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Here in Maaneet’s room,Maan was inside her and she was moaning continuously.He started to thrust inside her ranting sweet words as I love u……I love u……I love u!And at once Geet reached her climax and Maan too followed after her.Both were sated and cuddled up inside each other’s embrace.Both Maan and Dev had found solace inside their wives but they dint know that what’s gonna come tomorrow as storm.




Maan parked the car in the footpath and bent down towards her glaring angrily.Geet saw his glared and was scared and went back for which he pulled the seat strap angrily and bound her to the seat.She was shocked to see him binding her to seat tightly while he spoke angrily,”And where r u gonna sleep tonight?Here in footpaths right?”Geet who was scared of his anger nodded yes meekly and he glared more like sounding what and then she meekly nodded no to him.Then he went back and said,”Good!”And drove towards his company guest house.But Geet was in her own storm of emotions where she wanted to kiss those sculpted lips which were moving in front of her.She pouted inside her mind cursing Maan for messing things.




Part 08




After 2 hrs of their love making and after next 2 hrs of sleeping in each other’s embrace,Geet stirred in her sleep and opened her eyes as it was her time to feed Bhoomi.She stirred in his embrace and was abt to get up when he tightened his arms around her waist.She looked up to get he was wide awake.Before he would ask her further they heard the sharp cry once again.

Maan pouted,”Am sorry!I will bring her lie down jaan!”

Maan got up and pulled his tracks when he saw Geet pulling his shirt and wearing it immediately and covering her lower pt from the sheet.

Geet saw him seeing darkly when she said,”Dont!We need to be more discreet now we have two children in house!”

Maan knew she was right and nodded and went towards the crib.He immediately took Bhoomi inside his chest when she stopped crying.She knew one thing that her dada cant see her tears and immediately she saw him walking towards her mother.

 When he came near Geet then she jumped cutely towards her and she was cradled inside the lap and nipple was stuffed inside her.Bhoomi cutely latched the milk making weird noises and holding her heavy curve in her tiny hand.Maan immediately held her curves for which Geet yelped and pouted glaring at him.Maan pecked her forehead with the mischievous smile.Bhoomi was observing her parents who was exchanging the expressions and cutely kicked her tiny legs to Maan’s chest.Maan looked up and chuckled seeing Bhoomi pouting and accusing that they dint give attention towards her.Maan kissed her tiny feet when Geet saw Bhoomi lovingly.Bhoomi giggled cutely still sucking the milk and groaned softly.She pouted feeling his stubble on her feet and once again she scratched her tiny legs to his cheek.

 Maan complained cutely,”Jaan,look at her she is scratching me.Why is it so?”

Geet giggled,”That’s becoz she dont like ur stubble,its getting longer,u need to shave it!”

Maan once again rubbed his stubble to her tiny feet and asked,”Is it?”

Bhoomi giggled cutely and kicked her tiny feet once again.Maan chuckled and kissed her feet.When she finished drinking milk on that time she was dozing once again.

Maan pouted and asked,”How much she sleeps?”

Geet said,”That’s becoz she’s still adjusting to the time jaan!”

Maan dint understand so she clearly explained.

Geet said,”Jaan,she’s only one month old baby!She needs to adjust to this type of environment.When she was in my womb,she always slept and she dint had any work to do except to kick when she reached her 6th month.But now she has lot more to concentrate but they need time to adjust to this environment.Moreover Babies grow when they sleep only.That’s why when Bhoomi sleeps every night she needs her mother’s warmth.If she wont get it then she may have fever.This is an pshychological feeling of the baby where she needs her mother’s warmth to go to sleep and she only gets when she latches the milk.On that time she feels mother’s warmth and food too,that’s why she goes to sleep once again when she gets these two!”

 Maan was fascinated to hear this and nodded in approval.Geet changed her diaper to fresh one and made her to sleep inside the crib.Bhoomi snuggled to the blanket and he kissed her forehead lovingly.Then he came back to his bed and pulled her on him hugging her lovingly and dozed off.

 Next morning Maan got up to see his angel already was having her feed.He tickled her tiny feet to gain her attention.Geet smiled broadly seeing him smiling pleasantly.Then Bhoomi showed her gummy smile and cutely kicked her legs which went on his bony cheek.He kissed her feet and softly tickled.Bhoomi giggled for his sculpted lips widened with broad smile.He sighed hearing her soft giggle and went away for bathing.Geet had set up everything in the bathroom-his shaving set,his toothbrush with paste,his bathrobe and then his fluffy towel.He took his bath and shaved his stubble and came outside.

Geet was shocked to see her handsome husband back and said without thinking,”U look so hot!”He had shaved his stubble as per his daughter’s demand. 😉

Maan who saw her narrowed his eyes and then she has been pulled towards him and was asked,”How much hot?”

Geet blushed profusely and turned away when he lifted her chin and took her lush lips.He kissed her passionately and saw Bhoomi cutely throwing her socks which Geet had wore.Maan went to her and grazed his soft cheek to her tiny feet and asked,”How is it now angel?”Bhoomi who felt the softness stretched her hands towards him and he came near her.She kissed his cheek with wet kisses and he chuckled.He kissed her forehead and wore the socks which she threw due to the feel of warmth.

 Maan chuckled seeing her pouting lips and asked Geet,”What’s the plan of Bhoomi today?”

Geet said in babyish tone,”Bhoomi will take head bath!”

Maan smiled broadly and pretend to pout,”Then i cant be able to participate,will u send me the video!So that i can enjoy my angels bath!”

Geet knew what he was saying and immediately whacked his head and said,”Behave!”

Maan chuckled seeing her cute blush and said,”Show me the video when i come back!”

She nodded and he walked away pecking Bhoomi’s forehead and this time Geet pouted for not getting any kiss.Maan was walking towards the door when he turned and looked back to Geet.He knew he had forgot something and came back and immediately pecked her lips tightly and went away making her blush furiously.

 Here Dev asked,”Meera,when is Ansh gonna come,am missing him.Call ur mother,i want my Ansh in KM,today!”

Meera said,”I talked with mom today early morning,they’re coming to KM with him today!”

Dev sighed controlling his anxiety.Ansh is not the biological son of Dev but the love which Dev has towards Ansh was priceless.Meera who had been abandoned by her lover came across Dev in her life.Dev won her trust and love when she was devastated in her life due to her love’s betrayal.When Meera and Dev were classmates from law college from that time Dev had some attraction towards Meera.That attraction turned as true love for him towards Meera and today Dev though dint give any genes is the father of Ansh who he loves beyond his life.

Meera kissed his back and asked,”U miss him!”

Dev said holding her hand,”He’s my son,jaan!”

Meera said crying softly,”And he’s lucky to have father like u!”

Dev nodded dismissively not approving her comment and walked away.Meera wiped her tears and went to kitchen to prepare breakfast.Geet too helped Meera and Soumya who was already present there preparing breakfast.

Soumya said to Geet,”Beta,ur father has gave approval to stay here only but we will take guest room!”

Geet protested immediately and said,”I will speak to him!”

Soumya tried to stop her but she immediately left the kitchen and entered Siddharth’s room.

Geet asked politely,”Why dad u want to take one of the guest room?”

Siddharth who was engrossed with some university papers looked up to see his daughter-in-law seething in anger.He gulped his saliva seeing her anger as she rarely get angry and when she gets angry then it can destroy anything.Maan was aware of it and he only tolerated it.

Siddharth said,”Beta,listen to me!”

Geet said angrily now,”No,u listen to me dad!We barely use this house as we will be here for vacations and moreover u r the head of the family and i cant digest the fact that u r taking one of the guest room.I want u guys here dad so that whenever we bring our children so that u can show them good ways and love them.Dad,whatever u r doing please give us some space to fulfill ur debts!”

Now Siddharth was angry and he snarled,”What do u mean fulfilling debts?We dint took Maan to fulfill any debts,we dint accept u as our daughter-in-law to fulfill any debts!What more u want from us beta?”

Geet snarled angrily,”That u take the position of head to this family and lead us in right paths and if u accept the original rooms of it then it will be proven that u r leading us as a family or else i will think that u never thought like that in the case of Maan and u r detaching us from ur family.”

Siddharth said painfully,”Not like that beta!”

Geet said angrily,”It is like that only dad!U saved Maan by clearing his drug debts by taking loans on this house and he wanted to do something to this family so he bought the house back by saving ur house so that u can cherish it till the death but u think that we r no one then that means that u r detaching us from ur family na!”

Siddharth was shocked to hear this piece of information and was proud to get Geet as his daughter-in-law.

Siddharth hugged her tightly kissing her forehead and said,”Am sorry beta for troubling u.I thought u were tolerating us becoz we are Maan’s parents.What more i can expect from u?Though we’re not biological parents of Maan but still i love Maan so much.But i dint know that u respect us to such an extent that u r ready to sacrifice this 100 crore valuable house which is in ur name.”

Geet said painfully,”Dad,u understand me this much only?U r my family dad!From childhood,i always craved for love.I too have family now also but my luck is so good that i grew up in Orphanage.I only asked love from my family but they despised me that becoz of am a girl.But when i saw ur family dad,Annie and Dev’s quarrel and Maan’s innocence i thought dont i get family like this.Then god fulfilled my wishes,i came to this house as ur DIL,Maan’s wife.I thought Dev and Annie as my siblings and Meera as my sister and Maan as lover and u guys as my mom and dad.I never was permitted in my family to call my mother as mom.They thought me as disgrace but here when i called u both as mom and dad then am meant u guys as mom and dad.It was not pretence but u understood me like this?”

Geet went away from there feeling hurt and Maan saw this.He knew how much she misses her family and she was trying to see her family in his family but Siddharth’s words made her so hurt.In this case Siddharth wasnt wrong,he dint wanted to fall on the hands of his DIL that’s why he refused to stay and when Geet insisted then he decided to stay in guest rooms.Maan came back to his room where she was crying silently holding Bhoomi to her heart.Bhoomi was all the way cutely wiping her tears and was trying to kiss her cheeks.

Geet said to Bhoomi still crying,”No one loves me jaan,am an unfortunate girl to get family but they dont trust me!”

Soumya who heard their convo glared at Siddharth for making the situation like this.

Siddharth said,”I will handle the situation!”

He came to her room and sat beside her.Bhoomi looked up to get her grandpa who smiled at her lovingly.She threw her arms and legs towards him when Geet looked up.

Geet pouted seeing Bhoomi’s enthusiasm and gave her to him.

Siddharth took Bhoomi and cradled her on his chest and spoke,”Bhoomi beta,ur mother is so stubborn and mu me always!”

Geet glared at him and walked away to the bathroom to set up the bath tub for Bhoomi’s head bath.Siddharth tried to speak to her but she dint let him and then at once he convinced that he was wrong.Siddharth was happy to get Geet as DIL as she was patient,understandable woman.

Maan saw everything has come to its place and left for the office with Dev having breakfast.With the siren Maan entered the KC with dev with attitude and glared at his staff who once again ran helter skelter.Dev who saw this chuckled to himself thinking how much they’re scared of his bro.Dev was working as temporary till Veer comes and resumes his post.Veer Shekhawat who is in his honeymoon with his beloved Naina had switched off his mobile so that no one disturbs him from that day when Maan had dialled to him to talk abt something.Maan was irritated with his behaviour but was calm as he need privacy with his newly wed wife.Naintara knew about this so she was trying to trap Dev in her crutches.

It was abt 11,when Maan was busy in his cabin trying to finish his recent project when Naintara entered Dev’s cabin.Naintara was smiling for himself as she had wore a short maroon dress with matching shoes.Her talons were long and shaped and her face full of make up as if someone had put make up overly on a ghost.Naintara saw around her and saw Dev working with some file intently.Naintara want to surprise him(Am thinking,yeh kuch zyaada nahin ho gaya?Na jaan,na pehchaan,she’s getting comfortable with him?)Naintara came so near to Dev who was working in his cabin and immediately she got a strong slap.

Naintara widened her eyes with shock while Dev was shocked or pretended to be shocked and said,”Am sorry,i thought someone is here to harm me!”

Naintara held her cheek with pain.On that time they heard a tiny scream and Dev ran outside his cabin with broad smile.There staff saw a boy running towards Dev.Dev stretched his arms and immediately lifted the boy in his arms and kissed him all over his face.Naintara still stood holding her cheek with shock seeing the scene.Then she saw a woman coming towards Dev and she hugging Dev and the boy.Dev speaking to that woman lovingly.His eyes which eyed her lovingly made Naintara jealous.

Naintara grabbed the family’s attention by snarling at the woman,”What is going on here?”

Dev narrowed his eyes thoughtfully and spoke politely,”Am really sorry Miss Khurana,it was an accident.I asked u sorry!”He said that with attitude.

But Naintara was eyeing Meera with jealousy and asked,”Who’s she?”

Dev dint answer and turned away with attitude but Naintara wasnt the woman to be ignored and she pestered.At last Dev snarled,”She’s my wife Meera and he’s my son Ansh!Now u understood who r they so stop ur cheap tricks.”

Naintara was stunned but dint give up and said,”U r lying me,u dont want me that’s why u r trying to ignore me and for that u created this lie.U want to brush me off so that i wont follow u but u cant dispose me telling this lie.”

Meera looked with incredulity and said,”We’re not telling any lies.It is truth,so its better u stay away from my husband.Dont make Maan veerji to be ashamed of u by behaving like this!He have some dignity becoz of his achievements and dont destroy it!”Naintara still not convinced and asked with the compassion in which Dev felt uncomfortable.

Naintara asked huskily,”Tell me its a lie and she’s not ur wife!”

Dev snarled,”If u dont want to believe then dont but this is true and if u wont believe me then u can ask Maan!He will surely show u the right path!”

Dev went from there pulling Meera inside his cabin.




Maan reached the company guest house and stopped in front of an luxurious apartment.Geet saw that and asked scared of expense,”Mr.Khurana,how much the rent is?”

Maan said casually,”Call me professor,if we r in our office or in our class!Dont worry abt the rent.I will pay that for u!”

Geet immediately,”Professor,i dont want to trouble u.So please tell me how much the rent is?”

Maan fisted his both palms and swallowed his anger and said angrily,”Dint i tell u…?”

But Geet cut across him,”Professor,what is the relationship between us?”

Maan said incredulously,”Do u have memory problem Ms.Handa?We’re in the relationship of Professor and student and now another relationship is gonna develop which is called as Boss and Secretary in business world….!”

But once again Geet cut him,”Then why r u getting liberal to spend money on me!Do u have any intentions then let me tell u that am not interested?So u can find another girl who salvate ur hunger and thirst….!”

That’s it…that’s f***ing it…what do she think of herself and what do she think of myself?Maan glared at her angrily but his cheeks had reddened unknowingly and spoke,”Fine as u wish,whatever u think?But i wanted to help u till u get the scholarship.But seems u dont want my help then good!Tomorrow u need to be in my office at abt 8 in morning and dont be late.I hate latecomers.Sleep tight Ms.Handa!”And he went away not even glancing towards her.Geet sighed when he went away in his car.She took her luggage and opened the lock of the room which he had given before his exit and walked inside seeing around her.She was lucky to get another shelter and that too becoz of the great MSK.

 She cleaned the room and kept her things in its places.She had a painting which was a replica of Ravi Verma’s which showed the Lord Krishna preaching King Arjun about the life’s cycle.She saw that painting and thought that she was Arjun who needed help and Lor Krishna was MSK who helped her.But she was in love with MSK who helped her but what she saw the man who was MSK had totally personality disorder.

She slipped into her bed and took a photo from under her pillow and saw a young man.He was so handsome and the chocolate eyes and M shaped lips  always enhanced his beauty.He was 18 yr old who had won the cup to his college Hockey tournament and that was his victory.Those chocolate eyes had happiness which was not there now.Only pain he had which Geet felt.Geet spoke to the photo,”What’s the pain which u r hiding Maan?”



Present-Maan pouting seeing Bhoomi who is all the way snoring on her chachu’s shoulder.Maan walked towards Dev and gestured to give Bhoomi when Bhoomi opened her doe eyes and glared at Maan.Maan gulped his saliva seeing the glare and Bhoomi hid her face inside Dev’s neck.Dev patted her back and she sighed eyeing her dada cautiously.

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He was abt to ask when her roommate came there and tried to help her.He immediately understood the situation and realised that she had come there to earn money for the payment of her hostel.Then Maan decided and said,”Ms.Handa,come with me!”Geet hesitated and said,”Its ok sir,i can manage myself!”She dint wanted him to witness her state of poverty.But he glared and said bossily,”Ms.Handa,its an order!”Geet was alarmed seeing his anger and silently went inside the car and sat there.She dint want him to shout at her.Maan chuckled seeing her grumpy face which made him to think to pecking her cheeks but resisted.





He nodded no to her and kissed her passionately and when they saw their daughter she was dozing with open mouthed and Geet’s nipple stuffed inside it.Maan nodded dismissively seeing her sleeping once again and took her curves from Bhoomi’s mouth and lifted her in his arms walking towards her crib.








Geet buttoned her dress when Maan was beside her holding the very same towel to dry her hair.He was abt to touch her head from the towel when he got a phone call.Maan went to look giving back the towel and answered the phone.

Few seconds later,he groaned and said,”Am not in the position of CEO Adi,i cant do anything……!”

Geet saw him curiously & asked him from her action that who was it.Maan lifted his finger and gestured as one minute.

Maan spoke,”Adi,i was only caretaker of that company till Naintara and Kamiya was able to take responsibilities.Now they’re CEO and MD then why r u telling me this,if company has lost the very important projects then its their problem not mine and as a matter of fact am not in the place to decide!”

Adi said something for which Maan answered,”Listen,i cant interfere in company’s works now as am not related to it now.So please stop calling me!”

Adi said something for Maan sighed and said,”Ok,but don’t expect me to be polite.Naintara and Kamiya said that they both will handle the company then only i came outside,so its their problem to handle if the company loses the projects.Am coming now!”And he threw the mobile angrily which landed on their bed fortunately.

Geet came towards him and hugged him from back and asked kissing his back,”What happened,is everything ok?”

Maan said angrily,”Damn,these girls,they don’t even care abt the 3 lakh workers working in Khurana Constructions.Becoz of their stupidity and ego now KC has come to the condition of lock out.I need to go jaan,bank people are harassing them!”

 Geet nodded and pecked his cheeks and said,”Careful and best of luck.I hope bank people try to give u another chance!”

Maan pecked her forehead and said,”Me too jaan!I will be late tonight darling,don’t know how much time it takes but right now i really need to handle the situation or else Savitri Devi Dadima and choti maa will be in the roads in future.”

Geet said,”Dont worry abt here darling,do solve the problems in clear mind and politely too!”Maan nodded to her and kissed her lips and pecked Bhoomi’s forehead and exited room and called Dev to accompany him as he was lawyer.Maan explained the situation to Dev for which Dev said to take over the company once again.Maan was a bit reluctant but Dev reminded him of having the major shares in his name.




 Maan walked inside the KC along with Dev with attitude and saw the bank people who were waiting for him and he even saw that Naintara and Kamiya,both were invisible.He cursed them for creating this situation.Even the press has been summoned and they started asking questions.

Reporter 1:Sir,we have heard that KC is facing loss and u were not there to save it.

Reporter 2:Sir,bank is claiming that u haven’t paid any loans to it and is hiding from them,is it true?

 Before they ask further questions Maan said,”These r all rumours,right now am the CEO of this company and always be now please let me do my work and u all can go now!”

Maan walked past the reporters who were still shooting questions at him.The guards stopped them while Dev and Maan walked inside the building.Everyone were shocked to see MSK there and even was swooning inside them seeing his office attire.More girls swooned seeing Dev too who was all the way following Maan and started gossiping abt him.

Maan stood in front of his staff and said,”He’s my brother Dev Singh Khurana!”

Staff saw each other when he spoke firmly,”Now no need to gossip that who’s he!Get back to work!”

Staff ran helter skelter seeing his temper and Dev chuckled.

 Maan entered his cabin on that time two girls entered inside his cabin.One of the girl who had wide eyes,long black hairs and lean physique snarled at Maan,”What is all this Maan,u claiming as CEO of this company in presence of me?How dare u?”

Maan snarled,”Call me Maan veerji,and the matter of my presence here,that’s becoz u two r trying to close this company which i took it and nourished it when i was here.U don’t accept but i do have every right in this company like u.U don’t have any worry abt this company and r irresponsible but am the one who made this company reach the number one position,so don’t come to me and lecture.Becoz of ur irresponsibility this company has reached to such an extent that it is abt to be closed.Dont give me lecture of keeping ur promise crap becoz whatever u do it is so selfish of u not to think of the 3 lakh workers who is working in this company.Dont u ever oppose me or else i know how to throw u out of this company.I left the CEO post that’s why u took it and now am the major stake holder so u have no right to question me!Get out Naintara now before i throw u out of this company!”

Naintara was abt to argue when Dev intervened,”Miss Khurana,its better u listened to ur step-brother or else whatever designer clothes which u r wearing wont be on ur body and u will be in half-torn clothes.”

Naintara who saw Dev there was stunned and she fluttered her eye lashes.She dint speak anything and turned away.Maan frowned seeing her behaviour while he convinced the bank people that now he has taken the responsibility then the loan amt will reach them correctly.Maan handled everything and came back home with Dev so tired.Meanwhile Naintara and Kamiya were talking abt Maan only.How they cant able to end his ruling on KC.Every single employee of KC trusted Maan only not them and there was only non-co-operation movement in them that’s why they had decided to throw all the workers but Adi who was so loyal to Savitri Devi had informed Maan and Maan had took over KC once again shunting them to corner.

 Kamiya said angrily,”I thought of ruling our company,our father’s inherited company but i don’t think am gonna be fulfilled by that dream.Naintara ur plan failed and every worker who is loyal to Maan are safe now!Now what’s next?”

Naintara said,”I have another plan Kamiya!”

Kamiya said angrily,”Enough of ur plans Naintara,today Maan veerji has took the company,tomorrow this house will be taken and then we will be in roads!”

Naintara said,”That wont happen!Here is my plan!”And she whispered it in Kamiya’s ears.

 When Maan entered their room then Geet came near him holding a bowl of hot oil.She said him to sit on the ground while she started massaging hot oil to his head.Maan groaned feeling her strong fingers pressing his scalp gently.After the massage he kissed her knuckles and said,”Thank u!”

Geet asked,”So how was the day?”

Maan answered,”Hectic!Seems i need to handle KC for life long!Both ur Step-sister-in-laws has become lazy.They were not even present there and when i announced that am the CEO then they barged my cabin and asking that how come i took that decision.These two girls r only power hungry but they don’t have brains to keep the power with them!”He said that with disgust.

Geet said,”Maan its ok calm down!U know,when u r angry,u look more sexy!Ur grumpiness makes me love u more!”

Maan was shocked to hear that and turned to see she was blushing profusely.He knew that she’s saying to lighten his mood but she dint know that she has anticipated desire inside him.

He stroked her pink cheeks with the slow mischievous smile and said,”So,why don’t u fulfil ur wishes!”

Geet widened her eyes and lowered it with shy as she cant able to see his dark eyes and blushed profusely.He groaned and immediately lifted her in his arms and walked towards their bed.

 He asked thinking of the distraction,”Did u fed Bhoomi?”

She said shyly,”Before u entered our room,so no need to worry abt interruptions.For 4 hrs she’ll be asleep without any problem.”

He sighed and immediately took her lips into intense kiss.




 Here Naintara dialled someone and asked to collect information abt a person.Air blew and the photo flew away from her fingers when it struck to the window glass.From the glass the photo showed who it was.It was none other than Dev Khurana.Naintara took the photo and gave it to her private detective.

Here in Dev’s room,Meera was moaning as Dev’s hardness entered inside her.He was sweating badly and he was so worried abt something.Dev pouted to Meera like a small baby,”And she came near me…so near that i felt i was dead!”

Meera stroked his back and panted,”Calm down!”

Dev snarled,”I cant!”And once again thrusted inside her so powerfully that she screamed his name coming.He too thrusted more times and he too was coming inside her and collapsed on her soft body.Meera rubbed his back in soothing way and kissed his forehead.

Dev looked up catching his breath and slid beside her taking her inside his arms and spoke,”She’s so dangerous woman.I need to be very careful and need to inform Maan too!”

Meera immediately said,”No,don’t!Handle urself sweety!Becoz am sure Maan veerji will be ashamed of her behaviour!I forgot her name,what is it?”

Dev said with disgust,”Naintara!”

Meera pecked his swollen lips and they once again started.Meera moaned feeling him inside her and they moved on to the ecstacy.

 Here in Maaneet’s room,Maan was inside her and she was moaning continuously.He started to thrust inside her ranting sweet words as I love u……I love u……I love u!And at once Geet reached her climax and Maan too followed after her.Both were sated and cuddled up inside each other’s embrace.Both Maan and Dev had found solace inside their wives but they dint know that what’s gonna come tomorrow as storm.





Maan came and sat inside the car and saw her shivering in cold.He switched on the heater.But Geet said,”Its ok sir,no need to take trouble for me.I can manage myself!”

Maan’s knuckles tightened on the steering wheel with gritting his teeth.Geet lowered her almond eyes and bit her lips nervously.She was melting with every second seeing him near her.His grumpiness was making her to kiss all over his face and bite those M shaped lips which were pouting.

Silence crept between them and Maan was the one who broke it by bursting furiously,”Why dint u say in my office that u r there for interview?”

Geet dint say anything but thought,”What do he think of himself,dusht danav?I had said there that i hv come for interview but his imagination dint had any limit!”


Maan said,”Geet,am asking an question!”

Geet answered rudely,”Professor,u dont remember but i would like to remind u that i had said that i hv come for interview but u thought ur own way and misunderstood me and dint give me job.Am not complaining abt that,its ur choice to give the post whoever want seeing their achievements but what u thought abt me made me decide not to speak to u further abt that,now u r clear?”

Maan reddened seeing her speaking rudely and she felt uncomfortable and saw his expression which made her guilty for troubling him and lowered her eyes once again.

Maan was abt to speak when a meek apology came from her lips.He was shocked hearing it and was confused for what she was asking apology.He looked at her big brown eyes which was in submissive posture and said,”Its ok!”

He dint know what apology for but accepted as he dint like the look of her face.It was the third or whatever time he’s being mean with her.

Maan cleared his throat and he started,”Look,am sorry for being mean with u.But i was testing u that r u an greedy girl or not and when i spoke to u like that then u went away which shows that u r perfect to the post.U r appointed as my personal secretary.Come from tomorrow only and i can be able to be more guide in thesis as we will be working in the same field as well as working too.”He thought,”Not bad MSK,u r the best lier in this whole world!”(Me thinking-is it or lie?U r the best lier or best lier is an lie!)

Geet was like…stunned.She thought she was never gonna get any job for her qualifications but it was an fortune for her that job came to her only and that with her beloved.From inside she was so happy and was looking forward to work with him but she dint show it in her face becoz of the fear he thinks abt her wrongly once again.

Maan was observing her expression and frowned a bit and asked,”Arent u happy?”And immediately he thought,”Hold on,why i want to know that is she happy or not?Maan,get a grip.She’s only a graduate student.Dont forget we both r under the red flag,back off,Maan!”

He dint say anything and started his car while she spoke immediately,”Where r u taking me?”Maan answered,”One of our company’s guest house!”Geet said firmly,”Please sir,i can take care of myself,no need to trouble urself for me in case of my accomodation and shelter.”Maan gripped his steering wheel gritting his teeth and thought,”Why she always refuses me?”(Am thinking,when she refused u,it is only her first time)

Maan parked the car in the footpath and bent down towards her glaring angrily.Geet saw his glared and was scared and went back for which he pulled the seat strap angrily and bound her to the seat.She was shocked to see him binding to seat tightly while he spoke angrily,”And where r u gonna sleep tonight?Here in footpaths right?”Geet who was scared of his anger nodded yes meekly and he glared more like sounding what and then she meekly nodded no to him.Then he went back and said,”Good!”And drove towards his company guest house.But Geet was in her own storm of emotions where she wanted to kiss those sculpted lips which were moving in front of her.She pouted inside her mind cursing Maan for messing things.


Precap-Past-Prem to Geet-Will u come with me to Kalanidhi Theatre?There Abhignana Shakuntalam drama is gonna happen on Saturday!”

Present-Naintara came so near to Dev who was working in his cabin and immediately she got a strong slap.Naintara widened her eyes with shock while Dev was shocked or pretended to be shocked and said,”Am sorry,i thought someone is here to harm me!”Naintara held her cheek with pain.




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He nodded no to her and kissed her passionately and when they saw their daughter she was dozing with open mouthed and Geet’s nipple stuffed inside it.Maan nodded dismissively seeing her sleeping once again and took her curves from Bhoomi’s mouth and lifted her in his arms walking towards her crib.




Geet entered inside his office clutching her bag tightly.She was biting her lower lip nervously.When she entered on that time she saw Maan standing near the window stiffly with folded hands.He felt her presence and turned and said,”Miss Handa,i wanted to talk to u!”Geet clutched her bag more tightly for which the bag burst slipping from her hand.She was shocked and looked up to get an angry Maan.She was scared and sat down to collect the contents of her bag.When she lifted her sheets on that time she saw her sanitary pads cover.She blushed profusely and was abt to take it when Maan took it and stuffed it inside her half-torn bag.

Maan dint even fuss over the pads and put it inside her bag but he saw her flushed face.She was attractive on that time also and he was smitten.He was agitated as for him he felt that he saw that eyes somewhere.As if he saw her eyes in his dream.Maan snarled angrily,”Will u leave that crap bag and listen to me?”He was a bit agitated too seeing her sitting on her knees and that posture made him restless.She was so attractive with bright hazel almond eyes and baby pink lush ruby shaped lips.Her skin milky white which glowed more and it lost its color when she paled.She was indeed pale.May be she wont have any food but in her orphanage she gets all types of nourishment but still what is the reason which made her so pale.On that time she cant able to sit on her knees and she was abt to trip back as her strong paws pained on that time Maan held her waist immediately sitting on his knees and his lips brushed immediately to her lips which made him fire to be ignited.Geet who felt his sculpted lips widened her almond eyes and tried to stand far away from him.

He was shocked as he felt fire inside him feeling her soft lips.Never in these years he felt like this unless……!He felt as if pulling her to him and sealing his lips on her petal lips.He coax her and lick her lips with anticipation and then he would please her for several hours and then claim her immediately.But seeing her feeling shy he stopped himself.He only feasted on those bodies which were already tasted.He never ever touched virgins and in his bed he always respected woman’s will.If she wants him to devour her then only he would devour her or else he would leave that woman completely.But seeing Geet strong feelings started to come moreover his restlessness was palpable.He felt as if he had held this body previously.His skin recognised her skin and his soul immediately remembered her soul blazing it in anticipation.He felt she fitted perfectly against his body.But his ego was somewhat stronger but on that time her hairs spread over his face and he smelt Jasmine fragrance.

“Jasmine!”Maan said darkly for which Geet asked,”Pardon?”Maan saw her face with wide eyes and immediately hid it and said,”Nothing Ms Handa and be careful!”He still not leave her waist and stood immediately and pulled her from her waist.She inhaled sharply feeling his long fingers and swooned inside her mind seeing his dark chocolate eyes.These eyes were the one who captured her heart.She immediately left him which disappointed him and she said lowering her almond eyes,”Am sorry!”Maan dint accept that nor he opposed.He walked past her and said,”Take ur seat Ms.Handa!”Geet was scared with this tone so she sat on the chair like puppet.

Maan asked folding his hands,”So u r here to be expert in Bhasa and Kalidasa’s works,and also u want to learn Bhagwad Gita as an extra class?”Geet nodded obediently.Maan asked,”Am the one who is monitoring dissertation in these subjects so u need to impress me.Now i need 10 pgs of thesis abt the first episode of first shlok of Bhagwad Gita.But for that i will tell u how the pattern will be.U need to write in this pattern,1)Preface 2)Mention of the Shlok 3)Its grammatical status 4)Mention the Alankaar(Figure of speech) 5)Then explain the meaning 6)Then write the conclusion and mention the books from where u hv taken.Most importantly u need to write this in ur words,i hate plagarized words or else i think that u r not the good student who’s tired of hard work,got it?”Geet nodded softly and Maan started to speak abt her thesis for she listened intently but she knew what she was tolerating.A hot hunky package which was walking on its legs making cute faces.Sometimes grumpy face then sometimes frowning face and Geet was trying to control her heart attack and swoon attack for which he was the reason 😛

Phew!At once his meeting ended with her and said,”U may go Ms Handa!”Geet who was all the way admiring him broke into trance and nodded like puppet and ran from his office and leaned to a wall breathing heavily.She thought that darkness and desires r consuming her.Meanwhile Maan too sat on his chair breathing heavily and letting his restlessness to the air.He was panting heavily as if he was in the hot air oven and his body is in fire.He cursed himself for eyeing Geet like that but the magnetic pull which he felt when he was near her and the restlessness which he felt when she went away made him confused.On that time he got a phone from his office and he walked outside his office locking it.

Here Geet was leaning to the wall panting heavily when a hand came towards her and it landed on her shoulder.Geet was alarmed and turned and was abt to antagonize the man when she got to know that it was Prem.Prem saw her alarm and said,”Relax Geet,am Prem!”She nodded and looked down while he observed her and asked,”Something wrong Geet,did he treat u rudely?”Geet knew what he’s talking abt and she nodded no to him and said,”We spoke abt our dissertation!”Prem asked,”Then?”Geet answered,”Then nothing!”He saw her wariness and said,”Its ok!Well am hungry,would u like to join me for lunch?”She felt her stomach grumble and nodded and walked with him.Maan saw this and he growled.He was shocked to hear that an animalistic growl which sounded like jealous of something.He immediately cursed himself but he saw her retreating back where her backside shook towards him making him arouse.He wanted to bite those two delicious dimples and squeeze it till his fill making her moan his name and…..!

“Oh god!”He thought as she and him r under the red flag of the student and teacher relationship and he needs to be in his limit as her nearness or her presence r effecting him so much.He saw her walking with Prem holding his hand.He turned but his eyes r still blazing with jealousy as he felt that he need to mark Ms.Handa as his possession and he was shocked with that thought and walked away cursing himself inside his mind.

He walked inside his office leaving Geet’s matter outside,he knew that he cant able to concentrate if he thinks abt Geet.Here Geet was searching a job for the part time work as her scholarship wasnt enough for her to live in an good apartment.Prem had helped her in it by giving the advertisements where she can join the company for the PA post.Fortunately for Geet and unfortunately for Maan there was the vacant post of his secretary for Geet was called for interview.

Maan sat inside the cabin to interview candidates while he was still thinking abt Geet only.The incident which went on in his office and almost kiss which burned his entire body.The desires which aroused inside him when she came near him.The arousal and anticipation was somewhat so strong and his confusion which was aching his head.His confusion was that he has seen her face somewhere but he dint know where.But the attraction and that magnetic pull was so familiar to him.As if he has felt it before but where he dont remember.This was the problem he was facing that the candidate was swooning seeing his handsome features which irritated him to the core and he immediately dismissed her.

The girl went from there cursing as he had behaved with her arrogantly.He dint mind abt her and called the next candidate.Geet entered the cabin holding her certificate and looking around her.She saw her interviewer and was shocked.He too was shocked and smiled rather uncomfortably,”Ms.Handa,what r u doing here?”Geet answered softly,”Am here for the interview,sir!”He was shocked and asked,”Why do u think that am gonna give it to u?”He thought that she’s following him everywhere.She was shocked hearing the harsh tone.From the time she has seen him he was always soft to her.But today he was like dragon with red eyes which were blazing with anger.Something she saw which agitated him and she wanted to ask abt it but she was mum seeing his tone.

Maan thought that she’s trying to impress him which wasnt digestible to him so he said sarcastically,”This isnt going to work Ms.Handa!Ur this behaviour made me think once again abt my decision of supervising ur disseration!U may go!”He dint even let her to speak which made her eyes become moist.He thought that she’s following him as he’s rich and power in his hands and if she marries him then she can lead her life luxuriously and most importantly the attraction and the pull which surged towards her made him not to gain his composure ever and he seeing the step which she took made him banish her from the program or stop supervising her thesis.


Geet dint answer him and she went away and Maan’s restlessness doubled.He thought rebellious action from her and he was ready for that too.But seeing her go silently made himself confused that what his decision was correct or not.That evening she walked to her hostel where she was thrown out of it.She pleaded the warden,”Madam,am gonna pay u the amount.Just give me a chance!”The warden dint listen to her and the scholarship which was due to come that day had been delayed.She was in a mess and she had only one option to go back to her orphanage.She wanted to be the specialist in Bhasa,Kalidasa and Vedavyaasa’s works.But seeing her dream isnt gonna become true she was helpless.She took her belongings and was walking along the road when a Chevrolet car stopped beside her.She dint see that and walked past it when a man got down from the car and said,”Ms.Handa,what r u doing at the middle of the night?”Geet turned and answered politely,”Checking out sir!”He asked,”Where?”When she answered,”I dont know sir!”

 He was abt to ask when her roommate came there and tried to help her.He immediately understood the situation and realised that she had come there to earn money for the payment of her hostel.Then Maan decided and said,”Ms.Handa,come with me!”Geet hesitated and said,”Its ok sir,i can manage myself!”She dint wanted him to witness her state of poverty.But he glared and said bossily,”Ms.Handa,its an order!”Geet was alarmed seeing his anger and silently went inside the car and sat there.She dint want him to shout at her.Maan chuckled seeing her grumpy face which made him to think to pecking her cheeks but resisted.


Precap-Past-Geet-Please sir,i can take care of myself,no need to trouble urself for me in case of my accomodation and shelter.



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Dev pitied her and spoke,”Am sorry Geet,i wont do that again.But am angry with those family who made Mariah like that,if i get them then am gonna strangle them!


Antara who was unsuccessful seducing him sighed disappointedly and nodded.She collected her things and walked outside his office.Antara saw Geet standing and glared at her with her doe eyes and went from there.Geet dint understand abt that and went inside the office.




It was the dark day as it was the day of moon’s disappearance.There was an strange silence except some inhabitants who were plotting something.Not even single creature cant able to see which made the incidents impossible to be witnessed.On that time a pack of men came near the outhouse where a girl was sleeping peacefully.She dint know what was going on in the real world as she was in her dream world.She was beautiful as her milky white skin glowed in that darkness too.

On that time the pack of men lit a log of fire and threw it to the very same outhouse where she was sleeping and other men of the pack did so like that.Within a few seconds the outhouse was in fire burning and turning into ashes.The girl who was sleeping got up feeling heat and was panic seeing the house in fire.She saw around her and saw it was only starting and crawled towards the part of the house which was not lit.She screamed for help trying to save herself and at once plucking up the courage she saved herself.But that wasnt enough for her to her misery that the pack of men who lit the house saw her and started chasing her ranting curses that she’s unfortunate and she’s a girl and some abused words which she cant hear it.

That girl was 12 yrs old who was running faster to save herself from them when she bumped with someone…something hard.She looked up to get a boy of 17 yr old who was so handsome for his age.He glared at her when she asked him from her soft voice,”Please help me!”

He dint say anything and walked past her pushing her from him and on that time only she saw them running towards her.She dint know what was happening but his presence made her rooted to the spot as if she has trust that he’s gonna save her.But her conscious mind said her to run and she ran from there not listening to her heart.She ran and ran and ran and entered the forest.She can hear those men who were following her to kill and she ran deep inside the forest.Her courage which was giving the answer not to defeat saved her from those men.She saw around her and saw a abandoned place which was half broken hut and she hid herself inside the kitchen which was secured.She felt something move and saw a snake in front of her.She was abt to scream when she felt a palm press to her soft lips.She looked up scared to get a chocolate eyes glaring back at her.She saw his face when he held his mobile phone.He smelled funnily which made her to feel she’s going to trance.

She resisted and was abt to speak when he said,”Quiet,or else u will be caught!”

She fluttered her eyelashes and those chocolate eyes stared back in those almond eyes.He saw the snake and stood for sometime glancing it when it crawled from there leaving them unharmed.

He asked,”Who r they?”

She answered,”They r my family!”

He was shocked which she felt when his eyes widened.He asked,”Why r they killing u?”

She answered simply,”Becoz,am a girl!”

He saw her almond eyes which showed hurt and disgust.He immediately said,”Hey,its ok!No need to feel hurt,this is the truth of this world.Some people despise the children according to gender and some people despise children according to the secret of their birth!I will help u from escaping them!”

That girl saw those chocolate eyes which was indeed had hurt and disgust like her.

She asked,”What’s ur name?”

He answered glancing his surroundings,”Maan Singh Khurana!And urs?”

She answered,”Geet Handa!”

Maan turned and felt they r near them and he immediately hugged her towards his chest.She felt current run down her spine feeling his fingers on her back.She felt something flutter inside her stomach.She dint understand this sensation as she was still 12 yrs old but it had profound effect on Maan.He eyed her hungrily but immediately he felt that those men are around them.He saw a man coming around the kitchen’s window and peeping it.Maan immediately cocooned her and crept to the darkness.Both were breathing heavily as adrenaline rush was powerful in their body due to the situation.They were in the situation of life and death.

One of the men said,”She isnt here,let’s go north side!May be she has fled there as there’s a village!”

Both Maaneet heard that and immediately hid themselves once again inside that darkness.The men ran towards the north and both Maaneet walked opposite.

Maan asked,”Where u want to go?”

Geet dint answer as her only home was lit to ashes and her family has become bloodsuckers of her now.Maan understood it and tried to help her as something made him restless.May it was her tears which made his heart lurch.He was wondering what was that sensation which made him so drugged that his Opium drug was also not giving the action.He for the first time saw Geet in new dawn.She was beautiful in her tender age also.He dint know what was happening,he had come there with his college mates for the  college tour.He had started using the drugs only and it was giving the very new sensation.Maan saw her with sexual intentions may be it was the effect of drugs.

He asked abruptly,”How old are u?”

Geet was shocked to hear the question and searched his face.He cleared his throat and she answered,”12!”

Coming from the trance.His eyes widened and immediately turned away and cursed himself becoz of his intentions.

He immediately got up and said,”We need to go now!”And immediately walked past her.

She followed and was thinking abt his question.He at once after cursing of himself asked,”Where i can leave u?”

Geet who had decided to run away from them spoke,”Leave me near bus station!”He nodded and both walked faster.

Early morning,both Maaneet reached bus station by walking and Maan was now feeling thirsty and hungry for drugs once again.

His restlessness was noticed by Geet and she asked,”Something wrong,Maan?”

Maan looked up and screamed,”Geet!”

Geet saw those men and once again ran away.But on that time Maan’s restlessness made his head dizzy and he fainted on the place.But Geet ran from there also and she slipped and fell inside the river.Those men who saw this gave high5 as she dont know to swim and walked away.

On that time Geet got up from the sleep screaming Maan’s name and Maan was immediately beside her asking,”What happened darling?”

Geet who was sweating badly clutched her chest and looked up.Her eyes focused and she hugged Maan who was seeing her with concern.

Geet said,”Maan,it was the very same nightmare!”

Maan cocooned her inside his embrace and spoke,”Nothing happened and whoever troubled u r in prison darling,so no need to worry!Forget it honey!”

Geet nodded and said,”That was the first meeting of us!”

Maan’s eyes twinkled but still she saw the fear and he spoke,”Let me distract u darling!”And he immediately carried her to the bathroom


“Maan!”Geet moaned when she felt his tongue inside her softness licking it continuously.After sometime she came with the scream of his name and he looked up grinning widely and pecked her lips.

Geet spoke feeling his lips,”I can taste myself from ur lips!”

He chuckled and his hands traveled softly over her eager curves.He softly squeezed it and tantalized her senses by stroking the nipples and sucking it erotically.Geet moaned and she immediately scratched her nails against his back skin.He winced but he dint give attention to it as he was still tantalizing her senses by attacking her eager curves.They were mounted to the bathroom wall exploring each other’s body.Maan stroked his right hand finger to her left thigh which was on his right side hip and his arousal was softly rubbing her softness teasing her.

She moaned feeling his crown and stroked it making him groan.He immediately entered inside her and sighed feeling the sensation.His body was covered on her and his erection was inside her but still he was teasing her by stroking his right hand index finger on her left thigh making her moan in ecstacy.Geet flexed her hips which he held it tightly.Geet stared at him with her dark eyes pleading to finish but he had his own plans.He thrusted inside her gently first but started with fast pace with murmers of the sweet pleasuring words.He was once again worshipping her body.She always felt that as if he’s devoted to her only.She flexed her hips to make him thrust more deeper when his groan deepened.

Maan spoke darkly,”Jaan.stay still or else am gonna take u on the bathroom floor!I was thinking of this position always when i thought abt u and me love making!”

Geet blushed deeper red and his chuckle deepened once again.His groan was the lullaby of her to go to sleep into the ecstatic sleep!His groan echoed inside her body crushing her cells with the pleasure.

She circled her hips and he tightened his hold on it and said,”Jaan,let me do it!”

Next second he was inside her more deeper.She moaned and his lips found her slender throat.He softly moved his rough lips on that soft throat skin which made her bend backward giving access to him.He licked and sucked her throat tantalizing the senses and she felt her body jump upwards with his deeper thrust.

She moaned his name and came forward and her soft curves pressed to his hard chest.He thrusted deeper when her teeth sunk into his shoulder blades.He winced but the sensation was too erotic that she moaned his name her finger traveled on his back skin stroking it lovingly.He thrusted deeper and she surrounded around him more tighter.He groaned feeling it and then his lips found her swollen lips.He licked her lips sucking it and swirling his tongue on it.He knew how to pet her and how to coo her.She moaned digging her nails on his shoulder blades and at once she came with the scream of his name.He groaned and he too spurted hotly inside her.After sometime their body relaxed and her body leaned on the wall of the bathroom.He was still inside her and he relaxed on her burying her face inside her curves.He murmured sweet words and loved her breast gently.

When he lifted his face on that time he saw Geet dozing completely.He dint say anything as she was so worried abt the nightmare so he turned the hot water knob and filled the tub with hot water.Then he made her to lie inside the tub and joined her behind her.

He cocooned her inside his chest and said,”Forget the nightmare darling and remember sweet things.”

She nodded softly and relaxed on him completely.

After one hour,they came from bathroom wiping their water from the towel.Geet took the small towel to dry her hairs when Maan took it and said with a smirk,”I will do that!”

Geet smiled widely and sat on the bed and he stood drying her hairs.His long firm finger played with the soft strands of her hairs and smelled it.

He sighed and said,”Jasmine!”

She chuckled and he looked down at her with dark eyes.She blushed profusely and immediately they heard the sharp cry of Bhoomi.Bhoomi was throwing her limbs and legs in the air crying.Maan’s heart lurched seeing the big fat tears and immediately cocooned her inside his hands and walked towards Geet.Geet nodded seeing his moist eyes and immediately made her to sleep on her laps and stuffed her nipple inside her tiny mouth.Bhoomi drunk the milk hungrily and happily.She made the noise cutely latching the milk and Geet stared at her lovingly when she was bruising the nipple from her gums.

Maan sat beside her and snaked his arms around her waist and pecked her forehead.Geet leaned her head on his shoulder still admiring her baby.

Maan said,”She’s so demanding!”

Geet giggled,”She’s Jr.MSK!” 😉

Maan laughed heartily throwing his head.Then he pecked her lips tightly for she blushed and said,”Maan,behave!”

He nodded no to her and kissed her passionately and when they saw their daughter she was dozing with open mouthed and Geet’s nipple stuffed inside it.Maan nodded dismissively seeing her sleeping once again and took her curves from Bhoomi’s mouth and lifted her in his arms walking towards her crib.


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On that time cars rushed inside the porch of KM which both Siddharth and Maan heard it.Doors opened and footsteps sounded and both Siddharth and Maan was hugged tightly by the pack.Everyone screamed in unison,”Congrats bro!”Maan laughed hearing their scream when everyone saw both mother and grandmother climbing downstairs together holding the baby.Mariah who had finished her prayers had settled herself on her father’s lap jumped on the sofa in excitement.Everyone kissed her too and ran to see the new member.Dev who was the first biological son of Siddharth widened his eyes seeing his niece beautifully jelling towards him.Meera Dev’s wife squealed seeing Bhoomi snuggling towards her husband.Next turn was of Siddharth’s biological daughter Anwesha(Annie) and her husband Arjun’s turn who sighed loving her chubby cheeks.They were trying but was not fruitful to get children for themselves.


On that time Maan spoke still writing on the board,”Smayte tatparam Ms Handa!”(Smile afterwards Ms Handa)When he spoke in Sanskrit then she was amazed.She looked up but he was still writing something on the board.She lowered her almond eyes and a smile crept on her petal lips.








Maan’s family settled itself still playing with the new member and Mariah too.The scene was so blissful and serene with the full family.Siddharth and Soumya enjoyed with their children and grand-children and retired to their room for sleep at night.After midnight,when Maan was peacefully sleeping Geet slipped from his side wearing her night gown and gently lifted her daughter.She walked past the hall and went outside wrapping her daughter in an warm blanket.She walked in fast pace and stopped in front of the large Mango tree in her garden and saw someone standing there.She went near the person when the person got alerted with the sounds of her anklets.

Geet went more near to the person and said,”I have brought her!”That person turned and lowered the hood from the face.The person was a woman who stood seeing Geet intently.

Geet said smiling widely and said stretching Bhoomi towards her,”My daughter Bhoomi!”

The woman’s eyes widened and saw the small baby fast asleep.She took Bhoomi carefully and saw her features.She was looking exactly like Maan and her eyes welled up.

She kissed Bhoomi’s cheeks and said,”I want to be her god-mother,if u wish so!”

Geet smiled and said,”Piya,i understand another woman’s heart!In fact i kept her the very same name so that he see his child inside my daughter and i hope u too see like that!”

Piya nodded and took a golden chain from her pocket and put it around Bhoomi’s neck and kissed her forehead.

Geet protested seeing the expensive golden chain but Piya said,”Geet,think its blessings from her god-mother!”

Geet cudnt be convinced but still she nodded forcefully.Piya saw Bhoomi till her fill and gave her back to Geet longingly.When Bhoomi came to her mother she snuggled more sighing softly.

Piya kissed her small feet and said,”I always love u dear!”

Then she looked at Geet and spoke,”Thank u Geet,for this precious gift.Am so happy!I behaved with u rudely but still u dint get angry on me!Am sorry for everything in those days!”

Geet said,”Piya,am his partner and trying to lesser the sins which he committed by asking atonement from the god everyday!He behaved with u very rudely but today he repent his mistakes!”

Piya said,”Am also repenting my mistakes Geet!I should have let him go when he said that he dont have any feelings towards me.But i seduced him when he was an drug addict.I should have acted as atonement to him but instead i did several mistakes in which am the only one to blame!Thank u Geet,when i touched ur pureness,then i became pure.That’s why i made my peace with my past and i let him go!I realised that no use of bonding him with me with an loveless life!Thank u once again,Geet!He’s changed and he loves u crazily and no one not even me have the right to snatch him from u!”

Geet only smiled at her and Piya said,”Good night,Geet!”

Geet smiled and said,”Good night Piya!”

Piya once again kissed Bhoomi’s forehead and hugged Geet tightly and went away.Geet saw her retreating back and came back to the KM.She was abt to climb the staircase when the hall’s light lit making her alarmed.She saw around her and saw Maan sitting there.Geet was a bit scared seeing him there as she was afraid of his anger.But Maan walked towards her and lifted Bhoomi carefully from her and snuggled to his chest and sighed.Geet dint speak and saw him intently when he calmed himself holding Bhoomi tightly.

After sometime he asked,”How is she?”

Geet turned and asked,”What do u mean?”

Maan spoke,”Geet,am asking abt Piya!”

She came near him and stroked Bhoomi’s head and spoke,”She’s fine Maan still repenting her mistakes!She asked me that can she become the god-mother of Bhoomi!”

Maan asked,”And what did u say?”

She sighed and said,”I said yes to it!”

Maan asked,”Cant i never be freed from my past?”

Geet said,”Maan,u know why we remember the past,so that we wont do that mistakes in future!U think by remembering the past u will never be freed from the word remorse then u r wrong.When we remember the good memories from the past then why cant we remember the bad memories and that too just to protect ourselves by doing those mistakes in future?Maan,i know u hv suffered so much and i feel that becoz am ur partner,but my wish is that u remember ur past.Not just for remorse but to protect urself by doing those mistakes in future.I know u have done so many mistakes when u were an drug addict.But for those mistakes u have repented every single second.Just let it go Maan and stretch ur wings in the air!”

Maan hugged her tightly and said,”If u were not there then this Maan would never was alive!”

Geet immediately shut his mouth from her palm and glared at him.

Both Maaneet walked inside their room and Maan made Bhoomi sleep in her crib and pouted,”How much she sleeps?”

Geet asked him curiously,”Why?Why u want her to be awake at this time?”

Maan pouted,”So that i can play,now u made me awake by staying far away from me and now am not getting sleep!I cant even love u as u r bleeding and now i need to sit on the ice to cool my untamed desires.”

Geet blushed profusely with his words and glared at him when he chuckled seeing her red cheeks.

He kissed her red cheeks and said huskily,”U look beautiful in this natural blush!”

She hid her face inside his neck and kissed his neck making him groan.

Maan groaned,”Jaan,u r not gonna get good result by seducing me!”

Geet said more coming closer and brushing her lips,”Dont worry,u can love me at this time also!”

He groaned and asked,”How come?”

Geet spoke,”Tomorrow is the last day for my periods to stop and now its tomorrow only.”

Maan groaned and immediately took her lips kissing her passionately and his fingers moved to slid her night gown.She moaned when she felt his arousal and undid his tracks.He kicked off his tracks along with boxers and smoothed her waist skin by stroking with his expert fingers.She moaned feeling his finger when her hand moved and immediately pulled him on her.He unhooked her b** after pulling her night gown and slid his fingers on her eager nipple.He softly stroked it and put it inside his mouth licking it swirling it and stroking it.She moaned scratching her nails on his back while his arousal softly entered inside her.When he was abt to thrust inside her powerfully due to his desires then they heard the sharp cry of Bhoomi.Maan groaned and kept his forehead on her forehead covering his body on her.Geet stroked his back to calm him when he snatched her both hands and pinned it around her head.Maan kissed her passionately and immediately slid towards Bhoomi’s crib.He took Bhoomi gently and cradled inside his chest and walked towards the bed.

Geet took Bhoomi and stuffed her nipple inside her mouth as it was the time of her feed.Bhoomi drunk the milk hungrily while he stroked her spine lovingly.After her feed Bhoomi was dozing of completely when Maan carried her to the crib.Bhoomi snuggled to the blanket immediately and he kissed her forehead and came and sat beside Geet.Both saw the time as it was 2 on the morning.So they slept immediately inside each other’s embrace.

Next morning Soumya was preparing breakfast when Geet entered.Geet said seeing her working,!Mom,let it be!I’ll do it!”Soumya said kissing her forehead,”Its ok beta,this is my house only!”Geet immediately said,”Then why dad wont think like that!”Soumya dint answer her question and busied herself in the work when Geet once again said,”Mom,this is bad!U cant stay in ur ancestral property house when u have ur own house where ur children grew up!”Soumya still dint answer but Geet said once again,”Mom,we will be here for only holidays!Why cant u guys come and stay here,so that u will be able to take care of this house and then we will be able to move in whenever we want.I want u both in this house mom,its dad’s and i cant let u guys stay there in that small house!”Soumya sighed at once and said,”I will convince ur dad,alright?”Geet squealed in delight and started helping Soumya.

Here in Maan’s bedroom,Maan was arguing with his lawyer come best friend,”I want to destroy his existence,so search any way but i want him to be broken.He broke my Geetanjali and he will be broken too!”On that time someone replied for Maan said,”Veer,i dont want to hear ur plans theoretically!I want ur plans practically!”Veer said something for Maan said,”Good!I want him to know what is hell!He has messed with Khuranas and i dont want him to stay normal after messing with Khuranas!”

On that time Dev came outside not wearing any shirt on his upper body and sat on the sofa watching TV.On that time Maan heard a whimper and a scary scream.He ran downstairs to see Mariah seeing Dev half-naked in horror.She whimpered and he immediately ran towards her and hugged her tightly but with immense love.He snarled at Dev,”Wear something Dev now!”

Dev who was shocked with Maan’s snarl stood more puzzled.Meera who came there hearing Maan’s snarl ran inside her room and grabbed his shirt and was beside Dev in nano seconds.

Meera said,”Wear it Dev now!”Dev immediately wore to close his upper body and saw Mariah scared of something.

Dev asked,”What happened to her?Why is she so afraid?”

Maan snarled,”That’s becoz of u,moron!”

Dev glared at Maan and flexed his biceps for which Geet said who had came there hearing the snarl,”Dev,Mariah is afraid of men who is half naked!She will be reminded of those men who harassed her in their room.Try to understand and Maan calm down and take Mariah from here!”

Maan glared back at Dev and immediately walked outside the house towards the garden murmuring soothing words in her ears.

After Maan’s exit,Dev asked,”What was that Geet?”

Geet explained,”Dev,Mariah is an traumatized girl.She was sexually harassed and is so scared of half-naked men.She thinks that she’s gonna be harassed seeing the half-naked men.That’s why ur bro always wear clothes in front of her.So till u stay here be careful to wear full clothes in front of her!”

Dev pitied her and spoke,”Am sorry Geet,i wont do that again.But am angry with those family who made Mariah like that,if i get them then am gonna strangle them!


At the end of the class,Maan said to Geet in Sanskrit,”Ms Handa,mama sangama kaaryalayaha.(Meet me in my office)

Geet was scared but gently she nodded to Maan and collected her papers.On that time someone cleared his throat to distract her.Geet looked up and saw a handsome boy smiling at her.


He stretched his hands and said,”Hi!Am Prem Nanda!”

Geet smiled and kept her hand inside his wide palm and said,”Geetanjali Handa!”

Prem felt the soft skin of Geet’s hands and was marveled how it was soft.

Prem said smiling more widely,”Pleaure to meet u Geet!Am sorry abt the professor,i dont know what’s eating him.He was so happy this morning but from starting of the lecture.He was agitated of something!”

Geet wondered thoughtfully,”Why is that so?”But dint answer him and busied herself collecting the bag.

Prem asked further,”U r from this university?”

Geet nodded and turned to go when Prem followed her.Prem spoke,”That’s good then u know all abt Professor Khurana!”

Geet nodded no to him and spoke,”I only heard abt him not attended his any of the seminar or classes or private lectures.”

Prem asked,”So u r here for MA or doctoral!”Geet said,”Mine is doctoral program and urs Mr.Nanda!”

Prem said casually walking with her,”Call me Prem and am also doing doctoral program here!”Prem asked,”Any idea,why he called u to ur office,becoz he dont like to waste his time as he’s leading an number 1 constructions company!”

Geet was shocked to hear this piece of information and Prem noticed that she’s feeling uncomfortable.

He decided to let her go and said,”U should be going to his office as he dont like being waited!”

Geet nodded and asked,”Do u know where his office is?”

Prem said the direction and went away while Geet walked past one corridor to reach his office.When she reached his office on that time she saw the door stood ajar and she saw Antara standing close to Maan exposing her curves to him.


Maan who dint even glance her spoke harshly,”Ms.Sharma,ur thesis is juvenile!I want it to be more specific and explanatory and for god sake Ms.Sharma please stop plagarize others words.Write the thesis in ur words,do i make myself clear?”

Antara who was unsuccessful seducing him sighed disappointedly and nodded.She collected her things and walked outside his office.Antara saw Geet standing and glared at her with her doe eyes and went from there.Geet dint understand abt that and went inside the office.

Precap-Past-Maan’s lips brushed immediately to her lips which made him fire to be ignited.Geet who felt his sculpted lips widened her almond eyes and tried to stand far away from him.

Present-Geet was preparing for her second lecture which was once again invited by Professor Agnihotri.

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542408_162777723859453_1332495683_n      303542_137871906355088_1200249315_n    68416_331476823617829_603896975_n










Maan slowly walked towards her staring at her chocolate brown eyes and bend down to touch her feet.She saw him trying to remember who he’s when she felt his palm on her feet.She felt a current down her spine and felt an deep warmth spread over her body.She saw him intently and was shocked to get he was Maan.She never thought that she would ever meet her son Maan Singh Khurana.Tears welled up inside her chocolate brown eyes which was the exact like Maan and it poured down to get a palm lapping it up.Geet came to her and held her shoulder and said,”Bua,he’s ur son,Maan Singh Khurana!”Sahana turned towards Geet with wide eyes while she nodded to her.Sahana looked towards Maan and held his chin slowly.He felt the contentment when her finger slid over his stubbled chin.Her fingers moved inside his stubble softly scratching his skin.When her finger touched his skin then his skin recognised immediately.His heart filled with emotions as it got heavy.His eyes welled up when she immediately hugged.His heart burst into smitten when her arms wrapped his body spreading the motherly warmth inside him.He groaned feeling it and he too wrapped her up inside his embrace.His emotions dam burst into pieces as he cried like a small baby snuggling inside her.Sahana’s eyes too were watery and when he called her mom then her mouth moved and she caught her voice and said with utmost love,”Maan!”Geet heard that and she widened her eyes but soon she too burst into tears hearing her bua’s voice which she never heard since 25 years.



Note-Guys i had done a mistake in previous update Geet’s surname is Singhania before she married Maan.So the mansion where Maan’s mother is staying from 25 years is Singhania Mansion.Please note it.

It took sometime for both Maan and Sahana to gain their composure as they were crying like a small children.Geet was only silent spectator to their love.After gaining composure,Maan asked,”Geet,how did u…?”Before he would ask further Geet spoke cutting his words,”That,bua is ur mother!Maan,since 25 years am seeing ur mother.I grew up in her warmth.I ate her dishes.I learnt her dishes which helped me to enter inside ur heart.Am thankful to ur mom who’s the god sister of my chachaji!”Maan was shocked hearing the word god sister and many questions swooped in his mind.Geet got up and dialled her chachaji to come to their village immediately.

Maan looked up and was abt to ask his mom who was all the way sleeping on his lap.She was having a peaceful sleep on her son’s lap after 25 years.Maan looked at his mother’s serene face and stroked her head lovingly.He wanted to know everything.On that time car tyres screeched in front of SM and Sanjay SInghania got off the car.He saw Maan’s car there and was wondering why he has come there still walking towards the courtyard when he saw the scene with shock.Sahana was sleeping on Maan’s lap and Maan was stroking her head lovingly.

Sanjay cudnt understand what is going on when Geet came there and said everything to him.Sanjay was shocked hearing that Sahana was Maan’s mother.One side he was so happy that his god-sister got his son but other side he was ashamed and uncomfortable becoz of Pammi.Pammi was the one who broke Maan’s family and then he understood whatever wrong happenings in his family is that becoz of Maan’s family was broke by Pammi.Sanjay who saw the devotion and love in Maan’s eyes towards his god-sister made him proud.Sanjay was proud to have Maan as his son-in-law.He saw a small child Maan when he was caring his mother.The joy which Sanjay saw in his eyes was priceless.

Maan saw Sanjay and asked,”Chachaji,what r u doing here?”He immediately saw Sahana stirring in her sleep frowning cutely.Maan looked at his mother who was sleeping on his lap like a small baby and immediately stroked her head to make her sleep once again.She slept once again finding the solace when his fingers played with her hairs.She more snuggled to his lap.He slowly took off her head from his lap and silently motioned Geet to sit in his place.Geet nodded and immediately she lent her lap under Sahana’s head and Maan stroked her hair once again and kissed her forehead and walked away towards chachaji.

Before Maan would speak Sanjay dragged him towards the hall and led towards a store room.Maan dint understand what he was doing when he was made to stand in front of a numerous paintings which was of his childhood.Maan was shocked when he got to know that it was painted by Sahana.His eyes welled up seeing every painting.His first walk,his first smile,his first run,his first cup which he won in his school during sports.She remembered his every gesture of his childhood.Every painting had his pictures of every age till his 10th age.He was so emotional seeing those pictures.But one pic was so cruel which showed a woman losing her baby.The pictures showed 4-5 men surrounded in front of woman and they were pulling her clothes.One man kicked her stomach for being rebellious and blood is oozing from her behind and other one cutting her throat and blood was oozing from her throat.Maan was shocked to see that type of picture.

Sanjay said softly,”That one was her first picture,when she came to live in this mansion!”Maan turned and asked,”What is the meaning of this?”Sanjay gulped his saliva and said,”When she was found by me,she was in that state only!”Maan was shocked and tears poured down and helplessness oozed from every pore of his cell.Sanjay turned cant able to see his state and spoke,”She was 3 months pregnant and those men dint even considered it.They were behaving like an animal with her when i reached!”

Maan closed his eyes and cursed his father.It was his fault and his little sister/brother which was 3 months old was also the victim of his father’s harsh behaviour.Maan turned Sanjay and said,”Tell me everything uncle!”Sanjay took his deep breath and dragged him from the store room towards his study.On that time Geet had made Sahana sleep in her bedroom after feeding her the dinner.Geet came forward to drag Maan and Sanjay for dinner when Sanjay stopped her and said to have the dinner and sleep.He dont wanted Geet to be present when he was abt to reveal Sahana’s dreadful past.He knew Maan is strong enough to take care of his daughter after hearing the story.But he too knew that his daughter Geet was pregnant,he dint wanted her to hear her mother-in-law’s state when she was found by him.

Maan said angrily,”Today also i hear my mother’s screams when she begged my father to leave her…to save her from those lusty men.I was 10,i hear their lusty screams abt her and abused words!My father nothing but an impotent,he was seeing my mother tortured by those men.I dint know what happened afterwards.She was dragged by those men and i was tied to a chair.I searched for her…for years.Today also i felt am not worth of her.Am unworthy to be his son.I was impotent in front of those lusty men!”Sanjay cant able to see his guilty rants and hugged him tightly with love and said,”Son,u were never the culprit.It was the mistake of those men who bad eyed ur mother.Am really sorry abt ur mother but when i rescued her from those men from that time she became my god-sister.I saw my Rano bhabhi in her!”Maan was grateful and he was amazed to see this side of Sanjay.

Sanjay smiled at him genuinely but felt uncomfortable when he asked to tell abt those incidents.Sanjay coughed and sat on the chair to take a long breath becoz whatever happened with Sahana made him nauseated.His stomach churned with contents as that incident was that much horrible.Some people are so merciless.Sanjay started to speak,”Maan,i was abt to meet ur mom the next day of that horrible incident.I wanted to construct an office and i dialled to her to speak and i was given appointment of next day.I was excited to meet ur mom becoz my inferiors praised her talent and my business associates too.That evening,It was raining and my car broke in the middle of the forest.On that time i heard a woman screaming.I was worried and was panic as i knew that there was always bandits attack where my car broke.I was in dilemma that is it true or false.But i dont know when god gave me courage when i heard the very same scream for help.I ran towards the sound and saw that 4-5 men were pulling a woman’s clothes.It was a storm of rain so i cant see their faces but i ran to my car and brought my gun.I shot it in the air.Hearing the bullet,they got panic and ran away leaving the woman.I went towards her when she was trying to close her body still crying.When i went near her on that time her throat has been cut and blood was oozing.She was trying to close the wound from her clothes and trying to close her torn clothes on her body.When she saw me on that time she was scared.I said,”Dont worry sister,am not gonna harm u!”Hearing the sister word her expression softened but still she was on her guard.Then i saw her top to bottom.She was drenched fully from blood and water.She was having difficulty in speaking as her throat was cut then i saw downwards when i saw blood was coming from her lower part too.I was shocked to see her state and cursed those men to be so cruel to her.I wrapped her in my coat and made her sit inside my car.Till morning i tried to stop every car to help me as it was highway but no one stopped and ur mom’s health started declining.She had fainted already and the blood was oozing from her lower part continuously.I had phoned up ambulance which was due to come and it came at morning at abt 6.On that time her state was so critical that she was directly admitted to OT.When i was asked to sign an form then i got to know that she was 3 months pregnant.I dint know her family and i dint wanted myself in trouble.But still the corner of my heart said to protect her.I dont know what happened and i signed the form mentioning that i was her brother since i dont know her husband.Then the baby was taken from her womb which was dead inside her already due to that stress and her throat was operated.She had protected her throat by stopping the blood oozing but she cant able to control the blood which was oozing from her lower part.She was fragile on that time and a bond had been formed between us after that incident.She was stubborn and i was the only one who would convince her to eat,sleep and talk.In remaining times she would sit and mourn over her lost baby or her lost family.She was in trauma and dint even speak though her operation was successful.Then i brought her here.On that time i dint know who was she and i gave her my own name.Sia….Sia Singhania,she was!I and my bro always wanted an sister but it never happened but when ur mom came to my life and this house.This abandoned house got its heart and this became ur mom’s new home and new start.Gradually she started to live trying to forget her pains and then a new dawn started in her life.She started her life by teaching the Bharatanatyam to these children in the village.But she was always sad of losing her baby and family.She would remember u Maan and would paint ur pictures.I dint know it was urs beta,or else i would sure gonna give her family back.Then Geet came into her life.Pammi always despised Geet so i would bring her here and ur mom,she simply liked Geet.May be she got her baby in Geet.She started pouring her love on Geet and Geet became lively and strong to fight the life.Ur mom inspired Geet to fight the life and stand strong.

Precap-Maan to Chachaji-Tell me who r those men!I want to destroy them!Am gonna show them what is hell when they r still alive!”Sanjay dint appreciate Maan’s tone but spoke,”I dont know Maan,i dint see their faces!”Maan was disappointed and walked from there.Sanjay saw his state and he immediately dialled someone and spoke,”I need ur help Veer!”


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Geet came to her room after having yummy breakfast and sat on the bed and took her mobile which she unlocked to get the boy for whom she was in love…or have to say she like him.A small smile crept on her petal lips and she started to drool over him.Meera who came from behind saw her mobile which she was drooling and snatched it immediately and ran faster.




Meera shouted to her mother,”Mom,look what i have for u!”Geet pouted and screamed,”Meera give my mobile back!”Meera smirked and ran and unlocked her mobile immediately to get a boy’s photo.Meera’s face widened and lips curved with a cute smile.Geet snarled,”Meera,give it to me!”

On that time Rano came there and asked,”What’s going on here?”Before Geet would snatch her mobile Meera ran towards Rano and showed the boy’s pic and said,”Maa,look ur baby was drooling over this cute guy!”Geet’s cheeks flushed while Rano stared at the pic with wide eyes.She saw towards Geet who’s cheeks were flushed and immediately she got to know what is going on.Rano took the mobile and went towards her and asked,”Do u like this guy Gudiya?”Geet fidgeted her duppatta twisting and turning it and her toes started to rub the ground with flush.She said with shy,”Woh!Woh!Woh! Mom….!”She blushed profusely and nodded lowering her almond eyes.Rano smiled widely seeing her shyness and said,”I’ll talk to ur father abt this!”Now Geet was scared and thought,”What if dad refuses?”Geet started fidgetting her duppatta again and said,”Mom…woh…woh..!”Rano understood her turmoil and said stroking her cheek,”Dont worry beta,ur father sure gonna give approval to this!”Geet saw her with wide eyes and hugged her tightly.Rano patted her back and a lone tear slid from her eyes which she wiped smiling happily that her Gudiya has grown up so fast.

Here in the club

Maan was with his friends at the cafe.. Karan and Rudra were there .. they were discussing something random but Maan was not interested in their words..his eyes and his minds were far away from where they should have been.. after the morning incident with Dev he was conscious abut his care and concern about Geet but right now he was not able to say that why he was concerned about her…

it was actually making the sense since he haven’t seen the girl he didn’t knew her personally but still his mind and his all the attention was on HER..

Karan was observing Maan though he was not engaged in their talks still he could say that Maan was deeply concerned about something or the other..his words and his eyes were showing his difference in his attitude…

Karan nudged at Rudra who frowned a little first and then he too looked at Maan minutely..

Karan : Didn’t i said he is changing see now he is not even listening to us… he is so much engrossed in his own.. now what we should do with him… he is changing i am telling you…

Rudra who too was looking at the same .. made an annoyed face and he knew by Maan and his looks that he was thinking about that letter girl..the letter girl that they fondly call her..she is the one who now rules the great MAAN SINGH KHURANA .. Rudra asked Karan to be quiet and he himself asked him…

Rudra : Maan is everything alright .. is she fine..

he asked directly making Maan to look at the two on surprise they were the ones who knew about Geet and now both of them were making fun of him.. ( well atleast Maan thought.) he shrugged off the matter and asked Rudra to be quiet ..  

Maan : what are you talking about ..

Karan : oye.. don’t try to be over smart we know that you are thinking about letter girl..chal bata kya likha hai letter me iss bar ..( now tell us what she has written in the letter this time..)

Rudra : yup..dont be so quiet ..we know that she has written something and you cant hide from us Maan..so be a man and tell  us …

Rudra and Karan looked at Maan he was not saying anything ..he was mum.. and they knew that their teasing is not going to help anymore..they need to be a bit serious and they should be now since they knew that their friend will prefer to not tell them instead he will bear all the things alone.. being reserved this is a demerit…

Rudra smacked Karan’s hand and asked him to be a bit serious now…

Rudra / Karan : okk okk now no more of the kidding ..now tell us whats the matter ..it cant be related to your business since your mind works like a super computer in that case  it is defo the girl Maan.. now say Maan .

Maan : she’s in love …

hearing Maan’s words Karan who was  having his coffee choked badly but he somehow held himself and Maan glared at him.. poor Karan he made a baby face

When Rudra asked,”Then why r u acting like Devdas?”Maan glared at Rudra when he coughed turning that side.He had indirectly asked Maan that why he’s sad which made Maan agitated and angry.Maan spoke sadly,”She’s asking my opinion that is that guy is perfect for her or not!but I don’t know how to tell her that is the guy is good for her ..or what if he is some pervert ..i don’t know what to do .. yar you know na she is damn innocent and naive and I cant play with her emotions…

Rudra looked at his friend , today he was seeing a new maan , he was concerned for someone he didn’t  even know…

Rudra said,”Maan why r u playing with her,why cant u tell her that u r not a god but a simple human being who cant do the miracle or tell her future!”

Maan pouted,”She’s so innocent,just like the fresh blossomed flower!”

Rudra stared at him with wide eyes.For the first time he had seen something in those chocolate eyes which made him smile turning away.He knew what was that!”Hmm!Need to handle this situation differently!”

Rudra : But she should give the guy a chance Maan.. not everyone is same…  and love can happen to anyone..anywhere ..

For a second Maan thought of blasting on Rudra when his eyes blazed with fire as if accusing Et Tu Brute!But he suppressed it and turned away but alas Rudra has seen that reaction immediately.

Maan : hmm…

Rudra chuckled softly seeing Maan once again engrossed with her thoughts.But Karan who was the stupidest in their gang stroked his hair seeing Rudra chuckle at Maan’s reaction.Karan gestured to Rudra in meaning what is going on when Rudra eye gestured that he’s gonna tell him afterwards.

Maan wrote the letter to Geet telling that she can marry him but before that she needs to be distanced from him so that she can get to know she truly likes her or not.Geet took this for granted and started staying away from him.


It  was weekend , but she was not in her usual self..her eyes were red … and still tears were brimming in her eyes .. still she was feeling aloof and alone..
Geet quickly took a red color ink pot and dipped it in her feather pen she was crying and her tears were soaking the sheet moreover she wants to fight with her godji , she wants to ask him..she wants to say so many thing to him…
the guy she liked and why did he not say her that …
she was angrily looking wiping her tears with her palms and sniffling…
Geet just like she writes when she is upset started writing but stopped and still saw the latest letter which was sent from him when she had asked his opinion abt the guy.

i am angry on you..why didn’t you said this.. she was feeling heart broken.. and she poured her anguish into that letter

Meanwhile Maan was feeling suddenly like he has done something wrong, the ink on the paper was spread and he knew that it was her tears..

sometimes Maan too feel that why does he feel this much connected to her..
why does he get worried towards her…
and what was wrong he just advised her to be vigilant..
was his letter and her tears are cause of that guy Varun…
. questions…questions… and questions…


Little Geet came back to home and stood in front of her parents room where she saw her mother’s photo garlanded and scented candles were lit in front of it with oil lamp.Tears rolled down from her almond eyes when she felt someone’s hand.She looked up to get her chachi standing there.Chachi said softly,”Beta,dint ur papa said that if u cry then mumma will also cry?”Geet innocently nodded and chachi lifted her and carried her in her arms and started speaking,”Beta,your father has become alone and dont u want a new mom for u?”Geet dint understand what she was speaking and she cutely blinked her eyes innocently.Chachi started blabbering,”Beta,i have a girl for ur papa.U have seen her too.She’s my sister,she will surely take care of ur father and u!Geet dint understand her words and dint even react.Chachi thought that she’s refusing her sister so started cursing Geet.Little Geet dint understand what has made chachi to change.Now only she was loving her and now she was cursing her.But on that time Mohinder came and snarled,”Enough Pammi,am not gonna marry ur sister!Stop maniplate Geet,she dont even know anything abt marriages!”

Pammi tried to argue but Mohinder gave a look that she shut her mouth and went outside cursing Mohinder.Pammi thought that if she marries her sister to Mohinder then she can have control over his family too.But Mohinder had got wind of it and had refused to marry her sister.Moreover her sister wasnt even his age too or even 5 yrs younger.She was 10 yrs younger and Mohinder cant even imagine to marry such an young girl who dont know any responsibilities.

Mohinder made Geet change herself and brought something to eat when she asked,”Dad,is god omnipresent?”Mohinder answered,”Yes Gudiya!”Geet asked cutely,”Dad,can i ask abt mom’s well from him always?”Mohinder’s eyes welled up hearing abt his wife but nodded wiping his tears,”Ofcourse Gudiya!”Now Geet decided that she’ll write a letter to him every weekend to ask abt her.

Next morning she sat to write a letter to god

” Dear God”

Sholly ..  Geet don’t know your name.. but papa says that Geet can say anything to you.. god hi.. ohh I forgot to introduce myself.. I am Geet .. you know daughter of the angel”  angel god.. my mama .. ohh you don’t know Gauri … I am her daughter god.. please take care of my mama god.. you know I miss my mama .. she is also misses me na god.. please tell mama that Geet will not cly anymore.. my god will take care of her …haina”“My mamma died becoz of Blood Cancer…but why u dint tell dada about that…u know god dada always trust u and he only said that u r the sole person who can be trustworthy of everybody.Dada is crying god becoz he lost mumma but also trust u that u will keep her always happy.Take care of her god.


Geet pasted the letter and held the empty envelope.She dint know the address and cutely saw around her.She walked towards the hall holding the letter when she heard her relatives speaking.On relative was searching something in directory and he asked,”Can i get the address from the directory?”Another replied,”Ofcourse along with phone number!”Geet widened her eyes and she got the idea.She saw them getting the address and waited for them to clear the hall.When the hall was empty,Geet took the phone directory and ran into her room.She closed the door and sat to search the address.Geet thought,”I dont know the name of godji!How do i send the letter to him?”She searched the address when she saw an advertisement or rather say the name of residence which resembled the word GOD which was for sale.She dint read the advertisement clearly when she got the word GOD.She wrote the address happily and posted it next morning.

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