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Ana walked inside her portland home.

When she stepped inside the living room then a walking stick blocked her way and spoke harshly,”You are late Ana!”

Ana didn’t speak and walked further crossing the walking stick.

“****,*****,*****!”Said her father Raymond Steele.

Ana snarled,”Shut up!”

Ray snarled,”Am your father Ana,give respect to me!”

Ana asked,”Have u behaved respectable?”

Ray glared at her while she enterd her room and wiped her tears which were spilling hearing her step-father’s bad words.Ana had her shower and went to the kitchen to prepare something as she knew that whatever prepared for dinner has been polished by the parasites who are living in her house.Ana kept the do-it fast pasta inside the microwave oven and sighed sitting on the chair waiting for its ping of cooked indication.On that time a delicious Beef casserole with lots of cheese and pasta salad plate was placed in front of her.Ana groaned smelling it and dug in.On that time a chuckle came and she looked up to get her mother Carla Steele.Carla was a soft woman who was totally abused by her first husband who was an billionnaire.She got divorced from him with high alimoney which was spent by Raymond Steele in pokers and Casinos.She landed with two children-2 girls from her first marriage and 3 children-2 boys and one girl from her second marriage.Moreover Ray’s parents and sister are also staying with them.It was totally mess up and she was the sole earner of the family.

Carla stroked her hairs and pecked her forehead and spoke,”Why so late honey?”

Ana replied,”I missed my bus mom because i was working late today in office!”

Carla saw her agitation and asked,”You want to say something honey!”

Ana said,”No!”And gave her best fake smile.Carla didn’t understand her agitation and leave her.

Next Morning,

As usual,Ana got ready for office and went and once again she was harassed by her boss Jack Hyde and she once wiggled out of it and once again got late for the last bus and sat in the bus stop getting so much tired of her life.Tears threatened to come when she felt someone standing near her.She looked up and saw a man who was smiling at her.Before she speak he asked,”You want a lift Miss Steele!”

Ana exclaimed,”Mr.Grey,what are u doing here?”

Christian said,”This is my usual route to reach Portland Miss Steele!What happened,you missed your bus today?”

Ana said sadly,”Yes sir!”

Christian said,”Call me Christian!If u dont have any objection then i will drop you home!”

Ana was grateful because she was once again getting calls from her step-father and was calling her bad words.Ana nodded and they both entered the car.

Christian said,”Taylor,Portland please.You tell him the address when he reach Portland!”

Ana nodded while Taylor pulled on the car.The journey home was not that much comfortable as a hot hunk guy picked her up.She was staring at his sensual mouth only whole the journey and Christian was engrossed with the file.She frowned being ignored but his posture made her so sexy.Grey eyes moving on the file paper as if kissing it thorougly from his eyes.His concentration made her retreat back.She wanted to speak to him get to know him but his posture was giving her indication to steer clear of him.But surging electricity which was sparkling between them made them aware that how much they both are desperate.Taylor who was glancing their demeanors from the glass thought that they made for each other perfectly.The way Christian engrossed in the work but glancing her from his corner of his eyes and Ana who glanced him frowning pouting her lips made the sight remarkable.


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It was night 9:30pm & a girl stood in the bus stop chewing gum.She was frustrated becoz of something.She twisted her fingers nervously & saw around her.She glanced to her right side where she dint get any trace of bus.

“Damn it”,She exclaimed & scowled & took the vibrating phone from her pocket.

She said hoarsely,”Hello!”That side was her step father who asked her harshly,”Ana,where the hell r u?Are u sleeping with someone?”Ana widened her eyes hearing her step-father’s questions & said angrily,”Yeah..what is it concern to u?”

Her step father said,”Dont talk to me like that..answer me truly!”Ana said angrily,”When u dont have any trust on me then why do u ask questions..go on assume whatever u think,i dont care!”She disconnected the phone before he ask further harsh questions.

Ana said to herself stuffing the mobile in her back pant pocket,”He dont have the guts to work & feed the family but have the guts to complain abt me or nag…what have i deserved to be to get this life..where i have to feed 10 people in my family with my salary..& damn my boss..he’s getting advantage of this..what do my family knows that,what is going on with me!Everyone are ready to complain abt me that’s all!”

She remembered the incident which went on few hours back in office……


Ana was sitting working in her table when she felt a strong hand.She was scared & got up & turned to get her boss Jack Hyde.

Jack smiled & slowly snaked his arms around her waist while Ana said,”Now isnt the time Jack…am getting late!”

Jack said,”How much u will make me wait Ana..am desperate for u!”

Ana gave a small smile which dint reach her eye & her mind was racing once again & she definitely wanted to save herself from Jack so she said slowly playing with her shirt button & said,”Let my sister Kate get degree & after that i will be half free from responsibility & then we will be free to do whatever u like!”

Jack’s smile widened & asked with lustful smile,”Really?”Ana said smiling,”Ya!”

Jack said,”Then give my a kiss for life!”

Ana’s palm fisted & she felt the displeasure so she stood in tip toe to reach his lips when they heard the mobile ringing & Jack went to receive when Ana breathed calmly & said to Jack,”Am going home Jack!”And immediately walked in fast pace without waiting for his answer.


Ana’s eyes welled up cant able to resist the sorrow but immediately wiped it hearing the horn & looked up.It wasnt bus but a Black color Audi moving past her.She was disappointed while the driver & passenger of the Audi saw her.Ana turned that side & tried to take a glimpse of her bus when she saw the passenger peeking from his back seat glass.He did glance her & passed.After sometime a pack of bike riders came on the way when they saw Ana standing & stopped the bike.They thought that she’s single while Ana got panic seeing their advances.She saw around her & saw the very same Audi which had stopped when it had passed past her.

She immediately ran towards the car & sat inside the car opening it.She was so panicked that she dint see a man sitting inside.The driver & the passenger were shocked to see her when Ana said,”Please help me!”The car driver was alarmed & was abt to take his gun when the passenger stopped him.Ana turned & saw the man & her jaw dropped.OMG he’s so young,”Ana thought,”Probably a year older than her or two!”He had bright grey eyes which were luminous in the moon light he had long white nose with sculpted full lips.It was so beautiful mouth fully sculpted as if god had carved it himself.It was so sensual.Ana’s mouth went dry seeing him while he glanced & saw the bike riders had surrounded the car.The man said,”Tayor,call the cops!”

Ana said scared of her step-dad,”No no..please help me but dont call cops!”She dint wanted to embarass her so called step father with all this.He glanced at her & said,”Taylor,move on the car!”Taylor nodded & immediately he started the car with full force that the bike riders scattered away scared of hit & taking the oppurtunity Taylor moved the car very fast from there.

Ana was still glancing his sulpted lips which spoke to her,”Who are they Ana?”

Ana was shocked & asked,”How do u know my name?”He pointed towards her badge & said,”From your badge!”Ana said,”Oh!”

He glanced at her shrewdly & asked,”Where i leave u?”Ana said nervously,”Portland”He said,”Taylor!”Taylor said,”Sir!”He turned & asked,”Are u ok?”Ana nodded politely to him that she’s ok but still she cant able to distract herself from his sculpted lips.She thought of biting those lips & this thought made her squirm softly.He heard it & asked,”Are u hungry?”He saw towards her stomach when she immediately retreated back inside the seat closing ehr stomach.Her movement made him amused while Ana asked abruptly,”Your good name please!”

He glanced & said,”Oh..i dint introduce myself..am Christian Grey!”He gave his hand to shake when she saw that she took it & shook it.But she felt a current run her spine feeling his touch.She glanced at his sculpted mouth which was distracting her but she also glanced his windows of his soul…those grey eyes which were so expressive & amazing color.She felt to drown herself in those steely depths but composed herself when the car had stopped.She glanced & said,”This is not Portland!”

Christian said politely,”Yes it is not as we have to reach it after one hour..am hungry so i stopped..if u can then join me or else u can go from here..Taylor will drop u nearby bus stop!”Ana glanced her watched which was 10 now & she needed to reach home very soon so said,”No i’ll take to bus..thank u for saving me & letting me share ur car for few hourse journey Mr.Grey!”

Christian said with attitude,”You are welcome Miss Steele.Taylor leave Miss Steele to the nearby bus stop & come & collect me!Am gonna have dinner till then!”Taylor nodded politely while Ana sat back inside the car.Christain went inside the restaurant while Taylor moved on towards the nearby bus stop.

Ana took the bus from there while Taylor reach the very same restaurant & picked Christain up.Christain said softly,”Taylor,Dig about her!”


Note-I want to dedicate this story to both ELJames the author of 50 shades of grey & Sylvia Day the author of crossfire series.

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Darkness crept everywhere giving an eerie silence…that silence have many things to explain..it can be silence before storm….but always this silence had many things to happen…some can be departed from their family with silence which can be the reason the silence before the big storm…storm..what is storm…storm is the desire of nature to destroy everything which is damaged by man…a venomous desire…this storm has the ability to destroy anything & everything..just like desire..a venomous desire….Christian Grey has the very same venomous desire to kill everyone & anyone and the very beautiful Anastasia Steele has the power of kiling this desire for which Christian is feeling for mainly women!

Christian moaned as he felt a soft pink tongue licking his erection…he looked down & said,”F**k!”There was a girl who was sucking his erection eagerly & in swift moment his erection was squeezed & he came inside her mouth..she licked his erection clean with sheer ecstacy.Christian bent down & widened her thighs & entered.She moaned & he had come inside her.His eyes were luminous & his body was covered with the sensations of desires…venomous desires………….

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