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Hai Liye Hathiyaar Dushman Taak Mein Baitha Udhar
Aur Hum Taiyyaar Hain Seena Liye Apna Idhar
Khoon Se Khelenge Holi Gar Watan Muskhil Mein Hai
Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna Ab Hamaare Dil Mein Hai

( Haath Jin Mein Ho Junoon Katt Te Nahi Talvaar Se
Sar Jo Uth Jaate Hain Woh Jhukte Nahi Lalkaar Se )… (2)

Aur Bhadkega Jo Shola-Sa Humaare Dil Mein Hai
Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna Ab Hamaare Dil Mein Hai
Hum To Ghar Se Nikle Hi The Baandhkar Sar Pe Qafan
Chaahatein Liin Bhar Liye Lo Bhar Chale Hain Ye Qadam

Zindagi To Apni Mehmaan Maut Ki Mehfil Mein Hai
Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna Ab Hamaare Dil Mein Hai
Dil Mein Tuufaanon Ki Toli Aur Nason Mein Inquilaab
Hosh Dushman Ke Udaa Denge Humein Roko Na Aa

Duur Reh Paaye Jo Humse Dam Kahaan Manzil Mein Hai
Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna Ab Hamaare Dil Mein Hai… (2)



Major Maan Singh Khurana-polite,shrewd,sensitive at heart just like an innocent child but very strong minded person.Cant able to break him slightest,undercover army officer having Major ranking.Perfect in every way except getting date 😛


Miss Geet-cute bubbly,very straight forward,epitome of beauty,pursuing B.Arch from Delhi University.


Meera Handa-best friend of Geet & in same standard with Geet.Apple of Handa family.


Tejinder Singh Kaur-cousin & big bro of Meera.

Other characters will come during updates!


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Maan said,”Jaan u r sore…u cant walk i will bring medicine for ur soreness…!”Geet cut his words & said,”And urs too…or else am not gonna talk to u ever!”Maan’s eyes popped up but said cutely making puppy face,”Ok!”Maan gently made her to lie on the bed where the bed was messy giving the indication of their passionate night.The bed was messy with sheets crumpled & several bangles were broken.Maan saw the messy bed & blushing Geet taking the sight of it & teased,”Hmm!Its a bit less messy jaan..let’s mess it more!”Geet saw him with wide eyes while Maan gave a lopsided grin at her expression.Geet cutely pouted & threw the pillow at him.Maan caught it grinning from ear to ear & gently placed it beside her & softly pecked her lips & said ever so softly,”I love u soooooooooooooooo much jaan!”And he went from there to get medicines.On that time Geet turned around her & saw the one 4th pt of the book dangling outside from the bedside drawyer.Geet opened it & tok the book.It was the very same book which had the collection of the important people which Maan’s life saw.

Geet turned some random page & got a picture of a group which had Maan & Veer too.She dint know the remaining other two men.Geet saw under the photo which quoted as-Me,Veer,Angad,Karan.



It was raining outside at about 4am or so when Angad was drinking & here Maaneet were having their passionate night.For Maaneet the time was moving in fast pace while for Angad the time was moving in slow pace.Angad sat on the couch & having drinks waiting for something..someone to call & inform him that his work has been done & for the first time Mr.Angad Khanna was afraid of his plan…scared of his time which had favoured towards Maan.This time he wanted to win over Maan.On that time,in Mumbai mental Asylum,a man started running injuring his fellow occupant of his room.

The downpour was somewhat thick & no one cant able to see the road ahead.That man had wore a scarf & had closed his hospital dress from one of the ward boy’s civil dress.That poor guy was abt to go home when he had become victim of this man.This man had slit his throat from the scissors nearby & had hid his body under his bed.He hid behind a large banyan tree & saw that the watchmen were distracted by something & he slipped outside the gate of the mental asylum climbing it carefully.Becoz current wires were attached to it.One who tries to climb that can get shock & can become unconscious.Luckily the electricity wasnt there & whole hospital was working in inverter which was helping in the purpose of lightening.But there was no light near the gate & the luck of the man who was escaping from the hospital made the gate part dark with no light & guard less too.

That man climbed the gate & immediately fell out of the gate outside.In a few minutes that man was inside a black Chevrolet car which had hid itself behind the big tree.Its dense leaves were perfect for camouflage.The occupant of the car asked,”Are u Mr.Bohra?”That man who had occupied the car now answered meekly,”Yes!”His voice quivered as he was scared of something.The driver nodded & started his car & before the gate became guard plus he moved faster.On that time Angad was seeing the time having his pegs of brandy repeatedly.Th driver dialled to Angad who lifted it by first ring only & driver said politely,”Sir,he’s with me!”Angad was happy & said,”Excellent..bring him to my home.Am waiting for him!”The driver said politely,”Yes sir!”And he moved on & the man who had occupied the car saw around him trying to know that someone is watching or not.

The driver drove towards Khanna Mansion stopped near the porch.The servant who stood dear the porch came towards the driver & driver opened the car door.That man got down from the car & the servant said politely,”Come with me sir!”That man walked with the servant & servant showed him to an rich elegant master bed room which was dimly lit with candles.That man took the clothes which was kept to wear & went inside the washroom attached to the bed room.That man changed into the blue color shirt & denim jeans freshening up & came outside 7 turned to see the huge portrait of Maan,Angad,him & Veer.He went towards it & slowly moved his palm on Veer’s face as if he’s missing him.On that time a voice came from behind which was a matter of fact,”Miss him?”That man turned & saw it was Angad & said,”Very much!”Angad said,”Me too & we’ll get him back,destroying the life of Maan’s!”That man said in disgust,”I hope so!I never liked Maan…he always showed his ego & attitude & most importantly anger!Veer was always the puppet of Maan..always pampering him leaving we both!Today also i feel disgust feeling that i was the friend of Maan’s,after all what he did to Anjali….!And he stopped abruptly seeing Angad’s expression.Angad’s face was white & that man smirked inwardly.Angad said with disgust,”Me too!”

Angad came & kept his left hand on his right shoulder & asked with concern,”How are u Karan?”Karan turned & said,”Am fine Angad..how are u?”Angad said sadly,”Still living!”Karan asked,”Hey y r u saying like that?”Angad said frustrated,”Then what do i say Karan…in front of me that Maan is leading his life happily with his wife & family…& i cant do anything.For the first time in my life am feeling helpless!”Karan said,”Dont worry Angad…now am here..i will help u with ur goal…let’s discuss abt this having dinner..am famished & i want real banquet as the hospital’s food made me so weak!”Angad nodded & said,”Come let’s have dinner!”

On that time in Mumbai Mental Asylum,the news had spread like a fire that Karan is not there & they were searching for him.Here Karan started to eat eh banquet which was served by Sameera who was taking care of Karan as Angad had ordered him.Karan was a Sadist & his most of the Sadism was always appealed to Sex..the physical relation.Karan observed Sameera with lustful eyes which made Sameera uncomfortable.But she was mum due to Angad & Angad showed the pics of both Maaneet & seeing Geet’s pics Karan’s balls started to stand erect.His imaginations hasnt had any bounds or limits.But Angad was unaware of this & he never believed Veer.He thought that Veer is trying to save Maan by blaming Kran.Karan was the b*****d who always saw the girls in that way.It was his obsession that he would use girls for their virginity & after having that he would kill them.But till now he never got caught due to his brain which always worked how to wiggle out of the trouble & on that time when Anjali committed suicide on that time also he had turned his plate towards Maan.


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Maan was in his parents business party walking alone holding the wine glass in his hand.He was feeling lonely & restless.Maan closed his eyes for a second to calm himself

when he saw a person inside his mind vision showed the person for whom he was so craving.It was none other than Geet for he was shocked.He felt restless & arousing &

turned towards the exit when he saw Geet entering.Maan immediately wore his mask a golden color mask which showed his dark chocolate brown eyes.

Maan pulled Geet inside the elevator & took her petal lips.When he felt her petal lips on his rough lips on that he shivered.Desires started to pool while Geet’s was no

less.Geet tried to wiggle to free herself but when his lips came into contact of her lips she writhed under his weight with desires.

How was the teaser..do let me know! 😀



Maan immediately lifted her in his arms when their eyes were talking so much.Their eye locked once again & their silent emotions were triggering inside them.



Maan walked towards the couch where he left Geet gently to lie down.Then he took her ankle & slowly slowly twisted to right position as she softly gasped with pain.Maan was amazed seeing her resistance to the pain.Mostly people will scream when this treatment is going on but her resistance to pain was intolerable.He gently massaged her ankle from his strong hands where his fingers acted as the soothing pain.He slowly pulled all her toe fingers which left the cramps & the pain subsided in her.She was relieved & she cutely smiled at him giving her assurance that she’s ok.Maan stood back who had sat on his knees & Geet tried to get up but her ankle was a bit clumsy & she tripped & fell on his hard chest.He held her wrapping his arms around her waist & her cheek brushed his half exposed chest.He groaned softly feeling the contact but he dint leave her or push her.He was enjoying the closeness as his heart roared feeling its heart beat near to it.

On that time Meera entered with someone for Geet squealed seeing the person & ran inside his arms leaving Maan to cope with his emptiness.It was none other than her best friend Nikki Malhotra & gonna take pics of Maan’s for the article.Meera smiled seeing Geet hugging her best friend Nikki.For a second she forgot that one person is also there who’s not so pleased to see her in Nikki’s arms & he was Maan who saw Nikki & Geet as if he has swallowed a lemon.Geet came to her present world as she was conscious feeling those dark chocolate brown eyes glaring back at her.Geet dragged Nikki towards Maan & said,”Mr.Khurana,this is my best friend Nikki Malhotra-he’s working as photographer in London Times along with Meera!And Nikki,he’s Mr.Maan Singh Khurana-one of the successful businessmen of the world!”

Nikki was the boy with fun having brown tinged black eyes with a beautiful smile on his face.Girls die to get date with this hotty but he’s behind Geet who’s the simple girl in Geet’s opinion.Nikki kept his hand on Geet’s waist & stretched his right hand smiling to Maan,”Pleasure to meet u Mr.Khurana!”Maan said firmly,”Same to u Mr.Malhotra!”But he was pissed off seeing the hand of Nikki on Geet’s waist.Maan wanted to squeeze those palms strongly which were holding Geet’s waist but resisted.Geet saw his eyes which were mad for something but cudnt understand the fact.Then Geet saw Nikki’s palm on her waist & she reluctantly pushed it & stood far away feeling uncomfortable.Maan saw her with wide eyes when she had showed reluctance.Nikki nodded while Meera asked hurriedly,”Well shall we start then!”Both Maan & Nikki nodded while Geet went to the corner & stood seeing their photography where Maan stood giving hot poses to camera while Geet was all the way trying to digest that how much he was hot.

When she tried to measure that feeling her body on that time she felt her body has heated when she’s thinking about him.Now she was thinking that how much promissive he would be in bed & wacked her head immediately cursing herself for thinking erotically like that.Maan was observing her every actions.It was mouth watering to him to see those innocent actions.Her almond eyes would wide thinking something & she would wack her head for that then she would think something & her eyes would wide once again & would immediately shoved off those thoughts wacking her head.Most of the part were more enjoyable when she gave a cute shy smile for her thoughts which made his breath took away.He started breathing heavily seeing her cute cute gestures.It was a fine sight to him & seeing her all type of expressions heat started to course thru the veins.

The photo session ended & Meera thanked Maan for giving his time to them for photo shoot & Maan departed from Geet not meeting her as Meera had given some work & she had gone to do that only.Maan felt resltess not able to see her but he dint say anything.his restlessness tolled over & he went to his home & had a quick shower.He was remembering her cute cute gestures & her expressions which made him smile but also made his blood heated as he felt always aroused around her.She touching another man ignited jealousy inside him.Maan said to himself,”How dare she touch him..when she knows that she’s only mine…only mine?”For a second he dint think what he was saying when he analyzed it then he was shocked by his thoughts.Somewhat Geet was getting inside his skin making him aroused always with her cute cute gestures & expressions which made him feel that she’s his only his.Maan thought this as attraction & try to shove his thoughts but cudnt as she was etched under his skin powerfully.

Next morning Meera got an invitation card from her boss to attend the party of Khuranas & it was for three persons.On for her & her photographer & she dint know whom to take & she got idea.Meera came to Geet’s room & saw Geet was circling some jobs of interns in some constructions companies.Meera asked interested,”What r u doing Geet?”Geet answered,”Circling some intern jobs so that i cant get one so that i cat earn & learn.I want to do masters in Architecture & i dont want dad to spend as he had done for me so much.So thinking of taking an intern job along with my masters degree!What do u think?”Meera said smiling widely,”That’s a good idea Geet!Erm…Geet are u free this evening?”Geet nodded yes to her when she said,”Will u come with me to the Khuranas charity party?”Geet asked warily,”Who is that?”Meera cursed herself for telling the name as she knew that Geet would never come & said,”Geet,its the charity party..we can be able to give charity to them when we attend the party!”Geet thought about the charity as she always had mind to help people who have nothing.

Geet asked Meera,”What’s the charity for?”Meera said,”Its the charity of the people who were homeless during the Hudson river was in spates!”Geet said,”Oh!That’s a good cause..Ok will come to this!But….!”Meera asked worriedly,”What?”Geet said,”I dont have anything to wear!”Meera said smiling,”That’s not a problem Geet..wear mine..any of the sari which suits u!”Geet nodded cutely & went to Meera’s wardrobe which was full of modern dress along with sari’s too!Geet loved sarees to wear she particularly chose a white color sari & she chose a matching jewelleries.Geet looked pretty in that sari. 


Meera was impressed seeing her in sari & she so much liked her to be always wear sari like that.Meera squealed kissing ehr cheeks,”Oh u look so beautiful Geet!Am sure in party the boys will be behind u to propose u..u look like an angel shona!”Geet simply smiled while Meera ran to get ready too.

Both Meera & Geet came in office car along with Nikki to KM.Nikki was fidgetting seeing Geet in sari & that too in white sari with simple jewellery.Nikki was thinking of proposing her.While Maan was in his parents business charity party walking alone holding the wine glass in his hand.He was looking hot & dashing in his black shirt & pant with white coat.549648_494351317241976_730962347_n

He was feeling lonely & restless.Maan closed his eyes for a second to calm himself when he saw a person inside his mind vision showed the person for whom he was so craving.It was none other than Geet for he was shocked.He felt restless & arousing & turned towards the exit when he saw Geet entering.Maan immediately wore his mask a golden color mask which showed his dark chocolate brown eyes.


He saw her top to bottom & his hair on his every body stood & heat course thru his veins.Every man on the party turned towards her.She was the epitome of beauty which made all the men in the party to fidget.Some men admired the beauty while some saw her lustfully.Most of them saw her lustfully thinking of bedding her under them.Geet had wore a pretty white color mask for herself in which she was looking more pretty.


Maan saw the party which had left its dullness into buzzing due to Geet & seethed in anger.No one admires his Geet..no one had that right except me.Maan poured his peg of wine down his throat & saw her with dark eyes.Her creamy white skin attracted him which made him to tremble with desires.He wanted to bite that skin & mark his possession.On that time to pour oil in his already ignited fire Maan’s rival Kshitij Sabarwal came forward & asked giving his right palm towards Geet,”May i have the pleasure Miss?”Geet saw him nervously & Maan observed it.Geet said politely,”Am sorry,i cant!”Kshitij felt she had hit his ego & he immediately pulled from her waist & said giving lustful smile,”It’s ok miss..no need to fuss am Kshitij Sabarwal..u can count on me no need to be afraid!”Meera said immediately seeing his grip,”U are the number one asshole in this town who uses girls for her virgin & leave them after having it!”Meera pulled Geet from him towards her & said to Geet,”Dont count on him Geet,he’s such an asshole!”Kshitij glared at Meera while Meera saw her nicely manicured fingers & spoke,”Get out of my way Sabarwal & dont u dare come near my friend!Piss off!”Kshitij was about to argue when Maan intervened them,”Sabarwal when she’s not interested then why r u troubling them.Just leave her man & go get ur girls who’s burning in jealousy..look at ur date man!”

Sabarwal gupled his saliva seeing his date seething in anger & jealousy!”Kshitij went towards her to calm her & got the blasting from her & he left the party immediately while Maan turned & asked,”Who’s ur date Geet?”Geet saw him puzzled while Meera asked bossily,”Khurana we dint know that we’ve to come with date!”Maan said slowly,”Miss Singhania,dint u see ur invitation..it clearly has the instructions that we bring date!”Maan still cant able take his eyes off from Geet.Meera glanced Maaneet for a second & said abruptly,”Geet u join Mr.Khurana & i will be with Nikki 7 convince him as my date!”Geet got that biggest shock & thought stay with Maan as his date no way..i will melt any minute now if i will be with him.Yesterday’s encounter isnt wavered from my mind & today.

Maan asked politely,”Will u be my date Geet?”Geet said shocked,”NoI’ll exit the party if that’s the rules but i cant be ur date Mr.Khurana!”Maan felt sad & most importantly his ego was hit.His anger towered & said angrily,”Fine,Meera u will be my date & jump to it!”Meera was shocked hearing Maan’s anger & she dont wanted to become victim of it so she saw towards Geet nervously.Geet said politely,”I dint mean that..actually i dont know how to dance & most of the parties contains dancing material so i dint wanted to come.i dont want to ruin ur party becoz of my clumsiness!”Maan assessed her shrewdly which made Geet to shift from her original posture while Maan saw the innocence in those almond eyes.Maan said politely,”Ok!”Meera was happy & smiled & left the place where Maan stood seeing Geet.She lifted her head & saw him & her cheeks turned red seeing his eyes which showed some powerful hunger.

On that time in background some soft music started to play & Maan stretched his palm in front Geet & asked politely,”May i have the pleasure?”Geet took his hand slowly & shivered feeling his palm.His cold skin tickled her warm skin.He felt aroused when he snaked his arms around her waist.

Precap-Another half of the teaser

Note-Will update another part tomorrow for that another teaser




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When the song ended on that time Geet was inside Maan’s embrace & he was hugging geet with immense love & the background’s volume was turned once again on as the audience & judges applauded & Geet came from trance & was shocked to see herself inside Maan’s embrace.Geet tired to struggle from his embrace when Maan opened his eyes to see her almond eyes which made him shocked.Maan saw the indifference which he had in the last week’s performance inside Geet’s almond eyes.Geet knew what he was searching in her eyes & she hid it immediately while Maan sighed to himself thinking that she was in the song & it was only the expressions of the song.Maan was disappointed which was not unnoticed by Geet who felt bad & restless from inside.



It was the hard work of both Maaneet which awarded them once again full 30.It encouraged Geet to make Maan teach so many dance forms & next theme was to surprise the judges with their own dance form.For that Geet chose Zouk to teach to Maan.But Geet dint knew that what would be her state after this dance form.Geet started teaching this dance form.But Maan was totally confused seeing Geet giving mixed signals.It was so difficult to Geet to control on her seeing the most handsome man giving indications of love.She needed break from all these so she went to office after Maan’s first class of Zouk dance form which was a rather the draining emotions of Maan.She was scared by his emotions which so positive & provoking that she would drown in those steely emotions.Eyes was the first expressive organs from Maan when she came closer to him during the lesson of dance steps.It always showed the dark desires which would struggle to be unleashed.Every minute of their lesson Maan enjoyed himself seeing Geet’s mixed signals & emotions.

Geet entered her office & entered inside Savitri Devi’s cabin without knocking.(U guys are thinking abt that how Geet is so formal with Savitri Devi?I’ll come to that in next part)Savitri Devi saw Geet distracted & said in astonishment,”Geet u here!”Geet saw her & instantly her eyes welled up & tears poured down.Savitri Devi was alarmed & widened her arms when Geet ran inside & Savitri Devi cocooned her to a soothing embrace.Geet started crying while Savitri Devi rubbed her back.Savitri Devi asked worriedly,”What happened child,why r u crying?”Geet hiccupped & Savitri Devi made her sit on the couch & sat beside her.Savitri Devi wiped her tears & asked softly,”What happened tell me?”Geet said,”That Maan…!”Savitri Devi got worried & asked,”Who?Anyone troubling u baby girl?”Geet said immediately,”No!Er….er….that Maan!”

Savitri Devi’s expression changed immediately hearing the name as it had changed from concern to disgust,”Hold on…that superstar Maan Singh Khurana?”Geet was amazed but nodded while Savitri asked angrily,”What he did to u?Did he misbehave with u?Tell me Geet am gonna make him suffer!”Geet immediately said stopping her,”No!He dint do anything with me.In fact he’s a gentleman Nani!”Savitri smiled hearing the word Nani from Geet.Savitri slowly tightened her embrace around Geet & asked softly,”Then what’s the problem baby girl?”Geet stuttered & whispered softly,”I think he loves me!”For a second Savitri’s mind stopped working & come to present world & was abt to shout that dont take his proposition or accept his love but on the second thought she decided to make him to come home once again.Maan Singh Khurana had left the home to pursue his dream having row with Nani & today she had very good oppurtunity to make him come home back.She was missing her grandson badly.When he left his house on that time she had said one sentence that he will come back for money luxury & name.But Maan dint came back to her instead he had gained the name,luxury & money on his hard work.

Savitri Devi asked,”So what is your opinion about him?”Geet saw downwards & said guiltily,”I dont think am the perfect match to him!”Savitri asked gently,”And y u think like that?”Geet said,”Nani…he’s handsome & a gentlman…but still it would be not god..our match will be like Guliver & Liliput.Nani…am only simple choreographer…but him..he’s superstar…i cant be with him always..i’ll be in trouble Nani..!”Savitri was shocked hearing her words & was impressed & said gently,”Geet it can happen that u r also in love with him,but u r not accepting it!”Geet was shocked & said immediately No nani..am not..am only a good friend!”Savitri said gently,”Geet..u r trying to suppress your instincts baby girl…& becoz of that only u r not seeing the truth!”Savitri knew that Geet is stubborn when Geet said,”No Nani..am only like him as friend not anymore like that..am worried am gonna break his heart!I dont love him Nani!”Savitri was disappointed but Geet’s eyes always told everything to her though her mind tried to shut it to others.Savitri said,”Ok then..close u eyes!”

Geet gave a questioning look but closed her eyes & Savitri said,”Free your mind from all the worries baby girl!”Geet freed her mind & Savitri said,”Now try to remember your imaginary lover for whom u wanted to be always with him..love him unconditionally & cherish him life long!Can u see anyone?”Geet liked this game & she tried to string her thoughts & in her mind vision a muscular man came to vision.Geet’s smile widened & that muscular man was shirtless showing his rock chest & 6 packs abs with strong biceps.Geet’s mouth turned O seeing his mins’s thoughts & immediately Savitri smiled seeing her expression though she closed her eyes.Geet slowly saw him intently when she saw the denim jeans which he wore was loosened & his erection pts buttons were open.Geet wacked her mind giving that naughty vision but she was drooling over his chiseled body.Then his body started to focus more when she tried to see his face which was still in dark.She tried to see his face which was coming to the correct vision.Geet saw M shaped lips…then long white nose & wide eyes which were dancing in its sockets with joy & when his face came clearer from the dark on that time she gasped & immediately opened her eyes with shock.

Savitri asked seeing her expression,”Whom u saw?”Geet was about to say it when Savitri was called for a meeting by the speaker & she stood & said in hurry,”Am in hurry baby girl!Am gonna talk to u after ur next performance i need to go to London..take care of urself & Rano too baby girl!”Savitri kissed her forehead & ran like a storm leaving shocked Geet.Geet had seen Maan in her mind vision which was the imagination of her Mr.Perfect!Geet was shocked to see Maan in her mind vision & said to herself,”I think he’s my friend na that’s why he had come to me!He cant be my partner..how can i his status is so big & mine..am a middle class family girl.he wont like me..i think its only attraction..yeah that’s the fact…Geet take off all this from ur minds & concentrate on Maan’s dancing..yeah we want another 30 too..we cant back off!But y i feel secure whenever his arms wraps around my waist…i feel so secure & it provokes my dark desires!Stop it Geet…dont think abt that!”

Geet came to the DWM studio & ran into their where she & Maan always practised dance steps.When she entered on that time some girl was hugging Maan tightly.Seeing that her smile faded & jealousy ignited inside her libido & took toll to breathe.Geet saw the woman who was beautiful & turned towards the door where Maan was smiling at Geet.Maan said,”Sam..this is my choreographer Geet in this competition.Geet..this is Sameera my former choreographer & a very good friend! 🙂 Geet’s senses calmed hearing the friend from maan but still she was shaking with jealousy seeing Sam keeping her hand on his shoulder.Geet saw that & Maan felt uncomfortable seeing the fire inside Geet’s almond eyes.It was something new he had seen though he thought as not real.Geet tried to control herself & came forward,”Hello!”Geet shook Sam’s hands powerfully that she screamed in painGeet was alarmed & left her hand & said,”Am sorry..i have a very firm grip!”Sam said rubbing her right palm resisting pain,”Dont bother!”

Geet was shocked with her behaviour as last time she had firmly gripped her former boss’s hands as he was giving wrong indications to warn him to be far away from her.But today the anger which she felt when she was angry seeing a girl holding Maan’s waist in friendly manner made her so petrified.Geet hid her emotions & said,”Let’s start our practise Maan!”Maan nodded & started to show the steps which they had practised yesterday.Now Geet needed to teach further steps & somewhere her heart anticipated to be inside his arms.During practise Sam tried to distract him giving odd postures as he frowned & said,”Geet let’s practise tomorrow!”Geet was shocked & asked,”What happened Maan?”It was more dominance as she had seen Sam distracting him.Maan dint say any word as for the first time Maan felt Geet’s dominance in the course of time.He assessed her with his sharp eyes while she was trying to hide her emotions when he declared,”I need to learn this in fast pace!”

Geet said angrily,”U cant learn it in fast pace!U need concentration to catch the steps & i dont think u r concentrating today anymore…what is it Maan?Are u distracted becoz of Sam?”Maan was amazed & meekly said,”Yeah!”Geet went & said straightaway,”Sam u will meet Maan in 2 hours..till then u can take rest in the lobby of this studio where u will be served food & tea too!Please Sam..dont distract my student!”Sam noticed her dominant words & argued,”I wasnt distracting him Geet..!”Geet said cutting off her words,”It doesnt matter that u were distracting or not the fact is that Maan has only one week to practise & he wont be ready till i give green signal…we’re in the series of perfect 30 & i dont want u to jeopardize my student making him disappointed seeing the less marks.Try to understand Sam!”Sam was about to shout on Geet but Geet dragged her towards the lobby & immediately shut to door of the studio.

Geet turned to see Maan who was assessing her curiously.Geet asked,”Shall we start Maan?”Maan dint answer but asked abruptly,”U dint like Sam’s presence here..why is it Geet?”Geet looked at his face & was caught off guard as she knew she’s showing her jealousy emotion.Maan’s sculpted lips widened slowly when Geet said controlling herself,”I saw that Sam was distracting u & i cant tolerate interruptions when am teaching the dance steps!”For which Maan’s smile more widened & he showed his 32 teeth white & impressive.Geet drooled over his killer smile but controlled herself & said bossily,”Shall we start?”Maan hid his killer smile & nodded vigorously.Maan was happy seeing Geet jealous of Sam & she kicked out of the room saying that she’s distracting him & he was grateful to that as he felt awkwas to be comfortable with Geet while practising.

After the practise & both Maaneet were all set to perform the song on that time Sam was seething with anger.Becoz Geet was a very good teacher & choreographer.Sam was jealous about her becoz she chooses the steps uniquely & try to make Maan work hard in that.She understands the song & understands which steps to put & Sam was having professional jealousy with her.Sam wanted to make Maan to come back to her..to help & she wanted to hurt Geet so that her plan will be success.She hatched a plan while both Maaneet’s closeness started more & they performed to the song where Geet will be like a puppet & Maan is gonna guide her.

Listen to the creepy music which is a starting before the song Awarapan

Song Toh Phir Aavo from Awarapan


GC & Shampa performance

Please see this video from 0:56 to 3:40 & ignore Shampa & imagine Geet in her place.

The programme started & Maaneet’s fellow contestants showed their perforomance.Maaneet’s dance was at last & when they came to stage when anchor announced on that time once again the world turned mute & only both were present.Maan stood behind the stage & Geet walked past him wrapping her arms around her to show that she’s resisting cold.She saw Maan walking towards her & he was looking handsome with slightly white make up & blood red pink lips.He was looking more handsome & she was mesmerised by his eyes but still went forward but she was stopped halfway when the creepy music started above!

To phir aaoooo
Mujhko satao

To phir aaoooo

Mujhko rulaawo


Maan flashed his fingers doing the magic & Geet stood just like a doll.Then Maan slowly made her to come towards him.Geet was just like the puppet & immediately she came towards him.Maan twisted his hands over Geet’s face & did some magic & hypnotised her & she became just like the puppet once again & Maan started to handle her.She bent down while Geet came towards him & in the swift moment she was inside his arms.Maan rocked Geet backwards & forwards while Geet stood like a rag doll which had the strings of her in Maan’s hand.Maan twirled her one round & left her where geet rounded haphazardly & held her head trying to focus.But Maan once again did some magic & she came towards him from backwards.

Dil badal baneee
Aankhen bhene lagee

Maan twirled her & immediately held her face from his palm.He bent with her forwards while she bent backwards automatically & Geet was seeing Maan’s eyes only.Maan came near her when she saw his eyes.On that time Geet felt mesmerised drowning in those steely depths.It always screamed that i love u.Maan came near her snaked his arms around her waist & she felt goosebumps apart from the dance.Geet cant able to concentrate but still she suppressed her emotions.On that time Maan twirled & gave another round & rounded her about 3 rounds & he himself turned while Geet stood just like a doll.


Aaheein aise uthe
Jaise aandhi chalee

Maan hugged Geet while she pointed towards the direction as if she have to go towards the way but can as she’s hypnotised.When Maan had hugged her on that time he kept his fingers on her bare back & moved it making her shiver down spine & he gave an impressive smile.Then twirled her once again numerous rounds so that she feels dizzy but luckily she dint as the practise makes man perfect.Then Maan held her both hands & walked towards her where his left hands went towards her waist & she bent backwards.Maan pulled her towards him while in that process her lips brushed to his shoulder blades.Maan softly groaned & lifted her on his shoulder when her back was pinned to his shoulder.Maan once again gave an impressive smile while turned around & immediately let her down but she was just like a doll who is stretching just like her master says.

To phir aaoooo
Mujhko satao

To phir aaoooo
Mujhko rulaaw

aa bhi jaao 6

ho hoho

Maan turned her neck & immediately twirled once again & lifted her & pinned to his left shoulder.Geet was just doing what he was doing following him while Maan gave his famous impressive smile once again.Then he rounded her left thigh around him & dragged her while Geet felt shiver down her spine feeling his fingers on her thighs.


Gum leja tere
Jo bhi tune diye

Maan twirled her & she did split when he bent down & Maan held her neck once again & turned it.Then held both the hands of her & pulled her towards his hard frame & felt her soft curves rub against his hard frame.Maan groaned softly & immediately held her & he turned her just like the helicopter way.On that time he try to suck the blood but her hands falls on his head & he immediately support her pinning to his hard frame.

Ya phir mujhko batao
inko kaise sahee
To phir aaoooo
Mujhko satao

To phir aaoooo
Mujhko rulaaw

aa bhi jaao 6

Maan turned her & immediately pulled her towards him & once again started turning her confusing her.Then making her feel dizzy Maan once again twirled her more giving impressive smile which depicted that she’s in his control.Maan turned her between his arms & another side so that she feels more dizzy & confused as he had seen trying to focus.On that time Geet let her body so loose & Maan turned her body & lifted her.

abb to is manjar se
mujhko chale jana hai
Jin raaahon pe mera yaar hai
Un raahon ko mujhse pana hai
To phir aaoooo
Mujhko satao

To phir aaoooo
Mujhko rulaaw
aa bhi jaao 6


Then Maan once again twirled her & she did split & he lifted her from her left thigh & Geet spread her hands loose just like she needs to support.On that time Maan kept her foot on the ground & she shook wobbly wobbly & held her head when Maan draped himself with red coat & came towards her & closed Geet’s face & held her tightly sucking the blood with his vampire teeth & left her.When he was sucking he purposefully bit Geet’s neck sharply & Geet shuddered feeling that her stomach is tightening.On that time in background the there was the sound of werewolf & Maan turned with ferocious expression with mixed hunger which was satisfied by Geet’s blood & Geet fell on the floor.Maan went to his coffin & opened the lid & slept inside it closing the lid.

The sounds turned on around them & everyone applauded seeing their performance.Judges gave full on 30 marks for that too for which Maan was so happy.Maan was more happy seeing Geet had become just like the puppet where he was the master of her.But it was his wild thoughts which made him to manhandle her but still it got 30 performance.Everything was so good & time was running to its own accord & that time was Sameera who was seeing Geet out of jealousy.She wanted to hurt her as she had misbehaved with her throwing from the room.


Sameera said angrily,”How dare u throw me from that room?Am Maan’s best friend & i have every right to be with him!”Geet said coolly,”U were distracting him that’s why i threw u from the room.Sameera said angrily,”I thought i will be available here as Maan can be handled by me only.He has the habit of shouting & showering anger on others if the dance performance becomes lousy.But u..u handled him very well..how..how did u do it?”I dont even know that this dance form exists but u made judges impressed & ur dance steps…how do u know all this when am senior to u & dont know anything abt this dance form.How?On that time the chandelier which was dangling above Geet’s head started to shake.Sameera instructed someone who was pulling that chandelier & it loosened & fell due to loose fittings………..

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Eternal spring of boundless grace,
It lifts the soul above,
Where God the Son unveils his face,
And shows that Heaven is love.

Love that revolves through endless years–
Love that can never pall;
Love which excludes the gloom of fears,
Love to whom God is all!

Love which can ransom every slave,
And set the pris’ner free;
Gild the dark horrors of the grave,
And still the raging sea.

Let but the partial smile of Heaven
Upon the bosom play,
The mystic sound of sins forgiven,
Can waft the soul away.

The pilgrim’s spirits show this love,
They often soar on high;
Languish from this dim earth to move,
And leave the flesh to die.

Sing, oh my soul, rise up and run,
And leave this clay behind;
[illegible] ing thy swift flight beyond the sun,
Nor dwell in tents confined.

Courtesy from Google

It was the beach of Mumbai where two children were playing building sand castles.One was boy who was seeing the girl with thief eye..he had chocolate brown eyes & small cute nose of 3yr & exact M shaped pink lips.This was Maan Singh Khurana who was the son of business tycoon Rudra Singh Khurana & Parvati Singh Khurana.He was seeing the girl from thief eye & there was a cute smile playing on his M shaped lips.The girl was cutely building the sand castle pouring some more sand near her castle & shaping it.There was a cute content smile which were playing on her lips.Well she was the cute epitome of beauty with doe shaped eyes & cute small nose with baby pink lips.She was 2 yr old.She was adorable & xerox copy of her mother Rano Handa & beloved daughter of Rahul Handa.She was Geet Handa who was the apple of Khuranas & Handas.Apple of Maan Singh Khurana.

This is the story of childhood friends who always be friends but fall for each other time after time & their bond becomes stronger time after time.Presenting another MG story Heavenly Love.


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Maan turned towards Geet who was shocked with the last revelation & said,”There ur bedtime story is over!”Geet asked out of curiosity,”How do u know that Ayesha wasnt a culprit till yesterday u always made disgusting face when u heard the name but today what happened to u!?”Maan said softly,”Well Geet i got to know about her today only.Ayesha had phoned up to me yesterday & had cleared all the missing pieces as she got to know am getting married.Her husband Gurpreet is so understanding he let her to talk her heart out.She clearly explained why she did  like that & cleared my all doubts.Now am free from my mind letting it out!”Geet saw him lovingly while Maan softly pecked her petal lips & said,”Love u for that!”Geet cutely blushed but asked sternly,”The bedtime story is over?”Maan nodded yes to her & Geet pouted,”I was so curious!”Maan chuckled & she more snuggled inside his chest.Within a few seconds she drifted & Maan was in awe of her.He was amazed of her reaction.He was so happy that she considered his past as a bed time story & dint even flinch for once also when he was telling his past.He thought that he was so lucky to get her as his partner.


Next morning both Maaneet were sleeping peacefully inside each other’s embrace soothing their souls giving solace to their minds.It was the most adorable view where both Maaneet were holding tightly themselves each other.They had walked outside from their pasts.Maan was freed from his past & Geet was freed from her guilt.The day she spoke with Maan about her past..about Dev..she felt so much relieved.Maan stirred & turned to find his jaan sleeping clinging to him.Maan was shocked as he had slept with her without any hesitance.He knew the minds of cheap people or society where always would gossip if they see a girl & a boy slept in one bed & holding each other though nothing happened between them.Maan slowly got up but Geet had clutched Maan’s shirt tightly.Maan saw this & slowly he parted his shirt from her grasp opening her small soft white fingers.Those fingers were edible to him to bite it.He had the extreme urge to bite it when his sixth sense told him to control.

On that time Geet stirred in her sleep & opened her almond eyes stretching & yawning to find Maan admiring her.Geet smiled cutely with full dimples & said sweetly,”Good Morning!”Maan said smiling broadly,”Good morning!”Geet got up & kept her cheek on his right shoulder & asked,”When is our London flight?”Maan said leaning his head on her head,”At 8pm Geet!”Geet said,”Ok!”On that time Geet’s room was knocked & both Maaneet were startled.Maan immediately ran towards balcony & climbed down very fast.When Geet saw Maan out of sight on that time she opened the door & there Rano entered holding a large tray which was closed from a red cloth & some girls entered along with Geet’s friends Meera & Pinky who were giggling seeing Geet’s droopy eyes.

Meera said to Geet seeing her droopy eyes which were mercilessly closing due to sleep,”U will be always Kumbakaran!Sweety how much u sleep..we were knocking the door from one hour & u got the time to open.We were running from downstairs to upstairs repeatedly after leaving the door knocking…mad girl..dont u remember that u r gonna get marry in two days!”Geet cutely twisted her lips angrily & saw Rano to back her up when Rano said more frsutrated,”Geet dont show ur big brown eyes & that puppy look..give ur old mom break i was also walking repeatedly from ur room…i’ll talk to Maan so that he teach u some discipline!”Geet cutely made puppy complaining face & said in under breath,”Becoz of him only i was sleeping like Kumbakaran..what response u will get from him when u mention about this!”

On that time,Maan spit the black coffee which he was sipping when he had heard the words of his grandma who was sternly asking something when they were having breakfast while the KM was buzzing with workers & relatives.Maan made a cute complaining face seeing towards his mother who was laughing from inside seeing her son’s state as her mother-in-law was hovered on Maan asking weird questions.Maan got tired seeing his nautanki dadi who was busy teasing him asking weird questions & went from there giving his famous MSK glare.When Maan exited flustered on that time everyone burst into laughter in the breakfast table & Amar said smiling,”Mom u knew that Maan was with Geet last night but still u teased him!”Dadimaa said,”Well son am always ready to tease him…first time i had seen the happiness in his eyes…i always feel to see those eyes of him whenever i mention Geet’s name.I think Geet is the perfect match to him in all the ways & i pray that he wont be angry like in past which is inherited from u & ur father!”

Amar made complaining face & said smirking immediately,”That’s why dad always called u as nautanki & drama queen!”Dadimaa glared at her son & made a puppy face turning towards her daughter-in-law who was trying to control her laughter.Here Geet had her shower & was made ready for haldi ceremony.Preliminary ceremonies were going on here in India only with near relatives & then marriage was in London.Today it was haldi & both Maaneet were about to meet still he was desperate last night to be with Geet as he knew that she’s gonna be with him for life time.Haldi ceremony started,Geet was looking adorable in her yellow Selwaar Kameez with a red cheeks which added her beauty becoz her friends Meera & Pinky were teasing her so much.Tasha was so happy to see her bhabhi as she always felt Maan as her elder brother though she worked as his secretary.


Geet was made sit in between & her friends started to tease on that time one of her cousin called Priya asked out of jealousy,”Geet di,How is jiju?Is he handsome?”As no one had not seen Maan except Handas were so shocked & overwhelmed to know that Geet was getting married after her reputation.Some were worried for the boy while some were worried for Geet.They dint know the real reason behind as still they thought Geet as unfortunate.Here dadimaa was not speaking to Maan who was continuously asking her to where she was taking him.Maan wanted to meet Geet & he was desperate & Maan was frustrated seeing his dadi’s behaviour & dadimaa was so happy seeing Maan’s desperation.Finally they reached HM for haldi ceremony for Maan was so happy.Maan dint even ask anyone or waited for others & ran inside to take a glimpse of his jaan.

When Maan entered on that time Geet was sitting blushing furiously.Her body was smeared with turmeric & it added up her blushing red face.Maan stood there admiring his jaan when Priya noticed him.She was mesmerised seeing him as he was so handsome.She wanted to flirt with him & try to draw his attention.So she came towards him walking in the cat walk style shaking her butt.But Maan was totally mesmerised with his jaan Geet who was now giggling cutely when her friends were saying some jokes.


Priya thought that Maan was seeing her & was smiling & she encouraged herself & came forward.But Maan dint even glanced her as he was gawking Geet with wide eyes.He was looking adorable in that state & the killer smile was somewhat delicious which made the girls to faint.This was MSK who was smiling wholeheartedly.On that time Khuranas entered & saw Maan gawking Geet mindlessly.Dadimaa was the first one who smiled mischievously.Dadi walked towards him when she saw Priya there.On that time Geet lifted her head sensing Maan’s presence when she saw Maan gawking at her with pleasant smile.Geet blushed seeing Maan gawking at her mindlessly.But then she noticed Priya reaching Maan.Geet frowned as she dint like the way Priya was approaching shaking her body like that.Geet tried to stop Priya by calling her but Priya ignored her completely & set on with her task.

Priya came & stood in front of Maan & said sexily,”Hi Handsome…are u new here?Am Priya….Priya Singh & u?”Maan dint answer as he was still gawking at Geet.Priya got insulted seeing Maan dint gave attention towards her & shook her hands in front of his face.But Maan dint blink when she was more insulted & showed her egoist gesture & was about to go from there when Rano said sweetly,”Son..u came to put the traditional haldi to Geet!U just walk with me son!”Maan who came to present world when he had heard Rano’s voice walked with her not even glancing towards Priya.Priya got insulted & was shocked that he was the would-be of Geet.Priya was feeling jealous & insulted & without further ado she followed Maan.

Maan went towards Geet & took the traditional Haldi & softly smeared it on her right cheek looking at her lovingly.Geet blushed furiously & everyone clapped with awe & happiness seeing their love.


Geet too blushing furiously smeared the haldi to him when everyone once again applauded happily.


Maan saw her more lovingly which was the mixture of hunger & love.Geet cutely lowered her eyes when Priya came & kissed Maan’s cheek.Maan was shocked feeling the kiss while the hall stood with shock.Mrs.Singh saw the scene & strode past Khuranas to scold her.But Geet was angry & Maan was shocked to see the angry Geet.Possessiveness oozed inside her body & she shook with anger while Priya got satisfaction seeing the jealous & angry Geet.Geet glared at Maan seeing the lipstick mark which was given by her cousin Pooja who was swooning seeing Maan’s handsome features.Maan was feeling awkward seeing Geet’s glare & the kiss too & started to speak,”Geet…!”When she put her index finger on his M shaped lips.Maan saw her almond eyes scared of her anger while Geet saw towards Pooja.Geet said calling Pooja snapping her fingers in front of Pooja’s face & making her come from her la la land.Pooja saw Geet with attitude while Geet said angrily,”Dont u dare show me attitude & how dare u kiss ur brother-in-law.He’s ur would be brother-in-law so better show your respect from now only!”Pooja argued,”Geet just give me a break..u were so lucky that doesnt mean am unlucky…!”Pooja said that angrily hearing Geet’s tone Pooja thought that Geet is taunting that she dint had husband like Maan Singh Khurana.Geet dint understand what she was saying on that time Pooja kissed Maan’s cheek once again making Geet angry.Geet saw Maan who was helplessly seeing his jaan gesturing to leave him from his mouth while Geet glared her darkened lipstick mark & immediately bit it.Geet in anger bit Maan’s cheek while Maan said,”Ouch!”Maan was so shocked seeing Geet biting his cheek while all the hall were shocked.Geet bit his cheek till it becomes red while Maan dint bother to stop her as her biting giving him the other way round sensation.He was getting aroused feeling her soft lips & her razor sharp teeth.When Geet was satisfied then she left marking her teeth marks on Maan’s cheek making him highly aroused.Pooja was shocked while Geet said,”Stay away from him..he’s mine..only mine!Do u understand?”Geet immediately walked past him not giving any glance towards him with attitude.Maan thought,”She bit me & showing her attitude!Hmm! Need to teach some respect to would be Mrs.Khurana!”

Before he would follow Geet he was called by dadimaa who was so impressed by her would-be daughter-in-law who bit her grandson staking claim on him.Maan shook his head seeing his nautanki dadi who was smiling at him mischievously.Rano followed Geet & shouted on her,”Geet..dont have any manners…why did u bite Maan puttar..he wasnt at fault!What do people think abt that?”Geet shouted angrily,”I dont give damn abt what people think..he’s mine..only mine…how dare she kiss my man & that too am colored in his name’s turmeric!Mom make them out of this house or else am gonna threw her for sure..i dont want Priya’s evil eyes to fall upon Maan’s…half of my fixed marriages always ruined becoz of her..i dont want her in my marriage & give pain Maan becoz of her.She always created problems in marriage seeing the dulhas..she’s one jealous girl whose one glance can ruin everything.Just make her get lost from this house…or else am gonna do that now only!”


“Maan!”Geet moaned when his hands travelled on her soft curves.Maan’s eyes were dark & intense & said darkly,”You know how i felt when u were biting my cheek!I love it when u claim me…it feels that am always yours…i want to be yours always Meet!My Meet & i love it when my Meet claims me!”He closed his lips on her lips biting it softly.Geet moaned when his teeth pulled her lower lip & his hands travelled towards her butt.Geet’s nails dug on his biceps & Maan licked her lips more seductively.Geet snaked her arms around his neck & pressed her lips strongly on his rough lips & Maan groaned.He once again pressed her body from her butt squeezing it from his palm & Geet felt his erection digging inside her softness from the barrier.

Teaser 2-Sangeet Ceremony

Teaser 3-Mehndi Ceremony

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Both ended the song hugging each other & slowly slipping on the ground in curve pattern & both lied down on the ground completely with Geet on the floor & Maan is on Geet rubbing his full body to her soft full body.Geet felt her soft curves press when his rock chest pressed her.Geet’s breath caught in her throat while Maan saw her with raw desire & that’s it they heard the clapping of the people & cheering & they came to present world



Both Maaneet were embarassed as everyone were clapping hard with appreciation & judges were giving full thumbs up while both Maan & Geet saw each other.Both Maaneet had that intense dark stare & both immediately avoided their eyes & both went far away from each other while the anchor came there appreciating their dance.Geet immediately closed her eyes & suppressed her dark emotions & opened her eyes & gave a pleasant smile which dint reach towards her eyes.Maan too was like that only but his soul roared happily after dancing with Geet.He felt desires raging inside his veins & his plate was full with Geet’s beauty that he was trying to be with the present world after tasting his own raging desires for Geet.

When both saw each other eye to eye then they were caught with their magic only which their eyes were creating.Everytime they saw each other they felt a shiver down their spine.Those windows of soul always explained what is going on inside their mind to each other.Geet was distracted so much apart from her goal.It was her life where big storm was blowing as Maan.Maan’s eyes…Maan’s handsome features…his way of concern towards her…his way of expressing love towards her…his way of expressing passion towards her..his way of expressing anger towards her…his way of expressing possessiveness towards her making her hairs to stand with fear.She dint wanted to break her heart just like her best friend who had got betrayal from her true love just becoz she loved him truly.

But a strange kind of confidence & trust would develop inside her always seeing Maan.A trust would develop inside her seeing Maan’s behaviour.In first performance Maan got 30/30 for the hot performance while anchor & judges were appreciating them seeing their chemistry.This time their theme was love…only love…for that Geet started to prepare Maan.Geet relaxed a bit whenever she showed the steps as Maan was a quick learner.This time Maan would never mind as he knew in end he have to dance with her.This thought made Maan smirk to himself while Geet was oblivious of his thoughts.It was the second performance where all the contestants were nervous.Some got 25 & some got 20 & some got 29 but no one got perfect 30 just like Maaneet.But still all the contestants were working hard including Maaneet.

This time it was the song Ishqwala Love.

Geet had instructed Maan to enter while she will be playing the Piano.Geet starts her words about ishq.

Ishq mein tere sara jahan waar gaye
Hua ye aise ki sud-bud bhi kho gaye…

Ye Ishq hi ab dua aur zindagi hai
Mil jaaye ye koi aur na numaaish hai…

-By Rituja Navale urf Mishtiritu 🙂

Then Maan entered & started his dance slowly shaking his body into curve

When Geet entered just like an angel his jaw dropped.Everytime he looked at her she looked like an angel & it was irresistible to him.


It was the grand entry of the both of them when the song starts.

See the song from 1:24 to 3:48 & ignore Salman in that & imagine Maan urf GC in that!

Surkh wala, sauz wala, Faiz wala love
Hota hai jo love se jyada waise wala love
Ishq wala love

Geet cutely slid from the ladder with her high heeled sliver shoes wearing a backless dress which made Maan’s eyes burn with jealousy.His anger was somewhat palpable but for now he need to control..he need to cope with the anger & success today’s performance.So he got forwards turning 3 times in his legs & started lip syncing with the song.His lips dint left the lyrics while Geet stood on the top of the piano when Maan climbed the piano top & his face started to give expressions earnestly & he once again got involved in the dance.


Hua jo dard bhi toh humko aaj kuch zyada hua
Ishq wala love

Geet cutely turned one round holding her skirt when Maan too sat in his knee with his left leg upwards just like sitting position & he turned.Geet gave her right hand & gave a cute dimple smile when Maan gave his killer smile seeing her cute dimple smile & he stood & encircled his hands around her small soft bare waist.Geet felt ticklish feeling his fingers & she felt aroused instantly.Maan observed this & he smirked from in his mind vision.His heart fluttered dancing with the rhythm while Geet cutely hid her emotions pouting cutely to babaji cursing him for making her struck with this type of situation.Her cute pout wasnt missed by Maan who was enjoying himself holding her possessively.

Ye kya hua hai kya khabar yehi pata hai zyada hua
Ishq wala love

Geet cutely bent forward touching her soft curves to the top of the piano while Maan held her so easily making her body brush against her body.Geet’s spine got a shiver when her body gracefully brushed his rough body.She got a funny jolt inside her body & it coursed through the veins.


Every beat was precious to them & it was going on as if they were really doing those waltz.Soft waltz which was so soft & smooth where two lovers were indulged in their own world of love.Eyes which always depicts the love towards each other was never gonna waver in both Maaneet’s eyes.For the world they were performing but for them it was reality.Those almond eyes were full of love which always invited Maan to lost in those deep oceans.In this also eyes were prominent in both which were showing immense love to each other.

Agar ye usko bhi hua hai phir bhi mujhko zyada hua
Ishq wala love


Meri neend jaise pehli baar tooti hai
Aankhein band kar ke dekhi hai maine subah
Hui dhoop zyada leke teri roshni din chadha
Ishq wala love

Geet twirled & sat on his waist for a minute & then hugged him snaking her legs around his waist giving tremors in between his thighs.Maan softly groaned when her soft thighs rubbed his hardness.Geet cutely blushed & hid her face & then Maan brought her to stand on the keys of the piano where she gracefully twirled & then turned & bent from the back holding her arms & mocked that she’s playing the piano while the piano started to play in background.Geet was cutely smiling with full dimple when Maan was also smiling.His smile blossomed seeing Geet smile fully.Maan felt there wasnt any hesitation this time like first time & he was so happy to feel like that.


Jhanke badalon ki jaali ke peechhe se
Kare chandani ye mujhko ittala
Leke noor sara chand mera yahin pe hai chhupa chhupa hua
Ishq wala love

Then Geet bent her body gracefully holding Maan from the back & then she widened her thighs in the horizontal way & bent down on the keys.


Then got up with the help of Maan & then Maan climbed down & Geet too bent down while Maan held her waist.

Hua jo dard bhi toh humko aaj kuch zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Ye kya hua hai kya khabar yehi pata hai zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Agar ye usko bhi hua hai phir bhi mujhko zyada hua
Ishq wala love


Maan took her in his arms & Geet immediately entangled herself to his waist when Geet cutely went backwards & gave a cute smile.Maan was so happy today as Geet dint had any hesitation & was dancing with him happily.Maan twirled her slowly & then they twisted holding their both hands.

Jo aise hota
Jo milte tum ho jaate gum sath mere
Hote hote hoga samjhaye hum tham jaaye tum
O dil mere

Then Maan twirled her smiling at her softly & Geet slowly brushed her palm on his face making him groan softly.It was the next step which Maan felt for his heart fluttered dancing to the rhythm & it more raced when he felt her palm on his face.He wanted to kiss her palm but stopped himself thinking this not the right place.Then Maan twirled & Geet bent down fully while Maan held her from the waist.

Toota zyada zyada tara jab gira
Zara zyada zyada maangu dil tera
Kabhi zyada zyada maane na dil ye sarphira
Ishq wala love

Bada ye dil nadaan tha, par aaj kuch zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Jo khine ka tha dar tujhe pata nahi kyu zyada hua
Ishq wala love

Geet showed that in her expression that her heart is so innocent which is falling for you & this cant be controlled by my brain.Maan was so overwhelmed but least he knew that Geet was totally involved inside the song.Then when song was paused & Geet came running towards Maan.Maan slid her & she was entangled to him from the hand & he turned her whereas her half body was touching the floor.


Hua jo dard bhi toh humko aaj kuch zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Ye kya hua hai kya khabar yehi pata hai zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Agar ye usko bhi hua hai phir bhi mujhko zyada hua
Ishq wala love

Surkh wala, sauz wala, Faiz wala love
Hote hai jo love se jyada waise wala love
Ishq wala love (x2)

When the song ended on that time Geet was inside Maan’s embrace & he was hugging geet with immense love & the background’s volume was turned once again on as the audience & judges applauded & Geet came from trance & was shocked to see herself inside Maan’s embrace.Geet tired to struggle from his embrace when Maan opened his eyes to see her almond eyes which made him shocked.Maan saw the indifference which he had in the last week’s performance inside Geet’s almond eyes.Geet knew what he was searching in her eyes & she hid it immediately while Maan sighed to himself thinking that she was in the song & it was only the expressions of the song.Maan was disappointed which was not unnoticed by Geet who felt bad & restless from inside.

Precap-Maan was seeing Geet slowly slowly showing the dance steps & shaking her waist in front of him.Geet dint aware of Maan’s gaze & she was in her own land.Maan saw her shaking behind slowly when his eyes darkened & came forward sthealthily……..

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