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 A scream crept from a beautiful petal ruby lips.On that time some commotion was there and 3 large body thudded against the marble floor. There was a squeal of pain when a final strong body thudded on them.Hands held the hips and a pair of beautiful almond eyes glared at the 4 bodies thudded in front of her.

The 4 body straightened and asked politely,”U called us boss!”

While one of the tall one yawned loudly. That pair of almond eyes glared at him and he stifled it glancing at her.

Now he was alert and she realised and continued, “Lazy bums,we’ve got a big order and it is for the birthday party!”

The tall one asked,”What’s the theme?”

The girl said,”Maan,its the old actors and songs party!The woman who is celebrating is getting 75yrs older and she has given her own theme.She wants the older studios where old actors film were made!How’s it?”

The last thudded one said,”Yummy,am going to get more candies in new form!”

Another one spoke in faux indignation, “Pinkyji,its better u run in different treadmills! U broke my back bone completely. Its screaming that if Pinky won’t reduce her weight then its gonna break at once itself!”

Pinky glared at him and pouted.

While Geet spoke,”Ok,lets get to the work!We’ve one week to do that!”

Everyone saluted to her saying,”Yes boss!”

Geet said that flushing and glaring,”Stop saying that!”






So that’s my gang and am Geet Handa-Sweet,Bubbly,Cute! (Someone cleared the throat dismissively) What?I am sweet,bubbly and cute!What do u think otherwise?Hmm,lets leave it!My ambition is to open world’s most famous sweet shop.(Someone cleared the throat once again) Is it big dream right and i cant be fulfilled that much becoz my grandma says we need to live letting others to live.But u know what all her principles goes to wind when i see Sameera!Ugh i hate her.She’s my number one rival.Once she was my best friend but her ambition was also same,so we will  always have competition between us who’s the best and everytime i win becoz god isnt gonna do injustice with his baby!Right babaji?(She looks upward cutely showing her finger upwards)Thunder comes at once giving her answer.Geet looks at the window and her eyes widens seeing the storm is gonna get higher up and says,”Oh babaji,dont stop my work now only!”


Maan Singh Khurana





U will get to know what their story too in this when story unfolds slowly.I hope i get success in this,this is a very different story which i had thought of! Happy Navratri Guys! 🙂



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Here Sahana sat in her room and started thinking abt her past.She closed her eyes and a vision came into her eyes which was a 12 yr old girl marching in March Past wearing Guides uniform.

Sahana opened her eyes once again and closed it and a vision came to her once again which was a 19 yr old teenager of her who had joined the Military School to become an army officer and her first encounter with Major Shatru who was the Vice Principal of that school…





Sahana sat closing her eyes as if she’s seeing an vision in her mind.She remembered how she came under Major Shatru’s scrutinised gaze. The way his red bulge eyes widened with darkness. The way his cold hands caressed her warm skin.The way his nostrils flared with lust that roman nose which were boosting his male ego and his bulging perfect carved chest breathing unevenly looking at her.The way he brushed his hardness to her abdomen while hugging her purposefully made her nauseated. She felt herself disgust. She opened her eyes and coughed trying to control her nausea and she drank a swig of water kept beside her bed in her room.She clutched her chest and took a deep calming breath.


Then she closed her eyes and remembered her training.It was a trust drill for her where she was teamed up with a boy so handsome and had the flirting behaviour.Major Shatru has seen her smiling with him for some jokes and had punished the boy upside down punishment for giving odd reasons.From that onwards Sahana felt uncomfortable always whenever she got his classes.Field work were under him and all the girls always felt scared seeing him.Sahana was never afraid but felt always uncomfortable.She would wiggle out of his traps very easily giving some excuse one way or other.Major Shatru had determined to get her and he had given so many signals but she dint give any attention she had maintained a strict professional relationship with him.But the more she spent the time with him in training the more he made her uncomfortable.Rumors had reached her ears of the girls disappearing and when they found they were diagnosed as mentally ill and they were injected drugs in their blood stream which they never taken in their course of time.The superiors got suspicious abt these cases.But they dint get any clue.

One day Sahana had seen her best mate Pammi(Sameera’s mother) has been kidnapped silently from the academy.Sahana had followed the truck after the lights out.It had stopped in the outskirts of the town and near an abandoned Wine factory.When she entered inside then so many men tried to capture her but Major Shatru was a good teacher in field work so she had wiggled out of the traps very easily.When she entered the secret entrance then she saw so many girls from different academy uniforms brimmed with drugs and unconscious.She hid herself and got to know that human trafficking was going on.Immediately she got a radio from there and informed the interpol.Army HQ immediately took action as they were getting intercepted signals of messages from that  tower of some suspicious subject has been smuggled out and from that only they were paying for the weapons which had been transferred to revolt against the existing government of India.Sahana got struck with Shatru who saw her hiding there and had tried to rape her.but Sahana had saved herself and had ran for her life from there.Major Shatru knew that she had come outside the academy not informing anyone and provoked Brigadier to expel her.But Brigadier had been informed previously during Shatru’s chase behind Sahana that Major Shatru is involved in that human trafficking.Army had reached there when they got the radio message of Sahana.At the end Major Shatru was sentenced to 14 yrs of prison and he was demoted and was condemned as traitor becoz he had raped all the girls of his academy giving Rohypnol and had subjected them to further torture by other men too.Army was shocked seeing the other face of Major Shatru.He had maintained his image as poor Vice-Principal of the academy in front of the whole Army but when they dug abt him then they got to know he’s involved in slave trafficking too mainly s** slaves.He was himself a s** maniac but he smuggled the girls who wanted to lead their lives in foreign countries in order to feed their family.Those girls were found in bad condition in other countries numb to pain cant able to walk due to constant penetration and most importantly they were all infected with AIDS disease.This wasnt enough that their blood were full of drugs for which some girls went to coma and some girls died too.It was totally emotional breakdown to the parents of the girls seeing them in that state but parents even appreciated that if Sahana wasnt there then they would never meet their girls in their lifetime.Shatru’s Venomous Desire of power hungry made so many people suffer to death.Sahana was submitted as main witness and thought Shatru’s lawyer manipulated her still the accuse was proven with truth and he was imprisoned.But Sahana’s step made her life in danger.Major Shatru assigned a man to destroy Sahana’s life.Sahana resigned her work after working in Army for 10 yrs and when she got married to Samarth Singh Khurana then she was leading a small constructions company.Sahana and Samarth’s was love marriage and they started to live happily in their life.Samarth was good person till Sahana gave birth to Maan.But Major Shatru’s accomplice started destroying Sahana’s life by seeding doubt inside Samarth.Sahana had never shared her past and had forgotten Major Shatru.But that started to come to life from Major Shatru’s accomplice.He made Samarth’s love so weak that it can break any second.From that time little Maan had seen his mother suffer on the hands of Samarth his father.Sahana had got to know one day the man who Samarth constantly meets is the one of the men of Major Shatru.Samarth had crossed his limit by selling his own wife to Major Shatru’s men.On that time only she had escaped and had lost her baby.Sanjay had saved her from those thugs. and when Samarth got to know the real truth from Major Shatru’s man then he cant able to forgive himself due to that and had locked himself inside the east side room of KM.Where Geet was very curious to enter.Only dadimaa was the constant and alone visitor.Sahana dint event know what become of Samarth after her missing and she wanted to know from Maan but Geet restricted her explaining his temper.Sahana opened her eyes once again and sighed looking downwards.



Naina stirred beneath Veer and opened her eyes and smiled as Veer had wrapped around her like soft cotton.Immediately two bright black eyes flicker open and she froze with wide eyes.

Naina asked,”U dint sleep veer!”

Veer nodded no and snuggled her and asked with concern,”Why u were angry previously?”

Naina dint answer and turned away.At once Veer asked,”Dont u want this baby sweety?”

Naina dint speak but he felt some water fell over his knuckles.Veer was shocked and turned her and asked,”Why r u crying?”

Naina spoke with tears,”U guessed correctly Veer,I dont want this baby!”

Veer asked,”Why?”

Naina said with hiccups,”Becoz,if it comes to this world then it needs to depend on others to o all the works!”

Veer puzzled,”What do u mean?”

Naina wiggled and he left her.She wrapped the sheet around her curves and walked towards the wardrobe.He saw her behind more intently.Shae came back to bed holding a file.She gave it to him and said,”This is Sonography report!”

Veer widened his eyes with eagerness and sat up and opened it and saw the baby cocooned just like a small seed.

Veer said hoarsely,”Naina!”

Naina showed the tiny blip and said,”It has an abnormal leg!”

Veer was shocked and said,”What?”

Naina nodded and explained,”After Karan’s incident one day i fainted in the road and a car who was abt to hit me hit my belly very strongly!”

Anger coursed inside Veer’s veins hearing the incident but immediately Naina spoke,”No it wasnt his fault,i was not myself on that time.i was thinking abt u and dint see the car come or hear his angry horn.When i saw the car approach then i was shocked and i fainted immediately and the car driver strongly applied break and there was no damage done.I thought i fainted due to shock of that sight but next day i started bleeding.It was so heavy bleed that i need to call my colleague.When she examined then she got to know that i was pregnant and baby dying slowly.I was admitted to emergency and was treated and everything came to stable but my doctor said that the baby will be abnormal!”

Veer was sad and guilty for not being with her in that troubled times.But he asked curiously,”How can u say that it is abnormal?”

Naina said showing Rishi’s normal Sonography report of the very same age and said,”Look at its leg!”

Veer saw that curiously and saw some odd way of baby’s leg.Tears poured down from his eyes while Naina continued,”Veer,let abort this baby!Now we have two children and lets look after them.Why to give birth to this type of baby which had to depend itself on others for its works.I want make my children as strong and self dependable.And moreover if we give birth to this baby then our attention will be on this only always becoz it is vulnerable and not self-dependable and our two children will be abandoned in this tender age when they need their parents love mostly!”

Veer dint speak bout it just stared at the tiny blip of the abnormal baby.Veer was in turmoil now that to keep the baby or abort it after all he was the father of it.


Here Both Maaneet r having a very good time for each other.

A moan came from her petal lips when Geet felt Maan’s hardened manhood enter inside her softness.She moaned at once and  got another hard thrust.She was sweating profusely as heat coursed through her veins.his heated skin made her warm and red with flush.He groaned and rubbed his hardness and she came with the scream of his name and he too came with her name.After sometime they gathered their wits and opened their eyes and a smile crept on her face with full dimple.He kissed her full dimples while her cheeks reddened immediately.He crawled back to his bed and snuggled her inside his wet arms.She wiped his sweat which were beading on his forehead and he turned the AC for the normal temperature.He felt her shiver and he snuggled her inside the blanket immediately.She snuggled to him and both tugged the blanket on them.She felt the swift kick from her baby bump and he grinned like fool feeling it on his torso as her baby bump was rubbing her torso.

He splayed his palm over the bump and spoke softly yet lovingly,”Angel,dont trouble ur mumma!”

Geet pouted seeing her getting calmer and he chuckled feeling his paternal joy and kissed her forehead.Next second he was forced to taste her lips passionately.

Geet moaned with complaint,”Maan!”

He chuckled but dint let her go and snuggled her on his chest and said,”Sleep on jaan!I worn u out!”

Geet pouted usually but snuggled inside his chest.

Precap-Veer was about to say his decision when he got a phone………Veer walked towards the gate of farm house where there was so much crowd and when he entered it then he saw a girl naked and dead.Immediately Veer took the shirt and closed her upper body.On that time Sahana entered the crowd and saw Veer closing the girl’s body from the shirt and saw her face.Shock rippled in her face and a name crept from her lips,”Ananya!”

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Maan chuckled and said shamelessly,”Hmm,like her mother!”

Geet pouted and moved to keep distance but he pulled her and pinned her back to his front and said,”And her dada like that behaviour of her mumma when they’re alone!”

Geet blushed furiously hearing it and he pulled her more towards him and his palm comfortably splayed on her baby bump.He kissed her naked back and said,”Sleep on jaan,Good Night!”

Geet said meekly,”Good Night!”And snuggled to him more.





Next morning Geet stirred and opened her almond eyes to get her favourite sight.There slept Maan wrapped around her like soft silk.She slowly stirred beneath him and pecked his cheeks.He dint move and she pouted and pecked his lips.He dint move still then she tried to get up to get his hands tighten around her.

Geet complained,”Maan!”

He chuckled and said still closing his eyes,”I don’t want any peck!I want proper kiss jaan!”

Geet blushed furiously but dint deny him.She kissed his lips more possessively.He groaned and kissed her back with so much intensity that she moaned and pulled him over her.He dint deny or protest or run away.Just he held her soft body and made her lie comfortably on the bed and kissed her baby bump first.He felt the kick and she wrinkling her face in pain.He pecked her forehead stroking his supple fingers on her baby bump and baby calmed down.His fingers travelled lower and found her softness.He inserted his index finger inside it and got to know that she was wet.He groaned appreciatively and took her swollen lips.She moaned feeling his fingers rubbing inside her and pleasuring her.He slowly thrusted his finger and at once inserted his tongue lowering his face near her.She moaned feeling it and he thrusted his tongue more vigorously.She felt she’s getting higher and higher with that sweet sweet sensation.She moaned and came with the scream of his name.He kissed her softness and hovered over her from the side and pecked her lips.She felt the salty taste on his lips and took his lips kissing him passionately.He groaned and at once slammed his hardness inside her softness.She moaned feeling the hardened heavy bulge.She felt she gonna burst into million pieces.She felt his hardness contract and swell inside her and more slammed inside her plundering the treasure.She moaned and he tantalized her more by playing with her breasts from his mouth.He sucked her nipples ecstatically and rammed his rigid hardness inside her more.She moaned ecstatically and pleasure started to build inside her.He rammed more number of times and made her come.She burst into million pieces when she came screaming his name and he too came with sheer ecstacy and collapsed beside her.

After sometime she gathered her wits and said snuggling to his chest,”Good Morning!”

Maan said lovingly,”Good Morning Jaan!”

Geet said,”Lets go outside today Maan.Am bored sitting inside the house!”

Maan asked cutely,”And what abt my office?”

Geet pouted,”Uffo jaan,u always go to office and i will be stayed in the house only.Am bored!”

Maan asked puzzled,”But Naina is there na?”

Geet pouted,”Maan,don’t forget that Naina is also pregnant!She too have wishes of her own and Veerji is totally workaholic like u!Veerji need to pamper her too but all day he will be in office only!That’s why am forcing his boss to have holiday today so that Naina get her own wish from me!”

Maan said thoughtfully,”Hmm!”

Geet pouted,”Maan!”

Maan chuckled,”Ok!Ok!Dont make that gol gappa face or else i may cancel the outing and eat u all the day locking u in this room!”Geet glared at him with that cute pout.”We will go!”On that time she launched herself on him and kissed him passionately.He chuckled but kissed her back with the same passion.”Let me dial to Adi and say that the staff go and work in the office and not to come here!”

Geet nodded and tried to get up but he pulled her back and dialled to Adi.She pouted but slowly rubbed her softness tempting him and got the groan from him.When Adi picked up the phone then he said hoarsely,”Adi,today am not gonna come to the office!Today am at the service of my queen and my angel so don’t come to home and tell Sasha to attend all the meetings on behalf of me!”

Adi said,”Yes sir!I will inform the staff too!”

Maan cut the call and spoke snuggling her,”So where were we?”

Geet said,”The picnic!”

Maan said,”But before that…..!”He kissed her passionately and headed to their passionate bath.But before that he called Veer to come home for assistance as they’re going to have an meeting.He told lies to Veer or else Veer would deny it and would go to office for work.

Maan setup the car for the picnic along with his family.Naina was excited with the family trip.She dint know that it was Geet’s idea to keep Veer with Naina.While she admired Maaneet’s love which they were giving to each other from their eyes.

Veer said,”Maan,drive with concentration and stop drooling Geet.U have ur own bedroom where u can drool over her with intensity!”

Maan glared at him and Geet giggled cutely.Maan’s lips twisted with the killer smile hearing her cute giggle and turned away.Naina who was admiring Maaneet glared at Veer angrily.Veer shrugged seeing her anger.They reached to their farm house where they wanted to spend time with each other.Sahana missed her times as this was her favourite from childhood.Sahana gave herself tour around the house while Geet went to kitchen to prepare something followed by Maan who was trying to love her.

Maan immediately lifted her to take her to his bedroom when she complained with her usual cute pout,”Maan,leave me!We’re here to enjoy,no to do this!”

Maan said shamelessly,”This is also a type of enjoyment and am here only for this!”

Geet widened her eyes and glared,”Maan behave!”

Maan turned this side and that side and asked,”Who’s there to see me?”

Geet pointed towards her baby bump cutely and said,”She’s there!”

Maan sat on his knees and kissed her baby bump and asked,”Angel,u r not gonna interrupt ur parents private moments right!Sit silently and don’t be naughty ok!I want to love ur mother so much!”

On that time baby kicked and he said with grin,”Look,she only listens to me!”

Geet pouted,”I hope u don’t make her like u!Troubling his wifey!”

Maan said shamelessly,”Na,he would love her till eternity and don’t complaint becoz he or she will be born romantic!”

Geet blushed furiously and hid her face inside his chest with her usual pout,”Maan!”

They felt baby kick once again and Geet’s face wrinkle with pain and complain,”Am sure she gonna be foot ball player!She knows only to kick for her dada’s words!”

Maan grinned like the fool and pecked her forehead to calm her down but his eyes showed the paternal joy.Geet came out of his embrace and was abt to concentrate on Veer and Naina but Maan dint let her go.
Geet complained,”Maan!We’re here for Veer and Naina so lets concentrate on them!”

Maan said,”Hmm,but i cant be stopped by taking a sweet kiss from my Mishty!”

Immediately he took her lips.She protested by punching her fist on his chest but that made him more arouse and he closed the door of kitchen to make out.When Geet came outside then Sahana who had gone to see the farm house teased her that she gonna eat her cheeks whenever she has the wish of eating fruits as her favourite fruit Apple is present as Geet’s cheeks.Geet was shocked with her mother-in-law’s remarks but went away when blushing furiously when Sahana saw Maan smirking at Geet.
Veer walked in seeing Geet run away with the very same smirk like Maan and asked,”Maan,when r the clients gonna come?”

Maan asked thoughtfully,”Clients???”

Veer said,”Yeah,we came here for the meeting right?”

Maan said,”No,we came here to enjoy!Hmm,my pregnant wifey’s mood swings!”

Veer understood that but he asked further,”Then why did u called me!”
Maan said glaring at him,”Becoz u r not taking care of ur pregnant wife and that’s why she’s disturbed and is shouting on Roshan and Rishi so much from the day one since she is pregnant!As a boss,now i want u to pamper my sister or else u will lose ur job in future!”

Veer’s eyes popped up hearing his last sentence and said,”U r joking right?”

Maan said,”No!”

Veer asked once again,”U r not gonna fire me for this!”

Maan said sternly,”If u don’t take the work in ur hands now then am surely gonna do that!”

Veer pouted and glared at him but went away to meet Naina.Maan turned and gave the thumbs up to Geet who gave him full dimple smile.Veer walked towards his room cursing Maan.He was abt to get a clue for that murder but hearing Maan’s work he had transferred it to his assiatant but hearing Maan’s plan he was in bad temper now.After that Maan threatened Veer that he’s gonna fire him.That is not done.But when he saw Naina climbing the stool to get something then he got panic and screamed,”Naina!”

Naina got scared hearing his raised voice and she slipped from the stool and she landed immediately in his arms.Naina was so scared that’s why she hid her face inside his neck and her soft lips rubbed his neck making him take a sharp breath.

Veer snarled controlling his emotions,”What were u doing there?”

Naina’s eyes welled up and said,”Very good,now u r shouting at me!Firstly u dint take care of me and u dint pamper me and when i wanted to pamper myself then u r shouting!Let me go,i don’t wanna talk to u!”

She blabbered so much but he muted her with his lips which pressed her soft lips.Her body burned like hell and she immediately launched herself kissing him passionately.He immediately closed the room door from his leg and then made her lie on the bed and he was devoid of clothes in record time and he made her devoid of clothes too and they move towards the level of ecstacy.

Here Sahana sat in her room and started thinking abt her past.She closed her eyes and a vision came into her eyes which was a 12 yr old girl marching in March Past wearing Guides uniform.

Sahana opened her eyes once again and closed it and a vision came to her once again which was a 19 yr old teenager of her who had joined the Military School to become an army officer and her first encounter with Major Shatru who was the Vice Principal of that school…


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Veer saw the name as Sahana Malhotra and next information that is married to Samarth Singh Khurana.Father’s name is Major Amar Malhotra and mother’s name Mrinalini Malhotra.Veer then remembered his convo with Colonel who had not given information abt her and had smirked at him with a twinkle in his eyes and spoke to search for himself.Now he got to know who was it.

Veer gave a smile seeing Sahana and said,”Am not gonna let Shatru destroy ur family Captain Malhotra urf Sahana Singh Khurana!”





Part 72


After few hours, police had piled up near an house investigating something.Veer stood examining a dead body which was brutally murdered! Veer looked at the dead body Pitily. He didn’t know who’s the culprit but seeing the state of dead body he can say that the culprit is mentally ill. One of the policemen came and gave the Post Mortem report which said that the victim was first tortured and raped brutally. She was raped till her internal organs were damaged.Her Kidney,her sex organs and Uterus were brutally smashed by a rod and that rod was stuffed more inside her which was the result her Large Intestine got damaged totally. Her Vagina was tore and she was left to be more tortured in her throat.The culprit was so eager that he stuffed his manhood inside her mouth and shot his come that doctor got traces of Sperms inside her mouth. Veer was nostalgic hearing this but resisted and unfortunately she was the one of the spy who got training in Army under Major Shatru.Most important part was that she was also against Major Shatru who had given her statement abt him during the trial.Veer vowed that he not gonna let anything happen to other girls who gave statements against Major Shatru on that trial.From that trial only Major Shatru was sentenced to 14 yrs of prison and his ranking was taken by Army.Today all the witnesses who gave their verdict against Major Shatru are dying in brutal way.

In KM,Veer entered the living room to get the whispers and high pitched giggles of his children with Geet and Naina.Geet was running behind his younger son holding a glass of Milk while Naina was running behind his elder son holding the glass of Milk.

Geet said softly,”Rishi beta,drink milk,don’t be naughty!”

Veer chuckled when Rishi cutely pouted wrinkling his nose.

While Naina glared at Roshan holding the milk and shouting,”Roshan,if u don’t drink milk then am not gonna let u play Cricket!”

Veer nodded dismissively seeing her temper and her mood swings.Veer came forward when his two children banged their head to his knee.

His two children looked up and held his legs and said in unison,”Papa,i don’t want to drink the milk!”

Naina glared at him,”Take care of ur children now,am going to take rest!Lets go Geet!”

Naina dragged Geet giving the glasses of Milk to Veer.Geet looked at Veer longingly while he nodded dismissively and spoke softly to his children,”Son,don’t be stubborn and trouble ur mother and aunt!”

Rishi pouted while Veer lifted him in his arms and held Roshan’s hand and walked towards the sofa.Veer made drink up their milk by Roshan and Rishi by distracting them with interesting stories and they slept in his lap listening to his stories.

Veer carried them to their bedroom and made them sleep warmly in their beds and walked back to Naina’s and his room.Naina who was lying pretended to be asleep turning that side.

Veer saw that and sat beside her and said,”Why r u irritated with children Naina?U never was when u got carried Roshan inside!”

Naina dint speak and turned away and snored loudly resigning the conversation.Veer sighed and got up and walked towards the main mansion when he saw the locked door open.Veer got curious and entered inside and saw Sahana looking longingly towards her Army uniform.

Veer spoke after some time making Sahana startled,”U miss ur Army life!”

Sahana turned and tried to pretend that she don’t know anything and asked,”What r u talking about?And whose uniform is this?Is this urs,which Nakul had kept it here?”

Veer said sternly,”Captain,if this was my uniform then i would never tell Nakul to keep it here in this dusty room and secondly my name is Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat not Captain Sahana Malhotra as in that uniform’s badge!”

Sahana immediately hid the uniform and said,”What r u talking about?”

And she walked towards the door to exit when Veer spoke,”Dont hide anything from me Captain,i know abt u fully and abt Major Shatru too!”

Sahana turned with shocked expression and asked,”How do u know abt my past?”

Veer took a deep breath and spoke,”I know everything abt u Captain!I know everything abt Major Shatru’s trial!What was the role of u in that trial?What u got as a prize after that trial..after Major Shatru was sentenced to the prison for 14 years!”

Sahana glared at him and spoke,”I don’t know what u know abt me and my past but for now its better u not talk abt it in front of my son.I don’t want his happiness shadowed with my painful past which destroyed my everything.Now am trying to move on and its better u stop digging or stop talking abt it!Maan thinks u as his best friend so don’t destroy his happiness by telling abt my past!”

Veer dint speak while Sahana crossed the door but stopped and turned and said,”I beg u!”

And she walked from there.But Veer said stopping her,”Halt Captain,be ready to face ur past becoz though i wont reveal it becoz i love my friend but this life is not gonna leave u like that.Be ready to face ur past!”

Sahana turned and gave him a puzzled look.Veer walked back to his home while Maan walked towards his room carrying Geet in his arms.They had dinner and Geet was exhausted due to today’s activities with Roshan and Rishi and was cutely sleeping on Maan’s shoulder when he was carrying her towards their room.

Maan asked softly,”Jaan,its been busy day!”Geet cutely nodded brushing her soft lips to his neck.

He groaned and said,”I want to eat u today!”

Geet cutely nodded brushing her soft lips once again.He grinned ear to ear seeing her cutely nodding and not giving any attention to his words.

Maan asked lovingly,”Tired?”

Geet nodded still burying her face inside his neck and tempting him more.

Maan let her go on the ground but she tripped cant able to stand and he caught her waist.

Concern etched his face and he asked,”What happened?”

He looked towards her feet which had swelling and asked,”What happened to ur feet jaan?”

Geet dint answer and slowly sat on the bed holding her 5th month baby bump.

Geet spoke,”Nothing Maan,its only normal cramp!”

Maan glared at her and said,”Why don’t u take care of urself?”

Geet leaned to the bed rest and gave a cute smile batting her eye lashes and said,”U r there to look after then why i need to worry!”

Maan’s anger vanished into thin air seeing her cute dimple smile and sighed.He went and brought Zandu Balm and started smearing the get on her feet.Geet smiled looking at her husband dutifully taking care.She felt relief feeling his supple strong fingers on her soft feet and sighed.
Maan asked,”Feeling good?”

Geet nodded.Maan smiled and climbed the bed and snaked his arms around her soft waist and splayed his palm on her baby bump and pecked her forehead.Geet snuggled on his heart.Maan started making patterns on her baby bump and then on her breasts making her take sharp breath.
Geet panted,”What r u doing Mr.Khurana?”

Maan said with dark stare,”I want u now!”

Geet asked stopping him,”U were the one who was running away!Now why r u tempting me!”

Maan spoke,”Geet,doctor said to me to stay away till u reach the trimester..am mean have physical contact after ur 3 months of pregnancy and i have been away from u more time and now i cant control it.I want to love u raw jaan!”

That’s it her lips covered his and started kissing savagely.Her cheeks flushed feeling his fingers move over her breasts and tempting those nipples from her dress.She bit his chin and cheek and her hands travelled inside his shirt unbuttoning it.He groaned and pushed her softly on the bed and hovered over her not giving weight on her baby bump.He pecked her lips and undressed her slowly.She moaned feeling his fingers and warm lips on her skin.

He lied on the bed and pulled her over him and straddled her on his stomach and said,”Take me!”

Geet dint need any invitation as she had lowered her softness on his hardness.He groaned feeling her soft tissues and slowly rammed his manhood circling his hips.She moaned and he freed her hairs slowly.His hands moving over her soft swollen heavy breasts which were dangling along with the rhythm.Geet got tired after that position and he noticed it and fastened the pace.Geet moaned feeling it and at once she came following with him screaming her name.

After few minutes Geet caught her breath and saw her position as she was still sitting on his stomach and he was still inside her.Geet slowly lifted her hips and slipped beside her.

He tugged them inside the blanket and pecked her lips and forehead and said,”Now sleep on jaan!”

Geet snuggled to his chest when he wrapped behind her like silk.His arms covered her upper body and his legs entwined her legs protectively.His palms splayed protectively on baby bump.He felt the baby kick and she opened her eyes and spoke,”I think she likes s**!”

Maan chuckled and said shamelessly,”Hmm,like her mother!”

Geet pouted and moved to keep distance but he pulled her and pinned her back to his front and said,”And her dada like that behaviour of her mumma when they’re alone!”

Geet blushed furiously hearing it and he pulled her more towards him and his palm comfortably splayed on her baby bump.He kissed her naked back and said,”Sleep on jaan,Good Night!”

Geet said meekly,”Good Night!”And snuggled to him more.





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