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His droopy blood red eyes were piercing her with lustful desires.Geet melted seeing his gaze but try to control the situation,”Maan u r drunk..better to sleep rather than do this!”Maan said very painfully,”U wont get angry on me?”Geet asked getting scared of his painful tone,”For what?”Maan whispered in her ears painfully,”I punched him,that’sh why!”Geet was abt to ask who when she felt his hardness enter inside her feminine parts.She moaned feeling his hardness and hugged him with surrender.Maan thrusted his steely erection till she was sore and after that he slept on her only burying his face inside her soft neck.She was biting her lips feeling his uneven powerful thrusts as she was feeling the pain due to that thrusts.After sometime she felt him snoring happily and she kissed his forehead and slowly adjusted him on her correctly.He tightened his hold around her waist and slept like that only.



Next morning Maan stirred in his sleep and stretched and felt some softness under him.He snapped open his eyes and saw to get Geet sleeping under him naked peacefully.He was shocked and cursed himself becoz he was drunk due to Angad and he hurted her once again.But he noticed there was a cute smile on her lips.He slowly pulled his hardness from her when she moaned in her sleep and more tightened her grip around him.When he came outside then once again he got harder and he softly groaned.She once again came near him and rubbed her softness to the crown of his hardness.He groaned and pecked her petal swollen lips.She giggled but softly moaned as his hardness once again rubbed in side her and it made the tissues of her softness getting alive.She was highly aroused when she felt his lips kissing her soft sore curves.

Geet moaned and snapped open her almond eyes to get the adorable view.Maan was cursing and cutely pouting abt him under breath.She pecked his lips to draw attention when he asked out of concern,”Jaan…did u hurt u last night?”She nodded no to him and said keeping her palm on his left cheek,”U never hurt me Maan!”He gave swift chaste kiss while she spoke between that kiss,”But am angry on!”He looked up and pouted,”Why?”She pouted prettily,”What was the need off throwing that scum down ur throat?And that too u had crossed ur limits in drinking that!”He pouted and cursed Angad under his breath when she asked,”Do u love Mr.Angad so much?”He widened his eyes and he pouted once again.She pecked his lips and said,”I know Maan..u love him so much but dont u think that ur love is spoiling him?Dont u think that he will be punished for his mistakes…i know u r his best friend and u need to be lenient as ur heart says but dont u think doing this u r spoiling him.When he will accept his mistakes…dont u take part in making him realise his mistakes?”

Maan nodded yes to her words and spoke,”Jaan am trying but a best friend can try to make him realise his mistakes but a father and husband isnt permitting him to let him come near me!”Geet kissed his forehead as she knew that she’s a mother too who had lost her child on his cause.Maan slowly slid from her and slept beside her panting heavily.She looked up and slowly came near to him and slept on his muscular arm and kissed his left chest and said proudly with immense love,”I know that my Maan copes with this problem!”He groaned feeling her lips and turned towards her staring at her lovingly.H searched her face with immense love and asked with concern,”Did i hurt u last night?U dint answer my question jaan!”She said pecking his lips softly,”Maan am ok…dont get tensed!”He slowly moved his hand on her thighs and slowly widened it.He softly inserted his finger inside her soft silky c*** and inhaled sharply.She too inhaled the sweat mixed air but blushed profusely feeling his long fingers.

“Hmm!”He groaned and gave swift chaste kiss to her swollen lips.She was looking more adorable in sleep-mused and glowing face.He said immediately rubbing her c***,”U r wet jaan!”She blushed profusely and hid her face inside his left chest.He groaned feeling her lips on his heart and kissed her forehead.He took off his fingers and tasted it ecstatically and was shocked to get the blood taste.Geet dint see this as she was hiding her face inside his neck now but Maan immediately moved downwards to see her softness had turned to raw red.Geet slightly moved her thighs to feel his fingers when she softly winced in pain.But before she handle the situation Maan was already cursing himself.He asked angrily,”Jaan tell me..was i aggressive last night why r u feeling pain?U were get used to my p***s then why r u feeling pain…did i gave u pain did i loved u so aggressively answer me jaan?”She smiled seeing his concern and slowly pulled him so that his body rubs her soft curves and kissed his forehead.She said lovingly,”Maan..i love ur all sides and importantly ur wild side!”

His eyes softened seeing her blushing cheeks and kissed her forehead and asked,”Are u sure?”She nodded still blushing when he immediately moved and lifted her in his arms and took her to the washroom.She glimpsed his wide eyes which had turned into mischief and she lowered her eyes blushing profusely.He made her to lie inside the warm water and kissed her forehead and said,”Get ready jaan u will need to proceed to ur class!”He went towards the shower and started having shower.She saw him hungrily as his body flexed when he stroked his body from the soap and held face to the shower which would wash out the soap.She saw he cant reach his back and she slowly got up and walked towards him.She immediately took the soap and started scrubbing his back.His muscles ignited-relaxed-ignited and he groaned softly.

She immediately scrubbed his back slowly from his shoulder blade to his pectoral muscles.She even scrubbed his behind which made him hard and panted,”Dont tempt me jaan!”Geet smiled mischievously and hugged him from behind rubbing her soft sore curves when his body once again reacted.He felt her hands walk away from his hard chest to towards his stomach and then towards his rigid column which made him groan badly and try to free himself when she held him more tighter.He quivered under her touch and panted,”Jaan,i’ll be late for my office!”She rubbed her nose to his back and he cutely pouted seeing her mood swings.She kissed his back which made him his eyes wide when he felt hot.He immediately turned and saw her softly crying.

He asked shockingly,”Jaan…why r u crying?”Geet sniffed and hugged him tightly burying her face inside his chest.He dint say anything but he dint even push her too but started scrubbing the soap on her back.She quivered cutely but he dint answer as his eyes softened seeing his effect.He slowly moved his hands smearing the soap on her back and her behind and immediately on her sore curves.She winced immediately feeling the soap while Maan kissed her forehead calming her.He immediately slowly scrubbed her sore curves and his hand went towards her flat stomach.He slowly rubbed her flat stomach and immediately went towards her soft c***.She moaned feeling his fingers when he pecked her forehead.

She moaned once again feeling his fingers on her b**t.He once again pecked her petal lips and he slowly squeezed her b**t.She moaned and immediately hugged him tighter.He felt that she’s trying to say something but she’s hesitating.He immediately smeared the soap on her thighs and legs and feet and immediately switched on the shower.He immediately pulled her inside his hard frame and lifted her chin to see her almond eyes.She immediately closed it as the water fell on her face.He softly moved his finger on her soft swollen lips.He pecked her lips gently and moved his fingers on her throat.Her lips parted and a moan escaped from her petal lips.He slowly moved his hand on her sore curves washing the soap.

A pink hue lingered on her chubby cheeks.His lips slowly widened seeing the cute blush while he softly washed the soap from her flat stomach and immediately he pinned her soft frame to his hard frame.He slowly lifted her chin and asked with concern,”What happened jaan..u r silent!”Geet’s eyes welled up and tears poured down which was licked by him.She closed her almond eyes and hid her face inside his chest.He slowly rubbed her soft back and kissed her hairs.Geet snuggled more and he immediately lifted her feet and walked from the washroom.She knew what is bothering her but he pecked her forehead and slowly made her to wear his shirt after wiping the water from her body.He lifted her and made her sleep on the bed.He tucked her in blanket and kissed her forehead and asked,”Tell me jaan what is bothering u?”

She turned and said,”I love u!”Maan chuckled and pecked her lips and asked,”Jaan this is the hardcore truth but tell me clearly that what is bothering u!”She looked up and more snuggled to him when he asked lovingly,”What happened jaan?”…………..


Here in the deepest most darkest part of Delhi city a man was screaming in pain.It was the very same mansion where Karan had buried his victims in the cellar of the mansion and there a life was struggling to free and it was none other than Angad Khanna who was all the way hearing Karan’s scream.



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Geet closes her eyes with attitude but she cudnt attempt to face her past.The more she tried to face it..the more she got weaker.Naina was abt to provoke when Geet said,”I need a break Naina!”Naina saw her almond eyes shrewdly & then nodded & said,”Will make tea for u!”Naina walked towards the kitchen when Geet turned & saw around her.She saw the place where Maan had did love making with her making her sore.Geet walked & saw the couch where he once had grabbed her & had did love making till she was sore.She blushed & Naina said holding the tea,”U feeling good Geet?”Geet nodded while Naina continued,”U know why u r here?”Geet nodded & spoke…



Here both Maan and Veer stood silent feeling uncomfortable and the reason of their uncomfortableness stood in the very same room.Angad Khanna who stood holding all the proofs dint spoke for a second or two while Maan was breathing heavily keeping his right hand on the nearby wall.He held it more tightly making his muscles flex with every breath of Angad which he took there.Veer was no less as he was remembering how Geet had suffered due to him after losing her baby.Angad had a black eye & his lips & nose were bleeding giving the impression that someone had punched him!It was Maan who had punched him seeing Angad sitting in his office in KM.Veer had come to the office on that time and had held Maan strongly so that he wont mess anything around as he had seen punching Angad.

Finally Angad broke the silence falling to Maan’s feet.Angad held Maan’s legs & said,”Am sorry Maan..i was blind with rage & Karan poured oil to my fire.He murdered Anjali & accused u as culprit.Now i got to know abt this!”He gave the diary,CD & camera to Maan & said,”I have got evidence to arrest Karan Maan!”Maan took it & immediately gave it to Veer calling him.Veer had entered his office to talk abt Angad when he got Angad in sight.He was abt to blast at him when Maan said,”Take a look at this evidence Veer before u blast at Angad!”When Veer entered on that time both Angad & Maan were fighting and Veer was abt to fight with Angad for Maan when Maan had punched Angad.Veer saw the evidence & was shocked & asked,”Anjali loved u Maan?”Maan nodded yes to him & said,”And i dint know abt that..if i knew then i would never make Anjali as the victim of Karan.Though i wouldnt love her..i would have save her life!We both would’ve saved her life!”Veer kept his comforting hand on his shoulder while Angad got to know to see Maan’s true colors.He felt disgusted to destroy Maan’s life…as he got to know how much Maan is humble.

Veer decided to talk to his superior abt this along with the proofs while Angad went away not able to see them active to capture Karan.Angad dint know that his both friends are true friends.If he knew then he would never leave them.It was all becoz of Karan which made Angad to get separated and today he was repenting his every deed.Angad got inside his car and decided to confront Karan when he felt someone sitting inside beside him.He turned to get Karan who was smiling sinisterly.Angad was abt to punch him when he felt some pricky and saw his hand.Angad saw that he’s been injected with some liquid from syringe and he pulled it from his skin.His face turned with anger and moved forward but in next second his eyes went dark and he fainted.In swift moment the car moved from KM silently.Maan dint see this as he was busy trying to get normal after Angad’s incident.He knew that he dint act normally..he punched Angad out of anger..and all this happened in Geet’s absence.

Geet always made Maan calm loving him in every possible way…erasing all his troubles and tensions from his mind….always cocooning him inside her arms and all this punching and losing control happened in absence of Geet.He knew that she’s the one who can control him when he’s in anger.In office also the staff always wished that Geet stay in office till they finish work as they knew that Maan’s anger would go to top if he saw any carelessness in the work…if it is made mistakenly too.Maan wished he want to be with Geet but he dint wanted her to distract,but……..


“I cant Naina!”declared Geet finally when she was distracted of something from her meditation.She cant able to concentrate today.Naina searched her face and asked,”What’s the reason of this restlessness Geet?”Geet saw her with amazement while Naina chuckled,”Dont forget am a psychiartist!”Geet looked away feeling embarassed.Naina went and made two cups of black coffee and came back to Geet and held a cup to her.Geet took it and took a sip.Relief flooded through her body as she was Caffeinated.Caffeine was acting as her sedative to kill pain.Geet said at once softly,”Am having headache!”Naina was shocked and asked,”What?Then why dint u tell me?Geet,this eye contact can make ur brain ache…this eye contact when u r trying to block hypnotism can addle ur brains…it can freeze the action of ur brain!How r u feeling now?”

Geet said,”I think Caffeine is curing my headache!”Naina searched her face once again and relief flooded through her body but she was a bit doubtful so she got up and said,”Will be back in an hour or two!”Geet was surprised and asked,”U r not gonna teach me further,am mean how to block hypnotism?”Naina took a deep breath and said,”Geet…i can say only two things!First….u need to concentrate!Second….u need to get strength from ur sufferings and that is gonna happen when u take that as positively..not blaming urself or fate or god…u need to master ur mind that whatever comes in ur life..u r gonna face it with full strength and positively..u wont try to give the strings of ur life to others to control it on their own accord…u need to become independent…u need to cross the pathway of darkness to reach the light!When u master this all…u will be the person who can control hypnotism!Geet..hypnotism means…not only the contact of the eye to eye where one person controls using eye to eye and dominate the weak person…some may have the power of hypnotising people by their speech…if it is right way then it is good..but if it is in wrong way..then we struck…that’s what i want to say..if u wont determine….then my attempts will be wasted!”

Naina was abt to walk inside her room when she heard a soft whisper of Geet which was full of pain and disgust.Geet whispered painfully,”How can i determine Naina,when i get nightmares of it?I was nearly raped Naina by my own uncle and i lost my baby becoz of that…even today also i hear his maniacal laughter..his lustful eyes haunt me in my dreams…when he was abt to rape me!I begged for mercy..i even told him that am pregnant..but his venomous desire dint permit him to consider my condition!”Tears poured down from her almond eyes and her hand lingered on her stomach.”Maan’s flesh!”Some pearls fell on the ground too.Naina asked curiously,”U always get nightmares?”Naina nodded no to her and spoke,”I dont get it always as i will be with Maan always!But when am alone…then when i sleep alone then i get nightmares!”More pearls fell one the ground.Naina cudnt see her state and immediately cocooned her inside her embrace.Her eyes were moist too while Geet clung to her like life.Naina knew what will be mother’s love as she was the mother too…Veer had two children too but he had kept it secret due to his profession.Even Maan dint knew abt their marriage…but got to know when Maan insisted Veer to marry a girl.

Naina closed her eyes and gave a friendly warmth while Geet cried silently.After sometime both felt someone around them when they both opened their eyes to see Maan standing there looking devastated but slightly drunk.Geet saw his blood red eyes and his position where he was trying to stand in difficulty.Geet walked towards him when he said ever so cutely pouting,”Why r u crying?I have took an vow to wipe off ur precious pearls when i was marrying u!”Geet saw him affectionately but she smelt alcohol and immediately glared him,”U have been drinking!”Maan pouted,”Shlight….!”He was looking more adorable in his cute pout and the drunkard tone.Geet smiled at him and slowly kissed his cheek and dragged him inside their room.

Naina silently went inside her room and switched on the MP3 player and turned on the full volume.Here Geet pushed him on the bed and stood folding her hands and glaring at him,”How many times i have to tell u to not to pour that scum?”Maan even so cutely got up and pulled her between his legs and hugged her stomach rubbing his nose.She softly moaned but try to free herself and asked,”Now why it was poured down ur throat..tell me!”Maan looked up and his sculpted lips widened with killer smile and said every so cutely,”I lub u for that..ash u alwaysh know me!”She glared at him while he shamelessly unzipped his pant zip and said with full dominance,”I want to feel u jaan!”She widened her eyes and in swift moment she was pulled to the bed and she was rolled and she was under him.

His droopy blood red eyes were piercing her with lustful desires.Geet melted seeing his gaze but try to control the situation,”Maan u r drunk..better to sleep rather than do this!”Maan said very painfully,”U wont get angry on me?”Geet asked getting scared of his painful tone,”For what?”Maan whispered in her ears painfully,”I punched him,that’sh why!”Geet was abt to ask who when she felt his hardness enter inside her feminine parts.She moaned feeling his hardness and hugged him with surrender.Maan thrusted his steely erection till she was sore and after that he slept on her only burying his face inside her soft neck.She was biting her lips feeling his uneven powerful thrusts as she was feeling the pain due to that thrusts.After sometime she felt him snoring happily and she kissed his forehead and slowly adjusted him on her correctly.He tightened his hold around her waist and slept like that only.

Precap-Naina saw her with shock as she had completely threw her hypnotism power.She hugged her and danced with joy.

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On that time Simran glared at her as she was the one who had called Geet as baanj & not a girl too.Maan turned towards her to speak when police arrived & took Simran away.Prachi was worried for Geet & she dint talk further as she dialled her senior to discuss the matter.From that day onwards Maan started to take care of Geet more.Geet was pampered by whole Khurana clan & Handas too got to know that she’s pregnant.Handas were so happy hearing that as their all worries vanished & sighed in deep breath having relief that she’s pregnant.Thaiji was the most happiest woman among them.



Maan!”Geet moaned in sheer ecstacy when she felt his pink tongue licking her feminine parts.It was the blissful moment for them which they were feeling after 2 years of control.Geet was irresistible & cranky those years which made Maan love her more.Maan licked her feminine parts till she gave him her first orgasm of love making.He groaned while his fingers entered inside her feminine parts.She moaned & scratched her nails in his nape which made him groan more erotically.His groan was erotic & they were uncontrollable today as Prachi had given green signal that they can have intimacy.Geet was in seventh heaven hearing it while Maan was amused seeing her happiness.But for Geet it was the most happiness of her world..giving happiness to her husband.

Maan softly groaned & kissed her n*****s.She moaned feeling the heat produce inside her body.They were in honeymoon in Goa which was organised by Prachi only who had given green signal.Geet saw Maan licking her n*****s when she remembered her first pregnancy.Tears poured down from her almond eyes when she lost her first baby.Maan sensed this & looked up to see the warm tears.He slowly slid beside her & made her sleep on his warm body.She cried her heart out when he said,”Jaan…dont worry..u will become mother again..that’s why we have come here!”Geet said snuggling to his rock chest,”I cant forget the pain Maan..after all am a mother…u were loving my n*****s…but my child dint get the oppurtunity!”Maan cocooned her more to his warmth & kissed her hairs.

He slowly made her sleep on the bed & hovered on her.She was still sad for losing her baby when he started kissing her flat tummy.She giggled while he looked up & immediately started tickling her.She laughed out loud & turned when he started kissing her back.Maan said kissing her every inch of back,”We gonna get that happiness too jaan…i too had suffered a lot when i saw u unconscious after losing our baby!”

It was the tiresome day where Geet had lost her baby in the car accident.After Prachi’s confronted Maan..she had strictly prohibited Maan to share any more intimacy as it can affect the baby becoz Geet was in very delicate situation.She dint wanted Geet to suffer more so she had made Maan to sleep in another room.She knew that he loves Geet so much which can lead to any more intimacy which can lead to the baby death becoz if he presses slightest weight on her abdomen then their baby can die.It was very delicate situation & Prachi was trying to save both baby & Geet.But alas she had lost her baby & had survived in very difficulty.

Simran who was the witness of Prachi’s confrontation had planned to kill Geet in accident.She had corrupted Geet’s car driver & Geet’s driver had fled in right moment.That’s why there was no other way to get to her destiny Geet had drove the car herself which led to accident as the brakes were failed.She had drove the car over a large banyan tree for which the car had turned upside down having her severely injured.She was admitted to the hospital to the local people but she had reached to the death bed due to that accident.Doctors had declared to Maan that they can save Geet or baby.Then Maan had chosen Geet as he was so devastated seeing in that state.

After that incident only Simran had died in plane crash.She was travelling in plane for her next project assignment when she had died & the cases which were going on her & she was in bail was closed after her death.But after this accident Geet’s uterus had become totally weak which cant bear Maan’s child.Prachi had took Geet to her place & had took care of her while Maan was the daily visitor.Geet knew that she cant become mother once again so she had tried to get Maan married with another girl when he had refused it pointedly & had stopped talking with Geet.

But that wasnt enough that Maan even tried to commit suicide after that or have to say pretended to make Geet to change her attention.From that day onwards she had stopped ranting nonsense abt another marriage in front of Maan.After two years of those incidents now Geet was perfectly healthy & was so happy to get her another life where she was claimed as Maan’s wife & soon to be the would-be mother of Maan’s child.

Today after a long trip of the visit of Goa’s places Maan couldnt hold his desires for they were loving each other in their hotel room which is decorated with roses & scented candles.Geet moaned feeling his pink tongue which was licking the pit of her flat tummy.He nuzzled it & she moaned,”Maan..i want u now!”It was the very last time she spoke but after that she was always muted by his passionate kisses.He entered inside her & made her moan his name.Geet felt she’s complete feeling his throbbing hardness inside her nth time.She was already sore..but he was making her more sore.They both slept for sometime but that also dint last & she felt his hardness poking her b**t.She screamed,”Maan!”When he inserted his length inside her from back.

Geet screamed,”Maan am sore!”He chuckled,”How much?”She blushed widening her eyes as he asked that shamelessly.She hid her face inside her pillow calling,”Shameless!”He once again chuckled but spoke with longing,”I was numb from two years jaan..not feeling u around me…u had become sore grapes to me but now u r sweet grapes & am relishing my grape!”She blushed & turned & hid her face inside his neck.He slowly slid inside her & stayed there & said,”U r so warm jaan..i was missing this!”A lone tear slid from her almond eyes seeing the satisfaction & contentment in his eyes.She pecked his lips in return & she felt he’s going hard for she more blushed feeling it inside her.Then it all started once again.

After 3 months————->

Maan was walking this side & that side impatiently as if caged lion is angry on caging him.He was standing in front of Prachi’s cabin cursing her for not letting him inside her.His family were amused seeing him like that while he was all the way cursing Prachi to Geet’s babaji & commanding him to not to do anything to Geet.Geet had fainted in his arms when she was walking from kitchen to dining hall holding the breakfast.After sometime a nurse came outside her cabin & said,”Mr.Khurana,u r called inside!”Without listening to the nurse he immediately barged inside to see his jaan sleeping on the bed & Prachi had kept stethescope on her flat tummy.Before Maan wouls shout on Prachi,she said,”Take a seat Maan..will be back a second!”Maan was observing his jaan & Prachi who were whispering.He saw a glow in his jaan’s face when Prachi spoke & he saw Prachi’s face widen with broad smile.He said impatiently,”Prachi will u tell me what is going on?”

Prachi came towards him more smiling while Geet got down slowly & was abt to walk towards him when he ran & lifted her in his strong arms & took her near the table.Geet protested but he dint listen while Prachi’s smile more widened seeing them.Geet pouted,”Maan i can walk!”But he glared at her while he asked,”Now u can say..what happened to her?”Prachi said,”Maan,she’s one month pregnant!”His eyes widened & he saw towards her.She snaked her arms around his arms & nodded.His M shaped lips widened to a cute smile which had so much contentment.Prachi too smile while Geet had tears in her eyes which poured down falling on his right palm.He looked up & was shocked & asked,”Why r u crying?Are u not happy with this news?”Geet said,”No Maan..am so happy….i had how much penance did to get this gud news only my babaji knows!”Yes it was..she did penance by staying away for two years..controlling her desires for Maan..just to get well..more healthy so that she can bear his child was not easy.

Prachi said,”Geet…dont cry..tears will be unhealthy for babies dear!”Geet cutely wiped her tears while he kissed her almond eyes.Prachi gave some prescription of vitamins & advised Geet to be calm always leaving her anger.Geet nodded for everything & they both came outside smiling broadly.When they saw their family they shared the news happily.Both Khuranas & Handas were so happy hearing the news and they started giving suggestion to her & cautions.How to walk..how to sleep…how to be very cautious but….after all this Geet had told one statement which made Maan’s heart to beat faster & that was that Maan is there to look after her.

After 9 months————->

Maan walking impatiently as he was hearing Geet’s scream from past one & a half hour.He wanted to be with her but Prachi dint let him inside and after 10 minutes she screamed at once which shook his entire existence which made him shiver for the first time & he also heard the baby cry.A wide smile crept on his rough lips & a nurse came outside holding the baby.Nurse showed the baby to Maan & said,”Its a girl!”Maan saw her who was fast asleep after coming out from her mother’s womb.He took her in his hands very carefully & kissed her nose which made her pout cutely due to his rough stubble.Tears slid from his eyes seeing her cute pout & chuckled as she was the xerox copy of his innocent wifey 😉

Precap-epilogue 2

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Geet said angrily,”Just shut up..when nothing happened in between u then how can u accuse my Maan that he stole ur virtue..disgusting Simran….Now get lost from our lives!”Simran still cried showing her crocodile tears but no one listened to her pleas when she accused Geet as impotent.Maan’s anger towered & he slapped her angrily as Geet started to cry but still she felt dizzy.Geet’s eyes went dark & in the moment she fell on the ground but not anymore as she landed inside Maan’s embrace who screamed,”Geet!”



It was a torture to Maan seeing Geet unconscious & Prachi was examining her.Khurana clan was worried to hell.Prachi examined her pulse & checked it seeing her watch.When she got conclusion that what happened to Geet…she was so angry.She was so angry that she dint even see that Geet was awake & was seeing Prachi’s expression.Geet saw Peachi’s anger but silently followed her in difficulty.

Prachi slapped Maan angrily.Maan was shocked & asked,”What happened Prachi..why r u smacking me?”Prachi said angrily,”Why am smacking u..u know the truth Maan..still u r asking me?”Maan asked,”What?..What i know Prachi?Prachi please tell me..what happened to my Geet?Please!”Prachi saw him with disgust & said,”Maan u r going to become father!Geet is three weeks pregnant!”

Hearing this everyone’s eyes lit up but not Maan’s whose eyes were widened with shock.Prachi shouted,”Dint i tell u to stay away from her?Why Maan..dint i told u to control urself?Dint i told u to use protection!”Milind kept his hand on her shoulder & she flushed automatically being embarrassed herself.Maan cursed himself while Nikhila asked,”Prachi beta,it is good news for us na….but y r u getting so hyper?”Prachi said angrily seeing towards Maan with digsut,”That’s becoz maami i want to save Geet’s life before she gives Khuranas a heir!”

Nikhila was shocked & asked worriedly,”Beta what happened to her?”Prachi explained,”Maami,Geet’s uterus is so weak..as she matured very lately…it is only one year ago..she matured & her uterus is so weak to bear a child…i warned Maan everytime to stay away from her..dont lose control but……!”Nikhila was shocked so Geet who was silent listener.Amar asked,”Prachi beta…explain us!”Prachi sighed & said,”Maamu,due to Geet’s late maturation & before her maturity the stress she put on her body just to get matured faster made her uterus weak…till now it needs to be healed that’s why she always feels so much pain on first day!”She said that part seeing towards Maan with disgust.Maan got to know why she always felt tortured for a mere pain..that’s becoz she was weak & her uterus too which cant bear a child!”Amar suggested,”Maan,abort the baby.We want Geet’s welfare…if u have destiny of becoming the father then it surely happens but we cant lose our baby girl Geet!”

Hearing this everyone felt proud on Amarnath but that chance was also not gonna happen as Prachi blasted another bomb,”Maamu..we cant abort the the child also..it can harm Geet’s life!”Amar was shocked hearing the news while Geet shouted,”I dont want to abort the baby!This is my love…my flesh & Maan’s love!”Everyone were shocked seeing Geet standing there & Maan said with utmost love,”Geet!”She stepped forward but stumbled but he caught her waist securely and seeing this she said seeing him lovingly,”When Maan is with me then why dee u r worried?He wont let happen anything to me!”Maan said guiltily,”But jaan..am the one who made u to reach this state for which i cant forgive myself!”But she closed her palm on his mouth & said,”Maan..whatever u did u saved me by calling as baanj(sterile)”

On that time Simran glared at her as she was the one who had called Geet as baanj & not a girl too.Maan turned towards her to speak when police arrived & took Simran away.Prachi was worried for Geet & she dint talk further as she dialled her senior to discuss the matter.From that day onwards Maan started to take care of Geet more.Geet was pampered by whole Khurana clan & Handas too got to know that she’s pregnant.Handas were so happy hearing that as their all worries vanished & sighed in deep breath having relief that she’s pregnant.Thaiji was the most happiest woman among them.


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He entered the room seeing around him giving attention around him.He saw the room was totally messy with cobwebs & full of dust.Every inch said that it hasnt been cleaned for ages.He saw around him once again & felt some movement & turned towards it to see a pair of white milky legs smeared with dust.He moved his eyes upwards to get a cute small girl with two pony tail to her either side of the head.She was having so innocent face which showed fear & anger.Her brown eyes spitted fire but it had scare too.He walked towards her when she crawled back banging her back to the wall.She tried to crawl back & thought of moving the big wall but how can it be.But he was amused to see her futile attempt.He sat in his knees & stared straight to her eyes when she more snuggled to the wall scaring like hell.He moved forward in his knees & kept his hand on her milky thighs when her eyes widened.She immediately shoved his hands but he caught her hand.She immediately bit his hand & slapped her.He dint get angry but winced in pain.He saw her good-naturedly when she slapped him in full force that his neck creaked due to that.He dint saw his anger just turned & came near her when he got another slap from her to his other cheek.He dint showed his anger as he was so calm & once again saw her good naturedly.Then she more snuggled to the wall when he lifted her in his arms & took her outside.She closed her eyes becoz of the sunlight while he took a pitcher of lukewarm water & slowly poured it on her from head.She was shocked but hot water soothed her every cell.She opened her eyes to get bright sun light & saw towards him who had took her to that bright sunlight from the deep darkness.She felt relaxed & she felt his fingers move on her body slowly cleaning the dirt & dust & fear too!

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