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Maan took that oppurtunity or have to say used that oppurtunity or else his innocent wify would show silent demeanors towards him.He groaned feeling her pink tongue licking his neck.She softly bit his pulse and licked it which made him intolerable.He groaned and took her right hand which was squeezing his b**t and kept on his shirt button.She squealed in delight when he swatted her behind.She moaned when she felt his hands squeezing her behind.Geet took off his shirt buttons slowly moving her sleek fingers on his rock hard chest which quivered in anticipation.

Maan asked softly,”Do u need demonstration jaan?”Geet nodded and pecked his lips and he immediately lifted her in his arms…….



Maan made her lie on the bed and she attacked his dress.In nano second he was devoid of clothes and was standing gloriously naked.He was indeed greek god from head to toe.His eyes which were wide and chocolate brown in color saw his jaan with desireful eyes which had turned dark seeing her naked soft creamy white skin.His eyes itched to mark her with his teeth.His nose which was roman nose were sleek and sexy.His sculpted full lips were M shaped in upper lip and flat lower lips.It was shaped just like the sculptor.His cheek bones which were flushed due to her boldness breathed hungrily.His sleek long neck with v shaped collar bone and masculine made her moan in ecstacy.He was mouth watering with his alluring eyes and breathing manly but hungrily.His broad rock chest heaved heavily seeing her naked skin.His broad rock chest with the manly curves with small nipples made her press her curves tightly.She moaned seeing him naked only and she was wet in nano second.He chuckled seeing her writhe with sheer ecstacy.

His flat stomach which was folded with 8 pack abs made him more masculine and hungry just he has been shaped like sculptor,seems the real sculptor would weep happily seeing him.She blushed seeing his torso which moved in animal grace when he moved with animal grace towards her.She gulped her saliva seeing his alluring eyes and his muscles which flexed and relaxed when he moved in animal grace made her wet once again.She blushed profusely and her eyes went downwards to get his pelvic muscles with the long length which made her wet once again.His thick column was somewhat masculine with veins and heavy bulge which made her blush more profusely as it was inside her more number of times.She moaned seeing his thick column standing erect hearing her soft moan.

He groaned and lowered his body on her in animal grace and sealed his lips on her.She moaned and held his head stroking his silky soft hairs and he deepened his passionate kiss.Both were breathless when they broke apart.Maan hovered on her but he dint hovered on her flat tummy.He kissed her flat tummy caressing it and said,”Baby,ur mumma is so stubborn always melts papa with her love!”Geet saw him lovingly when he was caressing her flat tummy where their baby was cocooned.He immediately slept on sideways keeping his head on his elbow and asked,”Do u really want this jaan?”Geet moaned,”Maan!”He groaned and lowered his head and sealed her lips once again.He slowly slowly licked her lips which made her frustrated and bit his lips.He wasnt proceeding in fast pace.

Maan gasped feeling her sharp teeth and licked her mouth in tempting way.Geet screamed in the kiss,”Maan,pls take me!”Maan said determindly,”Oh no jaan..i want to take this slow jaan!”He softly coaxed her lower lips but she immediately started moving her hands on his rock chest.He groaned but still he kissed her gently.She groaned and pushed him backwards and hovered on him sitting on his stomach.He chuckled seeing her wildness and he groaned feeling her nails which had scratched his stomach and his nipples were bruised by her teeth.

He moaned and his hands went towards her soft curves and squeezed it gently.She moaned,”Maan!”She was abt to bend down to take his lips when he got up slightly to reach her lips.He said seeing her amazed,”U cant bend down in this condition so lie down jaan!”Her swollen lips widened to a cute killer smile which made his breath to take away and a groan form softly.She said lovingly,”I love u!”Maan said licking her lower lips,”I love u too sweetheart!”

She lied down on the bed and he hovered over her but dint put weight on her flat tummy.He kissed her passionately while his hands moved everywhere on her body coaxing her..milking her.His hand moved on her curves squeezing it and kissed her more passionately.When she whimpered on that time he left her breathing heavily.He kept his forehead on hers and pecked her petal lips while both breathed heavily.He slightly winced as she had dug her nails to his back skin and she took it.His hands slowly moved on her body which made her moan and his fingers slowly stroked her soft skin on her flat tummy.He kissed her flat tummy several times lovingly and kept his head on it gently.Geet saw him lovingly and moaned.He looked up and said,”Jaan…i cant wait more…i want her outside now only and i want to play with her!”Geet giggled hearing it but stroked his hairs lovingly.

He kissed her flat tummy more times and his hands moved on her thighs.He squeezed it and she moaned his name.His eyes darkened immediately and he bit her thighs.She moaned his name and immediately his mouth went to her softness.She moaned feeling his rough lips on her softness.Geet said,”Aah!”He gently bit her softness which made her softly scream his name with widened eyes.He grinned impressively and inserted his tongue inside her softness.She moaned writhing softly and he licked it till she gave her first orgasm.He got excited feeling her wetness and immediately adjusted himself near her softness.

Maan kept his hardness near the opening and felt the wetness.He groaned and slowly inserted the tip which made her moan and writhe.Geet said angrily,”Maan i want u!”He grinned seeing her writhe and pecked her lips and said,”Jaan…dint i tell u that i want to take it slow…i cant hurt my angels!”She pouted cutely and her eyes widened feeling the fullness of his hardness.She cant able to stifle her moan and screamed his name.She breathed heavily and then……


Geet was sleeping peacefully inside Maan’s embrace and after sometime she opened to see Maan staring at her lovingly.She blushed profusely while he stroked her red cheeks from his long fingers.He asked staring at her lovingly,”Satisfied Mrs.Khurana,how do u feel?”She said blushing profusely,”Sore!”Maan chuckled and she hid her face inside his neck brushing her petal lips for which he groaned softly.He had rode on her gently but deeper which made her sore.He had rode on her till she couldnt take it anymore and this made her so satisfied.Her pregnancy hormones was taking her pleasure high.

Maan saw her red cheeks which were turning scarlet red and he said stroking it more lovingly,”Do u know u r getting bold Mrs.Khurana…just dont teach it to my angel!”Geet pouted but whacked his shoulder.He laughed heartily shaking his head back.She looked more adorable with that cute pout and she felt his erection getting hard and poking her abdomen.Her eyes widened in nano second feeling it and Maan leaned closer to whisper huskily,”Jaan u look more sexy in that cute pout.I feel to eat u raw there and then!”She cant able to tolerate his crude words and hid her face inside his chest.She glared at him seeing him laugh heartily one more time and spoke,”U r shameless Mr.Khurana!”But Maan cut her words and said smiling slyly,”And u r very bold Mrs.Khurana!Look at my clothes state….u have ripped them and then u even ripped my skin by ur teeth!”

Geet moaned blushing profusely,”Maan!”He stared unblinkingly and said,”Umm!”He softly bit her earlobe and then she melted and pulled him on her which made him alarmed and immediately pulled himself up and said,”Jaan! No! Control!”She pouted and snuggled closer while he softly groaned feeling her naked frame but cocooned her in his hard frame and she drifted.He saw her snoring softly and kissed her forehead and made her more comfortable on him.


Here Veer stood on the place where Karan gave to meet.After sometime he saw a man walking towards him from the far end.Veer saw him…he was indeed Karan who walked towards him with a zombie expression.Veer raised his eye brows seeing his look while he closed the distance between them.Veer stood folding his hands across his chest while Karan walked towards him stuffing his hands inside his pant pockets.Karan stopped in front of Veer and saw around him trying to get the clue that the place is secured for him to talk with him.

Veer said seeing his eyes moving,”The place is secured…no one is here except me…am alone!”Karan saw his eyes and he felt some kind of trust pluck up inside him and he immediately held Veer’s legs and cried his heart out.Karan cried,”Veer,am a sinful man!Am the one who killed Anjali!”Not getting any response from Veer he looked up to get a zombie Veer who said,”I know that Karan,Angad told me everything!”Karan’s eyes showed anger immediately but hid it in nano second.Veer who saw that raised his eye brows in nano second.Karan gained his composure and stood up and said,”Veer!”

Veer immediately held his right hand in the meaning of stop his words to Karan who shut his mouth and saw him curiously.Veer spoke directly,”I know that why u have called me here!”Karan was confused and was a bit panic hearing his words.Veer said sternly,”Karan,i know abt u from childhood,when u act like this,then i get to know that u r doing drama in front of me!Tell me clearly,what do u want?”

Karan glared at him while Veer only smiled at him.Veer was so hurted and he spoke,”Do u know Karan,i thought u will become an gentleman after i made u the member of my gang where there was only love and friendship.I thought u will give us the very same love and friendship which we gave u!But,u…why u went to that way Karan?Was our love and friendship dint liked by u?Why is it Karan that i got failed trying to make u gentleman?Why i failed in that?”Karan turned that side and his words were melting him.Veer continued,”Do u know in what state u were found by me?I saw my image in your eyes!I saw my past in ur eyes on that time!I thought i can make u gentleman just like me…i wanted to save ur life Karan!But why u went to that side?Why u chose darkness?Why u dint come back to light after getting tired of that darkness?When i forcefully threw the light on u then why u chose the darkness?”

Karan was speechless,he dint had any answers to Veer’s questions.Veer turned and saw him intently.Karan was in dilemma and his face was showing that when Veer slowly took his gun and kept it on Karan’s forehead.Karan turned and saw Veer’s smirking face who had a victorious smirk.

Now what will Karan do?Keep guessing and will give another update tomorrow on the eve of christmas.Happy Christmas in advance.


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On that time Geet got up screaming badly.She was breathing heavily and sweating profusely.On that time she heard footsteps for which she snapped open her eyes to see Maan running towards her.Maan was scared hearing her scream.As soon as Maan sat beside Geet,she hugged him tight and started crying badly.Maan stroked her back and asked,”What happened jaan?Why did u scream?”Geet hicupped but pulled her from him and spoke with shaky voice,”I saw a nightmare!A very bad dream!In that a man came and touched me and ripped off my clothes and made me naked and ripped my virtue!”Maan was shocked listening to the dream but kissed her forehead and said lovingly,”Jaan it is only dream!Dont take it seriously!Did u do meditation before u sleep?”Geet nodded no to him and he glared at her.Geet softly spoke,”Am sorry!”Maan made her sit properly and closed her almond eyes and said softly,”Now take off ur thoughts and dreams and nightmares,everything!”He saw after sometime Geet getting normal and calm when he whispered something inside her ear which made her move her eye ball to indicate him to go from there

Maan got up and stood far away from her but dint go away from the room and saw her face folding his hands.He prayed her babaji to make her normal.



Military Headquarters Delhi……

Someone was screaming painfully and it came from one of the cells where criminals were kept solitary.Today it was the bad day for the person who was screaming painfully as he had got in the clutches of Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat.Veer gritted his teeth and shouted,”Speak up..where’s Karan or else am not gonna leave u like that!”That man was badly beaten and his face were having all types of punch marks.Veer snaked his right muscular arm around his neck and tightened his hold and squeezed his neck as his muscles flexed due to tightness and said,”Spit it out!”That person nodded no to him when Veer shouted,”God damn it…he had raped my senior officer’s daughter and if u act like stubborn then he’s gonna do that with ur daughter too!Do u have a daughter right who’s attaining her teenage and beautiful?”That man got worried hearing his daughter’s name and looked up to see Veer’s black eyes.

Veer was sweating profusely due to work out he was doing with his victim.Veer slapped his face once again and said,”U dont have any concern towards ur daughter right?Speak up Chandan!”Chandan who was the servant of that castle where Karan hid his victims in that deep cellar.Chandan was his right hand in everything whom Veer had caught using his brains as Chandan was so cunning and dangerous but he love his daughter who was far away from all this mess and was innocent.Chandan banged his head to the bars of the his cellar and fainted immediately.Veer saw him unconscious and stomped his foot cursing under breath,”Damn it!”

Veer came outside the cellar and dialled up to the army doctor and said him to come and treat him.Doc came and treated him and went away but Veer was thinking so much.How to spit out the truth from Chandan when he got a phone.Veer answered it immediately suppressing his anger.

“Hello!”said Veer calmly.When a firm cold voice came from that side then Veer stood abruptly spitting fire from his eyes.”How r u Veer?”said Karan.Veer exclaimed angrily,”Karan!”Karan said painfully,”Veer,i know u r angry with me but i want to die!”Veer’s eyes widened with shock which turned into confusion.On that time someone was seeing him from binoculars.There was a smirk playing on his lips and he was none other than Karan who smirked evilly seeing Veer’s expression.Karan smirked but spoke in sad tone or have to say pretended to speak in sad tone,”Veer…after committing so many sins…am feeling am impure…i want to die!”Veer was more confused hearing his remorse.He asked,”Karan where r u?”Karan said,”Veer,will u let me die peacefully?I dont want to tell u my place.”On that time Veer turned to his opposite side showing his back to Karan who cursed seeing Veer’s position.

Veer saw his junior officer intently and gestured to locate the phone call.His junior officer nodded and went away.Karan spoke painfully,”Veer…after forcing Anjali…i hv become a soulless person and that’s true that i loved her so much but she…she loved Maan…and i got the hint that i cant get her…that’s why i need to force her…so that she marries me but….but her attempts and love towards Maan made her to be dead.But i feel…i feel impure…i crushed her innocence Veer…i loved her so much…but this guilt…i cant able to live in this guilt Veer…i want u…i want to die on ur lap…will u help me with that?”For the first time Veer felt Karan is telling truth,becoz whenever he lied Veer always caught him as his voice would shake whenever he’s lying to Veer.But Karan’s voice was firm and he felt he’s actually telling the truth.But he is an army officer he need to be on his guard so he decided to play with Karan.

Now Veer needed to pretend that he’s in his trap.Veer spoke worriedly,”Karan am ready to help u!I wanna meet u dude!”Karan smiled evilly seeing his expression and said,”I will let u know buddy!”


Here Maan made Geet comfortable in their room in KM and left to bring some dinner.After sometime Maan came back holding the tray of Geet’s food which made her mouth water.She immediately pounced at him and he chuckled seeing her cute expression.Geet fed him lovingly and he too fed her and then he kept the plates back in the kitchen and came back and saw the scene with wide eyes.There slept Geet naked wrapped only in blanket,her arms and legs were open making him hard while the blanket was wrapped from her cleavage to her b**t.Even her b**t was half-open inviting him to squeeze it.Maan glared at her and asked angrily,”What r u doing Geet?”Geet saw him standing near their bed and she pulled him on her.Maan immediately stopped himself be falling on her stomach where their baby was breathing and shouted,”Geett!”

Geet pouted and immediately took off her blanket and spread it over him and entered inside it and rubbed her naked body to his rough body which made him breathe sharply.He immediately snkaed his arms around her naked waist under the blanket and said,”Jaan this is not the time!”She pouted and turned that side.She pushed his hand from her waist.He knew he’s hurting her distancing himself from her but he cant see her teary face and that happened immediately.He heard her sob in nano second.

Maan immediately turned her and lifted her face to get a teary mess.Her almond eyes were glistening with tears and her eyes gave pain towards him.He asked worriedly,”Why r u crying jaan?”Geet threw his hand from her and got up swiftly and threw her blanket from her naked body and collected her clothes when he came and blocked her way.Maan asked,”Jaan,why r u angry?”He was so much tempted seeing her naked body and she had heard his groan of pleasure.She wiped her tears and glared at him.She asked angrily,”Am sure u r getting bored of me that’s why u r not loving me like before!Now am pregnant na so i will become fat and ugly and that’s why u r distancing me from u!”Maan asked confused,”When did i said that?”Geet said wiping her pearls,”No need to say..i can understand it from ur gestures!Dont fool me!I know u r getting bored of me and that’s why u r not giving attention towards me!Or else u would love like before!U only said na that u cant have enough of me but now am enough and i dont want to u!

Maan closed his eyes thinking that its her mood swings.It has been one month that Geet had stayed in their tree house and had learnt every lesson from Naina.On that time only they got to know that Geet was pregnant and her mood swings were swinging like swing.From that time only Maan avoiding s** with her thinking that he can hurt their baby.But Geet was Geet…she misunderstood him once again and her mood was unstable these days due to pregnancy and due to pregnancy hormones she craved for Maan’s love which she wasnt getting from past one month.

Geet was abt to move when he held her naked shoulder which made her to breathe sharply.He chuckled feeling his effect when she glared at him.Maan said with his sugary voice,”Jaan,listen to me…..u r pregnant…i cant hurt u like that…u do know how much am aggressive towards u!”She blushed hearing his sugary voice.He continued,”I love u so much jaan and i cant see u in any pain..if it is put by me or others.U want to see my guilty face…!”But she closed his mouth and spoke smiling shyly,”U r not aggressive Maan…controlling urself u have proved that u love and care for me crazily.

Maan gave a shy smile but before he would speak further Geet spoke muting him,”But i dont want u to control!I want u wild and i want ur love….wild love!Dont u see my craving..my longing!Maan i love u!”She bent down and kissed his neck softly.He groaned feeling her petal lips.He pulled her towards him pinning her naked body and making her aware of his full length.He had melted hearing her words.He was happy to get to know that she longs of him.In love people go nuts for each other but they get a relief hearing their partners longs for them then that would be delightful moment which is the chance of love making 😉

Maan took that oppurtunity or have to say used that oppurtunity or else his innocent wify would show silent demeanors towards him.He groaned feeling her pink tongue licking his neck.She softly bit his pulse and licked it which made him intolerable.He groaned and took her right hand which was squeezing his b**t and kept on his shirt button.She squealed in delight when he swatted her behind.She moaned when she felt his hands squeezing her behind.Geet took off his shirt buttons slowly moving her sleek fingers on his rock hard chest which quivered in anticipation.

Maan asked softly,”Do u need demonstration jaan?”Geet nodded and pecked his lips and he immediately lifted her in his arms…….

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Geet asked innocently,”Is it?Mohinder nodded when she said,”No..am not gonna cry..am gonna eat,study and play correctly.I wont cry further remembering mumma…and is godji gonna take care of my mumma,papa?”Mohinder said kissing her forehead,”Yes dear!”

Geet St:Then am gonna write the letter to godji every week to get to know abt mumma!

From this hope only Geet had started writing letter to god.




Khurana Mansion

Destiny……..Fate….when we try to search the meaning of this in dictionary then we only get the answer but not trust.This word gives a strong belief for whom have trust in this who have experience on this.May be Geet’s fate is shaping to meet her dream boy which she had mentioned in her last month’s letter to her godji.Maan was disturbed becoz of that letter only which he was thinking impatiently.Till now he had fulfilled all her small small wishes from one or the other media.But this one is somewhat a very difficult wish which he cant fulfill.Moreover his heart was feeling restlessness.He felt his heart has been squeezed from the time he had read that letter.He was wishing her happiness only then how come he cant able to fulfill this wish.May be he cant understand what his heart is saying.Sometimes we wont listen to our heart when we were abt to do good to others and this wish was definitely making him very disturbed.

(Guys this is the continuation of the letter which is given from the prologue of this FF)

My Dear God,

Today i passed my graduation with distinction.I thought i cant pass it but god ur encouragement gave me hope.I know that my family encourages me but whatever they do i cant give self-encouragement.Am not that practised but still ur strength made me pass.Thank u soooooooooo much god *smooches*(For Maan was embarassed..he composed and continued)Today pinky was flustered as she was called as hippo.How come she becomes flustered when people see a pink hippo munching chips always?(A small smile crept on his M shaped lips)Do u know god today i got to know how to use the bubble spray!(Maan racked his brain,what is bubble spray and he read further)Dont u know what is bubble spray?I’ll tell u.It is a type of spray in which soap water will be filled and blew it to get soap bubble…that’s bubble spray!(reading this Maan smiled thinking how much she’s innocent)I want to tell u something god……

…………Am in love with a guy…he’s also from my class only and he’s so handsome god….can u tell me this boy is for me…is he my destiny?

This question was bugging his mind…how can he say that when he’s not god…till today he was fulfilling all her wishes in the name of god and was answering every questions in the name of god then how can he say that the boy is the destiny of her.Some restlessness and insecurity was filling his heart…he was thinking if he says yes and then the boy becomes bad to her and she leads her life in sorrow then?He cant see her tearful eyes.What an irony…the girl he never seen from the day of her letter he received cant able to tolerate her tearful face.This had made him so occupied that he dint even see when his younger brother Dev came and started his exercise in gym.

Dev entered the gym and looked at his brother he was lost thinking about of something ..well first dev thought that it was usual new KC’s project.. or some girls who must be crazy fans of his bro… but again he thought that bro and girls..A BIG NO… girls will get scared of his big big eyes.. is eyes always scare the poor girls… he sometimes wondered that who will be the lucky angel for whom his brother will ready to change himself…

Dev went and started doing the push ups..and it was almost twenty minutes that he had started doing exercise and his brother was silent..

Dev st : silence thrills but kills..this case is well applied on maan bro..come on dev ask him..may be he will answer you…

Dev : umm..bro can I help you..

Maan turned around and looked at his brother , it was unusual for him to share his worries or insecurities with anyone.. and his is related to geet and he cant spit infront of dev .. he is big mouthed person.. he cant take risk…

Maan shrugged off the thoughts and asked him to continue his workout…

Maan : there is nothing dev I am just leaving , you just continue …

Dev st : why bro is behaving differently..there is something wrong…

He was going to ask when maan’s cell ringed he picked up and it was karan …

Karan : hey dude

Maan: karan , this early are you alright .. did you have fight with kritika or ..before maan could continue rudra too connected to the..now they were on the conference call…

Rudra: yes, tell na karan …

Karan who was listening to his good for nothing friends looked at the phone and then with his greeted teeth answered them…

Karan : believe me guys .. let your girls come I am not going to leave any chance .. and for your kind information I don’t fight with kritika..she always does…

Rudra: let me ask her ..what say maan …

Maan : yup why not after she is bearing Mr akdu…

Dev who was listening to everything was suddenly fell on the ground with the impact maan came towards him..his hand was having a small cut..

Dev kept his hand on maan’s forehead and asked him…

Dev : bhai are you ok.. I mean you are teasing karan bhai… seriously tell me I will call the doctor right now..he said with the worry etched face..

Maan frowned and left him making him fall and karan and rudra were laughing from the other side…

Maan : shut up dev..use your brains sometime…

Karan /rudra : are why are you scolding dev he is saying the truth … and now listen..we are meeting in an hour at XYZ place..lets hang out together its been a long time…

Maan : no I am having work…

Karan : mr workolic just come ..dont make us drag you from KM…

Maan : karan dare you…

Rudra : he is right maan..meet you..now hurry up…bye

Maan st : let it be..may be they can help me with geet’s problems…


A man in his late forties came and kissed her forehead … She snuggled close to her teddies clutching her photo frame close to herself like protecting that only memory from the mean world … The man looked at her and kissed her forehead waiting for her to open her eyes…She opened her eyes which was honey brown and was almond eyes.She looked up and saw the man and said,”Good morning papa!”Mohinder kissed her forehead and said smiling,”Good morning angel!”Geet cutely rubbed her eyes and got up and saw around her.Mohinder saw her eyes which was still red due to lack of sleep and his eyes welled up seeing her state.

Little Geet got up and got ready for her school.She dont want her father to be sad or her mother too for whom she was doing everything suppressing her grief.In that age also she dont want her father to be in trouble becoz of her.Geet had her breakfast which was prepared by her chachi prepared who was extra careful with her.Geet was shocked to see her chachi being friendly with her.But little Geet least knew what was going on in her house.They were thinking of bringing new mom to her which she was unaware.

Geet saw her school van coming and cutely sat inside it talking to her little friend Pinky who was all the way munching chips and her another friend Kritika.

Kritika: hi geet …

Geet smiled sweetly and she wished pinky and kritika too…

Geet : pinks didn’t you have breakfast ..

Pinky nodded still munching her chips.. and kritika too looked at geet with her cute eyes darted towards geet … she noticed that geet was not herself..her bubbliness and her chirpiness was missing ..moreover she was not coming to school for some six seven days…

Pinky : papa..was late geetu…

Geet : ohh..so only

Kritika: but my mumma makes breakfast.. and I am never late and mumma kissed me too… and geet also never comes late..

Pinky was sad , she didn’t have mother ..her mother expired when she was few months old so she was used to her papa doing all the things…

Geet with her hanky wiped pinky’s tears…

Geet : pinks.. my mumma is also with god.. like your mumma , If you will cry then she will feel bad.. and she will cry like you are crying…

Kritika: haa pinks…

They were just three year old.they didn’t know what were they talking but kritika knew that geet’s and pinky’s mom is with god as she told them…

Geet was quite even her little heart felt bad , her mother used to get her ready take care of her feed her breakfast and she too kisses her ..now she will miss her mama… her little heart cried and the reflection of her heart was seen In her eyes…

Her school bus sat on the usual traffic when Geet started to peek from the window when she caught a temple where she heard a saint’s speech about god.Geet listened that baba who was giving the speech about the god.That baba said,”God is omnipresent children,that’s why he will listen to all of ur prayers and troubles!”Little Geet thought,”So i can talk with god always!I will surely write letter to ask abt my mom’s welfare!”


Handa Mansion

Geet came to her room after having yummy breakfast and sat on the bed and took her mobile which she unlocked to get the boy for whom she was in love…or have to say she like him.A small smile crept on her petal lips and she started to drool over him.Meera who came from behind saw her mobile which she was drooling and snatched it immediately and ran faster.

Precap-Meera shouted to her mother,”Mom,look what i have for u!”Geet pouted and screamed,”Meera give me my mobile back!”Meera smirked and ran and unlocked her mobile immediately to get a boy’s photo.Meera’s face widened and lips curved with a cute smile.


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