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Tristan said pleadingly,”Please Ana..give me a chance!”

Ana said angrily,”Please Tristan..i dont want to hurt myself once again u have given me enough pain that i cant even trust u to give a chance!”

Tristan saw Ana with shock and his blue eyes filled with tears and today he lost his Ana…he didnt say anything and walked past her helplessly.Ana saw Tristan walking away from her and her eyes welled up with disappointment.

Tristan took his car and drove towards the main road when a lorry came opposite to him and crashed inside Tristan’s car while Ana heard the screeching sound.Ana felt restless and ran towards the sound when she saw most horror scene…there was Tristan sleeping unconscious with the pool of blood.


Ana shrieked with panic,”Tristan!”

Next second Ana was dragging Tristan to the nearby hospital.The doctors examined him and did thorough operation.On that time Tristan’s parents came to visit him.They were worried when they saw Ana then they broke down in front of her.Ana was shocked seeing them breaking and said,”Dad…please dont cry..nothing will happen to Tristan..mom do have faith in god..nothing will happen to him!”

Tristan’s mother said crying her heart out,”Oh Ana…am really sorry sweety for making u like this…we knew that u were never worth for him but still we forced u to marry him..and we are the one who is suffering becuase we have committed sin by troubling ur innocent heart…ruining ur life marrying u to him…i hate myself when i heard abt him seeing his ex-girlfriend Kate!”

Ana said in consoling amnner,”Trust me mom…he was never loved me though i was the one who started weaving dream with him..he never cheated me mom..it was me who  hoped him to be my lover..am sorry mom u guys thought me as the person who can keep Tristan happy but am the one who is undeserving…he always loved Kate & it was i who came between them!”

Tristan’s mother said,”No dear..u are not the one who is blamed…he is the one to be blamed…he never tried to understand ur emotions…that’s why his girl-friend too understood his emotions!”

Ana was shocked,”Mom what are u saying?”Tristan’s mother said,”Dear..Kate is no longer with him..they broke up and Tristan got to know her true colors…he was so broken down sweety and came to know that u are the one who is right to him…he wanted to have u for himself dear..he wanted to lead his life forever with you..marrying you once again!”

Ana was shocked and then she thought so much..the party..his break down…then his proposal to the marraige once again..Kate had hurted him so much and she…she too hurted him trying to nurse my wounded soul….Ana thought,”Christ…please forgive me for hurting him!”

Precap-Doctor-I dont think he’s even gonna get up and walk & talk by himself!”


Ana was cursing herself for behaving harshly with Tristan.Though her mind cursed Tristan that he’s suffering as he had wounded her completely still her heart was yearning to be with him…..to love him..to complain abt his behaviour.Ana was so wound up with her own thoughts that she dint even noticed her parents arrival.

Ana was drawn to the present world when she heart her brother Max’s voice.Max said angrily to Tristan’s parents,”I dont think we’ve any connection between you now..so let my sister be in peace…Tristan has enough hurted her..i dont want her to be hurted more!”Tristan’s parents dint answer him as they were in grief.Ana hissed seeing Max shouting on Tristan’s parents,”I dont think that tone will be allowed here Max…this is hospital..just behave yourself!”

Max glared at Ana & said,”Ana….you are talking about behaviour..dont u remember what Tristan had done to you!I dont want him back in your life!”Ana said sternly,”You dont have right to decide that…besides..its better yout stop your demeanors against Tristan as this is hospital!”

Max glared at Ana & said dismissively,”Fine your wish!”And he sat besides Carrick & Grace Grey-Ana’s parents who were consoling their best friends.Alice & Sean Cross.After some hours the doctor came tensed.Everyone gathered around him except Max who was sitting casually as if nothing happened shaking his one leg which was crossed over his left knee.

Doctor said worriedly,”Operation was success but….!”Sean asked in panic,”What is it doctor..please let us know!”Doctor said worriedly,”I dont think he’s even gonna get up and walk & talk by himself!”Max clapped appreciatively & said,”Thank god..my wishes are coming true!Doctor you have given us a very good news!”Ana hissed angrily,”Just shut up Max!”

Max was about to argue while Doctor was shocked to see Max enjoying the news.Ana asked immediately,”Can he not be able to get well after this operation?”Ana was asking for a hope from a doctor who dint had any way to save her love’s life or make his life & health well.Doctor asked curiously,”Who’s Ana here?”Ana said immediately,”I am!”While Max saw the doctor suspiciously.

Doctor said,”Miss Grey-But Ana cut off him saying proudly,”Mrs Tristan Cross!”Which made Max livid but dint answer her while Doctor said politely,”My apologies,”Mrs.Cross…Mr Cross was talking when we were doing operation..he was constantly taking your name & saying that he need some chance!I dont know what is going on between you guys but for the welfare of my patient you need to be with him always.He can only be well if he gets the hope from you i think.So Mrs.Cross please be with him.

Ana was relieved hearing some kind of hope & assured,”I will always be doctor!”Max was angry now hearing Ana’s answer.Doctor despersed when Max asked angrily,”What about Will Ana?You are gonna get married in one year!”Ana said sadly,”Am gonna ask him some time…i dont want Will to be disappointed but i need to take responsibility of Tristan,Max as becoz of me only he met with the accident!”

Max said angrily,”God dammit..it wasnt your fault baby!”Ana said in resigned tone,”Max..please try to understand me!”Max said angrily,”Fine…but if he hurts you to a nano then am gonna murder him from my bare hands!”Max went from there leaving the shocked Ana behind.

Precap-Father said holding the bible,”Now i announce u both as Man & Wife!


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