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sweet surrender

soothe the ache that gnaws at me wrap me warm in that tender place tame the beast that howls inside bond close to you by healing grace whole and smiling I’m alive again sweet surrender to my lover’s call

she stops my endless litany of doubt her nimble tongue pushed deep warmly filling up my hungry mouth while fingers soft, stroke my loins rising ready to meet our needs sweet surrender to hunger’s call

silken flesh slides lithely over me quiet strength that in love’s service she pins me gasping to our bed legs round my head, she rocks till we tumble locked together sweet surrender to passion’s call


Bound to you with tender whispers
that fan the flames of my inner passions,
never wishing to break free.
My heart spoke yes,
long before my mind ever knew.
Your skin as soft as silken petals.
Thirst pouring through out my veins,
blooms the scents of my desire.
Shackled to a hunger,
cuffed to where your fantasies dwell.
Helplessly unable to oppose,
it’s a sweet surrender.
Sensual art forms dance shadows upon the wall,
sultry emotions softly echoing your name.
Slowly now the flames subside.
Singed yearnings,
contented sighs.
I can still taste you on my lips,
smell you on my clothes.
Lingered cravings as days go by.
Waking on whispers of desire,
just stir the ashes of the fire



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Geet :, what he is doing here papaji KO pata chala toh..

Kritika : you come with me .. No first meet rudra , karan and maan..

Geet : I know him…she said seeing maan and then at the other two.. She smiled sweetly at rudra and greeted him even apologize for her behavior but gave a glare to karan and he even returned the same..

Rudra made a face ..

Rudra : who is the kid here..

Maan whispered

Maan : I think both…








Rudra was shocked hearing Maan’s words.Maan never complimented a girl with any type of words but he was calling Geet as kid which made him suspicious.He gave Maan a curious look raising his eyebrows and Maan got conscious.

He cleared his throat and said,”Why r u staring me like that?”

Rudra said simply still staring at him,”Thinking!”

Maan asked,”What?”

Rudra answered,”That how did sun rose west instead of east?”

Maan asked puzzled,”What do u mean?”

Rudra answered,”That how come you are complimenting Geet as a kid,when u always ran far from girls!”

Maan glared with so much intensity that Rudra chuckled and walked away with attitude.

Maan remembered the incident when Karan was quarreling with Geet then Maan had observed her.She was pouting her lips just like a small kid and this made him chuckle softly and when Kritika introduced Geet to him second time then her eyes had turned towards him saying she knows him.From that moment he felt that he knows her from ages.Those intense brown orbs twinkled at him cutely and it made him hard immediately.He felt that and groaned softly and tried to forget that deep brown eyes but he was also aware that till the Manali trip these deep brown eyes gonna haunt him entirely.Rudra tapped him and shouted his name for the trance broke.When he opened his eyes then Rudra saw something which made his mouth hanging open.At the moment,Maan had shown his true feelings.

Rudra asked,”Maan?”

Maan turned immediately and cleared his throat and asked,”Yes Rudra!”

Rudra asked,”What are you doing here?I was calling you from quite time but you weren’t answering me!”

Maan ruffled his hairs making it messy and said,”Nothing Rudra,am hungry,let’s have breakfast!”

Maan walked faster towards the dining table followed by Rudra who was smirking to himself.Karan noticed this and raised his eyebrows.Rudra nodded telling him that he will tell him afterwards.Handas,Khurana,Singhania,Kundra,Arohi,Pinky had their breakfast.

Rudra asked,”Maan,let’s go skiing!”

While Geet answered there,”U go Meera,am not interested!”

Rudra and Meera were concerned and both glared at their fellows.Rudra wanted Maan to be better so he was trying but Maan was stubborn.

Rudra said defeatedly,”Ok,your wish!”

He thought if Maan will be alone then he can solve some problem for he’s mourning so much.

Maan looked at him suspiciously and thought,”Rudra never accepts defeat like this!”

Rudra walked towards Meera who was equally disappointed with Geet and was leaving her alone too.Rudra,Meera,Karan,Kritika,Pinky went to sight seeing while Maaneet were left alone in the guest house.After one hour both Maaneet got bored and came outside their rooms.Their rooms were situated opposite side of the guest house.Geet who wrapped her shawl walked towards the Apple orchard and was happy looking at so many Apples dangling from the trees.She wanted to taste it so she went to an Apple tree and tried to get Apple dangling above her but she couldn’t.She jumped but it dint reach her.She pouted looking at the Red Apple.

Before she walk away she heard a voice,”May i help you?”

She turned to get that deep chocolate orbs looking at her intently.She blushed cutely looking at him and nodded slowly.Maan smiled and unbottoned his shirt.Geet was shocked and she remembered Varun like that and walked backwards banging her back to the tree feeling scared.Maan came forward and kept his face in front of her face and looked into those deep brown orbs deeply.

He thought,”She’s scared of something!”

Geet’s eyes welled up and looked at Maan so scared and for a moment Maan’s heart cried seeing her so scared.The pain he felt was unimmaginable.He breathed on her face feeling hungry and immediately started to climb the tree just like a Panther.Geet who turned at his movement saw him plucking Apples and throwing downwards to the baskets.She saw him shirtless doing work and she forgot what she felt few seconds back and looked at him with mouth hanging open.She was wondering that few seconds back she was scared but now she’s feeling aroused.

Maan came down holding a last Apple for himself and said,”Sorry,i scared you!”

And then he smirked with his charming smile and said,”But i was enjoying looking at your scary face!”

Anger bled in her veins and she slapped him strongly that his lips bled.Maan dint flinch but he dint get angry too.He was so shocked at his deed.His words brought him shocked

Geet said angrily pointing her finger towards him,”Don’t come near me!”

Geet picked the basketful of Apples and ran inside the guest house.Maan saw her retreating back perplexed.He bit a bite of Apple looking confused of his behaviour.Here Kritika and Karan once again quarreled for some random girl and Rudra,Meera and Pinky got irritated.


Here in guest house,both Maaneet were shocked with their behaviour.

Maan’s thoughts……

Maan was excercising aggressively remembering her scared.He thought,”Yes,she’s stranger to me.Yes,she don’t know anything about me.Me too know nothing about her yet why i crossed my limits.May be she thought me some kind of sadist who want to be with lone girls to take advantage.What i have done?I need to talk to her to clear some doubts.I dont even know her.I only know that she’s daughter of Mohinder uncle.Damn what have i done!”

Geet’s thoughts……

Geet was sitting near the window and was writing a letter to god…..

Dear God,

Why i slapped him?To cover up my mistake of drooling him.I know i have broken heart.I can’t move on so easily.I have took a promise for myself am not gonna love anyone.Am gonna marry that man who papa gonna select for me.But today i was drooling over him shamelessly and slapped for the mistake he never did!Please god help me in this.Let me move on and forget the incident.Why you trust me when i have behaved like a mistrust person.Sorry god!……Maan!……..


Next part gonna come very soon.


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When they reached home then Geet shouted on them for behaving so secretive.But Maan explained her patiently and made her eat food.Then he tried to make her drink Milk but she said that she dont want Milk today instead she want Ice cream.Maan ran to bring her favourite ice cream while 12pm came very soon.The coast was clear for Geet to go to the gate and she went meanwhile Major Shatru entered the KM…


Part 82

Major Shatru wanted to take revenge on Sahana because of her he was rotten in jail for so many years.He wanted to destroy her family.He wanted to destroy her son and daughter in law and knowing that Geet was pregnant he wanted to give tension to her so that her baby die and he can take her revenge.He got ready smartly.He adjusted his face to the warmth of welcome instead of that hatred smirk.He wanted to approach Geet slowly so that she wont get alert.He came to the KM gate disabling all cameras and switching off the mains.He saw the main doors of KM open and a lady walk towards the gate with swollen belly.He smirked looking at her and made his face decent.

Geet walked towards the gate slowly and saw a man standing near the gates dressed smartly.She thought him as Veer from his posture.But she dint know that she gonna be cheated.She crossed the garden and reached the gate holding her swollen belly.

Geet spoke,”Hello?”

She was expectant in her tone and Major Shatru was happy hearing it.

Major Shatru caught Geet and said,”I was waiting for you to taste this beauty!”

He stroked her lips softly.Immediately she threw his hands from her.He was angry and twisted her hands.She screamed in pain while he turned her with him to see her face in the car mirror which he parked on the other side of the road.Shock etched in Major Shatru’s face…there stood Sahana gritting her teeth.

Major Shatru was confused seeing Sahana and asked,”How?”

Sahana immediately removed the football from her stomach and opened the very same letter who he had sent to Geet and spoke,”Like this!”

Sahana lifted her hand to slap him when he pressed her soft corner.Sahana was shocked and she knew that corner makes her weak on knees and she was on her knees glaring at him.Major Shatru smirked and Sahana got unconscious due to that.Major Shatru caught her and lifted her in his arms and dumped her in his car and went back immediately to receive Geet.Now Geet came to the gates and she was inhaled Chloroform by Major Shatru and he lifted Geet too and dumped inside his car and drove towards his mansion.There was an victorious smile on Major Shatru’s face.

Meanwhile Maan brought ice cream and entered KM to get a silent mansion.Silence prevailed everywhere.There was no whispers of Geet’s anklets or Sahana’s shouting to their servants to finish the work.It was a weird moment which made him tensed.This morning only he heard about Major Shatru and now a silent house.Firstly he thought that everyone has slept but there was an sinister silence.

Meanwhile here in Shatru’s residence,Major Shatru was staring at Geet with stun.There was an hungry look seeing the unconscious beautiful Geet.Her soft beautiful face…her almond eyes…her soft pink lips…her round swollen curves…her curvaceous body…her swollen belly…everything was making him aroused.He wanted to touch her and feel her as she was looking like an angel…pregnant angel.Never he felt like this before to any girl.Her beauty made him crazy at that moment.He wanted her…her wanted her at any cost.He saw her hungrily top to bottom.Sahana who had came around saw Major Shatru lusting her daughter-in-law who was asleep in his large bed.He stretched his hands to touch her cheeks but he got a snarl from the nearby Sahana who was struggling to untie the rope which was tied behind her to her hands,”Dont touch her!”

Major Shatru looked up and smiled widely and spoke,”About time!”

He sat in front of her and smirked,”Why cant i touch her?She’s beautiful!Sexy!Hot!I thought pregnancy makes women ugly and weak but look at her,she can give me competition in sex!I think she’s a wild cat!”

Sahana said angrily,”Just shut up!”

Major Shatru glared at her and slapped looking mean.Sahana screamed angrily,”U do whatever Major but U cant get Geet in this lifetime!”

Major Shatru laughed aloud and spoke,”Havent you noticed Captain that Geet is at my mercy and i can do whatever i want!”

Sahana snarled,”No!”

Major Shatru said eagerly,”Yes!”

And walked towards Geet.Major Shatru was enjoying this situation and he was speaking weirdly today.He never played with his prey.He would destroy it totally but today he wanted to see helplessness in Sahana’s face.He looked into her face and turned to Geet to touch her soft creamy cheeks but….


Maan searched for Geet and Nikhila everywhere while Veer got a phone from a strange girl who informed him that Geet and Sahana had been kidnapped in some haunted house where always screams of pleasure sounds.Family people never wanted to enter that place.Veer was shocked to hear it and drove towards KM.

Veer reached to KM and saw Maan so much worried sitting in courtyard not getting any clue of anyone in mansion.

Veer saw him and asked,”Where is Geet and Captain?”

Maan looked up and was relieved to see his best friend and said,”Its good u came Veer!Am not getting any tracer of Geet or mom.Geet’s mood swings came and she asked for ice cream.Unfortunately ice cream was not in the house so i went to bring but when i came back there was no one in the mansion,neither Geet nor mom!”

Veer got the picture and he remembered the strange girl’s call few hours back and said urgently,”Let’s go Maan!”

Maan asked perplexed,”But where?”

Veer said,”I’ll explain you in the car!”Both Maan and Veer drove the car towards that haunted place.

Precap-Geet screamed in pain,”Maan!”

And pressurized and immediately baby came outside and cried at once.Maan looked at a pink cotton ball covered in lots of blood with wonder.Immediately he felt two hands holding his legs and pulling downwards and towards the deep cliff.

Geet saw Maan has been pulled downwards to the mouth of the deep cliff and screamed in shock,”Maan!”

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