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Before Major would react Sahana said,”Geet close your eyes and concentrate on your best side.Think about Maan till then i’ll finish this vermin completely.”

Geet nodded cutely and closed her eyes and thought about Maan.

Meanwhile Sahana twisted the bond around his neck and twisted it tightly and snarled,”U want to destroy my family.Now lets see that how much you will face Captain Sahana!”

Major twitched madly as Sahana had held his neck tight.Before Sahana do something she heard Geet moan in pain and she hanged him to the fan so that he gets suffocated but he did a trick which made Sahana fooled.He pretended to be dead using his yoga skills and Sahana ran to Geet leaving Major there untied.



Sahana ran to Geet who was lying in the pool of blood.She was shocked looking at Geet’s state. Geet was indeed in danger.Before Geet would get into more trouble Sahana dialled to Veer’s mobile. She wanted to make Geet safe before she tackle the Major.

Here Both Maan and Veer were heading to the location which Sasha told.On that time Veer got a call.It was from Sahana who said her location and asked for medical emergency.Veer assured Sahana to come for her aid and both Maan and Veer parted ways.Veer ran to bring medical assistance while Maan headed to the location. Sahana took a deep calming breath thinking that Geet is saved and turned towards her to get the shock that she was not there.Immediately she saw towards Major who wasn’t there too. Sahana’s forehead wrinkled with tensed lines and she started to search for Geet. Major Shatru who was pretending smirked looking at tensed Sahana. He wanted to throw so much of pain to Geet so that Sahana can cry for her lifetime.But,time plays its role. Major Shatru lifted Geet and brought her to the cliff so that he can throw her inside the deep valley. Geet who was unconscious at once with difficulty got consciousness feeling the touch of a man.She thought him to be Maan and looked into the face to get the shock of her life.Once again she was in the crutches of Major and she noticed that he was taking her somewhere. Geet indeed had come to conclusion that he’s inhuman.He was carrying a pregnant lady who’s lying in the pool of blood.He was trying to kill her MIL and her and her baby at once. Geet made up her mind that she need to struggle for this for her baby so that she can bring her baby into this world.Geet saw him walk towards the cliff and saw that a root trip him and both fell on the ground.Geet who landed on the ground softly saw that she has fell on Major Shatru and moved from him with all her strength.

Major saw this and held her elbow and smirked,”Where r u going b***h?”Geet who wasnt in the state to speak due to blood lost she weakly wiggled her elbow.

Major saw her meek struggle and said,”U guys never give up.Your MIL was not giving up there so i brought you here so that i can see you die twitching madly.Trying to give birth to your baby and your baby wont come outside and die inside your womb and you die seeing that makes me peaceful man in this whole world.Try..Khurana..more try!”

Geet slowly moved from him and spoke,”D-Don’t b-be s-so s-sure t-that u-u w-will g-get a-away s-so e-easily k-killing m-me!U-u n-need t-to f-face M-maan s-singh k-khurana y-yet a-and b-believe m-me h-he’ll b-be y-your w-worst n-nightmare!”

Geet got so tired saying this and leaned on to the tree trunk and felt blood ooze out from her behind.Geet half closed her eyes and saw Major come near her.Her eyes shot open towards him and saw his eyes spitted venom.

He slapped her strongly and snarled,”First stand firmly on your feet and speak about your husband.Where is he?Doesn’t he know who’s behind this.I had heard that when Geet’s in trouble he will be running around you like a knight in shining armour!”

He mocked her and searched,”Still no sign of him!I think he’s truly not a brave man!”

On that time Maan stepped his foot on the ground of that farm house and Geet felt his footsteps.Her heart rejoiced and a smile crept on her soft lips.

Major offered,”U stay with me as my s**t.I will offer you sensational sex drives 24/7.Let’s bin this baby which is destroying your beautiful body structure.Come to me you b***h.You will see a new world.You can become this world’s famous s**t and men will be salivating in front of your beauty and you can be their queen taking all their cum inside your ***** and your mouth!What do you think?”

Geet who looked towards him with venom said,”I think you have invited trouble calling me worst things,look behind you!”

Major turned to see Maan breathing like an angry bull.Before Major would react he was threw out of the way and into the cliff where he wanted to bin Geet’s baby and escape with her to make her his s**t.Maan dint see what happened of Major when he saw Geet’s state.He was at her side immediately.Tears poured down looking at her state.

Maan cried,”Sorry jaan,am sorry for being late!”

Geet kept her palm on his cheek and spoke wiping those tears,”Its ok my love!”

Immediately she felt a final kick from the baby and Geet screamed at once.

Geet screamed in pain,”Maan!”

And pressurized and immediately baby came outside and cried at once.Maan looked at a pink cotton ball covered in lots of blood with wonder.Immediately he felt two hands holding his legs and pulling downwards and towards the deep cliff.

Geet saw Maan has been pulled downwards to the mouth of the deep cliff and screamed in shock,”Maan!”


Geet saw Maan has been pulled downwards to the mouth of the deep cliff by Major Shatru and screamed in shock,”Maan!”

She tried to move forward to save him but tiredness kicked her weak and immobile and blood was oozing out continuously.


Pain!Whole body pain!

I dont know what is going on but sure i felt that someone is lifting me and making me sleep on stretcher…whole body pained…i felt my belly soft not hard…i had gave birth to a baby…what baby…i dont know…when i heard its cry then rejoice was the feeling i felt but…when i saw its father has been pulled inside that deep cliff then my strength which i had a little to face Shatru went away.I saw Maan has been pulled by Major.There was a victorious smirk over that Major’s face.Ugh…i hate that man he spoke very dirty words to me.Maan!Maan!What happened to you?I dont know!I want to know…but this body is not co-operating with me….then i heard someone..someone so familiar…i heard Naina’s voice….

Naina asked,”All vitals are good?”

Someone said,”Yeah..but she has lost so much of blood…but you guys brought her right time or else we would have lost her completely!”

Naina asked,”And the baby?”

Someone said,”She’s fine!”

Geet thought,”She!She!Its a baby girl…thank god!”

Someone said,”Its a premature baby!We’ve kept her inside ICU!She need to get along with their relatives!”

Naina asked,”Has her father seen her?”

Someone said,”Yes….

Geet thought,”Father!Father!U mean Maan is alive…thank god!Thank god!”

Someone said,”And he’s so happy looking at that pink cotton ball!He says he’s seeing miniature Geet.But he’s also worried about Geet!”

Geet thought,”Don’t worry Maan…am ok!”

Naina asked,”When can they get discharged?”

Someone said,”I can’t discharge them now. They’ve been through so much!Let Geet come around and see her daughter.If she gets normal then we need to see her discharge papers but i cant discharge her baby.It needs to be under observation till my satisfaction. I need to observe Geet also….so now they both cant be discharged!Tell Maan to go home.He’s been staying from quite time.It has been two days since he bathed.He’s stinking!Insist him to go home!”

Geet thought,”I was unconscious for two days and Maan is so worried and dint took care of him!Maan always does this,who can stop angry stubborn Maan Singh Khurana!”


Geet opened her almond eyes slowly and saw she was in hospital.Immediately she felt someone near her.She saw Maan sleeping peacefully holding her hand.His state was messy…messy hairs…scratches everywhere…how did this happen she thought.She stroked his jet black silky hair softly.Immediately he got up and saw Geet fit and fine.

Maan said hoarsely,”Geet!”

And he kissed her so tightly that she caught her breath and when he left her lips she started to cough.

Maan was worried now and said worriedly,”Geet!”

He passed a glass of water….


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