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Maan dint say anything but he was happy that she was never touched though she was present.Meera spoke,“Haan ek aur baat bhai…usse ek hafte se khaana nahin khilaayi gayi..shaayad woh kaam karne se mana kiya ho aur isiliye usse zabaradasti manaane ke liye usse bhooka rakha gaya ho….better we have to ask about it when she comes round…i’ll sit with her..dont worry…!”(She was kept starving from one week….i think she had refused to do the work which they expected and she was left starving till she accepts their demands…..better we have to ask about it when she comes around….i’ll sit with her..dont worry…!)Maan gave a small smile which made Meera astonished and immediately she went inside the ICU



Maan went back to his home.The elegant Khurana Mansion which oozed the royalty in every brick.american-mansions7934275-mansions-in-san-francisco-california images m1 Maan and Vicky entered the royal KM and walked past the beautiful fountain and entered into the drawing room where they got a phone.swiss-voice-vintage-20-275x275-imad8eujc2ekwz7hMaan answered the phone while Vicky went to have cold shower.Maan said,”Hello..who’s speaking?”Someone said angrily,”Ur death…!”For Maan smirked and said,”Sulthan…what happened that u remembering me and dialling me?”Sulthan said angrily,”How dare u destroy my business?I’ll kill u….!”Maan smirked and said with attitude,”U are forgetting that u r talking to Maan Singh Khurana…u can do whatever u r but till i wont make u run from my country..u are gonna get this type of shocks only…!”Sulthan said angrily,”U are so interested to save ur country’s girls right….then look at me..whom i have…!”

Someone said meekly and it was a female voice,”Bro..save me from him or else he’s saying that he’ll rip my honour..he’ll sell me to Dubai…please dont have any respect to ur sister-in-law..please bro save me….!”Maan closed his eyes hearing the word sister-in-law with disappointment.Yes she was his sister-in-law Nainatara who had cheated him for money and had left him in roads snatching all his properties.On that time only he came across another Khurana family which was entirely different.Though he was also Maan Singh Khurana still he always felt guilt to use his surname.Maan said harshly,”Bahut saare maasoomon ko bachaane ke liye agar aap kurbaan hona pade bha…mera matlab hai Naintara toh mein woh bhi karne ke liye tayyar hoon….!And he disconnected the call immediately which made Naintara shocked and Sulthan too.Sulthan thought,”Kis mitti ke bana hai…koi dhamki se isse kuch farak nahin padta aur iski kamzori bhi mujhe pata nahin….!”

Maan went to his room and took off his dress and immediately left his room to washroom half-naked.Maan threw off his pant and inners and stood under cold shower.His nerves eased and he remembered how he came to this house.How he gave a fatherly love to his god-brother Vicky.How he loved his god-sister Annie.Maan remembered how he had stood in front of the now elegant KM and was begging for a plate full of food to fulfill his 10 year old tummy.He was ten year old on that time and his Naintara bhabhi had threw him from the house making the whole property to her name.Today also he remembers that how he was entered inside KM as the fortunate boy to Yash Singh Khurana32304-dharmaraj-mahiyavanshi-in-the-show-bandini.jpg Maan still stood under the shower thinking about his past when his mind vision unknowingly flashed with that same girl whom he had saved from that hell.Maan remembered her angelic face and unknowingly he felt some peace and quiet.Her angelic face some what had a strange charm and thought,”How she will be now?I’ll ask Meera….!”He phoned up Meera who was dozing off in the couch and dint answer his phone.Maan got worried for the first time and said wearing his fresh clothes and walking towards his car,”I’ll drive..!”Taking the keys from his driver and drove towards Khurana hospital alone.

Vicky was shocked seeing Maan’s weird behaviour and he too followed Maan silently.Maan ran towards ICU and saw Meera dozing off on the couch.Maan saw her tired face and dint wanted to wake her and immediately came outside from ICU and went towards the corner where Vicky hid from Maan to observe his movements and said,”Vicky…u take Meera from here and make her sleep in her quarters….!”Vicky was shocked and asked,”How did u know that i was hiding here?”Maan said smirking,”U are my younger brother and i know what is ur movements..now go to Meera fast…!”Vicky got nervous and spoke,”How can i carry her?I feel restless whenever she comes near me..!”Maan smirked and said,”I know about that so go and spend some time with her…!”Vicky said denying pointedly,”Ofcourse not…till u wont marry am not gonna propose Meera…!”Maan rolled his eyes thinking,”Not again….!”Maan said,”Ok am gonna marry the girl but for now u have to be concerned to Meera..do u understand…!”Vicky was delighted hearing his approval of marraige and ran immediately towards ICU.

Vicky slowly lifted Meera so that she wont wake and carried her to her quarters there only.On that time Maan entered and saw that girl whose face was pale with pain and she wasnt responding to the treatment and had slept just like dead body.Somewhat Maan’s heart filled with pity and he sat beside her and kept his palm on her forehead.When he felt her cold skin he felt a current run down his spine and his stomach gave a funny jolt.Maan traced his wide brown eyes around her angelic face which had turned into pale and white just like a ghost.He saw her body tip to toe.She was the age of 20 to 21 and was a teenager.Her closed almond shaped eyes with long white noise and white chubby cheeks and soft chin adding up to her beauty.She was the epitome of beauty but innocence oozed inside her every cell.

Maan thought,”So younger and gonna face big problem in the life…i’ll make sure she wont be troubled whole life…!Once i get to know who’s she and we can make her reach her family….!”On that time she started breathing heavily as if she has being suffocated and saw her oxygen mask slid sideways.Maan immediately panicked and kept the oxygen mask in correct position.But still she was having difficulty to breathe.Maan saw that oxygen cylinder is empty or not but got to know that it was opened for Geet’s treatment only and he immediately ran to call Meera.Vicky was about to come to Maan when he saw Maan running towards him and asked,”Is everything alright bro?”

Maan called,”Meera…she’s having difficulty in breathing….!”Meera who was awake hearing Maan’s words immediately ran towards ICU.Meera saw the girl breathing heavily and was twitching on the bed when she saw the ECG.It was showing low rates of heart beat.Meera said,”Bring ***** injection now…!”To a nurse who ran to bring it.Meera tried to hold that girl’s hands and legs but she was threw over board due to her twitching.Maan was shocked seeing that girl twitching but he dint question Meera having faith in her.When the nurse brought the injection on that time Meera snatched it and said nurse to hold the girl’s elbow tightly.Meera took the injection and immediately injected it into her veins.After sometime the girl stopped twitching and ECG started showing the normal rates of heart beats and both Meera and Maan calmed themselves.Meera slid the oxygen mask on her face and she wiped off the sweat which were forming due to twitching.

Maan asked worriedly,”How is she now?”Meera said,”She’s fine bro now but she’s still not out of danger…!”Maan was shocked,”But why?”Meera said,”Becoz she was given slow poison…i dont know bro that how the slow poison came inside her body and i have two possibilites.Either she had consumed it or someone gave her purposely….do u got to know who she is?”Maan said,”Nope..but still my men are searching about her…!”MNeera sighed and asked,”Bro..i was sleeping on the cpouch here right then how did i reach my quarters?”Maan chuckled and said,”Vicky…!”Meera was shocked and embarassed and asked nervously,”Did he carry me towards my quarters but y?”Maan said,”Becoz he likes u so much….!”Meera was shocked and said,”No this is wrong…am not worth of him still he loves..how many times i have to say stay away from me still…!”But Maan cut across her and asked,”Can u stay away from him?”Meera was speechless and she went from there not answering Maan while Maan sat beside the girl and saw her angelic face full of concern and pity.

Precap-That girl answered meekly,”My name is Geet…!”For Maan felt several butterflies flutter inside his stomach and saw her hazel deep almond eyes intently….

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Warning guys..some fact cant be digested by u guys when u read this first part but be with me till i proceed with the story.

A bullet traveled in the light speed and pierced a man in his forehead.The man died with the squeal of pain and was no more twitched.On that time several voices was heard from the nearest the 14 storied building.Hustle bustle started in the building and all the men started walking towards the exit collecting their clothes.Some were in their tracks as half bare sweating while some were in their p***y running with panic.They thought that it was the raiding from the police as the secret prostitution was going on in that building.One of the men who was guarding the building saw the Chevrolet car standing and recognised it as the man who came here.It was none other than the great don of the state who was against this devilry prostitution.

Beautiful women were forced to become prostitutes here when they were sold by their family or friends or strangers who are the most stall wards of the society for greedy of the money.One of the guard said to his fellow guards,“Abbey yeh koi police wolice nahin…is desh ke number one don hai…isse niptaana bahut hi mushkil hai…yahan se humein khisakna chaahiye nahin toh yeh humaara kheema banaadega…..!”(It is not the raiding fo police but this country’s number one don..it is so impossible to tackle him…let’s escape from here before we got struck in his hands)

Before they run a manly voice came from behind,“Jab tum mere baare mein yeh sab jaante ho to phir aisa kaam kyun karte ho?”(When u know about me so much then why do this devilry work?)

Guards turned towards the voice and saw the man who stood spitting fire to them with utmost anger.The man was the most handsome of 24yrs with handsome features having wide chocolate brown eyes,Long white nose,exact M shaped pink lips and stubble.He was the most eligible bachelor in this whole world.He had six packs abs with chiseled chest and today he wore a black t-shirt with blue denim trousers.He was Maan Singh Khurana and was always called as MK from most of the world.The guard was shocked and stuttered.

Maan came and kept his right leg on the rim of the terrace and said,“Kitne ladkiyon ko badnaam kiya hai tune….!”(How many girls u defame?)

Maan started caressing his gun while the guard gulped the saliva and stuttered,“Mein nahin saab mere malik ne aisa kiya hai….!”(Am not the culprit sir..my boss did that….!)

Maan said firmly,“Bulaavo usse…..!”(Call him)On that time a man of about 70’s ran towards the exit when he was held firmly from a man who too had features of Maan.He was Vicky who dragged the man of 70’s to Maan and said,“Bro…yeh aadmi toh bhaag raha tha yahan se….!”(Bro…this man was escaping from here)

One of the guard had argued previously that he wont do anything slowly held his gun so that he can shoot him.

That guard kept the gun ready recoiling it silently and targeted Maan and was about to pull trigger when a bullet traveled faster than his bullet and it pierced his heart straight and immediately he fell without twitching.It was Maan who had fired the bullet while everyone saw him with shock.

Vicky asked,“Bhai…aap theek toh haina?”(Bro…are u alright?)

Maan nodded without glancing him and asked the man who was in age of 70’s,“Tum hi hona is building ki malik?”(Are u the owner of this building?)

The man nodded yes to him and immediately a bullet pierced his heart and he too fell dead while Vicky asked,“Bhai aapne isse kyun maara?”(Bro…why did u killed him?)

Maan answered calmly,“Kyunki yahi tha jisne is building ko Prostitution mein madat karne ke liye rakha gaya tha..aur uske dasha dekha tune….!”(Becoz he was the owner of this building who was encouraging prostitution and was helping the people..and did u see his state…!”)

Vicky saw his state where he too was sweaty and was half-bare and saw the dead man with disgust.Vicky immediately took care of the guards.Maan ordered Vicky to transfer the girls to a safest place where no one curse them as the ruse to the society.Maan’s guards called some woman too who were rescued like this only previously and made all the girls to be transferred to the safe place.Maan lingered in the building supervising that everyone has been transferred when he felt some blood dripping from the old stores.

Maan immediately took the way when he saw a girl unconscious and her veins are cut from a knife.Maan saw her face and was mesmerised….her angelic face was some what adorable but the painful lines was visible from her angelic face.Maan immediately tied a hanky to her wrist so that the blood wont drip and lifted her in his strong arms as he felt she was so soft while he was bothered to mix her with other girls.Maan immediately came outside lifting her and made her to sleep on the passenger seat and drove his car towards the hospital.

Vicky saw him and followed too as the girl was looking pale and worn out.Maan saw that girl who was unconscious but her face was so kind.So adorable face and so soft body…he was enchanted with the beauty she possess which was attracting him..enchanting him.They reached the hospital which name Khurana group of hospitals.When the guard saw Maan he immediately opened the gate while a girl came running towards the car.She was Meera who was the famous gynacologist.Maan had called her when he was taking the angelic faced girl to the hospital.

Meera took the girl in stretchers and was shifted to the ICU.There the girl was monitored and was given emergency aid to her.Maan stood seeing the angel whose face was still pale.Maan asked,“Meera….kab tak hosh aayegi usse…!”(Meera….when gains be consciousness?”)Meera addressed Maan as bhai,“Keh nahin sakte bhai..jis jagah se aap usse uthaakar laaye hai isse pata chalta hai ki woh kitna stressed hogi aur usne apne kalaayi kaati hai…haan uski lucky time ho yaa aap wahan pahunchna usse lucky saabith huyi ho ladki par molestation hone se pehle hi usne apni kalaayi kaati hai…she’s still virgin….!”(I cant guarantee u bro…becoz she’ll be stressed from the place which u have brought her here…i think she’s lucky or ur time of reaching there has been lucky to her that the girl has not been molested..she’s stil virgin…!)

Maan dint say anything but he was happy that she was never touched though she was present.Meera spoke,“Haan ek aur baat bhai…usse ek hafte se khaana nahin khilaayi gayi..shaayad woh kaam karne se mana kiya ho aur isiliye usse zabaradasti manaane ke liye usse bhooka rakha gaya ho….better we have to ask about it when she comes round…i’ll sit with her..dont worry…!”(She was kept starving from one week….i think she had refused to do the work which they expected and she was left starving till she accepts their demands…..better we have to ask about it when she comes around….i’ll sit with her..dont worry…!)Maan gave a small smile which made Meera astonished and immediately she went inside the ICU

Precap-The girl is not responding and she’s serious…..

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A Poem By Me…..

He has a blood red chocolate brown eyes…..

Which has hatred,cruel and malice…..

He’s the god of hell and always says..

Welcome to hell…..

He’s the twisty insanity with morbid vanity…..

A devil with the masked cunningness….

A killer smile from his M shaped lips….

Which makes every girl to faint near his steps….

A sweet soul is hidden inside the cold heart….

Which makes the man who opposes him to depart….

Vast ego rules his cold heart…….

Which makes anyone to be tore rampart……

He’s the devil who has the power to achieve…..

But hasnt the power to conceive the happiness in his life….

He’s the darkness..he’s devil….but i present u an enchanted devil….


Maan Singh Khurana-24 yrs old angry young man with hot temper and golden heart.He’s the devil with egoistic,cruel,man for the world.But alone he’s the hurted lion craving soul for love.

A Poem By Me…..

She’s the angel sent from heaven…..

Sent with a nice mission…..

She’s cute bubbly with hazel almond eyes…..

Speaking the wisdom and spreading the happiness…..

She’s the delicate fairy..with face of joy….

She’s the innocent one….with positive emotions….

She’s so cute with angelic face….

She’s so cute with innocent eyes…..

She’s the light…she’s the angel..but i present u an enchanting angel…..


Geet Kapoor-21 years old cute,bubbly chirpy girl.She makes everyone happy with her innocent talks and cute adorable face.She had very positive emotions but alas she loses that ability due to an incident which happens in her life.


Dev Chopra


Geet’s Darji


Rano Kapoor


Mohinder Kapoor

381839_522576461086128_694175877_n    Jay Bhanushali as a host in DID Doubles

Aditya Khanna & Yash Singhania


Vicky Singh Khurana-Maan’s younger brother…soon to become the junior devil…. 😉

Aditti Chopra as Pinky in Geet Hui Sabse Parayi   Perneet Chauhan

Pinky Sharma,Meera Garewal-Geet’s best friend

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