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Geet nodded and sighed feeling his supple strong fingers.Maan pecked her forehead and spoke,”U sleep on jaan!Will take u to Singhanias this evening!”

Geet nodded and he stuffed more pillows around her making her wear his shirt.Maan was abt to move when she held his hand and asked,”Am sorry Maan!”

Maan knew what about she was talking and spoke shamelessly,”Jaan,i can take u whenever i want so stop feeling sad!”

Geet bushed furiously seeing his intense eyes.No matter in what  state she will be or in any age he always make her shy with his words.







Both Maaneet entered the Singhania Mansion.Maan looking around him cautiously while Geet with full dimpled smile.Maan made her walk slowly holding her baby bump.

Before they would enter Pammi said angrily,”Stop right there Geet!”

Maan sighed expecting this only.Sanjay was happy and looking at Geet standing holding her baby bump his eyes twinkled.

Maan spoke,”Listen chachiji…!”

But Pammi cut him and spoke softly,”I said stop right there son!”

Maan was taken aback hearing the word son from Pammi’s lips.He stood there with stunned belief.Pammi smiled and ordered her servant from her eyes.The servant went inside and came back with the plate of litted lamp.Maan was stunned once again seeing the litted lamp plate.

Pammi stood and did arti of Geet and said,”First time u r stepping inside our house since u got married.Welcome home beta!”

Geet had tears immediately seeing her aunt welcoming her with a happy face.Geet ran towards her aunt and hugged her tight.Maan who came to the present world immediately followed her behind to cocoon her.

But Pammi cocooned her tightly and said,”Careful beta!U r carrying a child inside u.If u be rough and tough then ur baby gets hurt beta!”

Geet cutely nodded no vigorously and hugged her aunt more tighter.Pammi chuckled and immediately made her sit on the sofa.

Meanwhile Sanjay made Maan to walk towards the study.Maan looked at his jaan longingly who was chatting with her aunt non-stop.He chuckled looking at Geet chatting non-stop and went inside.Pammi asked abt Geet’s health and stroked her baby bump lovingly to get a swift kick.Pammi was shocked and kissed Geet’s forehead feeling the baby healthy feeling the cute kick.Then Pammi said to rest her in her childhood bedroom while she prepare lunch.Geet cutely walked towards her room but stopped in front of her store room and remembered something and entered inside it.


Here Sanjay asked,”Maan,everything normal in Geet’s health?”

Maan replied,”Yeah uncle!”

Sanjay gave an ear-splitting grin and sipped his coffee which was offered by Pammi.

Maan asked,”But tell me one thing,how this miracle happened?”

Sanjay knew what Maan was hinting and said,”My daughter changed Pammi,Maan!”

Hearing Sameera’s name Maan’s jaw tightened and Sanjay said seeing his expression,”No Maan,she’s not the old Sameera who tortured u and Geet.She’s a changed girl,may be becoz of the incidents and situations which happened in her life!”

Maan gave a puzzled look while Sanjay continued,”She cant conceive Maan!”

Maan was shocked hearing that news and thought,”Angad dint tell me!”

His jaw tightened once again getting angry.

Sanjay cleared his doubt too,”Sameera had stopped Angad to not to tell u!”

Maan calmed down but was hurted as he got to know the news from his father-in-law when Angad was his best friend.Maan’s nostrils flared with anger but dint react.


 Geet stood in the dark store room trying to search for something when she felt someone walk past her.She turned feeling conscious and widened her eyes with alarm.No one was there which she felt after few seconds and turned towards the object for which she was trying to search.Few seconds after once again she felt someone behind her.She felt the person’s hot breath.Before she get to know who is the person when she turned then the place was empty.Now Geet was hell scared and started moving the boxes vigorously when she felt a long string struck to her hand.She tried to free her hand but she cant.But she dint see the end of the thread struck to the chandelier.


Here Maan entered the kitchen to get Pammi cooking a lavish lunch for Geet.

Maan saw the dishes impressively while Pammi turned and said,”Maan,call everyone for lunch!”

Maan asked,”Yeah but where’s Geet?”

Pammi answered,”I said her to rest in her childhood bedroom!Its beside the store room!U call her,till then i will transfer the dishes to the dining table!”

Maan nodded and walked towards the store room.He heard some noise and he entered the store room.

Maan entered the store room and chuckled looking at his innocent pouty wify who was pouting seeing a thread stuck around her hand.He frowned looking the sight and his eyes followed the thread.His frown deepened but it dint last long as his face struck with the horror.The chandelier was above Geet’s head and if the thread is freed then the pointed metal rod can pierce Geet’s head.His eyes widen with shock and saw her struggle.


Sanjay who was sitting in the study was shocked hearing the sound of glass break and ran towards the sound while Pammi who was working in kitchen too was shocked hearing the glass break sound and she too ran towards the sound.When both Pammi and Sanjay entered then they saw the sight with shock…..

Geet had stood inside the embrace of Maan who was equally scared.There was an broken Chandelier.

Maan asked with concern,”U ok jaan?”

Geet nodded slowly as tears flew away from her almond eyes towards her cheeks.

Maan wiped it softly and asked angrily,”What were u doing here?This is a dangerous place to a pregnant woman!”

Geet whimpered seeing his anger.Maan closed his eyes immediately seeing her scared.

Immediately he snuggled her inside his embrace while Pammi asked,”What were u doing here Geet?What do u want here?”

Geet stammered,”Woh! Woh!I wanted to show my parents photo to Maan!I dint had set foot in this house since marriage so thought i will sort it out and take it to our home!”

Pammi felt guilty hearing her answers and said,”Geet,u rest dear.I will sort that out and give u!”

Geet nodded cutely while Maan immediately lifted in his strong arms and walked towards the exit.Before Maan exit the door he once looked towards the chandelier and was shocked looking at the nuts which were loosened manually.

Geet asked lifting her head,”What happened Maan?”

Maan nodded no to her and walked outside.Everyone followed her and he made her sit in front of the dining table.Smell of her favourite dishes made Geet forget the incident and took the spoon of the spicy dal which Pammi had prepared.Pammi chuckled looking at Geet who was a child herself looking at those delicious dishes. 

Precap-Pammi to Sanjay,”How many times do i have to tell u to repair that chandelier?U have become so lazy these days Sanjay!”

Sanjay answered,”But i had repaired it yesterday only!”

Pammi came near him and examined his iris of his eyes and spoke,”Then i think u cant see nowadays.Let’s go to the Eye doctor!”

Sanjay said irritably,”Stop taunting me Pammi,am still 58!”

Pammi asked,”Then how come that chandelier fell down?U dint put the bolts correctly that’s why it fell down.Am fortunate that i dint go to the store room to take things.Or else i would have injured.Stop covering up ur mistakes becoz of ur carelessness!”

Pammi exited the room angrily but someone was listening to their conversation and he was none other than MSK whose eyes had widened with shock.


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