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Doctor saw the report and said,”Now u can see your baby girl!”

Geet was excited,”Baby girl?”

Doctor smiled kindly,”Yeah and even your husband kept a name to it!Noor!He’s been calling it from quite time!”

Geet was happy hearing the name and turned towards Maan saying the name,”Noor?”

Maan nodded.Geet was happy.



Maan’s monologue

Pain……..that’s what i saw when i felt my love is in danger….i never felt like this before as if it squeezed my heart taking my all breath…i was sitting in my study looking into my files in my office when Veer entered in hurry…he said he wanted to say something…he wanted to reveal some secret…i frowned as if now what he wants to uncover…whatever it is…i guessed its about Major Shatru…i would kill that guy by my own hands but he’s alive because of my friend.My friend always made me walk into right pathway and i wouldn’t blame him as this is the true mark of a true friend….Veer drank the water which was placed on my table and spoke everything about Major Shatru and his sidekick Sasha…i was shocked at first that Sasha was involved in this but when i got to know her true intentions then i was livid….can anyone be so infatuated abt something that they want to destroy that person completely….i was scared…what if she does something to Geet.I ran to KMleaving Veer behind…but there was no sign of Geet or mom…I was angry on guards as they were made fool by that Major….But Veer calmed me…but i know now the calm word is not in my dictionary..i remembered Geet’s mood swings…how she demanded for Ice cream…i had bought it beforehand but i saw a call from Adi for an urgent meeting that i need to attend it very much.

I was signing those contract papers when Veer came and told me about Sasha…..i was angry…so much angry and helpless that i never felt this before..only ray of hope was Veer…i asked,Maan searched for Geet and Nikhila everywhere while Veer got a phone from a strange girl who informed him that Geet and Sahana had been kidnapped in some haunted house where always screams of pleasure sounds.Family people never wanted to enter that place.Veer was shocked to hear it and drove towards KM.

Veer reached to KM and saw Maan so much worried sitting in courtyard not getting any clue of anyone in mansion.

Veer saw him and asked,”Where is Geet and Captain?”

Maan looked up and was relieved to see his best friend and said,”Its good u came Veer!Am not getting any tracer of Geet or mom.Geet’s mood swings came and she asked for ice cream.Unfortunately ice cream was not in the house so i went to bring but when i came back there was no one in the mansion,neither Geet nor mom!”

Veer got the picture and he remembered the strange girl’s call few hours back and said urgently,”Let’s go Maan!”

Maan asked perplexed,”But where?”

Veer said,”I’ll explain you in the car!”Both Maan and Veer drove the car towards that haunted place

Maan asked in panic listening to Veer’s silence,”Veer,tell me what is happening!”

Veer said,”U will see Maan!”

Veer drove towards the outskirts and stopped in front of the abandoned place which was dirty.Maan was amazed when he was dragged by Veer inside the building which was so clean and tidy inside.

Maan asked once again getting tensed,”Veer what’s this place and why have u dragged me in here?”

Veer said,”Maan,I wanted to say something before i show you!”

Maan was attentive now.Veer started,”U had asked me once that i truly left army or am pretending.Yes i was pretending and this place gives you proof of my reason of pretense!”

Maan spoke with concern,”Veer,that was casual question.I know my friend perfectly and he wont pretend simply if he dint had any solid reasons.”

Veer smiled and said with gratitude,”I know my friend and am grateful for that but now what am telling u is very important.U know ur mom’s colleagues who died a haunting deaths.That was done by Major Shatru and…..!”

Maan insisted,”And…?”

Veer took a deep breath and said,”And by Sasha!”

Maan was shocked hearing that while Veer continued,”I got doubt when i joined ur company.She was corrupting the directors and was swallowing lots of money.When i asked about this then she blackmailed me that she knows my reason of joining.Then i started to keeping an eye on Sasha.Every murder had her involvement she would manipulate the victim and Major would get good oppurtunity.In Pammi’s case also it was same.But i cant able to search her secrets but today i got to know that she gonna drag the victim means she gonna kidnap Geet and Captain and bring here.I wanted to catch her redhandedly.So help me then only we can reach Geet and Captain!”

Maan was even more angry hearing Sasha as negative and asked,”Why i cant see her intentions,when she tried to manipulate me against Geet then i listened to her and saw Geet with wrong meaning?”

Veer answered,”She loved you Maan and for her everything is fair in love and war!”

…..I was worried so much and my sixth sense was saying me that Geet is in danger…we were tracking Sasha now to get hold of that Major…we came to the place while…Sasha walked inside the place and stood in front of them.

Maan’s anger doubled up and snarled,”Where have u kept my mother and my wife Sasha?”

Sasha’s anger doubled up and said,”I wont tell you till you fulfill my wishes!”

Maan looked at her meanly and pulled her towards him squeezing her elbow,”U know what,i’ve forgotten who r u to me since i got to know that you helped Major to kidnap my mom and my wife.If something happens to them,a single scratch then you will see real hell in front of you remember that!”

Sasha shivered looking at his angry eyes while Maan asked bossily,”Now u know what i can do to you,now tell me where r they?”

Sasha nodded no to him.Maan closed his eyes taking a deep breath and opened his chocolate eyes which had only hatred and dragged her helter skelter.Veer was unable to control as he knew he was impatient to see Geet and he was too concerned.They wanted Geet and Sahana well.Sasha squealed in pain when she banged her knee to a nearby iron street lamp.Sasha tried to manipulate Maan but all went haywire when he wanted to hear only one place which Sasha accidentally let slip from her tongue in anger.Maan was victorious.He ordered Veer to arrest Sasha and take her to the police station while Maan drove towards the place.

Here in that abandoned place Maan felt uneasiness and his heart has been squeezed by a tiny fist.He sat on the ground immediately.He was concerned to get the glimpse of his wife but here he was so weak.

Veer asked,”What happened Maan?”

Maan snarled,”To hell with your investigations,I was telling for quite time that she not gonna come here yet you r staying here only.Am feeling uneasy and i dont know my heart says that Geet’s in danger.Am going from here in search of Geet.If you dont budge then am going alone!”

Veer said,”Calm down Maan.I have my informers if they say that this place is wrong then we surely get out of here!”

And after all these i reached my destiny and reached Geet then her state was so poor that it took my breath away…i was like a roaring wave which can destroy and take away everything from the person…but right now that roaring wave has been acted by Major Shatru….he was taking my everything…i saw Geet in blood pool and looked that something sticking outside to her buttocks…those tiny little hairs and a round face…but…yes that Major had made my Geet’s lower part naked…Anger took with my adrenaline rush and i kicked him with full force that he fell off the cliff but held a strong root for the support.I cried looking at her state….

Sorry jaan,am sorry for being late!”

Geet kept her palm on his cheek and spoke wiping those tears,”Its ok my love!”

Immediately she felt a final kick from the baby and Geet screamed at once.

Geet screamed in pain,”Maan!”

And pressurized and immediately baby came outside and cried at once.Maan looked at a pink cotton ball covered in lots of blood with wonder.Immediately he felt two hands holding his legs and pulling downwards and towards the deep cliff.

Geet saw Maan has been pulled downwards to the mouth of the deep cliff and screamed in shock,”Maan!”Geet’s eyes closed due to fatigue and i thought that she died…then i felt Major was pushing me downwards so that he climbs up…i struggled to climb up and he clung to me…i don’t want to be in trouble as i had a child take care.I was looking at those eyes which was opening and closing to adjust the sunlight..those tiny eyes which were just like Geet’s was trying to adjust to the environment…it was crying and i had to reach to it…I climbed up and wrapped my baby inside my shirt so that it gets its papa’s warmth.It snuggled to it immediately recognising its papa.I wanted to look into Geet but i felt someone strongly pulled me and i fell off the cliff once again holding my baby along…It was Major who eagerly pulled me downwards…In a fraction of a second everything changed…Major fell off the cliff and i was saved by Veer and his rescue team.Geet and baby were transferred to hospital and medicated but Geet dint get consciousness…here my baby was crying out of hunger…while its mother was sleeping peacefully…i wanted to make her conscious to say her baby’s state and tried too…but nothing happened…when i got the idea of latching….Geet’s milk…when my baby took the sip of it…relief came on her face too and mine too…but i got so worried when Geet come round and was unconscious for two days.I wish that my enemy wont get this much pain for which i have suffered for my life time…Now am at peace looking at mother daughter duo making fun of me…that tiny little one understands her mother’s language and is trying to cheer me up…but of all those persons venomous desires…i got my family back fit and fine with joy and happiness….




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