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Maan declared,”Geet am terminating you!”

Geet was about to argue then Adi came as saviour,”MK,listen to me!”

Maan turned towards him while Adi continued,”You want Geet to be in bigger post as her qualifications,so let’s appoint her as junior architect here.We are leading Chopra’s project and they want new ideas and today also an email came asking new ideas cancelling Sasha’s ideas for that project.You are saying that Geet is B.Arch in highest GPA.So why don’t you give her another chance.Let us call the clients and make her give the presentation.This will be her test and interview to her and we can see her capacity too!”

Maan was happy and nodded and said,”I’ll inform dad that new post has been set up!”

Geet was shocked seeing the turn of the events and she stood mum while Sasha was angry as now no one going to ask her for the projects.



Geet sat on the chair in her cabin working under pressure.

She typed something wrong and spoke,”Damn!”

On that time Maan was passing by heard it and peeped inside and asked,”Geet,what happened?”

Geet looked at him angrily and hid her face behind the computer.

Maan entered inside happily looking at her and asked,”You dint answer my question!”

Geet said in anger and agitation,”Why?Because,you are my boss or my friend?”

Maan knew why was this agitation and said,”Geet very soon,you will get used to this environment!”

Geet said angrily,”Maan,am not working in this post,you have appointed me.But your staff r jealous because i buttered you and took this post.Some are saying that i got laid with you then only you gave me this post..disgusting!”

Maan got angry with the last remark and got emotional and said,”You are not that type!”

Geet lifted her head immediately and looked into Maan’s face curiously.While Maan remembered their last moment how he had wrapped himself naked inside naked Geet.His cheeks turned pink slightly.Immediately Geet snapped her fingers.Maan came out of his reverie and pretended innocently.

Geet spoke,”Maan,don’t get any ideas!You are only my friend!”

Maan said bitterly,”Right!”

Geet didn’t recognise that bitter tone and spoke,”Maan,it’s better you speak to the staff or else am going to have trouble finishing this project!Sasha already envies me because,i got appointed as junior architect and she’s creating trouble for me which is going to affect your project mind it!”

Maan nodded and got up and turned and was about to walk past the door when he saw Sasha was listening to their conversation very carefully.When Sasha saw Maan glaring at her she turned and ran from there.Maan followed her and reached her cabin.

Sasha pretended,”Tasha,i know Maan sir is so innocent and that’s why am trying to kick Geet from this company.I heard her speaking after that interview that she’s going to get Maan sir at any cost.That’s why am mean to her.”

Tasha spoke,”But what use of that she got what she wished,junior architect post.But madam,i think DD and that behenji knows each other.That’s why they’re arguing each other like friends!”

Sasha said confidently,”Whatever,am not going to make that girl come near Maan sir.He’s so innocent and he needs better person!”

Maan heard their convo but didn’t enter inside the cabin to bash her but walked past it silently.When he went both Sasha and Tasha looked at Maan’s back cunningly behind the blinds and hi-fied.

Maan came to his cabin and sat on his chair.He was a bit restless as if some problem going to happen.His sixth sense was giving the answer.He wanted to get rid of this restlessness so he turned and opened his laptop when he saw a envelope.He thought who sent it as there was no name on it.He opened it getting so curious and read it.When he was reading the letter then his eyes went wide and his mouth went dry.Fear was the first time he was feeling.

Mr Maan,

I know how Geet got cured from that high fever in Manali.

Reading the letter,Maan got panic and looked at the letter top to bottom.He wanted to think of this incident as lies.No one was there on that time when he did that thing.He was thinking so much when he felt someone keep a hand on his shoulder.Maan got up with panic and saw it was Rudra.

Rudra saw him getting panic and asked,”Maan,what happened?”

Maan fell silent and thought,”If i say everything to him then what of my oath of not telling anyone.Its reputation of Geet and i need to protect her reputation at any cost.Its better to handle it myself and get to know this person.Let’s know how much he knows about Geet and our incident!”

Rudra shouted,”Maan!”

Maan once again got panic hearing his voice and asked,”Rudra,what happened to you?”

Rudra asked,”I asked you the same question!What happened to you?Why are you so panicky?”

Maan brushed off the situation,”Rudra,i was so concentrated in my work that i didn’t see you coming and when you shook me off then i got panicky!I didn’t notice you have come!”

Rudra asked suspiciously,”Are you sure?”

Maan said not seeing him,”Yup!”

Rudra sat there noticing his features as he was getting so suspicious and he saw Maan’s hand which had an white envelope.

Maan noticed Rudra looking at his envelope and immediately stuffed it in his pocket and asked,”Anyways what brings you here Rudra?”

Rudra said,”I heard that you have searched a permanent solution for Mr.Chopra’s problems!What is it?”

Maan was happy instantly which was noticed by Rudra,”Look,left side of you!”

Rudra turned and was shocked seeing Geet there.Rudra asked,”Geet?”

Maan nodded and spoke,”Yup,i had heard that she had passed highest GPA in architecture from her father.Mr.Handa too wanted his daughter to work under me to get good experience.She had come here as my personal secretary job.But i didn’t like that so i gave her junior architect job here.I had informed dad about this,let’s see that she passes this test or not!”

Rudra was astonished,”You gave her the job without any experience!Am mean MSK who never think about any girl thought about a girl’s career!”

Maan glared at him while Rudra sniggered but fell silent.

Maan asked irritated,”You don’t have any work of your own instead of spying me?”

Rudra said smiling cheekily,”Well Maan,it was your own idea that our company got merged so if you like it or not you will see me everyday morning!Have a nice day!”

Maan glared at him one last time.Rudra left his cabin and walked inside his cabin seeing the girls swooning at him.Rudra gave them not interested attitude.

Here Maan opened the letter once again and saw the words.There was not any blackmail in his words but there was an P.S.”I wish i was there wrapped around her naked.She’s such a beauty which makes men salivate on her feet!”

Reading it Maan got angry and he wrinkled it and threw it into his dustbin.


After two hours,the presentation got ready and Geet went for lunch.Maan too went for lunch but secretly he called his private detective.He thought that the guy who sent the letter is a sex maniac reading the PS.He wanted to stop that man by coming near Geet(Am thinking,itni jaldi possessive ho gaya?)Sasha sneaked into Geet’s cabin to destroy the presentation and switched on her computer.She saw that the presentation has been half so she was happy.But she didn’t know someone was playing with her.When Sasha sneaked then Maan was looking at her from his cabin.He had transferred the presentation on his computer and deleted the half of it so that one who tries to deceive Geet then get caught in his own plan.

Sasha thought,”She took two hours to complete the presentation but she had completed only half!Anyways why am thinking,this is my oppurtunity to stab her from behind.She had tried to destroy my career.Am not going to leave her.No girl going to stay near MK.It is only my right..only mine!”

Sasha left the cabin satisfied while Maan smiled at his intelligence and looked at his computer as he had opened Geet’s presentation and he was so impressed. Geet had worked hard for this presentation and Maan saw her hard work from far.He had seen some negativity in Sasha which affected the presentation but at the end the presentation time came.Sasha went to receive the guests.Both Maaneet sat in the presentation hall silently.Geet tried to look into the file but was interrupted by Maan who was observing Geet.He wanted something from her so he distracted her.Geet helped him and sat back.Mr.Chopra entered with attitude with his assistant Mr.Rahul Narayanan.

Mr.Chopra said sarcastically,”So finally you took my advise Mr.Khurana!”

Maan didn’t react to his sarcasm and said,”Have a seat Mr.Chopra!”Mr.Chopra saw Geet and nodded dismissively.

Geet said,”Morning Mr.Chopra,am Geet Handa…Khurana constructions junior architect!Its better you look into the file which is kept in front of you sir!”

Mr.Chopra saw the file and asked angrily,”What is this Mr.Khurana?Blueprints are half-done and what is this rough sketches?If you can’t handle a simple presentation then what use of giving projects to you?And i said to appoint an experienced architect other than Sasha..not some college pass out!”

Geet got angry and her eyes filled with tears but spoke softly,”But sir,based on this degrees only you guys appoint people…you won’t bring an illiterate person and say to him to build a plan!”

Mr.Chopra was apprehensive and got angry and spoke,”Now see here miss…we’re not doing this project to some rich person…we’re doing this project to middle class people..do you understand?”

Geet said politely,”Yes sir…these people are the one who dream of having their own house and collect the money of their lifetime to fulfill this dream!”

Now Mr.Chopra got impressed hearing her words so asked politely,”Then why these plans are half-filled?”

Geet answered,”Because…i want to give oppurtunity to those people who want that their house to be like this!They dream it and we fulfill it!”

Mr.Chopra got impressed seeing the remaining blueprints and seeing Geet’s presentation too.While Sasha boiled with anger and shock as she had seen the presentation was half-filled.Geet had completed the blueprints but Sasha had replaced it with her half-filled blueprints but Geet took care of it too looking at Sasha’s face.

When presentation ended then Mr.Chopra got up happily and said,”Am impressed Mr.Khurana,your project is still on!I request you that Miss Geet handle this project!My associate Mr.Rahul Narayanan will deal this project with Miss Geet.”

Geet turned to Rahul who smiled at her good naturedly.Geet too smiled back while Maan’s throat went dry with jealousy.Geet took a deep uneasy breath seeing Sasha throwing daggers at her and she exited the hall angrily.Rudra and Maan nodded dismissively

Mr.Chopra went away satisfied while Geet turned towards Maan and said,”Maan,i can’t take this project!I have come here to work and am happy as your personal secretary..please don’t make Sasha leave this company!”

Maan said softly,”Geet,Sasha isn’t going to leave this company!She’ll be senior architect and you’ll be junior architect and as your father’s wish you will be working under me only!”


Maan saw Geet with widened eyes.She looked like an angel wearing that white sari.He can’t resist himself to ask her for dance so he walked towards him.Sasha saw him walking towards Geet and came forward and asked,”MK,shall we dance?”Maan without looking at the person said,”Sorry,you don’t have that right!”And walked towards Geet.


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