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Ana walked inside her portland home.

When she stepped inside the living room then a walking stick blocked her way and spoke harshly,”You are late Ana!”

Ana didn’t speak and walked further crossing the walking stick.

“****,*****,*****!”Said her father Raymond Steele.

Ana snarled,”Shut up!”

Ray snarled,”Am your father Ana,give respect to me!”

Ana asked,”Have u behaved respectable?”

Ray glared at her while she enterd her room and wiped her tears which were spilling hearing her step-father’s bad words.Ana had her shower and went to the kitchen to prepare something as she knew that whatever prepared for dinner has been polished by the parasites who are living in her house.Ana kept the do-it fast pasta inside the microwave oven and sighed sitting on the chair waiting for its ping of cooked indication.On that time a delicious Beef casserole with lots of cheese and pasta salad plate was placed in front of her.Ana groaned smelling it and dug in.On that time a chuckle came and she looked up to get her mother Carla Steele.Carla was a soft woman who was totally abused by her first husband who was an billionnaire.She got divorced from him with high alimoney which was spent by Raymond Steele in pokers and Casinos.She landed with two children-2 girls from her first marriage and 3 children-2 boys and one girl from her second marriage.Moreover Ray’s parents and sister are also staying with them.It was totally mess up and she was the sole earner of the family.

Carla stroked her hairs and pecked her forehead and spoke,”Why so late honey?”

Ana replied,”I missed my bus mom because i was working late today in office!”

Carla saw her agitation and asked,”You want to say something honey!”

Ana said,”No!”And gave her best fake smile.Carla didn’t understand her agitation and leave her.

Next Morning,

As usual,Ana got ready for office and went and once again she was harassed by her boss Jack Hyde and she once wiggled out of it and once again got late for the last bus and sat in the bus stop getting so much tired of her life.Tears threatened to come when she felt someone standing near her.She looked up and saw a man who was smiling at her.Before she speak he asked,”You want a lift Miss Steele!”

Ana exclaimed,”Mr.Grey,what are u doing here?”

Christian said,”This is my usual route to reach Portland Miss Steele!What happened,you missed your bus today?”

Ana said sadly,”Yes sir!”

Christian said,”Call me Christian!If u dont have any objection then i will drop you home!”

Ana was grateful because she was once again getting calls from her step-father and was calling her bad words.Ana nodded and they both entered the car.

Christian said,”Taylor,Portland please.You tell him the address when he reach Portland!”

Ana nodded while Taylor pulled on the car.The journey home was not that much comfortable as a hot hunk guy picked her up.She was staring at his sensual mouth only whole the journey and Christian was engrossed with the file.She frowned being ignored but his posture made her so sexy.Grey eyes moving on the file paper as if kissing it thorougly from his eyes.His concentration made her retreat back.She wanted to speak to him get to know him but his posture was giving her indication to steer clear of him.But surging electricity which was sparkling between them made them aware that how much they both are desperate.Taylor who was glancing their demeanors from the glass thought that they made for each other perfectly.The way Christian engrossed in the work but glancing her from his corner of his eyes and Ana who glanced him frowning pouting her lips made the sight remarkable.


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Maan nodded no to her and walked outside.Everyone followed her and he made her sit in front of the dining table.Smell of her favourite dishes made Geet forget the incident and took the spoon of the spicy dal which Pammi had prepared.Pammi chuckled looking at Geet who was a child herself looking at those delicious dishes. 



Both Maaneet enjoyed their stay in Pammi’s house and went away.Geet was happy to get her maayka back but not Maan.Maan was agitated because of the convo which he heard between Pammi and Sanjay.

Few Hours Back——->

Pammi to Sanjay,”How many times do i have to tell u to repair that chandelier?U have become so lazy these days Sanjay!”

Sanjay answered,”But i had repaired it yesterday only!”

Pammi came near him and examined his iris of his eyes and spoke,”Then i think u cant see nowadays.Let’s go to the Eye doctor!”

Sanjay said irritably,”Stop taunting me Pammi,am still 58!”

Pammi asked,”Then how come that chandelier fell down?U dint put the bolts correctly that’s why it fell down.Am fortunate that i dint go to the store room to take things.Or else i would have injured.Stop covering up ur mistakes becoz of ur carelessness!”

Pammi exited the room angrily but someone was listening to their conversation and he was none other than MSK whose eyes had widened with shock.

Maan was indeed agitated and worried.He was silent throughout the drive and Geet noticed it.

She kept her soft hand on his shoulder and called,”Maan?”

When he heard her immediately he hid his agitation and smiled at her broadly looking at her lovingly.

Geet asked,”Maan,what happened?U are silent!”

Maan pulled her on his lap and spoke softly,”Nope jaan!I was thinking of the position of our future love making!”

Geet blushed furiously and wacked him complaining,”Maan!”

He chuckled and snuggled her on his chest and pecked her forehead.His hands moved on her cute baby bump and felt a swift kick.Geet winced and he stroked her bump gently.Geet snuggled to his neck and he felt another baby kick.Geet dint wince but resisted the pain but her eyes showed the love towards the baby.They reached KM.Maan carried her in his arms looking at her intently while a red hue formed on her chubby cheeks.She was blushing furiously seeing his intense gaze.

Here in Singhania Mansion,

Pammi dialled to someone and said,”She’s healthy bebo!”

Someone said something from other side when Pammi spoke,”Listen,u still can become mother.U adopt Geet’s baby!She wont refuse u,if u ask her the baby!”

There was an angry response from other side when Pammi asked,”So u will lead ur life heirless till ur death Sameera.Listen to me,am trying to be good with Geet to get that baby.U adopt it.Am very jealous right now seeing her pregnant.I want u to be mother before her!”

There was an angry response from that side when Pammi said,”Yes,i hate her so much.Because she got everything in her life.Lovely husband and then now she gonna be a mother too!”

Sameera said angrily at once,”She has lost her first child and then she’s pregnant.For god sake,show mercy to her out of humanity!”And then she cut the call.Pammi said angrily keeping the receiver,”Why dont u understand that she can get pregnant once again but u cant for once also.”

Pammi turned and got a tight slap.Pammi was shocked seeing the man.There stood Sanjay seething with anger.Pammi held her cheek and asked,”How dare u slap me?”Sanjay was in so much anger that he gave another slap to her another cheek shouting,”I have dare,Pammi!”He strangled her neck and shouted,”I thought u changed but u never change.Atleast Sameera is remorsing for her deeds but u..u r doing mistakes after mistakes…crimes after crimes.U r an witch!”

Pammi forcefully freed his hands and coughed so much.After some time she too shouted at him,”So what am doing crime?That’s for my daughter am doing all this!”Sanjay slapped her once again and shouted,”Just shut up,Pammi!U dont have any pity on Geet’s condition.After losing her first baby miraculously she has become pregnant and u want to snatch the baby from her and give it to Sameera?Mark my words,Maan wont give u any oppurtunity!”

Pammi shouted,”I will make Geet to give the baby to Sameera!Because how much right Maan has on the baby that much right Geet too have.I will make her understand that Sameera cant conceive and assure her that her baby will be took care off!”

Sanjay was shocked hearing it.He knew that Geet was soft.She will melt in front of Pammi’s tears.Sanjay’s eyes spitted fire and his jaw tightened and his demeanor changed.Pammi noticed it and turned to face him.But his one word made her sag on the chair with shock.

Sanjay said to Pammi,”I think its time to give u divorce!”

He went away but he heard Pammi’s warning shouts,”If u divorce me then i will tell the court that u beat me everyday.U r abusing me!”

Sanjay too shouted angrily walking faster,”U do that and i will also tell that u abuse my niece always and hurt her mentally and emotionally.Am the sole reason for which my niece is alive or else she would’ve become myth if she was given on ur hands!”

Pammi shouted with fear,”U r not going to do that,do u hear me!”

Sanjay came outside and in anger he took the nearby weights which was used in exercise and threw it on TV and refrigerator which burst into million pieces.Everytime he feel she has changed he would get big shock seeing her demeanor.His eyes welled up and tears poured down from his 58th aged eyes.He was indeed hurt hearing Pammi’s words.To make her daughter happy,she was about to hurt her another daughter.Well she never thought that but still Geet was their daughter.How can she snatch her baby after all knowing what happened with her.Sanjay was fed up seeing Pammi’s behaviour and he needed break with that so he walked towards the KM to meet his baby god-sister Sahana.Whenever he would feel sad or alone he would go to Sahana.She would moralise him and would send him back.He wanted that to keep his head on her lap and let his stress out.

He came to KM and was led by Nakul to their study.Maan was in his office after tending his queen and making her sleep.So Sanjay dint disturb her.He saw her sleeping cutely holding her baby bump in her room and kissed her forehead lovingly.So he walked towards the study with Nakul.Nakul went leaving Sanjay near the door.Sanjay was about to enter when he heard Sahana’s and Veer’s conversations.

Sahana asked worriedly,”U sure that incident was an conspiracy?”

Veer said,”Yes Captain,i asked to Maan to explain the incident clearly and in presence of Sanjay uncle,Pammi aunty cant hurt Geet.That chandelier attack was for Pammi only not for Geet.Geet came between the Pammi and chandelier.”

Sahana asked,”Pammi is ok now?”

Veer said,”Yeah!”

On that time Sanjay asked entering inside,”What are u guys talking about?”

Both Sahana and Veer got silent seeing Sanjay there.Now Sahana was worried and asked,”What r u doing here veerji?”

Sanjay said,”I came to meet you choti!But what u guys are talking about!What’s with the chandelier attack?”

Sahana sighed and nodded to Veer to explain.

On that time in Singhania Mansion,Pammi felt restless feeling someone around her…keeping an eye on her.She knew that Sanjay has gone to Sahana and that made her angry.But now she was restless.On that time power went off.Pammi was scared and looked around her.Meanwhile she felt someone walking behind her.Luckily invertor was connected and it lit immediately and whole mansion got lit with light.On that time a man was standing behind her holding a sickle.Pammi sighed seeing the light but felt someone behind her.She turned and saw the face.She was shocked and the invertor light went off too as it got burst at once.

After few seconds,Pammi screamed!

Precap-Geet asked crying,”Maan,i want to see my chachiji.One last time,i want to see her face.Please take me!”

Maan said strictly,”No jaan,i cant take u!U r pregnant and that environment isnt fit for u!”

Geet begged,”Maan!”

But Maan dint listen to her and made her drink a glass of Milk forcefully.Geet drank it and after sometime she slept inside his chest.

Maan sighed and gently lifted her and made her sleep on the bed and pecked her forehead and said,”Am sorry jaan.Its not good to u to see a dead body which is brutally murdered!”

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It was night 9:30pm & a girl stood in the bus stop chewing gum.She was frustrated becoz of something.She twisted her fingers nervously & saw around her.She glanced to her right side where she dint get any trace of bus.

“Damn it”,She exclaimed & scowled & took the vibrating phone from her pocket.

She said hoarsely,”Hello!”That side was her step father who asked her harshly,”Ana,where the hell r u?Are u sleeping with someone?”Ana widened her eyes hearing her step-father’s questions & said angrily,”Yeah..what is it concern to u?”

Her step father said,”Dont talk to me like that..answer me truly!”Ana said angrily,”When u dont have any trust on me then why do u ask questions..go on assume whatever u think,i dont care!”She disconnected the phone before he ask further harsh questions.

Ana said to herself stuffing the mobile in her back pant pocket,”He dont have the guts to work & feed the family but have the guts to complain abt me or nag…what have i deserved to be to get this life..where i have to feed 10 people in my family with my salary..& damn my boss..he’s getting advantage of this..what do my family knows that,what is going on with me!Everyone are ready to complain abt me that’s all!”

She remembered the incident which went on few hours back in office……


Ana was sitting working in her table when she felt a strong hand.She was scared & got up & turned to get her boss Jack Hyde.

Jack smiled & slowly snaked his arms around her waist while Ana said,”Now isnt the time Jack…am getting late!”

Jack said,”How much u will make me wait Ana..am desperate for u!”

Ana gave a small smile which dint reach her eye & her mind was racing once again & she definitely wanted to save herself from Jack so she said slowly playing with her shirt button & said,”Let my sister Kate get degree & after that i will be half free from responsibility & then we will be free to do whatever u like!”

Jack’s smile widened & asked with lustful smile,”Really?”Ana said smiling,”Ya!”

Jack said,”Then give my a kiss for life!”

Ana’s palm fisted & she felt the displeasure so she stood in tip toe to reach his lips when they heard the mobile ringing & Jack went to receive when Ana breathed calmly & said to Jack,”Am going home Jack!”And immediately walked in fast pace without waiting for his answer.


Ana’s eyes welled up cant able to resist the sorrow but immediately wiped it hearing the horn & looked up.It wasnt bus but a Black color Audi moving past her.She was disappointed while the driver & passenger of the Audi saw her.Ana turned that side & tried to take a glimpse of her bus when she saw the passenger peeking from his back seat glass.He did glance her & passed.After sometime a pack of bike riders came on the way when they saw Ana standing & stopped the bike.They thought that she’s single while Ana got panic seeing their advances.She saw around her & saw the very same Audi which had stopped when it had passed past her.

She immediately ran towards the car & sat inside the car opening it.She was so panicked that she dint see a man sitting inside.The driver & the passenger were shocked to see her when Ana said,”Please help me!”The car driver was alarmed & was abt to take his gun when the passenger stopped him.Ana turned & saw the man & her jaw dropped.OMG he’s so young,”Ana thought,”Probably a year older than her or two!”He had bright grey eyes which were luminous in the moon light he had long white nose with sculpted full lips.It was so beautiful mouth fully sculpted as if god had carved it himself.It was so sensual.Ana’s mouth went dry seeing him while he glanced & saw the bike riders had surrounded the car.The man said,”Tayor,call the cops!”

Ana said scared of her step-dad,”No no..please help me but dont call cops!”She dint wanted to embarass her so called step father with all this.He glanced at her & said,”Taylor,move on the car!”Taylor nodded & immediately he started the car with full force that the bike riders scattered away scared of hit & taking the oppurtunity Taylor moved the car very fast from there.

Ana was still glancing his sulpted lips which spoke to her,”Who are they Ana?”

Ana was shocked & asked,”How do u know my name?”He pointed towards her badge & said,”From your badge!”Ana said,”Oh!”

He glanced at her shrewdly & asked,”Where i leave u?”Ana said nervously,”Portland”He said,”Taylor!”Taylor said,”Sir!”He turned & asked,”Are u ok?”Ana nodded politely to him that she’s ok but still she cant able to distract herself from his sculpted lips.She thought of biting those lips & this thought made her squirm softly.He heard it & asked,”Are u hungry?”He saw towards her stomach when she immediately retreated back inside the seat closing ehr stomach.Her movement made him amused while Ana asked abruptly,”Your good name please!”

He glanced & said,”Oh..i dint introduce myself..am Christian Grey!”He gave his hand to shake when she saw that she took it & shook it.But she felt a current run her spine feeling his touch.She glanced at his sculpted mouth which was distracting her but she also glanced his windows of his soul…those grey eyes which were so expressive & amazing color.She felt to drown herself in those steely depths but composed herself when the car had stopped.She glanced & said,”This is not Portland!”

Christian said politely,”Yes it is not as we have to reach it after one hour..am hungry so i stopped..if u can then join me or else u can go from here..Taylor will drop u nearby bus stop!”Ana glanced her watched which was 10 now & she needed to reach home very soon so said,”No i’ll take to bus..thank u for saving me & letting me share ur car for few hourse journey Mr.Grey!”

Christian said with attitude,”You are welcome Miss Steele.Taylor leave Miss Steele to the nearby bus stop & come & collect me!Am gonna have dinner till then!”Taylor nodded politely while Ana sat back inside the car.Christain went inside the restaurant while Taylor moved on towards the nearby bus stop.

Ana took the bus from there while Taylor reach the very same restaurant & picked Christain up.Christain said softly,”Taylor,Dig about her!”


Note-I want to dedicate this story to both ELJames the author of 50 shades of grey & Sylvia Day the author of crossfire series.

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Darkness crept everywhere giving an eerie silence…that silence have many things to explain..it can be silence before storm….but always this silence had many things to happen…some can be departed from their family with silence which can be the reason the silence before the big storm…storm..what is storm…storm is the desire of nature to destroy everything which is damaged by man…a venomous desire…this storm has the ability to destroy anything & everything..just like desire..a venomous desire….Christian Grey has the very same venomous desire to kill everyone & anyone and the very beautiful Anastasia Steele has the power of kiling this desire for which Christian is feeling for mainly women!

Christian moaned as he felt a soft pink tongue licking his erection…he looked down & said,”F**k!”There was a girl who was sucking his erection eagerly & in swift moment his erection was squeezed & he came inside her mouth..she licked his erection clean with sheer ecstacy.Christian bent down & widened her thighs & entered.She moaned & he had come inside her.His eyes were luminous & his body was covered with the sensations of desires…venomous desires………….

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this part is specially on the demand of nikita @nikkiroccksss.. and dedicated to khwaishfan..(sorry dont know your name)

Geet was so busy drooling on maan and she doesn’t found any harm in doing so.. Even the time she spent with that Varun guy was not like this.. The way she was looking at him was not only her inner desire that the delicious khurana has managed to pull out of the innocent flower like her but it was also her feelings the naive geet was acknowledging..

A part of her though refused to have those forbidden feelings with a guy though the experience with Varun was not so good..

Geet looked above and complained to god

Geet : why didnt you sort out my problem correctly.. Why these feelings these emotions .. After that stupid ullu Varun I think I have lost it and loosing myself with everyone around..

Geet went to have the breakfast as she knew that this all was done by meera and her father and she certainly can’t hurt the people who love her beyond limits..

On the other hand maan was thinking about those red cheeks which were tempting him.. The way she introduce herself or say meera made them.. He could say that she was drooling on him just like many girls did but can’t let her do it or give the negative vibes from his side.. He was a man of clear character and he knew that she wasnot just the daughter of client but those innocent eyes werehaving some kind of pain along with the naughtiness that he noticed..

The warm water dripped from his torso traveling his body and gave relief to his tensed muscles and mind.. He indeed needed the much needed break from all the matters of his life.. Geet and the letters specially ..

For a second his mind was diverted to the fact that her name was also geet just like the way his letter girl .. His mind contemplated but his brain refused to agree..

Maan :,could she be the same geet..

Maan’s heart : may be maan .. And it is quite possible that she is here is just the blessing of god..

Maan’s brain : what rubbish… Just because she is geet doesn’t mean that she is same .. Didn’t you see the way she was googling at you.. It was same look that girls give you maan.. And she can’t be your geet maan.. Certainly not..

Maan was fighting with the conclusion but Mr khurana forget that purity always lies in the heart that is always heart felt.. Sometimes eyes can also betray..

It was good thirty minutes maan was in the shower when Karan shouted…

Karan : maan what are you doing.. Come fast all are waiting for breakfast..

Rudra who came searching for the two was not at all surprised seeing a fuming karan and maan who just came in his jeans with the towel wrapped around his neck..

Rudra : karan lets go.. Maan come fast..

Karan : you better be maan singh khurana .. I.want to spent some time with kritika and dude with your slow motion activities i dont think we will be able to go anywhere today…

Maan : shut up Karan… I am.just coming can’t you keep quite  sometime without mentioning kritika..

Karan : you know what khurana tere jaisa dost ho toh I won’t be needing any enemies..

Maan : that suits you lover boy..

Karan : says who.. Mr devdas

Rudra couldn’t stop laughing seeing the two bickering.. And took karan away forcefully…

Meanwhile geet was alone in the dining hall when rudra and karan arrived and she was shocked to see them…

Geet : who are you and what are you doing here.. Ruko ruko chor..

Karan was already irritated with maan and shouted ..

Karan : you dumb girl we look like thieves to you..

Geet : thieves no.. Not thrives but criminals.. Who ran from the jail..

Karan was about to fight back when geet shouted in a fearful voice and rudra pulled karan back..

Karan : chod mujhe rudra..

Geet :” hello dur raho.. warna.. chodungi nahi tumhe…”

there were desperate eyes wanting to see her but

here he was struck with the unwanted chick that

was hell bent on ruining the time ..

Till The time the voice has reached the kitchen and meera kritika came running out of the kitchen while maan from his room.. He couldn’t help to chuckle seeing the scene infront of him..

Geet : meera , see …

Karan : kritika who is she .. I didn’t knew that your servants are so mannerless..

Geet : what did you say you moron.. You donkey.. You look like a cartoon.. No even they are better than you..

karan : ohh shut up i am not talking to you…

geet : even i am , i am talking to the moron friend

of yours … get lost ..

Kritika took geet in her embrace pulling her away from karan she was showing the fork to him.. That she was setting..

Kritika : geetu he is karan.. You karan..she murmered in her ear.. Geet turned and look at kritika and ask again..

Kritika this time glared at her and her eyes wentwide and mouth was opened.

Geet : you mean that guy.. Wo phone wala..

Kritika nodded..

Geet :, what he is doing here papaji KO pata chala toh..

Kritika : you come with me .. No first meet rudra , karan and maan..

Geet : I know him…she said seeing maan and then at the other two.. She smiled sweetly at rudra and greeted him even apologize for her behavior but gave a glare to karan and he even returned the same..

Rudra made a face ..

Rudra : who is the kid here..

Maan whispered

Maan : I think both…


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Geet nodded and sighed feeling his supple strong fingers.Maan pecked her forehead and spoke,”U sleep on jaan!Will take u to Singhanias this evening!”

Geet nodded and he stuffed more pillows around her making her wear his shirt.Maan was abt to move when she held his hand and asked,”Am sorry Maan!”

Maan knew what about she was talking and spoke shamelessly,”Jaan,i can take u whenever i want so stop feeling sad!”

Geet bushed furiously seeing his intense eyes.No matter in what  state she will be or in any age he always make her shy with his words.







Both Maaneet entered the Singhania Mansion.Maan looking around him cautiously while Geet with full dimpled smile.Maan made her walk slowly holding her baby bump.

Before they would enter Pammi said angrily,”Stop right there Geet!”

Maan sighed expecting this only.Sanjay was happy and looking at Geet standing holding her baby bump his eyes twinkled.

Maan spoke,”Listen chachiji…!”

But Pammi cut him and spoke softly,”I said stop right there son!”

Maan was taken aback hearing the word son from Pammi’s lips.He stood there with stunned belief.Pammi smiled and ordered her servant from her eyes.The servant went inside and came back with the plate of litted lamp.Maan was stunned once again seeing the litted lamp plate.

Pammi stood and did arti of Geet and said,”First time u r stepping inside our house since u got married.Welcome home beta!”

Geet had tears immediately seeing her aunt welcoming her with a happy face.Geet ran towards her aunt and hugged her tight.Maan who came to the present world immediately followed her behind to cocoon her.

But Pammi cocooned her tightly and said,”Careful beta!U r carrying a child inside u.If u be rough and tough then ur baby gets hurt beta!”

Geet cutely nodded no vigorously and hugged her aunt more tighter.Pammi chuckled and immediately made her sit on the sofa.

Meanwhile Sanjay made Maan to walk towards the study.Maan looked at his jaan longingly who was chatting with her aunt non-stop.He chuckled looking at Geet chatting non-stop and went inside.Pammi asked abt Geet’s health and stroked her baby bump lovingly to get a swift kick.Pammi was shocked and kissed Geet’s forehead feeling the baby healthy feeling the cute kick.Then Pammi said to rest her in her childhood bedroom while she prepare lunch.Geet cutely walked towards her room but stopped in front of her store room and remembered something and entered inside it.


Here Sanjay asked,”Maan,everything normal in Geet’s health?”

Maan replied,”Yeah uncle!”

Sanjay gave an ear-splitting grin and sipped his coffee which was offered by Pammi.

Maan asked,”But tell me one thing,how this miracle happened?”

Sanjay knew what Maan was hinting and said,”My daughter changed Pammi,Maan!”

Hearing Sameera’s name Maan’s jaw tightened and Sanjay said seeing his expression,”No Maan,she’s not the old Sameera who tortured u and Geet.She’s a changed girl,may be becoz of the incidents and situations which happened in her life!”

Maan gave a puzzled look while Sanjay continued,”She cant conceive Maan!”

Maan was shocked hearing that news and thought,”Angad dint tell me!”

His jaw tightened once again getting angry.

Sanjay cleared his doubt too,”Sameera had stopped Angad to not to tell u!”

Maan calmed down but was hurted as he got to know the news from his father-in-law when Angad was his best friend.Maan’s nostrils flared with anger but dint react.


 Geet stood in the dark store room trying to search for something when she felt someone walk past her.She turned feeling conscious and widened her eyes with alarm.No one was there which she felt after few seconds and turned towards the object for which she was trying to search.Few seconds after once again she felt someone behind her.She felt the person’s hot breath.Before she get to know who is the person when she turned then the place was empty.Now Geet was hell scared and started moving the boxes vigorously when she felt a long string struck to her hand.She tried to free her hand but she cant.But she dint see the end of the thread struck to the chandelier.


Here Maan entered the kitchen to get Pammi cooking a lavish lunch for Geet.

Maan saw the dishes impressively while Pammi turned and said,”Maan,call everyone for lunch!”

Maan asked,”Yeah but where’s Geet?”

Pammi answered,”I said her to rest in her childhood bedroom!Its beside the store room!U call her,till then i will transfer the dishes to the dining table!”

Maan nodded and walked towards the store room.He heard some noise and he entered the store room.

Maan entered the store room and chuckled looking at his innocent pouty wify who was pouting seeing a thread stuck around her hand.He frowned looking the sight and his eyes followed the thread.His frown deepened but it dint last long as his face struck with the horror.The chandelier was above Geet’s head and if the thread is freed then the pointed metal rod can pierce Geet’s head.His eyes widen with shock and saw her struggle.


Sanjay who was sitting in the study was shocked hearing the sound of glass break and ran towards the sound while Pammi who was working in kitchen too was shocked hearing the glass break sound and she too ran towards the sound.When both Pammi and Sanjay entered then they saw the sight with shock…..

Geet had stood inside the embrace of Maan who was equally scared.There was an broken Chandelier.

Maan asked with concern,”U ok jaan?”

Geet nodded slowly as tears flew away from her almond eyes towards her cheeks.

Maan wiped it softly and asked angrily,”What were u doing here?This is a dangerous place to a pregnant woman!”

Geet whimpered seeing his anger.Maan closed his eyes immediately seeing her scared.

Immediately he snuggled her inside his embrace while Pammi asked,”What were u doing here Geet?What do u want here?”

Geet stammered,”Woh! Woh!I wanted to show my parents photo to Maan!I dint had set foot in this house since marriage so thought i will sort it out and take it to our home!”

Pammi felt guilty hearing her answers and said,”Geet,u rest dear.I will sort that out and give u!”

Geet nodded cutely while Maan immediately lifted in his strong arms and walked towards the exit.Before Maan exit the door he once looked towards the chandelier and was shocked looking at the nuts which were loosened manually.

Geet asked lifting her head,”What happened Maan?”

Maan nodded no to her and walked outside.Everyone followed her and he made her sit in front of the dining table.Smell of her favourite dishes made Geet forget the incident and took the spoon of the spicy dal which Pammi had prepared.Pammi chuckled looking at Geet who was a child herself looking at those delicious dishes. 

Precap-Pammi to Sanjay,”How many times do i have to tell u to repair that chandelier?U have become so lazy these days Sanjay!”

Sanjay answered,”But i had repaired it yesterday only!”

Pammi came near him and examined his iris of his eyes and spoke,”Then i think u cant see nowadays.Let’s go to the Eye doctor!”

Sanjay said irritably,”Stop taunting me Pammi,am still 58!”

Pammi asked,”Then how come that chandelier fell down?U dint put the bolts correctly that’s why it fell down.Am fortunate that i dint go to the store room to take things.Or else i would have injured.Stop covering up ur mistakes becoz of ur carelessness!”

Pammi exited the room angrily but someone was listening to their conversation and he was none other than MSK whose eyes had widened with shock.

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Geet blushed furiously but walked slowly holding her baby bump.When Geet turned on that time Veer turned towards Sasha and gave a look which said back off u snake.Sahana saw all these incidents as she had got news of Naina’s abortion from Maan and the way he kept his suspicions in front of her and Veer’s reaction abt Geet’s cup of Tea and the tug off far from Veer to Sasha and Sasha returning it back from her eye made her suspicious.





Sasha walked outside the room taking the signature of Maan and immediately stopped seeing someone standing in front of the gate.

Sasha said folding her hands,”Madam Namaste!”(Hello Madam!)

It was Sahana who stood folding her hands across her chest.

Sahana said sarcastically,”Is tarah namaste karke aapne humein humaare umar ka ehsaas karaa diya!Behtar hota ki aap humein hello kehti,aapke dress ko bhi suit karta!”(U made me realise my age doing this namaste.It would be good if u said hello to me,that would matched ur dress too!)

Sasha gave a forced smile and lowered her hands.

Sasha was abt to walk when Sahana asked,”How’s ur father Sasha?”

Sasha widened her eyes and looked around and stared at Sahana suspiciously.

Sahana asked,”Is he fine?”

Sasha dint answer but Sahana continued,”Well he will be fine after destroying my life!”

Sasha caught the last word and asked sternly,”What do u mean?”

Sahana said,”Nothing so important,dismiss!”

Sasha glared at her and walked faster.But Sahana’s remark started to ring the bell.

Sasha thought,”What about madam was talking?That remark was dangerous as if dad had done the mistake.But what dad had done the mistake.One mistake made me the slave of that Major Shatru,now how much mistake i need to rectify which is committed by my father!”

Meanwhile Veer came there and asked,”Captain,where’s Sasha?”

Sahana said,”She went Captain!Why?Do u wanted to talk to her?”

Veer said,”Yes!”

When Sahana asked,”What abt Captain?”

Veer said,”About Naina’s abortion!”

Sahana was puzzled and asked,”What?But what is the connection between Sasha and Naina’s abortion?”

Veer said,”Captain,i have doubt that Sasha is the accomplice of Major Shatru.That poison Milk was not for Naina but for Geet.Unfortunately i lost my baby becoz of that but i dont think Geet will be safer now further.She’ll be in danger and the baby too!”

Sahana was shocked,”What?Sasha has become like his father!”

Veer was shocked and asked,”What do u mean Sasha has become like father?”

Sahana said,”Her father was the munshiji who was working under my family from 20 yrs.When i was young i always played with munshiji whenever my father and mother werent with me.But that as 20 yrs ago and Major Shatru made him towards him and munshiji destroyed my life.”

Veer spoke to himself,”That means Karan was right!Sasha really wants Maan’s life to be destroyed!”

Sahana asked,”But why?”Veer said,”Captain,she loves Maan and she can go any lengths to get him!Knowing this truth may be Major Shatru had made her as his accomplice!”

Sahana was shocked hearing the truth.Here Maan shifted Naina to her room while Geet came along to speak to her.She had got to know Naina’s abortion and had come there to console her.She had spitted the news from Maan and he was cursing himself as he cant hide a single thing from his queen.Geet consoled Naina while Maan admired his jaan looking adorable and preaching Naina.Maan was totally crazy abt her and he was proud to accept it.Geet consoled Naina and walked towards courtyard in search of her Veerji.But her Veerji wasnt even thinking abt Naina and was discussing something with her MIL.When Sahana saw Geet then she became silent and Veer too.

Geet walked towards Veer and said,”Veerji,u are becoming heartless these days!”

Veer knew what she was talking about and spoke softly,”Geet,am unhappy that i lost my child but i cant sit like an drunkard old jerk.I need to think abt our life,that’s why am here!”

Geet said sternly,”Good that u dint slip to remorse but in this situation u need to think abt Naina bhabhi too!She needs ur love and co-operation!Now go and meet Naina first and plan out with mom whatever u r abt to do!”

Veer gave a soft small smile and said saluting her,”Ur wish is my command my best friend’s queen!”

Geet’s cheeks turned red hearing Veer’s soft taunt and cutely glared at him.Sahana chuckled hearing Veer’s remark and Geet pouted looking at her smirk.Veer walked towards his room while Geet slowly walked towards her room holding her cute baby bump.Next morning Veer went to his headquarters holding that poison glass and gave it to the forensic lab for testing.Meanwhile Maan transferred Naina,Geet and Sahana to the KM back once again and called the staff of KC to the out house.Here in forensic lab after testing the glass submitted his reports to Veer.

Veer looked towards the doctor who said,”This glass residue contains the very same abortion chemicals which Naina swallowed!”

After getting to know abt the reports Veer came back and showed it to Sahana who was equally shocked like Veer.

Veer spoke,”Captain, i spoke to the servant who served Milk to Naina.He said that he had left the Milk like that for few minutes and criminal got the good oppurtunity!May be he can get another oppurtunity too!”

Sahana said sternly,”We dont allow him to take the oppurtunity.Fix the cameras in KM in strategic point,i’ll monitor it!”

Veer asked,”Are u sure Captain?”

Sahana said sternly,”Ofcourse Captain.U try to trace Major Shatru and i will look after KM.Dont worry abt Naina and children.They’ll be safe here!”

Veer nodded and went outside to find some clue about Major Shatru.Here in Maaneet’s room Geet was sleeping inside Maan’s embrace after having an passionate love making.She was always exhausted due to pregnancy but she was never hurt as Maan was tender always.Maan was stroking his finger on her soft bare back and cooing her softly.

After sometime Geet got her wits and softly spoke,”Jaan!”

Maan asked,”Hmm?”

Geet answered,”Will u take me to Chachaji’s house?I want to meet them!”

Maan who had closed his eyes and was stroking her back stopped it and snapped open his eyes and looked at Geet who was eagerly waiting for his answer.Maan dint wanted Pammi to be around her as she always despised Geet.

Maan asked,”Are u sure Geet?”

Geet nodded when Maan asked,”No,i wanted to know becoz she hates u and u r wishing me to take u to her house!”

Geet spoke,”Maan,i miss my mother and after mother Chachiji was the one who grew me up and if i dont say that am pregnant then that would be rude!”

Maan immediately caught her words and asked,”U miss ur mother jaan?”

Geet dint answer and snuggled to him.He dint respond to her snuggle but stared her with wide eyes.

His eyes moistened immediately and spoke hoarsely,”I cant give u ur mother who gave me everything!”

Geet immediately understood and said stroking her swollen belly,”Maan,u have given me the most precious gift!”

Tears poured down from his chocolate eyes and Geet warned,”Maan!”

She wiped the tears and kissed his eyes.

He groaned and immediately kissed her passionately leaving her breathless and spoke,”Get ready,will take u to Singhanias!”

Geet’s lips widened with broad smile and eyes danced in its sockets.

Geet was abt to move but he stopped her and spoke,”But before that lets have another go!”

Before Geet would protest Maan captured her swollen lips into passionate never ending lovable kiss.

Geet moaned his name complaining but he dint leave her and spoke,”U made me cry so here is the punishment!”

He mouthed her softness licking it vigorously and she screamed in ecstacy.Maan licked it vigorously and she came after few seconds.

He asked,”Always ready!I love u for that too!”

Geet softly giggled but her cheeks turned more red.

Maan spoke licking her nipples,”I love this giggle!”

Geet was always ticklish these days due to pregnancy so he tickled her whenever he want.His hands surrounded her behind and squeezed it.She screamed in ecstacy while her nails dug his back marking him.Before he proceed further he felt a swift sharp kick which came from her baby bump and she winced holding it.

Maan kissed the swollen belly and said,”Calm down angel and dont disturb dada!”

Immediately it got silent and she pouted,”She only responds to ur words!”

Maan pecked her forehead calming her down and said,”That’s becoz she’s dada’s angel!”

Then he stroked his tongue on her soft lips.Meanwhile his hardness entered inside her softness slowly.He dint give any weight on the baby bump and stroked her softness softly.

Geet screamed in ecstacy,”Oh ya baby!”

Maan stuffed his rigid hardness more deeper and deeper stretching her softness to his rigid one.Geet moaned his name and he stroked her softness more vigorously.He was soft and tender in his first attempt but her naughtiness had made him hard so much that he was easing his hardness.

He stroked his inside her more faster but she screamed,”Maan,hold on!”

Maan stopped and asked,”What happened?”

Geet said,”May be i have cramps in my back muscle!Aah..its aching!”

Maan came outside and pecked her head and stroke her back and asked,”U dint say about this when we had our first go!”

Geet sighed feeling his supple strong fingers stroke her soft bare back,”On that time u were soothing my pain but now when we started our second go,am feeling the cramp!”

Maan pecked her forehead and said,”Am sorry jaan!Wait,i’ll give u an massage!”

Geet nodded and Maan ran to the bathroom to bring massaging oil.He started to massage the oil on her back softly but effectively so that the cramp cures.

Maan asked in concern kissing her soft back,”U ok baby?”

Geet nodded and sighed feeling his supple strong fingers.Maan pecked her forehead and spoke,”U sleep on jaan!Will take u to Singhanias this evening!”

Geet nodded and he stuffed more pillows around her making her wear his shirt.Maan was abt to move when she held his hand and asked,”Am sorry Maan!”

Maan knew what about she was talking and spoke shamelessly,”Jaan,i can take u whenever i want so stop feeling sad!”

Geet bushed furiously seeing his intense eyes.No matter in what  state she will be or in any age he always make her shy with his words.

Precap-Someone attacking Geet.

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