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Geet blushed furiously but walked slowly holding her baby bump.When Geet turned on that time Veer turned towards Sasha and gave a look which said back off u snake.Sahana saw all these incidents as she had got news of Naina’s abortion from Maan and the way he kept his suspicions in front of her and Veer’s reaction abt Geet’s cup of Tea and the tug off far from Veer to Sasha and Sasha returning it back from her eye made her suspicious.





Sasha walked outside the room taking the signature of Maan and immediately stopped seeing someone standing in front of the gate.

Sasha said folding her hands,”Madam Namaste!”(Hello Madam!)

It was Sahana who stood folding her hands across her chest.

Sahana said sarcastically,”Is tarah namaste karke aapne humein humaare umar ka ehsaas karaa diya!Behtar hota ki aap humein hello kehti,aapke dress ko bhi suit karta!”(U made me realise my age doing this namaste.It would be good if u said hello to me,that would matched ur dress too!)

Sasha gave a forced smile and lowered her hands.

Sasha was abt to walk when Sahana asked,”How’s ur father Sasha?”

Sasha widened her eyes and looked around and stared at Sahana suspiciously.

Sahana asked,”Is he fine?”

Sasha dint answer but Sahana continued,”Well he will be fine after destroying my life!”

Sasha caught the last word and asked sternly,”What do u mean?”

Sahana said,”Nothing so important,dismiss!”

Sasha glared at her and walked faster.But Sahana’s remark started to ring the bell.

Sasha thought,”What about madam was talking?That remark was dangerous as if dad had done the mistake.But what dad had done the mistake.One mistake made me the slave of that Major Shatru,now how much mistake i need to rectify which is committed by my father!”

Meanwhile Veer came there and asked,”Captain,where’s Sasha?”

Sahana said,”She went Captain!Why?Do u wanted to talk to her?”

Veer said,”Yes!”

When Sahana asked,”What abt Captain?”

Veer said,”About Naina’s abortion!”

Sahana was puzzled and asked,”What?But what is the connection between Sasha and Naina’s abortion?”

Veer said,”Captain,i have doubt that Sasha is the accomplice of Major Shatru.That poison Milk was not for Naina but for Geet.Unfortunately i lost my baby becoz of that but i dont think Geet will be safer now further.She’ll be in danger and the baby too!”

Sahana was shocked,”What?Sasha has become like his father!”

Veer was shocked and asked,”What do u mean Sasha has become like father?”

Sahana said,”Her father was the munshiji who was working under my family from 20 yrs.When i was young i always played with munshiji whenever my father and mother werent with me.But that as 20 yrs ago and Major Shatru made him towards him and munshiji destroyed my life.”

Veer spoke to himself,”That means Karan was right!Sasha really wants Maan’s life to be destroyed!”

Sahana asked,”But why?”Veer said,”Captain,she loves Maan and she can go any lengths to get him!Knowing this truth may be Major Shatru had made her as his accomplice!”

Sahana was shocked hearing the truth.Here Maan shifted Naina to her room while Geet came along to speak to her.She had got to know Naina’s abortion and had come there to console her.She had spitted the news from Maan and he was cursing himself as he cant hide a single thing from his queen.Geet consoled Naina while Maan admired his jaan looking adorable and preaching Naina.Maan was totally crazy abt her and he was proud to accept it.Geet consoled Naina and walked towards courtyard in search of her Veerji.But her Veerji wasnt even thinking abt Naina and was discussing something with her MIL.When Sahana saw Geet then she became silent and Veer too.

Geet walked towards Veer and said,”Veerji,u are becoming heartless these days!”

Veer knew what she was talking about and spoke softly,”Geet,am unhappy that i lost my child but i cant sit like an drunkard old jerk.I need to think abt our life,that’s why am here!”

Geet said sternly,”Good that u dint slip to remorse but in this situation u need to think abt Naina bhabhi too!She needs ur love and co-operation!Now go and meet Naina first and plan out with mom whatever u r abt to do!”

Veer gave a soft small smile and said saluting her,”Ur wish is my command my best friend’s queen!”

Geet’s cheeks turned red hearing Veer’s soft taunt and cutely glared at him.Sahana chuckled hearing Veer’s remark and Geet pouted looking at her smirk.Veer walked towards his room while Geet slowly walked towards her room holding her cute baby bump.Next morning Veer went to his headquarters holding that poison glass and gave it to the forensic lab for testing.Meanwhile Maan transferred Naina,Geet and Sahana to the KM back once again and called the staff of KC to the out house.Here in forensic lab after testing the glass submitted his reports to Veer.

Veer looked towards the doctor who said,”This glass residue contains the very same abortion chemicals which Naina swallowed!”

After getting to know abt the reports Veer came back and showed it to Sahana who was equally shocked like Veer.

Veer spoke,”Captain, i spoke to the servant who served Milk to Naina.He said that he had left the Milk like that for few minutes and criminal got the good oppurtunity!May be he can get another oppurtunity too!”

Sahana said sternly,”We dont allow him to take the oppurtunity.Fix the cameras in KM in strategic point,i’ll monitor it!”

Veer asked,”Are u sure Captain?”

Sahana said sternly,”Ofcourse Captain.U try to trace Major Shatru and i will look after KM.Dont worry abt Naina and children.They’ll be safe here!”

Veer nodded and went outside to find some clue about Major Shatru.Here in Maaneet’s room Geet was sleeping inside Maan’s embrace after having an passionate love making.She was always exhausted due to pregnancy but she was never hurt as Maan was tender always.Maan was stroking his finger on her soft bare back and cooing her softly.

After sometime Geet got her wits and softly spoke,”Jaan!”

Maan asked,”Hmm?”

Geet answered,”Will u take me to Chachaji’s house?I want to meet them!”

Maan who had closed his eyes and was stroking her back stopped it and snapped open his eyes and looked at Geet who was eagerly waiting for his answer.Maan dint wanted Pammi to be around her as she always despised Geet.

Maan asked,”Are u sure Geet?”

Geet nodded when Maan asked,”No,i wanted to know becoz she hates u and u r wishing me to take u to her house!”

Geet spoke,”Maan,i miss my mother and after mother Chachiji was the one who grew me up and if i dont say that am pregnant then that would be rude!”

Maan immediately caught her words and asked,”U miss ur mother jaan?”

Geet dint answer and snuggled to him.He dint respond to her snuggle but stared her with wide eyes.

His eyes moistened immediately and spoke hoarsely,”I cant give u ur mother who gave me everything!”

Geet immediately understood and said stroking her swollen belly,”Maan,u have given me the most precious gift!”

Tears poured down from his chocolate eyes and Geet warned,”Maan!”

She wiped the tears and kissed his eyes.

He groaned and immediately kissed her passionately leaving her breathless and spoke,”Get ready,will take u to Singhanias!”

Geet’s lips widened with broad smile and eyes danced in its sockets.

Geet was abt to move but he stopped her and spoke,”But before that lets have another go!”

Before Geet would protest Maan captured her swollen lips into passionate never ending lovable kiss.

Geet moaned his name complaining but he dint leave her and spoke,”U made me cry so here is the punishment!”

He mouthed her softness licking it vigorously and she screamed in ecstacy.Maan licked it vigorously and she came after few seconds.

He asked,”Always ready!I love u for that too!”

Geet softly giggled but her cheeks turned more red.

Maan spoke licking her nipples,”I love this giggle!”

Geet was always ticklish these days due to pregnancy so he tickled her whenever he want.His hands surrounded her behind and squeezed it.She screamed in ecstacy while her nails dug his back marking him.Before he proceed further he felt a swift sharp kick which came from her baby bump and she winced holding it.

Maan kissed the swollen belly and said,”Calm down angel and dont disturb dada!”

Immediately it got silent and she pouted,”She only responds to ur words!”

Maan pecked her forehead calming her down and said,”That’s becoz she’s dada’s angel!”

Then he stroked his tongue on her soft lips.Meanwhile his hardness entered inside her softness slowly.He dint give any weight on the baby bump and stroked her softness softly.

Geet screamed in ecstacy,”Oh ya baby!”

Maan stuffed his rigid hardness more deeper and deeper stretching her softness to his rigid one.Geet moaned his name and he stroked her softness more vigorously.He was soft and tender in his first attempt but her naughtiness had made him hard so much that he was easing his hardness.

He stroked his inside her more faster but she screamed,”Maan,hold on!”

Maan stopped and asked,”What happened?”

Geet said,”May be i have cramps in my back muscle!Aah..its aching!”

Maan came outside and pecked her head and stroke her back and asked,”U dint say about this when we had our first go!”

Geet sighed feeling his supple strong fingers stroke her soft bare back,”On that time u were soothing my pain but now when we started our second go,am feeling the cramp!”

Maan pecked her forehead and said,”Am sorry jaan!Wait,i’ll give u an massage!”

Geet nodded and Maan ran to the bathroom to bring massaging oil.He started to massage the oil on her back softly but effectively so that the cramp cures.

Maan asked in concern kissing her soft back,”U ok baby?”

Geet nodded and sighed feeling his supple strong fingers.Maan pecked her forehead and spoke,”U sleep on jaan!Will take u to Singhanias this evening!”

Geet nodded and he stuffed more pillows around her making her wear his shirt.Maan was abt to move when she held his hand and asked,”Am sorry Maan!”

Maan knew what about she was talking and spoke shamelessly,”Jaan,i can take u whenever i want so stop feeling sad!”

Geet bushed furiously seeing his intense eyes.No matter in what  state she will be or in any age he always make her shy with his words.

Precap-Someone attacking Geet.


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Here in maaneet’s bedroom, Maan dialled to the kitchen to bring lunch to their room.On that time a man in an mask entered the kitchen. The servant who was setting lunch tray went back to pour some Milk to a glass. The servant kept the Milk glass in the tray and went up to keep Rotis in the tray when the masked man put some powder inside the Milk and stirred it and hid himself immediately. The servant came and took the tray setting it completely and walked towards Maaneet’s bedroom!






Sahana collapsed to the bench clutching her chest with wide eyes.Shock had been etched in her face.Veer came forward and held her elbow and asked with concern,”Are u ok aunty?”

Sahana gulped her saliva and asked,”U dint spoke abt this to Maan!”

Veer said,”No i dint speak abt this with Maan.In fact he dont even know that am still in Army.I have to lie him that i retired.It was one of my plans to camouflage Major Shatru and his accomplice.

Sahana grabbed his collar and turned him towards her face and spoke,”U r not gonna mention abt this to Maan crystal?”

Veer was shocked to see the bossiness in her which he never saw this till now.But replied,”Clear!”

Sahana tightened her grip in his collar but started mumbling,”We gonna handle him!nothing will happen to my family when am present!I dont want to see Maan in tension and Geet…she’s pregnant..slight tension can lead complications to her.I will take care of my family.He cant and wont touch my family when am present there!”

Veer nodded to her words when she asked him,”How did he get hold of my family Veer?”

Veer spoke,”He’s Major Shatru aunty,u know most abt him rather than me!”

Sahana said sternly,”Yeah,i know him and i wont let him harm my son’s family!”Immediately she counted something in her fingers and said,”10 girls were involved in this case Veer.One is murdered…!”

Veer said immediately to correct her count,”Three Captain!”

Sahana asked distractedly,”Three!”Veer answered,”Yes Captain,three!Captain Sarah Khan,Captain Ananya Agnihotri,Captain Lalitha Joshi!”

Sahana was shocked and spoke,”What?Captain Lalitha Joshi wasnt the victim of Major Shatru!”

But Veer answered immediately,”But she helped u collect witnesses against him!”

Sahana said sadly,”Right!U know my case history!Now left are Captain Pammi Singhal urf Singhania(Geet’s chachiji),Captain Nainakshi Nair,Captain Kamiya Kaur,Captain Savitri Poovaiah,Captain Shweta Chengappa,Captain Deepika Choudhary,Captain Sherlee D’Souza!”

Veer nodded at her.On that time servant reached the tray of glass of Milk with lunch and gave it to Maan.Maan who dint know anything made Geet to drink the Milk first.He fed the lunch lovingly while Geet threw all the tantrums.But Maan was stubborn but patient he made her sit on his lap and fed her just like a small baby.Well the baby cocooned inside her kicked several times for her dada’s remarks and Geet’s usual cute pout made the lunch having program more enlightened.Maan enjoyed every bit of it as her tantrums made him hard in every bit.His cell craved for her love and she showered it and filled his every cell with her love.After their lunch their passion started once again.But in Naina’s room she was clutching her stomach and was writhing in pain.At once she cant able to resist it so she reached the empty glass of Milk which she drank now and threw it on the ground.Both Maaneet’s passion seized and they looked towards the sound.Meanwhile Sahana and veer who were planning how to protect Maaneet from Major Shatru too heard the noise.Maan wore his clothes in record time and ran towards Naina’s room.When he entered her room the sight was a shock.Naina was bleeding and had clutched her stomach.

Naina spoke pointing towards the empty glass,”Mmm-aaa-nnn-Vvv-eeee-rrrr-jjjj-iiii!”

Maan screamed,”Naina!”And ran towards her.

Meanwhile Veer and Sahana entered the farm house and ran towards Naina’s room.On that time Geet walked towards Naina’s room and saw the sight with shock.Maan cant able to handle the situation seeing bleeding Naina and she came to his aid.

Geet immediately took a big cotton pack and inserted inside Naina’s panty and said,”Maan,call the doctor immediately!”

Naina held her hand tightly and whimpered with pain while Geet spoke stroking her hairs,”Nothing will happen to baby Naina,hold on!”

Naina nodded with the look It-Is-Too-Late.Meanwhile Sahana and Veer entered the room and was shocked.Naina was still writhing in pain.

Veer immediately cocooned her inside his embrace and asked,”What happened Naina?”

Veer saw Naina pointing towards the glass.He took it and looked at it suspiciously.

He saw some residue and asked,”What did u drank from this?”

Geet answered,”I think Milk!”Doctor came on that time and started examining Naina and declared to take her to the hospital.Immediately Naina was transported to the hospital by Maan and Veer and she was dragged inside the OT next second.

After sometime doctor came outside and said to Veer,”Captain,poison has been spread over the baby and uterus.Now u decide immediately or else u may loss baby and Naina too!”

Veer was shocked hearing this and collapsed on the chair.

Maan was immediately beside him and said,”Veer,nothing will happen to Naina!”

But doctor said firmly,”Decide very soon Captain,or else u may loss both!”

Doctor once again entered the OT and Veer sat in numb state.In the moment he felt he’s losing his half body.Yes Naina was his half body,his half soul his partner.Maan shook his shoulder and made him to come to the present world.

Immediately the same doctor came to them and asked,”What u have decided Captain?Naina or baby?”

Before Maan would speak Veer’s lips said,”Naina!”

Doctor nodded and ran inside the OT.Veer’s eyes filled with tears and it poured down.

Maan felt it and wiped it and hugged him tight and said,”U have took the right decision Veer.Dont feel guilty!”

Veer cried,”But it was my flesh Maan!”

Maan said wiping his tears,”Sshhh!”

After sometime Veer came out of Maan’s embrace and the OT light flashed Green.

Both looked up and saw doctor coming around and said to Veer,”Naina is out of danger Captain!I have taken the Uterus!Now she cant have babies further.She’s been shifted to the ward,u meet her and come to my office.I want to speak with u Captain!”

Both Maan and veer nodded to the doctor and went to meet Naina who was in sedatives.Naina was sleeping peacefully while Veer looked at her guiltily.Tears poured down from his black eyes and it fell on her hand.Her fingers moved and she slowly opened her eyes.Veer came to the focus and he hugged her tightly.

Veer mumbled,”Am sorry jaan,i was irresponsible once again!”

Naina nodded no to him and pecked his lips to soothe him.Here Maan called home & said that everything is fine to Geet as he dont want to mention what happened to Geet as she was pregnant.But Geet was Geet she understood in Maan’s tone only that something’s wrong.Geet dint insist him to speak but decided to wait.Here Veer was broken from inside but one thing was messing his brains.

Ringing the conscious bell and he asked,”Naina,u had decided to abort the baby then why was this hurry?”

Naina nodded no and spoke,”No Veer,u remember that i had given u this weekend time then how can i abort the baby?Something was there in that Milk which i drank and our baby!….our baby!”

She cried immediately.Veer nodded no to her and wiped her tears and cocooned her inside his warm arms.But his mind was the mess once again.He was confused now.Who want to kill his baby.No one knew that Naina was pregnant except him and Maan’s family.Then who want to kill his baby…or else it was targetted to someone for Naina became the victim.So many questions were swooping inside his mind.After sometime nurse came and injected a pain killer which made Naina to go to sleep.Veer left her and walked towards doctor’s cabin with Maan.

Doctor said seeing them,”Come in guys, i need to talk to u urgently!”

Both Veer and Maan sat while doctor spoke,”Captain,were u aware of ur baby’s condition?”

Veer said,”Yes and i had decided to abort the baby for Naina’s health!”

Doctor asked,”Then why u decided to abort the baby today only?U should have waited for the right time may be tomorrow or day after tomorrow!Why dint u wait?”

Veer was shocked hearing it and asked,”No doctor,even Naina had given me ultimatum till this weekend to think abt baby and i was abt to give approval to this abortion!”

Doctor was shocked,”What?But Captain the medicine which she took is a strong one that’s why i was forced to remove Uterus!”

Both Veer and Maan were shocked while doctor continued,”Look captain when that medicine went inside it instantly killed the baby and it started to affect uterus too.If u dint bring her on time then her life would be danger!Ok,now whatever happened lets leave it.Just u be attentive to her Captain.She’s fragile now.Am writing some Vitamin tablets,u give her in time and u can take her to home and mind u dont make her walk for atleast one week.She needs lost of rest and strength.Most importantly mental strength to overcome the pain!”

Veer nodded and take the prescription and went away.Maan was speaking abt the matter only but Veer dint give any attention and abruptly said,”I have some work maan,i’ll finish it and join Naina and afterwards u!”

Before Maan reply Veer he got a phone.It was from Adi.

Adi stuttered,”Sir,is Sasha reached there?”

Maan answered,”No but why she was coming here?”

Adi said,”Sir,my accounts file was needed ur urgent signature.I said that i will go but she dint listen and said that she needs to talk with u.Is she reached sir?”

Maan said no but Veer heard their conversation and his eyes widened and before Maan would ask more he dragged Maan saying they need to reach home urgently.Maan was suspicious seeing Veer react oddly and asked what is the matter but he dint answer him and they reached KM.Here Geet who had seen Sasha enter the farm house ordered two cups of Tea and Black Coffee.Sasha who had seen the servant keeping the cups said to Geet to bring some files which Maan had brought as a homework.Geet went to her room to bring and seeing the coast is clear Sasha poured some powder in that too.When Veer entered then he saw Geet abt to sip the Tea and immediately ran in nano second and pushed the Tea from her hand.The cup fell on the ground and Tea spilled.Sasha who saw this tightened her fist glaring at Veer.

Veer glared back while Geet asked worriedly,”Everything is alright Veerji?”

Veer nodded and said lovingly,”Geet,baby will be troubling u by kicking so go and have rest!”

Geet pouted,”Yes Veerji,these days this little one has become so naughty!She only responds to her papa and kicks me!But why u pushed my Tea mug?I was having the mood of having cup of Tea now!”

Veer chuckled hearing her words but answered sweetly,”Am sorry dear,my hands were clumsy!”

Geet nodded meanwhile Maan entered and asked,”What happened buddy,u r acting so weirdly…?”

He abruptly stopped and looked towards Geet with alarm.Geet asked,”Is Naina bhabhi alright?”

Before Maan stutter Veer answered firmly,”She’s ok Geet,dont worry!Now go and have rest!”

Geet nodded and turned to Maan,”Maan,Sasha has come here to get sign for xyz project.Have a look into that and return back to our holiday!”

Maan saw her displeasure abt the work and chuckled  but cutely said with broad smile,”Your wish is my command my queen!”

Geet blushed furiously but walked slowly holding her baby bump.When Geet turned on that time Veer turned towards Sasha and gave a look which said back off u snake.Sahana saw all these incidents as she had got news of Naina’s abortion from Maan and the way he kept his suspicions in front of her and Veer’s reaction abt Geet’s cup of Tea and the tug off far from Veer to Sasha and Sasha returning it back from her eye made her suspicious.

Precap-Veer looked towards the doctor who said,”This glass residue contains the very same abortion chemicals which Naina swallowed!







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He splayed his palm over the bump and spoke softly yet lovingly,”Angel,dont trouble ur mumma!”

Geet pouted seeing her getting calmer and he chuckled feeling his paternal joy and kissed her forehead.Next second he was forced to taste her lips passionately.

Geet moaned with complaint,”Maan!”

He chuckled but dint let her go and snuggled her on his chest and said,”Sleep on jaan!I worn u out!”

Geet pouted usually but snuggled inside his chest.





Veer was sad hearing Naina’s words.True that she was right but as a father he cant able to decide it.His eyes welled up and tears automatically poured down.Naina saw his turmoil and said,”Veer,u can answer me tomorrow as we have time till this weekend!”

He looked at Naina and said,”I cant decide jaan,u know that am its father!”

Naina sighed and sat beside him and snaked her arm around his shoulder and squeezed it.

He spoke making an disappointed face,”I failed u Naina,in everything!”

Naina nodded no and wiped his tears but his guilt trip starts at once,”I failed to be an responsible husband to u Naina!”

Naina said,”No Veer!U were and are always perfect husband to me!U never raised ur voice on me though i lost my temper with u.U always showered love on me whenever i craved for it from u!Even now also u know me and still u r blaming urself!U are a good and responsible husband who tried to fulfill all the responsibilities along with ur responsibilities as a soldier to this country.I love you Veer!Am very lucky to get u as my husband..my love…my soul!Its just fate and duty which made us live apart though we are husband and wife!Veer,i dont have any complaints against u!Just i have accepted my fate and ur devotion to this country!If this baby comes to this world then i cant be able to give attention to our sons.U will be busy doing ur duty to this country and i will be alone taking care of our children.If this baby comes to this world then i cant able to induce the discipline inside our sons which is the responsibility of every father in an family.That’s why am asking to abort this baby!I know that i cant be worn off the pain of the loss of my baby as a mother but to the future of our sons i cant compromise!I want to make them good citizen..good human..like u Veer!”

Veer hugged her tight and softly whimpered cant able to resist the pain.Yes whatever Naina was saying was the truth too but he was in turmoil.Since he joined the army he was killing his enemies in the wars but he never felt pain becoz they were the thorns of the society and he was burning them.But here it was an innocent child and that too his blood.He cant able to decide what to do.He wanted someone’s opinion and he knew the right person.He came out of his embrace and wore his clothes.Naina saw him silently.His expression was saying that he needs to be alone and she dint speak further.He left the room immediately.

In Maan’s room,Geet had slept peacefully inside Maan’s embrace.Veer saw this and got embarassed and went outside.He desperately need of his friend and went and sat in his balcony looking at the afternoon sun.His mind wanted to be with Maan and it got fulfilled when a hand came on his shoulder.Veer looked up to get Maan who was looking at him with concern.

Maan asked,”What happened?”

Veer asked,”What r u doing here?”

Maan rolled his eyes seeing him controlling his emotions,”What’s bothering u?Spit it out buddy!”

Veer asked in astonishment,”How do u know?”

Maan said softly,”Come on Veer,i know u by ur movements only!Now why u came to my room without any permission or knock at door and went away feeling embarassed as u knew that i was at my queen’s service?”

Veer chuckled hearing the last  sentence,”U really are gobsmacked!”

Maan sat beside him and said,”Yeah and am not denying it.Am in love with her crazily!Now let me see u!”

Maan turned Veer’s neck and his broad chest which were half closed and smiled broadly and asked,”Seems my sister has turned wild tigress!She had really sued ur skin!”

Veer glared at him and whacked his hands and buttoned his shirt immediately.

Maan grinned and folded his hands and sat comfortably and asked,”Now!”

Veer teased too,”My sister is no less..!”

Maan grinned like fool but asked making an serious expression,”Now jokes apart,what is bothering u?”

Veer made a  sad face and spoke,”This baby is no good for Naina’s health!”

Maan was shocked and asked,”What?”

Veer nodded and explained everything.Maan was shocked and immediately hugged him tighter and spoke,”We will show to best doctor Veer,dont worry ur baby will be cured!”

Veer said,”Naina is herself a best doctor but what’s her views are that if it takes birth then she cant able to give attention to her two sons and she will be irresponsible with her sons growth!”

Maan looked at the afternoon sun thoughtfully while Veer said guiltily,”Am an irresponsible father and husband Maan!”

Maan asked angrily,”Who said that?”

Veer said sadly,”Am saying that and its truth only!”

Maan said angrily,”If u were irresponsible husband then Naina would never come with u this far as ur wife!Dont blame urself becoz of the time and fate!”

Veer said,”But if i was attentive to her since i came to Delhi then this would never happen!”

Maan said angrily,”Will u stop blaming urself Veer?Now the decision which u want to take that its better to abort the baby!”

Veer looked at him shockingly while Maan continued,”Look,i lost my baby!I had the options too-Geet or baby!But i chose Geet becoz i love her so much and i dont want to be alone in my life.Here do u want to make ur other two children as orphan choosing that unborn child which isnt healthy also.U cant do that.If u keep the baby,then u and i dont know what happens in future.It may turn to more complications.To stop all those its better to abort the baby and whatever Naina is thinking is also correct.But for now u need to think abt Naina’s health as i thought abt Geet’s health on that time!”

Veer nodded to Maan.Now he was clear with his head but still he was feeling sad as it was his baby.Veer was about to say his decision when he got a phone………Veer walked towards the gate of farm house where there was so much crowd and when he entered it then he saw a woman naked and dead.Immediately Veer took his shirt and closed her upper body.On that time Sahana entered the crowd and saw Veer closing the girl’s body from the shirt and saw her face.

Shock rippled in her face and a name crept from her lips,”Ananya!”

Veer looked up and dint speak and went away and dialled to his HQ and ordered his assistants to collect the dead body.Sahana who saw this followed him.

When he reached the garden then Sahana cornered him and asked,”U r still in army?”

Veer nodded and walked further while Sahana asked,”That’s why u were asking abt my past!”

Veer turned and said,”Come with me aunty!”

Sahana walked with him and they walked past the garden towards the servants quarters.Maan had made beautiful garden for Geet to go for the walk so they entered it as Veer knew that Maan had went back to see Geet.Veer sat on the stone bench and gestured Sahana to sit in front of him.

Sahana sat and Veer started to speak,”Aunty,u were brave on that time that u unmasked Major Shatru in front of the army and i salute u for ur bravery.But now,ur past is alive and trying to take control on ur lives.Mainly Maaneet’s life.”

Sahana was shocked hearing it and asked,”How do u know?”

Veer said,”From Karan,our best friend!”

Sahana asked doubtfully,”The one who had kidnapped Geet!”

Veer nodded and spoke,”Yes aunty,it was his fate to become bad because of his father but he was never bad aunty! When he took his last breath on that time he warned Maan to stay away from Sasha, your company’s head architect, but I and Maan can’t able to connect the joints. Can u help me in this, then only I can explain u clearly! Sahana  replied,”Sasha is my munshiji daughter who destroyed my life. He was the accomplice of Major Shatru….  

Here in maaneet’s bedroom, Maan dialled to the kitchen to bring lunch to their room.On that time a man in an mask entered the kitchen. The servant who was setting lunch tray went back to pour some Milk to a glass. The servant kept the Milk glass in the tray and went up to keep Rotis in the tray when the masked man put some powder inside the Milk and stirred it and hid himself immediately. The servant came and took the tray setting it completely and walked towards Maaneet’s bedroom! 

Who drank the Milk? Sochte rahiyega 😉

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Fangirling Chinese Novels


Fan Fictions on "maaneet"

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MayaMaan Creations

One and Only Maaneet, Free FF for all Maaneet Fans...

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This is a private Blog of mine ....


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Its Truly Magical


Smile! You’re at the best

Lorelle on WordPress

utorials about WordPress, blogging, social media, and having your say on the web.


Maaneet mania !!!!

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