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Then Maan saw Geet who was still crying her heart out when he got up and entered Geet’s cabin without knocking..he wanted to soothe her by hugging her when Geet got up and turned that side hiding her tears from him.Maan saw her movement but stood near the doorway while Geet asked trying to control her sobs,”What are u doing here Mr.Khurana?”She tried to ask that in full contempt but strangely it sounded more of her muffling sobs.Her voice shook which made Maan to close his eyes guiltily seeing her in that state.Maan came forward & closed the door and locked it.Geet was alarmed seeing him locking the door and she was puzzled when she felt his hard frame touch her back rubbing her skin making her body alive with desires.

Maan jerked Geet and she was inside Maan’s embrace and his lips on her lips.Maan was slow and tenderly pulled her lower lips from his teeth and bit it softly making her moan when his hand travelled on her back and squeezed her bu** ecstatically and he kisses her lips passionately.



On that time Geet got carried away & she kissed his lips more passionately.But in next second his words came to her memory & she was hurted & she pushed him from her with extreme force.

Geet pushed him from her & shouted angrily,”Why do u that to me always?You only said that u r not male pro******* then why have u come here & why r u kissing me when u have talked to me like that!”

Maan noticed how much she was hurt and he said with sadness,”Geet..i spoke it out of anger..i dint had any mind to hurt u…please believe me Geet for once!”

Geet glared back Maan and said,”Am fed up with ur mood swings Khurana..just leave me alone!”

Geet left the cabin in anger and Maan closed his eyes with guilt.

On that office only,Tasha was observing their movements & was informing Pammi abt that.Pammi was happy seeing the indifference & silent row between Maaneet & was enjoying it.

Tasha said to Pammi,”Madam..they both r quarreling due to ur plan…congratulations madam!”

Pammi sais proudly,”Ofcourse..that’s Pammi Khurana..she always makes flawless plans!”

On that time Pammi head another voice which was so stern & confident,”Of course Mrs.Khurana..u always make flawless plans but the reality is that u r the biggest stupid in this whole world…becoz ur flawless plan had made me to expose u in front of Maan!”

Pammi was shocked & said,”Geet!”Geet smiled victoriously,”Yes Geet!Well get ready for defeat!”

And she cut the call & saw Tasha angrily & said a small word,”U r fired!Get lost!”

Tasha stood there numb hearing the word from Geet & tried to protest,”U dont have any….!”

On that time Maan said,”She has every right Tasha as she’s Mrs.Geet Maan Singh Khurana!”

Tasha was shocked & was scared of the convo with Pammi.Before Tasha could speak security came & dragged her from the KC building.Geet turned & asked angrily,”Why dint u ask that why am firing her?”

Maan said casually,”Geet now u r my wife & u have every right to fire my staff..i dont know for what reason u fired her but am sure ur decision will be perfect firing her!”

Geet was shocked to see the trust in his eyes & the love.Geet turned that side angrily not able to drown inside his love.

Precap-Pammi shouted on Geet,”How dare u fire her Geet?Tomorrow u r gonna reinstate her to her post or else am not gonna leave u!”On that time Maan shouted angrily,”Enough…enough u have ruled the KC now i dont want any ruling here..she’s my wife & u have to accept it..or else u can leave the house!”Pammi stood shocked seeing Maan shouting on her while Maan dragged Geet from there wrapping his arms around her shoulder.


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Maan,”She moaned in ecstacy & collapsed on Maan as he had pounded inside her coming his semen inside her c**t giving the bite of soreness once again.Maan slowly stroked her back while she drifted.Maan saw her glowing angelic face which were showing the contentment due to his love making & he snuggled her inside his embrace & kissed her forehead.Geet slowly adjusted herself on him rubbing her soft body which aroused him once more but controlled it seeing her sore & tired.



It was evening when they were cuddled up inside each other’s embrace,content & exhausted of their hardcore love making.Maan stirred & opened his eyes to get the vision of his jaan who was sleeping soundly inside his embrace.Geet was totally exhausted which was seen in her face but it has the strange glow too as she as once again got the wife’s place by Maan.She thought that after kidnap fiasco she will be condemned by Maan but she got the glimpse of his love from last few days.Her life was complicated which always reminded of her past.Life is not permitting her to move on with her husband.Whenever they tried to do that then some obstacle would come & stand in front of them which was usually from their past.Both Maaneet dint know that it was Angad who’s behind all these conspiracy & now Karan was out loose.Maan was thinking all this when he saw his mobile vibrating.He had kept it last night in silent so that no one disturbs their passionate moments.Maan tried to move when he saw that he was still inside her & the pull made Geet moan in pain.

Maan stilled immediately & adjusted himself to the previous position & slowly came outside while Geet winced in pain but was still asleep due to tiredness.Maan stroked her hair so that she calms & she more snuggled to his chest.Maan grunted softly feeling her soft body which always made him aroused in one way or the other.He slowly slid her body from his body & saw that her softness was wet with dripping come.His erection hardened seeing her like that as she was so warm & tender.He knew that she was sore but his desires were so strong which were riding him to give her the bite of soreness once again.Maan chuckled to himself seeing his jaan who was innocently sleeping not getting any hint of his mind state..not getting any hint of what is going on inside his mind.He bent down & kissed her forehead & moved tucking her inside the blanket.Geet snuggled to it as she was totally exhausted while Maan went near window not wearing anything as he was feeling sleepy & thought of receiving a small nap after attending to his call.

Maan saw his mobile which had numerous missed calls from Veer.He was shocked to see that many of missed calls & once again started ringing & he immediately answered when Veer shouted in panic,”Where r u Maan?”Maan yawned hugely but immediately shocked hearing Veer’s raised voice & said,”Am in home Veer..what happened y r u shouting?”Veer asked,”Where’s Geet?”Maan answered softly,”Geet is asleep Veer..she’s with me!What happened Veer?”Veer took a deep calming breath & said in fast pace,”Maan,Karan is missing!”Maan dint hear it correctly & said,”Pardon!”Veer calmed a bit & said softly,”Maan..Karan is missing!”Maan was shocked & asked,”How?…..When?”Veer said worriedly,”Last night!”Maan said,”Am coming to u..where r u Veer?”Veer said immediately,”No Maan…please always stay with Geet only…i dont know what happening but my gut feeling says that Geet will be in more danger!Please yaar…just be careful & protect Geet!”Now Maan was worried & asked,”But why r u saying like that?How come she will be danger?I was the one who made him to go to mental asylum..then how come Geet’s in danger from him?Am confused Veer!”Veer said,”I dont know myself Maan but what Vikram said from that information am figuring that Geet will be danger & mainly from Karan.I will let u know abt that as am going to Mumbai to investigate but please dont let Geet to walk away alone anywhere!”Maan said,”Ok Veer..be careful!”Veer said,”I will…take care bye!”Maan said,”U too!”And he disconnected the phone.

Now tension lines formed on his face as he came & sat on the bed leaning to the bed rest.He turned towards Geet & saw she was still sleeping peacefully snuggling to the sheet.He entered inside it & slept beside her while she felt her husband’s warmth & she immediately snuggled cutely & slept on his right arm rubbing her body to his cold body.Maan dint express as he was stressed out & she cutely opened her thief eye to see Maan become moody.He only snuggled her closer but his eyes were fixed to the ceiling.Geet noticed the tension lines & rubbed it distracting him towards her.Maan saw her with shock & asked with a small smile which dint reach his eye,”Did u sleep well jaan?”Geet asked directly,”What happened Maan?U r tensed!”Maan immediately hid his tension & said,”Jaan am thinking of making u more sore..u r asking abt my tension i dont have any tension!”Geet cutely blushed hearing the sore word but cutely glared at him & said,”Dont change the subject!”Maan said trying to distract her,”Jaan am not changing the subject!”And immediately his left hand moved towards her front waist under the blanket & slowly started to make patterns.Geet felt the tingling sensation while her skin started to warm up & she cutely moaned,”Maan!”

He grunted hearing her moan while his hands slowly travelled to her soft sore curves & took the n****e of her right curve inside his warm mouth from blanket.His right hand snaked her neck & softly squeezed it making her moan his name.She got lost in his passion when he softly bit her hard bud giving the bite of ecstacy which he’s bearing now.He immediately moved his hands in the valley of her curves & softly bit her neck giving access to him.Geet’s hands went to his abs which made him to take sharp breath & grunted.Geet’s hands started making patterns on his back & he softly winced in pain & pleasure feeling her nails.His legs went on her widening her thighs & touched her core from his hardness.She moaned his name in ecstacy & his body rubbed slowly making her warm.Color flooded on her chubby cheeks & she cutely pecked his lips.He immediately jerked the sheet from her & saw her naked body which was full of his love bites & scratches giving the level of his passion.

Inserting his middle finger he slowly stroked & said huskily,”U r wet jaan!”Geet said cutely blushing,”But am sore Maan!”Maan said,”Leet’s give the cure for ur soreness!”And he immediately slid towards her thighs & widened it more & bent his head & immediately thrusted his eager pink tongue.Geet screamed his name while he started licking her swollen c**t.He licked it ravishly making her come once again & he bit her inner thigh marking his possession.He wanted to love her after hearing the news of Karan from Veer.He was worried so much that he was abt to spill the news to Geet.To change the subject he involved himself of giving pleasurable love making giving the bite of sore to Geet once again.He knew her body..how it ignites & calms.He licked it & licked it giving the pleasure to Geet.Geet moaned furiously & said,”Maan i want u now!”He dint listened to her as she writhed under him helplessly.She cutely glared at him & pulled his hairs with strong pleasure.When she came nth time on that time he lifted his head & softly pecked her forehead & asked,”Ready?”Geet who was jelly like slowly nodded & in nano second she felt the fullness of his hard p***s.She saw that he had thrusted inside her so deep & she moaned feeling it.Maan asked kissing her forehead,”Are u alright?”As he slowly circled his hips.Geet nodded & screamed in sheer ecstacy when he thrusted more deeper.

Maan kissed her forehead & grunted,”U r so tight jaan!”He kissed her soft c**t & thrusted more deeper.Geet moaned once again her legs has become jelly like.She gripped his taut b**t & pushed him once again so that his hardness enters inside her more deeper.Maan grunted & saw he was not getting tension free as that news was lingering inside his mind.Geet saw this & once again pushed him towards her & his hardness more entered deeper.She sat up halfly & pecked his M shaped lips & said,”Jaan give it to me!”Maan saw her with wide eyes while she once again collapsed making them both wince in pain.He immediately took himself from her & turned that side standing when Geet stood in difficulty & cupped her palm on his face,”What is it jaan?What’s eating u?U r tensed!”Maan said kissing her palm,”It’s no concern of u jaan..leave it!”Geet said angrily,”The matter may be concerned to me but u r Maan!Tell me what is it?”Maan dint say anything & once again took her petal swollen lips into beseeching kiss.When they broke apart on that time Geet took some precious air & immediately she pushed flat on the bed & was kissed everywhere.Geet moaned & in nano second she was made speechless as he entered inside her.She moaned & he rubbed more aggressively & passionately.Geet scratched her nails to his back as she was feeling the fullness & immediately he came inside her.Geet felt the hot liquid & she too came screaming his name.Maan saw her after they came from the trance state.Geet saw his chocolate brown eyes & she pecked his lips & asked,”Are u alright?”Maan nodded & in the fact pace he lifted her & took to the bathroom.He slowly made her stand & she gripped the wall to steady her as her legs were still jelly-like.

He switched on the shower & made her to stand under it.He immediately filled the tub with warm water & lifted her & made her lie inside the tub.He too joined & started massaging her arms & legs.He pulled the small fingers of her toes freeing it from the cramps & poured hot water on it.He took care of her lovingly while she relaxed on his hard chest taking a nap for a while.After their passionate bath he smeared ointment to the love bites & she cutely admired him who busy taking care of her.Maan took care of her & made her to sit on the bed & hugged her making her sleep on his chest when Geet asked,”What is it Maan?What’s eating u?”Maan asked shocked,”U never give up!”Geet said pecking his lips,”Nope..am ur wife Maan…if i cant understand u then who will…now tell me what happened!”Maan said casually which was fake,”Nothing jaan..am tensed abt business that’s all!”Geet asked doubtfully,”Are sure!”Maan said immediately,”Yes jaan!”On that time his stomach grumbled & Geet got up saying,”I’ll prepare something for u!”Maan nodded while he took his laptop to work.


Here Karan was getting insane seeing Geet’s beauty & he dreamt of loving her & got up sweating badly.He knew that she’s married still he was getting insane to have her.He drove the car at midnight in disguise to a place where he always spent time.It was an abandoned castle which was old & dusty from so many years.He went to cellar of the castle & pressed an stone wall to reveal a secret door.When he entered a very foul smell came which gave the hint of the body decomposition.He saw around her & saw 20 glass cases which contained the skeletons of someone.Seeing the jewels on the neck of the skeletons can be recognised that they were women.He saw around him fearlessly & an sinful smile spread on his face.He addressed to the skeletons,”Hello my darlings..u guys r happy to see me.I came back…i came back to u all & now another member is gonna join u..wont u get ready to welcome her?Dont be in hurry as she needs to be tamed to join u but i can say that u will all be jealous seeing her beauty as it is so natural.U all have to take orders from her as she’s gonna become Mrs.Karanveer Bohra!U all were satisfiable to me for time being but she…she is the fire while u all were candle!She’s fire!”He took his wallet & took a pic & showed to the skeletons of the girls,”See..her name is Geet…beautiful isnt she?”Karan once again laughed but this time it was maniacal laughter.He shouted spreading his arms & seeing towards dusty ceiling,”In coming month Geet u will be mine!I want to feel u Geet.Am getting insane seeing ur beauty & am dreaming abt u too..but soon will make this dream come true!”His laughter echoed like blood is moving inside its veins.


Note-Guys am warning u all this track has so much violence & am gonna explain the negative emotions of Karan in this.So one who feel uncomfortable can skip this track.So much to reveal in this track.

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Tristan said pleadingly,”Please Ana..give me a chance!”

Ana said angrily,”Please Tristan..i dont want to hurt myself once again u have given me enough pain that i cant even trust u to give a chance!”

Tristan saw Ana with shock and his blue eyes filled with tears and today he lost his Ana…he didnt say anything and walked past her helplessly.Ana saw Tristan walking away from her and her eyes welled up with disappointment.

Tristan took his car and drove towards the main road when a lorry came opposite to him and crashed inside Tristan’s car while Ana heard the screeching sound.Ana felt restless and ran towards the sound when she saw most horror scene…there was Tristan sleeping unconscious with the pool of blood.


Ana shrieked with panic,”Tristan!”

Next second Ana was dragging Tristan to the nearby hospital.The doctors examined him and did thorough operation.On that time Tristan’s parents came to visit him.They were worried when they saw Ana then they broke down in front of her.Ana was shocked seeing them breaking and said,”Dad…please dont cry..nothing will happen to Tristan..mom do have faith in god..nothing will happen to him!”

Tristan’s mother said crying her heart out,”Oh Ana…am really sorry sweety for making u like this…we knew that u were never worth for him but still we forced u to marry him..and we are the one who is suffering becuase we have committed sin by troubling ur innocent heart…ruining ur life marrying u to him…i hate myself when i heard abt him seeing his ex-girlfriend Kate!”

Ana said in consoling amnner,”Trust me mom…he was never loved me though i was the one who started weaving dream with him..he never cheated me mom..it was me who  hoped him to be my lover..am sorry mom u guys thought me as the person who can keep Tristan happy but am the one who is undeserving…he always loved Kate & it was i who came between them!”

Tristan’s mother said,”No dear..u are not the one who is blamed…he is the one to be blamed…he never tried to understand ur emotions…that’s why his girl-friend too understood his emotions!”

Ana was shocked,”Mom what are u saying?”Tristan’s mother said,”Dear..Kate is no longer with him..they broke up and Tristan got to know her true colors…he was so broken down sweety and came to know that u are the one who is right to him…he wanted to have u for himself dear..he wanted to lead his life forever with you..marrying you once again!”

Ana was shocked and then she thought so much..the party..his break down…then his proposal to the marraige once again..Kate had hurted him so much and she…she too hurted him trying to nurse my wounded soul….Ana thought,”Christ…please forgive me for hurting him!”

Precap-Doctor-I dont think he’s even gonna get up and walk & talk by himself!”


Ana was cursing herself for behaving harshly with Tristan.Though her mind cursed Tristan that he’s suffering as he had wounded her completely still her heart was yearning to be with him…..to love him..to complain abt his behaviour.Ana was so wound up with her own thoughts that she dint even noticed her parents arrival.

Ana was drawn to the present world when she heart her brother Max’s voice.Max said angrily to Tristan’s parents,”I dont think we’ve any connection between you now..so let my sister be in peace…Tristan has enough hurted her..i dont want her to be hurted more!”Tristan’s parents dint answer him as they were in grief.Ana hissed seeing Max shouting on Tristan’s parents,”I dont think that tone will be allowed here Max…this is hospital..just behave yourself!”

Max glared at Ana & said,”Ana….you are talking about behaviour..dont u remember what Tristan had done to you!I dont want him back in your life!”Ana said sternly,”You dont have right to decide that…besides..its better yout stop your demeanors against Tristan as this is hospital!”

Max glared at Ana & said dismissively,”Fine your wish!”And he sat besides Carrick & Grace Grey-Ana’s parents who were consoling their best friends.Alice & Sean Cross.After some hours the doctor came tensed.Everyone gathered around him except Max who was sitting casually as if nothing happened shaking his one leg which was crossed over his left knee.

Doctor said worriedly,”Operation was success but….!”Sean asked in panic,”What is it doctor..please let us know!”Doctor said worriedly,”I dont think he’s even gonna get up and walk & talk by himself!”Max clapped appreciatively & said,”Thank god..my wishes are coming true!Doctor you have given us a very good news!”Ana hissed angrily,”Just shut up Max!”

Max was about to argue while Doctor was shocked to see Max enjoying the news.Ana asked immediately,”Can he not be able to get well after this operation?”Ana was asking for a hope from a doctor who dint had any way to save her love’s life or make his life & health well.Doctor asked curiously,”Who’s Ana here?”Ana said immediately,”I am!”While Max saw the doctor suspiciously.

Doctor said,”Miss Grey-But Ana cut off him saying proudly,”Mrs Tristan Cross!”Which made Max livid but dint answer her while Doctor said politely,”My apologies,”Mrs.Cross…Mr Cross was talking when we were doing operation..he was constantly taking your name & saying that he need some chance!I dont know what is going on between you guys but for the welfare of my patient you need to be with him always.He can only be well if he gets the hope from you i think.So Mrs.Cross please be with him.

Ana was relieved hearing some kind of hope & assured,”I will always be doctor!”Max was angry now hearing Ana’s answer.Doctor despersed when Max asked angrily,”What about Will Ana?You are gonna get married in one year!”Ana said sadly,”Am gonna ask him some time…i dont want Will to be disappointed but i need to take responsibility of Tristan,Max as becoz of me only he met with the accident!”

Max said angrily,”God dammit..it wasnt your fault baby!”Ana said in resigned tone,”Max..please try to understand me!”Max said angrily,”Fine…but if he hurts you to a nano then am gonna murder him from my bare hands!”Max went from there leaving the shocked Ana behind.

Precap-Father said holding the bible,”Now i announce u both as Man & Wife!

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Maan licked her swollen lips which made her moan as his hands were busy squeezing her soft curves.She turned that side blushing furiously when her back to face him.He moved his swollen M shaped & kissed her back & widened her thighs.His fingers started to caress her c**t.His fingers entered inside her c**t & slowly rubbed it making the tissues alive with his hungry finger.He licked his fingers & said impressively,”Jaan u r wet!”

Geet moaned & felt his hardness enter inside her from back & she adjusted to him once again & he thrusted deep with a grunt.He bit her naked back & licked it still rubbing her swollen tissues inside her c**t.Geet moaned,”Maan!”His hands moved & squeezed her thighs & thrusted once again.His head buried inside her neck making her moan his name.He bit her slender neck which was already full of his love bite while his hands slowly rubbed her c**t still thrusting deep…

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Maan slept beside her & she cutely came inside his embrace & kissed his stubbled chin & said,”I love u!”Maan gave a cute shy smile & said,”I love u too jaan!”He softly pecked her lips & tugged her loose tendrils.Geet moved on him & the book which was kept on the bed rest fell on their bed & they both saw it.Maan took it & asked curiously,”When did this book came outside?”Geet knew the tone of his & it said that he knows that she was the one who took it outside.Geet snuggled inside his rock chest & kissed his left chest & said,”I was waiting for u & was getting bored so i opened this book.So many people r not familiar to me except Veerji so was wondering..who they’re?”Maan asked coolly,”Do u want to know who they are?”Geet nodded to him & Maan said getting up along with her,”Let me tell u!”Geet sat on his lap & opened the book & Maan started to tell the name & abt them.






Actually i dint wanted to give the update seeing the amt of likes am getting..wanted to make u wait but becoz of my two buddies birthday am giving this part!Happy birthday to both! :-* 😀


Listen to this song:-http://files.myfrogbag.com/jqacy3/02___Uska_Hi_Banana__DownloadMing.SE.swf

Maan had circled his right arm around her small bare waist while Geet had sat on his hardness rubbing her behind innocently & arousing him.Geet asked,”So he’s the one who taught u how to deal with the bad people!”Maan said moodily,”Yup!”Geet made a face & asked,”Who’s this?”Maan saw the person & his eyes spitted fire immediately.Geet saw his expression & she pressed on,”Who’s he Maan?”She showed the fourth person who was the last one.Maan’s eyes clouded with anger & his jaw tightened & the anger came over in his face & he bursted,”He’s a sadist…a sadist who was playing game in the innocent lifes of the girls to satisfy his urges & desires.Now he’s in mental hospital under treatment but he enough damaged our friendship with Angad that is affecting me & Veer.He was the one who destroyed Anjali’s life & put the blame on me to make himself innocent in front of Angad to be free..but me & Veer had figured it out & admitted him to the mental hospital in Mumbai!”Geet saw him with wide eyes…

……..On that time Angad was filling Karan abt his life in absence of him while Karan asked,”Who’s Geet Angad?”Angad said casually,”She’s the wife of MSK & cousin sister of my finacee Sameera!”Karan got interested but his eyes showed the truth which had pure lust.His every body felt alive hearing the name.Karan said unknowingly,”Geet..what a beautiful name!”Angad said casually,”Beautiful name for beautiful girl!”Karan asked hiding his lustful eyes from Angad,”Is it?Is she that beautiful?”Angad nodded & continued,”That’s why Maan’s ego has reached its peak..he’s having a beautiful wife..but she’s innocent…she dont know anything abt him..what he had done in his past…what my Anjali suffered becoz of him……

………….Past…yes that is the past but that past made three friends to be departed forever…i wish Angad come back…i wish he would realise his mistake..i wish he would not regret for what he had done with me…i wish i always keep him inside my heart & love him….now its not gonna happen Geet!”said Maan sadly.Geet squeezed his shoulder & some tears dropped from her almond eyes seeing his pain & said confidently,”Maan dont worry..he’ll come back to u & Karan will also get well soon!”Maan said angrily,”Dont take his name from ur lips jaan!He’s an incurable disease & it can be cured if he tries..but when he’s enjoying it then no one cant do anything abt that!”Geet’s eyes welled up seeing him so helpless & she said painfully,”Maan!”He saw her hearing her voice & slowly buried his face inside her slender neck & softly bit her.He started kissing her burying his face inside her neck.He softly bit her neck marking his possession once again which had already marked by him.She moaned,”Maan!”He said,”Hmm!”He then gave numerous wet kisses while his hands travelled over her soft curves.

He squeezed her curves making her moan while his another hand was squeezing her bu**.Geet moaned & immediately gave access to him to love her more sliding her neck sideways.His hands squeezed her left curve softly biting her neck flesh.Geet was busy relishing it while her hands were snaked around his naked waist.His waist was sleek & strong & had the nail scratches of Geet’s.Her hands moved to his back while his hands teased her left curves nipple.She moaned in ecstacy while his mouth moved from her slender neck to her upper curve.He once again caught her right curve & moved his thumb on her nipple.She moaned his name once again while his warm mouth caught her nipples.He started suckling it pleasuring her stroking her curves while she scratched her nails on his nape.He slightly winced but desire was getting off limits inside him & he harshly bit her shoulder blades.She moaned,”Hmm!”He bit her shoulder blade & in swift second she has been turned forcefully & she was facing him.He squeezed her pinning her to his hard frame while her soft curves pressed to his hard chest.

Geet snaked her arms around his neck & in swift moment she took his lips & kissed him passionately.But Maan dint leave her swollen lips & licked it giving pleasure to her & in swift moment he was biting her upper curve in ecstacy.His hands moved on her bare waist while her both thighs had been spread on either side of his body & had snaked his strong waist.She moaned while his hands moved squeezing her soft waist while he started licking her upper curve soothing the bite pain.She moaned in ecstacy & his hand went to her behind.He slowly stroked it & squeezed it harshly cupping it.She screamed in ecstacy while her soft core slowly rubbed his hardness arousing him.The rubbing of her soft core to his hardness made her swollen core tissues get alive.She started to ground her hips rubbing her bu** to his erection.

He groaned & buried his face deep down inside her loose hairs.He loved the smell of her hair which was half messed up due to love making & it more smelled of their love making.In swift moment he was inside her while she took charge of grinding it.He immediately held her hips & started pressing it towards his hardframe & started moving it from his hands scratching it with sheer pleasure.She moaned his name with pleasure while he came with more powerful thrusts.It was totally strong love making milking the raged souls of them both which were wounded becoz of their pasts.When he ejected his pounded love making result inside Geet’s core he buried his face inside her hair & he slept on the bed once again along with her.She moved from him wincing slightly as his erection was still erect & slept turning against him.Her legs were jelly like & she was slowly moving her legs when he heard her jingling anklets.He got up & saw those anklets.He bent down & kissed it.Geet looked up feeling the lips.She blushed immediately when he started kissing her legs coming upwards.

His hands slowly stroked feeling it while his lips dint leave an inch of her body to be unmarked.She once again moaned while he hovered on her from the back.Maan licked her swollen lips which made her moan as his hands were busy squeezing her soft curves.She turned that side blushing furiously when her back to face him.He moved his swollen M shaped & kissed her back & widened her thighs.His fingers started to caress her c**t.His fingers entered inside her c**t & slowly rubbed it making the tissues alive with his hungry finger.He licked his fingers & said impressively,”Jaan u r wet!”

Geet moaned & felt his hardness enter inside her from back & she adjusted to him once again & he thrusted deep with a grunt.He bit her naked back & licked it still rubbing her swollen tissues inside her c**t.Geet moaned,”Maan!”His hands moved & squeezed her thighs & thrusted once again.His head buried inside her neck making her moan his name.He bit her slender neck which was already full of his love bite while his hands slowly rubbed her c**t still thrusting deep.She paanted as he was attacking her from back & was making her uncomfortable more.She said,”Maan am feeling uncomforatble!”Immediately he came outside & turned her & in nano second he was inside her & he spoke grinding his erection inside her soft core,”I love u jaan..u dont understand how i felt when u were away from me..when u were suffering becoz of our baby’s loss…Oh..i wanted to feel u..soothe u..make love to u till u r sore & today am fulfilled with my wishes.I was so helpless seeing u ill jaan.I was totally helpless….

………………Helpless,i’ll make u helpless Maan & Geet will be mine in front of u…she’ll be mine..today my search got ended…i will love her in front of u & u will be seeing her becoming mine helplessly,”Said Karan in lustful voice.Karan was seeing Geet’s photo which was in Sameera’s purse.When Karan saw her photo on that time his lustful desires started to ooze out from his body & his hormones were dripping over limits.

Maan,”She moaned in ecstacy & collapsed on Maan as he had pounded inside her coming his semen inside her c**t giving the bite of soreness once again.Maan slowly stroked her back while she drifted.Maan saw her glowing angelic face which were showing the contentment due to his love making & he snuggled her inside his embrace & kissed her forehead.Geet slowly adjusted herself on him rubbing her soft body which aroused him once more but controlled it seeing her sore & tired.

Note-Guys this song which has been put for this part is connected to both Maan & Karan.Here Karan is feeling lustful desires towards Geet whereas Maan is feeling true love towards Geet.Just imagine both of their state for urself.What Karan is feeling is a Venomous Desire…lustful desire!


Geet lifted the non-stop ringing of the phone & said,”Hello!”No answer came from that side while she asked,”Hello!”Still no answer came when she said angrily,”If u dont want to speak then why u people harass us..hey u if u dial here once again then am gonna give this to my husband…yeah i have husband if u r thinking of flirting with me then forget it becoz Mr.Maan Singh Khurana wont spare single minute to kill u..understand!”And she kept back looking flustered while she heard the car sound & then Maan’s voice,”Honey am home!”Geet cutely smiled & went towards the hall taking a towel as she knew that he’s wet as it was raining.But Geet hadnt kept the reciever correctly & the one who dialled her was listening to the sounds.The man one who dialled to her was none other than Karanveer Bohra who had heard her beautiful voice & his eyes had turned dark.Her voice is so sexy then her body…….

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Both Maaneet entered KM where Simran was sitting making some work from dadimaa.Dadimaa was breaking the cramps of Simran’s legs while Simran had kept her leg

on Dadimaa’s lap.Nikhila who saw this was boiling with anger but cant able to stop her as Dadimaa was pleading to not to interfere or else they will be starved for the

night.Geet was shocked seeing the scene and she came forward immediately and threw her legs off from dadimaa’s lap and said,”Get the hell out of here..dont u there

misbehave with my dadi!”

Simran was shocked to see Geet there who stood seething with anger while dadimaa admired her grand-daughter-in-law trying to know that is it dream or not.Simran raised her finger towards Geet and said angrily,”You…!”When Geet held that finger and twisted it seething.Simran screamed in pain while dadimaa came from the trance that she’s not dreaming.


Maan answered,”I have to make some arrangements to enter KM…before that we’ve to prepare ourselves so that we wont be interrupted..if we’re interrupted then we can banish the obstacle from KM.



Maan went to his lawyer office in disguise so that no one knows that he was in his lawyer’s home.Here Geet was totally happy feeling her jaan inside her embrace every night after their passionate nights.Maan was cautious these times as he cant able to resist her seduction.Geet would admire him lovingly seeing him sleep peacefully inside her embrace.His wide chocolate brown eyes always felt content after making love with her.It was a ritual to them both.Then that day came where both Maaneet entered KM along with Milind & Prachi & Armaan & Ridhima.Seeing the state of KM,Geet’s blood boiled & pained too with guilt.

Both Maaneet entered KM where Simran was sitting making some work from dadimaa.Dadimaa was breaking the cramps of Simran’s legs while Simran had kept her leg on Dadimaa’s lap.Nikhila who saw this was boiling with anger but cant able to stop her as Dadimaa was pleading to not to interfere or else they will be starved for the night.Geet was shocked seeing the scene and she came forward immediately and threw her legs off from dadimaa’s lap and said,”Get the hell out of here..dont u there misbehave with my dadi!”Simran was shocked to see Geet there who stood seething with anger while dadimaa admired her grand-daughter-in-law trying to know that is it dream or not.Simran raised her finger towards Geet and said angrily,”You…!”When Geet held that finger and twisted it seething.Simran screamed in pain while dadimaa came from the trance that she’s not dreaming.

Maan immediately made dadimaa sit on the same chair comfortably & kept the protective arm around her.Hearing the sounds the inhabitants of KM came there & was shocked to see Geet there.Nikhila was so happy to see Geet fit & fine & spitting fire to Simran.Nikhila ran towards her & said lovingly,”Geet beta!”Geet immediately hugged her closing her eyes feeling her MIL’s warmth.Nikhila kissed her forehead pulling from her & asked,”How r u beta?”Geet smiled & said,”As u had said to ur son & ur niece..am still fit & fine!”Nikhila kissed her forehead once again & said,”Am so happy to see u beta!”Geet saw Nikhila’s state & her blood boiled as she had wore some half torn old sari.Geet saw her hands were half burnt which made her eyes welled up & asked,”What happened to u?Nakul..Nakul…go & bring some haldi-chandan paste..freshly prepared!”Nakul was scared & saw towards Simran who was standing seeing Geet with shock.Geet saw Nakul & said confidently,”No need to be scared of anyone here..do what u r asked for!”Nakul saw Geet & immediately nodded politely & went towards the kitchen.On that time he was threw from head to toe from the kitchen.

There was some rogues who started to bully Nakul showing numerous weapons.One of the rogue said,”Dont u understand once also that u guys r not allowed here..only Nikhila is allowed..where is she..she had gone to bring oil from the market!”Nakul pleaded,”Son..she’s not well..she needs medicine..that’s why i came here to make it!The another rogue said,”Why did she stood against Simran madam?We tried to convince her not to go against madam..but she tried to lodge complaint against us & madam….!”On that time Geet’s eyes spitted fire & saw towards Simran angrily.Both Maaneet saw Simran angrily.That rogue continued,”That’s why she’s suffering…no need to show any pity to her…mind ur own business!”Geet said,”Prachi dee…u take care of mom..i will deal with these guys!”Maan was standing silently as she had the right to do everything in that house becoz now the KM was in her name.

Prachi came forward & took some ointment & smeared on the burning scars while Nikhila complained with his son just like the small baby,”Maan..these rowdy boys dint had any respect that am elder to them & they…they..they….!”Geet turned & paid attention to her words when she heard what they did on that time her blood more boiled & anger towered.She immediately went towards the kitchen door & moved Nakul aside.One of the rogue saw her top to bottom lustfully & said to his friend biting his lip,”What a piece?”He came forward & was abt to touch her when his hand was twisted by some iron grip.He turned to see Maan spitting fire & was squeezing his hands.That man screamed in pain while another tried to wack Maan from his head from behind but Geet held him & kicked him in his balls & one punch she gave to his neck.The nerve which supplies the blood to his brain cut off & he fell unconscious.

Maan gave encouragement,”Yes baby..punch him!”Geet immediately dragged him outside along with another rogues who screamed Simran’s name to make her come to present world.Before Geet throw those rogues out of the KM,Simran stopped her & said angrily & bossily,”U dont have any right to throw them from this house Geet..get lost from here this house is in my name & i wont tolerate any disturbance to my privacy!”Geet turned towards her & immediately slapped Simran with extreme force that she fell on the ground near Geet’s feet.Simran was shocked & got up & before she slap Geet…Geet held a property paper which said KM is in Geet’s name & Simran had sold it to her.Simran was shocked seeing the papers & said,”These papers are fake..!”And she tore it with anger & said,”Now u cant claim this house as i have torn it!”

Geet saw her with total anger & helplessness but immediately her expression changed to smirk.Simran was shocked to see the smirk while Geet explained,”Do u think that am so stupid to show the original to u?And that too when i know ur cunning mind perfectly.Now get lost before i throw u out of this house..enough u have ruled this house & make the inhabitants of KM as ur slave!Get lost!”Simran was shocked & asked,”Geet tell me one thing how come u claim this house as urs when Maan has become mine last night!”Geet smirked for that which irritated Simran.She asked,”Do u want to know Simran?Then listen last night,he came to u with my permission to KM to distract u………..


Armaan said in disgust throwing the last piece of paper which showed that Simran is the sole property of Khuranas,”There’s no way to help u in this also Maan..that b***h has sealed all the roads…there is only one road which lead u..& it is only Simran..she’s the one who can make u rich once again & her demands are virtueless!”Maan felt helpless & stood closing his eyes to get any ray of light when he felt a soft hand caressing him.Maan opened his eyes & saw Geet.She had some stranger spark which he noticed.She said,”Then let’s take this road only!”He said firmly,”U will lose ur Maan..if we take this way!”She said firmly,”Then i would get my Maan back..in this babaji will help me!”Maan was shocked seeing her & said,”Geet…u dont understand..i cant tolerate her closeness..i feel like soulless guy whenever she comes near me..i feel like am dead feeling her close!”On that time Geet closed his mouth hearing the dead words from his lips.Geet said confidently,”Then i will make u alive with my love!”Maan’s heart melted seeing the amount of trust she has on him & immediately pulled her & took her lips showing her gratitude knowing that Armaan,Ridhima,Milind & Prachi r present.Everyone’s smile widened & they closed their eyes immediately teasing him,”Get a room!”

Next morning Maan took Geet’s lips to the desperate kiss.He knew that his heart would stop beating feeling Simran’s closeness.Geet moved her hands inside his shirt feeling his warm skin.Maan groaned & lifted her & lied her on the bed.In nano seconds,he had pulled her bottom & her inners & was tasting her softness pleasuring her.In a minute or so Geet started to come & she screamed giving to him becoz of the torture.Withing no second he had inserted his hardness inside her making her moan softly.He hovered on her soft body & bit her breast to the oblivion.Geet screamed scratching her nails to his biceps & his back.She had squeezed his butt with ecstacy not able to control her desires.Geet said feeling his hardness inside her,”I love u!”Maan kissed her petal lips bruising it passionately & thrusted deeper & deeper.When she felt the heavy sack smash her behind on that time she saw the raw passion & insecurities in Maan’s eyes.His mind was the mine of storm now.Geet understood it & said,”Maan no matter what u do with Simran today..i will always love u just like the first time!”Maan closed his eyes & his deep penetration seized for a second & nuzzled her breast & kissed it gently sucking its nipples softly & gently.Geet moaned feeling it & Maan gave another deep powerful thrust which made him come inside her strongly & he kissed her forehead with utmost love.She felt calm & content & she smiled feeling his love & slowly he withdrew his hardness from her.She winced slightly as she was sore due to the love making & she blushed as he was so concerned.

Later that love making & after their passionate bath,Maan dialled Simran.Simran took the phone seeing the new number & hearing the voice she was so happy as Maan had told her that he’s coming to her.When Maan entered on that time Simran had made everyone to sleep as she dint wanted anyone to disturb her.When Maan entered on that time Simran ran to him & hugged him tightly.Maan felt a coldness course thru the veins while Simran felt that as the current which is making her skin warm.Maan’s anger was towering feeling the suffocation but he remembered his jaan & he opened his eyes to get his jaan in front of him.He had seen that she had made unconscious the security guard who was Simran’s man.Armaan also had come with her.Maan started to execute his plan & said pouring crocodile tears in front of Simran,”Simi..i failed..she wont love me!”Which made his heart to be stabbed but he continued,”She says that am impotent!”Which made Maan’s conscious to go to the unconscious state.It was only the flesh & body of Maan but his soul was with Geet only.Maan continued with hiccups,”She said that she wont love me!”Which made Maan’s half body go to numb as she was the half body of him.Simran saw his hiccups & said,”I will bring water to u!”

But on that time Maan snaked his arm around her waist which made her to blush furiously.He pinned her to his hard frame & said,”I want water…but i dont want that water..i want this water!”He kissed her shoulder which made her desires to be ignited.Simran’s eyes widened & she felt his arms moved towards her waist rubbing it & rubbing his half-dead body to her soft body.Simran moaned & immediately tried to turn to kiss his lips but he held her tightly pinning her back to his hard frame.His lips felt dead kissing Simran’s skin.But Maan dint loss his head & cried helplessly,”Now i understood that how much u love me Simi…that Geet wont love me..i ran behind her to seek her love..but she said that she cant give a baby to me!”On that time Geet felt dizzy..but still she heard what he was saying with her.I want revenge her Simi..becoz i cant tolerate this pain…she betrayed me!”On that time Geet felt suffocation hearing his words still she stood in darkness seeing what Maan was doing with her.Simran trusted his words & smirked having victory against Geet.

Next second Maan poured the whisky urf apple juice changed by Armaan on that time,down to his throat.Then he poured the true whisky to her & they both celbrated & Maan promised that they both will be one after the celebration.Meantime he poured his crocodile tears & make her melt & made her sign to the property papers where she was too much drunken.Maan even made Simran to leave a message to her lawyer to register the papers till morning & Simran slept on Maan’s lap not taking the alcohol anymore.Geet saw all this standing in the darkness where her husband sat there numb not feeling anything.Geet wanted Maan to escape from there but Maan was all the way sat numb.He always felt Simran’s touch suffocated & today he had crossed all the limits which made him guilt & numb.Geet came & whispered,”Maan escape from her before Simran wakes!”Maan dint move & was still numb.Geet kept a letter of Maan to Simran which wont make her suspicious that he cheated her but she cant see the numbness in his body after that.Geet’s eyes glistened with tears seeing the numb state on that time only he came to present world.

When Maan lifted his eyes to see Geet on that time she smashed her lips on his kissing him passionately.Geet whispered with love,”I love u!”Maan said,”I love u too!”Maan hugged her tight & in nano second they had escaped from the KM.After that Maan had loved her all the night till they both were sore & sated.


………………to take the signatures of urs & transfer it on my name.Last night what u did with him was seen live telecast by me also.I was also present in that room.What u did..what u tried to seek from him everything was witnessed by me…everything & u know the fact that u were not in ur sense to feel his love.U claim urself in front of the world that u love Maan truly..but do u know how he was devastated last night feeling ur shadow on him..how he wanted to end his life due to that suffocation u build inside him due to ur closeness…u can enjoy that closeness but my husband..my husband Mr.Maan Singh Khurana is a one woman man…he always loved the persons truly & unconditionally whom he had in his life.When Prachi was in his life he had loved her truly…& now when am in his life forever he loves me truly…who r u to destroy his true love..u may destroy his life with ur cunning plan but u cant evoke the true feelings inside him for u Simran..u may possess his body…u may force him to love giving threats..but u cant make him love u truly & unconditionally..now get lost from here becoz u have lost everything…everything in ur love..ur loved ones..ur parents..ur cousins & most importantly ur self respect!”Hearing this Simran was shocked & was feeling cheated & came towards Maan & held his collar & said,”U cheated me..i only loved u..but u..u make me lost my virtue!”

Geet said angrily,”Just shut up..when nothing happened in between u then how can u accuse my Maan that he stole ur virtue..disgusting Simran….Now get lost from our lives!”Simran still cried showing her crocodile tears but no one listened to her pleas when she accused Geet as impotent.Maan’s anger towered & he slapped her angrily as Geet started to cry but still she felt dizzy.Geet’s eyes went dark & in the moment she fell on the ground but not anymore as she landed inside Maan’s embrace who screamed,”Geet!”

Precap-Prachi slapped Maan angrily.Maan was shocked & asked,”What happened Prachi..why r u smacking me?”Prachi said angrily,”Why am smacking u..u know the truth Maan..still u r asking me?”Maan asked,”What?..What i know Prachi?Prachi please tell me..what happened to my Geet?Please!”Prachi saw him with disgust & said,”Maan u r going to become father!Geet is three weeks pregnant!”

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Then Maan once again twirled her & she did split & he lifted her from her left thigh & Geet spread her hands loose just like she needs to support.On that time Maan kept her foot on the ground & she shook wobbly wobbly & held her head when Maan draped himself with red coat & came towards her & closed Geet’s face & held her tightly sucking the blood with his vampire teeth & left her.When he was sucking he purposefully bit Geet’s neck sharply & Geet shuddered feeling that her stomach is tightening.On that time in background the there was the sound of werewolf & Maan turned with ferocious expression with mixed hunger which was satisfied by Geet’s blood & Geet fell on the floor.Maan went to his coffin & opened the lid & slept inside it closing the lid.

The sounds turned on around them & everyone applauded seeing their performance.Judges gave full on 30 marks for that too for which Maan was so happy.Maan was more happy seeing Geet had become just like the puppet where he was the master of her.But it was his wild thoughts which made him to manhandle her but still it got 30 performance.Everything was so good & time was running to its own accord & that time was Sameera who was seeing Geet out of jealousy.She wanted to hurt her as she had misbehaved with her throwing from the room.



It was blissful to Maan to see Geet dancing for the bharatanatyam rhythm where she was herself practising to keep beautiful steps for the song.Next week was the b’day of Rajesh Khanna who did his tributory in bollywood film industry & they’re giving debut of that dancing to his songs in which he acted.So Geet was somewhat giving her best to get Maan prepared to get one whole 30 in next performance too!But Maan was getting distracted as she was slowly dancing for the Thillana-Raaga Brindavani-she was looking like a peacock dancing to the season of rain when it comes & when ti rains on that time the peacock dances gracefully.There was a grace in Geet’s dance for the song.

Maan was seeing Geet slowly slowly showing the dance steps & shaking her waist in front of him.Geet dint aware of Maan’s gaze & she was in her own land.Maan saw her shaking behind slowly when his eyes darkened & came forward sthealthily.But on that time Sam came there & saw Maan’s advances towards her.She was dancing to herself practising before she preach Maan.Sam dint like the way Maan was walking towards her.Sam stood in front of Maan to distract him but he was fixed his eyes towards Geet’s direction.Sam saw how he walked away from her & her blood boiled.On that time Geet’s grip loosened for some reason & she tripped to her feet & was abt to land on the ground but not anymore as she was captivated by him inside his embrace.She inhaled his masculine scent which was so beautiful.He smelled of cotton fabric with body wash with light cologne talc & her most favourite smell Maan.Geet panted feeling the strong muscular arm & their eye locked.


Chocolate brown eyes to almond eyes was so beautiful which showed so much passion & dark desires.Sam saw them & was stunned to see the body language of them.Sam saw them intently when she felt that passion is oozing from their every part of the body & it was not artificial but natural.Sam’s nostrils flared with anger while both Maaneet’s eyes were locked.Those pair of deep oceans were drowning each other in the dark desires.In a nanosecond Geet’s heart tempted her to kiss his gorgeous sculpted M shaped lips.She moved her palm & cupped his bony right cheek which was hot due to the raging emotions which were brewing inside him.Geet felt a change in his eyes when she came into contact to his rough cheek.His eyes had turned into dark & was panting heavily.

Geet saw his full sculpted M shaped lips & traced it from her right hand thumb which reached to his corner of his finely sculpted M shaped lips.Maan softly shuddered feeling her soft thumb & her pad rubbed his upper M shaped lip.His upper lips gave a shudder & slowly moved it rubbing it to her pad of her thumb.Geet’s breath caught immediately but she saw his scorching gaze which had turned dark more.She rubbed the pad of her thumb on his lower lip & he closed his eyes feeling it.The touch was heavenly & it made to forget his surroundings.Maan opened his eyes feeling the lack of her warmth when she was blushing furiously withdrawing her hand from his lips.Maan lifted her soft chin from his long right fingers & slowly rubbed his lips to hers.When his lips came into contact of her petal ones on that time both gasped & it was the start of their kiss which was expressive.Maan nibbled her lips softly & licked it hungrily.Geet closed her almond eyes to relish his kiss while he kissed her passionately.He immediately entered with his tongue & plundered the treasure of geet’s sweet mouth.She moaned while their tongue toyed & danced to the rhythm.Her hands moved & gripped his biceps while his hands snaked her small waist squeezing it softly.Her nails scratched to his biceps while he dug his fingers inside her waist flesh.

When they opened their eyes after a long passionate kiss they were shocked.Geet cant able to face him so dipped her head down in shame & ran from there.But Maan dint felt any shame as he had kissed his beloved..for whom he loved unconditionally & that was their first kiss too. 😉 But Sam was boiling in anger seeing Geet kiss Maan & she was getting jealous as she knew the behaviour of Maan.He always kept his co-actors & others as his friend but he never got comfortable with any of his c- actors but today he was getting comfortable & was kissing Geet in other way.Sam had guessed that he’s in love with someone but she dint know that Geet was the girl.So in that blind jealousy she tried to hurt her.Geet was walking towards the lobby to get rid of incident from her mind which went on in the rehearsal room when Sam blocked her.

Geet said,”Please Samji…leave me alone!”Geet was in verge of tears seeing the incident she dont even know herself that what was going on in her life when Sameera came to taunt her.Sameera said angrily,”How dare u throw me from that room?Am Maan’s best friend & i have every right to be with him!”Geet said coolly,”U were distracting him that’s why i threw u from the room.Sameera said angrily,”I thought i will be available here as Maan can be handled by me only.He has the habit of shouting & showering anger on others if the dance performance becomes lousy.But u..u handled him very well..how..how did u do it?I dont even know that this dance form exists but u made judges impressed & ur dance steps…how do u know all this when am senior to u & dont know anything abt this dance form.How?”On that time the chandelier which was dangling above Geet’s head started to shake.Here Maan felt restless not seeing Geet back.He walked towards the lobby when on the way he saw both Geet & Sameera arguing.Maan frowned seeing Sameera’s livid face & walked towards them when he saw that Sameera was talking to someone from her eye & it was repeatedly fixed upwards.Sameera instructed someone who was pulling that chandelier & it loosened & fell due to loose fittings.

Maan lifted his head to get that the chandelier was abt to fall on Geet’s head.Maan immediately screamed,”Geet!”And he fell on her & both crawled from the falling Chandelier & the chandelier fell & broke into pieces.Sameera was shocked to see Maan there & came forward & showed her mock concern,”Geet are u alright?”On that time Maan turned & stod making Geet to stand from him & instantly he slapped Sameera.Sameera was shocked & asked with utmost outrage,”Why did u smacked me Maan?”Maan said angrily,”U do know the reason!”And he gave a utmost disgust face giving hint to her that he knows everything.Geet who was the silent spectator tried to patch up the two friends & said,”Oh its ok Maan..she was asking abt the dance steps which we’re gonna practise for next dance & was also congratulating for getting full 30 in the previous performance too!Maan mocked Sameera,”Am glad she’s appreciating ur talent Geet!”Sameera glared at Maan still holding her cheek when he dragged geet from her saying,”Let’s go from here i want to ask u abt the previous steps…teach me correctly this time!”

Geet nodded as she was distracted while Maan messaged Sameera,”Meet me after the practise at xyz place at 1800hrs!”Sameera was caught red handed now by Maan & she was shivering with fear.Here Maan dragged Geet & immediately pinned her to the rehearsal room door & asked with concern,”Are u ok?”His heart was beating frantically while Geet said keeping her palm on his cheek,”Am ok Maan!”Maan asked seeing her tip to toe,”U did get any scratch or sprain or wounded,tell me jaan!”Geet was amazed to see the dominant Maan & said,”Am ok Maan..dont worry!”Maan lifted her right knuckle & kissed it with concern & love & he kissed her forehead & said,”U r not gonna walk alone further.do u understand?”Geet protested,”But Maan..!”But her blabber was muted by his passionate lip lock where she melted & surrendered.


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Maan nibbled her lips and sucked her honey sweet juice..and then his tongue traveled inside her sweet mouth relishing her saliva and drinking it.They broke apart to grab some air when Maan kept his head on her forehead breathing heavily.Maan’s desires were making him weak to have her..and claim her & he once again pressed his rough body to her soft body……….



…………It was so blissful for Geet that the sweet sensation was coursing through her veins due to Maan’s love or lust.Lust was overpowering him & it was near destroying her virginity,but…………she immediately pulled herself from him in nanosecond & stood far away from him panting badly!Maan was angry & disappointed seeing her moving far away as if his breath was going away from him & he was feeling suffocated.He panted,”What happened?”Geet saw him with total shock as she was in total mess..she stood far away from him & spoke,”Mr.Khurana,am not a s**t for which i give myself to u whenever u wish!Just stay away from me or else consequences will be difficult!”Maan’s anger went to its peak & asked,”What u gonna do haan?Ms Handa,i wasnt ur body…its so unbearable to me from that day when i met u!U come in my dreams..u come in my world..u never go..give that innocent smile to me…u r sooooooooo intriguing..u come & tap my darkest secrets..u arouse me with ur innocent touch..u arouse my balls to be twitching madly to get inside ur warm silky c**t..u r awakening my darkest desires Ms.Handa which wont get sleep till i relish u…and i to know that u too feel the same way u feel..then what is the problem with u..why r u rejecting me?Why?”

Geet closed her ears & said angrily,”Enough Khurana..u have said what u feel but let me make u very clear..i dont feel anything abt u..anything!For my u r nothing but the mountain of flesh with no heart..that heart had died ages ago…i want hearts & flowers Khurana..but u r incapable to give it!Now let me go!”Geet immediately pressed the stop button of the elevator to stop at some random floor & it stopped.Maan was abt to catch her once again but Geet said immediately tugging back,”Dont..i cant tolerate it!”That was the limit of geet but she dint even know why she quarreled with him.Who’s he to her?Is it that he asked her for s** directly..or is it that she thought herself as s**t after his wish?Or is it that Maan was so crude to get her that he dint even try to stop his language..or is it that some secret is hidden behind that Geet dint wanted to be revealed seeing his advance?She was scared of something which would come in front of him which can make him more mad to get her.She had seen the mad lust in his eyes which was making ehr weak..weak to break ..weak to surrender..weak to give up her virginity to him..who’s he?Who’s he to ask…for him..he was stranger to her..but for her is he stranger?

So many questions were moving in Maan’s mind which made him more anger..her rejection pierced his heart..for the first time he felt the strange pain in his heart…he always said proudly that he dont have any heart but the heart was paining.He felt the suffocation for the first time though the Oxygen supply in the air wasnt lessening.He wasnt in the place where there will be less Oxygen but still he was feeling suffocated..for what.His tiny little heart which beated for life today has stopped beating due to her rejection.He wanted to trouble her more..take revenge from her for making him like that..but dont he think that he’s responsible to his state…what is the connection which is not clicking not getting the missing piece.

Here Geet came back home leaving Meera to her work & crashed to her bed feeling low & tired.So much had happened in her life that she wanted to forget it but it wasnt letting her to forget.She was getting her life back once again….thinking abt Maan she slept.After few seconds or so she opened to see Maan standing on the bed rest glaring at her with lustful eyes.She got up & saw him while Maan bent towards her & kissed her lips passionately.It was impossible to hold herself back when he was in this mood & she pulled him over her & peeled off his dress in fast pace.Maan too undressed her & her dress joined his peeled off dresses.Maan hovered on her and pressed his hard body to her soft petite body and Geet felt a strange heat produce inside her body inside her veins as blood rushed in abnormal amount inside her veins.Maan saw her naked beauty with piercing gaze that she blushed furiously feeling his intense gaze.Maan moved his hands on her soft naked white waist and squeezed softly and a moan escaped fm those petal like lips and he saw her with dark desires.Maan took those petal like lips and nibbled her lower lips.He sucked her honey sweet juice and licking her upper lips which made her a current run down his spine…….Maan withdrew his mouth & Geet tried to speak but she was muted by him once again with the passionate kiss which made her to moan inside his mouth.

Geet’s voice faded when his hungry mouth explored her warm mouth.Geet gurgled between his hot passionate kiss when he got the taste of the chocolate cake.She was herself a chocolate cake which was made by Maan indirectly.Geet moaned when she felt his hungry palm move over her barrier and softly squeeze her breast.Geet immediately turned him and hovered on him.Maan was shocked with her sudden movement but loved her dominance and in swift moment he felt her pink tongue licking his face which was full of chocolate cake.Maan groaned when Geet was licking and in swift moment she was under him once again and Geet turned showing her back which made Maan to kiss her back more hungrily.Geet moaned his name feeling his tongue licking her back.Then Maan immediately turned her so fast and pulled her dori of her blouse and unhooked her blouse in swift moment and unhooked her b** too.Maan kissed her back softly which made her moan badly.Maan had hovered on her pressing her soft body.

He saw her tip to toe with hungry eyes.Geet who was carried away in his passion opened her droopy eyes and saw his eyes which was passionately seeing her tip toe.A red hue formed on her chubby cheeks and she blushed furiously.Maan chuckled pleasantly & he saw her with his dark eyes and took her soft supple swollen pink lips and kissed it gently.Maan felt his hands on her soft curves.Maan kneaded it aggressively and Geet was put of breath due to his passionate kiss.Geet moaned his name between the kisses while he came to her soft curves to feast it.Maan took her right curve and kissed it softly.Geet moaned while he bit it aggressively.His hands was busy playing with her curve while her entire body trembled with pleasure.Maan bit her n****e playing it with his thumb.Geet moaned badly while he attacked her another curve to feast.

Geet moaned badly feeling his lips while Maan feasted her both curves hungrily.Maan lowered and went to her wet core where she was ready to be assaulted.Maan saw her wet core and inserted his one fore finger to tease her.Geet’s eyes popped out feeling his fingers inside her feminine parts.Geet melted away with his gentle touch and while he rubbed his fingers inside hers made her more sweaty.Geet shouted his name loudly while she was muted immediately when she felt his tongue licking her softness to soothe the pain.Geet jerked him powerfully & turned to sit on him.Maan gasped with her fastness but groaned feeling her soft thighs around his hardness.Geet kissed his muscles and went downwards and kissed his flattened stomach.Maan groaned and he squeezed her b****t harshly and made Geet moan once again.Maan came forward to kiss her lips but Geet stopped him and she moved her b*** sensually on his thighs and went downwards and her hands went towards his m*****d.She licked her hardness to arouse him & he grunted with animalistic growl & she slowly inserted inside her mouth & was abt to lick it when she got up from her sleep sweating badly.Geet saw around her & then came to conclusion that she was dreaming this.She dreamt of having s** with Maan with so passionate way.

Geet got up & drank a glass of water to satisfy her thirst but strangely it dint quench her thirst.But she suppressed her feelings & once again lied on the bed & closed her eyes to get that hungry chocolate brown eyes glaring back at her intensely.She grunted in her sleep & drifted immediately due to tiredness.

Precap-Maan sat on the chair & said smiling impressively,”Have a seat Ms.Handa!”Geet gulped down seeing his intense gaze once again but sat slowly curling like a ball.Maan dint like this Geet & said softly,”Relax!”Geet dint relax but he said once again seeing her warmly,”Relax Ms.Handa!”Geet relaxed for a minute or so when he started his question bank as she had came to his office for intern job & he was very much delighted to see her in his office.Maan asked shamelessly,”So tell me did ur greedy silky c**t missed me?”Geet was shocked & a pink shade formed on her chubby cheeks.He saw this & smirked,”So tell me did ur b****t was heavy becoz it dint had my warm mouth on it?”Geet saw him angrily as her b****t was indeed getting heavy with his crude words.He still asked,”So tell me..did ur mouth craved of my hard p***s to suck?”Geet softly moaned when Maan immediately got up gracefully & sat on his table leaning on her thigh & rubbing his thigh to her softness……

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