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Geet saw Maan has been pulled downwards to the mouth of the deep cliff and screamed in shock,”Maan!”Geet’s eyes closed due to fatigue and i thought that she died…then i felt Major was pushing me downwards so that he climbs up…i struggled to climb up and he clung to me…i don’t want to be in trouble as i had a child take care.I was looking at those eyes which was opening and closing to adjust the sunlight..those tiny eyes which were just like Geet’s was trying to adjust to the environment…it was crying and i had to reach to it…I climbed up and wrapped my baby inside my shirt so that it gets its papa’s warmth.It snuggled to it immediately recognising its papa.I wanted to look into Geet but i felt someone strongly pulled me and i fell off the cliff once again holding my baby along…It was Major who eagerly pulled me downwards…In a fraction of a second everything changed…Major fell off the cliff and i was saved by Veer and his rescue team.Geet and baby were transferred to hospital and medicated but Geet dint get consciousness…here my baby was crying out of hunger…while its mother was sleeping peacefully…i wanted to make her conscious to say her baby’s state and tried too…but nothing happened…when i got the idea of latching….Geet’s milk…when my baby took the sip of it…relief came on her face too and mine too…but i got so worried when Geet come round and was unconscious for two days.I wish that my enemy wont get this much pain for which i have suffered for my life time…Now am at peace looking at mother daughter duo making fun of me…that tiny little one understands her mother’s language and is trying to cheer me up…but of all those persons venomous desires…i got my family back fit and fine with joy and happiness….


Part 87


A babyish giggle came from a nearby corner where Maan was sitting having his own thoughts in the hospital.That giggle was familiar!Yes,it was coming from his one month old daughter Noor who was enjoying her mother’s company. Geet was tickling her soft skin softly after filling her with her Breast Milk.Noor was laughing out feeling her mother’s fingers on her body.She waited for this time where she can feel her mother fullest.Her smile was wider just like Maan’s and her eyes twinkled just like Geet’s.Maan looked up the mother daughter duo who were in their lala land forgetting him.This thought intrigued him and immediately he want to join them as he was feeling jealousy as he was left out.Instantly he came towards the mother daughter duo in panther way and snaked his arms around Geet’s sleek small waist and kissed her back.

Geet shivered down feeling his lips on her uncovered back and shied,”Maan!”

Maan smirked and moved his hands on her soft breast and tickled those nipples which were soft perfect for baby feeding.Geet took a sharp breath and backed on the bed holding Noor on other side.

While Maan hovered on her and spoke huskily,”Missed you so much!”

Geet gulped her saliva looking at his hungry eyes shy away the thought of having her in hospital bed.Maan’s lips twisted mischievously while his fingers played on her nipples,twisting it…pinching it softly!He felt a liquid ooze out to get it was the milk.He wanted to taste it so he mouthed her one nipple in front of his daughter.

Geet screamed in pleasure,”Maan!”

But that didn’t long when he squealed in pain.Geet who had closed her eyes in sheer ecstacy opened it abrubtly hearing the painful squeal and burst into laughter looking at the scene.There has been a tug of war in the eye to eye where a tiny fist held a fistful of hair spitting fire to her father who was all the way trying to free his hairs from that firm fist.

Maan squealed in pain,”Noor,what r u doing?”

Noor had seen him licking her mother’s nipple which was the source of her food.She thought that her father going to finish all the milk so she pulled his hairs angrily.

Geet said still laughing,”Well,she thought that you r going to empty the milk when you licked my nipple.That’s why she’s warring at you!”

Maan squealed in pain,”Jaan,free my hairs from her fist!”

Geet said casually,”Its a firm fist my dear,you need to wait for 6 months!”

Maan was shocked,”6 months?”

Geet still laughed seeing her daughter balling her fist more tightly.

Maan asked angrily,”You think,its funny!Just do it,its paining!”

Geet said still laughing,”Who said you to get cozy with me in front of your daughter!You need to exercise your emotions,especially when you have your daughter around!”

Maan said angrily,”Geeeeet!”

Geet stopped her laughing looking at his angry eyes and slowly she opened Noor’s fist and freed his hair.

Maan took Noor in his hand and asked angrily from outside but inside he was normal man,”Will u do it again?”

Noor cutely came to his father’s chest and snuggled rubbing her soft body to calm him.But Maan forgot what happened the previous moment and was trying to play the game when he was astonished how much mother and daughter duo same in behaviour.When he was in anger mood,Geet would do like this only to calm him and Noor was doing so!Geet laughed looking at her daughter.

Maan’s expression softened and snuggled her on his chest while Geet spoke,”You were never left out darling!You are the reason that we both are alive!”

Maan looked at her lovingly and snuggled Geet on his chest too along with Noor.Maan said smiling his ever so hot smile,”You were looking more sexy holding your daughter so i was tempted jaan!”Geet blushed furiously.

Precap 1-Same

Precap 2-Epilogue


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