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Geet went back to d hospital as doctor had requested and was leaving in d  hospital from past one week.Maan was always with her.He would go to office meeting Geet and in d night he would come back to Geet and slept with her in d hospital.Geet’s mood swings still was there and she would ask for sweets or chocolates at middle of d night and would trouble Maan.LOL

But our great MSK always had patience for his jaan and he pampered with immense love.Sometimes he would irritate her acting like possessively but it would forgot immediately when Mr.MSK comes to his majnu avatar.Geet would be fida seeing her jaan acting like a majnu and would melt immediately.

When their romance was in d air and her 8th month is abt to be closed a truth also came in front of MSK dat Annie loves Arjun.First time Naintara was so happy for Arjun as his every other movement would irritate her to d core as he always gave d importance for his work and career.

Arjun has confessed his feelings coming to her.Khurana family was so happy dat deir Annie r going to a gud home where Arjun loves her to d core and sweet bhabhi is also dere for her.Arjun’s & Annie’s wedding preparation was going on which was handled by Naintara’s event management company only.

Naintara was hell irritated for sure becoz of d wedding and in between Geet was in hospital.Naintara was hell worried abt Geet as she was in d hospital and dis wedding was making frustrated.If Geet was here den she would handle everything peacefully and perfectly.But now Geet was in hospital den she wasn’t allowed to take simple bath also.

Maan would assist her and end up doing ahem ahem parts and Geet would complain him dat he irritates and troubles her so much.But Geet never would stop whenever he was doing dat and would end up melting inside his arms.This was their daily routine and here Naintara now knew how much Geet was handling everything peacefully without any fuss or complain dat she missed her so much.

Rajji would help Naintara too but she always ran becoz of d emergency cases which came to her and would meet Geet in d hospital and would chat with her and would come home before Maan would go to her.Now d wedding date came and Geet was also doing some small thing behind Maan and was helping Naintara with d accounts of d wedding.

D wedding commenced and ended with out any obstruction and d newly weds took d blessings fm dadimaa and Maan.Maan became emotional and Geet started crying seeing Annie taking her bidaai with Arjun.Maan wouldn’t believe dat his little sister who was running behind him wearing a short pink frock was truly going to her sasural after marraige.

But Maan consoled himself and swallowed d pain becoz of Geet.If she sees Maan crying  for Annie den her heart would whimper with pain becoz of d tears in his eyes.It would affect Geet’s health and would affect baby’s health as she had come to d stable condition in past months.

Maan came beside Geet and slid his hands around her waist and saw Annie going in d car and waving d hands too with Geet.Geet wiped her eyes immediately and kissed his cheeks immediately as his face was wrinkled becoz of d sadness.Maan saw her with amazement as his cheek burned becoz of her soft supple lips.

Maan’s sadness vanished into thin air when he saw d blushing Geet.Maan’s grip tightened around her waist while her chest started heaving seeing his grip.Maan eyed her giving mischievous glint and asked,”Yeh kisliye tha Mrs.Khurana???”Geet said cutely,”Bas aapko kiss karne ka man kiya toh meine kiss kardiya Mr.Khurana…!!!!”Maan smiled widely seeing her red color cheeks and said,”Achchaji…!!!!”

Maan was moving his fingers slowly on her waist making d patterns silently where Geet stifled d moan and she felt a pain inside her stomach as baby kicked.Geet said cutely holding d stomach,”Ouch…!!!!”Maan asked alarmed,”Jaan kya huva???”Now every family turned towards d couple where Geet held her stomach and her face was wrinkled.

Another baby too kicked her stomach and she held her lower tummy with pain and Maan was alarmed.Then Geet said immediately,”Maan..nahin saha jaata yeh dard…!!!!!”Rajji came forward immediately and checked her pulse while Maan held her waist tightly but Geet once again shouted with pain.

Rajji said immediately,”Jeeju…humein abhi ke abhi dee ko hospital lek jaana hoga…shaayad baby baahar aane ke liye try kar raha hai…!!!!”On dat time Geet started bleeding and a drop of blood fell on d floor which Maan noticed and smelt it and was shocked,”Khoon????”Maan saw her backwards which was stained with blood as she had wore a white and red combination colored saree for d wedding.

Maan said with panic,”Geet…!!!!”Geet’s eyes became blurred vision and shouted once again with pain and Maan lifted her and placed her in d car while Dev drove d car.Rajji sat beside Geet and Maan and said,”Dee…calm urself don’t stress urself kuch nahin hoga baby ko…dekhiye zyada se zyaada aap hosh mein rahiye…!!!!”

Maan started kissing her wrist and said,”Geet jaan…dekho jo Rajji keh rahi hai woh karo…!!!!”Geet said with difficulty,”Nahin Maan..nahin saha jaata yeh dard…awww…bahut dard ho raha hai Maan…!!!!!!”Geet’s dress started staining with more blood while Dev drove to d hospital faster.

Finally reached d hospital and Maan carried Geet in his arms shouting for doctor.Dev came back with d stretcher and Maan made Geet to lie on it gently but Geet was screaming with labor pain.Doct came and saw her condition and said,”Jaldi se labor ward pe le jaayiye inhe..aur Rajji come with me …!!!”

Rajji nodded yes to her and she ran as Geet was screaming with pain.Maan was walking restless this side and that side with panic while he couldn’t tolerate d pain which Geet was going through.Maan remembered Geet’s last kiss when she gave now and his panic subsided and he ran inside d labor ward.

Doctor saw Maan and said to him,”Mr.Khurana pls aap baahar rahiye…!!!!”Geet streteched her hand to hold him and Rajji saw this and said,”Jeeju aap yahi rahiye…!!!!”Maan came and held her hand immediately while Rajji said,”Dee…push karo…!!!!”Geet pressurized but couldn’t and said,”Nahin karsakti…Rajji…!!!!”

Rajji was angry now becoz d babies head had came outside but couldn’t come its legs and hands and asked angrily,”Dee..aap bachche ko maarna chaahthi hai???”Geet’s almond eyes widened with shock and gave an enormous pressure dat d baby came.Rajji held hit upside down and it cried immediately.

Maan saw a slight glimpse of d baby and saw it was baby girl.Nurse took it and washed it and wrapped it inside d white cloth.Den Rajji held for another bay which head was coming slowly and Geet once again pressurized and d baby came outside.Rajji held it too in upside down and it started crying den she gave it to d nurse.

Nurse took it and washed it too and wrapped in d white cloth and placed d both babies inside d crib.Maan was so happy to see his two babies which was so cute.Geet became unconscious due to tiredness and she slept peacefully.Maan said worriedly,”Geet..aankhen kholo..Rajji yeh kyun nahin khol rahi hai…!!!!”Rajji said immediately,”Relax jeeju…shaayad bahut thak gayi hogi…don’t worry she’ll come around after some minutes aap jaake baahar wait keejiye mein bachchon ke saath baahar aati hoon…!!!!”

Geet came to consciousness after some time and saw around her there slept two babies cutely.Geet and baby was shifted to d ward while Maan had phoned up to his friends dat he had become father of d two little cute babies.Geet held her angel who was fast asleep cutely.Maan entered with dadimaa and full family and saw d babies one in Geet’s hands and one in d crib.

Dadimaa was overwhelmed seeing d cute angel on her mother’s hands and kissed Geet and said,”Thank u bete for giving us another two present…!!!!”Maan saw d baby girl and felt it is so tiny dat how can he hold her and was afraid of holding her as she was tiny and delicate.

Dadimaa kissed its tiny cheeks holding it carefully while all d family was waiting to touch d baby and kiss it as it was so beautiful.It was plump cotton ball having round black eyes.It cutely screamed in it’s baby tone dat all saw it with immense love.It made a cute frowning face pouting her lips just like Geet and everyone laughed at it seeing d pouting angel.

Geet glared at dem as dey were comparing d angel to her and Maan.After dadimaa Dev came forward to take it but Naintara said,”Dev mein bhi toh dekhoon meri pari ko…!!!!”And she was abt to take her but dadimaa said,”Pehle uske papa toh hold karne do…!!!!”Get said,”Maan aap itne door kyun khade hai?????Aayiye na…!!!”

Maan said fussily,”Geet pari bahut hi choti hai…!!!!”Geet said,”Mein hoona kuch nahin hoga…!!!!!”

Maan took d baby and sat beside her while Geet kept her hand on his shoulder and kissed her small legs cutely.On dat time d baby boy started crying den dev lifted it slowly and said,”Oh ho..hum aapko bhool hi gaye the sorry…D baby boy became silent when he felt his mother’s warmth.

Geet asked,”Maan kya naam rakhna chaahthe hai aap????Aur dee aap hi toh bataayiye…kya naam rakhe aapki pari ko…!!!!”Naintara said,”Mujhe toh yeh meri pari hai toh Pari hi naam rakhdo…kyun veerji…!!!”Maan said slowly,”Pari toh inki petname hogi lekin iski naam hogi Swati…kyunki yeh meri noor hai…!!!”And he kissed it’s cute small nose gently.

D baby cried becoz of his stubble as it pricked and Maan saw her with panic and asked,”Geet..yeh aise ro kyun rahi hai???”Geet said smiling,”Shaayad usse bhook lagi hogi…aur humaare bete ka naam kya hoga…!!!!!”Maan kissed it’s feet softly and said,”iska naame hoga Arka..as he’ll always shine like sun…!!!!!”

Maaneet enjoyed d babies company with family and their life was joyed and happy becoz of d two new guests.



Everyone played with d babies till deir fill but it was interrupted by d nurse who came and informed Geet dat it’s d time of d baby feed.Everyone went outside except Maan & nurse who stood Geet to help her with d two babies.Geet opened her hospital suit button and made her baby angel to sleep on her lap and kept her nipple inside her mouth.

D baby cutely drank d milk till its fill and slept peacefully holding her breast.Den nurse took d baby angel and kept it inside d crib gently while Maan gave d baby boy to Geet and she fed him milk from another breast.D baby boy also drank d milk till his fill and slept holding her breast peacefully.

Den nurse took Arka and kept it inside d crib and went from deir leaving d love birds to have d private moments.Geet buttoned her hospital suit while Maan sat beside her on d bed encircling his hands around her waist.Maan kissed her forehead and said,”Jaan..thanks for d two beautiful gifts…ab meri family poori ho gayi…love u jaan…!!!”

Geet smiled and pecked his lips softly and saw Swati moving inside d crib and taking off d blanket cutely.Geet spread d sheet on it more protectively and held it’s tiny hand softly giving her index finger.She kissed it softly while Swati’s tiny lips curved into cute smile.

She was d xerox copy of her mother having beautiful eyes which was d black round eyes with tiny cute white nose with M shaped lips just like Maan while Arka was d xerox copy of Maan totally with wide black eyes cute white tiny nose and exact M shaped lips.Maan was very fond of his angel Swati as she was Geet’s xerox copy while Geet was very fond of Arka as he was d xerox copy of Maan.

After one year————->

The KM was decorated completely with balloons and color papers as d occasion was d birthday of d two cuties of MSK…D portrait of KM has changed there were pics of d two cutie pies for which full family was manofying and Vansh was d first one cutie pie whose tantrums has been becoming high just like his age.LOL

But he never stop manofying his cute little sister Swati whose glistening tears would melt him completely and would act just like a possessive brother.He would charge anyone if he sees dat his cute little sister is troubled a perfect body guard.But ofcourse our choti nawaab saab Arka toh kuch kam nahin..he would also stood to help his big bro for Swati.

Sometimes Geet would be irritated seeing d trio doing masti in dat tender age but never stop admire d three whose bond was developing stronger with d time and d age.D pics showed Vansh’s pic of waling but d recent ones r d two cutie pies.Swati’s first walk and Arka’s first cry was so adorable.Swati’s love towards her little bother and big bro was just cute and adorable.

Today d three were so excited as d two twins’s birthday today but more happiest in dis whole world was the twins’s big bro Vansh.A man was sitting in front of d laptop seeing these pics and was admiring it so much & he was none other than d great MSK.On dat time d bathroom door opened and Geet entered d room with d towel wrapping her body.

Maan turned towards d sound and saw his wife who had come in towel wrapped and was taking her clothes.Geet was unaware of d presence of Maan and she took her clothes and took off her towel standing naked.Maan saw her naked beauty with desireful eyes and chuckled and went towards her.

Geet had wore her inners and was abt to wear her dress then Maan hugged her from d back.Geet was alarmed and was abt to punch but Maan held her hand tightly.Geet saw it is Maan and sighed with relief while Maan teased,”Relax Mrs.Khurana…mein jaanta hoon ki tum black belt ho Karate mein..lekin tumhe aise choone waala insan toh sirf ek hi hai aur woh hai Mr.MSK…!!!”

Geet blushed furiously seeing his desireful eyes while Maan kissed her red cheeks.Geet said glaring cutely,”Maan..yeh kaisa tareeka hai mujhe pakadne ka…chodiye mujhe mujhe kapde pehena hai…!!!!”But Maan took her lips immediately while Geet lost in his kiss.Maan took off her b** hook instantly and her eyes popped open but he didn’t left her lips.

Maan immediately took off her b** and threw it and lifted her in his arms.Geet complained,”Maan..humein aaj humaare bachchon ki birthday party par jaana hai aur aapko is waqt bhi mazaak sooj raha hai…chodiye na mujhe…!!!”She blushed when her naked body rubbed his half bare body.Maan took her lips once again muting her blabber and made her lie on d bed without leaving her lips.

Maan hovered on her and squeezed her curves for which she moaned immediately in between his kisses.Then he kneaded her curves and started kissing wetly all over her body.Her fruity soap smell of her hairs and body was driving him crazy.Maan left her lips and kissed her curves sucking it and biting it.

Geet moaned and was ready as she was wet becoz of his pleasure and d sweat mingled with her wetness of d shower.Then Maan saw her full body admiring and entered with deep thrust.Geet moaned loudly once again while he kissed her thighs and bit it.Geet dug her nails on his back skin making him groan with pleasure.

Then Maan started rubbing his hard m*****d back to front inside her making her moan with pleasure.Then he pounded inside her till she feels sore and he left her immediately and slept beside her.Then he made her sleep on his chest and held her soft bare waist possessively and tucked them both in the blanket.

Geet opened her almond eyes after sometime and saw that Maan is admiring her beauty.Geet’s cheeks turned red seeing his deep penetrating gaze and moaned,”Maan..aap bahut hi sharaarate ho gaye ho…aur besharam bhi…!!!!”Geet turned that side angrily but Maan came behind her and hugged her from the back and kissed her earlobe softly.

Geet moaned,”Maan…!!!!”Maan chuckled and said,”Kya huva jaan..mein toh apne biwi ke saath romance kar raha hoon kyun tumhe isme bhi problem hai Geet…!!!”Geet said cutely,”Sharam keejiye Mr.Khurana…aap do bachchon ki baap hai lekin aapki sharaarate toh bahut hi zyaada ho gayi hai…!!!!”Maan said shamelessly,”Kya huva agar mein do bachchon ka baap hoon lekin agar tum co-operate karogi toh mein apni poori cricket team banaane ke liye tayyar hoon..kyun???”

Geet made a big O face and said,”Haan..poore cricket team…mujhe bachche paida karte karte poori zindagi lag jaayegi..aur usse paaloongi kaise????Maan…aap mazaak toh nahin kar rahe hai…!!!”Maan said shamelessly,”Bilkul bhi nahin begum saahiba..mein toh sachi me chaahtha hoon ki cricket team ho jaaye humaare bachchon ki..kyun…????”

Maan glared at her with mischievous glint that she hid his face behind her hands while he kissed her bare shoulder and he once again started.When he left her after another round of love making she was so tired and was panting heavily and blushing so much.Maan saw her red cheeks and kissed it and said shamelessly,”Dekho tum mujhe phirse tempt kar rahi ho…!!!”

Geet blushed once again and hid her face inside his chest and said,”Maan…!!!”wacking her hand on his bare chest.Maan came & lifted her head and pecked her lips and whispered huskily near her ear,”Tayaar ho jao jaan…sab log intezaar kar rahe honge…!!!!”Maan left her and got up and wore his pant and dress which was threw one hour before.

Geet blushed seeing his smirking glint and went from there.Geet collected her dress which was scattered due to him and wore it immediately.She wore slight make up and was abt to wear sindhoor mangalsutra but Maan came forward and put d mangalsutra around her neck and smeared d sindhoor on her head.

He kissed her forehead and pecked her lips and said,”Chale jaan…!!!”Geet nodded and held his hand and went with him smiling widely.The birthday party was abt to be begin but Swati was sitting near the cake and digging it’s tiny feet inside the cake.Maan saw this and came and licked her feet softly for which she giggled.

Swati cutely widened her arms to Maan and said,”Dada…!!!”Maan lifted her and kissed her nose and said,”Pari..yeh digging cheez nahin hai…yeh cake hai aur aapke aur aapke bhai ke liye hai…!!!!”Then Vansh came and held Maan’s feet while Naintara followed him holding d glass of milk,”Vansh..zid mat karo…doodh peelo beta…!!!”

Vansh wrinkled its nose and showed his nakra then Naintara said immediately,”Nahin peevoge toh aaj birthday party nahin hai…sab bandh…!!!”On that time Swati started crying as she was looking forward to it.Vansh couldn’t see that his little sister crying and said,”Pari..ro mat mein doodh pee raha hoon phir mumma b’day party band nahin karegi…!!!”


Vansh cutely took the glass of milk and drank it in one go and Swati cutely smiled and kissed his dada’s cheeks while Maan chuckled seeing her love.Naintara said smiling widely,”Swati toh meri pari hai kaise apne bhai se doodh pilaa diya..thank u beta…!!!!”Then Vansh saw her winking eye to her chachi that he made a cute grumpy face and made gol gappa face immediately.

Geet laughed at his plight while birthday party started and everyone wished Swati & Arka and then cut the cake.The cake was fed to Vansh and vansh fed the cake to Swati & Arka with his tiny hands and everyone celebrated their birthday.Rajji was carrying now and she ate the cake from Swati’s tiny hands and kissed it.

After two years their trio has become the five now as Rajji gave the birth to a cute baby girl and her name was Maahi and Vansh was the one who looked after everyone.Another baby was Rajeev Priyanka’s son who was named Arya and he and Maaho were both same age and they lived happily ever after.



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Maan hugged her tummy tightly while Geet’s heart cried seeing his pain and she kept her hand on his head and stroked it lovingly.After sometime Geet said,”Baby ka toh pata nahin lekin baby ki mummy unhe aapse koi gila nahin…!!!”

Maan luked up and saw those hazel eyes which had only love to him…pure love.Geet nodded yes to him and Maan got up and saw her with amazement.Geet said,”Maan…aap itne hi samajh paaye hai mujhe…mujhe maaloom hai ki aap mujhse kitna pyaar karthe hai aur aapki bachche yeh samajh sakthe hai ki unki papa unki mumma se kitna pyaar karthe hai…pls aap apne aapko doshi mat tehraayiye…mujhe maaloom hai ki aap kis dor se guzar rahe the us waqt…mujhe aapse kpi naaraazgi nahin hai infact mujhe aap par fakar hai ki aap apne aane waali waaris ko nahin uski mumma ko chuna…!!!!”

Maan closed her mouth & said,”Geet..mere liye mere aane waali waaris se zyaada tum maayna rakthi ho aur uske baad mere yeh bachche…i can’t share u with anyone not even with my children…tum sirf meri ho aur sirf meri rahogi…!!!”Geet’s face widened with smile seeing her over possessive husband and hugged him tightly.

Maan reciprocate her hug and said,”Geet…mein tumhe kissike saath share nahin kar saktha iska matlab ye nahin ki tum mere bachchon ki maa nahin bansakthi…tum mere bachchon ki maa ho aur humesha rahogi…!!!”Geet smiled and kissed his chest softly and lifted her head and said,”Mujhe maaloom hai Maan ki aap kya hai…!!!!!”

Maan raised his eye brows and said,”Achcha…toh tumhe ye bhi pata hoga ki abhi mujhe sweet chaahiye…!!!!”Geet asked innocently,”Maan aap khaana bhi nahin khaaya aur yeh sab kar rahe the…Maan aapko chakkar aata toh…aap har baar apne gusse mein yeh sab kuch bhool jaate ho…Maan apne baare mein khayaal kyun nahin rakha…!!!!”

Maan kept his index finger on her lips and said,”Chup bilkul chup…!!!!”Geet glared at her almond eyes seeing his index finger on her soft lips.Maan saw her lips hungrily and took it immediately and sucked it.Geet was shocked but she lost in his kiss.

Maan nibbled her lower lips and sucked its honey sweet juice and bit her soft upper lip softly.Geet parted her lips and his tongue entered and sucked her honey sweet juice and his hands went inside her top and made patterns on her bare soft waist.

Geet moaned in his kiss feeling his fingers on her skin while her fingers went inside his dense black hairs stroking it lovingly.Maan’s hands caressed her waist and squeezed it gently and Geet closed her eyes feeling the sensation moaning in between the kisses.

Both broke apart to grab some air then Maan went to her shoulder and kissed it softly.Geet moaned his name and her hands moved on his bare back and squeezed the toned muscles and moaned his name.Maan groaned feeling her soft fingers on his bare skin and he bit her shoulder sliding her kurti.

Geet moaned his name and her nails were dug into his back flesh feeling how much she was burning in passion.Maan without thinking he lifted her in his strong arms and took her inside their room.Maan didn’t leave her soft supple lips and was kissing it passionately.

Maan made her lie down and hovered on her.He took off her pyjama and joined her naked while Geet blushed so much.Maan ripped off her dress and made her sleep in her inners.Maan kissed her forehead..then eyes..then nose..and took her lips and kissed it passionately.

They broke apart to grab some air then he kissed her soft chin and bit it harshly.Geet winced in pain then licked it softly and he went and kissed her neck.Maan was making her moan powefully and he bent down & took off her inners immediately and kissed her back.

Geet moaned feeling his razor sharp teeth and her cheeks went red.Maan squeezed her curves softly and Geet moaned his name back.Maan took her lips once again still kneading her one curve and rubbing his body to her soft petite body.Geet gasped feeling his rough body on her and she felt his body weight on her and she winced in pain.

Maan got conscious and saw her wincing in pain and he got up and kissed her raised tummy softly and kissed her thighs & bit it.Soon the room filled with moans and pants and they both collapsed in each other’s embrace tucked inside the blanket.Geet kept her head breathing heavily on his chest.

Maan was rubbing her back making her calm after their love making and asked,”Mishty…tum naraaz toh nahin haina…!!!!!”Geet pouted cutely and said,”Mein aapse bahut naraaz hoon…ap humesha se hi aisa tang karthe ho…aur mujhe ek baar bhi rokne ka mauka nahin dethe ho…!!!”Maan chuckled at her cute pouting face and took her lips once again.

Geet moaned in his kiss and punched his small fist on his rock chest and Maan left her lips immediately and smiled.Geet said seeing his smile,”Aap has rahe ho…mujhe aise tang karke…dekho..aapke bachche bhi mujhe tang karte hai…!!!”Geet felt the pain as the baby kicked and her face wrinkled with pain.

Maan was concerned and asked,”Jaan..tum theek toh hona???”Geet saw his concerned face and smiled cutely and kissed his cheeks and said,”Mein theek hoon lekin aapke bachche mujhe aise tang karthe haina…kya kare…!!!!”Maan bent down and kissed her bare raised tummy and saw Geet lovingly.Geet blushed and hid her face in his crook of the neck and Maan kept his hand on her raised tummy and stroked it softly.

Maan said after sometime,”Jaan..mein bahut hi khush naseeb hoon..kyunki mujhe tum jaisa jeevan saathi mila…I love u so much jaan…us waqt jab tum ICU mein khtatre mein thi toh meri jaan atak gayi thi…I can’t see u in that pain…aur jo log tumhe chot denge unhe bhi nahin chodne waala…mein us Rajeev ko nahin chodoonga…ussine yeh accident karvaaya…tum sun rahi hona…!!!!”

Maan saw Geet who had slept peacefully with a cute smile in her face and smiled at her smile.Maan kissed her forehead and pecked her lips and made her to sleep inside his embrace and he also slept on her curves peacefully.Next morning Maan got up and saw that Geet was still sleeping and kissed her and tucked her in the blanket and went and phoned up to Adi to bring the office in outhouse.

Adi nodded and asked abt Geet and he said Geet is alright and sleeping.Geet came from behind and hugged him and kissed his bare back softly while Maan’s skin burned with desire.Maan asked,”Jaan..tum kab uthi…!!!”Geet nuzzled his back rubbing her soft cheek and said yawning softly,”Jab aap Adi veerji ko phone kar rahe the na us waqt uth gayi…!!!!!”

Geet saw her nail scratches in his back and kissed it softly and licked it where Maan groaned feeling her tongue.Geet giggled hearing his groan and kissed his back tempting his devil while Maan said glaring,”Geet tum mujhe aise hi tempt karke kehthi ho ki mein tumhe tang kartha hoon…!!!”Geet giggled but still licked her nail scratches and Maan pulled her in front of him and took her lips immediately.

Geet was shocked and she was abt to fall tripping to his leg but Maan caught her by her bare waist and pinned her to his bare upper body.Geet moaned his name in between the kisses while he chuckled.Maan kissed her passionately and they broke apart while Geet collapsed on his chest breathing heavily.

Geet puched his chest softly and said,”bahut tang karte ho aap…!!!”Maan chuckled,”Achcha toh tum kya karthi ho..sirf mujhe tempt karthi ho..haina…!!!”Geet blushed furiously and hid her face inside his chest.Geet kissed his chest giggling then Maan said,”Dekho Geet tum phirse mujhe tempt kar rahi ho…!!!!”

Geet giggled and pecked his lips softly and once again Maan was tempted and took her lips and kissed her passionately.They broke apart once again and Maan said grinning,”Tum hi toh ho jo mujhe aisa kar sakthi ho…!!!!”Geet giggled once again and hugged him tightly while Maan asked,”Geet..mujhe office jaana hai nahaana nahin hai kya…!!!”Geet nodded cutely then Maan asked smiling naughtily,”Toh saath mein nahaate hai chalo…!!!”

Geet was horrified and said,”Bilkul bhi nahin..aap jaake nahaayiye..tab tak mein breakfast ready karthi hoon…!!!’Maan said bossily,”Bilkul bhi nahin..tumhe kitchen jaane ki koi zaroorat nahin…chup chap yahan lete raho..nahin toh mein tumhaare saath zabardasti karonga…!!!!”Geet pouted cutely and said angrily,”Dusht danav…!!!!!”

Maan loved to hear that name fm Geet’s mouth and smiled seeing her pouting face and she sat on the bed wrapping herself inside the blanket.Geet made gol gappa face and turned that side angrily when she saw Maan’s lovely stare.Maan nodded seeing her cute antics and always had the urge to eat her alive but resisted it and went inside the washroom.

When Maan went to washroom then Geet got up and took his dress fm the wardrobe and his wallet,hanky & tie and assembled it on the bed with his laptop & the necessary files.Maan came fm washroom and saw his things assembled on the bed and Geet was pretending to sleep and smiled at her antics.Maan wore his dress and was struggling to tie his tie while talking in the phone and Geet came forward &held his tie still wrapped in the sheets.

Geet tied the tie cutely while Maan observed her angelic face and smiled impressively.Geet’s sheet was abt to fall off and Maan saw this and held her waist tightly so that her sheet sits on her body correctly.Geet’s eyes popped open seeing his hands around her waist and she blushed furiously.

Maan said seeing her blush,”Geet…tumhaara sheet tumhaare body se neeche gir rahi thi isiliye pakdi…waise tum yeh sheet ke bina bhi mere saamne baith sakthi thi iski kya zaroorat thi…!!!!”Maan said shamelessly and Geet blushed furiously.Maan pecked her lips and said,”Change karlo nahin toh saara din room se baahar nahin niklogi…mere wajaise…!!!”Geet hugged him immediately & blushed moaning his name.

Maan smiled and left hr and went fm there pecking her lips which made her cheeks deep shade of pink.

Precap-Rajeev apologising his mistake in front of Maaneet & family.


Rajeev came and stood in the dehleez of KM and was abt to step his step inside the KM but someone said angrily,”Wahi ruk jao Mr.Khandelwal u’ve no right to enter my house u murderer…!!!!!!”Geet came from the kitchen who was chatting with Naintara & Rajji happily and stood apprehensively seeing the tomato red face of MSK who saw Rajeev with blood red eyes.

Priyanka saw Maan with teary eyes and Naintara came fm the kitchen and said seeing Priyanka,”Priyanka…Rajeev…aap dono yahan..aur aap America se kab aaye..humein bataaya thak nahin aap kab aaye…!!!”Geet didn’t know Priyanka & Rajeev that she stood seeing them curiously.

Maan gave a piercing gaze to Naintara for she saw Maan shocked seeing his blood red anger filled eyes which was glaring at her when she came forward to recieve them.Geet came and asked to Naintara,”Dee..yeh kaun hai????”Naintara said smiling,”Geet..yeh dono tumhaare nanad aur nanatoi hai…Pari haina Maan veerji aur Dev ke cousin unki choti behen hai yeh…!!!!”

Geet smiled widely and said,”Achcha…!!!”And she went towards them and said,”Aayiyena ander baahar kyun khade hai..aap humaare daamaad hai…ander aayiye…!!!”Rajeev saw towards Maan who stood like a statue fearing that the truth is gonna come outside and what will be Geet’s reaction.Rajeev sensed it too & saw towards Maan.Geet noticed it and saw Maan who stood giving deadly glare and nodded asking him,”Kya huva???”In her eyes.

Maan composed himself and said with hoarse & rudely,”Ander aane ko kaho…!!!!”And he turned that side and went into his study in top speed.


Maan wore his office attire and Geet went to washroom to bathe and came back very soon as she wanted to eat with Maan.Maan sat in d room only waiting for her.Geet asked,”Aap neche gaye nahin..kya chaahiye aapko????”Maan smiled at his innocent wifey & saw her drying her hair.Her patiala’s dori was open and she was abt to tie it but Maan came behind her and tied it.

Geet felt a chill down her spine and blushed profusely feeling his fingers on her back.Maan chuckled and said,”Geet mein aaj tumhaare saath breakfast lena chaahtha hoon isiliye tumhaara intezaar kar raha tha…!!!!”Geet nodded and wore her mangalsutra and was abt to put her sindhoor on her forehead but Maan stopped her.

Geet showed her questioning almond eyes then Maan took a pinch and put dat on her forehead and kissed her forehead softly with immense love.Geet blushed furiously but kissed his cheek softly.Maan pecked her lips and said,”Chalo..breakfast kar lete hai…!!!!”Geet nodded and went with him keeping her hand on her tummy slowly.

Maan helped her climbing down the stairs and both came to breakfast table.Rajji & Naintara were already sitting in the d table and Dev and Vicky was abt to come to table.Rajji got up and came beside Geet and held Geet and made her sit in the table.Maan sat beside her and asked,”Naintara..Dev aur Vicky kaha hai????”

Naintara said,”Bas abhi aate honge veerji…!!!”On that time everyone came to d table along with dadimaa & sat in the table.On that time Adi entered and said,”Good morning everybody…!!!!”Everyone’s head turned and said gud morning to him in unison.Adi came behind Geet and asked,”Kaisi ho Geet????”

Geet answered smiling,”Mein theek hon veerji…!!!”Adi said smiling,”That’s gud choti…!!!!”And he kissed her head softly and lovingly and said to Maan who was luking Adi kissing his Geet.Geet was a bit apprehensive seeing Adi kissing her and saw towards Maan nervously while Maan’s nose flared with jealousy and anger.

Adi said,”Maan..sab kuch tayyar hai bas tumhaare aane ki deri hai…!!!!”Maan nodded yes to him with attitude and Adi went fm there.Maan came forward and kissed Geet immediately for which Geet came to know how he’s possessive.Geet giggled at his plight softly while everyone looked up apprehensively.

Maan glared at her while Dev asked Geet,”Bhabhi aap has kyun rahi hai…!!!”Geet composed herself and said,”Kuch nahin Dev kuch funny incident yaad aagayi isiliye has rahi thi…!!!”Dev nodded and started having breakfast.Geet took d 4-5 parathas and put it over to a table while Maan saw her apprehensively and thot,”Kitna khaati hai ye…!!!”

Geet kept the bowl of spicy dahi and snatched the corn flakes bowl fm Maan and kept it in front of him to eat.Maan said glaring at her,”Geet mein corn flakes khaa rah tha…!!!”Everyone saw the couple apprehensively now.Geet said immediately,”Meine aap se kaha tha na agar baby sehatmand pauida hona hai toh mummy aur papa ko dood aur makhkhan khaani chaahiye…!!!”

Geet put the big scoop of the butter on his plate and said angrily,”Khaayiye…nahin toh…!!!”Maan asked keeping his hands on his hips,”Nahin toh kya????Aur waise bhi Miss Horshiarpur mein ek aam insaan hoon baby elephant nahin hoon jo tina khaa saktha hai…!!!”Geet said cutely,”Ello…yeh toh mein ek hi jhat mein khaa sakthi hoon…!!!!”

Maan teased her,”Tumhaare saath competition karne ke liye mujhe tumhari tarah mota bananaa hoga…!!!”Geet said angrily holding his collar and puling close to her,”Yeh har baar moti moti…mein moti hoon kya???”Maan teased,”Tumhe shak hai…!!!”Geet took the long spoon in which curry is served and banged it on his head angrily.

Maan screamed angrily,”Geeettt…!!!!!”AngryGeet asked angrily,”Ab bataayiye mein moti hoon?????”Maan was abt to say yes but saw her angry filled almond eyes and mumbled,” Nahin…!!!”Geet said bossily,”To phir chup chaap khaayiye…!!!!”Maan gulped down his saliva seeing her anger and sat to eat the parathas taking d plate.Dev,Naintara,Annie,Rajji,Vicky & Dadi muffled their laughter seeing Geet’s claims and saw d love for Geet in Maan’s eyes.

Maan gave a piercing angry glare and turned dat side angrily not giving any attention to her.He chewed the paratha while Geet saw him fm d corner of d eye.Geet thot,”mein kuch zyaada hi over react kar baithi unke saath…haina…oye Geet tu toh jaanti haina woh humesha se hi tujhe tang karte hai…toh phir tu kyun itni gussa ho gayi…!!!”

Geet saw Maan cutely while Maan glared at showing his fake anger for which her eyes welled up seeing his anger.Maan saw her immediately where her eyes had welled up seeing the tears pouring down fm those almond eyes and nodded no to her.Geet saw around her and she wiped it immediately.

Maan wanted to lighten up d mood for her so he held her left hand tightly.Geet’s eyes popped open and saw her hand which was held by Maan.Geet glared at him to leave her hand but Maan smirked at her.Geet composed herself while everyone were observing them fm their corner of the eyes.

Geet cleared her throat and took d spoon fm right hand and took a bite fm it.Maan moved his fingers on her which made her turn deep shade of pink in her cheeks.Maan admired her cheeks and Geet glared at him and pleaded to leave her hands.Maan ignored it and came forward and softly kissed her cheek.Geet blushed furiously but she hid immediately as everyone were watching their quarrel silently & enjoying it silently.

Maan looked innocently and asked,”Geet woh dahi ki bowl paas kar…!!!”Geet took d dahi bowl carefully in her right hand as she was having difficulty carrying it in her right hand.Dadimaa saw dis and didn’t know wat was going on under d table & said,”Geet bete aap ek haath kyun use kar rahi hai kam se kam bowl paas karne ke liye doosra haath toh use keejiye…!!!”

Vicky felt fishy seeing his bhabhi use only one hand and slowly bend down to take the spoon who trickily made to fell down.When Vicky bent down den he saw dat Maan is holding Geet’s hands tightly.Vicky smirked and came forward and said immediately,”Haan bhabhi aap kyun itni pareshan ho rahi hai doosra haath use keejiye na…!!!”

Geet gave forced smile and glared at Maan who was smirking at her.Geet tried to free her hands fm his grip but he held it tightly while Vicky motioned to Annie to see down.Annie didn’t understand and bent down slowly and saw dat Maan is holding Geet’s hands.Annie smirked at Vicky and said,”Haan bhabhi kyun aap apne aapko taqleef de rahe hai…!!!!”

Geet also gave forced smile to Annie while she glared at Maan and SMS him.Maan took it & read d message,”Mera haath chodiye…!!!!”Maan sent d message to her mobile which Geet read,”Nahin chodonga toh kya karogi?????”Geet glared at him and sent d message which Maan read,”Warna yeh…!!!!”Geet tried to carry the tea kettle on her right hand which was shivering which Dadi saw this and said once again,”Aap phir se ek hi haath use kar rahe ho…doosra haath bhi use keejiye bete…!!!!”

Geet said cutely,”Ab toh mujhe aadat daalna hoga dadimaa ek haath use karna mein…!!!!”Dadimaa asked curiously,”Woh kyun beta…!!!”Geet said immediately,”Kyunki doosra haath Maan pakadke baith jaate haina…!!!!”And she lifted her left hand and showed to dadi,”Yeh dekhiye…!!!”Dadi saw d hand held by Maan and saw it with popping eyes and laughed heartily.

Everyone burst with laughter seeing their cute quarrel while Maan glared at dem and saw Geet who was laughing cutely.Maan gave a lovely stare seeing her cute laughter.But Dadimaa teased Maan,”Maan bete…mujhe nahin lagaa tha ki aap itne badal gaye hai…!!!”Annie teased,”Haan dadimaa bhai toh angry young man se raanjha bhai badal gaye hai…!!!”Maan glared at her while Geet blushed furiously but teased him.

Geet teased,”Annie bahut zyaada badal gaye hai…pehle toh aise moo phulaakar baat kar rahe the…jaise hi mein saamne aati toh inki tevar badal jaathi aur ab…!!!”Geet gave a lovely stare for which Maan was fida.Maan also gave her lovely stare for which her cheeks turned pink shade while Maan was teased by Annie,Vicky,Rajji,Dev,Naintara & Dadimaa.

But in d end he gave a deadly glare to dem and went fm there towards d outhouse.In outhouse Maan saw Adi who was pacing dis side and dat side worriedly.Maan asked,”Kya huva Adi tum itne pareshan kyun ho????”Adi said worriedly,”Rajeev ko bail mil gayi hai…!!!”Maan was shocked and asked,”Kisne dee usse bail????”Adi said,”Priyanka ne di bail…!!!”

Maan sat there angrily and said to himself in audible tone,”Mein tumhe sazaa dilwaakar rahoonga Rajeev…chaahe mujhe kissi bhi raasta chunna pade…!!!”Here everyone laughed at Maan’s expression.They did d breakfast and Vicky went to d hospital while Dev went to d office.Dadimaa retired to have som e rest and she went to her room while Rajji & Naintara cleared d table.



Rajeev came & stood in d dehleez of KM & was abt to step his step inside d KM but someone said angrily,”Wahi ruk jao Mr.Khandelwal u’ve no right to enter my house u murderer…!!!!!!!!”Maan had came back to collect some files fm his study dat he saw a car enter d KM and saw Rajeev step out fm d car.

Maan was hell angry seeing Rajeev there and he don’t want to fall his shadow on Geet also so stopped him by entering d KM.Geet came fm d kitchen who was chatting with Naintara & Rajji happily & stood apprehesnively seeing d tomato red face of MSK who saw Rajeev with blood red eyes.

Priyanka saw Maan with teary eyes & Naintara came fm d kitchen & said seeing Priyanka,”Priyanka…Rajeev…aap dono yahan…aur aap America se kab aaye…humein bataaya thak nahin aap kab aaye…!!!!”Geet didn’t know Priyanka & Rajeev dat she stood seeing dem curiously.

Maan gave a piercing gaze to Naintara for she saw Maan shocked seeing his blood red anger filled eyes which was glaring at her when she came forward to receive them.Geet came & asked to Naintara,”Dee…yeh kaun hai????”Naintara said smiling,”Geet…yeh dono tumhaare nanad aur nanatoi hai…Pari haina Maan veerji aur Dev ke cousin unki choti behen hai yeh…!!!!”

Geet smiled widely & said,”Achcha…!!!!!”And she went towards them & said,”Aayiyena ander..baahar kyun khade hai..aap humaare daamaad hai..ander aayiye…!!!”Rajeev saw towards Maan who stood like a statue fearing d truth is gonna come outside & wat will be Geet’s reaction.Rajeev sensed it too & saw towards Maan.Geet noticed it & saw Maan who stood giving deadly glare & nodded asking him,”Kya huva???”In her eyes.

Maan composed himself & said with hoarse & rudely,”Ander aane ko kaho…!!!”And he turned dat side & went into his study in top speed.Geet noticed dat something fishy and saw Rajeev who had lost in his own thot when he entered inside d KM.Priyanka came and hugged Geet den it broke d trance.Geet hugged her back smiling while Priyanka said,”Bhabhi ma so happy to have u as my bhabhi…aapke wajaise aaj mere pati mujhe mile hai…!!!”

Geet didn’t understand her words and gave questioning look while Priyanka changed d subject immediately and asked,”Bhabhi meine suna haai aap bahut achcha khaana banaati hai Naintara bhabhi mujhse jab bhi chat karti thi tab mujhe bataati…!!!!Kya aap mujhe banaayenge kuch khaana???”Naintara said immediately before Geet would agree,”Priya Geet ko doctor ne rest lene ke liye kaha hai…aur aap khaana banaavaana chaahthi hai unse…!!!”

Priyanka wacked her head and said,”Am so sorry bhabhi…!!”but said chirpily,”Lekin kaise banaana hai aap instruction toh de sakthi hona????”Geet nodded cutely but Naintara said cutting across her,”Bilkul bhi nahin Geet aap apne kamre mein jaake rest leejiye…hum banaalenge khaana aur waise bhi humaare saath Rajji haina…!!!!”

On that time Vansh came towards Rajeev with its baby steps and held his leg.Rajeev saw downwards as he was tugged and saw little Vansh there.Vansh cutely licked its tiny fingers and gave a two molar teethed grin.Rajeev smiled at it and was abt to lift it in his arms but Maan came there and lifted it and said in baby tone to Vansh,”Vansh beta…aapko bahut bhook lagi hai aapko dood nahin peena…???”

Vansh licked its fingers once again and saw towards Naintara eyeing her breast.Naintara lifted him fm Maan’s arms and said to Priyanka and Rajji dat she’ll feed him and make him sleep and will join u.Rajeev dipped his head with guilt seeing Maan’s possessiveness.Maan glared at Rajeev and whispered rudely,”U follow me to my study…!!!”

Geet sensed that something is wrong between dem dat Maan is behaving with Rajeev rudely.Maan took him to their study and closed d door and shouted at him hoarsely,”Tum yahan kyun aaye ho????”Rajeev shivered seeing his anger and said meekly,”Mein Geet se maafi maangne ke liye aaya hoon…!!!!”

Maan said angrily & possessively,”Mrs.khurana bolo…Geet nahin…woh sirf apno ke liye Geet hai lekin gair ke liye woh Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana hai…!!!”Rajeev saw d possessiveness towering on Maan and said with guilt,”Maan please am sorry mein sirf apne business ke baare mein soch raha tha yeh soch raha tha ki mein yahan kaise apna company ki neev mazboot karoon…!!!!”

Maan turned dat side with anger and then Rajeev continued,”…Isiliye mein woh raasta chun liya…mujhe maaf kardo meri wajaise Geet ki mera matlab hai Mrs.Khurana ki jaan khatre me aagayi…uske liye mein apne aapko kabhi maaf nahin karsaktha…lekin mein sirf yeh chaahtha hoon ki merging ka kaam mat roko…kyunki agar tum rok liya toh mujh depend huve har ek employee raaste par aajaayenge…meri galathi ki sazaa unhe kyun de rahe ho…!!!Please merging mat roko…!!!!!”

Geet heard all this who stood near d doorway and was shocked.Maan opened d door to make him to get out of d house and saw Geet who stood on d doorway and froze to death.Geet stood there like a stone and Maan kept his hand on her shoulder for which she fell on him.

Maan was panic seeing Geet like dat and Rajeev saw Geet and was shocked.Maan cupped her face and shouted,”Jaan mujhse baat karo…mujhse baat karo jaan…Geet…mishty…!!!!”Maan lifted her and made her lie on d bed while she had closed her eyes instantly when she fell on Maan.

Maan shouted hoarsely with panic,”Rajji…Rajji…!!!”Rajji was shocked hearing Maan’s voice and ran towards his room.Naintara & Priyanka also followed her immediately.Rajji ran inside their room and asked with panic,”Kya huva jiji aap aisa kyun chilla rahe ho????”Maan said with panic,”Rajji..Geet behosh ho gayi bhai..jaldi se dekho…!!!”

Rajji said with panic,”Phirse…!!!”Then she ordered Nakul to bring her medicine kit.Rajji checked her pulse while Rajeev stood there numb with shock.Priyanka went and stood beside him and pressed his shoulder.Rajeev saw her and hugged him immediately & tightly & started crying seeing Geet’s state.

Rajeev said crying,”Meine kuch nahin kiya Priya…!!!”Naintara asked seeing Rajeev broking down,”Yeh sab kya hai Maan veerji aur Rajeev aise kyun ro rahe hai…!!!”Maan told everything coming outside d room and Naintara was so angry.Naintara held his collar and said angrily,”Aap apne busniess ke liye Geet ki aur unke bachchon ki jaan jhokar mein daaldi…aap itne nirdayi ho gaye ki ek pregnant lady ki jaan khatre mein daaldiya…ek baar bhi nahin socha ki aap unke saath saath unke bachchon ki jaan bhi khatre mein daal rahe hai?????”

Rajji gave some injections and Nakul went to have some more medicines and gave d regular medicines and Geet took it cutely.Geet opened her eyes slowly den Rajji breathed calmly.Raji asked,”Dee..ab kaisa lag raha hai dee meine kaha tha na aap kissi baat ko itni stress mat leejiye…apne mind ko free banaayaiye…aap meri nahin sunthi…!!!!”

Geet said,”Mujhe Rajeev se milna hai…!!!!”Rajji nodded and said coming outside,”Jeeju dee ko hosh aagayi hai…aap unhe dekh sakthe hai..aur dee ne aapko bulaaya hai veerji…!!!”Seeing towards Rajeev.Maan went inside and Rajeev walked and stood near d doorway dipping his head with guilt.

Geet tried to sit but Maan said bossily,”Lete raho…!!!!!”Geet made cute pouting face but said to Rajeev,”Aap wahan kyun khade hai veerji yahan aakar mere bagal mein baithiye na…!!!!!”Maan didn’t say anything as he was so shaken dat he have to kisse her all over d face.Rajeev saw towards Maan but silently came and sat beside her.

Rajeev asked,”Ab aap kaisi hai????”Geet said smiling,”mein theek hoon…Maan aap Rajeev veerji ko maaf kyun nahin kardethe…ek baar sochiye us waqt ki baath hai jab woh heavy load waali trolley mere upar gir jaati toh mein babaji ke paas chali jaati na…!!!”Maan said with pain closing her mouth,”Geet…!!!”

Geet said smiling taking his hand fm her lips,”Agar us waqt yeh mujhe nahin bachccte toh mein aaj pata nahin mere saath kya ho jaata..aap yeh kyun nahin sochte ki unhe ek aur mauka dena chaahiye…Maan inke wajaise aap inke workers ko kyun sazaa de rahe hai…merging mat rokiye…pls…!!!”

Maan thot,”Geet sahi keh rahi hai agar us waqt Rajeev Geet ko nahin bachaate pata nahin Get ke saath kya ho jaata…shaayad isse ek aur mauka dena chaahiye…!!!”Geet said,”Maan aap sun rahe haina…!!!”Maan said,”Hmmm…!!!!”Geet asked,”To aap unhe maaf kiya haina????”Maan said,”Hmmm…!!!!”Geet was happy and so Rajeev & Priyanka too.

Naintara didn’t like d fact but she also understood Geet’s logic and forgave Rajeev.Maan dialled to Adi & told everything which went on in KM and said not to stop merging with Khandelwal’s consctructions.Rajeev was happy dat Geet forgave her and he offered her to work with her.But becoz of her health issues she couldn’t but Rajeev offered her to work in the home only.

Rajeev loved Geet’s company and always protective to her.He felt a home whenever she called him veerji.Priyanka noticed d change in Rajeev as he no longer stayed as rude businessmen.Rajeev also spent so much time with his family with Priyanka and Priyanka was so happy.

Precap-Geet’s godbharayi and cute moments of her sixth month scanning of baby with maaneet’s moments…


Geet was enjoying herself working with new project with Rajeev.Time went by then Rajeev loved Geet as his sister.He loved to hear d word fm Geet as veerji becoz he didn’t had any sister for real and he was d lone person in dis whole world.He was a cassanova before Priyanka came into his life.

He had some improvement when Priyanka came into his life but it was turned to perfect when Geet came into his life.Priyanka loved Geet very much off all her bhabhi.Becoz Geet was chirpy,bubbly & non-stop chatter box but most importantly she was tolerated by Rajeev.

He never became angry on her thought it was her mood swings he always had time for Geet & Priyanka.Rajeev has become more naughty these days with Priyanka which she liked this side so much.Rajeev had closed this side to everyone and showed his furious pretence in front of d world as a ruthless businessman but in these days he had become more naughtier thank Maan.

Well no one can’t compete with MSK as he’s d special piece in dis whole world but Rajeev is side tracking him.Geet was happy seeing her family is so happy which was a positive sign to her.She wanted dat when her babies come into dis whole world then her family welcome dem with broad smile and now another two r added to her family and they’re Rajeev & Arjun.

Arjun was a famous surgeon of d whole world but he had secret liking to Annie who was cute bubbly & chirpy just like her bhabhi Geet.But d hardcore stubborn just like her bhai Maan.But still Arjun liked her cute side so much and was tolerating her so much.Annie was as usual acting like a kid and took warnings fm her big bro dat she’s grown up and act more like a grown ups but Annie was Annie.

She would hide inisde her bhabhi’s aanchal whenever she saw d angry filled eyes of her big bro Maan.Geet would glare at him for troubling her nanad dat Maan would retreat back becoz of her anger.Now Geet’s pregnancy had reached 6th month and her mood swings was swinging just like d swings.

One day Maan came back totally tired fm d office expecting stomachful of food and comforting pillow for him and saw most adorable scene which made his M shaped lips curve into cute killer smile.Geet was sitting on d sofa dozing off holding her raised stomach leaning to d sofa cutely.

Maan sat beside her and saw her angelic face which was cutely frowning becoz of d wrong posture in which she was struggling to got to sleep till Maan comes for dinner.Maan came above her and saw those baby pink luscious lips which were pouting cutely.Geet mumbled in her sleep which Maan listened keeping his ears near to her lush lips.

Geet was cursing Maan underbreath,”Yeh Maan bhi na..bahut late aa rahe hai aaj kal…unhe meri koi parvah hai hi nahin…sirf kaam kaam kaam…dekha baby aap dono ki bhi parvaah nahin hai aapke papa ko…!!!”Geet was moving her hands on her stomach cutely and mumbled in her sleep frowning cutely.Maan chuckled seeing his innocent wifey who was cutely mumbling & pouting her lips twisting it.

Maan came forward and licked her lips slowly and she felt a current run down her spine.Geet was awake feeling a tongue licking her lips and thought dat someone trying to misbehave with her.Geet punched him still closing her eyes and she heard a scream of her name,”Geettt…!!!”

eet opened her almond eyes hearing d familiar voice and said with panic,”Aap…aap kab aaye aur am sorry meine aapko punch kiay na…bahut dard ho raha hai…am sorry…!!!!”Maan made a paining face and Geet came forward and held his chest where he was clutching and making painful face.Geet asked blowing d air,”Yahan lagi kya????”

Maan nodded no to her then Geet asked cutely,”Toh kahan lagi..yahan par…???”She asked showing towards his stomach…Maan nodded no…then She asked showing his chest that did he got pain on his chest.But Maan showed towards his lips for which Geet blushed cutely seeing his naughtiness.


Maan kept circled his hands around her waist moving his hands inside her kurti and pulled inside his hard frame.Geet moaned his name and blushed furiously.Maan took her lips immediately and kissed her passionately.Geet’s hands went around his neck and pulled him inside her embrace.

They broke apart to grab some air then Maan’s stomach growled loudly.Geet heard it and said angrily,”Dekha babaji kitna bhook lag rahi hai inhe phir bhi yeh shaant baithe hai…!!!”Maan smiled at her cute complaint and was abt to say something but Geet stopped keeping her index finger on his M shaped lips & said,”Chaliye..moo haath dhokaar aajaayiye…tab tak mein khaana garam karti hoon…!!!”

Maan kissed her finger softly and sucked it lovingly which made Geet take back her finger fm his lips and blush furiously.Maan asked sternly,”Tumne khaana khaaya???”Geet made a cute puppy face and complained,”Nahin khaati toh aapke bachche mujhe chodenge kya aise???Mere pet ko kick kick karke mumma ko pareshan kardenge…zid mein yeh dono aap pe gaye hai…!!!”

Geet cutely moved its hands on her raised belly while Maan chuckled seeing hearing her complaints.Geet made a angry face and asked,”Aap has rahe ho????”And she turned her face cutely showing her nose high up.Maan hugged her fm d back and kissed her shoulder softly for she shuddered feeling his warm lips and said,”Geet abhi mujhe bhook lagi hai aur agar tum aise hi moo banaavoge den am gonna eat u alive now only…!!!”

Geet blushed furiously hearing his set of words but said slowly,”Aap fresh hoke aayiye mein tab tak khaana garam karti hoon…!!!”Maan was abt to argue dat not to do d work then Geet gave an angry glare dat he have to retreat back.Maan made a cute pouting face and went to his room to freshen up.Maan came back to d dining hall and smelt his fav dish and his stomach grumbled once again.

Maan was so tired & hungry dat he attacked his food when Geet served him.Geet sat there saw her husband who was stuffing d food inside his mouth in top speed.Maan started coughing den Geet worriedly wacked his head slowly and gave d glass of water to him.Geet glared at him and asked,”Aap apni bhook kaise jhelte ho…pata nahin kaise aapne kaam kiya wahan par aise bhook mein…!!!”

Maan accidentally chewed d chilies dat he started coughing immediately and hiccups started to come.Geet was worried and gave another glass of water dat he drained inside his mouth and asked for more.But the jug was emptied by Maan only when he drained all d water inside his mouth.Geet got up with panic and said,”Maan mein paani ander se leke aati hoon…!!!”

Geet moved fm there so fast dat she was abt to trip and fell down d ground but was saved by MSK who held her waist tightly and possessively.Geet was so panic dat she hugged him immediately while Maan stroked her hairs in comforting way.Maan took her lips immediately and kissed it passionately giving her solace and courage dat nothing happened to her.

Geet cried immediately burying her head inside his chest and Maan said slowly,”Mishty…kuch nahin huva hai…don’t worry jab tak MSK zinda hai tumhe aur humaare bachchon ko kuch nahin hoga…!!!”Geet nodded cutely and walked slowly and brought d water jug to him and poured down d water.Maan said that he don’t want d water anymore now but will drink it at d end of his dinner.

Geet asked cutely,”Abhi toh aapko khaasi aa rahi thi mirchi ke wajaise ab kya huva???”Maan chuckled and said shamelessly,”When i kissed ur lips shona den d chilli taste went and was replaced by ur essence and sweetness…!!!!”Geet blushed furiously and said wacking his arms softly,”Maan…!!!”

Maan finished his dinner and said shamelessly,”Geet..now i hadn’t got d sweet fm u…I want a beautiful sweet now…!!!”Geet said making fussing face,”Meetha…o hello aap kabhi bhi meetha nahin khaate…aap toh woh gandi sadi huvi kaali black coffee peete ho aur woh bhi pheeki waali…!!!”Maan lifted her in his strong arms and said giving lovely stare,”Mein woh MSK nahin hoon jo kadvi peeta hai mein woh MSK jo apni meethi ki aadat ho gayi hai…and i want d sweet now only…!!!”

Maan came inside their room and lied Geet gently on d bed and came beside her and took her lips immediately.Maan nibbled her lower lips and licked her upper lip while he took off her dress immediately and squeezed her curves softly.Geet moaned between d kisses and encircled her hands around his neck.

Maan kissed her lips till she whimpered for breath and broke apart to grab some air.Maan was in half naked state dat he place Geet’s whole body on him hugging her tightly without giving d pressure on her stomach & made her to sleep peacefully.Geet kissed his chest and slept on his chest cutely.

Maan kept his hand on her raised tummy after she dozed off to d sleep and felt d movement of his babies.Maan’s lips curved into killer smile and asked,”Aap dono jaante ho ki mein aau aapki mumma dono aapko is duniya mein aane ki intezaar mein hai…love you babies…aapka papa aur mummy aapke aane ka intezaar kar rahe hai…!!!”



Maan also slept inside Geet’s embrace peacefully.But his sleep was never d continuous he was awake becoz Geet was poking her finger to his chest painfully.Maan opened his eyes wide and saw Geet who saw him eagerly.Maan yawned and asked,”Geet..so jao…tum jaag kyun rahi ho???”Geet said cutely,”Kyunki aapke bachche mujhe neend karne nahin de rahe hai…Maan mujhe bhook lagi hai…!!!”

Maan rolled his eyes as it was her mood swings & asked,”Kya khaane ka man kar raha hai????”Geet’s almond eyes was widened with excitement and said,”Mujhe woh gol gol…aloo tikki khaane ka man kar raha hai..woh road side pe hoti haina…woh aloo tikki khaane ka man kar raha hai…!!”Maan got up immediately with shock,”Geet…road side aloo tikki…Geet is haalat mein tumhe unhygienic food nahin khaani chaahiye…!!!”

Geet excitement faded and she made cute grumpy face and said,”Aap mujhse pyaar nahin karte haina isiliye aisa bol rahe hai…mujhe abhi ke abhi aloo tikki khaani hai..aur yeh meri khaawaish nahin aapke bachchon ki hai…unhe abhi ke abhi aloo tikki khaani hai…!!!”She made a cute puppy face while Maan melted seeing her puppy face.

Maan said,”Chalo kitchen chalte hai bataavo kaise banaani hai mein tumhe banaakar detha hoon…!!!”Geet said stubbornly,”Nahin mujhe woh road side waali aloo tikki hi pasand hai…mujhe wahi khaani hai…!!!”Maan said tyrying to convince her,”Zid mat karo mishty…ab is aadi raat mein mein kaise laavoon road side ki all ki tikki…???”Geet made angry face and turned dat side cutely showing her back to him.

Maan was once again falling for her seeing her cuteness but resisted and phoned up Adi.Adi who was dozing off inside Pinky’s embrace got up immediately hearing his cell buzz.Adi said meekly answering d phone,”Hello…!!!”Maan shouted angrily,”Kahan mar gaye the tum???”Adi was alarmed hearing his boss’s anger voice dat he asked apprehensively,”Maan…kya huva????”

Geet glared at him fm this side dat he was shouted at her veerji which Maan composed himself and said politely,”Mera matlab hai ki kahan gaye the tum…phone uthaane mein itni deri kyun???”Adi said meekly,”Maan mein toh so raha tha chal chod kya baat hai tum phone kyun kiya???”Maan said sternly,”Mujhe aloo tikki ki stall chaahiye woh is samay mein open hoti haina…!!!”

Adi saw d time and said meekly,”Maan..is samay mein tumhe aloo tikki kyun chaahiye aur woh bhi road side waali..tum toh usse khaana hi nahin kehte ho toh phir ussi ko kyun maan ga rahe ho???”Maan said angrily,”Mujhe nahin Geet ko chaahiye..tumhaare choti rat lagaa kar baithi hai ki usse road side ki aloo tikki hi khaani hai…!!!”

Adi smiled immediately and thot,”Waah…MSK ko itna patience…achcha hai…!!”Then said immediately,”Maan..is aadhi raat me mein kahan se laavoon aloo tikki ki dukaan…choti ko dedo mein baat karta hoon…!!”Maan switched on d loudspeaker and said,”Ab baat karo…!!!”Adi said,”Choti…is waqt mein kahan se dhoondoon tumhaare aloo tikki ki dukaan ko isiliye subah hone do…subah mein sab kuch mil jaayega…!!!”

Geet gave an angry glare to d phone as if it was Adi and said,”Mujhe abhi ke abhi chaahiye veerji…mujhe aloo tikki khaani hai veerji…mujhe aaj pata chal gaya ki aap dono mujhse pyaar nahin karte…isiliye har baar sab ke liye mana karte ho…!!!”Geet’s eyes welled up and tears threatened to come fm her almond eyes.

Adi was abt to convince her but Geet shouted to d phone which made Adi to held his phone at an arms length,”Mujhe abhi ke abhi aloo tikki chaahiye nahin toh mein aap dono se katti hoon…!!!”And she turned dat side and started crying hoarsely.Maan banged his head hearing her sobs and said angrily,”Woh ro rahi hai yaar ab kya kare…!!!”

Adi also heard her sobs and banged his head with guilt while someone giggled fm behind & it was Pinky.Adi glared at her and asked,”Yahan choti ro rahi hai aur tumhe mazaak sooj raha hai…!!!”Pinky smiled at d two men who was trying to console her but Geet cried even more hoarsely and when she was tired crying den she slept cutely cuddling inside Maan’s embrace.

Maan chuckled seeing her love when she was in sleep.Maan kissed her forehead and got up immediately when sun dawned on his face.Geet got up and her head was paining due to continuous crying and she had a shower and felt peace as d pain became less.Geet was still angry on Maan for not fulfilling her khwaish and decided not to talk to him all d time.

Geet came downstairs to have d breakfast as she was so tired becoz of crying and her stomach grumbled and her two babies kicked her stomach cutely.Geet saw some commotion in d courtyard and went to see dat and was stunned to see d scene.Numerous chat stalls stood in front of her who were preparing themselves for d chats.

Dadimaa & Naintara lingered ordering d chats for dem while Geet stood mesmerised seeing d scene.Then she realised dat her stubborness made dem to come here and searched for Maan immediately.Maan stood near d pillar talking with Dev & Adi who was telling dat d stall owners were d one who got job fm him when dey were shunted out fm d society becoz of their helplessness for not earning d money.

Maan felt Geet’s presence and said to Adi & Dev dat take care of his work.Maan turned and saw Geet who had tears on her face.Maan said painfully,”Geet…!!!”Geet came forward and hugged him tightly and sobbed on his chest hoarsely,”Am sorry..meine aapse bahut buri tarah se baat ki…please mujhe maaf kardeejiye…!!!”Maan smiled at his wifey who can’t tolerate his slight pain also just like him.

Maan kised her forehead and her almond eyes.He kissed away those tears and took her lips and kissed her softly.Then Maan said between those kisses,”Jaan…am sorry mein tumhe us waqt samajh hi nahin saka…yeh sab tumhaari nahin baby ki mood swings thi aur meine tumhe rulaadiya…am sorry mishty…!!!”But Geet kept her palm on his M shaped lips and said,”Sorry toh mujhe kehni chaahiye..jo meine aapke saath buri tarah se pesh aayi…phir bhbi aap mujhse naraaz nahin huve…!!!”

But Geet would continue further Maan took her lips and kissed her passionately.Geet responded him back with equal passion and both kissed each other and broke apart to grab some air.Geet blushed furiously with his love and Maan lifted her in his strong arms and said,”Ab aloo tikki khaane chale????”Geet nodded cutely while Maan took her towards d chat’s stall.

Maaneet enjoyed d aloo tikki and their love became even more high with each other.Dadimaa was so happy seeing her family so happy as everyone enjoyed d chats each other.Dev was busy having masala puri while Naintara was busy having paani puri and Vicky & Rajji was busy feeding each other d gol gappa..her always fav.And Maan fed Geet d aloo tikki giving her lovely but naughty stared and saw towards her lush lips hungrily.

Geet blushed seeing his lovely stare and she buried her head inside his chest punching softly on his chest.Rajeev saw d scene where he stared at Maan lovingly as he saw his sister Geet cutely blushing with her husband.

Priyanka was happy seeing her husband as he was lost seeing Maaneet lovingly.Dadimaa saw her family once again which was laughing and chatting happily with their favourites chats that she prayed to babaji dat not to take away d happiness fm d family and Geet also.



After enjoying d chat Maaneet came inside as all d chats stall went fm KM.Geet got slight pain in her stomach and she held it and screamed for pain.Maan was alarmed and asked with fear,”Jaan kya huva???”Geet couldn’t tolerate pain and she was weak in her knees and was abt to fell but Maan caught her.

Maan lifted her in his strong arms and shouted in panic,”Dev gaadi nikaalo…!!!”Rajeev was panic and he stood making d car ready immediately.He was also alarmed seeing Geet’s state.Maan saw Rajeev opening d door of his car while he saw with shock.Then he made her sleep in d back seat and made her head rest on his lap beside her.

Rajeev drove d car madly to d hospital while Maan was so panic as she has fainted.Rajeev reached d hospital and ran to bring d stretcher while Maan carried her in his arms shouting doctor panic stricken.Doctor came & saw Geet’s condition and made her to sleep over stretcher and dragged her inside d check up room.

Rajeev & Maan sat there with fear while Maan’s family came back in other cars.Rajji asked to Maan,”Jiju..doctor ne kya kaha???”On dat time doctor came back to meet Maan and said Geet’s condition.Doctor said,”Mr.Khurana woh babies bahut jald turn kar diya hai apne position se toh isiliye Mrs.Khurana ko dard huva hai…aap aisa keejiye..aap Mrs.Khurana ko yahi admit kardeejiye…delivery tak..i hv to monitor d movements of d babies and mother’s condition…!!!”

Rajji was shocked dat yesterday only it was in d horizontal position but how can it turn over so soon.Geet was sleeping peacefully in d ward as she was in sedatives.Maan couldn’t bear dis pain which was giving her becoz of d babies.But Geet was sweetly bearing dis pain as she was carrying d two babies.

Maan came and sat beside her holding her hand gently.A tear drop fm his eyes and fell on her hand which made her move.Geet slowly opened her almond eyes and saw Maan almost breaking due to her condition.Every second she was suffering becoz of d baby.

Maan gave a panic luk and kissed her eyes.Geet whispered seeing his tears,”Maan…!!!”Geet wiped his tears and asked,”Doctor ne kya kaha…kya mein ghar jaa sakthi hon???”Maan nodded no and answered,”Delivery tak tum yahan hospital mein hi rahoge…meine sabko ghar bhej diya hai mein yahi par rahoonga…jab tak tum babies ko delivery nahin karlethi…ab toh ye MSK,KM apne family ka saath hi enter karega…!!!”

Geet was abt to argue but Maan closed her mouth and said,”No more arguments…!!!”Geet frowned cutely while Maan bent down & took her lips.Geet’s anger vanished into thin air when she felt d fear in his kiss for her which made her respond back.They broke apart to grab some air then Maan kept his head on her chest and hugged her stomach gently.

Geet moved her fingers inside his hairs lovingly dat he slept off immediately.Next morning Maan got up and saw his sleeping position and chuckled as she was frowning becoz of d wrong posture becoz of him.Maan made her sleep in right posture and stroked her head lovingly.

Geet slept cutely snuggling to his action with cute smile curving on her baby pink luscious lips.On dat time darji entered worriedly and saw her grand daughter fast asleep cutely inside her husband’s embrace.Darji smiled at Maan while Maan asked,”Aap yahan???”Maan came towards him and touched his feet.Darji blessed with whole heart and asked abt Geet’s health.

Mohinder & Rano entered and saw their daughter fast asleep.Maan bent down and touched deir feet and told her condition.Rano was a bit worried seeing Geet like dat but Maan assured her dat she’ll be ok with him.Darji told d news of performing godbharayi ceremony to Geet which can wash out d evil eyes which is glaring on her now.

Maan approved to dis as she was craving for a baby shower in her 5th month only.Rano stroked her hair then Geet opened her eyes and saw her mother.Geet was happy to see her mother and hugged her tightly.Rano was so happy and she engulfed her inside her warmth.

Geet talked abt Tito and Brij veerji and Dolly bhabhi with her mother.Darji has talked with her and hugged her and went and sat outside waiting for dem.Maan was busy talking abt Geet’s treatment with doctor so he was in doc’s cabin.A nurse came & tol Geet to wear d dress for songraphy.

Rano helped her wearing d dress and d nurse took Geet for scanning.Maan was already present in d sonographic chamber as it was rules dat husband has to be present with d would-be mothers.Geet came slowly holding her stomach while Maan held her hand gently to help her not to stumble due to weight.

Maan kissed her forehead and asked,”Kaisi ho jaan???”Geet smiled and said sweetly,”Mein theek hoon Maan…!!!”Maan made her to lie down on d bed and lifted her dress.Doctor came with d machine and kept it on Geet’s raising stomach.Doctor said to Maaneet,”Wahan screen par dekhiye…!!!”

The screen showed a black background in which dey didn’t understand but one flash made dem see d screen in awe.Geet was so happy to see two tiny balls moving its legs and hands cutely.Maan’s eyes welled up and tears poured down fm his eyes seeing d two innocent babies still developing in their mother’s womb.

Geet was so happy to see but was wondering as yesterday only babies r in horizontal position but it has came into vertical position.The baby girl was in d left side and baby boy was in right side.Doctor was called by nurse for some work and she left d test halfway leaving d two couples to adore their love’s presentation which were breathing peacefully inside Geet’s womb.

Geet saw d tears on his face and she wiped it gently and said half-smiling and half-crying,”Thank u Maan…itne khoobsoorat tohfa dene ke liye…!!!”Maan said smiling behind d tears,”Geet..thanks to mujhe kehni chaahiye…kyunki itne khoobsoorat tohfa toh tumne mujhe diya hai…!!!!!”Geet kissed his hands and saw towards d screen caressing his hand on her cheeks.

Geet saw d two babies once again adn said,”Yeh dono aapke parchaai honge jo apne mumma ko aur papa ka dono ka khayaal rakhenge…!!!”Maan nodded yes to her remark and saw once again towards d screen lovingly.Geet was still crying seeing d two babies and Maan wiped it and took her lips immediately.

Geet responded him back and both broke apart immediately hearing d footsteps.Doctor came and said,”Mr.Khurana ab bachchon ki condition stable hai lekin hum risk nahin le sakte isiliye mein chaahthi hoon ki Mrs.Khurana hospital mein hi rahe…!!”Maan nodded yes to her but asked,”Doctor hum Geet ko god bharayi ke rasam ke liye ghar le jaa sakte hai…!!”Doctor nodded and said,”Of course Mr.Khurana…lekin pls function ke baad waapis yahi par aajaayiyge…!!!”Maan said nodding,”Sure doc…!!!”



Maan took Geet to KM and made her to rest in her room as doc had told her complete bed rest.Geet pouted cutely as she was not given any work.She wasn’t even left to talk with others also as Maan gave angry glare to them to make them being alarmed.Geet pouted cutely seeing her possessive husband.

After one hour of her arrival to the KM Geet pouted cutely and moaned his name angrily as she was in the strong arms of MSK who was taking her to the room back to take some rest.Geet was bored sitting between the walls which made her to come down to talk with them which got an angry glare from d great Maan Singh KhuranaLOL

Geet pouted cutely,”Maan..aap bahut hi berehem ho…mujhe us chaar diwaaro ke beech mein nahin rehni…aur waise bhi aap kab hote hai mere saath..aap toh outhouse chale jaate hai…mein kya karoon room me…dekhiye..mein kaam nahin karoongi sirf dee aur Rajji ke saath baithkar baat karoongi…!!!!!”

Maan didn’t say anything and carried her silently to the room and placed her on the bed gently.Geet was hell irritated seeing his possessiveness dat she shouted angrily,”Maan..aap meri baat nahin sunenge na…jaayiye mein aapse baat nahin karoongi…!!!!!”Maan chuckled seeing her cute grumpy face as he knew dat his jaan won’t stop talking with him.

Geet got angry seeing his chuckle and turned dat side cutely but angrily.Maan admired her face as her face has become red due to anger and her nose was pink due to anger.He has d urge to bite that nose but resisted as she was in her sherni avatar and was afraid dat she’s gonna show her martial arts skill here.

Maan was going for Geet was baffled and now she was super-irritated and so much angry dat she pulled him to the bed.Maan fell beside her and Geet sat on his stomach immediately and angrily showing angry almond eyes.Maan was baffled seeing her sudden action and saw her with fear but she came near hia neck and blew d air softly.

Maan felt a current run down his spine feeling her warm breath which tickled down teasing him to have her on dat time.Maan resisted his urges but our sherni Geet wasn’t in d mood to give up so easily.Geet started taking his tie slowly and Maan was shocked and asked,”Geet..yeh tum kya kar rahi ho????”

Geet said keeping her soft index finger on his rough M shaped lips,”Shhh…!!!!!”Then she made him sleep on d bed as he was half lying on d bed.Geet whispered huskily coming near his lips but going towards his ears,”Mr.Khurana..aapko mujhe tang karne ka bahut shock haina…aaj mein tumhe tang kar rahi hoon dekthe hai ki Mr.MSK ki devil jaagti hai ya nahin…!!!!”

Maan was hell shocked hearing her words and now he was worried for her as he knew he’s gonna resist her presence also.Becoz always Geet would melt in his arms and dis time MSK’s turn and she wanted to see her is he gonna melt or not.Ofcourse becoz we’re talking abt Geet Handa here as she had every power to melt d stubborn MSK.

Maan said slowly as Geet started opening his shirt’s button,”Geet…abhi iska samay nahin hai jaan tumhe araam karna chaahiye…!!!!”Geet said huskily for which his mouth went dry,”Araam hi toh kar rahi hoon…aapki baahon mein…!!!!”Geet came slowly and near his M shaped lips and was abt to kiss him but she kissed his forehead.

Maan said angrily groaning,”Jaan..iski sazaa bahut badi hogi…mujhe aise tempt mat karo jaan…!!!!”Geet giggled making him even more getting aroused while her hands went inside his shirt and moved on his chiseled chest while Maan groaned and held her hand and said pleading thinking it can hurt her,”Jaan..aaj doc ne kaha hai tumhe rest karne ke liye…pls mujhe office mein bahut saara kaam hai…chodo mujhe…!!!!!”

Geet said huskily,”Mujhe peet dikhaakar bhaag rahe hai aap…!!!!”Maan glared at her hearing her set of words as she had touched d perfect nerve.Maan held her wrist immediately and made her sleep underneath him and smirked mischievously.Geet was baffled seeing d turn of events..she thot she’s gonna seduce MSK..par yahan toh ulta hi padgaya paasa…!!!!”

Maan’s hand entered inside her kurti and squeezed her waist gently which made her moan loudly.His pleasure towered and he took her lips immediately.Geet moaned in between d kisses as he biting her lips harshly and his hands went to her curves and squeezing it harshly.Maan made her sleep on d back correctly and ripped off her kurti with urgency still not leaving her supple lips.

He nibbled her lower lip and entered her mouth and swallowed her mouth inside his mouth and devoured her lips sucking it and tasting her sweet mouth.Then Maan took off her bottom and inners and very soon she was sleeping fully naked and he entered inside her slowly and Geet moaned loudly for his sudden thrust.

Maan felt she was so warm and kissed her raised tummy as his bit and her bit was breathing peacefully.After continuous round of love making which made Geet felt exhausted he left her and she peacefully slept on his rock chest feeling contented and a small calm smile on her face.

Maan chuckled at her face and kissed her forehead while she opened her eyes cutely rubbing it and she blushed seeing his intense gaze.Maan adored her blush and softly bit her cheeks giving teasing smile and look.Geet moaned back,”Maan..aap humesha se hi tang karte ho aise…!!!”

But he dint let complete her sentence and said,”Aur tum humesha se hi mujhe procoke karti ho…!!!!!”Geet blushed furiously but said making cute grumpy face,”Mein toh aapse badla lena chaahthi thi aap humesha se aise possessive hote hai mujhe theek se baat bhi nahin karne dete dee se ya Rajji se…!!!!”Maan said giving teasingly smile,”Aur isiliye mujhe tang kardiya…waise isse mujhe bahut faayda huva…phirse tumhaare kareeb aane ka mauka mila…i wanted to taste those pink lips which was teasing me always giving a teasing smile but now am devouring it…!!!!!!

Geet made a big O mouth and saw Maan but Maan said smiling,”Dekha tum phirse open invitation de rahi ho…!!!”Geet closed her mouth and glared at him cutely for which Maan chuckled seeing her cute anger.Maan got up and spread d sheet over her and said,”So jao jaan waise ab toh tumhe rest lena hi padega as u r so tired…!!!!”Wink

Geet’s cheeks turned red once again and she blushed furiously.Maan kissed those red cheeks and wore his office attire while she saw him wearing d office attire.Maan got a phone call fm his mobile as he was doing d 2 work in unsion.Tying d tie to his shirt and talking with Adi in d mobile.

Geet got up wrapping herself in d sheet and came towards him and held his tie gesturing dat she’ll tie it.Maan left it and she tied d tie and he closed d gap encircling his hands around her waist.Maan ended his convo with Adi and saw Geet who was tying his tie with concentration.His hand roamed on her body over d sheet while Geet moaned his name.

Maan took her lips and gave a tight smooch and left her breathing heavily.Maan said kissing her forehead,”So jao jaan..doctor ne tumhe complete bed rest karne ko kaha hai…!!!!”Geet made a cute puppy face but nodded to him cutely.Geet wore her dress and lied on d bed as Maan made her lie on d bed gently.Geet closed her eyes and slept peacefully while Maan left of rd office straightening himself in d mirror wiping d lipstick marks off his face and cheeks.

Next morning Geet got up and got ready for d god bharayi wearing beautiful red color sari with slight make up.Geet wore sindhoor and mangalsutra prominently and came downstairs with Maan slowly holding him and he made her walk holding her hand gently.Geet was made sit comfortably on d soft chair and a band of musicians started playing d music.

Geet asked slowly to her dadi,”Dadimaa yeh sangeet kisliye????”Dadimaa said stroking her hairs,”Bete..yeh sangeet bachche ke liye..taaki unhe bhi sangeet ka sanskaar aajaaye…bete humaare poorvajon ne toh yahi banaaya tha rules..ki jo maa ke ander palne waala bachche ko achchi sanskaar dena hai toh pehle unhe sangeet sikhaani hai…tab jaake kuch sankaar aayegi bachchon par…isse dhaayn se suno bete…yeh bachche ke liye hoga…aisa smajhiye…yeh bachchon keliye sanskaar ke tonic de rahe hai aur bhi pehla…!!!!”

After d music dey made her sit on d another chair where so any things were kept in front of her.The things were her favourites eatables,fruits,some chats and even her gol gape which she fidgeted it seeing it.Dadimaa was happy seeing her khwaish and gave d full plate as she relished it cutely with wide excited eyes.

After dat d suhaagans came and blessed her and dey whispered in her ear adn she giggled cutely.Maan was admiring her cute giggle she was luking adorable today and her red cheeks with blush and giggle adding her beauty.Rajeev came and blessed her and Priyanka was happy as her face glowed.

Geet asked seeing her glowing face,”Kya baat hai Priya aaj toh tumhaara chehra chamak rahi hai…!!!!”Priyanka couldn’t stop herself and she hared d news whispering it inside Geet’s ears.Geet was so happy dat she stuffed a besan ladoo inside her mouth and kissed her forehead.Priyanka gave d present for her and went towards a kitchen to help Naintara,Rajji and Rano.

D godbharayi ended successfully and Maaneet felt peace as all d guest went fm d KM.Rano stayed back in KM for Geet for some days as Geet insisted she needs her and Maan also stopped her.Handas went back leaving Rano in KM blessing Geet for safe delivery and Maan went back to d hospital as doct had told him to come back to d hospital.

Precap-Geet having labor pains and Maan is worried like hell and couldn’t tolerate entered d labor ward immediately to see her.LOLHayee yahan bhi Geet ko akela nahin chod sakta…LOL

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Next morning Maan decided after the sun city project fiasco that he have to spend more time with his family & decided to go for the picnic with his family & friends in Ghaziabad farm house.Maan dialled to Geet to talk to her but she didn’t took the phone.Maan was worried & he dialled to Dadimaa.

Dadimaa took the phone,”Hello…!!!!!!”Maan asked worriedly,”Dadimaa,Geet phone kyun nahin utha rahi hai…????”Dadimaa told,”Arrey Maan bete…aisa kyun pooch rahe hai…Geet aapke saath mein nahin hai????”Maan was puzzled but daimaa said,”Arrey bete…aaj unka check up hai…aur meine socha ki aap unke saath hai…unhone kaha ki woh aapko hospital mein milne waali hai…kyun aap aisa kyun pooch rahe hai…!!!!!!”

Maan banged his head for forgetting it & said to dadimaa,”Mein phone rakta hoon dadimaa…!!!!!”And he kept the phone immediately & remembered…Geet came to the room holding his black coffee while Maan was tying the tie & was talking to Adi,”Adi…aaj us unionj leader ki band bajaana hi hoga…usne MSK ke saath vishwaasghaath kiya hai…usko uski sazaa zaroor milni chaahiye…!!!!!!”

Adi said,”Don’t worry Maan…hum log us union leader ka band bajaa denge…all is set…ab pardaa girna baaki hai…!!!!!”Geet came to Maan & was tying his tie neatly while Maan talked to Adi comfortably.Geet tied his tie & buttoned his overcoat & said cutely,”Ho gaya…!!!!!”Maan smiled at her & pecked her lips & said,”Sab kuch ready hai Geet…ab sirf us union leader humaare kabze mein aana hai…!!!!!!”

Geet smiled but said,”Be careful…!!!!!”And she kissed his wound softly.Maan nodded & pecked her lips tightly & was abt to go then Geet said remembering something,”Maan…aaj mera check up hai…aaj aap mere saath aayenge na????”Maan asked,”Kitne baje ka hai??????”Geet said,”Maan baarah baje ka hai…!!!!!!”Maan said,”Theek hai jaan…mein directly hospital pahunchta hoon…!!!!!!”Geet nodded while Maan pecked her lips once again & said,”Take care of urself…!!!!!!”

Maan banged his head immediately remembering the scene & saw the clock…it was half past twelve…and said to himself,”Chal Maan…nahin toh aaj toh Geet ki gol gappe ka chehra dekhna hoga…!!!!!!!”And he took his mobile & saw numerous missed calls from Geet & was shocked becoz he had kept his mobile in silent mode.After union leader’s fiasco…he had a meeting to attend & had went from there to the conference hall & kept his mobile in silent.

Maan ran from his cabin & took the lift & went to the hospital.Here Geet was checked up by Rajji’s senior doctor Dr.Pandey.Dr.Pandey said smiling,”Sab kuch normal hai Mrs.Khurana…aap woh Vitamin tablets lete rahiyega…don’t skip it or else it wil be dangerous to the baby…!!!!!!”Geet nodded cutely while Dr.Pandey asked,”BTW…aaj Mr.Khurana nahin aaye…!!!!!

On that time Maan entered the cabin immediately & said,”Mein aagaya doctor…!!!!!”And he sat beside Geet & smiled to her cutely which Geet returned with her gol gappe face.Maan closed his eyes seeing the gol gappe face with guilt.Maan tried to gesture in his eyes asking sorry but on that time Doctor asked,”Kya baat hai Mr.Khurana…aaj aap late aagaye…!!!!!!”

Geet said angrily,”Doosro par chillane se pursat milthi hai tabhi kuch kaam yaad aayegina doctor…!!!!!!”Maan admired her cute anger & whispered lovingly,”Gusse mein hi sahi kuch toh boli…!!!!!!”Which made Geet glare at him but her heart was melting seeing his cute face which had hidden concern & guilt.Geet turned that side angrily but a smile crept on her lips.Maan saw this & knew that she has melted seeing her hidden smile but Geet argued with him indirectly talking to the doctor.

But Doctor lifted her hands & said that she’s having fun listening to their quarrel but other patients r also waiting for her…so she can’t become referee for their quarrel.Geet went outside making cute angry face while Maan followed her immediately.Maan said cutely,”Gussa thookdo jaan…mein kaha na…mein business meeting mein atak gaya tha…am really sorry ki meine apna mobile silent mode pe rakh diya…am really sorry Mishti…!!!!!!”

Geet glared at him & was abt to go but she tripped & was abt to fall to the ground but was caught by the strong arms tightly.It was Maan & Geet hugged him tightly feeling contented.Maan was scared & he had held her tummy softly & hugged her side ways.Maan asked immediately cupping her face,”Geet tum theek ho??????”Geet nodded cutely but still she was scared & hugged him tightly.

Maan kissed her hairs & stroked it lovingly pushing her inside his hard frame feeling contented.Then Maan & Geet broke apart & Maan said to Geet kissing her forehead,”Tumhaare liye surprise hai ghar mein…chalo mere saath…!!!!!!”Geet asked,”Yeh surprise kya hai?????”Maan said lovingly,”Jab tum ghar chaloge tab tumhe pata chalegi…!!!!!!”

Maaneet sat in the car & driver drove towards the KM.Here a man came to the huge mansion & entered someone’s study & said,”Hukum…woh union leader ko MSK ne jail bhijvaa diya hai…!!!!!!”That man who sat in his arm chair turned his chair towards the servant & hand gestured to him to go from there.The servant bowed to him politely & went from there.

The man got up & went to stand near the window & his face gleamed  in the moonlight which was falling inside…that man had round black eyes,long white nose,small slits for the nose pits,lips were pink & was so handsome.

His name was Rajeev Khandelwal who was the MD of Khandelwal constructions.He was the king of constructions business in USA & had come to settle in India.He had got a project called Nisarga homes which had the plan to build the big flats which had the demand of Rs 1 Crore for a single flat.But unfortunately that was going on, on the way of Maan’s Sun city project.

Becoz of Maan’s project there was no market for his project in the business world.So Rajeev wanted to stop Maan’s project work & had attempted it when Geet was handling but Geet had played cleverly & had made the project to start once again but second time the union leader was with him.Now he had to think abt other plans to make the Sun city project to be stopped becoz if he won’t do that then there will be no value to his Nisarga homes project.

Rajeev dialled to someone & told his plan to him & ordered to execute it.Then Rajeev came to his arm chair back & took his Whisky glass & took a sip & relaxed comfortably smiling himself becoz of his plan.Here Maan took Geet to a room where so many toys r kept around her.Geet smiled immediately seeing the room which was set up for the baby.

The room was decorated with pictures of butterflies & a small cradle was set up which has so many toys around it.Geet saw the color which was pink color but she didn’t give any attention & took a small & soft frog & held it admiring it.Maan said smiling,”Yeh meri baby aur mamma ka room hai…!!!!!!”There was a double cot in & Maan said showing it,”Yahan mamma soyegi aur meri baby yahan…showing towards the cradle.”

Then he went to a small punching bag & punched it & said,”Yeh humaare baby ka punching bag…jahan woh exercise karega taaki woh uski mumma ki tarah moti na hojaaye…!!!!!!!”Geet glared at him & went from there angrily giving the small toy frog to him.Maan followed her & lifted her in his strong arms & took her to their room.

Maan saw her with lovely but naughty eyes which made her blush furiously.Maan made her lie on the bed & kept the pillows around her tummy & took her lips immediately.Geet responded back moving her fingers inside his hairs.They broke apart to grab some air & Maan kissed her tummy softly while the baby kicked immediately making Geet feel the pain.

Maan was concerned seeing her pain & he kissed her tummy once again & said,”Baby…mumma ko tang mat karna…!!!!!!”Geet smiled at him lovingly & took his lips once again & nibbled his lower lips.Now Maan took the charge & entered her mouth exploring her & plundering her treasure.They broke apart & grabbed some air & Geet hugged Maan tightly breathing heavily.

Next morning Maan announced the family that they’re going for the picnic to Ghaziabad farm house & told them to get ready for that.Everyone were happy & shocked seeing Maan telling abt picnic but prepared themselves for the picnic.



Geet got ready wearing the red color sari in which she was looking like an angel.When she came downstairs then Maan went gaga seeing her in that red dress in which she was looking hot & sexy.Maan had the urge to eat her alive on that time only but resisted immediately seeing around him where he stood in the hall.

Geet’s cheeks were becoming like gol gappa these days due to pregnancy & her pregnancy had reached 4th month in which she was slightly having pain when the baby was kicking her occasionally.The baby was her dad’s child…it would kick her mother when it was listening to it’s papa.

Geet came downstairs & stood beside Maan while the servants were dumping their luggage inside the car.Maan leaned towards Geet & whispered in her ears & said,”Geet…aaj tum bahut khoobsurat lag rahi ho…i want to eat u alive now only…!!!!!!!”Geet was shocked hearing this from Maan & saw him who was giving a naughty look which made her blush furiously.These days she had become more sensitive & Maan saw her tomato color cheeks & kissed it silently & softly & smiled mischievously.

Geet who was shocked with his kiss blushed once again seeing his lovely but naughty eyes.Maaneet & family sat in the cars & drove towards the Ghaziabad farm house.Meanwhile here in Sun city project…a problem has started that the load of cement which was abt to be come had not came yet which made workers idle.

Adi tried to know the real reason of this delay then he came to know that someone is doing sabotage with them.Adi tried to know abt the man behind this then came to know it was the Khandelwal Constructions MD Mr.Rajeev Khandelwal.Adi who was working in the office becoz of this had sent Pinky with Geet as she was pregnant.

Maaneet came to the Ghaziabad farm house & entered the house happily.Annie went to her bedroom & relaxed a bit while Maaneet went to their room.Everyone settled themselves in their room & Geet went to help Naintara setting up Vansh’s bed.Now he was walking with its baby steps & had become naughty these days.

Naintara said running behind him,”Vansh beta sharaarat mat karo…nahin toh mumma naaraaz ho jaayegi…!!!!!!”Vansh ran in top speed & hid himself behind his badimaa Geet.Naintara said angrily seeing Geet who lifted him cutely in her arms,”Tumne isse sar pe chada rakha hai…meri baat hi nahin sunta…!!!!!!!!”Geet smiled & said,”Dee…shant ho jaayiye…abhi bhi Vansh chota bachcha hai…is umar mein humein tang karega toh boodhe ho jaane ke baad tang karega kya…!!!!!!!”

Naintara nodded at her comment dismissively & went from there.She knew that Geet loved Vansh very much & she never had any doubt on her.If she’ll be not there then Geet’ll look after her son very carefully becoz she trusted Geet above her life.Geet made Vansh sleep in his bed & sung a song to him to go to sleep.

Vansh cutely fell asleep holding his badimaa’s pallu in his tiny fist tightly.After Vansh fell asleep Geet tried to free her pallu from its tiny fist but Vansh had held it tightly.Here Maan was feeling restless not feeling Geet near him.Maan went towards Vansh’s room & saw the scene which made a smile crept on his lips.His mishti was struggling to free her pallu from Vansh’s fist without waking him up.

Maan came behind her & moved his hands on her bare waist.Geet was scared & was abt to shout but Maan closed his palm on her soft supple lips.Geet saw Maan there & sighed with relief while Maan moved his hands on her bare waist making patterns.Geet moaned his name immediately softly.Maan smiled at her moan & freed her pallu from Vansh’s tiny fist smoothly & lifted Geet on his strong arms.

Geet saw him with awe becoz she was trying to free her pallu from Vansh’s tiny fist from 10 minutes but Maan freed it in 10 seconds.Maan took Geet to their room when everyone slept in their respective rooms.Geet saw the room in awe when they entered.The room was decorated with scented candles & roses & it made Geet remember their first night.

Geet blushed profusely but asked in surprise to Maan,”Maan yeh sab kya hai??????”Maan smiled & said,”Aaj mein apni biwi aur baby ke saath samay bitaana chaahtha hoon…!!!!!!!”Geet blushed seeing his lovely but naughty eyes which showed mischievousness.Maan made Geet stand on her feet & made her to wear a blue color sari.

Geet was abt to go into the washroom but Maan stopped her & said,”Aaj mein tumhe saadi ko apne haathon se paehnaavoonga…!!!!!!!!WinkGeet blushed furiously but stood in front of him silently.Maan opened her red sari pallu pin giving her soft wet kisses.Geet moaned softly feeling his warm lips on her shoulder.

Then Maan took off her sari completely & made her stand on the blouse & the skirt.Maan dranked her beauty with his hungry gaze which made Geet blush profusely.Maan threw her red sari to one side & came behind her & opened her dori from his teeth kissing her bare back softly.Geet was electrocuted becoz of his warm lips which was moving on her back exploring its every bit.

Then Maan took off her red blouse immediately & kissed her back & bit it which made Geet moan loudly.Geet couldn’t bare his torture & turned & hugged him feeling shy tightly.Maan kissed her shoulder immediately & bit it.Geet’s cheeks were becoming even more red like apple.Geet turned opposite to him & leaned to his hard chest feeling anticipated.

Maan took the blue color sari & entangled it to her skirt.When he did so then his long fingers moved on her soft milky bare waist which made his urges tower but resisted.Maan made Geet to turn one round & wrapped the sari around her.Geet was enjoying this slow torture & her lips were becoming moist becoz of the sweat which Maan was developing inside her.

Maan took the another end of sari & made plaits in that & kept it on Geet’s left shoulder.But his long fingers moved over her chest making her anticipated once again.Maan pinned the sari to the blouse which he made Geet to wear from his hands & making her breathe heavily giving her these slow tortures.

Then Maan took the remaining part & bended with his knees & made the plaits & entangled it to the skirt once again.When he entangled it then he gave wet kissed to her bare waist which made her moan his name softly.Maan came in front of her & took the diamond belly chain & put it around her soft slender white bare waist & kissed it softly & bit it to lower his urges.

Geet moaned his name once again & had closed her eyes feeling these tortures which was given by Maan.Then Maan kissed her forehead softly & put the maang teeka.Then he kissed her each ear lobe,sucking it & biting it & making her moan his name.Maan took the mangalsutra & tied it but before that he sucked he collar bone & bit it powerfully making her his possession.

Then he licked the love bite to soothe him.Geet was moaning his name repeatedly becoz of his slow tortures…but she was also liking his slow tortures.Then he turned towards her immediately & took her lips immediately.He nibbled her lower lips in urgency while his hands roamed all over her body.Geet moaned his name between the kisses which made his urges tower.

Maan lifted her in his strong arms still not leaving her soft petal like lips & lied her down gently on the bed.Maan kissed her till their mouth went dry & Geet whimpered immediately not catching the breath.They broke apart to grab some air but Maan’s lips moved on her curves kissing it & sucking it.Geet’s swollen lips were inviting him once again & took it immediately.

Geet whimpered once again for breath then he left her lips & took off the sari & kissed her curves above the barriers.Maan didn’t went down & kissed her front waist & tummy where his bit & her bit was breathing peacefully.Maan’s urges towered now & he took off her blouse & inners & made her naked & kissed her all over the body.Geet moaned his name loudly feeling the sensation.

Maan hovered on her but didn’t give any pressure on her tummy & squeezed her curves makling Geet moan his name.Geet went on him immediately & kissed his face…chest & his muscles…Maan coukdn’t tolerate these tortures & hovered on her & kissed her face…lips…he sucked her lips in urgency & went to her curves & squeezed it making her moan.

Maan tasted her curves & tasted her hard buds.He kneaded her curves & squeezed it making Geet moan.He took her lips once again & nibbled her lower lips & his tongue entered to plunder her treasure.He sucked her honey sweet juice & explored every bit of her mouth.Then he came down & kissed her front waist while Geet was panting & moaning due to sensation.

Maan couldn’t control his urges & entered inside her slowly but caringly.Geet was overwhelmed with his care & her eyes welled up & tears poured down from those almond eyes.Maan saw this frowned & licked those tears immediately.Maan thrusted his inside hers slowly & caringly & his pace become rapid.Then he came outside while Geet wasn’t satisfied & Maan noticed & he inserted his fingers inside her womanhood & moved it continously.

Geet moaned loudly feeling his fingers inside her while Maan’s urges towered & he entered inside her once again & he thrusted inside her once again with care & love.

Geet moaned with his thrusts which had love concern of not giving her any pain.Maan’s pace become rapid & they hit the climax by pounding on her with care & love.Geet moaned loudly feeling him inside hers & she was exhausted.Maan saw this & made her sit slowly & asked with concern,”Geet tum theek ho…am sorry if am aggressive with u…!!!!!!”Geet saw his love & guilt but she pecked his lips & said,”Maan…mein theek hoon…am a bit exahusted…I wanna sleep Maan…!!!!!!!!”

Maan smiled at her & made her sleep on his chest comfortably stroking her opened hairs lovingly.Geet felt contented & kissed his chest softly which made him burn with desires but resisted.Geet fell asleep immediately when she slept on his chest feeling contented.Maan also slept comfortably wrapping her in his embrace securely.

Next morning Geet got up & kissed his chest softly & lifted her head.Maan got up feeling her warm soft lips on his chest & smiled at her lovingly.Geet said showing dimples,”Good Morning Maan…!!!!!!!”SmileMaan pecked her lips tightly & said,”Good morning Jaan…!!!!!!!”WinkWhich made Geet blush profusely seeing his lovely eyes.Geet tried to get up but Maan didn’t give her oppurtunity & pulled her inside his embrace.

Geet pleaded,”Chodiye na Maan…mujhe nahaana hai…!!!!!!!”Maan got up immediately with her & said naughtily,”Mein tumhe help kartha hoon…!!!!!!!”Geet was shocked & before she would protest he took her lips immediately.Geet always lost in the kiss & responded him back.Maaneet took the shower together & did another round of love making & Maan talked to his baby cutely in the shower.

He lodged some complaints to baby abt Geet her mother & made Geet glare at him cutely.Maan was liking this cute Geet whose cheeks would become red like apple whenever she was in anger or she was blushing.He wanted to pull those cheeks & eat those cheeks these days.Geet’s cute anger was adorable these days which Maan admired it very much teasing her very much & making her angry.

Maaneet came downstairs & gulped down the breakfast & set out to see surrounding places.

Precap-Maaneet moments…Embarrassedguess urself guys…Wink


Geet came outside from the washroom after having shower & wore the purple color patiala & went clean the room which was messy as their clothes were scattered here & there.Geet blushed profusely remembering the night & was abt to keep the blanket in correct position then Maan snatched it away.

Geet saw Maan & glared at him & pulled the blanket but Man pulled it towards him.Geet raised her eye brows while Maan also raised her eye brows.Geet pulled the blanket but Maan pulled it towards him powerfully which made her shout,”Yeh aap kya kar rahe ho..aap chote bachche ho kya..chodiye isse…!!!!!!”

Maan said angrily,”Chodta hoon tab jab tum mujhe morning kiss doge…!!!!!!”Which made Geet blush furiously but said composing herself angrily,”Subah…subah..kusti karne ka bada shock haina…lekin mere paas koi time nahin…!!!!!!!”And she was abt to go then Maan stopped her & trapped her between him & the wardrobe.

Geet’s breath caught halfway seeing his lovely but naughty eyes which had only love to her.Maan came to her ear & whispered huskily,”Ek sweet si kiss dene ke liye..itna nakre…!!!!!!!”Geet smiled slightly seeing those hypnotic eyes which were glaring on her lips which were trembling becoz of those hungry gaze.

Maan’s naughty smile crept on his lips which made her breath take away & she was mesmerised with that smile.On that time bay kicked which made her say ouch & she came to present world.Maan was concerned & asked,”Kya huva Geet…????”Geet said resiting her pain,”Baby kick kiya…!!!!!”Maan bent down in his knees & kissed her tummy softly from which baby became silent.

Geet smiled seeing his love towards the baby while Maan started complaining abt Geet to baby.After Maan’s lodging complaints to his baby which made Geet angry Geet went to the kitchen to prepare the food.While Maan was searching her full house & when he came to the halt near the kitchen then Geet had climbed a stool & was trying to take the small bottle which contained methi.

Maan was shocked to see her like that & shouted,”Geet…!!!!!!”Which made Geet scared & shivered but tripped from the stool & was abt to fall to the ground then Maan caught her waist tightly immediately.Geet was scared that her eyes welled up & tears poured down from those almond eyes.

Maan was scared & he held her tummy which was raising slightly & asked with fear,”Geet tum theek ho…!!!!!!”Geet nodded cutely while Maan shouted at him hoarsely,”KYA ZAROORAT THI WAHAN CHADNEKI?????AUR SERVANTS KAHAN GAYE?????”And he called the servants but before he shower his anger on servants Geet wanted him to cool.

Geet said softly keeping her palm on his cheeks,”Maan…kuch nahin huva hai mujhe…aur mein khud kaam kar rahi thi…!!!!!!”Maan glared at her & he lifted her in his strong arms & made her sit on the sofa in the hall.Dadimaa & family came downstairs hearing Maan’s voice.dadimaa asked in concern,”Maan bete aap kyun itna chilla rahe hai?????”

Maan said angrily,”Dadimaa…abhi abhi Geet girthe girthe bachi hai…!!!!!!”Geet was abt to say no then Dadimaa asked,”Lekin Geet beta…aapko kitchen jaane kya zaroorat thi…servants ko bula lethi…!!!!!!”Geet said cutely,”Sab log apne kaamo mein vyast hai…isiliye meine socha ki mein his banaadoon…mujhe kuch khatta khaane ka man kar raha tha…toh meine usse banaanekeliye kitchen chali gayi…!!!!!!”

Naintara said,”Agar tumhe khatta khaane ka man kar raha tha toh  tumne mujhe bola thana…mein kuch banaake dethi…!!!!!!!”Geet didn’t say anything & made baby complaining face while Maan asked abruptly,”Tumne doodh peeya?????”Geet said immediately,”Haan woh…!!!!!”she bit her lips & said slowly,”Woh mein peene waali thi…!!!!!!!”

Maan glared at her while naintara said,”Abhi laathi hoon tumhe…!!!!!”On that time Vansh cried and Naintara saw Maan once again.Maan said immediately,”Naintara…tum Vansh ko dekho…mein geet ko doodh detha hoon…!!!!!!”And he went to the kitchen & kept a large tumbler & thought,”Kuch zyaada hi bada haina…lekin koi baat nahin…doodh to garam karna hi padega na!!!!!!”

And he poured the milk to the vessel & added some sugar & thought,”Phir isme dadimaa kya daalthi hai…kesar…!!!!!!”And he took some random bottle and was abt to put that inside the container then dadimaa said,”Maan bete yeh aap kya daal rahe hai…!!!!!”Maan said immediately,”Kesar dadimaa…!!!!!”Dadimaa said immediately,”Yeh kesar nahin…hing hai..!!!!!”And she took the correct bottle of kesar from the wardrobe & put some petals of it.

Then dadimaa said,”Ab isme padenge dry fruits…!!!!!”And she put some cashewnuts & badam crushing it from the pestle & mortar.After milk was boiled with all the ingredients then he saw that the sugar is correct or not for that he took a spoonful of milk which made dadimaa surprised.Dadimaa asked in amazement,”Yeh kya kar rahe hai bete…aap toh doddh nahin peete haina?????”

Maan smiled slightly while dadimaa asked lovingly,”Itna pyar karthe hai aap Geet se??????”Maan said immediately giving a killer smile,”Haan dadimaa…aur agar koi mujhe aur geet ko judah karne ki koshish kare toh mein usse kabhi nahin chodoonga…geet meri har saas..har rooh mein bas chuki hai…!!!!!!!”

Dadimaa stroked his chin & kissed her hand & went from there.Maan came to their room in which Geet was sitting seeing outside the window.Maan stood beside Geet holding the glass of milk & said,”Tum wahi baith nahin sakthi thi kya…yahan aane ki kya zaroorat nahin thi…!!!!!!”Geet said bossily,”Dil kiya toh mein yahan aagayi…!!!!!!”

Maan teased,”Aaj kal tumhaara dil kuch zyaada hi man kar raha hai…intezaam karna padega iska…!!!!!!”Geet’s mouth became big O & she made cute complaining face.Maan saw Geet’s face & had the urge to eat her alive but resisted.Maan said,”Chalo doodh peelo…!!!!!!”Then Geet said immediately,”Maan mujhe doodh achche nahin lagtha…!!!!!!”

Maan said immediately,”Geet..yeh doodh tumhaare liye nahin baby ke liye…aur jaldi se peelo nahin toh pila doonga…!!!!!!!!”Geet made cute complaining face & said,”Tabhi aapko bhi peena hoga…kyunki humaare Hoshiarpur mein kehthe hai ki agar bachcha sehatmand paida honi chaahiye toh mamma aur papa dono ko doodh aur makhkhan khaani chaahiye…!!!!!!”Maan said,”Yeh ajeeb baat hai…!!!!!!”

Geet said,”Ab hai to hai…peejiye…!!!!!!”Maan saw the milk while he was abt puke smelling its smell but resisted.Geet saw this & said slowly,”Waise aap isse bach bhi sakthe hai…!!!!!!!”Maan said,”Kaise??????”Geet said,”Simple…baby ke kamre ki color blue kardo…!!!!!!”Maan argued immediately,”Bilkul bhi nahin kamre ka color gulaabi hi hogi kyunki ladki jo hone waali hai…!!!!!!”

Geet said,”Nahin ladka honewaala hai aur aapko blue color hi banaana hoga baby ke room ka…!!!!!!!!”Maan refused to change the color then Geet said him to drink the milk.Maan resisted the smell & drank the half milk & said determindely,”Ab toh kamre ka color gulaabi hi hogi…!!!!!”And he gave the glass to geet to drink the remaining milk.Geet saw this & she also resisted it smell & drank it in one go.

Maan took the empty glass from her & said,”Jaldi se tayyar ho jaavo hum dono ghoomne jaa rahe hai…!!!!!!!”Which made Geet smile cutely.

Precap-Geet’s life is in danger & Rajeev saved her.


Geet walking towards Maan in Sun city project premises holding his lunch box then a load of the stone is taken upwards.It’s chain is looses & it fells downwards.On that time Maan saw this & shouted,”Geet…!!!!!!!”And he came forward but on that time someone held Geet tightly & came forward where the stone fell on the floor scratching the man’s hands.

It was none other than Rajeev…who had come there to talk with Maan abt their deal.Geet was shocked seeing the situation & was stressed & she fainted immediately.Maan snatched Geet from Rajeev’s arms & said,”Geet..aankhen kholo…!!!!!”But Geet didn’t opened her eyes & was unconscious.Maan lifted her in his strong arms & took her to the car & drove faster to the hospital.

In hospital,Maan is sitting outside the gynaecologists ward while the nurse comes & tells something which makes him shocked.Shocked

Aage guess urself guys…Smile


Maan came to Vicky’s room to call him for outings then he saw a frame on his bed which was kept upside down.Maan was a bit curious & went to near his bed & took the photo frame & turned it & saw who is it then he was shocked.Maan saw Rajji’s photo there & thought,”Yeh Rajji ka photo ie frame mein kyun hai?????Aur isne yahan bed pe kyun rakha hai?????”He couldn’t understand head to tail business then he heard some heated conversation.

On that time Geet entered to call Vicky for outings & saw Maan there.Geet said immediately,”Maan…aap yahan…!!!!!!”On that time Maan said immediately shushing her,”Ssshhh jaan…suno…!!!!!!!”On that time the heated conversation was coming from the balcony of Vicky’s room where Rajji was trying to convince Vicky for something.Maaneet came & peeped to know what is the matter while Rajji said painfully.

Rajji said to hurted Vicky,”Vicky…pls aapko mujhe bhoolna hoga…dekhiye mein aapke liye sahi nahin hoon…mein aapse pyaar nahin karthi…pls mujhe akela chod deejiye…mein yahan dee ke wajaise ruki hoon nahin toh mein yahan nahin rukti…!!!!!!”Vicky’s anger went into its peak & he pulled Rajji inside his hard frame & asked seeing her black round eyes which was showing multiple emotions,”Kya tum wakay mein mujhse pyaar nahin karthi..!!!!!!”

Rajji couldn’t answer him as she was driving crazy becoz of this closed proximity but she nodded no.Vicky came to her ear holding her waist gently & whispered,”Toh phir tumhaare gaal kyun laal ho raha hai…aur tumhaare dhadkane tez kyun ho rahi hai…tum mujhse nazare milaakar baat kyun nahin kar rahi ho…bolo Rajji…jawaab do…!!!!!!!”Rajji said still resisting his closeness,”Vicky mein pavitra nahin hoon…mujhe us Vikram ne utha kar le gaya tha…!!!!!!”On that time Vicky kept his index on her soft petal like lips & said,”Ssshhh…!!!!!!”

When Vicky’s index finger was on her soft petal like lips on that time Rajji lifted her eyes & saw his half brown eyes.Vicky saw her lips hungrily but said,”Rajji…mujhe tumhaare guzare huye kal se farak nahin padta…lekin mein tumhaare aane waale kal ka hissa bannana chaahtha hoon…mein tumhaare zindagi mein tumhaare saath jeena chaahtha hoon…!!!!!!!”Rajji’s eyes welled up & tears poured down from those black almond eyes.

Vicky was shocked to see the tears & he stopped by falling on the ground.Vicky sucked those tears & said,”Rajji…in aasuvoon ko mat behne dena…mujhe bahut dard hta hai…pls Rajji…attet se baahar aavo…tumhe bhi is zindagi ko jeene ka haq hai…koi khush nahin reh saktha is ateet ke wajaise…na tum na tumhaare apne…aur naahin mein…pls Rajji…!!!!!!!”Rajji didn’t say anything & ran from there freeing her from his grip.

Maaneet hid behind the door immediately when Rajji entered Vicky’s room & exited.Maaneet were shocked that Vicky loves Rajji & saw his brother who was broking down seeing Rajji’s rejection.Maan saw Vicky who banged his hands to the wall angrily & saying,”Kyun mere pyaar ko samajh nahin sakthi ho tum…sirf mujhe pata hai ki mein tumse kitna pyaar kartha hoon…!!!!!!!”For the first time his eyes had welled up & tears poured down.

When his tears was abt to fall on the ground then Geet went & held her palm so that his tears won’t fall.Vicky was shocked seeing  Maaneet there & he wiped his tears immediately.Vicky avoided Geet’s eyes while Geet said,”Vicky…!!!!!!”Geet said,”Vicky…Vicky…meri taraf dekho Vicky…!!!!!!”Vicky saw Geet’s almond eyes with pain which Geet understood.Geet asked directly,”Vicky..tum sach mein Rajji se pyaar karthi ho??????”Vicky hugged her immediately saying,”Bhabhi…!!!!!!”

Maan was shocked to see his younger brother like that becoz he always saw Vicky doing pranks to everyone but emotional..he never saw him like this.Geet saw Maan’s face & gave a look which meant,”Aap hi ka brother hai..poora emotional..!!!!!!”Geet said,”Theek hai..ab bolo kya tumhe pata hai ki rajji bhi tumse pyaar karthi hai?????”Vicky said broking the hug,”Haan bhabhi..lekin woh aaj tak chupaathi aayi hai…!!!!!!”Which made Maan give the lovely look to Geet which meant,”Tumhaari behen hai…!!!!!!”

For which Geet composed herself & said,”Dekho itni asaani se Raaji nahin maanegi sabke saamne…toh usse thoda tadapaana hoga..tabhi woh kuch bolegi…!!!!!!”Vicky saw Geet with delight & said,”Kaise bhabhi..aur pehle bataayiye kya aap mere side hai ya Rajji…!!!!!!!”Geet said smiling patting his cheeks,”Vicky mein toh tumhaari bhabhi hoon toh mein tumhaari side hoona…!!!!!!”Vicky hugged Geet immediately & said,”O..bhabhi thank u so much…!!!!!!”

Geet said immediately to play with him,”Lekin uske liye tumhe meri ek sharath maanni hogi…!!!!!!”Vicky said immediately,”Kaisa sharath bhabhi??????”Geet said immediately,”Kuch din tumhe Rajji ko avoid karna hoga…mein bhi dekhoon ki kab tak apne pyaar ko chupaathi hai…aur haan u need to relax with other girls a bit…go with them & make jealous Rajji…!!!!!!”

Vicky was happy that he kissed Geet’s cheeks for which Man glared at Vicky which Vicky understood & asked to bhabhi,”Aisa karna hoga…!!!!!”Geet saw Maan was glaring as he had the right to touch her,kiss her,love her..!!!!!Geet nodded & kissed Maan’s cheeks immediately cutely.Maan was dumbstruck feeling her soft lips on his cheeks which made him burned with desires.

Geet was abt to go but Maan pulled her & she collided on his rock chest while Maan said,”Itni bhi jaldi kya hai…tumne mujhe kiss diya…toh return gift toh mujhe dena hi padega na…!!!”And he took her lips for which Vicky ran outside immediately feeling extremely shy.Maan held her waist tightly & nibbled her lower lips.Then his tongue entered to suck her honey sweet juice & he lifted Geet from the bottom.

Geet encircled her legs around his waist & her hands were encircled around his neck.Maan’s urges towered & his manhood entered her softness for which Geet gasped immediately.Maan rubbed Geet’s back to calm her while his manhood rocked backwards & forwards slowly & caringly.Maan made love to her so much that Geet was so exhausted & she kept her head on his crook of the neck & said,”Maan…aap bahut besharam ban rahe ho…!!!!!!”

Maan saw her breathing heavily as he was also breathing heavily but asked with concern,”Geet tum theek ho?????”Geet nodded cutely while Maan lifted her in his strong arms & took her to their room & made her to sleep.Maan was also exhausted becoz of his continuous love making & he slept beside Geet taking her inside his embrace.

Maan stroked geet’s silky hair cutely & she went to sleep.Maan had told to dadimaa & family that Geet is tired & needs rest.So Dadimaa,Dev,Naintara,Vicky,Vansh & Rajji & his friends went for sight seeing around the place.Geet slept on Maan hugging his waist tightly feeling contented.Maan smiled at Geet’s smile & kissed her forehead softly.

Geet got up still feeling sleepy & saw around her & saw it was evening & they didn’t went for sight seeing which made angry on Maan.Geet thought,”Yeh yahan mujhe isiliye laaye hai taaki mujhe aise tang kare…chaddo mein inse baat nahin karoongi…!!!!!!”And was abt to get up but Geet was held tightly by her waist & pulled back powerfully.Geet slept on Maan’s bare chest while Maan asked still stroking her hairs,”Neend poori huyi jaan…ab tum kaisa feel kar rahi ho…!!!!!!”

Geet got up closing herself with blanket & said,”Mujhe aapse baat nahin karni…aapne kaha tha ki hum ghoomne jaa rahe hai lekin aap toh mujhe aisa tang kardiya…!!!!!!”Maan admiring her cute anger & complaining eyes for which he had the urge to eat her alive but resisted & asked,”Lekin jaan…tum bahut thak gayi thi toh maine socha ki tumhe aaraam kar lena chaahiye…aur waise bhi..meri mishti mere bina kahi nahin jaa sakthi…!!!!!!”

Geet glared at him with cute almond eyes & turned her face opposite to him with nose high up which Maan adored.Maan pulled Geet back on his chest & said,”Shona…tumne jo plan kiya usse Vicky Rajji ko manaa paayega kya…!!!!!!”Geet said with excitement,”Bilkul kyunki woh bhi Vicky se utna hi pyaar karthi hai jitna Vicky Rajji se…aur mujhe poora yakeen hai ki yeh plan kaamyaab hogi…!!!!!!”

Maan was happy & he gave a wide smile which made Geet’s breath take away & pecked his lips cutely then Maan took her lips immediately when she tempted him & kissed her passionately.

Precap is same.


Maan made her sleep on him comfortably after another round of love making for which she was totally exhausted & slept on his chest giving a contented smile in her sleep.Maan saw that sleep & admired it so much.Here Vicky & family went to the water’s park near Ghaziabad except Maaneet.Vicky completely ignored Rajji for which she was feeling odd.Becoz Vicky always admired Rajji & would romance with her & would get wacking by her.

But today Vicky completely relaxed with other girl for which she felt immense jealous inside her.Vicky was swimming showing his gorgeous abs for which the girls were fida.Rajji’s eyes filled with jealousy & tried to talk to Vicky but he completely ignored.Rajji tried all her attempts to draw his attention to herself but Vicky ignored her completely.Rajji was hurted & went from there to sit inside the car.

Rajji went inside the car & sat there feeling so hurted.Rajji’s almond eyes welled up & tears poured down from her eyes & before they would fall someone had collected it on their palm.Rajji looked up & saw Vicky who was collecting her tears on his palm.Rajji turned that side when she saw pain in the eyes of Vicky.Rajji wiped her tears immediately & saw Vicky who stood in front of her half-naked.

Vicky asked in pain,”Kyun Rajji…tumhaare aankhon mein yeh aasoon kyun…ab tumhe ne toh kaha tha na ki mein kissi aur ladki se shaadi karoon toh aaj tumhe itna dard kyun ho raha hai mujhe doosre ladkiyon ke saath dekh kar…kyun Rajji…kyun…mein toh aage badna chaahtha hoon…toh phir tumhe kyun itna dukh ho raha hai??????”Rajji refused his claim & was abt to go then Vicky pulled her & she collided to his rock chest.

Vicky’s eyes filled with rage & asked,”Agar tumhe farak padtha hai toh kyun nahin maanthi ki tumhe bhi mujhse pyaar huva hai…!!!!!!!!”Vicky squeezed her arm tightly for which Rajji’s eyes filled with tears becoz of the pain & she said,”Chodiye mujhe…mujhe dard ho raha hai…!!!!!!!”Vicky asked,”Jitna dard ho raha hai jaanthi ho mujhe tumhaari rejection se…!!!!!!!”Rajji was feeling crazy becoz of his scent & his closed proximity made her crazy.

Vicky left her hand immediately & said painfully,”Tum kaise bologi…tumhe sirf doosro ko dard dena aati hai khushiyaan nahin…!!!!!!!”And was abt to go but Rajji pulled him immediately & took his lips into hers.Vicky was shocked becoz of her this sudden movement but he felt contented feeling her soft supple lips on his rough ones.Vicky pulled her inside his embrace while she snaked her arms around his neck.

Rajji nibbled his lower lips feeling contented while Vicky’s hands went towards her waist & crushed her skin inside his fingers.Rajji’s legs encircled around his waist & he held her tightly from his bottom.Now Vicky took the charge & entered inside her mouth.He sucked her honey sweet juice for which Rajji hugged him tightly crushing her soft curves on his rough ones.

They both kissed passionately till they were out of breath but Vicky didn’t leave her lips till then.When he heard Rajji’s whimper then he left her soft supple lips.Vicky saw her face which were flushed & they both were breathing.Rajji was still entangled to his waist & Vicky & Rajji was breathing heavily.Rajji said with raged breath,”Dare u go with other girl…or i’ll kill u…!!!!!!!”

Vicky acted as if he’s innocent,”Kya kaha tumne…meri marzi hai jiske saath bhi mein jao…!!!!!!!”But Rajji’s anger went into it’s peak & she bit his collar bone immediately marking her possession.Vicky groaned feeling her razor sharp teeth on his collar bone for which he glared at her angrily.Vicky said angrily,”Abhi tak mein ye nahin samjha ki yeh kiss kiske liye hai?????”Rajji’s almond eyes which was showing dark desires now turned to anger for which Vicky chuckled.

Rajji crushed his back skin with anger which made Vicky groan with pleasure & he bit her collar bone & still he said,”Chodo mujhe..wahan Daisy mere liye wait kar rahi hai…!!!!!!”Rajji said with authority,”Don’t u dare do that…or i’ll kill that Daisy…I love u Vicky…pls aap mujhe aise mat tadapaavon…!!!!!!”Vicky felt heavenly hearing those 3 magical words from those soft supple lips.Now Vicky couldn’t tolerate & he took her lips immediately.

Vicky kissed her passionately & nibbled her neck & collar bone urgently to satisfy his thirst for which he was having from a long time.He wanted to crush her…make her his now only.Vicky made her sit in his car & drove her to the lonely cottage where his possessions were always there.Rajji trusted Vicky so much that she sat with him silently.

Vicky lifted her on his strong arms while Rajji kissed his strong muscular arms for which Vicky couldn’t resist & he groaned badly.Vicky took her to the room & made her lie down on the bed.He was abt to go then Rajji held his hand.Vicky said to Rajji,”Jaan…mein toh tumhe propse karne waala hoon…ab mein intezaar nahin kar saktha…pls…!!!!!!!!”

Rajji said,”Mein aapse door nahin reh sakthi Vicky…pls mujhse shaadi kar leejiye…mein ab aapse humesha ke liye paas rehna chaahithi hoon.Vicky was happy that he was in cloud nine.Vicky phoned up to pandit & phoned up to his big bro Maan that he & Rajji were marrying in durga temple.Vicky made ready everything & gave the wedding dress to Rajji.

Maan made convince the family to be with Vicky & Rajji.Then dadimaa came there & was happy that Rajji is going to become her third bahu.Vicky married rajji with all the customs in front of Khuranas & took the blessings from dadimaa,Maaneet,Devtara & went to his cottage to celebrate suhaagraat.

Rajji was sent inside holding a glass of milk for which Vicky pulled her waist immediately & kept the milk beside their bed.Vicky said,”I love u Rajji…!!!!!!!”Rajji smiled cutely for which made him breath take away.Vicky lifted Rajji on his arms & placed her on her bed.Vicky glared her giving intense stare for which made Rajji blush profusely.

On that time a lizard fell on her making her panic & she took off her sari scared.Rajji said,”Vicky…chipkali hai…!!!!!!!!”When Vicky tried to search for it then he saw that Rajji has stood in blouse & skirt.Vicky’s eyes now filled with dark desires & on that time thundering sound came as it was raining outside for which Rajji hugged him tightly.

Vicky felt a current run down his spine & he kept his hands on her back possessively & kissed her shoulder & said,”Shhh jaan mein hoon na daro mat…!!!!!!”Rajji felt shy seeing her position & was abt to go out from his embrace then Vicky crushed her inside him feeling contented.

Rajji went far from him feeling shy then he turned her & took her lips immediately.He nibbled her lower lip & kissed her passionately.Then he entered her mouth to plunder her treasure & squeezed herself inside his embrace tightly.Both r breathing heavily then Vicky kissed her shoulder & bit it making her moan.

Vicky pulled her dori & sucked her neck getting aroused.Then he lifted her  & made her lie down on the bed & took off her barriers & made her naked.Rajji took his barriers & made him naked.Vicky hovered on her pressing his rough chest to hr soft ones & kissed her lips passionately.His hands moved freely on her body making her electrocuted & they proceeded to make love to each other.

Next morning Maan came to know abt Rajeev’s sabotage & went to talk to him with so much of anger to his office.

Precap-New entry & Rajeev’s & Maan’s deal…Wink


When Vicky’s suhaagraat was going on here Maan was loving Geet cutely.Maaneet had slept on each other’s embrace becoz of the exhaustion and continuous love making.Maan went towards her tummy & kissed his baby and immediately he felt the baby kicking cutely.Geet said with pain,”Ouch…!!!!!”Geet got up cutely & was abt to go to bathroom but her legs were wobbly and she was abt to fell back into bed but Maan held her and saw her with concern.

Geet nodded cutely while Maan lifted her in his strong arms & took her to the wash room.Maan stood in the door way while Geet came outside feeling extremely tired becoz of his love making.When she saw the state of the room then she blushed furiously.Maan chuckled and kissed those red apple cheeks which were flushing becoz of her blush.

Maan lifted her cutely in his arms & made her lie on the bed & hovered on her not giving any pressure on the tummy.Geet glared at him with her almond eyes sensing that he’s gonna start once again but Maan kissed her eyes cutely which were glaring at him.Maan slept beside her cutely while Geet saw him with amazement.

Maan saw her seeing him and asked,”What…tumhe lagtha hai ki mein phirse shuru karoon???”For which Geet blushed furiously and he pulled her inside his embrace.Maan whispered huskily in her ear,”Bolo na Geet…should i start it from starting????”For Geet’s mouth curved to big O & she glared at him with her almond eyes.Geet wacked him immediately while she felt once again the pain in her stomach.

Maan asked with concern,”Kya huva Geet…????Mein vicky ko bulaavoon…!!!!!”Geet said pulling him back,”Aap paagal ho gaye ho..pata nahin woh kis dasha mein hoga…aur waise bhi yeh aap hi ki baby hai jo humesha tang karthi hai…!!!!!”Maan saw her cute anger and kissed her almond eyes cutely which made her anger vanished into thin air.Geet smiled at him showing dimples for which Maan was fida.

He started his continous love making and in the end she was totally exhausted becoz of his aggressive love making.Geet was asleep immediately when she felt his rough chest.Maan covered them in the blanket & kissed her forehead with all the love & slept inside her embrace holding her bare waist possessively.

Next morning Geet stirred in the sleep cutely moving her fingers on his chest feeling that it is the soft bed.Maan’s eyes popped up immediately feeling her soft slender fingers on his torso while Geet stirred in her sleep & opened her almond eyes cutely.On that time Rajji also stirred in the sleep as she was also sleeping on Vicky’s rock chest.Rajji was sleeping inside his embrace on him burying her head inside his chest.

Vicky had hugged her tightly sleeping cutely.They both were in naked state & saw around the room where their clothes were scattered.Rajji remembered how he was gentle feeling her inside him.Rajji blushed furiously and she tried to get up but the hold on her bare waist made her lie back.Rajji saw Vicky who had got up when she was trying to get up.

Rajji smiled and said,”Good Morning…!!!!!”Vicky pulled her inside his embrace and took her lips into his and kissed her passionately.Vicky proceeded and did love making once again passionately and when he left her then she was panting heavily.Vicky said coming near her lips,”Good morning jaan…!!!!”and he licked her lips to calm her.When vicky saw her then a blush crept to her cheeks & he got up immediately feeling contented.

Rajji couldn’t stand becoz of the continuous rubbing adn she was abt to fall but Vicky caught her.Vicky asked with concern as he was also naked,”Rajji…tum theek to hona…!!!!Am sorry if am aggressive…!!!!”But his mouth was closed by Rajji’s palm.Rajji said,”Mein theek hoon vicky aur waise bhi thodi pain zaroor hai ek baar nahaaloongi toh sab kuch theek ho jaayega…!!!!!!”

Here Maan pulled Geet inside his embrace and said,”So jao Geet…u need some rest and especially baby needs it…!!!!”Geet said angrily punching her fist on his rock bare chest,”Haan…mein rest nahin lethi…ek toh aap mujhe rest karne nahin dethe ho aur ab mujhe hi blame kar rahe ho…!!!!I won’t talk to u…!!!!”Geet turned that side cutely making gol gappe face.Maan saw her cute anger and that face and said,”Dekha Geet…jab tum aise moo banaathi ho toh mujhe tumhe kachcha khaane ka man kartha hai…!!!”

Geet’s mouth became big O then Maan said cutely,”Dekha tum mujhe open invitation de rahi ho…!!!!”For which she closed her big mouth immediately and pouted cutely.Maan kept his hand on her bare waist for she got a shiver down her spine she threw his hand which was on hr bare waist.Maan chuckled seeing her cute antics and anger and he turned her towards him immediately.Maan gave a lovely smile showing his lovely eyes for which Geet was fida.

Geet’s anger vanished into thin air and she kissed his forehead cutely while Maan showed to his cheeks then she kissed him there then he showed his nose.Geet kissed him there then he stretched his lips then she blushed furiously and was abt to get up but Maan pulled her and took her lips.When they broke apart then Geet was breathing heavily while baby cutely kicked her mother’s stomach.Get said cutely,”Ouch…!!!!”And she held her tummy cutely.

Maan bent down to her tummy and kissed her cutely and said,”Baby apne mumma ko tang mat karo…!!!!”Then baby kept silent immediately and Maan raise his invisible collar and said,”Dekha..yeh airf meri baat sunegi…!!!”Geet rolled her eyes then she was hungry.She said,”Maan…mujhe bhook lagi hai…!!!!!”Maan teased her eyeing her luscious lips,”Mujhe bhi…!!!!!”And glinting naughtily.Geet said turning his neck towards her eyes,”Maan…ab agar mujhe khaana  nahin mila toh aapki yeh shehzaadi mujhe tang karegi…!!!!!”

Maan gave another passionate kiss to her & went outside to prepare breakfast.Maan didn’t knew that dadimaa already was near the dining table and saw Maan coming outside the bedroom.Dadimaa saw Maan’s state and she blushed furiously and teased,”Lagtha hai Vicky aur Rajji ki kal raat ki hava lag gayi aapko bhi Maan…!!!!!”Maan didn’t understand what she was saying and he saw the chocolate mousse.

When she saw Dev coming from his room like Maan then she was shocked and teased,”Lagtha hai aapko Vicky aur Rajji ki hava lag gayi…!!!!!”Dev didn’t understand and saw Maan’s state while Maan saw Dev’s state and suppressed their laughter immediately.Maan and Dev was half-naked but their skin were smeared becoz of lip stick marks and they didn’t wore anything and had pulled their tracks becoz of their wives tantrums of hungry.

Dev teased Maan immediately,”Kya huva bhai kal raat aap soye nahin honge…!!!!!”Seeing his red eyes while Maan glared at Dev angrily but he also teased immediately,”Dev tum bhi toh nahin soye ho kyun Naintara tumhe sone nahin diya kya????”For which Dev blushed furiously while Dadimaa saw the two brothers laughing heartily and cutely.

Dadimaa wished that her home will be like this with each other.Maan and Dev went to their respective rooms and fed their wives lovingly the chocolate mousse.Geet was so delighted to see the chocolate mousse and she pounced on it immediately.Maan fed her lovingly and Dev saw Naintara then she also pounced at the chocolate mousse.Becoz both the husbands had made love to their wives continuously that they were so tired.

Then Maan went to office to analyse the problem in the the sun city project site without having any breakfast.Geet was angry on Maan and she went to the site holding the lunch box.Maan came to know then he was so angry abt Rajeev who’s sabotaged their work and made to stop the work.Maan went to his office to talk to him.Maan entered his cabin where he was talking to his wife Priyanka.

When Maan saw Priyanka then he was shocked and said,”Priyanka…!!!!!”Priyanka saw Maan and was shocked and said,”Bhai…!!!!!”Rajeev saw them both and was abt to ask Priyanka abt maan then Maan asked,”Priyanka tum yahan kya kar rahi ho????”Priyanka said smiling,”Bhai…yahi mere pati hai…Rajeev Khandelwal…!!!!”(So guys lagi na zor ka jhatka…Priyanka is the sister of Pari and Maan’s maasi’s another daughter.)



Here Rajji did the rasoyi puja and prepared Makhani ki kheer as Vicky loves it.She also prepared everyone’s fav just like Geet and specially she prepared the dry fruits ladoo for Geet pouring pure desi ghee.Geet made all kind of faces seeing the ghee dripping from the ladoo and saw Rajji’s face cutely.Rajji glared at her and said,”Di…yeh aapke aur baby ke sehat keliye hai…khaayiye nahin toh khilaadoongi…!!!!!”

Geet glared at her but Rajji asked immediately,”Ya phir chachiji ko boloon?????Aur waise bhi jiju ko boloon toh bhi chalega kyunki woh toh aapko zabardasti se khilaadenge…!!!!”On that time baby kicked Geet’s stomach cutely for which she held her stomach.Rajji kept her hand on Geet’s stomach and said,”Dekha…mera bhateeja ya bhateeji…bahut utaavla ho raha hai ladoo khaane ki…waise unhe toh pata hai ki maasi ne banaaya hai…haina baby…!!!!!”Geet rolled her eyes and she made the baby complaining face.

Then Naintara said immediately and angrily,”Uffo…Geet tumhe khilaane ke liye saara dimaag kharch karna padega…ab chup chaap khaalo..aur waise bhi tumhe dhamki diye bagay tum apne ander khaana nahin daalogi…!!!!!!”Geet kept the ladoo aside and said making grumpy face,”Mein nahin kha sakthi…!!!!!!”Everyone asked in unsion,”Kyun???”Geet said making grumpy face,”Kyunki Maan aaj bhi chale gaye office bina breakfast liye…!!!!!!”

Rajji said immediately,”Dee…meine bheja hai unhe breakfast office mein aap chup chap khaayiye…!!!!!”On that time the peopn of the KC came to KM and said giving the breakfast to Rajji,”Woh madam…saab abhi tak office nahin aaye…woh sun city project ke site par gaye hai…!!!!!!!”Geet said angrily,”Dekha Rajji…tumhaare jeeju bahut hi irregular ho gaye hai…ab bhuke rahenge toh unki sehat ka kya hoga…!!!!!!!”

Rajji saw Geet who had not touched her breakfast till now and said,”Dee…aap khaana khaayiye aur tayyar ho jaayiye aur us site pe jaayiye aur jeeju ko khilaayiye…theek hai…aur mein bhi aapke saath chalthi hoon…!!!!!!!”Geet’s grumpy face turned into cute wide smile and nodded and had her breakfast and the ladoo too…and got ready.

Meanwhile Maan argued abt the sabotage with Rajeev.Rajeev wanted to hv his project successful and Priyanka was scared to see that her family was abt to break then she stepped in and declared that Maan’s architects design Rajeev’s projects and both hv collaboration between them.Maan approved to the deal thinking that it can save the family ties but Rajeev didn’t.Rajeev thought as a businessman.

Rajeev asked sometime and Maan warned him to not to sabotage anything now onwards in his site.Priyanka sighed calmly then Rajeeva also thought abt this deal.Maan went to the sun city project site and saw the work which had stopped becoz of Rajeev’s sabotage.On that time Geet came to the site and saw Maan working instructing the workers in the site.

Here Rajeev thought of the deal and it is fair becoz KC was the no.1 constructions firm which had popularity in whole India and London.Rajeev had researched abt the company completely then he approved to the deal and went to the site to talk abt the deal.Rajeev drove the car towards the sun city project.Here Geet walked towards Maan in Sun city project and called,”Maan…!!!!”

Maan saw her and said,”Geet..tum yahan kya kar rahi ho…!!!!!”And he walked forward while Geet was walking seeing him holding his lunch box while Rajji was parking the car to a side.Geet was walking under the load of the stone.It’s chain looses and it fell downwards and Maan shouted,”Geet…!!!!”And came forward to save her but someone held Geet tightly and came forward where the stone fell on the floor scratching the man’s hands.

It was none other than Rajeev..who had come there to talk with Maan abt their deal.Geet was shocked seeing the situation and was stressed and she fainted immediately.Maan snatched Geet from Rajeev’s arms & said,”Geet…aankhen kholo…!!!!!!”Rajeev was shocked that she’s Geet…becoz he had heard abt her so much that she’s an expert architect and had came there to keep the deal that she work with him to make his project’s design.

Rajeev was shocked while Maan said with panic,”Geet..aankhen kholo…!!!!!!”But Geet didn’t opened her eyes & was still unconscious.Maan lifted her in his strong arms and took her to the car and drove faster to the hospital Rajji saw Maan carrying Geet and she also followed him in her car with panic.Rajeev also followed Maan’s car toward the hospital.Maan shouted lifting Geet,”Doctor…!!!!!!”walking inside the hospital corridor.

Maan said,”Geet aankhen kholo…!!!!”But still Geet didn’t open her eyes while he shouted hoarsely with anger,”Doctor…!!!!”Rajji’s senior doctor came there and saw Geet in that situation and said to ward boy to make her lie on the stretcher.Maan lied Geet in the stretcher while Rajji ran to him.Rajji asked,”Jeeju…kya bola doctor ne…????”Maan asked,”Rajji..tumhe kaisa pata chala…!!!!”

Rajji said,”Arrey jeeju…mein bhi dee ke saath aayi thi…mein toh gaadi park karne jaa rahi thi…meine dee ko kaha bhi ki ander akeli mat jao lekin aap toh dee ko jaanthe haina…lekin kya huva…!!!!”Maan explained everything which went on in that premises for which Rajji was shocked.Rajji said,”Jeeju shaayad dee ko shock ho gaya hai…itni bhaari saaman unke sir par kahin gir jaathi toh…aisa soch kar unhe shock ho gaya hai…jeeju don’t worry kuch nahin hoga dee ko…mein doctor se baat karthi hoon!!!!!”

Rajji went inside to talk to the doctor and her senior doctor explained the situation of Geet.Rajji was shocked hearing this and she pleaded,”Nahin doctor aisa mat keejiye…dee isse bahut umeed juda hai…pls…!!!!”Maan asked Rajji pleading doctor and asked the situation.Rajji said sadly,”Jeeju..dee ke pet mein twins hai…!!!!!!!”Maan was shocked hearing that and his face split into the wide smile but it faded immediately when Rajji explained the real situation.

Rajji said sadly,”Jeeju..ek beta hai aur beti lekin…lekin aapki beti respond nahin kar rahi hai…!!!!!”Maan was shocked and collapsed to the chair.Rajji said further seeing her breaking brother-in-law,”Aur agar hum dono baby ko nahin nikaal paaye toh dee nahin bachegi…aur agar Geet is treatment ke liye respond kare toh shaayad dono bachche bach sakthe hai…!!!!!!”Maan asked immediately,”Lekin woh kyun respond nahin kar rahi hai treatment ke liye…!!!!!!”Cry

Rajji said immediately,”Pata nahin…shaayad woh abhi bhi sagme mein hai…!!!!”CryMaan asked,”Kya mein usse ek baar dekh saktha hoon?????”Rajji nodded and leaded him towards the ICU unit where she had slept lifeless feeling nothing.Maan went inside and sat beside her and took her hand and kept it on his cheek.Maan asked,”Kyun wahan aagayi…meine tumhe manaa kiya tha na…!!!!!!!Aur ab Geet woh samay beet gayi ab dekho…tumhaara Maan ro raha hai…tum sun rahi hona…!!!!”

Geet had slept lifelessly not giving any response then Maan said angrily keeping her hand to his left chest,”Geet…tumhe meri dhadkan sunaayi nahin de rahi…yeh ro rahi hai tumhaare liye…humaari pyaar ke nishaani jo tumhaari pet mein pal rahe hai…Geet ab hum jagda nahin kar sakthe…kyunki humein twins hone waale hai…aur tum unhe zinda nahin rakhna chaahthi ho..bataavo…tum unse pyaar nahin karthi..bataavo Geet…sagme se baahar aavo…aur is mushkil ka saamna dat ke karo…!!!!!!!Geet tumhe meri baat sunaayi de rahi hai ya nahin…!!!!!!Geet mujhse baat karo…plss…!!!!!!”Cry

Geet still didn’t respond him while Rajeev had seen Maan’s helplessness from the ICU.Rajeev felt ashamed for troubling a pregnant woman like this.Before their deal Rajeev had planned this that some accident happens so that the project stops right away and his project will hv the publicity.When Rajeev had saved Geet then he saw her angelic face which had the world’s innocence for he troubled her.

Rajeev smashed the men who had let the loose of the chain on Geet.Actually the plan was made to injure Maan but it had turned on Geet who had came there to give lunch box to Maan.Rajeev explained everything to Priyanka for she was angry on him so much.Priyanka accused Rajeev for troubling the Geet and her child who had abt to open it’s eyes in this world.Rajeev was so guilty and he went to his depression.

Rajji informed Geet’s condition in their home and Khurana family came to the hospital and saw Maan who had sat there feeling defeated.Dadimaa said sroking his hairs sitting beside Maan,”Maan bete..hosla rakhiye kuch nahin hoga humaari geet ko aur bachche ko bhi…!!!!!!”Naintara said,”Haan Veerji…Geet bahut strong hai woh itni asaani se haar nahin maanne waali…!!!!”Dev,Vicky,Annie try to console him but everything was so vain in front of MSK’s grief.Cry

Precap-Maan said to unconscious Geet,”Geet pls aankhen kholo…kyun tini zid kar rahi ho…dekho…mein tumhaari har zid maane ke liye tayaar hoon…plsss aankhen kholo…Cry


Maan saw Geet sleeping silently she wasn’t responding to the treatment and the baby girl inside her womb had stopped responding too.It was almost morning at 5am doctor went to see some improvement in Geet but she was still in that condition only.Doctor came to Maan and said,”Mr.Khurana am sorry ab humein dono bachche ko operation karke nikaalna hoga…nahin toh hum yeh patient ke liye lhatarnaak ho sakthi hai…aur ek bachcha bhi respond nahin kar rahi hai…agar aisa hi huva toh bachche aur maa dono ki zindagi khatre me pad sakthi hai…!!!!!”

Maan was shocked while dadimaa asked,”Aapki decision kya hai doctor…????”Doctor said,”Mere khayaal se aapko dono bachche ko pet se nikaalna hoga..aur uske liye operation karni hogi…aur haan hum us doosre twin ko nikaal kar incubator mein rakhkar hum unhe further develop hone me madat karsakthe hai..lekin aapki doosri bachchi ko shaayad bachaana naamumkin ho jaayegi…kyunki woh pet mein hi apne maa ko respond nahin kar rahi hai…!!!!!!!”

Maan once again collapsed to the chair and tears poured down from his eyes.Dadimaa said keeping her hand on his shoulder,”Maan bete…hosla rakhiye…ek baar geet ko dekhlee jiye…shaayad woh aapke pyaar ko sun sakthi hai…ek baar Maan bete…!!!!!!”Doctor saw them and said,”Mr.Khurana yaad rakhiye…yeh dono bachche aapke biwi ke zindagi ke liye khatra bansakthi hai…kya karna chaahenge..Geet aur bachchon ke beech mein aapko kisse chun na pasand karenge…!!!!!!!Pls jaldi se decide kar leejiye…nahin toh…aap teeno ko shaayad kho sakthe hai…!!!!”

Maan shouted with pain,”No…!!!!!!”On that time the nurse came running to the doctor and said with panic,”Doctor Mrs.Khurana ki dossra bachcha bhi respond nahin kar rahi hai…!!!!!!”Doctor was shocked,”What????”Which Maan heard and his family heard this and doctor ran to attend Geet.Maan ran behind her with panic and entered the ICU.Doctor said seeing Geet’s pulse which was not moving and her two babies also.

Doctor said immediately to Maan,”Mr.Khurana ab aapko bahut hi kam samay hai..ab bataayiye…kya mein bachchon ko nikaaldoon ya phir..bachchon ko bachaavoon…tabhi aapko Geet ko khona hoga…pls…!!!!!!!”Maan said immediately,”Geet…!!!!!Par operation shuru hone se pehle kya mein Geet ko ek baar milsaktha hoon?????”Doctor nodded and left the ICU to prepare for the operation.

Maan came and sat beside Geet and said painfully,”Geet pls aankhen kholo kyun itni zid kar rahi ho…dekho mein tumhaari har zid maanne ke liye tayyar hoon…plss aankhen kholo…plss…!!!!!”Maan didn’t saw any movement while his tears fell on Geet’s hand and her hand moved immediately and slowly.Maan was shocked and shouted to doctor immediately,”Doctor…!!!!!!”Nurse came and saw that Geet’s fingers r moving and rushed to inform abt it to her.

Doctor saw the ECG and her pulse which was now  giving the indication of the live.Doctor was so happy and said to Maan to be outside to continue her treatment.Maan went outside but still he saw Geet from the glass when she was moving her fingers becoz of his tears.He knew that she can’t see him like that becoz her heart would choke immediately seeing Maan in that state.

After numerous treatment which went on for several hours now Geet came to stable condition and the babies also.Geet got consciousness and whispered only one name,”Maan…!!!!!!”Doctor smiled and saw the baby in the scanning screen where the two babies were moving its tiny legs and its tiny hands which were in fists.Doctor wanted to know Geet’s movement and gave some injection to know the babies movement.

The baby girl kicked its legs to its mother’s womb to show that she’s ok and the doctor smiled at it.Geet said resisting her pain holding her raised tummy,”Ouch…!!!!”Doctor smiled and said,”Kaisi hai aap Geet????”Geet opened her almond eyes and saw the screen where her babies were moving it’s tiny legs and hands.First time her pale face split to wide smile and saw her babies lovingly.

Doctor observed this and said,”Kyun achche haina..aapke bachche…????”Geet said smiling,”Mujhe twins huva hai?????”Doctor smiled and said,”Haan…!!!!!!”And she showed a pencil to the shape of the right baby which was moving it’s tiny legs and hands slowly,”Aur yeh aapki beti hai…bahut ziddi hai shaayad woh sirf apne mamma ke baat maanegi…isiliye zid karke baithi thi that she won’t respond to our treatment…lekin uske mummy jab hosh mein aagayi tab yeh seedhe raaste par aagayi…!!!!!”

The baby girl tried to kick it’s other twin cutely inside the womb but the baby boy dodged it’s kicking by moving it’s tiny legs and then only the baby boy kicked it’s mother womb.Geet saw the cute quarrel inside the womb and was apprehensive while doctor teased Geet,”Shayad aapki beti bahut badi jagdaalu hogi…jab woh baahar aayegi…!!!!”Geet blushed furiously seeing the baby girl trying to kick it’s twin brother.

Geet moved her fingers on her tummy and the baby girl became silent after that cutely which Geet saw that on the screen.Doctor saw her eyes one last time flashing her torch to her eye and smiled and exited the ICU ordering the ward boy to shift her to the ward.Doctor came outside while Maan came forward immediately trying to know the condition with panic.

Doctor said smiling,”Geet aur bachche dono safe hai…!!!!!!”Maan’s pale face split to the wide smile and he hugged his dadimaa happily.Maan’s family was happy and they sighed deeply.Doctor said,”She’s shifted to the ward u can see her there…!!!!”Maan ran to her ward to see her where she was enjoying their babies movements.Maan saw the babies which was shown in the screen and was so happy to see the two tiny babies moving it’s fists and legs cutely.

Geet saw Maan and said,”Maan…!!!!”Maan rushed to her and hugged her tightly just like a 10 yr old boy hugs his mother.Maan kissed her all over face and gave a tight smooch to her lips and said,”Geet..aisa kabhi mere saath mat karna…pls i’ll die…!!!”On that time Geet closed his lips fm her palm and said,”Am sorry…!!!!”Maan kissed her forehead and said,”Don’t ask sorry…!!!!!Meri galathi thi ki meine breakfast nahin kiya aur tum wahan aagayi mujhe lunch dene ke liye…am sorry mein aaj se nahin karooga…yeh galathi dobaara nahin hogi…i promise…!!!!”

Maan pecked her lips for which the baby girl kicked as if she wants the kiss too.Maan bent down to her tummy and kissed the baby girl part and she became silent.Maan’s family saw their longings with tears in their eyes and all thought was same that they were praying to god to not to break the couple till their death.Maan saw his babies in the screen while little Vansh ran towards Geet to meet her.

Vansh jumped towards the bed and was abt to kick Geet’s tummy mistakenly but Naintara held Vansh and said,”Araam se beta…!!!!!”Dadimaa came and sat beside her and said kissing Geet’s forehead with love,”Yeh kya kiya aapne bete…humein toh daraadiya…!!!!!”Geet smiled while Naintara said angrily,”Humaari jaan jhokar mein daalkar aapko chain nahin mila?????”Geet smiled at her anger and said,”Dee galathi hogayi…kaan pakadthi hoon…!!!!”

After the visiting of the family which Maan witnessed sitting in the corner was frustrated that he wanted to hv Geet alone for herself but everyone r pouring to see her and he made an important call to know abt the sabotage which was made in sun city project on Geet.He came to know that it was from Rajeev Khandelwal who had tried to injure him but unfortunately Geet came to his place.

After everyone’s visiting Maan decided to stay back with geet while Geet protested that he needs rest.But Man glared at her and she became mum immediately.Maan sat beside Geet and hugged her and without thinking he pecked her lips tightly.He wanted to kiss her passionately & possessively and he kissed her like that.Geet didn’t knew that what he had took decision when doctor gave him to choose between Geet and the babies.

Precap-Maan is feeling guiltyCry

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Next morning the continuous ringing of noise of Maan’s mobile made them woke up with the jerk.Maan took the mobile & saw the caller Id & was a bit surprised.Geet was seeing Maan’s expression which Maan noticed & said kissing her lips,”Good morning jaan…mera lawyer ka phone hai…mein baat karke aata hoon tab tak tum fresh ho jao…hum aaj ghoomne chalenge…!”Geet nodded & walked towards the washroom wrapping herself in the blanket.

Maan answered the call,”Boliye Mr.Dobriyal…kya baat hai…!”Mr.Dobriyal said,”Mr.Khurana…yahan Sam ke vakeel ne Vikram ka zamaanath karvaa diya hai…!ab woh aazaad ghoom raha hai…!”Maan said with shock,”Kya lekin usse toh aajeevan kaaraghrah vaas ho gaya tha na…!Tu phir kaise baahar aaya…!”Mr.dobriyal said,”Mr.Khurana…Sameera ji ki vakeel ne yeh saabith kar diya ki jis waqt Mrs.Khurana par hamla huva tha us waqt Vikram is city mein hi nahi tha…!Mr.Khurana mein aapko yeh kehne keliye phone kiye kyunki woh ek khatarnaak insan hai woh MrS.Khurana ko kuch bhi kar saktha hai…aap pls dhyaan rakhiyega unka…mein koshish kartha hoon uski bail hataane ke liye…!”

Maan said ok to him & cut down the call & saw towards Geet who stood there with shock & dumbstruck.Maan came & hugged her & asked,”Geet…tum theek ho…???”Geet hugged him tightly & asked in panic,”Woh waapas kyun aaya hai…?”Maan saw her eyes curiously.That eyes showed panic for him & said,”Geet…woh tumhe kuch nahi karega…mein tumhe aanch bhi nahi aane doonga…!”

Geet’s possessiveness dawned in her face immediately & said protectively,”Agar woh aapko kuch bhi kiya toh mein usse zinda zameen mein gaad doongi…nahin chodungi usse…kabhi nahi…!”Maan saw her worriedly but said smiling,”Geet…hum iske bare mein baad mein baat karthe hai…philhaal humein is jagah ko dekhna hai…!So get ready fast…!”Geet saw his eyes & said smiling,”Theek hai…mein nahaake aati hoon tab tak aap breakfast order kar leejiye…!”

Maan smiled naughtily & said to change the tensed situation,”Mein tumhe help kartha hoon…!”EmbarrassedGeet said,”Bilkul bhi nahi…!”But her next blabber was muted by Maan kissing her lips passionately.Maan & Geet had the shower but as usual they didn’t control themselves & ended up making love to each other passionately.Embarrassed

Geet was tired becoz of his aggressiveness & her face glowed once again after his continuous love making.Maan made her wear the dress & continued his love making & both gulped down their breakfast & went outside to visit the places.Maan & Geet took the help of a guide who showed the places around Munnar.

The guide took Maan & Geet to visit the dam called Mettupadi Dam.Geet saw the dam with excitement & they reached the echo point.Both shouted their names while it echoed immediately.Then Geet shouted Maan’s name which echoed back while Maan called Geet’s name which too echoed back.Geet was overwhelmed to see the echo point.The guide was abt to take them to the highest point of the Munnar on that time Geet saw a man standing with the telescopic rifle which was targetted to Maan.

Geet saw Maan who was busy talking to the guide & the man pulled the trigger & bullet was discharged from the gun forcefully & it pierced the body at the right chest.When Maan had heard the gun shot then he turned towards the sound but bullet had pierced Geet’s body.Maan said with shock,”Geet…!”Shocked

Geet was abt to collapse on the ground but Maan caught her & saw towards the opposite direction where the bullet came.He saw a man smirking at him & running from there.Maan shouted angrily,”Vikram…!”Geet’s eyes darkened & she closed her eyes fainted.The guide called the ambulance immediately & Geet was took to Munnar hospital in the city.

Maan was continously rubbing Geet’s hands & said,”Geet aankhen kholo…mein tumhe kuch nahi hone doonga…!”In the hospital they were talking with Malayalam which made him frustrated & shouted at the staff angrily,”For god sake…pls can anyone speak Hindi or English…!”On that time someone said from behind,”Maan…!”Maan turned towards the source of voice & saw the person in shock.

Maan said with surprise,”Ankur…!”Mr.Ankur Nayyar was the famous senior doctor who was the best friend of Maan in pre university.Maan ran to him & said,”Ankur…pls bachaalo mere biwi ko…mein tumhaare aage haath jod tha hoon…usse goli lagi hai…!”Ankur said,”Don’t worry Maan & he said to the nurse & a ward boy in Tamil,”Patient ulle alachkyond pongo operation kki ready pankyongo(Take the patient inside & ready her for operation)”the nurse & ward boy nodded & went from there.Ankur said patting Maan,”Don’t worry Maan we’ll try our level best…!”

Ankur went inside to get ready for the operation while Maan sat in front of OT.Geet was operated & the bullet was took from her body & was surguried.A nurse came & made Maan to sign some form which Maan signed it blindly.That form said that if something happens to the patient then they’re not responsible for that.Maan saw the OT light which was still red.

On that time Maan gave his credit card number to the hospital to pay the bills & it was filled from Maan’s personal account.Maan didn’t say anything to anyone in the home becoz they will be tensed.OT light became green immediately & Maan stood immediately to see Geet.Ankur came outside & said smiling,”Don’t worry operation success hai…!She’s in sedatives but u can see her after she comes to consciousness.She’s very strong…lekin Maan yeh sab huva kaise…aur tune police ko inform kiya…?”

Maan nodded no to him while Ankur said,”Baat karlo yaar…yeh khoon ka maamla hai…Mrs.Khurana par attempted murder huva hai…!”But Maan didn’t listen to his words & he ran to see Geet.Geet who was looking pale was sleeping peacefully.Ankur saw his restlessness & smiled,”U never change MSK…!”He entered the ward & said to Maan,”Maan…kya tum meri baat samajh mein aayi…!”

Maan who was lost in Geet’s touch jumped hearing Ankur’s voice,”Mujhe maaloom hai Ankur…lein mein chaahtha hoon ki Geet theek ho jaane ke baad mein boloon…!”Ankur said,”Lekin Maan…kya huve tum mujhe toh bata sakthe ho…!”Maan said everything abt Vikram then Ankur suggested that he’ll be his guest in his house.Maan refused but Ankur insisted becoz of Geet’s safety.Geet was shifted to Ankur’s house where Geet was made slept.This was a way to protect Geet from Vikram which Maan had thought.Maan still had not told abt this in home.But his credit card bills statement went to KM of some hospital bills which Dev was shocked to see.

Dev asked abt this to Maan then Maan couldn’t hide the truth & he said everything to him.Dev sent Vicky & Rajji for some days as it was difficult to look after Geet alone to Maan in that condition.While Maan’s lawyer somehow took orders of bail from Vikram & police started searching Vikram.Police came to Munnar also searching of Vikram then only they came to know that he had attacked Geet.

On the other way Geet was recovering & got consciousness when she was shifted to Ankur’s house for the first time.Ankur’s wife Meenakshi was very kind & she welcomed them with warm welcome.Geet asked when she opened her eyes after the operation,”Aap theek toh hai…?”Ankur saw her suspiciously & saw towards Maan.Geet told Maan’s questioning eyes,”Woh aapko maarna chahtha tha…!”

Maan was shocked & said angrily,”Kya zaroorat thi…beech mein aaneki…!”Geet’s eyes welleed up hesring his words & Maan’s anger vanished into thin air & said with guilt,”Am sorry…!”Geet tried to got up but she couldn’t & Maan held her & made her to sit.He kept more pillows around the wound to feel her comfortable.Geet saw towards her & asked,”Maan hum kahan hai…yeh humaara cottage toh nahi diktha…!”

Ankur said smiling,”Aap humaare ghar mein hai bhabhiji…!”Geet saw him & saw towards Maan.Maan introduced Ankur,”Geet yeh mera dost hai…hum dono PU mein ek saath padthe the…!”Geet said trying to fold her hands but couldn’t & said painfully,”Namaste… veerji…!”Ankur smiled & held her hand to see the pulse & saw his watch.Maan stood anxiously while Ankur said that she’s perfectly alright just need some rest.

On that time Meenakshi entered with soup which Maan took it from her while Meenakshi smiled at Geet & asked,”Ab aap kaisi hai…?”Geet saw towards Maan giving the look who is she while Ankur answered,”Yeh meri biwi hai bhabhiji…!”Geet smiled & said folding her hands with difficulty,”Namaste parchaayji…!”Meenakshi felt awkward & asked innocently to Ankur,”Yeh parchaayji kaun hai…!”Ankur & Maan smiled at her question which Geet answered immediately,”Ji parachaayji ka matlab hai bhabhi…humaare Punjab mein hum yahi bulathe hai…!”

Meenakshi said rubbing her forehead,”Aap mujhe bhabhi bulaayiya…mujhe aapke Punjabi toh samajhe mein nahi aati…!”Geet smiled & nodded.Maan said to drink soup & kept that in front of her but she couldn’t while Maan came forward & made her to drink the soup & Ankur Meenakshi left them giving some privacy.

Precap-Geet recovering…!SmileMaan is becoming even more naughtyWink


Meenakshi kept the soup on the side table & went from there with her husband giving Maan & Geet privacy.Maan helped Geet getting up & kept more pillows around the wound to make her more comfortable.Maan kept the soup bowl in front of her & took the spoonful of soup near her mouth.

Geet who was so hungry came forward to drink it but Maan drank it & saw the ceiling smirking.Geet twisted her lips but said,”Maan…yeh mujhe laaya hai aapko nahi…!”She pouted cutely to babaji loudly,”Kaisa piece bana di aapne jo mere saamne kha kar mujhe…!”But her next blabber was muted by Maan sealing his lips to her.

Geet’s almond eyes popped up & he made drink soup from his mouth.Geet’s cheeks became red seeing his gesture while Maan nibbled her lips closing his eyes.He was so shaken when she was unconscious that he so wanted to kiss her all over her face making himself feel to his body & soul that she’s ok & alright.

Geet felt this & she also closed her eyes feeling the kiss.Geet raised her right hand to hold his hairs but she winced with pain,”Ouch!”OuchMaan was so concerned that he left her lips & asked,”Kya huva Geet dard ho raha hai?Mein abhi Ankur ko bulaake laatha hoon…!”ShockedMaan stood up but Geet held his hand from left hand & said,”Mein theek hoon Maan…!Mujhe bhook lagi hai…!”

Maan smiled & asked shamelessly,”Pet ka ya soul ka…?”WinkGeet blushed furiously & wacked his hands softly saying,”Maan…!”BlushingMaan saw her cheeks which had turned to apple color & bit it softly & sat beside her & fed the soup to her.Geet was overwhelmed seeing Maan’s love which he was showering on her & her eyes welled up with happiness.

Maan saw her glistening eyes & asked,”Tum ro kyun rahi ho…?”ShockedGeet said behind the happy tears,”Mein bahut lucky hoon…jo mujhe aap jaisa pati mile…I love u Maan…!CryMaan pecked her lips & wiped her tears immediately & said smiling,”I love u too Geet…!”Geet came forward & pecked his lips softly which he took as submission & kissed her lips passionately not giving the stress on her right hand.

Next morning Vicky & Rajji came to Ankur’s home & met Geet & Maan there.When Rajji saw Geet’s state then her eyes welled up & she hugged her immediately & broke down completely.Geet rubbed her back soothing her while Vicky informed abt Vikram that his bail has been taken back & police is searching him.Maan didn’t wanted to give Geet stress took Vicky with him leaving Rajji with Geet to look after her in search of Vikram.

Geet was feeling comfortable with Ankur & Meenakshi.After one week Maan asked Ankur that can she travel as he had decided to take her back to Delhi.Meanwhile between these fiasco a good news had reached Maan & Geet that Naintara is pregnant.After this news Geet wanted to see Naintara badly as she wanted to support her in this condition physically & mentally.

Meanwhile Adi got to know abt Geet’s condition & confronted Maan in phone angrily.Adi said angrily,”Maan…tumhaare saath aur choti ke saath yeh sab kuch huva lekin tumne mujhe bataaya tak nahi…!Aaj Dev ne mujhe bataaya ki Geet par hamla huva hai…!”AngryMaan said calmly,”Relax Adi…!Kuch nahi huva hai Geet ko…she’s recovering rapidly!”Adi nodded dismissively seeing his attitude but said firmly,”Mujhe choti se baat karni hai usse phone do…!”Maan gave the phone to Geet & she took it then she heard Adi’s hoarse but concerned voice,”Kaisi ho choti…!”Geet answered feeling nervous,”Mein theek hoon veerji…woh Maan ko meine hi mana kiya tha aapko na bataane ka…woh aap aur Pinky honeymoon mein the na toh mein aapko disturb karna zaroori nahi samjhi…!”Adi said angrily,”Zaroori nahin samjhi…!choti tumhe pata haina ki hum sab tumse kitna pyaar kathe hain aur tumhe laga ki yeh sab sunne ke baad hum honeymoon manaayenge…choti tum par hamla huva hai…aur tum badi aasaani se keh rahi ho ki mein theek hoon…!AngryHum kal aa rahe hai wahan tumhe dekhne ke liye…!”Adn he cut the call angrily.

Geet confided this to Maan & Maan thought that she’ll save in KM & agreed to go back to KM.Maan talked to Ankur & Ankur assured that Geet can travel but she’ll not be stressed.Maan agreed for all his conditions & Maan booked the tickets for him,Geet,Vicky & Rajji.Geet didn’t complain abt anything as Maan was bit upset seeing her condition.Adi was told to not come there as they’re going back to Delhi.

Everyone went back to KM while dadi stood near the door holding the aarti.When Geet came then dadi did aarti to her & said kissing her forehead,”Bhagwaan kare aapko kisiki nazar na lage…!Yeh kya kiya aapne bete…aapne toh humein daraadiya…!”Geet entered with dadi who were stroking Geet’s head softly.When Geet entered then she hugged Naintara & congratulated her.

Naintara also kissed Geet becoz she was also worried that Vikram once again tried to kill her.Naintara said,”Hum sab bahut khush kismat hai…jo aap jaisa bahu is ghar ko mili…Geet aap kabhi humse door mat ho jaayiyega…humein bahut dar lagtha hai…!”CryGeet wiped Naintara’s tears & said,”Nahin di aap is waqt nahi rona chaahiye…baby ke liye theek nahi hoga…!”Naintara blushedEmbarrassed

Pinky was worried for Geet & ran to her when she landed finishing her honeymoon.Geet was happy & hugged her tightly seeing her.Pinky decided that she’ll live with Geet for sometime & help her with the house works while Adi agreed but was a bit disappointed that he have to be far away from Pinky.

Geet didn’t gave any oppurtunity to Naintara to get stressed she was looking after her very carefully.Here Maan was still fighting with the fraud case with Sameera & also proved that she has the hands on Geet’s third attack of Geet.Sameera was imprisoned for 14 yrs which made Sameera livid.

Maan was away from Geet for one week as he was busy with work & the Sameera’s case.At Monday Maan came to KM early to Geet give surprise while Geet was in the kitchen preparing the kheer for Naintara.Her mood swings & baby’s khwaish which made her prepare kheer.

Maan came to the kitchen & hugged Geet from back.Geet was scared first but sighed seeing Maan.Geet said clutching her heart,”Maan..aapne toh mujhe daraa diya…!”Maan said possessively,”Meri Mishti ko mere alaava kaun pakad saktha hai…aur agar pakadne ki koshishi ki toh mein uska haath thod doonga…!”Geet smiled at her possessiveness but she continued her work while Maan bit her shoulder from his razor sharp teeth.Angry

Geet said frowning,”Ouch…Maan…!”OuchChodiye mujhe mein Naintara di ke liye kheer bana rahi hoon…pehli baar khwaish hai unki aur bachche ka bhi…!”Maan squeezed her waist softly which made Geet moan his name while Maan said kissing her shoulder,”Mein tumse samay bitaane ke liye jaldi waapas aaya office se lekin tum Naintara ke liye kheer bana rahi ho…!”Angry

Maan kissed her cheeks making her breathe heavily while Geet resisted his closeness & said,”Maan sharaarat mat kijiye…aur dee ka khwaish hai…!”Maan said hugging her waist & biting her milky white back,”Toh phir mera kya hoga…!”WinkGeet said releasing her from his grip & said patting his cheeks,”Yeh Kheer khatam kardoon & dedoon…phir mein aapke paas hi aajaaoungi…!”Smile

Maan made a cute complaining face but nodded pecking her lips tightly which made Geet pout cutely.Geet gave the kheer to Naintara & told that it is hot & said to eat it after it becomes cold & went to their room.The room was dark & Geet said,”Maan…aap yahan hai kya…!”The room was suddenly lit & Geet saw their room with widened with eyes.Embarrassed

The room was decorated with scented candles & rose petals like suhaagraat decorations.Embarrassed

Maan came there wearing the green color sherwani & gave her the orange color sari to wear.Geet who was blushing seeing the decorations even more blushed seeing the sari.Geet toom the sari & was abt to go to washroom but Maan said,”Mere saamne hi change karlo…mein tumhe kuch nahi karoonga…!”Embarrassed

Geet blushed profusely but wore the sari while Maan went to close the door.Geet stood in front of him lowering her eyes with shy while Maan came forward & lifted her chin.He saw his eyes in her eyes & kissed her lips immediately.Geet was shocked with his sudden gesture but she responded him back.Embarrassed

They kissed each other passionately & Maan’s tongue entered to plunder her treasure.Both parted to grab some air then Maan turned her & kissed her back.Her heart throbbed with anticipation & she clenched her fist.He kissed her back softly & then bit her back to less his urges.Geet moaned loudly his name which made him his pleasure high.Embarrassed

Maan lifted her in his arms & took her towards the bed & made her lie down on the bed.He kissed her lips nibbling her lower lip & kissed her all over body.Geet made him sleep on the bed & kissed him all over the body taking his sherwani.Geet couldn’t tolearte her urges & she kissed his full body & bit him to groan.Embarrassed

Maan hovered on her immediately & he ripped off her blouse & inners & took off her sari & bottom & kissed her all over the body.Then he bit her making her moan his name loudly.When their urges towered & couldn’t tolerate then Maan entered inside her.He entered inside her slowly but his pace became faster.He thrusted inside her & pounded her which made her Geet moan loudly.Embarrassed

Maan thrusted inside her aggressively & they repeated it till they were exhausted & slept in each other’s arms feeling contented.Embarrassed

Precap-One month wedding anniversary.Embarrassed


Geet woke up rubbing her eyes & saw Maan who was sleeping peacefully.His hands were around her waist who held tightly while Geet saw the sleeping Maan who had slept like a innocent child.Geet saw around her that their clothes were scattered on the ground & remembered yesterday’s events.Geet’s cheeks turned red with shy.Then she moved her thighs which had slight pain & she winced in pain but shied remembering how he was aggressive once again.Blushing

Geet tried to rise from his chest where she slept & saw that her mangalsutra struck to his locket.Geet saw that & she tried to free it then Maan turned with Geet & slept on his back.Now Geet was sleeping on his chest once again & listened his heart beat rapidly.Geet once again raised her head from his chest & freed her mangalsutra and was abt to get up but he held her waist tightly.Embarrassed

Geet saw Maan immediately who closed his eyes immediately.Geet sighed that he’s playing with her & pleaded,”Chodiye na mujhe…mujhe bahut saara kaam hai…!”EmbarrassedMaan smiled & opened his eyes & gazed at her lovingly which made her blush once again.BlushingMaan pecked her lips & said,”Happy first month wedding anniversary…!”Wink

Geet saw him smiling sweetly & asked,”Aapko yaad tha…!”Maan nodded making her comfortable on his chest while Geet said lovingly kissing his chest,”Mujhe toh laga ki humaari shaadi barson pehle ho gayi hai…!Lekin hakeekat toh yeh hai ki humaari shaadi huye sirf ek mahine huva hai…!SmileEmbarrassedKyun na hum yeh sabke saath celebrate kare…!SmileGeet saw him eagerly while Maan made cute complaining face & said,”Geet,,,mein chaahtha hoon ki sirf hum dono rahe…sirf hum dono…!Wink

Geet made a cute disappointed baby face & said,”Maan…hum akele kyun…yeh mat bhooliyega ki hum dono nahi hai is parivaar mein…dadimaa hai…Annie,Vicky,Dev aur Naintara dee…sab log toh hai…nahin mujhe akele celebrate nahin karni…!”AngryMaan said pleadingly,”Par…!”But he was muted by Geet’s hand & Geet said,”Bas kehdiya meine…aur waise bhi agar hum akele manaathe toh aap mujhe bahut tang karthe hai…!Party mein toh sab log honge tab aap mujhe kuch bhi nahin karnage haina…!”

Maan glared at her & held her waist tightly & asked,”Mein tumhe tang kartha hoon…!Toh theek hai…aaj se mein tumhaare paas bhi nahin aaounga…!”Geet fluttered her eye lashes seeing him sarcastically while Maan melted seeing her gaze.Geet asked showing his grip around her waist,”Toh yeh kya hai…?Ab agar aap shapath kliya hi hai…toh phir mujhe aap aise kyun pakad ke rakha hai…???Wink

Maan glared at her & left his grip immediately which made her disturbed & said immediately,”Nahin Maan mein toh mazaak kar rahi thi…sorry…!”Maan said angrily,”Mrs.Khurana…aap mere upar se uth jaayiye…mujhe work out karna hai…!”Geet twisted her lips pouting & she slept beside him giving access to Maan to get up.Maan got up but instead he hovered on her & saw her with mischieveous eyes while Geet smirked seeing his gesture.

Maan gave a passionate kiss to Geet & apart to grab some air & said,”Happy Anniversary…!”And he got up from her & lifted her on his arms & said smiling shamelessly,”Let’s have the shower together…I’ve to teach u some lesson…!”Geet was abt to talk but was muted by Maan sealing his lips into hers.

Both had the shower while Maan was energised while Geet was tired becoz of Maan’s continuous love making in the shower which she was so tired that her body started to ache.Maan saw her tiredness & made her to sleep smiling slyly,Geet pouted cutely,”Aap has rahe ho…!mujhe aise tang karke…!ab dekho mein ek bhi kaam nahi kar paayi aaj…saara kaam toh Nakul hi dekhna hai aaj…!Mein aap se baat nahin karoongi…!”And she turned that side with anger.Angry

Maan had the urge to kiss her passionately once again but resisted & said pecking her lips,”Geet…saara din tum kaam karke thak jaathi ho…toh meine tumhe ek din rest de raha hoon…!WinkGeet pouted cutely & said angrily,”Aur ghar ka kaam kaun karega…Maan Singh Khurana…???”AngryMaan came forward & pinned her on the bed & whispered huskily,”Agar tumhaari yahi ichcha hai toh mein yahi karunga…!Aaj toh humaari pehle mahine ki anniversary hai…toh mein chahtha hoon ki mein apni biwi ke saath akele manaavoon…!”

Geet asked showing her wide almond eyes,”Isiliye aaj aapne mujhe tang kardiya…!Hai babaji…inhe kaise mujhe phasaneka raasta mil jaathe hai…!”Then she smirked wildly & asked,”Aagar aap wakay mein mere saath samay bithaana chahthe ho…toh mujhe bhook lagi hai…jaldi se jaayiye mere liye aloo ke paaraathe…usme ghee daalna mat bhooliye…aur mujhe meethi lassi…aur dahi woh bhi masala waala…banaakar laayiye…!”She said him bossily.

Maan who saw with mouth hanging open asked slowly,”Aur bhi kuch farmaayish aapki reh gayi hai toh abhi bataa deejiye…!”Geet’s eyes widened with excitement & said,”Mujhe woh gol gappe chaahiye…ek dum teeka waala…aur aap usme bahut saare chutney aur aloo daalna mat bhooliyega…!”Maan stood there dumbstruck becoz now he was cursing himself of going to kitchen & preparing these dishes.

Geet saw him who’s mouth was hanging wide open & asked innocently,”Aap…kisliye intezaar ka rahe hai…jaayiye mujhe bhook lagi hai…!”Maan nodded slowly & went to have the shower & Geet smirked & thought,”Ab aayega mazaa…Mr.MSK…doosro ko tang karne ka bahut shock haina aapko…agar mein aap ko mere saamne haartha huva nahi karsaktha yeh sab kaam aisa nahi kehlaaya toh mera naam bhi GMSK nahi!”

Her words were heard by Maan who had came outside after his shower & smirked & thought,”Geet…mein bhi dekhtha hoon ki tum mujhse kaise jeetoge…!”Geet saw Maan & ordered,”Maan…aap khade khade kya soch rahe hai…jaayiye mujhe bhook lagi hai…!”Maan nodded politely & said,”Bilkul begum saahiba…aapka hukum saraakho pe…!”And he went from there & GHeet was wondering,”Yeh inhe achaanak kya ho gaya…yeh kitchen jaa rahe hai…!”And she pinched herself & she felt that she’s not dreaming & said to herself,”Chal Geet puttar nahin toh kitchen tehse nehse ho jaayega…!”She had the shower & ran into kitchen.

When she ran to the kitchen then she saw then scene with wide eyes.There stood Maan who was mixing the wheat flour to make paratha.Geet came inside the kitchen & touched his muscles which made him shiver down his spine with her touch.Maan saw her curiously & asked,”Geet…tum aise kyun dekh rahi ho…!”ShockedGeet saw him & touched him & asked,”Aap MSK hai…yaa unke duplicate…!!!”Maan saw her innocently but was enjoying hr reaction & to distract her he shouted ouch as if he has cut his fingers & Geet was so concerned & asked,”Kahan lagi…!”And she blew the air to his every fingers which made his urge to tower but resisted.

Then he truly cut his finger & blood started to ooze which made Geet’s eyes welled up becoz of his pain & she sucked his finger & asked with pain & anger,”Kya zaroorat thi yahan aane ki…mujhe maaloom hai yeh aapke bas ki baat nahi lekin aap meri kya sunte hai…!”And she bandaged his finger & kissed it softly caressing it.Maan saw her face which showed pain for his pain & kissed her lips immediately which she responded back.

They broke apart to grab some air & Maan said breathing heavily,”Aaj,mein apni biwi ko apne haathon se khaana banaana chahtha hoon Geet…tum jao mein tumhe woh dishes banoonga jo tumne pharmaaish keethi…!WinkGeet blushed but said worriedly,”Lekin Maan aapki ungli…!”But Maan stopped her blabber & said,”Don’t worry jaan…mein bahut saavdhaani se karoonga…ab jao…!”Geet still saw his finger & kissed it once again & said,”Mein aapka kaam dekhoon yahan baith kar…?”

Maan came forward & made her to sit on the kitchen table & prepared the dishes at 30 minutes.Geet was awed seeing him preparing the dishes & she forgot to challenge MSK.Geet’s aloo paratha,gol gappe aur meetha lassi was prepared & kept on the dining table.Geet took her bite & made to eat it to Maan.Maan ate it & was abt to took his bite but his finger was injured so Geet fed him.Geet was overwhelmed to see Maan’s love & her eyes welled up which Maan saw her tears & frowned.

Then Geet forward & pecked his lips softly & said,”Happy anniversary of first month!”Maan smiled & said same to u to Geet pecking her lips tightly.Maan ate the pepperful gol gappe & started coughing becoz of the pepper action while Geet made her to drink the sweet lassi immediately.Maan smiled between drinking which said,”Thank u!”The lassi sipping made a white moustache which Geet came & licked it makign him his urges tower & he ended up another round of love making to Geet after breakfast in his room.

Naintara & dadimaa saw the breakfast scene & was overwhelmed to see their love which were rising as tie proceeded.Here Sam appealed her case in supreme court by another lawyer try to come outside & Vikram was once again captured from the police & was threw into the prison.

Precap-Naintara & baby’s murder attempt by Sameera but Maan & Geet save her.


After continuous love making Geet & Maan were exhausted & slept in each other’s embrace feeling contented.Geet got up as usual time & took the shower & wore her dress & came & saw that Maan was still sleeping & saw the time.

It was almost eight & Geet frowned & came near him & said,”Maan…uthiye aat baj rahi hai…aur aap abhi tak soye hai…!ShockedMaan came forward & slept on her lap & nodded no to him.Geet frowned,”Aaj kal aap bahut lazy ho gaye hai…kal bhi aap office nahi gaye aur aaj jaane ka iraada hai ya nahi…?”

Maan frowned & opened his eyes rubbing & pulled her near him & took her lips into his immediately.Geet pushed him immediately & said,”Maan…nahaake aayiye…aapke moo se badboo aa rahi hai…!”AngryMaan glared at her & went to have shower on that time his mobile started to ring.

Geet took Maan’s dress & laptop & briefcase.Geet said seeing the mobile,”Maan…aapka phone baj raha hai…!”Maan said from inside opening the door,”Usse speaker mein daal do…!”Geet came near the bathroom & held the phone switching it to speaker.There came a female voice which said,”Hello meri jaan…!”

Maan & Geet froze hearing the voice,it was Sam’s voice.Maan’s lips tightened hearing Sam’s voice & saw towards Geet.Geet’s lips were also tightened becoz of Sam’s voice.Her face showed anger & hatredness reflected in those almond eyes.

Maan washed his mouth immediately & took the phone from Geet & shocked,”Sam…!ShockedSameera laughed & said,”Meri jaan…tumhaari yeh chanka denevaali aawaaz haina…woh mujhe bahut achchi lagthi hai…!”

Maan said angrily,”Tum yahan kyun phone ka rahi ho…!”Sameera said laughing sinisterly,”Maan…mein kyun phone karthi hoon…tumse pyaar bhari awaaz ko sunna chahthi hoon…aur kya…tumne meri deal ke baare mein socha hai…?”Geet saw Maan eagerly while Maan avoided her gaze & asked innocently,”Kaunsi deal…???”

Sameera said shaping her nails from the sharpaner,”Kaunsi deal…!Lagtha hai tum Geet ke pyaar mein apna yaadaash kho rahe ho…!”Mein us deal ke baare mein baat kar rahi hoon…jisse tumhaare parivaar ki salaamathi hogi…nahin toh…tum jaanthe ho…ki mein kuch bhi karsakthi hoon…!Humaara deal yahi tha ki tum aur Geet dono mere upar jo cases hai usse waapas lelo…nahi toh…!!!!”And she disconnected the phone immediately.

Geet saw Maan & asked worriedly,”Nahin toh yeh kya karegi Maan…aur isne kab is deal ke baare mein bataaya tha…aapne mujhe bataaya nahi…!”Maan didn’t answer anything & wore his dress silently & went from there.He had the breakfast silently which Geet served him.Geet’s gaze was piercing his soul of not telling anything abt this to her which he avoided.

In the office he was so disturbed becoz of the morning conversation with Geet & was frustrated & shouted at employees.Adi saw his temper & phoned up & asked Geet that everything is alright.Geet said innocently that everything’s alright but she hear Maan shouting in the office hoarsely.

Geet rushed to the office immediately to calm him down or else he’ll fire all the employees showing his worst temper.Geet entered the office & saw the staff who were bewildered & scared seeing Maan’s temper.The staff were relieved seeing Geet becoz she’s the one who can resist Maan’s anger.

Maan was shouting at scared Sasha who had done anything mistake in the blue prints.Geet entered his cabin without knocking & took a blast from Maan,”Knock karke nahi aa sakthi kya…!”AngryGeet glared at him  & said with attitude,”Oh hello Mr.Khurana…yeh mera bhi office hai…aur mujhe poora haq hai…jahan bhi jaane ka…!Aur yeh kya hai…aap Sasha par kyun itna chilla rahe hai…?Angry

Maan said angrily,”Isne phirse galathi ki hai blue pritns banaane mein…and I won’t like carelessness in the works…do u understand?”Geet eye gestured Sasha to go from here & Sasha nodded politely & went from there closing the cabin.Geet closed the blinds & curtains & locked the door.Geet’s pirecing gaze made him even more uncomfortable & asked politely,”Tum yahan kyun aayi ho…???”Shocked

Geet came forward while Maan was conscious & saw her with shock.Geet went inside his hard frame & took his lips into his lips.Maan was shocked but he responded back & his frustration vanished into thin air when his lips touched her soft petal like lips.Maan pinned her to the wall & moved his hands under her kurta feeling her softness while Geet moaned between the kiss.

They broke apart to grab some air then Geet kissed his forehead & cupped his face & asked,”Kyun itna gussa kar rahe ho…???”ShockedMaan hugged her immediately to the bone crushing hug & kissed her shoulder & bit it.His anger was going its peak but Geet was making his anger melt.Geet fell silent but stroked his air lovingly & held him tight.

Maan & Geet both hugged each other while Maan was kissing her all over the face.Geet’s urges were towering but she controlled to know the real matter of his anger.She stood there hugging him tightly & stroking his hair lovingly.Then Maan pulled back & said,”Geet,us din Vikram ne mere upar attack kiya tha…jab mein aur Vicky usse dhoodne gaye the…!”Geet was shocked & asked with concern,”Aapko kuch nahi huva usse…aapne mujhe kyun nahi bataaya…!”

Maan held his index finger on her soft lips & said smiling seeing her concern,”Meri poori baat toh suno…!”Geet saw him eagerly while Maan continued,”Jab meine Vikram ko pakad liya tha us din Sam ne mujhe phone kiya tha aur dhamkaaya ki agar hum uske aur Vikram ki case waapas nahi liya toh…woh humaare parivaar ko nahi chodegi…isiliye Sam se tumhaare upar hamla ek sample tha humein daraane ke liye ki agar hum uski baat nahi maani toh woh humaare parivaar ko nahi chodegi…!Phir bhi mein Sam ki baat nahi suni aur usse sazaa dilaadi…phir bhi woh mujhse wahi sharat rakha…abhi bhi woh mujhe pareshan kar rahi hai…phone kar ke…roz phone karthi hai aur mujhe pareshan karthi hai…!”

Geet came forward & hugged him immediately now she came to know that why she was avoiding her eyes.Geet’s eyes welled up & said,”Itne pareshaani aap apne dil mein rakhe the aur mujhe bataaya tak nahi…!”Then she pushed him immediately which made Maan disturbed with her gesture & was abt to say something but Geet closed his mouth from her palm & said,”Hum ghar mein baat karthe hai…kaam khatam karke aajaayiye…!mein jaa rahi hoon…!”And she went from there leaving shocked Maan.

At evening after dinner,Maan came to their room & saw that Geet has already slept & cursed himself of not telling the truth to her in right time but he was always made wrong.Geet said turning towards him,”Maan…!”Maan saw her with amazement while Geet gestured to come & sleep beside her.Maan ran to the bed & slept beside her keeping his head on her chest & hugging her waist.

Geet stroked his hairs lovingly & kissed his hairs & said,”Maan…hum Sam se ladenge…woh humaare parivaar ko kuch bhi nahi kar sakthi…yeh mujhe par chod dijiye…mein usse sabak zaroor sikhaavoongi…!”Maan saw her determined face & knew that she had done something for Sam & smiled immediately.Geet pecked his lips & said good night to him.

Maan who was so tired of the work slept in her embrace pecking her lips tightly.Next morning Sam had planned to give another shock to Khuranas & she took the help from Rasika Rathod who was her best friend.As Sam’s plan Rasika kept a business party & it was assigned by Naintara’s event management company.

Geet had accompained Naintara & was helping her in that work.Sam knew that Geet is gonna come to the party to help Naintara.Sam wanted to hurt Geet in the party & made Geet to go to the storeroom where she tried to make fall the chandelier on Geet but was Geet was saved by Man who had fortunately came to the hotel for some business meeting & came to meet Geet or rather have to say to make love to Geet.

Maan shouted hoarsely at Rasika for sending to that room where Geet was abt to be hurted.Geet made him to be calm but Maan tried to drag her with him.But Geet refused as she had come to help Naintara.Sam’s plan flopped becoz of Maan which made her livid with anger & said to herself that she’ll kill one of the family & targetted Naintara & the baby.

Sam reached the party as Rasika had invited her.Geet was shocked to see Sam there & was even more shocked when she came to know that Rasika is Sam’s business partner & her best friend.Sam didn’t know that Rasika is the cousin of Naintara & she was protecting her as she’s 3 months pregnant.Rasika didn’t know any truth abt Sameera just knew that Geet stole Maan from Sam.

Rasika always insulted Geet in front of everybody which made Maan livid.He had cancelled the deal from Rasika becoz of this reason only but Geet had made him to accept the deal making him approve for the deal.Sam knew everything & thought of killing Naintara & baby & frame it on Geet.But Sam didn’t knew that Geet was also alert…she knew that chandelier didn’t fell itself…it was a trap on her.Maan was also suspicious abt this incident & had agreed to come to the party which was unaware to Sam.

Sam told the half plan to Rasika to make Geet come to the terrace.Rasika was abt to make Geet to go to the terrace which was not done instead Naintara went to the terrace.When Naintara saw Sam then she shouted immediately,”Geet…!ShockedGeet heard her pleas & saw towards Maan who had entered the party on that time only.Geet saw that Naintara walking backwards while Sam walked forward.

Geet ran to terrace immediately but she was blocked by Vikram who was in bail once again like Sam.Geet saw Vikram & anger coursed from her veins & she punched him in the nose & made him to fall off from the staircase.Maan came behind Geet & Vikram fell over Maan while Maan held him & saw the man who was he & was shocked.Shocked

Maan’s anger went to the peak & beat him black & blue while Naintara was abt fall from the terrace but was held by Sameera.Rasika saw this incident & came to know that she was trying to kill her cousin & stood there frozen to death.Sameera did some drama that she can’t hold her tightly & her hand slipping & left Naintara’s hands immediately.Naintara was shocked when she left her hand & shouted once again,”Geet…!”

On that time Geet held Naintara’s hand immediately & tightly.Sam was angry seeing Geet saving her sister-in-law & tried to stop her by pulling Geet inappropriately but Geet’s anger was on its peak & she slapped Sam’s face forcefully & Sam was pushed from Geet & she fell to the ground near by.On that time Maan came there & he also held Naintara’s other hand tightly & Geet & Maan both pulled her up immediately.

After pulling her up Naintara hugged Geet & started to cry hoarsely & she sheilded her tummy carefully.Geet soothed her & said,”Dee…kuch nahi huva hai…aap aur aapka baby salaamath hai…!”Naintara was still crying while Maan dialled to Dev immediately & he called Rajji as she was gynacologist doctor.On that time Naintara fainted immediately which made Maan & Geet even more panic.

Maan lifted Naintara & took her while Geet followed him immediately.Maan placed Naintara in the back seat & told to Dev to come to the hospital as she has fainted.Geet was trying to make her come to the conscious but she was still fainted.Maan & Geet took Naintara to the hospital where Rajji was ready to check up Naintara.Rajji did check up of Naintara & said to Geet who was so worried,”Dee,jiju,darne ki koi baat nahi…Naintara dee shock mein hai…lekin kya huva tha…ki woh itni shock mein hai…!”Geet told abt the incident in Rasika’s party that how Sameera tried to kill Naintara & her baby.

Rajji sighed but said,”Dee dhyaan rakhiyega…Naintara dee ko koi bhi stress nahi honi chaahiye…!”On that time Dev ran into the hospital & saw Naintara & his eyes welled up.He sat beside her holding her hand while Nainatar opened her eyes & saw Dev there.Seh hugged him immediately & said,”Woh mujhe maar degi…mere bachche ko bhi maar degi…!”Dev soothed her with difficulty that no one is gonna harm her & their baby.

Naintara was feeling calm after so many persuasion & she was shifted to KM.Dadimaa was worried hearing that incident & hugged Naintara immediately & kissed her forehead & said patting her cheeks,”Ab aap kaisi hai bete…?”Naintara smiled & said,”Mein theek hoon dadimaa…mujhe koi kuch nahi karsaktha…jab tak Geet hai mere paas…!”Geet smiled & said,”Dee…aap apne room mein jaayiye mein aapke liye soup laathi hoon…!”

Dev took Naintara to their room & Geet went to the kitchen to prepare soup.After preparing hot soup she took it in the bowl to Naintara’s room.Naintara was feeling calm & Dev was loving her in her lips.Geet’s cheeks became red & cleared her throat immediately which made Dev & Naintara broke apart.They both saw Geet with embarassment & Dev went from there immediately.Geet came inside & said keeping the soup beside Naintara,”Soup peelijiye dee…garam hai…mein aapko pilaavoon…?”

Naintara made fuss but Geet sat opposite her & took a spoonful of soup & blew it & made Naintara to drink it.Here Rasika knew the incident & blasted on Sameera & arrested her to the police immediately.Sameera tried to convince her but Rasika didn’t listened to her & said her to not show her face forever.Rasika was feeling guilty becoz of her that Naintara & her baby was in danger.Rasika also felt that Geet isn’t a bad girl & came to know that it was Sam who cheated Maan.

Precap-Sam’s another truth…ShockedNaughty Maan…Wink


Geet came to meet Sam in the jail with Maan.Sam was sitting leaning to the cell & had kept her head on her knees.Her hands were filthy with black coal & the cell’s walls were filled with some writings.Sam had written Geet’s name & had cot it from the black coal.

The constable came there & said to Sam rudely,”Oye…tumse milne koi aaya hai…!”Sam saw who’s that & her lips tightened seeing Geet & Maan there.Sam came forward & held the railings & gave a sinister smile to Geet & said,”Kya dekhne aayi ho yahan…!Yahi ki mein yahan khush hoon ya dukhi hoon…!”

Geet saw her pitily which Sam can’t tolerate & she held Geet’s hairs tightly from the bars.Geet screamed with pain while Sam said holding her hairs tightly,”Har baar mere plan tum flop kardethi ho…!Tum jaanthe ho ki mein kaun hoon…Is sheher ke sabse politician ki beti lekin mein yahan sallakhon ke peeche hoon toh sirf teri wajaise…!”

Maan made Sam’s grip loosen from Geet’s hair.Geet’s anger went to it’s peak & she held Sam’s throat immediately & said,”Tumhaari yahi sazaa hai Sam…!”And she squeezed her throat & Sam’s face became red & she started breathing heavily.Then Geet pushed her immediately leaving her grip from Sam’s throat.

Geet’s face now showed rage & said,”You deserve it for what u’ve done.Tumhe lagtha hai ki yeh sab galath kaam karke tum itni aasaani se yahan se choot jaoge toh yeh tumhaari galathfami hai…!Tum dheere paagal ho rahi ho…jis vastu ko tum cheenne chaahthi ho… woh tumhe kabhi nahi milega…!”Sam said angrily,”Kyunki yeh sab tumhaari wajaise ho raha hai…!”Then he showed her fingers towards Geet’s mangalsutra & said,”Iss pehen ne ka haq toh sirf mera tha jisse tumne cheen liya…!”

Geet saw her full of hatred but said sarcastically,”Sam,tum sirf swarthi ho…!”Sam said immediately & angrily,”Haan…hoon mein swarthi…apne pyaar ko mein paane ke liye mein hoon swarthi…!Arre mein kabhi tumhaari pati se pyaar hi nahi kiya…!Mein sirf Raj se pyaar kiya tha…!”This truth made Maan aur Geet wide their eyes with shock.

Sam continued painfully,”Lekin jaanthe ho…papa is rishthe se kabhi raazi nahi the…woh chaahthe the ki mein ek aisi insan ke saath shaadi karoon jo paisonwala ho aur woh papa ko apne party ki image bhadaane ke liye aur financially unhe assist kar sakoon…!Papa ne Raj approve kabhi nahi kiya…kyunki woh middle class se tha…!”

Geet was shocked to hear that becoz Mr.Shroff was always kind,humble & down-to-earth person but this truth was making her shock.But she also thought is she trying to trick us or not.Sam continued,”Isiliye mein Maan ke peeche padi…kyunki uske paas toh property tha na…aur papa ne mujhe deadline bhi dediya ki meri shaadi meri padhaayi poora ho jaane ke baad hoga aur wo bhi kissi amir zaade se…!Toh meine hi ek ladka dhoond liya aur woh tha Maan…!”

Sam’s eyes welled up & tears poured down from her eyes & said,”Yeh sab kuch Raj ko pata nahi tha…woh sirf mujhse pyaar kartha tha…!Lekin jis din papa ki baat suni us din woh bhi merte plan mein shaamil ho gaya…aur woh sab kuch humne kiya…aur Maan tha is sheher ka sabse bada ameer businessman toh meine iske saath pyaar ka naatak karne lagi…!”

Then she turned & saw Geet with anger & disgust,”Lekin tum mere plan ke beech mein aagayi…Maan ko bachaane ke liye…!Aur tumne usse bachaaliya us CD ko dikhaakar…jab mein aur Raj dono pyar kar rahe the…!”Geet smiled wickedly & said,”Sam mein tumhaare jaankaari ke liye bataadoon ki mein woh CD Maan ko dikhaane se pehle,tumhaare papa ko dikhaaya tha…!”

Sam was shocked hearing this piece of information from Geet.Geet continued,”Agar tumhaare papa itni badi galathi kar rahe the toh unhone mujhe woh CD Maan ke saamne play karne ke liye permission nahi dethe…!”Sam was shocked hearing this & her hatred towards her father went to its peak.

Geet continued smiling,”Sam,agar woh apne politics mein tumhe time nahi dethe the iska matlab ye nahi ki woh tumse pyaar nahi karthe the…tumhaara papa tumse bahut pyaar karthe hai…isisliye unhone mujhse maafi bhi maangi thi jab mein waapas college join kiya tha jab tumne mera jeena mushkil kar diya tha Maan ke absence mein…!”

Maan was silent spectator of their conversation who was seeing Geet affectionately when he saw that she was charging Sam.Sam was caught off guard now hearing this piece of information.Geet smiled once again & went from there while Maan followed her giving disgusted look to Sam.

Sam was once again failed in this plan also but one truth was that she truly loved Raj & she did these mistakes for him only not becoz of her dad but for her reputation.If everyone started to make fun of her that she has loved a middle class guy which was unaware to Raj also.Becoz Sam has told the lies that Maan tried to misbehave with her & taking the revenge from him.

After meeting the Sam in the cell Geet was disturbed becoz of Sam’s behaviour which Maan noticed it.Both came to the KM silently & went to their room feeling tired.Geet hadn’t talked after Sam’s conversation which Maan noticed it.Maan decided to take Geet to somewhere for dinner or lunch to make her mood happy.

Geet who hadn’t talked anything after Sam’s meeting came & slept peacefully on Maan’s chest to feel herself calm.After sometime she felt calm & fallen asleep immediately in Maan’s embrace.Maan kissed her hairs & stroked her hair lovingly.

Next morning Geet got up as usual & felt the tight hold around her waist.Geet saw Maan who was fast asleep holding her waist tightly.Geet kissed his nose & whispered in his ears,”Good morning Maan…!”Maan opened her eyes & saw Geet smiling sweetly & took her lips into his.He kissed her passionately & broke apart to grab some air.Smile

Then Maan scooped her in his arms & had the shower & did the love making which made Geet’s face glow once again.Maan & Geet hugged each other after another round of love making after their shower.Geet said breathing heavily,”Bahut bure ho…!EmbarrassedMaan asked innocently,”Mein bura hoon…!”Wink

Geet said sweetly,”Bilkul aise vash mein kardethe ho…ki khud pehi bas nahi…gussa karna chaahoon phir bhi nahi kar sakthi…mom(candle)banaadiya hai aapne…jab jaisa chahtha hai…waisa ho jaatha hai…!”EmbarrassedMaan said smiling,”Woh toh yeh baat hai…tab mein chaahtha hoon ki meri ye mom ki gudiyan humesha muskuraaye…!”Geet smiled & said,”Aisa hi hoga…!”He then took the paayal from his coat pocket & said showing to Geet whose eyes were popped up with excitement,”Geet mein yeh tumhe kal hi dena chahtha tha lekin kal se kuch tension ghar mein ho jaane ke baad mein bhool gaya…!Happy first month anniversary…!Big smile

Maan made her sit on the bed & took her feet & kept on his thigh & put the anklets to her feet.Geet saw his love & her eyes welled up but wiped it before he see that.She was overwhelmed to see his love.Geet took his lips into hers & kissed it passionately.They broke apart to grab some air then he said,”Shaam ko tayyar ho jao…tumhaare liye surprise hai…!”And he went to office gulping down the breakfast.Embarrassed

At evening,Geet wore the red sari with matching jewels which Maan had given her previously.Smile

Geet waited for sometime then the driver came & said to pick her up by Maan sir.Geet sat in the car while the car took her to the Noida’s farm house.The driver left her there & went from there.Geet entered the farm house which was dark.Geet said coming inside,”Maan…aap yahan hai…!”On that time the light was on & Geet’s eyes widened with smile seeing the decorations.Smile

Geet saw Maan who wore black color suit & came & took her hands & kissed it.Maan was mesmerised to see Geet in that sari as she always looked beautiful & edible to eat her alive.WinkThen Maan scooped her up in his arms & took her towards the dinner table where the dishes were her favourites.

Maan made her to sit on his lap and demanded her to feed him.

Geet took the paratha bite & fed him after feeding the dinner to each other they got up to have a dance for the music which he set up in the MP3 Player.

Geet & Maan danced for the song & they kissed each other at their lips tightly & broke apart to grab some air.Geet went inside the room feeling shy while Maan followed her immediately.Maan held the pallu of her sari which slid from her shoulder.Geet held her sari but left it immediately when he held her hand.Embarrassed

Maan came forward & took off her sari & kissed her both shoulder & bit it making moan Geet his name.Geet turned & kissed his lips while her hands busy unbottoning his shirt.She took off his shirt still kissing his lips.They broke apart to grab some air then Maan sucked Geet’s collar bone making her breathe heavily.Embarrassed

Maan’s hand were busy taking off her blouse & b** & squeezed her br**** which made Geet moan.Geet turned showing her back to him which he kissed it & bit it aggressively to lower his urges but it towered even more high.Maan took off her bottom & inners & made her naked & dranked her beauty from his dark eyes.Embarrassed

Geet blushed feeling his gaze on her while she also took off his clothes & he stood in front of her naked.Maan scooped her up in his arms to the bed & lied down & kissed her all over the body.Geet was electrocuted feeling his warm hungry lips on her body.Embarrassed

Geet also kissed him all over the body giving wet kisses which made him groan then he hovered on her & entered inside her slowly but his pace became rapid.He thrusted inside her aggressively & pounded on her & they hit the climax immediately.After Maan’s continuous love making to Geet made her sore becoz she couldn’t take it anymore & she slept on his chest feeling contented.Embarrassed

Maan kissed her forehead & covered them both from the blanket &  hugged her waist & slept inside her embrace feeling contented.Embarrassed

Precap-Sam & Vikram both kill each other from their guns.Shocked


After continuous love making Geet & Maan slept each other feeling contented wrapped in each other’s embrace & blanket.Next morning Geet got up & went to have the shower but was still blushing remembering yesterday’s events.She didn’t take any clothes or towel also.After sometime Maan got up stretching his hands & body & got up & saw around him rubbing his eyes.

Geet was still bathing in washroom & he thought so hearing the water dripping.Maan took his mobile phone & switched on it & saw so many missed calls from Adi.Maan dialled to Adi & asked abt the urgency of his calls then Adi said that they had got another project to KC.Maan was happy & said that he’ll be in the office at 10 as he was in Noida farm house.He disconnected the phone on that time he heard that Geet’s shower has ended as the abrupt stop of the water dripping.

Here Geet saw that she hasn’t took the towel also & wacked her forehead immediately.Then Geet opened the door & saw Maan had got up & said peeping behind the door,”Good morning Maan…aap uth gaye…!”Maan saw her & was mesmerised seeing her in that state & had the urge to kiss all over her body.Geet requested,”Maan…mere kapde aur tolya wahan reh gaya hai…pls mujhe dedijiye…!”

Maan was mesmerised with her state as her hair was wet & she was naked upar se Geet was inviting trouble of making Maan’s urges to tower but Maan was in playful mood & said with attitude leaning to the bed wall,”Nahi Geet…uthne ka man nahi kar raha…khud aake lelo…!”Geet pleaded,”Please..!”Stretching her one milky hand from outside the door.Maan didn’t give hell attention to her pleas which made Geet’s anger tower.

Geet said angrily,”Maan…kabhi toh sharaafat se pesh aayiye…har waqt lafangagiri…chaliye mere kapde dedijiye…!”Maan said showing his fake anger,”Ek toh khari koti suna rahi ho aur upar se hukum chala rahi ho…kya zamaana aa gaya..Geet khud aake lelo…!”Geet said angrily,”Maan sach kehrahi hoon…baahar aake mein aisa peetoongi ki aapko aapki naani yaad aajayegi…!”

Maan smirked naughtily & said,”Achcha chalo aajavo baahar…!”Geet pleaded once again,”Maan deejiye na…!”Maan said,”Geet mein walk par jaa raha hoon…aana hai…!”Geet smirked sarcastically,”Agar yeh joke tha…toh mujhe bilkul bhi achcha nahi laga…!”Maan said smirking,”Yeh joke nahin hai…mein sach mein jaa raha hoon…!”And he wore his boxers,tracks & his vest & was abt to go then Geet pleaded,”Maan mere kapde dedijiye na…Maan…!”

this love scene was my favourite from all the Maaneet scenes.

But Maan went outside & hid himself behind the door.Geet said angrily,”Sach mein dusht daanav hai…!Mere kapde mera tolya…!”Then she saw around her & saw his kurta which he had kept to wear after his walk & leaned tightly to the door & took his kurta & wore it & came outside & took her towel & her dress.

Geet was abt to go but she saw Maan standing behind her & was shocked & was abt to fall but Maan caught her immediately.
Maan gazed her almond eyes giving a piercing gaze which made her blush profusely.Maan said,”Sambhaalke Geet gir jaathi toh…!”Their eye locks for brief moment & they come to the present world.Geet said with attitude,”Aapko nahi lagtha ki aapki sharaarate kuch zyaada hi bhad rahi hai…!”

Maan said shamelessly,”Yeh tumhaari aankhon se seekha hai…bolti kuch aur ho…aur karthi kuch aur ho…!”Geet blushed profusely once again & said freeing her from his grip,”Chaddo…!”And she was abt to go towards the washroom but Maan caught her hand & pulled her towards him.

Geet’s back touched with force of his pulling which made both of them burned with desires.Geet turned & faced him while his hand went towards her waist & moved towards her back giving her shiver down her spine.Geet’s cheeks turned red like apple while Maan pecked her lips.

Geet smiled encircling her hand around his neck & stood in tip toe & kissed his lips.She nibbled his lips & parted her mouth while Maan’s tongue entered to suck the honey sweet juice.Maan moved his hands inside her kurta & squuezed her waist softly which made Geet moan loudly.

Maan took her to the bed & opened the buttons of her kurta & sucked the water droplets making her tickling which she alughed feeling his warm lips on her body.Geet said smiling showing her dimples,”Maan,don’t give these tortures…!”But Maan didn’t listen to her pleas & he sucked her whole body feeling her urges to tower.

Geet took him to washroom immediately & turned on the shower & plastered herself taking his clothes off hugging his bare body.Maan smiled & kissed & sucked her shoulder making her moan.Geet pulled herself & she also sucked the water droplet all over his body turning off the shower.Maan groaned feeling her warm lips on his body & he kissed her lips kneading her curves feeling her warm body against him.

He kissed her neck & sucked it & went to her collar bone while Geet moaned loudly.Geet also kissed his shoulder & bit it trying to control his urges which made him groan.Maan squeezed her soft slender waist while Geet bit his shoulder with pleasure.Maan lifted her from her bottom while Geet encircled her legs around his waist.

Maan entered inside her slowly to lower his urges & his pace became rapid.He kissed her lips passionately & bit her curves which made Geet moan once again.He rubbed continously to lower his urges & pounded on her.Geet was exhausted becoz of his aggressiveness which he noticed & made her to relax in hot water tub.

Geet kept her head on Maan’s chest for sometime & felt peace & contented.Geet said to Maan breathing heavily,”I love u Maan…!”Maan smiled & pecked her lips & said,”I love u too Geet…!”Both stayed in each other’s embrace in the hot water tub & got up & had the shower together & did another round of love making & came outside wrapping with towels.

Geet wore her inners & dress in front of Maan while Maan also wore his dress.Geet was feeling comfortable these days when Maan was around her.Both came to KM in their car as bahadur had came there to pick them up.

Here Sam was still trying to bail herself & Vikram from the jail & got bail from easily after 3 months.Meanwhile Maan was away for the work to London & was missing Geet & family very much.Geet was taking care of KC in his absence & the KM also.Naintara’s pregnancy was now reaching six months.

Maan came back from London finishing his works & was hell missing his Geet.When he entered KM he called the first name was Geet.Naintara teased Geet,”Lo aagaya teri aashiq…!”And she left the hall to her room carefully.When he saw Geet then he ran into her & gave a bone crushing hug & pecked her lips tightly.

Then Maan went to meet dadimaa & rest of the family.Now came the baby shower of Naintara as her is now 7th month.Geet had prepared everything for the baby shower from the home only so it will be hygienic for Naintara.Maan was helping her with everything as she was happy doing all these but one bad news had reached Maan…and that is…guys u only guess…!

Precap-guess guys…Shocked


Geet prepared everything for Naintara’s baby shower & Maan helped Geet for everything.Or else he’ll not have any time for Geet in this busy schedules. The day before yesterday of Naintara’s godbharayi,Maan took Geet to the Noida’s farm house becoz he was far away from Geet for three months & he wanted to compensate that by making love to Geet.

Geet asked apprehensively,”Yeh aap mujhe kahan leke jaa rahe hai…!”Entangling herself to Maan’s neck while he carried her in his strong arms.Maan said making baby complaining face,”Mein tumse baat karna chahtha tha…jab se mein india waapas aaya hoon…lekin tum meri baat hi nahi sunthi aur mere liye waqt bhi nahi nikaalthi…sirf Naintara ko dekh baal karne mein busy ho…!Cry

Geet smiled at his cute complaining session & said,”Maan…dee ke saath rehna chaahiye aaj kal kyunki parso hi unki godbharayi hai…!Is samay mein dee ke paas koi toh rehna hoga na…!”Maan said nuzzling her nose from his nose,”Mein jaanthe hoon isiliye Dev ko meine keh diya hai…ki woh Naintara ke paas rahe…ab mein yeh doori bardaasht nahin kar saktha…I wanna make love to u…!”Wink

Geet was abt to argue but Maan sealed his lips to her lips immediately.Geet always lost in his kiss & she responded him passionately becoz she was also away from him for 3 months.Maan broke his kiss to grab some air & made Geet to sit in the car & he drove to Noida farm house.Wink

Maan had informed in the house that they will spend some time alone in Noida’s farm house & that’s why he was waiting Geet to finish her work of preparation for godbharayi & he also helped her so that the work will be finished at correct time.Wink

Maan came to Noida’s farm house & carried Geet inside the farm house in his strong arms.Geet saw the decorations which were decorated with scented candles everywhere & colorful series lights.The hall was decorated with white orchids & in between was a table & a two chair which was decorated with white & red roses.Wink

Geet was awed seeing decorations & asked,”Yeh sab aapne kab kiya…!”Maan said seeing her lovingly,”Jab tum Naintara ke godbharayi ke liye tayyar ka rahi thi tab meine kiye yeh sab…!”Geet got down from his arms while Maan said,”Jao Geet tumhaara kapda upar wale kamre mein rakha hai…usse pehno tab tak mein change karke aata hoon…!”Geet blushed seeing his smirk in those mischievous but lovely eyes & went from there.Wink

Geet saw the sari which was kept & blushed profusely while Maan wore his dress & prepared for something.Maan came to Geet’s room & saw her struggling to open her dori.Maan came & stood behind her & moved his fingers on her milky white back which made her cared & saw Maan standing behind her.Wink

Geet let go the dori & Maan opened her dori moving his fingers on her milky white back.Geet’s heart beat with anticipation & she closed her eyes to resist it.Maan moved his fingers on her left hand which made her shiver down her spine which his touch.Geet turned & encircled her hands around his neck & said smiling,”Aaap bahut bura ho…koi bhi kaam seedhe tareeke se kar hi nahi sakthe…!”Blushing

Maan smirked to her remark & said pulling her to his hard frame,Geet,mein chahthe hoon ki mein aaj apne haathon se tumhe sajaavoon…!”Which made her blush profusely which Maan took as approval from her.He moved his hands under her top & took off her selwaar top throwing her duppatta one side.Geet was anticipated becoz of his touch & she clenched her fist feeling his fingers on her body.Embarrassed

Then he took off her bottom & she stood in front of him in her inners.Then he wore her to blouse & bottom & held her sari to make her wear which he didn’t know how to,but Geet took the sari & wore it in front of him.Then he tied the dori of her blouse & took her in front of the mirror where jewels were kept.Embarrassed

He put her ear hangings first kissing her each earlobe & sucking it.Then he put her maang teeka smearing the red sindhoor to her forehead to her partition.Then he put his diamond belly chain & kissed her waist softly which made her moan softly his name.Then he put her bangles to each hands kissing it softly.Then he kept her feet on his thighs making her sit on the bed & put his paayal which he gave her for their first month of anniversary.He kissed her feet softly & made her to stand.Embarrassed

Maan wore the black suit & he was looking so hot in black.Wink


Maan was mesmerised once again to see Geet in that sari & gave a piercing gaze.Geet felt Maan’s piercing gaze & she blushed profusely.Maan came forward & held Geet’s hands & took her to the dinner table.Geet was overwhelmed seeing his love & her eyes welled up which Maan noticed & wiped it with frown on his face.Embarrassed

Maan made Geet sit on the chair & sat opposite her.Geet served him the Pasta & was abt to serve her plate but Maan stopped her & said grinning mishcievously,”Hum ek hi plate mein kaathe hai…!”Which made Geet blush once again,Maan had the urge to bite those cheeks were having the color of apple due blushing but resisted.Embarrassed

Maan made Geet sit on his lap & demanded to feed him.Geet mischieveously added some pepper to the pasta & fed it lovingly.When Maan ate it then he started to cough which Geet started laughing seeing him.Maan groaned seeing her laugh & pulled her from her nape & took her lips into his & pulled some of the pasta into her mouth which made her spicy.Embarrassed

Geet glared at Maan with her almond eyes while Maan smirked & he took some chocolate mousse & ate it & kissed Geet’s lips so that her pepper action lowers.Maan nibbled her lips sucking her honey sweet juice while Geet was relieved tasting his sweet mouth.Embarrassed

Geet was blushing & they fed each other like this only.After their dinner Maan said to Geet,”Let’s dance…!”Embarrassed

After dancing Geet was feeling even more comfortable with Maan then he scooped her in his arms & took into the room where the room was decorated with scented candles everywhere & bed was decorated with red rose petals.Geet saw the room with awe while Maan saw her lovingly.Embarrassed

Maan played the song in the MP3 player which made Geet blush profusely.Embarrassed

Maan & Geet both danced for the song.Maan kissed Geet’s lips while his hands moved to her sari pallu & opened the pin.Maan & geet kissed each other passionately & broke apart to grab some air while Geet came forward & kissed his neck.Maan groaned while Geet opened his suit & made him stand half naked.Embarrassed

Maan held her waist & squeezed it making her moan his name.He always felt good when she called his name.Geet turned that side facing her back to him with shy while Maan moved his hands over her hands.Maan pulled Geet from back & hugged her immediately.Geet kept her head on his naked chest & they both stood for sometime.Embarrassed

Geet turned towards him & Maan kissed her forehead & & her shoulder softly making her heart anticipate.Geet kissed his chest,shoulder,collar bone & sucked his collar bone making him groan.Maan took off her sari & she stood in front of him with blouse & bottom.Maan dranked her beauty like this while Geet blushed profusely seeing his hungry gaze.Embarrassed

Geet turned showing her milky whit back with shy while Maan came forward & untied her dori & kissed her back & bit it exploring her back.Geet moaned his name feeling his warm lips on her back.Maan turned her & took her lips into his & kissed her passionately.Geet parted her lips & his tongue entered & sucked her honey sweet juice.Embarrassed

Geet inhaled his masculine scent which drived her crazy & she took off his remaining clothes with anticipation.Maan also ripped off her remaining clothes from her body & saw her naked beauty.Maan scooped her up to the bed & kissed her lips passionately.Geet responded with high anticipation & her hands romaed all over his body.Embarrassed

Maan groaned feeling the sensation while he gave wet kisses on her neck,collar bone & shoulder.He bit her shoulder & licked it to soothe the pain.Geet also bit his shoulder making him groan with anticipation.His hands roamed on her curves & teased its hard buds.He kissed her curves & bit her n***** making her moan.Embarrassed

Geet hovered on him & kissed him all over the body she dug his nails with anticipation on his flesh making him groan.He gave access to Geet to do anything to his body as he was missing her touch for 3 months.Geet was the one who can make MSK bow for mercy.Embarrassed

Maan hovered on her once again & kissed her all over the body & bit his b**** & sucked its n***** making moan Geet with anticipation.Maan liked to give Geet tortures as he was giving her punishment of refusing to coming with him to London.Geet told breathing heavily,”Maan…pls don’t give me these tortures.”But Maan wasn’t listening he tortured her till his fill while Geet was also liking this tortures as she was missing him around her for 3 months.Embarrassed

Maan’s hands roamed on her waist & kissed it & bit it marking his possession.Geet moaned loudly with anticipation.Maan kissed her thighs & squeezed it.He then took her to the washroom & opened the shower & started sucking the droplets of water on her body.Geet pleaded once again not give the tortures then his manhood entered her softness.He thrusted it softly but his pace became rapid.Embarrassed

Geet moaned loudly feeling his hardness inside her while he squeezed her thighs & groaned.He kissed her lips still thrusting inside her passionately.Geet was exhausted feeling his aggressiveness but Maan didn’t listen to her pleas & he thrusted inside her once again.But this time he was caring & soft & Geet was overwhelmed seeing his love towards her.Embarrassed

Maan took her to the bed & once again he started but was slow & steady.Geet moand feeling his hardness against her softness while his hands roamed all over her body.Geet couldn’t tolerate this slow torture & said once again to not to give tortures.Maan took this as granted & he thrusted inside her aggressively which made her sore but she was enjoying.Her devil was still anticipating more for his love.Embarrassed

When he continously rubbed then her orgasm became raw & he was also exhausted & slept beside her breathing heavily.Geet hovered on him & gave a look that she wants more which made him energised but he didn’t wanted to give her enough pain so to satisfy her devils request he put his fingers inside her womanhood.Geet was anticipated with his fingers,as he moved it rapidly.Embarrassed

Then Maan couldn’t tolerate his devil’s request & he entered inside her once again & pounded on her aggressively which made her moan loudly.His pace became faster & they hit climax.Maan slept beside her feeling contented breathing heavily.Geet’s devil was satisfied & he came over his chest & kissed it & said,”I love u Maan…!”Maan pecked her lips & said pulling her in his embrace,”I love too Mishti.Embarrassed

They both slept in each other’s embrace feeling contented,naked & wrapped in blanket.Embarrassed

Precap-Naughty Maan…Winkand the previous precap only…Shocked


Geet got up as sun was teasing her shining on her face.Geet held her hand as a shield so that the sun rays won’t disturb her.But it was disturbing Maan also who was frowning in the sleep which Geet noticed.Geet got up but her mangalsutra caught his locket like always.Geet freed her mangalsutra from his locket & became shield to the sun’s rays so that Maan can sleep peacefully.Wink

Maan felt sudden shadow from sun’s rays & he opened his eyes & saw smiling Geet.Maan smiled at her & pulled her immediately & slept on her chest hugging her waist.Geet sighed & moved her fingers inside his hairs which made even more comfortable & he pressed his face inside her chest inhaling her feminine scent.Wink

Geet said after sometime,”Maan,humein dee ke godbharayi ke liye jaana hai…!”Maan said,”Hmmm!”Geet said,”Maan…aap meri baath sun rahe haina…!”Maan said still,”Hmmm!”Geet said irritatedly,”Maan,yeh kya aap hmmm keh rahe hai…thekk se baat toh keejiye…!”Maan still said,”Hmmm!”Wink

Then she shook him immediately which made him glare & got up & said,”Geet,kya tum ek jagah tik ke baith nahi sakthi…aur tum bahut bolthi bhi ho…!”And he pulled her & hugged her from the back closing his eyes.Geet pushed him & stood wrapping herself which made Maan glare once again.Geet said angrily,”Kab se mein baat kar rahi hoon…lekin aap toh meri sunthe hi nahi hai…!”Angry

Maan came forward & pulled her to his hard naked frame & he also entered inside the blanket wrapping himself & touching his naked body to Geet’s naked body which made Geet shiver down her spine.Geet was abt to lost in him but said still struggling from his grip,”Maan…chodiye mujhe aapko office nahi jaana hai aaj…!”Angry

Maan smirked,”Abhi sirf saade 6 baje hai aur mein office nahi ghar jaa raha hoon…tumhaare saath…aaj se Naintara ke delivery tak mein ghar se hi kaam karoonga…samjhe tum…!”WinkGeet’s eyes widened with shockShocked and said,”Maan…iska matlab hai ki aap mujhe aage bhi tang karenge…!”Maan smirkedWink while Geet prayed to babaji to save her from her dusht danav’s aggressive love.

Maan said immediately making her jealous,”Theek hai Geet mein Suhaana ke paas chale jaaounga…!”Geet’s airnet was on hearing a girl’s name from his lips & asked with jealous,”Yeh Suhaana kaun hai?”Maan said with fake proud,”Hai koi…!”Get held his muscles & said hugging it angrily,”Hai koi…kaun hai woh…!”Angry

Maan said making her even more jealous,”Thi woh meri fan London mein…roz bhejthi thi mujhe cards aur love messages…jo mein ignore kartha raha tere wajaise…ab mein nahi karoonga…ab mein uske paas jaaoonga…!Bechaari khush ho jaayegi mujhe dekh kar…!”Wink

Geet’s anger went to its peak & said twisting his hand immediately the blanket went down exposing her milky white naked body due to that,”Aisa kiya toh mein aapka murder kardoongi…!”Maan was enjoying her anger & wasn’t paining him also but he mocked the pain & said,”Ouch…!”Which made Geet alarm & she left the grip & asked with concern,”Zor se laga…!Am sorry…!”Which made Maan pull her towards him & took her lips into his.Wink

Geet always lost in his kiss & responded him & they broke apart to grab some air.Now Geet saw around her that she stood in front of him full naked & she hugged Maan feeling shy.Maan saw this & took the blanket & wrapped them.He took her to the bed & made her lie down on the bed & he slept on her.Both closed their eyes & slept for sometime in each other’s embrace.Embarrassed

After sometime Geet opened her eyes & asked,”Maan aap sach keh rahe hai uss Suhaana ke baare mein…!”Maan nodded yes & continued,”Shaayad amir baap ki bigdi huyi aulaad hogi…jo mere peeche padi hai…!Abhi bhi atthaara saal ki hai…!”Geet asked curiously,”Aapko kaise pata…!”Maan said,”Woh apne aapko introduce kiya tha…ek party mein mujhe propose bhi kradiya sabke saamne…!Do u know how much I was embarassed?”Embarrassed

Geet smiled & said to him,”Woh bachchi hai Maan…shaayad usse sahi aur galath ka samajh hi nahi ho…!Aise logon ko humein hi raah dikhaana chaahiye…!”Maan frowned lifting his head from her warmth,”Geet woh bachchi nahin hai…woh apni sahi aur galath ka faraq samajh sakthi hai…!Aur waise bhi maine apne style mein usse keh diya hai ki am married…!”Angry

Geet smiled at her husband’s temper while Maan asked curiously,”Geet kya tumhe jealous fee nahi ho rahi hai…!”Geet kissed his forehead,”Mein kyun feel karoon jab mujhe poora yakeen hai apne pati par ki woh mere alaava kissi aur se pyaar kar hi nahi sakthe…!”Maan came near her lips & saw her affectionately & said,”Itna vishwaas karthi ho tum mujhe mein…!”Wink

Geet smiled hugging him tightly,”Haan khud se zyaada…!”Maan said,”Am sure he won’t break ur trust…!”And he kissed her lips passionately.They broke apart to grab some air while Maan’s lips travelled to her neck & kissed it making her moan his name.He moved & kissed her collar bone & sucked it.Then he bit it marking his possession.He travelled down & kissed her curves & tasted the hard buds.Embarrassed

Geet was sweating becoz of his proximity which made her moan his name.He went down & kissed her front waist making patterns on it.Geet moaned his name once again while he squeezed her thighs & bit it.He licked it to soothe the pain while Geet moaned his name loudly.He was once again provoking her devil but the loud ringing of his mobile disturbed them both which made Maan groan with frustration.Geet giggled seeing his frustration & Maan received the call.Angry

Adi who had dialled said that the office equipments were shifted to the outhouse of KM.Maan cut the call approving Adi’s information & went back to his love making to Geet.Geet once again lost in his touch & he kissed her all over the body & bit her which made her moan loudly.Embarrassed

But they were interrupted by the ring of mobile & this time it was the turn of Geet’s mobile.Maan groaned with frustration & Geet received the mobile.It was from Naintara.Geet said meekly,”Hello…!”As Maan was creating heavoc inside her kissing her back softly.Naintara teased,”Geet…abhi aap veerji ke paas hai ya nahi…!”Which made Geet pink while Maan kissed her back & bit it once again.Wink

Geet said,”Ouch…!”Feeling his razor sharp teeth against her skin and moaned,”Maan…dee ka phone hai…chodiye mujhe…!”While Naintara laughed hearing her plead & said,”Hum aapse baad mein baat karthe hain…ye phir aap hi humein phone kare jab aapka session kahatam hojaane ke baad…enjoy!”Wink

And she cut the call while Geet was embarassed.Maan said taking her mobile from her & throwing it on the bed side table,”Dekha Naintara ne bhi permission dedi…!”But Geet was abt to argue but Maan sealed her lips into his & they both lost in their kiss.Embarrassed

Meanwhile Sam was planning how to destroy Geet’s life with Vikram.Vikram was seeing her intently which made Sam feel awkward.After planning Vikram went from there & Sam closed the door with a deep calming breath.

Sam came & sat on her usual arm chair & saw towards Geet’s photo which was pinned to the wall & was cotted by red marker.Sam & Vikram had appealed their case in supreme court & their lawyer had made them bail yesterday only when Maan came back to KM from London.

Sam sat silently then she felt someone was standing behind her & saw towards the person but her mouth was closed by a handkerchief & she was took to her bedroom.After one hour or two,Sam screamed with pain.

Precap-Sam lied on Geet’s lap in blood pool & repenting her mistakes.


Geet & Maan were exhausted with their continuous love making & slept in each other’s embrace for sometime.After sometime Maan’s mobile started to ring which made Maan groan.

This time it was from dadi who said to come back as tomorrow’s Naintara’s godbharaayi.Maan & Geet got ready & went to KM while the KM was decorated becoz of godbharaayi function.

Geet was busy with preparation as minor works were pending while Maan resumed his work in the outhouse.Geet came & handovered her charge to Maan & gave the information abt company’s profit & on going projects.

Maan was happy that Geet had made the company in triple profit.Geet gave the information abt major projects which are going on now & minor projects were almost complete.Maan had become naughty these days after his return from London.

Maan would sneak inside the kitchen and would give wet kisses to Geet which would make her pout cutely.Maan would see her cute pouting and would lost in that and would end up love making in the kitchen only.

This would be caught by dadi or sometimes Naintara or Vicky or Rajji.They would tease Geet & her cheeks would become red & Maan would again fall for her.Rajji was residing in KM these days as Naintara’s date was coming nearer.Geet was also liking this side of Maan,of course she likes the all side of Maan.

But she would become exhausted becoz of his aggressive love these days.Maan’s love to Geet was in full swing & have become higher when the time goes by.Now Naintara’s godbharaayi in which Naintara was decorated like the bride which took the breath of Dev seeing her like that.Naintara always blushed these days as she was looking beautiful these days.

Geet was also looking beautiful with the red sari which made Maan’s breath take away.

Geet’s face always glowed becoz of his love making & she was blushing profusely seeing his hungry gaze which was filled with love & passion.meanwhile,Vicky had become moody these days which was noticed by Naintara & Geet.His pranks had stopped & had become moody.

He would go to hospital & would attend his patients & would come back feeling tired.Geet thought that it is the workload but Vicky would become moody when Rajji was around which Rajji noticed.

The godbharaayi function started & all the suhaagans came & put the kumkum to her & rice grains & jaggery to her sari pallu & put the bangles to her hands & would say something to her ear & would giggle & go.

Maan was scartching his head seeing the women’s antics from far away & moreover he was seeing Geet intently as she was looking beautiful.Maan was lattoo over Geet who was walking here & there preparing for the lunch for the guests.

On that time Maan got a call from private number.Maan frowned & answered the call what he listened after that he cut down it & ran searching for Geet.Maan shouted,”Geet…!”With panic while the guests were alarmed seeing his alarmed tone.

They heard Geet’s panic voice calling Maan’s name.They all ran to the terrace including Naintara & saw the scene with shock.There stood Vikram holding the gun to Geet smirking evilly.Maan saw Geet who stood rooted to the spot sweating & ran towards her and said with panic,”Geet…!”

Geet who saw Maan near her said pushing,”Maan..jaayiye yahan se warna owh aapko bhi maar dega…!”Maan didn’t understand as he didn’t saw Vikram holding gun to Geet.Vikram said immediately,”Sahi keh raha hai Maan…par mein tum dono ko uda doonga…!”But on that time Dev came forward but Vikram held his gun to Dev & said,”Oye…aage mat bhado nahi toh mein tumhaare bhai ko uda doonga…!”

While Naintara saw the scene & she fainted immediately which Rajji caught her & she was made sleep in the room becoz of the stress.Geet came & shielded Maan & said,”Aagar tumhe maarna hai to mujhe maar de pehle…!”Maan said making her behind him,”Nahi Geet…mein tumhaare bagay nahi jee saktha…!”

When the both started arguing on that time Dev tried to snatch the gun from Vikram but he shot & Geet came forward immediately but she wasn’t pierced by the bullet on the other hand Vikram pushed Dev forcefully & he was fell away from him & was abt to shoot Geet but a bullet pierced his forehead & he fell to the ground dead.

This incident went on with fraction of a second that they saw the person who shot Vikram in forehead.It was Sameera who was hit with the bullet which Vikram had fired him.Geet & Maan was shocked & Sam was abt to fell on the ground but Geet caught her & said with pain,”Sam…Maan jaldi ambulance ko bulaayiye…!”

Maan was abt to call the ambulance but Sam said immediately with difficulty,”Nahi Maan…!”Maan said with concern,”Lekin Sam…tumhaari haalat bahut kharaab hai…!”Sam shouted immediately,”Nahi…Geet kya tum mujhe apne godi mein sulaavoge…!”Geet nodded & she sat on the ground & sam lied on her lap.

Geet was amazed that Sam was crying as tears were poured down from her eyes.Sam folded her hands & said,”Mujhe maaf kardo Geet…tumhe takleef dene ke liye…!Tum sahi kehthi thi ki doosron ko bhala toh nahi kar sakthe lekin bura mat karo…Geet aaj mein woh baat maanthi hoon…!”Geet’s eyes welled up but she said,”Dekho ye baat bhi baad mein bola jaa saktha hai…hum abhi hospital chalenge…Maan isse uthaayiye…!”

Sam said immediately when Maan bent down,”Nahi…mujhe kuch nahi chaahiye…mujhe sirf tumhaare god mein sona hai Geet…pls mera time aagaya hai…!”Geet was abt to say but Sam closed her palm to her lips & said,”Aaj mujhe kehne do Geet…kyun tum itni achchi ho…tum apni dushman ko bhi bachaane ki koshish kar rahi ho…!”

Geet said,”Sam,is duniya mein koi insan nahi jo galathiya na karein…!Dekho tumhe kuch nahi hoga…mein tumhe kuch nahi hone doonga…!”Sam asked,”Ab is zinda laash ko tum zinda rakhna chaahthi ho…!”Geet was puzzled which Sam answered,”Geet…meri Zindagi ujaad di is Vikram ne…tum theek kaha tha ki yeh insan kisike bharose ke laayak hi nahi…!”

Sam explained how he ripped Sam’s honour & took her money & ran from there three days ago.Sam said,”Mein akhri baar tumse aur Maan se maafi maang raha hoon…mujhe maaf kardo…!”And she took Geet’s hand & Maan’s hand & kept on each other & kissed it & smiled & her eye lid didn’t moved after that.

Geet said with panic,”Sam…!”Sam didn’t say anything but Geet shaked her vigorously but Maan said holding Geet,”Geet…ab nahi rahi…!”Geet’s tears rolled down & she started crying loudly which Maan couldn’t tolerate.Maan hugged her immediately while Geet wetted her shirt when Mr.Shroff came there he was numb seeing Sam there lying dead.

Geet saw Mr.Shroff who collapsed in front of his daughter’s dead body & his emotions of dam broke immediately.Everyone were seeing the scene & Geet’s friends took Geet from there for further works.Maan who was a bit shaken seeing Sam’s regretion was shaken seeing Geet’s state becoz she never think bad to anyone if it is friend or enemy.

And her behaviour made him love even more as she never thought abt other’s to bad happen.

Precap-Sam’s funeral…and good news…guess urself guys…Wink


Geet was in shock seeing Sameera die in front of her & couldn’t digest the truth.But Naintara was in danger seeing the incident as Geet stood in the gun point of Vikram.Naintara loved Geet as her sister & she was panic seeing her like that.

Naintara opened her eyes & saw around her & asked meekly,”Geet…kahan hai…!”Dev answered softly,”Geet apne kamre mein hai…!”Naintara tried to get up but couldn’t while Dev helped her to sit up.He kept more pillows around her stomach so that she feels better.

Naintara said stopping Dev,”Mujhe Geet ke paas leke chaliyen…!”Dev said,”Lekin…!”But Naintara held her finger to his lips & said,”Please..!”Dev nodded & lifted her in strong arms & took her to Geet’s room.

In Geet’s room,Geet stood in the window seeing the stars as it was night.Guests were sent due to the incident while Sam’s body was taken by Mr.Shroff.Police had the closed the case taking the witness from the guests & Maan was taking care of this.

On that time Dev took Naintara to Geet’s room.Naintara said meekly,”Geet…!”Geet saw Naintara with shock & said,”Dee…aap mujhe bula liya hota…!”Dev made Naintara to stand while Geet held Naintara and made her to lie down on the bed.Naintara said,”Thank u…!”Geet asked with concern,”Aapne kuch khaaya…!”

Naintara didn’t answer while Dev nodded no to Geet.Geet said softly,”Dee…kab tak chalega aisa…aapko apne liye na sahi lekin baby ke liye toh aapko khaana hai…!Mein aapke liye kuch laathi hoon…!”Dev said immediately,”Koi baat nahi bhabhi..mein lekar aata hoon…aap dono ko aur bro ko bhi unhone bhi kuch khaaya hai hi nahi…!”

Geet nodded & Dev went leaving the devrani & jethani.Naintara saw Geet who was immersed with something and asked,”Kya baat hai Geet..tum yahi soch rahi hona ki tum Sam ko kyun na bacha paayi…!”Geet saw with amazement & said in awe,”Apko kaise pata…!”Naintara smiled,”Geet tum mujhe dee bulathi hona aur waise bhi tumhaari aankhen tumhaari dil ki baat bata dethi hai…!”

Geet came & slept on Naintara’s lap for the first time which Naintara smiled & stroked her hairs caringly.Naintara said,”Geet,tum Sameera ke baare mein sochna band kardo…shaayad unka anth aisa hi hona tha kyunki zindagi mein usne jo paap kiye hai uske liye to usse keemat chukaayi haan mujhe bura laga ki Vikram ne usse balaatkaar kiya lekin woh bhi kam kameeni nahi thi…!”

Geet smiled at Naintara’s anger as she was fuming with anger when Sam tried to kill her & her baby.Geet got up while Dev caem holding the food tray keeping 4 plates for them.Geet got up & took the tray from Dev & made him to sit on the couch & served him.While Geet came holding the food plate & fed Naintara lovingly.

Nainatara always wished that why didn’t she get a sister like Geet & she even thought sometimes that why don’t she became her own sister seeing her love towards her & everyone.On that time Maan came to his room & saw Dev & Naintara there & asked apprehensively,”Dev,Naintara..aap log yahan mere kamre mein kya kar rahe hair…?”

Naintara said angrily or have to stay her mood swings becoz of pregnancy,”Kyun Veerji kya hum aapke kamre mein nahi aa sakthe..?”Maan recognised the tone & said smiling,”Arre nahin Naintara..ais kuch nahin tum Geet se baat karne aayi thi…!”Naintara said politely,”Jee Veerji…!Aap bhi khaa leejiyena…aapko bhi bhook lagi hogi…!”

Geet said immediately,”Jee hum dono baad mein khaa lenge pehle aap apna khaana khatam keejiyega…!”Naintara nodded smirking which made Geet’s cheeks reddened for that which Maan noticed & went inside the washroom taking his night dress smiling at her.After sometime Naintara & Dev went to their room to sleep while Geet went to keep the plates of them in kitchen.

Maan saw Geet coming back & pulled towards him crashing her to his hard frame but asked with concern,”Geet tum theek to hona…!”Geet smiled showing her dimples & said,”Mein theek hoon..!Chaliye mujhe bhook lagi hai…!”Maan awed seeing her becoz at after noon only she was crying hoarsely but now she was smiling.

Maan nodded at Geet dismissively & carried her on his arms.Geet smiled seeing the Maan smiling.He made her lie down on the bed
& took the food tray & sat beside her & fed her lovingly.Geet was abt to chew the paratha but Maan took her lips into his & took the paratha bit from Geet’s mouth to his mouth & chewed it.

Geet’s eyes were widened with shock with Maan’s gesture & she punched hard to his stomach which made him spit the paratha bite which made Geet laugh heartily.Maan glared at her but there was a mischievious glint which Geet understood & said,”Nahi…!”And she was abt to get up but he pulled her on his lap taking the paratha bite & took her lips into his & made her chew the paratha from his mouth to hers.

Geet always felt shy seeing his gesture but for heaven sake sabke saamne to nahi karenge aisa…or else she have to bare the teasing session from Naintara,dadimaa,Dev,vicky & Rajji also.Maan fed her like that & she fed back like him & they finished their dinner.Maan went to keep the plates while Geet changed her dress to night dress.On that time the room was dark & Geet walked to the room from washroom & said,”Maan…!Aap yahan haina…!”

Maan came behind her & Geet turned while Maan hugged her immediately.Geet inhaled his masculine scent while Maan freed her hairs from plaits.Maan moved his fingers in her hair & smelled her hairs which drove him crazy.Her hairs were smelling becoz of shampoo & he couldn’t tolerate himself after he saw her in that red sari.

Geet was feeling calm when he was moving his fingers inside her hairs & kissed his chest softly which made him burn with desires feeling her warm lips on his chest.Maan lifted her immediately & made her lie on the bed.He took off his vest & tracks & joined her in boxers.

Before Geet would protest he took her lips into his.Geet always list in his kiss & she dug her nails into his flesh with anticipation.They both hugged tightly while Maan kissed her shoulder & bit it.Then he licked the love bit to soothe the pain.Geet moaned loudly feeling his razor sharp teeth & she bit his shoulder in anticipation.

Maan riped off her clothes in no time & took off his boxers & joined her in naked.Maan took her lips while his hands roamed all over her body.He nibbled her lips while his hands was busy kneading her curves.They broke apart to grab some air while he moved to kiss her curves.He kissed her curves making her moan & bit it while her heart beat in anticipation.

Geet hovered on him immediately & kissed him all over body & bit it marking it as her possession and making him groan.He hovered on her once again & entered inside her softly & caringly but his pace became rapid and pounded on her and they moved to the world of ecstacy.

After several times of continuous love making they were exhausted and slept feeling contented.Next morning as usual Geet got up early & feeling tired due to his aggressiveness which made noticed and rubbed her back slowly.Geet saw that Maan is also awake and said showing the dimples,”Good morning…!”Maan kissed her lips tightly & said,”Good morning Mishti…!”

They slept each other for sometime while Maan was becoming naughtier these days & he moved his fingers on her naked waist making patterns.Geet wacked his hand immediately breathing heavily & was abt to get up but her mangalsutra always caught his locket.

Geet came over him to free her mangalsutra while Maan felt a current run down her spine feeling her soft warm skin against his hard rough skin but he resisted & teased,”Dekha ab tumhaara manglasutra bhi mujhse door nahin reh sakthi…humesha ki tarah…!”Geet’s eyes went round & asked,”Aapko pata tha…!”maan smirked becoz everytime her mangalsutra caught his locket then he woulf pretend to be asleep.

But he would seeher hazel brwon eyes which had always love for him that is why he always lost in those eyes & would end up love her once again.Man moved his hands on her bare back which was tickling Geet but she wacked his hands immediately & said,”Bahut besharam ban rahe ho aaj kal…!”Still concentrated on freeing her mangalsutra but she couldn’t as Maan was tempting her so much.

Maan chuckled naughtily and he teased her moving his hands over her curves which made her moan his name feeling his hands.But Geet wacked his hands once again glaring with her almond eyes which made Maan to provoke her even more.He moved his hands on her bu** & squeezed it which made her eyes popped up and she once again wacked his hands moaning his name.

Maan smirked naughtily and hovered on her immediately & kissed her passionately.Geet hit his chest with her tiny fist but he didn’t get any pain and she lost in his kiss.He once again did the love making to her & she was exhausted becoz of his aggressiveness.She was exhausted & slept on him due to tiredness like a child.

Maan smiled at her naive nature and the love she showed always to him made his love becoming high to her even more.Maan kissed her forehead and picked up his mobile and said to Adi that he’ll be not coming today & to handle the office to himself.Adi knew that when Maan avoids office when Geet is in sadness & said to him not to worry.Maan cuddled to her embrace inhaling her feminine scent and made her to sleep on his chest peacefully.

Precap is same


After several hrs of sleep Geet got up & saw the time ite was 10 & her eyes popped up seeing the time & pouted cutely to babaji,”Hey babaji,yeh mujhe bahut lazy banaa rahe hai…inke wajaise mein bahut deri se uth rahi hoon aaj kal…!”And she saw him & said,”Maan…chodiya mujhe bahut der ho gaya hai…!”

Maan said hmmm meekly and turned and slept on her keeping his head on her chest & kissed her chest softly like her.Geet’s cheeks became red feeling his warm lips on her chest & said resisting her sensation,”Maan kya kar rahe hai aap chodiya mujhe neeche sab log breakfast ke liye intezaar kar rahe honge aur aapko iss waqt bhi mazaak sooj raha hai…chodiya mujhe…!”

Geet pleaded but MSK kisiki baat sunenge kya.Maan didn’t answer & slept peacefully on her chest inhaling her scent which was driving him crazy.Geet was super irritated noe & she lifted his head & she tried to move but Maan held her waist tightly.Geet pleaded once again,”Chodiye na mujhe…!”But Maan didn’t budge then Geet shouted at him angrily,”MSK CHODO MUJHE NAHIN TOH BAHUT PACHTAAYENGE AAP…!Angry

Her shouting was so loud which made him close his ears tightly & glared at him with his big chocolate brown eyes & said angrily,”Geet,mein tumhaare saath samay bithaana chaahtha hoon aur tum he ki sirf kaam mein uljhi huyi ho…aur tumhaare saath samay bitaane ke liye meine aaj office bhi nahin gaya…lekin tumhe toh meri fikar hi nahi…!Thhek hai mein bhi tumse baat nahin karoonga…!”

He got up & pulled his boxers & went inside the washroom seeing baffled Geet.He came outside the washroom after ten minutes & took his office dress & wore it immediately & exited the room with bottled anger.Geet pouted cutely to babaji,”Dekha phirse dusht danav bangaye hai…ab mein inhe kaise manaavoon…!”

Maan didn’t had any breakfast & went towards the outhouse with anger filled eyes.Geet went & had her shower & went down.Dadimaa asked worriedly,”Geet bete aap aur Maan ne jagda ki?”Geet said calmly,”Nahin dadimaa kuch nahi Maan thoda irritated hai kal ke incident ke baad…don’t worry mein unhe manaaloongi…!”Dadimaa knew that Maan can’t be angry with Geet for more time & she nodded & went from there.

Geet sent the breakfast to outhouse with Nakul which was brought back untouched.Geet sighed & decided to take the lunch to him herself.She prepared his favourite pasta & took it & went to outhouse.But the scene which saw in the outhouse made her blood boil becoz of jealousy.

A girl was chatting with Maan & she was trying to go near him.Adi observed this as Maan was feeling uncomfortable with her & interrupted her which made her anger inside as he was interrupting her.That girl tried to misbehave with Adi & said sarcastically,”Dekhiye mein yahan Mr.Maan Khurana se baat karne aayi hoon naaki aapki hospitality lene toh behtar hai ki aap apni tang ladaana band karde…!”

Geet was silent spectator while Maan’s blood boiled hearing her rude reply while that girl was abt to talk further with Maan then this time Geet interrupted them.Maan glared at her with anger but composed himself & saw down while the girl said immediately angrily,”Meine kaha na mujhe kisi ka disturbance nahin chaahiye…!Who r u?Aur client se baat karne ka tameez hi nahi hai aap sabko…!”

Maan was least interested & whispered to Geet’s ears,”Yahi Suhaana hai…mera peecha kab chodegi yeh pata nahi…tumhe baat karlo Geet…abhi ke liye pls is aurat ko yahan se bhaga do…!”And he was abt to go but Suhaana held his shoulder & said,”Rukiye Mr.Khurana…meri baat abhi khatam nahi huyi hai…!”

Geet’s blood boiled seeing Suhaana’s hand on her Maan & said directly,”Jab Maan aapse baat nahi karna chaahthe toh aap unhe kyun pressure daal rahe hai…!”Suhaana saw Geet top to bottom & said angrily,”Who r u Miss…whatever?Miss,mein Maan ki client hoon toh behtar hai ki tum iske baare mein baat na kare toh behtar hoga…aur waise bhi dikhne mein toh tum peon lagthe ho…!And she also added seeing the lunch box,”Aur apne boss ko Lunch dene aayi ho aur dekar jao yahan se…!”

Now Suhaana went too far,first she insulted Adi & now Geet which made Maan blood boil & said showing his index finger,”Listen u…!”But he saw Geet’s eyes which gestured that she’ll take care…which made him silent & stood silently.Suhaana was scared seeing his anger but she smirked immediately,”Dekha mere pyaar ne tumhe hot tempered guy se patience person banaa diya…!Am great…!”

While Geet stood in front of her folding her hands smirking while Suhaana observed Geet still standing & said,”What,tumhe kya mein alien lagthi hoon…tumhaara kaam khatam karo aur jao yahan se…!”But Geet didn’t move then Suhaana’s anger went its peak & she lifted her hand to slap Geet but Geet held her hand tightly.Suhaana screamed with pain with Geet’s tight grip.

Geet said angrily,”Pehli baat tumhe doosron se kaise baat karna hai uski tameez hi nahi hai…doosri baat mein MSK ki biwi hoon naaki unki peon…!”Which made Suhaana widened with shock & Geet continued,”Teesri baat…mein KC ki major stake holder hoon aur tum jaisi ladkiyon ki hosh thikaane par laane ka kaam bhi mein krasakthi hoon…!”Which made Suhaana fume with anger while Geet continued,”Aur chauthi baat,humaare company mein hum peon ko bhi utna hi samman dethe hai jitna is company ka MD ko diya jaatha hai…toh agar tum mere aur Maan ka client ho to tumhe humaare company ke peoon ko bhi samman dena chaahiye…!”

Suhaana tried to free her hand from Geet’s grip but Geet held it even more tightly & she screamed with pain.Geet continued,”Paanchvi baat,apne se umar mein bade logon ko mein ek bhai aur dee ka samman dethi hoon aur humaari company mein unke image ya koi bhi mere client ya honewaali client battameezi se pesh aayega toh mein bardaash nahin karsakthi…!Toh behtar hai ki tum jao aur tumse bhi umar mein bade aur tajoorbe mein log haina unhe lekar mere company mein paav rakho…nahi toh ye Geet Handa tumhe mere company mein paav bhi nahi rakhne degi…samjhi tum…!”

And she left her hand Suhaana’s skin showed Geet’s finger marks due to the tight grip which Geet took & wiped it immediately.Suhaana saw her with shock while Geet pushed her towards the door.The employees who were seeing the incident were impressed with Geet.Maan saw Geet affectionately but Geet’s eyes turned to Maan then he composed himself wearing an angry mask.Geet sighed seeing his fake anger.

Suhaana was seeing the Geet with utmost anger & jealousy seeing her beauty.Suhaana thought,”Koi itna khoobsurat kaise ho saktha hai…aur woh bhi itni kam umar mein Maan ke company ke 51% stake holder…damn mujhe ye baat kyun nahi aayi dimaag mein pehle…agar mein Maan se shaadi kar lethi pehle hi toh ye sab kuch nahi aathi…lekin Maan kabhi meri taraf aisa dekha hi nahi…!”

Geet saw Suhaana & asked,”invitation card dena padega tujhe yahan se jaane ke liye…!”When Suhaana didn’t move then Geet shouted,”GET OUT..!”Suhaana shivered seeing Geet’s anger & ran from there.Maan saw her anger & gulped down his saliva but thought,”Aaj toh mein Geet ki baaton mein nahi aane waala…!”And he composed himself showing his fake anger.

Geet tried to manofy Maan but didn’t work then Geet came back home feeling exhausted.Annie saw Geet with sadness & gave the idea to manofy Maan & made her to see the TV serials.Geet saw that intently & made a plan.Maan came back to his room after the work & saw his dress was set up on his bed.Maan smiled at that & went to the washroom & was shocked to see the washroom which was decorated.

Geet sat in the corner of the tub wearing a red short dress which would barely cover her thighs.Maan’s mind started to melt seeing her like that & had the urge to love her aggressively.Maan was holding his feelings with difficulty seeing her in that short red dress.Geet observed Maan’s expression & smirked inside while Maan asked,”Geet ye sab kya hai?”

Geet said,”Mein nahaa rahi hoon Maan isiliye…!”Maan gave a piercing gaze which made Geet blush profusely.Maan smirked & asked innocently,”Tum nahaathe waqt yeh rose petals candles sab lagathi ho kya…?”Geet nodded cutely & tried to tempt him shaking her waist but Maan didn’t move from his place.

Geet thought to babaji,”Hey babaji,yeh aaj inhe kya huva…har baar yeh mein na tempt karthe huve bhi tempt hojaathe hai aur mujhe tang kardethe hai…lekin aaj mere paas bhi nahi aa rahe hai…!”While Maan was having difficulty seeing her like that but he held himself powerfully.

But Geet was Geet & she saw his husband standing in front of her with folded hands against his chest.Geet said innocently,”Ab aap nahi jaayenge toh mein kaise nahaavoon…aap jaayiye baahar…!”But she slipped & fell inside the tub which was filled with water.Maan said with panic,”Geet…!”And he came forward & saw geet full wet in that dress.

His devil provoked him to touch her while Geet was cursing herself to babaji pouting cutely under breath.

Maan moved towards her like he’s been possessed with some kind of power & he stretched his hands towards Geet still in that trance.

Geet stood up angrily & said,”Aap saara mazaa bigaad diya…!”And she went outside the washroom & took her patiala suit & changed her dress to suit in front of him angrily.Maan saw her body in naked & his emotions dam burst immediately.Maan hugged her from behind & kissed her shoulder feeling contented.

Geet smiled & turned & said cupping his face,”Am sorry Maan,subaah aap par chillaya meine…!”But her next words were muted by Maan’s lips as he sealed his lips to hers.Geet who stood naked in front of him responded back with same passion.They kissed each other passionately & broke apart to grab some air.

Maan said cupping her face,”So jao Geet tum thak gayi hogi…!”Which made her surprise & he made wore the patiala suit & he also changed himself to the casual dress & both went for dinner.Dinner was a family enjoying affair where everyone sat happily & had dinner with their family.

But Naintara got pain in her stomach & she started feeling the pain.On that time everyone were so concerned abt Naintara & was took to the hospital immediately.Khurana family was apacing this side & that side with tension as Naintara was shouting with pain.After sometime they heard the baby cry & everyone saw the door eagerly.

Th nurse came outside & said smiling,”It’s a baby boy…!”Khurana family was overwhelmed hearing the news & went down to the ward to see the baby & Naintara.When they entered then they saw Naintara holding a pink beech ball fast asleep.Naintara’s face glowed seeing the baby.Dev was the first to reach the baby,he lifted it carefully & saw the baby lovingly.Everyone were overwhelmed seeing the nanhi si jaan which made them happy.Dadimaa saw the baby & gave the blessings to it kissing it.

Precap-Am sorry guys that have to give that the new entry is there in the previous parts but couldn’t so Suhaana is the new entry.Suhaana’s plight to conquer Maan from Geet.Geet is facing new problems becoz of Suhaana.


Khurana family were happy becoz of the baby boy of Naintara.Naintara was happy seeing the happiness of family.Khurana family pampered the baby & Naintara very much.Now Geet was more careful abt Naintara’s health.She pampered her very much.Naintara was happy to have Geet as her jethani as she was looked after more carefully.

Next morning Naintara was brought home from hospital with the baby boy.Geet did the aarti to Naintara and baby and they were entered inside the house.The baby was made slept in the baby’s room in the crib & Naintara’s bed was also put beside him.Geet had personally decorated the room which made Naintara emotional.

After Naintara’s parents departure from Naintara,she was craving for motherly love when she was abt to become mother.But Geet didn’t made Naintara feel that she’s orphan now.Geet pampered her when she was pregnant and now also but Geet never showed the proudness,with attitude even she was in the position of jethani and Khurana’s first bahu.

Naintara so much wanted a sister but she got a brother who was studying his Ph.D in medicine in US.Arjun knew that he have to be with his sister as he’s the one who is the remaining family of Naintara.But he was concerned abt his studies also.Arjun was keeping the tracks of Naintara’s health from Geet who had helped him a lot.

Geet gave the news to Arjun that Naintara had gave birth to a baby boy which made Arjun happy & danced merrily and said to Geet that he’s gonna come to India in next flight.Naintara was angry on Arjun becoz of his behaviour but Geet convinced her that he’s only concerned abt his studies.

Arjun was happy that he had become maama and played with baby happily.Geet was happy seeing the Naintara’s family reunion but now her family is abt to be destroyed becoz of Suhaana,who was planning to how to take over Maan from Geet.

(Am thinking that Maan is not a thing which can be take over so easily.Some people think that the thing which they’re trying to snatch from others will never be theirs becoz that the thing had only on true claim in the whole world.No matter if it becomes others ot not it always be theirs one who claim it truly)

Suhaana was so angry on Geet for misbehaving with her(Am thinking who’s the first who misbehaved with them)Suhaana said everything abt the incident in KC to her dad Mr.Om Khanna & brother Ankit Khanna with twisted truth.

Om Khanna was very wise he blamed his daughter only that she had done something which made Mrs.GMSK to misbehave with her.But Ankit didn’t like the fact that GMSK misbehaving with his sister.He promised his sister that he’ll show Geet her place.

Khannas were the king of textile business.They wanted to build a commercial complex where they wanted to shift their office.They wanted that their offices will be in single complex.That’s why they were searching the best construction company to give their project.Then only Suhaana saw MSK in London working for the project for he went & developed the obsession on him.

Maan tried to convince Suhaana that he’s married but Suhaana didn’t listen to him.She did the reseach abt him & came to know that he’s the king of construction business which made her fall for him.Suhaana was impressed seeing Maan who had the power & money with him parallely which made her fall for him.Now it has become obsession to conquer Maan at any cost after seeing Geet as his wife.Becoz Suhaana’s beauty had no match in front of Geet’s beauty.

Suhaana didn’t knew that Maan is married truly.She thought that Maan is trying to escape from her saying lies.But when she saw Geet who’s beautiful than her is the wife of Maan.Then she was adamant to conquer Maan from Geet’s grasp(in Suhaana’s words)

Suhaana was searching the moment to call MSK & family to her house for the big party & that became edible to her when their project deal was signed to KC.Om said shaking the hand to Maan happily,”Mr.Maan,meir beti Suhaana aapke saath kaam karegi…kyunki mein to busy rahoonga apne hi company ke projects mein…!”And he called Suhaana.Suhaana came & winked at Maan naughtily which made Maan’s lips tighten with anger.

Geet was shocked to see Suhaana there & she smirked at Geet evilly.Maan & Geet noticed the strange glint in her eyes but it was vanished in to thin air becoz of Maan’s next words.Maan said clearly smiling,”Ofcourse Mr.Khanna,lekin mein bhi thosi pending workd hai toh mein is project mein dhyaan nahi de saktha.Lekin,meir biwi Geet is project mein apna poora yogdaan degi…!Don’t worry…!”Geet nodded to Mr.Khanna & he smiled at her warmly.

While Suhaana fumed with anger becoz she thought that she’s going to work with MSK but Maan refused her in one go & gave the project to his wife to handle which was a big hit to her big fat ego.Maan saw Suhaana who was fuming with anger and smirked at her.But Suhaana’s evil mind was working in top speed to trouble Geet.

Suhaana initially rejected all Geet’s designs giving some silly reasons.She wanted to show Maan that his wife can’t design a blue print but Geet was one step further from Suhaana.Geet went direct to Mr.Khanna & showed the blue prints.Om was happy to see the designs as it was like he dreamt.

Om was angry on Suhaana of rejecting those designs & scolded her for wasting their time & his by rejecting the designs.Then Suhaana tried to involve Maan in this project but Maan never came close to Suhaana.He would attend the meeting & would go from there thanking Mr.Khanna.

Then Suhaana decided to throw the party to their business clients & she invited Maan & Geet too.Maan helf-heartedly agreed to go to the party becoz Suhaana is his client.He confided this to Geet & she agreed to go to the party.Geet wore the white color sari to the party while Maan wore usual black suit.

Maan was mesmerised to see Geet in that sari & he was tempted to make love to her on that time only.Geet wore his gifted diamond belly chain & anklets which tingled when she moved slightly also.Maan felt heaven hearing those jingling sound & inhaled her fresh feminine scent.Maan senses were driving her crazy but resisted.Geet asked holding his arm,”Chale Mr.Khurana…!”

Maan pecked her lips cutely which made her blush profusely & said,”Chalo Mrs.Khurana…!”And he held her hand & both walked towards the car to go to the party avenue.Maan & Geet entered the party while every head turned towards them hearing the jingling sound.The guests were mesmerised to see an angel walking towards them with a handsome dude.

When guests saw the couple then came to know they r Mr & Mrs.Khurana.Mr.khanna greeted them happily.He took Maan & Geet to meet his business clients while Suhaana who wore the short dress to attract Maan.

She had let the hair open & held a hand bag stylishly.Suhaana bent down to correct her sandals buckles which gave the perfect access to see her curves.But Maan didn’t give hell attention to her as he was mesmerised with his wife’s beauty in that sari.He was controlling his urges while Suhaana fumed with anger seeing Maan who was lost in Geet’s beauty.

Suhaana hugged Geet whispered in her ear sarcastically,”Geet tumne is party mein aakar bahut badi galathi ki…mein sirf Maan ko bulaaya tha tumhe nahi…!Khair ab tum aa hi gayi ho to meri khaatir daari bhi lelo…!”And she smirked & went from there leaving thoughtful Geet which was unaware to Maan.

After sometime Geet went & sat on the nearby sofa for sometime.On that time waiter came & held the tray of cocktail & said,”Madam,soft drink…!”Geet took a glass of soft drink.The waiter bowed to her & went from there.The waiter smiled evilly to Suhaana while she smirked at him impressively.

Suhaana saw Geet who had emptied the glass sipping the soft drink & smirked & went from there.Then Ankit came there & saw geet sitting alone.He was mesmerised with her beauty & had the urge to feel her under him powerfully.Then he sat beside her chipakke to befriend her.But Geet felt uncomfortable & she shifted but he came once again near her.

Ankit said holding her hand,”Kya huva bulbul tumhaara pati tumhe cho kar chala gaya…!”While Suhaana nudged Maan to see Geet sitting with a guy.Maan’s lips tightened with anger.No one can’t touch his Geet & he went towards her angrily.

Suhaana thought for a second that he’s gonna scold Geet but he held Ankit’s collar & lifted him with his one hand.Suhaana expected that Geet feels dizzy as she had mixed her juice with alcohol but Geet stood calmly.

Mr.Khanna came there & saw the incident & asked angrily,”Kya ho raha hai yahan…!”Before Suhaana speak Geet said immediately & angrily,”Kaisa battameez guest hai aapki sir,jo ek aurat ke saath kaise peshaya jaatha hai yeh pata hi nahi…!”Angry

Mr.Khanna fumed with anger & shouted,”Ankit…!”Ankit was caught off guard & said slowly,”Woh dad…!”Maan said angrily,”Dad…to yeh aapka beta hai…!”And he held Ankit’s collar & said,”Agar yeh meri biwi ke aas paas bhi dikha to mei isse kaat daaloonga…!”AngryMr.Khanna handled the situation immediately & took Ankit from there.

Precap-Geet & Maan dancing for song & Suhaana fuming with anger.Angry


Suhaana was wondering that the waiter gave the wrong cocktail or Geet luckily took the wrong cocktail in which the alcohol wasn’t mixed.When she was thinking this in party then someone tapped her shoulder.Suhaana turned and saw it was Geet who was smirking at her.Maan stood beside her waiting for Geet.After Ankit’s incident,he didn’t wanted to stay back in the party.

Geet smirked & said,”Yahi soch rahi hona ki mein woh drink kyun nahi peeya…!Suhaana aap bahut badi bewakoof hai…!Aapko kya laga ki aapki jo warning ko mein seriously nahin loongi aisa socha tha na…!”Maan saw them both with puzzle and was alarmed that what Suhaana gave the warning to Geet.

Suhaana cursed herself & fumed with anger.Geet smirked & said,”Suhaana,aap nahin jaana na chaahegi ki us drink ka kya huva jo aapne us waiter ke haathon bhijvaaya tha mere liye…Ky kiya maine…!”Suhaana saw her eagerly while Geet said smirking,”Abhi aap kuch der pehle aap hi usse piye hai…!”Suhaana’s eyes were widened with shock that’s why she was seeing a shaky vision around her.

Suhaana couldn’t stand in front of Geet and her legs became wobbly and she felt dizzy.She was abt to fall but Geet caught her immediately & was made her sit on the sofa.Om saw Suhaana sleeping & asked Geet with concern,”Kya huva isse abhi toh theek thi yeh…!”Geet said calmly,”Shaayad kuch zyaada hi peeli party mein…!Om said angrily,”Yeh aaj kal ke bachche bhi na…!Thank u beta aapne isse sambhaal liya…nahi toh ye party ko tehse nehse kar lethi…!”

Maan said sternly who was silent spectator of this incident to Geet,”Humein ab chalna chaahiye…!Om was shocked but said meekly,”Kya huva beta…dekhiye agar aap dono mere bete ke wajaise oarty chodkar jaa rahe ho toh mein aapse haath jodkar maafi maangata hoon…!”Geet said immediately,”Are nahin sir,aisa nahin hai abhi aat baj rahe hai aur humein bahut saara kaam hai…toh aap humein jaane de…!”

Om was convinced & was let them go while Maan asked during driving to the home curiously,”Geet,tum aur Suhaana kis drink ke baare mein baat kar rahe the?”Geet smiled & said,”Kuch nahi Maan…Suhaana ko mera party mein aana achcha nahin laga toh usne mere saath ek khel kehlne ki koshish ki lekin uska paasa use hi palat gayi…!”

Maan was angry on Suhaana & asked,”Aisa kya kiya usne…?”Geet said smiling victoriously,Usne yeh chaaha ki woh GMSK ko dhoka de sakthi hai lekin…!”Ans she told Maan everything what Suhaana did which made Maan fume with anger.

Maan said angrily,”Uski himmat kaise hui yeh sab tere saath karne ki…aaj tak mein usse bardaasht kartha aaya kyunki woh meri client hai aur upar se ek aurat bhi…lekin ab paani sar ke upar se nikal chuki hai…usse mein sabak sikhaake rahoonga…!”Geet was abt to say something but Maan muted her words by placing his palm on her mouth and said,”Tum isme interfere nahi karogi Geet…!Geet still tried to convince him but Maan said angrily,”Bolaana bas…!Which made Geet fume with anger.

Geet tried to calm Maan’s anger but couldn’t.Next morning Om came to Suhaana’s room shouting angrily.”Suhaana…Suhaana…!AngrySuhaana got up immediately still holding her head which was paining so much.Suhaana said meekly,”Kya huva papa,aap aise kyun chilla rahe ho…!”Om asked directly,”Kal raat tum geet ka saath kya kiya tha?”Angry

Suhaana was caught off guard and saw her father with shock but composed herself & said,”Kuch bhi toh nahin kiya..aap kya keh rahe hai papa…!”Om said angrily,”Anjaan mat bano…abhi Mr.Khurana ka hi phone tha aur unhone tumhaari saari kartoot ke baare mein bataaya hai…!”Suhaana asked angrily,”Toh aapkao Maan par yakeen hai mujhe par nahi…Aap mere papa ho kar ek gair par vishwaas kar rahe ho…!”

Om said angrily,”Mujhe maaloom hai Suhaana ki kaun jhoot bol raha hai aur kaun sach…!Baap hoon mein tumhaari aur mujhe achche se maaloom hai ki jo tumhe pasand aajaatha hai usse paane ke liye tum kuch bhi kar sakthi ho…!Mr.Khurana ne batay ki tum unke peeche padi ho yeh kehkar ki tum usse pyaar karthi ho…kya yeh sach hai..?”

Now Suhaana’s anger went to it’s peak & she shouted angrily,”Haan mein Maan se pyaar karthi hoon aur unhe paane ke liye kisi bhi hadh tak jaa sakthi hoon…!”On that time she got a tight slap from her father.Suhaana saw her father with shock & anger.

Om asked angrily,”Tum jaanthi ho tum kiske peeche bhaag rahi ho ek shaadi shuda insan ke peeche…!”Suhaana said angrily,”Haan mujhe maaloom hai aur mein Geet ko Maan se divorce dilvaakar shaadi karoongi…!”On that time she got another tight slap from her father.

Om said angrily,”Asj se tumhe woh project handle karne ki koi zaroorat nahin…aur tum kal ke flgith se London jaa rahi ho,wahan ka project dekhne keliye…samjhi tum…!”Suhaana refused her father but Om was stubborn abt the decision & he made his daughter to prepare to go to London.

Meanwhile Geet prepared for Naintara’s baby naming ceremony,she decorated the house personally,she ready the cradle for baby & prepared the dishes for the guests.Maan was happy that for a change he can spend time with Geet alone.He helped Geet preparing for the naming ceremony.

Geet was decorating herself the KM & she was putting the flowers on the pillars of the Mansion climbing a ladder.But Maan did some prank & she landed on Maan’s arms.Maan smirked seeing Geet who was in his arms.Geet said angrily,”Maan…yeh aapka sharaarat hai…!”Maan nodded cutely while Geet cribbed to her babaji,”Babaji,jitne bade ho rahe haina..utni hi inki sharaarathe bad rahi hai…!Maan mujhe neeche utaariye…!”

Maan nodded no while Geet pleaded cutely,”Maan,pls neeche utaariye na..mujhe bahut saara kaam hai…!”Maan said shamelessly,”Agar mein tumhe utaar doon toh kya tum mujhe gift doge…?”Geet saw him innocently,”Gift…!”Maan saw her mischievously then Geet understood him & said immediately,”Bilkul bhi nahi…!”Maan said with attitude,”To theek hai phir mein bhi tumhe neeche nahi utaroonga…!”

And he walked carrying her on his strong arms while Geet asked,”Aap mujhe kahan leke jaa rahe hai…?”Maan said with attitude,”Geet,mein tumhe kahin bhi leke jao tumhe kya tum toh meri baahon mein rahogi na…!”Geet’s cheeks turned red & said,”Achcha theek hai…mein aapko gift dedoongi pehle mujhe neeche to utaariye…!”Maan nodded no this time then Geet asked feeling shy.

Geet asked shyly,”Phir aapko kya chaahiye…???”Maan said shamelessly,”Jo mujhe chaahiye woh mujhe room mein hi milegi…!”Geet asked innocently,”Kya…???”Maan didn’t answer & walked inside the room.Geet saw the room then the room was decorated with rose pteals & lighted candles.Geet saw the decorations with wide eyes.

Geet understood seeing the decorations that what Maan wants from her which made her blush profusely but asked confirming it,”Maan…mein jo soch rahin hoon…woh aapko chaahiye…!”Maan saw her mischievously while Geet blushed & said composing herself,”Maan…ghar mein kuch der baad mehmaan aane waale hai…aur aapko is waqt bhi mazaak sooj raha hai…!”

Maan was disappointed & made a baby complaining face which made her melt immediately.Geet said with shy,”Theek hai…!”Which made him overwhelme with happiness.After one hour Maan & Geet were asleep in each other embrace naked covered in blanket.Geet was a bit tired becoz of his aggressiveness & she kissed him softly on forehead & got up to take the shower.

But Maan held her hand & pulled her towards her & once again made love to her in which she lost herself completely.But Suhaana was planning that how to make Maan turn his attention towards her in very less time.

Precap is same.


Naintara’s baby naming ceremony started while Maan & Geet got ready & came downstairs with Naintara & the baby.Geet wore the usual her favourite color red sari & Maan wore white color sherwani as his favourite color is white.

Both Naintara & Dev sat in front of the havan kund as dadimaa had kept the havan for this auspicious day.After havan,panditji said that the baby’s name will be kept from the va word seeing its kundali & the day it born.Naintara asked Geet,”Geet tumhi rakho apne bhateeje ka naam…!”

Geet said,”Mein kaise dee…maa baap toh aap dono haina…aap hi rakh leejiye…!”Naintara said,”Geet humein maaloom hai ki hum dono hi iska maa baap hai lekin mein aapko yeh haq dethi hoon…aap rakhiye inka naam…!”Geet smiled & took the baby from Naintara & kissed it while it widened its black grape eyes to Geet & smiled sweetly feeling its badimaa.Geet smiled & said,”Inke wajaise Khurana khaandan ko ek waaris mili hai toh inka naam hoga Vansh…!”

Naintara was happy hearing the name so his name was Vansh while Dev took the baby from Geet carefully & whispered the name Vansh in its ears three times.Everyone was happy with the name Vansh & clapped happily.Panditji also predicted that he’ll become the most successful person in his life & loves his family very much.

Dev & Naintara was happy hearing the panditji’s prediction as Dev was most successful person becoz he opened the IT office on his own without anyone’s help financially & now Dev’s company was the most successful companies in the whole world producing successful softwares & hardwares of the computers.

The baby was made lie in the cradle which was decorated with flowers and color papers.The baby gave an innocent smile waving its  tiny legs & hands cutely.The guests came & loved the baby & kept the presents to the tiny fist of Vansh & it held it tightly with its fist cutely.

After the function the baby & mother was sent to rest while Geet & servants cleared up everything becoz of the small party which was abt to be given to the society in the name of Vansh Singh Khurana.Here Suhaana thought a plan & came to the KM wearing the stylish dress to distract Maan once again.

Maan had invited only Om Khanna but Suhaana had sneaked inside KM without anyone’s suspicion.When she entered the party then party had started & Maaneet,Devtara,Vicky & Rajji were dancing to the song


Suhaana’s blood boiled seeing Geet near Maan.Geet was dancing comfortably with Maan keeping her head on his chest peacefully closing her eyes.

Suhaana approached the couple which broke the privacy of the couple & stood straightening themselves.Om saw Suhaana there & went towards them immediately.He didn’t wanted any tamasha from his daughter but Suhaana had her will of plan.Maan glared at Suhaana & said,”Meine tumhe nahi bulaaya tha party mein…!”

Suhaana felt bad becoz of his rude behaviour & harsh words.Geet said warningly,”Maan…!”But Maan said angrily,”Nahin Geet…mujhe maaloom hai ki tumhe kisiki battameezi ki baate dil pe nahin leti lekin mein tumhaari insult bardaasht nahin kar saktha…!Tum yahan kyun aayi ho Suhaana…!”

Suhaana said politely,”Mein aap se baat karna chaahthi hoon Maan…!”But Maan said immediately,”Maan nahin…Mr Khurana bolo…yeh naam bolne ka haq sirf mere biwi ka hai aur kisika nahin…samjhi tum…!”Suhaana felt bad hearing his harsh words.Geet was abt to say something but Suhaana said politely,”Mein aap dono se baat karna chaahthi hoon Mr.Khurana…!Ky hum thoda silent jagah par jaa sakthe hai…!”

Maan was abt to say no but Geet motioned no to him & said sweetly,”Suhaana…aap humaara kamra use kar sakthi hai…!And she took her to their room while Maan followed.Naintara saw this & she also followed silently.Geet left the door ajar while Maan & Suhaana entered.Suhaana held Maan’s legs immediately & said,”Mein aapse bahut pyaar karthi hoon…mein aapke bagay nahin jee sakthi…papa mujhe UK bhejna chaahthe hai…mein aapko chod kar kahi nahin jaane waali…!Pls mujhe apnayiye…!”

Maan refused her proposal then Suhaana threatened Maan that she will kill herself which made Geet panic.But what Geet can do when Suhaana has become semi crack.When Maan didn’t budge then Suhaana took the scissors & cut her veins with its sharpness.

Geet saw this & said with panic,”Maan…!”Maan saw this & was panic & Om came there & held Suhaana’s hand & said,”Yeh kya kiya tune…!”Suhaana fanited immediately while blood started to pour from her veins.Geet said immediately,”Maan…aap Vicky ko bulaayiye…!”Maan nodded & went to bring Vicky.Vicky came to the room with his kit & bandaged her wrist immediately & gave the glucose & Calcium injection immediately.

Vicky said with deep calming breath,”Shkur hai…zyaada blood loss nahin huva…aap logon ne mujhe bula liya nahin toh…lekin bhai ye aisa kyun kiya…!Then Maan have to say all the incident which he hid ti from his family.Naintara was so angry on Suhaana that she wanted to kick her out of the house immediately.Dadimaa also came to know abt Suhaana & Om was ashamed in front of Khurana family becoz of his daughter.

Vicky said that she’s so weak that she have to take rest in the home only.Om took Suhaana from KM feeling disappointed becoz of his daughter’s behaviour.Maaneet took the deep calming breath seeing Suhaana alright.Naintara wanted to kill that Suhaana for spoiling her Geet’s life but resisted.

Suhaana got better after the incident while Om had stopped talking to her after that.Suhaana couldn’t bear his silence but she still had not left Maan to himself.Everyday she would phone up Maan & would badger him to love her.Maan was so irritated but he resisted becoz Vicky had told them that their rude behaviour may lead to that incident which has happened previous night.

As a doctor Vicky said that Vicky was a bit embarassed seeing Suhaana’s behaviour that she’s ruining his brother’s life.Maan couldn’t tolerate Suhaana’s torture any more & took his car & went to Khanna Mansion to meet Suhaana there.

Suhaana was so happy that Maan had accepted her at last but she was always wrong.Meanwhile Geet came to know that Maan had left the office to Khanna Mansion in anger.Geet followed Maan behind him.

Maan acted that he has accepted Suhaana & took to the hill top of the Delhi.Suhaana was so happy seeing the scenery there which she was happy.Geet saw them both in the hill top & came there shouting,”Maan…!”Suhaana was so angry seeing Geet there & said stopping her,”Ruk jao Geet ab yeh mere hai…aur unka naam apni zubaan se mat laana…bahut jald hi mein Mrs.Khurana ban ne vaali hoon…!”

Geet was shocked & saw towards Maan who stood there feeling blank.But he had his plans in mind & said slowly,”Meine kab kaha ki mein tumse shaadi karna chaahtha hoon…!”Suhaana was shocked with his words & said,”What do u mean?”Maan smiled evilly & said,”Tumhe yahan laane ke liye meine aisa kaha tha…tumhe kya lagtha hai ki kalayi kat ne se tumhaara pyaar saabith ho jaayega…!”

Suhaana said,”Mere pyaar ko saabith karne ke liye aap mujhse kya chaahtthe hai…!”Maan said smiling,”Mujhe tumhaare pyaar ka pramaan nahi chaahiye…lekin mein apne biwi ke pyaar ka pramaan tumhe dikhaana chaahtha hoon…yeh kehna chaahtha hoon ki mein apni Geet ko paakar kitna bhaagya shaali hoon…!”Suhaana & Geet didn’t understand anything that what Maan is saying while Maan held Suhaana’s wrist & said,”Chalo hum dono pyaar ke liye kurbaan kar dethe hai…!”

Suhaana & Geet was shocked & Geet said immediately with panic,”Kya matlab hai aapka Maan…!”Maan said immediately pulling Suhaana,”Chalo hum dono is pahaadi se kood kar apni jaan dedenge…pyaar karthi hona tum mujhse…toh chalo hum dono apni jaan dedenge…!”Geet was abt to stop him but Maan said immediately,”Aagr tum wahan se hila toh meri kasam…!”

Geet froze to death hearing his words but said to Maan,”Maan…yeh aap theek nahi keh rahe hai…!Dekhiye aap thande dimaag mein sochiye…yeh aap jo kar rahe hain woh theek nahin hai…!”Maan dragged Suhaana while Suhaana pleaded with fear,”Maan aap galath kar rahe hai…dekhiye aatma hathya karna paap hai…!”Maan pulled her forcefully & stood near the peak & pulled her & said,”Tum toh mujhse pyaar karthi hona…uske liye tumne apni kalayi bhi kaat di mere liye…!Meri biwi ne kya kiya hai woh toh sirf dekhthi rahi…lekin tumne mere liye bahut kuch kiya haina…toh chalo hum dono mar jaathe hai…!”

Geet couldn’t do anything she stood therte helpless seeing her husband’s madness while Suhaana was afraid seing the depth of the hill.Geet thought,”Yeh yahan se kudne se pehle mujhe kuch karna hoga…!and she shouted,”Suhaana…mein tumhe Maan ko dene ke liye tayyar hoon…!Unhe waapas upar aane ke liye kaho…!”Maan knew that why Geet was telling like that but he had made up his mind.

Maan slipped & geet shouted immediately & she came forward & held his hand immediately & tightly.Suhaana stood there with shock while Geet pulled him with panic & he came up with difficulty.Geet’s heart which was beating with panic said hugging him tightly,”Kya socha tha aapne ki aap ke bagay mein zinda rahoongi…!Bataayiye…!”

Geet kicked him every inch angrily & said,”Aap marna chaahthe hai…toh aab mujhe maar daaliye aur kuch bhi kariye aapki marzi hai…!”Maan smiled seeing her anger on him.The way she was complaining & the way she was punching he had the urge to kiss her there only but now he have to teach Suhaana the lesson.

Geet said,”Aap marna chaahthe hai toh usse pehle mein his mar jaathi hoon…!”And she was abt to go to fall but Maan caught her tightly & pulled her to the middle.Geet’s almond eyes were glistening with tears while Maan held her waist tightly.Maan said seeing towards Suhaana who stood there dumbstruck,”Dekha ye hai meri mishty…ye hai mera pyaar…true love isse hi kehthe hai…tum toh mere liye marna bhi nahi chaahthi thi tumne mere saamne kalaayi isiliye kaata kyunki tumhe maaloom tha ki hum dono tumhe bachaa lenge…!Tum jaanthi ho ki Geet ne mujhe tumhe saupne ka nirdhaar kyun liya…taaki yeh door se hi sahi meri salaamathi dekhe…meri khushiyaan dekhe…!

Maan said,”Tumhe kya lagtha hai ki yeh mujhe tumhaare havaale karne ka faisla kyun kiya…kyunki yah kabhi nahi chaahthi thi ki tumhaari bewakoofi ki wajaise mein apna zindagi se na hath do baithoon…aur yeh sirf mujhse pyaar karthi hai…kisi aur se nahin…jis din se yeh mujhe dekha hai us din se sirf mujhe se his pyaar kiya hai…!Ab dekha ye hai meri biwi…jo apni pati ke khushi ke liye apne pati ko doosre havaale karne se yeh peeche nahin hat ti…us din tumne kya kaha tha ki yeh khubsurat hai isiliye mein isse pyaar kartha hoon…nahin mein toh pyaar kiya iski ander ki khoobsoorati ko phir iski baahar ki khoobsoorati ko…and u r no match for her inside beauty…!jao yahan se aur aayind agar mein zindagi mein phir se paav rakhne ki koshish ki toh yeh jo naatak tha woh asli banjaayega…samjhi tum…!”

Geet who was seeing him lovingly listening to his speech composed herself & went from there angrily.

Precap Geet is angry…!AngryAnd Maan manofying herWink


After the Suhaana’s incident Geet was so angry on Maan that her face was swelled like gol gappa & her cheeks were red with anger.Suhaana stood there fully shock & thought,”Yeh Maan ne mujhse kaise baat ki aur mar jaane ko kaha mujhe…lekin mein usse na karke sirf dekhthi reh gayi…!”On that time Geet said sternly,”Suhaana..gaadi mein baitho…!”Maan was shocked seeing Geet’s behaviour.

Suhaana didn’t answer & stood there blank with shock on her face.Geet shouted,”SUNA NAHIN MEINE KYA KAHA GAADI MEIN BAITHO…!AngrySuhaana went & sat in back seat immediately while Geet said to Maan,”Gaadi Khanna mansion ki taraf chalaayiye…!”Maan was puzzled becoz he was afraid seeing Geet’s angry filled eyes.But he drove to Khanna mansion silently stealing glances towards Geet who sat seeing straight angrily.

When maan stopped the car in front of Khanna mansion then Geet said sternly,”Tumhaara ghar aagaya…ab tum jaa sakthi ho…!”Suhaana went outside the car & Maan started the car but Suhaana said seeing the both painfully,”Mujhe maaf kar deejiye…mein apne bartaav ke liye sharminda hoon…mein aapke zindagi mein aage deewaar nahin banoongi…am sorry…!”

Both Maaneet didn’t say anything & Maan moved the car immediately.The car went towards KM while Maan was silent but was stealing the glance towards Geet.Geet sat there with folded hands seeing straight with anger expression.Maan said couldn’t bear her silence,”Geet..tum chup kyun ho…kuch toh baat karo…meine jo kiya Suhaana ke saath theek hi kiya haina…!”

Geet didn’t answer him & sat there silently.Maan now couldn’t bear her silence & jerked the car sideways & said angrily,”Bas karo ab…ab toh baat karo mujhse…mujhe khamoshi nahin sunni…!”Geet didn’t say anything & got off the car & stood in front of his car & called,”Taxi…!”Maan was abt to stop her but she went in the taxi immediately.Maan banged his forehead immediately & said,”Ab toh punjabi sherni ban gayi hogi…ghar mein mujhe baat karni hogi…!”

When he reached home then Dev,Naintara,daimaa & Vicky came there & asked unison,”Aaap theek toh haina…veerji…bro…Maan bete…!”Maan knew that Geet had told everything to them & asked,”Kyun…mein toh theek hoon…aap log aisa kyun poochg rahe hai…???”Naintara said worriedly,”Kyunki veerji Geet outhouse shift ho gayi hai…aur humein kuch bhi nahin bataaya iske baare mein…!Kya baat hai veerji aap dono ke beech mein sab theek toh haina?Kahin us Suhaana ka wajaise toh aap dono ke beech mein…!”

Maan composed himself & said,”Kuch nahin Naintara aisa kuch nahin huva hai…woh kya hai ki pati patni mein aisi choti moti jagde hoti rehthi hai…tum log chinta mat keejiye mein usse manaa loonga…!”And he went towards the outhouse immediately.Geet who was cleaning the outhouse ground with broomstick felt his presence near her.But she composed herself & did her work.

Maan stood bowing his head with guilt that how much he has given pain to her saying those panic words in front of her.While brooming Geet’s vision became shaky & she was abt to fall but Maan caught her immediately shouting Geet with panic.But Geet held her hand & freed her grip from him immediately & said sternly,”Mujhe aapki madat ki koi zaroorat nahin Mr.Khurana..aap jaayiye yahan se…!Mujhe aap se koi baat nahin karni…!”

Maan lost his patience & held her hand tightly & pulled her to his hard frame.When Geet’s body rubbed his body then current run down past their spine & Geet melted in his touch.But his action made her even more angry & she glared with her almond eyes to Maan.Geet said angrily,”Maan chodiye mujhe…!”She tried to free her from his grip but Maan pulled inside his embrace which made her melt becoz of his touch.

Now Geet lost her calmness & she clubbed his head powerfully from the broomstick handle.Maan held his head shouting angrily,”Geet…!”Maan released her from his grip immediately while Geet’s anger was is in its peak now.Kya karein he only provoked her.Geet held her broomstick & said,”Kya kaha tha wahan aap marna chaahthe hai…!”And she wacked angrily on his butt from broom stick.

Geet said angrily,”Aapko ek baar bhi mere baare mein khayaal nahin aaya..jab aap woh baat kaha tha…kya chahthe the ki mein aapke bagay jeeloongi…!”And she wacked once again on his butt angrily while Maan said painfully,”Geet…!”Geet said angrily,”Naatak mat keejiye…ya phir mein apne avtaar mein aajaavoon aapko sabak sikhaane ke liye…!”Geet wacked once again on his butt which made him run from outhouse.

Geet said angrily,”Agar aap apne galathi ke liye praayashchit nahin kiye toh mein aapse baat nahin karoongi…!”Maan stood taking deep calming breath & thought,”Babaji kahan phas gaya mein…ye biwi hai ya PT teacher…kuch bhi mile usse hi maarthi hai…!Babaji jaldi se iski gussa kam kardo nahin toh mein gym mein jaane ke liye laayak nahin rahoonga…!”

Their quarrel continued for 3 days,Geet would come to prepare food to KM & serve it & would went from there giving an angry glare.Meanwhile Geet wasn’t feeling well & she was throwing everything up which she had eaten.First she thought that this is only for indigestion & started chewing the supari so that it stops vomitting but after that she couldn’t control herself of throwing up everything she has eaten.

Geet didn’t say anything abt this & didn’t took care of her also.Maan observing her pale face & knew that she had left taking her food correctly.Meanwhile Suhaana went back to London & didn’t see her back once also becoz of that incident.One day Maan said everything to the family that what he did with Suhaana.First they were impressed of what Maan did & now Suhaana went from their life forever but protested immediately.

Naintara said angrily,”Veerji,us Suhaana ko aap sabak sikhaane ke liye apne jaan jo kar mein daal di…tabhi toh Geet itni gussa kar rahi hai…!”dev said immediately,”Haan bro..Naintara theek hi kehthi hai aapko bhabhi ke saamne ye sab karne ki kya zaroorat thi…agar unhe kuch ho jaata toh…!”Maan said angrily,”Bas…ab mein nahin sun saktha yeh idea toh Vicky ka tha…!”

Who was sulking his head slightly while Geet stood dumbstruck & said,”Kya kaha aapne…???”Maan said angrily,”Wahi jo tumne suna yeh sab Vicky ki idea thi…!”But Vicky said immediately,”Lkein mein toh aapko yeh kaha tha yeh kaam aap bhabhi ke bagay hi kar sakthe the…aap bhabhi ko kyun bulaaya…!”Geet said angrily,”Achcha vicky bahi saab yeh sab aapka kiya dhara hai…!!!”

Vicky saw Geet’s glaring eyes & said gulping saliva,Bhabhi ye aap aise ghooriye mat bhai ke aankhon se zyaada aapki ghoorna achcha nahin lagtha mujhe…!”Geet said,”Achcha woh kyun…!”Vicky said,”Kyunki aap pacific ocean hai aur bhai atlantic ocean…!”Geet &Maan said in unison,”Kya???”Vicky said pleadingly,”Haan…kyunki bhai humesha gussa karthe hai lekin aap kabhi kabhi aur jo log kabhi kabhi gussa karthe hai woh log bahut khatarnaak hote hai…!”

Geet said angrily,”Abhi dikhaathi hoon ki mein kitna khatarnaak hoon…!”And she lifted a stick to wack him while Vicky ran around the mansion shouting.Maan,Naintara,Dev saw this & laughed heartily.But Geet still felt dizzy & now a shaky vision came to her eyes & it turned pitch black & she fell.But before she fell she was caught by the strong arms.

Maan said rubbing her hands with panic,”Geet aankhen kholo…!”Geet was lied on the sofa & Vicky was exmaining her.Dev,Naintara & dadi stood there worriedly.Vicky checked her pulse & he checked the heart beat with stethescope & he kept it on her tummy.Vicky smiled happily hearing the sound which was coming from her tummy.Then he gave Calcium injection & saw her eyes.

Maan who stood seeing Vicky movements anxiously asked,”Vicky kya huva isse yeh kyun itni kamzor hai…aur tum has rahe ho…!”Vicky smiled seeing his anxious big bro…!”Relax bro…don’t worry mein bahut jald phir se chcha banne vaala hoon…aur aap papa…!”Maan was shocked hearing the news & then  his face turned to delight.

Dev,naintara aur dadi was so happy hearing the news.Vicky said,”Bhabhi one week pregnant hai…!”On that time Geet opened her eyes slowly & stirred.Geet said,”Vicky..mujhe kya huva tha…!”Vicky said smiling,”Kuch nahi bhabhi aap maa banne waali hai…!”Geet got up immediately & said smiling,”Sachi…!”On that time Vicky said,”Haan…haan..abhi aapko aise nahi hilna chaahiye…thodi matak matak ke rahiye…!”Geet blushed profusely while Maan saw her lovingly for giving the sweet news.

Geet forgot all the anger on Maan & hugged him with a broad smile on his face.vicky said smiling,”Ab toh aap gussa chod deejiye bro par kyunki jo huva achche ke liye huva…kya kehthi hai dadimaa…!Dadi said,”Haan bete…aap gussa thok deejiye Maan par aur pyar toh kare…chalo humein ab koi kaam nahin…!”And they went from there leaving Maaneet alone.

Geet was abt to say something then Maan kept his index finger on her soft supple lips & said,”before u say to me…i want to tell u something…am sorry geet…us din ke bartaav ke liye…mujhe maaloom hai ki us din kitna dar gayi mujhe wahan cliff se girtha huva dekh kar…lekin woh sirf ek act tha Suhaana ko samjhaane ke liye…lekin…!”

On that time Geet closed her palm on his lips & said,”Aapko safaayi dene ki koi zaroorat nahin…mujhe maaloom hai ki…!”But her next words were muted by Maan when he sealed his lips to hers.Both craved for this kiss after the seperation.They kissed each other passionately & broke apart to grab some air.Then Maan lifted her in his strong arms.

Geet said,”Mein chal sakthi hoon mujhe neeche toh utaariye…!”Maan nodded no cutely,”Ab tum dono ho aur mein nahi chaahtha ki meri baby ko koi taqleef ho jaaye…tum huesha meri baahon mein rahoge…!”Geet blushed hearing his words while Maan took her to their room & ordered before he go inside the room,”Nakul..Geet ka kapde yahan laa kar rakh do…!”

Precap-Maan is fulfilling Geet’s khwaish.Wink


Maan carried Geet to their room in his arms & made her lie down on the bed while he kept some pillows around her waist comfortably.Geet was overwhelmed seeing his love & her eyes welled up.When Maan saw this then asked with shock,”Tum ro kyun rahi ho???”ShockedGeet said behind the tears,”I love u Maan…!”Which made Maan melt immediately & came forward & sealed his lips to hers.

They kissed each other more passionately while Maan didn’t pressurize on her stomach.They broke apart to grab some air but on that time Nakul brought Geet’s clothes to their room.He kept the clothes in wardrobe while Maan was sitting seeing her lovingly.Geet instructed her possessions to keep correctly while Maan was seeing those luscious lips hungrily.

He wanted to make love to her so much that he was waiting for Nakul to go.Maan got up & dialled to Adi.Adi said meekly as he was loving Pinky on that time,his breathing was heavy becoz of the pleasure,”Hello…!”Maan shared the news with Adi happily,”Yaar…mujhe tumhe kuch bataani hai…!”Adi said meekly while Pinky was sleeping on his chest kissing his chest softly,”Haan bol…!”

Maan said smiling,”Yaar tu maama banne waala hai…!”Adi said simply,”Haan theek hai…!”After few seconds he collected waht Maan said to him & said getting up with delight,”Kya…???Kya kaha tune…!”Maan said irritatedly,”Wahi jo tune suna…!”Adi said happily,”Iska matlab hai choti…choti maa banne waali hai…!”On that time Pinky got up wrapping herself in the blanket.Pinky was so happy & said snatching,”Veerji,mein Pinky bol rahi hoon…aap Geet ko phone deejiyena…!Ya phir nahi…nahi hujm dono kal hi aa rahe hai Geet se milne…aur aap isse surprise rakhiyega…!”And she cut the call immediately & Adi pulled towards her & took her lips into his feeling her softness in his hand.Pinky moaned behind the kisses softly & both rolled over inside the blanket.

Geet asked seeing Maan,”Kisse baat kar rahe the…???”Maan said,”Adi se…wph noida ke sun city project ke baare mein kuch discuss karna tha toh meine usse phone kiya tha…kal woh yahan aa raha hai mujhse milne ke liye…!”Then Maan sat beside her cutely & asked sweetly,”Tum mujhse naraaz toh nahin hona us incident ke wajaise…!”But his next blabber was muted by Geet by sealing her lips into his.

Geet nibbled his lips & parted her lips then Maan’s tongue entered to taste the honey sweet juice.Maan plundered her treasure of mouth while his hands travelled inside her kurta & squeezed her waist softly.Geet moaned between the kisses & opened his shirt buttons & moved her hands on his bare upper body.

Maan groaned & he ripped off her clothes in no time & made her naked & hovered on her.But didn’t give pressure on her stomach where his bit & her bit was breathing peacefully.Geet took off his shirt & inners & lied on his chest peacefully.Maan kept his hand on her bare tummy & moved it as if he was feeling the baby.

Geet smiled when he saw love & care for their baby & she kissed his chest once again making his skin burn with desires.Maan came to her bare tummy & kissed it softly as if he was kissing the baby.Geet was overwhelmed becoz of his love which was always becoming high to her & her eyes welled up & tears poured down but wiped it immediately as she know that he hates tears in her eyes.

Maan smiled feeling peace when he kissed her bare tummy & he kept his ears on it.Geet said,”Maan…abhi bhi uski movement aap sun nahin sakthe lekin haan ek mahine ke baad aap sun sakthe hai…!”Maan said smiling,”Geet,mein usse is duniya ki khushiyaan doonga jiski yeh haq daar hai…mein isse kabhi aanch nahin aane doonga…!”Geet smiled,”Mujhe pata hai Maan aap mere bete ko bahut achche se dekhbaal kar sakthe hai…mujhse bhi zyaada…!”

Maan said immediately,”Kisne kaha ki beta paida hoga…mujhe pehle beti hi chaahiye..uske bad beta…!Jab woh mere paas apne nanhe nanhe kadam se aayegi…tab usse mehsoos karna kuch aur hi baat hoti hai…!”Geet said sternly,”Jee nahin…mujhe toh beta hi chaahiye…!”maaneet started arguing that they want boy & girl first but after that Geet started puking & she felt nausea but didn’t came anything outside.

But Maan was panic seeing Geet like that & was abt to dial it but Geet said,”Maan…mujhe kuch nahin huva hai…aap baar baar Vicky ko phone kar ke pareshan mat keejiye…!”And she pulled him towards her.When their body rubbed to each other then their skin burned with desires & they moved to the level of ecstacy feeling each other.

Next morning Pinky came & hugged Geet while Adi & her friends congratulated her.Girls teased Geet & boys teased Maan so much.Maan was happy that after 9 months a mini Maan or Geet r coming which made him dance with joy.He was so happy that he was becoming even more possessive these days.Geet was a bit irritated becoz of his possessiveness which was making her not to work anything.If she went to take a glass of water to drink then Maan would shout at Nakul for not giving it in her place.

Geet said irritatedly,”Maan aap Nakul par kyun chilla rahe hai…mein khud chali gayi paani peene kitchen isme Nakul ki koi galathi nahin…!”Maan said angrily,”Geet…tum Nakul ki taraf daari karna band kardo aaj kal woh bahut hi laaparva hota jaa raha hai…!”Geet said angrily,”Maan,Nakul gair zimmedar nahin aap hai…!”Maan saw her with puzzle & asked,”Mujhe kuch samajh mein nahin aa raha hai saaf saaf bolo…!”Geet said making baby complaining face,”Meine aapse chocolate ice cream magvaane ko kaha tha aap woh bhi nahin kar paaye…!”

Maan saw her baby complaining face & had the urge to kiss her passionately but resisted & went from there to bring the chocolate ice cream which Geet demanded.Geet was overwhelmed seeing the freezing chocolate chips with dry fruits & she licked it greedily.Maan observing her expressions when she saw the chocolate ice cream.She licked it greedily & ate it till her fill smearing it around her lips.

When it was ended then she had smeared the ice cream to hr both hands & around her luscious lips.Maan came forward & licked the ice cream which made her cheeks color turn red.Maan was teasing her inside devil to be tempted & he licked the ice cream from both the hands.

Geet saw her apprehensively while Maan said innocently,”What…mujhe nahin diya…saara tumhe hi khaaliye…toh mein kya kartha yeh bachi huye haina tumhaare haathon par aur hoton par toh isi se kaam chalaaliye…!”And he kissed her cheeks softly which made her blush profusely.These days she was blushing very much becoz of the tablets & hormones.

Maan took her to the wash room carrying on his arms & made her wash the hands & her lips.When Maan moved his hands on her soft supple lips then current run down past her spine & Maan also felt like that.Geet felt that 100 butterflies flutter inside her stomach.Then Maan assigned Geet to go the yoga class which is very healthy for the mothers who r pregnant.

Then he also enrolled himself to the same class to help Geet giving moral support.Geet was overwhelmed seeing Maan’s love towards her & their baby.She was lucky to have husband like him.This is the song guys which made us dance in tip toe seeing their sizzling chemistry Maaneet forever.

Precap-Geet’s mood swings…WinkMaanCry

Maan was so careful with Geet.He was insisting that Geet’s surrounding will have to be clean always.Geet wasn’t given permission to work in the kitchen & the duties of the KM were once again transferred to dadimaa as Geet was pregnant.

Maan forcefully made this decision & gave the keys to dadimaa.Maan didn’t wanted to give Geet any stress & those household works were always making Geet tired.Geet protested this decision then Maan glared at her making her slient.One glare would make her dumb these days.

One day Maan came back from the works feeling tired & Geet served dinner to him.Maan asked,”Tumne khana khaaya???”Geet said,”Aaapne kabhi mujhe aapke bagay hi khaana khaathe huve???”Maan nodded dismissively but said softly,”Ab se aadat daaldo Geet…kyunki ab tum do log hai…!!!”Geet said angrily,”Ab mein pati ke saath baith kart khaana bhi nahin kha sakthi???Us khwaish se bhi mujhe rok laga deejiye…akele baithkar khaana khaaoungi…!!!”

Geet’s eyes welled up & tears poured down from those almond eyes.Maan closed his eyes with guilt for making her cry & made her sit on his lap & said lovingly,”Aisa nahin hai jaan…tum galath samajh rahi ho…mein ye keh raha tha ki mujhe office mein bahut saara kaam hoga aur mein nahin chaahtha ki meri wajaise tum aur baby dono bhooke baithe…!!!”

Then he fed the food to Geet lovingly and wiped those tears which were glistening from those almond eyes.Geet fed him & said making puppy face,”Mein aur baby itna strong hai ki woh apne bhook ko jhel sakthe hai apne papa ke aane tak…!!!”Maan said lovingly,”Zid mat karo Mishti…ab woh sun city project haina woh bhi rok gayi hai kissi kaaran ke wajaise…aur mujhe roz jaana hoga kaam dekhne ke liye…!!!Ab agar tum aur baby bhooke rahenge toh mujhe kaam par nahin sirf aap dono par hoga mera dhyaan…!!!”Geet thought & asked worriedly,”Wahan kyun kaam ruk gayi hai…???In fact wahi par toh kaam bahut achche se hoti thi baaki projects ke zyaada…lekin aisa kya hogaya hai ki wahan rok gayi hai…!!!”

Maan said still feeding the food lovingly,”Kuch nahi jaan mein sab dekh loonga…ab tumhe uske baare mein sochna band kardo…!!!”Geet got up from his lap & said,”Aap jaayiye room mein mein yeh sab saaf karke aati hoon…!!!”

Maan said sternly,”Bilkul bhi nahin…mein isse karloonga tum jaakar aaraam karo…samjhi tum…!”Geet made a baby complaining face & went from there cursing under breath,”Dusht danav…!!!”Maan smiled at her antics & went to clean up the table while Geet kept his night dress neatly on the bed while she got the phone from her mother.

Darji’s family were happy that Geet is pregnant & was keeping the tracks of the health.When Rano came to know abt Geet then she was dancing in tip toe happily.Geet said,”Hello…!!!”Rano said happily,”Geet…mera bachcha…kaisi hai tu???”

Geet smiled & said,”Maa…kaisi hai aap…mein bilkul theek hoon…!!!”Rano asked,”Mein bahut khush hoon beta…!!!”And she gave the big lecture to her not to work which made her pissed off becoz of her lecture.When Maan came there then her face had become gol gappe…and was cursing her breath.

Maan had seen Geet keeping the mobile back & asked,”Kiska phone tha Geet???”Geet said angrily,”Aapke saasu amma ki…!!!”Maan asked curiously,”Toh phir tumhaara moo gol gappe ki tarah kyun bana huva hai???”Geet said angrily,”Maa bhi itni badi lecture dedi ki kaam mat karo…zyaada bhaari saamaan mat uthao…!!!”

Maan smiled seeing her angry face which was resembling the apple fruit.In these days she was looking more beautiful with more anger & mood swings & more adorable with her antics.Maan had the urge to eat her alive but resisted & said,”Maa…jo bhi kehthi hai…achche ke liye kehthi hai…tum kyun unki baat nahin maanthi…!!!”

Geet glared at him & twisted her lips pouting & went & slept turning that side angrily.Maan nodded dismissively smiling seeing her antics & changed the dress & came & slept beside her.Maan kept his hand around her waist while Geet threw his hand angrily.

Maan repeated that once again & she melted in his touch & went inside his embrace & kissed his chest softly.Maan’s skin burned when he felt Geet’s warm lips on his chest.Maan pecked her lips & said,”So jao Geet…tum thak gayi hogi…!!!”Geet said pouting,”Nahin mujhe ab neend nahin aa rahi hai…!!!”

Maan asked,”Kyun???”Geet came still inside his embrace & said breathing her hot breath on his lips,”Kyunki..baby chahtha hai ki papa unhe kahaani sunaaye…!!!”Maan was shocked,”Mein…kahaani…!!!”Geet asked with amazement,”Ho…aapko kahaani sunaane nahin aati…!!!”

Maan nodded cutely yes & started…”Ek din…Geet…!!!”Geet said immediately,”Geet…nahin…baby…!!!”Maan said nodding,”Haan…ek din baby..kya huva tha ki…!!!!”Geet said pouting,”Ek din MSK tha jo unhe kahaani sunaana nahi aata tha…!!!”Maan saw her  innocently but Geet smiled widely & said,”Chalo so jaathe hai…!!!”Which made him admire her smile cutely.

Maan came & kissed her forehead & said,”Good night…!!!”Geet smiled widely & said,”Good night…!!!”At midnight…Geet couldn’t sleep & got up & shaked Maan.Geet said,”Maan…!!!”Maan didn’t answer just said,”Hmm…!!!”Geet said,”Maan…mujhe kuch khaane ka man kar raha hai…!”

Maan asked sleepy,”Kya khaane ka man kar raha hai Geet…!!!”Geet said cutely,”Maan…mujhe mitti khaane ka man kar raha hai…!!!”Maan said sleepy,”Toh khaalo…!For a second he didn’t heard what she said but immediately got up realising what Geet asked & said with amusement,”Mitti…yeh kaisi dish hai…!”Geet laughed & said,”Maan..mitti ka matlab hai soil…aur hum usse hi apna khaana grow karthe hai…!!!!”

Maan didnt’ understand & scratched his head & said,”Tum paagal ho gayi ho…yeh mitti khaane ki cheez nahin hai…!!!Raat bahut ho gayi hai ab so jao…aur waise bhi baby tumhaara bak bak sunke  kaan band  kar ke baitha hoga ander…so jao Geet…!!!”Geet glared at him with her almond eyes & said,”Yeh meri nahin baby khwaish hai…!!!”

Maan said angrily,”Geet is aadhi raat mein mein kahan se laavoon…is mitti ko…aur us mitti mein ktine bacterias aur viruses hogi pata nahi…aur tum mitti khaana chaahthi ho???”Geet glared at him & said angrily,”Aap nahin dena chaahthe toh theek hai…mein chali…usse khaane…Aur waise bhi aap usme bacterias aur viruses hoti hai yeh kisne kaha…kitna achcha khushboo aati hai jab us par pehle mahine ki baarish aati hai…aur woh mitti ki khushboo toh baat hi kuch aur hoti hai…!Maan mujhe usse khaana hai…!!!”

Maan thought Geet had gone mad & ran to meet dadimaa telling that he’ll bring soil to Geet stopping her.Maan banged the door with panic & shouted,”Dadimaa…dadimaa…!”Dadi opened her door rubbing the eyes & saw who is it & asked,”Kya baat hai Maan bete…aap itni ghabraaye huve kyun hai…!!!”

Maan said worriedly,”Dadimaa…Geet ko kuch hogaya hai…woh mittit khaane ki zid kar rahi hai…!”Dadimaa said casually,”Toh de deejiye na usse…kuch nahin hoga…abhi bhi toh mood swings haina unki…toh dedeejiye…!!!”Maan was shocked hearing dadimaa’s answer & asked,”Dadi…aap pagalon ki tarah baat kyun kar rahi hai…woh mitti pooch rahi hai…koi insan mitti khaata hai kya…!!!”

Dadima laughed at his concern & said,”Maan bete aise samay mein bachca kis tarah sochtha hai ussi tarah maa bhi sochthi hai…yeh baby ki khwaish hai…aur ek insan ne khaaya tha mitti ko woh the bhagwaan shri krishna…!!!”But still Maan argued,”Dadimaa…bhagwaan shri krishna ne khaaya tha uski maa toh nahi…aap bhi na dadimaa…!!!”

And he went from there & tried to convince Geet but Geet was in full on sherni mood & she went outside to eat mitti.After one hr,Geet was sitting on the floor relishing the mitti & Maan had kept his hand on his forehead & observing  Geet’s expression.Geet smiled at Maan showing the soiled teeth while Maan composed himself giving weak smile to her.

After sometime she got terrible nausea & started thrwoing up everything which made Maan alarm.Maan said with panic,”Geet…tumhe aisa kyun ho rah hai…mein abhi Vicky ko bulaatha hoon…!!!”And he ran to call Vicky who asleep peacefully holding a photo frame.

Maan banged inside Vicky’s room & shouted,”Vicky…!!!”Vicky woke with a jerk & asked in panic,”Kya huva bhai…aap itne pareshan kyun hai…!!!”Maan stuttered,”Vicky…ussne mittit…khaayi aur pata nahi…abhi usse ultiyaan ho rahi hai…!!!”

Vicky took his medical kit & stethescope & ran towards Geet’s room where she was still relishing mitti peacefully.Vicky asked,”Bhai…yeh aap kya keh rahi hai…bhabhi kuch kha rahi hai…aur woh bhi shanti se baith kar…!!!”Maan said,”vicky ek baar…usse check up kar lo…!!!”Vicky nodded & he checked Geet up & said to Maan that she’s alright.But Maan didn’t convinced & he took Geet forcefully carrying her in his arms to the hospital next morning…

Geet protested this but Maan made her shut up & made all the test for her then the reports became normal.The senior doctor of Rajji asked,”Mr.Khurana…lagtha hai ki aap apne biwi se bahut pyaar karthe hai…!Kuch nahi huva hai Mrs.Khurana ko…aap khaamaka pareshan ho rahe hai…!!!”Maan said worriedly,”Lekin doctor kal raat ko toh isse mitti khaane ka man kar raha tha…!!!”

Doctor smiled & said,”Haan Mr.Khurana…kyunki isse hi mood swings kehthe hai…kuch nahi huva hai aapke wife ko aur baby ko bhi…!!!”Lastly Maan was convinced when he saw abt this in internet while Geet’s eyes popped up seeing the gol gappe vendor & asked innocently,”Maan mujhe gol gappe khaani hai…!!!”

Maan smiled at her mood swings & took her to the gol gappe vendor & she exictedly said to vendor,”Bhai saab..mujhe ek plate gol gappe dena…ek dum teeka waala…aur usme bahut saare aloo aur chatni bhi daalna…!!!”Maan asked worriedly,”Geet itna teeka tum khaa sakthi ho…aur baby resist karega kya???”

Geet assured him smiling,”Kuch nahi hoga Maan…!!!”And she started eating spicy gol gappa happily.Maan observed her expressions…her almond eyes which had turned into excitement while eating gol gappa…the way her luscious lips twisted relishing it…she was looking adorable & had the urge to eat her alive there only.

Maan took care of Geet very much after that mitti incident.Now Geet was asking to bring raw mangoes which has sour taste.Geet was becoming fat these days & Maan was teasing her.Maan said,”Hello moti mombatti…!!!”

Geet would glare at his taunt & would wack him from the stick or any other thing which she was holding in her hand.Maan would like all hr antics these days as she was like a baby…for a big baby a small baby was growing inside.These days baby would respond to its papa’s argument which would make Geet teary eyes becoz of Maan’s possessiveness.

Precap-Some problem in sun city project site & Maan is injured & Geet’s worried becoz of the incident.Shocked


Next morning Maan got phone from Adi & said that some problem is there in sun city project venue & have to come to the place to handle the situation.Maan nodded & went from KM not having any breakfast.

When Geet got up then came to know that Maan had gone without having any breakfast.Geet phoned up to office to inform Maan that she’s coming taking the lunch to him but Akriti receptionist told her that he hasn’t come to the office till now.

Then Geet came to know that he had mentioned some problem in sun city project then she told to the driver to drove the car towards Noida where Sun city project was going on.Here Maan was a bit worried seeing the situation becoz all the workers were blaming the manager that he’s cheating him.

Becoz there is the shortage of the number of cement,brick & mortar which he had smuggled it out for his benefit & also accused that the watchman of the place is also with the manager.

The workers also complained him that the manager had eaten the money which was released to them which was given when the work ended as a salary.

Maan couldn’t bear this sabotage from the manager who tried to convince Maan by complaining on workers.When Geet was handling this project then she was working perfectly.She had made the manager scared with her anger & power when she detected the cheating from manager.

But on that time the manager had fallen on Geet’s feet making her keep him back to the work.But this time it has the limit.The workers got angry with the manager & started beating him angrily.

Maan fell in the pool of people to save the manager on that time only he got a stone to his forehead injuring him which was seen by Geet.

Geet said with panic,”Maan…!!!”Geet ran to him & held him from the shoulder on that time a stone was abt to hit Geet’s stomach but Maan caught it immediately & shouted angrily from the mike,”Band karo yeh sab…!!!”The workers were alarmed seeing the angry Maan Singh Khurana & stood there with shock & fear.

The manager ran to Geet & said falling to her feet,”Madam…mujhe bachaa leejiye…mein apne aapko badal daala tha jis din aap mujhe agaah kiya tha…lekin uss union leader aur watchman dono mujhe phasa rahe hai…!!!”

Geet didn’t say anything & tore her dupatta & tied it to Maan’s head & said,”First aid box leke aavo…!!!”And she took the mike & said,”Aap sabko is samasya ka hal kal zaroor milega…aapke union leader ko humaare office mein bhejdo…!!!Hum baat karthe hai…aur tab tak keliye…yeh manager yahan kaam nahin karega…theek hai…!!!”All the workers nodded which made union leader & watchman cold feet but thought that they’ll play their part easily with Mrs.Geet Singh Khurana.

Geet made Maan come to the home directly giving one angry glare.And Geet phoned up in office that he’s not coming to the office today.Maan asked angrily,”Ab is problem ko kaise solve karoge…mujhe lagtha hai ki woh manager jhoot bol raha hai…woh saari galathi ki jad hai wahan par…!!!”Geet didn’t say anything & bandaging Maan’s wound carefully.Maan saw her eyes now intently which had pain so much for a simple scratch of him.

Maan understood & pulled her on his lap while Geet kept her hand on his cheek lovingly.Maan pulled Geet from her nape & took her lips into his.Maan nibbled her lips & entered her mouth sucking the honey sweet juice while Geet was so shaken when she saw Maan in that state & she responded him back entering his embrace.

They broke apart to grab some air then Maan’s hands went to her tummy & moved his hands protectively & said possessively,”Aaj toh mein us aadmi ko apne haatho se khoon kardetha agar mere baby ko kuch hojaatha toh…uski himmat kaise huyi mere baby par paththar maarne ki…!!!”

Geet smiled at his possessiveness & pecked his lips softly & said,”Maan…woh shaayad galathi se aagaya hoga…aap khaamaka tension le rahe hai…aur waise bhi MSK ke hote huye meri baby ko kuch nahin ho sakthi…lekin mein dar gayi thi aapke yeh chot dekhkar Maan…!!!”

And she kissed the wound softly which made Maan smiled widely.Maan bent down & kissed her raising tummy & said,”Aaj toh aapki aur aapki mummy ki chutti hone waali thi…baby aap kyun nahin samjaahthe apne mummy ko ki aise jagah par nahin aana chaahiye tha…!!!”

On that time baby kicked making Geet say,”Ouch…!”Maan asked with concern,”Kya huva…mein Vicky ko bulaavoon…???”Geet smiled at his concern & before his say something she took his lips to a soul searing kiss in which Maan lost responding her back.Geet got up & both came to the lunch table while Naintara was serving the food to Dev & Dadimaa.

Vicky also walked towards the table while asked with concern,”Ab aap kaise hai bro???”Maan smiled & said,”Mein theek hoon Vicky while Geet walked to help Naintara.When Geet took the vessel of pasta to serve Dev then Naintara said,”Oye…tu rehnede…aur baitho…!!!”Geet protested,”Lekin dee…!!!”Naintara said glaring at her,”No more arguments…aur baitho…!!!”

Geet twisted her lips pouting & sat on her chair beside Maan & Vicky.Naintara went to the kitchen & came back holding the glass of milk mixed with haldi & gave it to Geet,”Isse jhat se peelijiye…!!!”Geet took the glass of milk & said,”Mein isse peeloon…dee pls aapko pata haina ki mujhe doodh bilkul bhi pasand nahin…aur yeh kya haldi waala doodh…aapko pata haina ki haldi waala doodh kitni besvaad hoti hai…!!!”Geet made baby complaining face but Naintara said glaring,”Ab tumhe yeh besvaad dikh rahi hai…bhool gayi jab mein pregnant thi tab mere peeche haath dho kar pad jaathi thi isse pilaane ke liye…aur ab tum complaint kar rahi ho…chup chap peelon…nahin toh pilaadoongi…!!!”

Geet twisted her lips cutely & pouted,”Sab log mere liye dusht daanav ban rahe hai…!!!”Maan said immediately,”Oye woh mera pet name hai…aurt agar tum kissi par yeh naam rakhogi toh mere gusse waala chehra dekhogi samjhi tum…!!!”Geet glared at him but took a sip of milk which was tasteless & her face wrinkled with disgust.Geet showed pleading eyes to Naintara which she answered sternly,”Zyaada moo banaane ki koi zaroorat nahin…ek jhat mein pee joa…!!!”

Geet nodded cutely still making disgusting face and poured it to her throat.While Maan & Vicky started laughing seeing her cute disgusting face which made Geet glare at them cutely.Geet turned her nose angrily just like a little girl & saw the glass.There some milk was still remaining & she smirked & held Maan’s nose tightly which made Maan’s mouth open & poured down the haldi milk to his mouth & she did like that to Vicky.

Maan & Vicky glared at Geet while Geet said smirking,”Dekha…kitni besvaad hai…ab hasso…!!!”And she turned that side pouting cutely with nose high up.Maan was so much admiring at Geet’s cute pouting face & had the urge to take her lips & taste her every bit of her mouth.While Vicky pouted angrily & gulped down his lunch & ran to the hospital.Everyone laughed at Geet’s anger & admired her so much.

When Maaneet came to his bedroom then Maan pulled Geet to his hard frame & said,”Oye kudiye…kitni soni hai tu…!!!”And he took her lips immediately.Geet was shocked but she snaked her arms & gave the soul searing kiss.They broke apart to grab some air then Maan lifted her in his strong arms carefully & placed her on the bed carefully.He kept more pillows around her stomach & she leaned to the bed wall comfortably.

Maan came & kept his ears to Geet’s tummy & said,”Baby..aapki mummy bahut ziddi hai…jis kaam ke liye na kaho…usse hi karne ke liye jaathi hai…ab dekho meine kaha tha ki stress mat lelo aur wahan mat aavo lekin aagayi aaj…aur uski zindagi ke saath tumhaari jaan bhi jhokar mein daaldi…yeh bahut hi bad mummy haina…!!!”Which made Geet’s eyes welled up & tears poured down from her eyes which fell on Maan’s face & saw her.

Maan was shocked to see those tears which were glistening from those almond eyes & said frowning,”Geet mein toh mazaak kar raha tha…!!!”Geet said still crying with hiccups,”Mazaak hoga aapke liye lekin mein toh aapko lunch laa rahi thi…lekin aapne meri kadar hi nahin ki aur baby se complaint karne lage ki mein bad mummy hoon…mein aapke baare mein nahin soch sakthi kya???”Maan was guilty seeing those tears in those beautiful almond eyes & banged his hands to the bed wall which made Geet scream,”Maan…!!!”

Maan saw her with alarm & she caressed his hands & kissed it which was turning bluish red due to the pain.Maan knew that Geet couldn’t bear his pain & changed the subject kissing her lips softly & saying sorry.Maan asked,”Ab tum woh sun city project ka problem kaise solve karogi…!!!”Geet smiled differently which Maan noticed.Geet said,”Maan…jab mein yeh project handle karthi thi tab aisa incident us manager ke wajaise huva tha…lekin maine warn karke usse chod diya tha…us din se woh yeh kaam nahin kar raha hai…yeh kissi aur ka kaam hai…!!!!!”

Maan asked supiciously,”Yeh tum kaise keh sakthi ho…shaayad us waqt tumhaare saath woh naatak kar raha hoga jo tumne uss par yakeen kar diya…!!!”Geet said,”Nahin Maan…kyunki maine ek jasoos ko bheja tha jo wahi kaam kartha hai…Usne kaha ki woh ab woh sab karna band kar diya hai…yeh kissi aur ka kaam hai…!!!”

On that time Geet’s phone ranged & she took & saw the name & smiled & said to Maan,”Ussi ka hai…!!!”And she switched on the loudspeaker,”Haan boliye Mishraji…!!!”After listening the actual view of the problem Maaneet prepared themselves to solve it.The union leader was made to come to the office with some of the workers.The union leader said the workers to stay outside the office & entered telling that he’ll talk to them.

Maan who had sat making the seat turning to the back said,”Ander aavo…Santosh Nigam…!!!”Santosh Nigam entered & stood in front of him & tried to ask some money to MSK to stop the strike which was going on.Maan nodded & gave the cheque of 40 lakhs which Santosh Nigam asked for & the union leader went outside.The workers who stood giving murderous glare to union leader stood in front of him composing themselves.

The union leader said to the workers that he has settled everything then they made to see the TV in which the union leader saw that he’s smuggling out the cement,bricks & sand in an lorry & the money also.The workers was angry while union leader was shocked to see that CD & tried to convince the workers but the workers dragged him outside the office & started beating.

On that time police came & arrested the union leader with the watchman snatching the cheque from him & took him in their jeep.Next morning all the workers started working peacefully & the manager was reinstated to his place & workers money were given time to time.Maan was so impressed with Geet’s idea & congatulated her.If she didn’t kept the spy in suncity project then the manager was blamed for the mistake which he never did & the union leader would never be detected as the culprit.

Next morning Maan decided after this fiasco that he have to spend more time with his family & decided to go for the picnic with his family & friends in Ghaziabad farm house.

Precap-Maaneet enjoying the picnic & new entry…

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Geet & Maan hired a car there which was chosen by the hotel only.Maan & Geet set out explore the Travancore city.The city was the beautiful having so many historical places & a beach called Kovalam beach which was 20kms far from the city.Geet & Man saw the backwaters as Geet had requested.The city has the Anantha padmanaabha temple which had the history of 1000yrs.

But to enter this temple they had a custom that every boy or girl of any age have to wear dhothi & sari.Maan couldn’t wear the dhothi as he wasn’t practised of wearing it & had to take off his T-shirt & entangle it on his shoulder.Geet was comfortable with sari but became uncomfortable when he was said by the authorities to takeoff his T-shirt.

His bulging muscles & perfect shape of his waist made the girls of the temple who had come to visit there started drooling over him.Geet’s face were shown jealousy while Maan was unaware of this & he entered the temple easily.Maan who was walking ahead didn’t observe his surrounding…if he saw then he would feel awkward but Geet’s face jealousy & she thought of peeling those eyes which were drooling over her husband.

Geet felt uncomfortable & said,”Maan…hum yahan se chalthe hai…hum yahan ek pal ke liye bhi nahi rukenge…!AngryMaan felt her restlessness & asked worriedly,”Baat kya hai…koi tumhe pareshan kar raha hai kya…?ShockedGeet said feeling uncomfortable,”Nahi Maan…hum yahan se chalthe hai…!”When she was abt drag her then a girl came forward & said smiling,”Hi,Mera naam hai Jia…aap Maan Singh Khurana haina…dilli waale…mein aapki bahut badi fan hoon…!”And she stretched her hand to shake.Maan gave & both shaked while That Jia was drooling over him which he felt awkward.

Maan left the hand immediately feeling awkward which made Jia feel disappointed but she gave a sweet smile & said seeing towards Geet,”Yeh kaun hai…girl friend…!”Maan said smiling & keeping his hand on her shoulder,”No…no…she’s my wife Geet Maan Singh Khurana…!”Proudly.Jia felt awkward & eyed her with jealousy while Geet saw her sternly.Geet is best in handling these situations & saw Jia with stern look & said smiling,”Nice to meet u Ms or Mrs or whatever…Jia…!”And she gave the hand to shake.Geet was fuming with anger seeing the situation ab yeh Jia aake chipak gayi.Angry

Jia gave her hand & both shaked while Jia saw her with jealousy which made Geet’s anger tower & she squeezed her hand powerfully.Jia said taking her hand back immediately,”Ouch…!OuchMaan enjoyed Geet’s jealousy in her face then they went forward to take darshan of the lord Vishnu.Jia who was behind Geet was eyeing her with angry & jealousy but was bit shocked feeling Geet’s grip on her hand & thought,”Kya lohe se bana hai kya uska haath…?Aur MSK isme kya dekha…!Not bad…she’s beautiful…lekin mujhse toh nahi…!”Angry

She was pampering herself in her mind that she didn’t saw when they went from there & she didn’t catch their address also.Jia was disappointed that the great MSK was married now but she was even more disappointed to see Geet in that attire.She thought MSK loves simplicity but seeing Geet she didn’t come to the conclusion that she’s simple.Angry

The boys who were enjoying the beach were mesmerised to see Geet in the swim suit who were drooling over her.Maan had the urge to peel off their eyes like Geet in temple & carried Geet inside the changing room & demanded to change the dress to decent ones.But Geet refused then He threatened of making her change the dress forcefully.Geet’s cheeks went pink & she changed in front of the angry glare of Maan.Angry

Maan didn’t talk anything till they reach the hotel & their room.Geet said pleadingly not able to bear his silence,”Ab toh baat keejiye…!Jaane deejiye…!”Maan was angry but Geet pulled towards her & closed the gap & said,”Am sorry…thik hai…?”When Maan didn’t budge then Geet made baby face for which Maan’s anger vanished into thin air & he smiled sweetly.Geet kissed his nose smiling sweetly then Maan held her tightly around her waist & said huskily,”Iski bhi saza tumhe raat ko zaroora milegi…!”Embarrassed

Geet’s cheeks turned red while she asked what’s their plan tomorrow while Maan said that he had booked two AC bus tickets to go to Munnar.Geet was overwhelmed that she’s going to go between green.Geet danced at tip toe.WinkMaan joined her & both danced in the room & after their dance the lunch came to their room & they fed each other.

As Maan has become shameless so he made another round of love making & both slept feeling exhausted.Becoz every time Maan would see Geet then he would not control his urges & would ended up love making her.Her eyes always glowed becoz of Maan’s love making…she would feel happy.Wink

Next morning at 5am,Maan & Geet got ready for the bus & packed their luggages & transferred to bus.When the bus started then Geet was overwhelmed to see the cuttings of ghat section & the height of Munnar.Munnar was the place of hill station which had the places called Mettupaadi Dam,echo point,endangered species the spotted deer forest.

Maan & Geet went to the Kovalam beach.Maan didn’t like the way the beach is crowded & he was frowning but seeing Geet his frown vanished into thin air.Maan saw her mouth hanging open when she had wore the swim suit.Now it was the turn to get jealous when she walked inside the beach & started swimming.Maan went inside without wearing his swim suit & swam behind Geet like shadow.Angry

Maan & Geet went to the cottage which dadimaa had booked & the servant for god sake knew Hindi.Becoz they were having difficulty in understanding the Malayalam.Maan & Geet were so much exhausted travelling from the bus which she enjoyed except Maan.He was irritated becoz of the shaking of the bus continously & sudden braking of the bus.When the bus driver had braked the bus for something then Maan had banged his head to the front seat’s cusion.

Geet had warned him to grip the handle becoz of his first time of sitting in the bus but Maan hadn’t done that which had resulted that banging of the head.Maan who didn’t felt pain had said that he has pain on his lips which made Geet blush profuselyEmbarrassedThis wasn’t that then when the bus stopped near the dhaba to eat something then Geet was busy talking with golgappe vendor’s wife who was pregnant of 6 months & was abt to miss their bus but fortunately no becoz the driver had seen them still outside & warned them to come back.

Maan was feeling awkward becoz of the way they are travelling becoz he never travelled continously like now before not for his business trip also.But Maan was feeling comfortable reaching the cottage which dadimaa had booked.The cottage was very beautiful & it had the privacy which he was craving alone with Geet.At night after the dinner Geet came outside to inhale the fresh air while Maan was working something in his laptop.Maan saw Geet who smiling peacefully seeing around her.

Maan closed the laptop & hugged her from behind kissing her on her shoulder.Geet smiled holding his hands while her diamond belly chain tingled from inside.Geet said,”Maan…thank u for making me visit this places…!”Maan said smiling sweetly at her,”Tumhe thanks kehne ki koi zaroorat nahi Geet…meine tumhe khushiyaan dene ka waada kiya hai…I love u so much!”Geet’s eyes welled up but said wiping it immediately,”I love u too Maan…!”

Maan pecked her lips & saw the scenery which he saw with amazement & closed her eyes & said,”Geet…jab tumhe kuch dikhata hoon tab tum uske liye mujhe gaana gaaoge…?”Geet nodded.Maan takes her towards the scenery & made her to open her eyes.Geet saw the scenery which was full of mists on the mountain as if the white crown is put over the green woman.Geet was overwhelmed to see the scenery & started singing…

When Geet sung the song then Maan danced with her.After the dance Maan lifted her in his arms & took her inside closing the door.Geet blushed profusely seeing his naughty but lovely eyes.



Maan took Geet in his arms seeing her with his lovely eyes while Geet blushed seeing his lovely but naughty eyes.Maan placed her on the bed & kissed her forehead & said,”So jao Geet…tum thak gayi ho…aur kal humein yeh jagah bhi dekhna hai…!”Geet saw him lovingly but said,”Nahin…abhi mujhe walk karna hai baahar…!”

And she got up but Maan said glaring at her,”Geet…tum ek hi jagah par teek ke nahi baith sakthi…!AngryChup chap ander raho…aur waise bhi tumhe raasta pata nahin hai…aur tum walk karna chahthi ho baahar…baahar andhera hai aur upar se jungle bhi…behtar hai so jao…kal dekhthe hai…!Angry

Geet made baby face but said stubbornly,”Aapko nahi aana hai toh mat aayiye mujhe kyun rok rahe hai…!”And she went outside while Maan shouted at her,”Geet…meri baat toh suno…baahar bahut khatra hai…!”Geet shouted,”Mein khatro se nahi darthi…!”Maan couldn’t swallow the fact that she had gone alone & closed his laptop & went outside locking the cottage.

Maan followed Geet & Geet was found near the cottage & he sighed taking deep breath.When they were walking then they lost the way to cottage & took the wrong turn which would lead to the forests.Maan & Geet started arguing seeing the parted roads to opposite direction.Geet said,”Nahi Maan humein left side jaana hai…!”Maan said politely,”Nahi Geet humein right side jaana hai…mujhe tracking karna bahut achche se aata hai…!Humein right side jaana hoga…!”

Geet argued & was angry on Maan & she went left side & Maan was going to right side but he heard a girl’s screaming & he ran towards Geet.Geet was trapped between a tree & someone who was trying to snatch the belly chain from her waist.Maan pulled the man & beat him black & blue of touching his Geet & the man ran away immediately.

Maan shouted at her angrily,”Isiliye kaha ki mat jao lekin tum toh meri baat sunthi hi nahi…!”And he was abt to touch her but Geet hesitated thinking that the other man touched made her impure.Maan pulled her towards him & saw her almond eyes & kissed those lips passionately.His hands went to her waist & he squeezed it softly feeling her lips on his lips.Geet felt contended & she encircled her arms around him & came forward & plastered herself to his hard frame.

Geet moaned between those kisses feeling his hands around her body & waist & they broke apart to grab some air.Geet’s eyes welled up & she burried her head on his chest & said,”Am sorry…mein aapki bat nahi maani…am really very sorry…!”Maan wiped her tears frowning & said,”Geet mujhe dard dethe yeh aasoon…jo kabhi beha mat…!”Geet nodded no immediately while Maan pecked her lips & saw around him.

They were still in forests & they were lost in the forests.On that time he felt something coming towards them as his chocolate brown eyes were sharp.They saw a rogue elephant running towards them & Geet shouted with panic,”Aaahhh…!”Maan said closing her mouth huskily,”Chup…chillao mat…warna jangli jaanwar jaag jaayenge…!”

Geet said with panic,”Aap itni badi haathi ko chodkar baake jangli jaanwar ke baare mein soch rahe ho…Hum kaise bache bataayiye is se…!”Maan said,”Run…!”And both ran immediately but the rogue elephant was faster than them but Maan remembered & said to Geet,”Geet…hum zig zagly bhaagna chaahiye…meine kahin pada tha uske baare mein…ki haathi se bachna hai toh zig zagly bhaagna chaahiye…!”

Geet nodded & they both ran in zig zag way while the rogue elephant was exhausted but both Geet & Maan climbed a banyan tree & hid them selves in the hollow of the tree.The rogue elephant stood there & waved its trunk to reach them but they didn’t came to its hold & stood there only.While Geet started praying to god,”Jai hanumaan gyaan gun saagar…Jai kapish teeno lok…raam doot atulit bhal dhaama anjani putr pawan sut naama…!”

When she was repeating the mantras then Maan asked,”Yeh tum kya keh rahi ho…?With shock.Geet said innocently,”Dikhtha nahi Maan…mein Hanumaan chaalisa bol rahi hoon…!”Maan said immediately resisting his laughter,”Geet…mein tumhare jaankaari ke liye bata doon ki yeh haathi hai bandar nahi…!”Geet saw him as if he had lit a lamp in her mind & said,”Aap sahi kehrahe hai…Jai ganesh…jai ganesh…paahimaam…mat parvathi pitah mahadeva…!”

Maan was irritated & completely pissed off seeing her antics of calling all the god to help her.She even called the jesus christ to help her but no one came but the rogue elephant went from there silently.Maan sighed in his mind,”Shukur hai…us haathi ko yeh ped nahi hilaaya…nahi toh hum dono uske liye shikar ho jaathe…!”Geet was exhausted calling all the gods then she slept on Maan’s shoulder peacefully.

Maan wrapped her in his embrace & kissed her forehead & nodded smiling at her naive nature.Sun dawned on the forests & Geet said feeling someone beside her who was tickling her.Geet said,”Maan…chodiye na…mujhe neend aa rahi hai…!”And she touched its arms which was soft slender & feathery.Geet wondered,”Maan’s arms aren’t soft slender & feathery with hairs…!

Geet slowly opened her eyes rubbing it & saw her left side & saw a baby monkey sitting beside her & showing its beady eyes to Geet.Geet saw the monkey & screamed,”Aaahhh…!”On that time Maan woke up with a jerk & he fell off the tree & he broke his waist.While the baby monkey had jumped to another branch hearing Geet’s scream with panic & said,”Croe…croe…croe…!”.Geet was screaming closing her eyes & she also fell off the tree & landed on Maan’s arms when he got up.

Geet who had encircled her hands around his neck said opening her eyes innocently,”Good morning…!ConfusedMaan glared at her & teased,”Nice way to say good morning to me…pehle chilla do aur mujhe ped se gira do aur khudh mere bahon mein aa kar giro aur kaho good morning…!”Geet said still scared showing towards the baby monkey,”Woh…woh…woh…bandar…!”Maan teased,”Kal to tum usse bula rahi thi na…toh tumhe milne aaya…!”

Geet glared at him with her almond eyes & turned her nose angrily with high up.Maan made her to stand on the ground & held his waist & said,”Haye babaji…mera kamar thod diya…!”Geet was concerned,”Dard ho raha hai…?”Maan answered her rudely glaring at her,”Nahi…mein toh aivanyi hava mein ud raha hoon…!”AngryMaan walked forward holding his waist while Geet’s eyes welled up seeing his pain.

Maan saw her & was shocked,”Tum ro kyun rahi ho…???”ShockedGeet said crying,”Am sorry…Crymeri wajaise aapko pareshaani uthaani padi…!”CryMaan said wiping her tears,”Geet…kitni baar kaha hai ki mere saamne yeh aasoon mat bahaavon…kya tum mujhe har baar dard dena chahthi ho…?”Geet said horrified,”Nahi Maan…!”Maan said,”Toh phir yeh aasoon kyun…kuch nahi huva hai…mujhe…samjhe tum…aaj mein thodi der ke liye rest karloonga phir gohhomne chalthe hai…!”

Geet said,”Bilkul bhi nahi…aaj hum kahin nahi jaa rahe hai…jab aapka dard kam ho jaayega tab dekha jaayega…!”Maan nodded seeing his stubborn wife & nodded & was abt to go but Geet held him & made him to walk.Geet’s hot breath was fanning on his lips which was driving him crazy.They somehow reached the cottage & Geet gave the hot water treatment to Maan on his waist & rubbed the waist with some hot oil so that the pain will be gone.

Maan was trying to control his urges whenever Geet moved her hands on his waist but couldn’t & Geet was unaware of this & she was massaging his waist to reduce the pain.Geet was seeing outside the window & enjoying the scenery then Maan came behind her & hugged her from back.Geet pecked his lips & asked with concern,”Aap thik hai…dard nahi hai…?”Maan said making patterns on her bare waist & making moan his name with his touch,”Mein theek hoon…chalo kahi baahar chalthe hai…dinner karne ke liye…!”

Geet nodded & got ready & they both went to have dinner in the five star hotel.They had the dinner & returned to their cottage.Maan took her in his arms smiling mischievously while Geet blushed profusely seeing his lovely eyes & kissed his lips sealing her lips.They proceeded further & continued their love making session till they were exhausted & slept in each other’s arms peacefully.

Precap-Shoot on Geet from an unknown person and she’s badly injured.

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Geet went to their room & stood there making angry face while Maan came there & said guiltily,”Am sorry…Geet!Mein toh mazaak kar raha tha…am really sorry…!”And he held his both ears & was abt to sit in his knees but Geet stopped him & made him stand.Geet still was making anger face & came forward & took his lips into hers & kissed him passionately.Geet said between the kiss breathing heavily,”I love u Maan…!”Embarrassed

Maan smiled in the kiss & responded her back.Maan then proceeded & kissed her eyes…nose…cheeks & bit her shoulder.Maan said too breathing heavily,”I love u too Geet…!”Geet’s pleasure were in its peak as he was provoking her from long time.Geet opened his shirt button  & kissed him all over the body & bit him continously.Maan groaned & he took off her dress in no time & kissed her lips sucking & nibbling it passionately.Embarrassed

Maan took off her inners & bit her all over the body.He then took one of the br**** & gave wet kiss kneading it making Geet moan his name loudly.Maan then bit the ni**** & made Geet moan loudly his name.Geet was blushed & turned that side with shy then he bit her back aggressively making her moan loudly & licked those love bites to soothe the pain.Geet couldn’t tolerate her emotions & she hovered on him & kissed him giving wet kisses.Maan also gave one round of wet kiss all over her body.Embarrassed

When she was ready then he thrusted his inside her slowly but his pace became rapid & he thrusted inside her aggressively.Geet dug his nails with pleasure & moaned with pleasure.Maan thrusted more aggressively & pounded on her & they repeated it till they were exhausted.Maan lied down beside Geet breathing heavily sweating while Geet saw him & kept her head on his chest & kissed it softly.Embarrassed

Maan took her lips once again & broke apart to catch some breath & both lied down in each other’s embrace.Geet was lying on his chest breathing heavily said lovingly,”Maan…I love U…!”Maan pecked her lips tightly & said,”Geet I love u too…!”Embarrassed

Geet slept for sometime feeling exhausted but she was disturbed by continous ringing of the mobile.Maan took the mobile still lying in the embrace of Geet & saw the caller Id & said with shock,”Dadimaa…!”Geet & Maan got up with jerk & Geet landed on Maan’s chest.Embarrassed

Maan said kissing her forehead,”So jao Geet tum thak gayi ho…mein dadimaa kuch bhi kehke bata detha hoon…!Unhe pata nahi ki hum yahan par hai…!”Geet got up wrapping herself in the blanket & said,”Mein aapko mushkil mein daal kar aise so nahi sakthi…!Pehle phone toh uthaayiye nahi toh bahut dant padegi…!”Embarrassed

Maan took the phone & said casually but breathing heavily becoz he was becoming panic & his love making pleasure made him raged breath,”Hello…!”Dadimaa shouted hoarsely,”Kahan hai aap…aur kal hi aapko time mila tha kya aapke business meeting ke liye…aap chale jaathe toh mujhe koi farak nahi padtha…lekin aapne Geet ko bhi saath lek chale gaye…!Yahan mehmaan aa gaye hai…aur pooch rahe hai ki mere honewaali bahu kahan hai…!”Embarrassed

Maan tried to convince her that they are struck with the business meeting but dadimaa ordered to send Geet right away now.

Maan was disappointed & said finally that they’re coming & assured dadimaa that he’ll postpone the meeting.Dadimaa was happy & hung up while Geet smiled seeing his state.Embarrassed

Geet hugged him from behind & kissed his bare shoulder softly & said,”Ab toh humein chalna chaahiye Maan…zyada der thak yahi rahenge toh…sab ko shak ho jaayega…aur yeh baat Sam ko bhi pohunch sakthi hai…!”Embarrassed

Maan’s lips tightened but Geet said seeing his expression,”Am sorry…am really sorry…mein baar baar koshish karthi hoon ki humaare beech mein ateet ka saaya na pade lekin…”She was sad.Embarrassed

Maan saw her sad face & his heart choked but came forward & took her lips into his & kissed her passionately.Geet responded him back with same passion & broke apart to grab some air.While Maan said seriously,”Geet mujhe koi farak nahi padtha…us aurat ke baare mein…mein sirf tumhaara hoon…sirf tumhaara hi rahunga…”Embarrassed

Geet’s eyes welled up hearing her words which made Maan frown & wiped it immediately & said,”Jaldi se tayyar ho jao…humein nikal na hai…!”Geet stood to wear her dress but she was having slightly pain near the thighs & she stood wobbling & was abt to fall but Maan caught her.Embarrassed

Maan asked with concern,”Geet tum thik ho…!Dard ho raha hai…!”Geet nodded but the pain was seen on her face.Maan scooped her in his arms & lied her carefully on the bed & said,”Yahan se hilo mat…mein abhi aaya…!”Embarrassed

Maan went & opened the hot water tap & made it warm & scooped Geet in his arm & took her inside the washroom.Geet was in naked state so she winced when she came into contact of hot water due to his love bites.Embarrassed

Geet & Maan stayed in the tub for a few minutes & Maan took Geet on his arms & lied down on the bed & smeared the ointment for the love bites.Embarrassed

Geet was blushing profusely feeling his touch on her body which was making her provoke of the desires but resisted.they got ready & left the KE informing the servants & Maan warned that no one blabbers abt this to dadimaa.Embarrassed

Geet’s face was glowing due to continous love making & her eyes twinkled & her cheeks would go red becoz of Maan’s mischievous eyes.Embarrassed

Precap- Sangeet ceremony of Maan & GeetSmileWinkEmbarrassed


Geet & Maan came back to mansion which was decorated & full of guests.Pinky & Adi were helping dadimaa with calling of the guests for sangeet ceremony then dadimaa remembered that she had forgotten the main guest.Naintara was busy with arrangements as her company was working to success this marraige.

When Geet entered then Pinky saw that she was still wearing mangalsutra & sindhoor & was shocked & saw towards Geet.Maan saw Pinky whose expression was shock & noticed Geet innocently.Before Geet would meet dadimaa Pinky dragged her to the corner & asked,”Geet yeh tumne kya pehna hai…!”

Geet asked innocently,”Kya…!”She touched her neck & came to the conclusion that she was wearing mangalsutra.Geet was shocked & she ran to outhouse not meeting dadimaa.Pinky sighed seeing her while Maan asked seeing Geet running like that apprehensively,”Pinky…Geet aise kyun bhaag rahi hai…?”Pinky sighed,”Usne sindhoor aur mangalsutra nahi nikaala hai…isiliye…!”

Maan was shocked & ran to outhouse & saw that dadimaa coming to Geet to meet her holding a plate of jewels with some women..When dadimaa entered then his heart skipped a beat with panic & he also entered Geet’s room then Geet had removed her mangalsutra & sindhoor in no time.Maan calmed a bit while Geet glared at him giving the look that becoz of him she’s doing all this…Angry

Dadimaa said warmly,”Geet…kya baat hai…aapke chehre par ek alag hi glow dikh rahi hai…!”Then Geet blushed profusely remembering the previous nights moments.Then dadimaa’s friends giggled seeing the girl who was blushing so much.

Dadimaa said smiling introducing her friends,”Geet bete,,,yeh humaare kitty friends…jinhone mere peeche hi pad gaye the…ki humaare belagam Maan ko seedha kisne kiya…!”Geet touched her feet & took her blessings.Dadimaa continued,”Geet bete…!Showing the plate of jewels…”Yeh humaare khanadaan ke gehne hai jinhone mere dadi saas ne banvaaaya tha…aap isse pehniye aur sangeet ceremony ke liye neeche aa jayiye…sab log aapko dekhne ke liye…taras rahe hai…aapse milna chahthe hai…!”

Geet nodded while dadimaa exited Geet’s room leaving her alone.Geet took her towel to freshen up for the beauty parlour girls but someone hugged her from behind.Geet was scared but sighed that it was Maan.Maan kissed her shoulder & said huskily,”Shukur hai ki Pinky ne tumhe agah kar liyr nahi toh aaj dadimaa ko pata chal jaata ki hum dono ki shaadi pehle hi hogayi hai…!”

Geet didn’t answer to his comment & stood silently.Maan noticed this & asked,”Kya huva tum khaamosh kyun ho…?”Geet loosened her grip from his & said angrily,”Aaj is jhoot ke wajaise mein apni magalsutra utaarna pada…jo kabhi ek suhaagan ko nahi karna chaahiye…!”And she sat frowning at him.

Maan smiled at her & held her hand & said,”Geet yeh sab mein humaare future ko nazar mein rakthe huye kiya…ab mein tumse aur door nahi reh saktha Geet…!mein sirf tumhaare saath marna chahtha ho…!On that time Geet closed his mouth from her hand & said,”Aisa mat boliye…nahi toh mujhe bahut dard hoga…!”Maan & Geet both saw each other for a moment & Geet captured his lips into soul searing kiss.They broke apart to grab some air while Geet said breathing heavily,”Ab jaayiye mujhe change karna hai…!”

Maan smiled mischievously & said capturing her in his arms,”Mein kuch madat karun…!”EmbarrassedGeet said freeing her from his grip,”Ji nahi…aap bhi tayyar hona hai…jaayiye…!”Geet pushed him softly & was abt to go to washroom but Maan lifted her on his arms.Geet said feeling shyEmbarrassed,”Maan…baahar mehmaan aaye hai…aur aapko is waqt bhi mazaak sooj raha hai…mu…!On that time he captured her lips muting her blabber & took her inside the washroom.

Geet always lost in his kiss & this time…EmbarrassedMaan took off her Patiala kissing her all over body which made her electrocuted.Then he washed her face & captured her lips once again for the soul searing kiss.Geet stood full naked snaking her arms around his neck & responded to his kiss.They broke apart & made her to wear the dress which was given for sangeet.Embarrassed

He made her to wore the jewels which dadimaa gave kissing her all over the body making her electrocuted.Then he took the mehndi cone & started to write the mehndi design…and Geet asked with awe,”Aapko mehndi lagana aatha hai…!”Maan chuckled,”MSK ko sab  kuch aatha hai…!”Embarrassed

Then he took the maang teeka & kissed her forehead & put it on forehead.Geet was overwhelmed seeing the love which he was showering on her & her eyes welled up.Maan frowned seeing her tears pouring down from her almond eyes & wiped it & kissed her eyes.Embarrassed

Then he once again captured those petal like lips giving the passionate kiss & broke apart to grab some air.Geet was got ready then Maan said smiling,”Ab tumhe mujhe ready karna hoga…!”Which made Geet shy with her redened cheeks but Maan didn’t listen to her.Embarrassed

Then Geet went to his room to get ready while Maan stood wrapped in towel.He had his shower & water was dripping from his hair.Geet gulped down seeing him like that & pouted cutely to babaji in her mind,”Ab yeh aise khade hai mujhe tempt karne ke liye…yeh mere baat bhi nahi sunenge aur mujhe aise dikha kar tarsa rahe hai…!aapko toh bada mazaa aatha haina…mujhe aise situation mein daalneki…!”Embarrassed

Maan smiled inwardly seeing Geet’s state but said,”Geet wahan kyun khadi ho…mujhe pehna do…!Geet nodded cutely resisting her desires & came forward while Maan took off his towel standing in front of her full naked.Geet’s eyes popped up & her devil tempted her to give kisses all over his body but she resisted it with difficulty & gave his boxers.Embarrassed

He wore it silently & Geet was thanking her babaji for saving her from his conditions.Geet gave his vest but Maan said frowning but naughty inside,”Geet meine tumhe kahan ki mujhe kapde pehnane ke liye naaki mujhe dene ke liye nahi…!”Geet’s eyes popped up immediately & complained to babaji in her mind,”Kaisa besharam aadmi hai…!”Maan answered casually as if he had listened the cribbing of her to babaji,”Geet…apne biwi ke saamne kaisa sharam…!”Embarrassed

While Geet’s cheeks were red with shy but took his vest & made wore that silently.When her finger moved on his muscles & chest then the current run down to his spine & he gave a soul searing kiss to Geet.They broke apart to grab some air while Geet felt comfortable & made him to wear sherwaniEmbarrassed

Then she combed his hair coming close to him & sprayed the body sprayer & gave a small peck to his lips & said smiling,”Ab aap lag rahe haina…MSK…!”And she was abt to go but Maan pulled her & gave one last soul searing kiss to her lips while Geet responded him back.Wink

Precap-Sangeet ceremony begins…WinkEmbarrassedSmile


Geet came dowstairs with Maan holding his hands while everyone saw Geet with awe seeing her beauty.Some were seeing her lovingly while some were seeing her lustfully.

One of the Maan’s cousin Gautam saw Geet lustfully & tried to flirt with her.But Geet didn’t give attention but someone said to hi to both of them.

Geet felt that it was a familiar voice when turned to see the source then she was shocked to see Parineeta there.Pari came & hugged Maan dearly calling him bro then Geet glared at him repeating the word bro.

Maan gulped down the saliva seeing her anger & stammered,”Woh Geet…!Woh mere paas aur koi raasta nahi tha…toh meine pari ko…!Geet…Pari meri cousin hai…meri maasi ki beti.”She’s married to Prem Mittal…Mittal industries ka ek louta malik.”

Geet’s eyes popped up but she turned her face & went from there angily.Pari said angrily,”Bhai…mujhe maalum tha ki aisa hi hoga…!”AngryWhile Maan made a grumpy face.Pari said pushing him,”Jaayiye…jaa kar manaayiye bhabhi ko…!On that time Maan took guitar from performer & started singing…


After the song also GeetCry stood in the corner sadly then Maan said sadly,”Geet…ab toh maan jao na…!”When Geet didn’t respond him then he turned her & was shocked & asked,”Tum ro kyun rahi ho…?”ShockedGeet said in choked voice,”Am sorry…mein apni zid mein aapke feelings ko mehsoos hi nahi karpaayi…!CryAapke feelings ko mein maan hi nahi rakha…CryLekin aapne mujhe kabhi bhi yeh ehsaas nahi dilaaya am really sorry…!CryHer heart choked & fresh tears fell down.Cry

But Maan frowned & said wiping her tears & cupping her face,”Geet tumhaare yeh aasuvon ko dekh kar mujhe yahan dard hota hai…!Showing his finger towards his heart.Then Geet wiped her tears immediately understanding while Maan took her lips into his.But was disturbed by Pari who said running from there chuckling,”Bhai…meine kuch nahi dekha…”Big smile

Geet smiledBig smile & said,”Pari,bahut pyaari hai…!”On that time Adi & Pinky pulled Maan & Geet & made them to sit while Pinky said holding the mike,”Guys,aaj hum ikkhatte huye hai Maan SK aur Geet Handa ki shaadi ke sangeet ceremony mein.Toh chaliye hum dekhthe hai ki yeh dono kaise mile…!”On that time Maan got a phone & he took it & entered Dev’s room to recieve it.

Here Adi became as Maan & Pinky became as Geet while Priya acted as Pinky.Pinky came in front of administration office & bumped to Adi & Adi held her tightly so that she won’t fall.Adi & Pinky quarelled for Priya(Guys am telling the starting story how they quarelled each other for their beloveds,Maan’s beloved was Sam & Geet’s beloved was Maan)


Then they became friends but something change of hearts in them which they didn’t felt first.


Then Adi & Pinky quarrel very much & Maan gets Geet & Pinky’s death.Then Maan’s reaction after Geet’s departure from his life.


After 5 yrs how was Maan’s & Geet’s state & made Maan seeing her eyes which said all her pains.Then the party fiasco…


Then Maan trying to make Geet’s feelings to confess for him…


When she confessed her feelings to Maan then they danced passionately…


Then having romantic moments…


Adi & Pinky’s drama ended then Maan started to dance with Geet.


After their dance Maan’s friends demanded Maan to dance alone then Maan blushed then everyone teased that he don’t know dance in solo then Maan came to hit the floor.


Geet blushed profusely witnessing the song which Maan was dancing.He didn’t ever blink when he was dancing seeing Geet only.Geet’s cheeks was red like tomato seeing Maan gaze at her mischievously.Then Maan’s friends insisted Geet to dance solo which she blushed but nodded & danced for this song…


Geet’s friends wolf-whistled seeing Geet’s dance for this song.But Maan’s eyes twinkled seeing her mischievously for Geet blushed profusely…But…Shocked

Precap-Guess guys…!Shocked


After the solo dance of Geet to the song yeh ishq hai…everyone were enjoying the sangeet ceremony then someone said loudly but angrily,”Band kijiye…yeh sangeet ceremony…ek ladki ko dhoka de kar aap yahan ranglaliya mana rahe ho…?”Everyone saw towards the source of voice & saw who it was.Maan saw the person with shock & said,”Annie…!”

Geet saw him with puzzle while Annie dragged someone who all saw with shock.The person was Sameera who was carrying the baby with her.She was seeing Annie as if she don’t want this or I have to say pretended that she don’t want this…like that.Maan caem forward & asked,”Annie…tum Sam ke saath kya kar rahe ho…!”Annie said angrily,”Oh toh ab yaad aaya ki yeh kaun hai…?”Geet & maan was puzzled seeing Annie’s behaviour like this but Maan said,”Annie mere sawaal ka jawaab nahi diya…ki yeh aurat yahan kya kar rahi hai…?”

Annie said angrily,”Bhai…mujhe pata nahi tha ki yeh aurat aapko itna badal degi…!”Gesturing towards Geet while Maan said angrily,”Just behave urself…yeh tumhari hone waali bhabhi hai…!”Annied said angrily,”Bhai…pls aap pehle Sam se pyaar karthe the na…toh aakhir kya huva ki aap apne zimmedariyon se hat gaye…Sam ko ek bachcha dekar…aap…usse beech raaste par chod diya…?”Now Geet’s anger went to its peak…No one ever mess with her family & said angrily,”Annie…tum bhool rahe ho ki tum apne bhai se baat kar rahe ho…No one ever shouted at him like this giving some false accusations…!Tum poori sachchayi nahi jaanthi…toh behtar hai ki sachchaayi jaan kar phir baat karo…!”

Annie said angrily,”Oye…tum hoti kaun ho mere aur mere bhai ke beech mein baat karne ka…tumhe koi haq nahi…!”Then dadimaa slapped Annie angrily,”Kabse dekh rahe hai…aapki zaban chup hi nahi hoti…!Kya aisa sikhaaya hai humne…apni honewaali bhabhi se is tarah baat karenge aap…aur yahi Sam hai…toh isine Maan zindagi kharaab kardi…!Humne aap se kaha hai ki pehle sachchayi ko parkho phir baat karo…har ek cheez sone ki tarah chamakthi nahi hai…!”

On that time Sam was sensing that her plan isn’t gonna success this time & said to Annie meekly,”Rehne do Annie…yahan koi meri baath sunne keliye tayyar nahi hai…chalo…mere kismat mein kya likhi hai…woh hi hoga…!”Annie said angrily,”Ek minute Sam,aap ko nyay milega aur woh bhi mere bhai se…!”And she turned to her bro & said politely,”Bhai…aap Sam ko toh bhool gaye lekin aapke yeh pyaar ki nishaani ko toh dekh kar boliye ki…aap is bachche ki pitah nahi…!”

Maan said with shock,”Annie…yeh kya bol rahi ho…is bachche ko isne paida hi nahi kiya…us bachche ke baare mein…tum keh rahi ho ki yeh Sam aur mera bachcha hai…!”Annie pleaded,”Bhai…aap ek ladki ko aise dhoka mat deejiye…aur woh jab woh is haalat mein hai tab…!Aap…us Geet ke baato mein aakar Sam ki zindagi barbaad karna chaahthe hai…pls aisa mat kijiye bhai…!Am sorry bhai…Geet ki yeh sachchaayi jaanneke baad…mein aapke is shaadi mein shaamil nahi ho sakthi…!”

Khuranas except Anwesha & Handas,Khandelwaal’s & Manchanda nodded dismissively knowing the truth which this girl making Maan weak.But Maan said confidently,”Ek minute…tum yahi jaanana chahthi hona ki is bachche ka pitah kaun hai…?”On that time Sam’s eyes popped up & saw that her plan is gonna mess & tried to stop Annie but she said,”Yes bhai…kyunki mujhe lagtha hai ki…Sam is baar galath nahi hai…!”

Maan said as he knew this would come & said,”Thik hai…mein tumhe kuch reports de detha hoon…usse padne ke baad bataadena ki kaun sach bol raha hai…kaun jhoot…!”And he ran into his room & took some medical reports & came back down.Geet was seeing the scene feeling helpless while Maan showed the medical reports to Annie.Annie’s eyes popped up & asked Sam,”Isme likha hai ki aap kabhi conceive nahi ho sakthi…?”Sam stood like a statue but composed herself & said,”Woh toh…saalo pehle ka condition tha…lekin Maan ne mere paas aaye the ek saal pehle…woh mujhse door nahi rehsake…aur jab mein Delhi waapas aayi tab bhi Maan mujhse pyaar karthe the…!”

On that time Adi laughed heartily & said,”Sam…mein tumhaare jaankaari ke liye bathaadu…ki Maan…agle saal India kabhi waapas hi nahi aaya…mein hi tha usse zabardasti yahan leke aaya aur woh bhi is saal…jhoot bolne ke liye tumhe bahut achchi tarah se aati hai…mujhe maaloom hai…!”Priya said angrily,”Ab kyun Maan ki zindagi barbaad karna chahthe ho…!Usse mayoosi mein daalkar tumhe chain nahi mil ki ab ek aur jhoot leke aagayi…!”Everyone shouted at Sam hoarsely then Geet shouted to be quiet & said,”Kyun na hum is bachche ka DNA test karvathe hai…!”On that time Sam’s eyes popped up feeling that her plan is gonna flop but…

On that time someone said from behind,”Uski koi zaroorat nahi…madam…hum bataate hai ki sachchayi kya hai…!”Sam’s eyes popped up seeing the man who was standing in front of her.The person was the steward of the dadimaa’s anathashram where she was donating money for so many years.That man said,”Mera naam…Tripathi hai…Dayashankar Tripathi…aur mein aapke dadimaa se saalon se paision ko donation ki tor par le raha hoon…In fact she’s in the top most list of the high amt donators to my anathashram…”He addressed to Annie & said,”Beta…yeh aurat ek hafte pehle aayi thi aur kaha ki ab yeh concieve nahi ho sakthi toh usse ek bachcha adopt karna hai…aisa drama kia mere saamne…aur mujhe yakeen karne par majboor kar diya…!”Lekin jab MaanSK wahan aakar mujhe is aurat ke baare mein bataa diya tab mujhe pata chala ki yeh aurat kitna fraud hai…!”

Then the man continued telling Annie,”Tabhi meine is aurat ke baare mein chaan been ki tab pata chala ki yeh aurat bachchon ko adopt karthi hai apne kaam ke liye…aur uske baad yeh aurat bina koi daya ke us bachchon ko bech dethi hai…!”Annie was shocked while Sam’s old records were now coming up in front of them.Mr.Shroff saw her with shock & his face turned with utmost anger…He saw towards her wife & gave a look as if it was her fault…Then Sam was caught off guard now & said trying control the situation,”Yeh aadmi jhoot bol raha hai…meine aisa kuch bhi nahi kya…!”

She made the pretended baby face but no one melt then Mr.Shroff came forward & slapped her immediately with such an anger which made her fall on the ground & was abt to fall on the baby but Geet saved the baby & gave it to the man & said,”Leejiye…aapki amaanat…aur dhyaan rahe ki aap aisi logon ke baat mein mat aayiyega…aage…!”Mr.Shroff was fuming with anger & his face had turned to red & shoutd angrily,”Tumhaare ahankaar tumhe maar degi Sameera…mujhe sharam aa rahi hai aaj ki tu meri aulaad hai…aaj se mein tumhaare Shroff banneka haq cheenta hoon…tum aaj se Sameera Shroff nahi sirf Sameera ho…!”Sam said painfully,”Papa…mujhe aisi sazaa mat deejiye…mein sorry bolne ke liye tayyar hoon…mein sabko…!But Mr.Shroff held his hand to stop her talk further & went from there angrily.

Darji felt bad for Mr.Shroff but Sam said angrily to Maan & Geet,”Mein aap dono se iska badla lekar rahoongi…!And she also ran shouting…”Papa…!”After Sam’s exit there was pin drop silence while Maan went from there angrily & Geet followed him immediately.Annie went to ask sorry for behaving with them rudely.

Maan had wore once again his tai-chi dress & in half-naked state & was exercising aggressively.

Precap-Haldi ceremony…but Annie is kidnapped by Sam…Shocked


Maan started exercising aggressively but Geet stopped him seeing his pain…Geet said painfully,”Maan band kijiye aap yeh practise…har baar apne aap ko dard dena…yeh kaunsi badi sazaa…?CryMaan saw Geet who was crying & felt a slight pang in his heart & said,”Geet jaan…meri taakat ho tum agar…tum aise hi aasoon bahavogi…toh mein kamzor padjaounga…!”CryHis eyes also welled up but Geet wiped it immediately & said wiping her tears,”Aaap Annie ke baaton ka bura mat maaniega…woh abhi bhi bachchi hai…usse sahi aur galath ka samajh nahi hai…!Aur usse sachaayi bhi pata nahi…toh woh aap par shak karna jaayaz hai…!

Maan said angrily,”Mein Annie ke baaton par nahi us Sam ke bare mein soch raha tha…!How dare she manipulate my sister…?Woh yeh jaanthi hai ki Annie bahut bholi hai…isiliye usne Annie ke aad leli is ghar mein ghoosne ke liye…!”Geet said holding his cheek lovingly,”Ab…yeh sab apne dimaag se nikaal deejiye…aur kal ke rasam ke liye tayyar ho jaayiye…!Kal haldi ke rasam hai…!Smile

Maan smiled at Geet’s glowing face then he gave a tight kiss on her lips.Geet responded it & it made him to forget his tension,frustration,anger,pain,anguish…Then they broke apart to catch some air then he lifted her to the outhouse in his strong arms still in half-naked state.Here due to this tamasha dadimaa made them all the guest to leave the KM.Darji consoled dadimaa that everything will be alright while Dev,Naintara,Vicky,Rajji,Adi & Pinky came to outhouse where Geet & Maan were chatting.

Maan had expected all these tamasha as he knew previously…ya guys am talking abt the phone he got when he was in sangeet ceremony.That phone was from Sam threatening him to stop the marriage but no one threatens MSK.Maan had refused her words which was result of today’s tamasha.Maan had told abt this everything while his family,Adi & Pinky listened to this standing in the doorway.

Maan saw them all & asked,”Aap log is tarah ikkhatte kya kar rahe ho…?”Dev said smiling,”Humne socha ki us tamasha hone ke baad…aap bahut gussa honge toh hum aagaye aapka gussa thanda karne ke liye…lekin pehle se hi kisine aapka gussa thanda kardiya…!”Dadimaa said entering the room,”Geet hai hi aisi…!”And she kissed her forehead & said seeing towards the door,”Ander aayiye Annie…!”Annie came there & stood bowing her head with shame & said,”Mujhe maaf kardijiye bhai…aur bhabhi aapko bhi meri taraf se maafi maangthi hoon…!Mujhe Sam ne…”Geet said smiling,”Behkaaya right…?”

Annie nodded meekly but Geet gestured her to sit beside her & Annie went & sat still seeing downwards…Geet smiled seeing her cute face & hugged her dearly & said,”Hum sabko pata hai ki aap…bahut hi innocent hai…aur Sam aapko behkaaya…lekin ek baar aap apne bhai ko yakeen kar lethi toh wahan tamasha nahi hota…haina…?”Annie nodded & started crying silently then Maan wiped her tears & said,”Khaana khaaya…?”Dadimaa said making complaining face,”Aap ke bagay hum kabhi khaana khaaya hai…?”Maan nodded no & said,”Chaliye…chal kar khaana khaathe hai…!”

Everyone nodded & went outside while Annie held Maan’s hand & asked still crying,”Aapne mujhe maaf kardiya…bhai…?”Maan smiled & came & kissed her forehead & said lovingly,”Mujhe maaloom hai ki tum woh Annie nahi ho jo wahan neeche thi abhi kuch der pehle…lekin mujhe bahut khush huva tumhe anyay ke khilaaf aawaaz uthate huve…lekin isse sahi tareeke se use karo…toh tum zaroor woh badi badi chashma pehne kar meri naani ki tarah dikthi ho…!”Wink

Annie said pouting cutely,”Mein naani ki tarah dikthi hoon…mein aapse baat nahi karoongi…!”And she ran making angry face then Maan said,”Dekthe hai…kab tak chup rahogi…!”WinkWhen everyone finished their dinner then they were so tired becoz of the function & were very soon craving the nice bed & pillow.But Maan followed Geet till outhouse while Geet asked apprehensively,”Aaap mera peecha kyun kar rahe hai…?”Maan teased,”Phere lene ke liye…!Mein tumhaara peecha kyun karoonga bolo…?”Geet gave the questioning look while Maan lifted her in his arms & said naughtily,”Aapke saath sone ke liye…!”

Geet blushed profusely but said,”Maan abhi bhi humaari shaadi nahi huyi…toh behtar hai ki aap apne kamre mein so jaayiye…!”Maan said angrily,”Tum bolthe bolthe thak nahi gayi…Maan aap chale jaayiye…maan aap chale jaayiye…arre mein apni biwi ke saath so raha hoon kisi pados waali chachi ke saath nahi…Tongue“While Geet glared at him with her almond eyes & said,”Padosi…Maan yeh padosi kaun hai…?”He entered the room & made her stand & hugged her from the back & said,”Hai koi…!”Wink

Geet asked angrily slapping him,”Hai koi…Maan aap bade aaraam se keh rahe hain…!”On that time his eyes were popped up becoz of the slap & he held his cheeks…!”Geet saw him & asked with concern,”Zor se laga…!Maan nodded meekly then Geet said,”Kahan…!Then he showed his lips but Geet said angrily,”Chaddo…aur woh pados waali chachi haina uske saath so jaayiye…meri koi zaroorat nahi haina…toh mujhe…!”But he captured her lips into his immediately to mute her blabbering.

Geet always lost in his kiss & she snaked her arms around his neck.They kissed each other passionately & broke apart to grab some air.Then Geet went & gave Maan his night dress & said,”Jaayiye jaa kar change karke aayiye…!”Maan took his night dress & asked,”Ek minute..abhi kuch der pehle toh tum mujhe bhaga rahi thi yahan se…ab kya huva…?”Geet gave a sarcastic smile & said,”Maan…aap se behes karna aur chattan par sir phodna ek hi baat hai…!Zahir si baat toh yeh hai…ki aap MSK hai…aap kisi ki baat sunthe hai kya…toh behter hai to cut the convo & go & sleep…!Good night…!”And she went & slept on her side in the bed…!

Maan saw her cute pouting face but changed his sherwani to night dress & came beside her & slept so close to her with half-naked state to provoke her.When Geet’s back moved slightly then she was rubbed to his half exposed chest & current run down her spine.Geet turned this side & saw him sleeping peacefully with half-naked state & her eyes popped up…Geet lit the light & asked angrily,”Maan yeh kya hai…!”Maan tried to pretend what she was showing with closed eyes.He searched that moving his hands over her thighs which made her current run down her spine.

Geet’s cheeks reddened feeling his touch on her body while Man opened his eyes to see that Geet has gone to trance feeling his touch.Maan smirked & got up & made her lie down on the bed & pecked her lips & said huskily,”So jao Geet tum thak gayi ho…!”And he made her to sleep on his chest where she snuggled dearly & kissed his chest making him burn with desires but resisted & he also slept comfortably inhaling her scent.

Precap is same.


Next early morning at 5am,everyone were not wake up becoz of the sangeet ceremony yesterday on that time Maan got up switched off his mobile alarm & got up from the bed.But Geet who was sleeping peacefully on Maan’s chest frowned in the sleep feeling the lack of warmth.

Maan came near her & kissed her forehead softly then Geet smiled in her sleep & snuggled closer to her blanket.Maan left the outhouse to his room so that no one questions them further abt this.

At 8am,Geet had got ready for the haldi ceremony wearing yellow color patiala & sighed that Maan had gone to his room to sleep when she got up at 6am.The haldi ceremony was abt to begin but Maan was searching the way to meet Geet & went towards the outhouse.

But Pinky,Sasha,Tasha,Rajji & Annie stood near the door so that Geet opens the door.Maan saw them & said blushing,”Aise haalat mein wahan jaounga toh sab log mujhe nahi chodenge…!”

Then he went to the kitchen & made the haldi paste while dadimaa came there then he hid the paste in his pocket.Dadimaa asked apprehensively,”Maan aap yahan kya kar rahe hai…?”Maan stammered,”Woh meine socha black coffee banadu…kyunki ghar ka servants toh haldi ke rasam ke liye tayyari kar rahe haina…!”

Dadimaa said dearly,”Maan…baahar haldi ki rasam ke liye tayyari ho rahi hai…aur aapko black coffee chaahiye…!Jaayiye…jaa kar tayyar ho jaayiye haldi ke rasam ke liye…!”Maan nodded politely & went from there immediately.

Then Maan climbed the window of Geet’s room in outhouse & opened the window while Geet who stood near the mirror stood behind the window thinking its a thief…When Maan came inside then she gave a strong blow making her fist to his head which he screamed with pain.Geet was shocked to see Maan there & said with concern,”Zor se laga…am sorry…!Woh mein aapko chor samjh gayi…isiliye…lekin yeh kaunsa naya dhang hai…ki ghar mein darwaaza nahi hai ki aap khidki se aa rahe hai…?”

Maan still was rubbing his head with pain but was enjoying her concern & said,”Geet tum mujhe maar kar…sawaal pooch rahi ho…?”Geet said with concern,”Zor se laga…aapko barf le ke aavoon…?”Maan said rubbing his head,”Geet…barf leke aao…!”Geet ran & took the ice & ran to him & asked,”Kahan lagi…hai…!”Maan said showing the place,”Yahan par…!”

Geet was cursing herself for beating Maan while Maan was enjoying her cribbing with a small smile.Geet saw this & said angrily,”Aagar lag nahi raha toh…bata nahi sakthe…mein yahan pareshan ho rahi thi aur aap bobby deol wali smile de rahe hai…ab yeh kaunsa naya dhang hai…ghar mein darwaaze nahi hai ki aap khidki se aa rahe ho…!”Maan said,”Kyunki tum bahar guards khadi ki ho isiliye…!”Geet said innocently,”Meine kisi ko khada nahi ki hai…ek minute mein dekh kar aati hoon…!”

But Maan whispered stopping her,”Zor se mat bolo nahi toh un logon ko shak ho jaayega…!”Geet said worriedly,”Par Man aap yahan aaye kyun hai…aap janthe haina…ki haldi ke baad dulha dulhan nahi mil sakthe…!”Maan said softly,”Mujhe maaloom hai Geet…par haldi ka rasam abhi shuru huva hi nahi…aur mein chahtha hoon ki mein tumhe haldi pehle lagavoon…!”Geet smiled but said,”Oh…ho…lekin haldi outhouse mein hai hi nahi…ab aap kya karenge…?”

Maan said folding his hands,”Oh ho…ab hum kya kare…!”Geet said casually,”Meine toh aapse keh diya ki mein aapse haldi lagaane ke liye tayyar hoon lekin shaayad aap puri tarah se tayyar nahin aaye hai…!”On that time he smeared the haldi to Geet’s cheeks & smiled at her mischeivously.Geet saw the haldi & the packet & blushed.Geet took some past & smeared it on his right cheeks while Maan saw her hungrily.Geet blushed profusely while his eyes lingered on her luscious lips.

Maan said proudly,”Aisa huva hai kya…ki MSK kuch kaam kare aur woh bhi aadha to ho hi nahi saktha…!”Geet smiled but said,”Kyun Rajnikanth aapka cousin hai…?”Maan smiled sweetly while Geet blushed seeing his smile.On that time someone knocked at the door then Geet panicked,”Kaun hoga…dadimaa…?”

Geet attempted to make Maan go but how can Maan go without the gift & he pecked her lips tightly & climbed down from Geet’s window taking off the haldi  from Geet’s cheeks & taking the warning from Geet not to remove her haldi from his cheeks.

Then haldi ceremony started & Handas smeared the sacred haldi to Geet & Maan.

Then Geet got ready after the haldi rasam for mehndi rasam where she said to the girl to right Maan’s name in middle so that it will be seen as she was lucky to get husband like him.

She got ready for the shaadi as it was in the evening.Geet wore red color lehenga & Maan wore green color sherwani.

When she was getting ready wearing the jewels then she got the phone from some private number.Geet felt odd but took the phone & answered it,”Hello…!”A female voice said,”Lagtha hai tum aaj bahut khush ho…shaadi jo kar rahi ho…Maan ke saath…!”Geet’s eyes popped up with shock & said,”Sam…!”Sameera said angrily,”Of course Sam…tumne meri zindagi barbaad karke…shaadi racha rahi ho…!”

Geet said angrily some rude words to Sam which Sameera said angrily,”Language…!Kyunki ab tumhaari jaan ka jaan mere paas hai…!”Geet asked sternly,”Kya bol rahi ho…?”Sameera said laughing heartily,”I like it jab tum aise hi pareshan dikthi ho tab…par tumhaare jaan ka jaan toh bahut hi ud rahi thi mere saamne…mujhe gaali par gaali de rahi thi lekin phas gayi…mere kabze mein…!”Geet said with panic,”Annie…!”Sam said appreciatively,”Yaar…tumhaari yeh baat mujhe bahut pasand aati hai…tum apno ko bahut achchi tarah se jaanthi ho…!”Geet said angrily,”Sam…agar Annie ko kuch huva toh mein tumhe zinda gad donngi…samjhi…!”

Sameera said angrily,”Oye…apni aawaaz kam kar…aur meri baat kaan kholke sun le…mujhe Maan ki puri property mere naam chaahiye…aur agar tum apni hoshiarpur ki hoshiyaari dikhaayi toh tum aur tumhaara aashiq…Annie ka mara huva moo dekhoge…!”Geet said with shock,”Sam…!”Sameera laughed once again hearing Geet’s panic voice.Geet pleaded,”Dekho…tumhaari dushmani hum dono se hai…toh tum us maasoom ladki ko kyun shikhaar bana rahi ho…dekho tumhe kya chaahiye…mein usse dene ke liye tayyar hoon…!”

Sameera said satisfied,”Ye huyi na baat…ab ek ghante ke baad…tumhaare liye ek parcel aayega…us par Maan ke signatures chaahiye…aur agar tumne aana kani ki…toh yahan Annie ki jaan bhi aana kani ho jaayegi…samjhe…!”Geet said yes to her nodding.

Geet sat in the outhouse waiting for the parcel but Rajji & Vicky came to Geet & said seriously,”Bhabhi aap ghabraayiye mat…hum pata laga lenge ki Annie kaha hai…”Geet was shocked but Vicky answered to her look,”Humne aapke aur Sameera ki saari baathe sun lee…!”Rajji said,”Dee…abhi abhi meine apne friend ko phone kiya tha jo mobile company mein kaam karthi hai…usne bataaya hai ki…Sam ka phone kisi goyal ke godown mein se aarahi hai…wahan ki location bataayi usne…mein aur Vicky dono jaathe hai aur Annie ko chudaakar laathe hai…!

Geet smiled & said,”Be careful…aap dono…aur Sam ko pata nahi chalna chaahiye ki…aap unke peeche lag gaye ho… nahi toh woh Annie ko kuch bhi kar sakthi hai…!”Both noded & went from there which was seen by Adi who was shocked.Then Geet explained Adi everything & Adi decided to help them.Adi had came there to give some contract papers which Maan’s signatures were wanted.

Geet got the parcel which had property papers to be signed & she made Maan to sign the papers keeping between the contract papers & kept it aside.Here Rajji,Adi & Vicky entered that godown slowly & saw there that Annie was tied & some goons were playing cards drinking the alcohol.Rajji was abt to go but Vicky stopped her & said,”Yeh tum kya kar rahi ho…hum dono sambhaal lenge tum ladki ho…peeche raho…!”Rajji said sternly,”Ladki hoon…ab dekho ki yeh ladki kya karthi hai…!”

One of the goon went to do toilet but was fell down fainted.Rajji had pressed the nerve near the collar bone which Vicky saw her with awe…Is she the future doctor or karate expert…then Adi held the other one & both Rajji & Adi subdued the gonns & tied it.Annie was released & she hugged Vicky crying continuously.Vicky soothed her but one of the goons mobile started to ring.It was from Sameera…

Vicky took the phone & talked like the goon & said to Sameera that everything’s alright.Here Geet gave the property papers to Sameera & asked abt Annie.Sameera assured that Annie gonna attend her marriage & went from there.

Geet came to mandap but her mind was lingering with Annie only which Maan noticed.

Maan asked Geet seeing her worried face,”Geet baat kya hai…tum itni pareshan kyu ho…?”Geet nodded no to him & smiled fakely.Then she saw Annie who stood with Vicky,Rajji & Adi & she breathed feeling relieved.Maan had noticed this & felt something fishy.They got married & all the rasams were closed & Geet cried to leave her mother who was very closed to her.Darji blessed her & cried while Handas were emotional.

But no one knew that the storm would come in their life now.Geet cried on every member’s shoulder of her family & they sent her with that emotions only.Everyone came to the KM where the guard stood tensed.Maan asked bossily,”Bahadur…tum ghar ke baahar kya kar rahi ho…?”Bahadur said worriedly,”Woh chote saab…ek aurat aayi hai…aur keh rahi hai…ki ab yeh ghar uski ho chuki hai…!”Maan thought that some semi-crack has entered his house & he ran inside & the Khuranas also.

When Maan entered then he saw Sameera there who sat in the hall with style haing sly smile.When Maan asked then she said that the house has become hers now as he had signed the papers on the property papers.Maan was shocked & also came to know that Geet was tensed during marriage.Sameera blabbered her plan & danced that KM is in her name now.

But someone said firmly,”Toh tumhe poora yakeen hai…ki sab kuch tumhaare naam mein hai…?”It was Adi who stood there giving an victorious smile.Sameera said with attitude,”Of course…yeh haweli,KC sab Maan ke naam par hai…aur meine khud dekha hai…Maan ko is papers par sign karthe huve…toh yeh mera naam par hogaya haina…?”Adi said smiling,”Nahi…sirf utna jitna ki maalik Maan hai…!Kyunki ek hafte pehle hi…Geet ko apni 51% ka partner bana diya tha…!Agar tumhe poori jaydaad apne naam karna hai…toh us par Maan ke nahi…Geet ke sign chaahiye the…!”

Sam was caught off guard & threatened to Geet to sign the papers but she refused then she dialled to her rowdy to kill Annie but the ringing came from the KM only.Rajji held the goon’s phone & showed it to Sam.Sam was shocked but Annie came & stood beside Rajji folding her hands giving sarcastic smile to Sam.

Sam’s plan had flopped but she asked one curious question which Man answered,”Tum yahi jaanana chahthi ho na ki mein Geet ko shaadi kiye bagay hi usse mere property ka 51% ka partner kaise bana diya…Isme Adi aur Pinky mera saath diya…tumhaari woh jasoos Bhora ne mere saamne moo khola aur kaha ki tum mere property ko hadapna chahthi ho…is ghar mein ghooske…then…I married Geet in court aur woh bhi Adi aur Pinky ke shaadi ke aad mein…aur meine apni property Geet ke naam transfer kardiya…!”

Sam said angrily to Geet,”Geet tumne mujhe bataaya kyun nahi…?”Geet asked,”Mein kyun bataavoon?Jab Maan itne yakeen ke saath apne mehnat se kamaaye huye paison ko mujhe hifaazat karne ke liye diya hai…toh mujhe us vaade se kyun mukaru…?Us waqt bhi mein apni pati ki paison ko hifaazat kar rahi thi…bas…!”

Then police came & arrested Sameera but Sameera warned that she’ll come back to take the revenge from Maan & Geet.

Precap-Second suhaagratEmbarrassed & honeymoon.


When Sameera was abt to be taken by police & Sameera moved towards the exit holding the property papers then Geet said still standing outside,”Ek minute Sam…woh papers mujhe dedo…ab yeh tumhaare kaam ke nahi hai…kunki ye tumhaare property ke papers nahi hai…!”

Sam saw her with puzzle but Geet took the papers & took off the first page which was pinned to the contract papers which Adi gave to her before marriage.Geet had pinned the Sam’s first page of property papers but had folded the bottom signature part neatly so that no one knows that it is folded.

Geet gave the first page of Sam’s property papers to Sam & said to Adi giving the contract papers,”Leejiye Adi veerji,Maan ne is par sign kar diya hai…aap isse client ko bhej sakthe hai…!”Adi took the papers & said with amazement,”Yeh tumne kaise kiye Geet…iska matlab hai ki Maan ke paas jitna paisa hai woh bhi bhi Sam ke naam nahi huyi…!Very good am impressed…lekin tumne yeh sab kaise kiya…?”

Geet smiled at him & turned to Sameera & said,”Sirf itna samjhiye ki meine Hoshiarpur ki hoshyaari use kiya…!”Geet gave a victorious smirk to Sam who had fumed with anger & showed her finger & said,”Mein tumhe dekh loongi…tum sabko dekh loongi…!”But Geet said sternly,”Un sabke paas tumhe jaane se pehle tumhe mujhse ho kar guzarna hoga…jo ki tum kar nahi sakthe…toh behtar hai ki tum apni energy jail ke paththar todne mein use karo…naaki kisi ko dhamki dene se…!”

Sam was took from there & everyone were impressed by Geet becoz she not only protected their property but their house also.Maan saw her lovingly which made Geet blush profusely.But Geet said sadly,”Am sorry Maan…meine aapse jhoot bol kar papers par sign karvaaya…kyunki Annie ki jaan khatre mein thi aur mere paas aur koi raasta nahi tha…!”But her words were muted by Maan who had kept index finger on her soft petal like lips.

Maan said smiling,”Geet…mujhe poora yakeen tha aur hai ki tum mujhse bhi zyaada apne parivaar ka khayaal rakh sakthe ho…!Don’t ask sorry…agar aaj tum na hoti to Sameera is ghar ko barbaad kar dethi…!Thank u for saving…!”But on that time Geet kept her palm on his mouth.But Maan kissed it mischievously & winked while Geet blushed once again.

Dadimaa said smiling,”Chaliye…all’s well that ends well…!”Annie came forward & said smiling,”Bhai…am so happy for u…!”Dadimaa did aarti of the newly weds & said,”Geet aapke right leg se is kalash ko giraayiye…!”Geet held Maan’s hand & pushed the kalash softly from her right leg & both came inside holding their hands.

Dadimaa said smiling,”Ab Maan bete aap Geet ko apne god mein uthaayiye…!”On that time Maan lifted her in his arms & Geet blushed profusely seeing his eyes which had only love & passion.Maan took Geet to the courtyard of the KM & stopped in front of the wall where the imprint of hands of the bahus of Khuranas had been printed.Naintara had also printed her hands on the wall when she came here as Dev’s dulhan.Naintara had held the thali of sindhoor smiling.

Dadimaa said,”Geet bete aap apne haath ko sindhoor se laang ke yahan dabaayiye…!”Geet said seeing Maan,”Mujhe neeche toh utaariye…!”But dadimaa said,”nahi bete…yeh rasam toh pati ke baho mein karna hai…!”Geet blushed but dipped her hands in sindhoor & pressed it on the wall with the help of Maan.Then Maan still had lifted Geet in his arms then Pinky teased,”Veerji…ab toh Geet ko chodiye..Zameen par…!”

Maan glared at Pinky but Geet blushed like tomato color.Maan let go off Geet down & proceeded for the next ceremony which Annie had planned.The ball dance instead of then ring searching ceremony in milk.Annie insisted dadimaa not to play as they’re not getting any fun.The ball dance was to support the ball with the help of their waist to the music.

When Geet came to know the game after having confused conversation of having honeymoon using the words madhumaas with Vicky refused to play the game.But Maan provoked Geet that she’s not gonna win from MSK then she played.When Geet was supporting the ball with the help of her waist then her lips brushed to Maan’s lips which burned with desires.

Maan smiled mischievously trying to distract Geet from the game but inwardly he was enjoying this closeness which was driving her crazy made the urge to squeeze those soft slender waist with his long fingers & make her moan his name but resisted seeing around him.

Finaaly ball game ended with victorious Geet whose eyes twinkled becoz of the victory.Maan had the urge to taste those lips which were wide with smile but resisted.Geet was sent to Maan’s room before & Maan was stopped by entering by Annie & Naintara who demanded gift from him.

Maan gave them both the diamond necklace in which both overwhelmed seeing that & gave permission to enter.Geet had sat there inside the decorated bed fully dressed.The room was lit with scented candles & rose petals & jasmine flowers.Geet was feeling nervous & was observing Maan from her corner of her eyes.Maan locked the door & came then Geet stood from bed feeling nervous.

Maan came in her front & saw her with immense love & passion which made her cheeks red like tomato.Maan held her shoulder & Geet came to his arms easily & hugged him tight.His sherwani was wet & saw Geet crying & was shocked,”Tum ro kyun rahi ho…?”Geet squeezed herself inside him & said,”Maan ek pal ke liye mere zindagi ruk gayi this jab meine suna ki Annie kidnap ho gayi hai…!Maan am sorry mein apne zimmedaariyon ko achchi tarah se nibhaa nahi paayi…!”

Maan held her tightly in his arms,”Kisne kaha aisa…!Geet is room ko dekh rahi ho…yahan par meri bachpan ki yaadein hai…yahan mein tumhaare saath bitaaye huye har ek lamha yahan hai…aaj mein yahan par khada hoon toh sirf tumhaare wajaise…kyunki tum hi thi jisne us Sameera ko akele saamna kiya…dukh is baat ki hai ki mein tumhe us waqt support nahi kas saka jisse tumhe zaroorat thi…!Am sorry…!”

But Geet closed his mouth & said,”Nahi aapki koi galathi nahi thi…mein hi thi jo aapko nahi bataaya Annie ke baare mein…am so…!”But her blabber was muted by Maan who had took her lips into his.Maan kissed her passionately & broke apart to grab some air then only Geet blushed & turned that side.Maan hugged her from the back & kissed her back with soft wet kisses.Embarrassed

Geet was electrocuted & she turned & kissed his lips once again & broke apart to grab some air.Geet breathed heavily,”Maan I love u…!”Maan said smiling,”I love u too Geet…!”Then he scooped her up in his arms & placed her on the bed.Maan planted soft wet kisses all over face & took her lips & nibbled her lower lip.Embarrassed

Geet was electocuted becoz of kissess & she parted her lips & Maan entered & plundered her treasure.They broke apart to grab some air while Maan opened her dori of her blouse & kissed her back.Maan took her jewels & bangles & kissed her all over body once again & bit it.Geet moaned his name feeling the sensation.Maan bit her back aggressively which made her heat produce inside her.Embarrassed

Geet turned to face him while Maan sucked her collarbone & bit there making her his possession.Geet moaned,”Maan…!”Geet held him & took off his sherwani & pyjama & kissed him all over body.His skin burned with desires feeling her soft lips all over his body.Maan took off her blouse in no time & took off her dupatta & bottom immediately kissing her lips.Embarrassed

Geet took off his vest & boxers & kissed his muscles feeling it in her hand.Maan groaned feeling her hands on his body & kissed her curves aggressively.He bit the curves making her moan his name.Geet bit his shoulder chest & muscles to ease her urge while Maan made her urge high by kneading the curves with his hands.Embarrassed

Then Maan took off her b** & bit the curves making her moan loudly.Then he gave wet kisses all over the body kneading the curves.He bit her br**** & licked it soothe the pain.Then he took the ni**** & licked it.Geet came forward & bit his collar bone making him groan.Embarrassed

When he can’t control his urges & she was ready then he thrusted his inside hers slowly.He made his pace rapidly & thrusted inside hers aggressively.Geet felt pain but it was overcome by pleasure & moaned his name loudly.Maan thrusted even more aggressively kneading her curves & kissing her lips.When he couldn’t control then he pounded on her & they repeated it till they were exhausted.Embarrassed

They both were complete & contended & slept for sometime but Maan couldn’t & he repeated till Geet was felt sore & made her sleep on his chest & breathing heavily & sweating.Embarrassed

Next morning Geet got up feeling the sun on her face as usual & shielded it from her palm.Geet rubbed her eyes & saw Maan who was fast asleep.Geet blushed remembering the moments how Maan was aggressive feeling the pain in thighs.Geet flinched & was abt to get up but his grip tightened around her waist.Geet saw Maan who fast asleep & tried to free her waist from his grip but he held it tightly.

Then Geet saw once again & saw Maan who was smiling seeing her.He was awake when Geet stirred & was seeing her flinch with pain around her thighs then he decided to soothe her.Geet said showing dimples,”Good morning…!Smile“While Maan took her lips into his giving soul searing kiss & parted to grab some air & said,”Good morning mishti…!Wink



Geet said showing her dimples to Maan,”Good morning Maan…!”SmileWhile Maan gave a tight kiss to her lips & said,”Good morning Mishti…!”WinkGeet tried to get up but Maan held her waist tightly then Geet said,”Chodiye na aur mujhe der se utne ki aadat nahi hai…mujhe work out karna hai…!Aap sojaayiye…aap thak gaye honge…!EmbarrassedMaan pecked her lips & said,”Geet mujhe bhi der se utne ki aadat nahi par tumhe dard ho raha haina…behtar hai ki tum thodi der aaram karlo…!Smile

Geet blushed but said,”Nahi Maan…ek baar nahaaloongi to dard apne aap kam hojaayega…abhi chodiye mujhe…!”EmbarrassedMaan smiled naughtily & said,”Mein tumhe help kartha hoon…!”WinkGeet was horrified & said,”Bilkul bhi nahi…aapka matlab mein samajh gayi…abhi chodiye mujhe…tang mat kijiye…!EmbarrassedMaan smiled mischievously but didn’t listen to her pleas & scooped her in his arms & took her inside the washroom.

After their suhaagraat both were in naked state & when Maan took her in his arms then Geet blushed profusely feeling his skin on her body.EmbarrassedMaan was electrocuted with her warm skin but he took her & opened the shower & made her to stand.EmbarrassedMaan & Geet both had the shower together & when the smearing of the soap case came then Geet blushed profusely.

But Maan had become shameless these days & he smeared the soap all over Geet’s body making her provoke of her devil.This was not enough then Maan demanded Geet to smear the soap to his body which made her blush like red tomato.But MSK never hears anyone then Geet smeared the soap to him.

She was a bit nervous when her hands went near his manhood which made Maan’s urges to tower in him.Maan couldn’t control his devil & he ended up making another round of love making to Geet.Geet was also having difficulty seeing his body structure & she responded him immediately.After another round of love making Geet & Maan had the shower & came outside both wrapped in the towel.

Geet opened her suitcase which was kept last night before their entry to the room & she was abt to open her dresses…but Maan stopped her & gave the dress which he chose her,red color patiala which is Geet’s favourite color.Geet smiled & took his choice & kept his favourite color suit.Geet stood still wrapped in towel then Maan asked,”Geet…kya soch rahi ho…!kapde pehen lo…!”

Geet said blushing,”Aap baahar toh jaayiye…!Embarrassed“But MSK came forward & made her wear the dress.Geet was breathing heavily when she wore her dresses becoz naughty Maan was testing our sherni provoking her.Maan said to test her further,”Geet…ab to tum pehna do mujhe…ab mein tumhaara pati hoon…mujhse kya sharmaana…!WinkThen Geet blushed once again & pouted cutely to babaji making complaining face.

Maan came forward taking off his towel standing naked in front of her while Geet’s popped up seeing him like that & her cheeks turned red like tomato once again.When Maan didn’t budge then Geet accepted defeat in front of him & made him to wear his clothes.Maan gave a present which dadimaa had said when she shows her face then he gave a diamond belly chain to her now.

Geet took it with smile & said,”It’s beautiful Maan…!”Maan said smiling,”Abhi pehen lo…!”Geet nodded & she wore it on the dress but Maan took off her dress & made her to wore it on her waist & said lovingly,”Geet…isse kabhi utarna mat…humesha peheno…mujhe iski aawaaz suni chaahiye jab tum aa rahi hogi tab…!WinkGeet blushed profuselyEmbarrassed

Geet said to Maan,”Aap tayyar ho jaayiye…mein breakfast lagaathi hoon…!”Maan nodded & pecked her lips tightly.Geet pouted cutely with his gesture & exited the room.Annie saw Geet come out of the room & asked,”Bhabhi…aap itni subah subah…!”On that time the jingling diamond belly chain she saw & was overwhelmed to see it & asked,”Kya baat hai…aaj kal bhai ki choice thodi special hoti jaa rahi hai…!Winkkya baat hai bhabhi kya aapne Bhaipar jadu kar liya jis se bhai itna badal gaye…?”Wink

Geet blushed once again but said,”Kuch nahi Annie…woh…woh…woh dadimaa ne is rasam ke baare mein kaha toh usne poora kardiya hai aur kuch nahi…!”EmbarrassedAnnie started to tease her so much for Geet was blushing so much.Dadimaa was also shocked seeing Geet woke up so early & asked abt the last night’s experience.But Geet assured dadimaa that everything’s alright.

Dadimaa made Geet to prepare some sweet as it was her first day in her kitchen in her sasural.Geet prepared chocolate mousse as it was Maan’s favourite while Vicky cribbed,”Kya bhabhi..aap phirse bahi ki pasand bana di…mujhe makhani ki kheer pasand thi aur woh bhi thanda…!CryBut Geet had prepared everyone’s favourite in sweet so everyone were overwhelmed with her love which she’s showing to them.

The breakfast was so delicious & everyone relished it.After the breakfast it was the custom to give the bahu some gift then dadimaa gave the responsibility of the house giving the keys & said,”Geet…ab humein is zimmedaari se mukt kardo…!”But Geet said immediately,”Par dadimaa…jab Naintara di hote huve…mein kaise loo isse…yeh unka haq hai…as she’s the one who came first here…!”Dadimaa said smiling,”Bete unhone sambhaala tha is ghar ko lekin unke parents ke maut ho jaane ke baad unhe office sambhaal na pada tab unhone is ghar ke zimmedaariyon ko mujhe waapas kardi…toh isiliye…ab hum boodhe ho gaye hai…aur Naintara ko toh apna office sambhal ne hai…kyunki ab unke bhai Arjun bhi is field mein nahi hai…woh doosre field mein hai…toh unhe unke office sambhaal na padega…toh aapki huyi yeh zimmedaari…!”

But Geet still not convinced & saw towards Naintara who assured that she’s ok with the decision then she took the responsibility.Geet touched dadi’s feet & took her blessings while dadi also gave a package tour to visit south India…which Geet was happy.Beoz she always wanted to visit the ghat section places as she was the lover of green.Even she wanted her house to be between the forests when she dreamt & dadi knew abt this when she was talking to her before marriage to know Geet better.

So the tickets was to Munnar & other places which Geet expected to visit.Maan was thinking abt his office becoz their honeymoon was for one month & he would pine if he would be away from the office for one month.But he saw Geet’s smile fading & he agreed to go to long honeymoon.Geet was overwhelmed then she gave kiss full on his mouth in front of the family which made Maan…Embarrassed
While their family started to tease them both seeing their audacity.

Geet was sharam se paani paani that she ran into her room with shy.Her cheeks were red with shy.At evening everyone came for moo dikhaayi for which Geet got ready wearing the orange color sari.

The guests came to see Geet who was sitting in wrapped in her pallu from head.The guests appreciated the Geet’s beauty which was glowing from day to day.Dadimaa asked to sing a song as she’s a very good singer then she sung this song…Smile

They clapped at her song happily which Maan was shocked to see Geet singing this song.Maan didn’t knew that she would sing this melodiously then he was impressed with Geet.Smile

When Geet saw Maan then she blushed seeing his lovely eyes which had only love for her.Geet was lucky to get Man as her husband & she was so happy that she showed her feelings in that song.Maan understood Geet after facing so storms in her life she was smiling & becoz of him & promised himself that he won’t wipe that smile from her face till his death.Embarrassed

Geet packed their luggage for their long honeymoon & packed her patiala suits but Maan had took off her all patiala suits from her bag & had kept the modern dresses which had showed to wear in KE.Geet didn’t know abt this or else she would refuse that & Maan kept quiet becoz of her rejection.

Precap-Maan & Geet in Munnar & is having difficulty in understanding the place’s language-Malayalam


Geet & Maan boarded the aeroplane which took them to Travancore from Delhi.Dadimaa,Dev,Naintara had came there to see off them.They bade Maan & Geet good bye & wished them safe flight & safe journey.Dadimaa warned them to phone up her when they reach there.

Both nodded politely to her orders & boarded the aeroplane.Geet’s was the second time in aeroplane but she was nervous as she was abt to go up.She wasn’t afraid of heights but of the air which was the artificial respiration to them.She always felt suffocated in aeroplane but no use becoz if we’ve to reach the place soon then they’ve to board aeroplane.

When the plane took off then she felt some suffocation & she slept immediately on Maan’s chest.Maan who knew this kissed her forehead softly & hugged her tightly making her feel that she’s secure in his arms.Geet slept on his chest till the Travancore came,becoz they were abt to start the honeymoon from that place only.Maan had planned their honeymoon perfectly.

Maan & Geet got down from the airport & took the room in one of the best 5 star hotel in Travancore.(Guys am a bit lazy to give up the names…so don’t feel bad…!)Geet & Maan entered their room with their luggage which was carried by one of the staff of the hotels.Geet saw the view outside the window standing with a wide smile.Geet was so happy to see back waters which was gleaming to the moon light.

There were tiny packages of the shops near their hotel which had the accessories of dresses,jewels & stationeries of food.Geet inhaled the fresh air which was blowing at her face with a wide smile.Maan came behind her closing the door & hugging her from back.His hands encircles around her bare waist as she wore sari making patterns.Geet moaned,”Maan…!”Feeling his fingers on her bare waist.Maan kissed her shoulder immediately making her shudder feelings his cold lips.

Geet breathed heavily but said,”Aapko bhook nahi lag rahi hai kya…?”Maan didn’t answer & bit her shoulder which Geet said,”Ouch…!”Geet said,”Aap mere sawaal ka jawaab nahi diya…!”Maan said smiling kissing her back of right hand,”Meine dinner order kardiya hai…!”Geet smiled & said seeing outside,”Mujhe kal back waters ke paas leke chalenge…?”Maan nodded & kissed her back of left hand which made Geet breathe heavily.

Dinner came to their room & they sat to eat it then only Maan said,”Geet mujhe khilao…!”Geet smiled & said,”Aap bachchon ki tarah behave karne lage hai aaj kal…!”And she fed the pasta bite to him.Maan smiled naughtily & took her paratha bite & fed her from his mouth which made her blush like tomato.Geet said wacking his shoulder,”Maan…aap bahut besharam ban rahe hai aaj kal…!”

Maan pulled her on his lap & said,”Ky karu…mein jab bhi apne biwi ke saath hota hoon toh woh hi mujhe besharam banathi hai…meri dil ki baath kabhi samajhthi hi nahi…!”Geet glared at him with her almond eyes,”Mein aapki dil ki baat nahi samjhthi…!Batavoon ke aapke dil mein ab kya chal raha hai…?”Maan nodded thinking that she can’t read his mind.Geet said cutely,”Aapka man yeh soch raha hai…ki mein aapke man ko nahi pad sakthi…haina…?”

Maan saw her with wide eyes…and Geet started to blabber abt him that how he eyed that air hostess in the plane & smiled sweetly.Maan was irritated & to stop her blabber he took her lips into his.Geet always lost in his kiss & she lost now also & responded back.Both parted to grab some air then Maan said smirking,”Tumhe chup karvaane ka yeh ek hi tarikha hai…!Wink
Geet blushed profusely seeing his gesture.Embarrassed

They fed each other & he would gave her occasional pecks to her lips which would make her blush very much.EmbarrassedMaan would like her red cheeks & would bit her cheeks powerfully making her even more redder like apple.EmbarrassedThey finished their dinner & the room attender took the empty plates to leave them in peace.Geet was still seeing the back water once again then Maan came behind & kissed her lips.

Geet pouted cutely but he didn’t listen to her & took off her diamond belly chain & kissed her waist.EmbarrassedHe bit it making her moan his name & she kissed him couldn’t controlling herself.Man smirked between the kisses & they continued their love making session till they were exhausted & slept in each other’s arms feeling contented.Embarrassed

Geet got up at 6am & saw that Maan was sleeping on her chest.Geet kissed his forehead & stroked his hair
& said,”Maan…uthiye na…subah ho gayi…!”But Maan didn’t budge then she tickled him near his waist immediately which made him laugh loudly feeling it.Maan got up & glared at him stopping his laugh.Geet sighed & got up wrapping herself in blanket.Maan saw her & pulled her on his lap & said,”Aapko iski sazah aaj raat ko milegi…!”

Geet blushed very much but said,”Maan chodiye mujhe…aur mujhe nahaana hai…!”EmbarrassedAnd she opened her suitcase but before Maan went inside the bathroom immediately hiding from her anger.When Geet opened the suitcase then she saw the clothes which were changed from patiala suits to long denim jeans pants & t-shirt.Geet said angrily,”Maan…!”Angry

Maan said to himself,”Yeh to hona hi tha…!WinkMaan came outside & saw Geet who was looking so cute in anger.Geet asked,”Yeh kya hai…!”Showing the T-shirt & jeans pant.!AngryMaan asked innocently,”Kya hai…T-shirt hai aur Jeans pant aur kuch nahi…!”Geet said showing cute angry face to Maan who was losing his control seeing it,”Maan…aapko pata haina ki mein aise kapde nahi pehnthi…!”AngryToh aapne jaan boojkar yeh rakha suitcase mein…aur aapne mere patiala suit nikaal diya…!Ab mein kya pehnoon…nanga ghoomu…?Angry

Maan’s eyes flashed with mischievousness & said in under breath,”Agar tumhaari yahi ichcha hai…toh mujhe koi aitraaz nahi…!”Geet’s cute face turned to rage now,”Kya kaha aapne…?AngryMaan said lovingly,”Geet…kya tum mere liye…yeh kapde nahi pehen sakthi kya…!Sirf mere liye…???”Geet saw his cute lovely eyes,her anger vanished into thin air & said,”Woh…woh…thik hai…mein yeh kapde aapke liye pehen rahi hoon…lekin aage aap aisi force nahi karenge…samjhe…?”Angry

Maan said sweetly,”Bilkul begum saahiba…aapka hukum saraakho par…!WinkGeet said making baby face,”Mein aap par hukum nahi chalaathi…mujhe aisa nahi chaahiye…!EmbarrassedMaan said teasing her,”Achcha…!WinkGeet said still embarassed,”Maan…ab jaayiyena…nahaakar aayiye…mujhe bhi nahaana hai…aur hum woh back waters dekhne chalthe haina…!”She showed the excitement like a child.Maan admired cute antics & said,”Mein tumhe nahaane mein help kartha hoon…!”Wink

Geet’s eyes popped up & said immediately,”Bilkul bhi nahi…aur mujhe bhook bhi lagi hai…mujhe abhi nahaane jaana hai…!”EmbarrassedAnd she rushed inside the washroom taking her clothes & banging the door in front of Maan’s face when he was abt to enter the washroom behind her.AngryGeet took the shower & wore the green T-shirt & white denim jeans pant with pink overcoat & came outside feeling shy.

Maan saw her in that attire & was mesmerised & he saw her top to bottom.Geet saw him & blushed to red when his eyes lingered on her eyes.Maan caem forward & pulled her to his hard frame & said,”Geet…tum jaise bhi kapde pehnon…tum humesha khubsoorat dikthi ho…!”Geet blushed once again feeling his hungry gaze on her.He always find difficulty to resist Geet around him & this was a new dawn of her other side which he made her forcefully to wear.

Geet blushed once again profusely & sent him with force to have the shower as they’re going outside.

When he came outside wearing his black shirt & denim blue jeans then Geet was also mesmerised.Geet saw him with mouth hanging open becoz she always saw him in his office attire but in this he was looking different.No attitude,ego,arrogance…and there was not any kind of bossiness in his eyes.When Maan saw Geet then there was only love for her for which she blushed once again feeling it.Embarrassed

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Maan was so shaken fearing her loss and wanted him to feel her.Geet gasped when she felt his taut muscles & 6 packs abs that her pleasure towered to feel him.Geet stood and walked towards her & kept her palm on his bare rock chest.Maan felt the touch as heavenly and he felt he’s floating in heaven.Geet came forward closing every gap and hugged him tightly moving her palms on his bare back.Maan groaned feeling her soft hands which drived him crazy.

Maan pulled her neck and slammed his lips on her soft supple lips and gave the soul searing kiss.Geet kissed him back stroking his hairs lovingly.Geet was weak in her knees as becoz of weakness and she was abt to fall but Maan held her waist tightly and pinned to his hard frame.Her soft chest pressed to his rock bare chest then his skin burned with desire.Geet whimpered for breath then he left her lips and both breathed heavily and geet kept her head on his bare rock chest.Geet kept her right palm on his bare rock left chest where heart lies and felt that his heart is throbbing.

Geet sensed his guilt in his every touch and felt he’s cribbing some mistake in his mind and asked worriedly,”Maan..aap sach me theek hai..aap mere Maan nahin hain….jo mujhe aise pyaar kare….Maan bataayiye..kya baat hai jo aapke ander hi ander khaayi jaa rahi hai bataayiye Maan…!!!”Maan was a bit conscious now and he kissed her lips once again to make her forget his turmoil.Geet once again lost in his kiss and forgot what she was asking in few secs back.

Maan left Geet totally exhausted after another round of love making.Geet collapsed on his bare chest totally exhausted and she slept peacefully hugging him tightly.Maan saw her love which always became high to him which was unconditional and felt guilty.Maan left the ward making her sleep comfortably in her bed in the ward and went to ask that she can be discharged.Priyanka came and hugged her bro and said,”Bhai…Rajeev apne aapko sazaa de rahe hai aur..woh apne kamre mein band kardiya hai..pls aap ek baar unhe kehde ki aap unhe maaf kardiya hai shaayad woh aapke baat sun sakte hai..bhai pls…ek baar toh aajaayiye….!!!!”

Maan stood just like a stone and asked angrily,”Q..Priya…aisa Q larna chaahthi hai…us aadmi ko sirf apne matlab se kaam hai..meine us par case file kiya hai isiliye jaa kar chip gaya kya…aur tumhe bheja hai kya apne aapko bachaane ke liye…..???”Priyanka cried and said,”Nahin bhai..bhia pls aap unhe ek baar miliye…ek baar toh sahi…pls bhai..mein unse sorry bulvaaongi promise…bhai ek baar toh unhe maaf kardeejiye….!!!”Maan said angrily,”Rajeev ko maaf kardoon…tum jaanthi ho kal raat hum log Geet ko khote khote rehgaye the..jaanthi ho…aur in sabke wajay tumhaara pati…aur tum kehrahi ho ki..mein unhe maaf kardoon…!!!!”

Priyanka pleaded,”Bhai..plss..!!!”Maan turned that side then Priyanka went fm there feeling defeated.While Geet was discharged and she was made to come home.Geet was a bit weak after that accident and she was abt to fall but Maan caught her and lifted her in his strong arms.Maan lied her down on their bed gently and opened every window so that the fresh air enters inside and Geet felt peace inhaling the aroma of their room.Geet smiled cutely to Maan and was abt to get up to freshen up but Maan said,”Ruko Geet..mein tumhe help kartha hoon…..!!!!”

Maan brought a bowl of hot water and some soft cloth and he washed her face and wiped the water on her face and lips fm the soft cloth.Geet was overwhelmed seeing his love towards her and kissed his cheeks lovingly.Maan chuckled & gave a lovely stare feeling her soft supple lips on his cheeks where it burned.Geet blushed furiously but gave a full dimple smile.Maan pecked her lips and said,”Mein tumhaara lunch leke aata hoon….!!!”Geet saw his dull & pale face which had the guilt and tried to ask abt that but he didn’t give any oppurtunity and went fm there in top speed.

Maaneet fed each other lovingly and Geet slept for sometime as doctor had told her take maximum amt of rest.At night Geet was feeling the lack of Maan’s warmth and she turned to his side and searched him in the bed but he wasn’t there.Geet was wondered where he’ll be as he won’t leave me these days.Geet felt some pain in her heart and thot that something is bad.Geet got up & searched him everywhere now.Geet entered his gym as he can be there or not and saw the most painful scene.

Maan was breaking the blocks of ice and his hands were bleeding and her hear whimpered seeing his painful eyes.Geet whimpered softly,”Maan…..!!!!”Maan turned and was shocked to see Geet there & asked,”Geet tum yahan kya kar rahi ho…!!!!!”Geet ran to her and was abt to trip but Maan caught her immediately and she hugged him tightly and said,”Yeh kya haal banaakar rakhi hai aapne…yeh kya hai maan..barf..aur aapko chot bhi lagi hai….!!!!”She kissed his wound softly and his blood was smeared to Geet’s lips.

Maan was now collapsed in front of her with guilt and said keeping his hand on her raised tummy,”Babies…mujhe pata hai ki aap mujhse naraaz honge..kyunki jab doctor ne kaha ki tumhe kise chuna hoga tab meine aapki mamma ko chuna…am sorry babies mein aapke liye achcha papa nahin bansaktha..kyunki mein apne baare mein soch raha tha..yeh soch raha tha ki mein aapki mumma ke bina nahin jee saktha….am sure jab aap dono is duniya mein aayenge na tab aap mujhe nafrat karenge kyunki aapke papa sirf aapke mumma ko chuna..mujhe maaf kardo..babies…!!!”And he kissed her tummy lovingly & kept his ear on her tummy to hear the movements of the babies..expecting the angry kick fm the babies but the babies were so calm.

Geet’s eyes welled up that he was hiding his guilt that becoz of me that i’ll be angry on him.Geet’s heart cried seeing his pain and tears poured down fm those almond eyes and he felt that and hugged her tummy tightly.

Precap-Ahem Ahem….

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