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Geet felt some tension between them but Naintara dint hear him and came near Bhoomi who was all the was playing with Geet’s hairs.Dev balled up his fist tighter and glared Naintara.




Geet nodded took the list and went away and collapsed on her chair in her cabin and took a deep calming breath.Here Maan too panted heavily settling on his chair.His passion was so palpable that he wanted to claim her but he was stopping himself seeing her naive nature.








Geet got up and greeted Naintara and made her sit on the sofa.Naintara who wanted to be friendly with Geet to execute whatever her plan said to Geet,”Geet,please give Bhoomi to me,i will be playing till u come!”

This made Dev agitated.He thought his princess no need to go to this witch.

Dev snapped,”No need to,i will take her and keep her till bhabhi comes!”He walked towards Bhoomi when he got another phone call.

Dev saw the caller and cursed him under his breath and spoke,”Bhabhi,i need to take this,very urgent!”

Geet nodded while Dev walked away.

Geet said to Naintara,”Naina,Bhoomi is so small so sit near her!”

Naintara tried to protest when Geet spoke,”Naina,u need my assistance while handling her so sit for sometime i will finish my work and come.I hope u r not in hurry today!”

Naintara nodded no to her cursing her inside her mind.When Geet vanished inside the kitchen on that time Naintara looked around her confimring that she’s alone and took Bhoomi in her hands.Naintara dint hold Bhoomi gently or lifted her gently.It was so harsh that it pained Bhoomi so much.Bhoomi felt that Naintara is squeezing her.Bhoomi glared at Naintara and kicked her face immediately.

Naintara was shocked feeling the small soft foot on her nose which made her glare with so much intensity that anyone can be burnt.But Bhoomi dint get scared and she kicked her chest immediately.

Naintara snarled,”What do u think of urself haan?U little brat,u kicking Naintara!Dont u know who is Naintara is?(Am scratching my head thoughtfully ye toh baby ko bhi nahin chodti pange lene mein! 😛 )

Bhoomi made a cranky face and pouted and try to free her body from her tight grip and in that time Bhoomi kicked her chest once again.Naintara was abt to smash her when Dev came back speaking to phone.Naintara immediately composed.Naintara was abt to carry Bhoomi in her arms when she felt the wetness and the ugly smell.Bhoomi had pottied on Naintara’s hands and she made an yucky face.Dev who saw that laughed loud for which Geet came back to Bhoomi to see she had done her work.

Geet suppressed her laughter and patted Bhoomi’s backside,”Naughty girl!”

Geet cleaned Bhoomi and put fresh diaper and said to Naintara,”Naintara,u go and clean urself.U would have waited till i gave Bhoomi after sometime.”

Naintara glared at Dev and she walked towards the washroom but not before she bumping into Dev smearing Bhoomi’s potty to him.Dev groaned and glared at Naintara and he too walked inside the washroom.Dev cleaned his coat in the water when he felt his waist has been bound by soft arms.Dev thought that as Meera and pouted,”Look Meera,bhoomi’s potty,that witch Naintara smeared it to me!”For which the hold loosened and a snarl came from his behind,”What?Am i a witch?”Dev turned and saw it was Naintara and was shocked and disgust.She was holding me like that..grrr!

Dev glared at her on that time Meera entered running and holding the breakfast on her hand behind Ansh who entered nodding no to her.Meera saw Dev and Naintara in washroom and was shocked and asked politely,”Naintara what r u doing in my washroom?”

Naintara was impressed and was abt to take oppurtunity to hung her body on Dev when the place was taken by Ansh who cutely complained Dev abt Meera.

Dev chuckled seeing Naintara’s face which has turned to gigantic beetroot and kissed Ansh’s cheeks thanking him in his mind and spoke to Meera,”Jaan,i will feed him give the breakfast to me!”

Meera nodded while Naintara burnt to ashes in jealousy.

When Dev exited with Ansh speaking in babyish tone then Meera turned and spoke,”Naintara,u r trying to get sour grapes,stop this attempt!”

Naintara said angrily,”Am gonna get that sour grapes and am gonna turn it as sweet!”

She too exited and Meera sighed nodding dismissively in the meaning that she’s keeping her hand inside the fire which gonna burn her hand.Meanwhile Kamiya convinced Maan to return her MD post which she’s gonna take it responsibly.Maan approved on one condition that she’s gonna work like a mere employee.Kamiya cursed Maan in her mind but she signed without any objection.





Maan came home and hugged Geet from behind which made her shocked who was working in kitchen.Soumya was due to come and Mariah and Meera were playing with Ansh and Siddharth has phoned that he’s gonna come late.Geet turned to see dark chocolate eyes making his intentions clear.

Geet blushed and asked,”Now?”

Maan pulled the dori of her top and unzipped her kurti and started kissing her bare back unhooking her b**.

Geet moaned and said,”Maan,we’re in kitchen and mom can enter any time!”

Maan said huskily,”Then come to our room!”

Geet denied,”Maan,am preparing dinner!We can start at night!”

But Maan dint listen and pouted,”Nope,i want u now and my baby has become demanding these days.U r fulfilling her wishes and needs and not of me!”

Geet warned,”Maan!”

But he dint listen to her.He turned her face towards him and smashed her lips on hers switching off the stove.Geet was abt to protest when she melted feeling his hands enter inside her dress stroking her soft skin.It traveled and took off her b** cup and cupped her soft breast.He groaned feeling its softness and lifted her in his arms in swift moment still not leaving her lips.He was missing her so much today.

Geet spoke between the kiss,”Maan,its time for Bhoomi’s feed!”

But he answered,”U have fed her already and still we have two hrs!”

He bit her lips harshly.Geet gasped and her hands traveled inside his shirt cupping his chest.He moaned and immediately he pinned her to his long frame vertically breathing heavily and once again smashed his lips on her swollen lips.She moaned and her hands went inside his shirt unbuttoning it.Her fingers flamed his skin by stroking it and tantalizing it.His hands cupped her b*** and squeezed it by lifting her long skirt.She had wore long kurti and long skirt and his fingers pulled her panties downwards.His lips now licked her slender throat biting her skin while she moaned feeling his lips and hands.He was walking towards their room doing this and in swift moment their room door was kicked shut and locked.He groaned feeling her soft thigh rubbing his hardness which had been hardened from his office only.He turned and mounted her on the door freeing her skirt from her gorgeous body.She moaned and then he threw her top and inners making her naked and started licking her nipples cupping her gentle breasts.She moaned scratching her nails on his elbow and shoulder while he too became naked after her.He saw her soft body with lean physique with slight large belly and milky skin glowing from everywhere.She was always beautiful.When she was pregnant then also.She had reduced her weight drastically after Bhoomi born but her gentle breasts were more prominent.He saw her nipples standing erect under his touch.He gently sucked it and made her moan ecstatically.He explored her hills and valleys hungrily and immediately pinned her back to the door lifting her right thigh and snaking it around his right hip.His prominent sex was waiting to enter inside her.He kissed her lips passionately and entered with long but powerful thrust.She screamed feeling the hardness but he rubbed her shoulder to get loosened and rubbed the muscles around her softness to loosen slightly.She took a deep breath and she felt him enter inside her more powerfully.

She closed her eyes feeling the ecstacy when she heard him,”Look at me jaan,open ur eyes and look at me!”

Geet opened her eyes and saw those dark eyes which had mixed emotions which was bound with love.He cooed her by rubbing his hardness inside her in slow pace.

Geet moaned,”Harder Maan!”

He dint leave the contact but he made her right leg touch the ground and made her lie on the bed.

He came outside and made her turn and said,”I want to love u in this posture!”

He slept on her sideways and he widened her legs and entered inside her.She moaned feeling it and she felt that as so intense.He thrusted more powerfully in that posture for several times and then he made her lie on the bed and he hovered on her and entered inside her.He thrusted inside her three times and was coming with the scream of her name.Geet too came with the scream of his name and both collapsed sated and snuggled to each other.After sometime he was sleeping with hands on his head not covering himself while Geet was sleeping on her stomach snoring softly.He looked into her face which was calm and serene and he saw him tightening once again.He rubbed his hardness to gain the composure when she came and slept on her his body nestling her head inside his chest.He chuckled and pecked her forehead for getting to know his plight and helping for that and he too dozed off completely.





After calling the HOD’s of the company Geet went outside and once again bumped to Maan.

Maan who was walking towards the conference hall bumped to Geet and snarled,”Watch where u r going girl!”

Geet said politely,”Sorry sir!”

Maan dint even glance her and lifted her from her waist and kept her to his left side like a doll.Seeing this Geet,Sasha and Adi was shocked.Sasha felt numerous needle pierced to her bu** now.But most impressed man was Adi who eyed Maan with eagerness.Maan dint see their faces and walked inside the hall with attitude.Geet ran and sat on her chair in her cabin and remember how he kept her lifting her from the place.She felt shivering feeling his fingers brush her soft milky white skin.She gulped her saliva and looked up towards the god.

She stood in front of it and asked from her eyes,”Why r u making my desires alive?He dont remember me…then why r u tempting me and troubling me?Cant i forget him?I came here to forget his memories by confronting him silently.But,u want to give pain from this too?Why?Why?Why?”

Her precious pearls fell from her almond eyes and fell on the floor for he felt restless.He finished his meeting with HOD and walked back to his cabin when he saw Geet standing in front of the god crying silently.He thought he had done something and walked towards her cabin slowly which Sasha saw that and got angry.

Sasha came towards him and spoke,”MK….!”

But she was cut across when he held his hand to stop her and walked towards Geet.Adi saw this and smiled to himself seeing an emotion in his boss’s face.Maan had some painful emotion seeing Geet cry and Adi saw for whom was that expression and smiled.

When Geet felt his presence then immediately she wiped her tears and turned towards him and asked,”Sir,u need me?”

Maan looked her almond eyes which had turned red due to crying and a lone tear was abt to fall from her moist eyes for which his hand came near her face but she immediately went back and wiped the lone tear too and saw her feet.Maan dint say anything but fisted his hand and his anger was palpable as she dint let him to wipe that lone tear and stared at her angelic face.Geet called him several times but he dint answer and turned and walked away and entered his cabin and slammed his cabin door angrily.Geet saw this and frowned but saw him to be angry for something.His expression was ferocious and he kept his hands on his hips.Geet saw him in that posture and unknowingly a small smile crept on her petal lips.That was so pleasant as his posture was just like a small child is angry for not getting its favourite candy.He immediately looked up to get amused becoz of her changing mood.He frowned cutely seeing her smiling face.She smiled more widely seeing him for frowning for something while he turned opposite turning his back towards her.Geet moved like current has been passed and she too turned opposite.Maan smiled seeing her smile while she too smiled seeing him cutely frown.

That evening,Geet was walking late from her university when she was stopped by Maan who was on his way to his home and decided to give lift to her and talk abt some project.

Maan called,”Ms Handa,get in!I will leave u to ur home….!”

But before he complete Prem came there and said with flirt,”Hey gorgeous,ready for drama?”

Geet nodded and answered Maan,”Thank u sir,but i have plans for today,may be next time!”

Maan saw Prem with angry expression but he dint spill it but swallowed it and went away not answering her or nodding her.

Geet saw him with mouth hanging open and said,”This much attitude?”

Prem saw him going away with attitude and said,”Oh just leave him.Dint i tell u that he’s such an egoist man!I dont know for what he has this much pride!”

Geet pouted inside her mind,”He’s not even getting jealous that am with other guy!Why would he be?When he dont want to remember anything.More or else,he would have asked that am gonna be safe with Prem or not!No concern and no remorse!Leave it Geet,what r u expecting from him?From starting,he’s the one who expressed his desires,he dint even asked me what i want and when i got carried away in his love he said one fine day that he dont remember me!Babaji,is he seriously have Amnesia or pretends to be!”

She pouted cutely to her babaji.Prem who was all the way glancing her started laughing loudly.

Geet saw him laughing and asked,”Why r u laughing Prem?”

Prem said,”Who’s the one who made the special piece like u?”

Geet frowned and turned away when Prem said,”Ok ok dont get angry,i was just kidding.Let’s go to the drama before it ends!”

Geet walked with him while he unknowingly held her soft hand and Geet encouraged him by holding it tighter.But this was seen by none other than MSK who was all the way seething in anger.In drama Geet enjoyed the first part but she cried seeing the next part.Geet saw the drama of Abhigyana Shaakuntala and felt sad seeing Shakuntala has been despised by the King Dushyantha when she lost his ring which would bring back his memory.Geet’s eyes welled up and remembered how she had confessed her love to Maan and Maan had despised her by mocking her.

Prem asked seeing her moist eyes,”What happened?Why r u crying?”

Geet dint answer when he understood that it because of drama.

Prem said sweetly,”Hey its only a drama but hats off to Kalidasa who wrote this drama so beautifully.He has poured out all the expressions in it so beautifully!”

Immediately King Dushyantha called the name Shakuntala when he saw the ring and she felt Maan is calling her.She saw around her but no one called her and were seeing the drama intently and her eyes moistened once again.







Veer to Maan,”Maan,Vikram has been bailed but i have told him to not to mess with u now!”Maan said angrily,”Damn It!”


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