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Eternal spring of boundless grace,
It lifts the soul above,
Where God the Son unveils his face,
And shows that Heaven is love.

Love that revolves through endless years–
Love that can never pall;
Love which excludes the gloom of fears,
Love to whom God is all!

Love which can ransom every slave,
And set the pris’ner free;
Gild the dark horrors of the grave,
And still the raging sea.

Let but the partial smile of Heaven
Upon the bosom play,
The mystic sound of sins forgiven,
Can waft the soul away.

The pilgrim’s spirits show this love,
They often soar on high;
Languish from this dim earth to move,
And leave the flesh to die.

Sing, oh my soul, rise up and run,
And leave this clay behind;
[illegible] ing thy swift flight beyond the sun,
Nor dwell in tents confined.

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It was the beach of Mumbai where two children were playing building sand castles.One was boy who was seeing the girl with thief eye..he had chocolate brown eyes & small cute nose of 3yr & exact M shaped pink lips.This was Maan Singh Khurana who was the son of business tycoon Rudra Singh Khurana & Parvati Singh Khurana.He was seeing the girl from thief eye & there was a cute smile playing on his M shaped lips.The girl was cutely building the sand castle pouring some more sand near her castle & shaping it.There was a cute content smile which were playing on her lips.Well she was the cute epitome of beauty with doe shaped eyes & cute small nose with baby pink lips.She was 2 yr old.She was adorable & xerox copy of her mother Rano Handa & beloved daughter of Rahul Handa.She was Geet Handa who was the apple of Khuranas & Handas.Apple of Maan Singh Khurana.

This is the story of childhood friends who always be friends but fall for each other time after time & their bond becomes stronger time after time.Presenting another MG story Heavenly Love.



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