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Geet :, what he is doing here papaji KO pata chala toh..

Kritika : you come with me .. No first meet rudra , karan and maan..

Geet : I know him…she said seeing maan and then at the other two.. She smiled sweetly at rudra and greeted him even apologize for her behavior but gave a glare to karan and he even returned the same..

Rudra made a face ..

Rudra : who is the kid here..

Maan whispered

Maan : I think both…








Rudra was shocked hearing Maan’s words.Maan never complimented a girl with any type of words but he was calling Geet as kid which made him suspicious.He gave Maan a curious look raising his eyebrows and Maan got conscious.

He cleared his throat and said,”Why r u staring me like that?”

Rudra said simply still staring at him,”Thinking!”

Maan asked,”What?”

Rudra answered,”That how did sun rose west instead of east?”

Maan asked puzzled,”What do u mean?”

Rudra answered,”That how come you are complimenting Geet as a kid,when u always ran far from girls!”

Maan glared with so much intensity that Rudra chuckled and walked away with attitude.

Maan remembered the incident when Karan was quarreling with Geet then Maan had observed her.She was pouting her lips just like a small kid and this made him chuckle softly and when Kritika introduced Geet to him second time then her eyes had turned towards him saying she knows him.From that moment he felt that he knows her from ages.Those intense brown orbs twinkled at him cutely and it made him hard immediately.He felt that and groaned softly and tried to forget that deep brown eyes but he was also aware that till the Manali trip these deep brown eyes gonna haunt him entirely.Rudra tapped him and shouted his name for the trance broke.When he opened his eyes then Rudra saw something which made his mouth hanging open.At the moment,Maan had shown his true feelings.

Rudra asked,”Maan?”

Maan turned immediately and cleared his throat and asked,”Yes Rudra!”

Rudra asked,”What are you doing here?I was calling you from quite time but you weren’t answering me!”

Maan ruffled his hairs making it messy and said,”Nothing Rudra,am hungry,let’s have breakfast!”

Maan walked faster towards the dining table followed by Rudra who was smirking to himself.Karan noticed this and raised his eyebrows.Rudra nodded telling him that he will tell him afterwards.Handas,Khurana,Singhania,Kundra,Arohi,Pinky had their breakfast.

Rudra asked,”Maan,let’s go skiing!”

While Geet answered there,”U go Meera,am not interested!”

Rudra and Meera were concerned and both glared at their fellows.Rudra wanted Maan to be better so he was trying but Maan was stubborn.

Rudra said defeatedly,”Ok,your wish!”

He thought if Maan will be alone then he can solve some problem for he’s mourning so much.

Maan looked at him suspiciously and thought,”Rudra never accepts defeat like this!”

Rudra walked towards Meera who was equally disappointed with Geet and was leaving her alone too.Rudra,Meera,Karan,Kritika,Pinky went to sight seeing while Maaneet were left alone in the guest house.After one hour both Maaneet got bored and came outside their rooms.Their rooms were situated opposite side of the guest house.Geet who wrapped her shawl walked towards the Apple orchard and was happy looking at so many Apples dangling from the trees.She wanted to taste it so she went to an Apple tree and tried to get Apple dangling above her but she couldn’t.She jumped but it dint reach her.She pouted looking at the Red Apple.

Before she walk away she heard a voice,”May i help you?”

She turned to get that deep chocolate orbs looking at her intently.She blushed cutely looking at him and nodded slowly.Maan smiled and unbottoned his shirt.Geet was shocked and she remembered Varun like that and walked backwards banging her back to the tree feeling scared.Maan came forward and kept his face in front of her face and looked into those deep brown orbs deeply.

He thought,”She’s scared of something!”

Geet’s eyes welled up and looked at Maan so scared and for a moment Maan’s heart cried seeing her so scared.The pain he felt was unimmaginable.He breathed on her face feeling hungry and immediately started to climb the tree just like a Panther.Geet who turned at his movement saw him plucking Apples and throwing downwards to the baskets.She saw him shirtless doing work and she forgot what she felt few seconds back and looked at him with mouth hanging open.She was wondering that few seconds back she was scared but now she’s feeling aroused.

Maan came down holding a last Apple for himself and said,”Sorry,i scared you!”

And then he smirked with his charming smile and said,”But i was enjoying looking at your scary face!”

Anger bled in her veins and she slapped him strongly that his lips bled.Maan dint flinch but he dint get angry too.He was so shocked at his deed.His words brought him shocked

Geet said angrily pointing her finger towards him,”Don’t come near me!”

Geet picked the basketful of Apples and ran inside the guest house.Maan saw her retreating back perplexed.He bit a bite of Apple looking confused of his behaviour.Here Kritika and Karan once again quarreled for some random girl and Rudra,Meera and Pinky got irritated.


Here in guest house,both Maaneet were shocked with their behaviour.

Maan’s thoughts……

Maan was excercising aggressively remembering her scared.He thought,”Yes,she’s stranger to me.Yes,she don’t know anything about me.Me too know nothing about her yet why i crossed my limits.May be she thought me some kind of sadist who want to be with lone girls to take advantage.What i have done?I need to talk to her to clear some doubts.I dont even know her.I only know that she’s daughter of Mohinder uncle.Damn what have i done!”

Geet’s thoughts……

Geet was sitting near the window and was writing a letter to god…..

Dear God,

Why i slapped him?To cover up my mistake of drooling him.I know i have broken heart.I can’t move on so easily.I have took a promise for myself am not gonna love anyone.Am gonna marry that man who papa gonna select for me.But today i was drooling over him shamelessly and slapped for the mistake he never did!Please god help me in this.Let me move on and forget the incident.Why you trust me when i have behaved like a mistrust person.Sorry god!……Maan!……..


Next part gonna come very soon.


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When they reached home then Geet shouted on them for behaving so secretive.But Maan explained her patiently and made her eat food.Then he tried to make her drink Milk but she said that she dont want Milk today instead she want Ice cream.Maan ran to bring her favourite ice cream while 12pm came very soon.The coast was clear for Geet to go to the gate and she went meanwhile Major Shatru entered the KM…


Part 82

Major Shatru wanted to take revenge on Sahana because of her he was rotten in jail for so many years.He wanted to destroy her family.He wanted to destroy her son and daughter in law and knowing that Geet was pregnant he wanted to give tension to her so that her baby die and he can take her revenge.He got ready smartly.He adjusted his face to the warmth of welcome instead of that hatred smirk.He wanted to approach Geet slowly so that she wont get alert.He came to the KM gate disabling all cameras and switching off the mains.He saw the main doors of KM open and a lady walk towards the gate with swollen belly.He smirked looking at her and made his face decent.

Geet walked towards the gate slowly and saw a man standing near the gates dressed smartly.She thought him as Veer from his posture.But she dint know that she gonna be cheated.She crossed the garden and reached the gate holding her swollen belly.

Geet spoke,”Hello?”

She was expectant in her tone and Major Shatru was happy hearing it.

Major Shatru caught Geet and said,”I was waiting for you to taste this beauty!”

He stroked her lips softly.Immediately she threw his hands from her.He was angry and twisted her hands.She screamed in pain while he turned her with him to see her face in the car mirror which he parked on the other side of the road.Shock etched in Major Shatru’s face…there stood Sahana gritting her teeth.

Major Shatru was confused seeing Sahana and asked,”How?”

Sahana immediately removed the football from her stomach and opened the very same letter who he had sent to Geet and spoke,”Like this!”

Sahana lifted her hand to slap him when he pressed her soft corner.Sahana was shocked and she knew that corner makes her weak on knees and she was on her knees glaring at him.Major Shatru smirked and Sahana got unconscious due to that.Major Shatru caught her and lifted her in his arms and dumped her in his car and went back immediately to receive Geet.Now Geet came to the gates and she was inhaled Chloroform by Major Shatru and he lifted Geet too and dumped inside his car and drove towards his mansion.There was an victorious smile on Major Shatru’s face.

Meanwhile Maan brought ice cream and entered KM to get a silent mansion.Silence prevailed everywhere.There was no whispers of Geet’s anklets or Sahana’s shouting to their servants to finish the work.It was a weird moment which made him tensed.This morning only he heard about Major Shatru and now a silent house.Firstly he thought that everyone has slept but there was an sinister silence.

Meanwhile here in Shatru’s residence,Major Shatru was staring at Geet with stun.There was an hungry look seeing the unconscious beautiful Geet.Her soft beautiful face…her almond eyes…her soft pink lips…her round swollen curves…her curvaceous body…her swollen belly…everything was making him aroused.He wanted to touch her and feel her as she was looking like an angel…pregnant angel.Never he felt like this before to any girl.Her beauty made him crazy at that moment.He wanted her…her wanted her at any cost.He saw her hungrily top to bottom.Sahana who had came around saw Major Shatru lusting her daughter-in-law who was asleep in his large bed.He stretched his hands to touch her cheeks but he got a snarl from the nearby Sahana who was struggling to untie the rope which was tied behind her to her hands,”Dont touch her!”

Major Shatru looked up and smiled widely and spoke,”About time!”

He sat in front of her and smirked,”Why cant i touch her?She’s beautiful!Sexy!Hot!I thought pregnancy makes women ugly and weak but look at her,she can give me competition in sex!I think she’s a wild cat!”

Sahana said angrily,”Just shut up!”

Major Shatru glared at her and slapped looking mean.Sahana screamed angrily,”U do whatever Major but U cant get Geet in this lifetime!”

Major Shatru laughed aloud and spoke,”Havent you noticed Captain that Geet is at my mercy and i can do whatever i want!”

Sahana snarled,”No!”

Major Shatru said eagerly,”Yes!”

And walked towards Geet.Major Shatru was enjoying this situation and he was speaking weirdly today.He never played with his prey.He would destroy it totally but today he wanted to see helplessness in Sahana’s face.He looked into her face and turned to Geet to touch her soft creamy cheeks but….


Maan searched for Geet and Nikhila everywhere while Veer got a phone from a strange girl who informed him that Geet and Sahana had been kidnapped in some haunted house where always screams of pleasure sounds.Family people never wanted to enter that place.Veer was shocked to hear it and drove towards KM.

Veer reached to KM and saw Maan so much worried sitting in courtyard not getting any clue of anyone in mansion.

Veer saw him and asked,”Where is Geet and Captain?”

Maan looked up and was relieved to see his best friend and said,”Its good u came Veer!Am not getting any tracer of Geet or mom.Geet’s mood swings came and she asked for ice cream.Unfortunately ice cream was not in the house so i went to bring but when i came back there was no one in the mansion,neither Geet nor mom!”

Veer got the picture and he remembered the strange girl’s call few hours back and said urgently,”Let’s go Maan!”

Maan asked perplexed,”But where?”

Veer said,”I’ll explain you in the car!”Both Maan and Veer drove the car towards that haunted place.

Precap-Geet screamed in pain,”Maan!”

And pressurized and immediately baby came outside and cried at once.Maan looked at a pink cotton ball covered in lots of blood with wonder.Immediately he felt two hands holding his legs and pulling downwards and towards the deep cliff.

Geet saw Maan has been pulled downwards to the mouth of the deep cliff and screamed in shock,”Maan!”

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Major said,”Who said that its Geet’s turn now its Sahana’s turn then Veer’s turn and then Maan’s turn and then lastly Geet’s turn.”

Sasha cried,”I joined hands with you so that i can get Maan.If you murder him then how can i get him?”

Major said,”I dont leave people remaining to revenge on me.After your purpose you will also freed from this world.”

Sasha was shocked hearing this but it was too late.He pushed her from him and locked her in dungeons so that she dont mess the plans.



It was the silence which was lingering everywhere.Some were silence before storm while some were silence after storm.Some people die and live once again while some people will be living still they were dead people to the world.Venomous Desires were inside man’s minds were once again coming in front of the world.For one man’s venomous desires whole world was suffering.From Maan to Geet…from Sahana to Samarth…from Sasha to Major Shatru.

Major Shatru was feeling venomous desires while Maaneet and their family were suffering.Pammi was having the venomous desire of having Geet’s baby to her daughter but she met the brutal end.Everyone suffered because of these venomous desires and everyone repented their mistake.But one man is out there lingering half mad and half well to get the taste of pain…the brutal pain for which he was destined who himself prepared to taste it unknowingly.Revenge is a sweet  and slow poison which he’s tasting from past 30 years.The great Major Shatru was about to strike his plan to capture the whole Khurana clan.One strike and Khurana clan will be checkmated.

Maan sat in Singhania study and breathed heavily.He was surrounded by his mother,Veer and Sanjay.He wanted to kill Major Shatru that instense when he heard about the real story.How Major Shatru destroyed his life,his mother’s life.Sanjay was keeping his hand on his head and was sitting on the chair hearing the whole story.Maan wanted to revenge on Major but someone is there who want to take care of that Major.

Maan snarled,”Veer,let me go!I want to kill that Major who destroyed my life completely!”

Veer sat in front of him and looked straight in his eyes and asked calmly,”Don’t you have any brains Maan!Everytime you think of killing people!”

Maan glared at him while he continued,”Don’t you have any responsibility in your life that you are running helter skelter thinking of revenging people!”

Maan said angrily,”You are a coward man Veer!If someone who would be in my place asking for parents love and then he knows that his parents separated because of some Major who lusted my mother and he destroyed my mother completely then you would never say these words!”

Veer shouted glaring at him,”Yes i am a coward man because am struck with my responsibility.You said that i would destroy that man if i was in your place but before that i would secure my wife and children and then i would revenge on that person.But right now am there to do your work then you don’t need to bother!”

Maan was shocked and snapped.”I dont want to shoot him from your shoulder!”

Veer said,”This is not some ordinary shoulder…this law’s shoulder which is giving the permission to kill that man without any enquiry or hearing or any other law formalities in which he can escape with small loopholes!”Maan said,”But…!”Sahana said,”Veer is right Maan!I can’t do anything as am ordinary citizen and you can’t do anything too!It’s Veer only who can protect us!I need to write a letter seeking military protection from Major Shatru!”Maan said immediately,”But we don’t have any proofs to prove him guilty!”Veer said immediately,”We have!Many!”


Khurana mansion 6pm

Geet woke with a start and cursed Maan for making her sleep so late.She walked slowly towards the kitchen holding her large belly and pouting to herself.She crossed the dining hall and saw a beautiful Rose bouquet.She wondered who sent that and walked towards it.

She called the servants,”Manoj,Vinod come here!”

Manoj said politely,”Yes madam!”

Geet asked,”Who sent this bouquet?”

Manoj answered,”I dont know madam.It was kept outside the door!”

Geet said,”Is it?”

She looked towards it and saw a letter and took it.She sent the servant and opened the letter.Meanwhile Maan collapsed feeling weirdly.He felt something wrong going to happen.Here Geet read the letter.

The letter said,”Wanna know who murdered Pammi?Meet me at 12pm today near your house gate!”

There was no name or sign and she was shocked and thought,”Murder!But Maan said her death was a suicide!”

She saw the letter back to front and she dint get anything.Tears poured down from her almond eyes and she ran to her room holding the letter.

She dialled to Maan while Maan asked holding his heart,”Is he going to harm Geet in his revenge game?”

Before Veer answer him he got Geet’s call and he answered,”Yes jaan!”


Geet asked,”Maan,tell me the truth!Was chachiji murdered or she committed suicide!”

Maan stammered and she caught his lies and cried,”Why dint you tell me?What would i answer Sameera di when she asks that why i dint take any care?”

Maan said sternly,”Geet,you are taking tension unnecessarily!No one gonna blame you jaan!”

Geet said,”But…!”

Maan said sternly,”Listen to me….you dont think too much about it.Am coming home!”

He disconnected the phone and said to Veer,”Let’s go to KM!We’re needed there rather than here!”

When they reached home then Geet shouted on them for behaving so secretive.But Maan explained her patiently and made her eat food.Then he tried to make her drink Milk but she said that she dont want Milk today instead she want Ice cream.Maan ran to bring her favourite ice cream while 12pm came very soon.The coast was clear for Geet to go to the gate and she went meanwhile Major Shatru entered the KM…


Major Shatru caught Geet and said,”I was waiting for you to taste this beauty!”He stroked her lips softly.Immediately she threw his hands from her.He was angry and twisted her hands.She screamed in pain while he turned her with him to see her face in the mirror.Shock etched in Major Shatru’s face…

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On that time in Singhania Mansion,Pammi felt restless feeling someone around her…keeping an eye on her.She knew that Sanjay has gone to Sahana and that made her angry.But now she was restless.On that time power went off.Pammi was scared and looked around her.Meanwhile she felt someone walking behind her.Luckily invertor was connected and it lit immediately and whole mansion got lit with light.On that time a man was standing behind her holding a sickle.Pammi sighed seeing the light but felt someone behind her.She turned and saw the face.She was shocked and the invertor light went off too as it got burst at once.

After few seconds,Pammi screamed!




Khurana mansion 8pm…..

Maan was feeding the stubborn childish Geet while somewhere in study Sanjay was getting to know about the past of his wife which was hidden from him past his married life.Sanjay sat in the state of shock after hearing the whole story of Pammi and was angry too because she was like this from her birth…stubborn,bossy and doing what she thinks as right but that will be wrong always.Sanjay looked at his god-sister Sahana who was concerned looking at him.Her chocolate brown eyes were worried and was warm too.Sanjay was angry but was concerned too thinking about his wife.Afterall Pammi was his wife,no matter what she does is wrong but he cant see her in trouble.

Sanjay asked to confirm the story,”Are you sure?”

Sahana  nodded.Sanjay gulped down his saliva and said,”Then i’ll join you guys.I’ll help you in this mission.

Sahana nodded no but looked towards Veer who was giving the look of interest.Veer wanted as many persons who can he trust and protect Geet and her baby.Veer approved Sanjay to help but they dint know that already tragedy happened in Sanjay’s house.Sanjay went back to his home and got his house in mess.He was shocked to see his messy house and Pammi to be nowhere.Sanjay was worried and alert too.He searched the whole house but he dint get her.He shouted her name but it echoed in the empty messy house.Finally he saw servant in injured state.He called the ambulance immediately and asked for Pammi.The servant pointed his finger towards the backyard and unconscious.Sanjay walked towards the backyard and felt some eerie silence.He opened the door of backyard and saw a merciless sight.There was Pammi hanged to death.Blood was oozing out from her neck but her tongue was outside the mouth.Sanjay cant able to see the sight so hid his face behind his both hands.

Nausea touched his body giving uncomfortable breathing.He started to cough feeling disgusted.Pity covered his heart and tears poured down from his deep 58 aged eyes.He immediately dialled Veer and screamed feeling the agony.

Sanjay said painfully,”Everything i have got lost Veer.He has murdered my Pammi!”

Veer was shocked hearing this and immediately drove towards Singhania mansion.When Veer entered then the sight made him so nauseating that he cant able to resist the sight and came outside.Sanjay sat crying silently afterall she was his life partner.Veer saw his state and try to console him but h was unsuccessful so he called Sahana foe help.Meanwhile Veer wanted to clear up the mess before police swarm the place.When Sahana got to know the message on that time both Maaneet were present and seeing her tension they got to know something’s wrong.When they got to know the news on that time they were in shock state.Geet was stubborn to go with them to see her Chachiji.

Geet asked crying,”Maan,i want to see my chachiji.One last time,i want to see her face.Please take me!”

Maan said strictly,”No jaan,i cant take u!U r pregnant and that environment isnt fit for u!”

Geet begged,”Maan!”

But Maan dint listen to her and made her drink a glass of Milk forcefully.Geet drank it and after sometime she slept inside his chest.

Maan sighed and gently lifted her and made her sleep on the bed and pecked her forehead and said,”Am sorry jaan.Its not good to u to see a dead body which is brutally murdered!”

Maan saw the dead body and was shocked while both Veer and Sahana was whispering something to themselves only.Maan was angry looking at them and dragged them both to a lone corner and asked,”Now you tell me what’s going on!I thought u guys will tell me urself but seeing the situation i dont think that anymore.I want every bit of the truth or else you see angry MSK in future!”Both winced hearing his words but spoke to him.


Meanwhile in the outskirts of the city,abandoned factory,a party was going on.A *** party was going on.A woman screamed out of pain and pleasure and immediately a man screamed out of pleasure calling her some bad names and enjoying the every bit of moment spending inside her.This was Major Shatru who was partying because he have only one woman remaining to kill and that woman is Sahana.

Major Shatru stuffed his hardness inside that random girl making her scream in pain and screamed,”I will not leave you Sahana.I will kill you!”

After numerous rounds where the girl started bleeding Major left her tied to a bed in chains and entered the bathroom.He saw Sasha entering and pulled her into his arms.Sasha smirked mischievously while he smacked her bu** strongly.Sasha screamed in pain while Major Shatru smirked.

Sasha said,”Now its Geet’s turn!”

Major said,”Who said that its Geet’s turn now its Sahana’s turn then Veer’s turn and then Maan’s turn and then lastly Geet’s turn.”

Sasha cried,”I joined hands with you so that i can get Maan.If you murder him then how can i get him?”

Major said,”I dont leave people remaining to revenge on me.After your purpose you will also freed from this world.”

Sasha was shocked hearing this but it was too late.He pushed her from him and locked her in dungeons so that she dont mess the plans.


Major Shatru entered Khurana Mansion to capture Geet as hostage to finish the revenge game and end the Khurana and Singhania family.




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Part 01

Hoshiarpur village border…


A scream which can make every man’s heart beat faster.A scream which can make a weak man die out of breath.A scream which can shake whole world.That scream came from that border.There was a house nearby who got alive hearing that scream.The head of the family held the torch and ran towards the scream to help.But whoever screamed dint need any help because that person was helping others.That man walked towards the commotion and saw someone drinking something and immediately he felt something fall down in front of him.That man saw the thing and was shocked and was scared.It was a human dead body which was blood less and skin were wrinkled and he was a mere skeleton.

That man said to himself,”Ye koi rakshas hai!Bhag yahan se nahin toh tu uske liye aahaar ban jaavoge”(This one is a demon!Run before you become food to that)

He ran back while behind there was a commotion and anklets sound came.He was curious,he wanted to know who did this so he hid behind a bush.He saw a woman walking towards the dead body and kicking it.He held his breath as he felt her around him.

She dragged the dead body and spoke with anger,”Dint i tell you to not to touch me!Do you think me that some helpless woman who can only scream for help?No,this is Geet Handa!Do you understand?This world dont know what i can do but i know!This Geet Handa knows what she can do!I came quietly helplessly with you to kill you guys.It was destined that you were gonna die in my hand only!”

Immediately there was a commotion and a man started running in hurt condition but Geet was very faster.

She caught him while he screamed afraid of her,”Don’t do anything to me please!”

Geet asked with triumph,”Why not i?Why i cant do anything to you?You were the one who sold me to that Zamindar!Why cant i do anything to u?”

That man folded his hands and said meekly,”Am sorry,i will not repeat this once again!”

Geet laughed out loud.Her face now reflected towards the moon light which had only anger.She had almond eyes with big brown hazel eyes which had only anger and smirk.Her long white nose was lean and beautiful.Her soft pink lips complemented the complexion she’s having.But those lips were blood stained and she was licking it as if the blood is so delicious.

That man said sorry once again but Geet dint leave him and said,”Today a big yagna gonna start and you are the first sacrifice!”

And she ate him and drank his blood.That man died and Geet laughed out loud walking forward.The man who was hiding and seeing all this saw her Kali avatar with so many hands holding weapons.That man fainted there only.


Here near Patiala,Maan felt something odd and he closed his eyes sitting there only.He saw what happened and Geet’s anger avatar.Maan was shocked seeing her avatar while his favourite god sat in front of him.

Maan thought,”Amma,what i saw is true or not!”

Chamundamma answered,”Yes son,what you saw is truth only.Geet because of her power she’s beautiful and avatar of me.Am alive in her that’s why she’s always angry!You need to control her Maan and this work can only done by you.Will you help my daughter Maan?”

Maan thought,”Ofcourse amma,your wish is my command!”

He opened his eyes and started driving towards the village.


A man covered with blood ran inside a mansion calling,”Bauji!”

Bauji stood in front of his royal painter holding his sword with ego and smirk.His royal painter was painting his portrait.

Bauji moved his fingers towards the man and said to come to him.That man came and whispered something in his ears for he got angry.

Bauji dint wanted this to happen and snarled,”Call Pammi now!”

Bauji saw Pammi scared and tortured her.

He asked,”Speak up,why you cheated me?I said that she’ll dance in front of me first and then she will dance in front of that god.But she danced in front of the god to help villagers.Now she’s god in front of them.She got the power from that worship and became self-dependent.When i got to know that she’s having the power which can make me rule this world then she ran away.Are you behind this or not?”

Pammi spoke with fear,”What i can do Vikram bauji?The power has made her invincible,irresistible.”

Vikram saw her for sometime and said,”I believe you are saying truth but now myself gonna hunt her down.I like hunting these types who resist me.It will be worth when she climbs my bed for further service.”

Vikram drove towards the Handa mansion which was seen by a man who was so loyal to Vikram’s parents.He tried to stop Vikram by going wrong way doing wrong deeds but he failed in that.So he wanted to save Vikram’s life as he knew that Geet has turned weird.Whole village was speaking that she wasn’t the usual Geet Handa who was enjoying the life without any worry.


Handa Mansion….

Darkness crept everywhere giving an haunted silence.There was no one in the mansion except one who was breathing so hardly.Wide brown eyes were looking towards the opened door waiting for someone while she was sitting on fire in the mid air.


Here Maan reached Hoshiarpur border and met the man who saw the horrible incident of Geet.He was unconscious and Maan tend him.Maan healed him as he was so scared and made him forget Geet’s incident after getting all the information from him.After few minutes of drive Maan reached Handa mansion and saw that full mansion was in darkness.He walked inside and lit the light.

Then Geet spoke from behind,”Who the hell are you and who gave you permission to lit this mansion?”

Maan turned slowly and saw towards Geet.Geet was mesmerised seeing his handsome features.His deep chocolate eyes,his long white nose and M shaped pink lips and his masculine handsome features made her speechless.Her anger had vanished into thin air seeing his sight.

Geet thought,”Wow!”

Maan spoke softly,”Its evening now and this time this mansion need to be lit with lights.Where’s oil?Today is Friday and if u dont light the oil lamps then Goddess Lakshmi will go from your house!”

Geet asked softly still mesmerised,”Who are you?”

Maan answered,”Am your new tenant,i have heard that there’s a room empty here and i can give you reasonable amount.Can you give me that room for rent?”

Geet who was in trance nodded vigorously.

Maan smiled and said,”Good!I want to see my room but before that lets lit the lamp!Will you show me your washroom?”

Geet nodded and showed as she was still captivated by his handsome features.Maan washed his hands and feet and sprinkled some water on his head and said the mantra to make him pure.Then he entered the pooja room and was about to light the lamp when he saw Geet entering and stopped her.

Maan said,”Geet,stop right there!”Geet was shocked that he knows her name and her temper raised.Before she argue him and kill him he spoke faster,”Go and wash urself and then worship the god.”

Geet looked herself as she was sitting in the very same blood stained dress and her mouth and face was full of blood spots.Geet felt yucky seeing her state and ran inside her washroom to bath.After her bath she wore pure white silk sari and entered the pooja room.Maan was shocked seeing her like that and a smile crept on his beautifully carved lips.Geet too smiled and both lit the whole mansion and chanted the mantra to get rid of the evil.

Precap-Maan said with anger,”Geet is my life partner!”Geet saw Maan with welled up eyes.Joy danced in those hazel almond eyes.

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Darkness crept everywhere giving an eerie silence.On that time anklets sound came while some human figures were crouching to hide from something.One of the men saw a human figure and indicated his head.That man took his revolver and shot the human figure.A scream came and made a man get up from deep sleep.He was naked and was so masculine Deep scratches complemented his finely carved masculine body.His deep chocolate eyes searched for someone.He was so handsome with deep chocolate eyes which hypnotize anyone who see him.His M shaped lips were pink color and were swollen.His dark silky hairs were messy.He washed his face in the nearby pot full of water.

He called,”Jhanvi”

There was no trace of Jhanvi.So he wore his clothes and came outside in search of her.Meanwhile the pack of men who shot the person came forward to get to know that the person who they shot is alive or not.But on that time they felt something odd and turned to see a big beefy man holding a long gun coming towards them.They ran immediately from there seeing him.

Meanwhile the handsome man searched for Jhanvi.After walking for few minutes his bare foot felt something wet on the floor.He saw towards it and smelt.It was the smell of blood and he held his torch to it.He felt something odd as if his heart has been squeezed and his restlessness said that Jhanvi was in trouble.He dint know exactly what happened so he was trying to guess.He walked further and saw a small temple.The blood stains led him towards that temple.He entered it and was shocked.There lied Jhanvi in blood pool.

He was shocked and pained to see her state and ran to her.

He took her in his arms and called her with agitation,”Jhanvi!”

He thought that she’s no more.

He screamed in agitation,”Jhanvi!”

That girl’s small eyes opened slowly and he saw her bright brown eyes which captivated him.A small smile crept in those small swollen lips.

She spoke meekly,”Maan!”

Maan’s eyes welled up and his tears poured down.

Jhanvi spoke meekly,”I was praying to god that to keep me alive till your sleep is over!”

Maan said painfully,”Jhanvi!”He tried to lift her in his arms but she stopped him.

She said meekly,”Listen to me Maan,i wanted to tell you my story but i was scared that you will accept that or not!”

Maan said confidently,”Jhanvi,anything you say i will accept it without questions but right now u need medical att….!”Before he complete his sentence Jhanvi kept her finger on his beautiful lips.

She said meekly,”Listen to me first Maan,i dont have enough time.I want to make you aware of some things.But before that u promise me that whatever i say you will accept it without any questions!”

Maan said,”Ok!”and kept his palm on her palm.

Jhanvi said,”You have to marry Geet!”

Maan was angry now and shouted,”What?What are you talking about?”

Jhanvi said,”Please Maan,dont deny it and even its the order of Chamundamma!”

Maan dint say anything and closed his eyes and started to heal her.But he cant able to chant the mantra as Chamundamma has sat on his tongue.

Maan attempted several times but he cant able to chant that mantra and at once Jhanvi said,”U cant do that because my time has come.Am in the zone of Paramatma!”

She showed her hand towards the sky and said,”Look,my favourite gods Lord Mahadeva and Mother Parvati is standing in front of me smiling…waiting for me to go to them.They both have done so many things for me.My horoscope was very poor but i had an boon.The power to make any god to come towards me.They gave everything to me though i was poor in my horoscope.My horoscope said that due to previous birth’s works i never was going to happy.But my devotion made me impress Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati.Today am going to them as am getting mukti from you.But i want you to marry Geet!”

Before Maan speak further she cut him and started her story.”Maan,Geet is my twin sister who born in Swati nakshatra.You are Uttarashada nakshatra and your ganas and her ganas got matched perfectly but i came between you two.I wanted you and i got you but i knew that after getting you,my death is fixed because,i had this much time only.I made her bad in your eyes.I made her characterless in your eyes and am reaping the prize.But am not worried because am going to my place but please you marry Geet.You save her from the evils and save her from all kinds of problems.Because she’s the key to this world to kill the big evil which gonna come in future!Will u marry her and save her?”

Maan nodded while Jhanvi smiled and looked upwards as her eye lid dint move.Maan hugged her tightly and after that he lit her body to ashes and walked towards Jhanvi’s home where now Geet is about to be given to that village’s zamindar.

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Ana walked inside her portland home.

When she stepped inside the living room then a walking stick blocked her way and spoke harshly,”You are late Ana!”

Ana didn’t speak and walked further crossing the walking stick.

“****,*****,*****!”Said her father Raymond Steele.

Ana snarled,”Shut up!”

Ray snarled,”Am your father Ana,give respect to me!”

Ana asked,”Have u behaved respectable?”

Ray glared at her while she enterd her room and wiped her tears which were spilling hearing her step-father’s bad words.Ana had her shower and went to the kitchen to prepare something as she knew that whatever prepared for dinner has been polished by the parasites who are living in her house.Ana kept the do-it fast pasta inside the microwave oven and sighed sitting on the chair waiting for its ping of cooked indication.On that time a delicious Beef casserole with lots of cheese and pasta salad plate was placed in front of her.Ana groaned smelling it and dug in.On that time a chuckle came and she looked up to get her mother Carla Steele.Carla was a soft woman who was totally abused by her first husband who was an billionnaire.She got divorced from him with high alimoney which was spent by Raymond Steele in pokers and Casinos.She landed with two children-2 girls from her first marriage and 3 children-2 boys and one girl from her second marriage.Moreover Ray’s parents and sister are also staying with them.It was totally mess up and she was the sole earner of the family.

Carla stroked her hairs and pecked her forehead and spoke,”Why so late honey?”

Ana replied,”I missed my bus mom because i was working late today in office!”

Carla saw her agitation and asked,”You want to say something honey!”

Ana said,”No!”And gave her best fake smile.Carla didn’t understand her agitation and leave her.

Next Morning,

As usual,Ana got ready for office and went and once again she was harassed by her boss Jack Hyde and she once wiggled out of it and once again got late for the last bus and sat in the bus stop getting so much tired of her life.Tears threatened to come when she felt someone standing near her.She looked up and saw a man who was smiling at her.Before she speak he asked,”You want a lift Miss Steele!”

Ana exclaimed,”Mr.Grey,what are u doing here?”

Christian said,”This is my usual route to reach Portland Miss Steele!What happened,you missed your bus today?”

Ana said sadly,”Yes sir!”

Christian said,”Call me Christian!If u dont have any objection then i will drop you home!”

Ana was grateful because she was once again getting calls from her step-father and was calling her bad words.Ana nodded and they both entered the car.

Christian said,”Taylor,Portland please.You tell him the address when he reach Portland!”

Ana nodded while Taylor pulled on the car.The journey home was not that much comfortable as a hot hunk guy picked her up.She was staring at his sensual mouth only whole the journey and Christian was engrossed with the file.She frowned being ignored but his posture made her so sexy.Grey eyes moving on the file paper as if kissing it thorougly from his eyes.His concentration made her retreat back.She wanted to speak to him get to know him but his posture was giving her indication to steer clear of him.But surging electricity which was sparkling between them made them aware that how much they both are desperate.Taylor who was glancing their demeanors from the glass thought that they made for each other perfectly.The way Christian engrossed in the work but glancing her from his corner of his eyes and Ana who glanced him frowning pouting her lips made the sight remarkable.


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