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On that time Mahin Kapoor got off from his car and was seeing the scene with anger in his face.Swaroopa saw her father and tried to explain the story in her way but at last she got a big slap from her father and he dragged her and threw inside the car and the driver drove the car.After Kapoor’s departure,principal announced that Swaroopa is getting married to an NRI boy who is rich like Kapoors and Swaroopa has left the college.Both Maaneet and their colleagues and friends breathed calmly and Geet thanked Maan for trusting her in this situation.Maan dint say anything as he saw her almond eyes which had immense love and respect towards him and his heart swelled with pride seeing those content almond eyes.



Maan walked past Geet & Armaan not talking to them while Geet pouted in her mind as she wanted to talk to him.Geet called,“Maan sir!”Maan dint respond as he was out of her reach and her whisper was inaudible to him.(Am thinking inaudible or he acted as deaf?)Geet saw his retreating back and climbing inside his car and droving it towards the college gate.Armaan saw the eagerness in Geet’s face while he dragged her towards his bike.Geet asked seeing Armaan dragging her,“Armaan why r u dragging me?I have a class now.”Armaan asked intently,”U really want to attend class..after all what happened yesterday and after all what happened today..u really expect to be ur surroundings friendly?”Geet took a deep breath and saw towards her feet feeling guilty.Armaan saw her like that and said with concern,“Hey…u r not at fault Geet…but today let it go…let’s go home!”Geet nodded to him and sat behind him on the bike and he drove her towards Handa Mansion.

Armaan took Geet to HM which was decorated.Geet was shocked to see this and asked,“Armaan…aaj koi typohaar hai kya?”Armaan knew what was that about but he placed his innocent face and said,“I dont know!”Geet was curious when her one of the cousin came and said to Geet,“Geet di…jiju kitna handsome hai…perfect jodi hai aap dono!”Geet was shocked and turned towards Armaan to get any sense of humour while Armaan was in the mode of discreetion so he too gave a puzzled look.Geet ran inside to see everyone were busy in their own world.House was decorated by the servants and she ran inside to get a loud arguments between Kaurs and Darji.Kaur asked angrily,“Darji humne humaari Pari ki photo rakhi thi us envelope ke ander….lekin Geet ka photo kaise aagaya?Aap hi ne Geet ka photo badla hoga…taaki aapki Geet ki shaadi us paise waale Maan se ho jaaye!”Whao what the hell Geet was totally shocked with the fact that her photo was sent to Maan to accept who stood stunned hearing Kaurs convo.

Darji said angrily,“Look Gurvinder u think of Maan as rich and sent ur daughter’s photo but let me tell u a fact that Maan loves Geet not ur daughter Pari..who is so rude and arrogant that she wont behave with elders respectfully just like u!”Darji snapped with total anger which made Kaurs to be disarmed in all the ways.Still Kaur dint had defeat and argued,“Who’s gonna marry Geet..after all those fuss and so many bridegrooms leaving her in the middle of the marraige rituals…she’s the unfortunate girl for Khuranas are gonna refuse!”Darji was abt to answer him back with full power but he saw Geet there standing listening to their convo and was crying silently and that was the least he expected.Darji’s stomach lurched seeing the tears on Geet’s eyes and she walked past them wiping it towards her room leaving an one single answer to Darji,“I dont want to marry!”

Kaurs too saw Geet guiltily while Darji glares at them and followed her.Darji said opening Geet’s bedroom door,“Geet puttar meri baath toh suno!”Geet said with broken voice,“Nahin Darji..mein manhoos hoon..kyun aap un ladko ki zindagi khatre mein daal rahe hai mere saath shaadi karvaake!”Darji hugged her dearly and she sobbed inside his chest while he said,“Nahin beta tu manhoos nahin hai..manhoos hai toh yeh waqt hai..jo tumhe manhoos banaaya hai…puttar tumhaara aur Maan ka rishta shaayad bhagwaan ki marzi hogi jo aaj humaare darwaaze pe aaya hai!Woh log aapko pasand karte hai beta…aur aap dono ki kundali bhi mil gayi hai!”

Geet still refused then Darji tied her emotionally,“Puttar tu apne darji se bahut pyaar karti haina…karti haina?Bolo!”Geet nodded to Darji then Darji said,“Toh fir mere liye tu is shaadi ke liye haan kaho…mera yakeen karo beta..Maan bahut achcha insan hai aur woh tumhe khush rakhega!”Geet knew that Maan surely keep her happy but she dont wanted trouble for him becoz of her.She wanted to reveal her past..her pasts where every bridegroom left her not marrying her.She dont want to hide anything from Maan and she decided to talk to him before the engagement.When Darji went from Geet’s bedroom taking her approval to the marraige on that time she dialled to Maan’s mobile.

Here Maan was so happy as he was getting married to Geet..his love…his life.It was o blissful for him imagining Geet inside his arms and giggling with her turning her around with happiness and kissing her lips deepening it.He remembered their first kiss which intoxicated his insides and he felt he’s over drugged.He smiled to himself when his thoughts were broken by his mobile.Maan saw that and was so excited that it was from Geet.He answered but he dint say hello but just gave a deep breathe.Geet heard his breathing and her breathe caught in her throat along with voice.Maan was silent hearing her jingling anklets and her ear rings.Maan closed his eyes feeling those sounds.His heart raced hearing the sounds and felt he’s overdrugged by his passion.

This went on like this for a few seconds as Geet got impatient and Maan was smirking feeling her jingling anklets.He knew that she was getting impatient not hearing his voice when he said softly,“Geet!”Geet felt the calming breath and spoke slowly,”Woh..i need to talk to u…can we meet before the engagement?”Maan was shocked & thought,“What?Whoa?She needs to talk to me.Is it a confession or asking for date!”Geet spoke more directly,“No..am not reluctant to get engaged with u..just i need to spend time with u and need to tell u something..i need ur patience & faith…can u give me,Maan?”Maan was so happy hearing his name from her petal lips…perfect name from perfect lips…Maan said shortly,“Ok!Where can we meet & when?”Geet said,“Near the same dhaba where we went both for dinner on that day and will meet u today at 8pm!”Maan was so happy and he smiled and said,“Sure!”Geet said softly,“Bye!”Maan asked,“Sirf bye?”Geet was shocked when he actually asked that question and racked her brains thinking what she have to say to him innocently while Maan was grinning thinking what she was thinking.Maan spoke with full attitude,“U r the one female i have ever seen Miss Handa who can talk so shortly with ur would be husband!”

Geet flushed hearing the would-be husband from his lips.Geet was speechless what to say when she heard the sound of kiss and she froze to the spot with stun and phone was disconnected.

Precap-Date and same previous Precap


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Meera please dont ask me about this becoz am least experienced in this…am mean am an engineering student and u r a part time reporter and persuing ur graduation in Media & Communication but am a needle in the haystack…how can u expect me to interview the famous businessman!”said Geet exasperatedly.Meera said,”Trust me Geet it is only an easy work of asking questions to him…its not a big deal..and am sorry i was also excited to interview him but this riot caught me!I need to be there and cover the news..it is the dream of mine yaar…it is the way am expressing my words to the world that am a revolutionist & ofcourse honestly..look nothing is impossible to u as u r beautiful,charming and intelligent and of course u r gonna cope with this problem and am sure abt that but please let me persue my dream!”Geet glared at her for a moment and mouthed halfheartedly,”Ok!”Meera was so happy that she crushed Geet in one bear tight hug breaking all her bones into pieces that Geet started to breathe unevenly and asked taking uneven breath,”What is his name?”Meera said with utmost excitement,”Maan Singh Khurana!”

For a moment Geet felt a tingling sensation inside her stomach hearing his name but she shrugged off thinking that it is becoz of her hunger and settled herself on the dinner table.Geet asked to Meera who was busy taking her necessary equipments for the riot,”How do i ask questions to a man who knows everything?Seriously Meera am losing my confidence!”Geet said it all nervously.Meera said sweetly,”Trust me Geet u will be ok and the interview will be over in 30 minutes..look i have written the questions of it..just u have to ask it that’s all!”Geet nodded still nervous while Meera said kissing Geet’s hairs,”I’ll be back in two days sweety..dont worry about that…and dont worry..just u ask questions and record the answers in this digital recorder and then voila..work is over!”

Meera said this in top sped that poor Geet cant able to catch anything and she innocently nodded nervously.Meera exited the apartment in hurry waving and kissing Geet leaving Geet alone to cope with her problem…am mean Meera’s problem.Geet went to her room to wear some decent modern dress and saw the blue denim jeans…she pressed it with iron box and then the top too which was White in color.She was looking beautiful in that simple dress but still Geet never assessed her beauty though everyone were head over heels to give her their life and love.She tried to press her curly black hair to submittence but it was all the way stubborn just like her.She was the very pretty woman as her bright big hazels was the epitome of her face.Her long white nose and lush pink supple lips was some what delicious but her assess is that she’s never was aspired by the beauty word.She thought the beauty means the inner beauty where one man have for others.Geet sighed and set to eat her breakfast…Pasta with creamy Onion sauce..but thinking abt interview she cant take one spoon also.So she threw it into the waste paper basket and set out to drive her black scorpion which was second hand and was bought by her step dad Mohinder Handa.

Geet drove towards Khurana Constructions and entered inside it.Geet was shocked to see the 30 storied building and she showed her ID and Meera’s too and explained the situation to the security.A woman came and searched her and Geet went forward and step in the elevator and pressed the 30th storied button and stood silently.Geet was nervous and her hands and legs were shaking with fear but she controlled herself and made up her mind for the problem to face.Geet entered the top floor and entered the KC office.A receptionist sat looking cute with pink cheeks and was munching chips.She was beautiful and she asked,”May i Help u?”Geet nodded and said,”Geet Handa on behalf of Meera Singhania…have come to interview Mr.Maan Singh Khurana!”The Pink girl nodded and said politely,”Please sit down will let u know!”Geet nodded and sat on the couch nearby while she thought,”Ok…from name i think he will be attaining the age of mid 30 or 40 or even 50….i can manage but oh no i forgot to research abt him or to get to know abt him from Meera…what a dumb girl am i…Geet u r the most stupid person in this whole world…!”

On that time a woman came towards Geet and asked with attitude,”Who are u?”That girl was wearing red color skirt which would barely cover her thighs and her eyes were narrowed Geet top to bottom.Geet saw her in innocence while seeing Geet’s innocence she thought of bullying Geet when Geet was saved by the pink girl.That receptionist spoke to Geet politely,”Miss Handa…Mr.Khurana is waiting for u!”Geet nodded while the other girl who stood scowled at the pink girl while Geet escaped from the place as she wasnt giving the mind to this problem as the big problem lies inside the cabin.Geet stood trying to calm and held the handle of MSK’s cabin door while another girl who came from the adjacent cabin smiled warmly and said,”Go inside..he’s waiting for u!”Geet tried to be calm and tried to open the door when that girl said warmly,”Push it dear!”Geet pushed it but her pant struck to her leg and she immediately tripped and she fell on the ground.

Geet was cursing for her clumsiness and was abt to get up when she was draped with the strong arms which held her securely and warmly.Geet lifted her head to see a handsome man holding her.Geet was mesmerised with his wide chocolate brown eyes which spoke volumes and she felt of drowning herself in those deep oceans.His long white nose and full sculptured M shaped lips was some what mouth watering to her.Geet’s mouth went dry seeing the hottest hunk standing in front of her who was still draping his arms around her.Geet saw this after brief moment of eye lock and she broke and pulled herself from his embrace.He asked with concern..his chocolate brown eyes full of concern,”Are u Ok?”Geet nodded not to him not able to answer as she was dumb seeing his handsomeness.He stretched his right hand and said,”Hello Miss Singhania,am Maan Singh Khurana!”Geet gave her hand and both shake but she feels a current run through her hands and she hesitatingly takes back and mumbles softly,”Miss Singhania is indisposed..so i have come to interview u Mr.Khurana!”

Maan assessed her top to bottom with his chocolate brown eyes which were bright & luminous but for Geet it was dark look which makes her every hair of the body to stand.She thinks that he’s assessing her soul x-raying it and she immediately lowers her eyes so that she wont be affected.Maan gave an amused smile but hid it immediately while he gestured her to take her seat.Geet sat nervously as she was scared and was shivering to the core.She was trying to set the digital recorder while Maan was watching her movements with amused expression.Geet cleared her throat trying to be serious and squared her shoulders to get ready to take his interview.Maan saw her movement and got ready when she give the signal that she was ready.Geet saw the paper which was given by Meera while she asked seeing his hands intently.For a moment she felt of sucking those long feathery fingers but she concealed her thoughts trying to concentrate on her work.

Maan who was seeing her intently with amused expression frowned slightly as she dint speak.Maan cleared his throat breaking her chain of thoughts and she hid her almond eyes from his wide chocolate browns.

Precap-Interview…what do u think she’s gonna ask guys 😉

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542408_162777723859453_1332495683_n  303542_137871906355088_1200249315_n  68416_331476823617829_603896975_n  303796_337262853047451_805089469_n  63377_331476730284505_611680101_n  12219_337263659714037_1332714377_n


Maan saw this and nodded dismissively that she’s not gonna leave her baby doll.Maan carried her towards the kitchen and said,”Mujhe black coffee chaahiye tumhaare haathon se banaaya huva…banaavoge na?”Geet cutely nodded seeing his eyes.His eyes were red due to last night crying and Geet asked,”Kya huva aapko aapke aankhen laal kyun hai..kal raat theek se soye nahin kya?”Maan nodded and said sadly,”Mera sar dukh raha hai!”Geet touched his forehead and slowly slowly squeezed it to make him moan in pain.Geet was shocked and said,”Aapke liye mein adrak waali coffee banaati hoon pain bhi kam ho jaayega!”Maan nodded and Geet stood to make Ginger coffee for him while he slowly took her doll to throw it but Geet said immediately Maan tab tak baby ko sambhaalna!”Maan banged his palm to his forehead and thought,”Yeh baby ke baare mein bhoolti hi nahin!”Geet prepared Ginger Coffee and served it to Maan and slowly took her baby and sat beside him.Maan saw the doll longingly and started sipping his coffee.Her coffee made his headache to get less pain but his real headache was abt to start.



Maan wanted to distract Geet from the baby doll so he said to Geet,”Geet tum college jaavo aaj se…ghar mein baithke bore ho jaavogi!”Geet said giving an innocent smile,”Mein bore kaise hongi..mere saath toh mera baby hai haina baby!”She stroked the head of the doll and was caressing it lovingly.Maan suppressed his tears and said slowly,”Jaan…tum apne studies complete karna chaahti thi na..toh fir aaj college jaane se mana kyun kar rahi ho?”Geet too thought of this and immediately nodded to him innocently,”Maan mein college jaavoongi!”Maan saw Geet as easily persuadable and he knew what happens in the college.Maan dropped Geet to the college and went to work but here Geet stood holding her baby doll and walked inside the college excitedly.Meera saw Geet and greeted her hugging her tightly,”I missed u Geet!”Geet said innocently to Meera,”Yeh dekho yeh meri baby hai!”Meera was aware of her condition and she gave a weak smile to her and for Geet’s satisfaction stroked its head.Geet smiled cutely while Parul came on her way to see Geet standing holding a doll.

Parul got liking to the doll and she wanted it for her so Parul asked Geet,”Geet yeh gudi humein dedo!”Geet clutched it tightly and said scared,”Nahin yeh humaara baby hai gudiya nahin!”Parul was totally smitten with the doll that she even dint think of Geet’s emotions and snatched the doll from her rowing with her just like the small child.On that time the doll fell and broke its neck.Geet was horrified and screamed,”Baby!”Parul was shocked seeing Geet scream and said with anger and annoyance,”For god sake geet..woh sirf ek gudiya tha…tum kyun aise over react kar rahi ho!”On that time she got a tight slap from Meera who stood seething with anger.Parul held her red cheek glaring back at her when Meera said,”Tumhe doosron ki emotiona ki kadar nahin hai toh unhe chedti kyun ho?”On that time Geet felt dizzy and she was about to fell when a strong arms held her and she fainted.

Maan had seen all this & before he come to Geet’s aid Meera handled the situation.Maan spitted fire to her and spat,”Iske baad agar tum mere Geet ke aas paas bhi bhatka toh mein seedhe tumhe shamshaan ghat pahuncha doonga…just remember that!”Maan securely lifted and ran to his car.Meera helped Maan to keep Geet bahind the seat while Meera climbed into the car and kept Geet’s head on her lap.Maan drove to the hospital and doctor examined Geet.Doctor gave some more tablets to Geet to take and he gave another doll to Geet telling that it is ok.Geet was delighted to see the doll and she clutched it to her chest securely.Maan felt his heart has been squeezed tightly seeing Geet in that state and try to enlighten her that night.Maan was trying to convince that their baby is no more but Geet dint took it for granted and she wanted to be with her dreamland where she can see her baby alive.Afterall she was a mother and the torture she beared for one week and the lose made her vulnerable.

Maan made Geet to sit on his lap and said feeding the paratha bite,”Jaan tumhe jeevan aur maran ke baare mein pata hai?”Geet who was listening said,”Maan please ab aage mat bolna ki mera bachcha mar chuka hai!”Maan said,”Haan jaan yahi sach hai!”For Geet’s eyes spitted fire but Maan slowly lifted her in his arms keeping the dinner plate aside and took her to the balcony which had starry dark sky.It was full moon day and full moon gave pleasant smile towards them.Maan said,”Jaan tum yeh taare dekh rahe ho…inme hum apno ko dhoondte hai…kyunki humaara maan na hai ki jab log marte hai toh woh log aakaash mein taare banjaate hai..woh log humein aur humaare zindagi ke har ek hisse ko dekhte rahenge taare bankar…toh Geet humaara baby bhi ussi taaron ki tarah reh raha hai..humaara baby is duniya mein nahin hai jaan..woh taaron ki duniya mein hai!”First time Maan Singh Khurana who never believed this was trying to convince his jaan by giving examples like star and all.

When Maan explained,”Geet us din meine humaare bachche ko dekha woh humaari beti thi….humaara angel…lekin humaare dushmano ke wajaise woh hum se door hona pada…Geet kya tum mujhe sazaa dena chaahti ho usse zinda rakhkar…haan woh zinda hai humare yaadein bankar…humein pata hi nahin chala..in fact mujhe pata hi nahin chala ki tum pregnant thi..uske baad us Vikram ne tumhe kidnap kar diya…aur mein humaare bachche ko khona pada..lekin jaan sachchaayi to yahi hai ki humaara bachcha is duniya mein nahin raha…please Geet is sachchaayi ko maanlo…aur mere paas laut aavo..mujhe tumhaare bagay jeena nahin aati…please jaan mein tumhe aise nahin dekh sakta…please Geet kya tumhe mere upar pyaar nahin hai jis se yeh incident tum bhool jaavo…mujhe maaloom hai ki woh tumhaare ander tha..humaara bachcha…lekin hum abhi tak nuksaan mein nahin hai jaan..hum firse maa baap ban sakte hai…aur is bachche ki kami hum us bachche mein dhoond sakte hai…kya kehti ho jaan!”Maan turned to see Geet but was disappointed seeing her sleeping on his shoulder.Her loose tendrils were disturbing her sleep while she was pouting her petal lips.

Maan saw her angelic face and tucked her loose tendrils behind her right ear and pecked her forehead.Maan lifted her and made her to sleep on the bed and pecked her petal lips and was abt to get up when he felt Geet searching for the doll.Maan came forward and thought of throwing the doll but thinking abt the dream he shuddered and immediately he gave the doll to her hand half-heartedly.Maan took off his shirt and slept beside her half-naked and saw her sleeping admiring her in sleep.After his hours of admiring he too got tired and his eyes slipped into the sound sleep as he snuggled closer to his wifey.Geet too searched for her husband’s warmth and slowly rolled towards him and his hands automatically encircled her soft waist and went inside her top to feel her skin and Geet moaned in her sleep and more snuggled closer.


On that time in the outskirts of Delhi near the burnt factory..there was a meeting going on..but it was more of begging instead of meeting which was the voice of a girl a 21 yr old..who was pleading,”Please Angad aap mujhe promise kiya tha ki agar mein Maan ki zindagi barbaad karoon toh aap mujhe apnaavoge..mein woh sab kuch kiya jo aapne kaha..mein apne baby sister se pyaar karti hoon lekin aapke liye mein paththar ban gayi lekin ab mein aur dard nahin de sakti Geet ko…usse mein aise nahin dekh sakti…please aapke badle mein meri behen Geet ko kyun itna dard de rahe ho…please!”The man stood wearing a black shoes..he had shower and his hairs were uneven and the cologne of Men scent entered the nostrils of Sameera who stood with wide eyes and tears were pouring from her eyes.He reached her face and wiped her tears but was totally anger when he slapped her.Sameera stood staring him with total shock holding her cheek when he spoke he was totally angry,”Meine kaha tha sirf Geet ko kidnap karne ke liye uski bachche ko maarne ke liye lekin tum logo ne uski bachche ko kyun maara?”Sameera said,”Meine nahin Vikram maamu ne kiya yeh sab…woh humesha Geet ko apnaana chaahte the since my mom tried to marry her to him!”

That man said angrily,”And u let him do all this!U said he’s perfect for this work but why he killed her baby giving that sleeping tablets?”Sameera said with disgust,”Meine unhe bahut roka lekin usse Geet chaahiye tha aur woh he tried to rape Geet giving sleeping tablets!”That man was totally shocked and he cant able to control it and turned opposite Sameera when his face reflected in the full moon light.His face was gaunt and he had round black eyes which had pain and his flat sculptured lips was quivering with disgust but he controlled himself closing his eyes and said turning in enormous contempt and sneer,”now something have there in Maan Singh Khurana’s life to be discussed which is his painful parts….and am so happy to be the downfall of Maan Singh Khurana!”Sameera was shocked and asked,”Angad kyun aapke ragho mein itni nafrat hai Maan ke liye…please aap mere saath bhi share nahin kar sakte?”

On that time they heard the police siren and both got scared while Angad said,”Veer…am sure he will be since Geet’s kidnap happened he’s searching for clues…and i dont like seeing him involved in my revenge..as a matter of fact he’s keeping an eye on all the surroundings of Delhi..what is going on here can be informed to him straightly.Look i dont want him to be involved in this u know our secret place and tomorrow am gonna introduce myself as Angad Khanna to the inhabitants of Delhi the most famous singer and am sure Veer and Maan will come to know about this but for now i cant explain i want Maan to accept his mistake in front of Geet and Veer..i want the broken Maan Singh Khurana..then only Anjali sleeps in peace!”Sameera was shocked hearing a girl’s name but dint argue with him and both hid themselves when a police jeep went across them.When the jeep went both Angad & Sameera ran towards their respective cars and both parted their ways towards their destiny.

Precap-Geet entered Maan’s office totally broken.Sasha saw Geet’s state but tried to stop her but before she cud do anything she was inside the conference hall where the meeting was going on.When Geet entered then every heads turned to Geet’s direction including Maan.Maan saw Geet’s devastated state and was abt to speak when Geet collapsed in front of Maan on her knees and started crying hoarsely inside his laps.Maan was shocked seeing Geet like this and spoke softly,”Jaan kya huva?”Geet dint answer him and sobbed harder closing her face inside his lap.Maan stroked her hairs lovingly and asked with concern,”What’s wrong jaan?”Geet still dint answer on that time Maan said to his client,”Guys pardon me but we need privacy..go and have lunch in pantry and then we will speak!”One of his client said politely seeing Geet apprehensively,”Oh no Mr.Khurana we r ok we will resume this meeting tomorrow if u wont have any objection as seeing Mrs.Khurana’s state we can understand u need to be with her importantly instead of us.”Maan was grateful as he understood him and said gratefully,”Thank u for understanding me sir!”He said giving warm smile,”Not a problem Mr.Khurana..will see u tomorrow!”Maan shook his hand and said,”Adi!”Adi nodded politely and went with the clients while Maan cradled Geet inside his embrace pulling her on his lap.Geet was totally devastated with something and Maan wanted to ease his pain.


Angad Khanna-new entry..he has grey character due to some reason and have come to take revenge on Maan…

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Desire is a sense of longing for a person or object or hoping for an outcome. The same sense is expressed by emotions such as “craving” or “hankering”. When a person desires something or someone, their sense of longing is excited by the enjoyment or the thought of the item or person, and they want to take actions to obtain their goal.

her touch,
i yearn for its painfull grace,
the nails,all black
as i hang here chained,with love she says
dark,all i see
waiting ,my queen
almost time,i feel it
sound of heels,tiled marbel
freedoms key,door opens
i shudder with anticipation,
steps slow,heart pounding
nails grazing,breath gasping
she lets out a purr
my breath i hold
blindfold removed
light blinds
a hand on my cheek
it sooths
my eyes meet hers ,and i see her smile
as she moves in i smell her skin
ash’s and cloves
she whispers in my ear ,are we ready my dear
i can do naught but whimper,yes (full of fear)
at once its there,her nails its fire
i arch my back ,mouth open to scream
but silence is kept,for thats what she likes
stoically,im there almost a statue
i wait for her kiss,
a quick little bite is all i require



Ladies and gentlemen..i present u..Mr.Maan Singh Khurana..25 yrs old,rich arrogant stunningly handsome with chocolate brown eyes,long white nose,exact M shaped pink lips..with perfect greek god stature…hot tempered guy…the one of the number 1 business men in universe…he’s the private person and mingles very less with society…..

PS:Do not go with the impression that this one another dark story reading the above poem..but is an passionate story…with full of love and passion..first passion overpowers and then love overpowers them 😉

A ripple through the
Dark threads of my Soul
You breathe there
and make me feel whole
Stir the power
within my being
Let it burn through
my veins so freeing

I won’t let it
fuck with my brain
I won’t let it
send me insane

I control each drip
that I swallow
and sigh with the
pleasure I follow
My sweet desire
stir the threads of my Soul
Breathe there and
make me feel whole

I won’t let you
fuck with my brain
I won’t let you
send me insane

Stir the power
as I swallow
I sigh with the
burn that I follow
Come to me
my Dark Desire
Encompass my Soul
let the power inspire
Find what you
cannot ever see
Feel what lays
in the depths of me

I won’t ever
fuck with your brain
I won’t ever
send you insane



Geet Handa…stunningly pretty and 21 yrs old…..she’s the epitome of beauty having a pair of hazel almond eyes with world’s innocence..long white nose and lush pink lips…she’s the epitome of beauty though she wont acknowledges it herself….studying Bachelors in Architecture in London University…..


Meera Singhania a stunningly pretty and best friend of Geet Handa…she’s studying  Media and broadcasting subject in the same university and working as the part time reporter in London Times……


Dev Singh Khurana-Maan’s brother


Vikram Singhania-Brother of Meera and has a deep crush on Geet the day he saw her with his sister…..


Nikki Malhotra-A photographer and the friend of Meera and Geet…Geet thinks him as brother though he wont think like that…

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Maan saw towards Geet who was cutely sitting stroking the hair of doll and cutely talking to it as if it is her baby.Unknowingly Maan’s eyes welled up seeing Geet like that and tears poured down from his wide eyes which was captured by Veer and asked,”Dekha..uski ek jhalak se tumhaarein aankhon mein aasoon aa raha hai toh tum usse akela chodkar badle ki aag ke peeche bhaagna chaahte ho..bataavo Maan!”Maan was in total anger and when Veer said those last words Maan’s mind changed..till now he was in anger..his helplessness made him stubborn to revenge on them but today Veer’s words made his rational mind to open and his mind started working and he thought,”Agar mein kaanoon ko apne haath mein nahin le sakta directly lekin indirectly toh le sakta hoon..lekin Veer se chipkar…am sorry Veer mujhe tumhaari har kahi huyi baatein samajh mein aati hai and i got ur hint Veer…so dont worry i wont abandon Geet and ur views too!”Maan composed and said,”Veer..tumne meri aankhen kholdi…mein badla nahin loonga mein sirf Geet ke baare mein sochunga!”Veer was totally happy and hugged Maan tightly smiling widely.Maan saw Geet who was cutely sitting insdie the car and was talking to the doll.Maan patted Veer’s back but determined to destroy Vikram’s life.Maan had been caught with the venomous desire of destroying Vikram’s life and whoever who destroyed his Geet’s life.



Both Maan & Veer sat inside the car while Maan saw towards Geet who was stroking her doll lovingly and she dint even glance towards her.Maan felt hurted seeing her like this and his determination of destroying Vikram’s & Sameera’s was getting more strong.Veer observed this but seeing Maan’s expression and the promise he gave to him dint make him suspicious.Maan drove the car towards KM.Maan said stopping the car in the courtyard of KM,”Geet..hum ghar pahunch gaye!”Geet said seeing around her,”Ghar pahunch gaye..chalo baby hum aapko apna kamra dekhaate hai aapko achcha lagega..aur aaj se hum dono wahi soyenge…papa ko tang karenge raat ko aur uske baad papa humesha humaari baath maanenge kyun baby!”Geet grinning giving full dimple smile which Maan noticed it and his eyes welled up!”Maaneet got down from the car and walked towards the KM and stood in front of the front door.Maan was about to go inside when Geet stopped him,”Rukiya na pehle aarti karne do humaari..pehli baar humaara bachcha ghar ke ander chal raha hai..humaari aarti toh karni chaahiye na!Nakul kaka!”Maan was abt to stop her when Nakul came running towards the door and said,”Bitiya kaise ho aap?Humein sun kar bahut bura laga ki aapka bachcha is duniya mein nahin hai!”For Geet slapped Nakul.Nakul was shocked and saw Geet spitting fire on him.Nakul asked politely,”Humse koi bhool huyi hai kya bitiya?”

Geet said angrily,”Haan…aap zinda bachcha ko kaise maar daala apne shabdon se…!”She flashed her doll on Nakul’s face and said,”Yeh dekhiye..humaara bachcha zinda hai aur aap kehrahe hai usse mara huva..kyun?”Nakul was shocked seeing Geet saying a mere doll as her baby.Nakul try to convince,”Lekin bitiya…yeh toh sirf ek gudiya hai..aur aap isse apne bachcha kyun keh rahi hai?”Geet once again said angrily,”Chup..bilkul chup yeh mera bachcha hai aur aap isse gudiya kehrahe hai…Maan mujhe nahin rehna yahan!”And she walked past Nakul not giving a glance to him.First time Nakul was shocked and saw Geet’s retreating back…Geet never behaved with him like that.she was always polite with him..but today she slapped him and argued too.Maan was only the silent spectator and his heart cried seeing his Geet like that and he too walked past Nakul not able to answer his questioning eyes.

Geet went inside and started crying,”Sab log mere dushman ban gaye hai sab log kehte hai ki mera bachcha is duniya mein nahin raha hai lekin mujhe aisa kyun lagta hai ki mein uski aawaaz sun rahi hoon?”Maan saw her state and dint even had strength to face he ran inside his study leaving Geet alone.Veer followed him and kept his hand and said,”Maan..tu kuch bhi karein..tu usse jitna bhi avoide karein tumhe toh usse pyaar se cure karna hi hoga…nahin toh bahut der ho jaayegi…!”Maan hugged Veer tightly and started crying.He cried his heart out and Veer just rubbed his back in soothing way.Veer let Maan to cry…he wanted that Maan spit out his pain..that pain which he was swallowing becoz of his ego.Veer sat on the couch while Maan kept his head on his lap and cried and cried…he was feeling helpless…he was feeling frustrated…Veer said softly when Maan tried to control hi cry,”Maan…aaj tumhaara dard baahar laavo…behne de yeh gham ki aasoon…kal se tumhe apne aapko tayaar bhi toh karna hai nayi jung ladne ke liye Geet ke saath….usse theek karne ke liye…usse ladni hogi…aaj apne aapko mat rok!”Maan lifted his head and saw Veer’s eyes which had immense love and confidence and his precious pearls poured down.

Maan cried and cried and cried whole night..his misery was pouring down and his heart was lightening up and just like he slept on Veer’s lap.Veer saw Maan sleeping on his lap and made him to sleep on the couch lifting him and tucked him in the blanket.Veer stroked his head lovingly and went outside and entered Maaneet’s room there Geet was also sleeping just like Maan and she was feeling restless not feeling Maan’s warmth.Veer went to Maan’s cupboard and took his unused shirt and kept it inside Geet’s palm.Geet felt relief and more snuggled to his shirt and Veer slowly made her lie on the bed correctly and kept her doll beside her and tucked her in blanket.Nakul saw Veer correcting the blanket of Geet and making her comfortable giving Maan’s shirt.Veer looked up to see Nakul standing and asked,”Nakul kaka aap yahan kya kar rahe hai?”Nakul asked,”Veer beta..Geet bitiya ko kya huva hai woh aisa bartaav kyun kar rahi thi jab woh ghar aaye tab?”Veer sighed and said,”Mein aapko samjaahta hoon chaliye Geet ko sone deejiye!”And he closed Maanet’s room door giving one last pitiable glance towards Geet.

Veer explained everything to Nakul and Nakul was so sad seeing Geet like this and even Maan too feeling helpless.Veer said to Nakul to keep an eye on both and give info abt them to him.Veer dint wanted problems once again in Maaneet’s life and Maan would concentrate on Geet’s health.Nakul agreed with Veer while he too vowed that he wont let anything happen to Maaneet to himself.Next morning Maan opened his eyes to see Nakul holding his black coffee with a pleasant smile.Maan took the coffee and sipped it to feel a different taste.He missed his jaan’s cooking and then asked,”Nakul kaka Geet se kaho na ki mujhe black coffee banaaye aur Macaroni Pasta banaaye!”Nakul said politely,”Maan baba..aap bhool rahe hai ki Geet bitiya ki tabiyat theek nahin hai!”Maan was hurted and got up to see his jaan towards his room.There slept Geet peacefully smiling cutely snuggling to his shirt.Maan noticed to his shirt while Nakul said,”Kal raat Geet bitiya aapke bagay sone ki koshish kar rahi thi lekin Veer bete ne unhe woh shirt diya tha!”Maan nodded to Nakul and said,”Nakul doc ne ek diet chart diya hai Geet ke liye..ussi tarah khaana ban ni chaahiye!”Nakul nodded and went from there taking the diet chart.Maan saw Geet still sleeping and came closer.Geet felt Maan around her and slowly kept her palm on his cheek.

Geet was in deep sleep still she knew where ‘s Maan and Maan wanted to make her to live in present world.Maan felt her soft palm on his cheeks and he hissed with pleasure.Though he was in misery..though she wasnt well…still the truth cant be denied that they both are husband & wife..and they both feel the desire towering up inside them.Maan kept his palm on her palm and said,”Waapis aajaavo jaan..apne Maan ke paas…mein tumhe aise nahin dekh sakta…mein vinti karta hoon ki waapis aajaavo!”Geet felt some restlessness in her sleep and she turned that side while she felt a tear drop fell on her back.Geet felt restless after that and she tried to open her eyes but the drowsieness made her so weak and she slept back.Maan kissed her forehead seeing her restlesness and pecked her petal lips and took the towel to have shower.When Maan came on that tiem Geet was awake and was seeing around her but still she held the doll which was given by the doc.Maan anger towered and he came forward and threw the doll to the floor and said,”Kitni baar kaha hai ki yeh tumhaara bachcha nahin…meri baa kyun nahin sunti!”Geet said seeing the ground with shock,”Mera bachcha!”Geet turned towards Maan and before she would speak she felt dizzy and fainted for which Maan cocooned her inside his arms and he got conscious and wiped his sweat.

Maan thought of doing so but seeing his harsh beahviour Geet cant able to resist and Maan thanked that it was only dream.Maan dint wanted more complication to Geet and he softly said,”Geet jaan nahaalo breakfast karni hai!”Geet said cutely,”Mere baby ko doodh?”Maan said softly, but lovingly,”Haan jaan humaare bachche ko bhi?”Geet cutely gave full dimple smile and cutely said to her baby,”Dekha papa bure nahin hai sirf unki zubaan kadvi hai aur gussa bahut karte hai!”Maan smiled at her cute antics and she cutely came and asked,”Baby ko nahaani hai…aap mujhe help karenge?”Maan nodded and poured some hot water to the tub and immediately pushed Geet inside it.Geet cutely pouted and said,”Mere liye nahin baby ke liye!”But Maan gave a teasing smirk,”Par mere liye toh tum choti si bachchi ho!”Geet cutely pouted and started splashing water on the doll while Maan bathed Geet.Geet was busy taking care of her baby doll and Maan was busy taking care of his baby doll.

Maan started tickling his baby doll and she started giggling,”Maan chodiyena gudgudi ho rahi hai!”Maan tickled more and more and she started laughing loudly cant able to resist and Maan admired her laugh.Geet cutely laughed and Maan lifted her from the tub naked and took her inside their room.Geet saw him lifting her naked and sensed her intentions and she cutely blushed.Geet remember everything but she was in shock due to lose of her baby and she was trying to believe that her baby is alive.But Maan was trying to divert his mind towards him only so that she forgets about the baby or doll which she calls as baby.Maan made Geet to wear a White Selwaar where she looked like and angel and he too wore a White see thru shirt in which she went gaga seeing his 6 pack abs and bulging muscles.Maan always loved her laugh which make his mind peace and he cutely pecked her lips giving the intentions what he want from her.Geet cutely blushed but said,”Sharam keejiye Mr.Khurana ek bachcha ka baap bangye hai aap!”For Maan’s misery started hearing those words.Then he controlled his cry and said,”Jaan chalo breakfast karte hai!”And he lifted her in his arms while geet cutely held her doll securely.

Maan saw this and nodded dismissively that she’s not gonna leave her baby doll.Maan carried her towards the kitchen and said,”Mujhe black coffee chaahiye tumhaare haathon se banaaya huva…banaavoge na?”Geet cutely nodded seeing his eyes.His eyes were red due to last night crying and Geet asked,”Kya huva aapko aapke aankhen laal kyun hai..kal raat theek se soye nahin kya?”Maan nodded and said sadly,”Mera sar dukh raha hai!”Geet touched his forehead and slowly slowly squeezed it to make him moan in pain.Geet was shocked and said,”Aapke liye mein adrak waali coffee banaati hoon pain bhi kam ho jaayega!”Maan nodded and Geet stood to make Ginger coffee for him while he slowly took her doll to throw it but Geet said immediately Maan tab tak baby ko sambhaalna!”Maan banged his palm to his forehead and thought,”Yeh baby ke baare mein bhoolti hi nahin!”Geet prepared Ginger Coffee and served it to Maan and slowly took her baby and sat beside him.Maan saw the doll longingly and started sipping his coffee.Her coffee made his headache to get less pain but his real headache was abt to start.

Precap-Maan made Geet to sit on his lap and said feeding the paratha bite,”Jaan tumhe jeevan aur maran ke baare mein pata hai?”Geet who was listening said,”Maan please ab aage mat bolna ki mera bachcha mar chuka hai!”Maan said,”Haan jaan yahi sach hai!”For Geet’s eyes spitted fire but Maan slowly lifted her in his arms keeping the dinner plate aside and took her to the balcony which had starry dark sky.It was full moon that day and full moon gave pleasant smile towards them.Maan said,”Jaan tum yeh taare dekh rahe ho…inme hum apno ko dhoondte hai…kyunki humaara maan na hai ki jab log marte hai toh woh log aakaash mein taare banjaate hai..woh log humein aur humaare zindagi ke har ek hisse ko dekhte rahenge taare bankar…toh Geet humaara baby bhi ussi taaron ki tarah reh raha hai..humaara baby is duniya mein nahin hai jaan..woh taaron ki duniya mein hai!”First time Maan Singh Khurana who never believed this was trying to convince his jaan by giving examples like star and all.

So guys what will be Geet’s answer or reaction..do let me know ur views 😉

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Maan entered the premises wearing a blue denim jeans with white see thru shirt to the class where Geet was mesmerised seeing him in this avatar.He always wore office attire with shirt and tie and over coat and then white coat but today he was swinging his stethescope and was coming with full boyish grin on his face.Girls of the half-college fainted seeing his this avatar and most of the boy’s jaw dropped seeing their teacher in this attire.



Maan entered inside when he heard one of the boy talking harshly about him.That boy said,“Look at him..how dashing he’s looking..!”On that time another boy said,“Of course he has to be..as he has got the hot girl to date!No no to time with her…uff she’s so hot..just becoz of that Armaan we dint get any oppurtunity to go near her but he..after all he’s her teacher and charmer!”Maan was getting angry with his words but resisted and walked further to hear some girls convo,“When i saw the poster on that time i dint believe that Geet can do this..but of course she looks more beautiful in all that b***h charmed Maan sir from her way…its so vulgar to see that pic but what to do truth never hides!”Maan was totally shocked hearing this piece of information and thought,“Which pic are they talking about?”Maan’s blood boiled hearing the girls talking cheaply abt her but resisted and walked further on that time he was stopped by a soft hand.Maan felt restless and turned to see Swaroopa holding the hand.

Swaroopa immediately dragged him to the empty class and acted that she’s concerned for Geet,“Maan sir…let’s go from the college or else u both will be insulted by college sir!”Maan dint had any clue and asked,“Miss Swaroopa,what are u talking abt?What has happened here that i have to run away from the college?”Swaroopa tried to explain,“Sir,u dont know what Geet had done..she had struck some vulgar posters which is posing u and her is having s** each other!”Maan said with shock,“What?”Swaroopa said,“Yes sir..and that’s why am trying to make u escape from this situation!”Swaroopa wanted to Maan to ru away from the situation so that she can turn this out to her favour and tell that Maan sir is the culprit but Maan dint understand what was going on and when Swaroopa turned to explain not able to see his piercing gaze on that time he walked faster towards the staff room.

When Maan entered staff room on that time principal was also asking the other staff abt Maan’s behaviour.Everyone were giving positive answer as he’s not a culprit and someone had portrayed the teacher student relationship like this.Principal saw Maan and asked sternly,.“What is this Maan..what is going on in this college?”Maan was puzzled and asked,“What is happening sir?”Principal came to know hearing his answer that he dont know anything and he dragged it towards the cultural program stage and saw the stage full of Maaneet’s pics & that too in vulgar postion.Seeing those pics Maan’s anger towered and he immediately started to tear it.He dont wanted Geet to see this but seeing his reaction Principal understood that he’s not the culprit.Principal calmed Maan down,“Calm down my boy…i know u r not the culprit but these vulgar pics can spoil ur and most importantly Geet’s career.I know Geet is a very good girl..bright student and ur favourite student too but please do be careful further…!”But on that time Armaan came there and said,“Sir..no need to say to be careful to him sir as both are getting engaged very soon!”

Maan was shocked hearing this piece of information and that too from Armaan while Armaan spoke politely,“Rano maa had told everything and today Khuranas are gonna come to Geet’s home to ask Geet’s hand for u sir!”Principal was surprised and asked,“Armaan..come to my office and tell me everything and then find that person who’s behind all these..!”He pointed towards the half-torn pics and exited from there while Armaan nodded and his colleagues calmed him down.Swaroopa heard Armaan’s words and was totally angry.She thought she’s gonna cut the ties between Maan & Geet but seeing the situation their bond was getting more stronger than ever.Maan was totally angry and he went with Armaan to help him when they saw the pics curiously then they came to know that it is edited.Maan saw the editing centre’s name where it was edited which was given behind the pics which he had tore.Armaan & Maan went to that centre and scared the owner and made him spit out the truth.Both Maan & Armaan got to know who’s the culprit and they made a plan to catch the culprit.

But Geet wasnt let go to the college by Rano as she got instructions by Armaan.Maan was totally thankful to Armaan as he dont wanted to spoil their relationship between him and Geet.Geet came back to college next morning when she saw the Swaroopa’s pics along with someone who’s unknown to her.Swaroopa was shocked to see the pics and was shocked that her plan backfired her only and started crying trying to tell her friends and teachers that she dint do anything.Geet saw this and she pitied but Armaan had strictly prohibited Geet by taking promise that she’s not gonna talk to Swaroopa till the truth is revealed.Geet dint know which truth will have to be revealed and she was silent due to Armaan’s promise.Seeing the silence from Geet,Swaroopa thought Geet is behind this & confronted her.Geet thought she had to pity her but Swaroopa’s words made her to blast on her as she claimed Geet to be characterless.

Swaroopa said to Geet,“Kitni besharam ho tum Geet..jab poora college tumhe Maan sir se jod raha hai toh tu aise hi casually baat kar rahi hai?Sharam aani chaahiye…!”Geet who saw answered curtly but firmly,“Jab meine koi galati kiya hi nahin toh mein kyun is duniya se daroon…aur tu hoti kaun hai mujhse is tarah baat karne waali..jab mere ghar waallon ko koi problem nahin hai aur mujh par shak nahin hai tu hoti kaun hai mujhse baat karne waali..kya pata tu hi yeh sab poster chipkaakar baat kar rahi ho…shaayad yeh tumhaara kaam hoga..jo mere saamne apne aawaaz uthaakar baat kar rahi hai!Apne attention dooron par paane ke liye hi yeh saara drama kar rahi ho!”Swaroopa was shocked with her words while she taunted,“Tumhe itna bhi sharam nahin Geet..teacher ko humaare desh mein respectable maan jaata hai isiliye hum log humaare guru ko pooja karte hai aur yeh America ya kissi western country nahin jahan sanskaar ki kami na ho..yeh India hai samjhi..aur tumhaari sanskaar baahar dikhaana yahan nahin..!”Geet teased,“Sanskaar..tu sanskaar ke baare mein baat kar rahi hai…jo log phati huyi blouse aur phati huyi skirt pehente hai unse hum sanskaar ke baare mein baat karen?”Geet was pointing towards Swaroopa’s dress who actually wore a small chaddi showing her small skinny thighs and legs and the T-shirt had slid sideways and her b** strip was visible.But Geet had wore selwaar kameez just like Indian typical dress and asked,“Yeh dekho mein kya pehni hoon aur tu kya pehni hai…aur tu keh rahi hai sanskaaron ke baare mein?”On that time Swaroopa said angrily lifting her hand to slap Geet,“How dare u comment on my dress?”But when Swaroopa lifted her hand on that time a strong hold gripped her hand hurting her……

Both Swaroopa and Geet lifted their eyes and saw with shock.There stood Maan Singh Khurana spitting fire to Swaroopa and then he said,“U r so clever to tell lies to me Swaroopa!”Geet dint understand what was he talking when Armaan explained everything to Geet and showed the pic to her.Geet was shocked to see the pics which were edited vulgarly and she tore it angrily seeing those pics.She understood now why Armaan was stopping her to come to college yesterday.Geet slapped Swaroopa when she got to know the next part of the truth from Swaroopa’s men.Geet said angrily spitting fire to her,“I dint even imagine that u can do..u r from the rich and respectable family but still u have this much cheap mind!Dont even show ur face to me or else i’ll kill u!”Swaroopa for time being tried to argue with Geet and tried to blame Geet but Maan came as Geet’s aid and said,“Enough Miss Swaroopa..u have enough spoiled our lives for we’re thankful to the time that we got the warning before our lives mess up…now go away from our lives Miss Swaroopa ur dad’s coming to take u back!”

On that time Mahin Kapoor got off from his car and was seeing the scene with anger in his face.Swaroopa saw her father and tried to explain the story in her way but at last she got a big slap from her father and he dragged her and threw inside the car and the driver drove the car.After Kapoor’s departure,principal announced that Swaroopa is getting married to an NRI boy who is rich like Kapoors and Swaroopa has left the college.Both Maaneet and their collegues and friends breathed calmly and Geet thanked Maan for trusting her in this situation.Maan dint say anything as he saw her almond eyes which had immense love and respect towards him and his heart swelled with pride seeing those content almond eyes.

Precap-Geet knowing abt Khuranas coming to ask hands of her…and both Maaneet are meeting..oops falling for each others 😉 waise kaisa tha update i think i have given justice for this part by ending Swaroopa’s chapter anything missed then do let me know as am losing the track of the story myself due to this training… 😛 enjoy reading and please comment… 😀

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293026_156085574528668_1748670642_n  534503_331476890284489_58417025_n


On that time Geet moaned his name while his kiss dint break as he was relishing her lips hungrily.Maan’s tongue seek the permission to enter inside her mouth.Geet parted her lips while his tongue moved inside her sweet mouth and explored her every bit of mouth.Geet’s hands went towards his dense hairs and pulled him inside her embrace pressing his lips on her soft lips tightly.Maan nibbled her lips and sucked her honey sweet juice..and then his tongue traveled inside her sweet mouth relishing her saliva and drinking it.They broke apart to grab some air when Maan kept his head on her forehead breathing heavily.

Geet opened her almond eyes to see herself so close to him and she was feeling disgusted seeing her weak self which would always melt in front of him and she cant tolerate this.Geet immediately pushed him and stood up and before Maan would catch her she stormed out of the cabin broken down totally.Maan saw her movement and sighed and sat back to do his work.He wasnt that person who can run behind her to manofy when she accepts him on that time he leave all his bitterness but now his ego was not permitting to follow her.



Geet came back to her cabin and was totally shocked and feeling disgust abt her behaviour with Maan.Geet cutely pouted cursing Maan making her react to his touches.Of course as she’s the wife of Maan Singh Khurana.Geet sat on her chair and opened the file which was kept and started working on it but her mind lingered on hers and Maan’s passionate moments.Unknowingly a blush crept on her chubby cheeks remembering the passionate moments.On that time a sound came from somewhere and she came to present world there stood Tasha Pammi’s chamchi who was observing Geet from a long time.Geet saw Tasha who immediately turned that side as she was observing her from outside.Geet felt weird as she dont know anything abt her.

Geet lowered her head and started working holding a red marker.Geet felt some restlessness and she went inside the bathroom and washed her face and lifted her head to see her face in mirror when she saw Maan there.But his eyes were different and he came and held her neck to squeeze but when her soft curves touched his elbow on that time he felt he has been drugged and came forward to kiss her.Geet was feeling disgust & restless.Some part of her body said that he wasnt Maan and some part said that he’s seeing his chocolate brown eyes.Geet tried to wiggle out when Maan slapped her seeing her struggle angrily.Geet’s eyes widened with shock and immediately with all her force she pushed him and ran from the washroom and shouted a name which shook the person sitting in his cabin beside her cabin.The person ran leaving all the files and pen in messy way and saw Geet totally sweaty and scared.

That person came and asked,”Kya huva jaan tumhe paseene kyun choot rahe hai?”Geet saw the person for a moment and her heart got normal and she immediately hugged him out of fear.Geet was scared for first time and she was hugging Maan tightly.All the staff were shocked seeing Maan hugging Geet back too not arguing and he cocooned her more tightly.Geet was totally scared and said,”Woh mujhe maar dega…woh..woh!”Maan asked spitting fire,”Kaun?”Geet saw his chocolate brown eyes and Maan immediately pulled her inside his cabin and closed the curtains from the remote.Maan immediately sat on the couch and made Geet to sit on his lap and slowly slowly stroked her hair and body and kissed her forehead to soothe her.Geet felt peace when Maan was moving his hands over her body and she more squeezed him hugging him.In that process her nails dug into his back flesh wincing him slightly but he dint leave her.He just soothed her rubbing her body and face more lovingly.

When Geet calmed down on that time Geet pushed him and said angrily spitting fire on him,”What were u doing in my washroom?And u tried to kill me???”Maan was puzzled and last words made him shocked.That was the last accuse he cant tolerate and he held her shoulder and squeezed it spitting fire,”Are u dreaming?I was sitting between these files and u r saying that i was in ur cabin’s washroom?Have u gone mad Geet?This was remaining to accuse me?”His heart’s pain started to come and said emotionally,”I thought that due to my aggressiveness due to my possessiveness u hated me…u hated my animosity that’s why i was silent…i was waiting for ur response heartily.But u…u accused me that i want to kill u?If i wanted to kill u then i would hv killed u when u opposed my decision….when u refused to marry me?Becoz no one refuses Maan Singh Khurana…this world is so desperate to bed with me…and u accused me that i tried to kill u?Why?That’s becoz i love u…that’s becoz i want u from ur consent not of my force…answer me Geet.”

Geet said angrily,”Lies..everything is lies…becoz u cant keep anyone happy…u cant give any happiness to others…u r just like an Oak tree which grows taking all the nourishment but it wont give any shade to the people who seek it…”U dont love me!U only want my body that’s all!”On that time Maan’s anger towered and he immediately crushed her soft frame inside his hard frame and said spitting fire,”Yes i love ur body…!For she was shocked but Maan spoke further,”U wanted to hear these words only right…then listen i love ur body!”And he took her complaining lips into his!Geet was shocked with his kiss but it was so soothing for her.She thought she’s in inside the secured arms but she was confused becoz of the previous incident.

Here Tasha was scolding someone and was totally in angry mode.Tasha said,”Madam..usse kuch nahin huva aapka plan chopat ho gaya..aim moke pe usne apne aapko bachaa liya!”Pammi said angrily,”Yeh ladki mera plan chopat kar rahi hai har baar…par koi baat nahin jaayegi kahan..yahi toh rahegi mere aas paas..tab sikhaavoongi ki ameer zaadon ko apna jaal mein phasaana kitna asaan hai lekin uske baad mushkile sehna kitna mushkil!”

Precap-Maan moved his hands inside her kurti and caressed her skin and squeezed her curves.Geet moaned and Maan immediately lifted her in his strong arms and walked inside the room which was adjacent to his cabin.Geet saw his intentions and before she speak Maan took her complaining lips once again and her voice died out inside her throat…..

Maan started licking her feminine parts when Geet moaned his name but he withdrew himself giving enough tortures to Geet.Geet gave a complaining look to him for he answered rather harshly,”U only said that i love ur body not u..then here goes i have proved u…dont even speak that ever or else as said previously u have to face my animosity…!”Geet was left out more tempted and aroused and he before exit Geet pulled him and hovered on her and said angrily spitting fire,”U enjoy torturing me right…so here goes u have to face my wrath….my sweet husband!”Maan was amazed and felt content when Geet said the word “MY SWEET HUSBAND” from her lips.When he felt her soft swollen lips on his rock bare chest he hissed with pleasure….

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