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Noor cutely came to his father’s chest and snuggled rubbing her soft body to calm him.But Maan forgot what happened the previous moment and was trying to play the game when he was astonished how much mother and daughter duo same in behaviour.When he was in anger mood,Geet would do like this only to calm him and Noor was doing so!Geet laughed looking at her daughter.

Maan’s expression softened and snuggled her on his chest while Geet spoke,”You were never left out darling!You are the reason that we both are alive!”

Maan looked at her lovingly and snuggled Geet on his chest too along with Noor.Maan said smiling his ever so hot smile,”You were looking more sexy holding your daughter so i was tempted jaan!”Geet blushed furiously.



Khurana Mansion…..Next morning….

Geet got up and stretched her arms and saw her bedside.Maan wasnt there.That was unusual.She was naked and heard a melodious voice singing nearby.Geet turned and saw Maan standing wearing his shorts carrying his baby girl who was cutely throwing her legs and hands on his bulging muscles and enjoying his song.Geet was so happy looking at duo who were minding their own business not troubling her.After few seconds,Noor was asleep on his broad shoulder while he felt someone’s gaze on his sexy back.Maan had discharged her immediately as he wanted his angels in his home..under protective gaze of him and his family after that Major’s incident.Maan had took care of everything…he dint let media know this that Geet was kidnapped by that Major…he had protected his family by prying eyes of media.Maan had took long leave from Khurana constructions and shifted his office to the home only.He was the constant visitor of Geet’s room and this time Geet had said her back aches so he had given her a good massage from his warm hands.

Maan turned to look that Geet was awake and immediately ran towards her speaking softly so that Noor won’t wake up,”Geet,why u got up?”

Immediately a sharp cry came from Noor feeling hungry.Geet took her on her lap to feed and Noor was feeling solace inside her mother’s warmth and the feed was her warm milk which she latched cutely throwing her legs and hands.Her parents enjoyed her enthusiasm with a cute smile.Geet fed Noor and burped her and Maan made her sleep in the crib.Maan stuffed more pillows around her so that she kneels on the bed rest comfortably and kissed her forehead.Geet smiled and mouthed thank you and looked at him expectant to ask something.

Maan got it and asked,”You want to ask something!”

Geet nodded.

Maan asked,”Hmm?”Geet said,”Free from all the pains!”

Maan knew what she’s asking and took a deep breath and got up.

Geet held his hand and said,”For me…for Noor…you need to let out..you cant injustice Noor by keeping her grandfather away from her!”

Maan glared at her immediately.He was angry yesterday when he saw his father outside the room where Maan had locked him.He got to know that her mother let him out knowing from Dadimaa.Maan was so hyper on that time that he scared Noor too.

Maan was about to walk when Geet held his hand firmly and spoke,”Please Maan,am begging you.I cant see you like this…full of hatred towards your father..what he had done for he has suffered..still you want him to suffer…how much?Even the god will forgive after his sufferance…you….!”

Maan once again glared and snatched his hand from her hand and walked away.His anger was bottling up and he doesnt want to shout on Geet when Noor is sleeping peacefully.Geet sighed looking at his bare back as she wanted to taste it.Maan came back to his study and threw a rack of books angrily.Then he saw what he has done and started to collect his books to assign it back.He thought about his life when he collected his books.How his life has started to twist…his father’s betrayal towards his mother…his father suffering due to that Major Shatru..everything came into his eyes just like a movie.He remembered how he behaved with his mom..his Geet…his Noor…his Veer…his Dadi…everyone who is so important in his life.Everyone tried to show him right pathway but he dint go instead he chose the painful pathway…his anger pathway in which he hurted his loved ones and himself too.He closed his eyes sitting on the nearby chair holding the stack of books on his lap.He saw a dream…a nightmare of losing every single person whom he loved beyond his life going away telling that he always keeps his anger inside him which hurts them so much.



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