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 A scream crept from a beautiful petal ruby lips.On that time some commotion was there and 3 large body thudded against the marble floor. There was a squeal of pain when a final strong body thudded on them.Hands held the hips and a pair of beautiful almond eyes glared at the 4 bodies thudded in front of her.

The 4 body straightened and asked politely,”U called us boss!”

While one of the tall one yawned loudly. That pair of almond eyes glared at him and he stifled it glancing at her.

Now he was alert and she realised and continued, “Lazy bums,we’ve got a big order and it is for the birthday party!”

The tall one asked,”What’s the theme?”

The girl said,”Maan,its the old actors and songs party!The woman who is celebrating is getting 75yrs older and she has given her own theme.She wants the older studios where old actors film were made!How’s it?”

The last thudded one said,”Yummy,am going to get more candies in new form!”

Another one spoke in faux indignation, “Pinkyji,its better u run in different treadmills! U broke my back bone completely. Its screaming that if Pinky won’t reduce her weight then its gonna break at once itself!”

Pinky glared at him and pouted.

While Geet spoke,”Ok,lets get to the work!We’ve one week to do that!”

Everyone saluted to her saying,”Yes boss!”

Geet said that flushing and glaring,”Stop saying that!”






So that’s my gang and am Geet Handa-Sweet,Bubbly,Cute! (Someone cleared the throat dismissively) What?I am sweet,bubbly and cute!What do u think otherwise?Hmm,lets leave it!My ambition is to open world’s most famous sweet shop.(Someone cleared the throat once again) Is it big dream right and i cant be fulfilled that much becoz my grandma says we need to live letting others to live.But u know what all her principles goes to wind when i see Sameera!Ugh i hate her.She’s my number one rival.Once she was my best friend but her ambition was also same,so we will  always have competition between us who’s the best and everytime i win becoz god isnt gonna do injustice with his baby!Right babaji?(She looks upward cutely showing her finger upwards)Thunder comes at once giving her answer.Geet looks at the window and her eyes widens seeing the storm is gonna get higher up and says,”Oh babaji,dont stop my work now only!”


Maan Singh Khurana





U will get to know what their story too in this when story unfolds slowly.I hope i get success in this,this is a very different story which i had thought of! Happy Navratri Guys! 🙂



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