame.

Geet complained cutely seeing Maan angrily,”What is the need of keeping the meeting here in the hotel and that too in that courtyard?Those girls were drooling over u and i wanted to peel off those eyes which were drooling u!”Maan’s smile widened seeing her cribbing abt the girls and was feeling jealous.Maan was totally happy seeing her claiming him as hers and was feeling jealous of those girls who were drooling over him.Maan came forward while Geet went backward and when she banged the wall on that time Maan had pinned his rough body on her.Geet pouted,”Maan am talking something but u start it once again everytime!”Maan rubbed his palm on his stubbled chin and asked,”What was i doing?”Geet wacked his shoulder glaring at him.

But Maan once again pinned her and asked huskily,”Tell me Geet..do u feel jealous or u r boasting in air!”Geet glared at him and scratched her nails on his shoulder flesh.Maan winced but dint leave her and Geet turned that side to avoid his eyes when Maan forcibly lifted her soft chin.Maan asked huskily,”Tell me honey..do u feel jealous of those girls or not?”Geet nodded no to him while Maan gave a mischievous smirk and said,”Let’s see!”Maan went backwards & said,”Get ready we’re going office!”Maan went from there smirking at her while Geet stood there mouth hanging open.Maan turned and said,”Close ur mouth or fly will enter inside!”And she cutely closed her mouth and made a grumpy face.Geet thought that he’s gonna manofy her but all the way he was giving a mischievous smirk.Geet got irritated seeing his smirk and turned that side cribbing to babaji.

On that time Maan stopped his car in front of the mall where Maan’s family buy jewellery always.Geet saw the place and asked,”Why u stopped the car here?”On that time Maan said getting off and stretching the hand towards her,”Becoz i wanted to gift u something for our marraige.Dadimaa had said after moo dikhaayi i have to give gift to u but i dint so am giving now!”Geet was amazed while she got up holding his hand and he dragged her still holding her hand.Maan took to his regular dealer and the owner welcomed him warmly and shared pleasantries with Maan.Geet was seeing around her curiously while she saw a diamond ring which was red stones and was so beautiful.2-42-CTW-Diamond-and-Red-Stone-Ring-in-14KT-White-Gold 6_15_Ct_Natural_Red_Stone_Diamond  Red-stone-Diamond-Ring  red-diamond_6642

Maan saw Geet admiring the rings and told to owner to pack the set which she admires.Maan wanted to give the happiness without her consent and he was doing that only.Geet saw Maan seeing her and she immediately hid her excitement and said,”Shall we finish the work?”Maan noticed that she was hesitating and he nodded yes to her and they both sat and Maan ordered the owner to show belly chains.Geet who heard his words blushed furiously while his hands snaked her waist.Geet felt embarassed and try to free his hand from her waist when he gripped tighter showing his possessiveness.Maan took the belly chain which he had ordered and both went back.Geet dint knew that it was the very same which Maan had made it as new one.Geet cribbed to babaji that he hasnt any shame while she entered his cabin mistakenly and Maan locked the door and curtains.

Geet was busy cribbing when she felt her kurti was lifted and she came to present world totally shocked.Geet asked with red cheeks,”What u r doing?”Maan said clearly,”Am putting the belly chain around ur waist!”He said so shamelessly that she blushed furiously.Maan saw her red cheeks and asked huskily,”Shall i put around ur waist?”For Geet try to distance but Maan snaked his hand around her small waist and asked coming more closer,”Answer me Geet…..Shall i put it?”Geet dint know what to say as she perfectly knew that she’s gonna affected by his movement and said composing herself,”I will put it myself!”On that time Maan more pinned her to his hard frame and her breath caught halfway feeling the sensation.

Maan saw her almond eyes which had multiple emotions and he immediately dragged her towards the couch.Maan collapsed on the couch along with Geet when her soft lips brushed his lips and she blushed furiously.He was drugged and he took her lips.Maan licked her lips first slowly which made a current run down her spine.Geet clutched his muscular arms tightly feeling his tongue on her lips.Maan started nibbling her lower lip sucking it’s honey sweet juice while desires towered inside him.His hands went inside her kurti and caressed her soft skin squeezing it gently.Geet moaned feeling his fingers when she felt a cold thing surround her on that time he slipped her belly chain and slowly stroked it.Maan licked her lower lip and nibbled her upper lip slowly making her insane with his torture.

On that time Geet moaned his name while his kiss dint break as he was relishing her lips hungrily.Maan’s tongue seek the permission to enter inside her mouth.Geet parted her lips while his tongue moved inside her sweet mouth and explored her every bit of mouth.Geet’s hands went towards his dense hairs and pulled him inside her embrace pressing his lips on her soft lips tightly.Maan nibbled her lips and sucked her honey sweet juice..and then his tongue traveled inside her sweet mouth relishing her saliva and drinking it.They broke apart to grab some air when Maan kept his head on her forehead breathing heavily.

Geet opened her almond eyes to see herself so close to him and she was feeling disgusted seeing her weak self which would always melt in front of him and she cant tolerate this.Geet immediately pushed him and stood up and before Maan would catch her she stormed out of the cabin broken down totally.Maan saw her movement and sighed and sat back to do his work.He wasnt that person who can run behind her to manofy when she accepts him on that time he leave all his bitterness but now his ego was not permitting to follow her.

Precap-Geet scratched his nails on his bare chest and said angrily,”U dont love me!U only want my body that’s all!”On that time Maan’s anger towered and he immediately crushed her soft frame inside his hard frame and said spitting fire,”Yes i love ur body…!For she was shocked but Maan spoke further,”U wanted to hear these words only right…then listen i love ur body!”And he took her complaining lips into his!

How was the precap well am sure that u r gonna hit my wall with spam if i wont give next part..but am really sorry dearies as am not gonna come next weekend so u have to wait for next next weekend till then enjoy this double updates and dont forget to leave feedback 😉 :-*


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Bugle was playing and dhol was beaten on that time baraat entered with bridegroom riding on the horse.The residence was looking so beautiful as it was decorated for maraige.The Handa haveli looked more like heaven with beautiful decoration.On that time Bridegroom got off from the horse and stood in front of the women who was abt to do aarti.His dadimaa was dancing heartily with baraat and she came towards him and stood beside him.The bridegroom opened his sehra to reveal a handsome guy having chocolate brown eyes,long white nose and exact M shaped pink lips.He was the most handsome man in that whole crowd with perfection.Dadimaa said,”Maan bete,she’s the mother of Geet,Rano!”Maan bent down and took her blessings and Rano blessed him to be happy always.Rano did aarti to him and held his hand and made him to walk inside as it was the custom.

Maan saw the decoration and his eyes pained seeing the decoration.He never approved to this marraige but dadimaa insistence and blackmails made him to marry the girl which wasnt of his choice.Maan sat in mandap while panditji called the bride.Rano’s brother went to call Geet and Geet entered the hall wearing heavy maroon lehenga with heavy jewellery.Maan dint even glance but his curiosity took a toll and he saw his bride.Geet was walking towards him seeing the ground and there was a glow in her face which Maan noticed but he hadnt seen her face clearly as her chubby cheeks were showing the red color.

Maan was bit angry on him for spoiling her innocent life and was a bit angry on his fate too.Maan turned that side while Geet slowly came and sat beside him.Panditji said Geet’s parents to keep a full coconut on Maan’s hands and then he kept Geet’s hands on Maan’s hands.Maan felt the skin so soft and her hands were soft too.Geet cutely blushed feeling his manly hands under her hands and saw downwards once again not meeting his eyes.Geet’s father put some milk on both the hands which held the coconut and then blessed both of them.

Next was the ceremony of pheras where both maaneet stood and their veils were tied tightly.Maan held Geet’s hands and both circled the agni kund 7 times and sat back.Geet vowed to Maan that she’ll be with him always but Maan vowed to Geet half-heartedly.Next was the ceremony of mangalsutra so Maan turned holding the black beads to put around her neck when he saw her face correctly.She was looking beautiful and Maan was shocked too see Geet.On that time Maan called Geet as Mona and he excitedly put the mangalsutra around her neck and then put vermilion to her forehead partition.He was totally happy seeing his Mona with him.

Precap-Maan knowing the truth and refusing his relation towards Geet in their suhaagraat.

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“Love has the very powerful thing to pull the hearts to eternity.I think am the most luckiest person who have such a lovely husband!”

The girl turned towards left side and saw a man sleeping beside her naked.It was the morning of her wedding night and she was so happy to have her love beside her sleeping after loving her till eternity.The man moved slightly and searched for her.His fingers moved on her soft bare waist and immediately pulled her to his hard frame grabbing her small waist.She moaned and turned when sun light reflected on her face and her face was visible.She had angelic face with hazel almond eyes,long white nose and baby pink lush lips which were swollen by her partner who was lazily moving his palm all over her naked soft body.

The girl moaned,”Maan!”When the man turned and gave a lovely stare.He admired his lady love and newly wedded wifey and classmate who was pouting her lips due to his torture.

His name was Maan who was the most handsome and most eligible bachelor who had married his lady love and classmate with whom he always quarrelled 24*7.But today he saw his innocent wifey who was blushing furiously.Maan turned to her side and pulled her naked soft body towards him and saw her blushing furiously.

Maan teased,”Why are u feeling shy?U were so desperate last night!”

Geet blushed furiously and hid her face inside his chest while Maan spoke,”Thanks for coming in my life Geet!After u came,then i understood what is the love and ur love is so unconditional that i would like to drown myself in that pool.Even if i die…!”

On that time Geet closed her palm on his M shaped lips and said,”No need to say like that Maan..i love u so much and dont repeat it once again!”

Maan saw her love which was seen in her almond eyes and said,”These eyes only mesmerised me!”And he kissed her palm.

Geet blushed furiously taking back her palm when he took her lips without any warning.Geet was shocked with his sudden kiss but responded back snaking her arms around his neck.Maan proceeded further giving luscious wet kisses on her body and in swift moment he entered inside her and started rubbing in fast pace.Geet moaned his name continuously and Maan loved her more aggressively and they hit the climax.When they stopped on that time they were breathing heavily.Both cuddled up once again and Maan felt that Geet was sleeping snoring softly inside his chest.Maan saw his innocent wifey and pecked her forehead and he too slept inside her curves for sometime.


In their college days,

A girl entered the college in bindass avatar chewing the bubble gum.She was the epitome of beauty having hazel almond eyes,long white nose and exact M shaped pink lips & milky white skin.A senior saw her and called her.

The senior,”Hey u..come here!”That girl hand gestured to him confirming is he calling her only.The senior nodded and she went towards him.

The senior said seeing him top to bottom,”U know how to sing?”

The girl saw the senior top to bottom as he was totally handsome.He had chocolate brown eyes,long white nose and exact M shaped pink lips.His bulging muscles and 6 pack abs was adding up his handsomeness.That girl saw him with puzzle when he said bossily,”I asked u some Q’s miss…do u know how to sing?”

The girl nodded obediently while he asked,”What is ur Name?”

The girl answered him politely,”Geet Handa!And u sir!”

The senior said his name,”Maan Singh Khurana!Now am ragging..so u have to do what i say!”

Geet asked,”Why Maan?”

For Maan glared at her and said,”Am ur senior so call me sir!”

Geet nodded politely while asked,”Why i have to do that sir?”

Maan said angrily,”Cant u understand simple English?”

On that time Geet snapped back,”I can understand sir but i think u wont understand simple English!”

Maan asked sarcastically seeing the girl’s guts who was arguing him back,”And why u think so?”

Geet snapped back,”I think u havent read the administrative rules which is entangled in front of the administration office that it is saying the ragging is strictly prohibited here!So its better u read that rules with a dictionary and understand urself before ragging the students here!”

Maan saw her with mouth hanging open when Geet went from there not glancing back.On that time his another classmate kept his hand on Maan’s shoulder.His name was Rahul who asked,”What happened Maan?She’s not ur type then y u try to charm her!”Maan glared at his taunting and went from there without answering while he was so mesmerised with her almond eyes which she had noticed.Her big nose ring was adding up her beauty which made him to have change of heart.But then started their quarrelling session.


“Bhootni!”screamed Maan angrily.

“Dusht Daanav!”screamed Geet angrily.

U have to get my lappy only to pour ur gol gappa juice..now u r gonna repair it for me or else am not gonna help u in ur project!”Maan snapped back angrily.

“Oh what is so special abt ur lappy it was accidental for what do i do?U were the one who said that there was Cockroch and u perfectly know that am scared of Cockroch!When i was searching for the Cockroch on that time my Gol Gappa’s juice fell on ur lappy’s batter then what do i do?It was ur mistake who mentioned abt Cockroch!”

“Whatever but u r gonna repair it or else am not gonna help u in ur project and that’s it!”Maan snapped gritting his teeth.Maan was disappointed and angry on Geet as his lappy was destroyed due to her foolishness as he everyday chatted with a girl in FB and today he was abt to know her name which was troubling him day and night.Maan was obsessed with that girl that he was curious to know who that girl was and today Geet had destroyed that oppurtunity.


That evening,

Maan ran to a browsing center where he opened his FB account and saw her is she online or not.On that time she wasnt online while on that time only Geet was sitting there seeing Maan’s expression giggling just like a small girl.Geet thought,”U called me bhootni..now see i will make u desperate for me!”

Geet came online immediately and Maan took a relief of breath as she was online.Then he cribbed typing his thoughts on the PC,”Why u were late today?I was waiting for u.Please dont play with me like this i feel like am lost something in my life if u wont talk to me!”

Geet read this and felt bad but her ego was not permitting her.Reading his plead she thought of shouting that she was the girl who is making him desperate but today’s quarrell and then her ego made her to send Actress Kareena Kapoor’s pic.Maan saw this and was shocked while he saw a note underneath it,”Am giving u last chance..guess who am i..or else u have to loss me!”

Maan read this and was shocked and thought,”What do u think that i will lose her..dont she think that am so desperate and today that’s the limit…am not gonna reply her back..what do she thinks of herself?”But Maan had a fear too after talking to her she’s a crazy girl that she can go to any extent if she cant hear anything from him and he dint want to make her life in danger in his ego.So he came back tomorrow and answered her questions that he’s truly lost that he cant guess her who she’s and pleaded not to use those words which she used in their previous convo.Geet who saw this now understood how he’s desperate to meet her and she finally gave the pic of her hazel almond eyes to guess him and said that if he cant guess then he can meet her in xyz place for a date on the eve of Valentine’s day.

Precap-Valentine’s day meeting and then both Maaneet’s marraige ;-)

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Geet was totally shocked with his shameless demands and spitted fire on him and said,”Koi zaroorat nahin mein nahaa loongi aap jaayiye yahan se…!”Maan was shocked with her words and saw her eyes intently which was showing multiple emotions.Maan thought Geet gonna accuse him for touching her without her consent but he dint know that she was accepting his touch with full shy like newly wed bride in SR.Maan chuckled seeing her cherry red cheeks and pulled her soft naked body inside his hard frame and groaned badly and said shamelessly,”U know how much u affect me…am thinking now of having u right now under this shower….but i love u so much..if another girl was there in ur place then i would never stop myself relishing her…!”But his next set of words was muted by her slap.maan stood holding his cheek spitting fire from his eyes but her next movement made him totally left baffled.Geet had slammed her petal lips on his rough lips and was relishing it possessively.Geet bit his lips and blood started to ooze and then she kissed his lips passionately making it swollen and left it and said possessively,”Khabardaar aapne doosri ladki ke baare mein mere saamne bole toh…mein aapki jaan leloongi samjhe aap….!”Geet came out of the shower and wrapped herself from his towel and ran from the washroom feeling totally hurted but was satisfied.

Maan who saw her retreating back chuckled to himself thinking about her reaction that she too is affected becoz of his presence or his words.


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Maan came outside where Geet was dressing herself up.Geet was wearing her inners when he caught attention towards her jingling gold belly chain.Maan was mesmerised seeing her soft milky curvaceous waist which he drooled over continuously.Her curvaceous milky waist was somewhat mouth watering to Maan to relish it.Her even gestures was making him aroused and today seeing her curvaceous waist he thought he’s in heaven.It was the magnificient view  😉 for Maan to drool over her soft waist and the gold belly chain was adding up the beauty to her small waist.Maan saw the golden chain which was worn off due to continuous wearing and thought of buying her new one and his choice too.

Maan slipped behind her cunningly and slowly he held her curvaceous waist.Geet who was about to wear her one more inner got scared feeling a palm stroking her back waist.Geet turned and saw that it was Maan and sighed heavily.Maan came and dipped his face inside her neck and asked,”U have an immense trust on me….i thought that u will scream after my movement but u were sighing…do u trust me to that extent?”Geet dint know what to say but she gave a confused look for which Maan spoke more huskily kissing her soft bare shoulder,”Dont look at me like that..i want answer..do u trust me to that extent?”Geet still was silent when he harshly turned her and pressed her soft body to his hard frame..he was still naked.

Geet felt his hardness once again poking on her abdomen and her cheeks turned cherry red.Geet tired to move back but Maan more pressed her to his hard frame and Geet felt his bulging muscles.Geet wanted to kiss those muscles possessively and feel him over her but she immediately closed her eyes to control herself which made Maan to give lopsided smile.Maan’s hands went towards her small waist where her golden belly chain was jigling and he removed it making her to shout at him,”Dont remove it..i love to wear it…more or less respect others emotions….!”Geet immediately snatched the belly chain and was abt to wear when Maan stopped it and said,”U r gonna wear it on my choice….!”Geet protested once again,”No…!Am gonna wear this only..its my mother who gifted it…!”

Now Maan understood why she was refusing but Maan said immediately snatching it from her,”No..now u r my wife..and i have every right to order u..u r gonna wear my choice….!”But Geet protested and said trying to snatch,”Look dont trouble me..i dont want to wear anything which of ur choice..now dont anger me and give the chain to me…!”Maan too said,”That’s what am also saying that dont anger me and obey me….!”Geet said,”No!” Maan said,”Yes!’..No!…Yes!…No!….Yes!…But when Geet snatched her hain from Maan’s hand on that time she was hovered on him and was trying to snatch the chain from Maan’s hand.On that process she was rubbing her soft body to his rough bare body arousing him in most compromising way that he immediately took her lips.Geet moaned feeling his hungry palm travelling on her soft body and she felt her b** was unhooked by his hand.Geet’s eyes popped open and tried to withdrew her lips but Maan immediately pressed her head and pressed her soft lips and in swift moment her golden chain was away from her reach and she was responding to his kiss.Their kiss was totally passionate where Maan kissed..bit and licked her lips trying to satisfy his soul’s demand.

Geet moaned between the kiss while his tongue travelled inside her sweet mouth.Maan’s hands squeezed her soft curves hungrily and Geet’s nails scratched on his rock chest.Maan winced in pain and pleasure while he left ehr soft lips swollen licking it one last time sucking all the honey sweet juice.Both Maaneet broke apart to grab some air when he noticed her flushed face.She was looking more adorable in that flushed face and she was breathing heavily.His palm was on her curves which were sour due to squeezing and he slowly made her to lie on bed.Maan got up and saw her flushed face and closed eyes and chuckled seeing the effect of him on her.Maan hooked her b** and slowly made her wear her selwaar kameez and went from there to wear his dress where Geet was still lying relishing their kiss.

After sometime Geet opened her eyes to see the room empty as Maan had left for breakfast.Geet got ready very soon cursing Maan under breath to make her late and came outside to see Pammi,dadimaa,Maan sitting near the dining table to have breakfast.When Geet entered on that time Pammi taunted,”Aayiye madam…aapke wajaise abhi tak hum pet bharke khaana khaaye hai thank u sooooooo much for ur cooking!”Geet dint understood her words & gave a confused look.On that time dadimaa protested,”Bas keejiye Pammi…bachchi hai shaayad kal raat thakaan ke wajaise aankh lag gayi hogi isiliye aaj khaana banaane mein late ho gaya…aaj ki rasam raat ko postpone keejiyena…raat ko achche se dinner banaayegi humaari bahu…kyun Maan?”Maan dint say anything as he was immersed in his file and nodded to dadi’s words.Geet stood thinking about the ceremony when dadi said,”Geet bete aap khade kyun hai…baithiye brerakfast leleejiye….!”On that time Maan stood and said,”Dadimaa humein kaam ke liye der ho rahi hai mein raaste mein Geet ko kuch khilaadoonga….!Geet chalein?”Dadimaa and Pammi protested as it was Geet’s first day in her sasuraal but Maan was stubborn and took Geet tagging to his hard body.

Pammi glared at their retreating back and went from there where dadimaa had her breakfast in peace.Both Maaneet sat in the same car and the car drove towards the KC.On the way Maan had stopped in some hotel where he had lunch meeting with some client and had told Geet to wait in the hotel room.Geet was sitting near the window in hotel room where Maan’s lunch meeting was visible.The room was in first floor and the lunch meeting was going on in the courtyard where numerous girls were taking the swim and the people were ogling at the girls only.But all the girls were ogling at Maan Singh Khurana who was looking more handsome between the elderly clients.One of the clients,a girl called Tanya was drooling over Maan’s handsome features.Geet dint like the fact that someone was drooling over Maan and she came there to meet him.

On that time a most handsome guy dashed on her more clumsily making her knocked off and was about to fall on the ground when she was caught by the same handsome guy who saw Geet in concern holding her from the waist.Geet felt uncomfortable when she was held by him from her waist and she immediately freed herself.That guy asked,”Hey…r u alright..am sorry that i have to dash on u..actually i was in hurry so i dint see u..r u alright?”He was trying to hold her waist when Geet saw Maan glaring at her.Geet gulped down thinking that she will be accused and said,”That’s ok…!”Geet walked forward when she felt her hand has been held by him and asking,”Wanna drink?U can give me company sexy!”Geet saw him with shock and she saw his hand which held her hand and then towards Maan who was fuming and wasnt giving attention towards the meeting.Geet tired to free her hand but that guy held her hand more tightly and pulled her towards his hard frame and asked huskily,”My name is Sameer!Sameer Singhania…why u r hesitating is it ur first time..dont worry i can adjust myself…dont hesitate if u feel lonely!”

On that time he felt a strong punch on his nose and he was knocked on the ground.When he lifted his head more shocked on that time he saw a very shaky vision of Maan Singh Khurana who stood fuming at him.Sameer said,”What the f**king thing are u doing Mr.Khurana…that’s my girl..and u cant snatch it from me…u can have her after am finished with her!”That’s it Maan lost his temper and he immediately took the gun from his security’s pocket and shot him straight into Sameer’s heart.Sameer was shocked and he kept his palm on his heart and saw blood oozing and saw Maan and spoke,”U bastard!”And he fell on the ground when Maan said kicking his butt,”She’s my wife..u dammit..u did a very big mistake troubling her…she’s Geet Maan Singh Khurana..do u get that Geet Maan Singh Khurana..and no one has the guts to touch Mrs.Geet Maan Singh Khurana…u touched her and u r paying ur life for that….!”Sameer heard this and his eyes darkened and he died there and then without twitching.

Geet stood there totally shocked seeing Maan’s devil’s side where he had only devil’s smirk of killing that man.The whole hotel staff was scared seeing Maan Singh Khurana killing another man too for a mere girl.While Maan’s clients were more shocked seeing his animosity.Geet saw Maan who was smirking seeing a man’s death and without thinking or so she slapped him in front of full hotel staff and his clients.Maan stood holding his cheek spitting fire and immediately held her elbow squeezing it harshly and said to his clients calmly,”Will be back in 3o minutes..till then just start ur lunch guys…!”Maan turned to his security and said,”Clear up this mess in all the way!”His security nodded and Maan walked dragging Geet from there.Maan dragged her towards their hotel room and pushed her inside the room and slammed the door and locked it.Maan walked towards her and lifted his had to slap her when Geet held her hands as a shield closing her eyes.Maan stopped seeing her closed almond eyes and his anger vanished into thin air but he cant able to resist that Sameer had held her waist without any hesitation and he immediately pulled her from her waist and sat on his knees.

Geet was shocked seeing what Maan was about to do when she felt her kurti was lifted upwards and her bottom was loosened and felt a rough lips brushing on her waist.Geet cudnt able to resist this sensation so she moaned,”Maan!”Maan ripped her kurti off getting aroused and she was pushed on the bed and he was hovered on her.Geet dint know what to do but his next movement made her froze to death.Maan was licking her soft waist possessively where Sameer had held her.Maan bit her waist harshly giving the reaction that he is angry on her and then licked it once again.Geet moaned,”Maan!”As this was making her uncontrollable while had taken the barrier over Geet and he too was joining her naked.Maan held her soft body and kissed it possessively……

Precap-Same..but there is a hot part to come 😉 Do leave ur feedback guys 🙂

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Pinky said,”Sach chupaane se koi faayda nahin hogi…kyunki ek na ek din toh saamne aahi jaati hai…ab kal ki baat dekho jab tum gaayab ho gayi thi aur hum sab log pareshan the tab Maan sir ne tumhe dhoonda aur waapis pahunchaa diya ghar sahi salaamat…!”Geet still dint understand and she shouted,”Koi mujhe theek se bataayega ki kal raat kya huva tha…mera sir kyun dard kar raha hai?”Pari said meekly,”Mein bataati hoon dee….!”Everyone glared at Pari and fell silent.Brij who was about to stop Pari came forward but Armaan stopped him.Pari said meekly not meeting Geet’s eyes,”Woh meine aapki drink mein sharaab milaa deeti uske wajaise aap security guard ko chakma deke yahan se car lekar baahar chali gayi….!”For Geet’s eyes widened with shock and Pari told Geet everything what happened and Geet was ashamed of herself thinking how she had behaved with Maan in her drunken state.



                                                           Here Maan was getting restless and Darji’s words echoed inside his mind,”Bas ab hum Geet ko akela nahin chod sakte..isse pehle ki uski zindagi barbaad hojaaye humein Geet ki shaadi karna behtar hai….!…….Geet ki shaadi karna behtar hai….!Geet ki shaadi karna behtar hai….!Geet ki shaadi karna behtar hai….!Geet ki shaadi karna behtar hai….!Geet ki shaadi karna behtar hai….!

Maan cudnt concentrate on his lecture as he was seeing the blank black board where only a word was written by him CITRIC ACID CYCLE.The class was silent and was observing him intently.The girls were drooling over this expression too(Am thinking how despo they are >_<) While boys were seeing him in fear…fear that he’ll shout at them next second.One of the boy called meekly,”Sir….!”But Maan was in his la la land thinking about Darji’s words when he got a very powerful shout almost crushing his ear drum.Maan lifted his head apprehensively and asked angrily,”Are u guys are small children where teacher goes outside and u start ur noise…grow up guys..as for now u have spoiled my mood and class dismissed…!”

But a bold boy said more powerfully but meekly,”Pardon us sir…we were not making any noise but we did noise to grab ur attention….u were writing only one word in black board and darkening it more…!”Maan immediately saw the black board where he had written the word CITRIC ACID CYCLE in bold letters and was darkening it.Maan was totally apprehensive this time and composed himself and said,”Jo bhi ho it is ur fault so class dismissed….!”And he immediately escaped from the class before the class would protest.All his students were disappointed as he was postponing the class due to some silly reasons and this was going on becoz of Geet’s absence in the class.Now becoz of Geet other students were also suffering as Maan was totally distracted becoz of Geet.

Maan came to his staff room and sat on his chair and closed his face thinking about Darji’s words.Once again Darji’s words run in his ears “Bas ab hum Geet ko akela nahin chod sakte..isse pehle ki uski zindagi barbaad hojaaye humein Geet ki shaadi karna behtar hai….!…….Geet ki shaadi karna behtar hai….!Geet ki shaadi karna behtar hai….!Geet ki shaadi karna behtar hai….!Geet ki shaadi karna behtar hai….!Geet ki shaadi karna behtar hai….!”Maan banged his hand on his table and said to himself,”Why i cant forget those words?They were right what happens to her if she spoils her life like this and they’re thinking for her well being….!”Then Maan thought,”But why am feeling restless hearing her marriage?”

On that time here in HM,the Kaurs were speaking to Darji,”Darji we’re thinking of sending Pari’s proposal to Khuranas..what do u think?”Darji thought,”Yeh log toh mere poti ki zindagi ke peeche pade hai..inki beti toh meri poti ki zindagi barbaad karte karte rehgayi aur aaj yeh….hey babaji is samasyaa se mein kaise bachoon….Maan toh sirf humaare daamaad banenge..aur agar woh mere Geet ke pati nahin bane toh unhe kissi aur ka bhi nahin hone denge….!”Kaurs asked Darji’s opinion on that time Darji said faking the smile,”Bilkul bahut achchi decision hai..uske saath rehkar aapki beti sanskaari aur well disciplined to ho jaayegi…!”Kaurs said smiling,”Hum bhi yahi soch rahe the Darji….!”They gave a brown envelope to Darji and said,”Isme aapki aashirwaad mile….!”Darji said half-heartedly,”Bilkul beta….aapki kaamnaaye safal ho..!”And thought,”Safal na ho….!”

Darji took the brown envelope and saw the photo of Pari who wore selwaar kameez.On that time Rano called the Kaurs for breakfast and Darji immediately changed the photo putting Geet’s photo in the brown envelope.When the Kaurs turned and spoke on that time Darji was giving the brown envelope back.Kaurs called the marraige broker and gave the same brown envelope and he went to Khuranas.Next morning,In Khuranas,the marraige broker said that the proposal is from Handas.Khuranas were so happy and opened the brown envelope to reveal Geet’s photo for Maan and they were happy and gave approval to the marraige.But this wasnt digested by Swaroopa who was seeing the scene with fire emitting from her eyes and today she decided to destroy Geet’s life.

Swaroopa dialled someone and asked that everything is ready or not and the receiver approved for that.Swaroopa gave sinister smile and got ready for the college.Here Maan was in dilemma and was sitting inside his study seeing the pic of Geet wearing that red sari which he gave and was admiring it thinking about Darji’s words.After sometime or so he stood up and said to himself,”Maan tu itna kyun soch raha hai mein Geet se pyaar karta hoon aur agar mujhse Geet pyaar nahin karti toh mein usse apne upar pyaar karvaake hi rahoonga aur fir shaadi karoonga….aur waise bhi zindagi mein mein apne pehle pyaar dhoka khaa chuka hoon iska matlab yeh nahin ki mein firse dhoka khaavoon….mein Geet ko jaanta hoon woh Ayesha jaisi ladki nahin hai….woh mujhse zaroor pyaar karegi jitna mein karta hoon aur kartaa rahoonga….!”

Maan decided that he will make Geet fall for him and he started his old avatar in college which was his bindaas style.Anything happens he wont stop smiling and his attitude in his college days was totally different and today that Maan came once again due to Geet.Today he forgot his past completely and came to original avatar.

Precap-Maan entered wearing a blue denim jeans with white see thru shirt to the class where Geet was mesmerised seeing him in this avatar.He always wore office attire with shirt and tie and over coat and then white coat but today he was swinging his stethescope and was coming with full boyish grin on his face.girls of the half-college fainted seeing his this avatar and most of the boy’s jaw dropped seeing their teacher in this attire.

I will not come this weekend so u cant get updates of any FF will come on next weekend and give the double updates of Shaitan Ki Pari and Colors Of Love till then saayonaara.Dont forget to leave feedback to this part.

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542408_162777723859453_1332495683_n 303542_137871906355088_1200249315_n 68416_331476823617829_603896975_n 303796_337262853047451_805089469_n 63377_331476730284505_611680101_n 12219_337263659714037_1332714377_n


Here in an deserted place a human figure slept on the ground totally unconscious.A person walked towards her with a bucket full of water and sprayed it on the human figure.That human figure got up with the jerk feeling the cold water and saw the surroundings.The person was none other than Geet who was seeing around her with shock when she got attention towards a man who stood grinning at her lustfully then she shivered and said,”Vikram….!”


Geet said with fear,”Vikram…aap yahan kya kar rahe hai…aur aap mujhe kyun yahan laaya gaya hai…!”On that time Vikram came so near to her and rubbed his thumb on her petal lips and said,”I want to marry u….!”



Here Maan was trying his level best to search Geet while Sameera dint left a moment to trouble Maan with her tauntings.Sameera spoke with sarcasm,”Suna hai agar koi handsome dude tumhaare biwi ko kidnap kare toh woh zaroor teri biwi ko shaadi kar lega kyunki itni khoobsurat jo hai…hai bhagwaan aisa hi ho kyunki mein toh bahut khush hoti hoon agar meri zindagi se us gavaar ka saaya mit jaaye….!”Maan came forward to slap her but Veer stopped him and whispered,”Iska jawaab tab dena jab hum Geet ko dhoond kar usse sahi salaamat ghar laayenga tab….!”Maan nodded but on that time Sameera got another shock of life which was a call coming from her fashion house.

Sameera went from there when she was summoned by her fashion company where she was model.When she reached on that time the environment had changed entirely.People who were wishing good morning to her today she dint get that wish.When she reached her boss’s cabin on that time her boss was talking to some girl who was looking more beautiful than Sameera.Her boss was assuring that girl that she becomes this year’s top most model.Listening to this Sameera barged in with anger which made her boss angry and he made her to enter his cabin knocking the door second time.

When Sameera asked about that matter then he declared that she has lost her charm in fashion world in which she’s no longer top most model.Sameera was totally shocked with her boss’s decision and shouted at him giving some contract papers where her boss revealed that she got the job due to Maan Singh Khurana and Maan Singh Khurana had given recommendation due to his wife Geet Maan Singh Khurana that’s why Sameera was the top most model but now recommendations wont stand in his office anymore and Sameera was demoted.

Sameera was angry on Maan and came to KC and shouted on him which made Maan smile with enormous satisfaction.Maan said one sentence only which made Sameera shiver badly,”U were busy ruining my Geet’s life so u r getting the reward of it…!”Sameera dint had any way to cope with this problem and asked apology to Maan.Maan dint took the apology instead he kept a deal in front of her,”U lead me the way to Geet’s kidnappers and then am gonna give u ur honour and the place which u have lost it becoz of me….!”

Sameera said angrily,”I dint kidnap Geet..how many times i have to tell u…and u guys met with my man for whom i had given this work..he too denying that he dint kidnap Geet then y u guys not believing me?”Maan said with sarcasm,”Believe u…Miss Singhania have u forgotten that u have proved urself that u r so much trustworthy in our past and u r claiming in front of me to believe u….!”

Sameera came and kept her hand on his shoulder which Maan immediately threw it still she kept second time and said,”Maan…am telling the truth…!”But Maan dint listen to her and dialled to someone and said,”Yes her name is Miss Sameera Singhania…yes her career has to be destroyed or else ur career will be destroyed…!”Sameera was shocked seeing Maan saying her name and giving someone orders to destroy her career.Sameera thought,”Is he mad?”and shouted,”Maan what are u saying?”

On that time Maan cut the call and shouted,”Dont even shout here Sameera….though u havent kidnapped Geet but the trouble which u have given to her..the humiliation..the fear u have given her making me do this..u r nothing but a selfish woman in which u want to built ur dream castle upon others dead body.But am also Maan Singh Khurana…am not gonna let u do that now just get lost from my place or u will thrown away by my security…!”Sameera saw Maan spitting fire from her eyes but walked immediately from there with bottled anger.When Sameera exited on that time Veer phoned Maan and asked,”Maan tum kisee Vikram ko jaante ho?”Maan said,”No Veer…!”Veer thought for a second and said,”Sameera se poochlo….!”

Maan immediately left the cabin and went straight to Sameera in Singhania Mansion.Maan asked politely about Vikram but Sameera dint answer him then he stopped her bank accounts by using for her big shopping.Sameera spoke defeatedly,”Woh mere mom ka bhai hai..mera maama hai jisse Geet bachpan se pasand tha…ek baar mom ne Geet ki shaadi bachpan mein hi Vikram se karaana chaaha lekin us waqt meine aur papa ne roka tha lekin aaj mein pachtaa rahi hoon…agar mein usse nahin roka hota toh shaayad mein aise nahin bhatakti…!”

Maan immediately walked towards Veer’s cabin after Sameera’s confession and asked,”Veer…tune us Vikram ka naam kyun liya….!”Veer tried to avoid and asked abt Vikram from Maan.maan tols everything which Sameera spoke to him and Veer was kind of right by judging that Vikram from his sources.Maan said impatiently,”Veer..tum mujhse kuch chipaa rahe ho kya….!”Veer dint answer but he cant avoid Maan’s questions when he got to know about Vikram from Veer that he’s the stalker and obsessed with Geet.Maan asked after knowing about Veer,”Vikram ka kuch pata chala….!”Veer nodded no to Maan while Maan got an idea and said,”Veer kyun na hum SM ke saare property ke baare mein jaanle…kahin bhi agar woh Vikram Geet ko kidnap karke rakha hai toh humein pata chal jaayega….!”

Maan was totally worried due to knowing about Vikram from Sameera and Veer.Vikram was the stalking obsessed lover who always stalked Geet and troubled her by giving gifts and presents before her marriage.But after her marriage it has stopped but now Vikram’s obsession and his venomous desires had went into unlimited peak then he wanted to marry Geet and spend SR with her.Maan was totally worried about Geet while Geet was struggling with Vikram..or have to say his touch.She always felt suffocated whenever he touched her and today he was going over limit.Geet screamed,”Vikram…mein aapki beti ki jagah par hoon…mein alag nahin Sameera dee alag nahin hai..chodiye mujhe….please mein ek shaadi shoda aurat hoon…!”But Vikram saw her lustfully and said,”Us shaadi mein kya jahan teri marzi na ho….tum toh us Maan se shaadi apne marzi se nahin kee thi na…!”Geet said wiggling her body from his reach,”Lekin ab Maan mujhse behad pyaar karte hai aur agar aapki yeh harkatein unhe maaloom padi toh aapka khoon kardenge….!”But Vikram dint listen to Geet’s plead and came forward and touched her soft curves and squeezed it harshly.

Geet screamed,”Maan…..!”For Maan got up from his sleep sweating badly.His heart felt totally restless and today it was throbbing madly due to fear of losing Geet.Maan immediately dialled Veer and asked,”Veer kuch progress hai Geet ke baare mein….!”On that time Veer said,”Maan bahut baar try kiya tumhe tum phone kyun nahin uthaa rahe the…mujhe pata chala hai aur woh Delhi ke outskirts mein ek factory hai jala huva wahan se humein uski traces mil rahi hai….tum bhi aajaana jadli….!”Maan said,”Mein abhi pahunchta hoon….!”Maan took his car key and drove towards the place where Veer too drove with the team.Here Geet was sleeping leaning to the chair.Her hands and legs were tied and her face has lost color.Geet was thinking their previous convo where Vikram has declared that he will marry her and then spend night with her.

After some seconds or so she felt her hands and legs are freed and she thought it is Maan who had freed her and his name escaped from her petal lips when she got a tight slap.Geet opened her eyes with shock when she saw Vikram spitting fire from his eyes.Vikram said,”Ek baar..ek aur baar us aadmi ka naam liya toh mein tumhaara khoon kardoonga..samjhi tum….!”Geet protested with him to come but he dragged her forcefully.Vikram said laughing,”Geet ghabraavo mat…mein sir ek baar tujhse shaadi karoonga aur uske baad ek raat bitaakar fir Maan ko mein humesha ke liye saump doonga…mujhse darne ki koi zaroorat nahin jaan…!”

Geet wiggled out from his grip but he was too fast and held her hand and in swift moment he put her mangalsutra around her neck and vermillion on her forehead partition which Geet imagined and she threw his hand from her.But Vikram was holding Geet more tight and was about to put mangalsutra around her neck on that time someone snatched it and was thrown far away from him.Vikram got a strong blow to his jaw while Geet was cocooned by the familiar strong arms who gripped her just like his life depends on his life.

Geet turned towards the person and gave small smile,”Maan….!”And she fainted immediately.Maan was shocked and said with panic,”Geet..jaan aankhen kholo….!”From her hands the empty sleeping tablets bottle fell and made Maan more shocked.

Precap-Dcotor:Mr.Khurana,Mrs Khurana ab bahut hi naazook haalat mein hai…ab bachche aur maa ke beech mein humein chunna hoga…aur humaare paas waqt bahut kam hai…!”Maan was shocked and collapsed on the chair……

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Maan grinned slyly seeing her reaction and in swift moment she was inside his strong arms and he was walking towards their SR bed which was decorated with flowers and candles.Geet thought that he’s gonna force her and was scared and tried to protest him.But Maan held her hands which were trying to resist him and came closer more.Geet felt intoxicated inhaling his scent & saw his dark eyes.She felt drowned in those dark chocolate browns that she closed her eyes stretching her face.Maan came so close to her and slowly kissed her soft neck which had marks of Pammi’s fingers and licked it to soothe the pain.Geet moaned feeling his hungry tongue and Maan stroked her hairs and she cuddled up snoring softly.Maan saw her angelic face and pecked her forehead and tucked her in blanket.Maan slept beside her and pulled her inside his hard frame and slept feeling so calm and content.



Next morning Geet got up stretching her hands and soft body when she felt a hard muscular hand snake her small waist gripping it more tightly.Geet snapped open her eyes and saw around her and was shocked.Maan was sleeping inside her soft curves and was hovered on her holding her soft small waist possessively.Geet saw upwards cribbing to her babaji cursing Maan under breath and tried to free her body from his grip but his grip more tightened.Geet tried to struggle but Maan more gripped her and his hands more travelled inside her dress.On that time Geet glanced as her dress was loosened and was opened halfway.Geet thought that Maan had forced in her sleep and started punching him with all might and shouted,”U did that when i was sleepy….!”But Maan held her both hands and pinned across her head and came so near her face in which course his M shaped lips brushed her petal ones.

Maan said with stern voice,”Agar tumhe force karna hi hota then i would have taken u in that broken hut only…and dont think that i cant doo in front of ur anger…i can do anything and till now u resisted my anger but if u accuse me like this only..then u have to resist my animosity also…mind it…!”Maan softly pecked her petal lips which made her over drugged and she closed her eyes relishing his peck.Maan grinned slyly and pecked her soft curves and then her soft slender neck and then her soft waist and then her feminine parts.Geet moaned his name cudnt able to control his sweet tortures and said breathing heavily,”Aaj ke liye kaafi hai tumhe…!”And he got up but his see thru shirt button struck with her mangalsutra which made her head to bang to his bony chin and her lips brush to his half exposed chest.Maan groaned badly but freed her mangalsutra without glancing her and got up.Maan said bossily,”Change urself…we’re getting late for the office….!”

Geet said,”Aaj mein office nahin jaa rahi hoon….!”Maan asked curiously,”Kyun?”Geet said sarcastically,”Kyunki kal meri shaadi huyi hai aur mujhe apne naye ghar mein adjust karna hai isiliye….!”Maan saw her intently and said bossily,”Tumhe ghar mein rehne ki koi zaroorat nahin am not giving any holiday to u u have to come to office today only or else u have to pay for it very dearly….!”Geet said angrily,”Meri marzi hai..aap mujhe force nahin kar sakte….!”On that time Maan immediately pulled her inside his hard frame and spoke fanning his breath on her peta lips,”Mein kuch bhi kar sakta hoon…aur agar mujhe tum par force karna hai toh woh bbhi karne ke liye tayyaar hoon lekin tum yahan ghar mein nahin rahogi sirf meri aankhon ke saamne rahegi samjhi tum….jaldi se ready ho jaavo or shall u bathe u believe me it will be more good to u too….!”Maan glaned her lush lips hungrily and Geet’s cheeks turned red unknowingly cant able to resist his intense gaze.Maan chuckled seeing her red hue on her chubby cheeks and he rubbed it from his thumb and said,”U look more beautiful when u r blushing…!”Maan pecked her cheeks softly and she closed her eyes not able to control her desires.

Maan got enormous satisfaction seeing his effect on her and he left the room for washroom.Geet who had stood like that opened her eyes feeling the room empty and was totally disgusted with her behaviour.But Geet had something in her mind and started searching some clue abt Sam in Maan’s room.After 10 minutes of search she dint get anything while Maan called Geet from washroom.Maan wanted to have some fun with Geet and to trouble her more seducing her so he called her but setting a trap.Maan kept a soap on the ground and made it slippery and called Geet.Maan called,”Geet i forgot my towel can u give it to me?”Geet came and gave the towel but Maan pulled her along with the towel and she landed on the soap and she slipped and landed inside the strong arms.When Geet opened her eyes then she saw a handsome face seeing Geet with concern who was wet and more desirable.Geet saw Maan totally naked and started drooling over his greek god body.

Maan saw her intense hazels which had turned dark and came forwar.Geet walked backward and banged her back to the wall.Maan stood pressed his naked frame on her soft frame rubbing his rough body on her soft body.His rock chest rubbed her soft curves arousing himself inhaling her scent.Geet felt his hardness poking her abdomen searching for it perfect fit and Geet’s cheeks turned cherry red instantly feeling his hardness.He more pressed his rough body while she immediately lowered her eyes with shy when she saw his throbbing hardness.Geet cribbed,”Babaji inko sharam hai hi nahin kaise nanga khade hai mere saamne…!”But Maan said staring at her lovingly,”Apne biwi ke saamna khada hoon..agar tum chaaho toh mein doosri ladki ke paas jaata hoon agar tum apne pati ko aise nahin dekhna chaahti ho toh….!”On that time Geet’s eyes spitted fire and possessiveness oozed in her every cell.Geet asked bossily,”Kya kaha aapne?”Maan said smirking,”Wahi jo tumne suna…!”Geet said angrily,”Apne body ko doosri ladkiyon ke saamne pradarshan karne ki koi zaroorat nahin….!”Maan came more near her and asked huskily,”Kyun nahin kar sakta hai mein….mein Maan Singh Khurana hoon..mein apne marzi ke maalik hoon..mein jahan bhi jaa sakta in sabse tumhe kya pareshaani hai…waise bhi tum mujhe apne pati nahin maanti aur yeh shaadi ko apne sweekriti nahin deti..toh kyun oppose kar rahi ho mujhe….!”

Geet was shocked with Maan’s questions and said,”Woh….mein….woh….mein….!”On that time his hands went inside her kurti and in swift moment he ripped off her top and pulled her bottom and she stood almost naked in front of him.Maan asked keeping his hand on her back…on her b** strip,”Mujhe haq hai?”Geet dint know what to say but she was melting in his touch and Maan unhooked her b** and her inners.In next second Geet stood naked in front of her husband Maan Singh Khurana.Maan saw her tip to toe and his hardness more hardened seeing her naked.He so much wanted to eat her alive…he so much wanted to thrust his hardness inside her softness and would rub it till eternity but he was irritated seeing her next movement.Geet was closing her upper body from her hands feeling totally shy.Her cheeks were cherry red and her almond eyes had multiple emotions.In swift moment she felt she was becoming wet and she was smeared with soap.Geet saw opening her eyes where Maan was smearing the soap on her curves controlling his every cell.Geet was apprehensive while Maan said,”Kya pata tum mujhe dhoka dogi aur office nahin aavoge..that’s why am bathing u..from tomorrow am gonna bathe u only….!”

Geet was totally shocked with his shameless demands and spitted fire on him and said,”Koi zaroorat nahin mein nahaa loongi aap jaayiye yahan se…!”Maan was shocked with her words and saw her eyes intently which was showing multiple emotions.Maan thought Geet gonna accuse him for touching her without her consent but he dint know that she was accepting his touch with full shy like newly wed bride in SR.Maan chuckled seeing her cherry red cheeks and pulled her soft naked body inside his hard frame and groaned badly and said shamelessly,”U know how much u affect me…am thinking now of having u right now under this shower….but i love u so much..if another girl was there in ur place then i would never stop myself relishing her…!”But his next set of words was muted by her slap.maan stood holding his cheek spitting fire from his eyes but her next movement made him totally left baffled.Geet had slammed her petal lips on his rough lips and was relishing it possessively.Geet bit his lips and blood started to ooze and then she kissed his lips passionately making it swollen and left it and said possessively,”Khabardaar aapne doosri ladki ke baare mein mere saamne bole toh…mein aapki jaan leloongi samjhe aap….!”Geet came out of the shower and wrapped herself from his towel and ran from the washroom feeling totally hurted but was satisfied.

Maan who saw her retreating back chuckled to himself thinking about her reaction that she too is affected becoz of his presence or his words.

Precap-Maan saw her soft milky white waist which was exposed due to lift up of her kurti and he saw a golden chain which she always wore.Maan wanted to change that golden chain to diamond belly chain.Maan went to jewellery shop and selected a diamond belly chain dc1

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