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Maan searched for Geet and Nikhila everywhere while Veer got a phone from a strange girl who informed him that Geet and Sahana had been kidnapped in some haunted house where always screams of pleasure sounds.Family people never wanted to enter that place.Veer was shocked to hear it and drove towards KM.

Veer reached to KM and saw Maan so much worried sitting in courtyard not getting any clue of anyone in mansion.

Veer saw him and asked,”Where is Geet and Captain?”

Maan looked up and was relieved to see his best friend and said,”Its good u came Veer!Am not getting any tracer of Geet or mom.Geet’s mood swings came and she asked for ice cream.Unfortunately ice cream was not in the house so i went to bring but when i came back there was no one in the mansion,neither Geet nor mom!”

Veer got the picture and he remembered the strange girl’s call few hours back and said urgently,”Let’s go Maan!”

Maan asked perplexed,”But where?”

Veer said,”I’ll explain you in the car!”Both Maan and Veer drove the car towards that haunted place.



Major Shatru was threw away by a punch which came from a nearby person.Major was shocked and looked up to get Sahana seething in anger.

Sahana shouted,”Dint i tell u to stay away from my daughter-in-law?”

She had freed her bonds by a knife which she hid under her sleeve.Major got up glaring at her and launched himself on her making her fall flat on the ground on her and banged his head to hers.

Sahana twitched under him and snarled,”B*****d!”

Major slapped her angrily but Sahana brought her knees between them and kicked him with full force.Major fell far across the room banging his head to the edge of the window and became unconscious.Sahana saw this and got up immediately breathing heavily and looked towards Geet.She slept like a carefree baby.Sahana went towards her and shook her calling her name.But Geet dint answer.Sahana sprinkled some water making Geet to come to the conscious state.Geet moved her eye balls and opened her eyes.Sahana came to the focus and was shocked.

Geet asked,”Mom,what happened to you?”

Sahana’s lips were cut due to the slap and blood dripped from the corner of her mouth.

Sahana said,”Don’t bother,let’s go!”

She helped Geet to get up holding her swollen belly while Geet saw around her.

She asked,”Mom,where r we?”

Sahana answered shortly,”Will tell you when we reach home!Now let’s go!”

Geet spoke,”Mom,last i saw you seeing the letter who was sent by that stranger.Then you insisted me that you will go first to know who he’s.But u dint turn back and i followed you but that man inhaled something to me and i got unconscious!”

Geet looked around and saw the man unconscious and asked,”What happened to him?”

Sahana spoke,”This man kidnapped you and me so that he can destroy my family!He’s the man who destroyed my life!”

Geet was shocked and looked towards him once again.Sahana said,”Before he gets consciousness lets go from here.He’s very dangerous!”Geet nodded and walked further holding her swollen belly but….


Maan asked in panic listening to Veer’s silence,”Veer,tell me what is happening!”

Veer said,”U will see Maan!”

Veer drove towards the outskirts and stopped in front of the abandoned place which was dirty.Maan was amazed when he was dragged by Veer inside the building which was so clean and tidy inside.

Maan asked once again getting tensed,”Veer what’s this place and why have u dragged me in here?”

Veer said,”Maan,I wanted to say something before i show you!”

Maan was attentive now.Veer started,”U had asked me once that i truly left army or am pretending.Yes i was pretending and this place gives you proof of my reason of pretense!”

Maan spoke with concern,”Veer,that was casual question.I know my friend perfectly and he wont pretend simply if he dint had any solid reasons.”

Veer smiled and said with gratitude,”I know my friend and am grateful for that but now what am telling u is very important.U know ur mom’s colleagues who died a haunting deaths.That was done by Major Shatru and…..!”

Maan insisted,”And…?”

Veer took a deep breath and said,”And by Sasha!”

Maan was shocked hearing that while Veer continued,”I got doubt when i joined ur company.She was corrupting the directors and was swallowing lots of money.When i asked about this then she blackmailed me that she knows my reason of joining.Then i started to keeping an eye on Sasha.Every murder had her involvement she would manipulate the victim and Major would get good oppurtunity.In Pammi’s case also it was same.But i cant able to search her secrets but today i got to know that she gonna drag the victim means she gonna kidnap Geet and Captain and bring here.I wanted to catch her redhandedly.So help me then only we can reach Geet and Captain!”

Maan was even more angry hearing Sasha as negative and asked,”Why i cant see her intentions,when she tried to manipulate me against Geet then i listened to her and saw Geet with wrong meaning?”

Veer answered,”She loved you Maan and for her everything is fair in love and war!”




Here in Major’s house,Sahana and Geet walked faster.Major had purposefully brought them to farm house so that they get lost in that jungle.After one hour Sahana haulted in front of the same tree from where she walked further to escape and Geet’s state was not good.After walking faster she had pressurised herself with fear and concern and she was trying to keep her consciousness.At once Sahana walked further to end that maze when Geet’s water broke.Geet screamed in pain holding her swollen belly,”Maan!”


Here in that abandoned place Maan felt uneasiness and his heart has been squeezed by a tiny fist.He sat on the ground immediately.He was concerned to get the glimpse of his wife but here he was so weak.

Veer asked,”What happened Maan?”

Maan snarled,”To hell with your investigations,I was telling for quite time that she not gonna come here yet you r staying here only.Am feeling uneasy and i dont know my heart says that Geet’s in danger.Am going from here in search of Geet.If you dont budge then am going alone!”

Veer said,”Calm down Maan.I have my informers if they say that this place is wrong then we surely get out of here!”


Here in Major Shatru’s place Geet twitched madly on the floor holding her swollen belly.She was having labor pains and Sahana was trying to subdue her.

Geet screamed,”Maan…..i want Maan!”

Sahana stroked her head and said,”I’ll call him dear!U just hold on!”

Geet nodded while Sahana took Major’s mobile phone but someone held her arm and snatched the phone.Sahana turned and was shocked to see Major got consciousness.Geet was scared now.But before Major react Sahana gave a punch once again and ran off.Major closed his eyes and opened in a fraction of second but Geet and Sahana wasn’t there.

Major saw around him and snarled sarcastically,”If you want to play hide and seek Captain then am expert in it you know that.Come out like a good girls and be my guest.I know Geet’s water broke and she cant able to hold much time..so come out you dirty little witches.”

Major walked further while Sahana and Geet hid themselves behind a large tree which was at an arms length to Major.Geet moaned softly with pain as baby kicked to come outside.

Major heard that and revolved around and said enthusiastically,”Where r u my dirty little s**t?I know ur baby is getting impatient to come outside!”

Sahana whispered,”Hold on dear,i’ve dialled to Maan!”Geet nodded and relieved but not anymore when she saw a cold eyes glare at her got unconscious.It was Major who had heard their convo and ran towards the sound.


Here Sasha walked inside the place and stood in front of them.

Maan’s anger doubled up and snarled,”Where have u kept my mother and my wife Sasha?”

Sasha’s anger doubled up and said,”I wont tell you till you fulfill my wishes!”

Maan looked at her meanly and pulled her towards him squeezing her elbow,”U know what,i’ve forgotten who r u to me since i got to know that you helped Major to kidnap my mom and my wife.If something happens to them,a single scratch then you will see real hell in front of you remember that!”

Sasha shivered looking at his angry eyes while Maan asked bossily,”Now u know what i can do to you,now tell me where r they?”

Sasha nodded no to him.Maan closed his eyes taking a deep breath and opened his chocolate eyes which had only hatred and dragged her helter skelter.Veer was unable to control as he knew he was impatient to see Geet and he was too concerned.They wanted Geet and Sahana well.Sasha squealed in pain when she banged her knee to a nearby iron street lamp.Sasha tried to manipulate Maan but all went haywire when he wanted to hear only one place which Sasha accidentally let slip from her tongue in anger.Maan was victorious.He ordered Veer to arrest Sasha and take her to the police station while Maan drove towards the place.


Here Geet opened her almond eyes to get that cold eyes stare at her.She was scared to death.Her body was paining and his stare was making her mad.

Sahana saw her awake and asked with concern,”Geet,r u alright beta?”

Geet cried,”I want Maan!”

Sahana consoled,”He will come dear,dont worry!”

Major interrupted,”Captain,are u out of your mind!You r in front of your superior who havent given you permission to speak.Where r your manners?”

Sahana said angrily,”Just shut up Major!For your kind information,am ex-army now!I dont think i need to listen to you and for your bonds from which you have tied me.I dont think it keep me tied for much time!”

She freed her bonds once again and banged her head to his nose which bled profusely.

Before Major would react Sahana said,”Geet close your eyes and concentrate on your best side.Think about Maan till then i’ll finish this vermin completely.”

Geet nodded cutely and closed her eyes and thought about Maan.

Meanwhile Sahana twisted the bond around his neck and twisted it tightly and snarled,”U want to destroy my family.Now lets see that how much you will face Captain Sahana!”

Major twitched madly as Sahana had held his neck tight.Before Sahana do something she heard Geet moan in pain and she hanged him to the fan so that he gets suffocated but he did a trick which made Sahana fooled.He pretended to be dead using his yoga skills and Sahana ran to Geet leaving Major there untied.

Precap-Geet screamed in pain,”Maan!”

And pressurized and immediately baby came outside and cried at once.Maan looked at a pink cotton ball covered in lots of blood with wonder.Immediately he felt two hands holding his legs and pulling downwards and towards the deep cliff.

Geet saw Maan has been pulled downwards to the mouth of the deep cliff and screamed in shock,”Maan!”

Precap 02-Epilogue


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