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Karz PI

Do read the previous parts to get to know the story that where it was stopped.I dont hv any idea what was my story as it has been one year but sure am gonna give the story till i reach the prologue and after that am gonna fast forward it to finish it!Here is the link to remember the story-KARZ-THREAD 01


Amarnath was also worried hearing d news abt Maan getting lost in jungle and he also heard d news abt Geet’s injure saving Maan.Amarnath had also came there taking d first flight fm Delhi and Gujarat and came there worried abt Maaneet.Rano saw Geet state and started crying while Amarnath entered d room and saw Rano there hugging Geet and Geet calling her as mom and stood stunned….



It was shocking scene for Amarnath to see his beloved sister Rano there,but more shocking was Geet calling Rano as mom.His old wounds started to get alive when he had remembered Rano running with Mohinder.But when he saw Geet’s eyes then he got to know that she was innocent.His ego had melted away when Gurvinder had said abt Rano’s state in HM.Rano felt some what warmth in the air and she turned towards the door and was shocked to see her brother Amarnath standing there.Both Maaneet were oblivious towards the expressions of bro & sis.Geet moved back to lean on the pillow when Maan helped her and the bro & sis’s trance broke.Rano lowered her eyes immediately when Amar called her with immense love,”Gudiya!”The trio Rano,Geet & Maan looked up towards Amar.Tears poured down from Rano’s eyes and at once she ran towards Amar and hugged him tightly shouting,”Bhai!”

Both Maaneet were shocked to see Rano launching herself on Amar’s body and calling him as bhai and both saw each other.Amar hugged her tightly and patted her back soothingly.When Geet asked seeing them both cozily hugging each other,”U both know each other?”She thought that Amar was some closest relation seeing them both hugging comfortably.Rano and Amar withdrew and saw towards Geet.Amar eyed Rano which meant,”Is she ur daughter?”When Rano nodded as the answer.

Amar was so happy and he hugged Geet tighter.Maan was scratching his head seeing the scene when Amar spoke softly sitting beside Geet after kissing her forehead,”Geet beta,Ur mom and me r brother and sister.Am ur uncle and Maan is ur Cousin!”Geet was shocked and she turned towards Rano who nodded politely.Geet’s lips widened and she saw towards Maan who was grinning broadly at her.They dint even know that they were related!When they saw each other they started to laugh heartily holding their stomach and they remembered the curses which they called over their each other families.

Rano was apprehensive seeing them laughing like mad when she saw Amar he too was stifling his smile as he too had heard the curses.Rano glared at Amar for he coughed loudly for which both Maaneet stopped abruptly lowering their heads.Rano asked Geet,”Why were u guys laughing?”Geet stifled her smile and said,”Mom,we dont even know that we were related to each other and we both always quarrel for small small things actually he starts the fighting first(For Maan saw with mouth hanging open) and when we quarrel we always cursed each others family calling odd names.So we were laughing hearing we were related to each other!”Amar stifled the smile and saw around him when Rano asked sweetly to her,”So Maan called u Rhinocerous?”Geet widened her almond eyes and said,”Am not Rhinocerous!”For which Maan laughed loudly holding his stomach and said,”Seriously bua,u hv kept the perfect name!She will always be fuming like Rhino!”Hearing the bua word she stared at Maan lovingly when Amar stroked her head softly.

Rano turned towards Amar when he spoke,”I missed u gudiya,why dint u came to me when u were in trouble?”Both Maaneet saw the love between the borther-sister.Rano said,”I wanted to stand on my feet bhai that’s why i dint came to u!”Geet now asked her question bank which was suppressing seeing her mother happy,”Mom,what happened in ur past which connection towards mamaji?Why dint u tell me that he’s my uncle,when u knew?What is the main reason which u r not telling me?”Rano smiled at her and spoke,”I will tell u one day,but for now u need to get well soon to resume ur studies.Geet nodded slowly still not satisfied when someone was listening their convos standing outside the doors and she was none other than Sonali who was shocked to get that both Maaneet are cousins.

Precap-Geet has been kidnapped….by whom???any guesses guys?


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Drashti Dhami & Vivian Dsena as Madhubala & RK


This revelation made RK shocked and stood rooted to the spot frozen.He couldnt believe himself that she was about to be married and he couldnt do anything.He closed his eyes once again and a girl came into his mind vision.That girl had angelic face with almond eyes with long white nose and lush pink lips.She was the angel descended from heaven and her face made his strength to double up and spoke to Bittuji confidently,”Mein aaj raat jaa raha hoon uske ghar….!”Bittuji was shocked and spoke,”Is tarah..chief aap bhool rahe hai aap Raj Malik ke saamne khade hai ek wrong move aur aapki poori carrier bikhar jaayegi…us ladki ko chodkar aap apne carier par kyun nahin concentrate karte….!”Bittuji was about to speak further when RK held his hand to stop him.Bittuji fell silent and RK spoke stubbornly,”Mein aaj raat uske ghar jaa raha hoon..aur yahi final hai….!”RK stormed out of the fitness centre while Bittuji sighed seeing his over possessive boss.



At night about half past midnight,a faint sob was heard from the huge Malik mansion.It was coming from Madhu’s room where Raj Malik stood holding a blood stained hunter,wrinkling his face with utmost anger seeing a pale figure which was spread over on the ground hurted.Her full body was covered with the bruises which was done by the hunter.That girl was none other than Madhubala who was crying softly scared from her eyes.Raj Malik made a slight move which made Madhu to shiver and hold her knee tighter and going towards a corner.Raj came forward and held her jaw tightly for which Madhu screamed in pain.Raj spoke spitting fire from his eyes,”Tumhe uske saath his shaadi karni hogi..nahin toh tumhe wahi pahuncha doonga jahan tumhaara baap gaya hai….tumhe tumhaare baap ki tarah chutkiyon mein mein maar sakta hoon…lekin tum tab tak zinda rahogi jab tak mujhe tere naam ki property na mil jaati….!Toh apne time waste na karo aur jaavo so jaavo….!”

Madhu shivered with his raised tome while Raj gave a venomous stare and walked from her room.Madhu sat there crying softly where Raj locked her room.Madhu held a golden chain and opened the heart shape pendent where her’s and RK’s photo was there.Madhu said crying,”RK…kaha ho tum….!”On that time RK got up feeling totally restless and saw the time.RK saw the time it was getting nearly one and was shocked that he was late for his plan.RK immediately wore his dress and called Bittuji.Bittuji still try to convince RK about the plan but RK dint listen to him.RK drove his car towards the Malik Mansion fast.


Here Raj was relaxing in his room where Aishwarya was pressing his forehead as he had got headache due to that shouting session on Madhubala.Aishwarya asked,”Raj….kya aapka plan kaamyaab hoga….kya hum is saari jaaydaad ka eklouta malik banenge?”Raj said softly getting up,”Tumhe shak ho rahi hai mere plan par?”Aishwarya said,”Nahin Raj..lekin agar logon ko pata chala ki hum Madhu ki shaadi ek paagal ke saath kar rahe hai toh kya hoga?”Raj said,”Uske baare mein kissi ko kuch pata nahin chalega….!”Aishwarya sighed and Raj got back to sleep while she still pressed his forehead softly.

When Aishwarya and Raj were discussing the plan on that time RK came towards Malik Mansion and stopped his car far from the Malik Mansion and sneaked inside the Mansion gate as the guards were half-asleep.Here Madhu was asleep holding the golden chain where RK silently sneaked inside her room.Madhu got conscious hearing the soft steps of RK and thought someone is inside her room and was about to shout when her soft lips were pressed by a rough palm.Madhu inhaled the scent and confirmed who it was as her eyes gleamed in the crescent moon’s light.Madhu said when RK took his palm from her lips,”RK….!”Madhu said hugging him tightly,”RK..mujhe bachaavo..mujhe mere jaaydaad ke liye Raj chachu meri shaadi us paagal ke saath karna chaahte hai….Rounak Ahuja naam hai uska….aur mujhe maarna chaahte hai….please mujhe bachaavo mein tumhaare bagay nahin jee sakti….!”

RK said rubbing her back,”Shh…Rk ke hote huve….meri biwi ko koi kuch nahin kar sakta….!”RK always called Madhu as biwi whenever she was upset.Hearing the word biwi Madhu’s face split with wide smile and RK smiled too seeing her smile.Madhu wiped her tears clean and asked,”Ab hum kya kare..aur tum kaise aaye yahan???Baahar toh guards ki poori fauj khadi hai….!”RK said lovingly staring at her,”Biwi…jab RK kuch karne ki sochta hai toh woh poora karke dikhaata hai….tumhaare Raj chachu ki poori fauj kuch nahin karpaayi jab mein tere room mein ghus raha tha….!”Madhu immediately hugged him tight while RK said,”Madhu..meri baat sun…tumhaari shaadi mere saath hogi aur woh bhi issi muhoorat mein poore mehmaan ke saamne aur tumhaare Raj chachu ke saamne….dont worry tujhe mein uss paagal ki nahin hone doonga..tum sirf meri ho aur sirf meri hi rahoge….!”

Madhu poured her heart out to RK,”Rk..unhone Kavya di ko bhi maar daala accident mein..aur unhone kaha ki uski hi dil mujhe lagaa deegayi….!”Rk was shocked knowing this bit from Madhu becoz she dint know anything about this matter and who told it..he dint know but he knew that Madhu knows that she has a twin sister too.Madhu said everything to RK about Raj’s and Aishwarya’s convo the previous night.RK knew everything about Maliks but he dint wanted to say about it to Madhu as she was so innocent just like a blossomed flower.RK had decided a plan and he changed the topic by explaining about the plan to Madhu.

Precap-Rounak Ahuja ran towards the mandap saying that someone is sitting in his place after Madhu’s marraige.Raj was shocked seeing Rounak there while he immediately lifted the sehra of the brideegroom who sat beside Madhu and was shocked.

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Drashti Dhami & Vivian Dsena as Madhubala & RK


Sun dawned on the city of Mumbai with the sounds of chirping birds where a devotional songs started to sing in every market place where people worshipped that their day will be good without any troubles and sorrows.Meanwhile an elderly woman called ammaji,mother of Shamsher Malik and Raj Malik was shouting from the nearby mansion,”Arrey beta Raj….utho subah ho gayi hai…..!”The man called Raj was sleeping soundly covering the blanket full when he heard the woman’s voice then he kept the pillow on his head and covered it tightly to his ears and slept.Meanwhile a woman was doing aarti beside the woman who was shouting and glared at her when she shouted from the foot of the stairs as if she was disturbing her pooja.The elderly woman composed herself and stuffed the paan to her mouth and went and stood beside the woman who was doing aarti to idol of Godess Durga.

The woman who was doing pooja was none other than Padmini Malik…now 9 months pregnant…with big baby bump…..and was standing with her husband Shamsher Malik holding the aarti.The elderly woman once again called her son Raj for Shamsher Malik nodded dismissively while Padmini gave prasad to him.He pressed it to his both eyes and ate it and spoke,”Maa….chillaana band keejiye koi faida nahin uski uthne ka samay toh 8 baje hai jab unki naak ko khaane ki khushboo aayegi tab….jaayiye jaakar apna kaam keejiye….waise bhi aap bahut saare tine waste kar chuki hai….!”The elderly woman pouted seeing towards the stairs waiting for her son’s glimpse but he dint came and she walked past Shamsher Malik towards the kitchen.Padmini kept the pooja’s plate back on the god’s place and once again folded hands and asked something in her mind bowing her head and spoke to Shmasher Malik who was abt to walk towards his laptop which was placed on the hall,”Suniye…..!”

Shamsher turned towards her and gave a questioning look.Padmini slowly walked towards him holding her baby bump while Shamsher held her hand and kept his hand around her waist and asked,”Haanji kahiye….!”Padmini spoke,”Woh….woh aaj humein ganeshji ke darshan karne ki ichcha ho rahi hai…aap mujhe wahan lekar jaayege????”Shamsher refused first due to her health but Padmini’s mood swings and stubborn nature made him to agree to her wish.At 8am near breakfast table Raj came smelling the delicious dishes for which Shamsher taunted Raj that he’s good for nothing.Padmini tried to calm Shamsher but he was so angry seeing the daily routine of Raj.Raj was angry on Shamsher and vowed in his mind to destroy him and his family.

At 10 am both Shamsher and Padmini went towards the lalbagh where the huge Ganesha is worshipped.Shamsher and Padmini visited the lalbagh temple and sat back in the car to travel back home.But on the way they got lost due to storm which started accidentally and they got lost in the forests.On that time Padmini got labour pain and she couldnt resist the pain while Shamsher saw a group of the devotees who were going to Shirdi.Shamsher got help from one of the devotees called Savitha who was about to visit the Shirdi.She helped Padmini delivering the two girl twins who were so cute and healthy.Padmini delivered the twins and fainted due to exhaustion and on the time only Savitha was mesmerised by the twins.Savitha dint had any heirs and she was so tired of calling herself as sterile woman(Baanj)that she took one of the twin child and gave it to her husband and told him to take away far away from the family.Her husband did the same thing and when Shamsher Malik came back then he came to know that Padmini had delivered the one baby girl.Padmini dint know abt her delivering the twins as she was unconscious due to exhaustion and fatigue so she loved her baby girl and gave lots of money to Savitha for helping her.

Savitha took the money and went from there while Shamsher and Padmini came back holding the baby girl.First ammaji refused the baby to accept as she was girl and tried to brainwash Shamsher.But Shamsher knew the world so he dint came in the charm of his step mother but for Raj…..he hated the child as it was a girl.Seeing this condition Shamsher wrote a will on her name and transferred all his money to his daughter Madhubala Malik.He even wrote the will that one who marries her daughter has the every right on her property not to anyone and even wrote that if something happens in the course of her growing as if she was murdered or get natural death….or accidental death then all the money and property will be trasnferred to an Dharamveer orphanage which was his father’s.Raj came to know about the will and he planned to murder Shamsher Malik and Padmini both.But unfortunately Padmini survived in that conspired accident and she was confined to the 4 walls of Malik mansion having the tag that she’s a mental patient.

After the accident of Shamsher Malik,Raj married Aishwarya who was the perfect match to him,cunning,cruel and moreover very greedy of the money.Madhu grew under her Chachaji Raj and Chachiji Aishwarya….who was so innocent,cute and childish girl.Meanwhile her another twin who was named as kavyanjali grew normally in the care of Savitha Bhonsle urf aayi.

After 23 years——————————————–>

In Prithvi Fitness centre……a boy of aged 21 exercising the treadmill faster and was remembering something as his mind vision is giving flashes of it.He was sweating badly and his body was aching due to exercise and his fitness expert was trying to calm his anger while a short man entered the room and spoke,”Uska pata chal gaya hai…..!”The man turned to short man revealing his face who had small eyes with small white nose with pink lips…..his name was RK urf Rishab Kundra and his nose flared with excitement but it turned to anger when the short man spoke disappointedly,”Lekin chief..uske paas bhi jaana naamumkin hai…..!”RK spoke with attitude,”Namumkin ka shabd RK ke dictionary mein nahin hai bittuji….!”The short man who was called as Bittuji spoke still trying to explain the situation,”Ji chief..aapke liye toh kuch bhi namumkin nahin lekin situation ko samajhne ki koshish keejiye….ab uski shaadi ho rahi hai kiseeke saath…..!”

This revelation made RK shocked and stood rooted to the spot frozen.He couldnt believe himself that she was about to be married and he couldnt do anything.He closed his eyes once again and a girl came into his mind vision.That girl had angelic face with almond eyes with long white nose and lush pink lips.She was the angel descended from heaven and her face made his strength to double up and spoke to Bittuji confidently,”Mein aaj raat jaa raha hoon uske ghar….!”Bittuji was shocked and spoke,”Is tarah..chief aap bhool rahe hai aap Raj Malik ke saamne khade hai ek wrong move aur aapki poori carrier bikhar jaayegi…us ladki ko chodkar aap apne carier par kyun nahin concentrate karte….!”Bittuji was about to speak further when RK held his hand to stop him.Bittuji fell silent and RK spoke stubbornly,”Mein aaj raat uske ghar jaa raha hoon..aur yahi final hai….!”RK stormed out of the fitness centre while Bittuji sighed seeing his over possessive boss.

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Note-Well guys i have tried to give justice to every characters…and please let me know abt the characterisation…is it correct or not becoz the serial is ongoing and more characters have to be revealed.Main part is i have to change the Madhu’s twin sister’s name as Kavyanjali as Geetanjali wont suit the name and moreover if i bring the name Geet then i have to bring the character Maan too….and i dont want the clash of the fans here.So her name is changed from Geetanjali to Kavyanjali.

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Drashti Dhami & Vivian Dsena as Madhubala & RK


“Dammit,”It came from a man standing near the starting of dense forest.The man had height of 6” approx and had the hawk eyes who was trying to locate something or someone from the dense forest.On that time he was surrounded by lots of men who were thugs holding swords and knives to attack on him.The man was shocked to see the men but was ready as if he knew that he’s gonna be attacked by the men.On that time everyone heard the tingling of anklets which made the man who stood in centre to be alarmed.He saw from his corner of his eye that a girl ran towards him.The thugs wanted her only and gave a victorious smirk to the man.One of the men was about to run towards the girl when he made him trip moving more faster than the man and his face came to the moon light.He was none other than Rishab Kundra who saw that no one reaches the girl.

The girl shouted with pain and panic,”RK…..!”But RK was busy tackling the men and one of the men tried to chase the girl but RK dint give oppurtunity to them.RK fought with the men and the men ran from there half-tired and half-frightened of him.The girl immediately ran towards RK and hugged him from behind which made him flinch with desires.RK controlled himself and shouted on her immediately,”What the hell Madhu….tumse meine kaha tha na ki uss jagah se mat hilo mein aajaavoonga…..!”Madhu lifted her face where her face reflected in the moonlight and she spoke with fear,”Am sorry….mujhe dar lag raha tha isiliye mein wahan se tumhe dhoondte huve yahan tak aagayi…am sorry….!”Madhu said cutely to RK showing her big brown eyes for his anger melted into thin air.RK hugged her tightly to soothe her and both walked towards the dense forests.


Vivian Dsena

RK-Rishab Kundra…….bodyguard of Madhubala

Drashti Dhami as Madhubala

Madhubala Shamsher Malik…….the daughter of famous producer and director Shamsher Malik…..

Indresh Malik

Bittuji………RK’s PA……very much loyal and intelligent……

Pallavi Purohit

Padmini Shamsher Malik…..wife of Shamsher Malik…….

Raj Zutshi at COLORS Channel new show Madhubala...Ek Ishq, Ek Junoon premiere

Raj Malik…..brother of Shamsher Malik….very cunning man….his every work has the cunning motive behind….

Rakhi Vijan at COLORS Channel new show Madhubala...Ek Ishq, Ek Junoon premiere at Cinemax in Mumbai

Roma Malik…….Shamsher Malik ki agyakaari behan…..

Drashti Dhami

Geetanjali Malik……twin of Madhubala Malik…..

Shagufta Ali at COLORS Channel new show Madhubala...Ek Ishq, Ek Junoon premiere

Ammaji of Raj Malik and step-mom of Shamsher Malik……

Good-Looking Savita Prabhune

Aayi…..mother of Geetanjali bhonsle urf Geetanjali Malik……


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Karz PI


Maan screamed with panic seeing d blood in his right hand and Geet was unconscious in his arms.Meera saw Geet’s back and saw a bullet had pierced her waist ribs fm d back and blood was oozing continuously.Meera said,”Mr.Khurana..Geet ko jaldi se hospital leke jaana hoga……!!!”Maan nodded as he has become numb seeing d blood on his hands and lifted her in huis strong arms and walked towards d ranger’s office where a doctor was summoned to treat her as she can’t go to d doctor.

The doctor took d bullet fm her waist and Maan was helping d doctor and his face wrinkled with pain when he saw d doctor taking d bullet shell from her body.Doctor saw dis and said,”I told u dat u won’t control dis thing when u see this part….!!!”Maan said,”It’s ok doc mein apne Geet ke liye kuch bhi sehne ke liye tayaar hoon……!!!!”Doctor asked smiling,”Itna pyaar karte ho usse….i can see dat in ur eyes….!!!”Maan gave a smile and doc bandaged her waist and gave her d injection.

Doc & Maan went outside making her sleep in d guest house and ranger & Geet’s friends came forward and asked abt her condition.Meera asked,”Doc.kaise hai ab tabiyat Geet ki???”Doctor said smiling,”Nothing to worry guys….bullet toh unke kamar mein ghusa tha meine nikaal diya hai aur she’s in sedatives so she needs a lot rest so please aap mein se koi ek yahan ruk jaaye….!!!”Meera said,”Mein rahoongi Geet ke saath…..!!!”But Maan declared dat he’s gonna stay and doc somehow helped him stay with Geet.

Doc said,”It’s ok miss…Mr.Khurana unke saath rahe to behtar hoga…..aur waise bhi unhe pata Geet ke medicines ke baare mein….toh aap aaj raat unhe Geet ke saath rehne deejiye…..!!!”Meera hesitated,”Lekin Mr.Khurana…ek ladka…aur woh bhi Geet ke saath……!!!”Doc said angrily,”Miss…aap ladka aisa sochti hai toh mein aapke liye bataadoon ki Miss Geet apne sub conscious stage mein Mr.Khurana ka naam le rahi thi…toh isiliye meine kaha ki woh rahe….!!!”Maan was amazed and racked his brains as when Geet was taking his name in sub-conscious stage…but he didn’t stop himself noticing d mischievous wink giving him fm doc and going fm there.

Maan smiled seeing his mischievous wink and hid it immediately fm Meera and his friends.Maan went inside and sat beside Geet who was asleep peacefully.Maan held her soft milky white hand and couldn’t stop himself recalling today’s incident how she gave advice to him abt riding d bike and how he took her into consider blindly as if he’s at her command.Maan kissed her hand softly and saw her angelic face which was serene with pale becoz of d pain.

Maan kissed her forehead and pecked her soft lips softly and he saw a small smile crept on her baby pink lush lips.Maan chuckled seeing how she recognises his touch and she snuggled closer holding his hand tightly but her wound scratched to her bed and she moaned in pain in her sleep.Maan was alarmed and asked,”Geet…r u alright….!!!!:Maan saw how much she was wrinkling her face in pain and moaning in pain and saw d restlessness and made her sleep to her right side as d bullet had pierced her left side waist.

Geet felt comfortable when she was slept towards him.Maan sat beside her and took her on him and made her to sleep on his chest and she snuggled closer inhaling her manly scent and a content smile crept on her lips.Maan also leaned to d bed wall and closed his eyes encircling his hands around her waist protectively.At midnight Geet whimpered for pain once again and d incident came into her mind when they were jumping d ditch and d thug’s boss had shot d bullet to her.

Geet was scared and she whimpered and she shivered in her sleep which Maan sensed immediately who was awake when he heard her whimper.Maan whispered in her ear,”Geet…kuch nahin huva tujhe dekho….apne aapko mehsoos karo…..!!!!!”Maan kept his palm on her curves can she feels d change becoz of d touch and Geet felt it.Geet moaned feeling his touch as she was in sedatives and was feeling all these in her sub-conscious stage.Maan brushed his ling fingers on her soft curves and he felt a current run down his spine and a pink tinge crept on her chubby cheeks.

Geet was blushing becoz of his touch and this thot made him so happy dat she too feels d same way like him.Geet frowned when he stopped d touch and he chuckled but he kept her palm on his rock chest and her soft fingers made him feel a current run down his spine once again.Maan resisted it and saw she was moving her fingers inside his vest slowly feeling his skin exploring his body.Maan felt shy for d first time feeling her fingers on his body and his eyes widened in shock.

Geet frowned feeling d barrier but when she felt his skin inside d vest then she calmed down and felt peace and dozed off immediately.Maan saw her caressing his skin and he felt so many desires to tower inside him and his devil tempted him to take her on that time but he saw her serene innocent face and dint proceed further instead he released himself fm her grip and went to sleep on d couch making her sleep comfortably giving his shirt to feel her as she was frowning feeling d lack of warmth in her sleep.

Geet felt peace having d shirt around her and she snuggled closer to it feeling peace inhaling his scent.Next morning sun crept on Maan’s face as he slept near d window and Maan closed his palm feeling d heat and opened his eyes and saw Geet who was fast asleep clutching his shirt carefully.Maan got up and went towards d kitchen and opened d fridge and saw d egg there some vegetables and decided to make mushroom omlete.He took d 5-6 eggs and beaten it and collected d yolk and mixed it with rice flour,onion,green chillies which were chopped finely and put a pinch of pepper and salt and mixed d finely chopped mushroom and stirred it completely till d yolk and vegetables and spices mix well.

Then he was abt to pour it on pan then he heard d moan of pain and ran to d room where Geet was trying to get up to go towards washroom.She was holding d bed wall and trying to get up then Maan rushed towards her and held her tightly glaring at her.Geet asked cutely,”Aap aise ghoor Q rahe ho??????”Maan said angrily,”Mujhe bula nahin sakti thi kya….!!!Kahan jaana hai tumhe????”Geet said angrily,”Chodiye mujhe mein chal sakti hoon mujhe washroom jaana hai…..!!!”Maan glared at her reluctance and lifted her in his strong arms and took her to d washroom.

Geet blushed furiously when she felt d brush of his fingers near her waist when he had lifted in his strong arms.Maan left on d ground inside d washroom and said angrily,”Don’t lock d door..mein yahi hoon and will turning dat side understand…..!!!”And went outside and stood near d doorway…Geet came utside holding d wall slowly and Maan held her immediately when d door was opened.Maan lifted her inside d strong arms and made her lie on d bed carefully and went inside d washroom and brought a towel and a bowl of warm water.

Geet was feeling reluctant and said feeling shy,”Mein karloongi holding d warm water bowl and taking d towel….!!!”Maan glared at her but left her for d privacy as he was nt prepared to give d sponge bath as he knew he’s gonna cary away during dat process.Maan went towards d kitchen while Geet wiped herself from warm water and changed her dress which was kept by Maan and leaned to d bed wall feeling tired.Maan came back after making d Mushroom Omlette and kept d tray in front of Geet.

Geet’s stomach growled when she smelt of d omlete and pounced it on immediately eating it in top speed.Maan chuckled at her childish behaviour when she was making all kind of faces relishing d omlete.Maan went to freshen up and came back when she was abt to get up to keep d tray.Maan shouted angrily,”Geet…..!!!”For which she shivered and left d tray immediately feeling scared of his anger and Maan felt guilty for scaring her.Maan said compsing himself angrily,”Geet..jab meine kaha na ki uthana mat toh tum meri baat nahin maanogi kya….grrrr….!!!”Geet pouted her lips cutely and said,”Maan mein aise nahin baith sakti..aur waise bhi jab bhi mujhe choti ya badi chote huyi hai toh mein aivanyi yahan nahin baiththi kaam karti hoon jitna ho sake aur raat ko so jaati hoon..aur haan aap chinta mat keejiye mein apne aapko chot nahin pahunchaane dongi..pakka….!!!”

Maan glared at her and lifted her in his strong arms and made her lie down on d bed and she frowned but a pink tinge had formed on her chubby cheeks feeling his naked hard frame with alluring eyes and d water dripping from his dense jet black hairs.Maan felt a current run down his spine when he felt her soft body rub to his naked frame but resisted it immediately.Geet drooled over his greek god body while Maan turned that side chuckling and heard d knock on d door.

Maan opened it and d rangers entered inside d room immediately and talked to Geet abt d accident.But Geet declared dat she was pushed fm d bus and she dint trip fm d bus and Maan also gave d witness…..

Maan:Yahi hai wo dono inspector saab jisne Geet ko maarne ki koshish ki…..!!!

He had showed his fingers to Rahul & Sonali.

Sonali saw Maan with shock and said immediately,”Maan..meine Geet ko Q maaroongi????”

Maan said immediately,”Uski kaaran tumhe hi bataana hoga…Q maarne ki koshish ki Geet ko….aur Rahul tum hi the na jisne Geet ko wahan dhakka diya tha bus se taaki woh bhooka sher ke saamne jaakar gire…..!!!!”

Rahul was speechless and tried to convince Maan but Maan made Rahul to be arrested by d rangers….Sonali was also caught but she showed some fake witness and wiggled out of d problem immediately leaving Rahul and his cunning friends to suffer in jail.Geet saw Rahul glaring at her for as if he’s gonna swallow her in one swift moment for making him arrested and Geet dint flinch seeing his glaring eyes.Meanwhile Geet saw her mother there and Rano hugged her tightly .Rano had came to know abt this fm Meera and had come there catching d first flight fm Delhi to Gujarat.

Amarnath was also worried hearing d news abt Maan getting lost in jungle and he also heard d news abt Geet’s injure saving Maan.Amarnath had also came there taking d first flight fm Delhi and Gujarat and came there worried abt Maaneet.Rano saw Geet state and started crying while Amarnath entered d room and saw Rano there hugging Geet and Geet calling her as mom and stood stunned….

Precap-Now what happens next?????

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A man was lying exhausted & half burnt & his eyes fell upon the half burnt house which has engulfed the life of his beloved Geet.Geet,when the name came on his lips always then he felt a peace in mind.But now it has turned into sorrow & agony losing her.He closed his eyes & said painfully,”Geet.”And he had rememnered the previous events.Geet was screaming for help trapped in the burning house & when the situation became out of control then she had decided to sacrifice her life in return of her beloved Maan’s life.When Maan jumped inside the house to save Geet then she had pushed him forcefully to safer side & has saved his life sacrificing herself.Maan opened his eyes & felt 2 bats flutter past him & turned to a man & woman.The man & woman had sky blue eyes & the man bent to Maan’s neck & bit him immediately.Maan felt that his venom is coursing in his body with pain & he closed his eyes fainting immediately.


A girl is screaming trapped in the burning house & saw a man jumping to save her & a log fell upon his head & he was trapped because of the weight of log.That girl was trying to scream in the dream but couldn’t becoz the voice didn’t came.Then another log fell upon her & she was burnt alive becoz that log had caught fire.Then a girl woke with a jerk because her sister Misha has poked her continously.The girl had hazel eyes,long nose,baby pink lips & was the very pretty girl.But now her beautiful face had turned into sweaty becoz of the dream.Misha saw her younger sister concernedly & said keeping her hand on that girl’s head,”Oye,phirse woh darawana sapna dekha kya???”That girl nodded meekly.Misha gave some water to drink & she took it & drank it.Misha said worriedly,”Geet,aaj mat roko mujhe,mein papa ko is baare mein sab bata doongi.”Geet was horrified & said,”Nahi Misha,papa toh pareshan ho jayenge.”Misha insisted,”To phir mein mamma ko bolungi.”Geet nodded no vigorously.”Are yaar,pichle 10 saalon se dekh rahi hoon tumhe jabse hum dehra dun shift huyen hain.Tumne kabhi is jagah ke bare mein pata hi nahin tha phir bhi tumhe is jagah ki kona kona pata hai,kaise???Aur uparse yeh darawana sapna bhi.Mein aaj mamma ko bol kar rahungi.”Geet said nodding no,”Nahi Misha,mamma aur papa toh Panchi ki shaadi mein busy hai,aur tu yeh sab kehke pareshan korogi kya unhe.”Misha said thinking,”Thik he abhi keliye mein chod raha hoon tumhe par shaadi ke baath tumhi mamma aur papa ko batayegi samjhi?”Geet nodded politely.Misha said,”Chalo fresh hojao,aur Danish jiju aarahen hain,unse toh consult kaho is sapnon ke baare mein.Kya pata koi raasta mil jaye tumhe as he’s a psychiartist.”Geet nodded & went to washroom taking her clothes & towels.

So this Geet handa,who’s most beautiful girl in the whole world.She has everything in her life.Good family,lovable parents & sisters but a small past which in these days not in the gossip.Geet Handa is the step-sister of Misha & Panchi but they never saw her like that.They both love her like their own sister.One who saw Geet likes her from their first sight.She’s 21yrs old handling the Handa tea estates in Dehra Dun helping her father in the business.Misha is a computer engineer & had opened a IT office of her won without any dad’s help,very mischievous & her mother Rano always run away for any other thing.Panchi who is a gynacologist loved Danish who is a psychiartist & now she’s going to marry him.As mentioned before Geet’s a step-sister to them but they never saw her like that before or now also.Geet’s father Mohinder Handa had done a biggest mistake which was result Geet before marriage.But Rano was generous & understood his husband’s mistake & opened her arms to Geet & her family.She also loves their three daughters unconditionally.

Here in the lonely forests of Dehra Dun,there stood a big mansion which was protected by sunlight & had stood between dense forests of Dehra Dun.That mansion always gave a haunted scene as there was strange voices of someone screaming for help.But no one didn’t dare to enter the house as it was so haunted.Geet had tried to enter the mansion & had found unconscious when she was 12yrs old accidentally.But some magnetic pull was always made Geet to attract to that house.Sometimes Geet would talk to the mansion as if someone is there to talking with her.She always called that person as Maan,but when Misha saw the person then he would vanish.Misha was so worried about her health seeing bad nightmares & talking to thin air.And today that another nightmare Geet saw which made Misha worried.Misha always protective to her sister,she would never made a man come near her having wrong intentions.But when she heard her sister talking to that person whose name is Man then she was surprised.She would always tease her that a handsome ghost is attracted towards you to make Geet laugh heartily.But now this mansion has been occupied by Khurana’s who are having constructions business.They said to the society that he had problems in Mumbai that’s why they have to change their residence to here.What sinister was that they chose the most haunted house of dehradun.Geet’s father was a bit feeling awkward when Khurana came to give invite for the party & puja of their new house’s grihapravesh.Becoz Khurana had seen Geet there & felt awkward & had went from there not recieving their hospitality.


Geet & Misha went to Danish’s clinic with appointment.Danish was surprised hearing his sister-in-laws in working hours.Danish gave an appointment to them & they went to meet him in his clinic not informing their parents.Danish saw his two sister-in-laws entering his cabin & he greeted them.First Misha was hesitant & nudged to Geet to explain but Geet was also hesitant & was also having eye-fights between them.Danish said seeing their expression with amusement,”Aap dono aankhon mein ladna band karange aur mujhe bataayenge ki baat kya hai?”Misha said confidently,”Doctor,hum dono yahan aapki saaliyaan banke nahin aaye hai.Geet ko kuch problem hui thi isiliye yahan aaye hain.”Danish was now worried & asked,”Kya problem hai,mein Panchi ko inform karoon?”Geet said immediately,”Nahi nahi,pls aisa mat kijiye di khamakha pareshan hojengi.”Someone said from behind,”Pareshan toh hongi aur jab woh apne jiju se nahi ek doctor se milne aarahi hongi tab.”Both turned & saw & was shock while Panchi had sat frowning.Panchi asked with concern,”Kya baat hai Geet tum ek psychiartist se milne aayi hoon.Kya baat hai wahi daraawana sapna?”Geet was surprised & thought,”How would di know??”And she saw towards Misha frowning.Misha closed her eyes with guilt but Geet glared at her.”Danish was confused & asked,”Tum teeno batayenge ki kya baat hai.”Panchi sat beside Geet & said,”danish,geet ko pichale baarah saalon se kuch daraawne sapne aarahe hein.Aur yeh buddhu ladki mujhe kal bataya.”Gesturing towards Misha angrily.Misha said angrily,”Meine kya kiya ab Geet ne har baar mana kar rahi thi…”And they started quarelling accusing each other & Danish shouted,”Enough Panchi,kabhi kabhi tum bachchon ki tarah behave karthi ho.Yeh clinic he mera,aur mere liye mere aur bhi patients intezaar kar rahen hai.”Panchi apologised & asked keeping her hand on her shoulder,”Geet tum Danish ko apne bimaari ke baare mein batavo hum dono baahar intezaar karthe hain tumhare liye.”Geet nodded while Panchi & Misha exited.Danish kept a glass of water in front of her & said,”Ye lo pee lo,you will feel better.”Geet took the glass & gulped down some water & kept it back feeling calm.Danish said sweetly,”Ab batavo ki tumhe kis tarah ke darawne sapne aati hain.”Geet started to explain everything & Danish noted everything in his notepad.

After half an hour,Geet came outside feeling so calm in her face.Then Danish called Panchi.Panchi entered & asked worriedly,”Kya baat hain  Danish koi serious baat to nahin?”Danish smiled at her concern & said,”Kuch serious baat toh nahin,Geet jis tarike se sapna dekh rahi hai usse detail mein janane ke liye usse hypnotise karna padega.Philhaal mein abhi keliye usse kuch medicine likhke detha hoon usse kaho ki correct time pe le.”Panchi nodded & took the prescirption & requested,”Please Maamma aur papa ko mat bathana,kyunki woh pareshan hojayenge.”Danish smiled & nodded.Panchi was abt to go from there but Danish held her hand & said,”Itni jaldi bhi kya hai would be Mrs.Singh.”Panchi was embarrassed,”Danish,yeh aapka clinic,don’t forget.”danish said pulling her & pinning to his hard frame.Panchi was abt to protest but he sealed his lips into hers.Danish pinned her to the wall & kissed her passionately.His hands moved inside her shirt feeling her softness & her hands snaked around his neck.He lifted her slightly & she kept her legs around his waist kissing him passionately.She opened her mouth & his tongue entered to suck the sweet honey of her mouth.Then he left her mouth & bit her shoulder which made her moan loudly.On that time someone cleared their throat & they were disturbed.Panchi came down from his waist while Danish left her immediately & saw who’s it.They both are shocked to see their saalis who were giggling to each other.Misha said supressing her giggle,”Jiju,thoda sa sabr rakhiye ek hafthe ke baad apki shaadi honewaali.Waise bhi aapko sharam nahi aati,jab di ko dekhthe hain toh chipak jaathe hai.”Panchi said glaring at her,”misha aaj tumhe nahi chodungi.”And she chased misha immediately while geet left the clinic with them.

Precap-Maan & Geet meeting.



Danish had strictly instructed Panchi to keep Geet always happy & warned to make her be in the reality only.Geet was feeling depressed while Panchi & Misha was busy shopping for the marraige.But Geet was still immersed in her own thoughts thinking abt the strange dreams of someone screaming for help & in the burning house.But due to Danish’s medicines she was having peaceful sleep & those nightmares had stopped to come.Panchi was still worried abt her little sister but Geet didn’t showed any depression in front of her parents.Geet was still immersed in her own thought sitting beside the window sipping her hot chocolate & seeing simply towards nature outside the window.When she was seeing towards the nature then she felt some change in the ground.A muscular body is moving on the ground who was glaring at her like he’s going to eat her alive if she went in front of her.Geet saw the man intently who was seeing her intently as if he was going to get an alarm tone from her.Geet saw him innocently & noticed that he was the most handsome guy in the whole world.Geet was seeing him curiously then she noticed that he had sky blue eyes.She blinked & saw his eyes not going to believe what she had seen & saw those eyes which had changed to chocolate brown eyes.He had a very handsome face,chocolate brown eyes,exact M shaped pink lips,long nose & stubble.That man was 21 aged man & the chocolate brown eyes which was stirring in emotions.This man was attracted to Geet’s beauty which was the epitome of beauty & an compare to angel.Geet saw the man intently who was standing there glaring at her.She didn’t like a man glaring at her since half an hour & said angrily,”Kaun hai wahan?Who’s that?”And she turned to call her sister but he was gone from there.Geet was bewildered that he wasn’t there & her heart had something change when she saw those chocolate brown eyes.Geet gave up thinking abt that guy & once again immersed in her thoughts.But here that man hadn’t went from there just had hid behind a tree & when she became unaware of his presence he once again stalked her.This was Maan Singh Khurana who had first time become clean bowled  in 110 yrs to the beauty of Geet but moreover that face which had his beloved face.This Geet was like his beloved Geet in the structure but he had a pain in his eyes which was that they can’t meet each other.Maan still observed Geet filling her in his eyes who was epitome of beauty just like his beloved who died before 110yrs ago.

While Maan was observing her then someone called her from behind,”Geet.”Maan repeated the words smiling,”Geet,so her name is Geet.”But he was soulless person then why his heart is rejoicing,he touched his left chest.He felt that it is beating rapidly.Then he saw towards window but Geet had gone from there.He was disappointed & walked towards his car which stood in the corner of the road.He hid his face from his jacket & went to his car.Geet had came back & noticed that the same who was stalking her was talking his car & noted the number immediately in the notepad.Then Geet went inside taking the notepad inside.Maan drove to khurana mansion becoz the haunted house has changed into khurana mansion.He entered KM while his servant took his long cloak from him & he ran to his room & opened his wardrobe & took a designed box which was made of wooden & opened it.There stood a photo,Maan took it & saw that photo & said seeing the photo,”Geet woh tumhari tarah hi dikthi hai aur uska naam bhi Geet hi hai.Kya tumhari bhavishya vani sach hogi.Kya tumhi ho jisne uske ander janam liya hai???Bolona Geet…”On that time the wind blews inside his room & the photo slips from his hand & lands on the fire.Maan takes the photo immediately & try to off the ignited fire to photo.But the photo caught the fire & it becomes ashes in front of him.Maan was shocked to see that his last presentation of his beloved also wears off.Maan feels seeing the nature’s sign that he have to forget his beloved that’s becoz she’s not alive makes his eyes welled up & blood pours down from his eyes.

Here Panchi can’t see the silence of Geet plans to take her & Misha to the trekking of the biggest mountain of dehradun.Geet refuses as she is afraid of heights but Panchi insists.Then Geet went to the place where she never went in 12yrs of their long residents person.Geet was always afraid of heights so she would stay with her parents & Panchi & Misha would go for trekking.But this time Geet went not having any idea what’s going to happen there.Danish had also came there with them & had noticed that Geet was always depressed.When Geet came to the place of the counter to catch the trolley then she had a vision.That vision showed that two children is playing & a boy had scratched a heart shape on the wooden seat writing their names.Geet got the vision & said immediately to her sisters & bother-in-law,”I’ve been here before…”Panchi,Misha & Danish listened her with awe.Geet said immediately seeing towards the mountain,”Don’t go today,today will be avalanche fallen & we’ll be struck.Geet walked to the people & said to them not to go there or else their life will be danger but they didn’t listen to her & smirked sarcastically & went for trekking.Geet became stubborn when Misha became stubborn of going for trekking thinking that Geet’s blabbering.But when they were witnessing the mountain then a series of snow fell downwards making the travel rooted to the spot with fear.Danish was amazed with Geet’s prediction but came back to home before the people say thanks to her.


Danish,Panchi,Misha & Geet reached home.Danish dragged Geet immediately when she got off the car & took her to her room while Panchi & Misha followed him immediately.Danish entered her room with Geet while Misha & Panchi also entered & Danish locked the door.Danish turned to Geet & asked giving a stern look,”Geet,tumhe kaise pata chala ki woh pahad ki barf girne wali hai?”Geet was searching the answer for this question herself.Geet said bewildered,”Jiju,mujhe pata nahin ki mujhe kya hogaya tha,I went to trance & felt that some powers has aroused inside me & told them.But before I would predict I got a vision jiju.”Danish asked,”Kaisa vision???”Geet said breathleesly,”Meine do das saal ke bachchon ko dekha,ek ladka aur ek ladki.Aur woh ladka wahan padi seat mein scratch kar raha tha apne knife se.Aur us ladka ne ek heart shape scratch kiya tha aur usme do alphabets likha tha english mein…M aur G.Mujhe kuch samajh mein nahi aaya.Us choti si bachchi ne us ladka ko Maan kehkar bulaya tha…”Danish saw her face which has innocence.Panchi asked worriedly,”Kya baat hai Danish koi serious baat tho nahi???”Danish said calmly,”Ab isse hypnotize karna zaroori ho gaya hai Panchi.Lekin mujhe lagtha hai ki hume shaadi ke baat sochna hoga iske baare mein.Ab tumhi ne to kaha tha ki mom aur dad ko hum pareshan nahi karsakthe.”Panchi said nodding,”Thik hai Danish hum mom aur dad ko shaadi ke baat iske baare mein batate hain.”Danish said giving the tablet to Geet,”Geet,tum is davayi ko lelo aur so javo.This tablet is for the reamless sleep.You’ll feel better.”Geet took the tablet & she slept.Danish,Panchi & Misha came outside the room worriedly.Panchi asked curiously,”In sab ka kya matlab hai Danish,Geet ko aise darawana sapna aana aur uske bad woh prediction…am just confused.”Danish didn’t say anything but he was getting doubtful that this is the case of reincarnation but he had some doubts so he went to the ancient library from where he could get the answers.

Danish searched the topic for he was searching in the ancient library which was famous for dharma shastras,vedas,upanishads.Danish took a book called Upanishad which was translated by Adi shankaracharya.It was in sankrit language & Danish was expert in sanskrit he got the book useful to him.Going through in the book,he came to a topic called lady astrolgers who called themselves as gargayi & maitri.When he started reading their story then he came to know that there was a famous lady astrologer who had the knowledge of predicting the past,presen & future also.It also showed the ancestral chart & showed who are the descendents.Previously there was a clan which despised these community & was always against them.And that clan’s name was aryans who argued that the woman are confined to only kitchen not for the other business.Then only a woman who was powerful who had blessings of lord shankara has cursed the families that their clans will be always corrupted with the evil people & they become good for nothing men.This curse was powerful for many centuries.Both the clan had become deadly enemies from centuries but came a girl who had hazel brown eyes,long nose,pink coloured lips & had a warmth.That girl was the epitome of the beauty,the clan had expected her to be the biggest astrologer of the whole world & she became also.But she lost her heart to the enemy clan’s son who had chocolate brown eyes,long nose,exact ‘M’ shaped pink lips.The two clan’s hatred won & the girl was burnt alive in the house.But the girl had promised to her lover that she will come once again for him & had died on his lap after saving him.That man was made to take a glass of juice which had the most dangerous poison but was a slow poison.This was given by the rivals of the same clan & was against of the man of becoming the head of the clan after his father.

Danish read the whole story & kept it aside & he remembered his teacher’s words who had predicted that he’s gonna get an important destiny which had so many problems but you’ll win in that in the end.Now he remembered that how he met  Panchi & how he came across the three sister who never leave beside themselves when they are in trouble or problems.Danish took a deep breath & decided to tell that what is the problem in Geet’s case to Panchi.

Precap-Maan & Geet meet in their new house’s grihapravesh.


Danish decided to hypnotise Geet after reading the book.He had doubt that the famous astrologer’s descended is Geet.But before that he went to meet his guru.Danish was not only an expert psychiartist but also the expert astrologer but the way Geet had predicted which can’t be done by any other person made him an objective cast to him.Geet was having strange dreams & with that she was predicting the future.This made Danish to go to his guru who was expert in these type of cases.Danish took the leave from library & went to his teacher who had taught him the ancient culture of our India.Here Mohinder insisted his three angels to get ready for Khurana’s party while the three gilrs opposed it.Misha said frowning,”Papa,mujhe yeh party pasand nahi aur agar aapko mujhe leke jaana hai toh mein aise hi aaungi.”She wore jeans & t-shirt & was sitting at her study table.Mohinder said sternly to Rano,”Rano,is bandar ko samjhao ki wahan usse dekhne ke liye ladke aa rahe hain.”Misha’s eyes popped up with shock,”Ladke wale…abhi itni jaldi kyun hai meri shaadi ko…abhi is chidiya ki shaadi ke baare mein toh sochiye ya phir,Geet ki…Mujhe dono jiju miljaayenge ekhi mandap mein…”Mohinder said finally,”Zyada behes mat kar aur tayyar ho jao koi dhang ke kapde pehn kar…”On that time Panchi wore a sari & entered Misha’s room…While Rano tried to convince Misha & said,”Dekho Panchi kaisi tayyar hui hai sari pehnke…tum bhi pehno naa…sari…”Misha said angrily,”Sari…!No way,mein yeh 9 yards nahi pehne waali…”Geet saw her argument silently & whisperd to her mom,”Mom aap chinta mat kijiye,mein isse sari pehna kar neeche laungi…”

Rano nodded & she took Mohinder with her.Misha saw Geet doubtfully & asked,”Tumne aisa kya kehdiya ki mom aur dad itni aasaani se chale gaye bahar…?”Geet held the antenna of cockroch & said,”Ab sari pehno ya phir,,,,,,,,,,isse ulajhlo…”Misha was afraid of cockroch & she wore the sari immediately & ran outside with fear.Mohinder & Rano smiled mischievously at Misha & Misha said frowning,”Hasso aur zor se hasso…Lekin mein bhi aapki beti hoon…Geet ko sabak nahi sikhaaya toh mera naam bhi Misha nahi…”Handa family sat in their car & drove towards the Khurana mansion.Misha asked curiously,”Waise uska naam kya hai?”Mohinder answered while driving,”Kabir Singh Rathod…!”Misha’s eyes popped up & asked,”Dad don’t tell me that you are trying to rope me up to my childhood friend…”Mohinder chuckled & fell silent.Misha started her tantrums…”Dad woh mujhse pyaar nahi kartha…woh sirf T se pyaar kartha hai…”Mohinder was lossing confidence on Kabir & started thinking,”Lekin usne toh kaha ki woh Misha se pyaar kartha hai…Yaar yeh kya horaha hai…Mein is Kabir par nazar rakhni hogi…!”Then he drove towards the outskirts of the Dehra Dun while Panchi asked curiously,”Dad hum is taraf kyun jaa rahe hai…”Mohinder answered,”Are haan bete…yeh Khuranas ki ghar toh woh haunted house thi na woh ahi.Aaj puja ho rahi hai aur uske baad party bhi.Hum party ke liye jaa rahen hai kyunki puja keliye toh aap teeno availbale nahi the na isiliye…”Geet was immersed in her own thoughts & didn’t gave any attention but one shout of Panchi & Misha made her come out of her thoughts.Mohinder jerked the car to sideways with panic & asked the both,”Kya baat hai…aap dono kyun chilla rahe ho…”Panchi & Misha saw each other nervously…Geet saw them both curiously.Then Panchi stammered,”Woh…mein…haan,mujhe ek patient ko dekhna tha aaj aur uski appointment bhool gayi aur kya mein Geet ko leke jao yahan se mujhe kuch assistence chahiye…”Rano said softly,”Lekin beta…agar hum akele Misha ko le jao toh wahan poochenge ne ki humaare don bachche kaha hai?”Panchi said firmly,”Mom,aap bhool rahi hai ki mein ek doctor hoon…Aur waise bhi aap hume isiliye leke jaa rahe haina taaki Misha aur Kabir dono akele mile…Toh aap Misha ko leke jaiye na…Mein Danish ko phone karthi hoon aur kehti hoon ki woh mujhe leke jaiye mera matlab hai hum dono ko leke jaiye…”

Precap-Maan aur Geet both meet in hospital.


Danish came to meet his teacher to his house.His teacher sat in padmaasana & has closed his eyes & was meditating before Danish call him his teacher asked,”Kyun aaye ho yahan Danish?”Danishe said politely,”Woh guruji aapne mere baare mein jo kuch bhi predict kiya tha woh shayad sach ho rahi hai…”His teahcer said confidently,”Shayad nahi Danidh yahi vidhi ka vidhaan hai.”Danish was confused,”Mein kuch samjha nahi guruji…aap kripya saaf boliye…”His teacher said confidently,”Bhavishya ko koi nahi jaan saktha bachche…lekin tumhaare honewali saali ko sab pata hai.Lekin usse ek shraap bhi hai.Woh ek baar predict kiya huva bhavishya woh yaad mein nahi rakh sakthi.Isi mauke ka fayda utha kar uske dushman usse maar bhi sakthe hain bachche lekin tumhaari kismat uski badi behen ke saath isiliye likh diya gaya kyunki tum hi ho jo us parivaar ko bacha sakthe ho un dusht shaktiyon se…”Danish was shocked & asked,”Kya yeh sab is sadi mein bhi mumkin hai guruji…i’m mean i know that astrology is a pack of maths which shows the movement of planets & it affects the real life moment of a man but what is this type of power which Geet is having which her enemies try to get it at any cost?”His teacher said firmly,”Is duniya mein kuch bhi namumkin nahi hai bachche.Sab kuch ho saktha hai aur woh bhi insaan ko bahut bhugathna bhi padega lekin is ladki ke zindagi mein ek umeed ki kiran hai jo usse har museebat mein bachayega.Uska khoya huva ya phir yeh kahun ki us dusht shaktiyon se cheena huva pyaar uske saath har pal saaye ki tarah rahega.Is ladki ko is janam mein woh apna banakar hi rahega.Uske liye woh bahut saari kurbaaniyan dedega.Uska pyaar jo sau saal pehle choot gayi thi andheron mein woh waapis aayaega aur is baar woh dusht shakti un dono ko kuch kar hi nahi paayega.Kyunki woh dono milgaye toh us dusht shakti ka astitva hi is duniya se mit jaayega.”Danish was satisfied by his guru’s words but he asked abt that man who loves Geet to this extent,”Guruji kya aap us aadmi ke baare mein bata sakthe hai jo Geet ko itna pyaar karega…”His teacher said stiffly,”Bhavishya tuhi jaan jayega toh is zindagi mein jeene ka mazaa kaise aayega bachche.Lekin mein itna keh saktha hoon ki uska us ladki ke saath jald hi mulaaqat hone waala hai aur woh shuru hogi ek bahut bade jhagde se…”Danish was confused & was abt to ask abt it further but he got the phone from Panchi.Panchi called him to pick her for the hospital.His teacher said smiling,”Jao bachche bhagwaan ka aashirwaad hamesha tere saath rahe…”

In the lonely forests of Dehra Dun,there was a big lake which was flowing in high speed,it currents were making the man drown in that when he goes to swim.Near the lake there stood a big hollow cave which was pitch black due to darkness.A sound came from the cave which said,’Jai rundamalini,Jai kali,Jai shive…”That was a male voice who was reciting the names of goddess Parvathi’s name & was doing to puja to the huge kali idol who had so much hand holding the aayudh & had her tongue protruding outside.This Kali idol was looking scary & the man who was doing puja stopped his puja abruptly & said seeing towards the idol feeling disappointed,”Kyun maa,is bhakth par aapko koi daya nahi aaya…”Then he threw some rice to havan & the fire raised & settled immediately & said,”Bhoota pishacha aavahayaami…”A white colored looking scary spirit came in front of the man & said,”Jo hukum mere aaka…”That man said,”Rakthbeej,tum mujhe batavo ki kyun meri puja safal nahin ho rahi hai?”That spirit said politely,”Woh isiliye aaka kyunki Vaidehi ka janam ho chuka hai aur woh apni shaktiyaan mehsoos karne lagi hai.”That man said with panic,”Kya Vaidehi ne apna vaada poora kardiya apne aashiq ko…”Then he blurted some mantras & threw some of the rice grains to the havan kund & said,”Bhootni prakat ho…”A devil woman came from thin air & bowed her head politely & said,”Mere liye kya aadesh hai maalik…”That man said,”Tum jao aur Vaidehi aur Vaasuki ko ek doosre se milne mat do…tumhaare shaktiyon ka upyog karo aur un dono ke beech mein sirf jhagda karvavo…”That devil woman bowed politely & said,”Aapka hukum saraakho par maalik.”And that devil woman vanished immediately on that time a faint voice came from cellar who shouted at the man,”Tum kuch nahi karpaavoge thakshak kyunki Vaidehi koi saadharan sthree nahi hai jo tumhaare bhootni ke iraado se phas jaaye.Woh ek shakthi hai jo tumhaare jaise paapi ka anth karne aayi hai…”Thakshak said angrily,”Meine tumhe apna mashvara dene ke liye nahi kaha.”And he once again threw some of the rice grains blurting some mantras & the man who was in the cellar screamed with pain.

Danish came to Panchi & Geet & picked them up while Panchi said everything that they were going to that haunted house where Geet was unconscious when she was in the age of 12 yrs.Danish was a bit curious & asked abt it but Panchi’s phone rang & her hospital called her for emergency case.Danish dropped Geet & Panchi to the hospital & stood with them.On that time Thakshak’s bhootni came there & saw Geet there silently.On that time Maan entered the hospital with an accident case who was lying down unconscious in the road.Panchi was in emergency ward treating the pregnant woman while Danish & Geet sat outside talking abt Misha who was fussing around to see her childhood friend.Maan entered the premises with the stretcher & made that unconscious woman lie on the stretcher & moved her to the emergency ward while he phoned up to police.Geet saw the man who was helping the injured person & recognised him who was gawking at her from yesterday.Geet was so angry & went to meet Maan.Maan didn’t saw towards her & was abt to go on that time he felt something uneasiness & saw towards the place where bhootni stood.Maan saw that the power was abt to attack Geet then he stood between Geet & the power.Maan glared at it but bhootni didn’t accept defeat & she sent some powers from her to make it to enter Geet’s body but Maan came between them & it hit it & went from there feeling defeated.Geet was seeing this & thought that Maan is a semi crack who stood covering her to thin air.Geet couldn’t see bhootni as she has the habit of forgetting her powers saw to thin air.Maan stood in front of Geet & after bhootni vanished accepting defeat he went from there.Geet pouted to babaji cutely,”Kaisa insaan hai mein yahan usse jagda karne aayi thi lekin woh toh moo pher liya aur khada ho gaya jaise ki woh mujhe kisise raksh kar raha hai.”And she went from there.

Precap-Maan aur Geet phir se mulakaat lekin is baar Geet is in Maan’s arms.


The power which Thakshak had sent came back feeling defeated to the cave.Thakshak who was meditating came to know that Bhootni had accepted defeat & vanished immediately.Thakshak took a fistful of kumkum & threw that into the havan kund & said,”Maa Kali,mujhe dikhaavo ki woh Vaidehi kaise bach gayi…”On that time the fire showed how Geet urf Vaidehi was saved from his powers.He saw Maan protecting Geet standing as a big wall against bhootni & bhootni was defeated.Thakshak saw the vision & was shocked & threw fistful kumkum & said,”Rakthbeej aavahyaami…”A white & pale looking ghost appeared from thin air & said politely,”Mere liye kya aadesh hai maalik!”Thakshak asked him angrily,”Yeh Vaasuki Vaidehi ko kaise bacha raha hai…Kya usse pata hai ki yeh uski vaidehi hai…???”Rakthbeej answered politely,”Jee han maalik lekin Vaidehi ko pata nahi aur woh raat bhar Vaasuki ki sapne dekhthi rahthi hai…lekin woh nahi jaan paa rahi hai ki yeh uske pichle janam ka kadva sach hai.”

Thakshak was happy that Geet wasn’t remembering Vaasuki.Here Handa family went to temple to offer puja for maa durga with Danish.After their prayers they were abt to go back to their cars then Geet bumped to a fakir.Geet made him to stand up & apologised to him.When the fakir saw her then said collapsing to her feet,”Mata aap aagayi unhe uddaar karne ke liye…mein bahut khush hoon mata…”Then he saw Geet’s forehead & was panic & said,”Yeh kya hai mata…aapke liye khatron ka saaya…”The family thought that the fakir is a semi-crack & was abt to walk but the fakir stopped Geet.The fakir put the sri-chakra locket around Geet’s neck & said,”Mata yeh aapki raksha karegi…alak nirnajan…”And he went from there.

Geet was appalled seeing the sri-chakra locket around her neck & was abt to take off but the priest of the maa durga said politely,”Beta…usse nikaalo mat…woh bahut hi shakti shaali locket hai…shayad mata ne us fakir ke roop mein is locket ko diya hai…usse kabhi nikaal na mat beta…”After the priest convince Geet kept the locket around her neck.

Here Thakshak sent another power to make Geet to forget her past.Next morning Geet got up & was feeling so peaceful & she didn’t even get those nightmares & this was possible becoz of the locket.She had slept without taking the dreamless sleep tablet.Then Geet said to Misha,”Misha tum jaanthe ho kal raat ko mein bin davayi liye so gayi…lekin tumhe pata hai ki mujhe woh daraawna sapna nahi aayi mujhe neend mein…”Misha was happy hearing the news & she shared this news to Danish & Panchi.

Danish was a bit suspicious & went to his guruji once again.His guruji said,”Aapko kya lagthe hai bachche ki sri-chakra ek saadharan ring hai…???Nahin bachche…jab koi pishach,bhoot ya kaale saaya insaan par ya kisi vastu par phel tha hai tab isi sri-chakra ko lagaya jaatha hai…darne ki koi baat hi nahi…haan lekin is baar woh apne aashiq se mil nahi paayegi…par dekhthe hai…sab kuch bhagwaan par chod do bachche…”And he went back to his meditation.

Precap is same.


Danish confirmed that the srichakra locket is not harmful to Geet from his guru.Geet was still thinking abt the strange dreams which has changed since she saw Maan in the hospital.Maan was thinking abt Geet only.Geet was now-a-days dreaming abt Maan that how they were made love to each other.She dreamt of Maan kissing her lips & celebrating their suhaagrat in some caves.But their suhagraat was interrupted by someone which she didn’t remember that face.She didn’t even saw her nowhere.

While Danish & Panchi’s marriage was performed & they both revealed Geet’s condition to Mohinder & Rano.Rano was hell worried becoz of Geet while Mohinder didn’t accept the truth first but Geet explained everything to her dad.Mohinder said worriedly,”Geet,tumne mujhe bataya kyun nahi…aur Misha tum toh keh sakthi thi na…Geet ke baare mein…!”Misha said,”Dad,mein kaha bhi tha ki mein aapko bataa doongi lekin Geet ne mana kar diya…!”Mohinder was very angry on Geet of not telling abt her but Danish said calmly,”Papa pls…there’s no use on remorsing on spilt milk…jo huva so ho gaya…ab humein aage ka sochna hai…!”

Mohinder said politely,”Puttar…tu hi batavo iska solution kya hai…!”Danish said calmly,”Papa,Geet ko mein hypnotise karna chahtha hoon…aur uske pichle janam ke saari baatein yaad dilaana chahtha hoon…toh behtar hai…ki aap log mere saath co-operate kare…!”Everyone approved to that treatment & Danish explained the procedures to the family.Geet was sent to a dark room where Danish sat silently while all the family saw her in the camera which was fixed inside the room.

Danish said to remove her srichakra as any negative energy can’t be influenced on her when she’s wearing it.Becoz to hypnotise a man he’ll be not having any god’s locket which he trust most becoz it will destroy the negative energy which is gonna cause damage to that man.Danish held a pendulum & said to Geet to concentrate on it.After few minutes of concentration Geet couldn’t go to sleep which he felt weird.What is the power which is protecting her powerfully.

Here Maan was sitting in a dark room meditating closing his eyes felt a restlessness & his concentration broke.He opened his eyes & saw towards the full moon which was glaring at him.Maan closed his eyes & he saw that Geet’s in danger as Thakshak is sending his power to prevent her to remember her past.Then Maan ran from there immediately in top speed.Maan came to a halt to the window of the dark room where Danish was trying to hypnotise Geet but couldn’t as she was having some power inside her which was preventing him to hypnotise her thought she took off the srichakra locket.

Maan thought in his mind,”Tum jitni bhi koshish karlo Danish tum Vaidehi mera matlab hai Geet ko apne vash mein nahi kar sakthe…!”Then Danish made her unconscious giving some injection & did the hypnotising after that.Danish was amazed seeing her powers which she wasn’t recognising as she had a curse on her.To know what is the curse it has become important to know her past to Danish.Danish somehow hypnotised Geet & Geet came to sub-conscious stage.

Geet had lied down on a couch comfortably while Maan witnessed her procedures protecting her from that evil wizard’s power.Danish said moving his fingers,”Geet…ab tum sub-conscious stage mein ho…u r relaxing…!Geet said,”Hmmm!”Danish said,”Tum 1990’s ke year mein jaa rahi ho…tum jaanthi ho ki kab paida huyi ateet mein…!”Geet answered perfectly,”Mein dhanur maas mein poorna dwadashi ke din swathi nakshatra mein paida huyi…!”Danish was amazed with her calculation & he asked,”Tumhaara naam kya hai…!”Geet answered,”Us din lakshmi ji ki pooja ho rahi thi humaare ghar mein…aur mein ussi din paida huyi toh un logon ne mera naam Vaidehi rakha…!”

Danish was amazed & asked,”Tumhaare mata aur pitah ka naam kya hai…!”Geet said,”Mere maat aur pitah ka naam hai…******(guys am a bit lazy to give there names so don’t think it otherwise)Danish asked,”Kya karthe hain…!”Geet said,”Mere pitah bahut bade jyotishi hai aur mata bahut badi sanskrit upadhyay…!”Maan saw her confession in sub-conscious state & was happy that she’s remembering her parents.Danish asked,”Tumhe koi bhai ya behen hai…!”Geet said,”Haan…!”Danish asked,”Unke naam…!”

Geet answered,”Mere behen hai jo humein mele mein mili thi…woh meri saghi behen nahi hai…phir bhi mein unse bahut pyar karthi hoon…!Uska naam hai Lavanya…!”Danish asked,”Woh kaisi dikthi hai…!”Geet explained…

Precap-Geet’s past story continues…Smile


Geet told Danish that how her sister Lavanya looks like as if she was there in the scene 100yrs back.Danish asked curiously,”Tumhaare aur tumhaari behen ki hobbies kya hai…!”Geet said meekly,”Woh gaati thi aur mein uski gaane ke liye naachti thi…!”Danish asked,”Kahan…!”Geet answered,”Maa durga ke mandir mein…!”Danish was amazed while asked,”Tum dono kya padti thi…!”Geet answered,”Mein us waqt B.Sc CBZ combination mein padthi thi aur Lavanya 2nd yr PUC padti thi…!”

Danish asked,”Jab tum dono gaathi aur naachti thi tab kuch adbhhod ghatna ho rahi thi…!”Geet said meekly,”Haan…maa durga ke daye haath se humein prasad de kar humein aashirwaad dethi thi…!Yeh humaare roz ka karya ban gaya tha…!”Danish noted somethings on his notepad while he asked,”Kya tum ek incident yaad kar sakthi ho jiss se tum aur tumhaari behen dono hairaan reh gaye the…!”

Geet said meekly,”Haan…ek din hum dono apne college khatam karke aa rahe the…tabhi kuch awaara ladke humein chedna chaahthe the…!


Geet urf Vaidehi & Lavanya walked past a bridge which was tied across the spateful river which was flowing ferociously as anyone tries to swim in that will be flown away with the water.Some boys far from Vaidehi & Lavanya planned to trouble the girls.One of the cassanova,”Yaar aaj toh us Vaidehi ko chedna hi hoga…kehte hai ki usse Devi ka aashirwaad hai…dekhte hai ki kya devi us Vaidehi ko bacha paayegi ya nahi…!”The man came forward to trouble Vaidehi but on that time the bunches of bananas which were abt ripe fell on the man’s head & injured his head while his head started bleeding.The man screamed with pain before he even reach Vaidehi.

Vaidehi saw this & rushed to see the man & said to take him to her house as her house was near.Vaidehi’s father tended the man while the man who had planned to trouble Vaidehi apologised to her falling to her feet.The man said,”Mujhe maaf kardo behen…meine soch ki mein tumhe tang karoongi lekin maa durga ne toh mujhe sazaa dediye hai tumhaare baare mein aisa sochne ka bhi…!”

Vaidehi felt awkward but said stroking his head,”Maine aapko maaf kardiya hai…aap uthiye…!”When he got up he didn’t felt any pain in his head & was amazed & said,”Behen…tumhaare hatho mein toh jaadu hai…!Maa durga zaroor tumhe raksha kar rahi hai…!”Vaidehi said immediately denying the truth,”Aap aisa kyun pooch rahi hai…maa durga ne toh aapko sahi raaste par laane ke liye yeh khel kheli hogi…is par meri koi yog daan nahi…!”The man was happy that she didn’t had any attitude or ego becoz of the powers she was having & said thanks to the girl & went from there.

Flashback ends———>

Danish noted something in his notepad & asked,”Kya kisine zid mein aakar tumhe chedne ki koshish ki…?”Geet said,”Haan…ek aadmi tha aur uska naam hai Vasuki…woh humaare gaav ke sarpanch ka beta…jisse mere aur mere behen ke baare mein pata nahi tha…!”Geet explained everthing abt that man’s stature.(Guys,he’s the very same Maan)

Danish noted his stature while Maan was observing with moist eyes as she was remembering him.He was blushing when she explained his stature in her sub-conscious stage.On that time Thakshak’s power came to stop Geet to remember her past.The power tried to send some power inside Geet but her sri chakra stopped it immediately sending a positive energy which Geet had held it on her hand tightly.

Thakshak’s power didn’t accept defeat & send another red light which Maan stopped it standing like a shield to Danish & Geet who were in dark room.Danish was unaware of these while Maan battled with Thakshak’s power.On that time Maan was exhausted due to it’s power but still he fought the power with strength.Geet was feeling his pain when she was in sub-conscious stage & started mumbling in the sleep…”Chodo usse…!”As if she was in pain…!

Danish observed this & saw the numerous connections which were connected to the machines which showed some turmoil was going on in her head & Danish was alarmed seeing the machines & immediately made her to come to the normal stage.He asked her who’s she then she answered in her sleep that she’s Geet Handa then he breathed calmly & thought that it have to be done in sessions as it will give Geet to cope with her past.

But Geet had the curse that she never remember her past which made her innocent to all the actions which was going on around her world.Meanwhile Maan defeated the power & the power vanished immediately.Maan went to home feeling exhausted & tired.He was bleeding becoz of the power he succumbed & he collapsed in the lap of her mother.

Maan’s mother Haseena was shocked to see Maan in that state.Haseena said in panic,”Maan…aapko kya huva bete…yeh sab kaise huva…!”And she made him to sleep in his room & dialled to Chand Maan’s father.Chand rushed to home hearing Maan’s condition.Maan had slept peacefully on Haseena’s lap while Chand caressed his face & asked,”Haseena…usne bataya ki kisne kiya yeh sab…!”

Haseena said immediately,”Wahi aadmi ne jisne hum teeno ko yeh haal banaya hai…mrit insan…!Thakshak…!Woh ab Vaidehi beti ko dee huyi shrap ka galath istemaal kar raha hai…aur uski punarjanam ke baare mein yaad na kare isiliye uski shaktiyaan bhej raha hai…!Lekin Maan do do baar Vaidehi mera matlab hai Geet ko protect kiya hai…!”Chand was angry very much & said,”Haseena…ek din aisa aayega ki woh apne saare shaktiyaan kho baithega tab usse bachaane ke liye uski kaali bhi nahi aayegi…!

Precap is same…!


Geet got up after the hypnotising & sits quietly while Geet’s family who was following her every answer while hypnotism was shocked to see to swallow the truth which she said during the trance.Mohinder & Rano was worried becoz of Geet’s state while Misha & Panchi was showing interes in Geet’s punar janam.

Panchi asked excitedly to Geet after she came outside,”Geet,tumhe ek behan bhi thi tumhaara punar janam mein,am so happy…!Tumhaara punar janam bada hi interrest as she was talking to her casually…!”Geet didn’t understand any of these & asked,”Kya mujhe ek behen bhi thi…mujhe yaad kyun nahi aa raha…!”Confused

On that time Panchi was abt to say something but Danish said sternly,”Bas Panchi,tum usse tang mat karo…!Geet yeh medicines lelo aur ghar jaake aaraam karo…!”Geet nodded innocently & she swallowed the tablet & went with Mohinder,Rano & Misha.They reached the home & Geet went to her room & she was dozed off when she collapsed on her bed.

Misha who had came behind made her sleep properly & took off her slippers & spread the blanket till her neck lovingly.Misha kissed her & exited the room closing the door.Geet was sleeping peacefully.Here in Khurana mansion Maan got up with a jerk & whispered Geet.Geet felt that she has been called by someone & frowned in her sleep.

Haseena who sat beside Maan smiled at her son becoz of taking Geet’s name from his lips.He was loving her crazily & didn’t had any strength to loss her this time.Haseena patted his cheeks & asked with concern,”Aap theek hai…!”Maan nodded meekly while Haseena got up & said,”mein aapke liye doodh lekar aati hoon…!”Maan nodded cutely.When Haseena went from there then he jumped from the window & ran towards Geet’s home.

Maan tried to take the glimpse of Geet from that window where he saw her for first time but she didn’t came then he jumped inside Handa haveli & went towards Geet’s window.He sneaked inside geet’s window & saw her sleeping cutely & peacefully.Geet was smiling in her sleep but now was frowning becoz her hars were disturbing her sleep.

Maan came near her & took her hairs from her face & pinned it behind her ear.When he was doing this then his fingers were accidentally touched by her corner of her lips which were soft & supple.Maan felt a current run down his spine.Maan’s lips curved to the smile & that smile had contentment.

When he saw those lips hungrily then Geet curled up & opened her eyes slowly.Geet saw the man standing in front of her & smiled at him sweetly.Then she closed her eyes to sleep for sometime but for a second she thought she was dreaming & she opened her eyes immediately then she truly saw a man in her room.

Geet was abt to shout in panic but Maan closed her mouth & said,”Chup bilkul chup…!”Pinning her to the bed.He was on her top & her body was so soft that he was tempted to do all the things which he was imagining since he saw her first day.Geet fluttered her eye lashes nervously & saw those chocolate brown eyes which had the effect of hypnotising anyone.

Geet saw those eyes which had volumes of emotions which had longing,love passion,anger anguish.His eyes were windows of his soul…ahem ahem…the dead soul… u r thinking that how a vampire has the soul…am answering…this is for tushti-kiran…Maan had a curse that he can live as a man in daylight but in the night he’s the most dangerous monster vampire…but here he’s a vegetarian vampire dependent on animals blood.

Thakshak who was the black magician cursed Maan & his family to become vampires when he met his downfall in front of Vaidehi.Geet saw those eyes & first time she felt of blushing seeing his burning gaze.Maan saw those hazel brown which had the world’s innocence which had turned to panic.But he also saw a shyness which he felt when her cheeks became red.

Geet confirmed that he’s the man who was stalking her few days back & she jerked his hand & started blabbering,”Oye…kaun ho tum…!”Which made Maan’s heart choke becoz she had not recognised him but her next words made his anger went its peak.”Aur tum mujhe par nazar kyun rakh rahi ho…mujhe achche se maaloom hai tum jaise bande ko…pehle humein apne vash mein kardethe ho…phir jaaydaad hadapne ke chakkar mein humaari zindagi barbaad kar dethe ho…!”

Geet was abt to call servants but she was muted by Maan’s lips immediately.Geet hit his chest with her tiny fist but Maan pressed her to his hard frame.Geet was shocked becoz of his gesture & she was trying to push him from her but he came inside her embrace & plastered her to himself.

Geet felt a current run down past her spine when her body rubbed to his skin.Her skin burned with desire & she felt as if she’s shifted to trance.Geet’s heart was saying that he’s no stranger while her mind was screaming how dare he kiss u leave him…push him…slap him…!But her heart won the battle and she snaked her arms around his neck gently.

His hands went to her waist & moved inside her shirt which made her butterflies flutter inside her stomach.His hands were soothing for her all the worries & she felt as if he was soothing her pain which was unaware to him.His hands went deep inside her shirt & was touching her bare waist which was tickling her.

Geet moaned for this sensation while Maan pressed his lips crushing her soft supple lips & she came inside his embrace.Both were feeling contented still kissing each other.First time Geet felt contentment still kissing him & she parted her lips & his tongue entered inside her mouth to suck her honey sweet juice.Maan’s tongue reached Geet’s tongue & both entwinged while Maan lifted her from her bottom & she entangled her legs around his waist.

He was finding his cure for Thakshak’s injuries in that kiss.Geet rubbed his back soothing him still kissing him tightly.Maan was exploring her mouth & plundering her treasure inside her mouth while his hands was squeezing her waist softly.Geet moaned becoz of the sensation which made his pleasure went to its peak.

His hands went inside her shirt & was abt to unhook her b** but someone knocked at the door.Maan was panic & saw towards her who was in trance still feeling his lips on her.Maan said softly,”Geet…!”Which shook her entire existence & she opened her eyes feeling his whisper of her name inside her ears.Maan saw her intently while Geet closed her eyes immediately & he lifted her & made her sleep on the bed.

He made her sleep & silently opened the bolt & jumped from the window in no time.Rano came inside & saw that Geet was sleeping & went from there kissing her softly.Maan who stood behind the door still saw the sleeping beauty & kissed her once again on her lips & smiled widely.Becoz this was their first kiss which made him soothe all the pain which he was having becoz Thakshak’s power.Maan kissed her forehead & jumped from window immediately.

Precap-More Geet’s past is gonna come…new entry…!Wink


After sometime Geet got up & saw around her that where the man went?But he wasn’t there while Geet thought abt that man…how he shut her mouth by her accuse kssing her lips.She felt bad for accusing him like that & then she remembered his cocolate brown eyes which had the effect of hypnotising her.

Then she saw towards her sri chakra which she wore & thought that it didn’t do any harm to him…Geet knew that if someone who is bad try to harm her then…he’ll reach to very painful end.Becoz she had the experience after wearing that sri chakra.But why that man went from here without saying anything to her…just he kissed her on lips till his fill & went from there.

Geet was confused becoz of these incidents & pouted cutely to babaji,”Hai babaji…yeh aap mere saath kya kar rahe ho…pehle yeh daraawana sapna dikhathe ho…aur usse bhoolne ke liye malam bhi bhej dethe ho…!”By now she came to know that the man was no stranger to her.She always felt that she had seen him somewhere…but where she couldn’t getting that memory…

But now Geet was confirmed when he kissed her on her lips that he’s in love with her crazily.Becoz no one can’t enter HM so easily…if he has entered so easily then he is the special person & after touching her had confirmed her that he’s the man whom she’s gonna marry…MarryShocked…how can I marry that person one who sneaks inside her house and kisses her…Angry

Geet cursed herself that she’s gone crazy…Meanwhile Thakshak’s power came back feeling defeated.The white pale ghost said palely,”Master…meine bahut koshish ki Vaidehi ko rokne ki lekin woh Vaasuki beech mein aagaya aur mera saare kiye karaay par paani pher diya…Ab mujhe jaane deejiye…!”And the pale ghost vanished into thin air.

Thakshak was so angry & said angrily throwing the kumkum to yangya kund,”Shatru naashanam kuru kuru swaaha…!”And a power went to destroy Maan urf Vaasuki to his home.So after one day of the gap Danish made Geet once again went into trance & made her to say her past.Maan stood near the window watching Geet & Danish.

Danish said moving his fingers,”Ab tum subconscious stage mein ho…kaun ho tum?”Geet said,”Mein Vaidehi hoon…!”Danish asked further slowly,”Tumne kaha tha ki tumhaara sarpanch ka beta Vaasuki aap dono ko love letter diya tha…!”Geet said,”Haan…!”Danish asked curiously,”Kuch huva tha kya usse…mera matlab hai ki kya usse Maan durga ne kuch kiya tha kya…!”Geet said slowly,”Nahi…!”

Danish asked,”Kyun…?”Geet answered cutely,”Pata nahi…Kyunki woh mera honewaali jeeja tha…mere behen Lavanya ki honewaali pati…!”Danish was confused now by her answer then he said,”Saaf saaf bolo Vaidehi…!”Geet started explaining…

Lavanya was Geet urf Vaidehi’s god sister who met each other in a mela of their village.On that time Lavanya was hurted & was so afraid of the people.

When she was got by Vaidehi & her parents then she had came to Vaidehi seeing her eyes which had the warmth which she always saw in her elder sister.On that time Lavanya was not in the state to talk to Vaidehi & her family that who she’s becoz she had forgotten everything.Then Vaidehi & her parents treated her as their second child with Vaidehi.

They looked after Lavanya as their daughter & Vaidehi loved her like her sister.They would go to the college or any other place always together becoz Lavanya was protected by Vaidehi & Vaidehi was protected by Maa durga.Both daily would fulfill their mannat by dancing & singing the songs of Maan durga in the temple of durga of their village.

Here Thakshak was the uncle of Lavanya was searching her to make her sacrifice for Devi Kali so that he can get the immense power from Maa Kali.That’s why he became the student of the very famous black magician called Bhootnaath who poured his knowledge to him & made him able to fight against Maa Durga.But unfortunately Bhoothnath was killed by his student Thakshak only.

But when he came to know that his teacher’s power isn’t gonna reach him after killing him then he captured his spirit in his wand & always tortured him to give the power for which he was badgering his teacher.But his teacher cursed him that what he’ll learn from anyone can’t be remembered when it is needed.

Thakshak saw his niece who was living with Vaidehi’s family & tried to make Lavanya to come to the control of his power.But everytime Vaidehi would come between them & his power would backfire him only.One day he came as a ragged beggar & stood in front of Vaidehi’s house & called,”Maa…maa…koi toh hai is ghar mein…!”Lavanya came holding a basket of rice grains to give him then Thakshak saw Lavanya who was looking beautiful just like his bhabhi whom he had mercilessly killed her for property.

Thakshak said politely,”Beti…mujhe khaana nahi chaahiye…mein bahut door se aaya hoon…mein yahan Amarnath ka yatra karne ke liye aaya tha…lekin raasta bhatak gaya aur meri beti ki kapde phat gayi jungle mein kaanton se chub kar…ab meri beti jungle mein akeli hai aur woh baahar bhi nahin aa sakthi kyunki unki kapde phat gayi hai…!Kya aapke saath koi puraana kapde ho to mujhe deejiye…aapki mehrbaani hogi…!”

On that time Vaidehi saw this incident & said coming forward giving Rs.500 to him,”Ye leejiye aap unhe sheher jaakar kapde le aayiye…humaare paas koi puraana kapda nahin hai…!”And Vaidehi made Lavanya to go inside,Lavanya went inside silently while Thakshak was dumbstruck seeing the 500 rupees on his hand.Thakshak saw Vaidehi once again & was abt to say something but someone said immediately,”Tum meri beti ko itni asaani se nahi bhaga kar le jaa sakthe…!”

Thakshak saw Vaidehi who had turned into someone who stood in front of him smirking.It was woman who wore a green bordered red color sari & had wore so many jewels.She wore a golden crown on her head & put full moon shaped kumkum on her forehead.She had a very kind face & lovely eyes which had the power to hypnotise anyone.She wore nose ring which glittered for which Thakshak’s eyes closed not able to tolerate the light.

The woman had a pink lips which were curved to a smirking smile.She held a trishool which was glittering due to sun’s light.She also wore bangles,waist band & her hair was let loose.That woman’s eyes had turned lovely to anger.She was Maa Durga who was watching her daughters from childhood.

Thakshak was abt to send some power but she banged her trishul on the ground which made him thrown far away.Thakshak stood & said angrily,”Durga…tum jitni bhi koshish karo tum un dono ko nahi bacha sakthi…mein unki bhavishya ko badal daaloonga…!”Maan durga said angrily,”Tum kuch bhi nahin kar sakthe Thakshak…aur agar tum bhavishya ko badal lene ki koshish ki toh tumhi us bhavishya ka shikaar banoge…!Meri betiyon ko tum saadharan mat samjhna…unme apaar shakthi hai jisse tum aur tumhaari taantrik vidya usse kuch nahi karpaayegi…Abhi bhi samay hai Thakshak…apne galathiyon ka praayshchit karo…shaayad mein tumhe maaf kardoon…!”Thakshak said with attitude,”Kabhi nahi…aur mere paas jo shakthi hai usse tum mujhe kuch kar hi nahi sakthe…dekhna chaahogi meri shkathi…!”

And he closed his eyes & mumbled some charm & showed his palm towards maa Durga.Maa durga stood seeing the power which reached her & was abt to hurt her but it changed & it kissed her feet dearly & turned to garland & went directly into her neck.Maa Durga smirked seeing his power which he saw with shock & cursed his teacher who had taught him these magic tricks.

But his teacher came in front of him from thin air & said calmly,”Thakshak..jis din tum mujhe dhoke se maara us din tum paapi ban gaye…aur tum Maa Durga ke saamne toh kya koi insan ke saamne tum sirf ek maanav ho…!”And he vanished into thin air.Maa durga said angrily,”Ab is sansaar ki swami ki shakthi dekho…!”And she blew the air softly in which a storm came & Thakshak floated in the air & the air was blew outside the village neatly.

Maa Durga vanished into thin air immediately & went inside the Tulsi plant & a light came around the Tulsi plant & lamp which was kept in front of Tulsi plant got lit itself immediately.

At present Maan was watching the hypnotism standing near the window where he was recollecting his memory.On that time Thakshak’s power came to kill Maan.Maan saw the power & came between the power & Geet.The power was abt to enter Maan’s body to kill him but couldn’t enter it.Maan was also amazed seeing the power couldn’t enter inside him then remembered…yesterday’s events.

Maan saw towards Geet who was smiling in the trance as if she has done a big thing & gave a wide smile.When Geet hugged Maan tightly during kissing then her protection was spread over Maan also which was protecting her from Thakshak’s power.Maan was happy that Geet’s power is protecting him.Thakshak’s power went back feeling defeated once again.

So guys u r thinking how Geet is so powerful so much & she was protecting Maan…am not gonna tell u just tell me ur ideas…how can she protect him by just a mere hug…so guys rack ur brains…

Precap-rack ur brains…Wink


Geet who was smiling in trance wasn’t understood by Danish who was hypnotising her.Maan saw the power & glared at when it didn’t enter inside him.The power was confused that what is the power which was stopping it.It racked its brain & went to the past where Maaneet were kissing & her power was spreading on Maan.The power saw Maan defeated & it vanished into thin air.

Here Danish started his questions while Maan stood near the window seeing Danish’s interrogation.Danish asked few questions for which Geet started telling her story in trance.Thakshak had bargained with his teacher’s ghost that if he gives the immense powers then he will give him mukti as his teacher was roaming like a ghost.

Thakshak’s teacher agreed for this deal & he entered Thakshak’s body.He did some pooja & yagna & tied some thread which was smeared with haldi & blood.Thakshak’s teacher was so powerful & he built a magic cage in which Maa Durga will be caged inside the temple.Thakshak’s plan was ready becoz Vaidehi’s father was searching a perfect match for her but the village sarpanch came to his home asking the hand of Lavanya for his son.

Vaidehi’s father felt awkwards becoz when elder sister was there then how can he approve to younger sister’s marraige.But Vaidehi convinced his father to perform marraige of Lavanya as the groom’s family is very good.They performed the marraige but Thakshak knew that Maa Durga is gonna stop this but couldn’t as she was caged becoz of the power.

The pandit of the temple couldn’t take the changed environment around Maa Durga’s idol & he went to seek the advice of his teacher.His teacher came & saw the cage which was built around Maa Durga’s idol & told his student that Maa Durga has been caged by the powerful magician.The pandit’s teacher did some yagna to take off the cage which was built upon Maa Durga.

When Maa Durga was freed on that time Lavanya’s marraige was performed with Vaasuki.Becoz Vaasuki was in control of Thakshak’s power.Lavanya came & settled in their house & was looking after everyone with immense love & care.But Vaasuki couldn’t accept this marraige & had distanced himself from Lavanya.

Becoz Vaasuki loved Vaidehi but this maaraige was done against his will.But he never showed his inner turmoil to Lavanya & decided to accept Lavanya as his wife when he came to know the truth.Thakshak’s plans were working becoz he wanted to make Lavanya to come out of the protection of her beloved sister Vaidehi & Maa Durga.

That’s why he corrupted the minds of Vaasuki family that Lavanya is the last heir of the millions of treasure.But Vaasuki opposed this then Thakshak had controlled him till his marraige.Vaasuki was also blinded with their family love that he didn’t oppose this marraige.Lavanya was so innocent in all this who had become the lion’s prey without her sister’s proitection or Maa Durga’s protection.

Here Vaasuki couldn’t accept this marraige & he was loving Vaidehi from his body & soul.He was betrayed from their family & he had become slave to the alchohol.He would drink & sleep everyday in the farm house with his friends.Maan urf Vaasuki couldn’t bear this distance from his beloved Vaidehi.Becoz he always loved from the starting to Vaidehi only & had given the love letter to her only which had reached Lavanya mistakenly.

One day Thakshak called the Vaasuki’s family & ordered that Lavanya will have to be sacrificed so that they can get the money.Vaasuki’s family was blinded with greediness said to the head of the family who was sarpanch that live for a few days in the farm house with Vaasuki.Vaasuki’s father didn’t knew anything abt Vaasuki’s mother intentions & he gave approval for their decision.

Vaasuki’s mother Jhanvi had told him that some dosha is there in Lavanya’s horoscope & for that Thakshak was coming to wipe it.Lavanya was made to worship Maa Kali & she was acting like a some super natural power was coming on her.She was possessed with some super natural power.She would make weird faces for which the family was scared seeing her behaviour.Thakshak was happy that his plan is gonna success but on that time…

Vaidehi came to Lavanya’s house as she was woken by a bad dream of Lavanya’s death & saw the situation around her.Vaidehi couldn’t beleive that what was going on & saw Lavanya in trance.When Vaidehi touched Lavanya then the dark powers which had entered inside Lavanya came out & vanished into thin air,Thakshak couldn’t blelieve that his plan was unsuccessful & tried to kill Vaidehi by sending his powers but it never entered inside the house.

Becoz the house was washed out of the sins which they had committed in that house when Maa Durga’s photo was kept inside the god’s place.The Vaasuki’s family…mainly women werer angry on Vaidehi from inside as she flopped their plan.But two persons were there who didn’t know that what’s going on in their family & they were Vaasuki & his father who didn’t know this magician’s intentions.

Vaidehi made Lavanya to worship the Maa Durga & Lavanya kept some vrath for her husband’s well.Vaasuki was happy seeing Vaidehi there & was also happy to have her near him as he was feeling that his heart & soul is inside him.Lavanya was in vrath so she wansn’t able to do all the works & she was starving & was reciting Maa Durga’s name so Vaidehi started to do Lavanya’s works staying there.

She would ready the hot water for Vaasuki’s bath & would serve food which made blood red eyes of the women of the family.They tried to mislead Vaasuki’s father by complaining abt Vaidehi but he didn’t listen to them.But Thakshak was trying to disrupt the vrath of Lavanya or else she once again come under the protection Maa Durga.But all his attempts became futile then he did a plan.

He gave some bhaang mixed alcohol to Vaasuki as he was still drinking & made him to come to his charm once again.Vaasuki came to home full of that & tried to force Lavanya & tried to intimate with her.Lavanya begged Vaasuki to control himself or else her vrath will be broken down but no…he didn’t control himself.

Vaidehi tried to stop him but he didn’t budge & he tried to force Lavanya.But on that time rage coursed thru the veins of Vaidehi & she held the sickle which came to her hand & said to him with rage in those doe shaped eyes,”Leave her…or I’ll kill u…!!!!!!!!”For a second Vaasuki couldn’t do anything & rooted to the spot seeing the rage in those almond eyes.

She masked of the power of Maa Durga & she stood there giving a murderous glare at him.For a second he was abt to pounce on her but her murderous glare to him made him shook his entire existence.His heart cried seeing that glare in those almond eyes for him.On that time an immense love filled inside his heart for her & the power went outside which Thakshak had sent inside him.

When the power went from Vaasuki then his eyes blurred & saw those eyes once again which had turned into concern seeing his state & his heart cried for giving the pain to those almond shaped eyes & he fell to the floor immediately.

Precap-Geet’s past truth continues…


Maan urf Vaasuki was carrying Lavanya in his strong arms & was doing pradakshina around the temple becoz Lavanya was ill & she was in the state of discontinuing her vrath.So Maan lifted her in his strong arms & was going round around the temple.Vaidehi saw this & was happy that he had accepted the mistake which was done previous days by him & repenting for that by looking after Lavanya so much.

Vaidehi felt happy seeing the couple who was helping each other in this troubled times.Smile

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A man came to street of Janakpuri in Delhi & lighted a cigarette lighter like object holding a small bundle.The lighter sucked the lights of all the street lights leaving the street as dark.That man came near no.4 house & saw a tabby cat sitting on the wall which had strange marks around her eyes.That man chuckled,”Gddo to see you here Professor Mittal.”The tabby cat had turned into a 40 aged woman who frowned at the man but said with respect,”Professor Dayashankar,aap yahan kya kar rahen hai?”Prof.Dayashankar said smiling,”Mein yahan nilemma ki mishani uske behen ke ghar pahunchane aaya hoon.”Prof.Mittal said nervously,”Meine sunah ki kaale jaadu ka baadshah Kaalbhairav ne Khurana’s ko maar diya aur Maan ko bhi.Kya yeh sach hai professor.”Prof.Dayashankar gave a grim expression & Prof.Mittal whimpered,”Ab Maan Singh Khurana ka kya hoga?”Prof.Dayashankar didn’t say anything & kept that bundle near the door which revealed a baby boy who was fat asleep in the bundle.He had a cut in the forehead which was the shaped as lightening bolt.Profs.Mittal & Dayashankar whispered to the boy,”Good luck Maan.”And they vanished into thin air.


Mr & Mrs Juneja,of no.4,Janakpuri,were proud to say that they were perfectly normal,thank you very much.They were the last people who are expected to be involved in anything strange & mysterious,becoz,they just didn’t hold with such nonsense.Mr.Prabath Juneja was the director of a firm called Malhothra & co.,which was expert in the marketing business.He was big beefy man with hardly any neck,although he did have a very large moustache.Mrs.Pummy Juneja was thin & blonde & had nearly twice the usual amt of neck,which came in very useful as she spent so much of her time craning over garden fences,spying on the neighbours.The Junejas had a small son called Dhruv & in their opinion there was no finer boy anywhere.

The Junejas had everything they wanted but they also had a secret & their greatest fear was that somebody would discover it.They didn’t think they could bear it if anyone found out abt the Khuranas.Mrs Khurana was Mrs.Juneja’s sister,but they hadn’t met for several yrs;in fact,Mrs Juneja pretended she didn’t have a sister,becoz her sister & her good for nothing husband were as Un-Junejayish as it was possible to be.The Junejas shuddered to think what the neighbours would say if the Khuranas arrived in the street.The Junejas knew that the Khuranas had a small son too,but they had never seen him.This boy was another good reason for keeping the Khuranas away,they didn’t want Dhruv mixing with a child like that.

When Mr & Mrs Juneja woke up in the dull grey tuesday that our story starts,there was nothing abt the cloudy sky outside to suggest that strange & mysterious things would soon be happening all over the country.Mr.Juneja hummed as he picked out his most boring tie for work & Mrs Juneja gossiped away happily as she wrestled a screaming Dhruv into his high chair.None of them noticed a large tawny owl flutter past the window..At half  past eight,Mr.Juneja picked up his briefcase,pecked Mrs.Juneja on the cheek & tried to kiss Dhruv but missed,becoz Dhruv was now having tantrums & throwing his cereal at the walls.’Little tyke(badmaash bachcha),”chortled Mr.Juneja as he left the house.He got into his car & backed out of no.4 house.

Precap-An old man smiled at Mr.Juneja & said,”Don’t be sorry,my dear sir,for nothing could upset me today!rejoice for you-know-who has gone at last!even the Muggles like yourself should be celebrating this happy day!”



When he drove the car from his home,it was on the corner of the street that he noticed the first sign of something peculiar-a cat reading a map.For a second,Prabath didn’t realise what he had seen-then he jerked his head around to look again.There was a tabby cat standing on the corner of his street,but there wasn’t a map in sight.Waht could he have been thinking of?It must have been the trick of light.Prabath blinked & stared at the cat.It stared back.As Prabath drove around the corner & up the road,he watched the cat in his mirror.It was now reading the sign that said no.4 Janakpuri-no,looking at the sign;cats couldn’t read maps or signs.Prabath gave himself a little shake & put the cat out of his mind.As he drove towards town he thought of nothing except a large order of projects he was hoping to get the day.

But on the edge of town,work were driven out of his mind by something else.As he sat in the usual morning traffic jam,he couldn’t help noticing that there seened to be a lot of strangely dressed people about,people in cloaks.Prabath couldn’t bear people whi dressed in funny clothes-the get-ups you saw on young people!He supposed this was some stupid new fashion.He drummed his fingers on the steering wheel & his eyes fell on a huddle of these weirdos standing quite close by.They were whispering excitedly together.Prabath was enraged to see that a couple of them weren’t young at all;why,that man had to be older than he was,& wearing an emerald green cloak!The nerve of him!But then it struck Prabath that this was probably some silly stunt-these people were obviously collecting for something …yes,that would be it.The traffice moved on, & a few minutes later,Prabath arrived in the Malhothra &co. car park,his mind on work.

Prabath always sat with his back to the window in his office on the ninth floor.If he hadn’t.he might have found it harder to concentrate on drills that morning.He didn’t see the owls swooping past in broad day light,though people down in the street did;they pointed & gazed open-mouthed as owl after owl sped overhead.Most of them had never seen an owl even at the night time.Prabath,however,had a perfectly normal,owl-free morning.He yelled at five different people.He made several important telephone calls & shouted a bit more.He was in a very good mood until lunch time,when he thought he’d stretch his legs & walk across the road to buy himself a bun from the baker’s opposite.

He’d forgotten all abt the people in cloaks until he passed a group of them next to the baker’s.He eyed them angrily as he passed.He didn’t know why,but they made him uneasy.This lot were whispering excitedly,too, & he couldn’t see a singly tin.It was on his way past them,clutching a large berger in a bag,that caught a few words of what they were saying.

Mein Khuranas ki baat kar raha hoon-‘
‘-yes,unka beta,Maan-‘

Prabath stopped dead.Fear flooded him.He looked back at the whisperers as if he wanted to say something to them,but thought better of it.He dashed back across the road,hurried up to his office,snapped at his secretary not to disturb him,siezed his telephone & had almost finished dialling the home number when he changed his mind.He put the reciever back down & stroked his moustache,thinking…no,he was being stupid.Khurana wasn’t such an unusual name.He was sure there were lots of people called Khurana who had a son called Maan.Come to think of it,he wasn’t even sure his nephew was called Maan.He’d never even seen the boy.It might have been Maanav or other name.There was no point in worrying Pammi,she always got so upset at any mention of her sister.He didn’t blame her-if he’d had a sister like that…but all the same,those people in cloaks…


Prabath found it a lot harder to concentrate on work that afternoon, & when he left the building at 5o’clock,he was still so worried that he walked straight into someone just ouside the door.

‘Sorry,’he grunted,as the tiny old man stumbled & almost fell.It was a few seconds before Prabath realised that the man was wearing a voilet cloak.He didn’t seem at all upset at being almost knocked to the ground.On the contrary,his face split into a wide smile & he said in squeaky voice that made passers-by stare:’Are bura manane ki koi baat nahi sir,kyunki aaj mujhe kuch bhi bura nahi lagtha kyunki aaj tyohaar ka din hai kyunki that you-know-who has gone at last! Even muggles like urself should be celebrating,this happy,happy day!’And the old man hugged Prabath around the middle & walked off.Prabath stood rooted to the spot.He had been hugged by a complete stranger.He also thought he had been called a muggle,whatever that was.He was rattled.He hurried to his car & set off home,hoping he was imagining thing,which ha had never hoped before,becoz he didn’t approve of imagination.

As he pulled into the driveway of number 4,the first thing saw- and it improve his mood-was the tabby cat he’d spotted that morning.It was now sitting on his garden wall.He sure it was the same one;it had the same markings around its eyes.’Shoo!’said Prabath loudly.

The cat didn’t move,It just gave a stern look.Was this normal cat behaviour,Prabath wondered.Trying to pull himself together,he let himself into his house.He was still determined not to mention anything to Pammi.

Pammi had had a nice,normal day.She tole him over dinner all abt Mrs.Next door’s problems with her daughter & how Dhruv had learnt a new word (‘Shan’t!’).Prabath tried to act normally.When Dhruv had been put up to bed,he went into the living-room in time to catch the last report on the evening news:

‘And finally,bird-watchers everywhere have reported that the nation’s owls have been behaving very unusually today.Although owls normally hunt at night & are hardly ever seen in daylight,there have been hundreds of sightings of these birds flying in every direction since sunrise.Experts are unable to explain why the owls have suddenly changed their sleeping pattern.”The news reader allowed himself a grin.’Most mysterious.And now,over to Palash with the weather.Going to be any more showers of owls tonight,Palash?”

Well, John,”said the weatherman,”I don’t know abt that, but it’s not only the owls that have been acting oddly today.Viewers as fast apart as,Noida,Gurgaon & Ghaziabad have been phoning into tell me that instaed of the rain I promised yesterday,they’ve had a downpour of shooting stars!Perhaps people have been celebrating Diwali early-it’s not till six months,folks! but I can promise a wet night tonight.”

Prabath then turned to Hindi news channel then the channel also said the same news & local news also.He sat forzen in armchair.Shooting stars all over Delhi?Owls flying by daylight?And a whisper abt the Khuranas…


Pammi came into the living room carrying two cups of tea.It was no good.He’d have to say something to her.He cleared his throat nervously.’Er–Pammi,  dear –tumne kya tumhaari behen se kuch baat hui kya lately?’As he expected,Pammi looked shocked & angry after all,they normally pretended she didn’t have a sister.

‘Nahi,’she said sharply.’Kyun?’
‘Funny stuff on the news,’Prabath mumbled.  ‘Owls…shooting stars…and there were a lot of funny looking people in town today…’
‘Toh?’snapped Pammi.
‘Kuch nahi…meine socha ki yeh sab tumhaari bahan ki log hai…toh…’
Pammi sipped her tea through pursed lips.Prabath wondered whether he dared tell her he’s heard the name ‘Khurana.’He decided he didn’t dare.Instead he said, as casually as he could,’unka beta–woh bhi Dhruv ki umar mein hoga na?’
Shayad,’said Pammi stiffly.
‘Kya naam bataya tune uska?’
‘Maan.Nasty common name,if u ask me.’
‘Oh,  yes,’said Prabath, his heart sinking horribly.’Yes I quite agree.’

He didn’t say another word on the subject as they went upstairs o bed.While Pammi was in bathroom,Prabath crept to the bedroom window & peered down into the front garden.The cat was still there.It was staring down the street as though it was waiting for something.Was he imagining things?Could all this have anything to do with Khuranas?If it did…if it got out that they were related to a pair of – well,he didn’t think he could bear it.The Junejas got into bed.Pammi fell asleep quickly but Prabath lay awake,turning it all over in his mind.His last,comforting thought before he fell asleep was that even if Khuranas were involved,there was no reason for them to come near him & Pammi.The Khuranas knew very well what he & Pammi thought abt them & their kind…He couldn’t see how he & Pammi could get mixed up in anything that might be going on.He yawned & turned over.It couldn’t affect them…

How very wrong he was.

Prabath might have been drifting into an uneasy sleep,but the cat on the wall outside was showing no sign of sleepiness.It was sitting as still as a statue,its eyes fixed unblinkingly on the far corner of the street.It didn’t so much as quiver when a car door slammed in the next street,nor when two owls swooped overhead.In fact,it was nearly midnight before the cat moved at all.

A man appeared on the corner the cat had been watching,appeared so suddenly & silently you’d have thought he’d just popped out of the ground.The cat’s tail twitched & its eyes narrowed.

Nothing like this man had ever been like the normal man.He was tall,thin & very old,judging by the silver of his hair & beard,which were both long enough to tuck into his belt.He was wearing long robes,a purple cloak which swept the ground & high heeled,buckled boots.His black eyes were light,bright & sparkling behind half moon spectacles & his nose was very long & crooked, as though it had been broken at least twice.This man’s name was Dayashankar Tripathi.

Dayashankar Tripathi didn’t seem to realise that he had just arrived in a street where evrything from his name to his boots was unwelcome.He was busy rummaging in his cloak,looking for something.But he did seem to realise he was being watched,becoz he looked up suddenly at the cat,which was still staring at him from the other end of the street.For some reason,the sight of the cat seemed to amuse him.He chuckled & muttered,’I should’ve known.’

He had found what he was looking for in his inside pocket.It seemed to be a silver cigarette lighter.He flicked it open,held it up in the air & clicked it.The nearest street lamp went out with a little pop.He clicked it again – the next lamp flickered into darkness.Twelve times he clicked the put-outer,until the only lights left in the whole street were two tiny pinpricks in the distance, which were the eyes of the cat watching him.If anyone looked out of their window now,even beady-eyed Pammi,they wouldn’t be able to see anything that was happening down on the pavement.Tripathi slipped the put-outer back inside his cloak & set off down the street towards number 4,where he sat down on the wall next to the cat.He didn’t look at it,but after a moment he spoke to it.
‘Fancy seeing u here,Professor Mittal.’

He turned to smile at the tabby cat,but it had gone.Instead he was smiling at a rather severe looking woman who was wearing square glasses exactly the shape of the markings the cat had had around its eyes.She,too was wearing a cloak an emerald one.Her black hair was drawn into a tight bun.She looked distinctly ruffled.


‘Aapko kaise pata chala ki mein hi hoon?’Professor Mittal asked.
‘My dear Professor,I’ve never seen a cat sit so stiffly.’answered Tripathi
‘Agar aap deewaar par sara din baithte toh tab aap ko samjh mein aati,’said Professor Mittal.
‘All day?When u could have been celebrating?I must have passed a dozen feasts & parties on my way here.’
Professor Mittal sniffed angrily.
‘Oh yes,everyone’s celebrating,all right,’ she said impatiently.’U’d think they’d be a bit more careful,but no – even the muggles have noticed somethings’s going on.It was on their news.’She jerked her head back at the Juneja’s dark living room window.’I heard it.Flocks of owls…shooting stars…Well,something.Shooting Stars down Noida – I’ll bet that was Drona.He never had much sense.’
‘You can’t blame them,’said tripathi gently.’We’ve had precious little to celebrate for 11 yrs.’
‘I know that,’said Professor Mittal irritably.’But that’s no reason to lose our heads.People are being downright careless,out on the streets in broad daylight,not even dressed in muggle clothes,swapping rumours.’

She threw a sharp,sideways glance at tripathi here,as though hoping he was going to tell her something,but he didn’t,so she went on:’A fine thing it would be if,on the very day You-Know-who seems to have disappeared at last,the muggles found out abt us all.I suppose he really gone,Tripathi?’
Shaayad,’said tripathi.’We have much to be thankful for.Would you care for a Basundi?’
‘A what?’
‘A basundi.They’re a kind of muggle sweet I’m rather fond of.’
‘No thank u,’said Professor Mittal coldly,as though she didn’t think this was the moment for basundi.’As I say,even if You-Know-Who has gone –‘
‘My daer Professor,surely a sensible person like urself can call him by his name?All this “You-Know-Who” nonsense — for 11 yrs I ‘ve been trying to persuade people to call him by his proper name: Sarpnath.’Professor Mittal flinched,but tripathi,who was unsticking two basundi,seemed not to notice.’It all gets confusing if er keep saying “You-Know-Who”.’I have never seen any reason to be frightened of saying Sarpnath’s name.’

But Professor Mittal didn’t convinced with Tripathi’s justification abt Sarpnath but she pronounced his name to satisfy tripathi.Then Professor Mittal asked abt Khuranas that they’re attacked by Sarpnath.Tripathi approved that he killed Rajeev & Nikhila but he can’t kill Maan becoz his power backfired him.Professor Mittal was shocked that Rajeev & Nikhila is dead & what becomes of Maan who still 1 yr old child.Then Tripathi tells that he has came here to bring Maan to his mausa & maasi.

Professor Mittal was shocked as she had seen Junejas behaviour all the day sitting on their house wall as a cat.She said that Maan will be famous for this day but tripathi said that he’ll be away from this publicity & live peacefully with his maasi till his age comes of becoming an wizard.

Professor Mittal wasn’t convinced but still agreed for Maan’s sake.While Nakul who was an giant man came with tiny Maan wrapped in an blanket in an flying motor bike & gave him to tripathi.Tripathi took Maan to his maasi’s door with a letter which was held by the tiny fist of Maan tightly.The baby was fast asleep under a tuft of jet black hair over his forehead they could see a curiously shaped cut,like a bolt of lightening.Professor Mittal came to know that’s the scar which was given by Sarpnath when he tried to kill him.

Maan was fast asleep so he didn’t had any idead that what was going on there.Tripathi laide Maan gently on the doorstep of No.4,took the letter out of his cloak & kept it on Maan’s tiny fist which Maan held tightly still asleep.Then Professor Mittal & Nakul vanished into thin air while tripathi said beofre vanishing into thin air,’Good Luck Maan.’

A breeze ruffled the neat hedges of Janakpuri,which lay silent & tidy under the inky sky,the very last place u would expect astonishing things to happen.Maan Khurana rolled over inside the blankets without waking up.One small hand closed on the letter beside him & he slept on,not knowing he was special,not knowing he was famous…,not knowing he would be woken in a few hrs time by his maasi Pammi’s scream as she opened the front door to put out the milk bottles,nor that he would spen the next few weeks being prodded & pinched byn his cousin Dhruv…He couldn’t know that at this very moment,people meeting in secret all over the country were holding up their glasses & saying in hushed voices:’To Maan Khurana  —  the boy who lived!’


In St.Thomas’s hospital for magical maladies & injuries,the healers are walking this side & that side with the junior healers(Nurse)in front of the pregnancy ward.There stood a man who was worried for his wife while his 5 children with him.A 5 yrs old boy tried to calm down his worried father.He was the first son of the family & had responsibility on him.His name was Brij & said holding his father’s hand,”Dad don’t worry,Mum will be alright…”

After sometime one of the healer came & said with a broad grin,”Congratulations Mohinder…It’s a baby girl.”Mohinder was happy that Rano had given birth to an angel & ran inside the ward to see the baby & mother.When Mohinder entered then he was happy to see the tiny angel who was fast asleep.It was a pink beech ball which had dimple.It was smiling in its sleep.Brij & it’s brothers saw the baby & was happy.Brij asked kissing the pink puffy ball,”Kya nam hai iska maa…???”Rano smiled at her son & said sweetly,”Iska naam hoga Geet…”Mohinder whispered happily,”Geet…”The baby smiled even more broadly in her sleep.

Precap-Maan coming to know the truth that he’s a wizard.


Nearly 10 yrs had passed since the Junejas had woken up to find their nephew on the front step,but no4.house had hardly changed at all.The sun rose on the same tidy front garden & lit up the brass number 4 on the Junejas’ front door;it crept into their living-room,which was almost exactly the same as it had been on the night when Prabath had seen fateful news report abt the owls.Only,the photographs on the mantelpiece really showed how much time had passed.Ten years ago,there had been lots of pictures of what looked like a large pink beech ball wearing different-colored bobble hats- but Dhruv Juneja was no longer a baby, & now the photographs showed a large blond boy riding his first bicycle,on a round abt at the fair,playing a computer game with his father,being hugged & kissed by his mother.The room held no sign at all that another boy lived in the house,too.

Yet Maan Singh Khurana was still there,asleep at the moment,but not for long.His maasi Pammi was awake & it was her shrill voice which made the first noise of the day.

‘Utho!Get up!abhi!’
Maan woke with a start.His maasi rapped on the door again.
‘Utho!’She screeched.Maan heard her walking towards the kitchen & then the sound of the frying pan being put on the cooker.He rolled on to his back & tried to remember the dream he had been having.It had been a good one.there had been flying motorbike in it.He had a funny feeling he’s had the same dream before.

His maasi was back outside the door.
‘Are u up yet?’she demanded.
‘Nearly’,said Maan.
‘Well get a move on,I want u to look after the parathas.And don’t u dare let it burn,I want everything perfect on Dhruv’s birthday.’
Maan groaned.
‘Kya kaha tumne?’His maasi snapped through the door.
‘Nothing, nothing…’
Dhruv’s birthday – how could he have forgotten?Maan got slowly out of bed & started looking for socks.He found a pair under his bed &,after pulling a spider off one of them,put them on.Maan was used to spiders,becoz the basement of the house was full of them, and that was where he slept.

When he dressed he went down the hall into the kitchen.The table was almost hidden beneath all Dhruv’s birthday presents.It looked as though Dhruv had got the new computer he wanted,not to mention the second television & the racing bike.Exactly why dhruv wanted a racing bike was a mystery to Maan as Dhruv was very fat & hated exercise – unless of course it involved punching somebody.Dhruv’s favourite punch-bag was Maan,but he couldn’t often catch him.Maan didn’t look it,but he was very fast.

Prehaps it had something to do with living in a dark basement,but Maan had always been small & skinny for his age.He looked even smaller & skinnier than he really was becoz all he had to wear were old clothes of Dhruv’s & Dhruv was four times bigger than he was.Maan had a thin face,knobbly knees,black hair & bright chocolate brown eyes.He wore round glasses held together with a lot of spellotape becoz of all the times Dhruv had punched him on the nose.The only thing Maan liked abt his appearance was a very thin scar on his forehead which was shaped like a bolt of lightning.He had had it as long as he could remembered & the first questions he could ever remember asking his maasi Pammi was how he had got it.

‘In the car crash when ur parents died,’She had said.’And don’t ask questions.’
Don’t ask questions – that was the first rule for a quiet life with the Junejas.
Prabath entered the kitchen as Maan was turning over the paratha.
‘Comb ur hair!’He barked,by the way of a morning greeting.
Abt once a week,Prabath looked over the top of his news paper & shouted that Maan needed a haircut.Maan must have had more haircuts thena the rest of the boys in his class put together,but it made no differences,his hair simply grew that way – all over the place.

Maan was frying the aloos by the time Dhruv arrived in the kitchen with his mother.Dhruv looked a lot like Prabath.He had a large pink face,not much neck,small,brown eyes & thick blond hair that lay smoothly on his thick,fat head.Pammi would often said that dhruv looked like a baby angel – Maan often said that dhruv looked like a pig in a wig.

Maan put the plates of fried aloos & parathas on the table,which was difficult as there wasn’t much room.Dhruv,meanwhile,was counting his presents,his face fell.

’36,’he said,looking up at his mother & father.that’s two less than last year.’
‘Darling,u haven’t counted buvaji’s present,see,it’s here under this bag one from mummy & daddy.’
‘All right,37 then,’said Dhruv,going red in the face.Maan,who could see a huge Dhruv tantrum comg on,began wolfing down his parathas as fast as possible in case Dhruv turned the table over.
Pammi obviously scented danger too,becoz she said quickly,’And we’ll buy u another two presents while we’re out today.How abt it laado?Two more presents.is that all right?’
Dhruv though for a moment.It looked like hard work.Finally he said slowly,’So i’ll have thirty…thrity…’
‘Thirty-nine,laado,’said Pammi.
‘Oh,’ said Dhruv sat down heavily & grabbed the nearest parcel.’All right then.’
Prabath chuckled.
‘Little tyke wants his money’s worth,just like his father.Atta boy,Dhruv!’He ruffled Dhruv’s hair.

precap is same


When Dhruv was opening his presents then they got a phone call.Pammi went to answer it while Maan & Prabath watched Dhruv unwrap the racing bike,a cine camera,a remote- control aeroplane,sixteen new computer games & a video recorder.He was ripping the paper off a gold wristwatch when Pammi came back from the telephone,looking both angry & worried.

‘Buri khabar hai Prabath,’she said. ‘Mrs.Sharma apni tange tod di.She can’t take him.’She jerked her head in Maan’s direction.

Dhruv’s mouth fell open in horro but Maan’s heart gave a leap.Every year on Dhruv’s birthday his parents took him & a friend out for the day,to adventure parks,hamburger bars or the cinema.Every year Maan was left behind with Mrs.Sharma,a mad old lady who lived two streets away.Maan hated it there.The whole house smelled of cabbage & Mrs.Sharma made him look at photographs of all the cats she’s ever owned.

‘Now what?’said Pammi looking furiously at Maan as though he’d planned this.Maan knew he ought to feel sorry that Mrs.Sharma had broken her leg but it wasn’t easy when he reminded himself it would be a whole year before he had to look at *******,*******,******&********again.(Guys am a bit lazy to frame those names.But these are the names of the serials which came in the star world channel)

‘We could phone Navjot,’Prabath suggested.
‘Don’t be silly,Prabath,she hates the boy.’
The Junejas often spoke abt Maan like this,as though he wasn’t there – or rather,as though he was something very nasty that couldn’t understand them,like a slug.
‘Waht abt what’s – her – name,your friend – kastur?’
‘On holiday in Goa,’snapped Pammi.
‘You could just leave me here,’Maan put in hopefully(he’d be able to watch what he wanted on television for a change & may be even have a go on dhruv’s computer)

Pammi looked as though she’s swallowed a lemon.
‘And come back & find the house in ruins?’She snarled.
‘I won’t blow up the house,’said Maan,but they weren’t listening.
‘I suppose we coul take him to the zoo,’said Pammi slowly,’…and leave him in the car…’
‘That car’s new,he’s not sitting him in the car…’
Dhruv began to cry loudly.In fact,he wasn’t really crying,it had been yrs since he’d really cried,but he knew that if he screwed up his face & wailed,his mother would give him anything he wanted.

‘Dhruv laado,rona mat,mamma won’t let him spoil ur special day!she cried,flinging her arms around him.
‘I…don’t…want…him…t-t-to come!’Dhruv yelled between huge pretend sobs.’He always sp-spoils everything!’He shot Maan a nasty grin thru the gap in his mother’s arms.

Just then,the doorbell rang – ‘Oh good lord,they’re here!’said Pammi frantically – and a moment later,Dhruv’s best friend, Vicky goenka,walked in with his mother.Vicky was a scrawny boy with a face like a rat.He was usually the one who held people’s amrs behind their backs while Dhruv hit them.Dhruv stopped pretending to cry at once.

Half an hour later,Maan,who couldn’t believe his luck,was sitting in the back of the Junejas’ car with Vicky & Dhruv,on the way to the zoo for the first time in his life.His mausa aur maasi hadn’t been able to think of anything else to do with him,but before they’d left,Prabath had taken Maan aside.

‘I’m warning u’,he had had,putting his large purple face right up close to Maan’s,’I’m warning u now,boy-any funny business,anything at all – and you’ll be in that basement from now until Diwali.’
‘I’m not going to do anything,’said Maan,’honestly…’
But Prabath didn’t believe him.No one ever did.
The problem was,strange things often happened around Maan & it was just no good telling the Junejas he didn’t make them happen.

Once,Pammi,tired of Maan coming back from the barber’s looking as though he hadn’t been at all,had taken a pair of kitchen scissors & cut his hair so short he was almost bald except for his fringe,which she left ‘to hide that horrible scar’.Dhruv had laughed himself silly at Maan,who spent a sleepless night imagining school the next day,where he was already laughed at for his baggy clothes & sellotaped glasses.Next morning,however,he had got up to find his hair exactly as it had been before Pammi had sheared it off.He had been given a week in his dark basement for this,even though he had tried to explain that he couldn’t explain how it had grown back so quickly.

Another time,Pammi had been trying to force him into a revolting old jumper of Dhruv’s(brown with orange bobbles).The harder she tried to pull it over his head,the smaller it seemed to become,until finally it might have fitted a glove puppet,but certainly wouldn’t fit Maan.Pammi had decided it must have shrunk in the wash &,to his great reflief,Maan wasn’t punished.

On the other hand,he’d got into terrible trouble for being found on the roof of the school kitchens.Dhruv’s gang had been chasing him as usual when,as much to Maan’s surprise as anyone else’s,there he was sitting on the chimney.The Junejas had recieved a very  angry letter from Maan’s headmistress telling them Maan had been climbing school buildings.But all he’d tried to do(as he shouted at Mausa thru the locked door of his dark basement)was jump behind the big bins outside the kitchen doors.Maan supposed that the wind must have caught him in mid-jump.

But today,nothing was going to go wrong.It was even worth being with Dhruv & Vicky to be spending in the day somewhere that wasn’t school,the dark basement where he sleeps or Mrs Sarmna’s cabbage smelling living room.



While Prabath drove,he complained to Pammik.He liked to complain abt things:people at work,Maan,the council,Maan,the bank & Maan were just a few of his favourite subjects.This morning,it was motorbikes.

‘…roaring along like maniacs,the young hoodlums,’he said,as a motorbike overtook them.
‘Mein ek sapne dekha,’said Maan,remembering suddenly.’Woh ud rahi thi.’
Prabath nearly crashed into the car in front.He turned right around in his seat & yelled at Maan,his face like a gigantic beetroot with a moustache,’Motorbikes don’t fly!’Angry

Dhruv & Vicky sniggered.
‘Mujhe pata hai,’said Maan.’Woh sirf ek sapna tha.’
But he wished he hadn’t said anything.If there was one thing Junejas hated even more than his asking questions,it was his talking abt anything acting in a way it shouldn’t,no matter if it was in a dream or even a cartoon – they seemed to think he might get dangerous ideas.

It was a very sunny saturday & the zoo was crowded with families.The Junejas bought Dhruv & Vicky large chocolate ice creams at the entrance & then,becoz the smiling lady in the van had asked Maan what he wanted before they could hurry him away,they bought him a cheap lemon ice lolly.It wasn’t bad either,Maan thought,licking it as they watched a gorrilla scratching it’s head & looking remarkably like Dhruv,except that it wasn’t blond.

Maan had the best morning he’s had in a long time.He was careful to walk a little way apart from Junejas so that Dhruv & Vicky,who were starting to get bored with the animals by lunch time,wouldn’t fall back on their favourite hobby of hitting him.They ate in the zoo restaurant & when Dhruv had a tantrum becoz his knickerbocker glory wasn’t big enough,Prabath bought him another one & Maan was allowed to finish the first.

Maan felt,afterwards,that he should have known it was all too good to last.

After lunch they went to the reptile house.It was cool dark in here,with lit windows all along the walls.Behind the glass,all sorts of lizards & snakes were crawling & slithering over bits of wood & stone.Dhruv & Vicky wanted to see huge,pisonous cobras & thick,man-crushing pythons.Dhruv quickly found the largest snake in the place.Itcould have wrapped its body twice around Prabath’s car & crushed it into a dust-bin- but at the moment it didn’t look in the mood.In fact,it was fast asleep.

Dhruv stood with his nose pressed against the glass,staring at the glistening brown coils.
‘Make it move,’he whines at his father.Prabath tapped on the glass,but the snake didn’t budge.
‘Phir se karo,;Dhruv ordered.Prabath rapped the glass smartly with his knuckles,but the snake just snoozed on.
‘This is boring,’Dhruv moaned.He shuffled away.

Maan moved in front of the tank & looked intently at the snake.He wouldn’t have been surprised if it had died of boredom itself – no company except stupid people drumming their fingers on the glass trying to disturb it all day long.It worse than having a dark basement as a bedroom,where the only visitor was Pammi maasi hammering on the door to wake u up – at least he got to visit the rest of the house.

The snake suddenly opened its beady eyes.Slowly,very slowly,it raised its head until its eyes were on a level with Maan’s
It winked.
Maan stared.Then he looked quickly around to see if anyone was watching.they weren’t.He looked back at the snake & winked,too.
The snake jerked its head towards Prabath & Dhruv then raised its eyes to the ceiling.It gave Maan a look that said quite plainly:’I get that all the time.”
‘Mujhe pata hai,”Maan murmured thru the glass,though he wasn’t sure the snake could hear him.’It must be really annoying.’
The snake nodded vigorously.
‘Kahan se aaye ho tum,anyway?’Maan asked.
The snake jabbed its tail at a little sign next to the glass.Maan peered at it.
Boa Constricter,Brazil.
‘Kya wahan sab thik hai?’
The boa constricter jabbed its tail at the sign again & Maan read on:This specimen was bred in the zoo.’Oh,toh tumne – kabhi Brazil gaye hi nahi?”
As the snake shook its head,a deafening shout behind Maan made both of them jump.’Dhruv!MR.JUNEJA! IS SAAP KO DEKHIYE! AAP LOG VISHWAAS NAHI KARENGE KI YEH KYA KAR RAHA HAI!
Dhruv came waddling towards them as fast as he could.
‘Out of the way,you,’he said,punching Maan in the ribs.Caught by surprise,Maan fell hard on the concrete floor.Waht came next happened so fast no one saw how it happened – one second,Vicky aur Dhruv were leaning right up close to the glass,the next,they had leapt back with howls of horror.

Maan sat up & gasped;the glass front of the boa constrictor’s tank had vanished.The great snake was uncoiling itself rapidly,slithering out on to the floor – people thruout the reptile house screamed & started running fro the exits.

As the snake slid swiftly past him,Maan could have sworn a low,hissing voice said,’Brazil,here I come…thanksss,amigo.’

The keeper of the reptile house was in shock.
‘But the glass,’He kept saying,’Where did the glass go?’
The zoo director himself made Pammi a cup of strong sweet tea while he apologised over & over again.Vicky & Dhruv could only gibber.As far as Maan had seen,the snake hadn’t done anything except snap playfully at their heels as it passed,but by the time they were all back in Prabath’s car,Dhruv was telling them how it had nearly bitten off his leg,while Vicky was swearing it had tried to squeeze him to death.But worst of all for Maan at least,was Vicky calming down enough to say,’Maan usse baath kar raha tha,weren’t u Maan?’

Prabath waited until vicky was safely out of the house before starting on Maan.He was so angry he could hadly speak.He managed to say,’Go – basement – stay – no – meals,’before he collapsed into a chair & Pammi had to run & get him a strong tea.


Maan lay in his dark basement mch later,wishing he had a watch.He didn’t know what time it was & he couldn’t be sure the Junejas were asleep yet.Until they were,he couldn’t risk sneaking to the kitchen for some food.

He’d lived with Junejas almost 10 yrs,10 miserable yrs,as long as he could remember,ever since he’s been a baby & his parents had died in car crash.He couldn’t remember being in the car when his parents had died.Sometimes,when he strained his memeory during long hrs in his basement,he came up with a strange vision:a blinding flash of green light & a burning pain on his forehead.

This he supposed,was the crash,though he couldn’t imagine where all the green light came from.He couldn’t remember his parents at all.His maasi & maasa never spoke abt them, & of course he was forbidden to ask questions.There were no photographs of them in the house.

When he had been younger,Maan had dreamed & dreamed of unknown relation coming to take him away,but it never happened;the junejas were his only family.Yet sometimes he thought(or may be hoped)that strangers in the street seemed to know him.Very strange strangers they were too.

A tiny man in a violet top hat had bowed to him once while out shopping with Pammi maasi & Dhruv.After asking Maan furiously if he knew the man,Pammi maasi had rushed them out of the shop without buying anything.A wild-looking old woman dressed all in green had waved merrily at him once in a bus.A bald man in a very long purple coat had actually shaken his hand in the street the other day & then walked away without a word.The weirdest thing abt all these people was the way they seemed to vanish the second Maan tried to get a closer look.

At school,Maan had no one.Everybody knew that Dhruv’s gang hated that odd Maan Khurana in his baggy old clothes & broken glasses, & nobody liked to disgrace with Dhruv’s gang.

The escape of the brazilian boa constrictor earned Maan his longest-ever punishment.By the time he was allowed out of the basement again,the summer holidays had started & Dhruv had already broken his new cine camera,crashed his remote control aeroplane & first time one his racing bike,knocked down old Mrs Sharma’s as she crossed Janakpuri on her crutches.

Maan was glad school was over,but there was no escaping Dhruv’s gang,who visited the house every single day.Vicky,Gautam,Mohan & Girish were all big & stupid,but as Dhruv was the biggest & stupidest of the lot,he was the leader.The rest of them were all quite happy to join Dhruv’s favourite sport:Maan-hunting.

Precap-Maan knowing that he’s a wizard.


This was why Maan spent as much time as possible out of the house,wandering around thinking abt the end of the holidays,where he could see a tiny ray of hope.When September came he would be going off to secondary school & for the first time in his life,he wouldn’t be with Dhruv.Dhruv had a place at Prabath’s old school called Ramakrishna Ashram.Vicky Goenka was going there too.Maan on the other hands was going to some local comprehensive.Dhruv thought this was very funny.

‘Hum log to sant ban ne jaa rahe hai…lekin tumhaare woh school mein toh koi sant nahi banega…sirf tumhaari tarah anaath banega…!”Maan felt bad hearing Dhruv’s words but said smirking,”Sant ka matlab tum jaanthe ho…humein wahan sirf phal khana hoga…tumhaare pizza,hamburger,sweets,chocolates…kuch nahi hoga…!Achcha hai kum se kum wahan par tum big puppy fat toh nahi kehlaoge…!”And he ran from there before Dhruv could work out what he’s said.

One day in July,Pammi took Dhruv to Chandni Chowk to buy his new school uniform,leaving Maan at Mrs.Sharma’s.Mrs Sharma wasn’t bad as usual.It turned out she’s broken her leg tripping over one of her cats & she didn’t seen quite as fond of them as before.She let Maan watch television & gave him a bit of chocolate cake that tasted as though she’s had it several yrs.

That evening,Dhruv paraded around the living room for the family in his brand new uniform.As he looked at Dhruv in that uniform,Prabath said gruffly that it was the proudest moment of his life.Pammi burst into tears & said she couldn’t believe it was her laado Dhruv,he looked so handsome & grown-up.Maan didn’t trust himself to speak.He thought two of his ribs might already have cracked from trying to laugh.

There was a horrible smell in the kitchen next morning when Maan went in for breakfast.it seemed to be coming from a large metal tub in the sink.He went to have a look.The tub was full of what looked like dirty rags swimming in grey water.

‘Yeh kya hai…!’He asked Pammi.Her lips tightened as they always did if he dared to ask a question.
‘Tumhaare naaye school ki uniform hai…!’she said.
Maan looked in the bowl again.
‘Oh,’he said.’I didn’t realise it had to be so wet.’
‘Don’t be stupid,’snapped Pammi.’I’m dyeing some of Dhruv’s old things grey for u.It’ll look just like everyone else’s when I’ve finished.’

Maan seriously doubted this,but thought it best not to argue.He sat down at the table & tried not to think abt how he was going to look on his first day at his school-like he was wearing bits of old elephant skin,probably.

Dhruv & Prabath came in,bot with wrinkled noses beocz of the smell from Maan’s uniform.Prabath opened his news paper as usual & Dhruv banged his hand demanding for breakfast.They heard the click of letter box & flop of letters on the doormat.

‘Get the post Dhruv,’said Prabath from behind his paper.
‘Make Maan get it.’
‘Get the post,Maan.’
Make Dhruv get it.’
‘Give him a strong blow across his head Dhruv.’
Maan dodged Dhruv’s hand & went to get the post.Three things lay on the doormat:a postcard from Prabath’s sister Navjot,who was holidaying on the Goa,a brown envelope that looked like a bill & – a letter for Maan.

Maan picked it up & stared at it,his heart twanging like giant elastic band.No one ever,in his whole life had written to him.Who would?He had no friends,no other relatives – he didn’t belong to the library so he’d never even got rude notes for asking for books back.Yet here it was,a letter,addressed so plainly there could be no mistake:

                          Mr M.Khurana
The dark basement under the kitchen
4 Janakpuri

The envelope was thick & heavy,made of yellowish parchment,and the address was written in emerald-green ink.There was no stamp.
Turning the envelope over,his hand trembling,Maan saw a purple wax seal bearing a coat of arms;a lion,an eagle,a badger & a snake surrounding a large letter ‘G’.
‘Hurry up,boy!’shouted Prabath from the kitchen.’What r u doing,checking for letter-bombs?’He chuckled at his own joke.
Maan went back to the kitchen,still staring at his letter.He handed Prabath the bill & the postcard,sat down & slowly began to open the yellow envelope.
Prabath ripped open the bill,snorted in disgust & flipped over the postcard.
‘Navjot’s ill,’he informed Pammi.’Ate a funny whelk…’
‘Dad!said Dhruv suddenly.’Dad,Maan’s got something!’
Maan was on the point of unfolding his letter,which was written on the same heavy parchment as the envelope,when it was jerked sharply out of his hand by Prabath.
‘Woh mera hai…!’said Maan,trying to snatch it back.
‘Kaun likhega tumhe…?”sneered Prabath,shaking the letter open with one hand & glancing at it.His face went from red to green faster that a set of traffic lights.And it didn’t stop there.Within seconds it was greyish white of old porridge.
‘P-P-Pammi!’he gasped.
Dhruv tried to grab the letter to read it,but Prabath held it high out of his reach.Pammi took it curiously & read the first line.For a moment it looked as though she might fanit.She clutched her throat & made a choking noise.
‘Prabath!Hayyo rabba – Prabath!’
They stared at each other,seeming to have forgotten that Maan & Dhruv were still in the room.Dhruv didn’t used to being ignored.He gave his father sharp tap on the head from his hand.
‘I want to read that letter,’he said loudly.
‘I want to read it,’said Maan furiously,’as its mine.’
‘Get out,both of u,’croaked Prabath,stuffing the letter back inside its envelope.
Maan didn’t move.
‘I WANT MY LETTER!’he shouted.
‘Let me see it!’demanded Dhruv.
‘OUT!’roared Prabath & he took both Maan & Dhruv by the scruffs of their necks & threw them into the hall,slamming the kitchen door behind them.Maan & Dhruv promptly had a furious but silent fight over who would listen at the keyhole;Dhruv won,so Maan,his glasses dangling from one ear,lay flat on his stomach to listen at crack between door & floor.

‘Prabath,’Pammi was saying in a quivering voice,’look at the address – how could they possibly know where he sleeps?U don’t think they’re watching the house?’

‘Watching – spying – might be following up,’muttered Prabath wildly.

‘But what should we vo,Prabath?Should we write back?Tell them we don’t want – ‘
Maan could see Prabath’s shiny black shoes pacing up & down the kitchen.
‘No,’he said finally.’No,we’ll ignore it.If they don’t get any answer…yes,that’s best…we won’t do anything…’
‘But -‘
‘I’m not having one in the house,Pammi!Didn’t we swear when we took him in we’d stamp out that dangerous nonsense?’That evening he got back from work,Prabath did something he would never done before;he visited Maan in the dark basement.
‘Where’s my letter?’said Maan,the moment Prabath squeezed through the door.Who’s writing to me?’
‘Koi nahi.Ie was addressed to u by mistake,’said Prabath shortly.’I have burned it.’
‘It was not a mistake,’said Maan angrily.’It had my dark basement on it.’
‘SILENCE!’yelled Prabath,and a couple of spiders fell from the ceiling.He took a few deep breaths & then forced his face into a smile,which looked quite painful.
‘Er – yes,Maan – abt this basement.Your Maasi & I have been thinking…u’re really getting a bit big for it…we think it might be nice if u moved into Dhruv’s second bedroom.’
‘Kyun?’asked Maan.
‘Zyaada sawaal mat poocho…!’snapped Prabath.’Take this stuff upstairs,now’.

In Handa Haveli,an owl came squealing & crashed to the dining table with a letter breathing heavily.A boy having light blue brown eyes took the letter from the owl & made it placed it on an wooden plank & gave some water to drink.

On that time Rano came downstairs with Geet & saw the boy & asked,”Adi puttar…kiski chitti hai…?”Adi said seeing the letter & was happy so much,”Maa Gurukul se chitti aayi hai…mujhe is saal se join karna hai!”Rano was happy & said smiling,”Congratulations puttar…tumhaare papa bahut khush ho jaayenge…!”And she saw towards the grandfather clock where had 9 hands the three hands were pointed to work & 6 hands were showing mortal peril.

Rano sighed seeing her clock & saw the clock which now had shown that all the three hands were showing travelling & heard the noise.Rano said,”Aaa rahi hoon ji…!”And she went towards the hall.Adi asked smiling at his little sister,”Tumhe achcha nahi laga ki mein Gurukul jaa raha hoon…bas ek saal aur ruk jao …aur tum bhi Gurukul pravesh karoge…agle saal…!”But Geet sais sniffing,”Magar mujhe is saal hi join karna hai…!”Adi smiled & patted her head & said,”What abt a game of Quidditch.”Geet’s face lit up & nodded while Adi called,”Prashanth,Kunal,Sunil…chalo ek game quidditch khelthe hai…!”Geet’s brother came outside holding their broomstick & ran towards their field to play.

Precap-Maan knowing that he’s wizard.


THe Junejas house had 4 bedrooms: 1 for Prabath & pammi,1 for visitors(usually Prbath’s sister Navjot),1 where Dhruv slept & 1 where Dhruv kept all the toys & things that wouldn’t fit into his first bedroom.It only took Maan upstairs to move everything he owned from dark basement to this room.

He sat down on the bed & saw around him.Nearly everything in her was broken.The month old cine camera was lying on top of small,working tank Dhruv had once driven over next door’s door;in the corner was Dhruv’s first-ever tv set,which he’d put his foot through when his favourite programme had been cancelled;there was a large bird-cage which had once held parrot that Dhruv had swapped at school for a real air-rifle,which was up on a shelf with the end all bent becoz Dhruv had sat on it.

Other shelves were full of books.They were the only things in the room that looked as though they’d never been touched.From downstairs came the sound of Dhruv bawling at mother:’Mein usse apne kamre mein nahi rehne de saktha…I need that room…kaho ki woh wahan se nikle…’

Maan sighed & stretched out on the bed.Yesterday he’d have given anything to be up here.Today he’s rather be back in cupboard with the letter than up here without it.

Next morning at breakfast,everyone was rather quiet.Dhruv was in shock.He’d screamed,whacked his father from his hands.been sick on purpose,kicked his mother & thrown his tortoise thru the greenhouse roof & he still didn’t have his room back.Maan was thinking abt this time yesterday & bitterly wishing he’s opened the letter in the hall.Prabath & Pammi kept looking at each other darkly.

When the post arrived,Prabath,who seemed to be trying to be nice to Maan,made Dhruv go & get it.They heard him banging things with his hands all the way down the hall.Then he shouted,’There’s another one!Mr.M.Khurana,the smallest bedroom,4 Jankpuri – ‘

With a strangled cry,Prabath leapt from his seat & ran down the hall,Maan right behind him.Prabath had to wrestle Dhruv to the ground to get the letter from him,which was made difficult by the fact that Maan had grabbed Prabath around the neck from behind.After a minute of confused fighting,in which everyone got hit a lot by a tiny but strong fist,Prabath straightened up,gasping for breath,with Maan’s letter clutched in his hand.

‘Go to ur basement – I mean,ur bedroom,’he wheezed at Maan.’Maan – go – just go.’
Maan walked round & round his new room.Someone knew he had moved out of his basement & they seemed to know he hadn’t recieved his first letter.Surely that meant they’d try again?And this time he’d make sure they didn’t fail.He had a plan.But his plan had flopped becoz Prabath had slept at night near the letter box & Maan had trodded on him.

Prabath snarled at him & made him to bring his morning tea while the morning post had come & was taken by Prabath.Maan saw that his letters were burnt in the electric fire which Prabath smirked showing the letters to Maan & burning it giving a victorious smile.

The letters started coming in so many numbers but Prabath would snatch that by one or the other & would burn it in the fire he even went & shouted at the postal service management compaining abt this unknown letters coming to his home.

Dhruv asked in amazement to Maan,”Kaun hai jo tumse baat karne ke liye bekaraar hai…?”On that Sunday Prabath was happy becoz there’s no post on Sundays but next moment,20- 40 letters came pelting out of the fireplace like bullets.The Junejas ducked,But Maan leapt into the air trying to catch one –
‘Out! Out!’
Prabath siezed Maan around the waist & threw him into the hall.When Pammi & Dhruv had run out with their arms over their faces,Prabath slammed the door shut.They could hear those letters still steaming into the room,bouncing off the walls & floor.

‘That does it,’said Prabath,trying to speak calmly but pulling great tufts out of his moustache at the same time.’I want u all back here in 5 minutes,ready to leave.We’re going away.Just pack some clothes.No arguments!’

Prabath took them in car driving on & on & on not knowing any destination & stopped in a place where they came to know that they had reached Mumbai in very less time & booked a ragged hut across the sea which was perched on a rock.He had bought a long package & some chips.

They went to that ragged hut becoz the storm was coming & he knew that anyone can be stopped by the storm also but he was proved wrong once again.Maan was made slept on the ground while Dhruv slept on the sofa & Prabath & Pammi went to the next cubicle to sleep.

The storn raged more & more ferociously as the night went on.Maan couldn’t sleep.He shivered & turned over,trying to get comfortable,his stomach rumbling with hunger.Dhruv’s snores were drowned by the rolls of thunder that started near midnight.The lighted dial of Dhruv’s watch,which was dangling over the edge of the sofa on his fat wrist,told Maan he’d be 11 in 10 minutes time.He lay & watched his birthday tick nearer,wondering if the Junejas would remember at all,wondering where the letter-writer was now.

Five minutes to go.Maan heard something creak outside.He hoped the roof wasn’t going to fall in,although he might be warmer if it did.4 minutes to go.Maybe the house in Janakpuri would be so full of letters when they got back that he’d be able to steal one somehow.

Three minutes to go.Was that the sea,slapping hard on rock like that?And(2 minutes to go) what was that funny crunching noise?Was the rock crumbling into the sea?
1 minute to go & he’d be 11.30 secs…20 secs…10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 –
The whole shack shivered & Maan sat bolt upright,staring the door.Someone was outside,knocking to come in.
BOOM.They knocked again.Dhruv jerked awake.
‘Where’s the cannon?’he said stupidly.
There was a crash behind them & Prabath came skidding into the room.He was holding a rifle in his hands – now they knew what had been in the long,thin package he had brought with them…

Precap-Nakul-Maan u r a wizard!


‘Kaun hai?’Prabath shouted.’I warn u – I’m armed!’
There was a pause.Then –

The door was hit with such force that it swung clean off its hinges & with a deafening crash landed flat on the floor.

A giant of a man was standing in the doorway.His face was almost completely hidden by a long,shaggy mane of hair & a wild,tangled beard,but u could make out his eyes,glinting like black beetles under the hair.

The giant squeezed his way into the hut,stooping so that his head just brushed the ceiling.He bent down,picked up the door & fitted it easily back to its frame.The noise of the storm outside dropped a little.He turned to look at them all.

‘Aap mer’ liy’ chai nahi banaasakthe?Could yeh?Mein bahu’ door se aaya hoo’…’

He strode over the sofa where Dhruv sat frozen with fear.

‘Budge up,yeh great lump,’said the stranger.

Dhruv squeaked & ran to hide behind his mother,who was crouching,terrified,behind Prabath.

‘Au’ yeh dekho Maan!’said the giant.

Maan looked up into the firece,wild,shadowy face & saw that the beetle eyes were crinkled in a smile.

‘Las’ time I saw u,U was only a baby,’said the giant.’Yeh look like a lot yer dad but yeh’ve got yer mum’s eyes.’

Prabath made a funny rasping noise.

‘I demand that u leave at once,sir!’he said.’You are breaking & entering!’

‘Ah shut up,Juneja,yeh great prune,’said the giant.He reached over the back of the sofa,jerked the gun out of Prabath’s hands,bent it into a knot as easily as if it had been made of rubber,and threw it into a corner of the room.

Prabath made another funny noise,like a mouse being trodden on.
‘Anyway – Maan,’said the giant,turning his back on the Junejas.’Janam din mubhaarak ho.Got summat fer yeh here – I mighta sat on it at some point,but it’ll taste all right.’

From an inside pocket of his black overcoat he pulled a slightly squashed box.Maan opened it with trembling fingers.inside was a large, sticky chocolate cake with HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAAN written on it in green icing.

Maan looked up at the giant.He meant to say thank u,but the words got lost on the way to his mouth and what he said instead was,’Kaun hai aap?’

The giant chuckled.

‘True,I haven’t introduced meself.Nakul, keeper of keys & grounds at Gurukul.’

He held out an enormous hand & shook Maan’s whole arm.

‘What abt that tea then,eh?’he said,rubbing his hands togather.’I’d not say no ter summat stronger if yeh’ve got it mind.’

His eyes fell on the empty grate with shrivelled crisp packets in it & he snorted.He bent down over the fireplace,they couldn’t see what he was doing but when he drew back a second later,there was a roaring fire there.It filled the whole damp hut with flickering light & Maan felt warmth wash over him as though he’s sunk into a hot bath.

The giant sat back down on the sofa,which sagged under his weight & began taking all sorts of things out of the pockets of his coat:a copper kettle, a squashy package of chicken legs,a poker,a teapot,several chipped mugs & a bottle of some amber liquid which he took a swig from before starting to make tea.Soon the hut was full of the sound & smell of sizzling chicken legs.Nobody said a thing while the giant was working,but as he slid the first six fat,jiucy,slightly burnt chicken legs from the poker,Dhruv fidgeted a little.Prabath said sharply,”Chuvo mat Dhruv…jo tumhe dega…!’

The giant chuckled darkly.

‘Yer great puddin’ of a son don’ need fattening any more, Juneja,don’ worry.’

He passed the chicken legs to Maan,who was so hungry he had never tasted anything so wonderful,but he still couldn’t take his eyes off the giant.Finally as nobody seemed abt to explain anything,he said,’I’m sorry,but I still don’t really know who u r.’

The giant took a gulp of tea & wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

‘Mujhe tum Nakul bula sakthe ho,’he said.’Sab log mujhe yahi bulaathe hai.’An’ like I told yeh,I’m keeper of keys at Gurukul – yeh’ll know all abt Gurukul,o’ course.’

‘Er – no,’said Maan.

Nakul looked shocked.

‘Sorry!’Maan said quickly.

‘Sorry?’barked Nakul,turning to stare at the Junejas,who shrank back into the shadows.’It’s them as should be sorry!I know yeh weren’t gettin’ yer letters but I never thought yeh wouldn’t not ever know abou’ Gurukul,fer cryin’ out loud!Did yeh never wonder where yer parents learnt it all?’

‘All what?’asked Maan.

‘ALL WHAT?’Nakul thundered.’Now wait jus’ one second!’

He had leapt to his feet.in his anger he seemed to fill the whole hut.The Junejas were cowering against the wall.

‘Do u mean ter tell me,’he growled at the Junejas,’that this boy – this boy! – knows nothing abt – abt ANYTHING?’

Maan thought this was going a bit far.H ehad been to school,after all,an his marks weren’t bad.

‘I know some things,’he said.’I can,u know,do maths and stuff.’
But Nakul simply waved his hand & said,’Abt our world.I mean.Ur world.My world.Yer parents world.’

‘What world?’

Nakul looked as if he was abt to explode.

‘JUNEJA!’he boomed.

Prabath,who had gone very pale,whispered something that sounded like ‘Mimblewimble.’Nakul stared wildly at Maan.

‘But yeh must know yer mum & dad,’he said.’I mean they’re famous.You’re famous.’

‘What?My – my mum & dad weren’t famous,were they?

‘Yeh don’ know … yeh don’ know …’Nakul ran his fingers thru his hair,fixing Maan with a bewildered stare.

‘Yeh don’ know what u r?’he said finally.

Prabath suddenly found his voice.

‘Stop!’he commanded.’Stop right there,sir! I forbid u to tell the boy anything!’

A braver man than Prbath would have quailed under the furious look Nakul now gave him; when Nakul spoke,his every syllable trembled with rage.

‘You never told him?Never told him what was in the letter Tripaati left fer him?I saw Tripaati left fer him?I saw tripaati leave it Juneja!An u’ve kept it from him all these years?’

‘Kept what from me?’said Maan eagerly.

‘STOP!I FORBID YOU!yelled Prabath in panic.

Pammi gave a gasp of horror.

‘Ah,go boil yer heads,both of yeh,’said Nakul.’Maan – yer a wizard.’
There was silence inside the hut.Only the sea and the whistling wind could be heard.

‘I’m a what?’gasped Maan.

‘A wizard,o’ course,’said Nakul,sitting back down on the sofa,which groaned & sank even lower,’an a thumpin’ good’un,I’d say,once yeh’ve been trained up a bit.With a mum an’ dad like urs,what else would u be?An’ I reckon it’s abou’ time yeh read yeh letter.’

Maan stretched out his hands at last to take the yellowish envelope,addressed in emerald green to Mr M.Khurana,the floor,Hut-on-the-rock,The Sea.He pulled out the letter & read:


Headmaster:Dayashankar Tripaati
(Order of Merlin,First class,Grand Sorc.,Chf.Warlock,Supreme Mugwump,International Confed. of Wizards,Special advisor of the judge of the Supreme court of Delhi in Magic branch)

Dear Mr Khurana,
We are pleased to inform u that u have a place at Gurukul School of Witchcraft & Wizardry.Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.
Term begins on 1 September.We await ur owl by no letter that 31 July.

Yours Sincerely,
Professor Mittal
Deputy Headmistress

Precap-Maan-kya hum yeh sab yahan khareed sakthe hai…?”Nakul said,”If u know where to go…!”


Bahut saara sawaal utha Maan ke man mein like fireworks and couldn’t decided which to ask first.After a few minutes he stammered,’What does it mean,they await my owl?’

‘Gallopin’Gorgons,that reminds me,’said Nakul,clapping a hand to his forehead with enough force to knock over a cart horse,and from yet another pocket inside his overcoat he pulled an owl – a real,live,rather ruffled looking owl – a long quill and a roll of parchment.With his tongue between his teeth he scribbled a not which Maan could read upside down:

Dear Mr.Tripaati,

Given Maan his letter.Taking him to buy his things tomorrow.Weather’s horrible.Hope u’re well.


Nakul rolled up the note,gave it to the owl,which clamped it in beak,went to the door & threw the owl into the storm.Then he came back & sat down as though this was as normal as talking on the telephone.

Maan realised his mouth was open and closed it quickly.
‘Where was I?’said Nakul,but that moment,Prabath still ashen-faced but looking very angry,moved into the firelight.
‘Woh kahi nahi jaa raha!’he said.
Nakul grunted.
‘I’d like ter see a great muggle like u stop him,’he said.
‘A what?’said Maan interested.
‘A muggle,’said Nakul.’It’s what we call non-magic folk like them.An’ it’s ur bad luck u grew up in a family o’ the biggest Muggles I ever laid eyes on.’
‘We swore when we took him in we’d put a stop to that rubbish,’said Prabath,’swore we’d stamp it out of him!Wizard indeed!’
‘You knew?said Maan.’You knew I’m a – a wizard?’

‘Knew!’shrieked Pammi suddenly.’Knew!of course we knew!How could u not be,my dratted sister being what she was?Oh,she got a letter just like & disappeared off to that – that school – and came home every holiday with her pockets full of frog-spawn,turning teacups into rats.I was the only one who saw her for what she was – a freak!But for my mother & father,oh no,it was Nisha this & Nisha that,they were proud of having a witch in the family!’

She stopped to draw a deep breath and then went ranting on.It seemed she had been wanting to day all this for years.

‘Then she met that Rajeev at school and they left and got married and had u, and of course I knew u’d be just the same,just as strange,just as – as – abnormal – and then,if u pls,she went and got herself blown up and we got landed with u!’

Maan had gone very white.As soon as he found his voice he said,’Blown up?U told me they died in a car crash!’
‘CAR CRASH!’roared Nakul,jumping up so angrily that Junejas scuttled back to their corner.’How could a car crash kill Rajeev an’ Nisha Khurana?It’s an outrage!A scandal!Maan Khurana not knowin’ his own story when every kid in our world knows his name!’
‘But why?What happened?’Maan asked urgently.
The anger faded from Nakul’s face.He looked suddenly anxious.
‘I never expected this,’he said,in a low,worried voice.’I had no idea,when Tripaati told me there might be trouble gettin’ hold of yeh,how much yeh didn’t know.Ah,Maan,I don’t know if I’m the right person ter tell yeh – but someone’s gotta – yeh can’t go off ter Gurukul not knowin’.’
He threw a dirty look at the Junejas.
‘Well,it’s best yeh know as much as I can tell yeh – mind,I can’t tell yeh everythin’,it’s great myst’ry,parts of it…’
He sat down,stared into the fire for a few secs & then said,’It begins,I suppose,with – with a person called – but it’s incredible yeh don’t know his name,everyone in our world knows -‘
‘Well – I don’ like saying the name if I can help it.No one does.’
‘Why not?’
‘Gulpin’ gargoyles,Maan,people are still scared.Blimey,this is difficult.See,there was this wizard who went…bad.As bad as u could go.Worse.Worse than worse.His name was…’
Nakul gulped,but no words came out.
‘Could u write down?’Maan suggested.
‘Nah – can’t spell it.All tight – Voldemort.'(Guys u r thinking that I didn’t change his name to a desi style becoz I didn’t get any scary name for him than this name so he’s still voldemort and am portraying him as foreign wizard who came to KM to kill Maan’s parents for his survival becoz trying to frame this story in India as the original story revolves around the London only.)

Nakul shuddered.’Don’ make me say it again.Anyway,this – this wizard,abt 20 yrs ago now,started lookin’ fer followers.Got ‘ em,too – some were afraid,some just wanted a bit o’ his power,’cause he was getting himself power,all right.Dark days,Maan.Didn’t know who ter trust,didn’t dare get friendly with strange wizards or witches…terrible thing happened.He was takin’ over.’Course,some stood up to him – an’ he killed him ’em.Horribly.One o’ the only safe places left was Gurukul.Reckon Tripaati’s the only one You-know-who was afraid of.Didn’t dare try talkin’ the school,not just then,anyway.

‘Now yer mum an’ dad were as good a witch an’ wizard as I ever knew.Head boy an’ Girl at Gurukul in their day!Suppose the myst’ry is why You-know-who never tried to get ’em on his side before… probably knew they were too close ter Tripaati ter want anythin’ter do with the dark side.
‘May be he thought he could persuade ’em … maybe he just wanted ’em outta the way.All anyone knows is,he turned up in the village where u was all living, on Dussherra 10 yrs ago.You was just a yr old.He came ter yer house an’ – an’ – ‘

Nakul suddenly pulled our a very dirty,spotted handkerchief and blew his nose with a sound like a foghorn.
‘Sorry,’he said.’But it’s that sad – knew yer mum an’ dad,an’ nicer people yeh couldn’t find – anyway –
‘You-Know-Who killed ’em.An’ then – an’ this is the real myst’ry of the thing – he tried to kill y,too.Wanted ter make a clean job of it,I suppose,or maybe he just liked killin by then.But he couldn’t do it.Never wondered how u got that mark on yer forehead?That was no ordinary cut.That’s what yeh get when a powerful,evil curse touches yeh – took care of yer mum an’ dad an’ yer house,even – but it didn’t work on u,an’ that’s why yer famous Maan.No one ever lived after he decided ter kill ’em,no one except u,an’ he’d killed some o’ the best witches an’ wizards of the age – the Maalyavanshi,the Chopras,the Chauhans – an’ u was only a baby,an’ u lived.’

Something very painful was going on in Maan’s mind.As Nakul’s story came to a close,he saw again the blinding flash of green light,more clearly than he had ever remembered it before – and he remembered something else,for the first time in his life – a high,cold,cruel laugh.

Nakul was watching him sadly.
‘Took yeh from the ruined house myself,on Tripaati’s orders,Brought yeh ter this lot…’
‘Load of old tosh,’said Prabath.Maan jumped,he had almost forgotten that the Junejas were there.Prabath certainly seemed to have got back his courage.He was glaring at Nakul and his fists were clenched.
‘Now,u listen here,boy,’he snarled.’I accept there’s something strange abt u,probably nothing a good beating wouldn’t have cured – and as for all this abt ur parents,well they were weirdos,no denying it and the world’s better off without them in my opinion – asked for all they got,getting mixed up with these wizarding types – just what I expected,always knew they’d come to a sticky en -‘

But at that moment,Nakul leapt from the sofa & drew a battered pink umbrella from inside his coat.Pointing this at Prabath like a sword,he said,’I’m warning u Juneja – I’m warning u – one more word…’
In danger of being speared on the end of an umbrella by a bearded giant,Prabath’s courage failed again;he flattered himself against the wall and fell silent.
‘That’s better,’said Nakul,breathing heavily and sitting back down on the sofa,which this time sagged right down to the floor.
Maan,meanwhile,still had questions to ask,hundreds of them.
‘But what happened to Vol – sorry – I mean,You-Know-Who?’
‘Good question,Maan.Diappeared.Vanished.Same night he tried ter kill u.Makes yeh even more famous.Taht’s the biggest myst’ry,see… he was gettin’ more an’ more powerful – why’d he go?

‘Some say he died.Codswallop,in my opinion.Dunno if he had enough human left in him to die.Some say he’s still out there,bidin’ his time,like,but I don’t believe it.People who was on his side came back ter ours.Some of ’em came outta kinda trances.Don’ reckon they could’ve done if he was comin’ back.

‘Most of us reckon he’s still out there somewhere but lost his powers.Too weak to carry on.’Cause somethin’ abt u finished him,Maan.There was somethin’ goin’ on that night he hadn’t counted on – I dunno what it was,no one does – but something abt u stumped him,all right.’

Nakul looked at Maan with warmth & respect blazing in his eyes,but Maan,instead of feeling pleased and proud,felt quite sure there had been a horrible mistake.A wizard? Him? How could he possibly be? He’s spent his life being clouted by Dhruv and bullied by Pammi & Prabath;if he was really a wizard,why hadn’t they been turned into warty toads every time they’d tried to lock him in the dark basement?If he’d once defeated the greatest sorcerer in the world,how come Dhruv had always been able to kick him around like foot ball?

‘Nakul,’he said quietly,’Mujhe lagtha hai ki tumhe galathfami huyi hai…Mujhe nahi lagtha ki mein eki jadugar hoon…!”
To his surprise,Nakul chuckled.
‘Tum jadugar nahi ho,eh?Never made things happen when u was scared,or angry?’

Maan looked into the fire.Now he came to think abt it…every odd thing that had ever made his maasi and maasa furious with him had happened when he,Maan,had been upset or angry…chased by Dhruv’v gang,he had somehow found himself out of their reach…dreading going to school with that ridiculous hair cut,he’d managed to make it grow back…and the very last time Dhruv had hit him,hadn’t he set a boa constrictor on him?

Maan looked back at Nakul,smiling & saw that Nakul was positively beaming at him.

‘Dekha?said Nakul.’Maan Khurana,not a wizard – u wait,u’ll be right famous at Gurukul.’

But Prabath wasn’t going to give it without a fight.
‘Tumne sunah nahi woh nahi jaa raha hai!’he hissed.’Woh jaa raha hai mere school mein aur uske liye woh maan rakhega…Meine uske chitti padi hai aur usse woh kachra chaahiye – spell books and wands and – ‘
‘If he wants ter go,a great muggle like u won’t stop him,’growled Nakul.’Stop Rajeev an’ Nisha Khurana’s son goin’ ter Gurukul!Yer mad.His name’s been down every since he was born.He’s off ter the finest school of witchcraft & wizardry in the world. Saath saal ke baad woh apne aapko pehchaanega bhi nahi.He’ll be with oungsters of his own sort,fer a change,an’ he’ll be under the greatest headmasters Gurukul ever had,Dayashankar Tripa-‘

But he had finally gone too far.Nakul seized his umbrella & whirled it over his head.’NEVER -‘he thundered, ‘-INSULT – DAYASHANKAR – TRIPAATI – IN – FRONT – OF – ME!’
He brought the umbrella swishing down thru the air to point at Dhruv – there was a flash of violet light,a sound like firecracker, a sharp squeal and next second,Dhruv was dancing on the spot with his hands clasped over his fat bottom,howling with pain.When he turned his back on them,Maan saw a curly pig’s tail poking thru a hole in his trousers.

Prabath roared.Pulling Pammi & Dhruv into the other room,he cast one last terrified look at Nakul and slammed the door behind them.

Precap is same.


Nakul cast a sideways look at Maan under his bushy brown eyebrows.

‘Be grateful if yeh didn’t mention that ter anyone at Gurukul,’he said.I’m – er – not supposed ter do magic,strictly speakin’.I was allowed ter do a bit ter follow yeh an’get yer letters to yeh an’ stuff – one o’ the reasons I was so keen ter take on the job – ‘

‘Tum jaadu kyun nahi karsakthe?’ asked Maan.
‘Oh well – I was at Gurukul meself but I – er – got expelled ter tell yeh the truth.In me third year.They snapped me wand in half an’ everything.Bit Tripaati let me stay on as gamekeeper.Great man Tripaati.’

‘Bahut der ho gayi hai aur kal humein bahut kuch karna hai…!’said Nakul.’Tumhe tumhaari kitaabe toh khareedna hai sheher mein jaakar.’

He took off his thick black coat and threw it to Maan.’You can kip under that,’he said.’Don’ mind if it wriggles a bit I think I still got a couple o’ dormice in one o’ the pockets.’

Maan woke early the next morning.Although he could tell it was daylight,he kept his eyes shut tight.

‘Woh sirf ek sapna tha,’he tol himself firmly.’I dreamed a giant called Nakul came to tell me I was going to school for wizards.Jab mein aankh kholoonga tab mein apni dark basement rahoonga ghar mein…!’

There was suddenly a loud tapping noise.

‘And there’s Pammi maasi knocking on the door,’Maan thought,his heart sinking but he still didn’t open his eyes.It had been such a good dream.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

‘Theek hai,’Maan mumbled,’Mein ut raha hoon,’

He sat up & Nakul’s heavy coat fell off.The hut was full of sunlight,the storm was over,Nakul himself was asleep on the collapsed sofa and there was an owl rapping its claw on thwe window,a newspaper held in its beak.

Maan scrambled to his feet,so happy he felt as though a large balloon was swelling inside him.He went straight to the window & jerked it open.the owl swooped in and dropped the news papers on top of Nakul,who didn’t wake up.The owl then fluttered onto the floor & began to attack Nakul’s coat.

‘Usse kuch mat karo…!’

Maan tried to wave the owl of the way,but it snapped its beak fiercely at him & carried on savaging the coat.

‘Nakul!’said Maan loudly.’There’s an owl -‘
‘Pay him,’Nakul grunted into the sofa.
‘He wants payin’ fer deliverin’ the paper.Look i9n the pocket.’

Nakul’s coat seemed to be made of nothing but pockets – bunches of keys,slug pellets,balls of string,mint humbugs,tea bags…finally,Maan pulled out a handful of coins.

‘Give him 5 rupees,’said Nakul sleepily.

Maan took the 5 rupee coin & the owl held its leg so he could put the money into a small leather pouch tied to it.Then it flew thru the open window.

Nakul yawned loudly,sat up and stretched.

‘Best be off,Maan,lots ter do today,gotta get up ter Delhi an’ buy all yer stuff fer school.’

Maan was turning over the coins & looking at them.He had just thought of something which made him feel as though the happy balloon inside him had got a puncture.

‘Um – Nakul?’
‘Mm?’said Nakul,who was pulling on his huge boots.
‘Mere paas paisen nahi hai…aur tumne maasa ki baat suni haina ki woh mere liye paisen kharch nahin karna chaahthe…!Toh mein jaadu nahi seekh paavoonga…!”

‘Uski chinta mat karo,said Nakul,standing up and scratching his head.’Tumhe lagtha hai ki tumhaare maata aur pitah tumhein aise hi chodkar chale gaye…!”

‘Par unki ghar toh these nehse ho gaya tha na – ‘

‘Woh log aone paison ko ghar par nahi rakha tha…!First stop fer us is gringotts.Wizard’s bank.Have a chicken leg,they’re not bad cold – an’ I wouldn’ say no teh a bit o’ yer birthday cake,neither’.

‘Wizards have banks?’

‘Just the one.Gringotts.foreign bank run by Goblins.’

Maan dropped the bit of chicken leg he was holding.


‘Yeah – so yeh’d be mad ter try an’ rob it,I’ll tell yeh that.Never mess with goblins,Maan.Gringotts is the safest place in the world fer anything yeh want ter keep safe – ‘cept maybe Gurukul.As a matter o’ fact,I gotta visit Gringotts anyway.Fer Tripaati.Gurukul’s business.’Nakul drew himself proudly.’He usually get me ter do importana stuff fer him.Fetchin’ u – gettin’ things from gringotts – knows he can trust me,see.

‘Got everythin’?Come one,then.’

Maan followed Nakul out on the rock.The sky was clear now & the sea gleamed in the sunlight.The boat Prabath had hired was still there,with a lot of water in the bottom after the storm.

‘Tum kaise aaye yahan…?’Maan asked,looking around for another boat.
‘Ud kar,’said Nakul.
‘Ud kar?’
‘Haan – but have to summon my broom as we’re in Mumbai…!”Nakul a deep breath & once again used his umbrella.A broom flew from no where & stood in front of him.Maan saw that with amazement.Nakul gestured to sit on the handle of broom while he also comfortably sat on it.The broom was made up of heavy log which can tolerate Nakul’s weight.Maan sat behind Nakul & Nakul tapped its handle immediately.

The broom went high between the clouds so that no one see them particularly muggles.Nakul opened the papers during flying using the shielding charm so that the papers won’t flew out due to the fierce air.While Maan asked curiously,”Why you be mad to try and rob Gringotts?
‘Spells – enchantments,’said Nakul,turning the page of his newspaper & he spoke.’They say there’s dragons guardin’ the high – security vaults.An then yeh gotta find yer way – gringotts is hundreds of miles under Delhi,see.Deep under the underground.Yeh’d die of hunger tryi’ ter get out,even ig yeh did manage ter get yer hands on summat.’

Maan thought abt this while Nakul read his newspaper,Indian Magic express.Maan had learnt from prabath that people liked to be left alone with they did this,but it was very difficult,he’d never had so many questions in his life.

‘Ministry o’ Magic messin’ things up as usual,’Nakul muttered turning the page.
‘There’s a Ministry of Magic?Maan asked,before he could stop himself.
“Course,’said Nakul.’They wanted Tripaati fer Minsiter,o’ course,but he’d never leave Gurukul,so old Chand Raichand got the job.Bungler if ever there was one.So he pelts Tripaati with the owls every morning,askin’ fer advice.’
‘Lekin yeh kya karenge?’
‘Well their main job is to keep it from the muggles that there’s still an’ wizards up an’ down the country.’
‘Why?Blimey,Maan,everyone’d be wantin’ magic solutions to their problems.Nah,we’re the best left alone.’
At this moment the broom gave the signal that they’re entering the Delhi border then Nakul folded up his newspaper & they clambered up the stone steps onto the street when the broom touched the floor.Maan saw around him that where were we while the surrounding people were seeing Nakul like they’ve seen an alien seeing his height.Maan saw around him & came to know that they’re in Chandini Chowk.

Nakul took Maan to a telephone box which was out of order.Maan said seeing the board,”Nakul…yeh out of order telephone box…!”Nakul said confidently & took the Maan & squeezed inside the telephone box.Nakul bent his neck to his check to save himself by banging the ceiling of the box.Nakul said,”Maan…mujhe nahi aata ki telephone kaise use karna hai…tum use karo…!”

Maan took the receiver & asked the number then Nakul said feeling uncomfortable in that box as he was sweating,”2…3…4…7…5…2…0..!”Maan pressed the numbers & waited while the escalator moved immediately down while another box came on it with the telephone.

Maan asked,”Nakul…did u say that there r dragons at Gringotts?”
‘Haan meine bola tha…I’d like a dragon…!”
‘You’d like one?’
‘Wanted one ever since I was a kid – here we go.’
They reached an underground passage where had the different people walking this side & that side.
‘Still got yer letter,Maan?he asked as he moved ahead.Maan took the parchment envelope out of his pocket.
‘Good,’said Maan.’There’s a list there of everything yeh need.’
Maan unfolded a second piece of paper he hadn’t noticed the night before and read:


First-year students will require:
1.Three sets of plain work robes(black)
2.One plain pointed hat(black) for day wear
3.One pair of protective gloves (dragon hide or similar)
4.One winter cloak(black,silver fastenings)
Please note that all pupils’ clothes should carry name tags

Set Books
All students should have a copy of each of the following:
The standard book of Spells(Grade 1) by R.C.Dubey
A history of Magic by H.G.Khorana
Magical Theory by C.V.Raman
A beginners’ Guide to Transfiguration by Bahl and Bahl
One thousand Magical Herbs and fungi by Sundar Rajan
Magical Drafts and Potions by Maheshwari
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Dubey and Maheshwari
The Dark Forces:A Guide to Self-Protection by Quentin Trimble

Other Equipment
1 Wand
1 Cauldron(Pewter,std size 2)
1 set glass or crystal phials
1 telescope
1 set brass scales

Students may also bring owl OR a cat OR a toad


‘Can we buy all this in here?’Maan wondered aloud.
‘If yeh know where to go,’said Nakul.

Precap-Maan meeting Geet in Chandini Chowk magic unit for the first time.



Maan & Nakul went towards the underground passageway where the entrance for the Chandini Chowk magic branch.But firstly he stopped himself to have some breakfast.

‘This is it,’said Nakul,coming to a halt, ‘the Chudail restaurant.It’s a famous place.’

It was a tiny,grubby-looking pub.If Nakul hadn’t pointed it out,Maan wouldn’t have noticed it was there.The people hurrying by didn’t glance at it.Their eyes slid from the big book shop on one side to the record shop on the other as if they couldn’t see the Chudail restaurant at all.In fact,Maan had the most peculiar feeling that only he & Nakul could see it.Before he could mention this,Nakul had steered him inside.

For a famous place,it was very dark & shabby.A few old women were sitting in a corner,drinking tiny glasses of sherry.One of the men was smoking a long pipe.A little man in a top hat was walking to the old barman,who was quite bald & looked like a gummy walnut.The low buzz of chatter stopped when they walked in.Everyone seemed to know Nakul;they waved & amiled at him, & the barman reached for a glass,saying, ‘The usual,Nakul?’

‘Can’t Tom,I’m on gurukul’s business,’said Nakul,clapping his great hand on Maan’s shoulder & making Maan’s knees buckle.

‘Good lord,’said the barman,peering at Maan,’is this – can this be -?’
The Chudail restaurant had suddenly gone completely still & silent.

‘Bless my soul,’whispered the old barman.’Maan Khurana … what an honour.’

He hurried out from behind the bar,rushed towards Maan an seized his hand,tears in his eyes.

‘Welcome back,Mr.Khurana,welcome back.’
Maan didn’t know what to say.Everyone was looking at him.The old woman with the pipe was puffing on it without realising it had gone out.Nakul was beaming.
Then there was a great scraping of chairs and,next moment,Maan found himself shaking hands with everyone in the Chudail restaurant.
Maan couldn’t believe it that he’s known by this world for 10yrs but he don’t know any of them.Maan felt restless seeing the people who was recognising him.He even met his Gurukul’s one of the staff who teaches Defence against the dark arts subject.His name was Madhav Solanki.Maan felt uncomfortable seeing the people talking to him & Nakul felt this & said dragging him forward towards the backyard of the pub,”Told yeh,didn’t I ?Told yeh u was famous.Even Professor Solanki was tremblin’ ter meet yeh – mind u,he’s usually tremblin’.’
‘Is he always that nervous?’
‘Oh yeah.Poor bloke.Brilliant mind.He was fine while he was studyin’ outta books but then he took a yr off ter get some first – hand experience … they say he met vampires in the black forest and there was a nasty bit o’ trouble with a hag – never been the same since.Scared of the students,scared of his own subject – now,where’s me umbrella?’
Vampires?Hags?Maan’s head was swimming.Nakul,meanwhile,was counting bricks in the wall above the dustbin.
‘Three up…two across…’he muttered.’Right,stand back,Maan.’
He tapped the wall 3 times with the point of his umbrella.The brick he had touched quivered – it wriggled – in the middle, a small hole appeared – it grew wider & wider – a second later they were facing an archway large enough even for Nakul,an archway onto a cobbed street which twisted & turned out of sight.
‘Welcome,’said Nakul,’to Chandini Chowk magice branch.’
He grinned at Maan’s amzement.They stepped thru the archway.Maan looked quickly over his shoulder & saw archway shrink instantly back into solid wall.
The sun shone brightly on a stack of cauldrons outside nearest shop.

‘Yeah,u’ll be needin’ one.’said Nakul,’but we gotta get ur money first.’
Maan wished he had abt eight more eyes.He turned his head in every direction as they walked up the street,trying to look everything at once:the shops,the things outside them,the people doing the shopping.A plump woman outside an apothecary was shaking her head,saying ‘Dragon liver,One hundred & seventy rupees an ounce,they’re mad…’

A low soft hooting came from a dark shop with a sign saying Gaur Owl Emporium – Tawny,Screech,Barn,Brown & Snowy.Several boys of abt Maan’s age had their noses pressed against window with broomsticks in it.’Look’,maan heard one of them say,’the new neem two thousand – fastest ever -‘There were shops selling robes,shops selling telescopes and strange silver instruments Maan had never seen before,windows stacked with barrels of bat spleens & eels eyes,tottering piles of spell books,quills & rolls of parchment,potion bottles,globes of the moon…

When he was seeing these around him excitedly then he bumped to someone the soft creature who fell on the floor.Maan saw the creature which turned to be a girl who was struggling to carry piles of books.Her hairs had covered her face who was collecting the books which was scattered on the floor.That girl held the piles of books which closed the enough amount of her face & two bright big brown hazel eyes were visible to him.

Before Maan say sorry to him that girl said,”Stupid,idiot,gadha…dekhe nahin chal sakthe the kya…!AngryMaan who was mesmerised with those bright twinkling hazels didn’t respond to her question while that girl was full on mode to give gaalis par gaalis to Maan.Maan couldn’t understand why she was cursing under breath while he still was mesmerised with those twinkling bright hazels.He thought of drowning in those eyes which had the world’s innocence.

First time he was dumbstruck seeing those eyes,Nakul observed this & muffled his laughter & was abt to argue but someone called the girl,”Geet…kitte hai tu…???”That girl said immediately walking towards the sound,”Aayi mamma…!”And she went from there like a storm.Maan who was still mesmerised with her magical eyes & voice saw the retreating back of hers with mouth hanging open.Nakul cleared the throat immediately to make Maan come to the present world.

Maan saw around him & composed himself immediately but thought abt the girl in his mind…kaun thi woh ladki…I thought of drowning myself in those eyes…why what is this feeling…!And he composed himself shrugging off his thoughts & saw around him once again.

Nakul said seeing Maan’s expression,”Uska naam hai Geet…!!!”Maan saw him innocently while Nakul continued,”Wahi jo tumhe dhakka diya tha…!”Maan said without thiking,”Maine usse dhakka diya tha woh nahin…!”And closed his mouth with shock while Nakul laughed heartily but Maan’s mind said,”Geet…uska naame hai Geet…nice name…!!!”Nakul was still resisting his laughter while Maan glared at him & asked,”Yeh Gringotts kitne door hai…!”Nakul said immediately,”Bas abhi aagaya…woh dekho…!!!”

They had reached a snowy-white building which towered over the other little shops.Standing beside its burnished bronze door wearing a uniform of scarlet & gold,was –
‘Yeah,that’s a goblin,’said Nakul quietly as they walked up the white stone steps towards him.The goblin was abt a head shorter than Maan.He had swarthy,clever face,a pointed beard amnd Maan noticed very long fingers and feet.He bowed as they walked inside.Now they were facing a second pair of doors,silver this time,with words engraved upon them:

Enter,stranger,but take heed
Of what awaits the sin of greed,
For those who take,but do not earn,
Must pay most dearly in their turn,
So if u seek beneath our floors
A treasure that was never urs,
Thief,u have been warned,beware
Of finding more than treasure there.

[Ajnabee ander jao lekin apne aankhon ko us par nahin daalna jis par tumhaara kio haq nahin…aur haan jo lof chor hai hum bataade ki jahan tumne chori ki hai woh kabhi tumhaara nahin ho saktha kyunki woh waapas yahan aa hi jaayega]

‘like i said,yeh’d be mad ter try an’ rob it,’said Nakul.

Precap-Maan going to buy a wand…Smile

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A pair of goblins bowed them thru the silver doors and they were in a vast marble hall.Abt a 100 more goblins were sitting on high stools behind a long counter,scribbling in large ledgers,weighing coins on brass scales,examining precious stones through eyeglasses.There were too many doors to count leading off the hall, & yet more goblins were showing people in & out of these.Nakul & Maan made for the counter.

‘Morning,’said Nakul to a free goblin.’We’ve come ter take some money outta Mr.maan Khurana’s safe.’
‘You’ve his key,sir?’
‘Got it here somewhere,’said Nakul and he started emptying his pockets onto the counter,scattering a handful of mouldy dog-biscuits over goblin’s book of the numbers.The goblin wrinkled his nose.Maan watched the goblin on their right weighing a pile of rubies as big as glowing coals.

‘Got it,’said Nakul at last,holding up a tiny golden key.
The goblin looked at it closely.
‘That seems to be in order.’
‘An’ I’ve also got a letter here from Professor Tripaati,’said Nakul importantly,throwing out of his chest.It’s abt the You-Know-What in vault 713.’
The goblin read the letter carefully.
‘Very well,’he said,handing it back to Nakul,’I will have somone take u down to both vaults…Griphook!’

Griphook was yet another goblin.Once Nakul had crammed all the dog-biscuits back inside his pockets,he & Maan followed Griphook towards one of the doors leading off the hall.
‘What’s the You-Know-What in vault 713?’Maan asked.
‘Mein nahin bata saktha Maan,’said Nakul mysteriously.’Very secret.Gurukul’s business.Tripaati’s trusted me.More’n my job’s worth ter tell yeh that.’

Griphook held the door open for them.Maan,who had expected more marble,was surprised.They were in a narrow stone passageway lit with flaming torches.It sloped steeply downwards and there were little railway tracks on the floor.Griphook whistled & a small cart came hurtling up the tracks towards them.They climbed in – Nakul with some difficulty – and were off.

Nakul didn’t liked the ride in that cart & he was green when the cart was stopped in front of Maan’s vault.Griphook unlocked the door.A lot of green smoke came billowing out & as it cleared,Maan gasped.Inside were mounds of gold coins.Columns of silver.Heaps of the diamonds & rubies & all types of jewels.
‘All urs,’smiled Nakul.
All Maan’s – it was incredible.The Junejas couldn’t known abt this or they’d have had it from him faster than blinking.How often had they complained how much Maan cost them to keep?And all the time they had been a small fortune belonging to him,buried deep under Delhi.

Nakul helped Maan pile some of it into a bag.Maan took the bag & held it securely while Nakul smiled at his possessiveness & he said to Griphook,”Vault 713 pls,& can go more slowly?’
One speed only,’said Griphook.

They went deeper & stopped in front of the vault 713 which had not any keyhole to open & had so many security measures.Griphook moved his fingers near the place of keyhole & a big greenish smoke came billowing just like Maan’s & the doors opened instantly.it had 7 doors which opened one by one.When the last door opened there was a thin wrapped package in centre.

Griphook answered to Maan’s apprehensive face,”If anyone but a Gringotts goblin tried that,they’d be sucked thru the door and trapped in there.’
‘Maan asked,’how often do u check to see if anyone’s inside?’
‘Abt once every 10 yrs,’said Griphook,with a rather nasty grin.

Nakul picked that tiny package & hid it in his pocket & was still flustered seeing that infernal cart in which Nakul didn’t liked to ride.

One wild cart-ride later they stood blinking in the sunlight outside Gringotts.Maan didn’t know where to run first now that he had a bag full of money.On that time Nakul helped him.

‘Might as well get yer uniform,’said Nakul,nodding towards Madam Malik’s robes for all occasions.’Listen Maan,would yeh mind if i slipped off fer a pick me up in the Chudail Restaurant?I hate them Gringotts carts.’He did still look a bit sick,so Maan entered Madam Malik’s shop alone,feeling nervous.

Madam Malik was a squat,smiling witch dressed all in mauve.
‘Gurukul dear?’she said,when Maan started to speak.’Got the lot here – another young man being fitted up just now,in fact.’
In the back of the shop,a boy with a pale,pointed face was standing on a footstool while a second witch pinned up his long black robes.Madam Malik stood Maan on a stool nezt to him,slipped a long robe over his head & began to pin it to the right length.

‘Hullo,’said the boy,’Gurukul too?’
‘Yes,said Maan.
‘My father’s next door buying my books & mother’s upto the street looking at wands,’said the boy.He had a bored,drawling voice.’Then I’m going to drag them off to look at racing brooms.I don’t see y 1st yrs can’t have their own.I think I’ll bully father into getting me one and I’ll smuggle it in somehow.’

Maan was strongly reminded of Dhruv.
‘Have u got ur own broom?the boy went on.
‘No,’said Maan
‘Play Quidditch at all?’
‘No,’Maan said again,wondering what on earth Quidditch could be.
‘I do – Father says it’s crime if I’m not picked to play for house and I must say,I agree.Know what house u’ll be in yet?’
‘No,’said Maan,feeling more stupid by the minute.
‘Well,no one really knows until they get there,do they,but know I’ll be in serpent,all our family have been – imagine being in Badger,I think I’d leave,wouldn’t u?
‘Mmm,’said Maan,wishing he could say something a bit more interesting.

‘I say,look at the man!said the boy suddenly,nodded towards the front window.Nakul was standing there,grinning at Maan & pointing at two-large ice-creams to show he couldn’t come in.

‘That’s Nakul,’said Maan,plsd to know something the boy didn’t.’He works at Gurukul.’
‘Oh,’said the boy,I’ve heard of him.He’s sort of servant,isn’t he?’
‘He’s the gamekeeper,’said Maan.He was liking the boy less & less every second.
‘Yes exactly.I heard he’s a sort of savage – lives in a hut in the school grounds & every now and then he gets drunk,tries to do magic & ends up setting fire to his bed.’
‘I think he’s brilliant,’said Maan coldly.
‘Do u?said the boy with a sneer.’Why is he with u?Where r ur parents?’
‘They’re dead,’said Maan shortly.he didn’t feel much like going into the matter with this boy.
‘Oh am sorry,’said the other,not sounding sorry at all.’But they were our kind,weren’t they?’
‘They were a witch and wizard,if that’s what u mean.’
‘I really don’t think they should let the other sort in,do u?They’re just not the same,they’ve never been brought up to know our ways.Some of them have never heard of Gurukul until they get letter,imagine.I think they should keep it in the old wizarding families.What’s ur surname anyway?”

But before Maan could answer,Madam Malik said,”That’s u done my dear,’ and Maan,not sorry for an excuse to stop talking to the boy,hopped down from the footstool.
‘Well,I’ll see u at Gurukul,I suppose,’said the drawling boy.

Nakul gave the ice-cream which he had brought for Maan while Maan licked it silently.Nakul observed his silence & asked,”Kya huva tum chup kyun ho??????”

Precap-Mr.Gaur saying to Maan seeing the piles of wands which didn’t match Maan,”Tricky customer…!”


Maan was rather quiet as he ate the ice-cream Nakul bought him (Chocolate & raspberry with chopped nuts)

‘What’s up?’said Nakul.
‘Nothing’,Maan lied.They stopped to buy parchment & quills.Maan cheered up a bit when he found a bottle of ink that changed color as u wrote.When they had left the shop,he said,”Nakul,what’s Quidditch!”
‘Blimey,Maan…mein bhool jaatha hoon ki tum bhaut kam jaanthe ho humaare duniya ke baare mein…’
‘Don’t make me worse,’said Maan.He told abt the pale boy in Madam Malik’s
‘- and he said people fm muggle families shouldn’t even be allowed in -‘
‘Yer not fm a muggle family.If he’d known who yeh were – he’s grown up knowin’ yer name if his parents r wizarding folk – u saw ’em in the Chudail Restaurant.Anyway,what does he know abt it,some o’ the best i ever saw were the only ones with magic in ’em in a long line o’ muggles – look at yer mum!Look waht she had fer a sister!’
‘So what is Quidditch?’
‘It’s our sport.Wizard sport.It’s like – like football in the muggle world – everyone follows Quidditch – played up in the air on broomsticks and there’s 4 balls – sorta hard ter explain the rules.’
‘And what r Serpent & Garud?’
‘School Houses.There’s 4.Everyone says Garud r a lot o’ duffers,but -‘
‘I bet in am in Garud,said maan gloomily.
‘Better Garud than Serpent,’said Nakul darkly.’There’s not a single witch or wizard who went bad who wasn’t in Serpent.You-Know-Who was one.’
‘Vol – sorry – You-Know-Who was at Gurukul?’
‘Yrs and’ yrs ago,he was an foreign wizard who got first time admission in our school.We don’t give the foreigners the admission so easily but You-Know-Who had passed all the test & got the admission.We wished that wizard never came to our country.Becoz of him only we’ve very less wizarding families in India.He came fm London to destroy our future generation & he had did partly.’said Nakul.
Maan felt a surge of hatred towards this man…oh am sorry a mere vapour…

They bought Maan’s school books in a shop called Basu & Co. where the shelves were stacked to the ceiling with books as large as paving stones bound in leather;books the size of postage stamps in covers of silk;books full of peculiar symbols and a few books with nothing in them at all.Even Dhruv,who never read anything would have been wild to get his hands on some pf these.Nakul almost had to drag Maan away fm Curses,Counter-Curses(Bewitch ur friends and Befuddle ur enemies with the latest revenges:Hair Loss,Jelly-Legs,Tongue-Tying and much,much more)by Professor Van Helsing.
‘I was trying to find out how to curse Dhruv.’
‘I’m not sayin’ that’s not a gud idea,but yer not ter use magic in muggle world except in very special circumstances,’said Nakul.’An’ anyway,yeh couldn’ work any of them curses yet,yeh’ll need a lot more study before yeh get ter that level.’
Nakul wouldn’t let Maan buy a solid gold cauldron,either (‘It says pewter on yer list’),but they got a nice set of scales for weighing potion ingredients and a collapsible brass telescope.Then they visited the ‘ Ayur potions ingredients centre,which was fascinating enough to make up for its horrible smell,a mixture of bad eggs and rotted cabbages,barrels of slimy stuff stood on the floor,jars of herbs,dried roots and bright powders lined the walls,bundles of feathers,strings of fangs & snarled claws hung fm the ceiling.While Nakul asked the man behind the counter for a supply of some basic potion ingredients for Maan.Maan himself examined siover unicorn horns at Rs 210/= each and minuscule glittery black beetle eyes(50 rupees for a scoop)
Outside the Ayur Potions,Nakul checked Maan’s list again.
‘Just ur wand left – oh yeah,an’ i still haven’t got yeh a birthday present.’
Maan felt himself go red.
‘U don’t have to -‘
‘I know I don’t have to.Tell yeh what,I’ll get yer animal.Not a toad,toads went outta fashion yrs ago,yeh’d be laughed at – an’ I don’t like cats,they make me sneeze.I’ll get yer an owl.All the kids want owls,they’re dead useful,carry yer post an’ everythin’.’
20 mins later,they left Janpal Ulloo Ghar,which had been dark and full of rustling and flickering,jewel-bright eyes.Maan now carried a large cage which held a beautiful snowy owl,fast asleep with her head under her wing.He couldn’t stop stammering his thanks,sounding just like Professor Solanki.
‘Don’ mention it’,said Nakul gruffly.’Don’t expect u’ve had a lotta presents fm them Junejas.Just Gaur’s left now- only place fer wands,Mr.Gaur,and yeh gotta have the best wand.’

A magic wand…this was what Maan had been really looking forward to.

They entered inside wand shop where a tinkling bell rang somewhere in the depths of the shop as they stepped inside.

‘Good Afternoon,’said a soft voice.Maan jumped.Nakul must have jumped,too,becoz there was a loud crunching noise and he got quickly off the spindle chair.

An old man was standing before them,his wide pale eyes shining like moons thru the gloom of the shop.
‘Hello,’said Maan awkwardly,
‘Ah yes,;said the man.’Yes,yes.I thought i’d be seeing u soon.Maan Khurana.’It wasn’t a question.’U have ur mother’s eyes.It seems only yesterday she was in here herself,buying her first wand.10 and quarter inches long,swishy,made of willow.Nice wand for charm work.

Mr.Gaur moved closer to Maan wished he would blink.Those silvery eyes were a bit creepy.

‘Ur father,on the other hand,favoured a mahogany wand 11 inches.Pliable.A little more power and excellent for transfiguration that chooses the wizard,of course.’

Precap- same


Mr Gaur had come so close that he and Maan were almost nose to nose.Maan could see himself reflected in those misty eyes.

‘And that’s where…’

Mr Gaur touched the lightening scar on Maan’s forehead with a long,white finger.

‘I’m sorry to say I sold the wand that did it,’ he said softly.

’13 and a half inches.Yew.Powerful wand, very powerful,and in the wrong hands…well,if i’d known what that wand was going out into the world to do…’

He shook his hand and then,to Maan’s relief,spotted Nakul.

‘Nakul! Nakul Sharma! How nice to see u again … Oak,16 inches,rather bendy,wasn’t it?’

‘It was, sir,yes,’said Nakul.

‘Gud wand,that one.But i suppose they snapped it in half when u got expelled?’ said Mr Gaur,suddenly stern.

‘Er – yes,they did,yes,’said Nakul,shuffling his feet.’I’ve still got the pieces,though,’he said brightly.

‘But u don’t use them? said Mr Gaur sharply.

‘Oh no sir,’said Nakul quickly.Maan noticed he gripped the pink umbrella very tightly as he spoke.

‘Hmmm,’said Mr.Gaur, giving Nakul a piercing look.

‘Well,now – Mr Khurana.Let me see.’He pulled a long tape measure with silver markings out of his pocket.‘Which is ur wand arm?’

‘Er – well,I’m right – handed,’said Maan.

‘Hold out ur arm.That’s it.‘He measured Maan from shoulder to finger,then wrist to elbow,shoulder to floor,knee to armpit and round his head.As he measured, he said,‘Every Gaur’s wand has a core of a powerful magical substance,Mr Khurana.We use unicorn hairs,phoenix tail feathers and the heartstrings of dragons.No two Gaur wands r the same,just as no 2 unicorns,dragons or phoenixes r quite the same.And ofcourse u will never get such gud results with another wizard’s wand.’

Maan suddenly realised that the tape measure,which was measuring between his nostrils was doing this on its own.Mr Gaur flitting around the shelves,taking down boxes.

‘That wil do,’ he said,and the tape measure crumpled into heap on the floor.

‘Right then,Mr Khurana.Try this one.Beechwood and dragon heartstring.9 inches.Nice and flexible.Just take it and give it a wave.’

Maan took the wand and (feeling foolish) waved it around a bit, but Mr Gaur snatched  it out of his hand almost at once.

‘Maple and phoenix feather.7 inches.Quite whippy.Try -‘

Maan tried – but he had hardly raised the wand when it,too,was snatched back by Mr Gaur.

‘No,no – here,ebony and unicorn hair,8 and a half inches,springy.Go on,go on,try it out.’

Maan tried and tried.He had no idea what Mr Gaur was waiting for.The pile of tried wands was mounting higher and higher on the spindly chair,but the more wands Mr Gaur pulled from the shelves,the happier he seemed to become.

‘Tricky customer,eh?Not to worry,we’ll gind the perfect match here somewhere – I wonder,now – yes,y not – unusual combination – holly phoenix feather,11 inches,nice & supple.’

Maan took the wand.He felt a sudden warmth in his fingers.He raised the wand above his head,brought swishing down thru the dusty air and a stream of red and gold sparks shot fm the end like a firework,throwing dancing spots of light onto the walls.Nakul whooped and clapped & Mr.Gaur cried, ‘OH bravo! Yes,indeed, oh, very gud.Well, well, well … how curious … how very curious…’

He put Maan’s wand back into its box & wrapped it in brown paper,still muttering,‘Curious … Curious …’

‘Sorry,’said Maan,‘but what’s curious?’

Mr Gaur fixed Maan with his pale stare.

‘I remember every wand I’ve ever sold,Mr Khurana.Every single wand.It so happens that the phoenix whose tail feather is in ur wand.gave the another feather – just one other.It is very curious indeed that u shd be destined for this wand when its brother – y, its brother gave u that scar.’

Maan swallowed.

‘Yes,13 & a half inches.Yew.Curious indeed how these things happen.The wand chooses the wizard,remember … I think we must be expect great things fm u.Mr Khurana … after all.He who must not be named did great things – terrible,yes,but great.’

Maan shivered.He wasn’t sure he liked Mr Gaur too much.He paid Rs 1000/= for his wand and Mr Gaur bowed them fm his shop.

Precap-School banquet


The late-afternoon sun hung low in d sky as Maan and Nakul made deir way back down Chandini Chowk magic branch,back thru d wall,back thru d Chudail restaurant,now empty.Maan didn’t speak at all as dey walked down d road;he didn’t even notice people gawping at dem on d restaurant,laden as dey were with all deir funny-shaped packages,with d sleeping snowy owl on Maan’s lap.Up on d escalator,of d restaurant Maan only realised where dey were when Nakul tapped him on d shoulder.

‘Got time for a bite to eat before we part,’he said.

He bought Maan a plate meals of d punjabi cuisine which hd two aloo parathas,some rice and palak paneer as curry and dal makhani and a glassful of salty lassi as he wasn’t fond of d sweet.Both Nakul & Maan sat to eat grabbing a table fm d overcrowded place.Maan kept luking around.Everything luked so strange,somehow.

‘Tum theek ho,Maan?Tum bahut khaamosh ho,’said Nakul.

Nakul wasn’t sure he could explain.He’d just had d best birthday of his life – and yet – he chewed his paratha,trying to find d words.

‘Everyone thinks I’m special,’he said at last.’All those people in Chudail Restaurant,Professor Solanki,Mr Gaur … but i don’t know anything abt magic at all.How can dey expect great things?I’m famous & I can’t even remember wat i’m famous for.I don’t know wat happened when Vol- sorry – I mean,d night my parents died.’

Nakul leant across d table.Behind d wild beard & eyebrows he wore a very kind smile.

‘Tum chinta mat kar,Maan.U’ll learn fast enuf.Everyone starts at d beginning at Gurukul,u’ll be just fine.Just be urself.I know its hard dat u’ve been singled out,an’ dat’s always hard.But u’ll hv a great time at Gurukul – I did – still do, ‘smatter of fact.’

Nakul helped Maan onto d taxi dat would take him back to Junejas,then handed him an envelope.

‘Tumhaari ticket fer Gurukul,’he said.’First o’ September- Delhi railway station – it’s all on yer ticket.Any problems with d Junejas,send me a letter with yer owl,she’ll know where to find me …. See yeh soon,Maan.’

The taxi pulled out fm d restaurant.Maan wanted to watch Nakul until he was out of sight;he rose in his seat & pressed his nose against d window,but he blinked & Nakul had gone.

Maan’s last month with Junejas wasn’t fun.True Dhruv was now so scared of Maan he woudln’t stay in sd same room,while Pammi & Prabath didn’t shut Maan in his basement,force him to do anything or shout at him – in fact,dey didn’t speak to him at all.Half-terrified,half-furious,dey acted as though any chair with Maan in it was empty.Although this was an improvement in many ways,it did become a bit depressing after a while.

Maan kept to his room,with his new owl for company.He had decided to call her Snowy,as she was snowy white in color.His school books were very interesting.He lay on his bed reading late into d night,Snowy swooping in & out of d open window as she pleased.It was lucky dat Pammi didn’t come into hoover any more,becoz Snowy kept bringing back dead mice.Every night before he went to sleep,Maan ticked off another day on d piece of paper he had pinned to d wall,counting down to September d first.

On d last day of August he thot he’d better speak to his aunt and uncle abt getting to d railway station next day,so he went down to living room,where dey were watching a quiz show on TV.He cleared his throat to let dem know he was there,and Dhurv screamed & ran fm d room.

‘Er – maasa?’

Prabath grunted to show he was listening.

‘Er – I need to be at Railways station tomorrow at – to go to Gurukul.’

Prabath grunted again.

‘Would it be all right if u gave me a lift?’

Grunt.Maan supposed dat means yes.

‘Thank u.’

He was abt to go back upstairs when Prabath actually spoke.

‘Funny way to get to a wizard’s school,d train.Magic carpets all got punctures,have dey?’

Maan dint say anything.

‘Kahan hai yeh school?’

‘Mujhe pata nahin,’said Maan,realising this for d first time.He pulled d ticket Nakul had given him out of his pocket.

‘Mujhe train pakadna hai,gyaarah baje aur woh bhi platform nine and three-quarters se,’he read.

Prabath & Pammi stared.

‘Kaunsa platform?’

‘Nine and three-quarters.’

‘Bakwaas mat karo,’said Prabath,’there is no platform nine and quarters.’

‘Mere ticket mein hai.’

‘Barking,’said Parabth,’howling mad,d lot of dem.U’ll see.U just wait.Theek hai.mein tumhe le jaata hoon aur waise bhi Dhruv ko hospital leke jaa rahe hai….nahin toh mein tumhe kabhi jhel nahin sakta jaante ho tum bhi,’

‘Aap Dhruv ko kyun hospital leke jaa rahe hai??“Maan asked,trying to keep things friendly.

‘Got to have dat ruddy tail removed before he goes to school.’


Maan woke at 5 o’clock d next morning & was too excited & nervous to go back to sleep.He got up & had a shower and pulled his jeans becoz he didn’t want to walk into d station in his wizard’s robes -he’ change on d train.He checked his Gurukul’s list yet again to make aure he had everything he needed,saw dat Snowy was shut safely in her cage & den paced d room waiting for Junejas to get up.2 hrs later,Maan’s huge,heavy trunk had been loaded into d Juneja’s car,Pammi had talked Dhruv into sitting next to Maan & dey had set off.

Dey reached d railways station at half past ten.Prabath dumped Maan’s trunk onto a trolley & wheeled it into d station for him.Maan thot this was strangely kind untill Prabath stopped dead,facing d platforms with a nasty grin on bhis face.

‘Well,there u r,boy.Platform 9-platform 10.Ur platform shd be somewhere in d middle,but dey don’t seem to hv built ti yet,do dey?’

He was right,focourse.There was a big plastic number nine over one platform & a big plastic number 19 over d one next to it.and in d middle,nothing at all.

‘Have a gud term.’said Prabath with an even nastier smile.He left without another word.Maan turned & saw d Junejas drive away.All three of them were laughing.Maan’s mouth went rather dry.Wat on earth was he going to do?He was starting to attract a lot of funny looks,becoz of Snowy.He’d hv to ask someone.

Precap 1-wat happens can Maan be able to search d platform nine and quarters or he’s gonna be disappointed????

Precap 2-School banquet….

NOTE-am sorry guys dat i give dis update very occasionally but now on wil give it regularly till den enjoy reading and please comment….. 🙂

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