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Meera looked with incredulity and said,”We’re not telling any lies.It is truth,so its better u stay away from my husband.Dont make Maan veerji to be ashamed of u by behaving like this!He have some dignity becoz of his achievements and dont destroy it!”Naintara still not convinced and asked with the compassion in which Dev felt uncomfortable.

Naintara asked huskily,”Tell me its a lie and she’s not ur wife!”

Dev snarled,”If u dont want to believe then dont but this is true and if u wont believe me then u can ask Maan!He will surely show u the right path!”

Dev went from there pulling Meera inside his cabin.


She slipped into her bed and took a photo from under her pillow and saw a young man.He was so handsome and the chocolate eyes and M shaped lips  always enhanced his beauty.He was 18 yr old who had won the cup to his college Hockey tournament and that was his victory.Those chocolate eyes had happiness which was not there now.Only pain he had which Geet felt.Geet spoke to the photo,”What’s the pain which u r hiding Maan?”







Before u read the part,i want to clear some things.Many of people are getting confused with the relations so i want to clear it.First was ppl r confused the relationship between Maan’s adopted parents and Maan’s step family.I want to clear that there is no relation between Maan’s adopted parents and Maan’s step family though they attain the very same surname.Becoz Siddharth’s family who is Maan’s adopted parents and Naintara’s family who’s step family of Maan have no blood relation.So Siddharth’s family and Maan’s step family are not connected to each other.Maan has a previous surname which was related to his mother which is called Singhania but it went on when he was adopted by Siddharth Khurana and baaki sabke baare mein am gonna tell u in the future ud’s




That evening Dev was seething in anger and tightened his arms around a small soft waist.Immediately lips kissed his cheeks and his anger vanished into thin air and he looked with astonishment.Meera looked at him with immense love and pecked his cheeks once again for he tilted her chin and smashed his lips on hers closing his son Ansh’s eyes.Ansh who was all the way looking outside pouted trying to free Dev’s hands from his eyes.When they broke apart then Meera panted heavily and blushed profusely and leaned on his chest.He took her and Ansh inside his chest and sighed in content.

Here in KH,Naintara was seething in anger and threw things all the way screaming angrily.Kamiya who heard this ran inside her room and was shocked to see Naintara in devastated state.

Kamiya immediately dragged her outside the house and asked making her relax beside the swimming pool,”What happened Naina?Why r u acting like this?”

Naintara said with pain,”Di!”

Kamiya knew something was wrong and it got confirmed when she heard the word Di from Naintara.

Kamiya dint say anything and hugged her tightly and asked softly,”What happened tell me?”

Naintara said crying,”Di,he’s married!”

Kamiya was shocked but then said,”How do u know?”

Naintara said everything what happened today.

Kamiya said with attitude,”Good that u got to know that he’s married and we are lucky that he said the truth in starting only or else we would ofcourse lead the life in pain.Now let go of him Naina as he’s not worth of ur love.”

Naintara said,”But i love him di,i love him so much!”

Kamiya said,”Look Naina,if he wasnt married then i would sure give support to u to get him but now he’s married then we dont have any right to go behind a married man.So u need to let him go Naina!”

Naintara said stubbornly,”I cant let him go,i love him and i will sure gonna get him!”

Kamiya was abt to speak but Naintara went away not listening to her.

Next morning,

Here in KM,Maan was getting ready for a meeting and he was already late.

Maan snarled,”Geet,where is my tie?”

Geet said,”Am coming jaan,me too need to get ready for library.I want to prepare my lecture too!”

Maan nodded dismissively and lifted Bhoomi in his hand to get the wetness immediately.Maan widened his eyes and immediately his pant getting wet once again.Bhoomi had wet his pant and it was fresh ones.

He glared at her angrily when she cutely gave gummy smile and he snarled,”What have u done Bhoomi?Dont u see am getting late for office and now i need to get ready once again!”Bhoomi was scared hearing his snarl and immediately cried with big fat tears.

Maan immediately regretted seeing those big fat tears and his expression softened,but not anymore as Geet had seen him shouting at Bhoomi.Geet who saw Maan snarling came near him and snatched her from him glaring back.Before Maan would speak Bhoomi cutely snuggled to her mother and cried with hiccups.Geet patted her back and everyone was present in their room next second.Dev couldnt see his princess crying and immediately snuggled her inside his chest and asked,”What happened?”

Geet glared back at Maan and said,”Nothing Dev,she’s crying due to wetness.”

Geet gently took her while Dev helped her with change of diaper and Bhoomi cutely snuggled to his chest.Maan felt bad for shouting on Bhoomi and came forward and said,”Come to dada,bhoomi!”He so much wanted to take her and kiss her all over the face but Bhoomi dint permit him and kicked his hands from her tiny feet.Maan kissed her feet to melt her but she’s Jr MSK,so no one can melt her so easily.Maan felt bad and was abt to stretch his hand to take her forcefully then he got phone and he went outside to answer it.He got a phone call that the meeting which he was abt to attend has been cancelled due to an emergency which his client has to attend.Maan sighed and was happy and determined to manofy his daughter.But immediately his smile went away when he saw Bhoomi going with Dev.Dev who had got to know what happened when Maan went to attend the phone smiled to himself seeing Maan’s plight.Maan pouted ever so cutely.

Whenever he tried to take her to manofy her she would wail or cry and she would jump to other’s shoulders or she would slap his cheek showing her big brown eyes.Maan pouted cutely seeing his angel come sherni! :-p After 8 hours of manofying for which Jr.MSK dint budge for Sr.MSK dint budge too at once Bhoomi started crying loudly making everyone’s life hell.She was hungry and Geet had not returned from the library for her.Maan was getting impatient and the milk which Geet had pumped from her breast was also finished and Bhoomi needed her mother’s warmth.So she cried so much.Maan dialled to Geet which she answered that she was struck with the traffic due to an accident which happened in that road.

Maan cant able to see his angel crying so he ran to his car and drove towards the same highway where Geet was struck.He saw long line of vehicles which were horns and she was getting irritated by that sound had closed her ears so tight.Maan jumped on the vehicles and reached Geet.Geet was shocked to see him there as he was in verge of breakdown.Geet dint say anything and he made her to climb the vehicles and they crossed holding each other.Then he drove the car in fast pace that his life depends on that pace only.They were in KM in 10 minutes and Bhoomi was cradled inside Geet’s lap in their room and nipple was stuffed inside her tiny mouth.Bhoomi drank the milk hungrily and Geet kissed her top to bottom calming her.Maan saw this with contentment but after having the milk Bhoomi dint even came to her father but she went to her chachu who was taking care of her from the morning.Maan pouting seeing Bhoomi who is all the way snoring on her chachu’s shoulder.Maan walked towards Dev and gestured to give Bhoomi when Bhoomi opened her doe eyes and glared at Maan.Maan gulped his saliva seeing the glare and Bhoomi hid her face inside Dev’s neck.Dev patted her back and she sighed eyeing her dada cautiously.Geet saw Maan’s eyes which had pain and the way he rescued her from that busy road made her confirm that he loves his angels so much then she melted immediately and went towards Bhoomi who was cutely dozing on her chachu’s shoulder.Bhoomi felt her mother’s warmth when Geet lifted her from Dev and felt her dada’s warmth for she immediately lifted her face and glared at Maan for he pouted cutely.

Bhoomi jumped towards Geet and snuggled wearily and she said,”Bhoomi beta,papa loves u so much!Dada is very sorry shona!”

Bhoomi looked up to see the guilt and the tears were pouring from his eyes.Bhoomi cutely moved towards him and wiped those tears and that’s it she was snatched by Maan and was kissed by him all over the face.Bhoomi giggled for he tickled mercilessly.Maan was so happy hearing the cute giggle and at once Bhoomi had forgiven her dada.Geet sighed seeing them enjoy and turned away towards the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Next morning,Naintara sought a plan and entered KM early and saw a giggling object.Naintara saw who was it and narrowed her eyes with disgust.Geet was playing with Bhoomi and Naintara searched for Dev.Dev came outside talking in phone and cut it seeing Bhoomi giggling.Dev tickled her once again and kissed her tiny feet and turned to get Naintara who was smiling seeing the scene.Naintara was impressed seeing the scene and her imaginations has no limits.

Dev asked angrily,”What r u doing here?”

Naintara’s smile faded hearing his angry voice but she maintained her cheerful self and answered,”I have come here to meet Geet and the new member of our family!”

Naintara smiled at Bhoomi cutely for which she gave the gummy smile.Dev said angrily”Though u have forgotten but let me remind u that this is my family not ur family.Maan is my bro and Geet is my sister-in-law and Bhoomi is my niece.So u dont have any rights to claim this as ur family.”

Geet felt some tension between them but Naintara dint hear him and came near Bhoomi who was all the was playing with Geet’s hairs.Dev balled up his fist tighter and glared Naintara.



Next morning Geet came to KC where she bumped with a lady wearing knee length dress.She glared at Geet and asked,”Hey u,cant u see where u r going?Who r u anyway and what r u doing here?”

On that time a handsome wearing simple office suit and glasses walked towards Geet and said,”Ms.Geet Handa!”

Geet nodded still shocked with the rudeness which came from the lady.That handsome man stretched his hands and spoke,”Hi,am Adi…Aditya Sharma!”

Geet shook his hands while that lady snarled,”Will u answer me Ms before u share pleasantries with Adi!”

Geet who turned but was stopped by Adi who answered the lady,”Sasha,she’s the new secretary of Maan sir!”

Sasha was shocked and she saw Geet top to bottom and asked,”Secretary?This one?I dont think that she’s gonna stay here for one morning too!”

Geet frowned but Adi said,”That’s not ur problem,its Geet’s!”

Sasha said dismissively,”Ya right!So Ms.Secretary,call HOD’s to the conference room as MK wants to,now disperse!”

Geet nodded politely but she stopped thinking who r the ppl who r HOD’s.Sasha had purposefully dint mention who r HOD ppl and had dragged Adi from there who wanted to say abt that only.Then Geet remembered something as she had seen an board which had the name of CEO’s and current HOD’s.So she went to the office PC and searched abt them.

She dint get any info there but when she turned then Adi said,”U will get that list in Maan sir’s cabin.”

He pointed towards his right side and end of the corridor.Geet nodded and immediately entered Maan’s cabin.On that time Maan entered his office and bumped to Geet and immediately caught her who was abt to fall.


Geet felt her skin is in flame and she looked up to get an intense eyes of Maan.This was the action she felt always when she saw Maan holding her tightly.Maan felt the very same familiar body which fitted inside his hardframe perfectly.She was soft like cotton and his passion burned inside his veins seeing her almond brown eyes.She blushed profusely feeling his hardness poke her pelvis as if it is in hurry to enter inside her softness.

Maan tried to stand but the soft skin of her pelvis made him to claim her.He groaned in his mind seeing her almond eyes and immediately pulled her upwards and stood far away from her.She tried to gain her composure while Maan was trying to control his desires and his loosening his hardness with very difficulty.It hurts him so much and he turned and slowly rubbed his hardness closing his eyes.

He gained his composure stroking his hardness and turned towards her and snarled,”What r u doing in my cabin?”

Geet answered him politely,”Sir,u said to call the HOD’s meeting,so i came here to take the list!”

Maan closed his eyes hearing her soft voice but composed himself immediately and said,”Ok!”

He went and collected the list and gave it to her and said,”Tell them to assemble in the conference room!”

Geet nodded took the list and went away and collapsed on her chair in her cabin and took a deep calming breath.Here Maan too panted heavily settling on his chair.His passion was so palpable that he wanted to claim her but he was stopping himself seeing her naive nature.




Naintara was abt to carry Bhoomi in her arms when she felt the wetness and the ugly smell.Bhoomi had pottied on Naintara’s hands and she made an yucky face.Dev who saw that laughed loud for which Geet came back to Bhoomi to see she had done her work.

Geet suppressed her laughter and patted Bhoomi’s backside,”Naughty girl!”

Geet cleaned Bhoomi and put fresh diaper and said to Naintara,”Naintara,u go and clean urself.U would have waited till i gave Bhoomi after sometime.”

Naintara glared at Dev and she walked towards the washroom.


Geet saw the drama of Abhigyana Shaakuntala and felt sad seeing Shakuntala has been despised by the King Dushyantha when she lost his ring which would bring back his memory.Geety’s eyes welled up and remembered how she had confessed her love to Maan and Maan had despised her by mocking her.

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