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Major said,”Who said that its Geet’s turn now its Sahana’s turn then Veer’s turn and then Maan’s turn and then lastly Geet’s turn.”

Sasha cried,”I joined hands with you so that i can get Maan.If you murder him then how can i get him?”

Major said,”I dont leave people remaining to revenge on me.After your purpose you will also freed from this world.”

Sasha was shocked hearing this but it was too late.He pushed her from him and locked her in dungeons so that she dont mess the plans.



It was the silence which was lingering everywhere.Some were silence before storm while some were silence after storm.Some people die and live once again while some people will be living still they were dead people to the world.Venomous Desires were inside man’s minds were once again coming in front of the world.For one man’s venomous desires whole world was suffering.From Maan to Geet…from Sahana to Samarth…from Sasha to Major Shatru.

Major Shatru was feeling venomous desires while Maaneet and their family were suffering.Pammi was having the venomous desire of having Geet’s baby to her daughter but she met the brutal end.Everyone suffered because of these venomous desires and everyone repented their mistake.But one man is out there lingering half mad and half well to get the taste of pain…the brutal pain for which he was destined who himself prepared to taste it unknowingly.Revenge is a sweet  and slow poison which he’s tasting from past 30 years.The great Major Shatru was about to strike his plan to capture the whole Khurana clan.One strike and Khurana clan will be checkmated.

Maan sat in Singhania study and breathed heavily.He was surrounded by his mother,Veer and Sanjay.He wanted to kill Major Shatru that instense when he heard about the real story.How Major Shatru destroyed his life,his mother’s life.Sanjay was keeping his hand on his head and was sitting on the chair hearing the whole story.Maan wanted to revenge on Major but someone is there who want to take care of that Major.

Maan snarled,”Veer,let me go!I want to kill that Major who destroyed my life completely!”

Veer sat in front of him and looked straight in his eyes and asked calmly,”Don’t you have any brains Maan!Everytime you think of killing people!”

Maan glared at him while he continued,”Don’t you have any responsibility in your life that you are running helter skelter thinking of revenging people!”

Maan said angrily,”You are a coward man Veer!If someone who would be in my place asking for parents love and then he knows that his parents separated because of some Major who lusted my mother and he destroyed my mother completely then you would never say these words!”

Veer shouted glaring at him,”Yes i am a coward man because am struck with my responsibility.You said that i would destroy that man if i was in your place but before that i would secure my wife and children and then i would revenge on that person.But right now am there to do your work then you don’t need to bother!”

Maan was shocked and snapped.”I dont want to shoot him from your shoulder!”

Veer said,”This is not some ordinary shoulder…this law’s shoulder which is giving the permission to kill that man without any enquiry or hearing or any other law formalities in which he can escape with small loopholes!”Maan said,”But…!”Sahana said,”Veer is right Maan!I can’t do anything as am ordinary citizen and you can’t do anything too!It’s Veer only who can protect us!I need to write a letter seeking military protection from Major Shatru!”Maan said immediately,”But we don’t have any proofs to prove him guilty!”Veer said immediately,”We have!Many!”


Khurana mansion 6pm

Geet woke with a start and cursed Maan for making her sleep so late.She walked slowly towards the kitchen holding her large belly and pouting to herself.She crossed the dining hall and saw a beautiful Rose bouquet.She wondered who sent that and walked towards it.

She called the servants,”Manoj,Vinod come here!”

Manoj said politely,”Yes madam!”

Geet asked,”Who sent this bouquet?”

Manoj answered,”I dont know madam.It was kept outside the door!”

Geet said,”Is it?”

She looked towards it and saw a letter and took it.She sent the servant and opened the letter.Meanwhile Maan collapsed feeling weirdly.He felt something wrong going to happen.Here Geet read the letter.

The letter said,”Wanna know who murdered Pammi?Meet me at 12pm today near your house gate!”

There was no name or sign and she was shocked and thought,”Murder!But Maan said her death was a suicide!”

She saw the letter back to front and she dint get anything.Tears poured down from her almond eyes and she ran to her room holding the letter.

She dialled to Maan while Maan asked holding his heart,”Is he going to harm Geet in his revenge game?”

Before Veer answer him he got Geet’s call and he answered,”Yes jaan!”


Geet asked,”Maan,tell me the truth!Was chachiji murdered or she committed suicide!”

Maan stammered and she caught his lies and cried,”Why dint you tell me?What would i answer Sameera di when she asks that why i dint take any care?”

Maan said sternly,”Geet,you are taking tension unnecessarily!No one gonna blame you jaan!”

Geet said,”But…!”

Maan said sternly,”Listen to me….you dont think too much about it.Am coming home!”

He disconnected the phone and said to Veer,”Let’s go to KM!We’re needed there rather than here!”

When they reached home then Geet shouted on them for behaving so secretive.But Maan explained her patiently and made her eat food.Then he tried to make her drink Milk but she said that she dont want Milk today instead she want Ice cream.Maan ran to bring her favourite ice cream while 12pm came very soon.The coast was clear for Geet to go to the gate and she went meanwhile Major Shatru entered the KM…


Major Shatru caught Geet and said,”I was waiting for you to taste this beauty!”He stroked her lips softly.Immediately she threw his hands from her.He was angry and twisted her hands.She screamed in pain while he turned her with him to see her face in the mirror.Shock etched in Major Shatru’s face…


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