1) NAINA SINGH AHLUWALIYA- She’s an “A” class CID officer and she’s shunted to the corner from the working of the CID office works and is doing only peon works because of her brother’s reputation of becoming traitor. She’s also a qualified military lawyer but not practised for once also though she’s a life science graduate. She took the degree in military law to save his brother but didn’t practise it because of her brother’s death.


2) NAVIN SINGH AHLUWALIYA- He’s an army officer and has Captain Rank but is called as traitor because he cannot protect the nuclear triggers and was captured when he was smuggling it outside the academy. He’s the brother of Naina. He’s no more now.

3) SATHYAM SINGH AHLUWALIYA- He’s the father of Naina and Navin Singh Ahluwaliya. He’s retired govt official.

4) VEERA SINGH AHLUWALIYA- She’s the mother of Naina and Navin Singh Ahluwaliya. She’s a housewife.


5) CAPTAIN RAJVEER SINGH SHEKHAWAT- He’s an army officer and Navin Singh Ahluwaliya’s best friend. Naina’s best teacher and mentor and her beloved. He goes with his dictates of his heart. He loves Naina very much and cannot see her in trouble. But he not confesses his love to Naina till last because of killing her brother Navin Singh Ahluwaliya. He’s expert in strategy and communications.


6) ARJUN SHARMA- He’s the colleague of Naina and thinks her as his younger sister. He’s the son of reputed politician and his profession also CID officer. Both Naina and Arjun are colleagues and are special officers of anti-terrorism cell. His father is now working as minister of home of Karnataka and his name is Vishwajit Sharma. In his office everyone fears of him because of his father’s reputation and Arjun is as protective to Naina as a brother. He’s senior to Naina. He loves Naina as his younger sister though they’re not blood related.

7) KANCHANJUNGA MILITARY ACADEMY (KMA)-It is situated in Madikeri, Kodagu district and is a reputed institution that has produced courageous soldiers from 14 years. Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya is the student and best cadet pass out of this institution. This institution is one of the nuclear launching sites and has the base of nuclear triggers room where nuclear triggers are protected safely and secretly. This academy has the motto strength and honour.

8) BRIGADIER CHANDOK-He’s the principal of Kanchenjunga Military Academy. He’s the very strict principal and he’s concerned only of discipline. He has the favourite student and he’s Navin Singh Ahluwaliya and he’s so angry because of Navin Singh Ahluwaliya the military board has come to conclusion to close the Kanchenjunga Military Academy.

9) JAGMOHAN SINGH-He’s the prime minister of India.

10) SHIREEN GEHLOT-She’s sister-in-law of Naina and wife of Navin Singh Ahluwaliya. She’s also CID officer and is an encounter specialist and is also the special officer of anti-terrorism cell. She’d a row with her dad and came outside the home and stood on her feet by joining CID officer training and is now she’s a CID officer.

11) ACP PRUTHVIRAJ CHAUHAN-He’s the new boss of the new mission in which Naina, Arjun, and Shireen are present. Other officers are Muskaan Mallya, Abhijeet Adhikari, Daya Nayak, Vivek Mehra, John d’souza, Sasha Sehgal.

12) SARDAR M.D.LALA GEHLOT-Minister of India and is highly corrupted minister and is mainly involved in nuclear triggers theft and in making Naveen traitor. He’s the godfather of Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat. He has two daughters Shireen and Sherlee. First one is Shireen but he knows nothing about her whereabouts and he even not knows that she’s the wife of Navin Singh Ahluwaliya who he made the traitor. Second one is Sherlee who has no concern about her life or her father’s reputation and is a law-breaking, rude, and is concern about the next release of album black-eyed beast.


13) CAPTAIN ABHIMANYU RAI CHAUHAN-He’s the prince of Ajmer and is an army officer and also another best friend of Navin Singh Ahluwaliya. His character comes afterwards. His now working place is lei base camp. He’s expert in guerrilla warfare. His father’s name is King Virendra Pratap Chauhan.


14) Dr.RITU MISHRA-She’s a psychiartist.But undercover foreign spy, who has come to theft the remaining nuclear trigger from Kanchenjunga Military Academy. She’s involved in the conspiracy of making Navin Singh Ahluwaliya as a traitor. She’s highly trained foreign spy. She has come here to theft nuclear trigger.

15) MAJOR BHARGHAV-He’s an army officer who says lots of lies but not in front of Naina because she knows his background because he raped her best friend and made her dishonour in front of her family. He hates Naina because she had made him dishonour in front of his family. His policy is divide and control, but not in front of Naina. He was the investigation officer during Navin’s court martial case. He knows nothing about Naina that she’s a CID officer. He beats his wife i.e., Naina’s best friend everyday and his son too. He behaves like an animal with Naina’s best friend and Naina knows this but her hands are tied because of her best friend’s promise. He is such an opportunist.

16) Mr & Mrs SAHANI-They’re the parents of Cadet Yadhuvansh Sahani urf yudi and they want their son to go to U.S.A. and do MBA in some American university. Yudi has a sister called Neelu. Neelu likes only criminals but she loves Arjun truly & gets married to him but then she comes to know that Arjun isn’t a criminal he’s an undercover CID officer. And she even more loves him so much. But she has a past.

17) Mr &Mrs GHAI-They’re the parents of Cadet Pooja Ghai and often talk like a mobile phone language.

18) Mrs HUDA urf MUMMYJI-She wants her son to become an army officer and has the habit of betting on anything and everything. She’s the mother of Cadet Amardeep Huda.

19)Mr and Mrs BAIG-They’re the parents of Cadet Ali Baig and dream about their son to become the first army officer of their family because no one has gone beyond the Subhedhar ranking in their family. They’ve 5 daughters.


1) BRIGADIER CHANDOK-He’s a big beefy man and has the height of about 7.He’ll be having a smug expression and is very strict about discipline. He’s mainly called as BC.

2) MAJOR PRABHAT NAIR-He’s mainly called as muchchad by all cadets because of his behaviour. He shouts at cadets very hoarsely and is concerned about discipline like B.C.He has a very mean mentality and always says that women never become soldier. He’s the outdoor drill-commanding officer and he underestimates and discourages the girls. He’s also called as B.C’s M.C by Cadets. He’s the vice principal of this academy.


3) Dr.CAPTAIN SHALINI SINGHAL-She’s the medical officer and has the captain ranking in the army. New appointment to Kanchenjunga Military Academy. She’s depressed in her life and has the habit of sleep walking and she hasn’t told to anyone.

4)CAPTAIN RAJVEER SINGH SHEKHAWAT-He’s the teacher of strategy and communications.but,he’s an undercover military intelligence officer anti-terrorism cell special officer and have come to Kanchenjunga Military Academy to search the spy cadet who has come to infiltrate army and the spy who has come to theft nuclear triggers and protect the nuclear triggers.

5) SUBHEDHAR MAJOR LOLITHA SEN-She’s girls hostel’s warden and is teacher of history of the military. She has a beloved and he’s Subhedhar Surinder Suri.

6) SUBHEDHAR SURINDER SURI-he takes the mess charge and his beloved is Lolita sen and he calls her as lolithaji with love. He’s so friendly to everyone casually but when some wrong is done by cadets then he always says that dono kaano mein sar kardoonga.

7) Orderly are present and guards also to guard the school.


1)      NAINA SINGH AHLUWALIYA (NAINA AH SINGH)-She’s from Mangalore and is admitted here as Cadet to protect Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat and Captain Abhimanyu Rai Chauhan from Lala Gehlot. And to protect the nuclear triggers from Dr.Ritu Mishra, to prove his bro’s innocence, to stop Gehlot by making him to close the KMA. She’s undercover CID officer from anti-terrorism cell. She’s mainly called as Phoolandevi urf Phoolan & the name was called by Huda seeing her guts.

2)      ARJUN SHARMA-He’s from Mangalore and also undercover CID officer and is also sent to KMA to protect nuclear triggers and Captains Rajveer Singh Shekahawat and Abhimanyu Rai Chauhan from Lala Gehlot and mainly to protect Naina and help her succeeding her mission. He’s also sent as Cadet, but has come to the academy as a hardcore criminal who has come to KMA to reform and become soldier. He’s mainly called as qaidi in academy.


3)      AMARDEEP HUDA-He’s from Haryana but settled in Madikeri, Karnataka and he’s a farmer’s son and thinks himself as a smart and has the habit of betting on anything and everything. He’s sent to KMA to kill Captain Rajveer Shekhawat who he thinks as a spy, a traitor.Huda isn’t a spy too but he’s been brainwashed by Lala Gehlot’s terrorist gang that Capt. Rajveer is an traitor.

4)      YADHUVANSH SAHANI-He’s from Madikeri and wants to prove his parents that he can stand on his leg without any help of his parents and come here to KMA to prove that only by becoming an army officer. He’s so innocent and is so sensitive also and he’s rejected by all girls whom he thought of his girl friends, but he’s also very intelligent. Arjun calls him mainly as notanki.


5)      ALI BAIG-He’s from Kanpur and wants to become first army officer of his family. He gives importance to his principles. He’s in love with Pooja Ghai. He’s mainly called as ussool bhai.


6)      POOJA GHAI-She’s from Punjab and a hockey player. But she was rejected by her bridegroom on the eve of her marriage and she has come to KMA to search his boyfriend whom she was going to be married. She’s mainly called as punjaban

7)      Other senior cadets are also present.


                                I am a simple girl of Punjabi family settled in Karnataka. Am a CID officer A-class inspector from anti-terrorism cell from Karnataka branch. But due to some circumstances I’ve become peon in my office. I’ve the work of report writing, office works of bureau. Am accustomed with that only. My senior officers only call me when they want their food has been ordered and dishonour me by accusing that I’d mixed poison in the food. My daily routine is to attend the office works, order my senior officers food, polish their shoes, clean their clothes, and clean their rooms, even their toilets. Am not taken with the team for investigating the cases. Am not welcome for my senior officers private conversations regarding the criminals because they think me as criminal. I’ve become peon in my office ,yet am living.I’ve no friends in my office or outside or in my surroundings. Those who were with me in good terms as my friends have become enemies. Those who are in my surroundings are not my friends they don’t know who am I & I don’t know who they are.I’ve got a very good job but am not satisfied but my parents are satisfied. Because they liked me like the peon, am shunted with all the actions of the CID office and am only called for peon works. Even the peon of our office sees me as his peon. My life has become miserable who cannot change the life of mine. But I’m not satisfied with this life, because the reason behind this miserable life of mine is very strong.

                         My full name is Naina Singh Ahluwaliya.My age is 25.Am born in the age of 1985 on June 8th.My parents are Satyam Singh Ahluwaliya and Veera Singh Ahluwaliya.I’d a brother called Navin Singh Ahluwaliya but he’s no more. Now am settled in Mangalore but previously we were settled in Bangalore. Bangalore which is called as garden city, for me & my family, it became a tragedy city. Because from here my brother ended his last journey. My brother, Navin Singh Ahluwaliya was an army officer from military intelligence, Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya; he was qualified from Kanchenjunga Military Academy which is situated in kodagu region Karnataka. My brother is 3 yrs older to me and he was born in 1982 on August 9th.he was secretly posted to Kanchenjunga Military Academy on officer on special duty. He came here to serve his people, his army, and his country but was made as traitor. This became public and we have to leave Bangalore and we settled in Mangalore.My brother was never a traitor he was patriot. But who cares, whenever I was hearing my superiors talking about my brother, my temper was raising I was having a big row with them about my brother’s character; this is also the main reason why I am shunted. But I had a best friend in my office who was saving me from everything.

                       His name is Arjun Sharma. He was protecting me like a brother protects his sister. He was the only ray of hope which was making my miserable life easy. Because he was so influential person in that place and senior to me in the office and in age also. He was the son of the home minister of Karnataka. His father’s name is Vishwajit Sharma. Whenever I was having the row with my superior officers, he would stand with me together that is why they were shutting their mouths. He was saving me because he thought me as his own sister and I was also having an emotional touch with him. To show our love I had tied a raksha bandhan to him in the memory of my brother because he was reminding me of Navin, in front of everybody and taken his blessings and promise that he’ll protect me from evil eyes. This is the reason why other officers shut their mouths. Because they thought that arguing with him sentences them the transfer to the places where they don’t want to go. I had taken him to my parents once and they were so impressed and so worriless because of his attitude. My parents wanted me to do MBA but I didn’t like that because I wanted to serve my country like my brother Navin.Then my brother suggested me of taking the course of CID.I’ve the memory of saying that “I’ll protect the border of the country, you protect the country from the inside,” like that.

                       But, after the death of my brother my life changed completely, my friends stopped talking with me, my colleagues hated me and my parents were humiliated. First my brother’s designations were taken away, his badges were taken away and after that his life was taken away. There was no report about my brother’s death.how, when, where & who killed my brother we don’t know. One day I asked my friend Arjun to investigate, but he was refusing that because he doesn’t want to loose me. I understood that because I had doubt that the reputed people are involved in my brother’s death conspiracy and stopped badgering him. But one day a mysterious letter came to my home. In that letter this was written,

Hi Naina,

              I’m your friend.I don’t want to say my name because in case this letter goes to wrong hands.I need to talk to you face to face about Navin’s death.I cannot reveal you myself because my life is in danger.I want to tell you the secret of Navin’s death. I’m writing this to you because I want to talk to you. You want to protect Captains who were your brother’s friends, best friends, their life is in danger and you can only protect them.I want to tell you everything. If you want to meet me then place a handkerchief, a red one in front of your house’s gate and I’ll come and meet you in your house garden in disguise. I want to meet you urgently Naina, please don’t hesitate don’t doubt on me. I want to meet you on 8th February at 22 o’clock. Please reply fast, i’m meant please place the handkerchief on your gate.

See you soon on 8th Feb. at 22 o’clock.

                      After reading that letter I became stunned for some time, there was no signature, not any clue to know who this is. There was only one hour to decide what to do because that day was 8th Feb. and we got that letter this morning and I had no time to read that letter. Then I called Arjun and showed it to him, and then he thought for a moment and said that someone is doing this for laughs and said to me to ignore this letter. We didn’t place the handkerchief and slept tight but I wasn’t sleeping that night. My brain was full of questions. How someone knows that am Navin’s sister? Then I saw repeatedly to my garden but no one came but I thought that someone had come in black Chevrolet car. But who are they I didn’t recognise they saw towards my gate and dialled someone and started the car.I didn’t understand the head to tail business and I slept with the confusion.


                      I woke up in the morning and get ready for the office and sat at the dining table to take breakfast. During breakfast, phone call came, and then I stepped near phone table to take the phone. That was a female voice and said the same wordings of the letter but the date of meeting was changed. The date of meeting was changed to 9th Feb. at 22 o’clock, i.e., tonight. I didn’t recognise the voice because I had heard for the first time. It was a young female voice about 20’s to 40’s age voice and she also added that don’t tell to your best friend i.e., Arjun and come alone. There was a layer of a sweat on my forehead,& my mother saw that and asked what’s the matter, but I didn’t answer, wiped the sweat and changed the topic by saying it was a nice breakfast.

                     In office, I tried to tell to my friend about the mysterious phone call, but I couldn’t tell him.Because,I want to know who’s this mysterious girl who want to talk about my brother’s death? I need to know. I closed my office works and came home and had the dinner, my parents went to sleep I pretended to go to sleep but after sometime I woke at 22:00hrs and came outside and slipped the red handkerchief onto the gate and opened the lock of the gate and sat there on the garden bench and waited for some time. I was kept seeing at my gate waiting for someone to come, but no one came, on the third time when I saw towards the gate there was a package which was entangled to the gate, a white package. I took the package and opened the contents; there was a mobile & a letter which said,

Hi Naina,

                 I know that you are shocked seeing this parcel. But I have no chance of contacting you.I need to talk to you face to face, but not in your house. Please meet a man near the Mangalore beach that man will be there selling coconuts, that man will have a big moustache and has a mole on his face on the right cheek. He’ll be talking in Kannada mixed tulu, ask him of ganjiless coconut and he understood, because, that man sells only ganjiless coconut. He gives a package, take it and give him Rs 20/=, he gives Rs 10/= to you as the change which contains a code. Please crack the code and come to the location. Please see the package before you crack the code. After seeing the package give me the missed call from that mobile which I have given, there I’d stored my number please do this work quickly because I’ve only small time. Please give me the missed call at 10am.

                   I was shocked with this parcel & the letter & I thought whole night about this and I had so many questions arising in my mind then I made up my mind and I went to the Mangalore beach, there I found the same man who had the exact description in the letter. I asked the coconut vendor the same which has written in the letter & gave Rs 20/= and he gave Rs 10/= &the package where there was written definitely something. When I saw the package contents, it revealed some photos. These photos revealed my brother’s best friends because his best friends were with him smiling at me. When I saw the photos my eyes became wet. I saw my brother affectionately. Last I saw my brother was my brother’s dead body. There was an innocent smile on his face with their friends. I wiped my tears and there was something written behind the photo. In the first photo, there were the names called Captains Rajveer Singh Shekhawat and Abhimanyu Rai Chauhan. The man to my brother’s right is Captain Abhimanyu Rai Chauhan and my brother’s left is Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat. On the second photo, ‘their life is in danger’. On the third photo, there was something else, ‘see your brother’s trunk’. On the fourth photo, ‘missed call me immediately’.Then I missed call the number from the given mobile at 10 am. After my work I came home, had my dinner, all slept except me.I took my path towards basement and entered and then I took Navin’s trunk and saw that there was a clear inch of the dust, I cleaned it and opened coughing.

                   Firstly, I saw his uniforms which contained the stars when I was seeing him, but there were no stars in this. My eyes became wet I wept for some time, and then there was a raksha yantra which he was wearing that always. Then further lifted the contents of the trunk. There were more clothes, and then there was a diary. On that time only a message came to my mobile. The message said, “examine the diary curiously, you will reveal a letter and crack the code on the Rs 10/= note and come to the location.”I had forgotten about the 10 rupees note & I ran to take it from my purse. But I panicked because that day I had given changes to Arjun for 50 rupees. I dialled to Arjun immediately & said about the 10 rupees note then he immediately took that note & came to my home silently so that my parents aren’t disturbed. He gave the note & there was a code in that said,”10899555 758361 910 185 4965 65 51395 109578 183243961, 3645 16 185 415713695 25138”.Firstly, I didn’t understand the mass numbers, but on thinking I thought the answer to the code is,”SHIREEN GEHLOT IS THE WIFE OF NAVIN SINGH AHLUWALIYA, COME TO THE MANGALORE BEACH”.Then, the code showed this answer. I thought that who’s this Shireen Gehlot? But it was answered by Arjun when he saw the surname Gehlot, he said that he’s the minister of India and he also thought that how can she become my bro’s wife am mean my sister-in-law and I didn’t understand head to tail of this code. Arjun also thought of some points but those became baseless but I noticed that Arjun is hiding something from me but I didn’t asked him and started reading my bro’s diary.Navin had wrote so many things in his diary and I started reading it till morning. But Arjun had gone to my room to sleep. According to the code I set out to the Mangalore beach slipping note to Arjun in my room then I said that Arjun had come late last night for some case discussion and is sleeping in my room to my parents and set off for morning jogging to Mangalore beach. There I stood for one hour waiting for the mysterious Shireen Gehlot girl but instead a boy came and gave a package to me & ran very fastly not giving me opportunity to enquire.

                Then I examined the package contents, it revealed a letter and some photos which contained my brother wedding with some lady and there was the marital certificate & there was a letter. I was shocked seeing the photos that bhaiyya is wedding with some girl and thought that we didn’t know that bhaiyya was married. This was becoming a big puzzle to me that how can he not saying to anyone he married; I was becoming more and more suspicious. It said,

Hi Naina,

                    We are meeting again. How are you? I know you are shocked with these photos. I need to talk to you face to face. Crack this code given below &come to the location. Please don’t show these photos or certificates to anyone. These are originals. I’ll give you another clue; I am a CID officer too. I’ll give my introduction when we meet. The code is “3645 16 185 8978416 66 1099109 9613 10167 18595,1855,49935 65 16 12621 242410 10167 154 4191”.please once again am saying don’t show these documents to anyone. Crack the code and missed call me from the mobile. See you soon.

               I took the package to the home and cracked the code, it said, “COME TO THE HIGHWAY OF SIRSI ROAD STOP THERE, THEN, DRIVE ON TO ABOUT 24KMS AND WAIT”.I missed call from the mobile and set out to Sirsi road. I came by taxi,& said to take me further 24 kms.The taxi driver took me as I’ve said & I said to wait for me but a phone call came to the given mobile. I answered it, a female voice talked to me and said,” no need to say to driver to stay, i’ll drop you”. I was fed up with this mysterious girl and my temper raised and I shouted at her,”look, who are you? Why are you in undercover? If you want to talk to me then why are you giving me clues like this, come to the open and talk to me? What if it’s a trap from you? What do you want from me anyway?” Angrily.

The female voice said to me, “Your brother’s justice, Naina trust me blindly, am not here to harm you, ok, you want another proof, then I’ll say a wording which your brother always said to you when you said that you’ll join army like him, he was saying that,”Naina I’ll protect the border of my country, you protect the country from inside”. I was shocked with these wordings, because, i & bhaiyya only known these words. Then, I said,” Look, who you are?”

The female voice said, “If you want answer then please send the car driver, pay him & send him. Just trust me Naina am your friend”. The phone was disconnected. Then I did as she told to me and I stood there waiting taking my gun ready. For some seconds, I saw only the vehicles, because it was a highway. Then I saw a black Chevrolet car, the very same I saw day before yesterday in front of my house. I became alert, the car came towards me. It stopped and the door opened, which revealed the very same lady whom I had seen in the photo who’s wedding with my brother.I was shocked to see her. She was a young lady but aged now. She was so beautiful. She was smiling at me and said, “I appreciate your alertness Naina”, impressively seeing the gun on my hand.

I asked, “Who are you?”Suspiciously.

She said, “Am Shireen Singh Ahluwaliya, your brother’s wife”. She gave her hand to shake and I didn’t gave I was still suspicious. On that time a familiar voice came from inside the car and it said, “Don’t be afraid and suspicious, she’s your sister-in-law”. I saw who said that and saw Arjun there and saw our prime minister of India Jagmohan Singh. I saluted him & I asked Arjun, “how come you are with her Arjun?”Suspiciously.

Arjun said smiling, “If you step inside the car then we can explain, step inside the car Naina.”Then I stepped inside the car keeping my gun in back pocket and shook the hands of Shireen. When I shook the hands of Shireen I felt that someone who’s close to me is shaking. Then I left her hand very soon. I think Shireen thought so too, but didn’t compliment or comment to me for that movement.

I asked her once again, “Who are you? Bhaiyya didn’t say that he’s married, and then who are you? & what are these photos and married certificates? What’s all this about?”Very fastly.

Shireen said taking her breath, “Calm down Naina, as I had said you previously am your sister-in-law in relation.”

I said, “Then prove it.”Bossily. Shireen raised her eyebrows and said, “I had given you the proof Naina. The proofs are in front of you and you are a CID officer yourself and check it yourself,” seriously. Arjun understood my situation and my mind and came to my aid and said, “It’s not like that, what you are thinking like Shireen, Naina is upset that she don’t know anything about your and her bro’s marriage, that’s why she’s acting like that, give her some more time Shireen, she’ll try to practise herself for this news.

I said immediately,” You knew about this, you knew that my bro was married and you didn’t think important to tell me”, angrily. Shireen said immediately,” Don’t blame him Naina he came to know yesterday only”, softly.

I asked, “How”? Arjun answered, “Do you remember that you said to investigate about your bro’s death? I was investigating silently and when you got that second mysterious letter, in which the code has given then I met Shireen and she had told me everything.”

I asked,” And what she had told you?” angrily.Arjun answered,” Just you hear yourself about that.”smiling.I didn’t understand his expression but there was an impressive smile on his face. I couldn’t understand his words and looked him in puzzled face.


                        Then I turned to Shireen and about to ask my questions but I observed that Shireen was seeing me hungrily with love. There were also tears on her eyes, but she wiped it noisily and saw me affectionately. I asked,” Why are you staring me?”

Shireen said,” You have your brother’s face, you remind me of Navin.”And she wiped her tears on her eyes. I asked,” You said that you are my sister-in-law, but how? Bhaiyya didn’t say about his marriage to me in any of his letters, in fact when he came home back from the leave about in the year 2006, about 7 months before, he didn’t say anything about his marriage.

Shireen said,” That’s because he was in secret mission in KMA-Kanchenjunga Military Academy.”calmly.I asked,” Hold on, this is the institute, where bhaiyya was qualified as a soldier, right?”Shireen said,”Correct, that is the institute where Navin was qualified as a soldier and traitor afterwards,” angrily. I asked in shock,” What? But how do you know?”Immediately. Shireen said,” I know Naina, that’s why I’ve come to meet you. Now it’s time to tell you everything.Naina, we both met in Madikeri, Navin was returning to KMA.”Shireen wiped her tears and said,” That was a very good moment for me, you know Naina, I was so happy to see your bro, he was such a handsome guy. When I saw him, my heart said that he’s the person who’ll become partner of me. He was so caring and a perfect gentleman to me. Gradually we introduced ourselves. You know, I had a different ideas about the army officers, they are so arrogant, they care nothing but discipline, they are like robots, marching about saying left right left.But, when I saw your bhaiyya, my imagination and views changed. Then we liked each other, we loved each other. Navin was always so naughty, he was having fun making me cry but it was like a childish pranks. He was always said about you Naina, very often because he loved you so much and his parents because he was so protective to the family. I was so impressed by this attitude and we loved each other. We got married in an register office in Madikeri.I was so excited because I was posted to this Mangalore branch as CID officer, then I got transferred to Bangalore branch.But,Navin wanted to keep our marriage as secret because he was in secret mission. He was tailing a lady called Dr.Ritu Mishra because she was in his suspect range so he became her boyfriend, he was telling me everything; about his mission to me as am an intelligence officer too. He was posted KMA as officer on special duty to protect nuclear triggers. He was tailing that lady Dr.Ritu Mishra because he thought her as a foreign spy who has come here to theft nuclear triggers. The day, when Navin was arrested he wanted to announce about our marriage and wanted to capture Dr.Ritu mishra,but he got arrested himself to save the nuclear triggers, he was about to meet me in Madikeri,but he didn’t came after that next morning, I saw the news and ran to enquire about it as press reporter and tried to meet him but that army people didn’t gave me permission. And then, thinking and disguising myself in burkha and introduced myself as Dr.Ritu Mishra I met him. I think this Dr.Ritu Mishra has politicians influence that’s why, they gave me the permission to meet Navin. When I met him I couldn’t see him in that state, they had tortured him very severely and said that his eyes are becoming dizzy. Then I asked what’s all this about?, then he answered that Dr.Ritu Mishra cheated me and see my diary, you’ll know and said that to please meet my sister and tell about this incident. Then he said that to me to protect myself, from the army people or else I’ll be tortured as like him and said that there’s a letter which I had written and see that with Naina only and said where the letter is kept. Then he also said that you have to protect his best friends who are Captains Rajveer Singh Shekhawat and Abhimanyu Rai Chauhan and he gave these photos which I’d given you, Naina. That was the last I saw him alive and when I saw him as dead body next time,I saw the funeral also but in disguise as a old women with hunch back,” crying.

Then I remembered the woman standing near a tree with hunch back and crying, but I had thought she’s also crying for someone during bhaiyya’s funeral. I said,”That woman was you?”Doubtfully

Shireen said,”Yeah, when I met Navin then I came to know that their superior officers are involved in the conspiracy. I investigated about that secretly, but I didn’t come to the conclusion that, who kept those nuclear triggers in his bag when he wanted to go outside the KMA. I tried to know about that, but no one said because one who know the truth, they are wearing the mask of lie & then I couldn’t know further,” painfully. I kept my hand on her shoulder in comforting way. Shireen wiped her tears and said,”Show me the diary Naina,did you get the letter?”.I said,”no”.And I gave the diary to her. She examined everywhere, but there was something rattling inside binded cover of the diary. It was sealed with the gum, so that, someone sees that then no one cannot think that it is sealed.I took the diary from her and opened the bind there was a letter which was addressed to both of us.I read it aloud,

Hi Naina,

                My dear Naina, and my dear beloved Shireen, this is my last letter to both of you. My death is a conspiracy which I had foreseen. My death’s true reason is Dr.Ritu Mishra and Lala Gehlot.Don’t be shocked Shireen that your father became the reason of my death, but it’s a fact. Lala Gehlot is auctioning our country for his ministry post. Dr.Ritu Mishra is involved in this conspiracy. Dr.Ritu Mishra was sent to make me caught in their conspiracy. Naina, you’ve to prove me innocent, now. I gave my life to save the thing which I’d gone to KMA to protect it. I’ve 3 last wishes, they’re 1)Naina, I wanted you to become the wife of Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat.2) I die on the hands of my best friend Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat.3)You protect my best friends Captains Rajveer Singh Shekhawat & Abhimanyu Rai Chauhan from that corrupted minister and our country also. Please fulfil these wishes of mine, Naina. My last blessings and love to you both Naina & Shireen.



                        I was stunned and shocked reading this letter and for some time, I didn’t react. Arjun was so worried and try to make me come to present world. When I came I started to weep on Arjun’s shoulder and he patted my head softly. Shireen was also cannot control her emotions and she wept harder. I asked to Shireen angrily,” So that’s why you married right?” I couldn’t digest this news that my bhaiyya’s father-in-law made this conspiracy. I shouted at her hoarsely. Shireen was also cannot digest this news and she was weeping harder. My temper was raising so much. Then I said,” We can arrest him with this letter.”Angrily.But someone said,”No”.I turned and saw who told no and it was our prime minister. We had forgotten his presence here and gave a quizzical look of why? Then he explained everything and said,” I know you didn’t notice me because I understand that you are making yourself comfort to the news of your brother’s marriage and his death. I know that you aren’t practised to see T.V or newspapers. You had hated that after seeing your brother’s publicity that he’s a traitor. I understand that. But, you have to struggle; you have to show them that your brother isn’t a traitor.

I asked,” But what’s the connections with all this business, to you, sir? You aren’t welcome, sir,”rudely.

Arjun said angrily,” Behave yourself Naina you know who he is”.P.M said,” It’s ok Arjun; I can understand Miss Ahluwaliya’s pain. Miss Ahluwaliya, am here to help you, I want to abolish that Gehlot from the ministry and want to cut the parts which are infecting our health.

I was amazed hearing these words, so Shireen also. Shireen asked,” How do we trust you sir? You politicians are all the same man. Just you give false promises till you ask for the vote and when you get the vote you never turn back and will come when the vote is needed once again, during elections. You politicians are chameleons like my father,” angrily. P.M said calmly, ”Mrs Ahluwaliya,if I was like the very person, you described then I wouldn’t be sitting here calmly with you and seeing your emotions, you can think of me too worse but am not diverted with that as I’d said to Miss Ahluwaliya that am here to help you.” I asked,”Then why me? Why am chosen to this works, you’ve very experienced CID officers, highly experienced officers, they can do the work perfectly, then why are you bothering me?”Angrily. P.M smiled at me and said,” Yes Miss Ahluwaliya, those people, who you mentioned now, can able to do this, but they work out professionally not personally. I want that person, who work this job personally and professionally and you fulfil that abilities. So am choosing you Miss Ahluwaliya. I thought for a moment and said,”ok sir, what is the plan?”Innocently.

P.M said,” Plan you’ve to work out to enter the KMA I can help you with everything. But, please don’t tell them that what you are up to or else the intruder becomes alert,” casually.

I asked,” What do you mean intruder, sir? Who has entered our country and how? There is no way to enter our part of the country, we are having sea in our side, and due to the disturbances in the sea they cannot enter our side of the country,” suspiciously. P.M said,” I thought so too, Miss Ahluwaliya, but I had information that enemy wants to theft the remaining nuclear trigger from the academy and to kill Captain Rajveer who’s coming to protect it. That’s why, am ordering you to go to academy and collect more evidences against Gehlot but you never reveal that you are CID officer. Until he’ll be behind the bars and especially you Shireen and please you return to your home. Miss Ahluwaliya, I want you to protect that Captains, those are innocent who don’t know anything about Gehlot,”briefly.

I said,” Yes sir, as it is my bhaiyya’s last wish.” Wiping my tears and taking a deep breath.


P.M said,” So how are you entering the KMA?”Softly. I said,” Firstly, I have to enter the KMA as……….as whom? Arjun you’ve any idea?” Arjun said,” How about a teacher?”Excitedly. Shireen said,” You cannot enter the academy as a teacher, you are neither a certified soldier nor an officer of military intelligence”, smiling dismissively.

P.M said,” Guys, let me suggest you. Miss Ahluwaliya, you are going to enter academy as Cadet. So that you can keep an eye on Captain Rajveer, and you too Arjun, your work will be to report the progress of this secret mission to ACP Pruthviraj Chauhan. Remember, this is a secret mission and you’re collecting more evidences against Gehlot.” he gave the orders and said,” you are transferred to kodagu bureau, you’ll report there and your new boss is ACP Pruthviraj Chauhan.You three report there, but Shireen you’ll report directly to your father’s house”. Then he said to Shireen,”So tell me Shireen, can I trust you?”Suspiciously.

Shireen said,” Why are you asking me like that sir,ofcourse you can trust me am not the Shireen now who was favouring my father in those days, am the Shireen who’s, the widow of Navin and Navin gave his life to this country to protect our country. Am not the person who you are thinking I learnt patriotism from Navin and am going to do that only. If you don’t trust me then also am going to work for my country only not for my father.” Angrily. P.M said,”Just I had expected from you Shireen, play your part.Ok, you two”, showing to me & Arjun, he said,” your objectives of this mission are 1) Protect the nuclear triggers and investigate about your brother’s death. 2) Protect your brother’s best friends from the Gehlot.3) To prove your bro’s innocence. 4) Prevent the military board by closing the KMA”.bossily

Arjun said,” What about me sir? How am I supposed to enter the KMA?”excitedly.P.M said,” You’ll enter the KMA as a criminal from the jail who is sent to reform you as a soldier and a gentleman, mind you’ll have to act like a criminal only. This file”, giving a file to him,” is the file in which it’ll be helpful to you for your secret mission”smiling.Arjun said,”Aye, aye sir,” saluting him. Shireen said,” What am I supposed to do, sir?”

PM said,” You are going to keep an eye on your father and are going to tell about his plans to Arjun, only Arjun, he discusses with Miss Ahluwaliya. Miss Ahluwaliya you’ll admit yourself as Naina singh, ok”. I said, “Yes sir”, saluting him.PM said,” Best of luck to you, guys”, smiling. Then Shireen dropped me to my house, but she took the glimpse of me once again and kissed me at my forehead and said best of luck to me and moved on. Then she also dropped our PM wherever he want because she had become security guard to him and so Arjun also. Then I convinced my parents that don’t tell to anyone that who am I and what’s my profession is, If  someone comes and asks, then they say that she has come there to prove his bro’s innocence. My parents are also very secretive; I had faith in them that they’ll not reveal about me. But they were so worried, because I was going to academy for my mission and had fear that the academy is going to make me the traitor like my brother also.

                   Next morning I set out to Madikeri CID bureau to report. I got off from the bus in bus stand in Madikeri and stood there to wait for auto to take me to my destination. But someone was behind me and he was watching me very closely. I noticed that and I walked further to an empty road so that I can catch him, he followed me very carefully, then I stood there to make him come and I suddenly hide behind a large bush, then he was also searching that where I had gone and asked in the mobile,” Where did she go, yaar? What a perfect figure, if she’ll be sent to the Dubai then she’ll earn us the crores of money. But she’s not seen I think she’ll be captured.” Then I waited to keep his mobile then I jumped on him and held my gun to his head and said, “you are supplying the girls to Dubai, where are your gang? Tell me now. He was a stout man with height of about 6 and said,” Who are you?”Sweating. I said,” Who am I? I’ll show you who am I, come,”angrily.Then I took him to the nearest police station.

                 There a guard was sitting on a bench snoring happily. I saw him made him get up, he said to me,” who are you moron, who’s disturbing my sleep?”Then I entered not answering him. He was so angry, he kept his hand on my shoulder, on that time only I twisted his hand and asked angrily,” where’s your inspector?” then he stammered and cannot resist the pain he said,” he hasn’t come to the station, and who are you asking this and who’s this man?”Then I saw the time it was 10:30am and then I took the man and pushed him into the cell and locked him. The guard tried to revolt me, but when I showed him my ID card then he saluted me with fear and said,” what do you like to have, madam, tea or coffee? We’ve finest tea here who you like very much,” trying to impress me.

I said,” where’s your inspector I want him?”Angrily. On that time, from the cell the man said,” leave me my dear sweetheart; I can show you the heaven. I said,” shut up,” angrily. On that time the inspector came and saw me and said,” Who are you, madam?”seeing me angrily and he saw the man in the jail and said,”Sir, what you are doing, here?”And he opened the lock and released the man. He said,” Thank you. Am very impressed with you Miss Ahluwaliya,”smiling at me. I asked,” Who are you and how do you know my name?”Suspiciously. Then he tries to make me fall but I resisted him and gave him a strong punch and he fell down far away from me. His nose was bleeding because of my punch and feeling dizzy. He said,”Impressive,”with a smile. I asked,” What’s impressive? Tell me who are you now?”bossily.Then he showed his ID card,” Inspector Daya Nayak,” giving his hand. I gave the hand very slowly and we both shook and said,” Am very sorry sir, I didn’t know that, but why did you talked like that from your mobile phone? I thought you are a criminal, that’s why I brought you here. But you could’ve told me that you’re also the CID officer on the way,” slowly. Daya said,” It’s ok; I’d to check that you are an able candidate for our mission; you’d passed your test, congratulations. Let’s go. I said,” Yes sir.sir, if you don’t mind, may I?”Showing the wound on Daya’s nose. Daya said,” what you going to do?”In fear. I smiled and said,” Don’t be afraid sir, am not going to operate you,” I went outside and saw the plant which has the medicinal value, I took its leaves and crushed it and poured the juice on the bleeding, then after sometime the bleeding stopped and I gave the handkerchief to close the nose. Daya said,” Thanks,” gratefully and said to the policeman,” I’ll see you afterwards, kiran.” Then Daya exited. Naina stopped there only and said,” And Mr Kiran, make sure you come at correct time to the police station as office hours starts at 10am,”smiling.and I exited to join Daya. That inspector didn’t understand head to tail business of this incident and scratched his head thinking.

Daya said opening the bureau car, “After you,”smiling.Naina nodded and sat inside the car. Both reach the bureau office.


                    We reached our destiny and Daya got off from the car and said, “ACP Saab is waiting for you Naina, in his office I can call you Naina?”I said,”ofcourse, sir,”comfortably. Daya said,” No need to call me sir, you can call me Daya or Nayak, as it is my surname,”smiling.I said,”Ok, Nayak.”Smiling. Nayak said,” That’s better” smiling. Naina nods and enters her new office, and then she comes in front of ACP’s office and knocks at the door. From inside a voice comes’ come in’. Then Naina enters the room and stands in front of ACP’s chair and says,”Naina Singh Ahluwaliya reporting sir”,firmly.ACP had turned his chair opposite to her, he turns towards Naina and says,” Naina Singh Ahluwaliya, sharp, very fast and determined woman. You’ll not sit quietly till you complete your work. You are a very intelligent and I think you were in first place during the training in the entire police academy. You aren’t taken to the investigation because of your bro’s reputation in your previous place and you aren’t having any practise of investigation, right? Naina saya,”Yes sir”, stubbornly. ACP said,” Then why’ve you come here, Miss Ahluwaliya, what you want to do?”Bossily. Naina didn’t understand his words and asked,” what you are talking about, sir?” ACP said,” Prove me that you are an intelligence officer. Show me that letter which your brother had written it to you & your sister-in-law, I need to see that letter,” angrily seeing Naina’s eyes. Then Naina hesitated to give Navin’s letter to him. Naina said,” Sir before am going to show you the letter, I want to ask you a favour,” politely. ACP saw her suspiciously & said,”Ok shoot.”Naina said politely,” Sir, I want that you keep the contents of the letter secret from everybody, so that we can do our work without any threatening, please promise me, sir.”ACP thought for sometime & said,”Ok, Miss Ahluwaliya, you’ve my word.”Naina nodded & gave the letter.ACP read that letter & is shocked & saw towards Naina & said,” Do you mean that, your brother was made traitor by Lala Gehlot?”Naina nodded.ACP thought sometime & said,” Miss Ahluwaliya, the mission which you are going to go only danger is there. Miss Ahluwaliya, you’ve to face death or you can die during this mission. Do you want to die?”Angrily. Naina said,” I don’t want to die, but If death comes then I’ll welcome it with my open arms sir,”proudly.On that time only ACP takes his gun and points to Naina’s forehead & said,” Then prepare to die.”Naina didn’t fear for a second also she stood there silently, after sometime she said,” What are you waiting for sir, pull the trigger.”

ACP said after sometime,” I’m impressed, congratulations. I appreciate your fearlessness Naina.”Smiling at her taking the gun from her forehead and keeping it in his back pocket and giving the letter back to Naina & giving his hand to shake.”In fact, I’ve some old scores to settle with that Lala Gehlot,”angrily. Naina gave him a meaningful look.”Don’t you worry about that, you concentrate on your work, Miss Ahluwaliya,”bossily. Naina took his hand & shakes it and smiling said,” Yes sir. Thank you sir,” and leaves his hand.ACP Pruthviraj chauhan is a senior officer and he has solved about 500 cases. He’s also a stout man and has a normal neck, he has a roman nose and the nose pits are very large and the nostrils are long. His age is about 50 He has moustache and he’s having a very kind faced but his face has become red with angry because of seeing Daya’s wound. ACP asked him,” What’s this wound Daya?”Worriedly. Daya said,” It’s because of your plan sir, didn’t you told me to test Naina about her guts?”He nods” It’s the result of the test. She took me to the police station and she put me behind the bars and locked, all because of your plan. Then when I tried to act like you said then she gave me a strong punch and my nose started bleeding and I felt dizzy also because of her punch, I never felt like ashamed of myself when my girlfriend has slapped me. But this girl is so dangerous.” painfully. Everyone laughs at his remark even ACP also and said,” Am impressed Naina, am sorry but you are the perfect person to this job as PM explained you are the person who works personally and professionally.”impressively.Naina says,” Thank you, sir”smiling.

ACP said,” Come I’ll introduce you to the office,” taking her appointment letter, and he keeps his hand on Naina’s shoulder, but Naina feels uncomfortable and she only takes his hand from her shoulder and said,” I’ll come sir.sir,what about Arjun Sharma, he was also posted here with me?”Softly.ACP said,”Oh he reported yesterday and you know what’s his part is, so he’ll meet you in academy and Shireen also reported yesterday and she’s in her position, now.”Softly. Then he introduces Naina to the office. Naina said hello to everyone, and makes herself comfortable. Then Naina wrote the defence exam and was admitted to KMA-Kanchenjunga Military Academy to become a soldier. I came to the academy, before that I’d done a few arrangements so that two CID officers can admit themselves as orderly so that they’ll protect the nuclear trigger room from that intruder.


(From now onwards narration will be from Navin Singh Ahluwaliya (NSA))

NSA said,” Kanchenjunga Military Academy, which is situated in Madikeri, Kodagu district, Karnataka. Behind the wall of KMA another life is present. Here common man enters and exits as a soldier. Here, a man’s will-power and goals are made stronger. This is possible with different processes and Simon says,’ to become success, we need hard work and discipline. Simon, I’m mean Brigadier Chandok.(He’s a big beefy giant man having the height of 7 who has hardly any moustache and has a very smug expression on his face, but now he has become angry because one cadet hasn’t pierced the target correctly)He’s the principal of this academy(On that time, cadets practise their target by piercing the target with the front part of the rifle, one cadet not pierces the target correctly and brigadier sees that and take the rifle and said)to face this man is to face a firing pot will be equal.(Whenever you think enemies as a human, your hands will shake. In war, soldier’s reason of shaking is death, during that situation, what the soldier do?”Emotionally. Other cadet answered,” He recalls his motto,”emotionally.BC said,”What’s our motto?”Other cadet answered,” Strength and Honour. BC said,” Strength and Honour,”patriotically.Then all cadets pierce the target correctly.)Yes, Strength and Honour, this academy’s motto. Now, each cadet has to make history. Now it’s the turn of new batch(on that time an ambassador car entered inside, from that Naina gets off and see around her very proudly)I remember that I also came here having some fear and determination like Naina.(Naina gets off the car and sees around her. Then her father steps out and sees her in worried expression. Naina see the campus totally. Then Naina makes her parents convince and warns them to don’t contact her not even to the mobile also and says that she’ll be giving her information to them only. Then Naina’s parents depart to their home and Naina takes her luggage and enters the main building. (KMA has very large grounds and forests. It has 4 complexes 1) Main building where school is conducted. 2) Second building is Staff quarters where staff settles themselves after their classes. 3) Boys hostel. 4) Girls hostel. Nuclear trigger room is there but it is kept as secret.)Firstly, she sees the amar jawan jyothi and salutes it patriotically. Then she enters to it & proceeds to the principal office. There near the principal office a boy is sitting on the bench sees Naina & introduces himself,” Am Ali from Kanpur, he gives his hand for shaking. Naina answered,” Naina from Mangalore.” and both shake. Inside the principal’s office, a boy stands having an expression of innocent smile & wore a green T-shirt which said’ It’s obvious you’ve me.’ BC said,” Don’t think that, there’s a hands of your father in this admission. I’ve given you admission because you are able & intelligent and we make you courageous. That boy said,” Yes sir, I don’t want to be called by my father’s name. I want to be known by my own name, sir. Yudi, Captain Yudi, Major Yudi, after that Colonel Yudi and one day, Brigadier Yudi, like you sir.”

BC said,” Keep this determination during the training, which will work there.” dismissively. Yudi salutes and said,” Aye aye sir.” Yudi comes outside and wishes best of luck to Ali and goes. Ali said that he’s the 3rd generation who’s coming to the army. Then Ali is also admitted. Then Naina’s turn comes, BC underestimates Naina. Then Naina challenges that she’ll become the best cadet pass out. BC is so angry but resists and admits her.

Here yudi’s parents try to convince him that this army life is so miserable and says that he’ll be roaming in the tank taking a rifle. But they fail in their attempt and they also depart to their home. Mr Sahani said,” I’ve seen so many soldier marching left right left right, but don’t worry, I’ll talk to that Chandok. From 10 yrs, I supply the goods to this academy,” proudly.

Yudi says,” You bet, you only applied plaster here,” showing the wall, dismissively. Mrs Sahani says,” Paint this room and make this room air conditioned. How he supposed to be live here in this heat, there’s only one fan and bed is two. They’ve any presence of mind?”In disgust.

Yudi says,” Mom, am going to share this room with my roomy.” casually. Mr Sahani said,”Ya, some Huda is his name.”Mrs Sahani said in even more disgust,”What, are you going to share the room with a Haryanvi? Now is also time is there, come with us. If you join this military academy then taking the gun you’ll be roaming in the tank only. Then what about my dreams of sitting in the Mercedes Benz car. Look, you and Mrs Sharma’s Bantu both go to America. From there, you can chat with me in computer and you can take your photos in front of Big Ben. Yudi said,”Mom, Big Ben is in London.”Yudi’s mom said innocently,”oh”.”Please, give me a break, chill.”Dismissively.

Mr Sahani said,” You chill, look son adjust for 2-3 days. I’ll make the room single occupancy. Mrs Sahani said,” Bye son come on Sunday,” lovingly. Mr Sahani said,” Yes yes, he’ll come,” dismissively (after Mrs Sahani’s exit from the room) “Listen, I’ve betted on you for Rs 5000/=.Don’t make me lose It.” and he also exits from the room. Yudi said,” You already failed in the bet papa, am not going to come back. (Then he takes his Guitar and tunes it and shouts freedom…….on that time, Ali comes and smiling asks,”Freedom, in this academy?”)Yudi said,”Ya from my mom and dad’s world.”Ali said,” But here, am remembering my ammi,”sadly.

Then a police van comes inside the academy and from that Arjun steps out. His hand is tied with iron clamps. The policeman comes and salutes him, but Arjun said,” Behave yourself as a policeman, now am a criminal, so act more like you’re taking me to the academy for reform.” Policeman said,” Sorry sir,” proudly. Then the policeman enters the building dragging Arjun by the shoulder and he called for Suriji. Suriji said,” Yes am Subhedhar Surinder Suri, am waiting for you only and you are 5 minutes late,” bossily. The policeman said,”Sorry sir, here is your Cadet (showing towards Arjun) Arjun Sharma, father’s name is Harilal Sharma, criminal no.121,child crime, remand home, Bellary,” casually. Suriji saw Arjun top to bottom and seeing his iron clamps and said,” It’s alright but open his iron clamps, this isn’t your jail, this is our academy and here no one is qaidi, everyone’s the children of this country,” emotionally. Policeman opened his clamps and salutes the Suriji and exits. Arjun saw Suriji in anger and see towards amar jawan jyothi and salutes it in the mind only. Suriji said,”Puttar, my name is Subhedhar Surinder Suri but you call me only Suriji. Look, Remand home has sent you to reform & to become a gentleman and to become a soldier and for that you’ve to forget your past life and start a new life. Is it not, come puttar come,”caringly.Other cadets try to criticize him but Suriji charges them and make them run from there and he takes him to the mess.

NSA said,” This is the importance of this academy. They give second chance to everyone to become soldier, who’ll protect the India. This academy has produced so many courageous soldiers, who has been awarded best medals. I, Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya was this academy’s best student. This academy, here energy, here atmosphere, everything is special. (All cadets settle down in their rooms)

                          In mess, Suriji serves tea and biscuits to Arjun and said,” I’ll give you the clothes.”Ali comes to the mess and dials to his ammi. Naina enters girls hostel) There’s life here in every bricks. Subhedhar Major Lolita Sen (SMLS) calls Naina and explains the rules and regulations of the hostels. SMLS said,” Miss Naina,”bossily. Naina said,”Ah Singh,” softly. SMLS said,” Come again,” bossily. Naina said,”Naina Singh,” stubbornly. SMLS said seeing Naina top to bottom,” What a go. Strong independent, but when you see a gentleman, you’ll never stops dreaming about him, right.”Naina sees her innocently.”I’ll never be wrong. I’ll have every information about what’s going on behind the door because my name is Lolita sen, girls hostel warden, your room no. is 202 first floor, turn right 20 foot front and mind you no cell phones,” bossily. Naina goes but Lolita sen stops her and said,” Cadet Singh, before you go make yourself clear with the hostel rules-1) In room, the high noises and voices isn’t allowed. 2) After lights out, you are restricted to come out of the room. 3)To go outside the academy you’ve to take my permission and mind you cadet am not your mother, am your warden, If you miss your mummy or doggie, I don’t care, all am concerned about your discipline,dismiss,”bossily. Naina went taking a deep breath of relief from there. Suriji makes panicky lolitaji by standing behind. She clutches her heart and shouts at him and goes from there. Suriji sees her impressively. In the girls hostel a girl is talking in her mobile asks,”Rohit Rohit Rohit is there?”Then she throws the mobile angrily and it brakes and then cursing her mistake she takes the parts to join it. On that time Naina enters the room. The girl seeing Naina introduces herself,” I am Pooja Ghai your roommate,” smiling and giving her hand to Naina. Naina takes it and examines her hand. Her hand is designed with mehndi.”My marriage broke. I was abandoned by my Ranjha Rohit. He left me on the eve of marriage,” sadly. Naina feels bad and introduces herself smiling sweetly,”Naina Singh,” shaking Pooja’s hand and leaves it.

Pooja asks,” Did you meet the old man?”Naina smiled at her.”I’m mean Brigadier Chandok. He’s so arrogant man, is it not?”Naina asked,” How did you get the admission?”Curiously. Pooja said,” Sports cotta,hockey player,” showing the hockey stick to Naina,”You know that old man says that my talk time will never work for one month here. Who want to take lifetime plan here?”Naina sees the mess on her bed, Pooja also sees that and says,”Oops sorry. I’ll fix it, you’ve a seat Naina.”Then she said sadly,” You know Naina, in my life, tragedy’s message box is full. My Ranjha Rohit, before connecting to me he gone to out of coverage area. To search him, I’d come to Madikeri. When I search him, I’ll go to my original plan. You know Naina, when I & Rohit met, then for 1 minute Rs 8 was incoming calls and outgoing was Rs 10 but, Rohit was talking with me daily and he was sending SMS also. When we celebrated the happy anniversary of our meeting, then talk time’s incoming charges were lowered and Rohit’s love also. First the phone calls were stopped and messages also.”Then Naina cleans the mess and makes herself comfortable in her bed and opens her luggage and takes her dress and assembles it in wardrobe. On that time only, a phone call comes to Pooja’s phone. She happily takes it and sits on the window and saying ‘Hello’ repeatedly but no reply comes for further she bends backwards and falls from the window. The fall of Pooja sounds to the mess and Ali disconnects the phone and asks the orderly that is something has fallen on the terrace. But orderly answers that some bird I think. And then, he pays fewer amounts but orderly asks remaining. Then he explains his situation and Suriji listens and says that after you return it. Then he gives some clothes to Arjun and said,” Take these 2 sets of clothes for you. You’ve to wear uniform all the day, is it not? If you’ve completed your snacks then I’ll show to your room.”

Arjun asked,” What do I work, here?”Rudely. Suriji saw him in puzzle and said,” work?”Arjun said,” Free clothes, free tea, free food then what work will be done here, instead?”Suriji hearing this said impressively,”Waah, you talk perfectly, I was thinking that you are dumb or not. Look, we don’t make you work. You are here to take military training so work hard. Arjun said dismissively,” In jail, I was getting Rs 15 for my hard work.”Suriji said,”Here, you’ll get praises from Brigadier Chandok for your hard work. Look puttar, don’t you think very much and don’t make me think very much. You’ll know about the rules and regulations of the academy very soon.” On that time Naina runs to the mess and said but before that she saw Arjun and hand gestures to say Hi, he smiles sweetly and become serious once again,”Sir,my roommate Pooja Ghai,she has fallen from window. I searched for her but I couldn’t find her,” worriedly. Suriji said,” I think she ran away from academy. Naina said,” No sir( In the meantime Arjun taking the clothes said,” The bird, she has fallen into the terrace,”directly.Ali said,” The bird,oh no,” in the hurry runs towards the ladder, Naina follows and Ali climbs the ladder & saw Pooja talking with Rohit in mobile phone. Ali asks,” Are you all right?”Pooja said giving her hand to Ali,”Hi am Pooja speaking,” holding the mobile phone.”Ali smiles at her and Pooja unconsciouses.Ali sees her in panic.


                       In Brigadier’s office, BC examining a file calls an orderly. BC said,”Rustum, Rustum,”bossily. The orderly enters very fastly and stands in front of BC. BC said,” Academy’s gate will have to be closed at fixed time,” bossily. Rustum said,” Yes sir, the bird or any other animal cannot enter inside the academy. Sir, one cadet is remaining, his name is Huda,” obediently. Then phone rings & BC answers.”Sir, yes sir, right sir, no sir, who Captain Rajveer. Yes he was my student,” On that time Captain Rajveer enters the academy and salutes to amar jawan jyothi,”Sir, to teach Strategy and Communications, we’ve so many experienced and trained soldiers in the army…but why u chose Captain Rajveer?……. Ok sir.” and he disconnects the phone.”Rustum, after the academy’s gate closes, there ‘ll be no entry to anyone, if it is Cadet or officer,” angrily. Rustum nods and exits. On that time Capt.R enters and goes near Hall of fame & saw the photos.

NSA,” Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat, he was my best batch mate, but now, situations are changed,” sadly.

                                     BC came there and said,” Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat, so you came here once again?”Angrily. Capt.R salutes BC. BC said,” Relax,” Capt.R relaxes himself “Captain Rajveer, you didn’t impress me when you were here as a student. You didn’t have courage to leave the army, so you recommended yourself to come here. And when did you become expert in strategy and communications?”Angrily. Capt.R smiled dismissively, and said,”Sir, am posted here, sir,” Calmly.BC said,” Postings my foot, postings will be done to soldiers not of teachers,”angrily.Capt.R smiled dismissively and said,” Sir, till today, I didn’t understand, why you hate me so much? That’s because that I didn’t top this academy like your best student Capt Navin Ahluwaliya?”BC said,” What do you want to say, Captain?”Softly. Capt.R said,” Nothing sir, but the truth is that Capt Navin Ahluwaliya is the best cadet pass out of Kanchenjunga Military Academy, and we cannot deny that truth,sir,”calmly. BC become angry and said,” He was, no traitor will pass out as best cadet now onwards.”And he takes the photo of Capt.NSA from the hall of fame and throws it to the floor. The photo frame brakes. Capt.R said,” Just throwing the photo, we cannot deny the truth that military board is thinking of closing the academy.”BC said angrily,” Yes, but military board trust me now also.”Capt.R said calmly,” That’s why am sent here sir, to confirm the trust. In fact, I’ve to submit the report to military board about teachings of the academy. I don’t want to make closed the KMA myself but I need your co-operation and there’s no connection to Capt. Navin Ahluwaliya’s death with my report, sir.”

NSA said sadly,” Who wants to keep the connection with a traitor? I Capt NSA was this academy’s best cadet pass out, but in front I didn’t give my proof of my courage and patriotism. Am not a patriot but a bloody traitor. My death has dragged on someone here and she’s Naina Singh Ahluwaliya.”

                                On that time Naina lifts the photo of her bhaiyya and said in her mind with the wooden expression on her face,” I’ll prove that you aren’t a traitor. One day, your photo will be put on the wall of hall of fame and one who threw this, he’ll only put that. Don’t worry bhaiyya, because of whom you were made traitor, he’ll be behind the bars, I promise you in front of this fires of amar jawan jyothi that because of the reason this academy is about to close, I‘ll show them that the reason is lie and your last wishes will be fulfilled without fail, trust me.”She weeps silently. Capt.R sees that Naina is seeing the photo of Capt NSA and calls her,” Fresher.”Naina wipes her tears and turns and saw the Capt.R, he’s aged now about 28yrs. He’s so handsome, he has black round eyes and Naina saw a twinkle in his eyes of proving something. He’s wearing an overcoat blue colour & jeans pant and is now seeing Naina very kindly. Naina was mesmerised with his handsomeness & saw him hungrily. Capt.R asked,” Your name,” calmly. Naina comes to the conscious and saw him in puzzled face. Capt.R said warmly,” What’s your name, fresher?”Naina answered nervously,”Naina Ah Singh.”Capt.R said,”Naina Ah Singh, interesting name,” smiling sweetly. Naina changes the subject to save herself and asked him,”Sir, who’s this?”By showing the photo. Capt.R about to answer on that time BC answers,” A traitor,” angrily. Naina feels angry also but resists and Capt.R answers afterwards,” And this academy’s best cadet.”Naina is very impressed with him. BC said angrily,” I don’t think Miss Singh that you’ve come here to discuss the history. You are dismissed.”Capt.R nods dismissively. Naina said,” Yes sir.” and she keeps the photo where it has been thrown & steps to go but BC said,” Just remember Cadet Singh, this academy has produced so many soldiers who are now become shaheed. I don’t want to listen the name of the traitor Capt.NSA. Importantly not in the mouths of the cadets. Do you understand?”Naina resists the anger and said,” Yes sir.”Capt.R observed this but not takes it for concern. Naina exits from there to her hostel.

NSA said,” Here my name isn’t allowed to take, is my sister will be allowed here? Naina’s challenge isn’t the training but she has to hide that she’s Naina Singh Ahluwaliya and undercover CID officer. Traitor Navin Singh Ahluwaliya’s sister. I said my last wishes in my letter but can she fulfil it, we’ve to see.”

                        A young boy riding on his bike attends the phone call from his mobile & replies,” Yes maa, am reaching, it’s not an aeroplane, it’s a bike. Then he saw a beautiful woman driving a red car and disconnects the phone and starts flirting with her. He follows her car. Then he introduces himself,”Chori, am Captain Huda, Amardeep Huda, am going to KMA. Woman like you will have to be in the academy. That woman said,” Really, will you help me with the admission,” sarcastically. Huda said,”Ofcourse, let us meet on Friday night dinner. I’ll explain you all about the courses. What say you, madam?”Happily. That woman said,” Really, but I’ve heard that the academy’s gate will be closed at 6pm and now there’s only 2 minutes left to close the gate,” Innocent but cunningly inside. Huda said,” Bet with me my dear we’ll reach,” confidently. That woman said,”1 minute 40 seconds,” confidently. Huda said,” Let’s go madam,” confidently. And he starts the bike and moves on. That woman also starts the car and moves on. Huda comes on the time of gate close and that woman also. The guard saw the woman’s car and opens the gate, that woman enters and Huda enters behind her fastly. The guard stops him but Huda said,” Didn’t you see that am with Dr.Singhal,”confidently. That woman is amazed and impressed. Then she gesture to the guard to leave him and said,”Dr.Capt.Shalini Singhal (Dr.S), very smart,” impressively. And she exits from there. Huda followed her and said,” Madam, I’ve won the bet, if you are free then, let’s go to Friday night dinner?”Confidently. Dr.S said,” I’ll not socialize with cadets,” seriously. Huda said,” No problem madam. I’ll not be wearing the uniform on that time,” confidently. Dr.S said,” Let us meet first Brigadier Chandok,”stubbornly. Huda said,”Ofcourse madam, let’s meet tawoo also. They report to BC’s office,” confidently. Then they report to BC’s office. BC asked,” You are late Mr Huda,” angrily. Huda said,” Sir, I was here before gates closed,” confidently. BC said sarcastically,”Oh and where you lost?”Huda said,” I was repairing Capt.Singhal’s car.”Dr.S is amazed hearing this. BC said,” Are you a mechanic?”Calmly. Huda said,” No sir, am a farmer’s son, but in the fields, I repair my tractor only.Jai Jawan Jai Kisan, sir,” confidently. BC asked,” Is it true Dr.Singhal?”Enquiringly. Dr.S said,” Yes sir,” calmly. Then BC admits Huda. Then Huda follows Dr.S and tries to impress her and to take the dinner & then he asked the way to boys hostel. But Dr.S sent him to girls hostel saying him wrong direction. Huda reaches girls hostel not seeing the board and enters room number 202 and sleeps on his bed.

                   Here Naina comes near hall of fame and picks her bro’s photo, but someone said ,”Miss Singh,” and she throws the photo once again into the dustbin and turns it was Capt Rajveer. Capt.R asked,” What you are doing here, Miss Singh?”Enquiringly. Naina is nervous but calms herself and said,” Sir actually my handkerchief has fallen here that’s why am searching here,” confidently. Capt.R said,” Miss Singh, lights will be off at 8pm and now it’s 8 o’clock 5 minutes. If you’ll not go to your hostel, then you know that Brigadier is very strict about the discipline. If you not go to your room, now, you’ve lost your handkerchief. If you’ll be here for some more minutes then you’ll lose your admission also. Did you understand?”Softly. Naina said,” Yes sir,” innocently. Capt.R said,”Dismiss,”sweetly. Naina smiles at him and goes and hides there only. Capt.R also goes but not towards his room but towards BC’s office. Naina observed this and followed him but before that she took her bro’s photo. Capt.R enters BC’s room and starts searching. Naina observed this and heard that someone’s coming and hides and runs to her hostel and enters to her room. She don’t switches on the light and closes the door and not thinking she sits on her bed, then Huda screams and so Naina also. Naina said angrily,” Who are you? How dare you to come to my room?”Huda said in amazement,” Who are you, chori? How dare you to come to my room? It is room no. 202. Naina said,” This is girls hostel, it’s not your room no. 202,”angrily.Huda said in amazement,” Wow, you are so hot,” impressively. Naina twists Huda’s hand. Huda screamed with pain and said,”Phoolandevi, leave my hand,” painfully. On that time Pooja wakes up in half sleep and said,”Rohit, Rohit, at last you came,” and tries to hug Huda. Huda releases himself by Naina’s grip on that time his watch falls to the floor and said,” She’s an indecent girl, she’s so dangerous yaar,”uncomfortably. Naina said,”Pooja, he’s not Rohit,”convincingly. Pooja said confidently,” You switch on the light, he’s Rohit.”Naina goes to switch on the light but Huda stops her by grabbing her hand in that time warden comes and shouts to open the door & Pooja goes and sleeps on her bed. Naina said,” Get out,” angrily. Warden said,” Girls open the door,” angrily. Huda said,” I’ll meet you afterwards, chori,”happily. And he jumped from the window. Naina hides her bro’s photo under her bed and opens the door and switched on the light. Lolita sen said,” Who’s that?” seeing towards the window. Naina said,” Madam, I didn’t see his face. Meantime Huda enters boys hostel and enters room no. 202 and said,”Jai Jawan Jai Kisan,”suspiciously. No one answered, and then he enters the room and opens the blanket of Yudi. Yudi gets off and said,” Who’s that?” shockingly. Huda asked,” You are a boy or not,” doubtfully. Yudi said,” What?”Innocently. Huda said,” Nothing, you sleep on,” calmly.

                       Here in girls hostel, Lolita Sen said,” Are you sure that was a boy? Am guessing that he’s your boyfriend?”Suspiciously. Naina said,” Madam, I’ve no boyfriend,” calmly. On that time Pooja gets up. Lolita Sen asked her,” Do you have any boyfriend?”Pooja replies,”Rohit,”innocently. Lolita Sen said,” Come again,”angrily.Pooja said innocently,” Where?”Naina said innocently,” When I find out, I’ll inform you madam.”Lolita Sen said,” If you inform me or not am going to kill him,” angrily. Naina saw the watch on the floor in front of Lolita sen’s feet & smiled dangerously. Lolita sen seeing this asked angrily,” What makes you smile Cadet?”Naina said,” Nothing madam,” innocently. Lolita sen said,” Fine, lights out and close the door cadets,” bossily and exits outside the room. Naina closes the door & locks it.


 Pooja asked,” What happened yaar?”Innocently. Naina answered,” Nothing you go to sleep,” caringly. Pooja said,” Now, how can sleep come? I kept myself in sleep mode taking the pills, now its resetted in full volume,”dismissively.Naina switched off the light and said,’ good night ‘to Pooja. Pooja said,” Good night,” softly.

                      In the meantime, in boys hostel, Ali wakes up suddenly and saw that fan isn’t working & asked to Arjun,” Has electricity isn’t there? I thought in Kanpur only electricity goes on,”dimissively. Arjun said,” Give me the glass and I’ve stopped the fan. I don’t like any movement in my room.” Ali gives the glass and asked,” Shall I give you some water?”Helpingly. Arjun said,” No, go to sleep,” directly. And Arjun opened an alcohol bottle and poured some rum to the glass of water and started drinking and asked to Ali,”Will you drink? In fact there’s no allowance in your religion, right.” Ali seeing this he feels uncomfortable and said,” Why don’t you sleep, we’ve to get up at 5:30 am tomorrow. Arjun replied,” I was getting up at 4:30am in jail. Ali feels even more uncomfortable and asked in fear,” Jail, what you did?”Arjun said carelessly,” Murder.”Ali feels uncomfortable.”Don’t be afraid. Hear from one ear and leave it from other ear, ok,”directly and continues drinking. Ali said,” I’ll go to washroom and come,” uncomfortably and went to washroom. Then Ali entered Yudi’s room to talk with him but he saw Huda there and introduces himself both shaking their hands. Ali welcomes Huda to academy and Huda laughing explained his adventure to girls hostel, he was sent to girls hostel by a woman officer seeing his personality. He praises himself very much. Then Ali said that this is wrong and we’ve to respect woman. Huda said,” I also respect woman and love them also,” in flirtation style. Then Ali appreciates Arjun who’s from the jail. Yudi asked doubtfully that he has come from jail? And Ali answered yes to him. Then Huda saw the watch on his hand to see the time but there’s no watch and thought that the watch had fallen in that girl’s room and set out to take it with Yudi. Huda said,” In room no 202; I’d seen a girl yaar. She’s so hot yaar. Don’t take tension, its thrill that I’d not seen her face.” Yudi asked,” Do you mean Naina Singh?”Uncomfortably. Huda said,” What her name is Naina? She’s very hot yaar. Is she Haryanvi, then my mother won’t like her. Yudi said,” But her roommate, she’s pakka sardarni, her name is Pooja Ghai & she’s also a hockey player, I think.” Huda appreciates that he has the news of every girl. Then Huda & Yudi hides seeing the guard in front of girls hostel. Huda gestured Yudi to divert the guard. Yudi refuses but Huda forces him and Yudi throws a stone to divert the guard and guard is diverted in the meantime Huda enters the girls hostel and rings the bell of fire alarm. All the girls run out including Naina, Pooja and Warden also hearing the bell. Then Huda runs to Naina‘s room and searches for his watch but gets hold of the photo of NSA but from behind someone said,” You’re searching for this. I knew that you’ll come back,” softly. Huda turns and saw Naina and smiled and showing the photo of NSA asked,” Then what about this?”Naina saw the photo and said in fear,” Give me the photo.” threateningly. Huda said,” I wanted to meet you to my mother. Who’s this & When’s going on these affairs?”Bossily. Naina said,” None of your business,” angrily and tried to grab the photo, but Huda not gives the opportunity. Then Naina said angrily,” Do you want your watch then give me that photo.”Huda starts flirting with Naina but Naina’s temper rises and she grabs Huda’s hand and twists and ties his both hands to his back with a scarf tightly and took him to Brigadier but on the way warden stops her but Naina not listens to her also and drags Huda to BC’s office.

                     Meanwhile, Capt.R searches the complete BC’s office & confirms that there’s no cadet’s file & comes out & locks the door but he remembers that he hasn’t switched off the light and enters once again and does his work and comes outside and locks the door. On that time Naina comes near BC’s office and there she saw Capt.R & said,” Sir, you here?”Suspiciously. Then Capt.R feels tensed but resisting he said,” Yes, I am and what happened Miss Singh, you lost your handkerchief once again?”Suspiciously. Naina said,” Sir, Cadet Huda has entered my room twice, sir and that’s why I’ve come here to report. Capt.R said,” What happens, Miss Singh? Look, this isn’t a civilian school, cadets, where small or big complaints will be told to your teacher. This is a military academy. You’ll have to solve your problems Cadet Singh, dismiss. Naina said,” Yes sir,” and frees Huda and gives his watch to him. Capt.R said,” Cadet Huda, attention. Huda does as ordered and Capt.R said,” Good. Cadet Huda, in war situations, there’ll be no second chance. I hope you understand what is am saying?”Directly. Huda said,” Right sir,” obediently. Capt.R said,”Dismiss,”bossily. Huda salutes him and exits from the place and starts flirting with Naina following her. Naina’s temper rises and said twisting Huda’s hand,” Don’t you ever mess with me, If you mess with me then you’ll repent for that,” angrily, and she exits from there leaving Huda’s hand. Capt.R observed this and smiled impressively and he also went to his room. Huda saw her dumbly in shock. Naina enters her room and locks the door and lie down on her bed and thinks today’s adventure of her. Her meeting with Capt.R and he searching something  in BC’s office and meeting with him once again in front of BC’s office. Naina thinks that he’s searching something and then she decides to talk with Arjun and she slept. Naina got up from her bed and took her mobile from her suitcase and switched on it & then she changed the profile to silent mode and sent a message to Arjun about yesterday’s adventure. Then Arjun sent the SMS to Naina that Capt.R is searching cadet’s profile. Then she concludes about Huda’s behaviour and Arjun warns her to save herself with Huda and Naina assured that don’t worry to Arjun and Naina switched off the mobile and kept it inside her suitcase.

                           Next morning, bugle plays, then all cadets gets up. Ali prays for god. In the meantime, Pooja’s mobile rings. Naina gets ready and saw that Pooja’s mobile is giving the alarm. Then Pooja gets up and asked,” Where’s papaji?”Closing her eyes. Naina answered,” He’s waiting for us down there,” calmly. Pooja said,” Give me the towel,” showing her hand. Naina sprayed the water on her face and Pooja opened her eyes and said in panic,” Who are you and where am I?” Meanwhile Ali wakes Arjun. Arjun goes to Yudi’s room and asked for a cigarette then Huda answered am only smoke hukka. Yudi said,” Chief, this is academy, you cannot go outside,” warningly. Arjun said,” When I can broke the jail and escape, then this academy is small thing,” casually. Huda said,” Bring a paper and a pen, let’s take his autograph,” sarcastically. Arjun enters his room to get ready. Yudi asked,” Chief, you didn’t get ready, till now,” worriedly. On that time Huda release the H2S gas and Yudi said,” Bloody hell,” cannot resist the smell and he runs outside the room. Here In girls hostel, Naina said,” There’s only 30 minutes remaining to get ready, if you say then shall I bathe you here only?”Calmly. On that time Pooja gets up and hurries to bathroom to get ready. Then Pooja wears a stylish new dress and shows that to Naina and asked,” How am I looking, this is my new dress?”Happily. Naina said,” And who’ll wear uniform?”Calmly. Pooja said,”Uniform,”disgustingly. Naina nods dismissively.

                         Naina comes first to the field. Then all cadets.

NSA said,”Naina has read about our training in the letters, but training in charge Major Nair’s meeting is an experience where I cannot explain her. Other cadets were calling him as B.C’s M.C.”

                               Cadets assemble including Naina and Arjun. Major Nair blows his whistle and said,” Cadets attention (Cadets stand in attention position) my name is Major Nair and I’ll be your outdoor drill training in charge. Am mean to make you strong physically and mentally, so let’s begin with our first drill by running 10 rounds around the academy. Now cadets turn left and run. (All cadets run Major Nair runs with them)Run cadets run, one who wants to abandon your training can go and pack your luggage and get out of this academy. Then all the cadets run meanwhile, Huda comes near Naina and starts flirting with her,”Wanna hand,” sarcastically. Naina said,” If you do that, then am going to twist your hand to your back, like yesterday,” angrily. Huda said,” You’ll be doing that only Jhansi ki rani,”impressively. Pooja asked,” Well Jhansi ki rani, you didn’t tell me what happened yesterday. Did you meet brigadier?”Naina said,” No Capt.R sent us back,” panting. Huda said,” Tell her, what happened last night between us,” cunningly. Pooja said eagerly,” What happened?”Naina said,” I gave him a strong punch and his nose started bleeding with my punch,” casually. With this remark, Huda swallowed his saliva with fear and went back side to run with Yudi. Naina and Pooja laughed so much, with his movement. Pooja said,” In fact, Huda is so handsome yaar,”impressively. Naina nods dismissively. Then all cadets run to the training grounds. BC observes them in binoculars. Cadets run to the training grounds and rests for some time. Huda asked,”Hey, where they’ll send us after the training, moon or other place?”Sarcastically. Yudi answered,” No mars. We are the future soldiers, when the Martians come; we are going to war against them.” All laugh except Naina and Arjun. But Yudi said to Arjun,”Laugh man, I only cracked a joke,” calmly. But Arjun not laughs. Then Major Nair blows the whistle & all assemble to their position and Arjun slowly comes and stands.

                    Meanwhile, BC called an urgent meeting. Everyone is present except Major Nair, Capt.R and BC. BC enters first and Capt.R afterwards. BC said,” You are late Captain, the meetings scheduled to 8:30am. Capt.R replied,” Yes sir, I came at 8:35am and you came at 8:33am. BC saw him angrily & everyone resists their laugh. Then Capt.R sits in his position. Then BC starts his meeting without Major Nair,” Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat is a temporary teaching staff, here & he teaches strategy and communications and he’ll be keeping an eye on us. He’s preparing the report which’ll be given to military board and to defence minister also,” calmly. Suriji said,” You mean sir, that military board don’t trust us anymore,” angrily. Capt.R said,” Not like that, Suriji,”calmly. BC said,” Let him do his work Suriji and let us do our work. I don’t want another Navin Singh Ahluwaliya in this academy. I want you to treat the cadets in that way when they become officers, we don’t want another traitor.” Captain Rajveer listened everything silently.”For this, we’ve another faculty member who joins with us.”Captain Rajveer now listened attentively.”Dr. Mishra, psychiatrist monitors the cadets mental strength & their behaviour. We have to make ourselves strong and prepared to make these cadets best and mind you I don’t want another Navin Singh Ahluwaliya,”angrily. Capt.R nods dismissively. Then Lolita Sen said,” Sir, yesterday some indiscipline complaints has come sir, I want to report that,” calmly. BC said,”Shoot,”calmly. Lolita Sen said,”Come again,” puzzled. BC said,”Tell,”calmly. Lolita Sen said,” Sir, yesterday a male cadet entered the girls hostel,” calmly. BC asked,” Senior?”Lolita Sen said,” No sir, new cadet,” calmly. BC said,” It’s ok, Subhedhar Major. I’ll find out that who’s that and he’ll be punished severly,”angrily. Capt.R said,” So you are making them against each other, sir. Sir, I’d heard that the enemies unity will be destroyed but in self army, am hearing that first time. Is this a new technique, sir?”Sarcastically. BC said angrily,” This year, you’ll see and hear those techniques Captain.”Then BC closes the meeting and exits. All exit the meeting room except Capt.R. Capt.R is thinking about Dr.Ritu Mishra (Dr.R).Dr.S stops on the doorway and comes back and appreciates Capt.R and said,” On first day only, you made BC angry,” impressively. Capt.R said slowly,” No I’m mean BC, this name was kept by our batch & you aren’t this academy’s pass out, how do you know?”Dr.S said,” What do we call this personality, BC only?”Capt.R said impressively,” Wow smart,”Dr.S said smiling,” I am,” then stretching her hand she said,” Hi, am Dr. Captain  Shalini Singhal.”Capt.R gives his hand and shakes and slowly said,” Am Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat,”smiling. Then,” By the way, do you know this Dr.Mishra?”Dr.S said,” No but why?”Casually. Capt.R said,” Am very curious to meet this Dr Mishra,”eagerly. Dr.S said casually,” I think we both taste are same,” smiling at him. Capt.R said,”Yeah,”smiling he exits.

                    Meanwhile, Major Nair is giving his first training. Major Nair said calmly,” Did you enjoy your drill, cadets?”Yudi said,” No sir,” fearfully. Major Nair,” Loudly. Yudi said,”Actually,”raising his voice high. Major Nair said,” More loudly,” angrily. Yudi said,” Yes sir,” loudly. Major Nair said angrily and loudly,” I don’t like 2 types of people; one is Idiot boys and second is over smart girls.”Arjun dugs his finger for earwax. Major Nair comes near Naina and said,” Woman will never become soldier,” loudly seeing towards Naina.”What I said is correct Cadet Singh?”Seeing towards her face to face. Naina saw Major Nair eye to eye and said stubbornly,” No sir.”Major Nair said,” I didn’t hear you loudly, Cadet Singh,” loudly. Naina said loudly,” No sir.”Major Nair said loudly,” More loudly.”Naina shouts,” No sir,” loudly. Major Nair said calmly,” Good, you’ll be having this power till your training completes & I’ll be pushing you to that limit, where you not broke down. And you’ll break down. You all break down. And in the starting of the drill; I’d said you all that those who wants to abandon their training can pack the luggage’s. Now, am not going to say that. Now am going to say that, If you want to leave the academy, then you’ve to ring this deserters bell.(showing the deserters bell)So that we can see your unableness and shame to become soldier and I think you all ring the bell. Huda shouted,” No sir,” Major Nair nods sarcastically.”Sir, I’ve 3 buffaloes sir and I can bet on them, this year’s drop out will be only one cadet,” and he winks at Naina. Major Nair saw this and asked to Naina,”Will you be the one drop out of this year, Cadet Singh?”Naina answered obediently,” No sir.”Major Nair said smiling sarcastically,” Well, we’ll see, 4 minutes to relax and complete the morning session.”All cadets relax. Huda said,” Sir I’ve a fracture in my leg,” painfully. Major Nair said, calmly,” Don’t worry Cadet, if you run once again; your fracture will be gone.”& he goes & saw BC. Huda said,” If I would meet him in our fields, I would…..”Angrily. Arjun said,” You were going to do nothing to him. He would take off your pants there also,” directly. Huda grabbed Arjun’s collar but Yudi interrupts them showing that BC has come. BC comes and enquires about last night incident to Naina. Naina explains and complaints that Cadet Huda has entered her room twice. Then BC punishes Huda that he’s going to prepare a bunker in 20 minutes and if he’ll not complete that then he’ll have to starve today. Then other cadets disperse for the lunch. Cadets have lunch in the mess. Meantime Cadet Huda lifts the gunny bags to the place where it is told. Captain Rajveer observes this standing under an umbrella and smiling sarcastically. Capt.R said,” Then you’ll make him traitor not soldier, Major Nair,” calmly. Huda exits to have the lunch. Major Nair said,” I don’t want another Navin Singh Ahluwaliya, Captain. You are also this academy’s student. You know the rules and regulations of this academy. I push these cadets in higher way that no traitor passes out from this academy,” angrily. Capt.R said calmly,” Major Nair, Don’t you think that these rules and regulations made the Navin Singh Ahluwaliya as a traitor?”Major Nair said,” This academy produced you also Captain. Then I think you as a traitor. New blood plays on old rules and regulations and old rules and regulations makes blood strong, Captain,” directly. Capt.R said smiling sarcastically,” When blood becomes strong, heart problems starts, Major.” Major Nair saw Capt.R angrily, but Capt.R smiled at him sarcastically. Major Nair went angrily and Capt.R smiled at him sarcastically.

                   In this way, all cadets are having the lunch in the mess. Arjun said to Naina indirectly,” I hate those people who are inform type,” angrily. Naina said directly to Arjun,”I hate those people who closes others mistake and helps them,” angrily. Arjun said,” You didn’t do the right thing saying his name,” angrily. Naina becomes serious. Huda enters the mess in a manner like he’s defeated and Yudi asked,”Hey chief, how are you?”Caringly. But Huda falls to the floor unconscious. All the cadets go and see the Huda, Naina gets up to take a closer look. Ali said,” Bring some water,” and sprinkled the water then Huda opened his eyes and gets up and said,” For some time, I’d lost the trust on the god. But seeing her the trust on the god came back to me. Today’s revenge will be kept as loan. I’ll give your loan back,” seeing towards Naina. Naina said,” Huda, firstly have trust on yourself because over confidence is not good. Firstly, you’ve to keep confidence on you and trust on god. All the best for your loan,” smiling, she exits from the mess. Arjun is shocked of her remark and saw towards Huda. Huda seeing her angrily. All cadets are shocked of her remark. After their class Naina and Arjun meet at 7:30pm in the training grounds. Naina asked seriously,” Any news from HQ?”Arjun said seriously,” No, but Naina why you are behaving like a teenager, you are an CID officer. Just behave yourself. Why you are making yourself in trouble, look that Major Nair isn’t a nice guy.” Naina said seriously,” I know that Arjun. That Huda has seen bhaiyya’s picture, that’s why I’ve to give information to BC. What do I do, there’s no other go. I’ll be careful Arjun. Let’s disperse. “Arjun said,”Naina be careful with Huda and Major Nair. Ok, good night. Naina said,” Good night,” softly. And she goes to hostel and enters her room and lie down on the bed and thinks.


                   Major Nair comes near Capt.R and said,” Captain Rajveer, another faculty member has joined us, Dr.Mishra psychiatrist. I want you to go and meet her. I want to know the cadets mental strength but before that I want to know the mental strength of their teachers. Do you understand Captain?”  Captain said calmly,” Yes sir, I surely understand, I’ll meet that psychiatrist.”Major Nair nods and exits from the place. Capt.R said,”Pshychiatrist, interesting,” impressively.

                   A woman entered the academy, she’s so beautiful. She’s wearing the sari and sleeveless blouse and has a tattoo on her right side back. She has black eyes and Roman nose and she has applied mascara and wearing high heels slipper enters her office corridor. She has kind face and now she’s full of herself and entered her office holding cadets files and other files and saw that Capt.R is sitting in her office and said,”Capt.R,”softly. Capt.R turned and saw her in amazement and said,”Dr.Mishra,”slowly. Dr.R said,” Yes, Dr.Ritu Mishra,”giving her hand to Capt.R and both shake,” Psychiatrist. Defence ministry has appointed me here,” confidently. Capt.R said,” I didn’t know that, you are a she male, I’m meaning……,”stammers. Dr.R said confidently,” Sorry, am not interested in sex change operations.” Capt.R said stammering,” I didn’t mean that.”Dr.R said confidently,” Am just kidding. Please sit down captain, don’t be afraid of me.”Capt.R sits on his chair and Dr.R sits opposite him and keeps the files near Capt.R. Then she said clearly,” Do you want to introduce yourself then no problem, So tell me Captain, what’s your tension, you’ve come to meet a Psychiatrist.”Capt.R said clearly,” I’m mean no problem. Actually I heard about you from BC. That’s why; I wanted to know that what you are going to do.”Dr.R said,”BC, you mean Brigadier Chandok, right.” Capt.R said,”Correct,”innocently. Dr.R said,” Interesting, so tell me Captain, What do you want to know about my work?”Fascinatingly. Capt.R. said clearly,” Nothing much, you are going to monitor the cadets psychology actually am also preparing the report. Dr.R said,” You are also preparing the report about teaching, training and techniques to military board, correct?”Confidently. Capt.R said impressively,”Yeah, I think BC has given information about me?”Dr.R said directly,” You’re forgetting Captain that am a Psychiatrist. I’ve to know about people before I enter their minds, importantly. Do you agree?”Capt.R said slowly,”Ofcourse I agree.”And he saw the cadets file and thought,” So this file is with her not with Brigadier,” directly. And takes that file and opens it and try to see the contents of the file. But Dr.R grabs it and keeps it from Capt.R’s reach and said,” Cadets teachers mind will also, I’ll monitor,” directly. Capt.R said,” You mean that you’ll note me also,” directly. Dr.R said directly,” I’ll note you Captain.” Capt.R said,” My pleasure, but what you note about me, please tell me that,” directly. Dr.R said thinking,” That’s confidential,” Captain saw her suspiciously.”Well Captain, If you don’t mind then I’d like to take some rest for some time,” sweetly. Capt.R said,”Ya sure,” calmly. Dr.R said,” Noting you till now, my energy has become less. Am sure you agree,” directly. Capt.R said,” Yes I do,” and he stood. Dr.R said,” Good night Captain,” smiling sweetly. Capt.R said,” Good night,” sweetly and he exits the room. Naina is thinking something sitting on her bed in her room.

NSA said,” Naina was thinking that she has done right thing by telling BC or not about Huda. She did that to hide her weakness or she wants to teach a lesson to Huda. We’ll be in two minds when we are in war like situations, like now. Naina has to learn so many things here.”

                                       At night before lights out, Capt.R overhears the conversation of Dr.R and BC. Capt.R comes near Dr.R’s office door & tries to overhear her conversation clearly. Dr.R said,” Sir, don’t worry about this new batch. I’ve read cadets profile & their interview CD’s. I can say that this batch’s students will be enough promissive, bright and intelligent. BC said impressively,”Dr.Mishra, I really appreciate your justice. You started your work. Can you give me specific names?”Dr.R said,” Yes sir, in this batch there are 6 cadets, who’ve the ability to become best cadet. In fact, I had not met them, but am sure when I meet them I’ll tell you my opinion. I’ll give you the names of 6 cadets tomorrow morning. BC said impressively,” Thank you doctor.”Dr.R said,” You are welcome good night, sir.”And she keeps the receiver. On that time Capt.R goes further showing that he’s only passing by and Dr.R comes outside the office and closes the door. Capt.R and Dr.R dashes each other. Capt.R said sweetly,” Hi, Dr.Mishra.”And seeing his watch.”You are in your office in this time. You work very much.” Dr.R said,” Actually Captain, I work slowly. Capt.R said sarcastically,”Oh really, I don’t think so seeing you.”Dr.R said directly,” So tell me what made you to come to me?”Capt.R said,” Nothing, I was passing by & I thought, why I don’t take Cadets profile from you?”Sweetly. Dr.R thinking said slowly,” Profiles, why?”Capt.R said innocently but deceiving inside,” I want to know my cadets before my first class. Don’t you agree doctor?”Dr.R said directly,” Actually captain I don’t.”Capt.R raised his eyebrows.”It’s my opinion that you concentrate on your subject. You know your students in the class captain & that file, I cannot give you. That’s confidential. Capt.R said smiling sweetly,” Cool, Dr.Mishra are you angry with me?”Dr.R said slowly,” No.”Capt.R said innocently,” Well, how could you? We don’t know each other. So let’s have a cup of coffee & know each other. What’s it?”Dr.R smiling said,” Why you are so interested in me Captain? Well now it’s going to lights out and coffee we’ll take some other time,” dismissively. Capt.R said smiling,” As you wish,” sweetly. Dr.R said dismissively,” Good night Captain.”Capt.R said,” Good night” and returns to his bedroom. Naina sets the alarm clock & a note rolls under the door. The note said,” Come & meet me. I want to talk to you, BC. Naina thought that why Brigadier wants to meet me and not thinking further she came out of her room.

                  Here, Capt.R enters Dr.R’s office and starts searching that 6 Cadets name. During searching, Dr.R enters her office and feels that someone is there in her office. Capt.R hides behind the wardrobe. Dr.R saw her fax and takes it and exits the door but still she turns and sees once again around the office and closes the door. Capt.R after few second after exit of Dr.R, he opens the wardrobe and opens the locked drawer and takes the file and finds the name of the 6 cadets who has the ability to become the best cadet of the academy. He takes the names in a microfilm camera & exits from Dr.R’s office locks it silently & he enters his room and locks the door and spreads the screen and connects the camera to his laptop and remembers his and his superior officer’s conversation. His superior officer (HSO) said,” Captain Rajveer, we’ve doubt that a spy is going to enter to KMA as a cadet.”Capt.R said,” As a cadet,” repeated suspiciously. HSO said,” Yes, our enemies new plan. They want to send their person & they want to enter our army. You are going to KMA as a teacher. You are going to teach Strategy and Communications & you are going to prepare a report regarding the academy’s working. Ok, mind you, by these two reasons, they’ll not know about your true identity. Am your only contactor & no one.” Capt.R said,” Right sir,” He salutes. Now Capt.R contacts his superior officer and said,” Sir, Capt.R, from new batch, I’ve 6 cadets who has the ability to become best cadet of this academy. Don’t worry sir; I’ll success this mission, sir. I’ll make sure that spy cadet not go outside the academy and I’ll make sure that cadet not infiltrates the army.HSO said,” Certainly Captain, we don’t want another Navin Singh Ahluwaliya.Capt.R said,” In 6 cadets, Who’s the spy cadet, I’ll find out, sir, It’s a promise. Mission KMA has begun sir,” and he disconnects the phone. Then he remembered their faces and their names. Amardeep Huda, Ali Baig, Arjun Sharma, Naina Singh, Pooja Ghai, Yadhuvansh Sahani.

                     Meanwhile ragging starts in library room. All senior cadets arrest that 6 cadets & rags them. Here, to Naina they say to do the ball dance. Ball dance means keeping i.e., supporting the ball in the waist. If it falls down, then another task will be given. Ball dance starts with the music with Huda and Naina. Huda tries to behave rudely with Naina and Naina cannot resist and she moves backwards and ball falls down. Then seniors say to keep the pitcher of water on the head and walk on a single wooden rod. By seeing this all feel bad. But Huda enjoys with Meenal Patel, when Naina walks on the wooden rod, Huda throws the stone to pitcher & the pitcher breaks. So, Naina falls seeing this Arjun feels bad. Then seniors order Ali & Pooja to kiss lip to lip. But Ali refuses & revolts. Naina feels bad and revolts. But one senior behaves with her very rudely and pays a very good punch from Naina. That senior panics and runs from there. Huda and others see Naina dumbly and then others try to behave rudely with her but this time Arjun comes between them & fights, Ali also fights with them and Huda enjoys their fight with Meenal Patel. Major Nair comes & punishes Arjun that he’ll be sent to solitary confinement for one week. Yudi is sent to Dr.S’s room and bring her one undergarment. Naina try to talk with Major Nair but Arjun’s face said refuses this and she leaves that work. Naina quarrels with Huda & Huda laughs at her sarcastically. All cadets quarrel with Huda. Ali becomes unconscious because of seniors beatings. Pooja and Naina admit him in infirmary and they reach their hostel leaving Ali in Dr.S’s care.

                   Next morning, Capt.R enters the mess. Huda said,” Sir, one coffee from me,” showing the empty cup to Capt.R. Capt.R said smiling,” Two coffee from me,” sweetly. Huda said trying to impress him,” Sir, you are respectable. Give me some opportunity to serve you.”Capt.R said sarcastically,” How interesting. But I’d heard that you believe in serving yourself?”Huda feels uncomfortable.”Don’t bother me. I’ll get myself,” and he goes to take the coffee in counter. Other cadets enter the mess. Huda try to talk with them but they turn their faces and go in the table. Huda said to the orderly,”Pyarelal, coffee for everyone, from me,” bossily. Capt.R turns & sees him in amazement. Ali said angrily,” You keep your richness with you. We don’t want any favour from you.”Huda said,” It’s not favour yaar. Today’s Rajesh’s birthday,” innocently. Yudi asked,” Who’s Rajesh?”Huda said innocently,” He’s my buffalo.”Pooja said angrily,” You aren’t ashamed of yourself after last night.”Huda said,” I’d forgotten what happened last night and you also, Pooja,”easily. Capt.R listened to their conversation and asked,” What happened last night, Cadets?”Enquiringly. Huda said casually,” Nothing the seniors ragged us last night.”But Pooja said,” Sir Seniors ragged we five’s sir not Huda. Huda favoured seniors and joined the enemies.” Capt.R said,” So you were fighting to your last breath and Cadet Huda compromised with the enemies,”sarcastically.Huda said innocently,” Compromised sir. I saved myself.”Capt.R said,” Brilliant, so you can make your head down but you cannot cut off your head,” sarcastically. Naina said sarcastically,” To cut off his head a man wants courage & will power, but, Cadet Huda has not that courage and will power in him to cut off his head.”Huda saw Naina in angry. Capt.R asked,” So the courage you’re talking about is there inside you Cadet Singh?”Naina said directly seeing Capt.R’s eyes,” Yes sir, I’ve courage. In the war, soldier will be the part of the army if or if not he’s in the army. Yesterday, we were having our test, sir,” stubbornly. Capt.R thought for a second that someone is seeing who’s so near to heart and felt that. Naina turned and sat on her chair. Capt.R explained Naina clearly,” Cadet Singh, in the war, some soldier’ll be abandoned from the army. You abandoned your soldier so he joined the force of enemies.”Naina said indirectly seeing his eyes once again,” For one soldier, why did he abandoned other soldiers, sir. He was having an old grudge with one soldier, for that reason, why did he abandoned other soldiers because of that soldier?”Capt.R becomes silent. Naina smiled dismissively and said,” There’ll be no answer for this question. What I said is correct, right Cadet Huda?”Huda not answers but feels bad inside. On that time an orderly came and said,”Jai Hind sir.”Capt.R said,”Jai Hind,” softly. Orderly said,” It’s a parcel to Cadet Naina Singh, sir.”Naina rushes taking the parcel from the mess. Seeing Naina’s rush Capt.R also follows her immediately. Naina comes down from the staircase and tears off the name on the parcel till the name Naina Singh Ah. Capt.R said coming behind her,” Cadet Singh Is everything’s alright?”Caringly. Naina said,” Yes sir,”fastly turning to him. Capt.R said,” You rushed very fastly, I thought that some bad news,” in concern. Naina said,” No sir, actually friends had sent me cake for getting admission. I said them not to send them. But you know how friends are,”fastly. Capt.R said,” Yes Cadet Singh, like friends, batch mates are also friends. Naina said immediately,” No sir, batch mates never become friends,” sadly and she went from that place. Capt.R  thought that she’s troubled with something & saw down and saw the paper which is tear off from the parcel & takes it and reads,”Naina Singh Ah,”suspiciously. Naina throws the cake into the dustbin and scolds her mom & dad in her mind,” Why don’t they think that I cannot reveal myself that am someone’s sister and daughter & more importantly am an undercover CID officer.

                      All Cadets come to Capt.R’s class & settle down. Pooja asked,” Where’s Naina, Yudi?”Yudi said,” I don’t know.”Then Naina entered and took her seat. Pooja asked,” What was in the parcel?”Enquiringly. Naina said casually,” Cake, friends has sent me.”Pooja said,” Have you kept some?”Eagerly. Naina said,” No thrown it.”Pooja said,” Is it from wrong number or from missed call?”Suspiciously. Naina said,”Pooja, I don’t want to share my personal life to anyone,”dismissively.Pooja said,” Why you are irritated for small things? Look friend, all will have heart and in that some’ll become daily SMS and some will go to hold, like me. You know, who’s taking the class today, veer. Not Shahrukh khan, but the name is his favourite, Raj.” Capt.R enters and said,” Good morning everybody,” nervously. All cadets stand.”Please take your seat,” softly. All cadets settle down.”My name is (He writes his name on the board) Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat (On that time, Pooja said to Naina excitedly,” Don’t you think mohabbatein film is remembered?”Naina said,” Shut up Pooja,”angrily.)I think it’s a long name but you’re practised and Cadet Naina Ah Singh (Naina stands) When you are in my class, please talk with me only, ok. (Naina answered,” Yes sir,” calmly)Please sit down, Cadet Singh. (Naina sat in her place) I’ll teach you strategy & communications. Strategy means planning & communications means sending the messages from one place to other places. In army we use codes to transfer messages, so for that we use basic human intelligence. Communications (He writes on the board, in the meantime Huda writes something on the paper & throws at Naina. Naina lifts that paper and about to throw it to Huda back…..), but before I say about communications, we’ve an expert here. (On that time Yudi raises his collar)Cadet………Naina Singh (Yudi is disappointed), will you read, what’s written in that letter?”Naina said,”Nothing, sir,”calmly. Capt.R said calmly,” Cadet Naina Singh, you’ll read, what’s written in it &do I need to say, it’s an order?”Naina said slowly seeing the paper,” This man is an idiot, he’s boring me.”Naina feels bad. All cadets resist their laugh. Capt.R said calmly,” This is written about me, right.I had fear, this’ll happen that am going to boring you all. Please sit down Cadet Singh.”Naina sat.”So am going to stop you boring today. I’ll start the fresh class tomorrow. But I’ll make my homework and come but you’ll also do your homework, so here it goes (He wrote a code on the board)”HOOTIE AND THE BLOWFISH,” this is a type of code.” Yudi asked,”Sir, Anagram?”Capt.R said,” We can say that. So cadets, go & get cracking. One who cracks this code, they’ll be awarded the special marks.”Ali said,” Sir.”Capt.R said,” Do you want to say something?”Ali said,”Our, one batch mate isn’t in the class.”Capt.R said,” Cadet Arjun Sharma is in solitary confinement & his homework has reached him. I don’t want any student will not be unjustified with the education. Have good day guys.” and he exited very fastly. All cadets are impressed with Capt.R’s method of treating the cadets except Huda who yawned dismissively. Then Huda flirts with Naina. Naina also yawned dismissively to teach him lesson and went. Huda is angry that she’s not giving any importance to him. He praised himself that his personality is beautiful and academy’s girls run behind him but not Naina.

                    Coming from the class, Capt.R saw Dr.R and ran towards her and said,”Hi, Dr.Mishra”.But Dr.R isn’t pleased to see Capt.R, she said,” So then, I’ve to say this also,” dismissively. Capt.R didn’t understand her tone and nods innocently.”Actually Captain, I don’t know to say this,” dismissively. Capt.R said innocently,” Come on doctor. I genuinely saw you and said that.” Dr.R thought that Capt.R is sticking to her like a plaster and changed the subject and said,” What happened, you closed the class very soon,” calmly. Capt.R said,” I’ve to close the class very soon. You know it’s my first class and I‘ve to work very hard. It’s my first class as a teacher,” calmly. Dr.R said,” Why your students became smarter than you?”Calmly. Capt.R said,” Why, don’t you think that they’re smarter? You’ve read their profiles and you’d seen their interview C.D’s also? Don’t you think that they’re smarter?”Calmly. Dr.R said softly,” What I think is also confidential Captain.”Major comes as diversion and interrupts their conversations and Dr.R exits from there. Major Nair said bossily,” Captain, did you meet cadet Arjun?”Capt.R said,” Yes sir,” calmly. Major Nair said angrily,” Knowing that, he’s in solitary confinement.”Capt.R said calmly,” Sir, one who’s in solitary confinement, he cannot meet others. But, one who want to meet the person in solitary confinement, no one can stop them, sir. I’ve told you that I’ve the habit of reading books and I’ve read academy’s rule book, sir.”Major Nair saw him angrily.”Strategy & communications class sir, excuse me,” nervously. And he exits from there leaving Major Nair in angry expression.


                      Here In the mess, all Cadets decide to talk to BC about Arjun’s punishment. But Naina said,” Listen guys we’ve to make a strategy like Capt.R said,” calmly. Yudi refuses first because BC knows his dad also but accepts Naina’s words. All taunt seeing towards Huda angrily. Then Naina decides and once & for all, they go & talk to BC. BC is so angry and expels them from academy. All about to go then Suriji comes & stops them & said that Arjun is released from solitary confinement. Arjun comes out from solitary confinement and asked Huda that what do he want the favour from him. Huda is hurted with his remark and said angrily that he doesn’t want any favour from him and said that he’s not selfish. But Naina is suspicious about Huda. All cadets appreciate him except Naina, because Naina is suspicious about Huda.

                       Naina and Arjun meet each other in their evening’s jogging and talk about the developments in the academy. Naina said calmly,”Arjun, Capt.R has found out the names of 6 cadets who has the ability to become best cadets of this academy and in that our name is there.”Arjun said calmly,”Yeah I know Daya has said that, when he came to me to give the food, during my solitary confinement.”Naina said,” So what do we do, shall we reveal to academy that we are CID officers or we keep it quiet?”Calmly. Arjun said,” No let’s save ourselves till our last breath,” in panic. Naina said,” Did you get the homework from Capt.R?”Calmly. Arjun said,”Yeah, but he didn’t came to give me the homework. He was enquiring me like we enquire the criminals. Am sure he’ll be suspicious on us. We’ve to work distributive then only we can collect information about your brother and mind you we’ve to ask them as 3rd person,” calmly. Naina said,” Dr.Ritu Mishra, psychiatrist has arrived. Hey, is this woman is the one my bhaiyya & bhabhi said in their information. Arjun said thinking,” May be, but we’ve to confirm first. Be careful with Huda and Capt.R also.” Naina nods and finishes her jog and Arjun also and they both reach their hostels and their rooms also. Meanwhile, Naina said happy birthday to his brother in front of amar jawan jyothi holding the talisman. Arjun asked that what was the matter and Naina said that today is bhaiyya’s birthday. Then after that Naina receives a telephone from the home but Naina scolds them not to phone her. This confrontation is seen by Dr.R and asked about that but Naina answered that as boyfriend’s phone. Then Naina warned the orderly that don’t give her any phone if it comes to me angrily. Then Naina tries to crack the code in her room.

NSA said,” Capt.R didn’t give the code to students to crack it as homework. He gave that code so that he knows that one who cracks this code can be doubted as a spy which he came here to search.”

                   Next morning, Capt.R is in his class and is amazed seeing the cracked code and read it,”HOOTIE AND THE BLOWFISH” and the answer is,” BLOW THE FISH, AND I’LL PLAY HOOTIE”, Interesting, so someone has cracked my code. So someone is challenging me that he’s here and search me. You hide and I’ll search you.” Naina passes from there and said Good morning to Capt.R. Capt.R said,” Someone has cracked the code and my code has given me the answer. I must say that your class is very intelligent. So tell me Cadet Singh, did you crack the code?”Seeing her eye to eye. Naina answered immediately,” No sir,”Capt.R said,” If you’ve cracked the code then why you are hesitating to accept?”Suspiciously. Naina said innocently,” Sir, I don’t know what you are talking about.”Capt.R said smiling sweetly at her,” Neither do I, (Naina feels that he’s enquiring and is puzzled of his changed behaviour) anyways dismiss, Cadet Singh.” Naina said calmly,” Yes sir.” She exited from the class room and hurried to tell this incident to Arjun. She explained everything to Arjun. Hearing this incident, Arjun is worried and said,” I think he gave that code to know the spy cadet. That’s why he was seeing you enquiringly. Naina you should be very careful, ok. You can reveal that you are Naina Singh Ahluwaliya but you can’t reveal that you are an undercover CID officer.” Naina nods. And both exit the place for medical check up. Dr.S’s check up goes on. She checked their pulse & B.P. During her checkups, Cadet Huda saw the talisman in Naina’s pocket & takes it trickily & said,” So this is the thing which gives the power to phoolan,”sarcastically. Naina said angrily,” Give me that.”Huda plays with her. Arjun saw him angrily. Then Naina’s temper raised & she made a move to make Huda fall down & grabbed the talisman & went and stood in her position. Dr.S is shocked and so other cadets also. Major Nair also saw this incident casually and comes there. Dr.S saw Major Nair and said impressively,” Major, there’s no need to work hard this year. These cadets are now only ready to die & kill. All the best.”And she exited from there. Major Nair saw both Naina & Pooja dismissively and started explaining today’s drill,” Cadets attention (all cadets come to attention position), today’s drill name is trust drill. To win a war for a soldier very importantly to be alive. But from 2 eyes & 2 ears, we cannot watch the enemies from 4 directions. So for that we want another 2 eyes & 2 ears, so that we can kill the spreader enemies from 4 directions. This will be the work of our friend & our partner. So we’ve to keep the trust on our friend or partner, till death we’ve to be with him. Today’s mission is 10 kms full of forest, you’ve to complete your mission & you’ve to reach ‘X’ point & in 70 minutes. Mind you don’t break with partner. Best partners will be awarded 10 points and if the person cheats his partner, then they’ll be awarded zero points & upside down punishment.”

                     Meanwhile Capt.R is having a little chat with Dr.R in the mess with a cup of coffee and said,” Did you notice these new batch’s cadets?”Calmly. Dr.R said,” Very much Captain, but depends that what you want to hear & what much I can say?”Directly. Capt.R smiled and tried to ask further about that subject but Dr.S came and wished both Hi and sat with them then seeing their silence said,”Oh gosh, am not interrupting you guys?”Nervously. Dr.R said immediately,”Oh please, not at all,” formally. Dr.S said fastly,”When I saw you both, so I thought why don’t I free my mind, so I came to talk with you guys. Capt.R said directly,”Dr.S, we are also freeing our brain.”Dr.S asked,”Oh so then, Rituji was counselling you. I can call you Ritu?”Dr.R said casually,”Ofcourse you can Shalini & by the way, we were only drinking the tea. I’m mean Capt.R coffee and me tea.”Capt.R said,” And we were discussing that this new batch is…..Dr.S said,” Highly power packed with extra hormones,” excitedly. Capt.R said,” Why?”Suspiciously. Dr.S said excitedly,” You know today my check up was going on, Cadets Naina and Huda fought each other. Cadet Naina is not so soft from seeing we think. She really went for that guy. And you know Cadet Huda is strong and muscular and is so mischievous like other boys. But Cadet Naina, she made Cadet Huda fall off. (Capt.R thinks about that) oof, you should’ve seen it. This incident why came you know because Cadet Huda has grabbed some talisman from Cadet Naina,”excitedly. Dr.R said,” You mean that Cadet Singh is superstitious,” amazement. Then Dr.S continues her conversation with Dr.R and Capt.R thinks about Naina. He remembers the previous night’s incident, that she has twisted Huda’s hand painfully and thinks in his mind,” Some power is there inside her. Some things are going on in her mind and every thought is a live bomb ticking and explosives. But Cadet Naina Ah Singh cracked the code or not? No, but on that time she was passing on from the classroom, when I saw her. Is it a coincidence or something?”Suspiciously.

                   Meanwhile, Major Nair explained the trust drill & the partners. Nair tricked Naina by partnering with Cadet Huda and said,” The partners are Cadets Ali & Yudi, Cadets Arjun & Pooja, Cadets Naina & Huda. Cadets Arjun & Pooja, you’ll search for rifle in the forest. Cadets Ali &Yudi, you’ll repair the water pump and you’ll take a bucket full of water. Cadets Naina & Huda, you’ll save the injured soldier & come to the ‘X’ point. All take their maps. Any questions are there then flush that out of your mind. Naina try to speak with Major Nair but Major Nair said angrily,” Cadet Singh, go & sell your questions in the market like Onion & Tomato. You are going to do what you told Cadet Singh, Is that clear.” Huda smiled sarcastically. Naina said,” Yes sir,” sadly. Major Nair said,” Take your maps & move on,” bossily.

                    All Cadets set out to their drills in pairing. Here this side Cadets Naina and Huda are roaming in the forest. Cadet Huda said,”Phoolan, I know the shortcut. My intelligence and your beauty’s combination will be very good. And in fact, I can crack that code of Capt.R’s, then I can search that injured soldier also,” passionately. Naina asked in shock,” You cracked that code?”Huda said praising himself,” Why, don’t you think like that seeing my personality?”Naina feels irritated but walks further. Then meanwhile Capt.R is playing Basketball alone. Dr.R saw this and came to talk to him. Dr.R gives cadets profiles and interview CD’s to Capt.R. Capt.R said thanks impressively. Then Capt.R asked her,” In new batch, which Cadet is so dangerous when he or she is challenged for enemy. Dr.R said thinking,”Naina.”Capt.R said slowly,”Naina…..Singh, right.”Dr.R nods and said,” There’s a fire inside Naina, which comes outside as hatred. She has a fire which can burn her & one who comes in her way also. Or else, do you’ve seen that the first year Cadets are refusing their home phone calls?”Capt.R thinks about that, and then Dr.R plays basketball one turn and throws inside the basket perfectly and said to Capt.R that keeps practising & she exits. Capt.R is thinking about Naina. Meanwhile, Cadets are completing their trust drill. Huda irritates Naina so much. Then Naina climbs the mountain grabbing a strong root very fast. Huda seeing her speed is shocked and amazed. Then he try to climb the mountain with the strong root but Naina pulls the root upwards and said,” Come in shortcut,” angrily. Then here this side Pooja cursed Nair drinking the water. Then she finished her water can and asked for water to Arjun for water. But Arjun refuses to give her as he’s drinking the rum. Then Pooja try to grab the water can of the Arjun’s and made that to fall into the ground and all the rum is emptied. Seeing this Arjun is so angry & he squeezed Pooja’s neck and seeing this Ali and Yudi comes to release them. Then they change the team because of the fight between Pooja & Arjun. Ali goes with Pooja & Arjun goes with Yudi.

                      Meanwhile, Capt.R calls the orderly one who deals with Cadets post and telephones from the home. The orderly informed Capt.R that except Naina everyone is troubling them badgering that their phone calls came or not. Capt.R feels amused and he enquires about Naina’s phone calls and posts. Orderly answered that Cadet Naina, don’t want to receive any calls from her home. Then Capt.R feels very strange and asked the number from where it comes but orderly said that the numbers were erased because of the battery changed. Then Capt.R orders to give the numbers which comes to Cadet Naina. Orderly exited Capt.R‘s cabin nodding. Then Capt.R saw Naina’s interview in his laptop. All Cadets complete their task and come to ‘X’ point. But Major Nair tricks them by changing the campsite. Finally everyone reach the main campsite following foot prints. But Naina comes late and Huda said lies that his partner left him. Then Major Nair punishes Naina the upside down punishment. Major Nair said,”Till, i’ll say that you’re dismissed, you’ll be in this state Cadet Singh, Any doubt?”Bossily. Naina said,” No sir,” immediately. Major Nair said,” Good, I was expecting this attitude from you Cadet Singh. Cadets dismiss,” bossily. And he exits to report this to BC. Arjun is worried. Huda tries to taunts sarcastically. But Ali scolds him to shut up. Then everyone exit from there except Arjun. Then Arjun said after everyone’s departure worriedly,” Why you’re making yourself in the trouble, Naina?”Naina said worriedly,” Trouble is going to start now, Arjun. Huda cracked that code.” Arjun said shockingly,” What? You mean that spy cadet is Huda & I’ll go & say to Capt.R.”Naina stopped him and asked,” And, what you going to say to Capt.R, if he asked you, how do you know?”Arjun said,” But.”Naina said,” Look our mission is different. Let Capt.R complete his mission on his way, Arjun. Ok, our work is to protect him. We’ll protect him, ok.”Arjun nodded and exits from there. Here Major Nair reports about Naina’s punishment to Brigadier. Brigadier refuses that they cannot punish the Cadets in first month only. But Major Nair convinces Brigadier. On that time, Huda’s mummyji come to academy to meet Huda.

                  Meanwhile, Naina feels dizzy. Then Capt.R came and asked,” Cadet Singh, what did you do?”Worriedly. Naina said,” I had left my partner sir, that’s why am punished.”Capt.R said,” Cadet Singh, you had realised what your mistake is and you’re not going to repeat it, right.”Naina said,” Yes sir,” obediently. Capt.R said,” You are dismissed,” and he tries to help her to free her, but Naina said,” No sir. Major Nair has ordered me, you cannot dismiss me.”Capt.R said angrily,” Cadet Singh, am also this academy’s officer.”Naina said,” Sir, he’s my drill commanding officer.”Capt.R said angrily,” To hell with the Nair. It’s an order, dismiss.”Major Nair came there and said,” Thank you Captain. In fact, am not interested in going to hell. But, how do you know?”Angrily. Capt.R said angrily,” Seeing this punishment.”Major Nair said casually,” Is there any problem with that?”Capt.R said angrily,” Major Nair, you can’t give this type of punishment to the Cadets in first month.”Major Nair said angrily,” Captain, you can write in your report that Major Nair has made his rules and he follows that only.”Capt.R said angrily,” Listen.”Naina shouted,” I’ll suffer this punishment, sir.”Capt.R said angrily,” Will you shut up Cadet Singh?”Major Nair said,” Did you see, I want to make the Cadets strong……”Capt.R said,” Strong enough to die in the training. Major Nair, you’re going to dismiss Cadet Singh,” angrily. Major Nair said angrily,” Captain, you are ordering me.”Capt.R said calmly,” Sir, you would realise that am requesting, please.” Major Nair saw Capt.R angrily & said angrily,” You’re dismissed Cadet Singh.”Capt.R said,” Thank you sir,” firmly. Capt.R helps Naina. Naina freed the knots and fell down in Capt.R’s arms. Then he left Naina on the ground slowly and said,” Are you alright Cadet Singh. I’ll bring you some water.”But Naina stopped him and said,” No sir. Am ok. I’ll not be defeated in this training sir. I can do it,” determinedly. Capt.R smiled at her and said giving his hand to help her,” I don’t know, what you are going to proof but, it’s ok for today,” calmly. Naina gets up not taking any help of Capt.R and walks further. But she feels dizzy and coughs and chokes and faints. Capt.R ran to her and lifted her in his arms to infirmary. Arjun saw this and is so worried but because of their mission he backs out & went to his hostel thinking about Naina only.


                       Ali and Yudi celebrate their victory. Ali asked,” Let’s go to cafe & take coffee. Yudi said,”Oh no, am not going to come. This drill has made me weak, my all body parts are paining,” painfully. Yudi gave a chocolate to Ali & then he asked,” Where’s your big bro?”Ali said,” I don’t know. Is he tells & goes out, big bro,”painfully. Yudi said,”Anyways, he’s an intelligent man yaar. You had gone with that Pooja leaving me with King Kong. Did you know how he repaired the water pump forcefully and took the water from bucket?”Ali said,” If I’d not gone with Pooja, then the beauty & the beast story would turn into action movie.”Arjun entered the room, then Yudi said,” I got something for you,2 chocolates for you. Arjun said,” This is children’s eatables. I don’t eat this,” directly. Ali said,” Eat yaar, to make children happy eat,” sarcastically. Yudi said sarcastically,” Right, papa love you,” giving the chocolates.”Is that black coffee, give me some” and he gets up & shouts with pain saying,” Guys my leg isn’t moving,” with shock. Ali said,” Please be calm, move your fingers,” calmly. Yudi said in shock,” If my leg isn’t moving, how can my fingers?”Then he moves his fingers and calms himself. Ali said calmly,” It’s only a cramp because of exhaustion.” Arjun said giving his bottle of rum and said,” Take this black coffee, you’ll be ok,”calmly. Yudi tries to take the bottle but Ali grabs & smells & refuses to give to Yudi & said,” I’ve known that,” and giving the bottle to Arjun & said to Yudi,”I’ll bring some hot water mixed with salt, you’ll be ok,”and went outside. Then Arjun said softly,” Drink some and apply it on the leg.”Ali said entering once again,”Bhai jaan, don’t do that,”warningly.Yudi said,”Yeah, just make it fast bro,”painfully.

                          Meanwhile Capt.R admits Naina to infirmary. Dr.S is examining her. Capt.R saw Naina in worried expression. Dr.S said,” Exhaustion, that’s why she fainted and slept. Now she’s in deep sleep & remembering her ex-boyfriends. If they didn’t refuse her then she would lead a peaceful life with someone.”Then she checks the blood pressure and nods dismissively & finishes her words. Capt.R said,” Captain, will you never become serious?”Worriedly. Dr.S said,” Please, In the case of love, I’ll always be serious,” calmly. Capt.R said,” Captain, please,” angrily. Dr.S smiled and said,” You become shy very fastly Captain.”Capt.R asked,” So tell me that I’ve to transfer her to her room like this,” angrily. Dr.S said,” Like you carried her in your arms,” smiling. Capt.R lifted Naina & carried her in his arms and asked angrily,” Do you mind?”Dr.S smiled and said,” Go captain & take care. I’m meaning take care of Cadet.”Capt.R nodded dismissively and he exited from the infirmary carrying Naina in his arms. Here Yudi & Arjun are in the room. Arjun thinking about Naina & is so worried. But Yudi is making racket,” Do something man,” painfully. Arjun is irritated with his racket & said angrily,” Didn’t I tell you, drink this, you’ll be ok. Plastic man.”Yudi said innocently,” What’s that plastic man?”Arjun said dismissively,”Yeah you’re plastic only, from outside strong but inside nothing. Look at me, am strong from outside and inside also. In fact, this is only medicine for man not for you.”Because of provoking of Arjun, Yudi drinks the rum but he cannot resist that and feels drunkard. Meanwhile, in girls hostel, Pooja is arguing with her mom in mobile phone. Someone knocks at the door. Pooja asked,” Who’s that?”Capt.R answered. Hearing this Pooja opened the door hurriedly hiding her mobile in Naina’s dress. Pooja saw Naina in Capt.R’s arms and asked,” Sir, what happened to Naina?”Standing in the doorway. Capt.R said,” Will you please give me the way?”Politely. Pooja said,” Yes sir.” and gave him the way. Capt.R brought Naina inside the room & transferred her to bed. Pooja asked once again,” Sir, what happened to Naina?”Capt.R said,” Nothing, she became unconscious because of the exhaustion,” politely. Then he sprinkled some water Pooja asked,” Sir, did you bring Naina from field to here on your arms, sir?”Politely. Capt.R changed the subject & said,” Cadet Ghai, please keep the door open. She wants fresh air,” politely. Then he took off Naina’s shoes, Pooja said,” Sir, whenever I see you, I remember Veer zaara.” Capt.R said in amazement,” What?”Pooja said innocently,” Veer zaara, sir, Shahrukh khan and Preity zinta’s film.” Capt.R said dismissively,” Cadet Ghai, I don’t see films.”Then he takes off Naina’s shoes. Then Pooja said,” I’ve seen that 4 times. 3 times with Rohit and 4th time with mom, when we purchased a mobile, then two tickets came as free, sir,” innocently. Capt.R thought that Pooja is eating his head & said,” Cadet Ghai, If you don’t want to shut your mouth then you can take fresh air outside,” dismissively. Pooja said nervously,” Yes sir, going sir.”And she about to go outside but stopped and said,” Sir, shall I say you something?”Capt.R said dismissively,” Is anything remaining to tell?”Pooja said innocently,” You are very nice.”Capt.R saw her in puzzle.”You saved Naina. If I’d’ve the mobile, I’d take picture & saved this moment in my mobile. You know that cameras will be there in the mobiles these days.”Capt.R said warningly,” Cadet Ghai,”Pooja said,” Yes sir, going sir,”nervously.Then she came back once again and said,” Excuse me sir.”Capt.R said,” Now what,” angrily. Pooja saw the mobile in the pocket of Naina’s dress and said nervously,” Nothing sir. I’d forgotten something, I’ll take that afterwards.” & she went. Capt.R corrects the pillow of the Naina’s bed & saw a photo under the pillow. Capt.R saw the studio name and date & thought,”Prakruthi studio? When I was here as Cadet, only Cadets were taken the photos and it has been closed now. Which photo is this that has the connection with KMA to Cadet Singh?” And Capt.R tried to see that photo but on that time Lolita Sen entered and said,” Sir ,”politely. Capt.R said pushing the photo underneath the pillow,” Yes.”Lolita Sen,”How can I help you,” politely. Capt.R said,” Just you take care of Cadet. If she refuses to eat then also tell her to eat. Or else exhaustion will lead to weakness,” bossily & went outside. Meanwhile Capt.R hurried to his room and searched a book called ‘TIMELINE,BY MICHAEL CRICHTON’. Then he opened the middle of the page and took a photo and saw the same name and date which was on the photo in Naina’s room. Then he thought that something connection between her & photo. Then he saw the photo affectionately because it was the photo of his & Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya holding a trophy. There was an innocent smile in Navin’s & his face & Capt.R’s eyes became wet. Then he wiped his tears and kept the photo in the book.

                     Yudi after drinking the rum makes even higher racket that his stomach is burning. Then Ali & Arjun takes him to infirmary. Meanwhile Capt.R saw once again the interview CD in his laptop and thought that she’s answering not directly but thinking. Then he took Naina’s profile and saw her home’s phone number and dialled to her home. But the receiver said that he’s having the number from 10 yrs. Then Capt.R asked apology to him and disconnects the number. Capt.R thought,” Cadet Naina Ah Singh, how many times you say lies?”Here in girls hostel, Naina is dreaming about Capt.R is killed by Huda & she gets off from the sleep sweating. She calms herself for some time and wipes her sweat and she lies down on the bed once again and thought,”Bhaiyya, is am weak so much. Why can’t I see Capt.R in trouble?” On that time Lolita Sen entered Naina’s room & said,” Cadet Singh, are you awake?”Bossily. Naina said in muffled voice,” Yes madam, now only I got up madam.” getting up from the bed. Lolita Sen asked,” Why?”Bossily. Naina is puzzled and said,” Madam.”Lolita Sen said,” I’m mean, Capt.R is asking for you,” bossily. Naina didn’t answer further.”Can I know, why?”Naina said innocently,” I don’t know madam.”Lolita Sen said sarcastically,” Come again.”Naina said innocently,” I don’t know, madam.”Lolita Sen said angrily,” Then, you didn’t even know that he brought you here in his arms.”Naina is shocked hearing this and said,” Captain Rajveer?”Lolita Sen closed the door exiting. Naina examined her top to bottom and the room also & come to the conclusion that everything is in original position. Then she saw her pillow which has been moved & the photo is pushed in hurry & is shocked and in doubt that Capt.R has seen bhaiyya’s picture. If he has seen that then I would’ve been kicked out of this academy. Naina thought herself,”Naina, be calm & be brave and face the situation.”Naina nods and takes her casual dress & wears it.

                        Ali & Arjun came to ask about the health of Yudi to Dr.S. Dr.S made them both tensed that she said that Yudi is dead. Hearing this Arjun thought for a second as the truth but then he thought and said that drinking the rum no one dies. Then Arjun went near Yudi to check his pulse. On that time only Yudi makes Arjun inhale some chemical. Arjun inhaling that chokes and feels vomiting sensation. Dr.S shows the bathroom & Arjun runs to vomit. Ali & Yudi enjoys this scene. Meanwhile, Capt.R dialled to HSO and asked,” Sir Capt.R.”HSO said,” What’s it Captain?”Capt.R said,” I want an officer for field work. I want him to verify Cadets addresses and I don’t want to be known by academy about him.”HSO said,”Ok Captain.”Then he disconnects the phone.

                         On that time someone knocks at the door. Capt.R keeps his walkie talkie in his bag & opens the door seeing once again around him that everything’s fine. Capt.R saw that it’s Naina and said,” Cadet Singh, please come in,” politely. Naina entered his room & saw around her. Capt.R asked caringly,” How’s your health now, Cadet Singh?”Naina said,” Am fine, sir,” politely. Capt.R asked caringly,” Did you get good sleep?”Naina answered politely,” Yes sir.”Capt.R asked,” Am asking that because that Dr.S diagnosed that you became unconscious because of exhaustion. This happens every time with new Cadets.” Naina said,” I was fine then also, sir. That because I didn’t ate anything from morning,” politely. On that time mobile phone rings. Naina innocently saw that where is the sound coming & saw that it is coming from her pocket. Naina took that & disconnects it but feels tensed inside. Capt.R observes this and said,” Cadet Singh, relax,” politely. And he repeats once again Relax to Naina. Naina feels relaxed but only on face, but she’s not relaxed from inside and expecting the worst to come. Capt.R asked once again,” Cadet Singh, I feel your words strange. In fact, someone was telling me that you have refused to receive the phone calls from your mom. And you’d not dialled to your mom once also after your arrival in the academy. And you don’t like the letters from your friends, you said yourself to me. If that is truth then why you need the mobile, Cadet Singh?”Suspiciously. Naina answered calmly,” This is not my phone, sir,” politely. Capt.R said,” This is not your phone. Ok I’ll accept that. But Cadet Singh, you want to prove something and what you want to prove…..,” Capt.R nods calmly.”Anyways, do you have anyone in the army?”Directly. Naina becomes tensed and cannot see him eye to eye and she answered in muffled tone,” No sir,” firmly. Capt.R said,” You know one who in the army they’ll be pressurized very much. You don’t know anyone. I know so many soldiers from Bangalore who are my personal friends.” Naina answered calmly,” Am not from Bangalore sir, am from Mangalore.” Capt.R asked suspiciously,” You are from Mangalore. You mean your 10th board of certificate which is from Bangalore is a lie? So, you mean to say that Dr.S’s diagnosis was wrong and your 10th class board of certificate is also a lie, then, what’s your truth?”Seeing Naina eye to eye. Naina cannot answer his questions eye to eye and she cannot stand there. Capt.R said,” In academy mobile phones are not allowed. Give me the mobile & you can go,” bossily. Naina said trying to convince him,” Sir, my father was posted to Bangalore on that year. That’s why, I’ve to pass 10th STD there, and that certificate isn’t false sir.”Capt.R asked smiling,” Interesting, your father took transfer on the year of your 10th STD. But serviceman, don’t do that, seriously at your year of 10th std.In fact, i’ve to ask this question to your father because; you’ll be not having any answer. Mobile phone please.”Naina gives him the mobile.”Thank you. Cadet Singh, First of all, you want to prove something & comes in your first out-door drill last leaving your partner & you’ll be punished for that also. I know that you’re feeling bad, i know that.But, I know that Naina that you’ll do better next time.On that time, your mobile will not be there to divert you. You’ll not be in your empty stomach. And you’ll complete your sleep also. Can you do that?”Sweetly. Naina said calmly,” Yes sir.”Capt.R said smiling sweetly,” Dismiss.”Naina comes outside in tension.

                         NSA said,” When you’re hiding something then the movement of their body and the movement of the muscles comes under the doubt. Naina is cursing herself that she became a CID officer, but she cannot tell an inch of lies in front of Capt.R and cannot tolerate his investigation. She’s thinking that why she cannot tell lies in front of Capt.R. This is because that Capt.R is my friend or any other reason that she don’t want to accept. On that time, she thought that she have to save herself from Capt.R, not from Brigadier.”

                                   Here Yudi, Ali & Arjun came to the mess laughing & chatting. Huda asked,” What’s the matter?”He’s sitting with Cadet Meenal Patel and having dinner. Yudi said that he’ll say about that in his room. Arjun chased him outside the mess. Naina entered mess to have dinner. But Major Nair said,” Mess has closed.”Naina saw him innocently.”You don’t know the timings of the mess,” angrily. Naina said innocently,” I was with Capt.R, sir.”Major Nair said angrily,” Why you aren’t with Brigadier?”Naina not answers. Major Nair calms himself and said,”Ok, today you’re released & don’t repeat this mistake.”And he went outside the mess. Meenal taunted her sarcastically,” Here is also lost. How can they give admission to these people?”Naina smiled at her remark and went to serve the food taking a plate. Naina served the food in her plate. Ali asked,” How’s your health?”Concernedly. Naina said calmly,” Am ok,”smiling at him. Naina sat on an empty chair and about to eat, Meenal came to her table and holds some dry roots in front of Naina’s plate and said angrily,” One who are victorious, they’ll be awarded with garland & one who are defeated, they’ll be awarded with dry roots.”Naina saw her calmly. Meenal thrown the dry roots in front of Naina’s plate and about to go to her table, Naina said calmly,” Miss Patel, these roots which you’ve shown to me is rich in carbohydrate and in mainly iron content & it gives a very good taste to your food, when it is added. And you know main role of these roots, when it is taken on the morning lowers your pride & fat. This roots are perfect to you, take this every morning, you’ll be relieved by your pride & fat & you’ll have bright intelligence, madam. And you’ll have stable mind also, good bye,” calmly. Everyone is impressed with her speech. Huda is shocked hearing this speech. But Ali is very impressed. Meenal saw Naina in angry. Naina is eating calmly. Meenal tried to throw those roots in Naina’s eating plate but Naina resisted by holding the hand of Meenal very painfully. Then Ali & Huda came in between the two girls and made them apart. Huda stopped Meenal & said,” Wait look, we don’t disturb the person, one who’re having the food, come. Meenal said sarcastically,”Oh really.”Huda said,” Yes .” & he took Meenal from there & made sit in his table. Then Naina saw the dirt on the back of Huda’s T-shirt. Meanwhile Arjun chased Yudi into the mess & saw Naina in fit & asked,” Are you ok?”Concernedly. Naina said smiling,” Am ok Arjun.”

                      Arjun & Naina both meet during their evening jogging. Naina explained Capt.R’s enquiry. Arjun asked,” I know, Daya told me about that. Look you do one thing. You dial to home and say that they can expect any military officer from academy. And warn them that don’t tell anything about your profession.” Naina nods and both depart to their hostels.


                      Naina comes to her room after her evening jogging & saw a flower plant on her bed & a note that,” Am sorry, I love you, Huda.”Naina’s temper rises & thought I’ll show you Huda. Meanwhile, Pooja dialled to some Rohit & thinks that her connection has been joined & is so happy. But this was seen by Major Nair and he said,” One day these girls close the academy. Then Pooja comes to the game room & hugs Ali with happiness & said,” That Rohit’s connection has been joined,”Ali feels uncomfortable. Huda taunts Ali that his heart is broken. Then Ali becomes angry and exits the game room. Then Arjun said playing the carom with Yudi to Huda,” I think, this is a wrong number,” directly. Huda asked interestingly,” How can you say that, qaidi?”Arjun said directly,” Nothing’s going on between Pooja & Ali. That’s a wrong number.”Huda bets with Arjun of full bottle rum that Pooja comes to Ali’s room. Then Yudi decides to sleep with Ali tonight and become the witness. Then Meenal asked about the plan of tonight. Huda thought of his & Meenal’s meeting. But Naina comes and interrupts Huda’s dream. Meenal asked excitedly,”Anyways, what’s tonight’s programme?”Huda said romantically,” If you say so.”Meenal said casually,” Am talking about Pooja.”On that time Naina entered the game room with flowers. Huda said romantically,” I thought that  you were talking about yourself. Naina said angrily,” How can she say? She didn’t get the flowers Cadet Huda.” Giving the flowers to Meenal. Meenal takes the flowers & is so angry.”Dear Meenal, your boyfriend wanted to send you but it came to my room by mistake.”Huda tries to convince Meenal & said,” She’s telling the lies, yaar. Look my mom had seen her hanging upside down & she became emotional & she said that to send her the flowers. So I’d to send her the flower yaar. You’re mistaking me,” innocently. Meenal said angrily,”ok next time, if you want to meet me, then take your mother’s permission.” & she went outside the room angrily. Huda said angrily to Naina,”Do you know how Meenal felt?”Naina said angrily,” She saw your true colours.”Huda said angrily,” Now also, she hasn’t seen my true colours.”And he grabbed Naina & tried to kiss her. But Naina resisted him by holding her hand to Huda’s neck & distancing him from herself & stabbing his  leg from her foot. All are shocked with this behaviour of Naina. Huda screamed with pain. Arjun smiled impressively. Naina said angrily,” Didn’t I tell you that don’t mess with me? Am leaving you now.”Leaving her grip from Huda.”In fact, am not in the mood of killing you Huda,” smiling sarcastically. Huda is shocked with this movement & he moved to grab Naina angrily but Naina moved & gave him the punch from her fist & his nose started bleeding. Huda saw her in more shock. Capt.R observed this incident & is also amazed of Naina’s power & guts and became more and more suspicious. Capt.R went to his room. Pooja came & asked her mobile which she’d kept in Naina’s pocket. But Naina not answered & went angrily. Pooja thought that everyone runs from her. Pooja comes to Ali’s room in late night searching for Rohit and searches underneath the bed in Ali’s room because she had got a note that Rohit is going to meet her in boys hostel. Ali becomes angry & quarrels with Pooja that she has no time sense that she sticks like as a plaster to anyone but he hasn’t have that habit and slammed the door in her face. Pooja is hurted & comes to her hostel in disappointment. Naina heard about this and charged Arjun that not to connect yourself in these affairs. Then Naina warns Arjun to keep an eye on Huda, so that he cannot become problem to Capt.R. Here warden saw the garland of flowers on the door of Cadet Meenal Patel & becomes angry seeing the mess in Meenal’s room. Lolita Sen saw the card in Meenal’s room & called Cadet Huda & Subhedhar Suri for enquiry.

                        Next morning, Capt.R closed his class & came near his room, but someone coughed from behind, Capt.R saw the man who’s coughing & he went near wash basin & pretends to wash the hands. On that time the man also went near wash basin and started washing his hands also. That man is stout & having Lieutenant ranking in army. He’s also the military intelligence officer like Capt.R. He gave the original home address & phone number of the Naina & said,” Sir, this is Naina Singh’s address & phone number, anything else, sir?”Politely. Capt.R said,” No, I’ll dial you when you’re wanted,” bossily. That man said,” Don’t dial me, sir. I’ll be with you as your assistant, sir. This academy’s head cook, sir. You know I love cooking,”sarsacstically. Capt.R said,” You’ll never change Chaube,”smiling. Chaube said,” Lieutenant Bunty Chaube reporting, sir. Previously, am with you in 2 successful missions. How can I leave you alone in this mission?”Smiling. Capt.R said,”Ok let’s go before someone see us,” hurriedly. Capt.R entered his room first & Lieutenant Chaube also enters Capt.R’s room by watching. Daya observed this & went to inform Arjun.

                       Capt.R dialled to Naina’s house phone number, there Naina’s mom answered the phone,” Hello.”Capt.R asked,” Who’s speaking?”Calmly. Naina’s mom said,”Mrs Ahluwaliya,”calmly. Hearing the name Ahluwaliya, Capt.R is shocked & thought Naina Ah Singh means Naina Singh Ahluwaliya & then started talking,” Madam, am talking from golden credit card, can I know you & Mr.Ahluwaliya’s full name, please?”Calmly. Naina’s mom said,” Why?”Suspiciously. Capt.R said,” Madam, our company has decided to give you free credit card which have the credit limit Rs 17,000/=,”calmly. Naina’s mom said,” But Mr.Ahluwaliya isn’t in the home,” calmly. Capt.R said,” It’s ok madam. I want to tell you that with this card, we want to give you a add on card.”On that time a siren is heard & Capt.R closes the hearing part & saw outside the window. Naina’s mom heard that & is alarmed. Capt.R said after sometime,” Am sorry, some disturbance is there. As I was saying that, you can give it to your children,” in panic. Naina’s mom said,” No we don’t have any children & we don’t want any card,” angrily with panic. And she about to keep the receiver, Capt.R tries to convince her and said,” Madam, just listen to me, for Rs 10,000/= purchases, our company gives you 10% discount for full one year, if your family member is in army or was in army,” calmly. Naina’s mom said,”Look, I don’t want any card,”angrily.Capt.R said,” It’s ok madam, may I know your & Mr Ahluwaliya’s full name?”Calmly. Naina’s mom said,” Please, we don’t want any card,” angrily and disconnected the phone. Capt.R thinking, but Chaube asked,” What did aunty said, sir?”Smiling. Capt.R said,” She refused,” simply. Chaube said,”refused,”thinking. Capt.R said slowly,” Yes but there was a strange panic in her voice. I think this is the right number,” calmly.

                      Lolita Sen asked Cadets Huda & Patel,” Are you both girlfriend & boyfriend?”Bossily. Meenal answered,” No madam,” politely. Lolita Sen said,” Don’t tell lies,” angrily. Meenal said,” No madam, it is true. We both aren’t girl friend & boy friend. Madam, Cadet Huda was following me every time. When I didn’t give any attention to him, he sent me flowers madam,” politely. Huda feels bad because he hasn’t done anything. Then Lolita Sen said,”Suriji,”bossily. Suriji takes Huda to give punishment. Huda repots the flower plants. Naina saw this & smiled sarcastically and exited from there. Huda feels worse inside. Meanwhile, Bunty singing entered the Capt.R’s room with a tray of Sooji Halwa. Naina saw this & thought, ‘who’s this man going inside without any fear? I’ll find out’. Naina peeped from the door which was ajar saw & listened the words of Chaube,”Oh ho, she’s Naina Singh Ahluwaliya. Look, now stop the game of police & thief & come in open,” seeing her photo. Naina is panicked hearing that & saw her photo only. In the meantime, Capt.R saw Naina peeping into his room from the door & tapped from behind on her shoulder & said,” Cadet Singh,” suspiciously. Naina asked to save herself by showing the library book of signals & communications in an unusual calmness,” Sir, this book is perfect for signal studies?”Capt.R saw the book & said,” Yes but you would’ve asked that in the class only. Why did you came here?”Suspiciously. Naina accepted her mistake & said,” Yes sir & sorry sir,” calmly & she exited from there. Capt.R entered his room in panic & said,”Chaube, what’s this idiotism? She has gone now. I don’t know what she’d heard.”Chaube said innocently,” But no one came in front of me, sir.”Capt.R said,” Not in front of you, behind you. A vigilance officer will’ve to be in separate place. By the way, you don’t even look yourself as a vigilance officer, lower that.” Showing Chaube’s stomach. Chaube said,” It is my way of camouflaging others sir,” smiling. Capt.R gave the SSLC marks card. Chaube saw that and said,” Vidhyanidhi higher secondary & high school, J.P.Nagar, Bangalore.”Capt.R said,”Naina Singh’s school, go & get some more details,” bossily. Chaube took the SSLC marks card & exited from Capt.R’s room.

                   Meanwhile, Naina is thinking about the incident, what she saw & she hurried to say to Arjun but she dashed to Dr.R & makes her files to fall and said in panic,” Sorry madam.”Dr.R said calmly,” That’s ok Cadet.”Naina helped in lifting the files & saw her profile & becomes suspicious & panic. Dr.R observed this but Dr.S came as diversion & said,”Rituji, you’re here only? We’ll be late for the urgent meeting. Dr.R said,” I completely forgotten Shalini.”And she went with her for meeting. Suriji also saw her suspiciously and Major Nair also. Then she went to meet Arjun. Naina said to Arjun,”Yaar Arjun, I think Capt.R knows my full name. And, who’s that man?”Before she further says, Arjun answered her question,” His name is Lieutenant Bunty Chaube. He’s the new assistant of Capt.R & this academy’s head cook. Daya told me. We’ve to be very careful with that Lieutenant. Let’s concentrate on our test, ok. And that Lieutenant has given your Mangalore address & phone number to Capt.R & Capt.R has phoned to your mom today morning & he has given your SSLC marks card to that officer & said that to get some more details about your family and about your marks card. You expect phone from your mom. Now don’t lose hope, you can do this, ok. Am with you Naina & our team with you & most importantly, I’ll always be with you. Trust yourself, me & god. Naina cheers herself for Arjun’s words but there’s a fear inside her not for her for Capt.R, because of her mission.

                           Here the urgent meeting is started in meeting hall. All are present except Capt.R. Then Capt.R enters. Major Nair said after the entry of Capt.R,”Now all are present, let’s begin the meeting. Suriji asked,” Sir, What’s the matter? You’ve called us an urgent meeting, is there any problem?”Politely. Major Nair said,” Not a problem Subhedhar, it’s a solution, to make this academy’s performance better,” Proudly. Dr.S said dismissively,” Another BC.”Major Nair said bossily,” From now onwards, small unit search & destroy drill will be added to first year batch. Which Cadets grade’ll be 50% up, they can settle here in KMA. The officers with their soldiers they enter the enemies territory and they give their test of the power & their ability. Likewise these Cadets will be tested.” Capt.R listened first & said,” Major Nair, The drill which you are talking about is very difficult & complex. This drill is not only the question of cadets physical but also intelligence & emotional question. That’s why this drill is kept in last year. I want to know, why this drill is kept now.” Major Nair said clearly,” So that, the weak Cadet can be kicked out of this academy. One who wants to leave the academy next year can leave the academy now only.”Capt.R said calmly” Am sorry Major Nair, how can you judge that there are only a few able cadets in this new batch? In fact, why don’t you think that there’ll be treasure of able Cadet?”Major Nair said,” And there’ll be no one,” clearly. Capt.R said,” Yes, it can happen. But one who tops the academy as best Cadet, they’ve become best officers in Indian army. You can check the academy’s records.” Major Nair said,” Captain, We do not follow the history but we create history.” Capt.R smiled sarcastically & said,” This is the mistake, you do every time. You do a new mistake & bury it in files taking the name of history.”Major Nair saw him angrily.”In fact, if you want to see their ability, then why destroy drill? Give them a rifle & send them to the front. You’ll see their ability, intelligence & emotions also. Major Nair said,” Now you’re overreacting Captain. The protection of front’ll be on the hands of the able & experienced officers not Cadets.” Capt.R said,” I do not disagree with you Major Nair. But, the experience which you’re talking about not comes by the academy pass outs; it comes with the time, & am asking you that time. These Cadets minds are soft. Let they adjust to these type of environment. Then you see, you can make any drill, even the destroy drill also from them.” Dr.S said,” From this, am with Capt.R, Major Nair.” Suriji said,” Look, the question of correcting the mistake am with Major Nair. Because of the Navin Singh Ahluwaliya, our academy has been dishonoured,” calmly. Capt.R nods dismissively. Major Nair said,” Well, this drill is going to commence because Brigadier has given green signal to this drill but he wants the opinion of the KMA faculty. Yes or no just vote,” calmly. Capt.R laughed & said,” When the decision is taken then why this formality, Major Nair?”Major Nair said angrily,” Decision isn’t taken Captain. Decision will be taken after the opinion of faculty.” Capt.R said seriously,” Major Nair, you can save yourself from me. You can run the academy in your way. But I’ll challenge your system every time, I’ll promise you. Major Nair said angrily,” Captain Shekhawat, just vote, yes or no.”Capt.R said,”No,”firmly.Dr.S also said,”No,”firmly.Suriji said,”Yes,”firmly.Major Nair said,” Well mine is yes. But now our opinion is 50:50.Let’s see what is Dr.Mishra’s psycho-analysis tells? Dr.Mishra, please tell us your opinion.” Dr.R was silent hearing Major Nair & Capt.R’s argument & she listened carefully & said,” We give them the hope that they’re the best, then we scrutinize them & we send them after one year that they’re unable to become the soldier. Well, in this case, I’ve to say………..yes.”Capt.R is shocked & felt angry. But Major Nair is happy hearing Dr.R’s opinion. Capt.R didn’t say anything & exited the meeting immediately.

                         Naina is thinking about the past times, the dead body of her brother, everybody’s crying & someone’s saying that,” Army is saying that your son was a traitor.”Naina saying,” No.”And her father saying,”Navin gave his life to this country but this country didn’t give Navin a tricolour flag.”Naina remembered her & her parents conversation before she’s going to report to Kodagu bureau. Naina said,”Maa, there’s a conspiracy, maa. I’ll search that truth maa. It’s a conspiracy; bhaiyya’s death is a conspiracy. I’ll show the whole country that my brother wasn’t a traitor,” crying. Naina’s mother said crying,” What do you think, the academy admits you easily, a traitor’s sister?”Naina said,” Yes maa. I’ll struggle maa, I’ll go inside & struggle. They’ve to give admission maa & for that, if I’ve to change my name & my surname. I’ll do it maa.” crying. Naina’s mother said,” I’ve lost one child, I don’t have to lose you also, Naina,”crying. Naina thought of the promises which were made to her bhaiyya of protecting his best friends & herself. She thought that the urgent meeting’s motto isn’t about me? How can I find out, Arjun? I’ll ask Arjun afterwards. Meanwhile, Ali came & sat beside Naina & asked about Pooja & warned to keep an eye on her. Naina didn’t listened to any word of Ali. Arjun noticed this & came to aid of her & said to Ali that don’t eat her head. Ali asked that everything’s alright & Naina came to present world & said to Ali that nothing. Then Pooja & Ali quarrel each other.


                          A phone call came & orderly received it,”Jai hind, Kanchenjunga. You want to talk to Naina Singh, just hold on,” politely. Meanwhile Naina passes, then orderly said,” Cadet Singh, you’ve a phone call,” politely. Naina said angrily,” Didn’t I tell you not to give phone calls from the home?”Orderly said,” Yes, but this is from hospital. Your grandmother is ill,” politely. Then Naina thought that is it from bureau & took the phone from orderly & said,”Hello,”politely. Naina’s mother said in panic,”Naina, someone had phoned to home from academy.”Naina didn’t want to make her mom panic, but she knew that Capt.R only dialled to her home & she said dismissively,” Do you know who are they?”Naina’s mom said,” I don’t know his name, he himself was telling that, he is from a credit card company,” worriedly. Naina said,” And you thought from academy, maa, how do you know?”Angrily. Naina’s mom said,” Am telling you that phone was from academy because, I was listening a siren sound when Navin was dialling to me from academy. That siren is same Naina. Be careful, Naina.” Naina said calmly,”Yeah, take care. I’ll find out who’s that.”Naina’s mom said,” Yes dear.” & she kept the receiver & went to talk to Arjun. Naina explained everything to Arjun. Arjun said calmly, “So, Capt.R had dialled to your mom, then Naina, be careful yaar.” Naina felt that there’s no hope & said,” I’ve to ready myself to be kicked out of this academy,” sadly. Then smiled dismissively & said,”Capt.R also thinks Navin as a traitor, Arjun. You know, Navin’s wish of protecting his best friend, who thinks Navin as a traitor.” Arjun said,”Naina, don’t lose hope. There’s always the hope. Trust yourself & god. Your wish’ll never go waste. Your attempt will never become futile. Now let’s think about our test.” Naina said dismissively,” What’s the use of taking the test? When am going to kicked out of this academy?”Arjun said,” Don’t feel bad. Some way will come, which makes you settle here in academy & makes you fulfil your last wishes of your bro, trust me,” caringly keeping his hand on her head.

                        Yudi is studying his course book. Arjun came & sat beside Yudi & asked,” You hoisted the flag in front of Dr.S, then what you are reading for?”Directly. Yudi said seriously,” Dude, I’ve come here to study, so let me study.” Meanwhile, senior cadets came there to talk with Yudi & asked,” Dude, you’ve hoisted the flag in front of Dr.S is true or not or you’re only flying to the air,” sarcastically. Arjun gets up, but another senior stopped him & said,” This isn’t your fight dude, sit down.”And makes Arjun to sit, as he’s a CID officer, he knows how teenager act & smiled dismissively. Yudi asked innocently but he knew that what they’re asking about,” What sir, what you are talking about?”Meanwhile, Huda came & said,”Yudi, why are you hiding the truth? After all, they’re our seniors yaar. Tell them, what happened,” provoking Yudi. Yudi said,” Yes sir. I only told her, what happened in my life.”Senior Cadet said,” What did Dr.S said?”Curiously. Yudi said innocently,” I don’t know, I wasn’t in conscious.”Senior Cadet asked curiously,” Why?”Huda said enjoying this scene,” On that time, Yudi had drink the rum.”Senior cadet said impressively,” Well you’re the dude. By the way, how this bottle did came?”curiously also. Huda answered,” This academy’s supply is supplied from his dad only,” impressively. Arjun said innocently,” I drink it daily.”Senior Cadet said,” Leaving us you juniors are making party? Ok, when are you going to give us party? Yudi became puzzled & shocked & asked,” What party, I don’t give any party?”Senior cadet asked,” Why, you are the dude, you only hoisted the flag in front of Dr.S?”Yudi asked innocently,” But what’s the connection with this?”But Huda makes Yudi caught in between seniors with his cleverness & Yudi accepts forcefully that he’ll give the party but seniors decide the venue that they’ll be waiting for him in dhaba outside the academy. Then they make Yudi fear that if he not comes to dhaba then they’ll not leave him & said that previously a Cadet has gone outside the academy was ordered to march out from the academy. Huda enjoyed this scene as he made caught Yudi in tight situation.

                    Meanwhile, Capt.R entered the Cafe to take some coffee. Dr.S called him to join her & Dr.R, but Capt.R refused. Dr.S called,”Hey, Captain coffee?”smiling at him. Capt.R said refusing,” No thanks.” & then saw Dr.R & he came back & said,”Dr.Mishra, I didn’t know that you say yes in others yes, very soon. Dr.R said,” Captain, if your complaint is Major Nair’s drill. Then, I know what am doing. We’ve to say to the weak Cadets that they’re not able to this academy, so that they can go back to their normal life,” directly. Capt.R said calmly,”Dr.Mishra, In this academy, a few years back, and two friends came. On them everyone’s expectation became strong. They fought a boxing match in starting only, the match ended after 12 rounds & one person won the match. Everyone thought that one who wins the boxing match becomes best cadet pass out of this academy. But, their expectation became wrong, one who was defeated in the match, topped & best cadet pass out of this academy.” Dr.S said,” In this case am with Capt.R, In fact, sometimes the cadets don’t top the academy after joining army, and they become veer chakra awardees.” Capt.R said,” In this academy, during making of the best cadet, we’ve lost so many veer chakra awardees. Dr.Mishra, these cadets have a hope and come. We’ve to make their hopes stronger not to break it. I think like that only, Excuse me,” seriously & exited the mess. Dr. R started thinking & said curiously,”Shalini, I thought that Capt.R is talking about himself, but in between these two friends, who’s he?”Suriji said casually,” One who won the match.”Dr.S & Dr.R are amazed. Dr.S asked curiously,” Then who was the best cadet?”Suriji said proudly,”Navin Singh Ahluwaliya.”Dr.R said firmly,” One who became traitor.”Suriji said proudly,” But he was also shaurya chakra awardee.”Dr.R said impressively,” And Capt.R is veer chakra awardee.”

                     Next morning, all cadets are doing exercise in gym room. Naina is exercising her hand in dumb bells. Pooja is exercising in treadmill, i.e.,walking. Huda is cycling. Arjun is practising boxing. Yudi is weight lifting. Huda came near Pooja & asked,” Look punjaban, I’ve no time, please give me 10 minutes in the treadmill. I’ll use it & give you,”requestingly. Naina saw Huda disgustingly. Pooja said angrily,”Ok, come on, let’s do it both, come on sit on my lap. I’ll exercise instead of you.”Huda dug his finger inside his ear & said,” What’s the problem with you girls. You girls start fighting for a word to word. Is it not, phoolan,”sarcastically seeing Naina. Naina saw him in angry & left the dumbbells down onto the floor. Huda remembering Naina’s punch said immediately,” It’s ok, phoolan. Don’t say anything to them. Neither I had bet with my mother nor I had come to academy & fight with these girls,” angrily. Arjun said angrily,” Not with us also,” angrily. And said to Yudi,”Ask him, what you want to ask?”Angrily. Yudi said sadly,” Guys, my time has come. If someone asks about me then tell them I was a good guy.”Arjun said,” Huda is the one who fixed you in trouble, ask him to help before falling down.” angrily. Huda said,” Excuse me, are you talking about me?”Innocently. Yudi thought what Arjun had said & said,”Oh hello, you only fixed me in this trouble, give me some ideas, man,” innocently. Huda came & sat on Yudi’s place and started to lift the weight & said dismissively,” Look because of my mom’s bet am stuck here.”Yudi started pleading Huda & said,” Help me Huda, you only fixed the party, then get me out of this academy. Give me some ideas, man,” innocently. Huda said dismissively,” Ideas not come in free, for that, we’ve to make a place, let me do exercise,”Yudi said pleadingly,” What the hell, are you not going to help me? You?” he went to everyone & asked for help. Meanwhile, Ali entered the gym room & said excitedly,” Brothers, leave the exercise & read the notice board.”Everyone read the notice board. Huda said casually,” Small unit search & destroy drill, search it & destroy it, attack,” sarcastically seeing Naina,”Phoolan, this drill is perfect to you.” sarcastically. Naina saw him in angry” And in fact, Pooja is still searching only,” sarcastically. Pooja said angrily,” Then I destroy you only.”Huda said sarcastically,” Am scared, Pooja.” Naina thought about the tests so much. Ali said,” This isn’t fun. From today onwards for every drill, we’ll be awarded the marks,” excitedly. Arjun said to Yudi,” It’s very good. We can keep the party on the Saturday. You can go outside the academy,” sarcastically. Huda clapped appreciatively. Yudi said proudly,” No way chief, I won the first drill & I’ll win this drill only.”Arjun noticed Naina. Naina’s worried about something & had a dull face. Huda said,”Yudi, let’s bet who’ll come first?”Excitedly. Yudi said,”Bro, I think about that before betting with you,” dismissively. Huda said,” What about you Ali? I’ll bet, if you win, I’ll give you Rs 1,000/=, if you win then give me 1 rupee,” proudly. Ali said seriously,” Then, I’ll have to accept this bet to show you, your place.”Huda also became serious with Ali’s words & shake the hands after sometime smiling. Both Ali & Huda smiled each other shaking their hands & everyone smiled except Naina. Arjun saw Naina’s dull face. Naina isn’t giving any attention to their conversation & thinking very deeply. All cadets assemble in training grounds except Naina. Arjun is worried but he searches Naina by his eyes. Naina came late & for that Major Nair shouted at Naina for coming late & said,” Take your position,” angrily. Naina asked sorry for lateness & took her position. Major Nair explained the drill & said,” Today’s drill name is sack drill, in which you’re going to lift a heavy gunny bag & going to roam this mountain,” showing the mountain,”& going to reach the X point in the top of the mountain,” showing the blue flag on the mountain. In war like situations a soldier lifts the sack of sand. But today, you’re going to lift the sack of haystack.”On that time rain is started, and then Major Nair said impressively,” Interesting, because of the rain the weight of the sack of haystack becomes double. Cadet Baig, 25 minutes is ok or you want 5 minutes more. Ali said directly,” No sir, 25 minutes is ok sir.”Pooja is disappointed. Major Nair said impressively,” Good, you’re going to carry the sack & you are going to reach that X point,” showing a blue flag towards the top of the mountain.

                          All cadets took their sacks one by one & marched out. Yudi cannot lift that sack because the pain in his back & Major Nair leaves him & said that he’ll think about Yudi’s marks sarcastically. Yudi insisted that he’ll do the drill but Major Nair refused and sent him. Yudi cursed Major Nair & exited from there. Naina came & lifted the sack of haystack but Major Nair said calmly,” Cadet Singh, in war situations, a soldier lifts the sack of sand.”Hearing this Naina kept back the sack of haystack to its position & stood there silently. Major Nair said,” Good, very calculative,” impressively. Then Naina took a deep breath & took the sack of sand & carried it in her back. Major Nair said pretending to show favouritism,” Because you’re a girl, am giving you 5 minutes more,” sarcastically. Naina said directly,” I don’t need sir.”Major Nair feels bad & said,” Good, you are going to go in this shortcut,” showing the side road of the mountain. Naina said seeing directly,” I don’t like shortcuts, sir.”Major Nair said angrily,” Cadet Singh, just do what I say, go.”Naina saw him angrily, but resisting, she went from the side road. All cadets trekked the mountain with sack of haystack but Naina trekked the mountain by shortcut carrying the sack of sand. Huda saw that Naina is coming from shortcut & said sarcastically,” Nair is favouring you so much. He sent us to roam & sent you in shortcut. This is cheating, yaar.”Likewise all cadets trekked & reached the blue flag, i.e., X point & signalled to Major Nair. Major Nair saw them in his binoculars. Naina also reached the mountain & signalled Major Nair. Everyone come down, meanwhile, coming down Pooja slips down but Ali holded her by falling & Huda smiled sarcastically seeing them both. Everyone came down holding the sack of haystack except Naina. Ali & Huda run fastly to reach the assembling point, but Huda comes forward & reaches the assembling ground & keeps the sack of haystack first. Everybody took their position coming back except Naina. Major Nair said to Arjun,” You took 25 minutes full Cadet,” bossily. Arjun said proudly,” So what? ”Major Nair said angrily,” Dismiss.”Everyone is dismissed except Naina because Naina isn’t reached but Major Nair said searching for Naina towards mountain in his binoculars,” I think, I’ll have to wait for Cadet Singh for 2 or 3 hrs,”dismissively. Orderly said,” Sir, look there, she’s coming.” showing towards Major Nair’s opposite direction. Major Nair saw that side & is shocked. Naina coming carrying the sack full of sand on her back. She came & kept that in its position & took her position. Major Nair said,” I thought that you won’t complete this drill, Cadet Singh,” bossily. Naina said politely,” But I reached sir.”Major Nair said,” Yes, but after 15 minutes,” bossily. Naina saw him innocently in disappointment. Major Nair said angrily,” Dismiss.” & he went from there. Naina stood there for sometime taking her breath & saw someone who’s seeing her continuously. Arjun was standing there silently seeing her in folded arms. Naina & Arjun saw each other. Arjun came near her & kept his hand on her head in comforting way & said,” Come Naina, let’s have the lunch,” caringly. Naina said politely,”Arjun, please leave me alone for some time.”Arjun saw Naina’s eyes & nodded & said,”Naina, take care of yourself,” caringly. Naina nodded & Arjun went from there seeing Naina turning repeatedly. Naina collapsed to the ground & thought,” Why bhaiyya, are you testing me? I failed today’s drill also, why? Am failing myself or Major Nair is making me fail? Please do some miracle from which, I’ll be here until I protect your best friends from Gehlot & complete our mission. Please bhaiyya do something.”Then she got up & walked slowly to have the lunch.

                      After the drill all are having lunch in the mess. Arjun saw that Naina hasn’t come to the mess to have lunch. He’s worried. Meantime Ali said,” Our marks has been given in the notice board. Major Nair has given me full marks,” happily. Pooja asked politely to Ali,”How much I’ve scored?”Ali didn’t answer her question & ate his food silently. Huda said proudly,” Major Nair has given me full marks. Pooja asked once again politely,”Ali, how much I’ve scored?”Ali answered Arjun instead of Pooja,”Guru, you’ve also passed,” politely. Pooja once again asked Ali politely,”Ali, how much I’ve scored?”Ali answered finally to Pooja,”For full 2 marks less.”Pooja said happily,” I don’t know that I’ve scored this much. But I feel bad for Naina, that Nair tricked Naina by carrying that heavy sack & for this jail returned………”showing towards Arjun. Arjun saw her in angry.”I didn’t say anything.”And she started eating her lunch. But Arjun was thinking about Naina only. Huda said sarcastically,” Nair is training Phoolan for param chakra.”Pooja said disgustingly,” I don’t want that free extra talk time, if someone wants to give me.”Huda said sarcastically,” You’ve got extra talk time from Ali, chori was about to slip & then Ali caught you.”Ali is angry & so Pooja also. Huda makes a move to taunt both Ali & Pooja. But Pooja said angrily showing the fork,” Huda, if you’re Haryanvi then am also Punjabi. When I give you a punch, it’ll be worse than the Naina’s punch, mind it.”Huda saw the fork in her hand & came back & sat in his table. Arjun is impressed with her move & smiled. Huda then taunts Ali & Pooja once again & Pooja starts crying. Yudi said,” Someone has said truth. Laugh & the world laughs with you, cry you’ll cry alone,” sadly.”Did someone asked what happened to me? My sack was heavier than you guys & Nair tricked me to lift that sack. He had a row with my dad, previously,” angrily. They didn’t answer his pleas & became silent. After sometime a senior Cadet came to Yudi & said threateningly,” Well dude, don’t forget Saturday night party in dhaba. If you not come then you know the result.”And he tapped on Yudi’s shoulder. Yudi said,” Come on guys, did I said anything? Come drink & enjoy,” dismissively. Senior Cadets went having their lunch. Pooja said worriedly,” Where’s this Naina, she hadn’t taken the lunch. If she not takes the food & sleep. She faints in tomorrow’s drill also.”Yudi nods dismissively. Meanwhile Naina saw the marks on the notice board where she has been failed once again and thought,” Has Captain & Brigadier didn’t want me to be here in academy. What do I do? Firstly, they dial up to home & this test fails. What’s going on here? Here Capt.R thinks me as spy Cadet. If this goes on then how can I protect Capt.R? What about our mission, if am got expelled. It’s all hope on the Arjun only. I think am unable to complete this mission.”On that time Pooja came & said,” You are here. I was searching you everywhere,” caringly. Naina didn’t answer. Pooja tried to convince her and said,” Look its only the first test, cover up in remaining test.”Naina didn’t answer for that remark also. Pooja tried to change the subject & said,” Come let’s have the lunch,” caringly. Naina said directly,” Am not hungry.”Pooja insisted Naina,”If you not eat then, how can you complete the drill? Come, let’s have our lunch,” caringly. Naina’s temper raised & said,”Pooja, don’t try to become my mom,” angrily. Pooja asked angrily,”Ok, where’s my mobile?”Naina said angrily,” Your mobile is with Capt.R.”Pooja said angrily,” So then get my mobile from him.”Naina said,” What can I do for that & why?”Angrily. Pooja said angrily,” Why means? I had my parents photos. If you had your parents photo, you would’ve given to Capt.R?”Naina went angrily but Pooja stopped her & said angrily,” How can you know? You’re alone; you don’t even want to talk to your parents. Arjun is also alone, but he’s friend for friends. But you,”Pooja nodded disgustingly. “Huda said right about you, who are alone. They’re given high attention & who are alone, they’re ready to die. Major’ll train you for param chakra award,” angrily. Pooja & Naina saw angrily. Pooja went angrily from there. Arjun observed this & went & comforted Naina. Naina is so sad. Arjun cheers Naina & takes her to have lunch. Naina had the lunch & attended their classes in classrooms.

                  Yudi is disturbed. Arjun said that ask his father to Yudi. Yudi explained that how his father is; his father thinks that without his help, he’s not going to stand on his feet. And Yudi said that, that’s why he’s in military academy. Then Arjun said that he’ll help bringing the hard drinks to the party. Then Yudi is impressed then he said that how to get out of this academy. Then Yudi said to help to Ali & Ali refused to help. And Yudi slips mistakenly to Ali that Huda played mischievous game with Pooja. Ali is so angry & quarrels with Huda. Huda also quarrelled with Ali & threatens him. Ali also angrily said that go & quarrels with Naina & Pooja. Arjun saw this quarrel calmly drinking the rum. Huda is so angry hearing this & tries to quarrel with Ali, but Yudi interrupts & took him to their room. Ali slammed the door angrily on the face of Yudi & Huda. Arjun thought as idiots.


                    Here in the mess, Dr.R is thinking something, Dr.S came & seeing Dr.R & said,”Rituji, what you are thinking is correct. Capt.R has some magic. By meeting him & talking to him, something happens,” smiling sweetly. Dr.R said casually,”Shalini, you are talking about yourself.”Dr.S said smiling,” Come on rituji, Capt.R becomes shy seeing you.”Dr.R said,”Oh please,” dismissively. Dr.S said tauntingly,” Come on, you voted against him. Then he became angry. But he cannot show his anger on you; just he told a story & went away.”Dr.R said dismissively,” So you understood like that.”Dr.S said calmly,” No I’ll understand like that on Saturday.” Dr.R said curiously,” Why Saturday?”Dr.S said calmly,” Saturday because we’re going to a date.”Dr.R asked curiously,”Oh with?”Dr.S said calmly,” Don’t worry, I’ll introduce to a handsome guy not to psycho pack.”Dr.R said dismissively,”Oh how boring, Shalini, you’ve forgotten that am a psychiatrist & I like psycho pack.”Dr.S said casually,” But, I’ll introduce you to a handsome guy only. But if your heart says then you make him as psycho pack.” Dr.R said dismissively,” We’ll see.”Dr.S reminds her,”Hey Saturday.”Dr.R said,”Saturday,”dismissively. Next morning, bugle is played. All Cadets get ready & came to the field for next drill. Yudi stopped them & said,” Guys, guys, guys. Wait I know that seniors will be waiting tonight in dhaba & I don’t know how to get outside of this academy,” pleadingly. Pooja said simply,” It’s so simple. Go from that main gate only from where you came.”Huda said sarcastically,”Ofcourse, you go with Pooja, she’ll guide you. But take the permission from Ali without fail.”Ali became angry hearing this. Arjun said directly,” Let’s go there your uncle is waiting.”Huda said sarcastically,”Ok, if you’re in hurry, then you only go to your uncle.”Pooja said,” Let’s go guys,” innocently. Huda is enjoying seeing the troubles of Yudi. Then all the Cadets come & assemble. Major Nair said,” Cadets attention & stand at ease,” Cadets do as ordered.”Cadets, today am going to teach you, how to operate a rifle & target practising. In previous drill, which Cadets cannot lift the sack of sand (coming towards Naina & staring towards her. Naina saw him eye to eye. Major Nair saw her & turned)will have the opportunity to score the marks. In front of you, there’s a rifle which is called as 303 rifles. You’re going to practise with this rifle only. You are going to start with this rifle,” bossily. Yudi asked lifting his hand,” Sir.”Major Nair said calmly,” Yes Cadet.”Yudi asked innocently,” Sir 303 rifle isn’t used in army now right.” Major Nair said calmly,” Yes Cadet, but we train you from this rifle only. If you learn to operate this then everything will be easy.” Meanwhile Capt.R saw the training & came.”You’ve to learn about 303 rifle is 2 points, one is recoil & two is popping shell.” Capt.R said enthusiastically,” Sir, if you don’t mind if I see the drill from here. I didn’t know that you were teaching the rifle drill today, sir, you know firing & myself….”Major Nair saw him dismissively & said,” You’ve interest in operating rifle, why don’t you demonstrate?”Bossily. Capt.R said enthusiastically,” Certainly, sir.”Major Nair said,” Pick up the gun, Captain,” bossily. Capt.R said eagerly,” Sure.”And picked up the gun. Major Nair said bossily,” What’s the speciality of 303, tell them?”Capt.R said,”303,303 is an long range rifle & one of the heaviest.303 operating & bullet motor cycle operating is both are same. I’m mean, it’s not easy. Like if you say the bullet packet is not going to heat, you cannot operate the bullet motor cycle. Likewise, you cannot operate the 303 rifle till you recoil it.303’s recoil will be very strong. For that you’ve to keep the rifle on your correct position of right hand. (Showing the movement)You’ve to grip it strongly from left hand. (Showing the movement) if you keep it in wrong position or if you show carelessness during holding the 303 rifle, your shoulder will be fractured. Cadet Singh,” (calling Naina, he gave the rifle to Naina) Naina gripped the rifle without any further instructions taking from Capt.R. He didn’t even correct the position. Major Nair is also amazed that she’s gripping the rifle in correct way. Capt.R said,” Take the position & aim,” calmly. Naina gripped the gun in perfect way. Capt.R is amazed that she’s gripping the rifle correctly. Capt.R said clearly,” Don’t pull the trigger. One soldier fires when he’ll get the orders. Back to your position.”Naina went to her position giving the gun back to Capt.R.”Cadets, I’ll teach you now, how the gun is recoiled,” And he showed how to recoil.”Now, I’ll show you how to aim to the target,” And he shot the bullet to the target but the bullet went away from the target. Capt.R nodded sarcastically. Major Nair said seeing Capt.R’s target practising. Major Nair said,”Capt.R has shown you that entire how to operate the rifle but how to aim the target, I’ll teach you,” sarcastically. Capt.R smiled sarcastically hearing the remark & said,” Yes sir. You are right but in the wartime situations, the soldier will not be having the time to aim the target & fire. He’ll have to fire approximately, like this.”And he fired not seeing towards target & seeing towards Nair. The bullet went to the yellow background of the target. Nair is shocked seeing that move. All cadets are impressed except Naina.”But we’ve to see that approximate is our self confidence.”And he shot & made a big hole in yellow background. Major Nair saw this in shock. Capt.R said to Major Nair,” I hope not very bad,” impressively. Major Nair saw him in angry & Capt.R smiled sarcastically. Major Nair said angrily,” Only boys, get ready for the drill.”Pooja asked innocently,” Excuse me sir, what do we do?’Major Nair said angrily,” For you by default, 5 points will be given for this drill.”Naina said directly,” I object sir.”Major Nair is angry. Capt.R said directly,” And I second her, sir.”Pooja said impressively to Naina,”Now see, how veer makes muchchad left right left right.”Naina said suspiciously,” I don’t think so, they’re not our friends. They’re also the members of this system.”Capt.R asked directly,” Why are the girls awarded by default marks, sir? Why don’t they do the drill?”Major Nair said angrily,” Girls are going to do this drill after they had completed other drills.”Capt.R said directly,” Am sorry sir, but there’s no rule in the academy’s rule book.”Major Nair saw him angrily.”I’ve told you previously that I’ve the hobby of reading the books,”Capt.R smiled at Major Nair sarcastically.

                          Major Nair ordered to orderly to bring rifles for the girls angrily. Capt.R smiled sarcastically & said,” Thanks a lot.” & went from there giving back the gun to orderly. Major Nair said angrily,” We complete the drill like I explained. Cadet Ali” Ali went & took the rifle given by the Orderly & fired to the target aiming it. The bullet went to the red background of the target.”Cadet Sahani”Yudi aimed to the target but bullet went to the cap of the senior Cadet standing nearby. Yudi saw that in panic. The senior Cadet ran off from the place. Yudi asked Major Nair to that he’ll fire once again.( Major Nair nodded) Yudi fired aiming to the centre of the target, but bullet went to the background of the blue. Yudi is disappointed went & gave back the gun to orderly & went to his position.”Cadet Arjun” Arjun aimed but he’s distracted & saw a dog going outside the academy. Then he aimed to the target & fired to the centre of the target. The bullet went to the centre of the target & made a big hole. Major Nair said impressively,” Very good.”Arjun gave the rifle back to orderly & went to his position. Naina smiled at him appreciatively. Major Nair said,” Cadet Huda” Huda saw the ability of Arjun & felt jealous & took the rifle angrily & fired. Huda aimed to the target but bullet went to the background of blue. Huda is not impressed but he gave the rifle & went to his position fuming inside & saw towards Arjun in anger.”Cadet Pooja Ghai”Pooja came forward & took the rifle from orderly & tried to recoil it but it is struck & cannot do it & said to Major Nair,” Sir, am going to take passing marks,” accepting the defeat. Major Nair said impressively,” Good, you’re calculative, back to your position, Cadet.”Pooja gave the rifle to the orderly & went back to her position. Naina nodded dismissively.”Cadet Singh” Naina came forward & took the rifle from orderly & tried to recoil it but she cannot do it because the rifle is rusted. Huda said impressively,” She has courage.”Naina tried to recoil it but thought ,”This rifle is rusted. How can I recoil it. The previous gun was in good condition?”Major Nair saw her attempts & said dismissively,” Cadet Singh, if you wish then you can take the passing points & go.”Naina said determinedly,” I’ll do it sir “And she recoiled the gun & she positioned correctly & fired but she hurts her shoulder & the bullet went to the centre of the target & made a big hole. Naina is suffering from the pain & Major Nair saw in shock. All Cadets saw her in shock except Arjun. Huda was so amazed & so Major Nair also. Arjun smiled impressively. Major Nair ignored this & he called Naina back to her position. Naina came back to her position giving the rifle back to orderly. Pooja asked caringly,” It hurts so much?”Naina didn’t answer her question & Pooja understood. Major Nair dismissed everyone for the lunch except Naina & said bossily,” Cadet Singh, for your kind information, other Cadets had been given 5 points & more. But am going to give you 2 points just for your effort.” Naina saw him angrily. Major Nair shouted at her angrily,” Dismiss.”Naina went from there sadly & Arjun saw Major Nair angrily & thought,” Major Nair, one day you’re going to pay for this.”

                           Meanwhile, Capt.R is thinking about Naina. He saw that how Naina’s bullet made a big hole in the centre of the target & then she hurting her shoulder. On that time, someone knocks at the door. Capt.R said calmly,” Come in.”Chaube enters with a tray & said smiling,” Hot tea with hot pakodas & hot news, sir.”Capt.R said,”Yaar, when’ll you go & come. I don’t even know. What is it?”Eagerly. Chaube said impressively,” I’d gone to Bangalore’s girls school, aha.”Capt.R said angrily,” Let’s come to the point.”Chaube said seriously,” Sir, Cadet Singh has passed SSLC from there only, but they don’t know about their family. And hot news is that she has failed today’s rifle drill.”Capt.R said thoughtfully,” Yes Chaube, this girl is becoming a question mark to me. On one side she has fire inside her & other side she has failed in rifle fire, very unlike her.” Chaube said,” Sir, she gives the SSLC certificate original & gives the house address & telephone number false.” Capt.R said thoughtfully,” On one side, she’s proving something & I think she’s hiding something.”Chaube asked suspiciously,” Sir, are you doubting that Naina Singh is a spy?”Capt.R said calmly,” I can’t say that, till I get a strong proof.”Chaube said,” Sir, yesterday for Naina Singh, a call came from the hospital, orderly told me,” seriously. Capt.R said firmly,”Chaube, I want that number.”Meanwhile Naina went towards the infirmary. On that time only, Dr.R entered infirmary & said,” Hi doc,”casually. Dr.S said smiling at her,”Hi.” Dr.R said,” I don’t want to disturb you but, this evening on what time, I don’t like being late,” enthusiastically. Dr.S said excitedly,” You bet, are you excited with this date.”Dr.R said calmly,” What time?”Dr.S said casually,”8:30pm & I’ll pick you.”Dr.R said,” Is it far ,”suspiciously. Dr.S said,” Not really,” smiling. Dr.R said smiling,”Ok then, bye.”Dr.R turned to go but on that time Naina entered & said to Dr.R,”Good morning madam,” painfully. Dr.R saw her state & said firmly,” Good morning, Cadet.”Naina wished ‘Good morning’ to Dr.S & Dr.S wished back. Naina said resisting the pain in the shoulder to Dr.S,”Madam, actually my hand isn’t moving.”Dr.S said caringly,” What did you do today?”Naina said,” Rifle’s recall,” painfully. Dr.S said caringly,” I just hate rifles, come on sit down & just try not to move the hand.”Naina sat on the chair. Dr.S is wiping her hands in the towel took a spray. Dr.R asked Naina caringly,” Are you ok Cadet?”Naina answered,” Am fine madam,” softly. Dr.R said appreciatively,” That’s ok Cadet. You are hiding your pain & this is a true soldier’s mark, keep it up, ok & take care.”Naina said softly,” Yes madam.”Dr.R said to Dr.S,”See you Shalini,”smiling at her. Dr.S nodded her & Dr.R exited from there. Dr.S came near Naina taking a sprayer for the pain & she lifted Naina’s hand slowly. But Naina made noise of the pain & Dr.S left her hand slowly,”Ok Cadet, now slowly remove your shirt,” caringly. Naina said painfully,” Madam, it’s so paining.”She tried to remove the shirt but cannot do it & she makes the noise of pain & said,” Madam, I cannot hide the pain further madam,” painfully. Dr.S kept her hand on Naina’s head & stroking said caringly,” Come on Naina be brave. You had resisted the pain till now, do that for some more time.” Then Naina resisted her pain & removed the shirt. Dr.S treated the pain. Naina came near the corridor of Capt.R’s room after taking the medicine for her shoulder pain cure. Meanwhile Chaube came outside & asked orderly,” Orderly, yaar, the phone which comes in cafe, is the number is recorded?”Hearing this Naina hides behind the wall & listened their conversation. Orderly said,”Yes,”innocently. Chaube said,” I want those numbers from the memory,” firmly. Orderly said,” Why?”Suspiciously. Chaube said calmly,” To make kurma, Capt.R wants & tonight am making kheer, you want extra?”Orderly smiled & said,” I’ll bring you the number.”Naina becomes panic & runs to tell about this to Arjun in the mess.

                          In the mess, Pooja said to Ali,”Passing marks were awarded, Naina should’ve taken. How can she refuse free talk time? We knew that Major Nair was doing wrong, but why is she becoming so touchy. Whenever I see Naina, I think her mom would’ve told Naina, my dear, you aren’t my daughter, you’re my son & Naina Singh has taken this completely to the heart. There’s difference between boys & girls, why don’t she accept?”Ali said emotionally,” How does the academy show partiality between us? Naina did was right. She tried to operate rifle. Their duty is to give equal training to both of us. Naina didn’t sit silently in front of the Major Nair’s injustice.”Pooja said angrily,” It’s ok then, I didn’t aim to that senior Cadet like Yudi.”On that time Yudi entered the mess & hearing Pooja’s remark said,” I didn’t aim to the head & he didn’t struck with bullet he was saved.”Pooja said angrily,” Then what? I’ve not come here to take any award of param chakra or to become best Cadet or shaheed. I’ve come here to search Rohit & if he’s found then I’ll get out of this academy.”Then she exited from the mess. Ali called Pooja to ask sorry but she runs from the mess very fastly with angry. After their incident Yudi said,”Ok guys, am going to cancel the party,” calmly. Arjun asked directly,” Why? Are you afraid of the expenses?”Yudi said dismissively,”Ofcourse, Because, Brigadier Chandok is going to take me outside the academy. So am cancelling the party, I didn’t became the soldier or best cadet, I’ll become shaheed. Everyone hear my story & pities me. That’s Yudi.”Huda smiled sarcastically. Arjun said calmly,” Did you not trust me?”Huda asked sarcastically,”Qaidi, are you going to carry him on your shoulder?”Arjun asked directly,” If you say then shall I give you my shoulder?”Yudi interrupted them & asked Arjun,”How are we going to go outside?”Arjun said directly,” The dog said me in the ground.”Huda said sarcastically,” It’s perfect, he talked to a dog.”Arjun said directly,” Why, you’re also talking to me?”Huda said dismissively,” Well you talk yourself always, qaidi.”Arjun stood to quarrel with Huda but Yudi interrupted them & asked to Arjun,”Seriously chief, the dog,” curiously. Arjun said calmly,” How did the dog go outside? He cannot jump the 8ft wall. There was a hole in the wall.”Yudi said excitedly,” Hole in the wall, you mean, party time,” And he shouted ‘Guys party time’. Ali felt uncomfortable

                            Naina entered the mess to have the lunch. Arjun met Naina in the mess & he talked to her in low voice. Naina explained everything,”Yaar Arjun, Capt.R is following me. And you know Nair gave me the rusted rifle,” worriedly. Arjun asked caringly,” How’s your pain now? I’ll do something to that Nair,” Angrily. Naina said worriedly,” No Arjun, you’re the only hope yaar. If I got expelled, you’re the only hope yaar of protecting Capt.R.” Arjun said caringly,” Look, am going to Yudi’s party to keep an eye on Huda & to collect some more information about this Huda from HQ & about Capt.R’s success in how much they know about you, ok. You are careful & keep an eye on Capt.R & if you can then take some information about the spy Cadet, whom Capt.R thinks indirectly, ok. Take care & good night.”Naina said caringly,”Yeah safe flight Arjun, good night.”Arjun patted her comfortingly on her shoulder & exited from the mess. Here meanwhile Ali asked sorry to Pooja. Ali & Pooja became friends once again. Ali decided to help Pooja to search for Rohit. Then they decide to go to Yudi’s party so that they can check the addresses. In the mess, Arjun asked to everyone,” Who are going with us, Pooja?”Confirming. Pooja said,” Yes, we both are coming,” showing towards Ali. Ali isn’t happy but he’s coming for Pooja. Huda asked to Pooja about Naina,”What about your roomy, phoolandevi?”Pooja said angrily,” I don’t know about her.”Arjun said directly,” Look we’ve to check that no one informs after our exit from the academy.”On that time Naina entered the mess & started serving the food into the plate slowly. Yudi said,” Right, I’ll go talk to her,” directly. Yudi went near Naina & said enthusiastically,” Tonight is my party & guess what you’re invited.”Huda said silently,” She never come & she refuses, because Nair’s her teacher, phoolandevi,”sarcastically. Ali said pitily,”I think she’s not feeling well. Did someone ask that how her shoulder is?”Pooja said angrily,” Why do I ask?”Said loudly. Huda hand gestures to talk in low voice. Then Pooja said silently,” Why do I ask? She cannot tell herself to me. I know her shoulder’s been fractured & what’s the point of hiding the pain?”Arjun nodded dismissively & thought teenagers. Naina said politely,” Listen Yudi, I cannot come to the party, I’ve pain in my shoulder.”Yudi asked,”Ok, we’ll make our self escape from this academy & no one will know about that & they think that we’re sleeping tight. But in case if someone comes to your room. You mean Lolita madam to your room, then,” eagerly. Naina said firmly,” Listen, no one will know about this, ok.”Yudi said appreciatively,” Thanks I love you for this. You want something from outside?”Naina said calmly,”Besan ladoo.”Yudi said smiling,”Ladoo sure.”Huda said sarcastically,” She wants ladoo as a bribe.”Yudi said,” All clear, let’s go,” calmly. Pooja asked in pity,” What about her health?”Yudi said,”Yeah she has pain in her shoulder, let’s go,” calmly. Then all exited the mess. Pooja taps Naina in comforting way & she went. Ali saw her for a moment & he also went outside. Arjun winked at Naina & went. They went outside the academy by the hole of the boundary wall.

                              Then one who is in academy is sleeping tight. But not Naina. Naina cannot sleep & is so worried & thought about the Capt.R’s enquiry. Then she decided to set out to search that proof which makes Naina as a spy Cadet. Naina went outside her hostel & went to Staff’s quarters. Naina came fastly & bumps to Lolita Madam & she makes herself in trouble. Lolita Sen asked in amazement,” Cadet Singh, what you are doing here after lights out?”Naina lied to Lolita Sen,”Madam, my roommate Pooja Ghai, she has gone to Dr.S in infirmary. Today her stomach was in trouble & she vomited madam.”Lolita Sen said in disgust,” Come again, vomit?”Naina asked politely,” Madam, shall I go?”Lolita Sen said bossily,” Go.”Naina about to go, Suriji stopped her,” Wait Cadet.”Lolita sen said bossily,”Suriji.”Suriji asked about the cadets has become invisible & he asked about them to Naina. But Naina said lies to Suriji that Capt.R is taking a special class in astronomy room. Lolita Sen asked to Naina that why didn’t she go to that class. But Naina said lies to Lolita Sen that she was ill & Dr.S has given heavy painkiller. Then Suriji went to meet them in astronomy room. Naina ran to the corridor of Capt.R’s room. Meanwhile an orderly saw the hole in the boundary wall & showed it to the guard. Guard went to inform Major Nair but Capt.R stopped him & on that time Naina came to the corridor & ran inside the room. Capt.R asked,” Guard, what’s the matter?”Guard said,” Sir, there’s a hole in the boundary wall. Am going to inform Major Nair. Capt.R said in shock,” Hole in the boundary wall?”He saw the time.”It’s not the right time to make Nair informed. I’ll see to that let’s go.”And he went to examine the hole with guards locking his room door, on that time Naina heard the door locking & went to open it but couldn’t open & Naina thought,”Oh no, Captain has locked the door, how can I escape now?” Then she searched Capt.R’s cupboard then a bag found. She opened it, and then saw the name of the terrorists, their information which is in a file. Then the file of his mission about nuclear triggers protection, its security information, how to enter the nuclear triggers room & how it is protected everything. Then she saw some photos of Capt.R’s & Naina’s bro’s photo, both holding the trophy & smiling. But she cannot discover any proof of her proving that she’s a spy cadet. But she panicked thinking that he’s doubting on her that she’s traitor Navin Singh Ahluwaliya’s sister & keeping an eye on her.


                            All cadets went to dhaba for the party. Arjun went to bring hard drinks. Yudi said innocently,” Hi people.”Senior Cadet said enthusiastically,” Here comes the dude, you mean hard drink supplier. So where’s our boost?”Yudi coughed & asked Huda,” Dude, where’s the boost? Or else seniors will beat,” in panic. Huda smiled sarcastically & said,”Yudi, be cool yaar. He’ll be coming now, till then let’s eat the lays”. And Huda gave the lays to seniors. Senior Cadet said,” Look dude, if boost will not come then…….”threateningly. Pooja asked innocently,”Ali, what’s the matter? Ali hand gestured to say ‘ssshhh’. Meanwhile Arjun came & brought the hard drinks. Huda said,” Look, he has brought your boost,” appreciatively. Yudi said worriedly,” Dude, where were you?”Arjun took a full bottle & said,” This is my part, remaining you enjoy,” directly. Pooja asked,” You are also going to do this,” disgustingly. Yudi said warningly,”Sshh Pooja, shut up, what are you doing? They’re seniors.”Senior Cadet said,” Dude you’re a rock star. There’s boost & beauty also,” appreciatively. Pooja went behind feeling uncomfortable. Senior Cadet Starts flirting with her & asked,” What’s your name basanthi?”Pooja didn’t answer but Ali answered softly,”Pooja, her name’s Pooja Ghai.”Senior Cadet said sarcastically,”Veeru is also there with basanthi, and then party’s going to rock.”Huda came in between them & said,” Leave them yaar. They’re the swan pair,” Then giving them the glasses of liquor,” Let’s start,” happily. The senior Cadets took the glasses of the alcohol. Senior Cadet said seriously,” Come on join us.”Pooja said stubbornly,” No thank you. I don’t want to join you.”Senior Cadet said softly,” You don’t know how to treat a lady. You didn’t ask her to sit or to eat or to dance.”Other Senior Cadet said very softly,” Please madam come & dance with us.”Arjun saw silently at them. Pooja saw towards Ali who was standing in the corner not seeing towards them. Huda came & said,” Dance with them Pooja. They’re our guys. You’ve to exit the party also to search the Rohit.”Then he makes Pooja dance with the seniors. Pooja starts dancing with seniors & Ali cannot see that & he feels jealous. Ali feels uncomfortable seeing Pooja dance with them. Yudi kept the cool drink there only & he went to have his peg. Huda went to bearer & saw the Besan Ladoo then he said to him to pack that Besan Ladoo. On that time a senior cadet mixed a small amount of alcohol to Pooja’s cool drink & gave it to Pooja to drink. Pooja drank that & felt drunkard & everything is seen as fours & eights to her eyes. Huda said seeing Pooja in that state,” Morons, they did their work.”Huda saved the Pooja from the senior cadets & brought to Ali to take care of her. Arjun saw this drinking his bottle impressively. Ali saw him angrily & went outside disgustingly. Pooja also followed calling Ali.

                       Meanwhile in the academy, the guard showed the hole in the boundary wall to Capt.R. Capt.R said seeing that,” This isn’t made now; it’s been made from few days. But you didn’t noticed this till now?”enquringly.Guard stammered & said,”Sir”scratching his head. Capt.R asked enquringly,”Who noticed this now?”Guard answered stammering,” Orderly noticed this, sir.”Capt.R said accusedly,”Very good. You work perfectly than me.”Guard bowed his head with shame. Then Capt.R said calmly,” It’s ok you position some guards here & repair it on morning.”Guard stammered & said,” Sir for Brigadier Chandok.”Capt.R said clearly,” Brigadier Chandok, you want to give him the proof of your carelessness? Do what I say.”Guard said stammered once again & said,” Sir, if further problem comes then?”Capt.R said calmly,” If further problem comes then you are going to report me, I’ll take the responsibility.”Guard said,” Yes sir,” And saluted him. Capt.R went from there. Meanwhile Naina try to escape from the window but window had nets. Naina couldn’t think of going outside. Then Naina went to find some more clues. Here both Ali & Pooja are going to city in Auto. Pooja confessed love for Rohit in front of Ali. Here Suriji met Capt.R & asked about Cadets absence in hostel. Suriji said,” Excuse me Captain.”Capt.R said smiling,” Good evening, Suriji, please tell me.”Suriji asked,” Good night, Are you playing with Cadets the twinkle twinkle little star? I’m mean, are cadets with you in astronomy class?”Capt.R said calmly,”Suriji, you come for duty after drinking. We’ll search for stars afterwards but I’ll show to your room now.”Suriji is shocked hearing this remark from Capt.R & said,” I beg your pardon sir. I was sent to you because Cadets are with you.”Capt.R said curiously,” Who said that?”Suriji said,” Cadet Singh, I’m mean, Naina Singh said that,” shockingly. Capt.R said clearly,” You mean.”Suriji said,” I’m meant that I’m searching for Cadets & I couldn’t find them.”Capt.R said calmly,”Suriji actually, there’s a hole in our boundary wall.”Suriji said,” Hole in the wall,” in exclamation” You mean the Cadets have run away from the academy?”Capt.R said,” Not ran away Suriji but had gone outside the academy, not telling us.”Suriji said in boring way,” This Cadets search for new way to go outside the academy every year,” And smiling he said,” You also had ran away in your first year with Navin Singh. Is it not.”Capt.R smiled & said,” Yes & was also caught because someone had informed Brigadier Chandok. But Suriji, this time don’t tell to B.C.” Suriji nodded smiling & also Capt.R. Suriji said,” If Brigadier comes for round at night?”Capt.R said,” You tackle him.”Suriji said,” And when these Cadets return to the academy,” innocently. Capt.R said,” I’ll tackle them,” calmly. Suriji said,” If any problem comes then.”Capt.R said,” Then report me, I’ll handle them.”Suriji said,”Ok,”And went but Capt.R called him & back & asked about Naina. Suriji said that Naina hasn’t run away & she has gone to Dr.Singhal. Capt.R said that if he sees her then send her to him. Suriji went saying ok. Capt.R came to his room, opened it. On that time Naina searched for the clue in the bedroom in the drawers & after listening to the open of the door & went & hide behind the curtain.

                            Capt.R came inside the room & taking a deep breath sat comfortably on the sofa & saw towards his wardrobe & shocked that the wardrobe is opened. And he saw that his bag is opened then he saw that his study table drawer is also opened. Then he saw around him & saw towards his bedroom door is opened. He entered the bedroom & saw that his drawers are opened. Then he thought that someone’s there in the bedroom. Then he saw around him & saw near his shoes where it is kept tidily. There he saw a feet & confirms that someone is there hiding behind the curtain & came near the curtain & he opened the curtain. Naina is revealed & Capt.R saw Naina in eagerness that he has caught her doing something wrong & said slowly,” Cadet Naina Ah Singh, how can I help you?”Naina stammered,” Sir, your room was opened that’s why I came inside.”Capt.R said sarcastically,”Oh really, thank god, you didn’t saw the opened gate of the academy. Then you would’ve gone outside the academy.”Naina said hastily,”Sir, your room was opened & I want to ask you something & you weren’t in your room & then I searched for you but, When I went outside someone closed the door……….”Capt.R said sarcastically,” ……….And you opened my wardrobe & my bag & drawers of my study table, you did find nothing & you came to my bedroom from living room & you opened my drawers & you didn’t find anything. So you hid yourself behind the curtain. Quite adventurous I must say.” Naina feels even more panic”Ok just cool” Naina saw him in panic” Relax & tell me what you want to ask me?”Naina stammered,” Sir” Capt.R said politely,”Yes”Naina stammered,” Sir that.” Capt.R said,” Yes Cadet Singh. I didn’t hear.”Naina stammered but someone knocked at the door. Capt.R said politely,” Don’t worry, I’ll see to that. You can sit here & can remember what you want to ask me & don’t panic; I’ll close the door & go so that no one disturbs you, ok.”he went but stopped & turned & said politely,” I’ll be right back.”And saw Naina in eagerness & went outside & closed the bedroom door & saw around him so that everything is ok or not & opened the door. Naina saw his eagerness & thought that she has been caught red handed & thought that you’re the hope of protecting Capt.R & Capt. A to Arjun.

                             Dr.S & Dr.R entered Capt.R’s room. Dr.S entered casually inside the room taking a basket & kept it on the kitchen compartment & said,” Hello Captain, hi,”enthusiastically. Dr.R stood in the doorway seeing around her & Capt.R saw her in amazement she came inside slowly seeing around her & Capt.R closed the door. Dr.S saw Capt.R in amazement & said,” Well Captain, I’ve arranged everything to eat & drink. But we want your company. Capt.R said,” For sure,” seeing Dr.R in amazement. Dr.R stood silently. Dr.S said to Captain,”Why’re you standing like that Captain. There are 2 women in front of you & wine also, start now,” directly. Capt.R said in puzzled expression,” What do you……..?”Dr.S said smiling,” Be a gentleman & serve the wine.”Capt.R said calmly,” For sure, so let me be a gentleman, madam please,” showing Dr.R towards sofa to have a seat. Dr.R said smiling,” Ya sure.”Dr.S asked,” Are you having wine opener?”Capt.R said proudly,” Am fully acquainted, doc.” & he opened the wine bottle & started pouring the wine to the glass & said innocently,” Actually, I thought you’ve changed your mind, you know because of the time.”Dr.R asked directly,” So are you also in this plan, Captain?”Capt.R asked innocently,” Plan, what plan? Dr.S said that you want to meet me.”Dr.R said,” What?”And nodded dismissively towards Dr.S. Capt.R said immediately,” It’s ok. Dr.S wouldn’t say that I want to meet you?”Dr.R asked directly,” Well Dr.S didn’t say like that but Captain Do you want to meet me?”Capt.R saw her in amazement & stammered,” I….”Dr.S came to his aid & said,” Come on guys, what sort of questions are this?”Dr.R raised her eyebrows saying he started that.” You both are meeting together that’s important.” Smiling & changing the wine glass” Well cheers to your friendship.”Capt.R asked immediately,” Why, don’t you want to be with our friendship. Dr.S, I think that you are waiting to someone?”Dr.S said calmly,” Well Captain, you can think on your way. But am not going to come in between your friendship.”Dr.R said slowly,” We haven’t become friends till now.”Dr.S said casually,”Rituji, you’ll become friends. Well cheers to your friendship,” smiling & raising the glass. Both Capt.R & Dr.R raised the glass with Dr.S & said cheers.

                                  Meanwhile, Naina cleaned the bedroom & kept their positions perfect so that he cannot find any clues that what she was searching in his room. She corrected the curtains & closed the drawers & kept the photo in one of the drawer which she was holding & sat on the bed & took a deep breath to calm herself. Then Capt.R continued his party & saw towards bedroom door & said,” Actually, I’ll be right back, I was doing an urgent work when you came. I’ll complete it & come.”And went. Dr.S said eagerly,”Ok, but Captain, when you come back, here there’ll be total concentration is needed.”Dr.R saw her & nodded dismissively. Capt.R entered his bedroom & said,” Am so sorry,” and saw around him & said in amazement,” Wow; you cleaned my bedroom in a few minutes. Drawers are closed, curtains are closed. I must say Bangloreans are so fast,” impressively. Naina said immediately,” Am not from Bangalore, Am from Mangalore. Sir, I’ve a pain in my head & Dr.S has given me heavy pain killer. So, I’ll go sir,” And she went near the bedroom door. Capt.R said eagerly,” Cadet Naina Singh, you aren’t going anywhere. In fact, in army, when seniors are talking with you, you’ve to talk face to face not showing your back.”Naina closed her eyes taking a deep breath & turned & faced him. Capt.R said enquiringly,”Naina Singh, why do you want to go from here, if you are ill or you want to hide that why you came to my room? You came to my room & opened my drawers & after my exit, you closed the drawers & corrected the curtain, this also you don’t want to say? Naina Singh, this is only the work of spies? Are you doing this because of someone or there’s something in your mind?”He asked angrily,” what is the truth?”Naina said stubbornly,” Am not a spy sir.” She shouted but Capt.R hand gestured to talk in low voice.” & what you are saying do I couldn’t understand that sir. And you don’t want me to be in this academy, that’s why……”Capt.R said eagerly,”……. Am accusing you without any proof? Offence is the best form of defence; you are following this proverb perfectly. Cadet Singh, will you come to the light, you are failing drill after drill.”Naina said stubbornly,” Am not failing sir, they’re making me fail. In fact, today, in rifle drill, they gave me rusted rifle. Then also I fired & hurted my shoulder but my bullet made a hole to the centre of the target. Major Nair ignored that & gave me only 2 points. Why, because am a girl?”Capt.R started thinking, on that time Dr.S called him,” Captain, what you are doing there? Look Captain, if you don’t want to give us company, then we’ll go from here.”Dr.R actions eagerly that shall we? But Dr.S hand gestures to say no. On that time Naina said,” Sir, I think, I’ve to go now, am going sir,” hurriedly she went near door but Capt.R pulled Naina strongly ,”Cadet Naina Singh,” And he hurted her hand. Naina suffered the pain. Capt.R saw her pain & said calmly,” Am sorry, you aren’t going anywhere. Don’t you think yourself smart. You’ve told lies previously to Suriji that I’ve teaching astronomy to first year. I know that your batch mates have gone outside the academy & guards are waiting for them. Outside in my living room, Dr.Mishra & Dr.S are there. Do you want to go, and then go, but BC & other faculty want to know that telling lies about your batch mates, what you are doing in my bedroom? Got that,” eagerly.”There’s a glass of water behind you, drink that,” dismissively & went outside closing the door. Naina thought about Arjun & other batch mates.

                                   Here this side a rowdy came to Yudi’s party venue with his girlfriend. His girlfriend saw the KMA cadets & is so impressed she leaves her boyfriend. The cheeka, i.e., the rowdy fights with Huda. Because that rowdy challenges Huda to show that he’s a man or not. Huda bets & is defeated. Huda flirts with his girlfriend. Then Cheeka keeps the Cadets as hostages. Arjun saw that man & remembered that he has seen him in wanted list in Madikeri police station & silently he sent the message to Inspector Kiran to come & arrest him. Meanwhile Huda runs to bring the money leaving the Cadets under the rowdy Cheeka as he lost his bet. Arjun observed this but he was pretending to be busy drinking the alcohol. A message came to Arjun’s mobile that Inspector Kiran is coming. Then he drinks his peg once again in calmness. Meanwhile Capt.R enjoying their party walked Naina to Ritu & Ritu to Naina. Naina thought about her batch mates,” What do I do? Shall I tell him? Captain is right, they’ll be restricted. If I hide the truth then the truth which I had hidden will come in front of everybody. What do I do?”Here Capt.R is enjoying the party. Dr.S said,” Captain, you don’t forget that every successful man’s behind a woman’s hand will be there.”Capt.R said clearly,” Correct, because, woman favours only the successful man. Well woman will also be successful, but did you ever hear that every successful woman’s behind a man’s hand?”Dr.R said calmly,” No offence Captain but personally I must say that man is so bad.”Dr.S said dismissively,” You are absolutely right. Look for a man, what we do will never be right & of course, they had no difference between car & love.”Capt.R said calmly,” That’s because; they know the difference between cream and fight.”Dr.S said,” Then what’s bad in that? You’ve to learn new things in your life,” meaningfully. Capt.R saw towards his room & said,” In fact am trying to learn about woman now. I’ll just be back,”fastly. Dr.R observed that he’s distracted with something. Dr.S said bossily,” Halt Captain, now am coming with you?”Capt.R said panickly,”why?”And Dr.R noticed this. Dr.S said,” Something’s inside there which is so interested than we both,” suspiciously. Capt.R said calmly,” Of course, there is. Am making dessert for you & I don’t want to like you to say after tasting that there’s a hand of woman. Got it,” And he went inside the room to talk with Naina. Dr.S showed towards the room & she said to Dr.R ‘dessert’ & then Dr.R showed towards kitchen & she nodded & took the glass of wine.

                         Capt.R entered his bedroom to talk with Naina. Naina stood immediately. Capt.R said politely,” Sit down,” Naina stood with hesitation. Capt.R said once again politely,” I said sit down, Cadet Singh.”Naina saw him suspiciously & said ‘sir’ & sat on the bed. Capt.R came & sat beside Naina. Naina shifted herself far from Capt.R. Capt.R observed this & stood & asked,” Did you prepare dessert, any time?”Naina saw him in puzzled expression.”Am joking. So what did you decide? Are you going to tell me, where are your batch mates?”Smiling. Naina said,” I don’t know sir,” flatly. Capt.R said,”Ok, if you don’t want to say then, no use of asking. But now am going to ask you few questions which has changed subject. But you’ve to give me correct answers. So tell me why you refuse to receive the phone calls from your family?”Calmly. Naina is shocked hearing this & didn’t have any answer.”No answer, ok, difficult question. Ok, I’ll ask a simple question, why did you hide the secret that your full name is Naina Singh Ahluwaliya?”Enquiringly. Naina is even more shocked hearing that words. Naina calmed herself & said very fastly,”Sir I like small surname, that’s why, I’ve to change my surname.”Capt.R said,” So that’s why you gave false address & phone number, right,” eagerly. Naina said casually,” Sir, the academy has made a mistake that writing the wrong address & phone number.”Capt.R said sarcastically,” Cadet Singh, you can correct your mistake now also because, you’d know now that I’ve researched about you fully. What’s the truth you’ve to tell me, & I’ll promise you, that this news will not go to BC. But Cadet Singh, one lie & you are going to go out of this academy.”Naina asked enquiringly,” Why did you enquire about me so much, sir?”Capt.R said calmly,” When something’s hidden then only enquiry starts & I want to ask you that what you are hiding?”Naina said suspiciously,” Nothing sir, but a teacher is so interested in student’s personal life, I didn’t know that sir? & you’re hiding that too.”Capt.R said seriously,” What am hiding or not you leave it to me. But you’re hiding that if your true identity comes in front of everybody then you’re going to kicked out of this academy.”Naina said stubbornly,”Ok sir, I want to know that what you know about me?”Capt.R said slowly,” Cadet Ahluwaliya.”Naina said stubbornly,” Cadet Singh. Singh is my official surname, sir.”Capt.R said angrily,” Cadet Singh, your stubbornness will never save you. Your silence is killing me. It’s my opinion that what you want to take decision, think about that.”And he went to his living room. Naina thought about Arjun & said,” I’ve decided sir. Arjun, you are the hope yaar,”sadly. Huda came to academy to take the money & tried to enter the academy from the hole but he saw that the guards are standing near the hole guarding he went back without money.




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                            Here Capt.R, Dr.R & Dr.S are enjoying the party. Dr.S saw both Capt.R & Dr.R that they’re seeing attentively & started singing in taunting voice. Capt.R & Dr.R smiled dismissively to her. On that time someone knocked the door. Dr.S said immediately,” Congratulate me Captain,”Capt.R saw in puzzled expression.”Today to listen my painful voice, someone has come.”Dr.R said calmly,”Shalini, don’t be so hopeful. Someone has come so that you stop singing.”Dr.S said immediately,” How mean?”Capt.R said eagerly,” Shall I solve this mystery?”Dr.R said,”Please,”calmly. Capt.R opened the door & went outside & saw that it is Suriji. Suriji said worriedly,” Captain, situation is so tensed. Now Cadet Naina is not seen, cadets haven’t come. Now, Dr.Singhal has also become invisible. Is it not that Dr.Singhal has run away? Capt.R said,”Suriji,”warningly. Suriji said casually,” Am just joking.”Suriji heard that someone singing from Capt.R’s room & Capt.R answered Suriji’s enquired look,” I’ve some guests. I’ll send them & I’ll come. Suriji said,” I’ve fear that outside, Cadets are fighting with civilians. Now am so worried, if it goes on like this, If someone informs to BC then with Cadets we both will be going left right left outside the academy,” worriedly. Capt.R also feels tensed & said,”Suriji, don’t worry, you keep on watch. I’ll send the guests & meet you.”Capt.R sent Dr.R & Dr.S saying that Senior Cadets have gone outside the academy & has to see to them. Capt.R came back to his bedroom closing the main door & said,” Am sorry Cadet Singh, you’ve not said that where your batch mates are & Subhedhar Suri is worried. You’ve to say that now, where’s your batch mates are & you & your batch mates going to kicked out of this academy,” seriously. Naina said stubbornly,” I’ve decided sir, am going to say.” Capt.R said eagerly,” You are going to say, very good. So tell me, where are they?”Naina said seriously,” I’ll go & tell you outside, sir. Subhedhar Suri also hears.”Capt.R said calmly,”Ok, let’s go,” He went outside the bed room & outside his quarters also.”Hurry, Suri Saab went this side,” But Naina came outside & ran outside the staff quarters. Capt.R saw her running & followed her. Naina ran away near deserters bell. Capt.R followed her & said panting,” Cadet Singh, what you are doing here?”Naina said,” Am going to leave this academy, sir. Am going to ring the deserters bell,” stubbornly. Capt.R said angrily,” Do you know the result of this; you’re going to kicked out of this academy with dishonour & shame?”Naina said stubbornly,” I’ve no fear sir. But I cannot become a traitor in front of my friends. I’ve no traitor’s blood in my veins sir,” And Naina held the bell & about to ring, but Capt.R saw her in shock & said,” Stop Cadet Singh stop. This is an order,” angrily. Naina said stubbornly,” No sir. I’ll not take this as an order, sir, because you think that what I say are all lies only. That’s why am leaving the academy. To make you right, I don’t want to make my principles as wrong, sir.”Capt.R said angrily,” And you are not going to say about your friends.”Capt.R became calm & said,”Ok, I made a mistake, am sorry. But for that why you are punishing yourself? Why you’re ringing the bell? You’d come here to become a soldier, then become a soldier.”Naina said stubbornly,” Sir, for this mistake punishment will also be given Na, sir” Capt.R said calmly,” Cadet Singh, for a mistake, punishment will be there likewise for a mistake, repentance also there & am ready to repent. Just trust me, your friends will reach their room safely,” But Naina didn’t leave the bell .Capt.R said calmly,” Do you not trust me?”Naina said stubbornly seeing his eyes,” Do you’ve the trust on me, sir?”Capt.R saw her eyes & thought that someone who’s so near to him seeing him. Capt.R cannot answer this question.

                          Here Arjun fought the panja with Cheeka & won. But Cheeka stood to fight with them removing his weapons with his friends. On that time Capt.R came & fought with Cheeka & his accomplices & meantime Inspector Kiran came to dhaba & arrested the Cheeka & his accomplices & took him to his custody. Capt.R took his Cadets & reached academy. They entered into the academy from where they exited the academy. Suriji scolded him & Capt.R said to Suriji to forgive them & Suriji forgave them & sent to their hostel. But Huda isn’t happy & accused Naina that she has played double game with us so that she can get good impression to get better marks in her test. Capt.R heard his conversation with Yudi & is so angry & charged him & dragged him to Naina & said angrily,” You were talking about her right. Listen Cadet Huda, today you’re here safely in this academy that because of Cadet Singh. You know Cadet Singh was about to ring the deserters bell but she didn’t tell anything about your whereabouts. Previously, in 10 days, she had a punishment because she left her partner. But seeing you, I can say that neither you are going to able to become partner to her nor to anyone else also.”And went from there angrily. Naina saw him silently & Huda cannot see her face & he bowed his head with shame. Naina left him leaving Huda repenting that he accused Naina without any mistake. Arjun saw this & thought about her very much & his respect towards Naina became double. Yudi asked Huda what’s the matter & Huda explained about the previous incident & everyone came to Naina & said thanks & went to their hostels. Arjun noticed that she’s not happy. Naina lied down on the bed but sleep didn’t come, she started thinking about Capt.R & slept gradually. There Capt.R also thinking about Naina, he remembered that Naina holding the deserters bell & saying I’ve no traitor’s blood sir. Then he remembered her eyes which has innocence, & he thought that someone nearest is seeing him. Then he also slept gradually.

                           Next morning, all cadets went for jogging. Arjun & Naina met each other during the jogging. Naina asked,” Any news from HQ,”calmly. Arjun said,”Yeah Naina, you’ve no fear ok. Capt.R cannot prove you as a spy Cadet,” happily. Naina said calmly,”Yeah I know. There’s no proof against me to say that am a spy Cadet. I searched about that in his room, nothing I got. I was sitting in his bedroom for 2 hrs,”angrily. Arjun saw her in concern & asked,” Nothing serious?”Naina said,” No but he made to sit in his bedroom because of Dr.S & Dr.R. They both came to his room to party. What’s the reason of the party I don’t know but he came & asked repeatedly that what am hiding about my personal life. But I didn’t say anything to him. But am sure he’s going to know very soon that I’m traitor Capt.Navin Singh Ahluwaliya’s sister.”Arjun asked taking the deep breath,” Why did you decide to leave the academy?”Naina said painfully,” Because I don’t want to become trouble to him in his mission, that’s why.”Arjun asked directly,”Naina, do you love Capt.R?”Naina stammered hearing that & she cannot see Arjun’s eyes & she saw the ground. Arjun smiled & kept his hand on her head & stroked it & said,” You both become best partners, congratulations.”Naina smiled & changed the subject & said,” What about Huda is he a spy?”Arjun answered calmly,” No he’s only a doll spy. Cadet Huda has been brainwashed & sent here to kill Capt.R. Naina said in shock,” What?”Arjun said,”Yes,”dismissively. Naina said,” So we’ve to become alert & keep an eye on Huda so that he cannot harm Capt.R,”calmly. Arjun said,”Absolutely,”smiling. Naina nodded & fell silent for some time. Arjun asked,”Anyways, did you find any clues we discussed yesterday,” calmly. Naina said silently in low voice,”Yeah, there was this file, in that there were so many names of terrorists, their profiles where they’re from & their positions. I think Cadet Huda is employed here to bring that file, I think. Hey, you didn’t tell me which gang had employed Huda?”Arjun said,” No, but ACP Saab is searching them. Am doubting that the gang’s master is the one your brother was made traitor,” angrily. Naina didn’t answer & became silent. Arjun said,” Anything else you saw there?”Calmly. Naina said,” I saw the file in which we’ve came here to protect Capt.R,”calmly. Then both went for jogging cutting across their conversation because distraction came as Huda.

                            Meanwhile Lieutenant Chaube is with Capt.R & said,” Sir, a new MMS has come. She’s so sexy sir,” impressively. Capt.R saw him in disgust. Chaube saw him & said smiling,” Sir, phone had come from HQ, sir. They’re asking about the result of the spy cadet, but I’d told them sir. Sir has reached near the goal & he’s going to send the result positive. Is it not, sir?”Capt.R saw him in enquiringly & didn’t answer & started reading the file. Chaube asked smiling,” Sir, yesterday your spy girl was about to ring the deserters bell & you stopped her, why sir?”Capt.R asked angrily,”Lieutenant Bunty Chaube are you spying on me?”Chaube said immediately,” No sir, intelligence report, sir.”Capt.R smiled & said,” Thank you, Lieutenant Bunty Chaube. But I cannot prove that Naina is a spy & if she had gone from academy, I would’ve never known about her true identity. And I’ll play the game on my rules. Do you get that?”Calmly. Chaube nodded at him. Then Capt.R wears his military uniform & came outside his room & closed & locked it. Then he saw Naina. Naina saw him & wished him ‘good morning, sir’ casually. But Capt.R didn’t accepted her wish & saw her angrily & went. Then Pooja came & wished him seeing Capt.R in uniform impressively. Capt.R nodded to her & went. Pooja said to Naina impressively,” Now he’s seen as Veer Zara’s Shahrukh Khan.”Naina said thinking,” But in early morning where’s he going, in uniform?”Pooja hand gestured to say no & said,” Let’s go,” calmly. After that all Cadets get ready & went to mess to have breakfast. In mess Yudi announced another party in KMA. But everyone cheered Naina that she saved everyone by restricating. Huda was so happy & said that Naina is my best friend from today. But Naina didn’t become happy because of her grades. Huda said that bet with me for Rs 100 that she’ll score best marks in her tests. But Naina said to Huda that he would win the bet when the marks were given by you & she went.

                               Meanwhile, Naina’s mother was cleaning the photos of her family & Navin’s & Naina’s graduation photo of becoming Soldier & CID officer in her home. She kept the graduation photo of Naina of CID officer upside down on the table & went to make tea for Naina’s Father. She left the portrait of Naina there only & went to serve some tea & forgotten in the hall. Naina’s mom came with a tray of tea & biscuits & kept it in front of Naina’s father. She poured some hot tea to the tea cup & some hot milk & added one lump of sugar & gave it to Naina’s father & said,” It’s rainy season, If  Naina was here, then…..”Innocently. Naina’s Father said smiling,” You would prepare tea & pakoras, right.”Naina’s mother said,” When she joined CID training, we didn’t know that, she’s going to KMA for her mission. You would’ve stopped her. You would’ve become stubborn so that she would resign CID job & become military lawyer as she has studied it correspondingly during her CID training. She would lead peaceful life doing the lawyership. Why didn’t you stop her?”Crying. Naina’s father said thinking very much,”Veera, In Naina’s determination, we also having our decision indirectly. It’s ok Veera, Don’t worry, we know Naina is an ‘A’ class CID officer & she is going to complete her goal. And you know she have Arjun with her. You know that how he thinks about Naina. He thinks her as his younger sister & is sure nothing happens to her & he’ll not give any opportunity so that something happens to her. He’s only the ray of hope that keeps us worrieless,”taking a deep breath. Naina’s mother still not convinced & she cannot resist her sorrow & she started crying. Naina’s father patted her on her back in comforting way. On that time the calling bell ringed & Naina’s mom went to see who’s that & opened the door. There Capt.R stood, Naina’s mother saw him & she became panic but resisted & saw him suspiciously. Capt.R saw her & said calmly,”Mrs Ahluwaliya, you are Naina Singh’s mother, right.”Naina’s mother said innocently,” What you’ve work with us, we don’t know….”On that time Naina’s father came asking,” Who’s that, Veera?”And he saw Capt.R & became dumb & remembered Naina’s words,’ Baba after some days, someone visits the house in the military uniform from KMA asking about me. But you aren’t going to say to him about my profession or my life will be in danger. Am doing this to warn you, baba, don’t give any clue to him about my profession, Good night.’ & kept the mobile. Capt.R said calmly,” Sir, am Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat. I’ve come from Kanchenjunga Military Academy,” politely. Naina’s mother said once again,” What you’ve work with us? We don’t know…”Then Naina’s father stopped her & said,”Veera, let him inside, come puttar,”seriously. Capt.R said politely,” Thank you sir.”And he came inside. Naina’s father showed him to living room & he sat on the sofa & said,” Sit down, puttar,”seriously. Capt.R said politely,” Thank you sir.”And he sat opposite to Naina’s father & saw around him. He saw the portrait which is kept upside down & didn’t ask about that further. Naina’s mother observed this & became worriless. Naina’s father asked politely,” What do you want to know, puttar?”Capt.R said politely,” Am Capt.R, I’ve come from Kanchenjunga Military Academy,” & he removed his cap and he kept his cap on the side table & saw Naina’s family photo & saw Navin there. He saw the photo in shock. He took the photo took a closer look Naina’s father asked seriously seeing that Capt.R is seeing their family photo;” You’ve come here to check on your Cadets?”Capt.R asked seeing the photo continuously,” Is this Captain Navin’s house? Are you Navin’s parents?”Naina’s mother came & grabbed the photo & went & sat on the sofa opposite to Capt.R. Naina’s father answered,” Yes, we are Navin’s parents. Naina’s Navin’s sister. You came to know this here only, right” angrily. Capt.R is in shock. Naina’s father said angrily,” What do you do, now? What do you do?”Capt.R didn’t answer anything.”You are going to kick Naina out of the academy” angrily. Naina’s mother tried to stop him but he said,” Wait let me say. Did your military is not satisfied taking my son’s life?”Capt.R couldn’t answer that question & taking a deep breath said,” Sir, please understand me. I’d come here for a routine check. I didn’t know that Naina is Navin’s sister,” politely. Naina’s mother asked angrily,” Now you’d known, then what do you do? I’ve sacrificed a son? Now, what do you want? Why you are following us?” Capt.R said slowly,” Aunty, I was Navin’s batch mate in academy.”Naina’s father is shocked hearing this & asked,” Is it, what did you say your name?”Capt.R answered politely,” Captain Shekhawat, Rajveer Singh Shekhawat.” Naina’s father asked,” You were studying with Navin, right,” angrily. Capt.R answered politely,”Yeah. But, during Navin’s death I was in a mission that’s why…”Naina’s father asked angrily,” That’s why, you cannot come here.”Capt.R said politely,”Yeah.”Naina’s mother is crying so much. Capt.R cannot see her crying & he resisted his emotions. Naina’s father asked angrily,” If you are here then you would come to say that bad happened, right?”Capt.R said politely,” What? Yeah.”Naina’s father asked angrily,” You knew that your military has accused my son the traitor, you would’ve come?”Capt.R didn’t answer & saw towards the ground uncomfortably.”No puttar, no one had come. No batch mate & colleague, not even his senior officers. We thought that there’s no connection between my son & your military,” angrily. Capt.R said,” Sir, I would’ve come.”Naina’s mother asked seriously,” Why?”Capt.R cannot answer this question & he turned his face that side. Naina’s father wiped his tears & asked,” You knew my son; you were studying with my son, right. So tell me, he was a traitor or not,” angrily. Capt.R said politely,” I’d heard like that sir. Proofs were saying this only.”Naina’s father is in shock. Naina’s mother asked angrily,” What do you think?” Capt.R stammered, he couldn’t answer any question.”We are asking you, tell us, what do you think?” angrily. Capt.R cannot resist their questions & stood angrily but answered politely,” Look aunty, I’m mean; madam.I came here to verify Cadets address. I think I’ve to go now. Thank you very much, sir.”And he went very fastly outside the house.

                        Capt.R is so sad & felt uncomfortable. He stood with Chaube. Chaube said,” Now we’ve to say this to Brigadier that Cadet Naina Singh is the sister of traitor Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya.” Capt.R saw him in anger. Chaube said,” Now its proven sir. Cadet Naina Singh Ahluwaliya is the sister of Traitor Navin Singh Ahluwaliya & she’s the spy Cadet also.” Capt.R saw him in angry & said,”Chaube, Cadet Naina Singh isn’t a spy.”Chaube said,” What? But you’d doubt on her from the starting, sir.”Capt.R said,” Chaube, I’d only doubt, I’d dint had any belief.”Chaube said,” But sir, now there’s no place in the academy for traitor’s sister.”Capt.R kicked his own car tyre & went & said to Chaube,”Come on sit,” angrily. Both sat & went. Capt.R thought while driving,”Navin, am sorry yaar, I’d hurted Naina’s heart during the enquiry. I know that yaar, but am sorry, am forced. Now onwards, I’ll promise you that whatever happens in the academy with her, I’ll be with her giving the support. I’ll not leave her alone in the academy but what further am going to do, for those forgive me Navin. I’ll support her till my death,” emotionally. Here In the academy, Lolita madam’s test is going on. Lolita madam’s task is to clean the trophy with shining. Everyone clean that & complete their task. Lolita madam warned Naina that she’s going to do the test perfectly to cover up her grades. Then grades were put over in the notice board. Yudi saw that he has got the ‘C’ grade. But Naina is given ‘E’ grade & she’s so disappointed. Her friends comfort her & give her support she’ll do the other tests in best way. Then on that day is the festival of raksha bandhan & Naina went in front of amar jawan jyothi & held the rakhi & tied it to Arjun secretly. Here Ali is thinking about Pooja. And Pooja appreciates Ali that he gave the support by searching the Rohit during Yudi’s party. Everyone prepare for Dr.Mishra’s test. Huda decides that he’ll ask her for coffee with him this weekend to Yudi. Everyone nods dismissively.

                          Next morning, all are preparing for Dr.Mishra’s test. Capt.R enters his staff quarters & saw Dr.Mishra collecting the attendance register & wished,” Hi, Dr.Mishra,”smiling. Dr.R saw him & asked simply,” So you’ve wore the uniform to impress me?”Capt.R said calmly,” No, I’d some work. That’s why…”Dr.R said smiling,” Am just kidding Captain. Men look very good in uniform. That’s a compliment.”Capt.R smiled & said,” Nice way to give compliment.”Both smiled each other.”Dr.Mishra, today’s your test right, If you don’t mind, I’ll be with you during the test?”Dr.R asked simply,” Why?”Capt.R said calmly,”Dr.Mishra, I want to know them from near.”Dr.R said tauntingly,” Captain, Is this your opinion or some other reasons?”Capt.R said,” You mean,” clearly. Dr.R said calmly,”Ok, you can present there during my test. My test is at 11am so I’ll see you at 10:45am, ok.”Capt.R said smiling,” Right, I’ll see you.”On that time a phone call came & the orderly received it. Naina passes on that time thinking about the tests but orderly said,” Cadet Naina Singh, you’ve a phone from the hospital.”Capt.R & Dr.R heard this but both departed. Naina took the phone but Capt.R saw backwards once again towards Naina. Naina received the call & said,” Hello.” Naina’s mother said in panic,”Naina, Captain Rajveer Shekhawat had come to the home.”Naina’s shocked hearing this. Then Naina’s mother said once again,” Don’t worry Naina. He knows not about your profession.”And she kept the phone. Naina held the phone in shock continuously & didn’t say anything. Then Pooja took her to Dr.Mishra’s test. Naina entered Dr.Mishra’s office & saw Capt.R & is shocked. Capt.R observed her curiously. Dr.R said seeing Naina,”Cadet Singh, you may sit,” politely. Naina said in panic,” Yes madam.”Arjun saw Naina & thought that she’s in tension then he saw towards Capt.R & thought something’s wrong & didn’t talk about it & he concentrated on the test. Dr.R started to explain her test,”Alright, let’s start. My test is divided into two parts. First part is a game. We’ll play a game. It’s a simple one; it’s called as word association. I’ll tell you a word to you & you’ll tell a word which is associated to it but which comes to your mouth not thinking.”Naina is not concentrating on any words of Dr.R & is thinking about further incidents. Capt.R observed this curiously.”For E.g. If I say Water then Cadet Arjun you can say cool, like that, and may be if I say cool then Cadet Pooja you can say Huda if you think he’s cool.”Pooja nodded disgustingly.”Simple, like that, alright. In psychology, we say this as the study of character & behaviours.”Naina saw Capt.R in anger on that time & Capt.R saw her curiously.”Don’t feel nervous. We’ll start; firstly, we’ll start with Cadet Ali, please come.”Ali went & sat in front of her. Dr.R said,” Women.”Ali said immediately,” Respect.”Dr.R nodded & marked the marks in her book.”Cadet Arjun” Arjun came & sat in front of her”Bird”Arjun answered immediately,” Cage”. Dr.R nodded & marked the marks in her book.”Cadet Huda” Huda came & sat in front of Dr.R.”Dream” Huda answered,” You” Dr.R nodded & marked the marks. Then” Cadet Naina” Naina went & sat in front of her.”Lie” Naina didn’t answer but observed towards Capt.R. And Capt.R observed her curiously. Dr.R said,”Cadet Singh, lies?”Naina said,” No” Dr.R said,” I said that to answer me immediately not thinking. You may go & have your seat there.”Naina went & sat there. “Cadet Pooja” Pooja came & sat in front of her.”Love” Pooja answered,” Rohit” Dr.R nodded & marked the marks. “Cadet Yudi” Yudi came & sat in front of her.”An undergarment” Yudi answered,” Single, single undergarment” in panic. Dr.R nodded & marked the marks. Then Dr.R said,”Alright, tests first part is closed & am impressed with your performances. And now to second part. Second part is lie detector test.”Naina is in panic hearing this & saw towards Capt.R in angry.”Cheating is also a type of art. In war, we’ve to cheat the enemies clearly, without any doubts. And while doing that if you’re caught red handed then it will be your defeat or…..”Capt.R said,” Death, because enemies will never give you second chance.”Naina is thinking about the test. Dr.R nodded & said,”Alright.”She kept a lie detector machine & said,” This is a lie detector machine & am going to attach these nodes to your pulse & heart beat. And this machine will say that how you are going to say lies in front of me. In fact, I’ll keep this in front of you so that you’ll be in difficult situation & you cannot say the lies in front of me. During telling the lies your heart beat becomes fast & the lies which you say will become difficult. You can tell me anything, about your personality, about yourself anything. But you’ve to say the lies; I want to hear the lies not the truth. Let’s start.” Naina saw towards Capt.R & Capt.R saw towards Naina curiously. Cadet Huda came first & started telling the lies,” My name is Chaitanya Ramchandra & am a software engineer. Am so shy. I’ll become shy when I talk about the girls. Shall I tell a truth about you, I’ll never think about you in my dreams also?”Ali saw him amazed & nodded dismissively. Capt.R resisted the laugh. Dr.R saw the machine & said,” I think you tell lies by birth.”Huda said,”Jai Jawan Jai Kisan. If your test is closed then shall I say a truth? You’re so beautiful, madam. Is KMA’s faculty is restricted to drink coffee with Cadets?”Dr.R thought but Capt.R answered,” Why not? Let’s have a cup of coffee & I’ll give you the company.”Dr.R nodded. Huda is disappointed & went & sat in his position. Arjun nodded dismissively. Cadet Yudi came & said,” Am so poor madam. Am resided in Guwahati, my father sells alcohol.”Dr.R saw the machine & said,” You were caught when you said your first lie.”Yudi asked worriedly,” Madam, does that mean am fail?”Dr.R said,” Well, you’ve scored the marks in the first part then technically, no,” calmly. Yudi said taking a deep breath,” Thank you madam.”Ali came & started saying the lies,” Am in love & for that I cannot sleep in the night & I think about her very much, everytime,”in a very unusual staring expression. Dr.R saw the machine & said,” Not bad, but Cadet Ali, is it not that you are in love with someone.”Ali said removing the nodes,” No madam, I’ve come here to become soldier, not to marry someone.”Dr.R said,” Thank you.”Arjun came & said,” I swear that what I say is the truth & I’ll say only the truth. In church, the priest called me as son & I said to him that I’ll be like the priest & work for the god. Am a good gentleman & I hate alcohol.”Dr.R saw the machine & said seriously,” Then why didn’t you convince the judge that you’re a good man.”Arjun felt bad with this remark but resisted & went & sat in his position. Then Pooja came & said,” Come again. My name is Polita Sen. Miss Polita from Bengal. Man’s work is to love & marriage is weaker’s support. But then also I convince myself that Suriji is there.”Dr.R appreciated her & Capt.R resisted the laugh. Lastly, Naina came & in panic she said,” My name is Anita Desai, am an orphan. I don’t’ve anyone. I think one day my dream man comes & I live with him happily.”Capt.R observed her curiously. Dr.R said seriously,” Cadet Singh, I think that ,you’ve no capacity of telling the lies in your blood.”Naina saw Capt.R .Capt.R saw on the ground.”You cannot say the lies to save yourself, then how you’ll save yourself from the enemies. Except you, everyone has passed in two parts of  this test, but unfortunately you’ve failed in both.”Naina closed her eyes in disappointment & saw towards Capt.R. Capt.R cannot see her sadness & he saw towards the ground. Arjun observed this & thought that something’s wrong with her & went outside immediately. Everyone came outside & saw towards Naina, who’s walking slowly with sad expression. Capt.R observed this & isn’t normal. Naina thought that what happens when everyone knows that she’s Traitor Navin Singh Ahluwaliya’s sister. Then Arjun met Naina & asked,” What is this Naina, why didn’t you concentrate in the tests?”Worriedly. Naina said slowly,”Arjun, yesterday, Capt.R had gone to my home.”Arjun is shocked hearing this & asked,” You mean that he knows about your profession?”Naina said,” No, he isn’t having any clue about my profession,” angrily. Arjun understood that why she failed in the test & didn’t asked further & kept his hand on her shoulder in  comforting way & went from there.

                          Meanwhile Yudi & Huda saw the fresher’s ball party in the academy on the notice board. Huda decided to go with Naina & Pooja decided to go with Ali. But Ali refused to go with Pooja & said angrily that he’s not Pooja’s date hearing Huda’s & Yudi’s taunting. Naina thought of previous days incidents. Huda betted with Yudi for Rs 500 that he’ll go to fresher’s ball with Naina. And Naina will come behind him leaving everything. Here Capt.R is thinking about Naina stirring the coffee, on that time, Chaube came to his room & said,” Sir, may I come in?”Capt.R took a deep breath & said,” Come in,” slowly. Chaube saw that Capt.R & said smiling,” Sir, you are drinking coffee here. Sir, I love cooking, I’ve cooked delicious food for you. Come sir.”Capt.R said slowly,” You go, I’ll come.”Chaube asked,” Sir, did you said to Brigadier about Cadet Singh?”Capt.R said,” No Chaube, where’s Naina? Is she in the mess?”Chaube said,” No sir, she didn’t came to the mess also.”Then he went outside. Capt.R is still thinking about Naina. Here Naina is thinking about the previous incident & she’s piercing the target with the top of the rifle. She remembered Capt.R’s words,’ Cadet Singh, this is the work of spies.’ Dr.R’s words,’ you’ve failed my test Cadet Singh.’ Major Nair’s words,’ Girls never become a soldier.’ She’s stressed with all this remarks & started crying in the rain. She remembered her brother’s words,’ to fight, we want strength & courage. If both are there then no one will defeat us. Then Naina said to herself,” I’ll fight bhaiyya, I’ll fight,” angrily. She went to staff quarters & came in front of Capt.R’s room & she opened the door very rudely with anger. Capt.R saw her state & said seriously,” I didn’t hear the knock at the door Cadet.”Naina said angrily,” I didn’t knock at the door, sir.”Capt.R saw her anger & said slowly,” Then, you’re going to step out & knock & come inside.”Naina said angrily,” No sir ”And she came inside & closed the door & came in front of him & stood & saw him eye to eye & said,” Why did you had gone to my home? Why are you following me? Why are you keeping an eye on my footsteps? What do you want to know about me? I’ll say to you. I am the Navin Singh Ahluwaliya’s sister. That Navin Singh Ahluwaliya who gave his life to this country. Not that person, who was a traitor.”Capt.R didn’t see her eye to eye & he sat to see the file pretending that he’s not listening to her words. But Naina grabbed that file & said angrily,” I know that you are in conclusion that my brother’s a traitor. But I want to prove to the whole country that my brother isn’t a traitor.”Then Capt.R went near his study table but Naina stopped him & said angrily,” Sir, am talking to you. Now you know everything about me then, do what you want to do, but you’ll have to tell this academy who am I, I’ll not say it myself. Because I want to become best Cadet pass out like my brother & I’ll be that.”Naina saw him angrily & said once again,” And I’ll do my duty, Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat, I’ll do my duty without fail.”Capt.R smiled impressively. And she exited his room in fast pace. Capt.R smiled impressively seeing her guts & thought,” Well done Cadet Singh well done. You’ll prove that your brother isn’t a traitor & I’ll help you with that & I’ll be with you till my last breath.”


                       Arjun is so angry & said,” Why did you meet Captain? Naina, are you an idiot. Come to the sense,” he said quietly.” you’re an undercover CID officer. If he becomes suspicious of your behaviour in his room. If he further investigates. Naina, what you are going to do? You cannot abandon your mission like this Naina. Why you are acting like this? This isn’t our office where I can blackmail those officers to shut their mouths. This is a military academy & Capt.R is a military intelligence officer. Why you’re making yourself trouble?”Naina said silently,” Arjun, I want to make him trust on me. Or else we cannot go near him & protect him. One person has to trust another person to reveal his secret, like I trust you completely & I tell you everything about myself. Likewise he also have to trust me then only I can go near him. And don’t forget, I’ve to know everything about bhaiyya so that we get any clue to search that spy Dr.Ritu Mishra. Arjun, that’s why, I’ve to say about my secret.”Arjun isn’t convinced with her answer & is fuming & turned that side with anger. Naina kept her hand on Arjun’s shoulder & said calmly,” I know that you’re angry with my behaviour in front of Capt.R & am asking you, sorry for that work. But think, if a person not trust others then our attempts of protecting him becomes futile. Understand me Arjun.”Then she went but Arjun stopped her & said calmly,” Am sorry Naina, I overreacted with you. But I can’t see you in danger & I feel possessive towards you. I fear that you’ll be lost from me. And I can’t lose you. As a brother, am always with you, but I fear about you that, when a storm comes & makes you & me depart forever, I fear that, Naina. And I cannot tolerate that Naina, I can’t. I think you’re right, one person have to trust another person to reveal his secrets, am sure you’ll fulfil your duty. Am sorry, once again.”Naina said happily,” You know Arjun, when my bhaiyya died, I thought that I’d become alone. No one is there to support me & when I met you then I thought something is there which always says that am here for you & now look here you’re with me to give me support so that I can reach my goal. When I met you then I thought someone who’s so nearest to me is seeing me from your eyes. Then your behaviour made me that my bhaiyya has returned to me as you,” crying. Arjun wiped her tears & said,” Don’t you ever cry in front of me like this, I can’t control my emotions & I’ll start crying,” painfully. Naina said smiling,” This isn’t sad tears Arjun, this is a happy tears of getting my bhaiyya back.”Arjun smiled & said,” Let’s go or else that Nair will come & say us good night.”Naina said smiling,” Good night” Arjun said warmly,” Good night, dear.”And they both went to their hostels. Next morning, Capt.R came to BC’s office to talk about first year Cadets. Here this side all Cadets about to go but Huda stopped Naina to impress her to take her to the fresher’s ball. But Naina’s called by BC & she went to meet him in his office. Huda felt bad because that tawoo interrupted them. But Naina saw Capt.R coming out of BC’s cabin & is shocked & saw him in angry. Capt.R stared at her went not saying anything to her. Naina thought smiling dismissively,” Bhaiyya, your sister failed in this mission. Capt.R don’t trust me & had said everything to BC,I think. But your sister has strength to face the truth.”She entered the BC’s office. There BC talked about her performance in the test & Naina took a calm breath & said that she’ll do best in other tests.

                        Then all Cadets are called to assembly hall. BC announced that today & tomorrow no drill or classes will be conducted because tomorrow is Independence Day & they’ve to prepare for celebration. BC said,” Cadets, your today test was Suriji’s but it has been postponed to day after tomorrow. Because, tomorrow’s Independence Day & we want to prepare for the celebration.”Then he gave responsibility to announce about tomorrow’s celebration to Suriji. Then Suriji said,” Every year, we give the preparation of Independence Day responsibility to first year. First year students will work together from decoration of tricolour flag to the mess charge of preparation of food for night’s food. For this I need a volunteer who become Captain of the group & guide you.” No one came forward & all discussed. Capt.R saw that standing from the staircase. Pooja suggested,” Ali, you become Captain.”Ali said,” No.”Arjun said,” Why, don’t you want to become?”Ali said,” Yeah, but not on Pooja’s opinion.”Then Naina came forward & took the responsibility. BC warned,” Cadet Singh, if some mistake happens then the punishment will be severe.”Naina said,” No mistake will happen, sir.”BC said smiling,” Well then Cadet Singh, if you want any help or guidance, then ask Suriji. He’ll guide you.”Naina nodded & said,” Yes sir.”BC & Suriji went from there. Naina said to all Cadets,” Ok, all Cadets meet me in the classroom in 15 minutes.”Huda asked,” Why?”Naina said,” For Independence Day preparation.”Huda said,” She has become tawoo from the Captain.”All Cadets went to a classroom. Naina went to her hostel to write the list of preparation & Cadets. Meanwhile, Capt.R saw this incident & smiled impressively. Dr.R saw him & asked,” What happened, Captain, why is this smile on your face?”Capt.R said smiling,” Nothing, I knew that Cadet Singh is going to take the responsibility.”Dr.R asked,” Is she going to fulfil?”Capt.R smiling asked,” What do you think,Dr.Mishra?”Dr.R thought & said,” Let’s see.”And she went. Capt.R smiled impressively & said,” Let’s see.”

                         Then Capt.R came & stood in front of hall of fame & he saw the empty portrait of Navin. Naina passed from there on that time & Capt.R called her back & asked,” Cadet Singh, so you’re not concentrating on your remaining tests & is taking a new responsibility, good,” sarcastically. Naina saw his eyes & said stubbornly,” Yes sir. And I’ll be success in both,” stubbornly. Capt.R said appreciatively,” Good.”Naina said directly,” In fact, I’ve no fear now what happens to me, next.”Capt.R thought & asked,” What do you mean, Cadet Singh?”Innocently. Naina said seeing around her in low voice seeing his eyes,” I thought that, you would’ve told everything about me to Brigadier, but why did you not say, sir? In fact, you don’t want me to be present here in the academy.”Naina saw him eye to eye in angry. Capt.R saw her & laughed & said,” Cadet Singh, what do you think to get you out of this academy, I need to tell everyone. This work will be done by your grades only. When is your truth hidden from everyone?”Naina saw him eye to eye. Capt.R felt that Navin is seeing him from Naina’s eyes. Naina said stubbornly,” I’ll show you the proof of my true ability in this test, sir. You’ve not seen my true ability.”Capt.R said,” Then show it Cadet Singh, prove yourself, who’s stopping you? Are you afraid that I’ll tell everyone about your truth, then I’ll promise you that till you are going to pass your every test & till your final grading have come, I’ll keep your truth as a secret.”Naina saw him suspiciously. Capt.R saw her eyes & said,” So, go & prove yourself.”Naina saw him continuously.”Go” Naina said,”Sir”and went but Capt.R called her back & said thinking,” Nothing dismiss,” smiling impressively. Naina went to her hostel. Arjun observed this & smiled & thought,” So, train is coming to right track. Naina you’re becoming successful in the mission of trust. Congratulations.”And he went to classroom. Naina listed the works & persons & came to the classroom. All are singing the freedom song hearing that Naina smiled & said,” Great guys, we’ve to be in this hope. I’ve listed who are going to do the work, Pooja & Yudi, you are going to decorate the academy ,”calmly. Pooja said excitedly,” On colours of the flag.” Yudi nods appreciatively. Naina said calmly,” Ali & Arjun you both are going to take mess charge. And Huda, you are going to prepare the flag for hoisting.”Arjun didn’t like the work given to Huda but resisted. Huda asked flirtingly,” And what you are going to do, captain?”Naina said smiling,” I’ll be with you guys step by step. Any doubts you have?”All said no & Huda said flirtingly,” No captain.”Naina smiling nodded dismissively.

                           Meanwhile Capt.R entered his room & closed the door & saw a letter at his foot. He took it & read it.

Captain Shekhawat,

                                  How are you? In which mission, you’d come to KMA, leave it & go from here. Or else you’ll repent for this. You aren’t welcome.

                                                                                                                      Yours sincerely,


Capt.R saw this letter & went outside his room & saw the corridor. But no one was seen doing some strange work & he came inside his room closing the door. Capt.R thought of this letter very much & thought someone has given this threatening letter for a laughs & ignored it. Then all decorations are over. Naina saw academy impressively & remembered her bro’s words & her,’ one soldier always be alert day & night so that the whole world can sleep without any fear.’ Navin said,’ But you know Naina, when the country’s every person not sleeps day & night, then whole world will sleeps tightly without any fear’. Naina remembered this & her eyes became wet then she wiped it impressively. Next morning, Ali & Arjun prepare food for the Independence Day. All are set, academy is decorated. Flag is set for hoisting. Capt.R came in his military uniform & saw everywhere very curiously & cautiously. Naina observed this & didn’t give any attention & ordered all Cadets to assemble. All Cadets took their positions & faculty also. Dr.S is the last to come & saw note which is fixed to Capt.R’s uniform. Dr.S motioned Capt.R showing the note. Then he took the note & he went & read it in secret.

Captain Rajveer,

                             How are you? Didn’t I say that to leave your mission & go away? Ok, am warning you. This is your first warning. You like crackers? Let’s see what you going to do to stop those crackers. You think this as my warning or…………………

                                                                                                               Yours sincerely,


Capt.R saw that letter & became alarmed & saw that side & this side. Naina observed him & saw the letter in his hand & motioned to Arjun. Arjun also saw him & saw the letter on his hand. Arjun saw Capt.R suspiciously that he’s seeing this side & that side. Capt.R is thinking about the crackers & saw that can he see the fuse wire or not. Then all came to their positions but Capt.R didn’t come to his position & he’s still suspicious, he stood on the corridor of staircase. Naina is agitated with Capt.R’s behaviour & she observed him very curiously. On that time Daya came & signalled Arjun & Naina but they didn’t give any attention to him & was observing Capt.R very curiously. Capt.R stood there only hearing curiously. Then the programme started. Firstly, BC’s  speech started & said that every year he was hoisting the flag but this year the flag will be hoisted by a woman & he called Dr.Mishra to hoist the flag. Silence spreaded everywhere on that time only the sound of footsteps of Dr.R is heard on that time Naina, Arjun & Capt.R heard the clock tickling voice & those three are alarmed, on that time Arjun & Naina both noticed the Daya, but Capt.R jumped from the staircase shouting,” No, Dr.Mishra,” & they’re distracted & observed Capt.R once again. Dr.R held the thread to pull the flag. Meanwhile, Capt.R jumped from the staircase & he jumped on Dr.R to save her on that time bomb is blasted & on that time the flag is hoisted & Dr.R is hurted. Naina saw towards Arjun with shock & then towards Huda. Then Arjun saw towards Capt.R & went to help him & Dr.R. On that time all Cadets started running this side & that side. But Naina made them calm & they came to their position. Naina comforted them that nothing happens. And all Cadets became calm. Then BC ordered Dr.S to take Dr.R to infirmary. Dr.S helped Dr.R & Arjun helped Capt.R. Dr.R is hurted on her right hand & is shaken because of the blast physically & mentally. Then Dr.S took Dr.R to infirmary & Capt.R followed her but before that they saluted to the hoisted tricolour flag & went. BC comforted the Cadets & National Anthem is sung by Cadets with pride & honour & all remembered the academy’s motto,’ strength & honour. BC ordered the Cadets to disperse. And all cadets disperse. Major Nair still is suspicious & seeing towards this side & that side. Here in front of infirmary, Capt.R is walking this side & that side in tension. Dr.S came outside & seeing his tension she taunts that Dr.R is ok & if you don’t calm yourself then I’ve to treat you also. Capt.R said that who’s that moron who kept the bomb under the ground to Dr.S. Then BC called an urgent meeting of faculty. Meanwhile Arjun met Daya & asked any unusual activities were going on last night near the flag. Daya said that a man was walking repeatedly near the flag & said that he has taken a picture with his button camera. And he showed the photo. Daya & Arjun couldn’t recognise him. But Daya said that he’s going to report about this to ACP Saab. Then Arjun said that he’ll collect some more sample from the blast site & give it to him for forensic lab. Arjun said to Daya that the blast news will not go to media. Then Daya said that he was about to suggest this opinion. Then he went to collect the sample & collected it without any interruptions & gave it to Daya. The sample is the cloth piece of the KMA room mattresses, Daya recognised it but took it so that any finger prints will be seen or not. Arjun met Naina & explained everything. Then Naina cut down their conversation because the distraction came as Huda. Huda started flirting with Naina. Naina went from there to the blast site to examine & to collect more clues leaving Huda in halfway. Here everyone is examining the blast site. Naina came to blast site & observed curiously. She saw a foot prints on the mosaic tiles which is done because of soil. Naina scratched that with the help of needle when everyone is seeing that side. Arjun observed this & took the sample & gave it to Daya for forensic lab. Naina said,” Arjun, I saw the foot prints which is made of soil & its size is about 9.It’s a long feet.”Arjun said taking a deep breath,” I observed that too, Naina. This isn’t Huda’s, I think because his foot size is 8.Someone is there his accomplice & he kept the bomb here, I think. But question is how he entered the academy, without any suspicion?”Naina thought & said,” Is it not the diversion so that they’re after something here, & want to give us diversion & on that time they can steal the thing in which they’re after,” doubtfully. Huda came on that time to talk with Naina to ask her for the fresher’s ball started flirting with her. Naina cannot tolerate him & went from there & further she examined the blast site.

                               Here faculty have an urgent meeting about the morning’s incidents. BC came to conclusion that this work is by the civilians. But Capt.R thought that it’s a work of the one who sent the blackmail letter. BC said to faculty that they’ve to run the academy normally & the blast news will not go outside especially to the media. Major Nair asked curiously to Capt.R that how did he know that bomb was present there. And Capt.R answered brilliantly that we are the soldiers & it’s common that during the festivals these types of accidents occurs, & we’ve to be in alert during these days & I did that only. Then Capt.R came there & he diverted the Cadets to celebrate the Independence Day. Naina said to Capt.R that in this situation how can we celebrate but Capt.R convinced them to celebrate saying that in war like situations soldier have to face this type of situation & soldier never become panic because of this situation. Then he gives promise that if the situation of cutting the head comes then I’ll stand in front of you guys first. Naina said on that time only that those situations never comes sir & I’ll not give that opportunity. Every Cadet is amazed by her words but Huda felt jealous & Capt.R nodded appreciatively. Arjun smiled impressively listening to this remark. Everyone went to celebrate the Independence Day. Huda tried to talk with Naina, but Naina didn’t talk to him & went to see further arrangements for the celebration. Huda felt bad that she’s not giving any attention. Capt.R went & stood in front of amar jawan jyothi, after all Cadets are dispersed; he came back & examined the blast site. He saw the blast site curiously & saw the debris of the blast, there he found some cloth piece & he collected as a sample but he didn’t saw the foot prints & went from there collecting the sample. Chaube informed that HQ knows about the blast. Then Capt.R came to his room & informed to his superior officer that the bomb blasted because someone has threatened him to leave the academy. Then he came outside & talked about blast with Chaube. He said that he got a threatening letter from the blackmailer. Then Chaube said impressively,” Sir, Naina Singh, what a girl?”Capt.R saw him in angry. Then Chaube said impressively,” I’m mean Cadet Singh. She took the Independence Day preparation responsibility & she fulfilled it very beautifully. Sir, I was noticing her, she has the quality to become leader.” Capt.R said impressively,” Yes like her brother Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya. He was also a bond leader.”Then he went to his room once again. On that time a note was there & read about it. But meanwhile, Dr.R entered Capt.R’s room & said thanks to Capt.R for saving her life. Capt.R felt uncomfortable & said that no need to say thanks. Dr.R asked that who kept the bomb under it. Capt.R said that BC thought it is a work of civilians. Then Dr.R asked that what he thinks but Capt.R said that nothing one who kept the bomb he’ll come to the light & Major Nair is going to search. Then Dr.R said that what he thinks that he’s not going to say her & thanks him once again because that soldiers are gentlemen & said that no one did for her like that & went. Then he closed the door & took the letter & read,

Captain Shekhawat,

I appreciate you. But you are searching my root. What do you think am mad to be caught easily? Am afraid about that but I’ll promise you, I’ll come back to make you fear once again, till then……

                                                                                                                             Yours sincerely,


Capt.R took the piece of the cloth & saw very curiously. Then Capt.R thought,” One who is threatening me, he’s in academy only. And how did he saw that am collecting the sample for forensic lab. One who’s there is challenging me to search me if you can. And I’ll promise you, I’ll make you come into the light,” stubbornly. Naina appreciated the food which is made by Ali & Arjun & also Pooja & Yudi for decorating the academy. Then Huda said that to Naina that don’t appreciate him or else he’ll be accused of keeping the bomb under the flag. Naina & Arjun observed this & saw him suspiciously but both resisted & changed the subject. Then Huda said that we’ll play a game, in which, the bottle is turned horizontally when it stops which way comes the top, they ask question & which way comes bottom, they answer the question. First Yudi asked some silly questions to Arjun & Arjun saw him angrily, I’m mean pretended to be angry. On that time all become serious & then he only laughed seeing their faces. Then all laughed with him heartily. Then they continued the game & it was Naina’s turn this time. Naina told to Huda to dance with Arjun. Hearing this Arjun felt angry & said that If Huda keeps his hand on me then what the bomb didn’t do it will be done by me & went from there. Everyone get up & go from there but Huda stopped Naina & said that he’ll bet with Naina that If Arjun dances before fresher’s ball then Naina will come with Huda as his date to fresher’s ball. She saw Huda hungrily & said,” Ok, but win this bet, then only I’ll come with you.” And she went to prepare for the Antakshari competition. Faculty & Cadets participates in the competition. Dr.S bets with Capt.R that if BC comes to the antakshari competition & participate then he’ll take Dr.R to a movie. Likewise Dr.S wins the bet. Then all dance & sing. Meanwhile Huda called the Arjun to dance but Arjun not dances. Naina remembered her bhaiyya’s saying,” Naina, on Independence Day, we dance & sing it’ll be very fun.”Then she wept silently for some time. BC asked Naina,”What’s the matter, Cadet Singh?”Naina said wiping her tears,” Nothing sir, I remembered someone,” sadly. BC said in comforting way,” Yes Cadet Singh, we also remember those persons who gave their lives for this country.”& he went. Naina thought painfully,” And what about them sir, who we not think as shaheed?”Arjun saw Naina & nodded to say don’t cry. Naina nodded & she wiped the tears. Capt.R saw Naina’s tears & cannot tolerate that & turned that side & Dr.R observed this & saw towards Capt.R & towards Naina.


                   BC & Major Nair is discussing about cadets progress. Major Nair said,” Sir, it’s my proof, that no cadet will reach combat drill & also cannot complete it. In fact, not even, one idiot cadet cannot reach combat drill & cannot settle in the KMA, sir.”BC’s worried & didn’t answer anything.”Idiot cadet means……”BC said,” Girl cadet. I understand Major, but we aren’t going to do anything.” Major Nair said,” Sir, you’re saying this?”Amazement. BC said worriedly,” Am not Major, situations are saying, women officers suicide case has made army weak Major. If we kick out all girl cadets then, there’ll be a problem. Military board & media will be given opportunity to talk about us. And I can’t tolerate that Major.” Major Nair said,” Don’t worry sir. No one will show their fingers towards us or talk about us. I know how to break the weak cadet in right time,” stubbornly. Capt.R called Chaube during his exercise & gave the sample to him & search some more details about the cloth piece from outside. Then he asked about the blackmailer. Capt.R said that he’s not going to do anything saying to me. He wants to challenge me every time. Chaube said that he’s a strange guy & went to collect more details. All cadets are preparing for Suriji’s test. Then everyone took their position in the training grounds for Suriji’s test. Suriji said,” In war, soldier have to save his determination, goal & his identity. And soldier has to know that when & where to use his strength in best ways. Any doubt. All cadets in unison,’ No sir ’.But Huda asked seeing towards Naina who is standing beside him,” You mean sirji, here we don’t want to use rifle here?”Suriji saw him & came near him & said making Huda’s head turn straight,” Correct Cadet Huda and you’ll have to concentrate on the target not on the girls.”Everyone resisted their laughs & Huda felt bad.”Is any questions?”Huda answered politely,” No sir.”Pooja asked worriedly,” Sir we’ve to operate the rifle once again.”Suriji said,” Cadet Ghai, rifle isn’t the weapon of a soldier. The weapon of a soldier is his hands & you’ve to practise it from now only, ok.”Pooja nodded to say yes. Suriji said,” In today’s test, there’ll be no fight & no war, by your intelligence, by saving your determination & goal. You’ve to success this mission any doubts,” Everybody said ‘No sir.’Suriji said,” This test’s name is…..”Yudi said excitedly,” Sir……Scavenger hunt test, right.”Suriji said angrily,” Cadet Sahani, attention.”Yudi stood in attention.”Moron, I was saying from your first minute that you’ve to save your determination. But you’re doing left right left now only.”Yudi said politely,” Sorry sir.”Suriji said angrily,” Sorry sir,”imitating him” In fact, you’d said the correct name, but pass in the test correctly,” angrily. Yudi said politely,” Right sir.”Suriji said politely,” In scavenger hunt test, you’ve to search 10 things. These things will be hidden everywhere in this academy. I’ll give you the team. In these teams 3 members will be there. In these 3, 1 will be Captain & for this test you’ll be given 1hr time only. And, which team search’s the high things, they’ll be awarded high points, right. Any doubts?”All cadets said ‘No sir’.”Very good. The teams Captains are Cadets Thapan, Sheetal, Naina (Naina thought,” Finally, I’d a chance, I’ll show them that I can win,” happily.)Arjun.”Yudi saw him in amazement & is also disappointed because he thought that Suriji will make him as team’s Captain.”Captains come & take your members from the list.” On that time Ali tried to talk with Pooja to explain the previous situation but Pooja didn’t give any attention to him. Suriji warned Ali to concentrate there & said that he’s in Sheetal’s team. Then Naina selected the members of her team as Cadets Pooja & Huda. Huda thought impressively,” Today, I’ll ask her for the fresher’s ball & said impressively to Yudi,”You keep the fresh note of Rs 500. You’ve lost the bet.”Yudi said,” Let’s see,” calmly. Arjun chooses his members of the team as Cadets Kamran & Yudi. On that time Major Nair came to monitor the test & sat on the chair. Naina thought,” So this is the way the Brigadier & Captain has found.”

                             Meanwhile Capt.R came out of his showers & drying his hair standing shirtless binded with a towel. Someone knocked at the door. Capt.R thought its Chaube & he comes anytime & said casually,” Come in. The door is open.”The door is opened & Dr.R entered & saw Capt.R standing shirtless & in towel & has turned opposite side of the door. Dr.R became shy & said,”Captain,”laughing. Capt.R turned hearing the female voice & turned & saw its Dr.R & felt shy than Dr.R. Dr.R closing her hand to her face said,” Captain, am sorry,” in shy. Capt.R said nervously,” No I should be sorry.”And searched something to close his abs but nothing he could get. Then Dr.R said,” If you want then, I’ll come afterwards,” in shy. Capt.R said,” You please sit, I’ll come back,” nervously. And he ran inside his bedroom fastly to wear the clothes closing his bedroom door & wore the shirt upside down urgently & he took the dress & wore it correctly. Meanwhile Dr.R asked laughing,” It’s ok Captain, take your time. In fact, are you waiting for any special guest opening the door?”Capt.R answered from the room nervously,” No, I was not waiting for anyone.”Dr.R said,” It’s ok Captain, don’t tell. Today, it’s enough that the screen opened,” laughing. Capt.R felt bad & nervously. Then he wore his dress correctly & came outside nervously & said,” What you’ll take?”Dr.R said,” No Captain” Capt.R asked,” You came to my room like this, is there any work with me,” calmly. Then Dr.R reminds Capt.R that he had promised Dr.S that he’ll take Dr.R to a movie. And Capt.R has forgotten that. Then Dr.R said that she has bought the movie tickets for Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna. Capt.R objects that it’s a crying movie but accepts in last, so that he cannot disappoint her. They decide to go both at 4pm show. Then Dr.R went outside & Capt.R took a deep calm breath & thought that man what’s got into him.

                        Here Naina is busy in Suriji’s test. She collects so many things. But Major Nair thought she’s also fail in this test but Suriji said impressively that her team only has collected high things & he also said that they needed assaulted rifle to collect. Then Major Nair went to weapon room & took their rifle & hides it. Then Huda came to know that Major Nair hided the rifle in his room & went to take it but Huda injured his leg. Then Naina & Pooja helped him & brought the assaulted rifle. Suriji said that Naina’s team is the winner of the team. Then Major Nair didn’t felt happy & he went angrily ordering Suriji to send the marks list to his room. Here Capt.R is ready to go to the movie with Dr.R & is standing in front of his room waiting for her. Naina saw him & came to talk to him & said seeing him eye to eye stubbornly,” Sir, you’d said that if I got expelled then I’ll responsible for my state because my grades have come less.”Capt.R said directly,” Yes Cadet Singh, I’d said that.”Naina said proudly,” Then listen sir, I’ve topped in Suriji’s test.”Capt.R said impressively,” Congratulations, Cadet Singh.”Naina said proudly,” I’ll top in other tests also, sir. Then also I’ve been expelled then you & your KMA will be responsible for this, sir.”Capt.R smiled impressively & said,” Cadet Singh, if you become top in every test then there’ll be no chance of expelling you from academy.” Naina said in amazement,” Do you mean that you’re not going to tell my secret to anyone?”Capt.R said calmly,” Did I say like that?”Hearing this Naina saw him suspiciously. Then he said calmly,” Your secret will be buried forever inside me. When sun rises then people forget the darkness. Yours is also a new start & for that (stretching his hand forwards to shake) congratulations & best of luck.”Naina saw him suspiciously & gave her hand to shake. Both shake & leave immediately.

                             Here Capt.R & Dr.R went to see the movie. There in the theatre Abhijeet & Sasha also went to keep an eye on Capt.R. Capt.R & Dr.R came outside seeing the movie & appreciated Capt.R that she had a great time. Then Capt.R also said that he also had a great time. Then they came back to academy. Next morning all are waiting for the marks to come. The orderly put the marks on the notice board. Naina saw the marks & is shocked because she’s failed. Major Nair gave Naina some false technical points & said that’s why Naina’s failed. Naina is so hurted & came & quarrelled with Capt.R. Naina said angrily,” Sir, is this the system you’re having? Here I was made top but Major Nair makes me fail in that test only.”Capt.R said dismissively,” I think you would’ve understood mistakenly, Cadet Singh.”Naina said angrily,” Mistake will be done only one time sir not every time. I was given rusted rifle in rifle test & then also I fired & the bullet made a big hole in the centre of the target. You think about me anything but I work hard in every test, and then also this academy wants to kick me out. Will you please do me a favour, sir? Please go & tell that who I am to Brigadier.”Capt.R saw Naina in shock.”So that they kick me out of this academy. The trouble of failing me in every test will not be taken by them.”And she went from there angrily. Capt.R tried to comfort her but cannot say that & he went to argue with Major Nair. Arjun went behind Naina to comfort her. Capt.R warned Major Nair that he’ll be keeping an eye on your tests & if he crosses the limit then he’ll be standing in front of military board bowing his head in shame. Major Nair felt bad with that behaviour of Capt.R & is so angry. Naina is sitting in front of the lake & throwing the stones angrily. Arjun came to Naina & comforted her. But Naina said to him to leave her alone. And Arjun thought about her & went from there understanding her condition. Naina is still angry on Major Nair. Afterwards Huda came & started flirting with her. Naina’s temper raised & she started quarrelling with him. Huda offered a deal that let’s win the tests by cheating but Naina refused his offer & said that she leave her honesty because enemy is playing the game in dishonest way. She also said to Huda that she has trust on her now also & if it goes then she’ll become partner with him & went from there. But once again Huda stopped her to ask to fresher’s ball but meanwhile Pooja try to commit suicide because of Major Nair failing her in Suriji’s test. Pooja called Major Nair a cheater during her attempt. Then to stop her Ali talks with her like Rohit. She’s so happy that her Rohit has dialled her & runs to talk with him but Major Nair stopped her but Arjun stopped Major Nair or else Pooja will go up on the mountain once again. Meanwhile here Dr.R took Capt.R to a coffee shop to have a cup of coffee & asked about his personal life. Capt.R said that he was abandoned by his lover & his lover went to USA with her anti-lover. Then Dr.R asked that didn’t he try once again. But Capt.R answered that he is giving importance to his work only not to his personal life. Here BC shouts at Major Nair that he made Cadet Singh fail after his warning also & fears that if this incident goes to Capt.R then what happens. Major Nair comfort him that during the Pooja’s incident Capt.R was not in the academy only. Then BC calms himself.

                                    Naina & Arjun meet once again & talk about the given samples which is sent to HQ. Arjun said desperately,” That sample cloth which was taken as a clue is come from the KMA room mattresses & that soil which you collected is a black soil & has a chemical which is present in yellow colour paint. They’ve found yellow paint in that soil. And I examined Huda’s shoes there’s some soil is present in his jogging shoes. And on the cloth piece there’s powdered debris of gunpowder & low action of RDX bomb contents. I fear its Huda only who kept the bomb under the flag. But the question is who’s the person who gave the bomb to Huda & how did he fixed it. Then I fear that Huda isn’t a spy & he’s helping those terrorist to fix the bomb. But how his accomplice did entered the academy without any suspicion. Or else one who fixed the bomb are distracting us so that we go away from his road so that they can do their work without any interruptions. I don’t know this case is becoming puzzle to me. Either Huda is misleading Capt.R or original Spy’s entry has been done inside the academy.”Naina said slowly,” I think you’re right Huda is trying to mislead Capt.R. Arjun tell me, did you ever notice anything about Cadet Huda who’s waiting desperately for me?”Arjun said calmly,”Ofcourse he wants to go to the fresher’s ball with you.”Naina smiled cunningly & said,” Then, I’ll go with him. But I’ll wait for his invitation.”Arjun understood & he also smiled cunningly tapping Naina’s shoulder appreciatively & both depart to their hostels.

                                     Next morning, Naina prayed to god to give her strength to complete Dr.S’s test in best ways. Then she asked Capt.R sorry for her rude behaviour yesterday. Capt.R took it casually & forgave her. Naina comes near Capt.R to ask sorry but he only called her. Capt.R called,” Cadet Singh,” calmly. Naina said calmly,” Sir.”Capt.R said reminding her,” You know that infirmary test is the last test.”Naina said nodding,” Yes sir. Am sorry yesterday, I was so upset because of the marks & I talked to you very rudely, sir. Please forgive me.”Capt.R smiled sweetly & said,” Cadet Singh, let bygones be bygone, forget that.”Naina said sadly,” Sir, I cannot forget that what this system has done to me. This system has done unfair to me & you know now also…..”Capt.R comforted her sweetly,” Cadet Singh, you’ll have to settle here to fulfil your duty. I know your anger. In fact in Bhagawad Gita lord Krishna has said that just you do your duty & leave the result to me. Likewise you concentrate on improving the grades & leave it to god. Have you prepared for the test?”Naina said calmly,” Yes sir. I’ll try my level best, then also they expel me from the academy, I’ll go sir & like that soldier who fought till his last breath.”Capt.R is impressed with this words & said,” That’s it. This emotion is your strength, Cadet Singh. A true soldier’s identity, don’t you ever lose it.”Naina said smiling,” Yes sir.”Capt.R said sweetly,” All the best.” & went but Naina stopped him & asked,” Sir, will you come there, sir. I’ve my future in this test, sir (And yours also, in her mind)”Capt.R saw her  & smiled & said,” I’ve some work that’s why am going outside but I’ll try my level best to come to see your test,ok.In fact Major Nair will be present there right.So,just believe in yourself because I believe in you. Right Cadet Naina Ah Singh,” smiled sweetly & went. Naina also smiled sweetly & Arjun saw this & thought,”Naina your brother has chosen you a very good partner. Because of him you are smiling sweetly & am sure he’ll keep you smiling always. Am so happy for you Naina, am so happy for you.”& he also went from there. Naina felt on that moment calm & happy.

                          All are assembled in infirmary to take the test. Huda said happily,” Good luck guys, its last test.”Arjun said seriously,” Why don’t you want to do that combat drill?”Yudi said dismissively,”Yeah, combat drill.”Pooja said sadly,” Do you mean that there’ll be no holiday after these tests also?”Ali said reminding Pooja,”Cadet Ghai, complete this test perfectly. You’ve to cover up the grades.”Pooja said,”Yeah,”dismissively. Dr.S entered the infirmary & said bossily,” Cadets please maintain silence. I know that this is a last test but that means you can do anything in freedom.”Huda said charmingly,” Madam, please tell me the test is easy or difficult.”Dr.S answered,” Actually Cadet Huda, this’ll be shown in your marks, right.”Huda felt bad. He thought that he’ll be given special treatment for his personality, but Dr.S didn’t give any attention to him & started explaining the test,” So Cadets, Infirmary test will be in two parts. The first part will be compulsory for all Cadets. But, one who opts the second part & wins they score extra points.”Naina hearing this she said to Pooja,”It’s a golden opportunity. I’ll part in the two tests also.”Pooja saw her & nodded. Dr.S explained clearly,” So Cadets, test’s first part is first aid & fields medical emergencies. But for that I need a volunteer.”No one came forward as a volunteer but Huda tricked Yudi by pushing him in front of Dr.S. Dr.S said appreciatively,” Cadet Sahani, it’s so nice of you to volunteer.”Yudi said in panic,” No madam.”Dr.S said calmly,” Cadet go & lie down please.”Yudi saw towards Huda angrily & Huda winked at him sarcastically. Dr.S said calmly,” Cadet Sahani, please relax. Am not going to operate you for that you’ve to take out your uniform.”Everyone resisted the laugh. Dr.S said calmly,” Cadet please proceed” Yudi saw towards Huda. Huda nodded. Yudi went & lied down on the bed. Dr.S said,” Cadets, in war, soldiers will be injured very severely or mildly. That’s why; one soldier will have to know about first aid perfectly. So that by tackling any injury they fight continuously or they can save their fellow soldier until the medical aid comes. So am going to call you one by one & I’ll teach you how to treat the injuries of the volunteer patient’s parts of the body. Then you’ve to dress the bandage to the injuries. Mind you Cadets you’ll be graded on bandage dressings.”Yudi asked slowly,” Madam, what about my marks?”Dr.S said calmly,” Cadets please relax. You’ve volunteered to this test, I’ll see to your marks also.”Yudi become relaxed. Dr.S said,” So shall we start.”Yudi said calmly,” Sure.”All Cadets came & dressed the bandage to Yudi. Lastly Naina bandages Yudi perfectly. Impressed with her work, Dr.S said,” Good job Cadet Singh, after your training, you can join army medical force.”Naina said smiling,” Thank you madam.” & she went. Yudi gets up urgently & actions to Dr.S to remove the bandage because he want to go toilet. Then Dr.S gave him the scissors to cut down the bandage. Dr.S said,” So Cadets, likely I had said that tests will be in two parts. Neither war will be not easy nor war field also. High mountains, snow capped mountains, marsh lands or dry deserts, a soldier will have to overcome hungry & thirst but most importantly pain. Cadets, I hope you’ve not eaten anything.”Meanwhile Capt.R entered infirmary & stood at the door.”Because In hungry, how can you overcome the pain, this is the test of second part. Cadets, I know that you aren’t ready for the test. That’s why this test is optional.”Arjun said in disgust,” Didn’t I tell you in first day this place is a jail.”Huda said sarcastically,” Qaidi no.1, our score is in top. Let’s see their circus.”Naina started to think & she remembered Capt.R’s trust & decided that she’ll do the test. Dr.S said clearly,” Am warning you, in this test, the pain will be severe. That’s why, one who wanted to overcome this pain, they can come forward. One who pass this test, they’ll be awarded bonus marks also, any taker?”No one answered then Dr.S said,”Ok no one wants to take the test then today’s test will be closed.”And she went but Naina said,” No madam, I’ll take this test.”Dr.S & Arjun are amazed by Naina’s decision. Capt.R saw her impressively. Dr.S asked doubtfully,” Are you sure, Cadet Singh?”Naina said confidently,” Yes madam.”Dr.S said smiling,” Pain means real pain. It’s not the test of bandaging on this volunteer patient.”Naina said stubbornly,” I’ll take this test, madam.”Dr.S said clearly,” Cadet Singh, Think again. The pain will be severe than the rifle’s fracture.”Capt.R said supportingly,” Let her try doctor” Everyone saw towards Capt.R.”Ya I mean it. If Cadet Singh has the power of proving herself. Then we’ve to give her a chance. Are you ready Cadet Singh?”Naina said stubbornly,” Yes sir, am ready to resist any pain.”On that time Arjun also came forward to take the test. Huda said sarcastically,”Yaar qaidi, I can understand about phoolan. But do you want to break your bones also?”Ali said calmly,” We have to be practised to resist the pain from now only. Madam am also. Yudi bhai, are you with us?”Yudi also nodded. Pooja smiled & said,” If you’re all with me then why I do fear, madam am also.” Capt.R appreciated the unity of them & said,”Dr.S please continue.”Dr.S said,” Thank you Captain.”Impressively. Then Dr.S prepared for the test. All Cadets except Huda are standing in front of bucketful of Ice.

                           Dr.S proceeds to second part. She explained the task. Dr.S said,” Cadets, this endurance test will be in 4 levels. The first level is only a trial. In this, you’ve to keep your hands in this Ice containing bucket for full 10 minutes & if you are in stable condition you can proceed to next level. At any time, if you feel pain & numbness then please take out your hand from the bucket. Remember this is an optional test.”Dr.S took the stop clock & said,” Are you ready Cadets?”All Cadets said,’ Yes madam.’ And all put their hands in the Ice containing bucket. Yudi cannot resist the pain & he took the hands from the bucket after 8 minutes. Dr.S saw his temperature & announced that he’s disqualified because of his temperature has risen. She binds Yudi with a warm blanket & see towards other Cadets. Capt.R observed Naina seeing his watch & is so impressed with her performance. Naina resisting the pain. Naina saw towards Arjun & is so amazed that he’s also resisting the pain. Ali & Pooja are also resisting the pain. After 10 minutes, Dr.S said that it is time up & they can take out the hands. Arjun, Ali, Naina & Pooja take out the hands from the bucket & stand in their previous position. Dr.S checked their temperature. Cadets Naina & Arjun are qualified for next test because they’re in stable condition but Ali cannot because his temperature is 100 & Pooja backs out from the test. Then Naina & Arjun are qualified for next level & Dr.S explained the next level. Dr.S said,” So Cadets Naina Singh & Arjun Sharma, you both are qualified for the next level. In this level, for 10 minutes you’ll have to be in temperature chamber. In temperature chamber, you’ll experience Oxygen less, clotting blood of cold. In the chamber we’ve fixed 2 way systems from which we’ll be in touch with you continuously. You can come outside from the temperature chamber before 10 minutes, but you’ll be disqualified in that then. Let me tell you, when our soldiers go to these sub-degree attitudes to fight, we’ll provide them protective suits & armours, because we’re calculating your resistance of pain, we’re not giving you that here.”Naina said determinedly,” It’s ok madam, we don’t need that.”Dr.S said impressively seeing her determination,” Very good. Let’s proceed to the temperature chamber.”

                        Everyone went near the temperature chamber. Naina & Arjun went inside the temperature chamber. Naina folded her hands into fist & closed her eyes & remembered her bhaiyya & saw towards Arjun. Arjun also saw towards Naina & saw a strange determined eyes of proving herself & thought,”Oh god, please help her.”And he also stood. Dr.S said from the mike,”Ok guys, all the best.”Naina saw towards Capt.R. Capt.R saw her impressively. Dr.S said,” Shall we start?”Naina said politely,” Yes madam.”Dr.S turned a lever which showed the markings, zero degree,-1 degree,-2 degree. Firstly In zero degree, the cold air is sprayed to the chamber, Naina & Arjun resisted the cold. Naina started rubbing her hands to generate the heat in her inside the body. After sometime, Dr.S said from the mike,” Cadets, you both have crossed the first level which was temperature was zero degree. But Cadet Singh, your pulse has become low. Would you like to continue?”Naina cannot answer her question because of the cold. Capt.R saw her in amazement & said silently,” Come on.”Dr.S asked worriedly seeing the pulse reading,” Cadet Singh?”After few seconds, Arjun said,” I don’t want to do.”Naina saw him in amazement. Arjun said politely,” Naina, I wanted to be with you in every single moment of your life as a brother, but your pain is so severe that I cannot cure it. Am sure you’re the winner of this test. Don’t lose hope. Have faith in god & trust on yourself. You’ll become successful. Best of luck.”Dr.S switched off the system & Arjun came outside & Dr.S switched on once again. Capt.R saw Naina in amazement. Everyone wrapped the Arjun with warm blanket & Arjun saw Naina proudly. Dr.S said,” Captain, I thought that this test winner will be Cadet Arjun. But I  do not understand, you’ve any idea, Captain?”Capt.R said slowly seeing Naina in amazement,” I think the winner of this test’s is in the chamber only.” Naina is feeling dizzy & heard a strong voice in her corner of her mind,” Cadet Singh” Naina opened her eyes in difficult & saw it’s the voice of Dr.S. Dr.S said worriedly,” Cadet Singh, do you want to continue?”Naina answered very difficultly,” Yes madam.”Dr.S & Capt.R saw her pulse rate & saw her in amazement. Dr.S said worriedly,” Cadet Singh, are you sure? Ok, this time the pain will be severe because the temperature will be -2 degree.”Capt.R & Arjun saw her impressively. Dr.S asked once again to Naina & Naina answered determinedly that she’ll do. Capt.R saw her determination & is so impressed. She resisted the pain. Other Cadets are so worried seeing her state. Capt.R saw her pulse rate & saw that it had become low.

                              On that time Major Nair came inside the chamber & said bossily,” What happened, why are you guys so calm? I think first year Cadets is panic because of the test.”Then he saw Naina in the chamber & said sarcastically,”Oh Cadet Singh.”Capt.R said proudly,” Major Nair, for your kind information, Cadet Singh has crossed the 2 levels of the test.”Major Nair said dismissively,” But I think she cannot cross the last level of the test.”Dr.S asked worriedly,” Cadet Singh, will you attempt the last level?”Naina cannot answer & cannot say anything because of the cold & falls to the ground. Arjun saw her & is so worried & he prayed for god in his mind. Capt.R saw her worriedly. Major Nair said,” That’s it, she is fainted. The test is over Dr.Singhal.”Dr.S turned the lever to zero & went to see that what happened to Naina. Dr.S saw her pulse. Capt.R asked,”Dr.S is Cadet Singh is fainted?”Eagerly. Dr.S said,” No Captain.”Capt.R said,” Good then we’ve to give her another chance Major Nair.”Major Nair said,” Chance, what chance. Is the Cadet is in her situation to decide what is correct for her? The test is over Dr.Singhal.” Capt.R said angrily,” Am sorry, Major Nair, but the Cadet who’s crossed the test’s first 2 level, & she wants to do the 3rd level. You cannot refuse her.”Major Nair said angrily,”Rules,I follow the rules. Cadet have to tell me that she wants to do the next level. I will not give permission till then.”Capt.R is thinking fastly,”Cadet Singh” Pooja said worriedly,”Sir,please stop this test, sir.”Capt.R said bossily,” Cadet Ghai,you’re going to shut your mouth in front of your seniors.”Major Nair said bossily,” And you’re going to do that  too,Captain.Dr.Singhal stop the test.”Dr.S saw her & went to stop the test but Naina said in difficult,” Final level madam.”Dr.S saw her & said,” Cadet Singh, did you say something?Captain,Cadet Singh said something.”Capt.R & Arjun saw in amazement. Capt.R asked eagerly,” Cadet Singh, are you going to attempt other level, tell me Cadet Singh?”Major Nair said angrily,” You’re pressurizing her Captain.”Capt.R said sarcastically,”Pressurizing,are you saying this Major Nair? Cadet Singh, do you want to continue or not?”Dr.S asked to tell Naina’s decision in high voice. Naina didn’t answer & Pooja asked to stop the test but Capt.R warned her to shut up. Dr.S said,” Cadet Singh, am going to take you out of the chamber.”Captain kicked the machine & about to go Naina said in difficulty,” No madam.”Capt.R is amazed hearing this & Major Nair is shocked & said,” What?”Capt.R said impressively,” Did you hear Major Nair?”Dr.S asked politely,” Do you want to continue?”Naina said in difficulty,” Yes madam, final level madam.”Capt.R said proudly,” What did you said, Cadet Singh, are you going to complete the test?”Naina lifted her head & saw everybody & said in difficulty,” Yes sir.”Capt.R said proudly,” Final level doc.”Dr.S asked worriedly,” Are you sure, Captain?”Capt.R said proudly,”200%,Major Nair?”Major Nair said,” Continue doctor” Capt.R said,” Thank you,”impressively.Arjun saw Naina in affection. Dr.S came outside & continued her test. Naina resisted the pain. Capt.R & Arjun saw her in amazement. After 10 minutes Dr.S turned the lever to zero & said happily,” Congratulations Cadet, you’ve completed the test.”Capt.R said eagerly,” Yes.”Major Nair said bossily,” Not now Dr.Singhal, Cadet Singh have to stand on her feet & say she’s ok,then only this test will be successful.”Capt.R said,” It’s not needed, Major Nair.”Major Nair said bossily,” Rules….Rules is saying this only.”Capt.R said,” Rules my foot……My pleasure. Cadet Singh on your feet………On your feet now.”Angrily. Everyone encourage her & Naina try to stand but falls on that time Capt.R saw her eagerly waiting. Naina heard a strong voice of her bhaiyya’s calling,’Naina’Then she saw around her. On that time Dr.S said,” I’ve made the temperature normal Cadet. You can step out.”Naina saw her bhaiyya & stretched her hand to give him.Navin held the hand tightly & pulled her slowly & made her to stand & said,” I’ll be with you always in Arjun, Naina, see.”Naina saw towards Arjun & Arjun smiled appreciatively. And Naina saw towards her bhaiyya but no one was there. And Naina saluted slowly & said,” Cadet Singh is alright,sir.”Dr.S is so happy seeing her determination & strength & said,” Major, Cadet Naina Singh has completed my two parts of the test. And Cadet Naina Singh has topped in my test.”Capt.R saw Major Nair & smiled sarcastically. Major Nair saw Naina like he swallowed the melon & went outside angrily. Naina came outside the temperature chamber slowly then all wrapped the blanket to her & Pooja hugged her completely in happiness. Arjun came & wrapped his blanket to her & stroked her hair in brotherly love & Huda; Ali & Yudi are all so impressed with her performance. Naina saw towards Capt.R & Capt.R smiled impressively & showed his thumb up which gave the sign enjoy the victory & he went outside smiling impressively. Huda felt very much impressed of Naina’s performance & is feeling soft towards Naina.

                                Here Major Nair is talking to BC. Major Nair said impressively,” Final ranking is ready sir.”BC said,” You mean, Cadet Singh……”Major Nair said impressively,” Out & Cadet Sahani also.”BC said bossily,” Cadet Singh has shown her ability in Dr.Singhal’s test, Major.”Major Nair said impressively,” But from one test she cannot improve her grades, sir.”BC said,” You know Major, I can keep the Cadets who show this type of performance in the academy.”Major Nair asked in amazement,” You mean that you aren’t going to expel Cadet Singh, sir?”BC said slowly,” I hadn’t thought about that till now, Major.”Major Nair nodded thoughtfully.

                                 Meanwhile, Pooja is caring Naina. She helped Naina eating her dinner. Then she asked about the reason behind the determination of giving her the test. Naina said that she has to be in the academy very importantly. Pooja asked that making her life in danger what she did got that she’s not understanding. Then Pooja said in disappointment that Naina don’t trust her. But Naina said that one day you’ll know that who she’s & why did she came to academy. Then Pooja said that she’ll wait for that moment. Naina took a deep breath & thought,” Not to you Pooja, the whole country have to be known that who Navin Singh Ahluwaliya is. The whole country have to know that Navin Singh Ahluwaliya isn’t a traitor.”Pooja asked that what she’s thinking & Naina answered that nothing. Pooja said that sleep on & Naina lied on the bed thinking the strange incident in the temperature room of her bhaiyya giving his hand & making her get up & saying that he’ll be with her like Arjun & Arjun seeing her in brotherly affection. Naina smiled & slept. Here Arjun is also thinking about Naina & said himself,”Naina, I’ll be with you always as a brother.”Ali heard this & smiled & said,” Did you say something, Arjun?”Arjun said immediately,” Nothing, you sleep on.”Ali smiled but didn’t answer & slept on. Here Capt.R is thinking about Naina in his room lying on the bed. He remembered Navin’s words,’ Raj, I’ve a younger sister name is Naina. But she’s so naughty. But she’s so determined also. When she takes any work she completes in best way. Even am so amazed of her work.”And he said impressively,” Friend, your sister is really so special, so determined & perfect girl. Am sure she’ll become a perfect soldier & best Cadet of this academy, am sure of that, friend, and am sure of that.” Smiling impressively, then he also slept gradually. Here Huda is also thinking about Naina & said to himself,” Something is there inside her which makes me like a clown. A fire in which I think of burning myself. I never felt with any girl like this, why is she make me like her clown?”Then he also slept gradually.

                         Then Capt.R met Dr.R during this morning exercise to talk about Naina. Dr.R said seeing him,” Good morning Captain, what a pleasant surprise.”Capt.R said calmly,” In fact, this is a planned surprise from me.”Dr.R said panting,” Really.”Capt.R said calmly,” Yes am asking you sorry for disturbing you early morning, but Cadets future question. In fact I want to talk to you about Cadet Naina Singh.”Dr.R said,” Yes, I heard about that, she showed some amazing abilities of her in yesterday’s Shalini’s test.”Capt.R said directly,” What use of that? Today Cadets overall grading going to come & I fear that Major Nair is going to fail Cadet Naina & other Cadets also.”Dr.R said calmly,” But that’s not fair, one who scores, they’ll be awarded likewise.”Capt.R said angrily,” This basis is wrong doctor. Major Nair made injustice with some cadets in rifle drill & Subhedhar Suri failed some cadets simply.”Dr.R said calmly,” But am sorry, I’d not failed anyone, but not Major Nair also, your Cadet Naina Singh failed herself.”Capt.R said emotionally,” But it’s my opinion that Cadet Naina Singh can able & can become true soldier. It’s not my opinion, yours also doctor.”Dr.R said panting,” I, how do you know?”Capt.R asked,” Why, don’t you think that Cadet Naina Singh can become a soldier?”Dr.R said panting,” Cadet Naina Singh has the potential, we all know, but one who fails in test…..Capt.R said angrily,” One who fails, one who made fail giving false technical points & rusted rifle.”Dr.R asked innocently,” What do you want to say Captain? What do you going to do?”Capt.R said,” I want to meet BC & want to ask him that, one who had failed in this test, they’ll be given a chance with me. I want to test them in combat simulation test.”Dr.R said directly,” And do you want to say that I’ll say this to BC, so that Cadet Naina Singh can take part in this test.”Capt.R smiled & said,” No I want you to do that you do what you think is correct.”Dr.R said,” Yes, but for your Cadet Naina Singh, right?”Capt.R said seriously,” No to make the justice alive.”And he went from there. Dr.R thought,’ Why’s he so possessive to her?’

                         Next morning all cadets come downstairs to see the marks on that time one senior cadet came & appreciated Naina that she crossed the 4 levels completely. Pooja said proudly that whose roommate is she raising the collar. Dr.S came & asked about Naina’s health. Naina said that she’s alright. Then Dr.S said that she has given bonus marks to her with her high marks. Then Orderly comes & put the result sheet on the notice board. They saw that no grades have been put in front of Naina & Yudi. Naina & Yudi think that they’re expelled from the academy, but Dr.S comforted both of them that they’re thinking about them & it’s a positive sign. Then Capt.R came & talked to BC. Capt.R said calmly,” Sir, I want to talk about the Cadets grading.”BC answered dismissively,” Grading are ready Captain & list is put over in the notice board.”Capt.R said calmly,” I know sir. In that list, whose names aren’t there, am talking about them sir.”BC said bossily,” Obviously, they’re not able to this academy, Captain.”Capt.R said calmly,” Sir, I can say that, on grading we cannot see their abilities, sir.”BC asked suspiciously,” Why?”Capt.R said calmly,” Because we’ve seen Cadet Naina Singh’s strength, ability, her swallowness & resistance to pain. That was only a glimpse of ability of Cadet Naina Singh.”BC said calmly,” But Captain, don’t forget that she has failed in other tests, Major Nair’s test, Dr.Mishra’s test & Suriji’s test.”Capt.R said calmly,” Am sorry sir, In Subhedhar Suri’s test Cadet Naina Singh has topped but Major Nair made her fail.”BC said angrily,” Major Nair has done correctly. And he knows this academy’s rules perfectly.”Capt.R said calmly,” You may be correct sir. But which rules was he following when he gave rusted rifle to Cadets Singh & Ghai, sir?”BC said angrily,” Captain Shekhawat, you are accusing the Major Nair which you cannot prove it also. Tell me Captain, why you are showing so interest in Cadet Singh?”Capt.R became angry but resisted & seriously,” Sir, Cadet Singh can become this academy’s best Cadet.”BC said dismissively,” A girl can become a best Cadet?”Capt.R smiled sarcastically & asked,” Why? Why you underestimate the girls so much, sir?”BC said calmly,” All tests are completed Captain.”Capt.R said eagerly,” Now also one test is remaining sir, I’d talked with you about a bonus test, combat simulation test & you also told that sir.”BC said stubbornly,” No Captain, I don’t promise you. I’ll think about it.”Capt.R requested,” It’s time sir, think about that, just you give permission to this sir.”BC said stubbornly,” I’ll not take the decision until I talk to other faculty.”Capt.R said calmly,” Ok sir, make your discussions & meeting. I’ll wait for your decision” And he went from BC’s office. BC saw him suspiciously.


                                       Meanwhile Naina stood in front of Amar Jawan Jyothi & worried about her mission,’ Bhaiyya, don’t worry. If they expel me or not expel me I’ll do my duty & Arjun is also there to protect Capt.R. Am sure he’ll be success in this mission.’ Capt.R came behind her singing the song’ hum honge kamyaab’. Capt.R came & comforted her & said,” Cadet Singh, One who ask about their success to god, who’ll be not having any trust on them. I thought that in this world, Cadet Naina Singh has trust is on herself only.”Naina said worriedly,” I’ve trust on me sir, but……….”Capt.R said,”…………But not on your results, right.”Naina said calmly,” Final grading list has been out sir & my name isn’t there.”Capt.R said calmly,” I know that, that’s because, they’re thinking about your grading.”Naina said angrily,” You mean that am not an able candidate to be here in this academy. But can we give her permission i.e., show me sympathy, for that they’re thinking right, sir.”Capt.R said smiling,” We can see things in 2 ways, Cadet Naina Singh, if you’ve trust on you then don’t leave the hope. Because, on hope only wars will be won. In Dr.S’s test, you’ve taken part & completed it in best abilities. Seeing your abilities they’re thinking that losing Cadet Naina Singh that they can lose this academy’s best Cadet. Is it not.”On that time an orderly came & said that BC had called an urgent faculty meeting. Capt.R said that he’ll come to orderly & went but he said to Naina,” And Naina soldier fight the war till his last breath & till his last breath, hope will be there. And when hope is there, soldier never leave the war, right.”He smiled sweetly & went. Naina also smiled & thought,’ Yes sir, I’ll never lose hope.’ There all discuss about Naina’s tension & all cadets comfort Yudi. Meanwhile Huda went to comfort Naina. Here faculty meeting is about to begin. All discuss about unfair with Cadets Naina & Yudi. Capt.R convinced them that those Cadets are very special & he said that Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya who became best Cadet Pass out he crossed Dr.S’s dangerous level of first two but Cadet Naina Singh crossed full 4 levels. Then BC called them inside for meeting but he stopped Capt.R saying that he has heard his opinion & closed the door of his office in front of Capt.R. Capt.R felt bad but he’s not distracted & he waited for his decision.

                                   Meanwhile Yudi’s parents come to academy & once again they talk to Yudi about going to Harvard University for MBA course but Yudi refused it & said Jai Hind to them & went from there. Here to make Naina happy, Huda makes senior Cadets to say that you’ve passed which is a lie. Naina didn’t thought further & became happy. Arjun also didn’t think further & he also accepted Huda’s lies. Capt.R asked Dr.R that what happened in the meeting. Dr.R also gave positive sign. And Capt.R becomes happy. But here Naina comes to know that she has become fail. Then she knew that Huda said is a lie. Naina is sad & angry & slapped with anger & said,” If you don’t want to face the truth, then don’t but I have the strength to face the truth, Cadet Huda.”And she went crying from there. She went to hall of fame & saw the empty portrait of her bhaiyya & thought,’ Bhaiyya, which duty you’ve given to me, I’ll fulfil it without fail & In that If my life goes then am ready for that also.’ Then she went & stood in front of amar jawan jyothi & is so hurted. On that time Orderly came & gave a letter saying that the letter is from Brigadier’s office. Naina took it over & opened it & saw her expulsion letter. Naina saw that & said to herself crying,’ What do they think themselves?Major Nair, if I catch you doing the illegal thing in the academy then am going to arrest you &………..forget it. You’ll repent for making me fail.’ On that time Capt.R saw Naina standing in front of amar jawan jyothi & reading a letter. Capt.R thought that positive & called her but Naina didn’t respond then he tapped on her shoulder & said,” Cadet Naina Singh.”Naina turned to him crying. Capt.R is shocked seeing Naina crying & said,’ No’. Naina said smiling dismissively & crying,” I’ve my breath sir, but hope was stolen by them.”She showed the letter & said,” They’ve expelled me from this academy, sir.”Capt.R also saw the letter in shock. Then she ran to her hostel to pack her clothes. Capt.R followed her to her room to comfort her. Naina came to her room crying, Capt.R came & knocked at the door. Naina saw him & said smiling dismissively,” Didn’t I tell you sir? They will expel me from this academy. Good bye, sir.”And stretched her hand to shake. But Capt.R said calmly,” Naina, you’re overreacting. One soldier will never lose hope. In war, one soldier turns the way of the fight with his courage & strength.”Naina said painfully,” But what about that soldier who has been killed in dishonest way. How can he fight sir?”Capt.R cannot answer this question & he becomes dumb. Naina said calmly,” Am sorry. Am sorry, sir, previously, we were having so many misunderstandings & complaints. But when I was fighting alone with this system, you gave me the hope. You came & stood with me as support for that once again Cadet Naina Singh salutes you, sir.”Capt.R said comfortingly,” Am with you now also, Naina.”Naina wiped her tears & said,” No sir, not anymore. Tomorrow am going to Mangalore from first bus.”Capt.R is shocked hearing this news & said angrily,” Why?”Naina shivers of his anger. Then Capt.R said calmly,” Naina, you wait for one day, I’ll talk to them.”Naina said,” What do you want to talk to them, sir? The complete system is biased sir. And you had talked to them previously, what happened, nothing sir. Am sorry sir but I want to pack my luggage.”Capt.R said angrily,” Ok, is this your decision then all the best.”Naina said sarcastically,” To you too sir, & win this system in honest way.”Capt.R saw her & cannot say anything & he went outside. Naina sat silently for some time.

                              Then Naina opened her wardrobe & throwed her clothes in anger. Her uniform & everything angrily. Then she took her bhaiyya’s photo & saw & said,” Don’t worry bhaiyya, these academy people have only expelled me from this academy but not from my work. Don’t worry bhaiyya, till then am alive they cannot hurt the hair of Capt.R. And don’t worry; I’ll prove you as innocent to this whole country.”

NSA said,” My sister Naina, who came here to prove my innocence & to protect my best friends became the victim of this system for which I became victim. But Major Nair making my sister fail, he’s not breaking her will-power but making her determination & goal stronger. My sister who hasn’t having any experience of detection because of my reputation has learnt only one lesson during her work that don’t cry in front of everyone which shows the weakness of a man & some people will be there who attack on their weaknesses.”

                                      Arjun came to meet Naina in her room. Naina seeing him she hugged him completely & cried on his shoulder saying that she’s not an able officer to protect Capt.R & the thing which he had come here to protect. Arjun comforted her & said,” Naina, in my career, I never used dad’s influence to myself. But I had dialled to dad & he said that he’ll talk to Brigadier about this, please wait for one day.”Naina said smiling,” Arjun, am not going because am unable to protect Capt.R. Am going outside the academy because academy expelled me. And I don’t like that my honour will be underestimated. If I settle here then also they had expelled me then it would be rude of me. I came here & thought that I’ll win the seat in honest way but they’re playing with me in dishonest way. You know a true soldier’s identity is that he’ll always fight in honest way till his last breath. And am doing that only, if I’d fought with these guys in honest way then god only show me the way to get inside the academy. Till then, good bye & good luck.” stretching her hand towards Arjun to shake. Arjun shake & smiled impressively & said,” Am proud of you, Naina.”And he went outside to talk with his dad.

                            Here Capt.R is sad & sitting in his room in darkness throwing the arrow to the target.Dr.R heard this during passing & entered Capt.R’s room & said,” I’ll switch on the light, you can see the target.”And she switched on the light.Capt.R said,” In my life, the true target never easily comes,”sadly.Dr.R said sadly,” Am really sorry about that what happened in BC’s office.”Capt.R said sadly,” Why are you asking sorry, what happened in BC’s office, you’ve done nothing. In fact, I want to say you thanks for what you did.”Dr.R said sadly,” I would’ve accepted the thanks if the result would be positive.”Capt.R said sadly,” Then also you tried.”Dr.R asked concernedly,” Captain, how is Naina? How did she react?”Capt.R said sadly,” She reacted like a soldier reacts in this situation.”Dr.R asked directly,” Is it?”Capt.R took a deep breath of sadness.”Am sorry Captain, I think am disturbing you, I’ll go.”Capt.R said calmly,” Dr.Mishra.”Dr.R said directly,” Please call me Ritu. I said you previously.”Capt.R said calmly,” Ok, Ritu. Why did you favour Naina?”Dr.R said innocently,” No I didn’t.”Capt.R said sarcastically,” Oh, do you mean that, you didn’t favour Naina, you favoured the truth, right.”Dr.R said calmly,” Captain, I’d done nothing which unfavours Naina.”Capt.R smiled dismissively & said,” Then.”Dr.R said calmly,” I was giving you support, Captain.”Capt.R saw her in amazement & with suspicion also. Here Naina said final good bye to her friends except Huda because he cheated her. Then Huda went to convince Naina & asked sorry to her.Naina said,” Ask BC.”And went to her hostel but meanwhile she met Capt.R & enquired about her brother.

                                         Naina said calmly,” Sir, I want to talk to you.”Capt.R asked angrily,” What do you want to talk with me, Cadet Naina Singh?”Naina said calmly,” Now am not a Cadet Sir, you can call me by my name.”Capt.R saw her painfully.”Sir, I joined this academy, so that I can prove my bro’s innocence & get the honour for my bhaiyya & my family. But If I’ll not be present here then….”Capt.R saw her in anger.”Sir, I know that the whole country said that my bhaiyya was a traitor. But am asking it to you, Sir, tell me what’s the truth?”Capt.R saw her in shock. Naina saw him eagerly. Capt.R said angrily,” Look Naina, am not in the mood to talk about your brother. And Navin was the part of the army, then why are you asking me only?”Naina saw his eyes & said eagerly,” Because I trust you, sir. And Bhaiyya would’ve trusted you very much in his times.”Capt.R saw her in amazement.”Sir, I’d seen you & bhaiyya’s photo when I was captured in your room by you.”Capt.R is shocked hearing this statement.”You were his batch mate right & best friend also. You’d known him very much, right sir.”Capt.R turned his face from her. Naina observed him.”The time which he didn’t spend with his family, he has spent that with you right sir. Sir, am asking you now, was Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya was a traitor?”Capt.R cannot answer her questions & cannot saw her face also.”Sir, please tell me sir, this question is my life’s mission. I thought that joining this academy I’ll get my bhaiyya’s & family’s honour. But it had become the dream to me. Sir, please tell me the truth for my parents, was Navin Singh Ahluwaliya was a traitor?” Capt.R can’t answer her questions & can’t see her face & turned that side feeling guilty. Naina saw him & thought dismissively,” You never become a help Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat. And strange is that bhaiyya wanted to protect that person who hasn’t courage to say in front of everybody that his best friend isn’t a traitor.” & said stubbornly,” Ok sir, don’t you want to say then don’t. But I’ll search the answer for this question, If you say or not.”And she went but stopping she said angrily,” Sir, don’t feel bad but you also lost my trust sir. You’re also the part of this system.”And she went from there hurted. But Capt.R said seriously,” No Naina, you’ll never lose my trust; I’ll not make you the victim of this system like Navin.”Naina came hurted to her room to pack her luggage.

NSA said,” Trusting others with closed eyes & when that trusts breaks then what will be their condition, I can only say that because I also became victim. My sister feeling like that only because of Rajveer’s silence. Naina was also thinking that like everyone, Rajveer also think that her bro’s a traitor & that’s why she’s in hurry to go from the academy.”

                                       Capt.R arranged a meeting for Naina by all cadets & convinced them to revolt. Then all agree, but Naina didn’t come to the meeting & went from the academy taking a glimpse of the academy & saluting to amar jawan jyothi. Then Lolita Sen went & saw her room, her bed is empty & her clothes & box, everything’s taken. She asked the guard & guard said that he had seen Naina going out of academy & she reported that to Capt.R. Capt.R felt very angry & shouted to air that once this academy expels a student then it not takes him or her back. Huda said that he’ll go & bring Naina back. Arjun started to think but he convinced that Naina also is a CID officer & she can protect herself. Then also thought that he’ll dial to Abhijeet. And said,” Don’t waste time. Get going now only.” Then Huda went to bring back Naina in his motorbike. Capt.R is thinking so much & he went from the mess with anger to his room. Naina is walking in the road alone with her luggage & she thought that someone is following her. But she walked silently & fastly. But then Huda came in his motorbike & tried to convince Naina to come with him he’ll send her wherever he can. Huda said lies that He’ve to pick Meenal from the bus stand & he’ll leave her in bus stand & pick Meenal from there & said that he don’t know the way to bus stand. But Naina refused him & went alone walking in the empty road. Meanwhile he dialled to his superior officer to influence Brigadier Chandok to take Cadet Naina Singh back, but his superior officer showed empty hands to Capt.R saying that he can’t interfere with Brigadier’s business. On that time Ali came to his room giving the petition of Cadets  & Faculty. But Major Nair didn’t sign the petition because he’s not in the academy. Here Huda become success in convincing Naina by making her come with him. And Naina not thinking further sat on his bike. Here someone saw them who’s wearing a long overcoat & he took a walkie talkie & said,” The prey is reaching to her hunter, further instructions to me.”A female voice said,” Keep a watch on her & mind you there’ll be no harm done to her. I want the time of Capt.R’s absence to search his room. You’ll not inform Huda or else he’ll become an obstacle to my plan. Got that.”The man in the overcoat said,” Aye aye, madam. Over & out.”And he disconnected the walkie talkie.

                                Meanwhile Capt.R thought about Naina & here Arjun dialled to Abhijeet to keep an eye on her. Abhijeet went from bureau to keep an eye on her. He saw Naina is coming on the bike with Huda & followed him wearing the helmet. Huda saw him in his mirror but thought him as some civilian on that time his bike stopped in halfway because petrol is closed. And Huda went to bring the petrol leaving his bike in Naina’s care & went & slept somewhere to stop Naina. Naina waited here with Huda’s bike & cursing the Huda. Meanwhile Huda slept somewhere for sometime & got up & went taking the petrol with him then he took her purse trickily & hided it in his shirt. During the waiting by Naina for Huda she felt that someone is there seeing her very curiously. Then Naina went with Huda but Huda diverted the road from the bus stand road. Then Naina went alone to bus stand road with her luggage cursing herself trusting Huda. Abhijeet went forward & didn’t saw towards them to bus stand so that he can wait for Naina there. Here Capt.R is thinking about her questions which she asked about her bhaiyya. On that time someone threw a stone to his window & his window glass breaks. He saw this & shouted with alarm,” Who’s that, guard?”And he saw a letter attached to it & took it & read it.

Captain Rajveer,

                             We’re meeting again. How are you? You didn’t save Cadet Naina Singh in the academy, I’ll give you another chance, let’s see you’re going to save Cadet Naina Singh in the bus or not. In the time, you’d won one game in my plan. Now It’s my next move. Bus is going to start at 6am.Let’s see who wins you or me.

                                                                                                                   Yours sincerely,


Capt.R saw that letter & said in anger,” I’ll kill you, bastard, I’ll kill you.”And he ran from his room not locking the door.


                           Here Huda left Naina finally to the bus stand. Naina went to take the ticket to Mangalore & saw her purse is lost. Then She asked Rs.500 from Huda. But Huda said,” Let’s go academy & we can search for your purse there.”Naina didn’t answer & asked,” Ok, when’s Meenal coming?”Then Huda remembered & said,” I’ll see her.”And went but Naina saw her in angry & said,” Huda, you’ll never change yourself. And what do you think you’re going to stop me by going with this bus. I’ll go from this bus only,” stubbornly. Abhijeet saw that she’s hurted & observed two men coming to the bus stand, he felt suspicious about them. On that time Naina went to passengers of that bus & asked to take her ticket also. One passenger accepted & Naina tried to give her watch in the return of the money. But the passenger didn’t take her watch & said that not needed & went to sit in the bus. Huda tried to convince her to come back but Naina didn’t listen to him & went & sat on the bus. Here Capt.R ran to ammunition room. Arjun saw his hurry & thought,” What happened to him? This time not another bomb. I’ve to go with him or else Naina will never forgive me.”And he also ran behind him. Huda tried to convince Naina but Naina refused flatly & said to him to go back to academy. Naina can’t hear Huda’s words she changed her seat. But Huda also went to changed seat window but dashes to a man who’s wrapped himself with a blanket & behind the blanket he’s keeping AK-47 gun. Huda didn’t saw him but Abhijeet saw them & rushed to save Naina but stopped halfway because of lots of passengers. Then Abhijeet messaged Naina to be alert & dialled to ACP Saab  & explained the situation & he also got into the bus to save Naina. Naina saw the SMS & is alarmed & saw those two men & also saw Abhijeet behind them. Abhijeet winked at her & came & sat beside her. Huda tried to convince Naina but Naina said that he has to go to academy or he’ll be expelled from the academy, but Huda didn’t go instead he showed her purse to her that he has stolen. But Naina tried to take her purse but Huda played with her that she’s going to come down on that time bus driver started the bus & Huda entangled to the bus & said to stop the bus. Naina saw him worriedly & said that to leave the bus & go to the academy but Huda didn’t listen to her.

                         Meanwhile, Capt.R broke the cupboard of the guns in ammunition room & took the gun & loaded the gun with bullets. There an orderly came & tried to stop Capt.R but he made the orderly fear warning him that the gun is loaded. Orderly ran to inform BC about this & Capt.R ran to a jeep. Arjun came near the jeep & said stubbornly,” I’ll come with you.”Capt.R smiled impressively & nodded. Capt.R & Arjun sat in the jeep & Capt.R started & moved on. Arjun asked on the way timidly,” Is someone blackmailing you sir?”Capt.R saw him in shock & asked suspiciously,” How do you know?”Arjun asked in amazement,” You mean someone is blackmailing you, sir?”Capt.R thought Arjun is badgering the answer & then answered calmly,” Yeah. But you didn’t answer my first question, Cadet Arjun,”suspiciously. Arjun answered Capt.R convincingly,” Nothing sir, I was observing you on Independence Day sir, when that bomb blasted. You read a letter & you were alarmed & saved Dr.R. That’s why I asked. And now you are in hurry. One who blackmailed you has written about another bomb blasts, sir?”Capt.R said impressively,” You’ve very curious observation, Cadet Arjun. But this time he has blackmailed that he’s going to kill Cadet Singh in the bus.”Arjun is shocked hearing this & came into sense & asked suspiciously,” But what connection between your blackmail & Naina, sir?”Capt.R said directly,” That’s none of your business Cadet Arjun.”And he changed the gear to faster. Arjun is thinking so much & thought of informing ACP Saab but thought that he’ll need there with Capt.R to save Naina.

                         Here Huda tried to stop the bus but the terrorist 1 is alarmed & shot Huda & the bullet went to his shoulder & he fell from the window where he’s entangled. And the driver stopped the bus in panic & the terrorist 2 ordered to the driver to move on & Naina raged at terrorist 1 but the terrorist 1 made her fear that he’ll kill her. Then Abhijeet convinced her to sit quietly till help arrives & Naina sat quietly. On that time Huda took a knife & pierced it to the bus’s right side tyre & faints. Driver moved on the bus, but he cannot control the bus because of the tyre puncture. Then the bus is going to fall into the ditch the driver warned the terrorists & the terrorist 2 ordered to stop the bus. The terrorist 2 asked what happened to the driver & driver answered that the tyre is punctured. Then Abhijeet messaged to ACP Saab & explained the situation & their location & convinced Naina that help is going to come till then we’ve to wait. The terrorist 1 warned the bus driver to change the tyre fastly or else he’ll kill him. Meanwhile Capt.R came near bus stand & saw Huda’s unconscious. Capt.R sprayed some water & made him to drink some water. Huda said coming to conscious,” Sir, Naina has gone in that bus. Two terrorists are present in that bus. Sir, I’ve punctured the tyre, they’ll be stopping their bus to change the tyre. Sir, please save all passengers & Naina also.”Then he faints once again. Then Capt.R & Arjun transferred Huda to the jeep. Capt.R said hurriedly,” Arjun, take him to KMA. If I don’t come back till 8am then tell Brigadier that civil bus has been hijacked, ok.”Arjun said,” But what about you sir?”Worriedly. Capt.R said calmly,” Don’t worry about me, Naina will be with me, ok.”Arjun nodded & started the jeep & Capt.R started Huda’s bike & both went to their destiny. Meanwhile, Arjun dialled to ACP Saab & explained the situation.ACP Saab said that Abhijeet is with Naina. Arjun breathed calmly that someone is there with Naina & he went to KMA. Here this side Capt.R saw the bus from the distance. It is stopped & the driver is changing the tyre. And all the passengers are sat on the ground with fear in their face. On that time only ACP Saab came from other side with his team to save Naina & Abhijeet. Capt.R stopped the Huda’s bike & walked from the forest.ACP Saab saw the Capt.R & stopped their team & hid themselves to protect Capt.R If some complications happen. Capt.R went by the forest & signalled like chirping cuckoo bird. Naina recognised this & is alarmed & she thought so many questions, Capt.R is here, how, did he get another letter? What did the letter said? Then meanwhile hearing chirping cuckoo bird the terrorist 1 becomes suspicious & asked to terrorist 2.On that time Naina signalled Abhijeet that it’s Capt.R. Abhijeet nodded slowly. The terrorist 2 said to terrorist 1 that he’s going mad & it is not the season of chirping cuckoo bird. Then Naina asked the terrorist that she’ll go to toilet. But terrorist 1 said,” What? Go here only.”Naina said,” Why do you fear, you are having the gun with you,” rudely. Abhijeet is amazed seeing her guts but sat silently. Terrorist 2 said,” Leave her yaar. Look girl, listen carefully, if you try to run away, you’ll run away, but I’ll not leave any of these passengers. If you care for these passengers then go & come back fast.”Naina nodded & saw towards Abhijeet & Abhijeet signalled in his eyes to go. Naina gave her bag to him & he took it. Terrorist 1 took her away from the bus.

                            ACP Saab saw everything from there & dialled to Inspector Kiran to explain the situation & handle it. Naina went far away from the bus & hand gestured to terrorist showing that shall I go downwards. Terrorist 1 said ok & Naina went downwards on that time she saw Capt.R from there. Capt.R hand gestured to say sshh & motioned to come here. Naina went there, & Capt.R asked,” Relax Naina, how much are there?”Naina said,” Sir, 25 passengers & 2 terrorists. They’re having AK-47 gun with them.”Capt.R said,” Oh my god. Ok Naina, you go from here. I’ll handle this,” worriedly. Naina said angrily,” They’ve killed Huda.”Capt.R said,” Huda is alive. The bullet scratched his shoulder. I’ve sent him to KMA & come here. Now you go.”Naina breathed calmly that he’s alive, then said stubbornly,” No sir, are you going to say to the soldiers in war situation, I’ll fight alone & you go?”Capt.R said,” Cadet Singh, in war there’ll be trained soldiers not Cadets.”Naina said stubbornly,” I know that am not trained but am a soldier also. Once a soldier always a soldier.”Capt.R said angrily,” This isn’t the time to show the power of yours, you’ve to think about that in conscious.”Naina stubbornly,” Am in conscious, sir.My bhaiyya was saying repeatedly. Soldiers do not find their battles, the battles find them. And sir, I’ve the passengers responsibility & my one wrong move can make their life in danger.”Capt.R saw her in amazement.”Sir, I’ll be right here only, with you. What do you want to plan out, plan it & tell me, I’ll be with you only?”Capt.R said proudly,” Am proud of you, Naina.”Naina nodded. Capt.R recoiled the gun & gave it to her & said,” Don’t shoot till I say yes, ok.”Naina nodded.”I’ll kill one terrorist & you see to another, but when I whistle you, till then don’t do anything.”Naina nodded. On that time the terrorist 1 said,”Girl, are you there, shall I help you by getting up, show your hand, show your hand.”Naina showed her hand to him.”Then come fast,”angrily.Naina hid the gun back side & closed her T-shirt so that it cannot be seen & went.Capt.R  went silently,to that side of the bridge. Naina came back & lifted her T-shirt silently & showed the gun to Abhijeet. Abhijeet understood but the gun was seen by a girl who’s one of the passenger & is afraid of that. Naina went & kept a warm hand around her & said that nothing will happen & said sshh. The girl calmed herself & smiled at Naina. Naina also smiled at her sweetly & went & sat beside Abhijeet & explained the plan when the terrorist 1 & 2 were seeing that side. From distance ACP Saab & the team are seeing them. Both the terrorist came & asked what Naina & Abhijeet are whispering & Naina said nothing & became silent. From then onwards the terrorist 1 kept an eye on her very carefully.

                          Here Capt.R came near the bridge, where the bus is stopped & hides. Meanwhile the terrorist 1 saw down the bridge from up & went to keep an eye on Naina. Naina prayed to her bhaiyya that success her by protecting Capt.R. Meanwhile, Capt.R climbed the strong creeper & went upwards from the opposite side of the bus. He climbed the bus & lie on the top of the bus. Then seeing the right time he took an wooden piece & made the sound by banging it to bus top very loudly. Hearing the sound the 2 terrorists are alarmed & terrorist 1 went to investigate saying to his fellow to keep an eye on Naina. Naina & Abhijeet are also alarmed hearing the sound & all passengers also. The terrorist 1 went carefully searching the source of the sound. He saw under the bus & under the bridge. Capt.R watched him lying on the top of the bus carefully. The terrorist 1 went & stood in the back side of the bus seeing & listening the source of sound. Here ACP Saab dialled to Inspector Kiran & explained to bring another bus to transfer all the passengers to that & to capture the terrorist. Capt.R fell on the terrorist 1 surprisingly & twisted the neck & about to take his gun on that time terrorist 2 showed his gun & asked to Capt.R that who is he? Capt.R didn’t answer & lifted his both hands upwards & stood silently. Naina stood behind him & said,” Stop, lower your gun,”angrily.On that time all passengers stood to run but Naina said,” Be calm, nothing will happen.”And Abhijeet made passengers to stay calm & passengers sat calmly. Capt.R said immediately,” Naina, shoot.”The terrorist 2 tried to underestimate her that she cannot shoot. Naina said threateningly,” Lower your gun.”But the terrorist didn’t lower the gun & was stubbornly underestimating Naina that she can’t shoot him. But Capt.R saw her in amazement & provoked her continuously to shoot. Then terrorist 2 turned immediately to Naina to shoot her but Naina shot him to his forehead correctly. Capt.R saw her in amazement & said impressively,” Bull’s eye.”Naina is calming herself & winked at Abhijeet. Abhijeet smiled at her & showed thumbs up to her. On that time Inspector Kiran came there & asked to explain the incident what happened but Abhijeet stopped him & said that he’ll come to the station & report that in low voice. Inspector Kiran brought another bus for passengers & the passengers sat in that bus. For not other complications he sent few police men with them in the bus. All passengers thanked Naina & Capt.R & Abhijeet also & went. Capt.R asked impressively,” Shall we go to the academy, Cadet Singh?”ACP Saab saw this incident from distance & is so impressed. Naina winked at Abhijeet smiling & went with Capt.R in Huda’s bike to KMA. Here Arjun dialled to ACP Saab to ask what happened & ACP Saab explained everything & said that the passengers, Naina, Abhijeet & Capt.R are ok. Then Arjun breathed calmly.ACP Saab welcomed Abhijeet with praises in his office. But Abhijeet said that he didn’t do anything & Naina did everything & said that I didn’t saw any other officer like her what guts sir, she made that terrorist 2 fear. Sir am sure she’ll complete our mission in best ways.ACP Saab also appreciated her. Everyone is so happy because of Naina’s performance & fastness.

                               Meanwhile, Arjun took Huda to KMA & to infirmary. Then all his fellow Cadets come & saw Arjun in the state that he’s covered with Huda’s blood & shocked & asked about Huda. Arjun said to himself,” Its 8am, now tension starts.”Yudi saw the blood on Arjun’s arms & said,” Chief………oh seesh………..where’s Huda?”Pooja said fastly,”Is he ok? And is he out of danger?”Ali said in tension,” Is it not serious? What did Dr.Singhal said?”Pooja said,” Speak up.”Arjun said dismissively,” I don’t know yaar.”Yudi said worriedly,” Chief, come on speak up, man. Your silence is killing man.”Pooja shouted at him,” Why don’t you speak up? Is your battery has closed?”Ali said worriedly,” Please tell us, what did Dr.Singhal said to you?”On that time Dr.S came & said angrily,” Cadets.”Pooja asked worriedly,” Madam how’s Huda?”Ali said,” Madam, shall I inform to his parents?”Yudi said worriedly,” Madam, I’ve only one roomy, Is something happens to him then….”Dr.S said angrily,” Cadets, just shut up.”Everyone became silent. Then Dr.S said calmly,” Cadet Huda is absolutely fine. It’s very strange that you’re shouting here instead of him. Don’t forget you’ve come here to become a soldier.”Ali, Yudi & Pooja said in unison,” Sorry madam.”Dr.S said calmly,” That’s better.Luckily; Cadet Huda’s bullet wound was not deep. I’ve taken the bullet & dressed it. But he needs rest. So please” Everyone went from there but Yudi asked about Huda’s condition & Dr.S said that his friend will dance in fresher’s ball. Then he asked about Naina but Dr.S said that If Naina is injured then also she’ll take care of her. Arjun said to Pooja,” Don’t be afraid, your Rajveer sir is with her.”Pooja breathed calmly for some time. Arjun said,” It’s 8am.One duty’s over & second duty is going to start now.”Yudi asked what the meaning of that is. Then Ali understood & said,” Here, our fellow Cadet is in infirmary & you’re thinking about drinking.”Arjun smiled dismissively & tapped on Ali’s shoulder. Then orderly came & said to Arjun,” Cadet Arjun, Brigadier wants to see you in his office.”Arjun said dismissively,” In my life, I’d asked so many things but god didn’t give me anything. But today I thought of seeing Brigadier & the wish became true.”And he went to meet Brigadier in his office. BC said angrily,” If you’d known then why you didn’t come & tell me. Cadet Arjun, one who breaks the rules & one who are with them are punished severely. Where’s Capt.R?”On that time an orderly came & said,” Sir, News reporter has come to interview.”BC said angrily,” News channel………interview……..for what…..What’s happening in academy?”Arjun said calmly,” Sir, shall I say you something? See the news; you’ll get your answers.”BC saw him angrily & switched on the TV & saw the news. In the TV they’re showing the hijacking of the bus & the news reporter was giving the detailed view of the incident. BC saw this in shock. Arjun is smiling seeing the news proudly. The news reporter said,” Terrorist have to see the unsuccessfulness once again. Kanchenjunga Military Academy’s temporary courageous officer Captain Rajveer Shekhawat & a girl Cadet Naina Singh showed her courage & stopped the hijacking of the bus & killed the two terrorists who had hijacked the bus.”BC heard the noises of reporters who had reached near BC’s office. BC came outside but Arjun didn’t go outside because news reporters will recognise him as the son of the state’s home minster. Orderly said that the news reporter is standing to take the interview of yours.

                            News reporter started asking the questions. Arjun stood in inside the office only seeing the news. News reporter 1 said,” Brigadier Chandok, what do you want to say about your Cadet who stopped this accident?”BC stood silently. News reporter 2 asked,”Brigadier, will this going to impact on women in army?”News reporter 3 asked,” Sir, will you train the Cadets in special way to fight against terrorists here?”News reporter 1 asked,”Sir, where’s the Cadet Naina Singh, now?”News Reporter 2 asked,”Brigadier, Is it true that Cadet Naina Singh was expelled from the academy?”BC can’t answer these questions. News reporter 3 asked,”Sir, as per academy rules, Cadet Naina Singh have to be here in academy in the training, but what she was doing in the bus? Was she going back to her home after expelled?” News reporter 1 asked,”Sir, is it true that your academy showing partiality between boys & girls?”News reporter 2 asked,” Why the ratio is less in the girls & boys here also?”News reporter 3 asked,”Sir, is it true that Naina Singh is expelled from the academy? Is it true or a rumour?”BC cannot answer the questions. On that time an orderly came & said,” Sir Major General Sakshi’s phone sir.”BC went asking the reporters excuse me & went to answer the phone.BC took the phone & said,” Yes sir……….No sir……..sir, it’s only a misunderstanding. Naina Singh was going to home on leave sir………….absolutely not sir………..Cadet Naina Singh wasn’t expelled from academy………sure sir………Jai Hind sir.”And kept the phone angrily & went to answer the questions of the reporters. BC said calmly,” Dear friends, Cadet Singh was Kanchenjunga Military Academy’s student & she’s the student of this academy now also. Cadet Singh had shown the courage, for that Kanchenjunga Military Academy’s proud of her. And she’ll be welcomed like we welcome a victorious soldier. And you may all can leave. Thank you.”BC went into the office & said to Arjun that he also may leave. Arjun saw that all reporters have been gone & he also went smiling & thought,” Naina, god has given you once again the way of the truth. Please god like this only; make her victorious in her mission so that the corrupted minister can go behind the bars.”

                                Meanwhile, Capt.R & Naina came to KMA back in Huda’s motorbike & stopped the motorbike outside only & said,’ Your home’. Naina get off from the bike & Capt.R also. Naina kept her luggage on the motor bike only & saw the gate doubtfully. Capt.R said smiling sweetly & proudly,” Shall we, Cadet Singh?”Showing towards the gate. They both entered the premises & about to enter BC’s office but BC is standing in the grounds with other faculty. Naina went forwards & stood silently at ease. BC raised his hands & clapped appreciatively smiling at both of them. All are amazed with him & they followed the suit. Naina smiled seeing the faculty clapping for her. Arjun saw her happily that she’s smiling sweetly. BC came forward & said seriously,” Cadet Singh, Kanchenjunga Military Academy is proud of you.” Naina hearing this words she saw towards Capt.R & Arjun. Both nodded appreciatively. Then BC attached a badge to her overcoat. Naina saluted BC with respect. BC stretched the hand to give his hand to shake & Naina also shaked smiling. And he went towards Capt.R & stood in front of him face to face & said angrily,” What do you think, Captain, you would take my jeep for this?”Capt.R saw him in panic. And BC only smiled & said,” Well done Captain,” appreciatively. Capt.R also saluted him smiling. Then BC went from there. Naina’s friends appreciated her. Pooja hugged her. Then Yudi & Ali lifted Naina on their shoulder & made her round. She went to every faculty. Suriji stroked her hair & Lolita Sen shaked her hand & Dr.S also stroked her head. She went to Capt.R & Capt.R winked at her. Lastly, Naina went to Arjun & smiled. Arjun hugged her completely & said,” Welcome back” & left her stroked her hair in brotherly love. Naina asked seeing around,” Where’s Huda?”Arjun bowed his head with sad. Naina thought something serious & ran towards infirmary.


                             Meanwhile, Chaube came & said something in Capt.R’s ears. Arjun noticed it but he followed Naina also. Dr.R came there to talk to Capt.R. Capt.R said warningly,”Dr.R.”Then Dr.R came to talk to him. Then Capt.R sent Chaube saying,” Ok, you go, I’ll see to that.”Chaube clapped impressively & went from there. Dr.R came & said,” Captain, are you alright? I saw this incident in TV & I was really concerned.”Capt.R said calmly,” Am alright Dr.Mishra. Dr.Mishra, will you please don’t mind. I’ll see you in a minute, ok,”and he went hurriedly. Dr.R tried to say something but Capt.R went fastly. Here Naina’s friends play a prank including Arjun. They say that Huda is dead & make Naina cry continuously. Arjun cannot tolerate her cry & almost say that he’s alive. But everyone said that he’s not alive. Dr.S asked that if he was alive did she go with him for fresher’s ball. And Naina said crying that she would go with him for fresher’s ball. And Huda gets up happily that Naina is going to come with him for fresher’s ball & said that he won the bet to Yudi & took Rs.500 from Yudi. Naina also reminded angrily that if he wants to dance with her then he want to dance with Arjun or make him dance in the fresher’s ball & went from there. Arjun saw her in amazement & Yudi wolf whistled hearing this & Huda said,”Yaar, why this qaidi comes between us?”Then Huda stopped & asked to apply the cream to see handsome for fresher’s ball because of his hand mockly.Naina applied the cream on his face excess like a ghost & said that remaining you apply yourself & went. Huda cursed Naina by saying,’ mad girl’ sleeping on the bed in infirmary.

                                   Meanwhile Capt.R entered his room & closed the door & saw a bouquet on his kitchen platform. Chaube said sarcastically,” I’d discovered sir, who is that? One who blackmails you isn’t an uncle, it’s aunty. And his husband sits day & night in the flower shop & she’s in love with you sir.”Capt.R said disgustingly,” Shut up, Chaube.”Chaube said,” Sir, look firstly she threw a stone with a blackmailed letter & now she has sent a lovely bouquet with a blackmailed letter. Her love is becoming high towards you.”Capt.R saw him angrily hearing his waste words & grabbed the letter & read it aloud.

Captain Rajveer,

                            Very good, you’ve shown real courage. How about a meeting with you in fresher’s ball? Well, if you’re so fast then you had collected the details of the piece of cloth from the blast site.

                                                                                                                       Yours sincerely,


Capt.R smiled dismissively & said,” Cloth piece, Chaube, one who is this wants us to be confused. He wants us to be busy solving the mystery of the cloth piece & he can play his next move.”Chaube said smiling,” Right sir, because, the cloth piece is available in the KMA’s room mattresses. He’s so idiot, sir.”Capt. corrected him,” He’s not an idiot Chaube, he’s so clever.”Chaube said appreciatively,” Clever sir, he’s so clever. And he has sent you a lovely bouquet…….”Capt.R said seriously,”Chaube, this isn’t the time of fun. Now listen carefully, in academy, fix the security cameras in strategic points. And we’ve to survey nook & corner of the academy, got that?”Chaube said nodding,” Right sir.”On that time someone knocked at the door. Chaube said smiling,” I think your enemy has come, sir.”Capt.R said,” Shut up, Chaube.”And he went & opened the door.Dr.R entered the room & said,”Hi, Captain.”Capt.R said,” Hi.”Dr.R saw Chaube there & said,” I think some planning was going on.”Capt.R said immediately,” Planning no……..actually, we were planning. We were planning about the Cadets menu.”Dr.R saw him innocently.”But how do you know?”Dr.R saw him in amazement.”Oh, If academy’s head cook is there, I guess it’s a speedy observation, please come in.”Dr.R said,” Am sorry Captain, I think I disturbed you.”Chaube said,” No madam. It’s ok, I love cooking. In fact what do I bring for you, tea or coffee?”Dr.R said,” No am alright, thank you.”Capt.R said,” You can go, Chaube.”Chaube said,” Thank you, sir.” he went outside & said to Dr.R,”Bye madam.”And he went. Capt.R said smiling,” Please come.”Dr.R entered & Capt.R closed the door.Dr.R & Capt.R said in unison,”Captain, am really sorry.”Then both smiled. Capt.R said immediately,” I mean that, you wanted to say something & I didn’t give any chance & went from there, isn’t it?”Smiling. Dr.R smiled & said,”Captain, I’d come there to congratulate you.”Capt.R saw her in puzzled expression. Dr.R said appreciatively,”Seriously, what you’d done today is very courageous, congratulations.”Capt.R smiled & said,” Thanks.”Dr.R asked,” Captain, are you going to pick me up at sharp 1900 hrs?”Capt.R saw her in puzzled expression & said,” Pick up, for what?”Dr.R saw in amazement & said,”Captain, for fresher’s ball.”Capt.R then remembered,”Oh yes, for fresher’s ball, for sure, I’ll definitely come. In fact, if you not leave me any choice.”Dr.R said,” I fear that if I leave you then someone going to take you from me, my hero of the day.”Capt.R saw her in amazement. Dr.R smiled sweetly,” Seriously Captain, you proved once again that our academy’s Cadets are worthwhile, congratulations. We’ll meet at evening at 1900hrs alright.”And she saw flowers & said smiling,” I like flowers.”Capt.R smiled at her sweetly. Then she went outside & said once again, “And especially of yours.”& she went. After Dr.R’s exit Capt.R said to himself seriously,” I want to meet you also, very soon. But I hate flowers.”And he threw that into the dust bin.

                               Here this side, Arjun & Naina meet each other as usual in training grounds during their evening jogging & talked about the events of the day. Arjun told everything about the blackmailed letter which had come to Capt.R that day. Naina smiled herself. Arjun asked curiously,” Naina, why are you smiling?”Naina said impressively,” Arjun, we’re in right track. Now we’ve to collect some clues. But before that I’ve to say something to you. Arjun, when I was tried to stop of reaching bus stand by Huda. Huda tried to stop me by making his motorbike petrol less then I thought that someone was keeping an eye on me. I thought that someone is there who is keeping an eye on me.”Arjun asked curiously,” Did you saw his face or any clue of the person who was following you?”Naina said doubtfully,” No. But I know those two terrorists.”Arjun said in amazement,” What?”Naina said,” Yes, I’ve seen them in the file of Capt.R’s. When I went to search those clues then I saw those terrorists profiles. They’re wanted terrorists to the policemen of Syria, Bangladesh, Iran, and Iraq. I’d read their profiles when I was captured in Capt.R’s room.”Arjun & Naina became silent & thought about those incidents. And Naina said suddenly in amazement,” Someone has penetrated the defence of the thing which Capt.R came here to protect. Or else, they wanted to know the security measures of the thing which Capt.R come here to protect. That’s why they diverted the Capt.R, so that he comes to save me, then all clear, they can open the thing & take it & run off. Likewise, they can success their mission & they can divert their crime on Capt.R & escape.”Arjun heard her concept of guessing & shocked & asked,” If they breached the security, then what do we do?”Naina said seriously,” We’ve to double the security. And just calm down, it’s not so easy to breach the security & take the thing.”Arjun said suspiciously,”Why? Look these people can come inside the academy & keep the bomb, then they can steal that thing & go.”Naina said calmly,” It’s not so easy to breach the protection Arjun. Am at conclusion that there are 2 spies in KMA.”Arjun is shocked hearing this & asked,” How can you say that?”Naina said dismissively,” Am only guessing yaar.Look let’s collect those previous events.First,Capt.R doubted on me that am a spy & he confirmed that am his best friend’s sister.Then,he got a blackmailing letter which said bomb blast & he saved Dr.R. Then he got another blackmailing letters which said he’s going to kill me & Capt.R came to save me. Between these two blackmailing letters which Capt.R got, Huda was present in front of us. Huda was present during bomb blast & during the hijacking of the bus in which he was injured.”Arjun said doubtfully,” Do you mean that Huda is only a doll spy to them & someone’s there in the academy who wanted to do their original work? They’re making us & Capt.R confused & busy so that they can move their next play without any suspicion so that every accusation & proofs comes under Huda & they can escape doing their work.”Naina said impressively,” Exactly.”Arjun said calmly,”Capt.R has got another letter from that blackmailer. And that Spy had said that he’ll meet him in fresher’s ball. That’s why Capt.R has said to fix the camera in the technical points of KMA to Lieutenant Bunty Chaube.”Naina said calmly,” Then, we’ll have to break our conversation & have to continue after the removal of the cameras.”Arjun said impressively,”Yeah, and keep an eye on Huda during the fresher’s ball.”Naina said suspiciously,” Am still suspicious about Dr.Ritu Mishra.”Arjun said,” We’ll see.”Naina nodded & said,” Good night.”And they both departed finishing their evening jog.

                                Next morning, Huda quarrelled with Ali & it was seen by Pooja & went angrily. Huda laughed sarcastically seeing Ali’s state. Suriji forced Arjun to shave the beard but on that time Lolita came & gave her precious suit to him & said to get ready for the evening’s ball. Arjun said to Huda that if someone says in love then he can give his life & went. Here Naina is practising alone the salsa dance in the mess. Capt.R came & saw her curiously. Naina saw Capt.R & is abashed & said,” Sorry sir, Suriji, was going to come & teach me the dance steps for the fresher’s ball sequence.” Capt.R said simply,” Then, stop the music & practise. It’s the best way to learn a dance.”Naina said enthusiastically,” Bhaiyya was also saying this only.”But Naina stood silently thinking. And Capt.R took a deep breath & came forward bowed lower & stretched his right hand & asked politely,” May I have the pleasure?”Naina hesitated for a moment but gave her left hand slowly. Capt.R took it & said,” Thank you,” politely. He kept Naina’s left hand on his right shoulder & he kept his right hand on Naina’s waist & dragged her near to him. Naina hesitated & become shy & saw his black eyes. They saw each other & Capt.R asked politely,” Shall we start?”Naina nodded smiling slightly & she moved backwards but Capt.R said,” No not like that, Cadet Singh.” smiling. Naina also smiled.”Firstly, take your right foot forward.”Moving forward. Naina did like that only.”And now your left foot.”Naina did like that only.”And now listen to your inside music in your ears. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. Did you hear the music; did you felt the music inside?”Naina nodded. Then Capt.R made her one round to turn & Naina came back like that & Capt.R appreciated her saying,” Good.”

                            Naina asked curiously,” Sir, can I ask you a question?”Capt.R didn’t answer & made Naina turn around & Naina came to his arms. Naina said,” It’s personal question, sir.”Capt.R said making her stand,” Ask it. But please don’t ask me that where I learnt the dance? You can ask me anything except this question.”Naina said dancing,” I don’t ask you anything, sir. You didn’t answer my question in which I joined this academy to search. But I think I’ll get the answer to this question.” Capt.R said dancing,” Let me know your question, firstly. Now your left foot towards my right.”Naina asked dancing,” Sir, previously when I was struggling alone with this system, you came & stood with me. I didn’t score good marks in the entire tests, and then also you supported me & gave me the hope. Why sir?”Capt.R didn’t answer first & thought & said dancing,” Because Cadet Naina Singh, this academy wants good Cadets & you’re a good Cadet.”Then they dance once again. Naina said calmly,” No sir, am not a good Cadet. My other batch mates are there, who’re the best than me. But, why you are favouring me so much, sir?”Capt.R didn’t answer & danced but Naina said suspiciously,” Whenever I see you sir, I think that you’re hiding something from me & you don’t want to tell me.”Capt.R hearing this he left her hand & saw that side suspiciously in shock. Naina saw him very curiously & read his expression. Capt.R said angrily modifying his expression,” What do you want to know? Is it not satisfying you that you came back to academy without any help?”Naina said sadly,” Am sorry sir.”Capt.R said angrily,” Good luck, Cadet Singh.”And went near the mess door. Naina said slowly,” Sir.”Capt.R said angrily,” No Cadet Singh, leave it to the time; it learns you to live without the answer.”And went but Naina stopped him & said,” Sir, who’s going to teach me dance steps sir. I think Suriji had forgotten. Now you’d come to teach me but you’re also going.” Capt.R turned & saw Naina in anger. Naina saw downwards & saw him once again in his eyes. Capt.R saw her seriously & said smiling suddenly,” Shall we dance?” Holding her two hands. Naina saw him in shock & smiled & nodded. Then Capt.R continued his dance lesson for that Naina laughed so much. Capt.R saw her in Amazement & smiled sweetly & said,” Cadet……….Naina Singh, I came to know that you laugh sweetly.”Naina also smiled & said,” Sir, I came to know that you also laugh sweetly, today.”Both smiled sweetly. Arjun saw this & smiled impressively & thought,”Naina, am so happy for you. You’re smiling today because of Capt.R & I wish you that you smile always.”

                                 Next morning, Capt.R ran into Dr.R’s room in panic & said,”Dr.Mishra.”Dr.R showed the finger towards her cupboard. Capt.R saw doubtfully towards the cupboard & slowly went & opened the door of the cupboard & he dragged the clothes of Dr.R’s & said calming himself & innocently,” There’s only clothes are there here. Nothing’s here.”Dr.R said innocently,” Obviously Captain, It’s cupboard, and then only clothes will be there only. Please Captain, you only choose the clothes am getting confused.”Capt.R said in amazement,” What, you called me to choose the clothes, like this? Dr.Mishra, you made me afraid.”Dr.R said innocently,” Please Captain, you only choose & tell me the shoes also. I’ll wear today, your favourite.”Capt.R hesitated & said slowly,”Dr.Mishra, how can I say about you?”Dr.R said,” Please Captain, if you see that in woman point of you it’s difficult to select. That’s why am saying you to choose yourself. I’ll wear it of your choice.”Capt.R said slowly,” But.”Dr.R said freely,”Ok, I’ll help you. My choices are red, blue & pink.”Then Capt.R said,” Then you wear pink one.”Dr.R said,” Please Captain.”Capt.R said hesitatingly,”Ya right.”Then he took a hanger & shoes not seeing that correctly.”How about this?”Dr.R asked in amazement,” Are you sure?”Capt.R said,” Ya.”Dr.R saw that in amazement & asked,” Captain, are you sending me fresher’s ball or to play football?”Capt.R said nervously throwing the dress,” Dr.Mishra, I’ve not any idea about ladies outfit. Look, what you wear, everyone say that, you look beautiful.”Dr.R asked,” For everyone or for you Captain?”Capt.R hesitated.”Ok, I’ll choose it.”Capt.R is relieved & said calmly,” Thank you, just you get ready, ok.”Dr.R said,”Ya at 1900hrs.”Capt.R said,”Ya.”Dr.R said,” Don’t be late, Captain.”Capt.R nodded & went outside taking a deep breath of calmness. Dr.R smiled & said,” Stupid.”Meanwhile here Huda helped Yudi getting a girl as a date for the fresher’s ball. But that girl went behind Huda instead of Yudi seeing Huda’s personality. Yudi felt jealous on Huda & felt angry & promised himself that he’s going to take revenge on Huda. Here Pooja is so angry with Ali that he refused to go with her for the fresher’s ball party. And Pooja decided to go with anyone & swear that she’s not going to talk with Ali. Naina asked to Pooja that with whom she’s going to the ball instead of Ali. But Pooja answered Naina angrily that she’s going to go with anyone & went from there angrily. Naina thought that some row has been going on between them & didn’t elaborate.

                                At evening everyone are getting ready for fresher’s ball. In boys hostel, Huda came outside his room wearing the best suit in the world. Everyone who is standing in the corridor waiting for their friends saw him & appreciated him. His senior said impressively,” Nice suit.”Huda said proudly,” Not suit, one who is wearing it.”The senior gave his thumbs up saying good one & went from there. Huda said to himself,” All is well, but one thing is less, ambulance. Because, the girls faint seeing me. Let’s see what become of our friends. How is our qaidi seen in Lolita madam’s suit?”Then he went to knock the Arjun’s room but Arjun only came outside wearing Lolita madam’s suit. Huda seeing him wolf whistled & said,”Waah, then we’ve to bring two ambulances.”Then Arjun went & stood near window & took his rum bottle & took a sip & said to Huda,” What do you say, let’s start?”Both stood in attention position saying,” Attention, Left right left right.”Huda stopped Arjun & asked,” What about Yudi & Ali?”Arjun said calmly,” He’s so nervous to dance with a girl & is sitting in toilet.”Huda asked smiling,” Well, you also become ready, where’s your date?”Arjun said,” She’s getting ready.”And went. Huda saw him in amazement. Arjun went towards the premises of the fresher’s ball & Huda went to girls hostel to take Naina for the fresher’s ball. On that time Yudi disguised himself as a girl & said proudly,” I’ll get the date now.”Here Arjun is drinking his rum standing & is feeling nervous. Suriji came & appreciated other Cadets that they’re looking handsome & then he came towards Arjun & said not seeing him,”Cadet, you’re looking handsome.”And went but Arjun said in disgust,” What are you saying, am having difficulty to take my breath.”Suriji heard this voice & said,” Hold.”And saw Arjun top to bottom & said in amazement,” Are you Arjun? Wow, you’re looking very handsome.”Arjun said in disgust,” Why are you pulling my leg, Suriji?”Suriji said smiling impressively,” Am not kidding, Cadet. Am telling the truth.”Then Suriji went to collect Lolita Sen from her quarters grabbing Arjun’s rum bottle from him. Suriji dashed to Dr.S & asked sorry in nervousness. And then he only drank the rum which he had taken from Arjun & went. Yudi came dressed in the girl & walked asking every boy looking for the date. Arjun recognised him as Yudi & they both go to the fresher’s ball premises together.

                                    Meanwhile, Dr.R got ready in red sari & came outside & saw the time. An orderly passed & Dr.R asked him,” Orderly, did you see Capt.R?”Orderly answered,” No madam, his room is locked.”Dr.R said thinking,” Locked? Ok you go.”The Orderly went from there. Dr.S said seeing her,” He had gone, leaving you.”Dr.R asked in amazement,” Where did he go, not telling me?”Dr.S said simply,” Why, he has to take permission from you?”Dr.R said immediately,” No, not like that.”Dr.S said,” Nowadays, am noticing that someone is trying to control on Capt.R.”Dr.R said to change the subject,” Shalini, you’re looking so beautiful.”Dr.S said immediately,” But someone is there to drop the thunder.”Dr.R said,” But waiting. Come on Shalini, so much for all soldiers are all in time,” sarcastically. Dr.S said,” Come on Rituji, waiting is also a small part of the love.”Dr.R saw her watch & become serious. Dr.R said,” In fact, where’s your date, Shalini?”Dr.S said,” I cannot reveal you that’s top secret.”Dr.R said in jealous,” Oh hello, is it not Capt.R?”Dr.S said,” No, am only interested in high ranking officers.”Then both laughed. Dr.R saw around her that she can any sign of Capt.R. But Dr.S said,” Shall we go? Or you’re going to wait till night?”Dr.R stood there only saying 5 minutes, but Dr.S dragged & then Dr.R close her door & went with Dr.S. Here Huda went to girls hostel to pick up Naina for the fresher’s ball. But on the way everyone saw Huda & is so impressed with his handsome ness. Huda thought,” Naina please come soon or my mind will turn to other girls.” and asked the nearby girl,” Are you waiting to me, only.”The girl answered,” If I didn’t promised to other then I would be waiting for you only.”Huda said,” If I hadn’t promised to one…….”The girl said in amazement,” When did Krishna became Ram?”Huda said passionately,” When Radha became Sita & Aishwarya…..Naina.”And remembering Naina. He went remembering Naina to girls hostel saying’ Bye’ to her.


                                   Huda came to girls hostel to pick up Naina for fresher’s ball. Naina came outside wearing a red shorts & high heeled slippers with long ear rings & bracelet in right hand & left hand empty. Huda saw Naina in stunned belief & stared seeing her beauty & imagined & compared her casual dress & this special dress. Naina saw him & she didn’t saw any change in him & stood in front of him seeing him eye to eye. Huda asked in stunned belief,” Will you marry me?”Naina said seeing his eyes,” Yes.”And she took her eye contact from him & saw towards floor. Huda asked in stunned belief,” Am I dreaming or not?”Naina stabbed Huda’s foot with her leg to make him to come to present world & said,” Did you get your trust, shall we?”And went. But Huda stopped him & said eagerly,” Promise me that you marry me only.”Naina changed the subject & said,” In fact, your suit is so beautiful. From whom you borrowed this?”Huda said in disappointment,” Only suit, not me?” Naina went outside the girls hostel. Huda followed her saying,” Wait phoolan.”Meanwhile, Suriji dashed to pick Lolita Sen for fresher’s ball. Lolita Sen asked enthusiastically,” Suriji, you didn’t say that, how am I looking?”Suriji said,” Well, what do I say?”And he took a note from his pocket & started reading it hiding it from Lolita Sen.” Well Subhedhar Major……….”Lolita Sen said,” Lolita Sen, Suriji.”Suriji said,” Yes. You’re looking like, lover’s dream, burning lamp, sun’s rays. Lolita Sen hearing it asked,”Suriji, you’ve drunk, right?”Suriji said,” No Lolitaji.”Lolita Sen said angrily,” Don’t tell lies, Suriji.”Suriji said,” Yes & No.”Lolita Sen said,” Come again,” bossily. Suriji said hesitatingly,” Any time, Lolitaji. But I’d drink only 0.1%.And if I’d drunk then I’d handle everything.”Lolita Sen said dismissively,” Shut up, Suriji.”Suriji went but Lolita stopped him & said,”Suriji, give me your hand.”Suriji gave his hand & Lolita Sen said seeing his state in disgust,”Oh today, I’ve to handle you only.”Suriji said happily,” I’ll say to you to handle me permanently.”Lolita Sen said smiling dismissively,” Let’s go.”And they both go.

                               Here near the girls hostel, Naina is walking forward & Huda followed her panting & said,” Wait phoolan. Yaar, today we’ve to go together.”Naina walked slowly.” Ok, take a sweet, my mummyji said always, whenever we’re going to do a good work, we’ve to eat sweet, it will be a good sign.”Naina listened & took a small piece of the sweet & asked suspiciously,” Good sign or something further?”Huda said clearly,” Let’s see, how you will cooperate till good sign or till further bad sign?”Naina nodded dismissively & said,” Huda, will you not talk normally like a simple guy for one day?”Huda said sarcastically,” Waah look naughty boys only save innocent girls life.”Naina smiled dismissively & said seriously,” For that help, I’ll forgive your 100 mistakes, Huda?”Huda said seriously seeing Naina eye to eye,” It’s not help phoolan; I had made my life to your name, phoolan. I didn’t ask your hand simply.”Naina said smiling giving the sweet to his hand,” Then you’ve not forgotten our deal.”Huda said passionately,” Phoolan, I’ve forgotten myself, what is it, remind me?”Naina said smiling;” If you want to dance with me then you’ve to dance with Arjun or make him dance.”Huda said in amazement,” Dance…….from Arjun?”Naina nodded & went. Huda said angrily,” Yaar, why this qaidi comes, between us always?”Here BC entered the premises of the party alone. The senior Cadet who was welcoming everyone said to BC politely,” Excuse me sir, you cannot go alone sir. Where is your date, sir?”BC saw him angrily & said,” How did you think that I’ll enter your party without any date, Cadet? Dr.Shalini.”Dr.S came behind him & said,” Cadet, what’s wrong with you, didn’t you see am with him, am his date?”Senior Cadet said politely,” Sorry madam.”Dr.S said,” That’s ok, In fact, where’s the score meter?”Senior Cadet said politely,” It’s inside, madam.”Then BC asked,” Madam, shall we?”giving his hand. Dr.S held BC’s hand nodding & both entered the party. Here Naina went further but Huda started flirting with other girls behind Naina. Naina saw him & nodded dismissively. Huda saw Naina & went behind her & said calmly,” Look, there’s no qualities of a girl in you, phoolan.”Naina asked,” Huda, am looking good na?”Huda asked directly,” You mean, that you’re looking sexy cool girl? Naina nodded dismissively” No yaar, there’s no qualities of the girl. No cunning, no shyness.”Naina said angrily,” In fact, you say yourself as dude. But dude will also become serious sometimes.”Huda said seriously,” Is it then you see yourself in my eyes.”Naina saw her image in his eyes continuously. Huda whistled & made Naina come to the present world after sometime. Naina said immediately,” Shall we go?”Then Huda showed his hand leaving the place saying that after you. Naina smiled wryly & went from there. Huda is impressed himself & smiled. Here Kamran waited for Pooja & Pooja came & warned her that she’s going to the ball with him to make Ali jealous & Kamran said ok to this & both went. Dr.R is waiting for Capt.R & is so angry on him because he hasn’t come & seeing the watch she said angrily,” Enough, you’ve tried my patience Capt.R. Where the hell are you?”

                             This side Lieutenant Bunty Chaube is checking the cameras singing “Idhar bhi aag lagi hai udhar bhi aag lagi hai, ab to khichdi pakegi ding ding ding di ding.”Capt.R saw him angrily because he’s singing. Chaube saluted him & said smiling,” Sir, these girls talk like boys, sir. Listen to this.”Giving his headphones. Capt.R said seriously,” Chaube, If you stare at girls another time then am going to make you a common soldier from Lieutenant.”Chaube said smiling,” Sir, I was checking the cameras & If girls are coming, then…….”laughed. Capt.R said seriously,” Shut up Chaube.”Chaube became silent. Capt.R said seriously,” Listen & be alert…..”Chaube said,” And keep an eye on everyone. Yes sir.”Capt.R said seriously,” Just remember one thing Chaube. 15th August isn’t yet over. We’ve to be very clever because so many people will be present in the ball. Some carelessness, with you I’ll also be out, did you understand?”Chaube said,” Sir don’t worry. But you worry now that If you not reach Dr.R then she’ll lose her patience. Please you get ready & go to the ball.”Capt.R saw her in the TV & said,” Ok.”And went. Chaube sang once again,’ Idhar bhi aag lagi hai udhar bhi aag lagi hai’ And saw someone & saw him curiously. At 8pm, the fresher’s ball is started & everyone enter the party. Firstly, Subhedhars Major Suriji & Lolita Sen enter the party; Lolita Sen is handling the drunkard Suriji. Then BC entered & stood in front of the score meter which shows how they’re dressed for the fresher’s ball. BC scored 6/10 & Dr.S scored 6/10.BC appreciated the scores & Dr.S said,’ Not bad’. And they both entered the party. After that Kamran & Pooja entered the party & stood in front of the score meter. Kamran scored 6/10 & Pooja scored 6.5/10.Kamran felt very happy but Pooja said dismissively,” Don’t fly in the air, If Ali was there then he would score more.”And went. Kamran felt jealous but resisted & went behind her. Then Naina & Huda entered the party. The boys saw Naina in stunned belief & stared at her hungrily clapping excitedly. Naina & Huda both entered & stood in front of the score meter. During entering into the premises she felt the so many clicks of camera & Naina felt suspicious with that. Huda scored 8/10 & Naina scored 9/10.Everyone clapped seeing their scores. Huda said proudly,” Bet with me Phoolan, we’re the one going to become Mr & Ms fresher.”Naina thought & nodded smiling slightly & held Huda’s hand. Then Arjun & Yudi urf Madonna entered the party. They came & stood in front of the score meter. No one recognised Yudi who’s in girl’s dress & make up. Arjun scored 9/10 & Madonna scored 9/10 also. Madonna felt very happy but Huda felt jealous because of the score of Arjun. Huda started flirting with Madonna but she didn’t give any attention to him & went with Arjun. Then Huda asked to Arjun,” Where did you bring this beautiful lady? And he hand gestured to say ‘hi’. Madonna gave an innocent smile at him & hand gestured to say ’hi’ & thought,” Did I not tell you? Now am going to have fun.”Then Madonna took Arjun’s hand & said,” Come honey.”And she saw Huda & said,” See ya.”And went. But Huda gave his leg across Arjun’s leg & Arjun tripped & fell down. Naina saw this & felt very angry. Huda said sarcastically,” Oh, be careful Arjun.”And gave his hand but before that Naina gave her hand & made Arjun to stand. Huda also felt jealous about this & Naina saw Huda in angry. Arjun stood & grabbed the collar of Huda angrily. Naina smiled impressively. But BC saw there’s a trouble & Naina came between them & said immediately,” Listen guys, don’t you make yourself laugh in front of your friends.”Arjun said angrily,” Am leaving you this time. If you do this once again then am going to teach you a very good lesson.”And left Huda’s collar. Madonna said,” Leave it darling, this Haryanvi’s are like this only, come darling.”And she took Arjun from there. Huda said smiling impressively,” How did she recognise me?”Naina saw him angrily & nodded dismissively & went from there. Huda saw Naina & followed her saying,” Wait Phoolan.”

                                   Meanwhile, Dr.S saw Madonna & came to talk to her. Madonna saw her & said to Arjun & said nervously,” Oh no, Dr.S.”Arjun saw her & said hurriedly,” Then you only talk to her. Am going,” & went hurriedly. Dr.S came to talk to Madonna & asked,” Hey, are we met before?”Madonna said nervously,” No.”And tried to escape her, she tried to go that side & this side. But Dr.S stopped Madonna & asked curiously,” But, I’ve seen you in my clinic, you’ve any twin brother?”Madonna said nervously,” No.”Then BC stopped Madonna & said to Dr.S,” I’ve also seen you in my academy only, is it not Dr.S,”curiously. Madonna said nervously to save herself from both of them,” You to look like each other, I think you two are husband & wife.”And she went from there hurriedly. Dr.S saw her in amazement & BC saw her in hesitation & thought,” Why did I talked with her?”Then BC said seriously to Dr.S,”Let’s enjoy the party.”And both went from there. Then BC came to talk with Dr.R. BC said,” Hi, Dr.Mishra.”Dr.R said hesitantly,” Hello sir.”BC said,” Come Dr.Mishra, I’ll walk you in.”Dr.R said in disappointment,” No thanks sir, If Capt.R not comes then I’ll not attend the party, sir.”BC said in amazement,” Why Dr.Mishra? Don’t spoil your evening for a bad soldier. If I were you, then I would never forgive this uncivilized behaviour. Anyways, let me know.”And he went inside to attend the party. Dr.R nodded & saw the watch once again & saw around her for the sign of Capt.R. Then Dr.R decides to go to her quarters & cursing Capt.R by saying thanks to spoiling the evening. But all the cadets stop her & badger her to stay. Then Dr.R once again waits for 15 minutes. Here BC announced that let the party begin & music is started. BC requests Dr.S to dance with him & Dr.S gives her hand smiling sweetly. They both dance the salsa dance together. Then Lolita Sen asked Suriji to dance but the music making him sleep & asked to Lolita Sen that BC has not any taste. Here Dr.R is waiting for Capt.R & Capt.R came & stood in front of her having a serious face. Dr.R turned that side with anger. Capt.R said softly,” Am really sorry.”Dr.R said angrily,” At 1900hrs.”Capt.R said softly,” I was struck with some work.”Dr.R didn’t answer & turned that side angrily. Capt.R said softly,” In fact, did someone tell you that you look beautiful when you smile?”With remark Dr.R melted like Ice & smiled sweetly. Capt.R also smiled sweetly & asked showing towards the door,” Shall we?”Then they entered the party. The party are in full swing when Capt.R & Dr.R. Both entered the party & stood in front of the score meter. Capt.R & Dr.R scored 10/10 each other & seeing the scores everyone applauded. Capt.R raised his eyebrows seeing Dr.R top to bottom saying,’ Very good’ & Dr.R hand gestured seeing Capt.R,’ Not bad’. Then Capt.R nodded saying,’ Am like that only.’ & went inside the party premises. After sometime, Capt.R took Dr.R to dance floor for a dance & said to BC who was dancing with Dr.S,” Good evening sir.”And Dr.R said,’ Hi’ to Dr.S. BC asked,” What’s this Captain, can you not enter without any bomb blast?”Capt.R said simply,” What do I do, sir, this bomb blast not stop following me.”They both pair dance but all the cadets are getting bored with the music. Some Cadets are yawning hearing the music. Huda said in boring expression,” Is this a fresher’s ball or bassi ball.”Senior Cadet said,” Do something Huda or else this music makes us sleep.”Pooja said in disgust,” I remembered Ali hearing the music. It’s so boring like him.”Kamran saw her in jealous. Huda asked Naina,” What do you say, Phoolan?”Naina didn’t answer & was seeing Capt.R & Dr.R dancing hungrily & especially Capt.R. Huda saw that & felt jealous & said patting her on the shoulder,” You’ve come with me, and then you’ve to dance with me only.”Naina nodded dismissively. Huda went to his friends & said,” Come, let’s correct the party now.”His friends went & changed the music to more beats music. BC saw that who changed the music & left the dance floor taking Dr.R because the dance floor is now crowded with Cadets. Suriji also danced with Lolita Sen enjoying the music. Capt.R encouraged Suriji standing in the side,” Come on Suriji, chakde phate.”Then Huda came to Naina & kneeled down in front of her & stretched his hand. Naina said seeing him kneeling down,” What?”Huda said proudly,” Once a dance will have to be performed for this type of music.” stretching the hand. Naina smiled sarcastically & said,” If you want to dance with me, then you’ve to dance with Arjun or make Arjun dance?”Huda said convincingly,” Yaar phoolan, If qaidi don’t want to dance then why you want to make him dance forcefully?”Naina said smiling sarcastically,” You betted with me right, Huda?”And went from there. Huda said himself,” Yaar, you’re the biggest idiot in this world.”

                                  Meanwhile, Dr.R asked Capt.R,” So Captain, do you think that this type of music isn’t for us?”Capt.R said smiling,” Correct, I think so like that.”Dr.R said sarcastically,” I didn’t know that you’d become senior citizen now only.”A waiter came holding the tray of two glasses of champagne. Capt.R said showing it after you to Dr.R. Dr.R took the champagne glass. Then Capt.R said softly,” I like to be, but Dr.Mishra, didn’t you think that we’re no match of the Cadets?”Naina came there & said,” Who said sir?”Capt.R turned to see Naina.”Your pair has scored top sir & am sure I like to be that you’ll be the winner this year.”Capt.R & Dr.R smiled in shy. Then Huda came behind & said,” But sir, If Naina dances with me, then we both become winners.”Dr.R asked in amazement,” Then why you both aren’t dancing?”Naina folded her arms & became silent. Then Huda to make Naina jealous he asked to Dr.R,” Actually madam, If you were 5yrs younger then I would dance with you?”stretching his right hand. Capt.R & Dr.R raised his eyebrows & Naina also. But Dr.R said dismissively,” Am sorry Cadet, that would be bad on that time also.”And kept her champagne glass on the table & sat on the chair. Huda became disappointed & Naina smiled sarcastically. Capt.R said just for fun,” Cadet Huda, I think your lucky champ isn’t working today. Look, there are two beautiful ladies are there in front of you, but both aren’t satisfied with you,” sarcastically. Huda felt even more jealous & angry but resisted. Naina nodded appreciatively. Madonna came on that time & said,” Isn’t it so obvious?”smiling sarcastically. On that time other Cadet came & asked,” Miss may I?”stretching his hand. Madonna said smiling,” Sure.”& gave her hand. Dr.R saw her in amazement & asked,” Who’s that?”Capt.R asked suspiciously,” Who’s this girl?”Huda said politely,” She has come with Arjun, sir. I’ll check on her.”And went. Capt.R said,” Ya please.”Dr.R said appreciatively to Naina,” Naina, today you’re looking so beautiful.”Naina said smiling slightly,” Thanks madam.”Dr.R asked Capt.R,” Isn’t it Captain?”Capt.R not seeing Naina said nervously,” Ya right.”Dr.R said dismissively,” Sorry Naina, Capt.R is slightly confused in praising.”Naina smiled slightly. Capt.R said clearly,” It’s not like that Cadet Singh, today you’re looking so beautiful.”And Capt.R admired Naina smiling sweetly. Naina observed this & smiled slightly & said slowly,” Thank you sir.”Dr.R observed Capt.R & said angrily but only on the face,” Not fair, I wait for you & you not ask me sorry or give me any praise.”Capt.R saw her. Naina also smiled & said,” Excuse me madam, excuse me sir, you please enjoy yourself.”And went but Dr.R said smiling,” You too Cadet.”Capt.R came & sat beside her & said convincingly,” Dr.Mishra, I was struck with my work completely & I apologise for you.”Dr.R said drinking her glass of champagne in one sip smiling,” It’s ok Captain, I was only joking. If you made me wait, then I also waited for you.”Then she saw the waiter taking more champagne glass & stopped him & took another glass.Capt.R saw this & asked doubtfully,” Are you sure?”And Dr.R said smiling,”Ofcourse, It’s party time.”And drained the glass of champagne into one sip & saw towards dance floor.Capt.R banged his hand to his forehead & thought,’Oh no’.Dr.R said showing towards the dance floor,” Shall we?”Capt.R said nervously,”Ofcourse.”And they went to see the others dance. Here Huda tried to talk to Madonna so that she say that to dance with Arjun or make him dance. But Madonna misunderstands Huda & ran behind Arjun saying that Huda’s troubling her. And Arjun warned Huda to don’t trouble Madonna. Then Huda tried to talk with Madonna but Madonna went behind Arjun & dashed to Naina. Naina saw this & went angrily from there. Huda went behind her saying,”Phoolan”.

                            Then Naina is standing alone & thinking of series clicking of cameras, on that time BC saw her & came to talk to her. BC said softly,” Good evening Cadet Singh.”Naina said,” Good evening, sir.”BC said smiling,” Didn’t I tell you, that you’re expert in decorating yourself, I was right. You’re looking gorgeous.”Naina said smiling,” Thank you sir. Today I came to know that soldiers are also a very good dancers seeing you sir.”With this remark, BC laughed heartily & Capt.R saw this in amazement. Dr.R also saw her & BC talking each other. Naina asked fearlessly,” So, how about a dance with me sir?”Hearing this Capt.R raised his eyebrows in amazement. BC said smiling,” With me, Oh, am honoured, but it’s time for me to retire.”Naina nodded. BC said softly,” Good night Cadet Singh.”Naina said,” Good night sir.”Then BC exited from the party. Naina turned & saw Capt.R. And Capt.R hand gestured to say’ you’re looking beautiful’. Dr.R saw this & smiled. Naina went near Capt.R & Dr.R. Huda saw this & felt jealous. Capt.R said to Naina impressively,” Amazing Cadet Singh, now you’re not afraid of Brigadier also.”Naina smiled. Dr.R said impressively,” Well Captain, if you’ve taught the dance, then conference will’ve to be done.”Capt.R said,” Dr.Mishra, nothing is hidden from you till now.”Naina started thinking but then she appreciated,” Naturally, sir, after all whose partner is she?”Capt.R smiled impressively. Dr.R asked, “Why are you not dancing?”Capt.R asked,” Ya, why don’t you dancing Cadet Singh?”Naina asked,” Sir, you both were also dancing very well, then why did you stop?”Capt.R about to say some reason but Dr.R said immediately,” Captain has aged, he has become old man.”Capt.R saw her smiling wryly & Dr.R saw this & said smiling,” Am sorry. Seriously, I can understand Brigadier retired from the dance but Captain you?”Capt.R said slowly,” You know, I’d not learnt how to dance this filmy dance.”Naina said casually,” But sir, this filmy dance is so easy. Come on sir, you cannot refuse to madam.”Capt.R refused pointedly,” Not today, am really sorry.”Dr.R nodded dismissively. Huda listened to this & said to himself,” Captain think that I’ve lost my lucky champ. I’ll show you Captain.”And went & took a wine glass & drained it completely & went & announced that Capt.R is going to dance filmy dance for our entertainment. And Capt.R felt nervous. Everyone applauded for Capt.R & Naina saw Huda & nodded dismissively. Huda smiled sarcastically. Capt.R saw Huda angrily. But Capt.R danced the filmy dance after trying 3 times. At 3rd time Capt.R danced perfectly. Then to make Huda even more jealous he danced with Naina & Huda saw Capt.R in amazement. Dr.R saw Capt.R in amazement & she also joined Capt.R to dance. Everyone applauded Capt.R & Dr.R kissed him in the cheek. Capt.R taking the kiss fell down in shock.


                        Meanwhile, Yudi’s sister Neelu came to the party & challenged Arjun to dance. Arjun danced with her & Huda is so happy that Arjun is dancing & showed that to Naina. Naina smiled that Arjun is dancing & she also danced with Huda. Meanwhile Capt.R is admiring Naina & clapping very much. Dr.R saw Capt.R & said,” Captain, stop admiring your student.”Capt.R saw her in amazement & said,” Tell me, what can I do for you?”Dr.R said directly,” Just you see me continuously.”Capt.R thought this as strange & laughed & said,” What do you mean?”Dr.R said smiling,” Why are you becoming shy, Captain? Am just kidding.” Capt.R nodded taking a deep breath. Dr.R said,” Is it toast in order?”Capt.R said,” Ya, I’ll bring you some.”And he went to take some toast. During walking Capt.R talked in the microphone,” All fine, Chaube?”Chaube said,” Yes sir. You’ve spread everywhere.”Capt.R said,” Shut up, Chaube. But, I think that he’s present in my surroundings only.”Meanwhile Huda dashed to Capt.R & asked,” Sorry sir.”Capt.R said,” It’s ok, Cadet Huda.”Huda asked suspiciously,” Is it pakka sir? Sir, it’s the mistake of this night. Sir, who’s doing what, I’ve no idea sir.”Capt.R said calmly,” It’s ok Cadet Huda, in fact, I’d not danced for so many days, thank you for giving me an opportunity.”And he winked & went. Naina noticed this conversation. Here Kamran is forcing to Pooja for a dance with him. Meanwhile Capt.R asked Pooja that Where’s Ali? But Pooja answered angrily that he ran away from the academy to his ammi. Capt.R felt that Pooja isn’t enjoying the party & took the toast & drinks for Dr.R. Dr.R drained the champagne glass in to her mouth & took Capt.R’s part also & asked for one more. Capt.R saw her in amazement & banged his hand to his forehead dismissively.

                            Now Suriji took the mike & shaking said,” Morons attention,” Then everyone stood in attention position.”At ease.”Then all Cadets stood in relax position.”Now, it’s time to announce the winner of Mr & Ms fresher award.”(On that time Capt.R is so enthusiastic to hear the winner of the award but Dr.R isn’t giving him opportunity) “This year’s Mr fresher’s award goes to (On that time Huda raised his collar confidently that it’s going to come to him but) Cadet Arjun.”(Huda felt jealous with this also) But Arjun is so shocked hearing this & Naina is amazed & is happy hearing this announcement.Neelu gave him the hand to congratulate him & hugged him. Arjun came & stood in the centre with hesitation & nervousness. Naina applauded happily & everyone also. Arjun saw towards Naina & smiled sweetly. Then Suriji announced,” Now Ms Fresher’s award goes to……..”Everyone guess,’ Naina’.”Yes, Naina” And Arjun also applauded happily with everyone. And Capt.R jumped higher seeing that the award has been given to Naina & Dr.R saw him in amazement. Then Naina & Arjun both gave the one hand clap to each other & held the hand. Then Lolita Sen crowned them the award. First Arjun was crowned & during Naina’s crowning Dr.R didn’t give the opportunity to see the crowning of Naina to Capt.R & diverted him by walking this side & that side taking for the champagne glass. Capt.R is disappointed that he didn’t saw the Naina’s crowning. Then Huda thought,” You’d taken my cup qaidi, but I’ll take my Phoolan.”And went & stretched his hand & asked for a dance to Naina. Then Naina danced with him. Then everyone congratulated Naina. Then Yudi urf Madonna to take the revenge on Huda she tell lies about Huda that he has cheated her & left her. Naina is so angry & slapped Huda in front of everybody & went from there angrily. Huda asked Naina that reason of slapping him in front everyone & Naina said that he has cheated Madhu & left her. Then Huda tries to convince her but Naina went from there warning that don’t come behind her. Then Huda remembered that Miss Madonna is saying something to Naina in her ear & thought that she had done something. Here Neelu takes Arjun for a new adventure. Then Capt.R is with Dr.R & Dr.R is shaking because overdosed with the champagne. Capt.R asked innocently,” What happened?”Dr.R said passionately,” I want to take some fresh air.”Capt.R said concernedly,” Are you ok, Dr.Mishra?”Dr.R said unfocusedly,” Shall I say the truth or lies?”Capt.R said,” What do you think you say?”Then Dr.R asked,” Will you not catch me?” Dr.R tripped but Capt.R caught her & saved her by falling down. Capt.R saw her black eyes & said,” I don’t know but I’ve to catch you now.”Dr.R smiled & said,” I wanted this only.”And saw that side & this side & walked with difficulty because she’s drunk the alcohol very much & everything is seen fours & eights to her. Capt.R helped her holding her.

                                Here Huda asked Yudi that who’s Madhu when he entered the party in his true identity. Yudi asked that who’s Madhu to him only & Huda asked him innocently that she calls herself as Madonna. But Yudi said that he don’t know any Madonna but Neelu knows her I think. Huda asked that who Neelu is & Yudi said that Neelu is my sister. Then Huda threatened Yudi that he’s going to meet this Madonna & Yudi said that he’s going to help to meet her. On that time Chaube saw the every camera & went to take some water. On that time every TV became blank & on one TV showing the deserters bell a message comes which said,

Captain Rajveer,

                             At 12pm,I’ll wait for you near deserters bell.

                                                                                Yours sincerely,


Chaube seeing the message is shocked & said,” It’s spy’s message. Where’s Capt.R?”And he tries to talk  from the microphone but the microphone connection has been disrupted. Then Chaube dialled to Capt.R’s mobile but he didn’t answer him. Here Capt.R took Dr.R to her room. Dr.R said,” Captain, I had so much fun today. Let’s go back to the party once again.”Dr.R tried to go back but Capt.R said calmly,” Dr.Mishra, your room has come.”Dr.R said innocently,” Let’s knock & go.”She went to knock but Capt.R held her & asked,” Dr.Mishra, where’s the keys?”Dr.R tried to remember where’s the keys,” Keys, one second Captain, keys were inside only because you didn’t come here that time & Dr.S came & took me.”Then Capt.R saw the keys in her waist entangled & said softly,” Dr.Mishra………Dr.Mishra, keys” showing the finger. Then Dr.R said seeing the keys on her waist & said,” I had kept the keys here. Open Captain.”Capt.R saw her nervously & in hesitation.”Open the lock Captain.”Dr.R said seeing his nervousness,” What happened, you’ll be very free with all the girls, you dance with them & rock’n’roll with them.”Capt.R took the keys not seeing towards her waist nervously. Dr.R said smiling,” It’s so easy.”Capt.R saw her angrily & nodded & opened the door. Dr.R said,” Am sleepy.”And after opening the door Dr.R said,” Ah it’s opened.”Capt.R said,” Please.”Dr.R said,” You first.”Capt.R said calmly,” Dr.Mishra  please.”Dr.R said,” No.”Then Capt.R dragged her inside the room.

                                  Here Huda came to girls hostel & climbed the Naina’s room window to meet her but Naina who was changing her dress & finishing wearing the casual dress she saw that Huda is climbing her window & tried to make him push from the window. Huda fells but Naina on him & he tears her dress from the backside. Naina is so angry & slapped him once again & warned him to not to come behind her & went angrily. Then Suriji saw this incident & try to make Huda understand but Huda didn’t understands. Here Chaube searched for Capt.R in fresher’s ball premises. Capt.R is still in Dr.R’s room. Capt.R switched on the light & asked,” Are you alright, Dr.Mishra?”Dr.R said smiling,” Am  alright, perfect.”Then Capt.R went outside but Dr.R stopped him & said,” Captain………..My electric kettle is working now. I can make coffee for you.”Capt.R smiled & saw the time & said,” I think it’s getting late & I’ll drink the coffee some other time.”And he gave the keys to her & went but Dr.R said smiling,” I know it’s late, Captain. But we’re not children now.”Capt.R saw her & smiled sweetly & said,” Have a good night, doctor.”Dr.R said,” Good night.”And Capt.R went outside closing the door of the Dr.R’s room. Here Kamran try to misbehave with Pooja but Ali saves her & both dance. Here Chaube comes to the place of deserters bell seeing anyone there. Then Chaube felt that someone is seeing him & went towards him but the man escaped from Chaube & ran from there. The man was Huda & this entire incident was seen by someone & she’s Naina. Naina observed this incident & smiled impressively & confirmed that Huda is a spy. Then Naina followed Huda from the distance & Chaube went & searched that spy. Huda came to staff quarters & near Capt.R’s room. Huda saw behind him doubtfully that someone is following him then Naina hides herself immediately. Naina observed him. Here Capt.R came to his room & opened his room lock & Huda came there & said,” Sir………where were you till now?”Capt.R asked suspiciously,” Cadet Huda, you here in this time, any problems?”Huda said sarcastically,” Problem  would be created. It’s good that I didn’t bet on that.”Capt.R said suspiciously,” Bet.”Huda said,” For that filmy dance, sir. If I’ve betted on that, then Huda would lose the bet for the first time. Sir, you’re great sir. You’re the honour of KMA.”Capt.R said,” Cadet Huda enough. Thank you very much, you’ve to be in your hostel & please excuse me, I’ve some urgent work.”Huda said stubbornly,” Yes sir, I know.”Capt.R saw him suspiciously in raised eyebrows.”That’s why, it is ringing.”Capt.R said calmly,” Don’t create the puzzles Cadet Huda. What is ringing?”Huda said calmly,” Your mobile, sir.”Capt.R searched his mobile in his overcoat.”What you’re searching is with me sir.” showing the mobile. Capt.R saw Huda suspiciously & asked,” My mobile is with you?”Huda said,” When I dashed you, the mobile fell down sir. And when I wanted to return it to you, then you weren’t there, you had left the party.”Capt.R took the mobile & said,” I must say, you’ve very fast observation.”Huda said proudly,” We’ve to keep sir. We don’t know, when our enemies play with us?”Capt.R said,” Correct. But keeping an eye on enemies, we’ll not have to forget our plan Cadet Huda. Have a good night & thanks once again for the mobile.”Huda said,” You are welcome & good night, sir.”

                          Meanwhile, Chaube came calling Capt.R,” Sir, where were you? I was searching you full academy.”Then Huda stopped & said to Capt.R,” Sir, check the missed calls without fail. Someone is so enthusiastic to meet you.”And went. Capt.R saw Huda suspiciously. Chaube asked,” What do you like to have, tea or coffee?”And after Huda’s exit he said,” Sir, where were you? I was searching you full academy. Finally you are found.”Capt.R said seeing Huda,” I’ve found Na. Let’s go or someone will see us.”And he went inside. Chaube also entered the room seeing that side & this side. Naina observed this clearly & went to her room thinking so many questions. Pooja asked Naina seeing her entering the room,” Naina, where were you?”Naina answered,” I had gone to wash room.”Pooja nodded & went & lied down in her bed & thought about Ali. Naina locked the door & lied down on the bed & she also thought. Naina recollected the events of the fresher’s ball & thought,” Firstly, series clicking of camera, when I & Huda entered. Secondly, how did Dr.R knew that Capt.R taught the dance to me? There was no one on that time when Capt.R taught me the dance except Arjun. Thirdly, Huda is a spy who wants to kill Capt.R. But why did he stole Capt.R’s mobile & returned it afterwards? Is he wanted to talk with someone from his gang? Is he knows that Capt.R is still searching the spy Cadet? Why Huda called Capt.R near deserters bell? Something’s fishy. I need to go & examine the place during my morning jogging. I’ve to meet Arjun tomorrow & tell about these incidents. I think Huda is going to harm Capt.R. I’ve to keep an eye on Huda. And who’s that Madonna?”Pooja saw Naina & asked,” What you are thinking deeply, did you have a row with Huda once again?”Naina thinking nodded. Pooja asked,” What for?”Naina asked,” Pardon?”Pooja said,” Why did you both row?”Naina said taking a deep breath,” Nothing yaar.You sleep on, good night.”And Naina slept. Pooja thought that Naina is hiding something but she didn’t ask further & she also slept. Meanwhile here Chaube said his adventures after seeing the spy’s message. Chaube said seriously,” Sir, every camera became blank & the message was given in the TV. Then I tried to call you but you didn’t answer. But sir, why didn’t you answer my call?” Then Capt.R saw his microphone connection which is disrupted. Capt.R saw this & is shocked,” It’s because my microphone connection is disrupted. And one who has done this is so clever that he has disrupted my microphone equipment.”Then he remembered that he only threw the overcoat excitedly.”Oh no.”Chaube asked,” What happened, sir?”Capt.R then smiled impressively & said,” That means the spy has come to the party.”Chaube said suspiciously,” How can you say that sir?”Capt.R said to Chaube,” Chaube, switch off it.”And Chaube switched off the TV. Capt.R asked,” Chaube, did you saw anyone near deserters bell?”Chaube said seriously,” Sir, I’d gone near the deserters bell but I didn’t saw anyone. But, someone had come there. Sir, if you were there then this Mr.X, X would have become. I’m meaning foolproof. But where were you, sir?”Capt.R said thinking,”Chaube, where was I, that’s not important. Important is that, how did he know, where were not cameras adjusted, why did he called me near deserters bell only?” Chaube thought & said,” Now it has become comedy once again sir. But how did he know?”Capt.R said,” Chaube, you remember, I was saying you that he’s around me & he’s observing me from near,” Chaube said,” You mean that, calling  you near deserters bell was his plan, sir?”Capt.R said,” Yes, because he wanted to play the game with us but from his rules. But now it’s time to play our move. Let’s watch.”And he took a microfilm camera & connected it to his laptop. Chaube said impressively,” Sir am impressed, that’s why you’re a hero & seriously I work in comedy only & what’s this sir?”Showing the microfilm camera. Capt.R said,” This is a camera where I’d fixed on a stereo where we can see everything.”Then he saw that Naina is following Huda hiding from him. Then Capt.R became suspicious about that why Naina is following Huda hiding from him? Is he the spy? Then he also saw that Naina is smiling sarcastically & going from there. Next morning, Naina jogged as usual went to the spot where Huda has made Chaube fear by throwing the stone at him. Naina saw the same foot prints of the size 9 & same as she saw during the Independence Day bomb blast. Then she saw around her & from where Huda has threw the stone to Chaube. Then Naina got a locket of cyanide there which is covered in blood stains & she took it from her handkerchief & went to give it to Daya so that he can give that to bureau. Arjun hasn’t got up till 5:30am & he got up suddenly remembering his mission. Naina met Daya & gave the locket wrapped with handkerchief & said to give that to bureau & find out some clues about this. Daya nodded & took the locket. Chaube came on that time & asked that she has got up early. Naina answered that she has gone for jogging & went from there taking a deep breath of calmness to her hostel to get ready for her morning drill.


                         Then Naina wore her uniform & came to the academy from her hostel. Firstly some boy Cadet said stretching his hand,” Congratulations bhabhiji.”Naina saw him suspiciously & said,” Bhabhiji.”And she went further then a girl Cadet came & smiled sarcastically & said,” Hi bhabhiji.”Naina asked angrily,” Bhabhiji, what happened are you out of your mind?”That girl said laughing,” Have not you seen notice board, bhabhiji?”She went there calling Naina bhabhiji once again. Naina saw the notice board & saw a note there which said,” From today onwards, Cadet Naina Singh is my official girlfriend & all the academy’s boys call her as bhabhiji-By order, Huda.”Naina becomes angry & said,” Huda.”And went from there to quarrel with Huda to the mess. On the way Naina met Arjun. Naina asked,” Arjun, where were you, after the party? I was searching you; I need to tell you lots of things. Let’s go to the training grounds, our usual place.”Arjun nodded & went with her to their usual place. Naina explained yesterday’s events to Arjun. Arjun thought for a moment & said,” So Huda went near deserters bell & called Capt.R but Chaube came there.”Naina said calmly,” Exactly, but am not understanding that If Huda wanted to meet Capt.R, then why did he took Capt.R’s mobile & he returned that afterwards. Is this the part of his plan? I can’t understand that, first he calls Capt.R & then he only stops Capt.R of coming to the bell, this has become puzzle to me.”Arjun thought for sometime & said,” Naina, did you examine the place during the morning’s jogging.”Naina is amazed & asked,” How do you know?”Arjun said,” Daya told me. You’d got a cyanide locket from that place.”Naina said,” Yeah, but I had gone there to investigate that Huda had gone there to meet his accomplice or not & I was quite right. There was someone who had come there to meet Huda & I doubt that the cyanide locket belongs to that person one who came there to meet Huda.”Arjun said,” Naina, now we’ve to be very careful further because I doubt that Huda try to kill Capt.R & for that I’ll have to be with him & keep an eye on him. Am afraid of that he’s going to kill Capt.R or attack on him to make him killed.”Naina thought for sometime & asked,” Hey, did you saw Dr.R in surroundings of the mess when Capt.R was teaching me dance except you?”Arjun thought & said,” No, but why?”Naina said yesterday’s conversation with Dr.R & Capt.R & her. Arjun said,” So you’re doubting that the bomb blast & attack on you was done by Dr.R.”Naina nodded. Arjun laughed & said,” Come on Naina, you’re becoming jealous. We can’t doubt on her without any proof. Look let’s keep an eye on Huda & let’s forget about Dr.R now, ok. When the time comes then we’ll see who’s spy & who’s non-spy, ok?”Naina felt angry but resisted & went from there angrily. Arjun said angrily seeing Naina,” Damn, I always make her angry. Ok sorry Naina…….”Arjun followed Naina to ask sorry but Naina went faster & didn’t talk to him all the day. In this side, Capt.R saw the hidden camera which is connected to his laptop curiously with Chaube. There a man is seen but not his face. Capt.R asked to Chaube,” Did you see him, Chaube?”Chaube asked,” Who?”Capt.R said,” Mr. X.”Chaube said smiling,” Sir, no one manufactured a glasses where we can see black cat in a dark room.”Then Capt.R said,” We are going to see that.”And he went & took his mobile from his study table & dialled to superior officer,” Sir, Capt.R.”HSO said,” What is it Captain?”Capt.R said calmly,” Sir, I’ll send you CD in which you’ll see a man. Just you blog that photo & send it to me from Chaube only sir. Sir, the camera is G684X.”HSO said,” Ok, Captain.”And he disconnected the phone. Capt.R put the CD & the microfilm camera in a packet & sent it to HQ with Chaube & warned that the packet will be opened by his senior officer only. Then Chaube went holding the packet to HQ. Then he further saw the recorded fresher’s ball. There he saw Naina & he admired her so much & smiled for himself.

                                  In the mess, Yudi is serving his plate with food. Huda came & asked,” Yudi, when I asked your sister Neelu, she said that she didn’t know any Madhu.”Yudi said hesitatingly,” I don’t know yaar & please will you leave me to eat. I’d not eaten anything from yesterday. I ate only oranges & slept. From yesterday my stomach is grumbling yaar.”And took his food plate & went to sit in an empty table. Huda followed Yudi serving his food to the plate & went & sat & said,” Look tell me when are you meeting her to me? I want to meet her urgently.”Yudi said innocently,” I said, I’ll meet you to her as quickly as possible & please will you leave me to eat?”Huda said,” Ok, but I want to meet her very urgently.”But on that time someone said,’ Am also.’ Both turned & saw its Naina. Naina stood near the entrance of the mess smiling sarcastically. Yudi saw her expression & said,” Hi Naina.”Naina said immediately,” Ah not Naina Yudi, call me bhabhiji.” Huda saw her in puzzled expression. Naina saw him & said sarcastically,” You know Yudi, am Huda’s official girlfriend.”Hearing this everyone laughed who are sitting in the mess. Huda saw her innocently thinking that what she’s talking about. Naina said smiling sarcastically,” Is it not, Huda?”Huda is thinking that what Naina saying innocently & try to escape from there but Naina pulled him beside her & said sarcastically,” So, when & where’s our first date?”Huda is seeing in puzzled expression & Yudi enjoying it very much. Then Naina said sarcastically,” Oh, you’ve to think about that? Ok am giving you the time.”And went but stopping halfway said,” But there’s a small problem here. If I’ll be called as bhabhiji by all boys then this academy’s all girls will call you bhaiyyaji. Is it not, Huda?”Huda nodded & Naina said pulling the girl near her & asked,” What say you, Preethi?” Preethi saw Huda & said,” Bhaiyya.”Huda hand gestured to say no. Everyone laughed seeing Huda. Naina said coming near him & keeping her hands on his both shoulder & said sarcastically,” Hudaji, from today onwards all the girls of this academy are your sisters & you’ll see them as sisters & you’ll dream about only one girl & that’s me, ok.”And went saying bye to Yudi & Yudi said enjoying Huda’s situation,” Bye Naina………I’m mean bhabhiji.”Everyone laughed at Huda & Huda felt angry. Next morning, all Cadets are standing in the hot sun & Major Nair camouflaged them by talking them from behind the bush. Naina closed her eyes & heard the voice where’s it coming from & saw towards that side. Arjun also saw towards that side also & saw his hand from the bushes. Major Nair came outside the bush where Naina saw previously. And all Cadets stand in attention position. Yudi said foolishly,” Oh yes camouflage, I knew it, sir.”Major Nair said,” Didn’t I tell you that on the first day that I hate idiot boys; use your brain in right way Cadet. If you’re in your conscious & in your alert. Then there’ll be no chance of attack. I was absent for few days from academy full batch has become indiscipline. This is the way you protect the country?”Hearing this Yudi felt uncomfortable.” And some people (seeing towards Naina) think themselves as a soldier by firing a bullet. Now I’d come now, to make you left right left. Is it not, Cadet Singh? What do you want to become, soldier or you want to write report about the encounter which you faced,” Angrily. Naina saw Major Nair face to face & said,” I’ve come here to become soldier, sir.”Everyone smiled appreciatively hearing Naina’s answer. Major Nair stared at her angrily & said,” You remember that till your last day of the training, and you all also. You’ve come here only to take the training of the soldier. Today’s lesson is camouflage. How to enter the area of the enemies & destroy them?”On that time an orderly came & said,” Sir, Brigadier has called you.”Then Major Nair nodded & said to Cadets,”5 minutes break.”And he saw towards Arjun & said bossily,” But I want you all in your positions here.” Arjun also stared back. Major Nair went staring Arjun angrily.

                                   Here in BC’s office, Capt.R entered & said,” Good morning sir, did you called me sir?” BC said,” Yes Captain, I’ve called Major Nair also, I’ve to ask you both some opinion.”Major Nair entered & saluted BC. Capt.R saluted Major. BC smiled & said,” Very good Major, you started your class by coming back. Come have a seat.”Major Nair & Capt.R both sat in front of BC. Major Nair said bossily,” Not class sir, training. We’ve to maintain the discipline, if it is student or faculty. Then it’ll be a problem, sir.”BC said,” Very good Major, I want to know that for which work you’d gone outside the academy, I’m mean, the armaments supply. When it is going to come?”Major Nair said,” Next week sir.” BC asked,” I hope you’ve checked everything properly.”Major Nair said calmly,” Yes sir. Everything’s correct, not here.”Capt.R saw Major Nair meaningfully. BC said smiling,” Yes Major, I think you’ve heard the story of Capt.R’s & Cadet Singh’s courage.”Major Nair said dismissively,” Yes sir, everything has changed in my absence in the academy.”Capt.R thought that Major Nair has going to do something. BC said calmly,” Major, I want to nominate Cadet Naina Singh’s name to the presidency medal of honour award. I want your both opinion about this.”Major Nair became angry & saw towards Capt.R. Capt.R saw Major Nair sarcastically smiled & stood & said,” I think it’s a wonderful idea sir. I think Cadet Naina Singh is the right person for the medal, sir. And it would be an honour to the KMA also, sir…….”Major Nair said immediately,”…………That a first year weak Cadet of this academy has won medal of honour, right.”Capt.R said seriously,” Am sorry Major Nair that I’ll never accept this. Cadet Naina Singh has shown her proof of ability repeatedly.”BC observed that Capt.R is becoming emotional. “And if we give the award to Cadet Naina Singh then other Cadets morale fibre is going to become strong.”Major Nair said cunningly,” Sir, to become a perfect soldier, he needs discipline & hard work, which Cadet Singh have to learn.”Capt.R said proudly,” Am sorry sir, a  first year Cadet, who has held the gun for the first time except in training & fired the militant who’s standing at 20ft distance & she fired to his forehead. And by this act she saved an army officer & so many passengers then it’s an act of huge bravery sir.”BC said softly,” I think you are right Captain but we’ve to listen to the Major Nair also. Now am confusion that am doing wrong or not.”Capt.R saw Major Nair in angry & Major Nair saw & smiled sarcastically. Then Capt.R asked angrily,” Then why did you called me for, sir?”BC said bossily,” Captain, you & other faculty together test Cadet Singh once again.”Capt.R asked seriously,” You mean, we’ve to test Cadet Singh’s ability once again.”BC said,” Yes Captain, and mind you, your decision will not have any partiality.”Capt.R saluted BC & saw Major Nair angrily & went from there. Major Nair smiled sarcastically.

                           Then Major Nair ordered to an orderly to bring a doll like the militant & said to two orderlies to stand beside the militant doll at about 20ft.Then Major Nair called Naina to step forward & gave the original gun & said to shoot the militant by standing from 20ft distance. Arjun can’t revolt Major Nair because he knew that what the reaction of Naina is because first time she had held a gun. Though she’s an expert shooter but hadn’t practised because in her previous bureau her senior officer didn’t given any permission of firing if it’s a situation of saving others or herself. Naina’s hands were shaking when Major Nair provoked her that it is a militant shoot him. But Naina collapsed to the ground accepting defeat with tears on her eyes. Because in army or police or navy or air force, one man have to shoot when his senior officer gives the permission. Naina was in her guilt that she has cheated her senior officer. But she don’t know that during firing to the militant her senior officer was also present. Major Nair is so happy seeing her weakness that she cannot shoot a doll, but he didn’t know that why Naina has become weak because of the guilt which she fired without any permission of her senior officer. Major Nair enjoyed Naina’s weakness & said sarcastically,” You are in the fresher’s ball party only. You’re not concentrating on this training.”Then he said angrily,” Now you all are going to stand in this hot sun. You aren’t going to move or else you’ll be punished upside down punishment. Got that.”And he went from there. Naina is crying & Capt.R saw her & nodded angrily & went near her. Arjun also can’t go & comfort her because Major Nair’s orders were making Arjun’s hand tied & saw Naina in pity. Naina saw the Capt.R & didn’t got up but Capt.R said angrily,” It’s ok Cadet Singh, up on your feet.”Naina said sadly,” No sir, I can’t fire further now sir.”Capt.R said angrily,” You did your duty only, Cadet Singh. If you didn’t fire that militant then he would take the life of passengers & mine also. Now am standing in front of you is because you saved my life.”Naina said sadly,” Yes sir, I’d done my duty. But one duty is there which I denied & that duty is very important that I can’t tell that to you, sir.”Capt.R didn’t understand Naina’s words. But then Arjun thought,” Oh, Naina is thinking that she didn’t take permission of ACP Saab & fired at militant. Don’t worry Naina; I’ll make you happy from sad.”Capt.R lifted Naina & said emotionally,” Naina Singh, you’re going to become soldier & not a common soldier but an A-class soldier. Because I’ve trust on you. In life war will be fought on the hope only that’s why I believe in Cadet Naina Ah Singh.”And he smiled sweetly at Naina. Naina saw his eyes & calmed herself. But this wasn’t tolerated by Huda & saw Capt.R suspiciously. Next morning, In BC’s office, Suriji showed his mess’s expenses file. BC said bossily,” No Suriji, you’ve to less your expenses now onwards. You’re ordering so much.”Orderly came & kept BC’s breakfast tray which contained half a dozen eggs, one glass of milk, half a dozen of bread slice toasted & smeared with high calorie butter & a cup of tea. Suriji saw that & thought,” In fact, you eat too much also.”Then Major Nair entered & saluted BC & said,” Sir, I want to talk to you in private.”Seeing towards Suriji. Then BC said,” It’s ok Major, Suriji is our old staff, you can say anything without any fear.”Suriji saw them both innocently. Major Nair said calmly,” Ok sir. Sir, you’d done a mistake taking Cadet Naina Singh back to the academy. Because what happened with those terrorists is a mere coincidence, sir. Sir, Cadet Singh neither fired the bullet from the gun nor she lifted the rifle.”BC said angrily,” Major Nair, I don’t tolerate one who show their fingers to my decisions. If Cadet Naina Singh is unable then you’ve to make her able candidate not give your opinions to me. I can’t kick her out the academy, do you understand?”Major Nair is so angry but resisted & went saluting BC from his office. Suriji also took his file & said,” May I, enjoy your breakfast, sir.”And he also saluted BC & went from BC’s office. Then Suriji stopped Major Nair & said,” I’ve a small suggestion for you, sir.”Major Nair said dismissively,” Shoot.”Suriji said smiling,” Don’t challenge with youth & old, I’m mean experience. In fact, this youth & experience comes under control with love. Is it not?”Major Nair said,” Ok, let’s see.”And went from there & Suriji said impressively,” All the best, sir.”And he also went from there.

                             Here Naina gets a phone call from home & Naina received it. Actually it’s not from home but from the bureau. Naina said sadly,” Hello.”It was the voice of her senior officer ACP Pruthviraj Chauhan,” Naina, Arjun explained me everything, what happened yesterday. Naina, for your information, I was present there in that incident when you fired the militant to his forehead. Naina don’t feel guilty, you’ve fired a terrorist to save the passengers & most importantly Capt.R. I know that you’re in guilt that you fired without my permission but you did that to save the bus passengers & Capt.R. I appreciate your guts Naina when the terrorist turned to you to shoot but you didn’t fear & fired him at his forehead. Once again am appreciating you. You’ll not be arrested as it’s not any mistake & you had done that in front of me. So chill & give me some more clues about Huda. Is he acting on his own accord or someone had brainwashed him or not. Am really proud of you Naina that you accept your mistake without any hesitation. Ok, good morning & have a nice day.”And her senior officer disconnected the phone. Naina is so happy & turned & saw Arjun & smiled at him. Arjun smiled at her & said,” Did you talked with your parents? Now you had become calm.”Naina said smiling,” Arjun, how do you know that I was in that guilt?”Arjun said,” Naina, when Major Nair was provoking you I was observing you & saw a guilt expression on your face & then you said to Capt.R that you’d not done one duty then I understood that what’s your problem is, just remember Naina, the gun which is fired to save other people isn’t the act of mishandle of your powers. You know about this further.”Stoking her hair. Naina nodded & went from there. Arjun thought,” My respect towards you has become double Naina. Am really proud of you, Naina.”And smiled. Huda was feeling very jealous of Arjun that he’s touching Naina & felt angry. Meanwhile Yudi received a phone call from his home. Yudi asked the orderly doubtfully,” Hold on, is this phone is from my home, only?”Orderly said politely,” Ya, you please talk to them.”Yudi said before receiving the phone sadly,” Ok, thank you. If mom & dad has phoned me to talk about MBA course to send me to Harvard university. Oh no, I don’t want to talk.”And he received & said sadly,” Hello.”Neelu said,” Hey bro, It’s Neelu.”Yudi said calmly,” Neelu, what?”And then in panic said,” Hold on, is mom & dad has told you to dial me & call me to the dinner or lunch? Then rebalance am not coming back. Neelu said calmly,” Don’t be tensed bro; mom & dad know nothing about this.”Yudi said happily,” You’re my darling sis; tell me what do you want?”Neelu said excitedly,” Qaidi.”Yudi said doubtfully,” What?”Neelu said casually,” Ya, I want a qaidi, I’ve a sociology assignment about Indian jails, If you know any qaidi, then……”Yudi said angrily,” Neelu, what do you think, I’ve friendship with that type?”Then thinking he said innocently,” Hold on, I know a qaidi.”Neelu said excitedly,” Who’s that? And then calming herself asked,” I’m mean, who’s that?”Yudi said disgustingly,” You were dancing with him in the fresher’s ball party.”Neelu said slowly,” Is he a qaidi, thank you so much bro, I know you would help me. So when are you bringing him to home?”Yudi said innocently,” Why?”Neelu said excitedly,” I want to take his interview, bro.”Yudi said disgustingly,” No yaar, If I’ve to bring his home then I’ve to come home.”Neelu said,” Please bro, only two hours.”Yudi said disgustingly,” No yaar, you’re making me in trouble.”Neelu said calmly,” Please bro, only 2 hrs, till then you eat your favourite dish Rajma & curds prepared by mom & I’ll take his interview.”Yudi hearing the dishes name, his mouth is watering & said,” Ok.”Neelu asked innocently,” What’s his name, bro?”Yudi said disgustingly,” Arjun.”Then she disconnected the phone.

                               Here Naina entered the mess, Huda having the breakfast & tea & is thinking about Arjun & Naina. He remembered Arjun stroking Naina’s hair & thought,” Something is there between them. Whenever Naina will be in trouble Arjun comes there to save her, why? And why am I thinking about her so much? Am so handsome & academy’s all girls is going to ready to die for me seeing my personality, but why I feel jealous whenever someone keeps a hand on Naina or talk to anyone.”Then he saw Naina & said,” Naina come here yaar.”Showing in front of him. Naina didn’t answer & took a cup of tea & went to sit in an empty table. Huda followed her taking his breakfast plate & tea cup to her table & sat in front of her. Naina saw him angrily & about to go from there, Huda stopped her & said,” Naina please listen to me, yaar.”Naina is so angry but resisted. Huda started talking with Naina,” Look, don’t think about yesterday. If you’re thinking about BC’s MC then take it out of your mind. Look, MC’s work is to make us left right left. If he’s making like that then why’ve you thinking so much yaar, it’s his work only.”Naina said angrily,” Huda, I’ve not in the mood of talking to you, so please don’t eat my head.”Huda said happily,” Don’t worry, this Huda makes you to come to the mood.”Naina said warningly taking a sip of tea,” Huda.”Huda said immediately,” Ok, take sandwiches, it’s vegetarian, and you love them. My mummyji says, one who work hard, they’ve to eat perfectly.”Naina said angrily,” Thanks but am not hungry.”Huda said calmly,” Look, is starvation days are over? Now am with you Na, take eat.”Naina got up angrily but Huda stopped her & said calmly,” Ok, don’t eat. More or less, just smile yaar.”Naina went from there fastly that she was about to dash to Capt.R. Naina said smiling,” Sir.”Capt.R said smiling,” Cadet Naina Ah Singh, meet me in training grounds after your classes. I’ve a magic which makes your problem solved like this sandwich.”Taking the sandwich from Huda’s plate & showing it to her. Naina saw that & laughed. Capt.R said sweetly,” See you in training ground.”Naina nodded & said,” Sure sir.”Capt.R went smiling sweetly at Naina. Naina also smiled. Huda felt jealous & said,” Waah Phoolan, I was trying to make you smile for a long time, you didn’t laugh. And Captain said two words & you laughed.”Naina didn’t answer him & went from there. Huda is still thinking about Naina, her character, her anger, her laugh, her smile, her sadness. Then he said proudly to himself,” Am Huda, I can ask any girl to the date. I can ask anyone to marry me. But this Phoolan is coming in my dreams, now in present situation, what’s this yaar? Why is it Phoolan comes in front of me, she’s seen everywhere. What’s the meaning of this yaar?”Then Yudi requested Arjun to come with him to the home so that he can come to the academy very soon saying Yudi took Arjun to his home. Actually, Arjun didn’t want to go to Yudi’s home but Yudi said that Neelu has to take an interview about the Indian jails. That’s why, Arjun went but truly he liked Neelu very much & went to meet her once again.

                             Then Capt.R taught how to fire a gun. But actually Naina wanted to show that academy persons that she’s learning it step by step so that’s why she didn’t shoot on that day when Major Nair said to her to shoot the doll, this is the another reason to make her save herself so that she can protect Capt.R & to collect more proof against Lala Gehlot to prove his bro’s innocence. Capt.R said calmly,” Naina, I know that firing first bullet is so difficult, I was also had this situation, but Naina when I fired second bullet then I wasn’t having any repentance or hesitation to me. Because there was no time to repent. That’s because, there was only 30 seconds difference between first bullet & second bullet.”Naina thought,” Then why are you repenting now, sir?”Seeing him continuously. Then Capt.R saw her eyes & said,” Ok, that’s theory, let us practise. This is an original gun but there’s only blank bullets, take this.”He gave the gun to Naina & Naina took it & recoiled it. Then Capt.R said slowly,” Naina, close your eyes.”Naina closed her eyes but she opened her eyes remembering the militant.”Naina, concentrate.”Naina cannot concentrate.”Concentrate Naina.”She cannot concentrate. Then Capt.R thinking said,” Remember the person, one you hate so much.”Naina saw him in angry, then she closed her eyes & is seeing the person is Lala Gehlot. Naina is so angry. Capt.R is shocked seeing her angry expression & said,” When your temper rises to unlimited then shoot from your gun.”Naina’s temper is rising seeing Lala Gehlot in her mind. Capt.R is even more shocked to see her anger & asked,” This much of anger, Cadet Singh, whom you saw Cadet Singh? Who tell me Cadet Singh, whom you’ve seen?”Naina said lies to Capt.R,”I don’t know sir. I can’t see his face.”Capt.R asked worriedly,” Who?”Naina said,” One who killed my brother,” angrily. Hearing this Capt.R is shocked & then Naina shot the bullet to correct target. The bullet made a hole to the centre of the target. Capt.R saw that in amazement & shock. Naina observed Capt.R curiously. Then Capt.R modified the expression & said,” Very good Cadet Singh, practise it continuously & you’ll success in your problem.”And went from there. Naina saw him suspiciously.

NSA said,” After reading my last wishes letter, Naina had knew that Capt.R has killed me. But she wanted to know the reason behind of this decision of me to be killed by his best friend. Naina wanted to help Capt.R to take out the guilt from him that he killed his own best friend & Naina wanted to tell him that it was her bhaiyya’s last wishes. Naina didn’t said to maa & baba about my last wishes, because she wanted to say that slowly after her mission. But Capt.R didn’t had any strength to recall that memory of killing me. Now, we’ve to see that Naina becomes success by making Capt.R spit out his guilt or Capt.R is going to bury the truth forever.”

                                       Here this side Pooja came to know that Ali was the one who talked as Rohit with her Pooja felt angry. Then Ali explained Pooja why he did that & then both become friends once again. Ali promised Pooja that he’s going to help her in search of Rohit & Pooja accepted his promise. Then Chaube came to know that the cloth piece which was found in the blast site was from Huda’s room & he informed it to Capt.R. Then once again Capt.R hesitated because he doubted on Naina & paid for that of her confrontation. Then Capt.R tried to collect more evidences so that he can confirm that he’s Mr.X or not.

                               Next morning all Cadets are in history class taken by Lolita madam explaining about Gallantry & Non-gallantry awards. Huda was disturbing Naina very much sitting beside her. Huda said passionately,” Phoolan, did you saw a change in me?”Naina didn’t answer & was trying to concentrate on what Lolita madam was telling. But Huda said once again,” Tell me yaar, did you saw any change in me?”Naina said angrily,” Yes, you’re plastering to me now greater than first.”Hearing this Huda moved his chair farther from Naina’s chair. Then he played a prank with Naina to which Naina became angry & changed the seat. Then Ali showed the relatives of Rohit list to Pooja & said that let’s slip from the academy & go & search of Rohit’s relatives today at night. And Pooja agreed.

                              Then Naina went to Capt.R’s room to talk with him. Naina knocked at the door. Capt.R opened the door & seeing her asked,”Naina, you here.”Naina said smiling,”Sir,can I disturb you for 2 minutes?”Capt.R said sweetly,” Why not. Please come in.”Naina nodded & entered his room. Capt.R asked,” What you’ll have tea or coffee?”Naina said immediately,” No thank you sir.”Capt.R hand gestured to have a seat to Naina. Naina sat & saw some cards on the table & said simply,” Tarot cards,sir,you’ve interest in this?”Capt.R said,”Yes,you have?”Naina nodded. Capt.R said excitedly,”Naina,I’ve an interest on any type of code & tarot cards are the ancient cards which has so many codes hidden. You would like to try it?”Naina hesitated. Capt.R smiled at her. Then Naina nodded. Capt.R shuffled the cards & spread it & said,” Take out 6 cards.”Naina took out 3 cards first.”3,other 3 cards.”Then Naina took it. Capt.R said taking the 6 cards,”6 cards. Let us see what Cadet Naina Singh’s cards say?”Then he saw the cards & studied. Naina is hesitating to see the worst to come but has the eagerness. Capt.R saw that according the cards, Naina has two professions & isn’t using that in her life now. Then he saw last card that someone is going to call her for help & Naina is going to protect him or her in best ways making her life in danger. Naina saw Capt.R’s expression & asked,” What is it, sir?”Capt.R said seriously,” Your cards say that, Dark soldier calls you, one secret is with him, when sun hides behind the cloud, then there’ll be problem.’Naina thought for a second & said,” What is the meaning of this, sir?”Capt.R changed the subject immediately & said,” I’m meant that, you’ve some questions inside your mind & you’ve come here to discuss with me, right.”Naina said seriously,” You’re right, sir.”Capt.R smiled sweetly. Naina said sadly,” On that day in Major Nair’s training, I behaved very badly sir. I don’t know that but I thought that I was getting away from my mission.”Capt.R said comfortingly,”Naina,one who walk in their life, they only got lost themselves. One who stand still in their life, they never come forward in their life. But this isn’t your defeat. Man becomes defeated when he loses his strength & hope.”Naina asked hesitatingly,”Sir,can I ask you something?”Capt.R nodded. Naina asked slowly,”Sir,previously bhaiyya was also gone away from his mission?”Capt.R remembered that he’s talking with Navin in mobile & Navin saying to Capt.R,”Veeru,I can’t concentrate in my work yaar.Yaar,you know that I can’t forget her.”Then Capt.R smiled & disconnected the phone. Then Capt.R  went to keep the empty cup of tea on the kitchen table &  said seriously,” Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya.”Then he turned & said slowly,” I think he was. But Navin was strong minded man, if he was going to get away from his mission then he would control his mind.”Naina said calmly getting up,” Thanks sir. Just I’ve to ask this only.”Then Capt.R showed his hand towards the door. Naina went but stopped & asked,”Sir,bhaiyya didn’t say anything to me but was someone was there in his life as his beloved?”Capt.R said smiling,”Naina,Navin was your brother. You don’t want to discuss private matters with anyone likewise Navin didn’t want to discuss any private matters with me. If Navin had a girlfriend then also he not thought important to tell me or to anyone.”Then Naina nodded & went from there but she thought that bhaiyya didn’t say anything about their marriage as Capt.R is his brother-in-law in relation.

                             Here Huda is thinking about Naina & said seriously,” Am in love with Naina? Am Huda yaar,what am doing? I can ask any girl to date or marry. All the girls see my personality & ready to marry me or to die for me.”Then he stopped a girl & asked,”Hi,you’re the one who comes in my dreams & say…”And he remembered Naina’s words,’ Shut up & don’t you come in front of me or else I’ll kill you.’ And the girl went in anger saying,” How mean?”Then he saw that girl & said in confusion,” What did I tell her?”Then he walked further thinking about Naina. Then a girl stopped him & said smiling,”Hey,dude.”Huda started flirting,” Are you act like Phoolandevi from your childhood?”Then the girl slapped him & said,” Idiot.”And went from there angrily. Huda thought,” What’s this yaar?Am in love with Naina truly?Oh no, then I’ll have to take the appointment with Dr.R or else all the girls of this academy will commit suicide with disappointment.”And went immediately.

                              Meanwhile Yudi took Arjun to his home to make Neelu meet him. Yudi’s parents asked Arjun that where he’s from & Yudi answered it not Arjun & Arjun thought this’ll be comfortable to him to avoid awkward questions. Then Neelu took him in private to talk with him. After Arjun’s interview they came back to academy. In their room, Arjun is drinking his rum & said to himself angrily that its action isn’t going up. Then Huda said that Arjun is flying in the air so much these days. Arjun saw him in angry. Then Huda asked to his friends that the girls like which type of the boys, simple boys, Huda type boys or bad boys. Yudi said that simple boys mean which type of boys. Huda said that simple boys mean Capt.R. Capt.R is a simple guy then also these girls like Capt.R only. I’m mean; Capt.R is a simple guy & Huda, this academy’s dude. Then girls like Capt.R only. Then Ali said that Capt.R is a hero & Pooja calls him Shahrukh Khan. Yudi said,” You know some girls are strange. Take the example of my sister only, she don’t talk with simple guys, she only likes bad guys like criminal & rowdy boys.”On that time Arjun coughed. Yudi said seeing him,” Don’t worry yaar, am not talking about you.”Then Huda asked enthusiastically,” Which type of boys do like Phoolan?”Arjun listened carefully hearing the name Phoolan. Ali said innocently,” I think simple guys.”Arjun smiled. But Huda said,” I think she likes Huda type boys. She was dancing with me happily.”Arjun nodded dismissively. Then Yudi said innocently,” I think Naina gives importance for integrity, loyalty, honesty. Do you know the meaning of that?”Huda said angrily,” Now you are going to teach me about that. In fact, you said that you’re going to meet me to Madonna.”Yudi turned that side in panic. Arjun said immediately,” Yudi, your sister was saying that she’s your best friend.”Huda said,” Then make her to meet me. She only destroyed everything.”Then Yudi decide that he’s going to meet Madonna to him. Then Yudi dressed in Madonna she meets Naina in her hostel & gives a letter that she’s going to leave him & going far from Huda’s life & about to go but Naina stopped Madonna & took him to Huda & said that she’s going far from Huda’s life. Then actually Madonna runs to hide inside the infirmary & Dr.S saved her because she knew after the party that who’s Madonna. Then Madonna resurfaces as Yudi in front of Naina. Then Dr.S makes them understand that why Yudi decided to dress up as a girl. Then Huda accepted his mistake & asked sorry to Yudi & Yudi also asked sorry to him. Then Huda said to Yudi that to make Naina understand that he’s not that type of boy & Yudi said to Naina that Huda is an criminal but not like that which you think. Then Naina accepted & said to Yudi,” Yudi, in our life so many persons come & go. Some people come & they shower us with flowers & some people shower us with thorns. But we never stop to live. Yudi in our life some situations come where we’ve to accept & take that situations as seriously not like that which you have done. You’ll have to face this type of situations to become perfect not to revolt it. Am sure you understood that,” smiling. And she went. Yudi nodded & said,” I’ll face the situations like you said, Naina,” And he also smiled & went to his hostel.

                          Naina said everything about the meeting with Capt.R to Arjun,”Arjun, Navin bhaiyya hasn’t said anything about his marriage to Capt.R then also that he’s Capt.R’s brother-in-law.”Arjun nodded & said,” Let’s not think about that Naina, let’s think about how Huda is contacting those terrorists, from the phone or he meets them personally, we’ve to know that so that It would be easier to know what’s his next plan is?”Naina asked,” Did they come to know whose locket is that, which I’d given it to Daya?”Arjun said,” No but still searching.”Naina asked,” And the blood stains which was there. Did they get any clue form that?”Arjun said,” Ya, they got the clue that whose blood is that person is having a genetic disease called Thalleseamia minor & this is…..”Naina said,”……..a very serious disease which has minerals deficiency. I know that.”Then Naina became silent & thought for some time & said about Tarot cards to Arjun. Then Arjun said that don’t you worry about that & both went to sleep. Here Capt.R is thinking about the Tarot cards. He had noticed that she’s going to marry with someone who’s a courageous officer. Then he had noticed that she has two profession & she has one profession left because of someone & decided that she’s not going to do that forever. Then he noticed that she has come here to fulfil some duty which is given by someone. Then Capt.R remembered Naina’s confrontation in his room. He remembered Naina saying,” I’ll do my duty, Captain  Rajveer Singh Shekhawat, I’ll do my duty.”And going from there. Then Capt.R is in confusion & thought,” Navin, what’s this yaar? Why am I thinking about your sister? I’ve no right to think about you & Naina also. If I’d not taken the courage on that time then you would be alive & Naina would never come here to this academy.”And then he slept gradually. Naina lying down on the bed & thought,” Why Capt.R said like that,’ Dark soldier calls you, one secret is in him, when sun hide behind the cloud, then there’ll be problem?’Is Huda or others is going to attack on Capt.R?”Then in confusion she slept gradually.


                        Here this side, In Naina’s home calling bell ringed & Naina’s father answered the door which revealed the postman. The post man gave a letter. Naina’s father asked the postman taking the letter,” Whose letter is this?”And saw the letter. He saw the address & is shocked because the address written was his Bangalore house’s address. The postman said softly,” This letter has gone to several places & after years it has reached the correct address. But uncle, people scold our postal service & us also.”Then Naina’s father said in gratitude,” Thank you puttar.”Then post man exited. Naina’s father called Naina’s mother in shock,”Veera….Veera.”Naina’s mother asked calmly,” What happened, why are you shouting?”Naina’s father said worriedly,” A letter has come.”Naina’s mother asked,”Letter, from whom?”Naina’s father said,” From Navin.”Hearing this Naina’s mother is shocked. Then Both Naina’s father & mother read that letter. The letter said,


              How are you? How’s maa & baba? My mission is going to complete & I’ll meet you, maa & baba in sometime. I’ve to say you news & hearing that you’ll be shocked but am sure you’ll forgive me for that. But In between, if something happens to me then please contact a Captain. His name is Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat.I’ll see you soon, Bye.



                             After reading this letter they both wept & decided to dial Naina. Next morning Naina is having the cup of coffee in the mess & Pooja entered the mess & said to Naina yawning hugely,” You got up early, very good. Well, you get up early.”She went to the counter & said to the orderly,” Coffee & a lays packet.”Then she came & sat in front of Naina in the same table & said,” Yaar, when you get up, your signal becomes strong. I’ll get up lately that’s why I never get the signal fastly.”On that time Huda entered the mess & saw Naina & Pooja & listened to their conversation hiding. Pooja said,” In fact Naina, what happened with Huda yesterday?”Naina asked angrily,” What happened?”Pooja said,” What happened means, Yudi said something to you & you believed it about Huda? Huda is innocent, he only talks.”Naina said dismissively,” Yes innocent. And he even doesn’t know how to talk with others.”Pooja asked calmly,” Then, what do you want? You were dancing with him happily in the fresher’s ball party.”Naina asked casually,” Then.”Pooja said calmly,” Naina he likes you.”Naina saw Pooja in shock.”Don’t you see?”Naina said in shock,” What?”Pooja said calmly,” It’s ok; he’s Huda & has his own style.”Naina said angrily,”Pooja please, I don’t want to discuss my private matters with anyone.”Pooja said calmly,” Look In love there’ll be no private or public. When love happens then there’ll be no private & public. Now you take me & Rohit only. And I think Naina that you also like Huda also.”Naina said,” What, am really sorry, am not here to love someone or to marry someone. Am here to become a soldier,” angrily & went outside the mess. Naina decided that she’s going to say to Huda that she don’t love him so that it can be put an end to it. On the way Naina saw Huda & tried to tell him that she don’t love him but an orderly came & said that she has a phone from home.

                                         Naina went to receive it & Huda cursed the orderly that he came between them. Huda thought that Naina is going to say I love you to him but he isn’t expecting that she’s going to refuse his love because she already in love with Capt.R. Naina took the receiver & said,” Hello.”Naina’s mother said crying,” Naina.”Hearing the shaking voice of the mother, Naina said worriedly,” Maa, are you alright. How’s baba? Are you both ok?”Naina’s mother said crying,” Naina, we are all fine. Yesterday a letter came.”Naina asked calmly,” Letter from whom maa?”Naina’s mother said crying,” From Navin.”Naina is shocked hearing this & said,” What from bhaiyya? But how can this happen, bhaiyya is…….”Naina’s mother cried harder & said,” Yes Naina.”Then Naina’s father took the receiver & patted Naina’s mother & said to Naina,” Puttar, Navin has written the letter before his death.”Naina said excitedly,” What bhaiyya has written in that letter, please tell me.”Naina’s father said,” Navin has written to Bangalore address. Someone has returned it to the post office & now after 5 yrs it had reached its correct address.”Naina asked worriedly,” Baba, please tell me what bhaiyya has written.”Naina’s father said,” Puttar, there’s nothing’s written here which has showing the doubt that he had a threatening to his life. But I think that he wanted to say something to us but there’s a name he has written. And the name is Captain Rajveer. He has written that if something happens to him then meet Captain Rajveer.”Naina is shocked hearing this & said,” Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat, why baba? What for?”Naina’s father said,” He hasn’t written that, why?”Naina asked immediately,” But.”Naina’s father said,” I do understand nothing, it’s good that you only ask him.”Naina said,” Baba, don’t worry; I’ll ask Captain Shekhawat, ok.”Naina’s father said,” Ok puttar, take care of yourself.”Naina said hurriedly,” You too & maa also, bye.”Then she kept the receiver & went to ask to Capt.R. Huda heard their conversation & came out of infirmary & saw Naina going towards Capt.R’s room & smiled & went outside.

                             Naina ran to meet Capt.R to his quarters, but his room was locked. Then she asked passer by orderly about Capt.R & the orderly answered that Capt.R went outside now. Naina ran to meet Capt.R. But on that time Huda brake failed the jeep of Capt.R’s. Capt.R said to Chaube in phone innocently,” Chaube, I’ll be back this evening, ok.”And he kept the phone & started the jeep & moved on. Huda smiled sarcastically holding the spanners & screw driver & said,” Good luck & good bye sir.”Naina ran to talk to Capt.R but Capt.R moved on. Then Capt.R is driving on & he came to know that brakes are failed & tried to control the jeep. Here Huda phoned his accomplice, on that time Naina came & heard Huda’s conversation hiding. Huda said happily,” Oh helloji. Yes am your X, Y, Z. Yes I’d fulfilled my promise. Now further you do your work. Yes yes, that’ll be sent to you quickly. This time, I’ll say over & out.”Naina thought,” What he had promised to them? And what that he wants to send them?”Then Naina ran to talk to with Arjun but Huda stopped her. Naina modified her expression & turned to talk to him. Huda asked,” Are you angry with me now also yaar?”Naina said angrily,” Huda please am not in the mood of talking to you.”Huda asked,” Can I help you?”Naina said angrily,” I want to meet Capt.R alone, can I?”And she went from there. Huda seeing towards her walked opposite side & almost dashed Pooja. Pooja smiled seeing him & said,” Huda, do something in which she’ll be attracted towards you. Or else there’ll be no connection is going to start by talking in the eyes.”And went from there. Huda smiled & said,” Am going to do that only.”Naina came to meet Arjun in the training grounds & explained everything. Then Arjun dialled to HQ & explained the situation to ACP Saab. Here Capt.R’s car fell into the ditch. Abhijeet & Sasha who were following Capt.R lost him & returned back seeing the jeep burning with the accident. Arjun came to know that but he didn’t say it to Naina. Because she’ll be disappointed. Then Naina asked Arjun about Capt.R but Arjun said that Abhijeet & Sasha are following him. Then Naina calmed herself & went to meet him in the quarters. But Capt.R’s room is still locked. Then she asked Chaube who was passing by,” Do you know where Capt.R had gone?”Chaube smiled & said,” Look am a simple head cook of this academy, how do I know? And you are a simple Cadet of this academy, why do you want to know? Look, what I know I’ll tell you, Capt.R will be back till evening because he like samosas prepared by me.”And he went. Naina thought,” Why did you go out today only sir?”And she went from there. Arjun saw this & cannot say the news of the jeep blasted & went to suffer himself silently. Here Huda took an appointment from Dr.R to control his emotions towards Naina. Naina still waiting in front of Capt.R’s room. Arjun cannot see her state, her eagerness of meeting Capt.R. But Capt.R is never going to come back. But Arjun isn’t having any strength to face her but left her for her state & went to his room. Naina is still waiting for Capt.R. Arjun came & said that he’ll be ok. But Naina will calm herself when she see Capt.R with her own eyes till then she can’t rest. Arjun went to his room resisting his sadness that he can’t say her news of Capt.R’s death. Naina is still waiting for Capt.R near his room on that electricity went off & orderly came holding the torch. Naina asked him that he has seen Capt.R in the academy. Orderly said that he hasn’t seen him anywhere in the academy & went. Here Naina is waiting for Capt.R near Amar Jawan Jyothi thinking that what bhaiyya wanted to tell to me or Capt.R. Is Capt.R knew something about bhaiyya’s death, about his conspiracy. Then her fellow Cadet came & gave a letter & said,” Naina are you waiting for someone?”Naina said,” Yeah, am waiting for Capt.R. I wanted to talk to him urgently, why?”Then she gave a card & said,” This is a card.”Naina took it & asked,” Who gave this letter?”She said,” I don’t know. Sham gave the letter to me & Jatin gave this letter to him & said that If Naina is seen then give this letter to her.”Naina opened it & said,” Thank you.”She said,” Bye.”And went from there. Naina read that letter. The letter said,” Your all questions, answers are waiting for you in the mess. Come to the mess silently.”Then Naina thought,” Who can write this, is this from Capt.R? But I didn’t see him coming to his room. Let’s see.”And went. Here Yudi went with Pooja to search Rohit leaving Ali in Arjun’s care & said that she’s going to come back & went. But Pooja came back saying so many reasons to Yudi & here Arjun to forget the sad news of the Death of Capt.R; he went to drink the bottle of rum from the room leaving Ali alone. Then Neelu came to know previously that Ali & Pooja are going outside & came to meet the Arjun but she didn’t know that it’s Ali & try to act more like a mad girl but on that time Pooja came & saw the incident & thought wrong about them & the big problem has started. Then Yudi & Neelu quarrel each other & Neelu went angrily from there. Here Naina came to the mess; the mess is so dark because of the electricity went off previously. Naina said entering the mess & asked,” Somebody’s there.”Then she entered slowly turning this side & that side & stopped & stood near a table. Someone ignited a cigarette lighter & lighted a candle & took it & held it to his face. Naina saw him & became angry because it was Huda & said,” Huda this isn’t time to make fun. Am not in the mood, ok.”And she turned & about to exit from the mess but Huda held Naina’s hand & said politely,” You don’t give me opportunity to ask sorry, Phoolan.”Naina took a deep breath & resisted her temper. Naina said angrily,” Stop it Huda, am in serious situation & please leave me alone, ok.”Huda said romantically,” Phoolan, you’ve changed me yaar. I’ve changed because of you, or else, am not that person yaar. I love you yaar.”Naina saw him in anger but she resisted it & said dismissively,” Is it over? Now leave me please.”Then Huda took the candle & he kept his right hand on the candle flame & said romantically,” I love you so much yaar.”Then Huda saw Naina’s eyes & Naina saw Huda’s eyes. Then after sometime Naina saw that Huda is burning his hand & said taking it from the flame,” What are you doing? Your hand will burn. Come take first aid for that.”Naina took his hand & about drag him to infirmary but Huda dragged her so near that he was about to kiss but on that time electricity came & TV was switched on. In TV, the news reporter said,” Now some local news, Between Karanageri & Kodakal road, the accident has occurred. A jeep’s accident has occurred & jeep is identified as Kanchenjunga Military Academy’s jeep. The jeep driver who was in the jeep on that time was Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat who has died in the accident. The jeep became out of control near Karanageri village & has fallen into the ditch. Police are investigating further about this case.”Naina is shocked hearing this that Capt.R is dead. Naina is shocked that she forgotten that what’s her profession is & seeing the news in stunned face. Huda is so impressed inside but said in shocked voice,” He’s dead.”Then Naina thought & said,” No, they’re telling lies, I’ll ask Brigadier, he knows about this.”And she went. Huda saw the news & smiled impressively.

                           Meanwhile, Brigadier came towards his office & said to orderly to open his office & call Major Nair. Then orderly did what he has been said & went to call Major Nair. Hearing the news Chaube also came to see Capt.R’s room, but is locked & thought,” What’s happening? Before calling to boss, I’ve to call Capt.R’s mobile.”And went & dialled the Capt.R’s mobile number from one of the academy’s telephone. But no one took & said a female voice,” The number you are trying to call is switched off or is in out of coverage area. Please call later.”Then he also kept the receiver & went from there. Meanwhile here, BC received a phone call & talked that he’ll submit a report to you sir. Naina came near BC’s office & said,” May I come in, sir?”BC said angrily,” What you’re doing here Cadet Singh, after lights out?”Naina asked worriedly,” Sir, now only I saw the news & the news said that Capt.R…”BC said angrily,” I’ve seen that news also, that’s why am here, other news will be given to you all tomorrow morning. Go back to your hostel Cadet.”On that time Major Nair entered & saluted BC & saw towards Naina & said,” Sir, you called for me.”BC said,” Yes Major.”Then BC said to Naina,” Cadet Singh dismiss.”Naina said,” Yes sir.”And saluted & went. Major Nair asked politely,” Sir, why did you call me?”BC said,” Major, did you see the news?”Major Nair said dismissively,” Yes sir, I’ve seen. Sir, we cannot declare national holiday. But, we can give holiday or organise a sad committee. Really a bad end occurred to Captain, sir.”BC said angrily,” Major Nair, I know you were not friendly with captain. But you cannot make fun of his death.”Major Nair asked dismissively,” Then why did you called me, sir?”BC said bossily,” You go to the spot & investigate about this case. How accident occurred, identify the jeep & identify the body of Capt.R’s.”Major Nair said,” Am sorry sir but this is the work of the police sir.”BC said angrily,” Capt.R is also a member of this academy, Major. I want to submit a report to the military board & you are going to prepare that report.”Major Nair said taking a deep breath,” Yes sir.”And saluted & exited his office. This side, Naina is so hurted & dialled to home. Naina’s dad gets up & said,” Is this time to phone us?”And took the phone & said,” Hello.”Naina said in hurted voice,” Baba, am defeated, baba. Capt.R’s dead in accident.”Naina’s father said comfortingly,” Naina don’t worry, didn’t you said that this fight is of you & you want to fight it alone?”Naina said crying,” No baba, I cannot fight this alone.”Naina’s father said,” What you can do, dear? Just don’t lose hope, puttar.”Naina said crying,” I can’t baba.”And she wept harder & kept the receiver in hold only. Here Naina’s father put over the receiver & kept his hand on his forehead worriedly. Naina sat there weeping & holding the receiver in her hand only. Then someone came & took the receiver on her hand & kept it in his correct place & kept his hand in comforting way, it was Huda. Huda said comfortingly,” It’s ok yaar, why are you giving yourself punishment, come?”And he took Naina to the mess. Huda made Naina to sit near an empty table in the mess & poured some water & gave it to Naina. Naina took it & drank some water & wiped her tears. Then Naina just hold the water & further thought about Capt.R. Huda said,” Phoolan, why are you giving yourself punishment? Look Captain is dead, you can’t lose hope yaar.”Naina hearing this words she remembered Capt.R’s words,” Naina, in war, soldier never lose hope. Soldier fought the wars with hopes only & till his last breath, the hope will be there & when the hope is there, soldiers never leave the war.”And then further thought his words when Naina said that she never become soldier,” Naina Singh, you’re going to become soldier & not a common soldier but an A-class soldier because I trust you. In life war will be won with hopes. I’ve trust on you because I believe in Cadet Naina Ah Singh.”And he smiled sweetly. And then she also remembered the tarot cards,” Dark soldier is going to call you.”Then Naina thought further about Capt.R only. Then Huda saw the time & the time was for 9 there was only 2 minutes remaining. Then he went saying to Naina,” Phoolan, don’t go anywhere, I’ll be back in a minute. Just wait here only.”And he went. Here Naina went to boys hostel & met Arjun there. Arjun saw Naina & is shocked. Then he took Naina outside the room & outside the hostel & said,” What are you doing here, Naina?”Naina asked,” Why didn’t you tell me that Capt.R is dead?”Arjun said immediately,” Don’t repeat it once again. Capt.R isn’t dead. Look, now only I got the phone from HQ & ACP Saab said that they didn’t get any body. They’re further investigating & don’t worry. There’s still hope is there.”Naina said happily,” Truly?”Arjun nodded & said,” Now you go to your hostel, I’ll inform you about further next morning, good night.”Naina nodded & went saying good night to Arjun. Here Huda went near Capt.R’s room but he saw Chaube there & went opposite side to hide but he saw Suriji & Dr.S. Then he became panicky that where he go & went backwards to hide. Here Chaube saw Capt.R’s room is locked & went worried. Then Dr.S & Suriji came towards Dr.R’s room.

                              Dr.S asked to Suriji,” I hope that you didn’t say this news to Rituji,”worriedly. Suriji said worriedly,” No I thought that it would be good that you give this information to her. In fact Brigadier has sent Major Nair to the accidental area to confirm.”Dr.S thought & said,” I don’t know how I say this news to Rituji?”Meanwhile here, some black masked man entered Capt.R’s room opening the lock & started searching his room, everywhere. But Chaube came on that time & saw that Capt.R’s room has become a big mess. Then Chaube said seeing in torch light,” Who’s that?”Then No one answered. Chaube went to switch on the light but the black masked man stopped Chaube & fought with him. Chaube try to take out the mask but that man overpowered him & injured him in the head. Then he took two files & went outside. Naina saw the black masked man coming outside from Capt.R’s room. Naina saw him & said in shock,” Hey, who are you?”And Naina followed him for some distance but he escaped from her. The black masked man ran fastly & threw one file to amar jawan jyothi & ran outside the academy & opened the mask. It was Huda & he went to give that file which he has taken to his fellow colleagues. Arjun followed Huda. Then Naina went to Capt.R’s room & switched on the light & saw that Chaube is injured & blood is oozing out. Then Naina came outside in panic & said to passerby orderly & said,” Look, someone has injured Buntyji & he’s bleeding from the head. Where’s Dr.S?” Orderly said,” Now I saw that she entered the corridor of Dr.R’s room.”Naina said in panic,” Ok, you take Buntyji & admit him in infirmary. I’ll fetch Dr.S.”And Naina ran towards Dr.R’s room. Then Dr.S said the news about the death of Capt.R to Dr.R. Dr.S said,” Capt.R said that he’s going to come back this evening. But he didn’t say that where he’s going. And then he’s dead.”Dr.R collapsed to the chair. Dr.S came outside worriedly. Suriji asked worriedly,” What happened?”Dr.S said worriedly,” Rituji is in shock.”Suriji said worriedly,” Oh god, why are you testing us?”Naina ran to Dr.S & said in panicky,” Madam please come. Someone has injured Buntyji in Capt.R’s room. I’d sent an orderly to take him to infirmary. Madam please come with me.”Suriji asked suspiciously,” What he was doing there?”Naina said hurriedly,” When I saw then Capt.R’s room was opened & I saw a black masked man running taking some files. Then I saw Buntyji is injured in Capt.R’s room. Madam please come.”Suriji said immediately,” I’ll alert the security, don’t panic.”And he went hurriedly. Naina said worriedly,” Madam please come.”Dr.S said,” What about Ritu?”Dr.R came outside & said,” Shalini, I’ve heard everything. You please go.”Dr.S said in amazement,” Are you ok, Ritu?”Dr.R said calmly,” Am ok Shalini, you please go?”Dr.S said worriedly,” Ritu, please take care of yourself. I’ll come back & attend to you.”And she went with Naina. Dr.R is so sad & went inside the room & collapsed on the chair.

                               After treating Bunty Chaube she explained the condition of Chaube’s to Naina. Dr.S said worriedly,” Someone has beaten to the head of Bunty Chaube. The wound is deep & he has lost so much of blood & I think we’ve to shift him to the hospital.”On that time BC came & asked,” Dr.S, how’s Bunty’s condition?”Dr.S said,” Sir, someone has beaten to Bunty Chaube’s head & the wound is so deep. He has lost so much of blood. We want to shift him to the hospital, sir.”BC said calmly,” Ok, I’ll talk to Dr.Puri in army hospital. We cannot admit him in private hospital.”Then he saw Naina there & asked angrily,” What are you doing here, Cadet Singh?”Dr.S said immediately,” Sir, Cadet Naina reported me about Bunty Chaube’s injury & reported immediately.”BC said suspiciously,” Didn’t I tell you to go to your hostel?”Naina said politely,” Yes sir, I was going towards my hostel but I saw that Capt.R’s room is opened.”BC asked in amazement & shock,” What, did you saw someone there?”Naina said politely,” Yes sir, I followed him for some distance but he ran faster sir. He was wearing some black mask sir.”BC said in shock,” Oh my god.”Then Dr.S asked politely,” Excuse me sir, I need a person, so who can sit with me & monitor the patient.”Naina asked politely,” May I volunteer madam?”Dr.S said immediately,” Ya sure.”BC said immediately,” No.”Dr.S said convincingly,” Sir please, let Cadet Naina Singh come with me & this isn’t the right time to make raise other faculty or senior Cadets. I want that this news will not be out to everyone sir.”BC said nodding,” I think you’re right Dr.S. Ok, I’ll talk to Dr.Puri.”Then they took Bunty Chaube to the ambulance. Naina sat inside the ambulance. On that time Suriji came & said to Dr.S,” I’ve alerted the high security. There’s no problem, I’ll come with you.”Dr.S said,” No Suriji, please take care of Rituji” And she gave some tablets to Suriji & said,” Give this tablet to Rituji & say her to take one tablet. And she can repeat the dosage next morning also. Suriji, please take care of her.”Suriji said,” Ok, I’ll sit with her only. Ok, don’t worry.”Stroking her hair. Dr.S went & sat in the ambulance. Ambulance started & moved on. Then Huda came & try to convince Brigadier & Suriji so that he also go to the hospital for more help to them but Brigadier didn’t gave any permission & ordered Huda to go back to hostel & went. Then Huda went to army hospital not informing BC in his motorbike.

                           In the hospital, Dr.S is sitting to the monitor the patient. On that time Naina dialled to ACP Saab & explained the incident about Bunty Chaube’s injury.ACP Saab explained that Arjun has followed Huda & took some pictures of the terrorist which Huda was meeting. Then Naina asked any news about Capt.R but ACP Saab said that they’re still searching. Then Naina said to ACP Saab that tells Arjun that she’s with Dr.S to monitor the Bunty Chaube & disconnected the phone.


                              Here Major Nair came back to the academy & reported to BC about the car accident. Major Nair said dismissively,” Sir, the jeep which has fallen into the ditch is our academy’s jeep only. The jeep was going towards Mysore sir. The jeep brakes were failed & the jeep became out of control near Karanageri village & fallen into the ditch. The ditch is about 55 feet deep sir. And the jeep fallen & ignited by the fire itself.”BC asked worriedly,” What about the body?”Major Nair said dismissively,” Sir, police didn’t find any body.”BC said worriedly,” You mean.”Major Nair said dismissively,” I’m mean that in which force the jeep ignited & fell into the ditch, I think it’s impossible to save himself.”BC turned that side with sympathy & repentance. Major Nair said sarcastically,” What a bad end poor man.”BC said slowly,” Hearing your words Major there’s no sympathy or repentance of Capt.R’s death.”Major Nair said dismissively,” What can we do sir, we’ve to face the truth that Capt.R isn’t between us.”BC didn’t say anything & he sat for sometime silently & then he said,” Major, call a meeting to the faculty & students. I’ll announce the sad news to them.”Major Saluted & said,” Yes sir.”And exited from BC’s office. Here this side in hospital, Dr.S is worried with something & she’s holding her hand on her forehead & sitting. Naina came & tapped on Dr.S’s shoulder & said,” Madam you go & sleep. I’ll sit near him.”Dr.S asked concernedly,” Did you get a good sleep, Cadet?”Naina said sadly,” For sometime madam, but I couldn’t sleep further because of what happened to Capt.R.”Dr.S kept a comforting arm & said in painful voice,” Ok, I’ll go to sleep but you keep a watch on him.”Naina nodded & Dr.S went to have some rest. Then Naina sat beside Chaube & remembered last night’s incident,’ Black masked man running from Capt.R’s room & throwing a file to the fire of amar jawan jyothi. Then Naina running back & saw that Chaube is hurted. Then Naina thought,” Who was that man? Was he Huda is it then, why is he doing like that? Is he been blackmailed or has been brainwashed?”Meanwhile Chaube came to conscious & saw around him & the hospital ward came into focus & Naina also. Then Naina saw his movements & said immediately,” Buntyji, can you hear me? You’re in army hospital now. Do you remember that you were injured in Capt.R’s room?”Bunty saw around him.”I’ll call Dr.S.”And went but Chaube stopped her & said holding her hand,” Naina.” Naina came near him & asked,” Buntyji, are you ok?”Chaube said slowly,” Captain Rajveer……….”Naina said sadly,”………He’s no more Buntyji.”Chaube said slowly,” No Naina, Capt.R is alive.”Naina saw in amazement & happiness & said in shock,” What?”Chaube said,” Capt.R had ordered me to bring a file from his room. When I went inside then a phone came to me, it was from Capt.R’s. Naina, Capt.R trusts you so much.”Naina saw him suspiciously.” Ya I know that.”Then Naina said,” Tell me where he’s then, I’ll try to do something.”Chaube said,” Come near me, I’ll tell that in your ear.”Naina came near his mouth & gave her ear to tell him. Chaube said a code in Naina’s ear & said,” Naina, don’t tell to anyone because his life is in danger. You’ll have to search him & contact him yourself.”Naina nodded. Meanwhile Dr.S entered the ward with Dr.Puri & saw that Chaube has come to conscious & said,” Oh, Bunty has come to conscious.”Naina said,” I was about to come & report you madam.”Dr.S said to Dr.Puri,” Doctor please.”Dr.Puri said appreciatively,” That’s very good.”Naina went that side & remembered what Chaube said in her ear. The code is,’ NO PROBLEM TO HIS WEST OF KILIMINJARO FIVE KNOTS MADE FROM ACCOUNTS DON’T FAKE.’ Then Naina took permission from Dr.S & went towards the KMA. But before that she went & dialled to ACP Saab from hospital.ACP Saab saw the number & thought that it is from army hospital & received the call,” Hello.”Naina said seeing around her,” Sir, Naina.”ACP Saab asked,” What is it, Naina? Any problem?”Naina said immediately,” Yes sir. Chaube said that Capt.R is alive. He survived the accident & he’s not in good state & he gave me Capt.R’s location. And he’s also said that don’t trust anyone & I only contact him myself. He has given a code which is Capt.R’s location.”ACP Saab asked,” You need some help Naina?”Naina said immediately,” No sir, but I want you to give an undercover protection to Lieutenant Bunty Chaube, so that further complications not happens. Because I’ve to say truth to Brigadier & I think Huda also that Capt.R is alive or else they think that I’d run away from academy without any reason. And I’ll inform this to Arjun also.”ACP Saab said,” Ok, I’ll do that but be careful, Naina. You’ve not any experience of tracking but try your level best. All the best.”Naina said,” Yes sir & thank you sir. And I need your opinion with this sir. Sir, would it be alright that shall I share this code with Huda?”ACP Saab thought for a moment & said,” Yes but in the right time till then you’ll not reveal that code, ok?”Naina said cunningly,” Don’t worry sir.”Then requesting she said,” But during rescue if something happens to me or I’ll be killed then don’t stop the mission continue the mission sir.”ACP Saab said appreciatively,” Am proud of you Naina, don’t worry, your brother will have justice & I’ll make the justice & honour come to your brother, I promise. Wish you a best of luck. I hope that you success this rescue mission.”Naina said stubbornly,” Yes sir, thank you sir.”And she disconnected the phone & thought stubbornly,” Don’t worry Capt.R because your Cadet Naina Singh Ahluwaliya is going to come to your rescue. Bhaiyya help me rescuing Capt.R.”

                                Here Major Nair called an assembly meeting for Cadets & Faculty & Brigadier announced that Capt.R is no more & showed him the respect by becoming silent for 2 minutes & dismissed the assembly. Then Cadets talked that there was one hero in the academy & he also gone forever. Then Arjun thought that how can he say this news to Naina but he don’t know that she’s having a very good news to him. Then Pooja asked that where Naina is & Yudi answered that she has gone with Dr.S because someone injured Bunty Chaube. Then Arjun thought that this is the work of Huda & thought that he’s doing that wrong. Then Yudi asked that where Huda is & Ali said curiously that Huda has gone behind his Phoolan & Arjun thought this as wrong & decided to talk with Naina by dialling to army hospital. Here Naina came outside the army hospital & remembered the code which Chaube had said in her ear. Then Huda came in his motorbike & stopped in front of her. Huda came & started flirting with Naina & said smiling,” What to do Phoolan, I’ve to come. Brigadier has to accept that I’ve to be with you for the protection, because I care for you so much because I love you so much.”Naina saw him suspiciously. Then Huda changed the subject seeing her view,” I’m mean together with you both yaar.”Naina felt irritated with his words & said dismissively,”Huda, I’ve urgent work, I’ve to go.”Huda said stopping her,” That’s why, I’ve come here yaar. Let’s go together, I’ll leave you where you want to go.”Naina said calmly but resisting her anger,” No thanks Huda please, I’ve to go alone.”Huda said,” Look Phoolan, you do what you want to do, I’ll not come between that just I’ll be with you only yaar.” Naina thought,” Ok, you’re coming with me so that you can get information about Bunty Chaube.Ok Huda, you’re playing with me but don’t worry, I also play with you.”Huda said romantically,” Look Phoolan, if something happens to you, and then I can’t forgive myself.”Naina became silent. Huda said smiling,” Let’s go & have some coffee.”Naina is so silent. Huda asked suspiciously,”Naina, what happened yaar.I think you aren’t well. Look Phoolan, you’ve to take care of yourself yaar. What’s the matter? Capt.R isn’t anymore & you’ve to accept this yaar. Don’t destroy yourself in his memory. Now what do you want to do, where do you want to go?”Naina turned that side & said stubbornly,” To search Capt.R.”Huda said angrily,”Capt.R is dead, Naina.”Naina said stubbornly,”Capt.R is alive.”Huda is shocked hearing that & Naina observed this but Huda modified his expression & said in amazement,” What?”Then Huda asked immediately,” What are you saying?”Naina said,”Bunty has said to me Huda, Capt.R is alive, I’ve to search him.”Huda tried to convince Naina & said,” Phoolan, you’re not well. You’re not in good state.”Naina said stubbornly,” Huda am telling the truth.”Huda said angrily,” What’s the truth yaar? Bunty is this academy’s cook, a common cook. What he know about Capt.R?”Naina said stubbornly,”Capt.R has phoned to Bunty.”Huda said dismissively,”Capt.R phoned to a cook. No one was there to phone up? Phoolan, come on sit on the bike.”Naina nodded to say no.”You’re going to come with me to academy. Look you need rest.”Naina said stubbornly,” Huda, why don’t you understand, I’ve to search Capt.R very soon.”And went from there but Huda stopped her & said,” Trust me, Phoolan.”Naina saw Huda’s eyes which were showing a panic & fear. Then Naina sat on his bike & went to the academy. Huda is still thinking & Naina saw Huda impressively from the mirror & thought,” Huda, I said that news because I wanted you to say this news to your accomplice so that they come into open or send their accomplice so that I can catch them red-handedly. Am sorry Rajveer sir, am making your life in danger but please god success me in this mission.”Naina & Huda came to academy.

                        Huda is thinking so much & Naina is observing him curiously. Naina came in front of amar jawan jyothi & thought,” Bhaiyya please give me success in this mission so that I can make Huda stop going towards wrong way & protect Capt.R.”Then Huda saw Naina diverted & he went from there immediately. Ali asked worriedly,” Where’s Huda?”Then Huda entered the assembly hall & Yudi saw him & said,” Think of the devil & devil is here, Huda.”Huda saw Yudi & Ali said immediately,” Huda bhai, where were you till now?”Huda said slowly,” I went behind Naina to the hospital. But why?”Arjun is shocked hearing this. Ali said worriedly,” We were so worried about you & Major Nair was searching you also.”Pooja said calmly,” I’d said him that you’re not well. Just you act more like that you’re not well.”Yudi said,” Didn’t I tell you that you’re in love with Naina?”Huda said innocently but deceiving,” Yes yaar.”And he went to have some breakfast. Then Naina came & her friends saw her state & asked that she’s alright or not. Arjun said slowly,” I think she hasn’t eaten from yesterday night.”Then Naina’s friends insisted that she have something but Naina said slowly,” Am not hungry.”Then Arjun noticed that she’s hiding something. Then Ali said immediately,” Nothing doing, you’ll have to follow our command & now come & have breakfast.”And then all took Naina to the mess. Ali kept a cup of coffee in front of her & Yudi kept the breakfast plate in front of her & said to have it. But Naina is still thinking about Bunty Chaube’s words & she exited immediately from the mess. All her friends are amazed with her behaviour & Pooja try to stop her but Arjun said,” Leave her alone, In fact, her body was here but her mind was elsewhere.”

                        Meanwhile Huda dialled to his accomplice & asked that the news is true or lies & his accomplice said that the news is true. Then Huda said angrily,” If you’d known then why didn’t you tell me? Ok, I’ll do something. This time I’ll say over & out.”And he disconnected the phone. Naina came near BC’s office but on the way an orderly stopped her & asked,” What’s the matter, Cadet?”Naina nodded no & went from there for some distance & thought what Bunty Chaube said that she has to contact Capt.R directly & about to go from there but BC saw Naina & called her,” Cadet Singh.”Naina said politely,” Sir”. And she entered BC’s office. BC saw her & asked concernedly,” What’s the matter, Cadet Singh, you are looking troubled?”Naina said politely,” Nothing sir, I wanted to….”BC said,”……I know Cadet Singh that you wanted to take some rest. Am giving you off today, I’ll inform it to Major Nair,” slowly. Naina didn’t answer anything she was still thinking about Chaube’s words of not telling to anyone. Then Naina said politely,” No sir, there’s something I’ve to tell you.”BC said softly,” Then proceed.”Naina said politely,” Capt.R is alive, sir.”BC saw her in shock & said,” What are you saying Cadet Singh?”Naina said immediately,” Am telling the truth sir. Bunty said that when he had gone to Capt.R’s room then a phone call came & Capt.R said himself that he’s alive sir. Bunty has gone to see some files in Capt.R’s room on that time…”And she explained to BC what happened with Bunty.”When Bunty came to the consciousness in army hospital, he said to me, sir.”BC said immediately,” Oh my god, I’ve to do that something immediately. You may leave Cadet Singh?”Naina nodded. Then BC dialled a number from the telephone & said,” Major Nair, I want to see you immediately in my office….quick.”Then he kept the phone. Then BC stopped Naina & asked,” Cadet Singh, did Bunty said any location to you?”Then Naina thought & said immediately,” No sir.”Then Naina ran to her hostel very fastly. Her friends saw her running in panic & thought that why is she running like that & Arjun also thought too. Then Arjun also gave his friends a slip & went to Naina’s room. Here BC said angrily to Major Nair,” Major Nair, you had said that Capt.R’s body wasn’t found.”Major Nair said calmly,” The jeep was burnt that…..”BC said angrily,”…….That the body was found impossible. But this can happen that there was not any body?”Major Nair asked innocently,” What do you want to say, sir?”BC said angrily,” Captain is missing; I’m meant he would’ve saved himself.”Major Nair said stubbornly,” Impossible sir, Jeep fell into the 55ft ditch & it is impossible to survive a person who’s driving.”BC said angrily,” Nothing is impossible Major. And we’ve to accept this as we’re soldiers?”Major Nair asked,” If Capt.R is alive then where’s he?”BC said angrily,” Capt.R is alive & we’ve to search him Major.”Major Nair try to make Brigadier confuse,” How can we trust Bunty’s words & why did he said to Cadet Singh only, Dr.S was also there, why didn’t he tell her?”BC said angrily,” Major, this isn’t time to debate. We’ve an information about Capt.R & we’ve to see that information is wrong or right. Am ordering you to plan out the mission & the mission’s aim will be to search Capt.R. And you can take any help from anyone. Choice is yours Major. All the best Major.”Major Nair said,” Sir.”And saluted him & went from the BC’s office. Huda listened to their conversation & hided from Major Nair & thought,” I’ve to impress Major Nair for this mission.”And went from there to follow Major Nair.

                         Here Naina came to her room & remembered the code & wrote it on the paper,” NO PROBLEM TO HIS WEST OF KILIMINJARO FIVE KNOTS MADE FROM ACCOUNTS DON’T FAKE.”On that time Arjun came & knocked at the door. Naina opened it & Arjun entered & asked about her trouble. Naina explained everything & said that she’s going to go to search Capt.R. Naina asked,” Arjun, ACP Saab said that you went to follow Huda, did you get any clue?”Arjun said worriedly,” Not clue, I got evidence that Huda is working for that terrorists. And these are the photos of those terrorists whom he met last night & gave that file. He was the one who attacked Bunty Chaube.”Naina saw the photos & said in shock immediately,” I’ve seen them in Capt.R’s file. Look, this man who has moustache, he’s called as Yusuf Ahmed who is an wanted terrorist for our country. He’s mainly involved in Bangalore blasts. And this man who has pug nose, his name is Mohammed Ali & he’s also wanted terrorist for our country & he’s mainly involved in Ahmedabad blasts. This Huda is going in wrong way. He’s helping these hardcore terrorists who is making our country havoc. And this man who has this mysterious dragon tattoo, his name is Mansoor Ali Khan & his profession is that he’s a suicide bomber & he’s wanted terrorist for the police of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Bangladesh & these terrorists work for anti-India league.”Arjun is so worried & said,” What? But how did they are coming to our country through sea or from aeroplane or from the border they’re reaching. I do not understand how these terrorists are entering our country. And mainly that intruder who has come to theft nuclear triggers. If they become success by keeping the bomb in this academy then they can become success by thefting the nuclear triggers. And this Huda is helping those terrorists to come inside the academy. And Naina, we’ve to search Capt.R till then Huda & his accomplice reach Capt.R & do something to him. Naina give me the code, I try to crack it.”Naina gave that code & Arjun cracked it & said,” WEST OF KMA 5 KMS FROM ACCIDENTAL AREA TOWARDS SIKANDAR LAKE.”Huda went to meet Major Nair & try to impress him so that he can choose him to the search mission. Huda said,” Sir.”Major Nair saw Huda top to bottom & asked,” I was said that you aren’t well Cadet.”Huda said immediately,” Am feeling much better, In fact, am coming back from Dr.S from infirmary.”Major Nair nodded. Then Huda said,” Sir, what am hearing?” Major Nair saw him suspiciously & asked,” What happened?”Huda said innocently,” Capt.R is alive?”Major Nair became silent & walked slowly. Huda also walked slowly talking with him,” I felt very strange. I’m mean, what do you think sir, is it true? I’m mean; we’ve to think that if he’s alive then he would come back. He’s smart & intelligent & an experienced officer. He was revolting against you so much.”Major Nair saw him angrily.”In fact he’s a soldier; he would come back to academy anyway.”Major Nair said innocently,” Am going to a mission to search Capt.R.”Then Huda said softly,” Well its time waste & energy waste by searching Capt.R. You’re caught in this mission. I’ve doubt on Capt.R from first, look when the bomb blasted on Independence Day, he knew but no one knew & when Naina was caught by the terrorists, then also he knew & no one knew. And his jeep’s accident occurred only. And when no one will be saved in that type of accident then also he survived the accident?”Major Nair saw him suspiciously & thought & said,” I’ve to select someone to take with me in this mission.”And saw him curiously. Then Huda said innocent but deceiving,” What you can do sir? Orders are orders only. In fact sir, when Capt.R was revolting you when he was here then I felt very angry. Sir, I accept that he’s our teacher but you’re his senior & to become hero he was making you feel bad & he has to be an example for the Cadets.”Major Nair said directly,” Cadet Huda, you are going to come with me to the mission.”Huda said innocently,” Me, I’m mean….”Major Nair said bossily,” It’s an order. Get ready, we’ve to leave in 30 minutes.”Huda said innocent but deceiving,” Are you sure, sir? Yes sir.”And he saluted to Major Nair. Major Nair went to get ready. And Huda smiled at him proudly & impressively,” Thank you sir.”

                                Here both Naina & Arjun is talking about how to get out of this academy to save Capt.R. Then Huda came to Naina’s room & knocked at the door. Naina & Arjun are alarmed & Naina asked,” Who’s that?”Huda said,” Phoolan, it’s me Huda, open the door.”Arjun jumped from the window & escaped. Then Naina opened the door & Huda saw her & smiled sweetly,” Phoolan, don’t take tension.”Naina didn’t answer & is so worried.”You want that If Capt.R is alive then bring him back to academy. Am going to bring Captain.”Naina saw him suspiciously & asked,” What do you mean?”Huda said proudly,” Brigadier has given a mission to Major to search Captain & Major has selected me to go with his mission. But I’d promised Major that to make my Phoolan happy I can do anything.”Naina thought & said,” Huda how can you go alone in this mission I want to come with you also. I’ll talk to Major.”Huda said,”Yaar Phoolan am going then why you want to come &you know that Major will not take you.”Naina said stubbornly,” No, I’ll go.”And she went to talk to Major. Huda try to stop her but Naina didn’t stop & ran fastly.Huda said,” Why don’t she understand?”Major Nair gets ready to the mission & went meanwhile Naina came & stopped him & requested him,” Sir, I want to come to this mission sir, I know where…..”And then Naina remembered Chaube’s warning & became silent. Major Nair said bossily,” Cadet Singh, I decide one who comes to this mission or not.”And then sarcastically,” By the way, I’ve seen your courageous news about the terrorist attack & let me remind you Cadet Singh, you’ve failed in rifle drill two times. And there’ll be no Capt.R to save you once again, dismiss.”And Major Nair went from there. Naina saw Major Nair angrily with folded arms & thought,” Major Nair, I’ve decided to go & save Capt.R but I thought of giving you protection from Huda as he’s an accomplice of those hardcore terrorists but I think that you not needed any protection.”Then Arjun said to give her encouragement,” Naina, in jail, I’d learnt a lesson. To kill a person & to save the person, there’ll be only one hand difference & one who not stretches his hand to save others he’ll never forgive himself in his life.”Naina said stubbornly seeing Arjun’s face,” Do something Arjun. I want to go & save Capt.R.”Arjun nodded but said in low voice,” Be careful.”Naina nodded. Arjun stroked Naina’s head in brotherly love & he also nodded smiling. At night, Arjun made the guards drink the alcohol & try to be nice to them by listening to their miserable life. During that time Naina ran behind the guards & her friends helped her. Naina climbed the wall very fastly & jumped that side & said to her friends that she’s ok & thank you. Then Pooja & Ali once again become friends & Yudi smiled seeing them both together once again. Naina climbed a truck from behind & sat in that to go to the location.i.e, towards forest. Here Arjun informed HQ that Naina has gone to rescue Capt.R & said to keep an eye on her & for security measures he has put a transmitter inside Naina’s pant pocket without her permission & observe that where she goes & inform me. Next morning, Major & Huda stopped near a dhaba to have the tea & breakfast. Huda said to Major appreciatively,” It’s good sir, you stopped for breakfast. I don’t know what the state of Capt.R in the forest is. It would be difficult that If we’ve to carry him.”They both sat in an empty table & Huda washed his face & sat beside Major Nair.” In fact, sir, you’ve fought so many wars then what do you think sir that Capt.R made his accident himself?”Major Nair saw towards him suspiciously. Then Huda said immediately,” For heroism sir.”Then Major Nair didn’t answer he was silent & thinking on that time his mobile phone rang. Major Nair took it & saw the number & received it immediately,” Sir.”It was from Brigadier & he said,” Major, Cadet Naina Singh is missing from the academy. She has run away from the academy & I think….”Major Nair said directly,”…..I know that sir, where she has gone.”BC said immediately,” Arrest her immediately.”Major Nair said politely,” Yes sir.”And he disconnected the mobile & thought silently. Huda asked drinking the tea,” What happened, sir?”Major Nair still didn’t answer.” Shall I order breakfast?”Then Major Nair saw Huda angrily & said slowly,” Cadet Singh has ran away from the academy.”Huda asked shockingly,” Naina ran away from the academy.”On that Naina get off from the truck which stopped in front of the same dhaba where Major Nair stopped for breakfast. Huda said in troubled voice,” You mean that we’ve to catch Naina also.”Naina jumped from the truck to have something for breakfast & saw KMA jeep & saw Huda & Major Nair & went to hide. Then Major Nair was trying to dial to academy but it’s not connecting because of the network & said angrily,” Bloody hell, there’s no network also.”And he tried to catch the range by walking & coming towards a bamboo blanket where Naina is hidden behind. Naina hide behind it so that Major Nair cannot recognise it’s Naina. Huda came behind him. Major Nair said,” I’ve thought of searching Capt.R. Let’s start from the forest. We’ll go till this jeep goes. When the jeep stops we’ll go back to KMA & tell them that Capt.R had become food to wild animals. And Brigadier expels Cadet Singh after all.”Huda didn’t like the idea of expelling Naina but Smiled cunningly.”To save a soldier we cannot……”Huda said cunningly,” We can’t waste full army sir; It’s your lesson only.”And Major Nair also smiled cunningly. Naina listened to their conversation & thought,” Very good then you’ll not follow me or interfere in my business. So then I can rescue Capt.R without any interruption. I want to see your face Huda when Capt.R comes & stands in front of you alive & very well.”Major Nair gave the money to Huda & said,” Pay the bill.”Huda went to pay the bill & Major Nair still walked forward to catch the range to talk with Brigadier. Major Nair stood in front of a car. Naina went hiding to jump into the truck. On that time the truck started in which she came & Naina ran & jumped into the truck immediately. Major Nair saw Naina jumping into the truck from the car glass & he ran & started his jeep. Huda saw Major Nair’s hurry & he also ran & jumped into the jeep.

                          Here this side, Brigadier gave punishment to remaining Cadets, i.e., Naina’s fellow Cadets. BC said angrily,” What do you think this academy as your home? What do you do & we’re not informed that Cadet Singh has run away from the academy. Here, one who break the rules & one who support them are punished severely.”Then he showed a ditch & said angrily,” This ditch is 5ft depth & you are going to jump inside it & stand till Major Nair is going to bring Cadet Singh back. Now jump into the ditch.”All the 4 Cadets jump inside the ditch, first Arjun, then Ali, Pooja & lastly Yudi. After that BC ordered to orderly. Orderly kept a pipe into the ditch. Ali asked curiously,” Bhaijaan, why is this pipe for?”Orderly said closing his nose & mouth & wearing the gloves,” To fill the ditch.”Yudi asked curiously,” And what are you going to fill it?’Orderly answered smiling sarcastically,” Sewage water.”All 4 Cadets saw that in disgust & stood in the corners of the ditch. Then Pooja said in disgust,” Naina please come fast yaar.”Here Huda & Major Nair followed the truck in which Naina is present. Major Nair drive fastly to stop the truck but Naina stopped them by throwing the contents of the truck. Major Nair tried to avoid it but lost control on his jeep & dashed the jeep to a tree. Major Nair said angrily,” Bloody hell.”Naina said impressively,” Am sorry sir but I’ll be back with Capt.R.”And the truck went fastly further. Major Nair said angrily,” This Cadet Singh has gone mad on that Captain.”Huda thought,” That means, Phoolan knows Captain’s location.”Then Huda said hurriedly,”Sir,you stay here & guard the jeep, I’ll run & arrest Phoolan & bring her back to you.”And went but Major Nair stopped him & said angrily,” Cadet Huda, am the commandant in this mission. So you’re going to obey my orders. I’ll arrest Cadet Singh, you’re going to help me with this.”Huda said seriously,”Ok sir. But more or less give me the permission to bring the mechanic.”Major Nair said sarcastically,”Mechanic,in this forest?Ha……”Huda said clearly,”Sir,to follow the Cadet Singh we need jeep & for the jeep we’ve to bring the mechanic.Sir,this is a main road & trucks will be coming & going, then garage will be there sir.”Major Nair said impressively,”Smart,if you try further then you can destroy enemy.”Huda said impressively,” Now also am trying sir.”Major Nair said bossily,”Ok,you go & bring the mechanic. I’ll wait here only.”Huda went but stopped & turned. Major Nair asked innocently,” What happened?”Huda said,”Sir,will you give your mobile, if range comes to mobile then I’ll dial to academy & ask the help.”Major Nair saw him suspiciously & gave the mobile & warned,” Don’t play with this?”Huda said innocently,” No sir.”And saluted & went to bring the mechanic. Here this side Naina started to walk in the forest examining the code she had cracked. The cracked code said,” WEST OF KMA 5KMS FROM ACCIDENTAL AREA TOWARDS SIKANDAR LAKE.”Naina read it repeatedly & went further west of KMA. Then Naina took the magnetic compass & came at conclusion that she is standing in wrong direction & she went to its opposite direction, i.e., towards west. Then Naina saw the code once again & she cracked code correctly this time. The cracked code said,” NORTH WEST OF KMA 5KMS FROM ACCIDENTAL AREA TOWARDS SIKANDAR LAKE.”Then Naina saw the magnetic compass & happily walked further towards North West of KMA. But Naina had a doubt that someone is following her but she acted that she didn’t know so that seeing the correct time she can catch him or her red-handedly. Naina was right because someone following her not to stop her but to kill her permanently. A man was standing holding the gun which is targeted to Naina from 25ft distance. He was about to shoot at Naina but on that time his mobile vibrated & he turned that side & received the call from his mobile. Huda said seriously,” Hello, Huda here. Look Naina knows Captain’s location.”That man said,” Yes she’s going further with the help of that.”And observed Naina from the top of the mountain from his binoculars. Huda asked in amazement,” Hey, how do you know?”That man said,” She’s in front of me at a distance of 25ft.If you had not dialled to me then I’d have killed Cadet Singh.”Huda said immediately,” Wait, you are going to kill a woman. Shame on you, you’re going to kill a woman because you’re a man. Don’t you show manhood in front of Naina, she’s unarmed also? Are you going to kill a weapon less soldier?” That man said,” My orders is to kill anyone if they come between our mission, if it is Captain or Cadet Singh.”Huda said immediately in panic,” Naina has Captain’s location, how can you kill her?”That man said,” I can steal the location & can kill her.”Huda said immediately,” Don’t do that, Naina will die but not tell you the location. Look, Naina is my friend; I’ll ask her the location. Look, till you load all the bullets to the gun then I’ll fix everything ok?”That man said,” Look, don’t forget the mission during saving your friend’s life. I’ve orders that one who comes between our missions will be killed without any mercy, if it is Capt.R or Cadet Singh.”Huda said immediately,” Look, I’ll fix everything ok; now tell me the location of Naina.”


                              Here in CID bureau, ACP Saab asked to Abhijeet,” What is the Naina’s position Abhijeet?”Abhijeet said seeing Naina’s position in computer,” Naina has crossed the forest of endangered species & entered the sanctuary where tigers are protected & is highly dangerous zone.”ACP Saab thought worriedly. Abhijeet said worriedly,” I don’t think you did right thing sending Naina alone to the rescue mission ACP Saab.”ACP Saab still worried & said,” I think so too Abhijeet. Am also worried about her. Naina has not a single experience of tracking but how can she search Capt.R.”Sasha said,”Sir, she’s having the code with her & she’s a brave officer too. We all have seen how she killed that terrorist who was pointing the gun to Capt.R. And she’s expert in targeting, though she hasn’t any practise of firing but she fired the terrorist straight to his forehead. That’s a huge act of bravery, I think she can success this rescue mission ACP saab.Just we’ve to give her a chance.”Abhijeet said seriously,”Sasha,am not denying that she’s a brave officer. But we’ve to think about her safety also, she’s our colleague & moreover she’s a best officer in her batch like his brother.Look,she has entered the zone of tiger’s sanctuary where tigers are protected. We cannot leave her to be attacked by those tigers. She’s not having any weapon also to resist them. And how can we trust that Capt.R is alive, if he has become prey to those wild animals?Sasha,we’ve to think about these possibilities also. We can’t leave her alone in that forest.”Sasha nodded dismissively & became silent thinking. Everyone is thinking about this situation then John said slowly,” If all don’t feel bad then shall I suggest you a thing?”ACP Saab said immediately,” Shoot.”John said in puzzled expression,” Sorry.”ACP Saab said,” Tell.”John said nodding,” Sir, why don’t we inform the ranger of that part of the forest. So that he can keep an eye on Miss Ahluwaliya or rescue her.”Abhijeet said immediately,” But this is a secret mission also, we can’t reveal that she’s an undercover CID officer.”ACP Saab thought for a second & said,” I know a ranger who’s my personal friend. I’ll inform him & explain the situation.”And he went to inform his friend. Abhijeet nodded dismissively but ACP Saab said seeing Abhijeet’s worried face,” Abhijeet, we’ll say them the half truth convincingly, ok. Trust me, she’ll be ok.”Abhijeet nodded but he’s still worried. Sasha kept a comforting arm on Abhijeet & said,” Don’t worry Abhijeet, she’ll be alright.”And she also went from there.

                            Meanwhile, Naina went further with the help of the code. Then Naina remembered that she read in her books during her degree that there’s a plant which makes a man unconscious for about 6 hours if it is come into contact to his blood & its flower makes unconscious for about 10 hrs. And those plants are found in abundance in Western Ghats of Karnataka. This plants are having another property in which its leaves are inhaled makes the man & animals unconscious for about 6hrs & if its flowers are inhaled then the man become unconscious for about 10hrs.Naina during searching of the Capt.R she searched that plants also so that it becomes a help to her. Naina took some of the leaves of those plants & made a paste & smeared the paste to the arrows which she was carrying in her bag for defending herself from wild animals & of course man also. Then she plucked some leaves & kept it for some other reasons. The man who was following her observed her that what she’s doing from the binoculars & didn’t understand that what she’s going to do those leaves. Then Naina went further with the help of code. Here in the academy, Naina’s friends are suffering the punishment. Yudi said,” Yuck, I can’t take the smell man, am going back to my home. If I’d listened to my mom & dad then I would have present in Harvard university doing MBA course,” disgustingly. Ali said disgustingly,” Don’t you think that the way of giving the punishment is unhygienic.”Arjun said disgustingly,” Didn’t I tell you, this place is a jail. I did a mistake…….”Yudi said pinching his nose disgustingly,”……….That I didn’t listen to my parents.”Ali said in difficulty resisting the smell,” Will you shut up for some time, Arjun bhai please continue.”Arjun said resisting the smell,” I’ve learnt lessons in the jail, if we help someone to run away then we’ve to help him fully not half. That’s why,” And he climbed up & stood & said,” am going.”Ali asked in disgust,” Where?”Arjun said immediately,” To help Naina.”Ali tries to stop him & said,” Arjun bhai, will you listen to me?”But Arjun didn’t listen to him & went & jumped the wall of KMA. Here Major Nair is cursing Naina standing in front of his jeep & said angrily,” No problem Cadet Singh no problem. You’ve called Major Nair to fight am going to teach you a very good lesson. And where’s this Cadet Huda? This first year Cadets has become indiscipline. I’ll make them left right left in the academy so that they remember me.”On that Time Huda came with mechanic in mechanic’s bike. Major Nair saw him angrily. Huda said saluting him,” Sir, mechanic, actually his garage was far from here sir, that’s why I came late sir. Sir, why are you standing in the middle of the road?”Major Nair said bossily to mechanic,” You go & repair the jeep.”Mechanic went to repair it. Major Nair said bossily,” Why are you standing idly go & help him.”Huda said politely,” Yes sir.”And went to help the mechanic. After a few minutes Huda came & asked Major Nair,” Sir, after the jeep becomes conditional to move, then we’ve to search Cadet Singh first sir.”Major Nair saw him angrily,” Huda said,” Sir am only suggesting sir.”Seeing his angry face. Major Nair said bossily,” Cadet Huda, anyone can give suggestion but intelligent people can only prove it. Come on prove me.”Huda said politely,” Sir think that Capt.R is in injured state & the chance of moving & walking will be zero. But Cadet Singh can move & can do anything sir. Then whom we’ve to catch now?”Major Nair said impressively,” Smart, if you try further then you will destroy the enemy completely.”Huda said impressively,” Thank you sir.”Then Major Nair said ,”Where’s my mobile?”Then Huda said immediately,” Sorry sir.”And opened the zip of his pocket. Major Nair asked,” Did you get the network?”Huda was about to give the mobile from his pocket than mechanic started the jeep. Huda said immediately,” Sir, jeep is started.”And he distracted the Major Nair & kept Major’s mobile to himself only.

                              Here Arjun enquired the dhaba waiter where Major Nair, Naina & Huda came to have breakfast giving some money for him. The waiter said that the two soldiers ran in the jeep following a truck which went towards the forest & he also said the shortcut to the forest. Then Arjun dialled to HQ & asked about Naina’s position. Abhijeet answered worriedly that she had entered the zone of tiger’s sanctuary where tigers are protected & said that ACP Saab has informed the ranger of that part about Naina. Then Arjun became panicky that she’s in the zone of the tiger’s sanctuary & ran to help her taking a motorbike without any idea of the bike’s owner. Here Naina is walking further with the help of the code. Naina walked further & fell down & injured her hand but she bandaged it with an handkerchief immediately so that the blood not falls down or she’ll be in trouble that she can meet any wild animals from the smell of the blood. Naina bandaged her injury & said stubbornly,” Anything happens am not going to leave you like that Capt.R. I’ll go back with you or I’ll die with you sir, only.”She walked further & hurted her thighs & sat for sometime & remembered her bro’s words,” Whenever your strength not give you support & whenever you lose the hope, remember the long distance which you’d come along & remember those words for whom you came here.”And Naina remembered Capt.R’s words,” Naina Singh, you’re going to become a soldier not a common soldier but an A class soldier & I trust you fully because I believe in Cadet Naina Ah Singh.”And Naina remembered his smiling face. Then Naina stood & thought with the expression of wooden,” I’ll save you Capt.R. I can do it.”And she walked further with the help of code. Here this side, Major Nair & Huda are coming towards forest in jeep to arrest Naina. Huda said,” Sir, stop the jeep.”Major Nair stopped the jeep. Huda get off from the jeep & said to Major Nair,” Sir, I’ll go by the forest & you come by the jeep. This is the advantage of having both sir.”Major Nair nodded & said bossily,” Ok, we’ll meet each other after 30 minutes at 60 degree longitude north of this forest ok.”Huda said politely,” Yes sir” And saluted him. Major Nair nodded & moved on in the jeep. Huda said impressively,” Have faith in me sir, I’ve the time conscious than you.”And he entered the forest.NSA said,”Capt.R, my old friend, who’s here fighting a war between life & death & to save him my sister Naina has come here facing every troubles. Because which question dragged Naina to KMA can only answered by Rajveer only. But she’s not alone here in the forest. Someone is there who wants to stop her mission. Her obsessed lover Huda. And someone who wanted to help Naina as he loves her like a sister, Arjun Sharma. Someone is also coming for Naina’s rescue & he’s Naina’s senior officer’s personal friend ranger Santhosh. Now we’ve to see that Naina is going to rescue Capt.R or Huda is going to become success in his mission of stopping Naina by rescuing Capt.R.”

                             Here in academy, Suriji & Lolita Sen gave water bottle to the Ali, Yudi & Pooja to drink & asked them about their health. Pooja said,” Sir, I can’t take this smell, my battery is becoming weaker.”Suriji didn’t gave any attention & saw that one Cadet is missing & asked,” Lolitaji, Brigadier had said that 4 Cadets but here there only 1, 2, 3.”Yudi, Ali & Pooja became serious hearing that. Lolita Sen saw that & asked,” Ya, where’s Cadet Arjun?”Pooja said resisting the smell,” Qaidi has broken the connection from the academy & ran from here.”Lolita madam said in puzzled expression,” Come again.”Yudi said calmly,” Madam, Pooja’s meaning is that he has run away from the academy.”Lolita Sen said,” What?”Ali said politely,” Yudi is right madam. Arjun bhai has run away from this academy.”Lolita Sen said sarcastically,” Brilliant, first Cadet Singh & Cadet Arjun, very good, if these Cadets running away from the academy then we both will be left here only, I’m mean faculty only.”Suriji said innocently,” Don’t worry Lolitaji, Arjun’s record is there that he hasn’t run away from the jail. I think he has ran away to do some good work.”Yudi said immediately,” Madam, Suriji is right. He has gone to help Naina.”Lolita Sen said dismissively,” Ok, let’s say that he has gone to help Cadet Singh but what’s guarantee that he come back?”Suriji said innocently,” Oh, he’s going to come back, Lolitaji.”Lolita Sen asked sarcastically,” And what makes you say like that, Suriji?”Suriji said innocently,” Cadet Arjun is really fond of rum & I only supply it.”Yudi nodded disgustingly to Suriji’s statement. Lolita Sen said sarcastically folding the arms,” Oh, so Cadet Arjun is also a drunkard & you supply rum to him right.”Suriji said innocently,” Why you’re getting angry Lolitaji? All drink the rum.”Lolita Sen said immediately,” Suriji, Brigadier.”Yudi saw around him immediately. Suriji said innocently,” Lolitaji, what’s the matter? All drink the rum, you & I & Brigadier also. Then why you want to complaint to Brigadier?”Lolita Sen said directly,” Suriji control, It’s time of Brigadier’s rounds. If he comes here & see that one Cadet is missing, and then what happens, you know. We’ve to stop him immediately now.”Suriji said in panic,” You’re right Lolitaji. Give the bottles.”And he took water bottles form the Cadets. Lolita Sen said holding Suriji’s hand,” Suriji quick.”Suriji said smiling impressively,” Lolitaji, if you hold the hand like this then I’ll come anywhere with you.”Lolita Sen said,” Suriji, let’s go.”And she dragged him. Huda came to the forest & started shouting Phoolan…..This shouting was heard by someone & that’s Naina who was hiding in some distance & was thinking how to give him a slip. Naina thought,” Oh no, this Huda has come once again to stop me. What do I do? I’ll confuse him. Bhaiyya please help me.”NSA said,” In life there’ll be a one arm length of the difference between good work & bad work because of the single misunderstanding.”And she ran in the opposite way when Huda turned that side. Then He turned & saw the moving leaves & thought that someone is running & followed it. She also ran faster on halfway she stood seeing in front of her in stunned face. Someone was standing in front of her. Neither Major Nair nor Huda, it was Arjun. Naina said calming her breath & panting,” Arjun, you here?”Then Arjun saw the movement of leaves & took Naina’s hands & hide behind a large bush. Arjun saw Huda & said to Naina angrily,” What’s Huda doing here? Didn’t you give him slip?”Naina said seriously,” Yes Arjun but that Major Nair saw me jumping to truck & they followed. I don’t know, I’ve fear that Huda knows that I know Capt.R’s location, that’s why he’s following me. And Major Nair doesn’t want to search Capt.R either. They are following me so that I go back to KMA & Capt.R die in the forest only. But what are you doing here Arjun, you go back to academy. I’ll handle this.”Arjun said angrily,” What, I can’t leave you alone. I’d repented leaving you alone with the attack on you by those terrorists. And you know that you’ve entered the dangerous zone. This is the part where tigers are protected & do you think that I’ll leave you alone. I can’t & I’d promised to your dad that I’ll protect you from any evil eyes. Then how can I leave you in this tiger’s sanctuary. No, and you’re sending me back to academy.”Naina saw that Arjun hiding something & asked suspiciously,” What is it, Arjun? What you’re hiding from me?”Then Arjun explained that they’re punished severely. Then Naina said immediately,” Then you’ve to go back to academy. You can’t make them in trouble, they’re innocent.”Arjun said worriedly,” But….”Naina said immediately,” Do you love me as a sister?”Arjun said,” But…”Naina said stubbornly,” Yes or no?”Arjun said seriously,” Yes but……”Naina said immediately,” Then you’re going to go back to academy now.”Arjun said,” Naina,”shockingly. Naina said stubbornly,” Listen to me Arjun. Brigadier wanted to expel me from the academy. If I’ll be kicked out of this academy then you’re the hope yaar. You’re the hope of protecting Capt.R & nuclear triggers also. Please, why don’t you understand?”Arjun said politely,” Ok Naina but arm yourself because this is the area of tigers.”Naina said immediately,” Don’t worry, I’ve bow & arrow in my bag, ok.”Arjun nodded but on that time Major Nair said coming to the place immediately,” Did you hear the voice Cadet Huda?”Then Naina & Arjun both become silent. Then Huda said immediately,” This is a forest sir. Here we can only hear wild animals.”Major Nair said try to concentrate on the voice from where its coming from,” But I heard an woman’s voice, I’ll never be wrong.”Huda asked innocently,” Sir, why do you hate woman so much?”Major Nair saw Huda angrily but concentrated to hear the voice once again.” Sir, didn’t you tell me that we’re going to roam the forest for 2-3hrs & go back?”Major Nair said,” In war orders will be changed Cadet Huda.”And seeing around him said,” She’s here only, let’s search.”Major Nair said showing opposite direction to Huda,” You search there. And I’ll search from this side.”And Major Nair went to search Naina. Naina & Arjun saw the Major Nair & Huda searching for Naina. Naina asked worriedly,” Arjun, what do we do now?”Arjun hand gestured to say ssssshhhhhh to Naina. Then Arjun took a stone & threw it at Huda. Huda screamed with the pain & Major Nair ran towards Huda asking him that what happened to him Cadet on that time Naina & Arjun left the hiding place went that side. Major Nair asked to Huda,” Cadet, where the stone came from?”Huda shown the previous hiding place of Naina & Arjun & said,” I think it came from that side.”Then Major Nair went there to see that Naina is there or not. On that time Arjun said silently,” Let’s go, come on.”Naina said immediately,” Not this way, we’ve to go to opposite way, that side towards Huda.”Then Arjun thought & saw towards Huda & Major Nair & said to Naina,” Give me your jacket.”Naina gave the jacket without any question. Then Major Nair saw the jacket & thought that Naina’s hiding & went silently & came to capture but he saw the jacket & said angrily to Huda,” Bloody hell, did you see, she once again made us fool & ran away. Now you’re not going anywhere, you’ll be with me & let’s search her together. Let’s go, this way she has gone.”And ran opposite to Naina’s now hiding place. Naina & Arjun ran away opposite to Major Nair in correct way. Then Naina convinced Arjun & sent him back. Arjun said,” Be careful Naina with Huda & Major Nair & protect yourself Naina.”Naina said stubbornly,” Don’t worry Arjun, I’ll protect Capt.R & send him to safer place. Bye Arjun.”Hugging him & ruffling his hair. Arjun also said ruffling her hair,” Best of luck, Naina.”Naina nodded & went further. Arjun left some clues to mislead Major Nair & Huda in wrong direction. Here Major Nair thought that they’re pursuing Naina but they didn’t know that they’re going far away from Naina. Then Huda’s accomplice dialled to Major Nair’s mobile & said to Huda that they’re going in wrong direction. Then finally Major Nair & Huda became success by capturing Naina & took her to KMA. On the way, Naina quarrelled with Major Nair, but he didn’t budge. But Huda saw this situation & made Major Nair stop the jeep for toilet. Then He dialled to his accomplice from Major Nair’s mobile & said that Major is going to take Naina to academy. Naina observed Huda that he’s talking with someone in the mobile phone.

                                     Huda finally took Naina to the same forest where she was caught by Major Nair & Huda giving a slip to Major Nair by mixing some pills in the juice which tempts him to go to toilet. Major Nair drank that juice & went to toilet & Huda locked the door of toilet. Then Naina & Huda entered the forest once again. Huda started misleading Naina & said,” I think we’ve to go in east direction.”Naina saw Huda suspiciously. Huda asked Naina seeing her suspicious expression,” What happened, why you are seeing like that?”Naina asked suspiciously,” You came to stop me with Major. You don’t want me to go further but tell me why you both don’t want to search Capt.R?”Huda smiled & said,”Phoolan, what you see & what you think is all wrong. And you think about me wrongly. One day you’ll think about me correctly.”Naina smiled sarcastically drinking the water,” What do you think that it’s so difficult to understand about you? Yudi said correctly that you’re….”And she smiled impressively but inside not on Huda but on her plan because she knew that Huda is coming to right track to be caught. Naina said smiling,” Thanks Huda, if you didn’t take away Major Nair from my way then Major Nair would never make me reach Capt.R.”Huda said immediately,”Ok phoolan, now tell me that to search Capt.R, in which direction we’ve to go? Towards east or west?”Naina said clearly,” Not towards east, we’ve to go towards North West. There’s a lake.”Huda said immediately,” How do you know that it’s so sure that the lake which you’re saying is towards North West only. Naina said immediately,” I’m telling you am sure of that.”Then both walked further. Huda insisted & asked curiously,” How do you know that this way is the right way?”Naina said stubbornly,” I know that this is the right way.”Naina thought,” You’d not coming with me to rescue Capt.R, you‘ve come here to get the code & give it to your accomplice, so that they can reach Capt.R & kill him or kidnap him. Cadet Huda, you’ve seen Cadet Naina Singh but you haven’t seen CID officer Naina Singh Ahluwaliya. Am going to give you the code but am going to reach Capt.R & am going to catch your accomplice. Now your time has come to repent, Cadet Huda.”Huda asked,” What are you thinking, Phoolan?”Naina didn’t answer & walked further silently. Huda said immediately,” How do you know? Look, if we went wrong way then it would be waste of time.”Naina didn’t answer she walked further silently. Then Huda also didn’t answer & he followed silently. Then Naina reached her near goal. Then Huda said once again,” Look how do you know, if we went wrong way then…?”Naina said immediately,”Huda, I know that because I’ve cracked the code……”Huda became happy hearing that & smiled impressively. Then Naina also smiled impressively. Huda said in puzzled expression,” Code…”Naina modified her expression & said slowly,” Yes bunty has given me a code.”Giving that code to Huda. Huda saw that code impressively. Then Huda kept that code in his pocket & try to change the subject & said,”Phoolan, after searching Captain, I’ll take you to mummyji forcefully.”Naina smiled cunningly & walked further but Huda stopped her & said,”Phoolan, one minute, I want to go to toilet.”Naina smiled cunningly & asked innocently,”Huda, do you’ve any tension?”Huda asked innocently,” Why?”Naina said innocently,” You’re going to toilet repeatedly….”Huda said smiling,” What to do Phoolan, I’ll be in tension always when am with you.”Naina nodded dismissively. Huda smiled & said,” I’ll be back.”And went that side. Naina smiled cunningly & followed him because she knew that Huda’s going to dial to his accomplice. Huda came & about to dial to his accomplice but his accomplice came behind & kept his hand on Huda. Huda became panic & turned & saw that his accomplice & took a deep calming breath. Huda gave that code top him & he gave empty paper to Huda & Instructed him to what to do next. Naina try to take a photograph from her microfilm camera but Huda’s accomplice ran immediately & Naina came there & asked Huda,” Who was that, Huda?”Huda try to mislead Naina said smiing,”I don’t know who he’s but I was asking him about code. Let’s go this side he said we’ve to go this side.”Showing towards opposite side. Naina thought,” North west means…”Then Naina took her magnetic compass & saw that it showed the way the man went.”Huda try to mislead Naina but not anymore because she’s having the magnetic compass. Then also Huda try to mislead her but Naina ran towards the way the man went & Huda said following her,” Wait phoolan not that way, we’ve to go this way.”And Naina saw the board entangled SIKANDAR LAKE 2KMS & read that & is so happy & said to Huda,” Let’s go.”Huda seeing the board he didn’t became happy but he said impressively to change the subject,” Yes you’re so smart. Just I’ve to meet you to my mummyji.”Naina smiled sarcastically & went further.

                              Here Naina’s fellow Cadets are resisting the smell.Yudi said in disgust,” I can’t take this anymore yaar.Do something.”Pooja said disgustingly,” Where’s this Arjun?”On that Arjun jumped the academy wall & ran & jumped into the ditch & stood. Ali asked,” Guru, it’s good that you came back. In fact what happened there?”Yudi said disgustingly,” Chief, Brigadier was about to know that you aren’t here.”Arjun said directly,” Don’t take tension, now I’d come na.Nothing will happen.”Pooja said disgustingly,” Then do something, In fact you’d done your outgoing & we’re resisting this beautiful smell. If not do anything in some more minutes then the outgoing & incoming will be stopped from us.”Arjun said comfortingly,” Nothing happens; Naina is going to come back with Captain.”Pooja saw Arjun in amazement. Ali said to Pooja,” Look, learn something from Naina. Just you keep patience for some more time.”Pooja said disgustingly,” Like Naina why don’t I find my ranjha. If I’d found him then I would never tolerate this here.”Ali became silent for that statement.

                             On that time Neelu came there. Ali saw her in fear once again because she became the reason of misunderstanding between Pooja & Ali.Yudi saw her & said in amazement,”Neelu what the hell are you doing here?Neelu,this not your college, this is my academy.”Ali asked innocently,” Don’t you be afraid of anyone.”Neelu said in attitude,”Neelu never be afraid of anybody & In fact in the heart fear will be there or love.”Seeing towards Arjun. Arjun nodded dismissively. Neelu said to Arjun,”How’s it the smell? If you say then I can make you all come out of this punishment, what say you?”Yudi said worriedly,” No sis, you aren’t going to do this. This isn’t your college, this is KMA.No one can come between BC & his rules.”Ali said immediately,” Please don’t do anything, we’ll suffer this punishment.”Neelu asked directly,” Shall I do that?”And then Neelu challenged to Arjun that if she make them come out of punishment then you’ll have to listen my command. And Arjun said that ok for the challenge. Yudi try to stop Neelu but Neelu didn’t stop & went to make them come out of punishment.

                                   Here Naina & Huda are in the forest searching the Sikandar Lake. But Sikandar Lake isn’t found. Naina didn’t understand that where Sikandar Lake is. Then Huda said stopping her, this is a forest, it’s so confusing. Then Huda took an apple & gave it a bite & give it to Naina. Naina ate the apple continuously like a hungry man is eating the food. Then Huda saw her speed of eating & said,” Aren’t you ashamed of yourself, Phoolan. I gave it to take a bite.”Then he tried to steal the apple but Naina resisted it. Then Huda smiled & said,” I love this type of attitude of yours, Phoolan. You aren’t having any qualities of woman.”Naina threw the apple & hold the collar of Huda & said angrily,” What do you think that am not shy & am not having any qualities of woman?”Then Huda smiled impressively seeing Naina so near to him. Then Naina heard the groaning of tigers & for a minute she was feared & came near Huda. Huda said impressively,” If you say so then we walk further in our life.”Naina saw that she’s so near to Huda & went far & stabbed his foot. Huda said,” Aw….”And Naina walked further. Huda asked following,” What was that?”Naina said simply,” It’s your prize for your shamelessness.”Huda said,” That’s why I like you so much. I like this attitude when you take a gun & move on for the firing. You remember when we first met in your room & you were so angry like now also.”Naina said angrily,” Huda you please stop your cheap Hindi film dialogues, am getting headache. And now this time I’ve to search Capt.R.”And went further. Then Huda followed Naina & started flirting with her & try to divert her from mission but Naina didn’t divert & Huda cursed Capt.R that he’s coming between them. Then forcefully Huda dragged Naina & tied to a tree & started diverting her & asked,” Phoolan tell me will you marry me?”Naina said angrily,” No & untie me now immediately.”On that time a mobile rings & Huda acted that where it is coming from & Naina hasn’t brought her mobile because she’ll be disturbed in the mission. Then Huda received it & said to Naina,” Look mummyji didn’t liked your answer.”Naina asked suspiciously,” Huda, whose mobile is this?”Huda said smiling,” It’s Major’s mobile Naina. I’ll talk to him & come.”And he went from there to talk.”Huda’s accomplice said,” Do something to her.”Huda said angrily,” That was am doing. I was tying her to the tree on that time you ringed.”That man said,” Now I’d ringed till now but if you not stop her then I’ll shoot her.”Huda said angrily,” Don’t you ever do that.”That man said,” Look friend am not your enemy & don’t forget our mission & my orders it to one who comes between our mission will be shot to death. You know if she become a threat to our mission then you’ve to kill him.”Huda said immediately,” I can’t kill Naina.”That man said,” Then my commandos do the work. Look If she become obstacle to our mission then we’ve to orders to kill her.”Huda said in difficult,” Ok, what do I’ve to do?”Then that man said that there’s a log which is fallen there’s revolver & said that if Cadet Singh becomes threat to their mission then Huda will kill Naina mercilessly. Here Naina is thinking & remembered her bhaiyya’s letters,” We are learning so much. Today we were trekking in the nearest forest. There’s a lake named Sikandar Lake. Only the name is there, but the whole area is dry.”Then Naina said happily,” That’s it am standing on the dry lake only, thank you bhaiyya. You can’t stop me by reaching Capt.R, Cadet Huda.”Here this side Major Nair phoned to academy to Brigadier that Cadet Huda has cheated him & went with Cadet Singh. Brigadier decided them to suspend them from the academy but Major Nair said that no & decided to punish them. Major Nair said to Brigadier that they’ll suffer punishment. Major Nair said to Brigadier that the upside down punishment will be less in front of his punishment angrily.

                                 Here Neelu said lies to Brigadier that her father has suffered heart attack & said that please release the Cadets so that they come to the home with Yudi & pray for him. Brigadier swallowed Neelu’s lies & released the Cadets from the punishment but came to know that Neelu has said lies to Brigadier & felt very bad & angry on those Cadets. Here night came but Naina is still tied to the tree. Then Naina took her pen knife & about to cut the rope then Huda came & Naina hid her pen knife. Huda came & said seriously,” Sorry yaar, I had went to see the road & this isn’t the right way we’ve to go towards east direction.”Then Huda untied the rope. Naina saw him hungrily & made him stand towards the tree & said passionately,” You have untied this rope but what about my heart Huda. You’ve tied the rope to my heart which can’t be broken.”Huda saw her & said smiling impressively,” Mummyji am I dreaming?”Naina said immediately,” sssssshhhhh.”And Naina came near Huda & tied him to the same tree. Huda said seeing that in panic,” What are you doing?”Naina smiled cunningly & said,” Huda, heart is so dishonest. I knew that if you come with me then I would never reach Capt.R. But in life some matters will be very important to me & that is to search Capt.R & rescue him. So good bye Cadet Huda.”And went from there. Huda said trying to untie the rope,” Phoolan, there’s danger forward.”Then Naina ran faster & saw the Sikandar Lake board & went further inside the forest & saw two terrorists holding AK-47 gun & running. Naina followed them slowly & reached the place of Capt.R. Capt.R was slept in front a fire which is lit to protect himself from wild animals. Then Naina climbed a tree & saw it is Capt.R & saw that two terrorists are running towards him. Then Naina said immediately,” Rajveer sir, run.”Then the two terrorists are alarmed & said,” What’s that sound, someone is there here.”Then Terrorist 1 said to terrorist 2 to catch Capt.R & terrorist 1 said showing the gun,” Who are you? Come in front of me.”And he fired from his gun. Naina jumped from the tree but on that time terrorist 2 said,” Captain is caught.”Then Naina try to divert them by shouting & the terrorist 1 fired at her but Naina protected herself hiding behind a tree & the shouting was heard by ranger Santhosh who was coming towards the Capt.R’s place & he was also alarmed & said,” This is the sound of the gun. I think what Pruthvi said is correct.”Then he said to his subordinates,” Arm yourself now.”His subordinates nodded & drove towards the sound. Then Naina went behind the terrorist 1 & attacked but that terrorist 1 resisted her & injured her by beating her from the back of the gun & Naina faints banging her head to a tree forcefully. Huda observed this & diverted the terrorist 1 from there to save Naina. Then Huda carried Naina in his arms & took her to safer side & sprinkled the water & Naina came to conscious & Huda made Naina drink some water. She drank the water & remembered Capt.R. Huda said seriously,” Phoolan, what are you doing? You’re going to fight them. They’re having the gun yaar. This isn’t your Major’s test if you become fail then you’re expelled from the academy. Here your life is in danger.”Naina said seriously,” I have made my life in danger Huda.”Huda try to stop Naina but Naina didn’t stopped & said,” Ok, you don’t want to come then don’t, but am going to save Capt.R.”And she went very faster. Here the two terrorists are carrying Capt.R in his shoulder making him faint by beating him from their gun’s butt. Naina ran faster & saw Capt.R’s watch is fell down on the ground & ran that way only. Huda followed her to stop her. Then Naina ran & saw that the 2 terrorists are carrying Capt.R on their shoulder. Then Naina took her first aid box & she made a bundle of the cotton & bandage & poured some Copper Sulphate & lit a fire & threw it in front of them. Seeing the fire the two terrorists are alarmed & started firing. This was heard by ranger Santhosh & he drove towards the sound with his subordinates.

                                    Then Naina threw another bundle of bandage from other side & they fired there too. On that time Capt.R came to conscious & he got up on that time Naina lit a fire to Copper Sulphate bottle & threw it & exploded in front of them. Then Naina said to Capt.R,” Sir, run. There’s still breath & there’s still hope sir, run.”Capt.R saw Naina in amazement. Then Huda try to stop her but Naina took those leaves which she had plucked that morning & made Huda inhale it. Huda faints inhaling it & fells down. Naina said immediately,” Am sorry Cadet Huda but I can’t make you go wrong way.”On that Capt.R fell on the nearest terrorist who was firing at Naina surprisingly & both rolled. The terrorist rolled that side & banged the head to a tree trunk & fainted because of the banging his head to the tree trunk & Capt.R came to his original position rolling over. The terrorist was about to kill Capt.R but Naina shot an arrow which is smeared with the infusion of the leaves from her bow. The terrorist faints because of the arrow. Naina came near Capt.R & said immediately,” Sir, please come on. Let’s get out of this place immediately.”Capt.R said immediately,” Thank you Cadet Singh, but why did he fainted?”Naina said hurriedly,” I’ll explain you when you come back to KMA. Now let’s take him to the army prison, he’ll be safe there.”And Naina tied him & asked to Capt.R,” Can you walk sir, you’ve to walk till jeep sir.”On that time someone shot at Naina & the bullet scratched her shoulder. Then Naina said,” Bloody hell.”And shot another arrow to the shooter but missed & he ran from there not seeing behind. But Capt.R hasn’t any strength & he also fainted in front of her & Naina shouted,” Rajveer Sir.”On that time ranger Santhosh came on the spot & saw Naina, Capt.R & the two terrorists. Naina held the bow & arrow & said,” Who are you?”Santhosh said impressively,” You must be CID officer Naina Singh Ahluwaliya.”Naina hearing her name is shocked & suspicious & said once again,” Who are you & how do you know my name?”Holding the bow & arrow ready at him. Santhosh said smiling,” Miss Ahluwaliya, I was sent to protect you from tigers as it is the tiger sanctuary by orders of ACP Pruthviraj Chauhan.”Then Naina said suspiciously,” How do I trust you sir? I’ve doubt that you’ve come here to capture Capt.R once again. But let me remind you that you aren’t going to become success in that while I present.”Santhosh nodded & dialled to his friend from the mobile,” Yaar Pruthvi your officer is found but she’s doubting on me. Take it & you only convince her.”And he gave the mobile to Naina. Naina said,” Hello.”Then ACP Saab said,” Naina, I only sent him to protect you from the tigers.”Naina asked,” But how do you know that am in the area of tiger’s sanctuary, Arjun also said so when he came to help me.”ACP Saab said smiling,” Oh, Arjun also came to help you, that’s very good. Naina, Arjun had put a transmitter in your pant pocket so that we can see that where you’re going without your knowledge. From that only we traced you & said to ranger Santhosh. Ok, did you find Capt.R?”Naina said impressively,” Yes sir, I’ll send him to army hospital & I’d caught a terrorist also. But am taking him to army prison. You’ll have to come & enquire him in army prison.”ACP Saab said impressively,” Ok & am really proud of you Naina. Best of luck.”Naina said smiling,” Thank you sir.”And she gave the mobile to the ranger Santhosh. Santhosh took the mobile & said,” Hello Pruthvi. Ok……Bye.”And he disconnected the mobile. Here ACP Pruthviraj Chauhan is so impressed about Naina’s work & smiled impressively. Abhijeet saw his smile & asked,” Sir, what’s the matter? Why is the smile on your face?”ACP Saab said immediately,” Abhijeet, Naina’s mission accomplished.”Abhijeet said smiling,” That’s very good, sir.”Then everyone is so happy. Then Arjun dialled ACP Saab & asked about Naina & ACP Saab appreciated Naina very much & Arjun also felt very proud. Then Ranger Santhosh helped Naina in sending Capt.R to army hospital but before that the terrorist was sent to army prison & Cadet Huda protected till Naina came. Everything was done according to ACP Saab’s plan. Naina admitted Capt.R to army hospital & informed the doctor’s that Capt.R is alive will not be informed to academy. The academy is informed when Capt.R himself says to inform the academy till then no one will say that Capt.R is alive in the academy. Then Naina informed ACP Saab that Capt.R is admitted to army hospital. Then Naina came back to that place where Huda is unconscious but Naina about to make him conscious but Naina only was fainted because of the rifle butt injury. Then Huda came to conscious & saw that Naina is unconscious. Then Huda carried Naina on her shoulder till the jeep. Then He observed that the jeep is moved by previous position & doubted then also he transferred Naina to the jeep. On that time Major Nair came in another jeep & saw Cadet Huda transferring Cadet Singh to the jeep. Huda saw Major Nair & saluted & said,” Cadet Huda reporting sir.”And became unconscious because of tiredness.




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                           Major Nair brought Cadets Singh & Huda to KMA back. Dr.S is following Brigadier & said bossily,” Sir, I don’t allow you to do this.”BC said angrily,” Doctor, you’re forgetting that with whom you’re talking.”Dr.S said bossily,” I know that sir. But am the doctor here.”BC said bossily,” And am this academy’s principal.”Dr.S said calmly,” But Sir Cadet Singh has lost a lot of blood.”BC said calmly,” Doctor, soldiers will never fear by losing so much of blood.”Dr.S said,” But sir, this isn’t a war.”BC said angrily,” This is a war doctor.”Dr.S said angrily,” With whom sir, your war against Cadets?”BC said angrily,” Inform me after Cadet Singh’s wound dressing.”Dr.S said calmly,” Sir Cadet Naina Singh’s wound isn’t small. It’s a very serious wound.”BC said angrily,” And the wound which has been done to me & my academy isn’t small also doctor. This academy’s discipline is more than my honour. This academy has some principles & rules & regulations & that is the reason that no one commented on this academy. But Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya’s connection was an accident.”Dr.S said politely,”Sir, what do you want to do?”BC said,” I want to remind Cadet Naina Singh & her batch mates that one who break the rules are treated like a criminals here. I don’t want to make them play with this academy’s rules & regulations. If it is the reason of searching Capt.R or not.”Dr.S said,” Sir please, just Cadet Naina Singh become well. Then your wish, what you want to do with them.”BC said angrily,” I’ll give a chance of defending themselves to the Cadets & after that I’ll not hear any of your pleas doctor. And the enquiry will be done at sharp 1600hrs till then your Cadet Singh will be ok.”And went from there.Dr.S nodded dismissively. Here Yudi came to the mess worriedly & said to his friends,” Guys you are here. Guess what, Neelu’s lies was caught. Brigadier went to my house & he’s going to punish us.”Pooja said disgustingly,” Once again. Is he not satisfied after this also?”Yudi said worriedly,” Not a simple punishment. This is one of the seven deadly punishments. First is that upside down punishment, second is hell’s well.”Ali said calmly,” Which we’ve suffered now.”Yudi said,” Right.”Pooja said disgustingly,” And third one?”Yudi said disgustingly,” You don’t like to hear the name. One by one are the scary punishments.”Pooja said,” My battery has becoming down, now there’ll be no incoming or outgoing, I think my connection is going to cut down from this academy.”Yudi said,” No use Pooja, BC is going to punish Naina knowing that she’s not well. Anyway but there’s a good news. Naina had jammed the signal of Major Nair.”Pooja said smiling,” Very good, then with this the lifelong talk time from me to Naina free.”Then Naina entered the mess & her friends see her & all shout hip hip hooray. Pooja hugged Naina & Arjun stroked her hair with the brotherly love smiling at her sweetly. Then Huda also entered the mess & felt jealous that everyone are cheering Naina & said innocently,”Yaar, cheer me also because I was there with her.”Pooja said tauntingly,” That’s why you came back. If you were alone then those terrorists would kidnap you & took you with them.”Huda said angrily,” And why would they do that?”Ali said directly,” Because sometimes you behave like them only.”Yudi laughed heartily seeing Huda. Pooja asked seriously,” In fact Naina, did you saw Capt.R?”Naina said sadly,” For some time, I don’t know is he ok or not.”Huda said easily,” Don’t worry, he’ll be alright because you warned him in time.”Naina said angrily,” Huda please…..I don’t know myself what I was doing on that time? I don’t even know what right & wrong.”Huda said angrily,”Le, she never thinks about herself correctly. You would’ve seen in the forest, when terrorists were firing at her, our Phoolan, I’m meaning, my Phoolan was shouting hoarsely” Naina nodded dismissively.”She threw this side & that side & even she burnt her bag & threw at them.”Yudi said appreciatively,” Wow smart thinking.”Huda said appreciatively,”Ofcourse, my Phoolan will have to be awarded medal from president.”Pooja asked enthusiastically,” And further what happened Naina.I think you’d grabbed a gun from the terrorist & had killed him right.”Ali said dismissively,”Pooja.”Huda said impressively,” My Phoolan would do that also. She said I love you to me.”Everyone saw Huda in amazement. Naina said angrily,” What’s your problem, Huda? When I wanted to reach Capt.R then you were misguiding me repeatedly. You were stopping me by reaching Capt.R, right.”Huda said angrily,”Ok Phoolan, then who saved you from Major Nair?”Naina said angrily,” You only, But why were you stopping me by meeting Capt.R? Then you didn’t even say me what did you talked with Major Nair yesterday when his phone came? I don’t know what game you’re playing with me Huda If something happens to Capt.R…….”And Naina exited the mess angrily. Huda followed Naina but Arjun stopped him & asked angrily,” Oi smart, answer these questions & go from here.”Huda said angrily with attitude,”Oi qaidi, except Naina, there’s no right to anyone to ask answers in this world to me, got that.”And exited the mess. Pooja nodded dismissively.Arjun said angrily;” I’ll make you understand that who am I.”

                                Brigadier saw the report which is submitted by Major Nair & asked to Huda,” What’s written in this report is truth or not, Cadet Huda?”Huda answered stubbornly,” Yes sir, it is truth.”Major Nair smiled impressively. BC asked Naina,” What do you want to say Cadet Singh? What’s the reason of going outside the academy, is it Capt.R?”Naina said convincingly,” Sir it’s not a reason, I’ve seen Capt.R. He’s alive sir. And If you sent rescue mission in time then….”Major Nair said angrily,” Then what Cadet Singh, your Capt.R would saved?”Naina became silent. Then Naina said to BC,” Sir am saying you Capt.R is alive. I saw armed terrorist also. They attacked on Capt.R & I try to stop them but…”BC said softly,” You injured yourself.”Major Nair said immediately,” How can you say that he’s Capt.R only. You would’ve seen someone in the dark.”Naina said pleadingly,” Sir am telling the truth, he was Capt.R.”Huda saw Naina suspiciously. BC said thoughtfully,” I think what Cadet Singh saw, is truth. Major Nair inform the forest dept & say that send the rangers & enquire that case.”Major Nair said immediately,” Sir are you trusting Cadet Singh’s words?”BC said angrily,” No Major, am saying that I think some illegal activities are going on in the forest & it’s no connection between Capt.R’s case. We’ve to report this Major.”Major is disappointed & thought,” This old man never leave me in peace.”Then BC said to Cadets Singh & Huda,” Cadets dismiss, your punishment, when’ll be given will be reported at assembly hall.”Naina said angrily,” No sir, am not be dismissed so easily. Am telling you repeatedly that Capt.R is alive & something happens to him then you’ll be responsible for that. And what do you think that you’re going to hide this news in this room? No sir am not going to give you that opportunity & this is a promise of Cadet Naina Singh.”And went from there angrily. Huda is also surprised that she’s shouting at BC.BC saw her angrily but inside he thought that Naina is saying the truth. Major Nair smiled cunningly seeing Naina’s helplessness but truth is that Naina wanted to be done like this only. Naina knew that Major Nair is going to interrupt her & mislead Brigadier & the situation came like that only. Naina was also smiling & thought,” I knew that you were going to mislead BC, Major & I wanted that only. I’ve to do this as it is the question of Capt.R’s life, if Huda knew that I admitted Capt.R, and then he would go to hospital & would’ve killed him. But this way is right that the news will be like a rumour to him.”And went to ask ACP Saab about Capt.R’s health. Then Naina came to know that Capt.R is getting well very soon by ACP Saab.

                                   Here Lieutenant Bunty Chaube is sitting in front of Capt.R in army hospital & thinking the yesterday’s incident. Chaube remembered yesterday’s incident. Naina came to the army hospital & admitted Capt.R then also she’s in injured state & saw Chaube in hospital. Chaube has heard that she’s talking to someone that Capt.R is in hospital & can send Abhijeet & Sasha for his protection. Then Chaube asking who is she truly then Naina taking promise from Chaube that he’ll not reveal her true identity to Capt.R & to academy also, Naina explained that she’s undercover CID officer & anti-terrorism cell special officer & showing her ID card as a proof to him. Then a nurse entered & sat beside Capt.R & Chaube thought that she’s the colleague of Naina & saw outside a disguised old man who is sitting near Capt.R’s ward from yesterday & smiled silently. And he also remembered that Naina has said that Capt.R’s life is in danger that’s why we were sent to protect him. Capt.R opened his eyes & the nurse saw that he’s opening the eyes & ran to inform doctor. Capt.R saw Chaube & try to get up but Chaube said immediately,” Sir please lie down on the bed.”Capt.R said slowly,” Am ok Chaube.”And he saw around him & asked,” Where am I Chaube?”Chaube said,” You’re in army hospital sir.”Capt.R remembered & said,” Chaube, where is Cadet Singh?”Chaube said calmly,” She’s in academy sir. Sir, Cadet Singh what a person sir, she was in injured state but she wasn’t giving any attention to herself. She was saving you & she left you in my care when I promised her that I’ll look after you & she warned me that to don’t inform the academy till then when you only say to inform the KMA.”Capt.R smiled & said,” Smart girl, she said that to save me.”Then Doctor came & examined & said that he’s fit & said take some rest & went from there. Then Capt.R got up & wore his dress but Chaube said immediately,”Sir, what’s so hurry, take some rest.”Capt.R said enthusiastically,” Am alright Chaube, you’re forgetting that am a soldier.Chaube, the code which I’d given you, did you gave the code to Naina?”Chaube said slowly,” Sir on that time I was in hospital.”Capt.R said immediately,” I understand Chaube, just you find out that whom she shared that code.”Chaube said smiling immediately,” Sir, I can find out now only.”And he took the mobile & turned but Capt.R has gone outside in speed & didn’t wait for Chaube’s enquiry.

                                  Here this side, Naina is exercising continuously. Huda came & stood beside her but Naina didn’t give any attention to him & Huda felt bad. Then Huda said sarcastically,” Phoolan, why are you giving punishment to yourself. Well tawoo is going to give us the punishment in one hour.”Naina didn’t answer & she continued her exercise.”What you are thinking yaar, I’d come there to help you, Phoolan. Then tell me, didn’t I save you from Major?”Naina said immediately leaving the exercise,” Yes but there was some selfish motive of you.”Huda smiling said,” What are you saying yaar, Phoolan?”Naina asked immediately,” Who was that man which you met in the forest that day?”Huda said smiling innocently,” What are you talking about yaar? Who?”Naina saw him suspiciously & said immediately,” Ok, leave it, don’t tell me. Do you remember that you were asking that did I saw any change in you? Then listen, yes Huda you’ve changed. If you’d came that day to save me then why didn’t you help me, why were you misleading me that day? And don’t think that am not seeing you but am not catching you red-handedly.”And she went but Huda held Naina’s hand & stopped her & said,” Naina don’t think very much yaar. Your wound isn’t healed yet.” touching her wound. Naina said seriously,” Wounds can’t heal so easily, Huda.”Huda said in difficult,” I’ll say you everything yaar.”On that time Naina saw Huda’s face in eagerness.”In fact, I wanted to tell you everything but now I can’t yaar. Just wait for few days.”Naina said angrily,” Huda, there’ll be so many matters which we want to hide but for that we make others life in danger.”Huda said immediately,” Trust me Phoolan, I’ll……tell you everything till tomorrow.”Naina said angrily,” Huda if something happens to Capt.R……..today my mission became unsuccessful because of you. What happened to Capt.R……?”And she went angrily from there. Huda stretched his hand but didn’t stop her. BC called all Cadets to training grounds & said angrily,” Our academy’s temporary teaching staff member & your Strategy & Communications teacher Captain Rajveer Shekhawat will be not alive according to our information or (Naina saw Arjun’s face worriedly. Then all Cadets saw each other in shock.)according to one Cadet that he’s alive. Cadets, In war situations, soldier get this type of news about their fellow soldiers. They don’t even know that their fellow soldier is alive or not & sometimes we don’t even know about our fellow soldiers for so many years also. We didn’t get their dead body or we didn’t get his any information about his whereabouts or we didn’t even know that he reach his home or not. But one soldier will have to face this type of situations, he have to learn how to tackle this type of situations. And in that situations a soldier will never break the train of command because the breaking of train of command results the danger of their life to a soldier & his fellow soldiers also. If Capt.R is in any state but there’s no right to break the rules of this academy by this academy’s Cadets. This year, 6 Cadets have broken the rules & discipline & they’re punished for their mistakes. Major….”Major Nair said immediately,” Sir…..”BC went from there. Major Nair said sarcastically,” Breaking the rules of the academy will not be punished simply. You’re familiar with the punishments like upside down punishment, hell’s well. But after these there are other 5 punishments & you’ll start taking the commands of this academy’s rules & regulations after suffering these punishments. Except these 6 Cadets other Cadets are dismissed.”Then except 6 Cadets other Cadets went from the training grounds. Then those 6 Cadets are assembled in training grounds & Major Nair explained the punishment happily,” This punishment name is ring pi duniya punishment. This punishment will show you your place. (Major Nair saw towards Naina & said that. Then Naina also stared at him eye to eye. Then Major Nair turned) Here you’ll have to cross swimming from this side to that side with the help of your ankles & thighs. And you’ve to complete this in 2 minutes 5 rounds & if you can’t do this then your fellow Cadet will have to complete it but not 5 rounds but 10 rounds. Who’s your fellow cadet I’ve told you but I forgot to tell you that you’ll have to do this during your leg will be tied to this 10 kilo weight gunny bag.”

                             Meanwhile Capt.R entered the cell of the terrorist who was tied to a chair from his leg & hand. And he was drowsing happily in sitting position. Capt.R saw him & sat in front of him on the table & said sarcastically,” Are you sleepy my friend? But making me 38 hours up, you can’t sleep peacefully.”And he sprayed the water at the terrorist & the terrorist opened his eyes & saw Capt.R angrily. Then Capt.R asked him angrily walking around him,” My man knew my location only, whom I’d informed. My mobile had given me answer but I waited for 2 days. But someone reached there was you people & my trusted Cadet whom my man had informed her. If that information was between two people then how do you know my location? Who gave you the information? Who…?”And he beats the terrorist very much but he didn’t speak.”Open your mouth & tell me. And why you want to kill me?”The terrorist didn’t answer anything. Here Major Nair taunted Naina by saying about her character. And Arjun became angry with this but he resisted himself. During the punishment she injured her forehead & blood oozes out & cannot complete the punishment & Arjun completed punishment in 10 rounds. But Naina isn’t happy & swore that she’ll teach Major Nair a very good lesson one day. Major Nair taunted that Cadet Singh is thinking that If Capt.R is alive or not If Capt.R is alive then he would save you & Naina smiled impressively for that & thought,” Not If Nair, Capt.R is alive well, he’s coming this evening & you’ll see yourself.”Then here Capt.R is talking to his superior officer in mobile. He said calmly,” They had planted their person in the academy or they had bought the person who’s inside the academy.Sir, first time their correct person is caught by my student Cadet Singh………….. No sir, there were 3 persons, two were came there to catch me but one was caught by Cadet Singh & other one shot at her but she shot at him & they both ran away from there. But there’s a man who work for terrorists in Kanchenjunga Military Academy. Who’s that we don’t know but he gave them my location & he only brake failed my jeep. They know that who am I or else they would never attack on me. Obviously they know that am an officer of military intelligence & that too the anti-terrorism cell special officer. In fact, they know that who am I but give me 24 hrs sir; I’ll find out that who they are. I’ll get out that who’s helping the terrorists from inside KMA.Just have trust on me, have a good day, sir.”And he disconnected the phone. Chaube came holding an orange envelope & smiling impressively said,” Sir.”Capt.R said politely,” Yes Chaube.”Chaube said,” Take this sir.”Capt.R asked innocently,” What is this Chaube?”Chaube said impressively,” It’s blessings of god, he has given us victiory.The cassette CD which you’d given to me after fresher’s ball, they had sent a photo blogging it & I asked Cadet Singh that whom she shared that code & she said that she shared the code with Cadets Arjun & Huda. Open the envelope & know the spy’s identity.”Capt.R opened & saw the photo. In the photo, Huda was seen. Capt.R saw the photo seriously.

                             Here everyone are suffering the pain after the punishment of Major Nair in the mess.Yudi said painfully,”Ooh, my back its aching.”Pooja said dismissively,” Enough Yudi, it’s not your mobile; here everyone’s mobiles are damaged.”Huda said dismissively,”Punjaban, did you born eating the mobile, why don’t you talk like normal person?”Pooja said angrily,” Look Huda, don’t you mess with me, In fact I’ve pain in my leg & don’t make my head ache also.”Huda said dismissively,”Ok be silent sad tone.”Pooja said angrily,” You be silent…”Huda said dismissively,” You’re a big headache to everyone.”Ali saw their quarrel & came between them & said,”Pooja please be calm.”Pooja said angrily,” Then make him, why you always say that to me?”Ali said,” Guru please be calm, let’s be calm in the remaining time.”Then Major Nair entered the mess & said bossily,” Cadets…”Everyone stood immediately.” You’ll report to parade ground at exactly after 10 minutes.”And turned to go but stopped & said bossily,” And no need to take rest comfortably or there’ll be difficult to complete next punishment.”And went from the mess. Pooja said disgustingly,”Muchchad, why don’t he cool his battery like Naina did? Naina give me some ideas.”Naina went to take some more coffee.Yudi said painfully,”Guys, am not going to be alive after this 7 deadly punishments.”Huda said eating the lays & sarcastically,”Ofcourse, Yudi.”Yudi asked innocently,”Chief, you said this to yourself or to me?”Huda said sarcastically,” I said this to you, what do you do?”Arjun said immediately,”Huda, don’t tell anything to Yudi.”Then Suriji & Dr.S entered the mess & Suriji said angrily,”Silence, stop this quarrelling.”Huda said sarcastically,” Is he bro of your girl friend.”Yudi said angrily,”Chief, don’t you bring my sis between this.”Dr.S said angrily,” Guys please stop it.”Pooja said angrily,” No madam, It’s Huda’s mistake, he only crosses his signal to other’s signal, idiot.”Then Someone said,” You accepted defeat very soon.”And everyone turned & saw that it’s Capt.R. Everyone is so happy but not Huda. Huda is seeing him shockingly & angrily. Suriji said seeing Capt.R happily,” Captain saab, you?”Pooja said impressively,” My Shahrukh.”Yudi said immediately,” Welcome back sir.”Ali said happily,”Sir, we’re so happy seeing you like this.”Capt.R said directly,” But am so amazed seeing you. You all got a severe punishment & you became weak? Is this the Cadets whom I dream that this academy’s best Cadets & Indian army’s best officers?”Huda said softly,” Dreams will be broke or can be built, sir.You came back is big thing to us.”Capt.R stared him smiling sarcastically & said,” You never dreamt that I’ll come back once again after the big accident, right.”Huda saw him suspiciously.”I’m mean you all never dreamt right.”Naina & Arjun thought Capt.R knew the spy Cadet’s identity that’s why Capt.R is asking the questions indirectly to Huda.”But after this also, some people are there who had the hope of me coming back but they tried their level best.”And Capt.R saw towards Naina & said impressively,” Cadet Singh, thanks a lot.”And he admired her & Naina smiled & nodded. Huda said sarcastically,” It’s our luck sir. Some will be alive but they die themselves & some will be dead but come alive.”Capt.R nodded raising eyebrows & said sarcastically,” Right Cadet Huda. In fact, I’d heard that If you weren’t there then nothing would happen.”Huda smiled innocent but deceiving & asked,”Sir, Is this a praise or accuse?”Capt.R said simply,” You can think as you like.”Huda said immediately,” You’ve come back then, it’s a very good news to us. Is it not Phoolan?”Naina saw Huda suspiciously & Capt.R raised his eyebrows & nodded. Capt.R said standing,”Ok guys, I’ll make a move.”Capt.R went from the mess & Naina & Arjun observed Huda curiously & Huda saw Capt.R suspiciously. Then Huda went from the mess & talked his accomplice & Arjun listened his conversation by a small mike which is attached to Huda’s uniform silently. Huda said angrily,” I’d try my level best & you caught him then how did he came back?”His boss said,” Don’t show your cleverness in front of me. You’re helping your friend & your friend made you faint making some leaves inhale by you. And she shot an arrow to our man & to me also. When I shot her, then the bullet scratched her shoulder & she shot an arrow in which some infusion was smeared to me & made me unconscious. I don’t think that your friend gave the code you innocently because rangers reached on that time & saved her & Capt.R too.”Huda thought for a moment & said angrily,” Yaar, there’s only friend am having & why you bringing her between this?”His boss said,” We can’t tolerate the unsuccessfulness of the mission. Do your work which is given to you.”Huda said innocently,” I’ve an idea; If that Captain is so dangerous then I’ll say to tawoo, I’m mean Brigadier.”His boss said,” Don’t you ever do that, this is a secret mission. We can’t tell that to everyone. You’ll have to do this alone or else you’ll see the dead body of your friend.”Huda said angrily,” Oi, why are you threaten me repeatedly?”His boss said,” It’s not threatening, it’s a warning. Do as I say our mission zindabad.”Huda said angrily,”Zindabad.”His boss kept the phone immediately. Then Huda thought,” Let’s go Huda & see what the state of Captain is.”Arjun listened this & is panic & thought that those terrorists are behind Naina’s life.

                                 Capt.R came to BC’s office. Capt.R said calmly,”Sir, you wanted to make them good soldiers of this country but if they save a life of a soldier then you punish them.”BC said stubbornly,” They’ve broken this academy’s rules.”Capt.R said calmly,” Same thing sir. They broke the rules to save me only, sir.”Major Nair said dismissively,” Come on Captain, am hearing that for some time, you’re saying to us that to save me, to save me…..Who’s that one who wanted to kill you?”Capt.R said,”This isn’t….”BC asked curiously,” Major is right Captain, If you’ve known that your life is in danger, then why didn’t you inform us? Why didn’t you contacted to academy?”Capt.R said immediately,” Am sorry sir, when you got that information then what you did sir, you sent Major Nair with a first year Cadet.”Major Nair said dismissively,” Did you see sir, you’d sent me to rescue mission for this type of the person.”Capt.R laughed & said,” Rescue mission, just a senior officer & a first year Cadet. In fact sir, Is there any definition to this rescue mission.”BC saw him & said slowly,” What we thought right in that situation, we did that Captain.”Capt.R said calmly,” Then do a right work sir. Release those Cadets from the punishment.”Major Nair asked immediately,” Are you giving an order or opinion?”Capt.R said bossily,” Major Nair let me remind you that am preparing the report about my opinion about the running’s of this academy which is going to go straight to defence minister’s advisory.”BC said immediately,” Hold on Captain, am not threatened with those words.”Capt.R became silent & Major Nair was impressed with BC’s words. But BC said slowly,” And I think Cadets are punished enough now.”Capt.R saw BC in amazement.”Major release those Cadets.”Capt.R said smiling,” Thank you sir, I really appreciate that.”And went from the BC’s office. Major Nair isn’t happy with Brigadier’s decision but he also went to release those Cadets. Meanwhile all the Cadets came happily to assembly hall because they’re released from the punishment. Yudi said happily,” Yes…..we’re released from the punishment.”Pooja said happily,” Did you saw my Shahrukh khan’s magic. He repaired the signals by coming.”Ali said innocently,” Why don’t other faculty become like him?”Yudi said appreciatively,” Seriously three cheers for Capt.R.” Naina smiled at her fellow Cadets. Huda said immediately,” Hey, why don’t we party in his room, a welcome back party? We’ll go silently after lights out to his room & we cheers with him & party.”Pooja said immediately,” Good idea.”Yudi said immediately,” But let make you very clear. Am not going to arrange anything this time.”Arjun said directly,” Notanki, last time, I’d arranged the hard drinks.”Ali said innocently,” Why the hard drinks are used in these parties?”Huda said enthusiastically,” Oi Ali, party’s never fun without hard drinks.”Pooja said,” Oi no yaar, this time party will be on our type, one big chocolate cake.”Yudi said enthusiastically,” Music, I’ll bring the music. Arjun said dismissively,” Then you all sing happy birthday.”Pooja saw Arjun in fear but Naina gave a meaningful look to Arjun. Naina hearing Huda’s plan became suspicious. Then Huda came near Naina & said flirtingly,” Phoolan, now also smile. Am preparing for your favourite teacher Capt.R’s party. Then Huda observed Naina & said,” You all wait here I’ll arrange for the party.”And went from there. Arjun followed him once again. Then Naina thought,” What’s bhaiyya wanted to say to me? And Captain Rajveer is hiding? I’ll ask him, I can’t wait further.”And Naina went to Capt.R’s room. Meanwhile Dr.S is giving him an injection & he said,” Ouch,”in pain. Then Naina entered Capt.R’s room hurriedly & saw that Dr.S is giving the injection. Dr.S & Capt.R saw her. Dr.S said calmly,” Cadet, you here, it’s getting late & lights going to out go back to your hostel.”Naina said,” I wanted to ask something to sir.”Dr.S said slowly,” Cadet.”Capt.R said immediately,” It’s alright doc, she has every right to come & talk to me as she saved my life.”Dr.S smiled & said to Capt.R,”Ok, but please take some rest.”Capt.R said smiling,” Sure doc.”Dr.S nodded & went but warned Naina,” And Cadet, don’t stay out too late. You know that Brigadier has become very strict. You don’t want another round of punishments, right.”Naina nodded & Dr.S went outside. Capt.R & Naina said unison,” It’s such a…….sir.”Then Capt.R smiled sweetly & said,” Ladies first.”Naina hesitated & said slowly,” Sir……”Capt.R said slowly,” Did you forget? Ok, you remember what you want to ask me till then I’ll say my words. Cadet Naina Ah Singh thanks for saving my life.”Naina said immediately,” It’s my duty sir. And am so happy seeing you in fit sir, but I’d come to ask you something apart from this.”Capt.R said freely,” Then please ask me Cadet Singh.”Naina hesitated & said,” You know bhaiyya….”On that time all his favourite Cadets enter his room saying,” Hello sir.”Capt.R said amazement,” Guys just relax. Everybody will be sleeping but what you’re doing here?”Huda said,” Party sir, your welcome back party. Phoolan, you came first, you didn’t tell?”Capt.R said innocently,” What didn’t she tell me?”Huda said,” Surprise sir.”Capt.R said sarcastically,” Surprise, I like surprises these days.”Pooja said,” Very good sir & sweet also, chocolate cake.”Huda said impressively,” Wine sir.”Capt.R said immediately & suspiciously,” Sure.”This side all open the cake box meanwhile Huda opened the wine bottle. Naina stood there only thinking. Then Arjun said to Naina that Huda hasn’t brought anything which shows that Capt.R is in danger. But Naina didn’t give any attention & was thinking about the questions which she’s going to ask. Arjun noticed this but didn’t ask further & went to take the wine glass from Huda. Huda mixed a pill to Capt.R’s wine glass. Then Arjun took that glass but Huda took it back & said,” It’s for Capt.R yaar.”From this movement Arjun became suspicious but didn’t ask further questions but observed Huda & Capt.R. Here Capt.R cut the chocolate cake & give the pieces to the Cadets. Then Pooja said happily,” For speedy recovery of sir.”And she ate the cake. Huda gave the poison wine to Capt.R. Then Capt.R took the glass & said,” You are giving this in love, did you mix anything?”Huda started thinking & Capt.R also observed Huda’s expression & Arjun also. Yudi said innocently,” No mixing sir, only wine. If hard drinks was there then that wine shop would drink.”Showing towards Arjun. Naina heard Yudi’s remark & saw Arjun in disgust. Huda said calmly,” Only wine sir, no hard drinks.”Capt.R said smiling,” Cool so this one is for you Huda.”And drank it in one sip & hand gestured showing cheers. Then Pooja called,” Naina.”Then Huda went taking the piece of cake & gave it to Naina & said,” Phoolan, take it.”Naina saw him angrily & went outside. Huda said immediately,” What happened to her?”Capt.R saw her expression & said,” I’ll just be back guys.”And he followed Naina. Naina came outside in the training grounds & sat there on the bench. Capt.R came there & Naina stood. Then Capt.R said,” Keep sitting Cadet Singh, keep sitting.”Then he sat beside Naina & asked calmly,” What you wanted to ask me?”Naina hesitated & asked directly,” What do you know about bhaiyya, sir?”Capt.R is amazed by her question & said,” What I know, I’d told you, Naina.”Naina said directly,” No sir. You’re hiding something from me.”Capt.R asked in amazement,” How can you say that perfectly, Naina?”Naina said innocently,” Previously a letter came to my home.”Then Capt.R asked politely,” Letter, from whom?”Naina said politely,” From bhaiyya.”Capt.R is shocked hearing that news & said,” What, Navin’s letter? But how can this happen?”Naina said,” Bhaiyya had written that letter before his death & he had written that if something happens to him then please contact Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat.”Capt.R started thinking that why Navin had written like that.”Sir, who threatened bhaiyya? Sir please tell me sir, is bhaiyya was taken away from his mission? He was this academy’s best student. Sir, tell me what’s the reason that he was made as a traitor. What’s the secret sir?”Capt.R cannot answer the questions & said angrily,” So to know this truth you came to save me, making your life in danger?”Naina said politely,” Sir, I respect you so much sir & I’d said you previously that I’d done my duty. And you’ve given me a strong support here every time. And you were bhaiyya’s best friend, then what’s that reason that bhaiyya was made traitor? What’s the secret sir? Please tell me.”Capt.R said angrily after Naina badgered him to tell the truth,” That secret Cadet Naina Singh is hidden in this KMA only. Am also here for that mission only in which your brother came here before 4 yrs.”Naina said in amazement,” Bhaiyya was posted to KMA?”Capt.R said angrily,” Yes Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya, who had came here as OOSD (Officer on special duty) He had came here for a mission but was made as a traitor.”Naina said angrily,” It’s so strange sir that bhaiyya was made traitor here only, where am standing now.”Capt.R kept his hand on Naina’s shoulder in comforting way & said,” Naina, one who made your brother traitor are present now also here.”Naina saw Capt.R in shock.”They want to kill me, but I’ll not make them success…..”He coughed & felt uneasy to take breath. Naina saw Capt.R & is alarmed & remembered Arjun’s words & asked worriedly,”Sir, are you ok?”Then Naina took Capt.R to his room & called,”Arjun.”Arjun saw Capt.R’s state & ran to hold him & brought him & made him sit on the sofa. Huda is so happy but acted like concerning & said,”Sir, what happened?”Capt.R said in difficulty,” Am fine guys, just leave me alone.”Ali said to Yudi,”Go & call Dr.S.”Capt.R said,” Guys please leave me alone. You all please go back to your hostel.”Huda said politely,”Sir, can I bring something for you?”Capt.R said in difficult,” Have a good night Huda.”Then all go but Naina & Arjun stood there only. Naina saw his uneasiness & difficult to breath. Capt.R hand gestured to go from the room & they both went outside the room. Huda came once again & saw Capt.R in small hole smiling impressively. Capt.R is feeling uneasy & he fainted. Huda saw that & went with wild happiness & eagerness in his face & Naina saw this & understood that Huda had mixed something to Capt.R’s wine. Naina went to see Capt.R & saw that he’s injecting some antidote taking the pen trigger to his veins. And after sometime Capt.R got up easily & breathed easily. Naina saw that he’s fit & is so happy & went from there.

                           Here Cadet Huda dialled to his boss & said happily,”Capt.R is dead. I’d given a powerful poison to him that he or his spirit never comes back……..Ok……This time I’ll say over &……..”On that time someone kept a hand on Huda’s shoulder & Huda turned & saw Capt.R. Then in an angry expression he said to overcome the situation innocently,” He disconnected “And kept the phone immediately. Then he showed the pen trigger to Huda & said,” It’s ok, let’s dial it once again.”And he took the receiver & pressed the * button two times & said,”Operater, trace the number which came to the phone of corridor no.2 & inform it to my mobile phone. Very urgent.”And he kept the receiver. Huda said casually,” That’s my friend’s number sir.Kamal Kapoor from Karnal.”Capt.R said angrily,” Just shut up Cadet Huda. Am keeping a very important eye on you for some time. What you do & whom you meet, I know that everything.”Huda said angrily,” We’ve to keep an eye on this country’s traitors one who auction their country for money.”Capt.R said angrily,” I said shut up. Now it’ll be known that who is traitor, come.”Huda tried to escape but Capt.R twisted his hand & said angrily,” Enough Cadet, from tomorrow onwards, your wish will never going to fulfil, come.”Capt.R dragged Cadet Huda to his room & pushed him to the sofa & closed the door so that Huda can’t escape. But Huda said angrily,” What do you think, killing me, you are going to success in your mission? My accomplices will truly take traitors like you away from their way. Do you understand?”Capt.R saw Huda’s innocence & said smiling,” Which you calling now as your accomplices are called as terrorists in our mouth.”Huda said dismissively,” After capturing, thief never accepts himself as a thief.”Capt.R said seriously,” I’ve seen fools in my life. But am meeting a big fool in my life now. It’s so easy right who can make a person a big fool. I know that your colleagues are Indian intelligence agents & you’re giving them support & doing the good for this country right?”Huda said proudly,” My mummyji says that if goal is good then it’ll be fulfilled very soon.”Capt.R saw Huda angrily.” It’s your luck that you were saved once again or else I would kill traitors like you.”Capt.R smiled at him sarcastically & went & poured some water to a glass & said,” What do you think that to kill so called traitor Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat they want a KMA’s first year Cadet for your Indian intelligence agents? You can’t see the result of the way in which you’re going Cadet. One who are you thinking as your friends are this country’s enemies.”Huda said angrily,” You’re this country’s enemy not them.”Then he showed some photos & said angrily,” Then who’s this, one who’s shaking the hands with our enemies of the country?”Capt.R saw the photos & said,” So this is the reason in which that you think that am a traitor. How kiddish? Cadet Huda, is this original then what about this?”He showed his ID card & said,” Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat, special officer, military intelligence. Your mind has become corrupted that you’re not seeing which is original & which is duplicate.”Huda said suspiciously,” If these photos are duplicate, then how can I accept that your ID is original?”Capt.R said calmly,” Don’t accept, there’ll be no difference to me. But think about your family. Your family will never come outside from this humiliation. If you want me to help then tell me who are they.”Huda said angrily,” You’d become an intelligence officer but think like him, you’re asking help from a first year Cadet & to search this country’s enemies. But am sorry, I don’t trust you.”Capt.R smiled sarcastically & said,” I would’ve….”His mobile rang & he received it & switched on the loudspeaker. The operator said,” Captain Saab,the number you gave to know where it came has come from across the border.”Huda heard this & is shocked & Capt.R saw Huda’s face & disconnected the mobile & said,” So Cadet Huda, what do you want to say about this? If your colleagues are Indian intelligence agents then what are they doing across the border, they have to be here?”Huda started thinking.”If they’re not Indian intelligence agents then you know the meaning of their presence across the border?”Huda is thinking silently that what they’re doing across the border. Capt.R nodded dismissively & said,” So tell me, are you going to repent for your mistake?”Huda said proudly,” Huda never do the mistakes against our country. I accept that the photos they showed were duplicate, what they said was lies but what was that which I saw that in your room with my eyes?”Capt.R asked,”What did you saw, Cadet Huda?”Huda said angrily,” The file in which there was your fellow terrorists name & numbers. Now I know that you are the terrorist. What do you think that you’re going to make me fool & am going to become fool? What did you ask, that what my Indian intelligence agents are doing across the border. But why don’t they settle there, when bastards like you can come across this border?”Capt.R said seriously,” Is it over, I can prove you as a spy, Cadet Huda.”Naina came there & heard this & is shocked. Huda smiled & clapped & said,”Waah Captain, a traitor will say that I am spy.”Capt.R saw him seriously.”Am a spy?”Then he took those photos & said,” Prove it……Then he opened the door & said stubbornly,” Prove it.”And he saw Naina standing there & saw her eyes & went angrily.

                                    Naina entered Capt.R’s room & closed the door & said,” Sir.”Capt.R saw Naina angrily.”Sir am sorry for overhearing your conversation but Huda isn’t a spy sir.”Capt.R said angrily,” Why don’t he? It’s a problem that your new generation think themselves as smart. But your smartness is only based on half information or else listened words from ears. Your new generation think listening to an intellectual speech or reading the books, they think they’re smart & result is Huda like people. Hearing these speeches they think themselves as Mahatma Gandhi or Jawaharlal Nehru or Subhash Chandra Bose. But you don’t think that one half truth is so dangerous than a lie.”Naina said stubbornly,” So what’s the truth sir, who’s going to tell us, you only right? Am asking you from the starting that what happened with bhaiyya did you said to me? Was Navin bhaiyya made like this only?”Capt.R turned & saw her angrily.”Sir I remember that Navin bhaiyya was always saying that to a soldier only one thing can make fear that if his nearest is in danger & I think Huda is in….”Capt.R said angrily,” Huda isn’t in that situation. He’s just a case of over smart jackass. He don’t even know that what he’s doing? But I know how to bring him to the right way.”Naina said stubbornly,” I don’t accept that sir & I’ll prove it why Huda is doing like this.”Capt.R said angrily,” Cadet Singh, you stay out of this. There’s no connection between you & this.”Naina said stubbornly,” There’s sir; there’s connection between me & this sir. Huda isn’t a spy & I can prove this & you remember you’ve lost a batch mate on this accuse only & I don’t want to lose my batch mate.”And she went from there. Capt.R saw Naina & nodded dismissively.

                                Naina came to Huda’s room & made Yudi to go to Ali’s room so that she talk to Huda in private. Huda said smiling,” Didn’t I tell you one day you’ll come yourself to my room?”Naina asked directly,” Huda what Capt.R is saying is truth or not?”Huda said angrily,” Whom you trust Capt.R or me?”Naina said calmly,” I want to trust you Huda so tell me the truth.”Huda said angrily,”Ok, I only brake failed the Captain’s jeep. If you haven’t come between us Phoolan then I’d have killed him. Captain isn’t a hero. He’s a villain, Phoolan. And I did this for our Indian intelligence agent, for my country I did this.”Naina is shocked & felt pity on Huda that those terrorists has brainwashed him perfectly. Then taking a deep breath Naina nodded dismissively. Naina said calmly,” Huda till now I hated you but I thought that you’re a smart & intelligent. Capt.R said that you were misled by someone but I know that you’re not going to be misled so easily. Tell me Huda did you do these works because that someone threatened you?”Huda said sadly,” What makes you difference Phoolan; I’d told you previously that I love you so much.”Naina said thinking slowly,” Huda, I don’t love you.”Huda saw Naina in shock hearing this remark.”But I think you as a friend & that’s why I’ve come here to help you.”Huda saw Naina angrily but Naina said calmly,” Huda come here & sit.”Showing towards Huda’s bed. Naina & Huda sat beside each other. Naina said slowly seeing Huda’s eyes,” You know, to become an intelligence officer, we’ve to take the training from the reputed institution. No one can qualify you so easily. And you know to become an intelligence officer; we’ve to get the training, like we’ve joined the KMA.”Huda saw Naina in amazement. Naina nodded & said,” And who’s the best, they’re taken as intelligence officers. You know take the example of Capt.R only, he’s not made as an intelligence officer so easily & he can’t get the detecting skills from this academy’s pass out. He’ll have some training after this academy’s pass out to become intelligence officer. And in CID also or any other intelligence agency even to become private detectives, we’ve to take some courses then only the people are qualified, they can’t take the officers so easily; they’ve to work as police inspectors for some time & seeing their achievements their skills they’ll be taken as CID officers & trained for further operations. If it is catching the criminals or detecting the murder cases or to save some one or to protect someone. They don’t employ someone to kill someone. And did they choose you like I said now to you?”Huda remembered & nodded no to Naina. Then Naina said immediately,” Then how did you accept that they’re Indian intelligence agents?”Huda stood & said angrily,” Then what did they shown to me was lies, those photos, those documents about Capt.R?”Naina asked calmly,” What did they shown you, which documents, which photos?”Huda went & opened the photos & gave it to Naina & the documents which shown that he’s a terrorist. Naina saw this very curiously & said to Huda taking a photo & tearing the face of Capt.R’s photo from that photo which was sticked on other face,” Do you think this is a truth?”Huda is shocked & took every photo & saw that Capt.R’s photo is sticked on other’s face & remembered Capt.R’s words,’ How kiddish? Is this the reason then what about this? Capt.Rajveer Singh Shekhawat, military intelligence.’ And showing the ID card. Naina nodded dismissively & said,” Huda, you’re misleaded. You know it’s so easy that we think as a truth which is seen from eyes but we never test that it’s a truth or not. Come to the light Huda, because it’s so easy to kill someone but it’s not so easy to come out of the guilt that you’ve killed an innocent. When you know the man whom you’ve killed is so innocent then you can’t tolerate, think about it & very good night to you.”And she went to her hostel. Huda didn’t say anything but was thinking so much & he lied down very late night & didn’t slept & after some time he also got the sleep & slept.


                          Next morning Naina explained Arjun about yesterday’s events. Arjun smiled dismissively,” So he has been brain washed that they’re from Indian intelligence agents. It’s so easy to make these teenagers misleaded.”Naina said sadly,” I feel bad for Huda. He thought that he’s working to Indian intelligence agents but now he’s going to know that one who he thought as Indian intelligence agents are terrorists. And now I remember that terrorist whom I’d captured. I’d seen his profiles in Capt.R’s file. His name is Syed Ahmed Ali & he’s the wanted terrorist of the police of Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Bangladesh. They’d duplicated the photos & showed it to Huda & brainwashed that Capt.R is a spy, a traitor & they theft those files from Capt.R’s room by Huda.”Arjun nodded dismissively & taking the deep breath & said,” Ok, I’ll inform this to ACP Saab & he wanted to know what happened in the forest by you only. If you can jump the wall of the academy then you go & talk to ACP Saab.”Naina said shockingly,” To jump the wall of the academy, am sorry. But let’s see can we find a way to go outside the academy, have a good day Arjun.”Arjun said smiling,” You too Naina.”And both departed from there.

                                Next morning in Lolita madam’s class all are listening to her lecture but Yudi is drowsing sitting in front of Lolita madam only but she hasn’t noticed him. Lolita madam said bossily,” Students, today, we talk about history of intelligence. Let’s start from CID-Criminal Intelligence Department.”(She wrote that on the board)On that time Naina is observing Huda curiously. Huda is thinking about something & isn’t giving any attention to Lolita madam’s lecture. Pooja saw that Naina observing Huda curiously & said smiling,” Oi Huda’s Phoolan, I’d heard that you sent a missed call to Huda yesterday night, is call returned or not?”Naina said dismissively,” I’d some work with Huda, that’s why I’d gone to his room.”Pooja said tauntingly,” On night? In night, call rates will be less, that’s why & if the call rates was same then you’d have talked with him in day only? And you sent Yudi out of range also. Tell me, are you connected yourself in the forest with that Haryanvi like me & Ali, I’m mean, me & Rohit……”Naina said angrily,” Pooja, can we talk about this later?”Lolita madam said,” Which was formed by Britishers, please note down. Second is Directorate of Intelligence bureau.”On that time Yudi was drowsy. Ali waked him up & said,” Yudi bhai, this isn’t the place to sleep.”Yudi said resisting the huge yawn,” What do I do yaar, she (Naina) not give me permission to sleep & this wine shop’s (Arjun) snores will not make me sleep.”Arjun said angrily,” Notanki, I’d learnt in jail that one that comes to your room that is the forceful guest to make him run away from the room is the snores.”Yudi saw him innocently.”Now see front.”Lolita madam said,” This was formed by Britishers in 1920.It’s sole responsibility is internal & external, But In 1947 India got independence, then government formed a research & analysis wing in 1968 which is commonly known as RAW. So the independent India, we’ve NSC which has 3 types 1) RAW 2) IB-Intelligence bureau 3) DIA-Defence intelligence agency.”Then she saw Yudi & asked,” Cadet Yudi.”Yudi is drowsing & Ali trod him from behind & Yudi stood & said,” Yes madam.” Lolita madam asked,” The spies in the moon, who are in organisation & are inactive for years, what do we call them?”Yudi yawned hugely & said,” Sorry madam, am sleepy……”Lolita madam said impressively,” Yes very good. Correct sit down.”Yudi saw Lolita madam in amazement & sat. Ali & Pooja saw Yudi in amazement & Arjun nodded dismissively. Lolita madam said,” The spies who are in inactive for years they are called as Sleepers, because they can be activated for the secret mission & no one doubts.”She wrote the word ‘SLEEPERS’ on the board & underlined it. On that time an orderly entered & gave a letter to Lolita madam. Pooja said smiling to Naina,”I think Suriji’s love letter.”And laughed herself for her joke only. Lolita madam read the letter & said,” Cadet Huda, you’re called by Capt.R in his cabin.”Naina & Arjun saw towards Huda. Then Huda thought & got up & went from there to meet Capt.R. Capt.R took Huda said seriously,” You wanted the proof Cadet, come on let’s go, I’ll show you the proof.”Huda hesitated & didn’t come but Capt.R dragged him saying angrily,” Come.”Then both sat in the jeep & Capt.R drive on. Capt.R took Huda to army prison. Capt.R entered the premises then everyone saluted him & Huda is amazed seeing them salute Capt.R & is so suspicious & thought that If I was working to Indian intelligence agency then why they’re not saluting me? Then Capt.R took Huda to a cell & said,” You wanted the proof right Cadet, go inside, & see yourself from your eyes.”Huda said suspiciously,” Why what’s inside there?”Capt.R said angrily,” Go inside, you’ll know everything yourself.”

                                Huda went inside & saw that a man tied to a chair by the rope & went & saw his face. The man was the terrorist which Naina had caught in the forest. That terrorist saw Huda & smiled wildly & said,” Huda bhai, you came, I knew that someone will come. Open my threads quickly. Our boss has escaped across the border.”Huda said innocently & in amazement,” Who are you, & how do you know my name and what’s there across the border?”Capt.R smiled impressively seeing the scene from the window. Terrorist said immediately,” Huda bhai, we are your colleagues & we work for same organisation. Huda bhai, our boss had escaped across the border. Indian intelligence knew that who we are, they don’t leave us both.”Huda said innocently,”Oi, idiot, I am the Indian intelligence agent. Are you threatening me?”Terrorist said immediately,” We’d said to you like that so that you never be caught. But it is not truth. Indian intelligence is our enemy, India is our enemy.”Huda said angrily,” Who are you tell me? I’d not worked for money till now or else I’ll punch you.”Terrorist said,” Huda bhai, I can prove it. What’s your code name when you were talking to the boss?”Huda said angrily,” My boss & I know my code name.”Terrorist said immediately,”I know also. Your code name is Rajesh prince, right.”Huda is shocked hearing his code name from that terrorist & is so ashamed of him that he’s working to the terrorists. Capt.R smiled impressively.”Now you trusted me? Huda bhai, let’s go quickly from here till Captain comes here we’ve to escape.”Capt.R came inside & asked,” Cadet Huda, your conversation is over or you’ve to hear further? These are your colleagues who’re Indian intelligence agents. If they’re Indian intelligence agents then from 5 yrs why the police of Iran, Iraq, Syria & Bangladesh are searching them? If you don’t trust me now also then see this file. Here their biodata, achievements are recorded here. As a matter of fact, this file is so confidential but I want you to read this file.”Huda saw the file & is shocked because one who he met as Indian intelligence agents are seen as terrorists in the file & is felt ashamed of himself.”It’s good that you’re emotional but don’t make your emotions as weapons of these people. These are a very old & easy way of searching the weak targets like you & mislead you in the name of religion or in the name of patriotism. They make you think that you’re doing well to your country but in present you’ll be cutting your country’s roots only. Cadet Huda you know that for your innocent mistake that you can get a very severe punishment that you & your family can’t overcome from the shame. But I’ll try level best to save you. Because I know that you’re emotional but not a culprit. You’ll be given chance to repent & mistakes are done by man only. And man will repent in right time for his mistakes, come.”And he took Huda back to KMA.

                                Huda came back to KMA & thought about Naina’s words & what he saw in the army prison & Capt.R’s words also. Huda came to the mess & served the food to a plate silently & sat in an empty table. Yudi said to Arjun showing a cauliflower,” Chief, you broke this then I’ll appreciate you,” Pooja said immediately,” Yes qaidi, this stone type vegetable will never be broke down by you in jail. Arjun thought dismissively,” Right, in jail.”Then said,” I think Major Nair had entered the kitchen.”Then Pooja & Yudi laughed to Arjun’s remark.Suriji saw them angrily hearing their conversation.Ali entered the mess & sat with the same table where Arjun, Pooja & Yudi sat & said,”Guru,why are you scolding the food?”Pooja said,” That’s good because you’re not eating.”Yudi said in amazement,” Seriously bro, how will you starve all the day?”Ali said,” Starving is a traditional part we keep that in the name of god & for the god only.”Huda asked slowly,” You’ll broke the starvation in the evening right?”Ali said politely,” Yes.”Huda said dismissively,”Then open your starvation across the border.”Suriji saw Huda angrily & Yudi, Arjun & Pooja saw Huda in amazement & Ali is shocked & said angrily,” What do you mean across the border?”Huda said dismissively,” Nothing yaar.”Ali said angrily,” Am bounded with my rules of starvation or else I would talk to you openly.”Huda said dismissively,” Nothing yaar.”Suriji said angrily,” Cadet Huda attention.”Huda stood.”If in your words if this type of references comes then Major Nair punishment will be simple in front of my punishment, got that?”Huda went outside the mess angrily. Then Yudi comforted Ali. Yudi said dismissively,”Yaar, its ok.If some girl refuses his proposition then he’ll behave like this.”Then Pooja said immediately,” You mean, Naina rejected Huda’s incoming?”Yudi said,”Yep.”Ali asked,” But how do you know?”Yudi said dismissively,” Am practised with all these rejections so I can understand. What happened is that Huda took this directly to his heart & it’s working on his mind.”Arjun said immediately,”Then we’ve to celebrate with this.”Yudi asked innocently,” Why?”Arjun said,”Naina saved herself. She took the decision perfectly.”All laugh at Arjun’s remark.And Arjun thought,” How can she make Huda come to her life when Capt.R has entered her life. You never impress her Huda am sorry for you.” Here this side, an orderly gave a bouquet to Capt.R in his cabin. Capt.R saw that bouquet & asked,” Who sent this?”Orderly said,” Dr.Mishra.”Capt.R took it & kept it on his kitchen platform. Orderly gave a letter & said,” She has sent you a letter.”Capt.R took & read it silently,

Shall I call you Captain or dear? I missed you so much. But anyways welcome back.



Capt.R smiled & said,” Yours doctor.”Orderly try to read the letter & Capt.R observed this & saw him. Then orderly asked immediately,” Shall I go sir?”Capt.R said bossily,” Ok, you can go.” Orderly went but Capt.R said,” Wait.”And he took the pen & answered the letter & gave it to orderly & said bossily,” I don’t need to tell you that this letter will be given to Dr.Mishra only.”Orderly said innocently,” Yes sir. I’m meant no sir.”And he took the letter & went to Dr.R’s room & gave the letter back & said,” Madam, Capt.R has given this.”Dr.R saw the letter & asked,” Gave it back, why?”Orderly said politely,” I don’t know madam.”Dr.R said,” Ok, you can go.”Orderly went from there & Dr.R opened the letter & saw the answer & said smiling,” Letter’s answer in letter only.” And read the letter,

In fact, friend will not leave the fill in the blanks like this, anyways thanks for bouquet & your concern.

                                                                                                                         Captain Rajveer Shekhawat.

Dr.R said to herself,” He calls me dear & Dr.Mishra also but not calls me Ritu. And he complaints the fill in the blanks also. If he called me then lines would be cleared.”And she went from there disappointed.

                                Here Huda came to the city & dialled to his mom from the local booth. Huda said sadly,” Mummyji, am Deepu……. Yes mummyji am alright … are you alright…? Just I’ve to ask that only.”And he kept the receiver & came outside & cried & said,” I can’t say that mummyji that your Huda failed.”Then someone kept a hand on Huda’s shoulder & Huda turned & saw that it was Capt.R. Capt.R said comfortingly,” Man fails from the heart not from the brain. One who accepted the defeat in front of his failure is a weak person & one who took his failure as his challenge is a strong person. Huda, I identify a person according to his heart & I know that your heart has very good nature. You are KMA’s Cadet now also & you’ll be KMA’s Cadet in future also. From today onwards, in Kanchenjunga Military Academy, Capt.R’s sincere soldier is Cadet Huda.”And smiled sweetly at him. Huda saw him crying. Capt.R wiped Cadet Huda’s tears & nodded & patted in comforting way & went from there. Huda saw Capt.R in gratitude & took a decision,” Sir from today onwards, I’ll become a soldier like you because you’re the first person I’ve seen forgiving my big mistakes. And I’ll become the soldier like you.”Here all the Cadets are assembled in assembly hall.Yudi came running excitedly & said,” Guys……..”Pooja said excitedly,” Tell…..”Yudi said excitedly,” We’re getting holiday for Diwali for 3 days.”Then all Cadets became happy.Arjun said dismissively,” They give that every year. Say something new.”Then Ali said disappointedly,”Guru, if you knew then I’d have reserved the tickets for cricket match in Bangalore.”Pooja said dismissively,”Yaar, if I go to home then they will keep me there only, they’ll not give me permission to come back.”Naina asked doubtfully,” Then why did Brigadier called here in assembly hall, that to only first year Cadets?”Yudi said innocently,” I think to give that good news which I’d told you now.”Pooja said doubtfully,” No Yudi something is fishy. There’s no BC’s SMS & called directly that means trouble.”Arjun is bored hearing Pooja’s words because she talks like mobile phone. Major Nair came & said,” Cadets.”All Cadets assembled.”Attention.”All Cadets stood in attention position. Brigadier came & said bossily,” At ease Cadets.”All Cadets relax.”There’s a tradition in Kanchenjunga Military Academy & that is every year we give holiday for 3 days on the eve of Deepavali festival. But this year first year Cadets has broken rules of the academy that’s why they’re given holiday for only 3hrs instead of 3 days. And any Cadets aren’t allowed to burn the crackers just they’re allowed to light the lamps. And I’ve informed Suriji to prepare something special dishes in his mess. I’ve full hope that you’ll fulfil my decision & you’ll not break any rules further. I pray that there’ll be the light of the truth in your lifes, in this wish I’ll light first lamp of deepavali.”Then he lit the lamp & warned Major Nair to take over & went from there. Then Major Nair dismissed the Cadets smiling impressively. All Cadets are disappointed & went to do their work.Neelu decided to invite all the KMA Cadets & faculty to Deepavali party & took the permission from her father & invited them.

                                         Meanwhile Capt.R took the shower & came outside singing,” Am jolly good fellow, am a jolly good fellow, and am a jolly good fellow.”On that time someone knocked at the door & Capt.R came & opened the door.Dr.R was revealed.Dr.R saw Capt.R & laughed so much. Capt.R said innocently,”Dr.Mishra you in this time?”Dr.R showed her finger but Capt.R didn’t understand it & Dr.R only said smiling,” Your ear Captain.”Then he saw that soap is smeared to his ear & said,”Oh.”And he cleaned with his towel & said,” Please come in.”And Dr.R entered inside & Capt.R closed the door.Dr.R saw to sit on the sofa but it is occupied with Capt.R’s dress & shifted it to keep in other place but Capt.R saw this & shifted his dresses hurriedly & threw it on his bed. Dr.R saw that disgustingly. Capt.R asked calmly,” What do you’ll like to have, Coffee?”Dr.R said,” No.”Capt.R said,” Soup?”Dr.R said,” Not now.”Capt.R showed his hands saying a peg of wine. But Dr.R said smiling,” Not now at all.”Capt.R said smiling,” That’s good. Please have a seat.”Dr.R said smiling,” It’s ok.So tell me Captain, you came back for me right.”Capt.R said innocently,” Pardon.”Dr.R said immediately,” Not pardon Captain, say yes, I really missed you.”Capt.R said slowly,” That’s why you had free now to meet me now?”Dr.R said enthusiastically,” Are you waiting for me?”Capt.R didn’t answer & became silent. Dr.R said enthusiastiacally,”Anyways, Captain you must tell this, how do you do this?”Capt.R asked innocently,” What about are you asking?”Dr.R said enthusiastically,” Am sure this situation would have come in past, but how do you get through this? Fighting against death with an arms length of the life & about turn. You come back like nothing has happened. From where you get this inspiration?”Capt.R said innocently,”Well, you’re a Psychiartist.You know about people’s mind.”Dr.R said enthusiastically,” Exactly but am asking you. Please am really thrilled.”Capt.R said slowly,” It’s very simple, as a psychiatrist you look the situation like this, the arms length of death but far from life. But as a soldier I see this way from an arms length of life but far from the death. And when the distance of life will be in an arm’s length then it’ll be very easy to cross.”Dr.R said impressively,” That’s the spirit, I love you for this.”Capt.R said immediately smiling,” Kiss for that.”Then Dr.R & Capt.R become silent for some time. Capt.R said slowly,” You know Dr.Mishra in this situation someone will give you a final push in, a booster dose.”Dr.R said,” You mean?”Capt.R said impressively,” I’m meant that someone’s face remembrance, their words or someone comes there & says come back & it’s becomes your duty to come back.”Dr.R said smiling,”So, this time what was that? I’m mean who that was?”She expected her name but Capt.R said innocently & impressively,” Cadet Naina Singh, her presence on that time her trying to her level best of saving me made me to fight with death & to come back & am right in front of you.”Smiling at Dr.R innocently. Dr.R disappointed & said,” You meant that you didn’t come back for me.”Capt.R saw Dr.R innocently. Here Cadets are enjoying the Deepavali celebrations in the mess & Yudi invited everyone to his house Deepavali party. Huda is still remorsing that what he had done & had become silent. Huda entered the mess & Yudi saw him & said tauntingly,” Hey Huda, shall I bet that you can’t arrange my level’s girl for Deepavali party this time.”Huda said sadly,” You’re right yaar.”And went & sat in an empty table. Yudi saw Huda in amazement. Naina & Arjun both can understand Huda’s state. Arjun motioned in eyes to comfort him to Naina. Then Yudi said to Ali,” He sat alone in that table leaving the girl. Is he Huda’s duplicate?”Pooja said that nothing has been done. Then Pooja taunted to Naina that she can waste talk time of her for Huda. Naina didn’t answer & said,” Huda.”Huda went angrily from the mess & Naina followed him to talk to him. But Naina got the phone from the home & the news came as her father has suffered a heart attack. Then Dr.S informed BC that she has given permission to Cadet Naina Singh to go home. Then BC suspected that Naina has searched a reason to go outside the academy. But Dr.S defended Naina isn’t like that.

                              Here orderly gave a letter to Arjun saying that Cadet Naina Singh gave this letter in game room. He took the letter & said to his opponent that he’ll play afterwards & exited from there reading the letter. The letter said,

Hi Arjun,

                  On that day you came to the forest & to me when I was losing my hope. You had saved me & my hope also. And then you suffered my punishment. My bhaiyya was always saying that we’ve to sacrifice our life to this country but one who sacrifices his moment of life for his partner’s life is a true patriot. Thanks Arjun for giving me full support. Whatever my decision or whichever my path you always stood with me showing me right way & I want that support in future also because this has becoming dangerous mission to me. I wanted you to show me right way like my bhaiyya was showing me. You’re not a colleague or a senior officer to me but you are more than that, you are my guide, philosopher & a very good friend & of course you’re protective to me as a brother. During Capt.R’s absence from the academy a lost letter came to my home from bhaiyya. This letter was written by bhaiyya before his death & the letter said that if something happens to him then contact Capt.R. I asked about this to Capt.R & he said that a secret is hidden here in this KMA only about my bhaiyya. I wanted to search it but unfortunately baba’s heart attack news came & I’ve to go immediately. That’s why am giving this searching responsibility to you. I know this is difficult but not impossible. I don’t know that till then I close my identity that is Naina Singh Ahluwaliya. I fear that am going to come into the light to these academy’s persons that am Naina Singh Ahluwaliya. But I’ve strength to face the truth without any hesitation. Am going to see baba now but before that I’ll give the first part report of our mission to ACP Saab. And I’ll report him that what happened in the forest during Capt.R’s rescue mission. Please leave the drinks, don’t become drunkard. And please search what I’d said to you. After reading this letter, please swallow this letter or do something to this letter so that no one reads the contents of the letter. See you soon.



Arjun read this letter & saw the academy in disgust & sat on the staircase in the assembly hall & said to himself in his mind,” Anything happens to you Naina; I’ll not leave you alone. We both will success this mission in best ways. And don’t worry; I’ll search that secret without any suspicion. Have faith in me.”Before going to Mangalore Naina went to the bureau & gave the first part report of her mission to ACP Saab & asked the leave to see her father. Naina entered bureau & went to ACP Saab’s cabin & saluted & said,” Naina Singh Ahluwaliya reporting sir.”ACP Saab turned his chair & said smiling,” Welcome Naina, am really proud of you. I must say that you’re a determined woman. You made Huda come to Capt.R’s sight & made Huda repent for his mistakes. That’s why your teachers were getting so happy when they heard your name. Am impressed with your work Naina.”Naina smiled & said,” Thank you sir. But I didn’t do anything alone; you gave me support that’s why I did my mission.”ACP Saab said seeing her hand which she was holding a file,” What’s that Naina?”Naina said politely,” It’s the report of the first part of our mission.”ACP Saab said immediately,” But before that (He took a photo & gave it to Naina. Naina took it) I want to say that KMA is in inspection & he’s the person who’s coming to inspect the KMA. He’s having the orders of closing the KMA.”Naina saw the photo & is shocked & said slowly,” Are you sure that he’s the man who’s coming to KMA to inspect?”ACP Saab said softly,” Yes Naina, but why? You aren’t happy seeing his photo.”Naina said fearfully,” If he comes to KMA then I’ve to pack my clothes from KMA & have to come outside.”ACP Saab asked curiously,” Why Naina?”Naina said disgustingly,” Because he has seen me in my bhaiyya’s funeral & he knows that who am I. His name is Major Bharghav & he treats his inferiors as an animal. His policy is divide & control. And has a mentality of making others, his inferiors or others like an animal most importantly like him. He has a very old grudge with me & if he saw me then he’ll definitely expose me to the academy’s persons that am traitor Navin Singh Ahluwaliya’s sister.”ACP Saab said worriedly,” Then it’ll be difficult for you to settle there. What do we do now Naina?”Naina said,” No use of remorsing on spilt milk sir. I’ve to face him & am sure he’ll try his level best to kick me out of this academy as he has an old grudge with me.”ACP Saab asked curiously,” What’s that old grudge, Naina?”Naina hesitated & said,” Nothing sir.”ACP Saab said seeing her hesitation caringly,” What you’re hiding Naina? What did he do to you? He did something wrong which you don’t want me to tell? If it’s your personal matter then trust me that I’ll not reveal that to everyone, have faith in me.”Naina said slowly,” This isn’t personal matter of mine; it’s my friend’s personal life sir. Ok, sir. If you’re promising me that you will not reveal that then I’ll say that secret to you. I’d seen him mainly on 13th September 2003.”ACP Saab asked curiously,” And what he did that day?”Naina said softly,” He had raped my friend.”ACP Saab said in shock & stood,” What?”Naina nodded & started saying her story,” On 13th September 2003, I & my friend Priya were coming from my best friend’s birthday party. That day it was raining sir & we were asking for the lift to the auto, but we didn’t get any auto. My friend Priya wanted to go home very soon because her mother was not well. My best friend insisted us both to come & attend the party. We thought that after cake cutting we’ll come back immediately giving her the presents. But our friend insisted us to have dinner & go & we couldn’t refuse her. When party was closed the time was 10’o clock & we were in hurry to go to Priya’s home. Because I wanted to help her so much as her mother wasn’t well. We were drenched in the rain & our dresses were wet. When we were calling for the auto then a car stopped in front of us & said to step in & the man said that he’ll drop us to home. Priya was so innocent; she sat inside the car immediately & said to me to sit in the car. I hesitated to sit inside the car & made to Priya to come outside & said to the man that we’ll go anyway & don’t bother us. But Priya didn’t listen to me & made me forcefully to sit inside the car. That man started talking with us over friendly & I was getting suspicious about him. Then he said that he had seen us in birthday party & talking he took the wrong turn & I noticed it & said immediately that. That’s not the way to our home. And he said that the roads are in repair that’s why he’s deviating the car. Then he took the car to an empty road & started misbehaving with us. I resisted him but he made me unconscious by banging my head to the car. Then after sometime I opened my eyes & saw that my friend was in……………”Naina became silent.ACP Saab kept his hand on Naina’s shoulder in comforting way. Naina wiped her tears & said,” My friend went & tried to commit suicide on that time only by hanging herself from her dupatta but I stopped her & made her to live & fight for his crime. Priya took promise from me that I’ll not reveal the incident to her mother & act like that nothing has happened. I & Priya went home & said that the accident happened to them on the way to her mother & she went to take the rest. Then I found out that who he was & I made him ashamed in front of his family. His family abandoned him till then he gives him justice to Priya. Then Priya became the daughter-in-law of his family. Priya became Major Bharghav’s wife & now the mother of his 6yr old son. But he has an old grudge on me that he was away from his family for full 1year because of me. That’s why he has an old grudge on me. During my brother’s funeral also he tried to talk with me & try to taunt with me that my brother was a traitor but I didn’t give any opportunity but now he’ll have a very good opportunity to make me hurt in one way or the other. He’s such an opportunist.”ACP Saab said immediately,” If you want the leave then you can take that & go Naina. I’ll send other officer to protect Capt.R. Don’t come back till then his inspection is over.”Naina said immediately,” No sir. I’ll face him. Am not a weak person. I’ll fight with him.”ACP Saab said immediately,” Ok but, If he’s going to do any harm to you then I’ll have to arrest him.”Naina nodded & said politely,” Thank you sir.”And smiling cunningly,” But I’ll not give you opportunity for that. He definitely misbehaves with me there’s no doubt, but he don’t know the CID officer Naina Singh Ahluwaliya. Don’t worry sir; he’ll remember Naina Singh Ahluwaliya till his death.”Then she gave the report which she has brought to show to ACP Saab & explained,” Sir, I think Huda isn’t a spy. Because he was brainwashed & I think there’s original spy who wanted to theft the nuclear triggers.”

                                 Then she explained to ACP Saab.”Sir, M.D.Gehlot has sent 2 spies to KMA. One spy has come to light but another spy hasn’t come to light but I’d doubt on that Dr.Ritu Mishra, Psychiatrist is the other spy. First spy is a spy Cadet sir, his name is Cadet Amardeep Huda. He’s from Haryana but settled here in Karnataka. He’s an innocent & so emotional person. That’s why those terrorists brain washed him that they’re from Indian intelligence agency & showed some photos of Capt.R shaking the hands with the terrorist, which is a lie. When Huda working with those terrorists they’ve made him to theft some important files from Capt.R’s room. Then Huda only brakes failed Capt.R’s jeep & makes Capt.R’s accident. Then he also mixed poison to the wine & giving it to drink the poison wine to Capt.R. Capt.R drank it & took the antidote for that poison immediately. Now Huda knows his mistakes & remorsing but I had said to Arjun to keep an eye on him. One terrorist was captured during Capt.R’s rescue after his accident & he’s the wanted terrorist of Iran, Iraq, Syria & Bangladesh. Capt.R knows that am Naina Singh Ahluwaliya but he knows not that am a CID officer & special officer of anti-terrorism cell. Capt.R has promised me that he’ll not reveal me to the academy’s persons. Sir, Capt.R has got 4 blackmailing letter, 1) His warning to go from the academy leaving his mission.2) Bomb blast in KMA.3) My attempted murder.4) Huda’s letter of meeting him in fresher’s ball. Whom I’ve mentioned now their photos are in the file sir. Capt.R is successful in his first part of mission that is searching of spy Cadet. But sir during my murder of threatening to Capt.R, I fear they had breached the security of the nuclear triggers room. To know that how it is protected & about its security measures. Because how did they know that Capt.R is favouring me? How did they knew that If they threaten Capt.R of my killing, he comes to my aid? Someone is there who’s keeping an eye on Capt.R sir. And am sure that will be original spy, who wanted to theft nuclear triggers from the protection.”ACP Saab said impressively,” Well done Naina, very good.”Naina said slowly,” Sir, I need 3 days holiday. I want to go to my home sir urgently because my father isn’t well. I want to go & meet him.”ACP Saab said,” Ok, Naina. You go & come after 3 days but don’t extend your holiday. You’re needed here very much in KMA.”Naina said,” Don’t worry sir. I’ll come back immediately.”And Naina took Mangalore bus & reached the home.

                                       Here in KMA, everyone is getting ready for Yudi’s Deepavali party. Huda came & asked to Arjun,” Oi qaidi, Phoolan isn’t seen where’s she?”Arjun said,” Why? What do you want her for? You didn’t impress her when she was here.”Huda said tauntingly,” Why you’re seen so happy for her, that’s because your line has become clear.”Arjun said softly,” You know what’s your problem is, you think yourself as smart but you’re not & you didn’t understand Naina correctly.” Huda said tauntingly,” You did understood her correctly. But am sorry that you can’t impress her also because Naina likes Captain like people.”Arjun saw him & thought,” She not likes Captain but she loves Captain truly.”And then he said immediately,” That’s why you’re trying to become like Captain.”Huda said suspiciously,” What do you mean?”Arjun said immediately,” Am noticing that after your journey from the forest. You weren’t the first Huda, you’ve changed. Don’t make me fool.”And went from there. Huda felt very hurted hearing Arjun’s words.


                              Every faculty & Cadets except Naina came to Yudi’s house to enjoy the party.Neelu is lighting the lamp & saw Arjun & whistled. Arjun stopped & Neelu came in front of him & stood & saw top to bottom & smiled impressively. Arjun said rudely,” What?”Neelu said rudely,” What?”Arjun said,” You started whistling seeing the guy.”Neelu said dismissively,” I do that always when I see the guy.”Arjun said warningly,” Leave it or you’ll repent for that.”Neelu said dismissively,” Just shut up ok, I waited for you or I’d gone from here.”Arjun asked rudely,” Where?”Neelu said dismissively,” Corbett National Park. There so many tigers lives are in danger & is so important to save them.”Arjun said tauntingly,” Here human children are starving & she’s thinking about tiger’s child.”Neelu said threateningly,”Hey hello. Look dude, you don’t talk to me like taunting or you’ll be suffering. Just because that in this full city of Madikeri, Neelu is the one who likes you so much that doesn’t mean that I’ll change my mind, do you get that?”Arjun try to say something but Neelu went from there angrily.Arjun cursed to him for making friend with Neelu & went from there. Major Nair came in front of him & said warningly,” Cadet Arjun, don’t forget that you’re here to become a good soldier & a gentleman. When you forget that then I’ll send you back from where you’d come from that hell, understood?”Arjun saw his face straightly.Suriji saw the pair in serious face & came & asked slowly,”Sir is there any problem?”Major Nair said smiling,” No problem Suriji.”Arjun is amazed seeing his smile. Suriji said smiling & hugging him,” Happy Diwali.”Major Nair also wished him. Then Suriji said to Arjun,”Happy Diwali puttar.”Patting him & went form there. And Major Nair stared at Arjun & Arjun also stared at Major Nair. Then Arjun went from there. Everyone wished each other Happy Diwali. Arjun stood in an corner & was thinking about Naina’s task. He was thinking about how to search that secret without anyone’s suspicion. Huda isn’t happy in this type of situation & environment because he was so angry & so doubtful about himself that first time a girl refused his proposal. He was thinking about Naina only. Suriji saw Arjun standing in the corner & came & said softly,”Puttarji, what did Major Nair tell?”Arjun didn’t answer first but he said immediately,” He was reminding me.”Suriji asked,” What?”Arjun said immediately in anger,” That am not from here am from….”Suriji said warningly,”……..Oi, no curses, I understood. Today’s the festival day & you’ve to celebrate it.”Arjun said casually,” Don’t worry, I don’t care about this. As a matter of fact, am practised with this.”Suriji said,” Very good, cheer up.”He went from there. Arjun thought once again about Naina’s task only.Ali forcefully makes Pooja to fire a crackers & Pooja fears the sound & she hugs Ali with fear. This was seen by their friends & they taunt them but Ali said that he has come here to become army officer & went from there angrily.

                                       Here Capt.R is seeing the burning of the crackers & Dr.R came & said to Capt.R excitedly,” Hi Captain. Why you’re standing like an idiot? What are you seeing, let’s go?”Capt.R said in amazement,” But when did you come?”Dr.R said excitedly,” I came to the earth about 28yrs ago & I came here before 5 minutes. Come on Captain, any motivates, there’s so much crackers & time is so less.”Then she kept flower pots in line excitedly. Capt.R saw her & smiled & said,” Amazing.”Dr.R saw him innocently.”Of course you’re amazing.”Dr.R said impressively,” Of course.”Capt.R said smiling,” You know you’ve a child like excitement seeing these crackers inside you.”Dr.R said excitedly,” Of course, what I feel I’ll not hide that. I love crackers & I love you.”And she took a sparkler. Capt.R said smiling,” Ok, let’s burn both of them. But be careful.”Then both fired the flower pot with the sparklers & came back immediately but Dr.R was about to fall but Capt.R held her by falling & stopped her & said,” I said to be careful.”Dr.R said impressively,” When you’re with me Captain then I no need to be careful.”Capt.R raised his eyebrows. Then everyone burned the crackers. Meanwhile Capt.R ‘s sherwani caught fire & Huda saw that & he off the fire by his hand & Capt.R saw his hand painfully & said in gratitude,” Thanks Cadet.”Then Dr.R saw this & came in panic near Capt.R & asked,” Are you alright Captain?”Capt.R said immediately,” Yes but something would’ve happened but Cadet Huda saved me.”And Arjun saw this & smiled impressively. Then Dr.R saw the burnings & said,” That’s bad.”Capt.R sent Huda to take first aid for that burnings. Here Suriji & Arjun are drinking alcohol. Then Suriji saw Arjun’s silence & said,” I think that you felt bad hearing Major Nair’s words. You know Major Nair is a very strict person. But you’ve to know about BC.He’s good man from the heart. You know he’s not having any child that’s why he thinks you Cadets as his children & he fears that any Cadet go to wrong way. That’s why he becomes strict very much.”Arjun said directly,” I think he has not forgotten Navin Singh Ahluwaliya.”Suriji became very angry & sad also hearing his name & said,”Puttar, I had not forgotten Navin Singh Ahluwaliya also.”Arjun said angrily,” I think that traitor gave you all so much of pain right.”Suriji said dismissively,”Puttar, you don’t know anything leave it. Don’t think about this thing.”Arjun said eagerly,” But I had heard that Navin Singh Ahluwaliya like Cadet wasn’t not there in the academy. It’s so difficult to get soldier like him.”Suriji saw him angrily & held Arjun’s collar & said,” What do you know about him? It’s all are lies which you’d heard; Navin Singh Ahluwaliya was my student also. And I know that who was he, what was he & not & what he became? I know that.”Arjun said eagerly,” That’s what am saying Suriji, everything happened in academy only, right?”Suriji said angrily,” What happened? Nothing happened in academy & don’t you dare blame the academy. Do you understand? Nonsense.”And went from there angrily.Arjun said determinedly,” I’ll not leave that till I know about the secret of your brother, Naina.Now I know that Suriji can say me about this lots about your brother. I promise you, I’ll search Naina that what happened with your brother here in this academy.” Meanwhile some war soldiers were brought to KMA because of the dengue fever which was spread in the full city of Madikeri & army hospital wanted to help civilians. That’s why the war soldiers were sent to KMA & the faculty & Cadets were setup immediate tent to cure their ailments & injuries. All first year Cadets came forward leaving their Diwali celebrations to help those soldiers determinedly & proudly that he has given opportunity to help those soldiers who gave their lives in danger for our safety. Then Capt.R took the responsibility of setting up the tent for injured soldier in training grounds of KMA. Then the patients are brought to KMA. Pooja was given responsibility to check & order medicines supply from the army hospital but she failed because her concentration went towards her lover Rohit & started thinking that her love is for Rohit or for Ali. Here Major Vijay Kumar Pandey was brought to KMA & he insulted the KMA that there’s no money for wearing the uniforms of military because all Cadets & faculty in casual dress. He was cursing everyone because of his pain because his bullet wounds had become infectious & his full body was burning. Then Major Pandey’s condition became serious because the medicines van came lately. Capt.R went to see what happened to the medicine supply van but the medicine supply van has been blocked because of the bullock cart came it’s way. Then Capt.R asked the urgent medicines for Major Pandey but it has been damaged. Then Huda suggested a desi medicine which is done to buffaloes in his house if it suffers from seizure. But everyone refused to perform that because of the further complications happens to Major Pandey. But they’ve to use that lastly because the medicines were damaged because of the accident to medicine van. Then Major Pandey was entangled upside down & was rubbed the body continuously. Everyone lost hope that Major Pandey was gone but then he coughed immediately & was out of danger. Then Major Pandey came to conscious & thanked Huda saving his life. But Huda said that we only tried but Major Pandey defeated the death & came back. BC was proud of Huda & praised him happily.

                                 All Cadets appreciated Huda very much & Capt.R patted him appreciatively. Pooja breathed calmly because she had let go of the medicine supply sheet given by Dr.S & thought about Rohit only. Here Naina’s father refused to let go her to KMA & do military lawyer profession to her so that life will be led easily. Naina said calmly,” Baba, I’ve this country’s responsibility now & I can’t turn my face to my duties. What do you think that am going to let out so easily by them? I was chosen for this mission because am the able officer for this mission. Baba, do you want to make me run away from my responsibilities for your decisions?”Naina’s father said angrily,” Am not going to listen that rubbish. You’re going to give resignation for that CID job & you’re going to do lawyer profession so that your life will be easy to lead.”Naina said angrily,” Very good, so you want to make me a coward. Very good till now you were called by the society the traitor’s father & me traitor’s sister, now this society calls you a coward’s father. Happy?”Naina’s father said angrily,” Why don’t you understand that we’ve lost Navin & we don’t want to lose you also. This CID job is a very dangerous job like the soldier’s job. Your brother became victim for this country, learn something from his mistakes. Don’t you ever go to that job, resign it & do military lawyer profession.”Naina said angrily,” You know that I’d promised myself that I’ll not do the military lawyer profession. Because of bhaiyya I studied military law. I thought that doing military law I’ll save my bhaiyya but…….”Both became silent for a few minutes. Then Naina became calm & made her baba to sit on the sofa & sat near his leg & said calmly,” Baba do you remember when I was at the age of 10,I’d stolen Rs.500 from your pocket for the birthday party & bhaiyya had said that he only gave that as a present for my birthday to save me by you.”Naina’s father cried & nodded & said,” That’s the first time I had beaten him thinking that he stolen the Rs.500 & gave it to you.”Naina said painfully,” And I had repented that I stole the money & he was innocent.”Naina’s father crying with closed eyes & said painfully,” Yes Naina, because I’d try to beat you also but Navin had saved you & you asked me to forgive.”Naina said smiling dismissively & wiping her father’s tears,” Now is the time has come to repent baba. Because Navin was innocent & you know that also. Can he become traitor? Can your culture which you gave him become a lie? Tell me baba, listen to me, you remember that his dream about himself to become a best soldier & his dream about me was that I become the best CID officer. It was his dream about me to become the best CID officer. Then why are you making me weak baba? Please baba let me go & make my future & prove his innocence, it was his last wish.”Naina’s father is shocked hearing her remark & saw Naina continuously. Naina nodded & said,” Yes baba, his last wishes were revealed & his last wish was to prove his innocence by me only.”Naina’s father said angrily,” If you’d known then why you didn’t inform me or tell me about this to me or to your mother, why?”Naina said making her father,”Baba please calm yourself, I didn’t wanted you to be afraid about that, that’s why I didn’t tell you. Bhaiyya had 3 last wishes & in that his first last wish was that I only prove his innocence.”Naina’s father started crying.”Baba please don’t tell to anyone about this not to maa also. Please baba or she’ll be afraid of me & stop me by going stubbornly. Yes baba, please.”Then Naina’s father is shocked & then asked immediately,” And remaining 2 wishes, what did he wanted?”Naina became silent.”Tell me Naina what he wished in remaining 2 wishes?”Naina said immediately,” That’s concerned with our country’s intelligence secrets, I can’t reveal that baba, and not to you people or else my senior officers will arrest me of revealing those secrets. Please baba understand me, I’ve to fight this baba. I’ve the responsibility of this country on my shoulders like Navin bhaiyya had before he was made traitor. Trust me baba, just let me go.”Naina’s father said wiping his tears calmly & smiling proudly,” Till now I thought that you’re different from Navin, but you’re physically different from Navin but mentally you’re like Navin only. When the decision of choosing his life & this country came, then he chose his country not his life & you’re choosing like him only. Today am feeling proud of you both that you’re thinking about this country not about yourself.Ok Naina, I’ll not come between you & your work but don’t think that you’re alone. You’ve your parents with you always, trust me.”Naina smiled during crying & hugged her father completely & said,” Thank you baba & I promise you that I’ll not make you disappoint. I promise you.”

                                      Naina breathed calmly that her father let go of her for her mission. Meanwhile here Huda is feeling proud about himself that because of his desi medicine Major Pandey became very well in his health. Then Huda is thinking about Naina that she hadn’t returned to the academy. Then Ali & Huda went to see the cricket match telling lies to BC.Then BC knew that it was lies & they’re enjoying the match by seeing them in TV.A reporter’s interview about the cricket match.BC saw them both in angry when they came back & made Ali’s parents to come to the academy mainly. Then Ali’s father became disappointed of seeing Ali’s behaviour & said that he didn’t force Ali to come here to become the soldier & went from there hurted.Then Ali felt very guilty that he destroyed his parents hopes & was so angry on himself. Then he remorse that because of him that his parents were ashamed in front of Brigadier & came & said determinedly to BC coming to his cabin that If he wanted to call his parents to this academy is to keep the tricolour flag on his dead body & went from thereby thought happily that Ali has come to right path. Then Suriji is scolding BC in the mess & said,” He’s a good guy & teenage also. Now he has some fun in this age only. Is he going to have fun in BC’s age? He called Ali’s parents. He would’ve given punishments for that, he’d’ve made run full grounds for that but no BC called his parents. For parents children are very important when this BC thinks. That’s true that the alcohol, cigarettes & girls are the big problem of teenagers.”Arjun turned that side listening this remark. Then Suriji said to Arjun coming near him,”Oi moron, listen to me, don’t you go behind these girls, do you understand? Why are you staring me like that? I know that what’s happening between this Ali & Pooja.I know it’s the teenage but control. We’ve to control in this age. That Navin Singh Ahluwaliya has also gone behind that girl.”Arjun saw Suriji in amazement & asked curiously,” Captain Navin was in love with a girl, did you saw her?”Suriji said slowly,” I knew that but I didn’t meet her. I don’t know that how was that girl but he loved her very much. He had brought her to meet to me & other old Cadets had met her & reunion party has been done on that time but my bad luck is that I’ve to go outside for academy’s work & I didn’t meet her.”Arjun said immediately,” They’d taken photo in the party right Suriji.”Suriji said immediately,” Yes of course, It’s the party right but didn’t check it. It’ll be there here only.”And went from there cursing the BC once again. Arjun thought,” Did Navin brought Shireen to meet to Suriji or it was Dr.Ritu Mishra. Shireen told that she never set foot inside the academy that means she’ll be Dr.Ritu Mishra only. Very good because of someone I got a clue to reach that secret. If I get my hands on the photos of this Dr.Ritu Mishra then it would be help to our mission. We’d know the identity of the intruder who had come to theft nuclear triggers during Navin’s duty. Thank you Suriji, you gave me the right way to search the secret.”And he had his lunch smiling impressively. Then he dialled to Naina & informed about the secret to Naina. Before Naina & Naina’s father’s conversation, Huda has dialled to Naina to talk to her but her father has received it & warned him that don’t phone here another time. Then Huda made Neelu to dial to Naina’s phone then her mother has received it & said lies that she’s going to go to America to do the MBA course. But hearing this Huda became very sad & said to his friends in the mess,” What she’s going to do doing MBA?”Then Yudi said in amazement,”MBA, who’s doing MBA?”Huda said sadly,”Phoolan yaar.”Yudi said happily,” Wow brilliant. She’s going to Harvard or Stanford or Columbia or New York university.”Huda said immediately,” So.”Yudi said tauntingly,” So then your relation is going to cut down with Naina.”Huda said immediately,” How?”Yudi said sarcastically,” Imagine if she went to do the MBA course then in business suit, how she looks trendy yaar. And if she gets the job there only then payment in dollar boss. And you know if she gets a handsome guy there only & she marries him only then her life is settled.”Arjun thought & is so suspicious,” How can Naina take that decision, she knows that she has responsibility of this country on her shoulder? I’ll have to find out immediately.”Huda said in jealousy,”Phoolan likes to be here only in our country. What she’s going to do in America?”Yudi asked hearing his words,” Is it seriously bro, Naina is going to do MBA truly? I thought that you’re joking.”Huda said sadly,” I phoned now only & her mother said that she’s going to do the MBA course & she’s not going to come back.”Then Yudi asked,”Pooja did she has told anything about this to you?”Pooja said angrily,” She has told anything about her? Always not reachable.”Huda said sadly,” Think if she was married to me then she would settle here in India with me happily. We would’ve two beautiful children yaar.”Arjun said dismissively,” Yours would’ve.”Huda said sadly,” And Arjun would’ve brought chocolates to them.”Yudi said curiously,”Oi, your house, your children, then how Arjun can bring chocolates to your children?”Huda said sadly,” My children would’ve called Arjun uncle in free?”Yudi laughed & said,” Point is there boss.”Pooja said,” Enough you’re arguing like this only & Naina will go to the MBA college leaving KMA.”Arjun said immediately,”Naina isn’t going to go leaving her mission.”Huda said immediately in curious expression,”Mission, what mission?”Arjun said immediately,” Protecting our country is her mission. Don’t worry she’ll be back here till tomorrow.”Huda asked immediately,” How can you say that definitely? Did she said to you?”Arjun said immediately,” Yes & don’t worry she’ll be here till tomorrow evening.”And went from there seeing Huda confidently. Huda didn’t understand his expression.

                                 Here BC called an urgent meeting for the faculty. BC asked to all staff members,” How do you give marks to today’s KMA if you inspect the KMA?”Suriji said immediately,”10/10 sir.”BC asked immediately,” Are you saying about building or Cadets abilities & their discipline?”Suriji stammered. Then BC asked to Major Nair,” Major Nair, how much you give?”Major Nair said calmly,”5/10 sir.”BC asked bossily,” Are you feeling proud saying this?”Major Nair said,” Of course not sir.”BC said bossily,” Then what you’re doing? Major Nair you’re this academy’s vice principal.”Capt.R said calmly,” Excuse me sir, I think we’ve to keep trust on our Cadets. In my opinion, I’ll give 8/10.We’ve to train them & the closing of the first year’s they’ll learn that how to behave themselves.”BC said bossily,” Very good but I can’t wait for the closing year of the first year,Captain.After 3 days, there’s a inspection, military board & ministry of defence is sending their team. And I want full marks; I’m mean 10/10 for my academy.”Major Nair said calmly,” Am sorry sir, first year batch will not get this marks for us. Because I had not seen the Cadets like them who are irresponsible, indisciplined lot.”BC said angrily,” Let me warn you Major, the inspection committee will not see you in vice-principal chair also. I want a promise from you all that till 3 days you all will not see any mistake or else you can give your resignation to me because Brigadier Chandok can train the Cadets for the inspection alone.”Suriji said stubbornly,” No sir, we’ll do that.”BC said bossily,” Good Suriji, you make the Cadets clean the full academy in nook & corner also.”Suriji nodded.”And Major Nair, you’re going to make the difficult drill to Cadets.”Dr.S said immediately,”Sir, I’ll make sure that every Cadet is in good health. I’ll put them in specially stipulated diet sir.”BC said,” Good Dr.S.”And Lolita madam said calmly,” And don’t you think about discipline.”BC said,” Good Subhedhar Major. And you Captain?”Capt.R saw BC & smiled & said standing,” Sir, you’ve forgetting that am that year’s academy’s pass out in which the academy was given 10/10.And it was done for the first year.”BC said impressively,” So you’re promising me that you’re going to make the Cadets work determinedly in concentration.”Capt.R said,” Yes sir.”BC said seriously,” We’ll not make KMA ashamed of itself.”



                                  Then Naina came back to academy at the same time which Arjun had said the time. Then Huda is amazed & felt very jealous that she listens Arjun’s words not him. Huda asked,” Phoolan, I heard that you were going to do the MBA course leaving the KMA but what’s the matter?”Naina asked doubtfully,” How do you know?”Huda said in amazement,” Didn’t Gabbar Singh (Naina saw angrily) I’m mean daddyji tell to you?”Naina said immediately,” Why did you dial to my home?”Huda said smiling immediately,” Yaar Phoolan, I can’t live without you; you know that I love you so much. I can’t live without you for a moment also. But your Gabbar Singh (Naina saw him angrily once again) I’m mean daddyji didn’t gave it to you.”Naina saw Huda & twisted his hand & said,” The Gabbar Singh which you’re talking about is my baba & don’t you dare call my baba Gabbar Singh once again. Do you get that?”Huda said painfully,” Yaar Phoolan, my hands are paining leave it.”Naina left his hand & saw him angrily. Huda said in flirtation style,” Yaar Phoolan, you’re not having any woman’s qualities & I became yours when I saw your attitude. And tell me is your hands are made of iron, my hands are paining.”Naina went to her room seeing Huda in disgust. Then Arjun asked,” Naina did uncle stopped you by doing your mission?”Naina said,” Yeah I convinced him & came. But now my time has come to reveal my identity to these academy persons Arjun.”Arjun said in shock,” What makes you think like that?”Naina said calmly,” After 3 days there’ll be inspection here in KMA & to inspect KMA an officer is coming, his name is Major Bharghav. He’s a very dangerous man. But am warning you that during his presence we’ll not talk about our mission.”Then Naina explained about her friend’s story. Arjun said dismissively,” Naina, where you go or which path you choose, I’ll be with you every time & am sure that you’ll choose correct path for yourself.”Naina said immediately smiling,” And If I go to wrong way then you’re there to make me come to the right path, right Arjun?”Arjun nodded smiling & stroking her hair. Then Huda arranged the party of Naina’s coming back. Naina stopped him but Huda didn’t listen to her & Arjun also took casually. Huda said to himself proudly that we’re KMA Cadets & we’re special. But Naina said to Huda that overconfidence isn’t good but anyone didn’t listen to her. Then Naina came to the mess to have some coffee on that time Major Bharghav entered the mess, he was bald & has thin moustache, his left hand is injured & always having a cunning smile on the face & saw everyone very curiously & switched off the music. Every Cadet saw him & are seeing in amazement that who’s he? But Naina saw him casually & Arjun saw towards Naina & raised his eyebrows of is he? And Naina nodded slowly. Huda said rudely,” Why did you stop that & who’re you?”Major Bharghav said immediately,” You’d kept the party for me & you’ve not invited me?”Huda said rudely,” Introduce yourself sir, I’ll invite you now only.”Major Bharghav saw him & said holding Huda’s hand very hardly & said proudly,” Major Bharghav, I’ve come to inspect KMA.”Huda said sarcastically trying to take out his hand from Major’s grip,” Inspection…ha…..that’s after 3 days. Tell him yaar; you’ve come to the wrong place.”Major Bharghav said holding Huda’s hand very hardly & angrily,” I thought so too but it’s not truth. And your academy didn’t teach you when enemy attacks then he makes you alarm not attacks you in right way.”And he pushed the Huda leaving his hand & Huda fell down immediately. Naina nodded dismissively.”The element of crucial surprise is an art of war Cadet. Your & Kanchenjunga Military Academy’s inspection has begun.”Huda saw him angrily but resisted & got up.”Kanchenjunga’s Cadets are different & am happy to meet you all.”Then he smelt like a dog & came near Arjun & said sarcastically,” I smell alcohol perfect.”On that time Brigadier entered the mess. Everyone saluted him. Major Bharghav said saluting him sarcastically,”Sir, I would’ve become your student but am enjoying myself.”BC saw Naina & didn’t answer for Major’s remark. Naina thought disgustingly,” He’s always ready to show off’s.”Major Bharghav turned to Arjun & said sarcastically,” You know when I was active in army, there off-duty officers were allowed to drink rum.”Then he said impressively,” But you am jealous of you, you’re lucky.”Naina thought disgustingly,” Thank god he didn’t misbehave with any woman officer or he would become shaheed now.”Then he went to Pooja & said impressively,” Wow you’re looking so beautiful in your uniform.”Pooja said innocently,” Thanks……….”Then she said,”Sir, this isn’t our uniform.”Major Bharghav said dismissively,”Oh, this isn’t your uniform. You mean that academy had thrown the uniform into corner. One who’s not proud of his uniform he’ll never become a soldier. Well who has come here to become a soldier? I’m mean what is a soldier & how do you spell a soldier? Soldier is the one who live in the uniform & die in the uniform, do you understand me? Do you understand?”Pooja bowed her head with shame. Naina thought disgust,” Very good, he knows that he have to give respect to his uniform. More or less, he gives respect to his country.”Then Major Bharghav said to BC,”Sir you aren’t needed uniform, it’s a new concept.”BC saw the Cadets angrily & Major Bharghav smiled sarcastically. Then he came & stood in front of Yudi.Yudi try to say something & motioned. Then Major Bharghav imitated him & said,” What?”Yudi said loudly,” Cadet Yadhuvansh Sahani sir.”Major Bharghav imitated him & said angrily holding his finger near Yudi’s throat,” They teach you all this over here?”Yudi said loudly,” Yes sir.”BC nodded dismissively. Major Bharghav whispered,” They teach you all this over here?”Yudi said slowly,” Yes sir.”Major Bharghav said angrily,” How to impress officer & how to bet, they teach you all this over here?”Yudi coughed.”Hold your cough Cadet hold it.”He smiled at him & said sarcastically,” I am thoroughly enjoying.”Then he saw the Huda & came & said,”Oh yes, I’m doubly impressed. What a body but from inside, weak.Did you all saw, he fell off but stood so easily but why. You’re a Haryanvi right tawoo’s child right Cadet?”Huda said politely,” Yes sir.”Then Major Bharghav saw his shoes & said,” Do you polish the shoes?”Huda said politely,” Yes sir.”Then he stabbed Huda’s foot forcefully. Major Bharghav said,” Do you polish the shoes?”Huda resisted the pain & said,” Yes sir.”Major Bharghav said angrily,” You say that the world is under your leg then who sees on the shoes, Cadet? Right & no one sees the KMA also.”Then he turned to BC & said,”Sir, am sorry to say that the standard of your academy isn’t bad sir, it’s worst sir.”BC saw was disgusted seeing the behaviour of the Cadets.”It’s good that the Kargil war ended in 1999 or else we would’ve to give our country’s responsibility on these irresponsible, weak & good for nothing Cadets for whom I’d fought & I’d lost my left hand.”BC said angrily,” Major before you come to the conclusion, let’s complete the round first.”Major Bharghav said immediately,” One thing I’ve to say that this country not needs this type of soldiers. May I suggest sir, you get ready to start the process of closing the KMA.Time will be saved, yours & mine also.”Then he turned to Cadets & said,” You’re going to assemble in courtyard in 10 minutes.”Then he said to BC,” Shall we sir?”Then he saw towards Naina, and he went outside the mess.BC saw the Cadets in angry & went from there.

                                  BC said to Major,” I know that Major that the KMA has to be assembled for its examination which was not done by this year. But military board & ministry of defence cannot deny that the KMA has produced courageous officers to the army.KMA’s glorious past…”Major Bharghav said to BC,”Not past sir, future.”Sir, till yesterday I was also a courageous soldier but today am veer chakra awardee Major Bharghava.Sir, we’ve to think about future not past. Where‘s that soldiers in which we can give the responsibility of this country in future? I didn’t saw anyone in the KMA.I can’t change the decision about KMA.”BC said angrily,”Major, I’ve built this academy by training each Cadet as a soldier not with bricks & mortar. From 14 years, we’ve won the pride & honour but leaving that traitor Navin Singh Ahluwaliya.”On that time Capt.R came & saluted both & said to Major,”Sir, Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat.”Major Bharghav saluted him & thinking said,”Shekhawat……..Navin Singh Ahluwaliya’s batchmate, right?”Capt.R thought & said,” Right sir,”politely.Major Bharghav said immediately smiling sarcastically,” I think the batch of Navin Singh Ahluwaliya has very much connected to KMA.”Capt.R said immediately,” Sir am a temporary teaching staff member in KMA & I’ll teach strategy & communications to Cadets.”Major Bharghav said sarcastically,” Then who’s future Navin Singh Ahluwaliya here, Captain?”Capt.R smiled & said,” Sir I know that you’re having the orders of closing the KMA.But there are so many soldiers who make KMA proud in front of the soldiers who make KMA dishonoured.”BC impressed with his words & smiled at Capt.R. Major Bharghav said bossily,” Don’t bore me with,’ My KMA is best.’ Prove me that,’ My KMA is best.”Capt.R said politely,” Sir, I accept that what happened in cafeteria didn’t correct. But In our days we didn’t do those mistakes.”Major Bharghav said smiling,” Of course we had done that but in limit, Captain. Not like this Captain.”BC said angrily,” To make them perfect soldiers Major, military board have to give us the chance. Am saying as a common soldier but not as KMA’s commandant. If we don’t show the right way to these Cadets then who’ll show the right way for these new generations?”Then Suriji came & said politely,” Major Saab, Cadets are assembled.”BC said bossily,” Major You may proceed.”Major Bharghav said,” Right Sir.”And went from there.BC said to Capt.R,”Captain Rajveer, take care of this.”Capt.R nodded & said sir & saluted & followed Major. All the Cadets are assembled in the courtyard. Major Bharghav saw them & said angrily,” I don’t think you all as Cadets now so you all prove me that you’re Cadets. You all are going to lift a cycle each & going to run around the mountain. You’ll run till the sun rises.”Naina saw him in amazement. Suriji said in amazement,” Excuse me I beg your pardon sir. But sun will rise after 4hrs.”Major Bharghav said,” This time is enough to know the KMA’s bright future, Suri Saab. This Cadets are KMA’s future right. If in these Cadets any one Cadet runs till the sun dawns then I’ll change my decision.”Suriji said worriedly,” But sir, in these Cadets, some Cadets are drunkard also.”Capt.R said seriously,” Suri Saab, give them the cycles. In war fields the soldier fights in every condition & am sure that they’ll also fight.”Major Bharghav said,” Move it.”

                                   Then all Cadets lifted the cycle & ran around the mountain till sun dawns. Naina determined that she’ll not become weak in front of Major Bharghav & ran around the mountain panting. Everyone fell down repeatedly even Arjun also. Major Bharghav said bossily,” Till the sun dawns you all run around the mountain.”And said sarcastically,” I think that KMA hasn’t having any future tomorrow.”Capt.R said confidently,” It’ll come, sir.”Major Bharghav said immediately,” We’ll see Captain, move it.”Brigadier came & saw the punishment. Capt.R seeing the time repeatedly. Naina didn’t accept the defeat she also ran around the mountain carrying the cycle up. At dawn, every Cadet has fallen tired on the ground from distance from distance. Major Bharghav said sarcastically,”Loosers, all of them are loosers.What happened Captain, KMA’s future isn’t seen here.”Then he went but Capt.R said,” Sir to close the night’s darkness sun’s one ray is much. Just you see straight ahead.”Then Major Bharghav saw towards that direction & saw that Ali, Naina & Arjun are running holding the cycle. They came & stood in front of him panting very much & stood stiffly because they’re so tired & can’t stand. Then Major Bharghav saw the Naina curiously & Naina stared back. Everyone clapped at them seeing their success.And BC, Captain & Suri Saab were seeing the three of them happily. These three came near the faculty & saluted them & Major also.BC said to the three Cadets to dismiss & all the Cadets also. Major Bharghav was seeing the three Cadets dumbly. Capt.R saw side wards towards Major & went from there. Then BC called an assembly meeting in the training grounds for the Cadets. Major Bharghav & Suri Saab are also present in the meeting.

                                BC said disappointedly,” Am feeling ashamed of myself announcing that during the presence of the military board inspection officer Major Bharghav’s surprise inspection,KMA’s Cadets has failed.(Naina saw BC in amazement & shock)Am repeatedly saying you all that there’s no discipline in you first year Cadets. Breaking the rules & becoming indiscipline has become common to you all. Discipline has gone to the dogs. And that’s the reason that the military board has decided to close the KMA.Major Bharghav’s test was completed by only Cadets Singh, Baig & Arjun. And because of 3 Cadets, full batch never becomes best. And it’s the truth that to know the full ability of Cadets, one test is not enough. That’s why military board has postponed their decision for a few weeks. That’s why am giving you the powers of the academy to Major Bharghav so, that he can run the academy on his way. (Naina is shocked hearing this & saw towards Arjun. Arjun is also shocked hearing these words of BC too.)And I think this decision is for our academy & Cadets progress is correct. Major Bharghav you may please take over.”Major Bharghav said loudly,” Yes sir.”BC went from there. Major Bharghav said bossily,” I’ve no hatred & am not an enemy of the Kanchenjunga Military Academy. I’ve hatred with you all & It’ll there till then the each Cadet will show me like becoming the good Cadet. I respect the every institute first before man. That’s because the man think about himself but the institute thinks about discipline & makes the society better. But institute isn’t an institute; the students make that building as institute. That’s why am taking the responsibility of the discipline coming to you & in the KMA also. (Naina is also shocked in disgust thought,”Yes, it is good that he don’t make all Cadets rapist)Let’s see that you’ll return the honour of the KMA for it has the right to get. From today onwards you’re my responsibility & you’re going to report me directly. You’ve 10 minutes now, have the breakfast & report me here only. Dismiss.”And he went form there. All the Cadets came to the mess & was so tired, everyone said thanks to Naina, Ali & Arjun. Huda said tauntingly,”Yaar qaidi, you’ve the power, you’re drunkard also but you carried the cycle & you didn’t feel dizzy also. Look at me; I became tired when I ran the first round.”Arjun didn’t answer & went & took the breakfast which is Milk & Eggs. Huda came & started flirting with Naina,”Yaar Phoolan, I’ve to appreciate your guts that’s why I like you so much. How do you get this energy which works in right time? Am really proud of you.”Pooja also appreciated Naina. Then Yudi said to Arjun,”Chief, you eat the breakfast but search me an empty table, yaar.”Arjun asked,” Is power comes to you eating table?”Then Yudi went & saw the empty table & went & slept on that place. Pooja said beating him at the back,”Oi missed call; he wants the table to sleep.”Pooja slept on his legs in tiredly. Huda said taking the breakfast,”Yaar, today there’s only boiled eggs & milk for breakfast. There’s only 10 minutes, do what do you want to do. Am going to eat the breakfast fully.”Naina said,” In 10 minutes, we’ve to become fresh & report there also.”Pouring the eggs yolks to the milk & drinking with closing the nose continuously with disgust. Huda said immediately,” Is lion brushes the teeth? Am going to eat today fully. My mummyji says that if the stomach is full then any problem will be faced.”Pooja said tiredly,”Yaar, these words are correct from auntyji.Huda, give me the boiled egg, as matter of fact, my battery has become zero. Give me.”And she opened her hands wide to catch the egg. And Huda threw the egg to her hand but she didn’t catch it correctly & it fallen on Yudi who was sleeping on the table & he woke in disgust. Pooja said in disgust,” What’s this yaar; you’ve given me the raw egg.”

                                      Huda said in disgust,”Orderly, have you forgotten to boil the eggs?”Orderly said innocently,” I’ve not forgotten but today’s is ordered by Major Bharghav.”Then Naina & Ali took the eggs & poured the eggs yolks to the milk & drank it continuously. Naina closing the nose in disgust. Arjun & every Cadet saw them both in amazement. Yudi saw them both in disgust & said,” How can we eat this raw eggs yaar?”Then everyone got ready taking their breakfast & came to the training grounds. Major Bharghav said bossily,” Cadets attention.”Major Bharghav came near Naina & said,” Your Name?”Naina said politely,” Cadet Naina sir.”Major Bharghav said bossily,” Name is Cadet  & Surname is Naina?”Naina saw him angrily & said politely,” Cadet Naina Singh sir.”Then Major Bharghav said slowly,” Cadet Singh, do you’ve anyone in the army from your family?”Naina saw Major Bharghav suspiciously hearing this & Arjun also saw towards Major Bharghav. Naina answered politely,” No sir.”Major Bharghav said immediately,” You’re not going to go too.”Naina saw him angrily but resisted. Major Bharghav came to his place & said,” When I see you Cadets, I remember the pigs in the mud. We beat them enough but they don’t change their habits. That’s why you’re going to clean yourself now.”And he sprayed the water on them from water pipe & said,” I said to you that get ready & come back here but you cheat me. One soldier wears uniform when his uniform is ready to him. One soldier has to be proud of his uniform but you cheat me & wore it not cleaning yourself. Is this your discipline? Am ashamed of you. You are seen like the struggling heroes & heroines of bollywood.Did you see your hairs?Baba.”Major called the academy’s barber & made the Cadets to cut the hair & trim them. All boy Cadets went to barber & made their hair be trimmed. After that Major Bharghav saw them impressively. All complete the training & went to sleep.

                                  Next morning everyone is sleeping in calm & the bugle played & everyone got up & got ready. Here in girls hostel, Lolita madam said seeing her watch,” Cadets there’s only 5 minutes remaining.”Then here in boys hostel their seniors made their juniors to get up. Ali went to training ground making Arjun to get up early. One senior Cadet came to Huda’s & Yudi’s room & said bossily,” Come on Cadets there’s only 15 minutes.”Then they both didn’t get up then he said bossily,” Cadet Huda get up there’s only 10 minutes.”Here in girls hostel Naina said hurriedly,” Pooja quick.”Pooja said hurriedly,” Am just doing yaar. Am not getting my purse.”Then every first year Cadets ran to training grounds hurriedly & stood there politely in their line & stood in attention position. Then Major Bharghav said loudly,” Cadets good morning.”All Cadets say silently,” Good morning sir.”Major Bharghav said,” This is the way you say to good morning to my powerful good morning. Show me the warrior spirit Cadets, give me the good morning loudly.”All the Cadets say the good morning loudly. Major Bharghav said loudly,” Much better. From today onwards you’re going to run at 5:30PM to about 5 miles, not stopping & not getting tired. Now move on,” bossily. Then all the Cadets run to about the 5 miles. Major Bharghav observed Naina very curiously that If she broke down then let’s builds something up & let he make her kicked out of the academy. He wanted to make her confidence broken but she didn’t make her confidence break down. All the Cadets assemble in mess in front of the table where the breakfast is kept, the breakfast is the glass of milk & raw egg. Major Bharghav said bossily,” Remove the lids together.”Everyone remove their lids of the glass of the milk.”Milk which contains Calcium & Raw Egg which contains proteins, a healthy breakfast.”Pooja wasn’t satisfied with that type of breakfast & was showing the expression of disgust.”Cadet Ghai, I think you’ve problem with the raw egg.”Pooja nodded in disgusting face.”Cadet Ghai only dumb people have the orders to talk in the sign language. So open your mouth & answer me loudly.”Pooja answered making disgusting face,” No sir, no problem.”Major Bharghav said,” Now do as I say, take one egg & break it & pour the yolk into the milk & drink.”Everyone does that & drank. Naina took the glass of milk containing the egg yolk, she closed her nose & drank it continuously & fastly. Huda saw Naina in amazement, but Pooja can’t drink that type of milk & was spilling the milk in disgust everywhere. Major Bharghav said impressively,” Very good, Cadet Naina. But I think Cadet Ghai has a problem with raw egg. I’ve another option for you Cadet Ghai.”And then he took one egg & said,” Do as I do.”And he took the egg broke it & he poured the yellow part directly to the mouth. Everyone did as he showed except Pooja. Pooja can’t do that as she’s disgusted with the smell.”Cadets, simple & healthy breakfast. From tomorrow onwards, you’ll drink 5 glasses of milk & one dozen raw eggs.”He went outside smiling sarcastically seeing their state but Arjun said dismissively,” If he’d given me full bottle then I’d drank it in one sip. He gave the eggs to me.”Major Bharghav saw him seriously & smiled at him sarcastically & went. Naina thought,” Bloody show offs.” nodding dismissively after Major Bharghav’s exit. Yudi coughed very much resisting the smell of the raw eggs.

                                      Naina completed her training which is scheduled by Major Bharghav. Then Naina came to Capt.R’s room & knocked at the door. Capt.R opened & saw Naina & smiled sweetly & said,” Cadet Naina Ah Singh at my door. Please come in.”Naina smiled too & entered inside the room. Capt.R closed the door & said smiling sweetly,” So Cadet Singh, you’ve completed the phase-1 training of Major Bharghav.”Naina said calmly,” Yes sir, It was difficult sir but I had to complete it. I don’t know that am afraid of Major Bharghav, he stares me so much. I think he has seen me somewhere.”Capt.R said sweetly,” Water.”Naina took it & said smiling sweetly,” Thank you sir.”Capt.R said smiling sweetly,” Naina, how can it happen? Navin was my batch mate & you’re Navin’s sister but then also I’d not seen you in any official function previously. In fact, there was no question of your presence in the reunion party also that day.”Naina hearing this so amazed also & asked excitedly,” Sir, you’d gone to reunion party?”Capt.R said sadly,” Yeah, I came here but I’d reached there very lately.”Naina said excitedly,” Sir, do you remember that you’d said that Navin bhaiyya had a girl friend?”Capt.R said calmly,”Yes, I’d said that but I didn’t meet her.”Naina said excitedly,”Sir, you know that she came with bhaiyya in alumina night party.”Capt.R said calmly,”Unfortunately, before I’d came to the party, they had took Navin from there. When I didn’t meet Navin then how can I meet her? In fact, I didn’t saw her previously.”Naina thought,” Then who’ll be she, Dr.Ritu Mishra.And bhaiyya didn’t say anything to Capt.R, then how can I search her to reach bhaiyya’s proofs of innocence?”Naina said immediately,” It’s ok sir, If the photos of the party is there then If she seen in some corner.”Capt.R said sweetly,” Cadet Naina Singh in these parties there’ll be photos taken generally & officially.”Naina said excitedly,” But sir, I’ve to try that once again. If she’s seen with bhaiyya or somewhere in the photo. What do you think sir?”Capt.R said sweetly,” I think that if Cadet Naina Singh is so excited then she have to try that once. Go & ask Suriji, he may guide you.”Naina smiled sweetly & said,” Thank you sir.”And she went from Capt.R’s cabin. This was observed by Major Bharghav & smiled impressively. Capt.R closed the door after her exit & thought about Navin.

                                         Then Major Bharghav was having milk & biscuits & was enjoying the Tom & Jerry cartoon heartily. Capt.R came & wished Major Bharghav smiling,” Good evening sir.”Major Bharghav said calmly,” Good evening Captain.”Capt.R said calmly,” You didn’t ever change sir. We’re meeting each other after a long time.”Major Bharghav said bossily,” Yes after Navin Singh Ahluwaliya’s case. I didn’t have any idea that you’re going to meet me after Navin Singh Ahluwaliya’s case.”Capt.R said politely,”Sir, everyone want to forget that incident importantly this academy.”Major Bharghav said bossily,” Come to the point Captain.”Capt.R said politely,”Sir,I’ve a small request to you………..Sir, I want you to don’t take Navin Singh Ahluwaliya’s name repeatedly in front of Cadets. I don’t want that hearing Navin Singh Ahluwaliya’s name, Cadets self-confidence will become weak.”Major Bharghav said bossily,”KMA’s Cadets responsibility is mine Captain. I decide that what’s right & wrong for their confidence.”Capt.R said politely,” Am aware of that, but then also I feel…..”Major Bharghav said casually,”Captain, I don’t understand that you become very emotional when you hear Navin Ahluwaliya’s name. And in court room, during court martial of him; your response was not positive also.”Capt.R said seriously,” Sir you’re forgetting that Navin Singh Ahluwaliya was my friend, my colleague & fellow officer…….”Major Bharghav said immediately,” And a traitor, one who had cheated his country. What’s the fate of the traitor will be they’ve to know & I tell them repeatedly & continue it. And if you don’t have to say anything then meeting is over.”And he turned that side towards the counter eating the biscuits. Good night.”Capt.R said stubbornly,” Major Bharghav, Navin Singh Ahluwaliya was also this system’s product like me & you. Today we think ourselves as patriots but if tomorrow we both are made as traitors by this system. We uniform people understand that there’s only small difference between patriotism & traitorism.One who comes in front of everyone is patriot & one who not comes in front of everyone is a traitor. A very thin line which cannot be seen to everyone. If someone crosses the line by mistake then checkmate & the game is over. Navin Singh Ahluwaliya had crossed this line by mistake & was repented. Which can’t be understood by me & you like officers.”Major Bharghav said seriously,” Good night Captain.”Capt.R said politely,” Good night sir.”And went form there. Major Bharghav smiled cunningly seeing towards Capt.R. Next morning all Cadets are assembled in the training grounds. Major Bharghav stood there & said bossily,” Attention (all Cadets stood in attention position) a very important lesson. The important lesson in which our officers will not understand after years of experience & training. (Major Bharghav saw towards Capt.R)Someone has said that the difference between the patriot & traitor will be very less. (Capt.R saw Major Bharghav seriously)A very thin line. Fine, who decides that the difference between the patriot & traitor?”(Naina & Arjun saw each other. Naina thought,” Bhaiyya my time has come but give me strength to face the situations courageously to give the strong answer to Major Bharghav.)Major Bharghav came to Yudi & said,” Cadet Sahani.”Yudi said loudly,” Sir.”Major Bharghav said seriously,” What do you think the thin line will be decided by this system?”Yudi said stammering,” Sir, you know could be perhaps may be.”Major Bharghav said,” May be? In war situations are you going to take the bullet to your body or you going to shoot the enemy?”Yudi said stammering,” Yes sir.”Huda said,” Sir, our circumstances.”Pooja said,” Sir if our nearest are in danger.”Arjun said simply,” Money.”Major Bharghav said,” Everyone’s answer is wrong. The difference between the patriot & traitor is…..”Naina said fearlessly,” Our conscious sir.”Capt.R saw Naina in amazement. Major Bharghav saw Naina impressively & said,” Cadet Naina, do you think that the difference between patriot & traitor is decided by man’s conscious?”Naina said fearlessly,” Yes sir.”Major Bharghav said immediately,” Why do I think that I’ve met you before, Cadet Naina?”Naina saw Major Bharghav innocent but deceiving because she & Major Bharghav knew that where they had met each other.”Yes correct answer.”Naina saw eagerly because she expected that Major Bharghav is going to expose her that she’s Naina Singh Ahluwaliya, traitor Navin Singh Ahluwaliya’s sister.”Because between us some have the conscious of thinking right & wrong & some not have like Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya not had. (Naina closed her eyes with repentance & opened her eyes & saw towards Arjun. Arjun also saw her & nodded no to her. Capt.R was also feeling uncomfortable. Dr.R saw the training very curiously.)Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya didn’t think when he was auctioning our country & our army. He didn’t think once also that he’s doing wrong. Today, you all kill the traitor which is inside you. You’ll kill your inside Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya.”Naina was resisting the anger seeing Major Bharghav. Arjun saw her anger & was about to say the word calm yourself Naina that Major Bharghav opened the cloth which was closed. Naina saw that her brother photo was entangled to the dolls & saw towards Major Bharghav angrily. Arjun & Capt.R are also shocked seeing Captain Navin’s photo on that dolls & both saw towards Naina. Naina’s temper was raising so much & she was seeing the doll emotionally. She felt that her bhaiyya is standing tied & saw towards him innocently & tears filled her eyes & she resisted her cry wiping the eyes immediately. Major Bharghav saw Naina impressively that her heart filling with emotions & said to make her even more humiliate. Arjun saw Naina & said immediately,” Naina calm yourself.”Then Naina saw her bhaiyya tied to the pole & Navin bhaiyya is seeing her innocently with a pain. Major Bharghav said bossily,” Cadets Yudi, Ali & Pooja, take your guns & position yourself. Cadets rush to the target & kill the traitor.”The Cadets Yudi, Ali & Pooja, rushed to the target & pierced the gun front to the doll. Naina imagined that they’re hurting her bhaiyya.Naina can’t see this scene & she felt angry on Major Bharghav & resisted in difficulty.Arjun & Capt.R saw her anger which was rising repeatedly seeing the scene.Arjun said comfortingly,”Naina don’t think too much, it’s only the doll. Kill it & come & forget that.”Naina saw him in the expression which was saying,’ you also?’Arjun nodded but Naina can’t see this & saw towards Major Bharghav who was enjoying the scene impressively. Arjun went & pierced the target & Naina nodded seeing Arjun painfully. Naina saw that her bhaiyya was standing resisting the pain. Major Bharghav called Naina angrily,” Cadet Naina………..Cadet Naina, am talking to you, are you ready?”Naina came to the present world & took the gun & stood.”Cadet Naina, take the position.”Naina went near the doll holding the gun slowly.”Cadet Naina, hit the target.”Everyone is seeing her curiously & Major Nair is seeing impressively. Naina went very slowly & Dr.R is seeing Naina curiously.”Cadet Naina hit the target.”Arjun was getting anger & Capt.R was seeing the scene helplessly. Major Bharghav said stubbornly,” Cadet Naina Singh, hit the target, hit the target….kill the bloody traitor Cadet Naina Singh.”Naina can’t resist his provocation & was resisting her anger nodding. Major Bharghav said immediately smiling cunningly & impressively,” How can you hit? Cadet Naina can’t hit the target because her brother’s photo is entangled here.”Everyone is shocked hearing this & Dr.R was even more amazed. Brigadier came there hearing went from there angrily. Naina expected this & saw Major Bharghav angrily. Capt.R is shocked hearing Major Bharghav’s words. Major Bharghav saw everybody impressively that he has done a very good thing saying the words. But Major Bharghav was also in confusion that hearing these words Naina would’ve become shocked but her expression said that she was expecting this perfectly. Major Bharghav said stubbornly,” Cadet Naina Singh Ahluwaliya is the younger sister of Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya.”Naina lowered the gun & saw Major Bharghav in angry expression.”What I said is truth right? The difference between patriotism & traitorism is man’s thinking. If you’re a patriot then what’s this war between your saying & doing, Cadet Naina? What you say prove it. Hit the bloody target because I’ll not release you till then. Other Cadets dismiss, after lunch you’ll assemble here at sharp 1400hrs.”Everyone saluted Major Bharghav & went from there. Major Bharghav said stubbornly,” Truth never hides Cadet Naina; if you stand here like the statue then I come to the conclusion that we can’t trust you leaving the country on your hands like your brother.”Capt.R said coming near him,” Excuse me Major Bharghav…”Major Bharghav said,” Stay out of this Captain Shekhawat, war can’t be won by emotions.”Capt.R said angrily,” But every war starts from emotions only sir.”Major Bharghav said angrily,” Of course the emotions of the hatred to enemies.”Capt.R said angrily,” You can do that sir but for me every soldier’s emotions of loving his country is more than hating the enemies.”Major Bharghav said angrily,” Cadet Naina fulfil the order, hit the target & kill the traitor Cadet Naina.” Naina saw Major Bharghav & went from there angrily throwing the gun to the ground. Major Bharghav saw Naina angrily. Capt.R also went from there angrily.

                                   Here her fellow Cadets talking about Naina. Pooja said shockingly,”Yaar, My network is not working. Is Naina is truly the sister of Navin Singh Ahluwaliya?”Yudi said innocently,” Am shocked, Naina hidden this from us.”Arjun asked directly,” What do you do if you knew?”Yudi said angrily,” What do I do? We were her friends right it’s not just me man.”Pooja said innocently,” I’d tried to ask her one or two times that who’s photo she keeps under her pillow.”Huda said sadly,” But you didn’t asked right. I thought her someone yaar & she was…..Yaar; do you think that Phoolan’s brother is Navin Singh Ahluwaliya?”Yudi said in disbelief,” Does this mean that Naina is going to kicked out of the academy?”Arjun said angrily,” Let them kick out, I’ll show them that who am I. Go & tell that Major Bharghav that Naina isn’t alone, am with Naina.”Huda said in jealously,”Qaidi, you also become Naina’s fan?”Arjun said angrily,” Look Huda, Naina is my friend & I know that there’s no mistake how a person resists the dishonour to their name. But you don’t understand about this.”Pooja saw Arjun meaningfully. Here Brigadier called the urgent meeting. Capt.R & Dr.R entered the meeting hall. Dr.R asked,” What’s this all about? Why is this meeting for?”Capt.R said,” If we love the country or hate the enemies of the country to decide that.”They both entered the meeting hall asking BC’s permission. Major Nair said immediately,” Sir the presence of Cadet Singh is the threat for academy’s image & the members of the academy. I think that we’ve to dismiss Cadet Singh right now & right away from the academy.”Capt.R said stubbornly,” Am sorry sir but there’s no rule which says that if the Cadets relative becomes traitor then he or she’ll be expelled from the academy.”BC said,” Major Bharghav, what’s your opinion about this?”Major Bharghav said calmly,”Capt.R is right sir.”Capt.R saw Major Bharghav suspiciously.”There’s no need to make Cadet Naina kick out of the academy.”Dr.S said immediately,” Absolutely right sir.”Major Bharghav said immediately,” Allow me to finish, Dr.S.”Dr.S said calmly,” Sorry sir, please continue.”Major Bharghav said calmly,” Let’s make Cadet Naina’s training tough & difficult so that she can’t complete it & she only leaves the academy.”Capt.R is thinking something hearing Major Bharghav’s words.” Youths psychology, this is the thing you wanted to say, Dr.Mishra?”Dr.R said calmly,” You’re absolutely right Major Bharghav.”BC said,”Dr.R, what’s your take on this?”Dr.R said,”Sir, I wanted to do psycho-analysis test on Cadet Naina Singh.”Capt.R is shocked hearing this.”Because she’s related to traitor &….Capt.R said standing angrily,” That’s why this is not right to accept that she’s also a traitor.”Dr.R said softly,” I agree Captain but there’s no need to become so defensive. I was about to say something, may I?”Capt.R said calmly,”Ya…….am sorry……..please.”Dr.R said,”Sir, after seeing the Cadet Naina Singh’s behaviour in academy that she had hidden her emotions so much. These emotions are very powerful & negative also.”BC said innocently,” What do you want to say?”Dr.R said clearly,” I think she hates this system & this hatred can become high also further & am sure this hatred can react on her thought also.”Suriji asked doubtfully,” Do you think that Naina Singh can also become traitor also?”Dr.R said calmly,” No Suriji,I didn’t say like that but one soldier will not think so much on the orders which he had to follow that, If his thought stops to follow his given orders then we can say traitorism also. Sir, I want to observe her closely. After her psycho-analysis test I can conclude that how much she have hatred in her & in which limit. And If she has then how it reacts on her thought.Sir,after this session I can tell you that keeping the Cadet Naina Singh here if it dangerous for this country & to this academy or….”Capt.R said angrily,” Or not, right?”Dr.R said softly,” Sir I want to take this test as soon as possible, In fact, I  take the test today only then it will be good.”BC said bossily,” Right doctor, go ahead. But in my opinion, we’ve to do this test on every Cadet, so that the problem will be kicked out in starting only. Meeting is dismissed.”

                                    Here Arjun dialled to bureau & said to ACP Saab everything.ACP Saab said shockingly,” What that Major has revealed Naina’s identity that she’s Naina Singh Ahluwaliya & the psychology doctor is going to do psycho-analysis test to her?”Then he kept the phone angrily & started walking this way & that way angrily.Abhijeet saw his tension & asked,” What is it sir, is any sad news from the academy?”ACP Saab said worriedly,”Naina’s true identity has come to the academy persons.”Abhijeet said shockingly,” Do you mean that they know that she’s undercover CID officer?”ACP Saab said,” If they knew that then they would never take the decision to perform psycho-analysis test on Naina.”Abhijeet said shockingly,”What, they’re going to perform psycho-analysis to Naina? But this will be dangerous to our mission & Naina also. If the intruder knew that Naina is an undercover CID officer then he becomes alert & try to kill Naina. What do we do sir?”ACP Saab said worriedly,” Am not getting any way to stop this psycho-analysis test?”Sasha said calmly,”Sir, why you are getting tensed. Naina is an intelligence officer she can control her emotions in front of everybody & am sure she’ll hide her secret.”ACP Saab said worriedly,” Sasha, Naina is so emotional. Today during training that Major Bharghav had entangled her brother’s photo to the doll & made her to pierce target but Naina didn’t pierce it & is now they knew who she’s. Am fearing that Sasha.”Sasha said calmly,” But sir am sure Naina not accepts defeat so easily. She’s going to hide her profession from the academy people.”ACP Saab said worriedly,” I hope that your wish will be fulfilled Sasha.”Abhijeet said angrily,” Are they not having any mercy? The questions of psycho-analysis test are so dangerous that a person’s self-confidence will be broken down answering these questions. How will Naina react to these questions? If she reacts to these questions then she would be shown as wrong person or traitor’s sister by the academy. Everyone see Naina as only Traitor’s sister not like a human.”ACP Saab said worriedly,” That’s why am fearing that what’s Naina’s reaction will be after academy’s changed environment towards her. We can’t comfort her also.”And he remembered Naina’s words,” Sir, this is my war. Let me fight the war alone sir & I’ll become success in this because truth is with me & till now if I’d done right to everyone then I’ll become success or else I become fail & then I think that am not an able candidate to success this mission, please sir, have faith in me.”

                                     Here Dr.R said to Capt.R,”Captain, are you coming for the lunch?”Capt.R said dismissively,” Not now doctor, you please go ahead, and I have some work.”Dr.R said doubtfully,” Tell me something Captain but don’t you think that you’re showing the interest on Cadet Singh’s case is more?”Capt.R saw her doubtfully.”I’m mean that she’s your batch mate’s sister or Captain Navin was your best friend for that or other reason which I don’t know. Look Captain, we’ve to become objective in this case, for academy & for you also.”Major Nair entered meeting hall & said to Dr.R,”Excuse me doctor, Cadet Naina Singh has reached interrogation cell. You’ll meet her there only.”And went from there angrily seeing towards Capt.R. Capt.R said softly,” Doctor please, don’t do it doctor, stop this test. I know that doctor the questions of psycho-analysis makes the man unmasked & they lose their self-confidence. And poor Naina, she’ll not lift her head with proud in this academy with dishonour & shame. So please stop this.”Dr.R said softly,” Don’t worry Captain, I’ll not humiliate your Cadet Naina Singh. Can you trust on me for that?”And went from there. Capt.R is so worried.


                                  Naina sitting in interrogation room & saw around her silently & thought,”Bhaiyya, give me strength so that I hide my profession for this academy. This is for our country’s well only. I know that this test is so dangerous but for this country I can tolerate any test. Bhaiyya give me the strength so that I can hide my true identity for the country.”On that time Dr.R entered the interrogation room holding the file & a tape recorder & observed Naina curiously & said smiling,” Hello Naina.”Naina didn’t answered her & saw her angrily.”I hope you’re ok, you’d like to have some water?”And Dr.R kept the glass of water in front of her. Then she took a tape recorder & switched on it & said,”Naina, this is official so what we talk about will be taped, ok.”Naina didn’t answer & saw the tape recorder only. Dr.R observed & started asking questions,” Major Bharghav had seen you during your brother’s funeral but you didn’t know that. But now you remember seeing him that yes I’d seen him in your brother’s funeral.”Naina said in stubborn face innocently,” No madam, I’d not seen him anywhere & not in the funeral also.”Dr.R said calmly,” The reason will be that you were in shock seeing your brother’s death that you didn’t try to see around you. Or else that you were hating the army officers who were standing around your brother’s dead body that you didn’t want to see their faces once also.”Naina was feeling uncomfortable & has the expression of sadness on her face.”But then I think that if you’d hatred on them then you’d see their faces once so that you can store their faces in your mind so that you’ll not forget them, to take the revenge on them afterwards.”Naina didn’t answer the question & saw only one direction straight. Dr.R observed her curiously. Here Capt.R was sitting in his room keeping his hand on forehead & thinking so much about Naina. Then a fast & cold breeze came & made the lamp to fall. Capt.R took the lamp & kept it in its original position & stood in front of his window. Then he remembered Naina,’ their first meeting, her daring of holding the deserters bell & seeing him eye to eye. Then he asking,’ Name’ Naina answering,’ Naina Ah Singh’, he repeating,’ Naina Ah Singh.’ Then he releasing her from the upside down punishment & Naina holding the deserters bell & saying,’ I’ve no traitor’s blood sir,’ and he’s seeing Naina in amazement. Then he remembered their dance before fresher’s ball & Naina’s smiling to his joke. Then he saying to Naina,’ Naina Singh, you are going to become a soldier & not a common soldier but an A-class soldier because I’ve trust on you. So just believe in yourself because I believe in Cadet Naina Ah Singh.’ And seeing her proudly. Then Capt.R nodded coming & sitting on the sofa & resisting his tears for Naina very much.

                                     Here Dr.R continued her questions. Dr.R said casually,” Come on; let’s forget all that, ok. Let’s talk about you.”Sitting in front of Naina. Naina saw towards sideways. Dr.R said,” Now tell me, when did you decide to join army? Before you were joining the army you were about to join Indian institute of science for your post graduation as you’re life science student. As a matter of fact your subjects are Botany, Biochemistry & Psychology in B.Sc. Then why did you decide to join army, where did you get inspiration?”Naina remembered telling her mom,” I think there’s a conspiracy involved in bhaiyya’s death & I’ll search the truth.”Dr.R said seriously,” Your traitor brother’s dead body” Naina remembered her father’s words saying in sad,” Navin sacrificed his life to this country but this country didn’t get him a tricolour flag.”Naina was seeing one side only & said in sadness,” Maa………. baba………… Maa baba’s crying wasn’t tolerated by me.”Dr.R asked seriously,” But they both had seen the news in all news papers & magazines.”Naina’s neighbour asking in amazement & gossipingly,” Army was telling that your son was a traitor.”Naina nodded in disbelief. Naina felt angrily & saw towards Dr.R. Dr.R said seriously,” There were the news in bold letters in headlines that Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya was a traitor. I can’t imagine how they felt on that time, but how you felt Naina?”Naina saw Dr.R angrily & remembered her words saying to her mother,” I’ll fight maa & I’ll fight going inside the academy.”Dr.R said seriously,” On that time how do you felt?”Naina said angrily seeing towards Dr.R,” I felt very angry.”Dr.R saw Naina in pity.”I felt that I’ll kill everyone.”That was recording in the tape recorder. Dr.R said seriously,” Whom you felt to kill, that newspapers people or your brother’s officers.”Naina heard this & said immediately,” I don’t know any bhaiyya’s officers.”Dr.R said seriously,” If you knew them then you’d have felt to kill them.”Naina saw Dr.R curiously.”Its ok Naina, it’s perfectly natural. Because others would felt like this only if they were in your place. They would also felt like you.”Naina saw her angrily. Dr.R said seriously,” Then to control your anger you did the martial arts training right. I’d read that in your profile.”Opening Naina’s profile & seeing it & said,” Ya, martial arts training, you did this approximately on that time. To give yourself the pain you did the martial arts training. To control your angry on them who made injustice on your brother you did the training of martial arts. But tell me Naina; didn’t you thought that your brother was wrong?”Naina said stubbornly,” No.”Dr.R felt pity on her but asked further questions seriously,” I can’t imagine then that your parents will be in very pain on that time, I’m mean the death of their son with like this type of dishonour.”Naina remembered her mother’s words,” I’d lost one child but I’d not strength to lose you also Naina.”Naina held her fingers very tightly resisting the anger & her mother’s cry. Dr.R said seriously,” They felt very angry taking that what happened to their son on those army officers.”Naina was resisting her emotions very much & said angrily,” Yes.”Dr.R said seriously,” Then after that incident, Naina Singh Ahluwaliya joined that academy only which she hated those officers then also, you joined this academy only.”Naina saw straight angrily.”You know am quite disappointed….”She drank some water from the glass & said,” You know why, if you hated the army, army officers & this academy then why did you joined KMA? What’s your aim? What is your aim behind that in KMA?”Naina remembered her words saying to her mother,” I want to prove this country that my brother wasn’t a traitor.”Naina was about to cry but resisted it.”To your service for this country or your brother’s revenge?”Naina resisted her anger & emotions very much & saw Dr.R in crying emotions.

                                Capt.R was sitting in his cabin & thought about Naina only. Then Suriji came & said politely,” Captain Saab, sorry to disturb you but why didn’t you came to the mess for the lunch?”Capt.R didn’t answered him first & stood in front of his kitchen table.”Please Captain Saab, come & eat something.”Capt.R said slowly,” Nothing Suri Saab, as a matter of fact am not hungry.”Then he took the glass of water & try to drink it but can’t drink it & kept it back. Suriji said comfortingly,” Shall I say you something sirji? I feel pity on her wound but what to do we’ve to live. No one knows that who & when they give the new wound or else they give the beat on the old wound.”Capt.R saw him & turned that side.”Don’t worry sirji, she’ll be alright. That girl is good in nature & heart & she trusts you very much.”Capt.R saw towards him.”Don’t worry, god will do everything alright.”Then Capt.R ran towards Dr.R’s office immediately. There Arjun was standing worriedly at the door. Capt.R came at the door of Dr.R’s office & saw Naina coming outside. Naina saw Arjun & Capt.R in the expression of sadness & depression. Arjun & Capt.R saw Naina in pity. Then Arjun hugged Naina & thought in his mind,” Don’t worry Naina, I’ll be with you always.”And let go of her then Naina saw towards Capt.R & Capt.R also saw towards Naina & he also hugged her & thought,” No Naina, don’t lose hope. War has begun now only. I didn’t save Navin but I’ll be with you till my last breath.”Arjun wiped his tears immediately & thought,” Major Bharghav, I’ll teach you a very good lesson,” angrily. Then Capt.R & Arjun took Naina to infirmary. Capt.R kept his arms around Naina & Arjun kept his hand on Naina’s head; they both are seeing her in pity. They took her to infirmary but on the way they both met Major Bharghav & saw him very angrily. Major Bharghav saw both of them very curiously & Naina saw on the ground in the expression of depression. Every Cadet saw the three of them standing in front of Major Bharghav. Then they both took her to infirmary. Capt.R said entering infirmary,” Dr.Shalini.”Arjun held Naina softly & made her to sit on the chair. Dr.S saw her state. Capt.R said tapping Naina’s cheek,” Naina, Cadet Singh,” worriedly. Arjun also said worriedly,” Naina.”But Naina was staring in front only. Dr.S said immediately,” Captain, Cadet Arjun, please calm down. I know what happened to Naina. I’ll give her a tranquiliser injection. Her nerves will work & she’ll get instant relief.”Then Arjun sat beside her & stroked her hair lovingly. Capt.R said angrily,” Dr.S keep another injection of the tranquiliser ready.”Arjun saw towards Capt.R. Dr.S said innocently,” For what?”Capt.R said angrily,” For what, to give this injection to this academy.”Dr.S said innocently,” Captain this injection…”Capt.R said angrily,”Dr.S, I’ve seen the environment these days. Major Bharghav is pressurizing on this Cadets about this incident, there will be a crack on this foundation, mark my words.”And he went & sat on the sofa there. Arjun heard this nodded. Then Dr.S came near Naina & said politely,” Cadet roll your sleeve up.”And she brought her hand near Naina’s shoulder but Naina held Dr.S’s hand & said angrily,” The pain which am suffering & the pain which I’ve to resist settling here in academy, I don’t think that your injection will not make me well.”Capt.R & Arjun saw Naina curiously. Naina got up & said to Dr.S,”Madam, I’ve to report to the training.”Dr.S nodded.”Thank you madam.”And she turned & saw Capt.R. Capt.R also saw her pitily.Then Naina went from there & Arjun followed her. Capt.R took the injection from Dr.S & threw it angrily.

                                       Naina came to the mess & Arjun followed her. Naina entered the mess. Everyone saw towards her. Naina came near the counter & stood there. Huda was serving his plate with food & he gave the plate & fork to Naina & smiled slightly. Naina took it & Arjun also served the food to his plate & went & sat beside Huda. Naina was serving her plate slowly. The other Cadets said dismissively,” What is this sir; we’ve to eat the food with traitor also?”Hearing this Huda & Arjun saw towards him angrily & Suriji said angrily,” Shut up. Stand up, what you know about traitor. Milk teeth are not fallen from your mouth you started biting now only?”Then Major Bharghav entered the mess. Suriji & All the Cadets saluted him except Naina & Arjun.Major Bharghav said impressively,” At ease Cadets.”All Cadets sat.”Cadet Baig.”Ali stood.”At ease Cadet Baig.”Ali sat.”How is the food, Cadet Baig?”Ali said politely,” Good sir.”Major Bharghav said,” Did you drink the milk for breakfast?”Ali said politely,” Yes sir.”Yudi asked innocently,”Sir, Milk & Fish can’t be eaten together it’s quite fatal, right.”Major Bharghav said immediately,” Yes you’re right.”Yudi said innocently,” Thank you sir.”And sat to have his lunch. Major Bharghav said calmly to Ali,” Cadet Baig, am going to give a lecture about anti-spy strategy. Please list out the suitable Cadets & mind you, I don’t like the name of traitor’s type. (Seeing towards Naina)My nose becomes active while detecting traitors.”He laughed sarcastically. Naina saw Major Bharghav & thought,” Laugh Major Bharghav, because this Naina Singh Ahluwaliya is going to make you realise your mistakes very soon. Because I’d came back here preparing.”And went from there angrily keeping her plate on the table. Arjun felt uncomfortable but decided that this time is am going to teach Major Bharghav a very good lesson. Major Bharghav said to everybody,” Enjoy your lunch Cadets.”And he turned & saw Capt.R & went from there silently. At night, Naina was thinking about bhaiyya only then she lied down on the bed. But someone knocked at the door. Pooja said irritation,” Yaar, without roaming charges whose missed call is this?”Naina said softly,” I’ll see.”Then she opened the door & saw that it was Lolita Sen. Lolita Sen said bossily,” Why did you opened the door lately Cadet?”Naina switched on the light & said politely,” I was sleeping madam.”Pooja also got up & sat. Lolita Sen said bossily,” A soldier’s sleep will have to be raw than dog’s sleep also.”And said doubtfully,” Or someone was there in your room?”Naina thought & said immediately,” You can check the room madam.”Lolita Sen said bossily,” Fine.”And she saw around the room & lifted Naina’s blanket & saw under it & saw towards Naina’s table & saw the photo of Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya & took it & asked showing it to Naina,”What is it, Cadet?”Naina said proudly,” My Brother Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya’s photo.”Lolita Sen said bossily,” As per academy rules, you’ve no right to keep a traitor’s photo.”Naina said stubbornly,” Am sorry madam but I know the hostel & academy rules also.”Lolita Sen said angrily,” Come again, Cadet” Naina said,” There are no rules in which a Cadet can’t keep his relatives photo. So may I?”And she grabbed the photo from the warden & turned that side. Lolita Sen said bossily,” Fine lights out.”And went outside & closed the door. Naina switched off the light. Then Pooja said in irritation,”Yaar, your missed calls behind my talk time is becoming wasted.”And she slept angrily. Naina saw towards her & smiled dismissively & she also slept.

                                Next morning Capt.R stood in front of BC’s office door & said politely,” May I come in sir?”BC said bossily,” Yes Captain.”Then he entered inside but on that time Major Bharghav said sarcastically,” Welcome Captain Shekhawat, we were about to start discussions about your favourite student Cadet Naina.”BC said immediately,” Yes Major start.”Major Bharghav said bossily,” Sir, I’d studied the report of Cadet Naina Singh’s & am at conclusion that she has the qualities of becoming traitor. She’s intelligent, smart & most importantly she’s full of hatred & angry. She’s like a live bomb.”Capt.R asked angrily to Dr.R,” And   Dr.Mishra, you think like that also?”Dr.R said calmly,” Unfortunately Captain, I think so too. In fact I suggest Cadet Singh will be kept under observation for 24 hours. If her rebellious nature not changes then……”Major Bharghav said simply,”…….Then we’ll have to send her to military correction centre.”Capt.R is shocked hearing this & said,” This isn’t time to joke Major Bharghav.”Major Bharghav said,” Of course Captain, am not joking; the anger of the Cadet Naina can make attack on the academy & we’ve to cure this type of soldier also.”Capt.R said angrily to BC,” Sir am sorry but…..”BC said bossily,” Enough Captain, am with Major Bharghav. What’s happening inside Cadet Singh’s mind, we’ve to go to that root. Dismiss.”Capt.R went from there angrily & Major Bharghav smiled impressively.Capt.R was sitting in his room & Naina entered & said,” Excuse me sir, you’d called me?”Capt.R said calmly,” Yes just simply. How’s your health?”Naina said innocently without any hesitation,” Am fine sir, what happened to me?”Capt.R smiled & said,”Correct, what can happen to you? Soldier standing in the war will never stops thinking about the result of the war, who wins & who’s defeated & he’ll be in that fear during the war situations.”Naina said angrily,” Fear, I’ve no fear sir, because academy knows everything. Very good, if am traitor’s sister. But sir, I’ll search the truth anyway & Major Bharghav would never stop me with this case.”Capt.R said calmly,” Do you think by carrying this attitude you’re going to search that truth? I know Naina that your war is with this system but we’ve to save ourselves with crocodile when we’re in water if we’ve a knife on our hand to cut crocodile’s stomach. Naina, these people want to make you provoke so that you attack on this system with anger, but you’re not going to do that, because you’ve to win this war anyway. And to win this war you’ve to make them defeat from their plan only.”Naina said seeing Capt.R’s eyes,” Sir, are you with me?”Capt.R said holding Naina’s shoulder,” Your every step, but don’t make the situation which will not give any help of my presence with you. I hope you understand what am saying.”Naina saw his eyes continuously & went from there. Capt.R was so worried. But Naina thought smiling dismissively,” Sir, I thought so too, but If you’re giving the permission then I’ll make Major Bharghav sweat in the face. Major Bharghav keep a long handkerchief in your pocket because Cadet Naina Singh Ahluwaliya is going to make you repent.”Here Subhedhars Major saluted Major Bharghav & Major Bharghav saluted them & went from there. Then Suriji asked to Lolita Sen,” Excuse me Subhedhar Major, the task which Major Bharghav is saying to us is absolutely wrong.”Lolita Sen said bossily,” Suriji, what can we do? Cadet Naina Singh has made herself a laughable stock.”Suriji said sympathetically,” Sorry Lolitaji, it’s our duty to stop her mistakes?”Lolita Sen said seriously,” Sorry Suriji, the man who’s in the crisis of the mistakes, how many mistakes you forgive?”Suriji said seriously,” By the way Subhedhar Major, it’s a mistake that Naina is Navin’s sister?”Lolita Sen said immediately,” Absolutely Suriji, I doubt that Cadet Naina Singh that she’s a traitor.”Suriji said angrily,” Sorry Subhedhar Major Lolita Sen, you’re absolutely wrong in this case.”And Lolita Sen went from there angrily. Naina came to the hostel room & saw that Pooja is packing her clothes. Naina saw this in amazement & said,” Pooja, where are you going?”Pooja said seriously,” Another room, Lolita madam’s orders.”Naina smiled dismissively,” It’s ok, your talk time will not be wasted behind my missed calls.”Pooja said angrily,” Do you think that I’d gone to change my room? Why don’t you trust me? We were in this room together these months but did you open your inbox? What did you think that I’ll not understand  anything about anyone. But truth is that you didn’t trust me from first.”Lolita Sen entered & said appreciatively,” What a go, Cadet Ghai, what a go? Because they don’t trust anyone & they aren’t the trusted person to anyone also. Any ways, if your packing is over then you can move on.”Pooja said angrily,” Yes madam.”And went from there. Naina smiled dismissively & thought,” Pooja, our work is like this only, we’ve to work in secret. One day you only understand what’s my situation are & when you become officer you’ll know about this.”

                                        Next morning Major Bharghav is taking his lecture on anti-spy strategy. Major Bharghav said calmly,” Today am going to give you lecture on anti-spy strategy.”There two Cadets were talking & not giving any attention to his lecture. Major Bharghav said to both angrily throwing the chalk on them,” Cadets pay attention.”Then he wrote in the bold letters on the black board,’LIDDL’ & said,” Spies are categorized into 5 types-local spies, internal spies, double spies, dead spies, living spies. Local spies mean we use the enemy people. Internal spies means when we use enemy officials. Double spies means when we use enemy spy against enemies only. When we wanted to spread the information to enemies then we use dead spies. Living spies are the agents who……..”An orderly entered his classroom & said politely,”Sir,Cadet Singh has come.”Major Bharghav saw her impressively & said,” Cadet Singh,welcome.Sorry I’ve to bother you……..Cadet Baig,didn’t gave the name to the list for the class but I was missing you so much.”Naina saw Major Bharghav angrily.”Follow me Cadet Naina….”Naina stood in the ground & Major Bharghav stood on the stage & said,” Cadet Naina follow me.”Naina went to the stage slowly & stood besides Major Bharghav. Major Bharghav said impressively,” Thank you Cadet Naina, we were discussing on anti-spy strategy. I was saying that what’s the spy & how the spy is. And I believe that you’ve very much information about this subject. Attention everybody, Cadet Naina is going to explain what is the spy & their behaviour by her experience because she has seen a spy very closely because the spy is her brother Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya.”Then he came near Yudi & Yudi stood. He said,” Cadet Yudi, you please sit there.”Yudi went there where he shown the place & sat. Major Bharghav said simply,” Thank you.”And sat there.Arjun felt very angry seeing Major Bharghav’s behaviour. Her friends became very angry seeing the behaviour of Major Bharghav but didn’t oppose because of Naina. Naina had taken the promise from them not to spoil their future because of her.”A student is taking a class standing there, what do you think of your future Cadet Naina?”Naina didn’t answer & stood like a statue but resisting her anger.”Cadet Naina the class is waiting.”Then Naina saw Major Bharghav angrily but didn’t say anything. After sometime the bell ranged & Major said in disappointment,” The bell.”Then he dismissed the whole class except Naina. Major Bharghav said,” Not you Cadet Naina, you’re going to wait here so that we complete our discussions.”Naina saw him angrily & Major Bharghav said impressively,” So Cadet Naina, we’re discussing about anti-spy strategy.”On that time Capt.R came there & said simply,” Am sorry sir, I hope that you don’t know that next class is mine & I want every pupil in my class including Cadet Naina Singh Ahluwaliya. You carry on your discussions afterwards please.”Major Bharghav saw Capt.R continuously & said immediately,” Dismiss.”Then Naina went outside the classroom but stood there to hear their conversation. Then Capt.R said politely,” Thank you sir.”And turned to go but Major Bharghav said immediately,” Today once again you freed the traitor, Captain.”Capt.R saw him curiously & Naina is shocked hearing this,” Likewise you’d free the traitor Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya on that day.”Naina heard this & shocked. Major Bharghav went from there but Capt.R said angrily,” Major Bharghav, I’ve the papers of the case of Captain Navin now also. The proofs & witnesses which were submitted to the court on which basis you had arrested Captain Navin. I’d investigated the case these years & read those witnesses & I cross checked also & shall I tell you Major Bharghav that I smell only conspiracy from those proofs.”Major Bharghav said slowly,” What do you want to say Captain?”Capt.R said angrily,” Nothing sir, just am saying that I’ve the proofs in which I can prove that the case which done on Captain Navin was only one way. If I open that case once again & if I make enquiry on that case & if a new truth comes outside……..”Major Bharghav smiled sarcastically & said,” Are you threatening me Captain?”Capt.R said seriously,” No sir am warning you. Captain Navin isn’t in this world but why you’re messing his soil which results the mess in your life. My class is about to begin, may I?”And went outside but he didn’t see towards Naina & Naina saw towards Capt.R & smiled & thought,” The enquiry has started Captain Rajveer & it has been started by CID officer Naina Singh Ahluwaliya.”And she went from there impressively.

                                    Ali was going very fastly for his next class but Huda stopped him & said,” Ali, I want to talk to you.”Ali said politely,” I’ve work now; I’ll talk to you later.”Huda said angrily,” Your work will my buffaloes do. But why didn’t you put Naina’s name to that Mugambo’s class?”Ali said angrily,” Because I didn’t want Naina to be dishonoured in front of the class.”Huda said angrily,” What happened there is Naina’s honour?”Ali said angrily,” Did I called Naina there? Now Major Bharghav, what do is not control over me?”Pooja said angrily,” Ok we’ll accept that what you did is correct but you think Naina as different like us only right.”Ali said angrily,” What she’s proving that this army is wrong & she’s right? This country’s army thought her brother as traitor & punished him, so the army is wrong. Now Naina is not accepting that his brother isn’t traitor then she’s right?Look,I respect our country’s army & am not accepting that the army is wrong & if it is like this then what she’s doing in this academy? What she’s going to prove, she want to curse our country’s army?”Naina heard this & saw Ali innocently.Ali saw Naina & went angrily. Naina smiled dismissively & went from there. Major Bharghav saw this incident & smiled impressively & said to himself,” I like it, I like it.”Major Nair asked,” What happened Major?”Major Bharghav said impressively,” Major Nair, Cadet Baig is a patriot Cadet & I like these Cadets. They’re useful for our country.”Major Nair said,” Of course.”Major Bharghav nodded. Here Capt.R asked Dr.R worriedly,”Dr.Mishra, how many hours Naina will be kept under observation?”Dr.R said,” For 24 hours more & then faculty gives the report to Brigadier & I also & then only decision will be taken.”Capt.R said angrily,” And can I know that what you’ve decided? Do you think that Naina is…..?”Dr.R said in jealous,”Captain, why you’re so interested in this case? From this I think that you’re not Cadet Singh’s teacher but some other thing…..”Capt.R saw her angrily & said resisting his anger,”Dr.Ritu, I’ve become this academy’s student & now an army officer in Indian army. What happening with Cadet Naina Singh that I can understand & I don’t agree with it, this is injustice to the Cadet.”Dr.R said seriously,” Fine I agree but will you agree with one thing that your Cadet Singh has hidden her past to everyone.”Capt.R held Dr.R’s hand very rudely & said angrily,” Anyone will have their past. Anyone will hide their pasts. I think that you’re also hiding your past.”Dr.R said angrily,” Shall I say about you Captain?”Capt.R left her hand & turned that side angrily & Dr.R went outside the room angrily.


                               Here Huda was about to dial to his friend from reception counter but he overheard Majors Nair & Bharghav’s conversation. Major Bharghav said impressively,” Cadet Naina is reacting like I wanted; it will be done like that only.”Major Nair said softly,” We’ve to submit our observation report to Brigadier.”Major Bharghav said confidently,” I know Major & I can say that confidently that Brigadier will also accept that Cadet Naina will be sent to military correction centre. This time Cadet Naina hates the faculty & tomorrow she hates her fellow Cadets also. And very soon Major she hates me so much that she’ll attack on me. And I guarantee you that she’s going to do like that only. I’ll make sure.”Both nodded impressively & went from there. Meanwhile Naina is breaking the bricks with her hand angrily. An orderly came & said politely,” Cadet Singh, you’re wanted by Capt.R in his room.”Naina listened this & she broke the bricks angrily. Huda overheard the conversations of both Majors by dialling his friend & ran to Capt.R to say this. Capt.R said worriedly to Huda,” Where’s Naina?”Huda said worriedly,” I don’t know sir; I think she’ll be in her room only. She didn’t come to the dinner also. I’d gone to her hostel but I came back seeing Lolita madam there. I don’t want to make Phoolan in trouble because of me.”Capt.R said appreciatively,” You did very good thing Cadet Huda. Naina didn’t come to meet me when I called her also”. Huda said worriedly,” I don’t know but Phoolan losing her temper very much these days.”Capt.R said worriedly,” And that’s what scares me. Am afraid that her anger becomes as explosives. Cadet Huda, can you do me a favour?”Huda said politely,” Anything for you sir.”Capt.R said,” You keep an eye on Naina & importantly in the training grounds. I fear that Major Bharghav is going to make provoke Naina to do that thing what he wants to make.”Huda said politely,” Yes sir, I’ll say this to my team also.”Capt.R saw him in amazement.”Team means Cadet Arjun. He’s the one whom I can trust. Others are making Mugambo impress.”Capt.R saw in puzzled expression.”Mugambo means Major Bharghav.”And he went from there & Capt.R thought that Major Bharghav is going to use his main policy that divide & rule policy.

                                     Next morning in the training grounds, shooting training has been given to the Cadets. Cadet Baig shot the bullet correct into the target. Major Nair said appreciatively,” Very good Cadet Baig.”Then Cadet Huda came as next to Cadet Baig & he also shot in the correct target. Major Nair said appreciatively,” Good Cadet Huda, next.”Naina came forward & took the rifle to fire but Major Nair said tauntingly,” It’s ok Cadet Singh. I don’t think that you’re needed the rifle practise. You only see here. I’d heard that you’re a very good shooter. And you’ve shot a terrorist some days previously. Am sure that you’ve got few tips from your brother. (On that time Major Bharghav came there & saw the scene impressively)Captain Navin isn’t a traitor but a good traitor.”Naina saw him & smiled sarcastically & said,” Yes sir, you’re right, I know how to shoot but you know I don’t want to practise it. But I fear that the biggest terrorist is there then I fear I’ll shoot him. (Arjun smiled impressively with her remark.)And sir very soon you’ll know who I am & sir, you’ll be eating your words on that time.”And Naina threw the rifle & went & stood in her position. Major Nair saw him & smiled seeing her state & enjoying. Major Bharghav came there & smiled impressively & said to Cadets,” Cadets Attention. (Everyone come into attention position)After hearing Cadet Naina Singh Ahluwaliya’s inspirational lecture, we’re going to cross-country drill. Cross-country drill means we’ve to go in other ways & reach there in the fixed time. You’ve 2hours to complete the drill. Road is marked & map is also ready. Cadet Ali Baig step out.”Ali stepped out.”Cadet Ali, you’re going to choose your platoon. (Ali said politely,” Yes sir.”)”And you’ll be the leader for your platoon. Pick up your Cadets now.”(Then Ali said politely,” Yes sir.”And he was towards Naina but he chose Cadets Arjun, Yudi & Sharma.”The chosen Cadets came & stood behind him.)”Cadet Huda step out.”(Huda steeped out & said politely,” Sir.”)”Take your platoon now Cadet Huda.”(Huda said politely,” Yes sir.”Then he saw Naina & said,” Cadets Naina Singh, Pooja Ghai, Kumar.”)”Cadet Huda, you work from the heart not with the brain, not a right strategy.”(Huda said politely,” Sir Blood goes to the brain from the heart only. If the heart stops to give blood to the brain then what’s the use of the brain. My daddyji says that we’ve to take some decisions from the heart only.”Naina smiled impressively. Major Bharghav smiled cunningly.)”Cadet Laxman remaining platoon are your under. Cadets Huda, Laxman, Ali Baig, take your maps (They took the map & saw the map.)Everyone made a strategy of reaching the X point & ran to reach the place. Major Bharghav said impressively,” I’ll make the drill of yours Major Nair.”Major Nair nodded smiling cunningly.

                                    Next everyone was running continuously in one speed together. Arjun saw Huda in worry & said,” Don’t take any tension, Naina is going to give the tension to that Mugambo because he knows not that he’s keeping his hand to the lion’s mouth. It’s so difficult to come out of that mouth, he’ve to ask sorry for that or he’ll cut his hand,” smiling impressively. Huda didn’t understand what Arjun said but was still worried about Naina. Then Major Bharghav insulted Naina that she’s a traitor’s sister & all to provoke her so that she attacks him angrily but his calculations become wrong because his past comes in front of him & starts sweating. Major Bharghav said provokingly,” Cadet your behaviour is like your traitor brother. You’re determined like him only. You become smart in front of everybody but not in front of me. I smell the traitors & caught them. I only arrested your traitor brother, I only collected the proofs against him, and I only made your brother as a traitor.”Naina saw him angrily.”What happened Cadet Naina, you want to kill me then do that as you like. Cadet Naina am the one who made your brother as the traitor. You want to take the revenge then (taking his gun he said) kill me.”Naina stood calmly but didn’t say anything & he was provoking her very much. Then Major Bharghav saw Naina curiously because Major Bharghav was expecting that she’ll grab the gun & point to him angrily but Naina didn’t do any of the things which he expected. Naina said seriously seeing Major Bharghav with folded hands,” Is it over? Did your words are over? Major Bharghav let me remind you that you raped my best friend on 13th September 2003 & now also I know that you’re not looking after her well. Because she’s the one who made you unlucky everything. You became inactive in the army & you work only in office because of your injured hand. And let me remind you that the army knows nothing about your behaviour in the house. You beat your wife & your son often & do not care about them & If you behave with me like this then am going to prove that you misbehave with your wife & son to this academy & army also. Stop provoking me, no use of that or else I’ll arrest you immediately now. Because I’ve the authority to arrest anyone & everyone one who comes between my mission, so watch out Major Bharghav & good bye.”Naina saw Major Bharghav angrily. Major Bharghav saw Naina in sweating & saw her dumbly.Capt.R saw Naina impressively because Huda had said that Major Bharghav has took Naina alone to some other place. Major Bharghav took his hand to slap her but Naina said angrily,” Don’t even think about this or else you’ll be behind the bars because you & I know that one who mishandles the Cadets he’ll have to stand in front of the military board with shame. Do you like to stand in front of military board with ashamed yourself?”Then Major Bharghav said smiling cunningly,” You are going to arrest me. You don’t have any authority Cadet to arrest me.”Naina said stubbornly,” Of course, I’ve Major. Major Bharghav, let me remind you that am also a soldier, who’s earning working hard & am here to take the officer training. But the military law says that one who is taking the training of the officers has every right to arrest anyone & everyone if they’re doing wrong work, like you provoking me. And to prove it I’ve a witness here, see behind you. We Cadets are like constables if we talk in the police world. We’ve that authority which I mentioned you now” Major Bharghav saw towards that direction where she’s showing & saw Capt.R, who was seeing the scene impressively. Capt.R saw how Naina was charging Major Bharghav, but Major Bharghav gave a last attempt & said angrily,” Cadet Naina Singh Ahluwaliya I’d made your brother to say that he’s the traitor.”Capt.R was seeing Naina in the expression of shame & Naina said angrily,” Yes I know that because that your attempt would become futile when my bhaiyya was in conscious. Someone said that my bhaiyya was saying always that he felt dizzy; he was not in good condition & let me remind you one who made my bhaiyya in that state will be behind the bars. (Hearing Capt.R was shocked & so Major Bharghav also.)Is there any answer with you Major Bharghav?”Naina whispered angrily so that Capt.R not hears that,” Let me make you very clear Major, if there’s your hand on this then you see your future in the jail. You want to make me kicked out of this academy right but I’ll only get out of this academy. That’s not because that you’re making me kicked out of this academy, that’s because that I don’t want to make my self-respect to be dishonoured, got that?”And went from there but Major Bharghav said angrily,” I don’t think that you know that Capt.R was present in Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya’s court martial.”Naina is shocked hearing this & saw towards Capt.R shockingly. Major Bharghav went from there seeing both of them impressively. Naina saw Capt.R eye to eye but Capt.R can’t see her eye to eye & turned that side. Naina thought disgustingly,”Bhaiyya why’ve you given the protection responsibility of this type of person who have any strength to say about you.”

                                       Here the room is setup for Naina’s trial, a high table is put over & the 3 chairs are setup in front of the high table. Then in front of the high table two small tables & chair which are setup opposite each other. One small table is for the typewriter who records the witnesses wordings & then another small table is for the accuse. Besides that table a table & chair are there which is for witnesses. Then a low long table is put over & numerous chair are put over for the Cadets to sit. Then All Cadets entered the hall talking about the trial only. Huda said simply,” Yaar one thing is there, I didn’t thought that trial will commences in academy also.”Ali said calmly,” You know these days what happening in the academy, I didn’t know that the trail would’ve happen.”Huda saw Ali angrily & said seriously,” Look ussol, they call us to the witness for the Naina’s trial. But you talk about her only good words.”Ali said calmly,” Look Huda bhai, I only talk which I know is the truth.”Arjun nods dismissively. Huda said angrily,” Ok, if you say the lies only then I’ll spoil your life If Phoolan gets punishment.”Both see each other in anger. Arjun is so worried about Naina & had become silent. Yudi saw them both & said comfortingly,” Ok guys, chill yaar. Don’t start once again.”Then both sat in their respective seats & didn’t talk each other.”I fear the questioning of that Mugambo & this room also.”Huda said to Yudi calmly,” Yudi, don’t fear just you say good words about Naina. She’s a good girl, good natured girl & all.”Then he said to all Cadets,” Please yaaro, you also tell them that she’s a good girl. She has doing anything wrong yaar. Just she’s fighting for her brother yaar. If we all will be with her then no one is going to make her expel.”Arjun said directly,” Am not worried, when I can’t tolerate the Mumbai’s & Delhi’s enquiry then this Mugambo questioning is nothing. He’s Musambi for me.”Pooja said angrily,” Oi qaidi, when Musambi fruit tastes sour then teeth shivers, because of its sourness.”

                                      Then all are seated on the chair, Naina came & sat. Suriji said to everyone,” Attention.”Brigadier entered with other 2 judges & everyone stood. BC came & sat with the 2 judges in the high table & said to everyone,” At ease.”Everyone sit down.”This isn’t a military hearing or any court martial. This is an internal hearing, that’s why we’re here so that we can decide Cadet Singh’s presence in the academy. From this hearing let us decide Cadet Singh’s future, if she’s an able Cadet to settle here in KMA & become a perfect soldier or not. This hearing will be done by Major Bharghav & I’ll request you all to co-operate.”Major Bharghav said impressively,” Yes sir.”And stood but on that time everyone started to talk.”Silence.”All become silent.”Thank you; because this is a hearing your witnesses will be recorded. And Cadet Singh will be given chance to save herself. Mind you we are doing this hearing because Cadet Naina Singh Ahluwaliya, traitor Navin Singh Ahluwaliya’s sister is an able person to become soldier. Can we trust Cadet Naina Singh Ahluwaliya to give her the responsibility of this country against the enemy? Cadet Ahluwaliya.”And he showed towards the seat to come & sit to Naina. Naina came & sat there politely.”Take your seat Cadet Naina.”Naina sat where she was shown to sit. “If someone asks me then I say that Cadet Naina Singh Ahluwaliya can settle here in the academy……..”Everyone saw him in amazement & Naina, Capt.R & Arjun saw him doubtfully.” If she accepts that her brother was a traitor. Then she has to take some sessions under Dr.R & we make her mind so that she can become a perfect soldier. Well it’s my decision but Cadet Naina’s decision will be known by time.”Naina thought disgustingly,” To make me like you? Bloody show offs.”Major Bharghav said politely to Brigadier,”Sir, I want to call Cadet Naina’s fellow Cadets one by one.”BC said bossily,” Go ahead Major.”Then he turned towards her friends & called firstly,” Cadet Pooja Ghai.”Pooja came & sat beside the table.”Cadet Pooja, you & Cadet Naina are friends right?”Pooja said calmly,” Yes sir, am Naina’s best friend.”Major Bharghav said immediately,” You mean that Cadet Naina’s not your best friend.”Pooja said immediately,” No sir, we both are best friends.”Major Bharghav asked,” Did she told about herself to you?”Pooja said simply,”No sir.”Major Bharghav said immediately,”If she was your best friend then she would say.”And he turned to BC & said,”Sir, Cadet Naina is secretive.”Pooja said immeditaly,”But sir we both are best friends…..”Major Bharghav said immediately,” That’s ok Cadet Ghai, you can go.”Capt.R, Naina & Arjun nodded dismissively. Because Major Bharghav was making the Cadets witnesses against Naina & favouring him. Major Bharghav said bossily,” Cadet Sahani, what do you want to say?”Yudi said hesistatingly,”Sir, she’s different from other Cadets. Naina is a good girl sir; she works every work given job with very interest that makes us how can she be so determined.”Major Bharghav asked immediately,” You mean that Cadet Naina is calculative.”Yudi said slowly,” Thinking & doing means that is only.”Major Bharghav said immediately,” You mean that you’re in confusion.”Yudi said immediately not thinking over,”Right”And thinking he said immediately,” Hold on…”Major Bharghav said immediately,”Sir,Cadet Naina is calculative.”Yudi stammered but Major Bharghav said,” Thank you Cadet you can go.”Then Yudi went from there. Naina nodded dismissively. Then Major Bharghav said,” Cadet Huda, i’ve heard that you’re a very good friend of Cadet Naina?”Huda said immediately,” Sir in my opinion, Naina is a perfect soldier, perfect girl, perfect everything. Sir, she talks calculatively.”Major Nair saw him angrily. Major Bharghav said immediately,” You mean she can become perfect traitor also?”Huda said immediately,”Sir,I didn’t say like that sir.”Major Bharghav said immediately,” I’ve understood about your saying Cadet Huda, thank you.”Then Huda saw him amazement. Arjun is nodding dismissively & thought,” Now I’ve to use dad’s influence I think.”Major Bharghav said immediately”Sir,Cadet Naina is strategic.”BC also was feeling uncomfortable.”That’s all Cadet Huda thank you. Cadet Ali”Ali said calmly,” Sir I respected Naina very much but when I came to know that Naina’s brother is traitor then………”Major Bharghav said immediately,” I want facts Cadet Baig, what did you saw? Do you know that Cadet Naina Singh had given the false information to this academy to join this academy only?”Naina saw Major Bharghav eagerly. Ali nodded.”Cadet Ali Baig, did you know that the terrorists had attacked the bus in which she was present?”Ali nodded.”Do you know that Cadet Naina had gone outside the academy without any permission to save Capt.R?”Ali said slowly,” Yes sir.”Capt.R was thinking about something very deeply.”That does mean that Cadet Naina had broken the rules of academy?”Ali said slowly,” Yes sir.”Then Major Bharghav said immediately,” That’s alright Cadet Baig.Sir,Cadet Naina is rebellious.”BC nodded.”That’s all Cadet Ali Baig, thank you.”Ali went & sat there.”Cadet Arjun.”Arjun went & sat & said directly,” Ask me, what do you want to ask?”Major Bharghav said smiling cunningly,” No question is there to ask you Cadet Arjun. That’ll be all sir.”BC said,” Thank you Major. Major Bharghav said bossily,” You may leave Cadet Arjun.”Arjun saw towards Major Bharghav angrily & saw towards Naina sympathetically & went from there. Capt.R & Naina nodded dismissively. Naina thought in disgust,” Bloody show offs.”BC said bossily,” Continuation of hearing will be done after the lunch, dismiss.”All went for lunch but Naina sat there only thinking about her mission so much. Pooja called Naina to have the lunch but Naina nodded & Pooja left her alone. Capt.R was also sitting alone, Dr.R went but before that she saw towards Capt.R & Naina & went from there leaving them both alone in the trial room. Capt.R came near Naina’s table & said,” This morning, I had heavy breakfast that I’ve no mind to take lunch.”On that time his stomach grumbled & Naina heard that but didn’t react for his remark & sat like a stone thinking about her mission.

                                Both Naina & Capt.R saw each other eye to eye. Meanwhile in the mess, Major Bharghav was drinking the milk happily. Then Major Nair came & give a file & said impressively,”Major, you’d said a login.”Major Bharghav said seeing the file & smiled impressively & said,” Perfect Major, from this information the case is sealed. Hearing’s results is on our hands. To celebrate this victory, Subhedhar Suri, please give me another glass of milk.”Suriji heard their conversation & said stubbornly,” Am sorry sir, today’s milk budget is closed, there’s no milk.”Both Majors saw each other & Major Bharghav said simply,” No problem Subhedhar Suri,from tomorrow, one Cadet will be less & there’ll be no problem.”Then both Majors laugh impressively. Here all Cadets are talking about Naina’s hearing in the game room. Huda said worriedly,” Think yaar, there’ll be any way to stop this Mugambo.”Arjun said directly,” Let’s kill him.”Huda didn’t think further & said supportingly,”Am with you.”Ali said angrily,” You don’t go in the law way.”Arjun said angrily,” Cadet Ali, when you’re asked then talk.”Pooja said angrily,”Oi, why you’re cutting off his connection? In fact what did Ali said is a wrong?”Huda said angrily,” Then go with your ussol only.”Pooja saw turned opposite that side.Yudi said softly,” Look guys just think about that calmly in cool head. In one & million, if they……”Arjun said dismissively,”……Continue.”Yudi said slowly,” If they prove that Naina’s a traitor. Look guys we’ve to think about negative also. There’s no chance but…….”Ali said immediately,” There are full chances of that.”Huda said angrily,” You did that right.”Ali said angrily,” I did nothing wrong there.”Arjun said angrily,”Ali get out of here, just get out of here before I make you shaheed.”Ali said angrily,”Arjun bhai, mind your language, lower your finger.”Huda said stopping Arjun,”Leave him Arjun now. Ali go from here, go from here.”Ali went throwing the chess pawns angrily. Then Pooja saw Huda angrily & about to say but Huda said angrily,” You also go with your ussol.”Then Pooja also went angrily. Arjun was also thinking about Naina & Huda is so angry & he also threw the Carrom pawns. Then Arjun said angrily,” No I’d got a very good friend & I don’t want to lose you Naina.I don’t want to lose you.”Both Yudi & Huda saw Arjun in amazement because he never talked with anyone so emotionally.

                                         Both Naina & Capt.R are alone in trial room. Capt.R said convincingly,”Naina…..”But Naina said angrily,” Let it be sir, I’ve so many questions today in my mind & when I ask you that you will not answer those questions like every time.”Capt.R said angrily,” Naina, how I make you understand that….”Naina stood & asked angrily,” Sir today I want to know, was my bhaiyya Navin Singh Ahluwaliya a traitor? Sir I asked this question to you repeatedly but you didn’t answer me every time & you know the strange thing that whenever I try to search bhaiyya’s file or his girl friend or any other. All the way point towards you only.”Capt.R said angrily,”Naina, you……..why don’t you understand? What do I answer that what’s the truth is….? Naina just you understand that Major Bharghav want to cut off our ….”Naina said angrily,” Once & for all why don’t you close those possibilities. I want to know what happened with my bhaiyya Navin Singh Ahluwaliya. Sir you know that after the lunch my hearing is going to continue in front of full academy. And I don’t even know that for which truth am fighting with academy is it…..”Capt.R said angrily,”Naina why don’t you understand, Major Bharghav want to break this trust on your bhaiyya. It’s a simple game god damn it.”Naina became silent & said defeated,” Am tired sir.”Capt.R saw Naina pitifully. Then he took a deep breath & turned & saw Naina & said,” Do you want to know the truth? Ok, I’ll say the truth; I’ll answer your questions. But make yourself clear Naina; if you want to go into the deep of the truth then you’ll have to be here in this academy importantly. And you can only settle here on one condition & that is you’ve to accept in front of everybody that my friend & your bro Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya was a traitor.”Naina saw Capt.R in shock & about to say but Capt.R said stubbornly,” I know that what am saying, if you want to know the truth, full truth?”Both saw each other eye to eye & Capt.R said pleadingly,” Please.”And he went from there very fast. Naina nodded to say no seeing towards Capt.R going outside the trial room.

                                Naina said to herself in difficulty,” I came here to this academy to prove that my bhaiyya wasn’t a traitor. But how can I say that my bhaiyya Navin Singh Ahluwaliya was a traitor? No sir, I can’t do this.”Arjun said comfortingly,” You can do that, not from the heart but from the brain. Heart is so emotional.”Naina said stubbornly,”Arjun you know that why I joined this academy. And Major Bharghav is saying that to accept this as a truth but you know that this isn’t the truth. How can I accept this lie as truth? No, I can’t do this.”Arjun said calmly,” To take out the truth from the grave we’ve to compromise with lies for some time. You can do that & you’ll be practised with that.”Naina nodded.”If you’ll act as stubborn then that Mugambo will kick you out of the academy & then. Look Naina, if you want to win the big war then you’ve to lose this type of wars & you know that what your war is for.”Naina is thinking angrily. On that time Huda & Yudi came there to comfort her. Huda said comfortingly,”Phoolan sorry yaar, everything became upside down. But don’t get tension we’re all with you. And we’ll support you till last breath.”Yudi said immediately,”Exactly, he’s devil’s advocate you know, I hate him. I didn’t know that when he trapped me.”Then he sat in heels & said pleadingly,” I swear Naina, I never thought about you wrongly.”Naina smiled at Yudi slightly. Then Huda said enthusiastically,” Did you see now you’re original Phoolan.What happened if Mugambo trapped us but we’re all with you, just you don’t lose your strength yaar.”Arjun said comfortingly,” You want to win this war then don’t leave the war field.”Naina saw Arjun continouosly.Here Capt.R was standing in front of amar jawan jyothi & he remembered his oath taking ceremony. Navin & he were taking oath which was dictated by BC & they were repeating proudly,” I’ll work the given orders with honesty. I’ll do my duty on my full strength. And I’ll protect my country with full honesty & truth.”Then both Capt.R & Navin winked at each other. Then both of them were standing in front of amar jawan jyothi & was talking about Capt.R’s family. Navin said impressively,” The great Lala Gehlot, your godfather.”Then he took the tape recorder & switched on it & said,” June 10th 2004, our oath taking ceremony. Today we’ve took the oath that we die for our country but I’ll add one oath in my oaths that, I’ll fight for the truth till my last breath because for a soldier patriotism is the truth.”Capt.R said impressively,”Yaar, you’re so emotional person.”Navin said simply,” Always for our country.”Capt.R said proudly,” You know when you die for this country then what I’ll say….”He clears his throat & said,” Today Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya died for this country. Am so lucky that I spent my time with him in this academy. But when I talk about him then my eyes fill with tears…..”And he pretends that he’s crying & wiping the tears & Navin said laughing,” You naughty.”And they both hug each other laughing heartily. Capt.R then remembers Navin’s derobing scene & his eyes fills with tears. Then Dr.R came & said softly,” Captain.”Capt.R wiped his tears & said dismissively,” Please doctor, leave me alone. I want to be alone for the sometime, if you don’t mind.”Dr.R said comfortingly,”No, I don’t mind but if we share the problem with someone then it’ll be easy to search the solution.”Capt.R said hiding his tears in front of Dr.R & said seriously,”Doctor, who said that am, struck with the problem. When a person wants to think then only he wants to be alone.”Dr.R said nodding,”Sure, you’re absolutely right. So tell me Captain, what you’re thinking, about your past or about your future?”Capt.R said taking a deep breath,” As a matter of fact am struck with my present. You know doctor; I don’t think that what am doing that is right or wrong. Because which I’d said to Naina to do that then I didn’t never go in that way. You know doctor whenever I see the fire inside Cadet Naina Singh, I remember myself when I passed out from this academy.”Then he smiled sarcastically on himself & said,” I’ve become a fearless & courageous officer. These medals, awards are no use & no help to me. I think that where the courage went from me if I didn’t lose my hope & strength on that situation.”Dr.R said comfortingly,” You only said that anyone can hide their past. But one who deals with their pasts, battles & guilt if the person overcome their problem is a brave officer Captain.”And she went from there. Capt.R said seriously,” I want to hide the truth from Naina & saying that mistake to do to Naina which I’d never done.”Naina is still thinking about what Capt.R said silently in trial room. Capt.R went to the staff room & was sitting & thinking about Naina only. On that time Major Bharghav passed on & saw Capt.R & entered holding the file which was given by Major Nair & kept it on the table & sat beside him saying,” Captain Shekhawat.”Capt.R stood to salute him but Major Bharghav said,” At ease Captain.”Capt.R sat on his place. Major Bharghav said impressively,” Waiting is an interesting part Captain, because that am your senior in ranking that’s why am thinking that why don’t I help you. I save you from making yourself ashamed in front of academy.”Major Bharghav gave the file. Capt.R saw him in raised eyebrows & saw the file.”Because during hearing, if I say mistakenly that you knew the true identity of Cadet Naina Singh Ahluwaliya & you didn’t take any action against her. And Brigadier Chandok would not like that & he takes the action against you & make you left right left from outside the academy.”Capt.R saw the file & said smiling sarcastically,”Sir,eating of meat makes the mouth a bad odour if the mint leaves or any other mouth freshener is used to make the mouth deodour,Major Bharghav.”Major Bharghav stood angrily & said,”What? I think you don’t need any help from any one.”And went but Capt.R said seriously,” Major Bharghav you’d come here to help self to save yourself, not me. Because you know that if one finger show towards me then remaining fingers will be shown towards you. You’d done enough mistakes in the name of the system but not now, because Naina isn’t alone here. And this time the fight will be from the equal opponents.”Major Bharghav said stubbornly,”Ok Captain Shekhawat, let’s see this fight also & the question of the equal opponents will not be going on because am still senior in the rank.”Capt.R said sarcastically,” Yes you’re sir.”Then Major Bharghav went from there angrily.

                             After the lunch everyone assembled in the trial room & BC entered & sat everyone stood & sat & BC said to Major Bharghav,” Let’s start the procedure.”Major Bharghav said bossily holding the file & said,” With information sir.”And he saw towards Capt.R & went from there & gave the file to the orderly who was recording the running of the trial. Then he came to the table of Naina & asked bossily,” Cadet Naina, am asking you only one thing. I wanted to know that your brother Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya was a traitor or not?”Naina saw Major Bharghav angrily & saw towards Capt.R. Capt.R nodded to say yes but Naina nodded to say no & Capt.R lowered his eyes with disappointment. Major Bharghav saw Naina & was so impressed of her decision & asked once again,” Cadet Naina, do you agree that your brother was a traitor?”Naina closed her eyes & opened it & taking a deep breath said stubbornly,” No sir, my brother wasn’t a traitor.”Arjun close his eyes in disappointment & Capt.R saw Naina in shock. Major Bharghav said immediately,” This country’s army court made him as a traitor but you accept him as innocent? Are you challenging that army court judgement Cadet Naina? Is that true?”Naina said stubbornly,” Yes sir.”Major Bharghav said immediately,” Very good & the reason behind this……”Naina said stubbornly,” Because according to me the army facts were wrong.”Major Bharghav said angrily,” Incredible Cadet Naina, you’d dishonoured the justice of the Indian military court.”Naina saw Major Bharghav angrily. Then Major Bharghav turned to Brigadier & said,” I’ll end my case sir. Cadet Naina hasn’t any interest to settle here in the academy. I recommend you that send her to military correction centre very soon.”

                                       Then BC thought for a moment & asked to Naina,”Cadet Singh, do you want to say something to save yourself?”Naina took a deep breath & said,” No sir.”Then BC said immediately,” Well then this hearing is closed now.”Capt.R said standing,” Excuse me sir, I want to say on behalf of Cadet Naina Singh.”Then Arjun took a deep breath of calmness. But BC said doubtfully,” That’s very unusual Captain.”Capt.R saw towards Major Bharghav & said,” What’s going on here is unusual than my speech sir.”BC said bossily,” That’s what a claim Captain.Ok please proceed so that if army law get any help.”Capt.R said,” Thank you sir.”Then he came to the centre & said,”Sir, Kanchenjunga Military Academy which have the motto strength & honour. But what’s going on here is strength (showing towards Major Bharghav) versus honour (showing towards Naina)”Major Bharghav said immediately,” What do you mean?”Capt.R said angrily,” Not meaning Major Bharghav,I want to know the aim of KMA.Sir(seeing towards BC)we’ve the foundation of the courageous officers who gave their life to this country in this academy. In this academy, we train them as soldiers who’ll give their life with the emotions of the sacrifice & self-confidence. But now we’re underestimating that person who’s having the emotions of the sacrifice & self-confidence.Sir, Cadet Naina Singh who saves an army officer & other people also giving her life in danger & sets an example to the youth of this country. We honour her with the award of medal of honour but we only dishonour & give her a black mark because her brother Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya was a traitor.”Then he turned to Major Bharghav & said emotionally,” Major Bharghav, today if supreme court proves your father as a thief & you’re also a thief because you’ve his blood only then you agree with the supreme court decision?”Major Bharghav said angrily,” You’re crossing the limit Captain.”Capt.R asked him immediately,” Don’t you want to know that your father was a thief or not?”BC said warningly,” Captain.”Then Capt.R asked sorry to BC & BC nodded. Then Capt.R said to Major Bharghav  immediately,” And am sorry Major Bharghav. But if my saying made you so angry then what’s the right to curse Cadet Naina Singh’s blood that she’s a traitor’s sister? And what she’s doing wrong, if she cannot agree that her brother Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya was a traitor by her heart. Sir, I wanted to ask you that where has written that a traitor’s sister will not become a patriot.”Then he turned to Major Bharghav & said,”Sir, my senior officer says that the difference between the patriot & traitor is decided by a man’s consciousness. Then I want to ask him only that, in that consciousness, is there a traitor or patriotism, who decides? A person’s thought or a blood? Someone’s past or present?”Major Bharghav saw Capt.R angrily. Then Capt.R turned to BC & said calmly,”Sir, a person chooses his way with his convenience. Cadet Naina Singh chose the way, the way of the truth. In that way we uniform people can’t walk there because there will be so much trouble. We think about the result of that way on our every step but Cadet Naina Singh didn’t break, or defeated or didn’t misled herself.Sir, Cadet Naina Singh has decided to leave this academy. She wants to sacrifice her dreams, her career & her future everything but she don’t want to compromise with her trust & beliefs.Sir,is this the fearlessness, the courage & the honesty which makes the soldiers heroes, an able & good soldiers? Sir, one army not make a good soldier but the good soldiers make a one good army.”Everyone nodded at Capt.R’s speech except Major Bharghav & Major Nair.”Sir, then also you want to send Cadet Naina Singh to correction centre then send her, kill her self-confidence & will power in which she’s alive now. Kill the soul of these Cadets who are present here, one who wins the war with self-confidence. On that self-confidence only Major Bharghav had won the kargil’s war. But sir, after all this incidents can you trust that the each Cadet who are present here can say the truth or support the truth. Do you think that these Cadets give their life to this country without any questions?”Capt.R nodded & said finally,” You’ve to decide now sir. That’s what I wanted to say. That’s it.”And went & sat in his position silently.

                                           BC thought about this immediately & said appreciatively,” Thank you Captain. Today KMA & we’re in the challenging situation & I believe that the KMA’s faculty & Cadets are seeing the KMA victory. Because to take the victory in the war, we need full battalion, full army to be in rules & the discipline.”Then Capt.R & Arjun worried hearing BC’s words.”I agree that Cadet Naina Singh has broken the rules & regulations of KMA by hiding her true identity. But in the war, we’ll be in the restrictions of the rules & regulations but in other way we want those soldiers who fight the war with devotion & courage. And Cadet Naina Singh has shown her proof of her in qualities in these months. And in which determinedly she’s fighting against us is the true identity of a soldier, (Capt.R & Arjun are so happy hearing BC’s words) that soldier who fights till his last breath for his country’s name, honour & for his regiment’s honour & honesty & courage. Now am at conclusion that the reason behind the hiding of her true identity was for her own good & I don’t want her past become an obstacle to her future. (Capt.R, Naina & Arjun are so happy with BC’s decision)That’s why, the order of sending Cadet Naina Singh to military correction centre … (Then he saw towards Major Bharghav angrily) will not be agreed & I’ll give her another chance to settle here in the academy.”(Capt.R was so happy hearing this but both Majors became very angry inside but didn’t object BC’s decision & every Cadet who is present clapped hard & happily)Then BC lifted his hand to make the Cadets stop their clapping & said immediately,” But, my decision to Cadet Naina Singh is only to become a good soldier not for any private investigations, Cadet Singh (Naina stood & nodded happily) If I get any information about you that your investigations are coming against the training then I’ll expel you immediately, is that clear?”Naina nodded & said politely,” Yes sir.”And Arjun is so happy & Capt.R also. But happier was her fellow Cadets Huda, Yudi & Pooja.Then Major Bharghav saw Naina angrily. Then BC signed the file & stood & said,” Dismiss.”And went from there. Naina saw towards Capt.R with tears on her eyes & Capt.R nodded smiling & went from there. Then Naina try to follow Capt.R but she was stopped by her fellow Cadets.Pooja hugged her completely & Yudi hugged both Pooja & Naina. Then Arjun kept his hand lovingly & hugged her wiping her tears. Then Huda also hugged her.Ali was about to say sorry to her but he went not saying anything. Huda said appreciatively,”Oi Phoolan, you made that mugambo clean bowled. You sent him to eat pappad.”Yudi asked innocently,”Bro, Bharghav sells pappad.”Arjun said,” He’ll not sell it but of course he’ll going to eat that. What I said is right?”Naina nodded wiping her tears & smiling happily. Pooja said comfortingly,” What did you think, if we change the room then SIM cards also changed? We were friends & we we’ll be the friends also in the future.”On that time the orderly came there & said politely,” After 10 minutes, you all report to parade grounds.”Then all the Cadets go to parade grounds.

                                         Naina thanked her friends & said,” Thank you guys, you gave me support & specially you Arjun, thank you.”Arjun said simply,” I didn’t do anything. Captain Sir did everything. Go & say him the thank you.”Winking at her. Yudi said impressively,” Captain Rajveer, what a guts man, perfect army officer, like me.”Pooja said proudly raising her collar,” Whose Shahrukh is he. And as a matter of fact if I met Captain before Rohit then I would join life-long connection with him only.”Hearing this Ali felt jealous but resisted & Naina smiled & nodded dismissively. Then Huda said immediately,” You can join life-long connection now also punjaban.Well you didn’t find Rohit then connect your life-long connection with Captain.”Pooja saw him angrily.”Captain is so popular yaar between girls. Is it not ussol.Now also talk with us.”Ali said seriously,” Look am not interested in the personal life of Capt.R. But I’ve the goal that I’ll become a good officer like Captain Rajveer.”Arjun said directly,” Am with Captain Sir, jail or hell, we can go anywhere.”Then Naina thought & said,” Listen guys, I’ve some work, I’ll be back in a minute.”And went from there immediately.Arjun noticed that she’s in hurry & enthusiastic.Pooja said worriedly,” Listen Naina, if that Muchchad comes then there’ll be problem in the drill. Huda stop her.”But Naina ran in top speed. Then Yudi said calmly,” Chill Pooja, when Capt.R is here till then no one can do anything to Naina.”Huda asked in jealous,” Why, did pandit said?”Pooja winked at Yudi & said to make Huda even more jealous,” Huda as a matter of fact, you know how Capt.R & Naina’s connection joining, I think we’ve to call the pandit very soon.”Yudi said calmly,” Terrorists captured Naina.”Pooja said calmly,” Then, Capt.R saved her.”Yudi said tauntingly,” When Capt.R was captured by terrorists….”Pooja said calmly,” Your Phoolan saved him.”Yudi said tauntingly,” That means…….”Arjun & Ali both nodded dismissively. Pooja said tauntingly,” Something is going on between them.”Huda saw both of them & felt very jealous & said,”Oi, don’t you doubt on them, you’re feeling jealous. You know, in Captain Sir’s heart there’s only entry of Ritu madam. You know how they see each other in love.”Yudi said immediately,” Let me tell you the facts bro.Captain isn’t in love with Ritu madam but Ritu madam is in love with Captain Sir.”Huda said appreciatively,” You’d said a right news, now your brain the ringed the correct bell.”Pooja said tauntingly to Huda,” Well Ritu madam is ringing the bell of Captain Sir’s heart.”Yudi said calmly,” But there’s a no entry board entangled.”Huda felt even more jealous & said,”Oi, you are all saying lies, Phoolan is only mine. Let us bet for that for Rs.100?”Arjun said immediately,” We can’t do anything to him.”And went but Yudi said curiously,”Chief, where are you going?”Arjun said directly,” Number one, will you come?”Yudi said in disgust & nodding,” Carry on.”And then he went from there immediately.

                                  Here in the mess, Major Bharghav is drinking black coffee & thinking about the incidents. He was thinking that how do he make Naina ashamed in front of everybody. Then Major Nair saw Major Bharghav & ordered to orderly,” One black coffee please.”And he sat in front of Major Bharghav. Then both Majors started talking about Naina. Major Nair said comfortingly,” Top flop Major, if Captain Shekhawat didn’t had come between then you would’ve got success.”Then orderly gave the black coffee to Major Nair & went from there. Major Bharghav said seriously,” Major, in war a soldier gets the victory or death from the enemy. But these consolation prizes aren’t working these days. In hurry I was making myself correct & Cadet Naina as wrong. I didn’t think that to prove this we want proofs. Now, I’ll give enough proofs by seeing then everyone accept that a traitor’s sister is only a traitor.”Major Nair said calmly,” If Captain Shekhawat comes once again to save Cadet Singh.”Major Bharghav said calmly,” That’s the difference Major, where you see problem, I’ll see a way. If Capt.R has the habit of saving his favourite student Cadet Naina then let it be. This time, we’ll not run behind the prey. The prey will come to our captivate easily.”Major Nair said,” You mean….”Major Bharghav said immediately,” Yes Major, very soon, Cadet Naina is going to accept in front of everybody that his brother was a traitor, a bloody traitor.”

                               Then here Capt.R was sitting in his cabin thinking about the truth which he was about to say to Naina. Because he knew that he’ll be expecting Naina any moment now. On that time only someone knocked at the door & Capt.R opened it expecting Naina. It was Naina. Naina saw Capt.R once again eye to eye & said politely,” Thank you sir.”Capt.R said immediately,” You don’t want me to thank Cadet. I didn’t do anything for which you’re not right to take.”Naina stood in front him silently for a few seconds. Capt.R coughed.”Tell me what can I do for you.”Naina said politely,” Am sorry sir, what you said that I can’t do that.”Capt.R said simply,” There’s no difference in that but our mission became successful. Come inside.”Naina went inside & Capt.R closed the door & locked it & turned that side & stood & waited the moment to come. Naina asked slowly,” Sir, you said that if I accept that my bhaiyya was a traitor then you’re going to say the truth.”Capt.R said calmly,” I’ll say the truth now also Cadet Singh but on one condition.”Naina asked curiously,” What type of the condition, sir?”Capt.R said directly,” What I say about Navin but you’ll promise me that you’re not going to say to anyone if it happens anything.”Naina said immediately,” Sir, then how we can prove that my bhaiyya is an innocent?”Capt.R said directly,” So you want to make my court martial?”Naina said in shock,” Sir, I…….. my aim wasn’t that sir.”Capt.R said immediately,” Cadet Singh, now what am going to say is not only related  to the KMA but also related to the Indian Intelligence agency & this type of information is leaked out then it results my court martial then you’re understanding my situation.”Naina said calmly,”Sir, you want me to not to say about this to anyone then, I’ll not tell about this to anyone.”Capt.R smiled & asked doubtfully,”Naina, Navin was your brother but who am I to you? Whom you favour Naina? If brother’s pain makes sister’s promise to break, then what?”Naina said immediately,”Sir, why you’re thinking like that, trust me sir.”Capt.R saw Naina’s eyes & Naina also saw his eyes. Then Capt.R said slowly,” Come & sit.”Naina went & sat on the sofa & saw Capt.R curiously. Capt.R said calmly,” When you’re promising me then, I’ve to fulfil my promise.”Then he said slowly to Naina,”Cadet Singh, Kanchenjunga Military Academy isn’t an ordinary institution. It’s one of the nuclear launching sites. In the KMA there’re three nuclear triggers on site & one mobile trigger which has reach only on the hand of three officers. If the enemies get these triggers then they know the nuclear ability approximately.”Naina thought,” So that’s why Dr.Ritu Mishra is employed by Gehlot.”Then she said slowly,”Sir, what you’re saying that am not understanding.”Capt.R said,” Lock & key. If enemies get these triggers then they get the key to the lock. I think you’re understanding Cadet Singh about this that how much important is the triggers safety. That’s why Navin was posted to KMA secretly to protect these nuclear triggers. The night when Navin was arrested the 2 triggers were also stolen from its safety & in that one trigger was found in Navin’s bag when he was going outside the KMA.”Naina said confidently,” No sir, this can’t happen, bhaiyya can’t do that, sir.”Capt.R said calmly,”Navin was also saying that continuously. As a matter of fact he was saying during complete court martial that he didn’t steal the triggers. But the investigation officer Major Bharghav who arrested Navin &who was Captain Bharghav on that time, to make his promotion fixed, he was proving Navin as a guilt stubbornly. In army’s history, this was a small investigation. Navin was made as a traitor & was put him in to the army prison.”Naina asked painfully,” Did you not do anything to your friend sir?”Capt.R turned towards Naina & said,” I did everything which was in my hand. But when I was going to do further that an order came that to transfer Navin from Delhi’s army prison to Jammu’s army prison & that responsibility was given to me.But, this was a conspiracy to kill both of us. Navin ran away in the Agnur post before Jammu.”Naina said confidently & crying,” No sir bhaiyya was not like that. He was not that man who run away showing his back.”Capt.R said holding Naina’s shoulder,” I know that Naina.”And he turned & took an empty glass & poured some water & gave it to Naina & said,” That’s why am saying that it was conspiracy. Navin will be made to run away from the captivate & so that his crimes becomes high in front of the law & with that my carelessness on my duty & the accusation of helping my friend & punished for that crime for both of us.”Naina was crying emotionally. Capt.R turned her opposite & said slowly,” Jammu’s local regiment was searching the Navin.”Capt.R’s eyes filled with tears & he said painfully,” After 3 days he was found by me. When I saw him, his situation was…….”Naina can’t imagine what his situation was because she knew that what was his state will be.”………Naina, I’d seen the soldiers who’ve lost their hand & leg in the war. But I can’t see Navin’s broken soul.”Naina closed her eyes with pain. Capt.R was also crying.”His not proving his innocence in front of army which made him farther from his family with dishonour made him very weak.”Capt.R wasn’t resisting his tears.”Navin was scared, he was so afraid, he said that he wants another chance to prove his innocence but we could do anything on that time army came &……….”And he became silent. Naina was crying silently & said slowly,” And………and what happened sir?”Capt.R was about to say the truth but he resisted & was searching the truth that how to modify it & said resisting his tears,”………… And………and………and then Navin grabbed my gun & pointed it to my forehead. He said that (On that time Capt.R nodded no) he’ll run away with the help of me but there was a gunshot heard & I turned back & saw that Navin had shot himself.”Naina hearing this she left the glass of water & the glass of water broke falling down & Naina started crying once again. Then Capt.R went & banged his hand biting his lip crying to his wardrobe door & said,” Navin was in front of me Naina & I couldn’t do anything. He was dying there in front of me.”Naina kept her hand on Capt.R’s shoulder comfortingly. Then Capt.R turned towards her & said,” I cannot save your brother Naina.”On that time Naina hugged Capt.R completely crying & Capt.R also hugged her completely & both wept continuously hugging each other. And then after sometime Capt.R left Naina & stood far from her. Then Naina wiped her tears & said in muffled voice which was so hurted,”Sir, if you’re saying then I’ll accept that but if bhaiyya was alive then maa, baba……”And she cried & said,” My bhaiyya.”


                              Someone knocked the Capt.R’s door & Capt.R opened it wiping his tears immediately & saw it was orderly. The orderly said politely,”Sir, Brigadier Saab has called an urgent meeting.”Capt.R nodded & orderly went from there. Then Naina wiped her tears & resisted her tears. Then both came outside which was seen by Major Bharghav. Major Bharghav said sarcastically,” Captain Shekhawat & KMA’s Cadet, emotionally weak.”On that time Naina went from there immediately.”They’re having so many weaknesses in them which they don’t know or don’t want to face it.”And he was about to go but Capt.R said calmly,” Major Bharghav, Cadets want the training & a support system also. They not come here as a soldier. They come here to become a soldier.”Major Bharghav said immediately with bossily,” You are correct Captain Shekhawat, that’s why am starting mentorship programme. Am seeing that there are so many weaknesses in the Cadets & in the staff also.”And he went from there. In the meeting Major Bharghav explained about the mentorship programme. Major Bharghav said bossily,” Mentorship programme gives the chance of knowing their weaknesses & overcoming it to Cadets. You know that in ordinary institutes, there’ll be extra classes & extra tutorials; likewise, this mentorship programme gives a guidance & training for that Cadets who’re needed. There’ll be one to one relationship between you & your Cadet. So that you’ll make their progress high.”Capt.R saw him very suspiciously.”I’d given Major Nair a questionnaire in which each Cadet complete this questionnaire. From this information, I can decide so easily that which Cadet wants which officer. As per your officer, I’ll instruct you time to time. Please remember that this programme is starting to monitor the overall progress of the academy. That’s it sir.”Then BC said bossily,” Mentorship programme is going to commence & will run till 2 weeks. And which Cadet is the protégée of whom; this will be announced by Major Bharghav next morning. Is there any questions?”Then everyone said no to BC then BC dismissed the meeting. But Capt.R was seeing the Major Bharghav suspiciously. Major Bharghav also observed this & went from there.

                                  Here in the classroom, Ali distributed the questionnaire to the whole class. Huda said tauntingly,”Ali, what’s this paper you’re distributing? I didn’t expect this from you.”Ali is angry with Huda’s remark but resisted & said seriously,” This is a questionnaire; you’ve to fill it & give it to me.”Yudi asked enquiringly,” What’s this questionnaire for?”Ali said seriously,” Mentorship programme is going to commence. One faculty will be given to one Cadet.”Arjun said dismissively,” One jailor will be given to each Cadet.”Pooja said laughing,” Oi qaidi, you can only talk about jailor only. Why don’t you delete the old messages so that there’ll be space for new messages.”Huda said excitedly,” Look here (reading the questionnaire), yaar, in this academy, who’s your best friend? Is they’re asking it only for the formality or they want to know that really?”Arjun said dismissively,” I think this is the idea of that mugambo.”Ali said seriously,” Guru, the mentorship programme is a traditional way of the teacher & student relationship. There’s no special in that.”Arjun asked directly,” If am a teacher then who’s my student?”Naina smiled dismissively hearing the remark of Arjun. Huda said,” Look they’re asking the choices of mentors.”Pooja said excitedly,” Rajveer sir.”Huda said romantically,” Dr.Ritu yaar.”Then his fellow Cadet said excitedly,” I’ve decided boss that Dr.Ritu is my mentor only.”Huda said tauntingly,” Of course, if choosing between horse & donkey, then she’ll choose you only. You’ll be the help to her to carry her files only.”Yudi said slowly,” Actually bro, don’t mind but my first choice of mentor will be Dr.R only, second choice is Dr.S & third choice is Capt.R.”Huda said,”Yudi let’s bet on this, who gets Dr.R. If I win the bet then you give me 1000 rupees, if you win then I’ll give you 2000 rupees.”Naina nodded dismissively seeing Huda. The other Cadet said,” If I get Dr.R then….?”Huda said proudly,” You talk seeing your place & stop ringing the bell in front of me. You know that I never failed in any bet.”Arjun saw Naina & said softly,” Why you’re so interestingly reading that, now am understanding that Major Bharghav, who’s that the mafia don, like him only. His favourite picture will also be ‘The Godfather’. Naina said directly,” You mean that choices will be ours but who’ll be whose mentors that will be decided by Major Bharghav only.”Arjun said nodding,” Of course.”Then Naina thought,” I don’t know but my mind is in fear, some plan is made by Major Bharghav. Something’s fishy.”Huda came & said to Arjun,” Yaar qaidi, let’s bet on this, one who gets Dr.R as a mentor then I’ll give them 1000 rupees & If I get Dr.R as a mentor then I’ll give you all double. What say you qaidi?”Naina & Arjun nodded dismissively hearing Huda’s words.

                           Here this side Capt.R came to infirmary to talk with Dr.S.Capt.R said entering the infirmary,”Hi doctor, you came immediately back after meeting.”Dr.S said calmly,” Why?”Capt.R said casually,”No, I asked casually. By the way, where’s Dr.Mishra? I didn’t see her in the meeting?”Dr.S said calmly,”Rituji isn’t in the academy.”Capt.R asked innocently,” She wasn’t seen in the meeting.”Dr.S said calmly,” You mean that you’re searching her.”Capt.R said innocently,” No am not searching her, am asking you.”Dr.S said seriously,” What happened Captain, why do you want to know that where’s Dr.R? As a matter of fact, what makes difference to you hearing that she’s in the academy or not? When she was in the academy then…..?”Capt.R said immediately,”Was? What do you mean by was?”Dr.S said angrily,” Yes Captain, Dr.Ritu Mishra was about to leave the academy. And you know why, because of you.”Capt.R asked in amazement,” All because of me?”Dr.R said angrily,” That’s right Captain. You look like an understanding person but your heart needs a lot treatment. I don’t know what you said to Rituji during Naina Singh’s trial. I also observing you, how you were behaving with her.”Capt.R asked innocently,” How was I behaving?”Dr.S said angrily,” You were behaving with her like Dr.R is the big enemy of the Naina Singh. You really hurt her a lot Captain.”Capt.R said innocently,”Doctor, I didn’t do it on purpose.”Dr.S said angrily,” Purposely or mistakenly, I don’t know but the fact of the matter is Dr.R was hurt, depressed & disturbed all because of you. And you know that I understand Rituji perfectly, she’s not going to do anything which makes you sad because she really likes you.”Capt.R felt himself bad.”Actually she wanted to leave the academy. I stopped her but she said that she needs a short break away from you. I think if she’ll be away from you then she really improves herself.”Capt.R nodded & went from there.

                                    Here in girls hostel, Naina & Pooja both are talking about the mentorship programme. Pooja said innocently,” If anyone gets Major Nair as a mentor, then think what’s the state of them will be, their signal will be jammed.”Naina smiled slightly.”Lolita Madam is best than Major Nair.”On that time they both reached Naina’s room.”Ok, I’ll go to my room, good night.”Naina said softly,”Pooja, come on yaar, let’s talk about something for some time. Will you sit with me?”Pooja said hugging Naina,”Today, I realised that you’re calling me as your friend.”Naina & Pooja entered the room & Naina said calmly,” You know Pooja, I can’t accept the change of the person in my life so easily. Someone has entered my life & someone has exited from my life & I cannot accept that person as my friend.”Pooja said, “And Huda is opposite to you. That’s why you & Huda’s signal will always be jammed.”Naina said smiling,” Huda……., you know, if nothing’s there in his heart then also he’ll be saying with the full feelings.”Pooja said happily,” In fact something’s common between us.”Then she said sadly,” Here no one is not having any heart.”Naina saw Pooja & understood that whom she was talking about & changed the subject & asked,” Did you completed your questionnaire?”Pooja said innocently,”Ya but some questions are left which I’ve to fill it.”Naina asked curiously,” Which one yaar?”Pooja said innocently,” In this academy, who’s your best friend? And I’d the answer Cadet Naina Singh Ahluwaliya.”Naina smiled at Pooja’s remark. Then all Cadets complete the questionnaire. Ali chose his mentor as Major Bharghav & Naina chose her mentor as Captain Rajveer for three choices. She chose him because she wanted to keep an eye on Capt.R so that it was her work of protecting him. Next morning Ali came to Major Nair & gave the completed questionnaire to him but Major Nair ordered him to give the file to Major Bharghav. Then Ali came to Major Bharghav & gave the completed questionnaire to him. Major Bharghav said to help him by saying that which Cadets has chosen their best friend & as their mentors. Firstly, Ali read about Yudi’s questionnaire. Yudi has chose his best friend as Dr.Shalini Singhal & mentor as Capt.R.Major Bharghav thought strange about Yudi choosing his best friend as Dr.S & asked about this to Ali.Then Ali said that he didn’t know that then Major Bharghav asked that he’s having any best friend in Cadets but Ali said that he’s not having any one as his best friend in Cadets because all the Cadets make fun of him as he’s coward. Then Major Bharghav asked Ali that then how Cadet Yudi becomes soldier if he’s coward. Then Ali answered politely that he’s not like coward. Then Major Bharghav thought & said to continue. Then Ali read about Pooja’s questionnaire, she has chosen her choice of mentor as Capt.R & second choice as Dr.S & she has chosen her best friend as Naina Singh. Then Major Bharghav thought about this & said to continue. Then Ali read his questionnaire that he has chosen his mentor as Major Bharghav & said that he’s not having any best friend here. But Major Bharghav asked doubtfully that he had heard that Cadet Pooja Ghai is best friend. Then Cadet Ali said that he knows everyone but he’s not having any best friend. Then Ali read Huda’s questionnaire, he had chose first choice of mentor as Dr.R, second option as Dr.S & third choice as Capt.R & he had chosen best friend as Naina Singh. Major Bharghav saw that Naina has so popularity between her friends that they have chosen her only best friend. Then Major Bharghav asked about this to Ali & Ali said that Cadet Huda wanted to become best friend of Naina Singh. Then Major Bharghav said to carry on. Then Ali read the questionnaire of Arjun, Arjun also has chosen Naina Singh as his best friend & choice of the mentor as Capt.R. Then Major Bharghav thought that she had the strong support system that he can’t attack on her once again directly. Then Ali read Naina’s questionnaire but Major Bharghav said that he’ll read her questionnaire himself & said proudly that he wanted to become the mentor of Ali. Then Ali was so happy that he has chosen him as his protégée & went from there. Then Major Bharghav read Naina’s questionnaire & saw that she has chosen the three choices of mentor as Capt.R & said to himself impressively that he had expected this only.

                                     Next morning, in notice board the mentors & protégée’s name are sticked. Cadet Arjun’s mentor is Major Bharghav, Cadet Ali’s Mentor is Subhedhar Major Lolita Sen, Cadet Pooja’s mentor is Major Nair, Cadet Yudi’s mentor is Ms Simranjit Kour, and Cadet Huda’s mentor is Dr.S. But there’s no mentor’s name in front of Naina. Naina saw this & went to talk to Brigadier. Ali was also disappointed that his mentor is Subhedhar Major Lolita Sen. Then Huda came proudly & said to others,” Are you ready brothers?”Yudi said impressively,” Ya bro, we’re ready to take the money from you.”Other Cadets said impressively,” Yes, Huda has lost the bet.”Then Huda saw the notice board & said immediately,”Idiots, its spelling mistake. They had put the name Dr.S in the place of the Dr.R & in the place of Dr.S they had put Ms.Simranjit Kour. Now give me the money.”Yudi said thoughtfully,” Who the hell is Simran?”Then Pooja came & saw that who’s her mentor & said in disgust,” I’d got  Major Nair as my mentor, they’d jammed my signal, I don’t want this training am going.”But Arjun said stopping Pooja,”Just look, who’s my mentor is.”Pooja saw that & said,” You’d got Major Bharghav as mentor, yours had been cross connected.”Arjun said in disgust,” That’ll also not going to work. His connection works or mine.”Pooja said seeing others mentor,”Qaidi, Ali has got Lolita madam as his mentor. That’s good, if he had got Major Bharghav.”Yudi said,” We’ve to solve this puzzle yaar.”Huda said eagerly,” Of course, I’ll change it myself.In front of my name, Dr.R & In front of you Dr.S.”Suriji said coming there,”Morons, come here.”Yudi said,”Suriji, this is a mistake there’s no Simran here in this academy.”Huda said eagerly,” And where’s Dr.R, Suriji?”Suriji said immediately,”Oi morons, what’s written are correct. Miss Simran isn’t in the academy, she’s going to come. And Major Bharghav had called her & Dr.R had gone to the leave.”Yudi said slowly,” This Simran, what she teaches here, Suriji.”Suriji said immediately,” She makes you left right left. She’s yoga teacher.”All Cadets nods each other. Then Pooja called Arjun & said,”Oi qaidi, come here.”Arjun came to her & asked,” What is it?”Pooja said worriedly,” Look here, there’s no name of mentor in front of Naina’s name.”Arjun said angrily,” I’ll not leave that Major Bharghav.”Here Naina talked to BC.Naina said politely,”Sir, you said that if I start doing mistakes till then you’ll not take any action. But why I’ve been kept out from the mentorship programme? If staff’s member, don’t want to become the mentor to the traitor’s sister, then am sure Capt.R will not think like that, he can become my mentor, sir.”BC promised Naina that he’ll enquire about this with Major Bharghav & sent her.

                                 Here in this side both Majors are talking about Naina. Major Nair said calmly,” I thought that you would make Capt.R as Cadet Naina Singh’s mentor.”Major Bharghav said impressively,” Yes but, I want that Capt.R to come & request me. You see there’s difference between planning & strategy.”On that time Capt.R came there & knocked at the door & said politely,” May I come in sir?”Major Bharghav said bossily,” Yes.”Capt.R entered & said politely,”Sir, I wanted to become Cadet Naina Singh’s mentor.”Hearing this both Majors smiled cunningly each other. Then Major Bharghav said impressively,” Captain Shekhawat,you wanted to become Cadet Naina’s mentor,ok.You see, that’s why I didn’t put your name because that they’ll think that am forcefully making you as Cadet Naina’s mentor.Ok done. Anything else?”Capt.R said politely,” No sir.”Major Bharghav said bossily,” Dismiss.”Capt.R saluted both & exited the room. On that time a phone came & Major Bharghav said answering it,”Bharghav….sir…..no sir…….Capt.R is there, Cadet Naina’s mentor.”Then Naina is so happy that Capt.R has chose her as his protégée & came to him & said saluting him & smiling,” Cadet Naina Singh, reporting sir.”Capt.R said smiling sweetly,” At ease Cadet.”Naina said happily,”Sir, I really wanted you to become my mentor, am so happy.”Capt.R said smiling,” Am also happy, a new start for your bright future.”Naina said stretching her hand to shake,” For our success sir.”Capt.R gave his hand & both shook & said,” Correct.”Major Bharghav thought himself,”Capt.R & Cadet Naina, I’ll wish you both the best of luck.”Then both went together from there & Naina thought,” Thank you bhaiyya, you’re helping me with my mission, just bless me that I’ll become success in my mission of protecting Capt.R & the nuclear triggers.”Next morning the yoga teacher arrived in the academy & the academy are in full swing. The Cadets are in full swing seeing the yoga teacher. Yudi said disgustingly,” Yoga teacher, bloody hell, you mean she’ll be 17 years old, old woman.”Everyone laughed at his remark & Huda said slowly,” Yudi, the name was put over in the notice board was Miss Simranjit Kour, not Mrs Simranjit Kour.”Yudi said disgustingly,” If that old lady would’ve met someone then she would become misses, Ms Simranjit Kour. Why me man, what did I do the crime that this yoga teacher has sitting on my head? I’d come here to become a soldier.”Huda said tauntingly,”Yudi, you’ll become the soldier, there’s no doubt but before that you become a man.”Yudi said angrily,” What do you mean buddy? Am not a man, are you doubting on me?”Huda nodded then he said calmly,” Be cool, to make your life even more fun, you need a beautiful punjaban, is it not Pooja.”Pooja said innocently,” Of course.”Pooja nodded to Huda’s remark. Yudi said slowly,” One minute, this Ms Simranjit Kour is the relative of this Pooja from Kapurtala, Patiala, and Jalandhar?”Yudi nodded. Pooja said seeing angrily,”Oi, what’s wrong with my relatives?”Yudi said dismissively,” Forget it Pooja, don’t ask.”Pooja said angrily,”No, if started the subject then tell me what’s wrong with my relatives?”Yudi said dismissively,”Pooja, you don’t understand me, yaar.Actually, you can’t understand…..”Pooja said immediately,” About the beauty then, make me understand.”Yudi said romantically,”Ok look, I don’t want to debate with you with this topic. But I’ve an idea about my picture perfect woman, I’ll tell about her.”Then Huda asked interestingly,”Ok, like what?”Yudi said enthusiastically,” Like my picture perfect woman …”Then he explained his picture perfect woman. On that time only his mentor enters the academy. Then he compared his picture perfect woman to that woman who was coming towards them only. Huda saw her & started showing off his muscles & said impressively to Yudi,”I didn’t know that you’ve a very good taste Yudi.”Everyone are staring her with mouths open widely. That women switched off her iPod & said seeing everyone innocently,”Hi guys.” everyone said impressively,”Hi.”She said,” Just two questions, A) where can I meet Major Bharghav?”On that time everyone said in unison towards the staff quarters.”B) Who’s Cadet……… (seeing a note said)Yadhuvansh Sahani?”On that time both Huda & Yudi said in unison that they’re Yudi. But She said,” Both of them?”Then Huda said flirtingly,” Tell me the work madam, this Huda will help you.”That woman said nodding impressively,” Huda that means you’re not Yadhuvansh Sahani, right?”Huda cursed his idiotism. Then she examined Huda’s physique & said impressively,”Nice, but I don’t like muscles, this will damage the flexibility of the body, anyways thanks.”Then she dragged Yudi forward & said,”Yudi right.”Yudi nodded.”Shall I call you Yudi also?”Yudi said happily,” Sure madam, my all friends call me Yudi only.”That woman said clearly,” Great but two things, A) Am not your friend, am Simran, this academy’s yoga teacher, & your mentor.”Hearing this Yudi was so happy & said impressively,” Mentor.”Huda felt very jealous that why didn’t he get her as his mentor. Yudi was so happy. Simran said innocently,”Why, is there any problem?”Then Yudi nodded no immediately. Then Simran said,” Anyways, nice meeting you.”Then Yudi stretched his hand to shake but Simran madam examined Yudi’s physique & said impressively,” Short muscling, perfect.There’ll be no need to be work hard to make this body in good condition. And now point B,we’ll meet both at around 2o’clock.But before that I’ve to meet this Major Bharghav & 5 minutes for shit,shower & shave. And please tell me that where I can meet Major Bharghav?”On that time Huda came forward & said,” I’ll show you to him madam, come with me.”Then Simran smiled sweetly went behind Huda. Yudi was seeing her continuously. Pooja asked thoughtfully,”Yudi, I understood this shit, shower but what’s the shave?”Yudi said impressively,” She’s free soul just like me. I love you Major Bharghav.”And danced with joy.

                                 Here Ali was disappointed that he didn’t get his choice of mentor & was walking silently. He passed on in front of Major Bharghav’s cabin. Major Bharghav saw him & called him,” Cadet Baig.”Ali said politely,” Yes sir.”Major Bharghav said comfortingly,” A courageous soldier will not think about the situations during the war & he’ll not lose his confidence also. I know that I was the first choice of the mentor from you. And I feel proud that becoming your mentor who’s dedicated & so disciplined Cadet. I’d faced that situation in which you’re facing now. My father was also in the ranking of Subhedhar in the army. He compromised with everything for only one dream that he wanted to see his son in the post of army officer. And I fulfilled his dreams. Cadet Baig, I believe that you’ll also fulfil your parents dreams.”Ali said proudly,” Yes sir.”Major Bharghav said freely,” If there any hope then there’ll dishonesty comes. Cheer up Cadet, If there any confusion or some questions, come to me without any hesitation.”Ali said politely,” Right sir.”Major Bharghav said proudly,” I’d said you previously that I’ll say proudly that officer Ali Baig was my Cadet.”Ali said proudly,” Yes sir.”Major Bharghav said impressively,” Dismiss.”Then Ali saluted him & went from there. Then mentors interact with their protégée’s. Dr.S is interacting with Huda; she explained the rules of mentorship programme. Dr.S said clearly,” Cadet, shall we discuss some details about the mentorship programme?”Huda said politely,” Yes madam.” Dr.S said clearly,” Cadet Huda, as you know that this is the mentorship programme’s first part’s, first session. Before I become your mentor or you trust on me fully, I’ve to know you from near.”On that time Huda saw her eagerly. Dr.S seeing his expression, she said immediately,” Oh my god, you Cadets have one chat mind. I’m mean just for this mentorship programme, that’s all Cadet.”Huda smiled disappointedly & said,” Yes madam.”Dr.S said,”Cadet, can you tell me about your personal life, like…..”On that time orderly came & gave a notice which said that to report the first part’s first session of the mentorship programme to Major Bharghav.Dr.S read that letter & nodded to orderly & returned back the letter. Then she said curiously,”Cadet, you were going to say about your personal life, right.And Cadet please don’t hesitate, you can tell me everything open heartedly.”Huda said passionately,” Sorry madam, am not having my heart with me; I’d given it to Phoolan.”Dr.S asked,” Do you love her so much?”Huda nodded. Here Ali said about himself to Lolita madam,” I love my country, my parents, my sisters & this academy.”Lolita Sen asked curiously,” And Cadet?”Ali said innocently,” And I love my second younger sister so much.”Lolita Sen smiled impressively & said,”Cadet, do you love me?”Ali said immediately,” No madam.”Lolita Sen said bossily,” Come again, Cadet.”Ali said immediately,” Am meant that if we have any respect towards someone then it’ll not be the love madam.”Lolita Sen said smiling,” I like your honesty Cadet.”Here Pooja interacted with Major Nair. Pooja said pleadingly,” I don’t hate you honestly sir.”Major Nair said directly,” But I hate you. I hate you women. I hate your make up & jewellery. Mind you Cadet Ghai, during this programme & after this programme, you’ll not make up yourself. Do you get that?”Pooja said immediately,” I’ll not put the makeup now, afterwards & never…..”Major Nair said bossily,” Don’t say that simply, do it now. Wipe your lipstick.”Pooja wiped the lipstick & saw that had been spread to her uniform shoulder & said slowly,” I’d put that only small amount.”Major Nair said bossily,” You’ll not put the lipstick in small amount also Cadet Ghai.”Pooja nodded immediately.”No lipstick & no nail polish.”Pooja said immediately,” Nail polish, sir am not having any connection with that sir, see this….”Pooja showed her nails. Major Nair saw her hands & saw towards her feet & said bossily,” What about your feet remove your shoes.”Pooja said hesitatingly,”Sir, I’d put over in small amount. But I’ll delete it tomorrow; I’m meant clean it, tomorrow.Promise.”Major Nair nodded & went from there.

                                    Here Simran & Yudi interact each other.Simran said directly,” Remove your T-shirt.”Yudi saw her in amazement.”Remove your T-shirt.”Then she removed her jacket. Then she taught to take a deep breath & leave it slowly. Here Naina came to Capt.R’s room & saw that Capt.R isn’t in his room & saw a letter addressed to her. She read it,

Cadet Naina,

                       Your real interview is going to commence at 20:00hrs today in my cabin. Dress code-casuals.”

                                                                                                                     Captain Rajveer

Naina thought,” Interview?”Then she went from there closing the door. Here Major Bharghav & Arjun were in ammunition room. Major Bharghav said impressively,” Weapons……..Soldier’s another hand & a criminal’s friend.”Arjun saw him seriously.”You’ll be familiar with these weapons from your crime world, Cadet Arjun.”Arjun thought,” Not crime world bastard, from the police world.”Then Major Bharghav said bossily,” In army, am called as weapon expert. Because am your mentor, I want to make you like me & I’ll become success in that. But Cadet Arjun, you make me trust that can you become my student or not.”Arjun saw him angrily.”Come on Cadet Arjun, attack me with any weapon & resist my attack also. And for that you’ll be faster than cheetah, but I doubt……I doubt that you’re not faster because you’re drunkard.”Arjun saw him silently.”Come on Cadet Arjun, attack on me & do not in the impression that I’ll not attack you.”And he took a knife to attack on Cadet Arjun but Arjun held his left hand & twisted him around to his opposite side & kept a knife near Major Bharghav’s throat. Major Bharghav try to free himself but Arjun held him tightly & said angrily,” I don’t know what your army thinks but from which crime world, I’d come, I’d learnt only one lesson & that is. We don’t have to trust that person simply, because the character of animal will be hiding behind an innocent face.”And he left Major Bharghav’s hand & saw at him eye to eye. Major Bharghav saw him angrily but smiled impressively & said,” Impressed, first time, dismiss.”Arjun kept the knife & saluted him & said,” Sir.”And went from there angrily. Arjun thought,” This is a warning to you Major Bharghav from me. Do not underestimate Arjun & Naina importantly.”Here Naina entered Capt.R’s room at 20:00hrs & saw everywhere candles are lit & smiled seeing around her & said curiously,” Interview like this.”Capt.R saw Naina hungrily & came to present world because she was wearing a blue colour Selwar kameez.”Sir, what’s all this, interview & like this, sir I do not understand.”Capt.R said taking a deep breath slowly,”Naina, mentorship programme’s first rule is trust. How much we trust each other? Am your mentor, but how much you trust me?”Naina thought,” Am sorry sir, but your own safety that I’ve to hide that I am CID officer also & came here to protect you.”Then said calmly,” Sir, why you’re asking like this, if in academy, I trust only two person & they’re you & Cadet Arjun.”Capt.R smiled impressively but asked seriously,” How much Naina trust on me, on which limit?”Naina said hesitatingly,” Sir trust me.”Capt.R smiled sweetly at Naina & made her to sit on the sofa & said seriously,” Sit down. Naina not like that but just think a bit differently. I trust only Cadet Naina Singh, not the Naina Singh.Because,I don’t know that Naina who is without KMA’s uniform.”Naina turned that side to avoid Capt.R’s gaze & said innocently,” But sir am Naina Singh only.”Capt.R nodded & said clearly,” No you’re not Naina. I want to know that Naina. Before Navin’s death’s Naina. That Naina who was waiting the letters from her bhaiyya from the academy.(Naina smiled without any pain remembering her past)That Naina who was so popular between her friends because of her bhaiyya. That Naina whose friends would try to connect themselves through Naina by her army officer bhaiyya. Was there any Naina in her past?”Naina smiled & said,” Yes sir, you’re saying right.”And she came & sat beside Capt.R & said smiling,” All my friends were always in my home only & on that time only they’d had some work. When bhaiyya had come to the home during holidays, then my friends would line up in my home. One friend would come & one friend would go. And on that time only, they’d had some work with me. On the chance of taking the notes or on the chance of shopping. Some would so stupid that they would ask bhaiyya directly to the date & it was so embarrassing. Some would made their cards reach to Navin,’to dear Navin.’Isn’t it funny?”Capt.R was seeing her hungrily seeing her beautiful smile & said slowly,” And then?”Naina thought & said sadly getting up from there & sitting opposite to Capt.R,”And then nothing just my studies were closed & I started to prepare for the Indian Institute of Science exam. Then bhaiyya’s death news came & everything changed. Maa, baba wanted me to get married soon. They wanted Navin bhaiyya like boy to me.”Capt.R asked immediately,” And did they get him?”Naina said sadly,” I don’t think so but they’re searching till now. I think they wanted to see their son in son-in-law. But I don’t think so that they’re going to get because like bhaiyya no one would ever be there. He was so caring, protective & was a perfect gentleman.”Capt.R smiled & nodded.”And that’s why am here in KMA,near you.”Capt.R said comfortingly,”Naina you know after a night, day will come. After the day the night will come then once again the day comes. Till then you trust yourself, am sure that the boy will come into your life. Or shall I say that he has entered into your life.”Naina nodded innocently.


                                       Next morning all Cadets are assembled in parade grounds including their mentors also. Major Bharghav explained the task clearly,” How much a Cadet trusts his or her mentor? On which limit that Cadet prove the dedication to his or her mentor? This was our first session’s first part of the mentorship programme. Now it’s second part. The trust will not be from one side. Not Cadets, mentor will have to trust on his or her protégée importantly. This is our programme’s second round. Now you’re seeing a 20 kilo weight gunny bag which is tied by a rope & the rope is in the hand of Subhedhar Suri.Turn by turn every Cadets mentor will position himself under this 20 kilo weight gunny bag. The end of the rope will be on the hands of Subhedhar Suri.When Suri Saab leave the rope on the mentors. You protégées are standing in the distance of 25ft, hold the rope by running towards your mentors & stop the 20 kilo weight gunny bag falling on your mentors head. If the Cadets don’t hold the rope in one way or the other, to save themselves from that accident, mentors have every right to move from there & save themselves. That means that Cadets will not be trusted. That mentor can groom with that Cadet will be decided in the next test. If you not save your mentors then what’ll be the state of your mentor, Suri Saab please give them the demonstration.”Suriji left the rope & it fell on the ground on a doll. The doll was cut into pieces. Every Cadets saw that in shock & fear. Naina can’t imagine that if she fail to save Capt.R then what’ll be his state is. Major Bharghav said bossily,” Announce the first pair Suri Saab.”Suriji said politely,” Yes sir. Cadet Pooja Ghai & Major Nair.”Major Nair stood under the 20 kilo weight of the gunny bag. Then Surij left the rope & Pooja ran immediately & held the rope panting tightly. But Major Nair had moved from the place & said bossily,” I don’t trust you the women now also.”And went from there. Capt.R nodded dismissively hearing Major Nair’s remark. Then Suriji called next pairs,” Cadet Sahani & Miss Simran.”Simran madam went & stood under the weight & said clearly,”Yudi, you keep two things in your mind, first thing is can you held the rope or not & second thing is if you aren’t going to do then I’ll move from this place. So be calm & concentrate.”Yudi nodded & Suriji left the rope & Yudi ran & saved his mentor. Yudi was so happy because he had saved his mentor. Then Suriji called next pairs,” Cadet Ali Baig & Subhedhar Major Lolita Sen.” Lolita madam stood under the weight & Suriji left the rope & Ali ran & held the rope panting tightly. Capt.R was impressed. Then Suriji breathed calmly. Then Suriji called next pairs,” Cadet Arjun & Major Bharghav.”Major Bharghav smiled cunningly & stood under the weight. Arjun held the rope running immediately but let loose near Major Bharghav’s head & held tightly. Major Bharghav smiled cunningly & said,” You’re less animal till now than me Cadet Arjun.”And he went from there. Suriji called next pairs,” Cadet Naina Singh & Captain Rajveer.”Capt.R came & stood under the weight & saw upwards & folded his arms & closed his eyes. Naina saw this in amazement & nodded. Suriji left the rope & Naina ran but on the way she fell to the grounds & on that time only everyone started shouting warning Naina. But Capt.R didn’t open his eyes & was standing innocently & Major Bharghav was smiling cunningly. Then Naina ran very fast & she fell on him to save him & both fell together backwards away from the weight. Capt.R saw her impressively & Naina was panting & there was a fear towards Capt.R in her eyes. Capt.R patted her appreciatively & winked at her & both stood & held their hands showing that they both trust each other. Arjun smiled himself impressively but Huda didn’t like the way Naina saved Capt.R & felt very jealous. Major Bharghav smiled cunningly seeing both of them. Then Suriji called the last pairs,” Cadet Huda & Dr.Shalini.But Huda was seeing Naina continuously doubtfully. Then everyone made him come to present world. Then he held the rope but the weight fell down on the shoulder of Dr.S & was hurted.Dr.S said angrily,” What’s wrong with you? Where’s your concentration? Do you protect your country like this? You are dismissed.”Then Huda went from there but Major Bharghav said cunningly to Huda,” Did you understand how a mentor & protégée’s relationship will be? Captain Rajveer has trust on Cadet Naina with closed eyes & Cadet Naina has trust on Captain Rajveer. Can you trust Cadet Naina like them or Cadet Naina can trust on you?”Huda went from there hearing the remark angrily. Then Major Bharghav said bossily,” At 20 minutes lunch break, post lunch assemble in classroom 2 at sharp 1400hrs,dismiss.”Then everyone was dismissed for the lunch. During lunch break both Majors are talking about their plan of making Naina say in front of everybody that his brother was a traitor. Major Bharghav said impressively,” Break them Major …break them. This is my strategy in mentorship programme. This strategy will be there till the last session. I’ll push these Cadets so much so that goat will break from the lions.”Major Nair said impressively,” And we’ll train these lions as able soldier of this country.”Major Bharghav said impressively,” You got it Major perfect.”

                                          Naina was about to go to the classroom 2 eating her lunch but Huda stopped her holding her hand. Huda said holding her hand,”Phoolan”Naina said apprehensively,”Huda”Huda said immediately,” I’ve some work with you. Will you sit with me for one minute?”Naina nodded & sat there only & Huda sat beside her. Naina said seeing him,” Tell.”Huda said passionately seeing Naina’s eyes,”Phoolan, I’d told so much lies to all girls. But I can’t tell you yaar.I really love you so much.”Naina avoided his gaze & said,” Huda, I’d told you previously that I don’t love you…..”Huda said seriously,” I know that you don’t love me. Don’t love me. But you’ve to promise me one thing.”Naina said politely,” Promise, what?”Huda thought for sometime & said sadly,” If you love someone then you’ve to tell me.”Naina said immediately,”Huda, what’re you saying. You know that why I joined this academy. Look my goal is clear. My goal is that I’ll prove the innocence of my bhaiyya Navin.And to say maa, baba & this country that Navin bhaiyya wasn’t a traitor. He’s shaheed & do you think that in between this I’ll love someone? No Huda.”Huda was so happy hearing this & said,” You mean that you never love anyone truly?”Naina said flatly,” No Huda, my goal is clear & I’ll not make come anyone between my goal, not even my love also.”Huda said in his style,”Yaar Phoolan, there’s a problem started.Look, I’d betted with my mummyji that I’ll become best Cadet then she’ll make you love me anyway. But what to do you’ll roam holding the sword behind me.”Naina saw him angrily.”Oi Phoolan, are you not in love with Capt.R?”Naina said immediately,” Huda what happens if I like him? Other Cadets also like him because he’s a responsible army Captain & that’s it.”Huda said eagerly,” You meant that to impress you, I’ve to become a responsible army Captain.”Naina nodded” Then you’ll see how this Huda become a responsible army Captain, a responsible & truly & good army Captain.”Naina smiled nodding dismissively & said giving her hand to shake Huda,” Ok then all the best for you.”Huda said passionately giving his hand & shaking,” To you too.”Then both left their hand & Naina went from there. Huda said seeing her proudly,” Then all will say that look there she’s going, Captain Huda’s misses.”

                                 All Cadets & their mentors are assembled in classroom 2.Major Bharghav entered the classroom & the class including the mentors stood. Major Bharghav said,” At ease. (Everyone sat)Since everybody is here, let’s begin the discussions. The basis of the discussions will be the filled up questionnaire & the report of their mentors first session report.”Then he saw around him & saw Pooja & said bossily,” Cadet Pooja Ghai.”Pooja stood & said politely,” Yes sir.”Major Bharghav said bossily,” I’d heard that before you came to academy you were running behind some Rohit.”Pooja saw him angrily.”Then after coming to the academy you became friend of Cadet Baig. Cadet Ghai, when’ll you go behind your country to protect it?”Pooja didn’t answer & saw him angrily. Naina nodded dismissively & thought,” Bloody show offs.””Sit, Cadet Huda.”Pooja said angrily to Ali,” You topped my SMS to everyone?”Ali said angrily,” I’d done anything to anyone.”Major Bharghav said bossily,” Cadet Pooja, you can decide thinking & tell to your mentor Major Bharghav.”Pooja saw him angrily. Huda stood & said politely,” Yes sir.”Major Bharghav said bossily,” You’d written in your questionnaire that your best friend is Cadet Naina.”Huda said politely,” Yes sir.”Major Bharghav said smiling cunningly,” In fact, you’re in love with her.”Capt.R nodded dismissively.”You’d said yourself to your mentor. Correct me if am wrong Dr.S.”Dr.S said immediately,” But Major….”Capt.R said immediately,” Excuse me Major Bharghav, the conversation between the mentor & protégée will not be…….”Major Bharghav said bossily,”………..said in front of anybody. I know that Captain. What’s the conversation between you & Cadet Naina, you don’t want to say & I don’t want to ask you also. You can continue with Cadet Naina on your accord but please don’t interfere in this. I’ll train the remaining Cadets on my accord. These Cadets have so many weaknesses & bad habits which I want to make them overcome that & I’ll not tolerate any interruption Captain.”Capt.R said angrily,” Fine Major Bharghav as you wish.”And he went from there. Then Major Bharghav said turning to Huda bossily,” Cadet Huda, what’s your goal? On which goal you came to this academy, I want an honest answer Cadet Huda.”Huda didn’t answer but stood silently.”Cadet Sahani.”Yudi stood & answered politely,” Sir to become a soldier, a good soldier.”Major Bharghav said immediately,” But for that you want courage & manhood. Are you having that?”Yudi saw him angrily.”I’d heard that when you didn’t get any partner then you dressed yourself as a girl to the fresher’s ball.”Yudi didn’t answer but Simran madam said calmly,” That’s cool Major Bharghav; you know this is modern trend. Because he’s not going to become shy by his sexuality. He has daring to accept that, I see that Yudi will become a perfect soldier.”Yudi smiled seeing her. Then Major Bharghav smiled cunningly & came near Ali & said,” Cadet Ali Baig.”Ali said politely,” Yes sir.”Major Bharghav said bossily,” Cadet Baig, isn’t you are running away from your feelings? Aren’t you hiding yourself behind your principles?”Ali said politely,” No sir, my principles aren’t my mask, they’re my strength.”Major Bharghav said bossily turning towards Arjun,”Cadet Arjun.”Arjun stood & said politely,” Yes sir.”Major Bharghav said immediately,” I’d heard that you didn’t use your surname.”Naina saw Major Bharghav angrily. Arjun said directly,” If there’s then only I use.”Naina saw Arjun shockingly but she hidden that immediately so that Major Bharghav can’t observe that. Major Bharghav said bossily,” Why you’ve your father’s surname right?”Arjun said immediately,” What makes you difference sir?”Major Bharghav said immediately,” I’d heard that your father troubled your mother. That’s why you’d killed your father. You hate your father so much & you’d killed him.”Yudi saw Arjun in amazement. Naina saw Major Bharghav because she can’t tolerate the dishonour of Arjun. Because she knew that who’s his father & mother. And they’re alive & saw towards Arjun painfully. But Arjun didn’t take those words to his heart because he knew that if he becomes sad then Naina will become sad seeing him sad. Then Major Bharghav said immediately,” You hate your father so much because he troubled you. But one who was a traitor, you had written traitor’s sister’s name in the list of your best friend. What’s your goal Cadet Arjun? Is the jail has sent you on reformation or they had sent you here to be reformed?”Naina saw Arjun & was so sad. Arjun saw towards Naina & said calmly,” I won’t say anything sir, do you want to give the punishment then give me.”Naina was shocked hearing this & saw Arjun happily. Major Bharghav said bossily,”Punishment, you’re suffering the life-long imprisonment of punishment. Then why do I give you Cadet?”Arjun saw him angrily. Naina is so hurted.”Sit.”And Major Bharghav made to sit him. Then he turned to Naina & said,” Cadet Naina Singh Ahluwaliya.”Naina stood immediately.”Cadet Naina Singh Ahluwaliya, Oh am so sorry. I’d promised Capt.R that I’ll not ask any questions to you but please, I cannot resist. Will you give me the permission to ask one simple question? Can you answer only one question? In your questionnaire, I’d seen one strange answer. For your choices of three mentors also, you’d given the name of Capt.R only, why?”Hearing this Huda was shocked & felt very jealous. Naina saw the Major Bharghav angrily.”Capt.R is so important in your life.”Naina saw him angrily once again.”Why Cadet Naina Singh Ahluwaliya? Capt.R is so important in your life.”Then he turned towards the faculty & said bossily,” So faculty, did you saw? I hope that I’ll not say that we’ve took a big challenge taking these unfaithful, irresponsible, rude & weak Cadets. You can make your schedules according to your protégées for the training. Thank you & all the best.”Before going he saw towards Naina & went from there.

                                       Pooja said angrily coming out of the class room,” What does he think himself, this single signal?”Ali said calmly,” Major Bharghav is doing everything is for our good only, to make us a good & able soldier.”Pooja said angrily nodding to Ali,”Right making us ashamed in front of everyone?”Ali said,” I know that his methods are different but give him some more time. How many days had gone after his entry to this academy?”Yudi said angrily,”Days, bull shit.I don’t even know he’s making us left right left. I think that he’s making us left right left from years.”Arjun said directly,” He want to break our strength & friendship”Ali said calmly,” Look, you’re misunderstanding….”Pooja said angrily,” Why don’t you see yourself Ali.Major Bharghav is using you. He wants to cut off your connection from us.”Ali said dismissively,” Look am not a child from whom someone comes & mislead me.”Huda said angrily,” You’re understanding mugambo. We’ve to do something that we’ll not make him forget that he messed with our batch.”Ali asked immediately,” What you’re going to do?”Huda said angrily,” We made him run away…… (He saw towards Ali & said) whose side are you? Are you with us or mugambo?”Ali thought & said angrily,” If your decision is to hurt any faculty of this academy then am not with you.”Huda said angrily,” How can I expect that from you. These days you’d become that mugambo’s stooge.”Ali said angrily,” Mind your language.”Huda said angrily,” Who wants to talk with you?”Yudi said immediately,” Guys why are you fighting each other taking this problem?”Ali said angrily,” Am not interested in fighting with him. But am not going to sit quietly taking his beatings, make him understand.”Huda said angrily,” What you’re going to do mugambo’s stooge?”Ali said angrily,” What do I do but I don’t fire the gun keeping on other’s shoulders like you.”Huda said angrily,”Enough, you’d played enough game with us. Go from here & if you roam around us then I’ll broke your jaw.”Pooja nodded dismissively.Ali said dismissively,” Yes you can do that only, what do you do instead of this? Till then your wishes were fulfilling then it was right. But when someone came to revolt against you, you’re so hurted.”Huda said angrily,” Get him out of my sight or else I’ll make him shaheed before he becomes the soldier.”Yudi said calmly,” Guys cool it now. Just focus on main problem. You’re forgetting Bharghav, Major Bharghav, yaar.”Huda said angrily,”Yes, the root of this problem is this Ali.He has told about us to mugambo.”Ali said angrily,” I didn’t say anything to anyone……”And went from there angrily. Pooja saw towards him to stop him but didn’t stop him. Arjun said angrily,” He had broken our friendship perfectly.”Pooja said worriedly,” I don’t know whom he’s going to cut off the connection.”Huda said angrily,”Enough, we’ve to make that mugambo run away from this academy.”Here Major Bharghav said to Brigadier that the first year batch is so irresponsible & said that first I’ve to make them responsible & then polite. But it’s takes time for that because when their attitude & proud becomes less then they’ll take the command like true soldiers. But BC said that he’s from the old days. In his time soldiers were eating sufficiently & were running 10 miles every day. He has seen some improvement in those Cadets but he’ll give only 3 weeks after that he can write anything in his report. Then Major Bharghav agreed politely.

                                     Meanwhile Naina was exercising in the training grounds. She was doing Suryanamaskara counting. Huda came & said impressively,” Yaar Phoolan, you’re here, I was searching you full academy, go & eat the food.”Naina said immediately,” Am not hungry.”Huda said innocently,” But am hungry yaar.”Naina said immediately,” You mean that am not eating the food then you’ll not eat the food.”Huda said freely,” Of course.”Naina said,” You mean that what I do, you’ll also do that?”Huda said immediately,” Of course, am always with you to give you support.”Naina said smiling,” Come let’s both exercise now.”Huda said hesitatingly,”Phoolan is this the time to exercise?”Naina said immediately,”Huda, I can bet with you, you’d eaten & came right.”Huda said happily,”Yaar Phoolan after my mummyji you’re the one who understand me very much.”Naina said immediately,” You idiot, the smell of onion is coming from your mouth.”Huda said happily,”Yaar, that’s why I love you so much. You know me.”Naina said dismissively,” Huda you go, I don’t want to talk to you now.”Huda said immediately,”Phoolan, don’t talk with me, just listen. To make that Major Bharghav kicked out of this academy, we’d planned something.”Naina is shocked hearing this & said immediately,”Huda, do you love me?”Huda saw Naina in amazement & said,” Am I dreaming? Pinch me.”Naina pinched & Huda said,” Softly yaar.I was waiting for this moment only. Am tired of asking this question to you.”Naina asked immediately,” Answer me, yes or no?”Huda said immediately,” I swear on you Phoolan, yes.”Naina said immediately,” Then you’re not going to do that to make Major Bharghav kicked out of this academy, promise me.”Huda said angrily,” Yaar, how can I promise you? How can we resist his dishonour & underestimation every day? If we didn’t protect our self-respect then how can we protect our country?”Naina said immediately,” Huda Major Bharghav knows everything about my bhaiyya’s trial & I need his help.”Huda said in disbelief,” That Mugambo is going to help you? Yaar, I don’t understand your words some time.Yaar, forget about your past leave that. What use of thinking about that which hurts you?”Naina said immediately,” Can you forget me?”Huda saw her in shock & thought & said immediately,”Oh my god, I’ve to stop Arjun.” and he ran immediately Naina thought,” Oh no, Arjun is also there in this plan, oh my god.”And she also ran behind Huda.

                                   Here Major Bharghav was enjoying his favourite cartoon, Tom & Jerry in his cabin. Someone knocked at the door. Major Bharghav said seeing the cartoon & enjoying,” Come in.”Arjun entered his room & stood in front of him. Major Bharghav saw Arjun & said bossily,” I think there has been not lights out to you till now, Cadet.”Arjun said immediately,” It daily happens sir. But I’d come to talk with you urgently now.”Major Bharghav said bossily,” Shoot.”Arjun said politely,” Shall I sit there sir?”Major Bharghav said seeing him bossily,” Sit.”On that time outside both Pooja & Yudi came there crouching & took a camera to record it. Arjun sat there & said clearly,” You know that I can’t even stand without a peg of alcohol. I drink so much.”Major Bharghav said bossily,” I know Cadet Arjun that you’re the first Cadet I’ve seen in my career in which there’ll be odour of alcohol instead of the sweat.”Arjun said innocently, “That’s why, I’ve come to you sir.”Major Bharghav said bossily,” I don’t use any perfume which I can make the less of the odour of your alcohol Cadet.”Arjun said politely,” Sir am not asking the perfume for the odour, I’ve come here to leave the alcohol.”Major Bharghav said bossily,”Good, very good for you.”Arjun said immediately,” Then you’re my mentor, then can you help me?”Major Bharghav said immediately,” Cadet Arjun, this isn’t the subject of the loading the rifle where I can help you. It’s your habit, you’ve to stop that.”Arjun said directly,” Then why have you become my mentor, just for advertisement? If I’ve to leave the alcohol then you’ve to help with this right?”Major Bharghav thought for a second. On that time Yudi was capturing the scene in his camera. Huda came there & flashed the torch to Pooja that don’t do that but they thought that take off instructions. On that time Arjun said to Major Bharghav,”I’d a jailmate, he’s also a hardcore criminal but he never touched alcohol if he knew that I’d alcohol then he’d beat me solidly. Then I gave the habit of drinking alcohol for one month.”Major Bharghav said immediately,” To make you leave this habit do you think I’ve to beat you.”Arjun said innocently,” Yes.”But Major Bharghav said immediately,” So that you complaint to Brigadier Chandok.”Arjun saw him doubtfully & thought,” How did he know?”And modifying his expression he said innocently,” What is this sir, you can’t trust on your protégée.”Then Huda came & dragged Yudi from there & said,”Phoolan had said no to the mission Mugambo yaar.”Yudi said immediately,” We can’t make the 4 commandos in the trouble for one commando yaar.”Huda said angrily,”Ok you don’t want to do then I’ll go alone to take Arjun back.”On that time Major Bharghav said excitedly,” You’ve got the point.”Arjun said innocently,” Sir, just you beat me in less power, with this I’ll remember my jail mate.”Major Bharghav switched off the TV from the remote & threw it to the sofa. Here Huda went but Naina came there & stopped Huda & said,” You stay here, I’ll go inside.”Major Bharghav was about to beat Arjun but Naina entered forcefully into the Major’s cabin & Major saw her & lowered his hand. Huda stopped her but Naina entered forcefully into Major Bharghav’s room. Arjun saw Naina & closed his eyes with disappointment that Naina had entered into his plan. Major Bharghav saw Naina & said bossily,” Cadet Naina, I think I’ve to teach you manners with discipline also.”Naina said politely,” Well am sorry sir, but I need to talk to you now.”Major Bharghav said bossily,” But your mentor is Capt.R, Cadet Naina.”Naina said politely,” Yes sir but I’ve to talk with you only.”Major Bharghav said sarcastically,” It’s strange that there’s the rain of the Cadets today. Cadet Arjun, I’ll solve your problem afterwards. Cadet Naina has come to me to solve her problem leaving her mentor Capt.R, which means her problem will be very difficult. Shoot Cadet.”Naina said politely,”Well, I’ll not talk with you here sir. Let’s go for a walk, I’ll talk with you outside.”Major Bharghav widened his eyes cunningly & said,” It’s a date, after you.”Then here Huda, Yudi & Pooja ran & hidden themselves behind the wall towards the end of corridor.Major, Naina & Arjun came outside the cabin. Then Major turned towards the wall where Cadets Huda,Yudi & Pooja were hiding & went near it doubtfully to see that someone’s there or not but Naina said immediately to handle the situation,” Sir, shall we?”Major Bharghav stopped halfway & said politely turning towards Naina,”Yes Cadet.”And went behind Naina but on the way he ordered Arjun to lock his room. Arjun locked it & was about to go behind Naina but Huda called him by flashing the torch & he came towards Huda. Arjun asked angrily,” Why Naina came inside?”Huda said worriedly,” I don’t know yaar, she’s gone mad. She refused to the mission mugambo.”Arjun said angrily,” When’ll Naina know that some wars will be won by dishonest way only.”

                                 Here both Major Bharghav & Naina came outside. Major Bharghav said politely,” Yes Cadet, what you want to ask me?”Naina said politely,”Sir, you only arrested my bhaiyya right. So tell me, how was his trial?”Major Bharghav stared her & said even more politely,” Brigadier Chandok has made you settle here in this academy on one condition, no questions & no investigations.”Naina smiled sarcastically & said,” Once again a rule. Why you build a big wall in front of my questions? If you worship your system very much, then why a sister can’t know about her brother?”Major Bharghav said bossily,” One who auctioned this country to the enemies, don’t keep any hope on him Cadet Naina, the laws says this only.”Naina said confidently,” Which law are you talking about sir? In 10 years, approximately 200 court martial cases were commenced & 50 soldiers were made as criminals. But when these cases were kept in the civil court then they were proved as innocent. Then how can I think that my brother is a traitor? No sir.”Major Bharghav said appreciatively,” You’d researched & had come perfectly Cadet Naina. So you want to argue over court martial system.”Naina said politely,” No sir, am telling you that court martial is also a system & any system can become wrong any time.”Major Bharghav said disgustingly,”Yes, till today also army hasn’t made a law in which the traitors are given death sentence.”Naina said politely,” Then also sir, whenever or sometime, someone will make those mistakes & that mistake was about to be done by you sir.”Major Bharghav saw Naina innocently & said,” Are you talking about me beating on Arjun? That was only a game. I know what’ll be the serious result of that incident.”Naina said politely,” Yes sir. That incident’s result would be serious but you would’ve suffered the result severely.”Major Bharghav nodded raising his eyebrows & said cunningly,” How?”Naina said cunningly,” Sir If you beat Cadet Arjun & during beating him, his friends come there & saw the incident. Then those friends only taking Arjun to their hostel beat till he become unconscious. Then he’s admitted to infirmary. If investigation would happened. During investigations eyewitness says your name. Then you’ll be suspended making the crime of beating Cadet Arjun. Then your hearing will be done in the court & you know what happens after that.”Major Bharghav saw Naina in shock.”You don’t believe me. I did the mistake stopping my friends doing that. If I didn’t stop them then you would’ve experienced once.”Major Bharghav said in gratitude,” Am very grateful to you Cadet Naina, you saved me by court martial. Can I know the reason behind this?”Naina said politely,”Sir, I love my goal but am not selfish. For which system my bhaiyya gave his life, I can’t make my friends to misuse it. One day this whole country will take my bhaiyya’s name with respect that he’s not a traitor but is a patriot & bow their head with respect. Am saying this not because Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya is my bhaiyya. Am saying this because Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya is a true & a good soldier & you knowing that also sir.”Major Bharghav saw her cunningly & said appreciatively,” Very good Cadet Naina, I appreciate your courage. You’ve courage very much than your brother.Ok I’ll play the game with you & what do you say with honesty, I’ll play the game with you.”And he went but stopped in halfway & turned to Naina & said impressively,” And you’d shown me a hidden problem. In this academy, you’ve an admirer.”Naina said innocently,” Admirer?”Major Bharghav said impressively,” Yes Cadet Naina, and very soon, you’ll be having so many problems because of him. You’re so intelligent Cadet Naina; you know who am talking about. Good luck & good night.”And he went from there smiling cunningly at Naina. Naina stood there thoughtfully. Then Naina came to Arjun to his room to talk with him but he was found halfway & was in angry. Naina saw his anger & asked softly,” What is this Arjun, what you were going to do with those Cadets?”Arjun said angrily,”Naina leave me alone; I don’t want to talk about this?”Naina said angrily,”But, I want to talk to you about this. If Major Bharghav would beat you then he would definitely go to the jail making the crime of beating an undercover on duty CID officer, but what about those Cadets,Arjun.Have you forgotten them, their future would be ruined. Those Cadets have come here keeping a dream of becoming an army officer. What would you get ruining their future?”Arjun said blindly,” Their future would never be ruined, and let me make you very clear that If that Major Bharghav once again show his finger to your character then am not going to sit quietly. You can forgive him if he does wrong with you but am not going to forgive him. If one more time he questions about your character then am not going to leave him. I know that you chose the Capt.R to your 3 mentor choices so that you can keep an eye on him perfectly & this was ACP Saab’s decision also. But who’s that man who questions about your character. In fact his questions were not simple like you’re thinking but am not going to tolerate this, do you understand?”Naina saw him affectionately & said calmly,” I know Arjun that his questions were not good but he’s only the few weeks guest in this academy. After his inspection, he’ve to go immediately from here, he’s not going to settle here permanently. And he had given me the clue that he’s going to play the game with me honestly.”Arjun was shocked hearing Naina’s words & said angrily,” Did you see that what’s the result of you stopping us doing our plan? He’s not grateful to you. He’s attacking you directly but how he’s not said to you. But am not going to make you the victim of his plan do you understand.”And went from there angrily to his hostel.Naina try to stop him but Arjun went from there in top speed. But Naina was worriless because someone is there who supports her without any hesitation. Then she also went from there to her hostel smiling without any fear. This was seen by Huda & thought that Arjun & Naina are having affair between them seeing them together & went from there angrily.

                           Next morning Yudi gets up early & gets ready for his special class with Simran madam & he went. But Huda didn’t say that the class is going to start for everyone. Simran madam taught meditation to the Cadets. All Cadets talk about her only, they appreciated her that she taught them clearly. Yudi felt jealous that everyone is admiring my mentor. Huda makes Yudi even more jealous saying that he’s going to take Simran madam to coffee this weekend. But Naina was thinking about Major Bharghav eating her breakfast slowly. Arjun saw her & said to make Naina laugh,” Let’s go for a walk. Walk & talk, my jailor was always said that.”Naina hearing this laughed heartily & said,” Your jailor.”Then she nodded & both exited the mess. Huda saw them & felt jealous that Naina not acts with him like she acts with Arjun & Capt.R. Huda felt very jealous but Yudi saw the jealousy & laughed at him sarcastically that this academy’s dude cannot impress the heroine of this academy. Huda feels bad & went from there. Naina explained the yesterday’s conversation with Major Bharghav & his clue about admirer. She guessed that the admirer is Huda but Arjun sensed danger to Naina but didn’t elaborate it in front of Naina & changed the subject & said,” Leave the Huda & you think about your bhaiyya’s girlfriend.”Naina hearing that subject she cursed herself that she has forgotten her. Then Arjun said convincingly,” Look don’t you expose yourself in this subject. I’ll try first & ask Suriji.”On that time Suriji came & warned to him about Major Bharghav as he’s Arjun’s mentor. Arjun nodded & went for Major Nair’s drill. After Major Nair’s drill they came & had lunch. Major Nair called Pooja to clean his room. Pooja cursed Major Nair seeing his room so messy.

NSA said sadly,” In this academy, what’s going on is I think the first time. Because Yudi is standing in the two ways of the manhood (On that time Yudi was feeling jealous seeing Huda & Simran madam having a cup of coffee) Huda is standing in 4 ways of his heart (Huda was laughing with Simran madam heartily) Here Naina is trying to search the spy who cheated me & Arjun is trying to make Naina happy protecting from Major Bharghav. Arjun is sensing danger to Naina from Major Bharghav & ready to attack on him. Here Major Bharghav is creating a new discipline in the academy but for that Ali is paying for that. (On that time Ali was jogging restlessly)But Pooja is trying to fight the war in her mind, she’s searching the way to settle here in this academy.(On that time Pooja is cleaning Major Nair’s room saw some photos which were kept on the cupboard & try to take it to see it but it fell down. Between those photos there was some photos which were Navin’s alumina night photos & there was his girlfriend, the spy who cheated Navin) And when the goal is near then also it is seen as far.”Major Bharghav explained Major Nair plans of his making Naina say in front of whole academy that his brother was a traitor. He said that during camping trip his strategy is to break them.


                                      Arjun asked about the alumina night’s photos to Suriji but Suriji refused to help him warning Naina about Brigadier’s decision. Naina was thinking about this so much & walked across BC’s office. Brigadier called her coming outside his office with Capt.R,”Cadet Singh.”Naina stopped there only & saluted him.BC asked simply,” What happened Cadet Singh, are you ok?”Naina saw BC in puzzled expression & said innocently,” Am fine sir.”Capt.R noticed her tensed face but didn’t speak anything.BC said bossily;” I hope that you’re not giving me any chance of expelling you Cadet Singh.”Naina saw him continuously in innocent face.BC said giving a wry smile,” Am mean, you’ve stopped your private investigations I think.”Naina can’t answer this question & became silent & seeing Naina’s face Capt.R came to her aid & said simply,” Sir Cadet Singh is busy with her mentorship programme. And sir how can a Cadet have time to think about others in the tight schedule of Major Bharghav’s programmes.”BC said bossily,” There’s no need to think about others during the training Captain.”Capt.R said politely,” Yes sir you’re right.”BC asked,” Major Bharghav has organised a camping trip right?”Capt.R said politely,” Yes sir, 36 hours programme for mentors & protégées.”BC said bossily,”Ok & Cadet Singh don’t forget my decision.” and went from there. Naina said sadly,” Except my friends all doubt on me.”Capt.R said warmly,” But you’ve one person with you & he’s Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat. Then why worry about others.”Naina smiled at him & said immediately,” Sir, you know bhaiyya’s girlfriend……….”Capt.R said stopping her,” Cadet Singh, you’ve to stop yourself with those work. Everyone is seeing you. Sometimes in war, soldier will have to wait day & night for the enemies very cunningly. Because his wrong move makes himself disadvantageous & advantageous to enemy. Just protect yourself because this time no one gives you the chance of trial. So just cheer up & prepare yourself. We’ll talk about this topic during our camping trip, ok.”And he patted Naina comfortingly & went from there. Naina thought,” I think Capt.R is right, I’ll have to wait for right moment.”And she also went from there. All Cadets saw the notice board which said about camping trip organized by Major Bharghav for mentors & protégées.Yudi was so happy that he has to be there with Simran madam. Arjun saw the notice & said worriedly,” Am getting tensed seeing this notice.”Huda said boringly,” Why qaidi, I’ve to be there with mother India.”Arjun said worriedly,” Then sacrifice yourself to mother India. Am thinking about the camping trip. I’ll have to be there with that mugambo alone. And from the tent only one person comes outside & that’s me.”Huda said sarcastically,” My god, please keep mugambo in peace.”Ali said boringly,” I’ve to be there with Lolita madam.”No one answered to his remark & saw him angrily.Pooja said disgustingly,”Oi qaidi, your signal will be clean more or less. I’ve Major Nair here. You would’ve seen his room. His room’s corner will be very clean I think. There were so many photos that I think he is having the collection of the photos from first soldier to last soldier of the academy.” (On that time Arjun became sharp & asked about the photos)Arjun asked enquiringly” Photos, what type of photos?”Pooja said dismissively,” Didn’t I tell you; it’s from first soldier to last batch soldiers photos.”Arjun asked,” Is there the photos are present in his room?”Pooja said simply,” Yeah.” Arjun said eagerly,” I want to see those photos, will you come?”Pooja said immediately,” Where?”Arjun said eagerly,” To Major Nair’s room, I want to see those photos.”And Arjun dragged Pooja but Major Bharghav entered between them & said,” Cadets, what’s so hurry?”Arjun didn’t answer & went back leaving Pooja’s hand. Then Major Bharghav instructed the Cadets about the camping trip. Major Bharghav explained clearly,” Cadets, now at 1400hrs you are all going to go to the camping site with your mentors. The necessary requirements will be available there only for 36 hours. Any doubts (on that time Yudi was about to ask something but he heard Major Bharghav’s words) if there’s questions in your mind them flush it out of your mind because I’d not come here to clear your doubts, now move on.”All Cadets move on to their drills.

                              All Cadets get ready for their camping trip. Ali gets ready & was about to go outside his room but Major Bharghav entered his room. Ali saluted him seeing him. Major Bharghav said bossily,” At ease Cadet. Before you go to camping site, please can you do me a favour?”Ali said politely,” Yes sir.”Then Major Bharghav tricks Ali to write a personal letter which is a love letter giving the reason that he was writing from left hand but after injuring his left hand he learnt to write in right hand but some of the letters can’t write perfectly & seeing those letters he feels ashamed of himself. But Ali’s trapped in Major Bharghav’s plan & writes the letter innocently. Major Bharghav was impressed with his work & smiled impressively. Here this side Capt.R went to his morning jog & saw that Dr.R jogging & smiled at her & said,”Hi, Dr.Mishra, when did you came back?”Dr.R asked directly,” Why, were you waiting for me?”Capt.R said smiling,” Yes.”Dr.R saw him in amazement” In fact, someone made me realise that you left the academy because of me, so……”Dr.R said simply,” It’s not that reason what you’re talking about. Am sure this would be the emotional judgement of Dr.S.”Capt.R said in repentance,” But Dr.Mishra if I’ve hurted during Naina Singh’s trial then am asking you sorry for that……..”Dr.R said casually,” Captain it’s alright. More or less we can start our relationship once again. It will be a new start for us. You know the strange thing after reaching to our name we became Dr.Ritu Mishra & Captain Rajveer Shekhawat once again.”Capt.R said smiling,” Ya its truly strange but Dr.Mishra you know me that……..”Dr.R said immediately,” Captain………..It’s not so easy to read a man’s mind. Because I came to know now about this though am a psychologist. Anyway now I’ll not make a hurry to reach to your name.”Capt.R said casually,” Come on Dr.Mishra…….”Dr.R saw her watch & said immediately,” Captain I think we’ve to go to camping site at 1400hrs.”Capt.R asked excitedly,” Ya but………..are you coming to the camping site?”Dr.R said immediately,” If you say then I’ll not come………”Capt.R said excitedly,” Why do I refuse? In fact am so happy that you’re coming with us. But tell me whose mentor are you?”

                       Everyone assemble in courtyard, i.e., Cadets  & Mentors. Then all cadets went with their respective mentors to the camping site. Arjun came to know that his mentor isn’t Major Bharghav, its Dr.Mishra. Arjun isn’t happy that his mentor is changed because he wanted to keep an eye on Major Bharghav so that he can’t trouble Naina but he also thought if Dr.R is a spy then it would be good of keeping an eye on her also. Here Major Bharghav entered Naina’s room holding an orange envelope. He searched everywhere that which is the secure place to hide the orange envelope & opened her wardrobe & saw Navin’s photo there. He took it & said bossily,” Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya, Cadet Naina is with her mentor Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat for 36hrs.Before closing of the camping trip you accept that your brother was a traitor, a bloody traitor.”And he kept the photo back to its place & kept the orange envelope underneath it & closed the wardrobe & said impressively,” Never underestimate Major Bharghav Cadet Naina never underestimate.”And he went outside her room. Here all Cadets & mentors run to the camping site & reached in time. There’s a map showing that respective cadets & mentors to settle. Huda was so happy that Arjun left mugambo & brought Dr.R & said impressively,” Waah qaidi, you left mugambo & brought Dr.R, for me. You’re my best friend but do one thing you put your tent near my tent so that Dr.R will be attracted towards me. You know my personality is so beautiful.” shoving his muscles. Arjun said dismissively showing a finger towards the map,” Just open your eyes & see. All the tents are in other direction.”Huda saw that & said disappointedly,” Yes yaar, am in the east, Dr.R in west. Ms Simran is in North & my phoolan is in South. How can I spend my time without them?”Ali came & said clearly,” You’ve to spend your time without them there’s no choice. In this camping trip they teach that in less requirements how to survive & use those requirements in best way.”Huda said bossily,” Is it. Ok but if your principles are there during this trip then am not going to tolerate that.”Ali & Arjun nodded dismissively. Arjun was thinking about Major Bharghav that what he’s planning out against Naina now. Yudi dashed him & pushed him aside & saw the map & said excitedly,” Guys imagine, I & Simran madam will be there alone together. How cool is that?”Huda said dismissively,” Don’t fly in the air so much come down immediately.”On that time Simran madam came & said to Yudi,” Yudi boy keep on checking our tent is here.” showing towards the back side of the map. Then both went to collect the tent. The last one was Naina & Capt.R, Naina saw their place of settle & said,” Sir, we’re here.” showing towards the South direction. Capt.R said clearly,” Cadet Naina Singh this tent will be seen when we put that so the drill begins now.”And he went to collect the tent & Naina followed him to help him. Everyone collect the tent & survival kit & went to their allotted place & put over the tent & settled down with their respective Cadets. Dr.R tricked with Arjun & took the alcohol & poured it over on the dry wood & lit the fire & said bossily,” In battle field rule no.1 cadet that you’ve to bring those things only which you want importantly.”Arjun saw Dr.R angrily. Then Dr.R said angrily,” What? go & collect some firewood. This is a forest & it’ll be cold after midnight & there’ll be wild animals in the forest to save ourselves this fire will have to be lit till dawn ok. Go & collect some firewood now.”Arjun saw her angrily but went taking the axe. Here all the Cadets & mentors settle down in their tents. Major Nair grabbed the blanket from Pooja & sent her to collect some food & Ali gave the blanket to Lolita madam. Simran madam smelled the Yudi’s socks & said that they can sleep together but near Yudi’s face her feet will be there & near Simran madam’s face Yudi’s feet. Here Dr.S entered her tent & saw that her protégée already sleeping with the blanket snoring happily. Dr.S said dismissively,” Waah, what a cadet, he slept before his mentor. But I’ve a cure to this.”And she sprinkled the water on Huda’s face. Huda got up immediately saying,” It’s raining.”Then he saw Dr.S & Dr.S said clearly,” It’s not the rain cadet it’s your rudeness.”Huda said innocently,” What did I do madam? I was sleeping.” wiping his face. Dr.S said angrily,” You slept before your mentor & with full blanket? How dare you?”and she pulled the blanket towards her immediately. Huda said innocently,” Madam during the sleep also the mentorship programme is going to run?”Dr.S said clearly,” Yes Cadet Huda. This programme is to make you tough so that you struggle yourself & take care of your mentor.”Here Naina gave the blanket to Capt.R & said smiling sweetly,” I’ve to struggle in this programme & take care of my mentor, so this blanket is for you sir.”Capt.R smiled sweetly & took the blanket. Then Capt.R dimmed the lantern light & went to collect some firewood. Here Pooja cursed Major Nair for making her roaming the forest in dark. Then Ali came there & helped with some fruits & went from there.Pooja try to talk to him & called him back as a friend but Ali didn’t listen to her & went from there. (He was so angry on him because of his friends he was feeling ashamed that he made his parents to cry, that’s why he was distancing from his friends & was concentrating on his goal.)

                              Here Capt.R was collecting the firewood in the forest. Some light flashed behind him & Capt.R turned & saw that it was Dr.R. Capt.R saw her & smiled shaping a small log to the sharpness from the blade. Dr.R showing her torch to Capt.R said,” You want some light?”Helpfully. Capt.R said casually,” No thanks, what are you doing here in this time Dr.Mishra?”Dr.R didn’t answer his question but asked him,” What you’re doing?”Seeing his work. Capt.R answered politely,” Am preparing a weapon.”Dr.R gave a quizzical look.”Ah not to attack on someone, just for self defence.”Then Dr.R asked politely,”Captain, shall I ask you some questions?”Capt.R said smiling,” Of course & Dr.Mishra ask the question without any hesitation.”Dr.R asked directly,” You really felt bad when I’d gone out from the academy?”Capt.R said politely,”Dr.Mishra, I felt really bad. But then they made me realise that you left the academy because of me. But I’d not any idea to trouble you or to make you ashamed. I was thinking about Cadet Naina Singh.”Dr.R said directly,” Captain now also you’re thinking about Cadet Naina Singh.”Capt.R said immediately,” Yes because I don’t trust Major Bharghav.”Dr.R said directly,” You didn’t have any trust on me on that time also.”Capt.R saw her immediately & smiled dismissively & went further to collect some firewood. Dr.R followed him & said directly,”Captain, am noticing you from my arrival of the academy your mind isn’t in your control.”Capt.R saw her & smiled & said innocently,” My mind is in my control only Dr.Mishra. There’s no chance to make my mind out of control.”Dr.R asked directly,” What about your heart Captain? Captain just you answer my simple questions, I can say your state of mind.”Capt.R said immediately,”Dr.Mishra, you’re troubling yourself. There’s no need to be tensed because of me.”Dr.R said immediately,” Come on Captain, it’s only a simple game.Ok, tell me how many times you brush a day?”Capt.R was amused with her questions & said,” What?”Dr.R asked directly,” Brush Captain, will you brush every day?”Capt.R answered laughing heartily,” Yes.”Dr.R asked scratching her head,” How many times a day?”Capt.R answered thinking,” Two times a day.”Dr.R asked thoughtfully,” Previously?”Capt.R said thoughtfully,”Previously, two times a day.” after few seconds he answered,” No, in fact, sometimes 2 times a day.”Dr.R asked thoughtfully,”Ok, what’s your favourite colour?”Capt.R said firstly,”Blue.”Then thinking said,” No black, I think.”Dr.R raised her eyebrows & asked,” Are you sure?”Capt.R said confidently,”Ya am sure.”Then Dr.R asked,”Ok, what do you like, sun or candles?”Capt.R answered this not thinking immediately,”Dr.Mishra, I like candles.”Dr.R asked immediately,”Why, sun gives bright light than candles?”Capt.R said immediately,”Dr.Mishra, have you heard that people go to sunlight dinner?”Dr.R smiled hearing this remark.”People go to candle light dinner because that will be so romantic that’s why.”Dr.R asked immediately,” You mean sun will have to set every time like you said you mean now?”Capt.R said politely,” No Dr.Mishra, when sun sets then for sometime truth also go into the darkness & there’ll be no fun when we burn ourselves in the fire of the truth, right.”Dr.R said politely,” You gave an honest answer Captain.”

                                Here Huda is shivering in the cold & he took the scissors & cut down the blanket to half when Dr.S is sleeping & said that sharing means half & half & he also wrapped himself & slept.Arjun is cursing that there’s no mentor & no alcohol also. Here Major Nair is snoring happily & Pooja can’t sleep because of Major Nair’s snores. Naina is also waiting for Capt.R because he hasn’t returned & went to look out for the Capt.R. Here Capt.R collected the firewood & tied into bundle. Dr.R said helpfully,” Shall I help you?”Capt.R said politely,” No.”Dr.R said switching on the torch & showing towards the ground,” Some light.”Capt.R said politely,” No.”Then he took the bundle & carried it on his shoulder & about to go but Dr.R said immediately,” You know Captain my experience has said to me that the answers which is given from mind by thinking is always will be truth but it shows the state of mind & the answers which is given by heart by thinking is also will be truth but it shows the state of the heart.”Capt.R said innocently,” So.”Dr.R said directly,” It’s simple Captain, you’re in love.”Capt.R smiled innocently & said,” I’m in love…………….Love…………..interesting. I’m in love………..but who’s there in front of me. Dr.S, but she was angry with me because I hurt you. But I think that she’s only hurt but she don’t want to tell us. Just joking.”Seeing Dr.R.”Then in my students Cadet……. Pooja Ghai, but she’s only waiting for someone’s connection.” smiling mockingly.”Then Cadet…….. Naina Singh, but Cadet Singh is my protégée & am his mentor. Then it’s so funny that if I love her.”Dr.R noticed this but she said immediately into his eyes,” Am also here in front of you. Captain, we both know our right & wrong. But why we both aren’t seeing towards our heart? Why Captain?”On that time Naina came there & overheard their conversation & came to the conclusion that Capt.R is in love with someone & felt jealous.”Captain, I’d decided to not to come back to the academy when I left but if I’ve come back that because of you. Because I love you so much.”Capt.R & Dr.R both saw their eyes. Capt.R stammered,” I…………..didn’t………”and he saw around & saw Naina there & said immediately,” Cadet Singh, what you’re doing here?”Dr.R saw her & felt uncomfortable. Naina said immediately,” Sorry sir, I was searching you because I’d work with you.”Capt.R felt happy inside so that he can escape from the situation & said immediately,” I’ll just be back in a minute.”Naina resisted her jealousy & went from there nodding. Dr.R saw Capt.R & expected the answer for her question but Capt.R lifted the bundle of the firewood to his shoulder & said,” I’ll see…….you in ……..the morning……..doctor.” and he went from there immediately. Dr.R was disappointed that he didn’t answer her question & went from there. Here Arjun was coming towards Naina’s tent cursing Major Bharghav that during this camping trip that he didn’t said to Naina about the photos. There a strange sound came & Arjun became alarmed & said immediately,” Who’s that?”And then he lowered his axe to save himself & then Huda came running. Arjun breathed calmly & said immediately,” What you’re doing here?”Huda said disgustingly,” I didn’t get any sleep that’s why I came here to meet wild animals. This mugambo is raiding on us during this camping trip. I was having a very good sleep but Dr.S made me to get up by sprinkling the water & pulled the full blanket.”Arjun said angrily,” Your blanket was pulled but here Dr.R emptied my alcohol bottle.”Huda said eagerly,” What, is it?”Arjun said angrily,” Yeah she emptied the alcohol & poured it to firewood & lit the fire.”Huda was disappointed. On that time Yudi came there & said,” No Major Bharghav had done a very good work.”Here in Major Nair’s tent, Major Nair isn’t in his bed but Pooja is sleeping innocently. Some light flashed & Pooja got up screaming Rohit.Major Nair said bossily,” Not Rohit, Major Nair.”Pooja asked innocently,” But sir, what this light is?”Major Nair said that it’s Major Bharghav’s orders that to record the every moment of the mentorship programme & said that’s why he took the picture of Pooja from his camera & made Pooja jog at morning 3o’clock to make Pooja’s eyes to accustomed to the darkness. Then Arjun met Naina on the way when she was going to her tent & informed about the photos that there is a mine of photos in Major Nair’s room so that they can search that spy Dr.Ritu Mishra who cheated Capt.Navin. Then both Naina & Arjun went to their tent but Arjun warned Naina to keep an eye on Capt.R as it’s her duty.

                                     Here Pooja closed her morning jog & came back to the tent & saw that Major Nair is snoring happily & she used his trick to make him get up & when he woke up angrily then Pooja said that he only said to record the every moment of the mentorship programme that’s why she took the picture of Major Nair’s sleeping photo & recorded his snores in walkman. Here Dr.S got up & was sleep walking & went outside the tent. Huda saw that & saved her by falling herself to an animal trap. But Dr.S handle the situation waking up on that time saying that she was testing him in the name of trust as he didn’t properly saved her during sack falling task & went back to her tent. Here Capt.R came back to his tent there he saw that Naina was sleeping but shivering from the cold. Then he took his blanket & was about to sleep but saw Naina once again shivering & spread the blanket on Naina & went outside & lit the fire & sat in front of it thinking about Dr.R’s words. Here Dr.R & Arjun were lying on the bed but didn’t slept. Dr.R was thinking something & Arjun was observing Dr.R curiously. Dr.R saw him & said directly,” Cadet Arjun, is am thinking or you want to say something to me?”Arjun sat & said directly,” You know in the jail, two types of people will not sleep in the night. One type is one who’s sentenced to death & one type who’s planning to run away from the jail.”Dr.R saw him directly & said sitting up,” You meant that you’re thinking to run away from here & am sentenced to death right.”Arjun smiled dismissively & didn’t answer her.”You know cadet; a man’s mind will be struck with something when he’s thinking continuously.”Then Dr.R asked Arjun immediately,” Cadet Do you love Naina?”Arjun said directly,” Yes.”Dr.R was apprehensive. Then Arjun said directly,” I love her as a friend. I love her as my sister. She’s my friend, a true friend.”Dr.R said appreciatively,” That’s the quality of the friend. You know that you’re so confident about yourself. That’s why during Naina Singh trial, Major Bharghav didn’t ask any questions because he knew that you’re going to answer him confidently. I think if we both are chosen to tomorrow’s dangerous exercise then you’re going to fulfil it in best abilities.”Arjun thought that Dr.R is making him impress & smiled impressively but didn’t give any clue to her that he’s suspicious about her as she’s a psychiatrist. Here Capt.R was sitting in front of the fire & was thinking Dr.R’s words only. Naina came outside & sat in front of the fire & said,”Sir, what you’re doing here?”Capt.R said amazement,”Naina, what you’re doing here? Didn’t you get the sleep?”Naina said,” No sir. But sir, I’d given the blanket to you.”Capt.R said sweetly,” Cadet Singh am a certified soldier & you’d not become the soldier till now.”Naina smiled at him sweetly. Then Naina asked curiously,”Sir, can I ask you a personal question?”Capt.R nodded. Naina asked once again about her bhaiyya’s love life,”Sir, bhaiyya was your best friend, then why didn’t he told you about his girlfriend?”Capt.R said clearly,”Naina,we were not only best friends, but we were colleagues,competators.In every drill or exercise we were competators.That’s why we both were admiring each other & respecting also. But Navin was always in the first place than me. When in the matter of the love also, he got his love very quick & he didn’t thought of telling to me about his love life to me importantly.”Naina thought,” Why did bhaiyya like that, what’s the secret? He was brother-in-law in the relation to Capt.R. But then……”Then she asked immediately to make her mind calm,” You meant that you got the girl friend after bhaiyya?”Capt.R said clearly,” No one has entered in my life till now as my girl friend but Dr.Mishra thinks that………..”Naina said curiously,” That……”Capt.R smiled at Naina & said dismissively,”…….am in love.”Naina smiled at him.”And I don’t even know that for who am in love. But whenever I think about that girl then I think that girl will be idiot who loved complicated person like me.”Naina said immediately,” Why you’re thinking like that sir? I know & you know that the girl will be very lucky.” and smiled sweetly at him. Capt.R saw her hungrily seeing her smile with affection. Then Capt.R said coming to the present world,”Naina go & have some sleep.Infact,we’ve to see that we’ll be lucky tomorrow because we’ll be chosen to the Major Bharghav’s dangerous exercise.”Naina said dismissively,”Sir, I know that Major Bharghav will make us caught in his plan. But let me tell you am not afraid of that Major Bharghav because you’re with me. We both trust each other then why we fear to others sir?”Capt.R smiled impressively & saw Naina affectionately. Naina smiled at him sweetly.

                              Next morning all cadets meet near a water tank to collect some water in the bottles for drinking. Yudi is looking so fresh & there was an impressive smile on his face. Then Huda asked that why he’s so impressed then Yudi answered that he had a very good sleep last night. Then Pooja appreciated Yudi but cursed Major Nair & said showing her injuries. Everyone saw her injuries & Huda asked worriedly to Pooja,” What are you saying yaar?” Naina also saw her injuries but Arjun asked directly,” Punjaban tell me how did this happen? Is Nair did misbehave with you? Am not going to leave that Nair……”And went but Pooja stopped him & said that Major Nair made her jog at 3 o’clock so that to teach how to send SMS in the night. Then everyone breathed calmly hearing her words that nothing happened to her. Then Pooja scolded that she’s going to enter Major Nair’s system like a virus & delete his files angrily. Huda said that he’s with her. Then Arjun said that he’s going to trust Dr.Ritu Mishra fully. But Naina didn’t like his words & became worried with suspicious also. He appreciated her that she’s so cool & he can say anything to her. Then Huda asked Naina in jealous expression,” What about you phoolan? I think seeing your eyes you’d not slept last night.”Naina nodded dismissively but she made Huda even more jealous & said,” Yes Huda, Capt.R & I was talking so much & was counting the stars…..”And she saw Huda’s face. Huda was feeling so much jealous & said angrily,” Ok my time will also come & I’ll show you.”Naina nodded dismissively. Then Yudi asked Ali that what the condition of Miss Kolkata is. Then Huda asked him,” What’s the matter?”Then Yudi answered that when he went outside for the toilet then he saw that Suriji was going near Ali’s tent. Ali said innocently,” Are you not ashamed of yourselves talking about your senior officer.”Then Huda said dismissively that go from here to Ali. Then Pooja said gossipingly,” What do you think Huda, Suriji is going to send only SMS to Lolita madam or he’s goanna give missed call?”Yudi said immediately,” I think Capt.R & Dr.R are the first faculty couple.”Huda said immediately,” Yudi let’s bet on that for Rs.500 that….”Arjun said dismissively,” That Suriji or Dr.R?”Then Naina said immediately,” Well guys, one of us have to ready ourselves for Major Bharghav’s dangerous exercise.”Pooja said disgustingly,” You mean that mugambo comes here also.”Arjun said immediately,” I think he had come here now only. We can’t trust him.”Huda said painfully,” Qaidi, Dr.S made me weak making that trust exercise.”Arjun said immediately,” I trust Dr.Mishra completely.”Yudi said impressively,” Well am prepared. When Miss Simran is there till then, I’ll save her from every danger.”Then everyone walked from there filling the water but Naina & Arjun talked each other about the photos & asked Pooja to become friendly with Major Nair. But Pooja felt very strange but she accepted for Naina’s friendship.

                             Here faculty are having a cup of coffee. Then Dr.R was thinking something & was having a sad expression on her face & Capt.R observed this. Both are thinking about last night’s conversation between them. Simran was appreciating Yudi that he’s so cute & innocent.” to Dr.S. Then both Dr.S & Simran madam saw towards Dr.R & Capt.R. Then Simran madam said that seeing Dr.R & Capt.R she think that they’re made for each other to Dr.S. Then Dr.S also accepted Simran’s remark & said that when they both know about this.”On that time Capt.R went towards Dr.R & said politely,” Shall I talk to you for a moment Dr.Mishra?”Then Dr.R said politely,” Sure Captain what do you want to say?”Then Capt.R said politely,” Not here Dr.Mishra, let’s go for a walk.”Then Dr.R nodded & went with him. Then Capt.R said walking to Dr.R politely,” You know Dr.Mishra I think I’ve done the mistake & previously I’d hurt someone’s heart by refusing her proposal. That’s why now my first priority is my work, my army & all.”Dr.R said directly,” Captain, I don’t want to become your priority. I want to become your partner, your life partner.”Capt.R said directly,” Dr.Mishra, please don’t feel bad but we both are good friends & good colleagues. But I can’t accept you further this & I didn’t saw you in that way like you’re thinking now. If my any movement made you think that I love you then am sorry for that. I didn’t saw you in that way.”Dr.R was hurt hearing those words from Capt.R. Then Capt.R said directly,” Dr.Mishra, do you want to lead your life with that person whom not having any feelings towards you?”Dr.R said directly,” Captain, you don’t understand a woman’s emotions. A woman can go to over limit for her love. I want to know yes or no.”Capt.R said directly,” I don’t want you to go to over limit for me. Just am saying that please you distance yourself from me because in which situation am standing I can’t guarantee you what happens to my life.”Then Dr.R asked disappointedly,” Captain, If I say that what you said, when you asked me the same question which am asking you now then what’ll be your reaction?”Then Capt.R thought for sometime & said,” Dr.Mishra, can you wait for 10 years?”Dr.R said smiling dismissively,”10 years, and then?”Capt.R said directly,” During these 10 years, if you not get any boy & I’ll not get any girl then…………….”Dr.R said directly,” Then…..you would marry me right?”Capt.R didn’t answer Dr.R & went from there but Dr.R said stopping him painfully,” Captain…………thank you.”Then Capt.R went from there immediately. Here all cadets are talking about Major Bharghav’s dangerous exercise. Yudi asked innocently,” Well what’s the meaning of dangerous exercise?”Pooja said immediately,” Ya, my step-signal was telling the situation between life & death.”Ali said abruptly to everyone,” I think this programme’s main focus is only Naina. Because of her only this programme is going on.”Then Naina turned to Ali & saw him in quizzical look. Everyone saw him in quizzical look except Arjun. Arjun said angrily,” What do you mean Ali?”Then Ali said slowly to Naina seeing towards her,” Naina don’t mistake me, this training’s main focus is you & Capt.R only.”Naina didn’t understand Ali’s words but Arjun understood that what was going to come further & try to distract everyone but Ali said that Naina & Capt.R is the main focus of this programme. Then Huda became angry & warned Ali to don’t talk any rubbish & said that to talk directly to him if he wants to say something about Naina. Then Pooja supported Ali & shouted at Huda. But Naina did not understand any of their words & asked repeatedly that what they’re going to talking. Then Pooja said to Huda angrily,” Huda understand that in front of Capt.R there’s no chance of you.”Then Naina scolded Pooja of thinking about her very cheaply. But Huda supported Pooja that she’s saying correctly. Then Yudi warned them that don’t think about Naina like that because she’s our friend. But Huda said dismissively to Yudi that he hasn’t become man yet. Then everyone offend Naina that she has wrong relationship with Capt.R which isn’t correct. Then Naina shouted at everyone & said that she didn’t expect that from them & went from there. Then Arjun went to Ali & warned him to not to talk about Naina like that or else he’ll teach him very good lesson & went from there.

                                Major Bharghav saw this incident & was impressed with his work that he had done a very good work. Ali thought that what he wanted to say & what did they thought. Then Major Bharghav said that he’s examining them to overcome their weaknesses to Ali & said that be with truth he’ll get success. Then Arjun saw this & said to himself,” Major Bharghav am going to teach you a very good lesson.”And went from there. Here Naina is thinking about the conversations of their friends & talked to herself in her mind in her tent. Naina thought,” Yes, they’re right. Am getting away from my goal. I can’t make my life messed up because of the love to Capt.R. I’ve to overcome that weakness from my mind so that I can reach my goal. No one can come in between me & my goal, not even my love also. I’ll do it bhaiyya; I’ll prove your innocence. If anything comes in my path then I’ll destroy it & move forward because I can’t make my goal unsuccessful. This is the question of our country’s safety & I become success in that truly.”Then Lolita madam was angry seeing Suriji that he’s following her like a shadow. When Dr.S asked to Suriji that what he’s doing there then he said that he’s here because of Lolita Sen that she called him. Then Lolita madam was so angry & quarrelled with Suriji. Here Pooja quarrelled with Major Nair. Pooja was exercising on the orders of Major Nair & said to do sit-ups carrying the rifle. Then Pooja said angrily to Major Nair,” For what for that dangerous exercise, we’ll be never chosen. Because Major Bharghav knows that you don’t trust me & I don’t trust you. Then this means that during the situation of life & death you’ll not save me & I’ll not save you also. So then why are you wasting the call sir? Tell me are you wanted to become my mentor or not? Because you never make woman come forward & I’ll not back out because of you. You know if a mentor cheats with his protégée then it’ll be equal to a soldier who cheats with his country.”Major Nair said hearing all this angrily,” Dismiss Cadet Ghai.”And went from there.


                                      Here everyone is waiting for further instructions for the dangerous exercise but Arjun & Dr.R were walking in the forest alone. In some distance someone is observing them from the binoculars with a cunning smile in his face. It was Major Bharghav. He saw them go near a check point. Here Arjun asked Dr.R that is she ok or not. Then Dr.R asked that is he read her mind but Arjun answered brilliantly that he read the books & said that don’t think about that & do what you want to do. Then Dr.R smiled at his remark slightly & further went. They came near a tree which is a banyan tree. Dr.R stepped further but her foot was wrapped with the jungle strong creeper & entangled to the banyan tree upside down & Arjun was alarmed that she’s entangled & stepped back to save her but he stood on landmine & didn’t move further & stood there like a stone. Then Major Bharghav came there & smiled impressively & said,” Do not move Cadet Arjun, you’re standing on the live landmine. If you move then boom happens.”Major Bharghav try to make Arjun fear but Arjun wasn’t scared with that he was standing on it calmly. Then Major Bharghav said to Dr.R,” Landmines are spread over. Dr.Mishra, if you cut the rope then also boom happens. I don’t trust on the mock drills. I trust on the real war situation. I train the soldiers like this only. Dr.R & Cadet Arjun, your dangerous exercise has started. Let’s see how you’re going to overcome this type of the situation but before that I’ll call other mentors & protegees.”And he shot the gun to the air to signal them to come & see the dangerous exercise. Then everyone came there running in top speed. Naina reached them first & stopped immediately & then Capt.R ran & he also stopped there beside Naina seeing the landmine. Capt.R asked Arjun,” Are you ok Arjun?”Arjun nodded with calmness. But Naina wasn’t calm; there was a layer of the sweat on her face. Then Capt.R asked angrily,” What kind of the trust drill is this, sir? Major Bharghav, this isn’t a joke. Dr.Mishra is a psychiatrist; she’s not a trained soldier like you & me. How can she overcome the situation?”Major Bharghav said bossily,” Hold on Captain, in this situation, you’d be in the place of Dr.Mishra & Cadet Naina would be in the place of Cadet Arjun. But when you both will be free.”Naina saw Major Bharghav angrily. Capt.R said angrily,” You’re sick.”Then Major Bharghav said bossily,” No, I’m Major Bharghav.”And then Capt.R said to Arjun taking a deep calming breath,” Arjun be calm.”Arjun was calm & nodded. Then Major Bharghav said bossily,” Don’t help……”Capt.R shouted at Major Bharghav,” I know what am doing sir.”Major Bharghav was so angry but became silent. Then Capt.R said to Naina,” Naina give me your pin.”Naina didn’t understand first but Capt.R shouted at her angrily,” Give me your hair pin, god damn it.”Then Naina gave the hair pin to Capt.R from her hair. Then Capt.R threw the hair pin to Arjun. Arjun caught it & stood silently. But he knew what to do next but he was waiting for Capt.R’s instructions so that it’ll be done on Capt.R’s instructions. Then Capt.R said clearly,” Now easily & slowly squat down.”Arjun did like that only. Then Capt.R said slowly,” Now you see a wire there.”Arjun threw the dry leaves to some distance & saw the wire. There were three colour wires; blue, yellow & red. In that Capt.R said clearly,” Take out the blue wire.”But Arjun took the red wire because he knew that the red wire is directly connected to the gun powder which is filled in the landmine. The lights went out & the landmine was diffused. Everyone breathed calmly. Then Capt.R said slowly,” Now stand slowly up.”Then Arjun stood up slowly. Then Major Bharghav said impressively,” I forgot that you’re a landmine expert. My exercise is wasted, Cadet Arjun you can come out now.”Arjun did so like that & removed his legs but the lights were on once again & Capt.R said on that time only warningly,” Arjun.”But then Arjun stood there silently didn’t panic. Then Major Bharghav said bossily,” Sorry to disappoint you Captain, because there’s no landmine has manufactured which is diffused permanently. Now Dr.Mishra use your psychiatric powers & save both.”Then Capt.R came forward to help Dr.R but Dr.R said him not to interfere. Because this drill is a trust drill between mentor & protegee. Then Dr.R said to Arjun,” Cadet Arjun, do you’ve the knife?”Arjun said yes to her & took his knife. Then she instructed that to throw the knife to the rope when she says now. Then she swing to the rope slowly & then in speed & then said to Arjun to throw. Arjun saw her from the knife & threw it to the rope when she signalled to him. The rope was cut down & Dr.R rolled two times in the air & fell on Arjun & both fell far away from the landmine. But Major Bharghav saw the landmine in amazement & so Capt.R also. Because when Arjun moved the feet then it would be exploded but it didn’t explode & both were seeing Arjun suspiciously. Then Capt.R came forward & took the landmine & saw the connections & saw that Arjun has disconnected the wire which is connected to the gunpowder part. Then he was so suspicious & asked to Arjun,” Cadet Arjun, I said you to cut down the blue wire but you’d cut down red wire. How did you know that this is the new technique to diffuse this type of landmine?”Then Naina became panic, Major Bharghav also saw Arjun suspiciously but Arjun said innocently,” Sir, I’d disconnected the blue wire only. But why you’re asking like that?”Then Capt.R said to Arjun,” I think you were panic on that time & disconnected the red wire instead of blue wire.”Then Arjun nodded innocently.”Yes Cadet Arjun, this is the way to diffuse the landmine permanently. (Seeing towards Major Bharghav)But don’t confuse yourself in real war like situation.”Arjun nodded politely. Major Bharghav was so angry but resisted. And then everyone clapped at their success appreciatively to both Dr.R & Arjun. Then Arjun saw towards Naina & Naina gave thumbs up & went from there. Capt.R was thinking about the most bizarre thing that this type of training will be given to the defence officers or terrorists but how did Arjun know about this. Is he the spy which am searching for or someone?

                                       Then everyone assembled in the grounds of the camping site. Major Bharghav taunted Capt.R that he’s attracting the girls towards him as he’s so handsome, he also accused that Capt.R hasn’t taught anything to his protégée & results that Capt.R held Major Bharghav’s collar angrily. Major Nair shouted at Capt.R by misbehaving with Major Bharghav. Then Capt.R went from there angrily. Arjun thought,” You’re testing my patience Major Bharghav, be careful.”Naina followed Capt.R to comfort him. Capt.R was cutting the firewood from his axe angrily. He was in that anger that he was cutting it to bits. Naina came & said,” Sir…………. (He was angrily cutting the firewood) sir……. (He was still made the action faster angrily) sir, calm yourself. Capt.R said angrily,” Till now am doing that only. Am stopping myself. System’s injustice, senior’s tauntation, everything’s am tolerating. But I can’t tolerate now. I can’t.”Naina was seeing him silently.” Naina, he attacked you directly, when that didn’t work he wanted to break your support system. First he want to break you from your friends & then from me. So that you’ll be alone & once again he attacks on you.”Naina said confidently,” No sir, Major Bharghav isn’t going to break my friendship & he’s not going to break me from you also. Tell me sir; he can break you from me?”Capt.R saw her in love & said slowly,” Naina, my heart says that no one going to break us but my brain says that he’s going to break us.”Naina said confidently,” No sir, Major Bharghav isn’t going to become success in that.”Capt.R said angrily,” Naina, it’s good to be confident. But don’t underestimate the enemy. Major Bharghav isn’t going to sit quietly. He’s going to play his game. Major Bharghav isn’t that person who win the war in honest way. He’s the person like who humiliate the enemies & kill them like the soldiers across the border. But am not going to give him that opportunity. He’s such an opportunist. I’ll prepare myself to answer his plan.” and he went inside the tent.

NSA said,” During my trial, I came to know very slowly about Major Bharghav’s behaviour but Naina knew him perfectly. She knew that he’s using his policy the divide & control. Because she had got the warning from him previously. Naina also knew that Major Bharghav is that person who attack on other weaknesses. Naina knew Major Bharghav’s weaknesses also but she don’t want herself to go in that way & she don’t want make ashamed of her & priya’s friendship doing so like that. But Major Bharghav is waiting the correct opportunity to attack on Naina. Now we’ve to see that Naina is going to save herself from Major Bharghav or else she’s saved by Arjun or Capt.R. Am sure that both will not see Naina in the trouble & definitely save her from the Major Bharghav.”

                                             Then Major Bharghav said to the Cadets to sit on the circle & talk about anything, if it is any subject or a faculty’s character & went from there saying that there’ll be no faculty member present here. Then Huda appreciated Dr.R that she didn’t fear when she was entangled upside down to the tree & helped qaidi. Then Yudi said to Arjun that he has got a very good mentor. Then Huda taunted once again to Yudi that if Yudi stood there then he would wet his pants because he’s not a man yet. This was not tolerated by Yudi & started punching Huda angrily. Then Huda also punched him angrily back. Both started hitting. Then Ali try to stop both of them but they only hit him & made him injured. Then Naina came between them & slapped to both of them to stop the fight on that time only Capt.R came & shot the gun to the air to stop them fight. Both Huda & Yudi stopped quarrelling & saw both of them each other angrily & went from there opposite sides. Then Major Bharghav said coming to the Cadets that he’s showing their places that where they’re. Then he accused Naina that she’s the reason that her friends are divided each other & went from there.

                              Then Capt.R came to the conclusion that Major Bharghav has divided Naina from her friends now. Then Major Bharghav attack her very soon when no one will be support to her. After that all the Cadets with their respective mentors went to route mark sheets to different direction. Pooja challenges Major Nair that she’ll force him to get out of this academy & Major Nair accepts the challenge & said that he’ll show Pooja as the example so that no girl comes to the academy to become soldier. Huda is so disappointed because Naina slapped him angrily. Huda was in jealousy that the academy’s all the girls are fan of him but not Naina. Naina not see him & talk to him & smile him properly. And he feels jealous that she talks with Capt.R happily every time. Then BC dialled to his senior officer & said to him about the incident which happened here in camping site & said to call back the team to the academy. Then BC gave an orange envelope to an orderly & ordered him to send the letter to Major Bharghav. Orderly came to Major Bharghav in camping site & gave BC’s letter. Major Bharghav read the letter & was so angry that BC has called back the camp. Then he went & hidden the map of route mark sheets of Capt.R & Naina’s in his chest pocket & gave the remaining route mark sheets map to the orderly to call them back. Here everyone returned the academy except Capt.R & Cadet Naina. Here Capt.R & Naina are completing their drill without any interruption. Then they came to a check point & sat there to take some rest for some time. Here BC is angry that Capt.R & Cadet Naina hadn’t come back to the academy thought them as deserters & decided to take strict action on them.

                                    Here Capt.R & Naina are taking rest on that time Naina became alarmed & stood suddenly & saw around her very curiously. Then Capt.R also stood listening to rustling of the leaves. Naina said curiously hearing the sound to Capt.R,”Don’t you think that we’re being followed sir?”Capt.R saw around him suspiciously & said softly,” I think so too Naina.”Then they both acted like they don’t know anything & sat there calmly but alert & hearing the sound curiously. Then someone came running towards Capt.R & caught him behind & Naina also. Then both Capt.R & Naina fought with their fellow persons who caught them & made them faint. Then Capt.R took his gun outside & was alarmed & saw around him. Then a man came behind him & kicked the Capt.R’s gun far away from him & held him at the neck tightly. Then Naina took Capt.R’s gun & said leave Capt.R but that man didn’t left him but from behind another man came to catch Naina but she fought with him bravely. Then the man who was holding the Capt.R threatened to leave Naina from there but Naina said rudely,” I’d not joined the military training to leave Capt.R alone & run away, leave him or you’ll pay for this.”Then the man dragged Capt.R keeping him as a cover. Naina went from there following Capt.R holding the gun & said warningly,” Do not move, or else I’ll shoot you.”That man laughed at her & then Naina said to Capt.R,”Duck.”Capt.R bended from the knee forcefully from the man’s grip & Naina shot the man at forehead directly & the man fell down. Capt.R was so amazed seeing her target. Naina said calmly,” Are you ok sir?”Capt.R nodded taking a deep breath & said slowly,” Thank you Naina today once again you saved my life, thanks a lot. But how did you know that someone is following us, Naina?”Naina said clearly,”Sir, I became suspicious when we started our route mark drill. I was feeling that someone is following us but I thought first that am dreaming but do you remember that we were going circles for sometime in the forest then I got this clue sir.”And she showed the cyanide locket. Then Capt.R saw that in amazement & said appreciatively,”Brilliant, you’ve a very curious observation Naina.”Naina smiled at him & gave the cyanide locket to Capt.R. Then both came to the previous place & saw that the 3 men had ran away who attacked them. Then Naina went to that man whom she shot & took the picture immediately before Capt.R came to that place & hidden the mobile in her pocket. Capt.R came there & saw the man & he also remembered him where he has seen him. Naina recognised the man immediately seeing the man that he’s a suicide bomber from Capt.R’s file. Then Naina heard the funny clicking noise & said alarmingly,” Sir, come with me.”And went farther from the suicide bomber dragging Capt.R. The man exploded immediately. Then Capt.R & Naina saw that in shock. Then Capt.R asked concernedly,” Are you ok, Naina?” Naina said calmly,” Yes sir. But who’re they? Why did they attack you sir?”Then they saw the debris of the exploded body & saw around them. Capt.R said simply,” They’re concerned with my mission. You know that why I came here.” Capt.R went to collect some clues & dialled to HQ & informed the incident. Then immediately army came & started investigating the case. Meanwhile Naina collected some clues & took the picture of the exploded debris from her mobile. Then Capt.R explained the incident to his senior officer. Then Capt.R’s senior officer enquired Naina for further information & she answered without any hesitation. Then Naina said to Capt.R,” I think we’ve to inform the academy about this incident sir.”But Capt.R’s senior officer said immediately,” No Cadet Singh, don’t give any information about this, we’ll inform the academy.”Then Capt.R’s senior officer took Capt.R far away from Naina & he said something but Naina didn’t hear that. But Naina thought of informing this incident to Arjun & ACP Saab when she reaches the academy. Then Capt.R’s senior officer said to Naina impressively,” Cadet Singh, Capt.R has explained me that how did you saved him. I appreciate your daring & bravery. Am really proud of you, keep it up Cadet Singh.”Naina smiled & said,” Thank you sir, but I’d done my duty that’s all sir.”Then they both come to the academy lately. On that time BC stood near amar jawan jyothi & saw them both in anger. Then BC scolded Capt.R for coming lately to the academy & punished him the one day solitary confinement. Naina was about to say the incident to BC but Capt.R stopped her & Naina became silent. Then Naina went to her room & took some rest.

                             Here in the academy Major Bharghav punished Huda & Yudi by changing the room as they quarrelled during the training. Yudi went to Arjun’s room & Ali came to Huda’s room. Here Capt.R is in solitary confinement & is exercising in top speed. But he’s thinking about Naina only. Her laughter, her fastness, her presence of mind, her concern, her skill. Then her daring & her sincerity. He was thinking about her so much. And then he stood immediately & said to himself,” No, I don’t love Naina. This is a lie. This isn’t a truth. I don’t love…..”On that time only someone said,” What’s a lie Raj?”Capt.R turned & saw Navin immediately. Navin was also a very handsome guy who stood there smiling at Capt.R. Then he sat opposite to Capt.R & asked,” What’s a lie, Raj?”Then Capt.R was amazed to see Navin & touched him & saw top to bottom & said hugging him completely with happiness,” Navin, my friend.”And then saw Navin. But Navin saw Capt.R in curious expression. Capt.R saw his expression & said doubtfully,” Why’re you seeing me like that Navin? She’s your sister yaar. Am her mentor. Am saving her from the trouble yaar. I don’t want her to be in any trouble. Am only saving her yaar. You believe me. I don’t want to break her trust on me.”Then Navin nodded but asked curiously,” I believe you Raj & Naina trusts you so much. Then why didn’t you oppose the injustice? Why didn’t you save yourself, Raj? Then why did you accept this punishment Raj?”Capt.R turned that side & said angrily,” I’ve been caught in the situation yaar, you know Major Bharghav. He can go to over limit.”Then Navin nodded but asked curiously,” Then what you don’t want to accept?”Capt.R said worriedly,” That am in love with Naina which is a…..”And he turned but Navin had gone. Capt.R was amazed but then he said worriedly,” I think am in love with Naina yaar.”And he collapsed with guilt & closed his eyes & said,” Navin am sorry yaar. But when did happen, I didn’t know. I love you Naina so much & I can’t see you in the trouble.”Then he bended his head with shame & said,” Am sorry Navin, am sorry.”And his eyes filled with tears with guilt. Here Naina felt uncomfortable & saw around her immediately & thought,” Why am feeling uncomfortable?”On that time Arjun came to meet Naina in her room secretly. Naina explained him that what happened in the forest. Arjun was so worried & sad that he was not there to help her but appreciated her of saving Capt.R in time. Naina said Arjun to inform about the incident to ACP Saab & gave those clues which she collected in the forest to Arjun so that he shows that to ACP Saab. Then Arjun went to his room worriedly because he knew that what’s going to come next morning. He was thinking about Naina because full academy was talking about Capt.R & Naina rubbish. But he decided to close that situation by exposing the Major Bharghav to the academy & Brigadier also.

                          Next morning Naina went to the jogging but everyone were seeing her like they’re seeing a man who has done wrong. Here Arjun informed the yesterday’s incident to ACP Saab. Then Daya told Arjun that he had met that orderly who informed them that camping had been called back. Daya said that the orderly had seen Major Bharghav hiding Capt.R’s & Naina’s route mark sheets in his chest pocket & giving him remaining Cadets & mentors route mark sheets. Then here Brigadier received a call from his senior officer that release Capt.R from that punishment. BC got angry but agreed to release Capt.R. On that time only Arjun came to BC’s office to talk with him. BC said bossily,” What do you want to talk to me Cadet?”Arjun said clearly,” Sir, Capt.R & Naina were not truly informed yesterday that camping has been called back.”BC asked suspiciously,” How can you say that Cadet?”Arjun said politely,” Sir, the orderly whom you’d sent to give your orders said that he didn’t get Capt.R’s & Naina’s route mark sheets to inform them.”BC said angrily,” Prove it Cadet, or else you’ll be punished solitary confinement for this mistake.”Then Arjun called orderly who BC had sent to the camping site with his orders & made him confess that it was Major Bharghav’s trick of making Capt.R & Naina to be in the forest for some time. BC understood what Major Bharghav’s intentions are & ordered to release Capt.R from the punishment. Then BC thought of arguing with Major Bharghav but got cold feet because of thinking that he’ll write some rubbish reasons in his report .BC assured that he’ll solve this problem after coming back from the conference which he’s going to attend tomorrow & made Arjun to go from there. Arjun thought that BC is not going to take action on Major Bharghav without any proof & started collecting the proof against him without any idea of Naina. Because Arjun knew that if he inform Naina about this then she’ll stop him of doing that saying that he’s only few weeks guest. Major Bharghav was making Naina’s presence in the academy as hell & Arjun thought that his duty to save Naina from that hell. Here Capt.R was released from the solitary confinement saying that Brigadier misunderstood him. Major Bharghav was shocked with this decision & went to talk to BC. But BC only made him sweat that the orderly didn’t get Capt.R’s & Cadet Singh’s route mark map. BC warned Major Bharghav that to stop the trick & do his work for why he has come here. BC also opposed Major Bharghav’s teaching methods & gave only classroom in charge & out-door drill teaching will be done by both Capt.R & Major Nair. Major Bharghav got very angry but resisted & said politely that he’ll do his work. Then BC informed that he’ll not be here for one week on that time he’ll see those cadets whom Major Bharghav had promised him previously. Major Bharghav nodded politely. But he had started his plan by sticking a big poster to the notice board which was another dirty trick of him. Naina finished her jog & came to her hostel & got ready & came to the mess but on the way she saw that so many students are grouping to the notice board. Naina went near it on that time everyone saw her & went from there giggling to themselves. Naina saw the notice board & was shocked. A poster was sticked to the notice board & there was two vote polls box. The poster said,’ Capt.Rajveer & Cadet Naina are in the forest full night only.1) Thinking or 2) Mistakenly.”Vote for KMA polls. There was 2 ballot box which read the two signs thinking & mistakenly. Naina went to tear the poster but Arjun stopped her & said,” If you do this then people will think that this is the truth.”Then Yudi came behind him & nodded. Naina asked Arjun angrily,” Who can do this Arjun?”Yudi said immediately,” One & only, Huda.”Naina said confidently,” Huda cannot do this.”Arjun said calmly,” One who did this is behind you & Capt.R to dishonour you both. But don’t worry Naina, we’ll find that culprit.”Then Naina said angrily,” If it is Huda, then he’ll know that doing like this he’s not going to get anything.”And she took a note & wrote mistakenly & she put that into mistakenly box.

                                    Here Capt.R was released from solitary confinement. Dr.S entered the confinement room & said to stay for some time for her check up. Because that is compulsory after that type of punishment. Capt.R asked to make Dr.S laugh,” What do you like to have, tea or coffee?”Dr.S smiled & said,” Just your BP.”Then she took her BP machine & saw Capt.R’s blood pressure. The BP machine showed 130 -140 range. Dr.S said worriedly,” Captain, this isn’t good. You’ve to start liquid diet now only. I’ll give you drippers it’ll help you.”Capt.R smiled & said,” Dr.S, your BP machine is a waste thing. Nothing happened to me just I’ve a confusion in my mind.”Dr.S said worriedly,” Captain, am seeing that your body is showing the signs like some war are going on in your body. What is it Captain? Are you thinking about Cadet Naina Singh right?”Capt.R was amazed & said,” How do you know that am thinking about Cadet Naina Singh?”Dr.S said worriedly,” It’s obvious Captain, because of you both coming late to the academy & because of that this poster & polls which has been there. It’s not good Captain.”Capt.R said smiling sarcastically,” Dr.S, if those posters become true, then?”Dr.S said worriedly,” No Captain, it’s not true.”Capt.R said slowly,” Yes, Dr.S it’s not………..true.”And he went from there. Meanwhile Naina requested to Pooja to steal her bhaiyya’s alumina night photos from Major Nair’s room. Pooja agreed. Then Naina ran to see Capt.R in solitary confinement room but he’s not there. Then Huda standing there only said to Naina angrily,”Capt.R isn’t there. He has gone towards his room before 30 minutes.”Naina said innocently,” Thank you.”And was about to go but Huda said angrily,”Thanks, you don’t want to know that why am here?”Naina saw him innocently. Then Huda answered angrily,” I want to see that you come to see captain or not & you came.”Naina said seriously,” Huda, you also think about them only, being my friend?”Huda said angrily,” What’s seen is the truth only, Naina.”Naina said calmly,”Huda, I’d said you previously that what we see from our eyes think that as a truth but it’s not the truth. Capt.R is my favourite teacher that’s all.”Huda said angrily,” He’s not a teacher, he’s a cheater. You know the full academy is saying that if Capt.R isn’t in the academy then his favourite student Cadet Naina Ah Singh will have no work here, right?”Naina didn’t answer him. Huda said angrily,”Phoolan you decide Captain or Huda?”Then he went but stopped & turned & said painfully,” Didn’t I tell you that if you love someone then please tell me?”And he went from there angrily. Naina saw Huda angrily. Here Pooja went to Major Nair’s room & stole those photos. During stealing Major Nair entered his room & Pooja was about to be caught but she hidden herself behind his curtain. After Major Nair’s exit Pooja escaped from Major Nair’s room with those photos in panic. Here Major Bharghav appointed Ali to keep an eye on Naina so that she doesn’t start her private investigations once again.Ali argued confidently that Naina isn’t doing like that & went but dashed to Pooja & saw the photos on her hand. And confirmed himself that Naina is still private investigating about her brother.Ali try to offend Naina by saying harsh words about her brother but Naina made his mouth shut by arguing with Ali Pooja saw this & didn’t tolerate that & supported Ali & said lies that she hasn’t got time to steal those photos. Naina came to meet Capt.R thinking about Huda’s words on that time he heard Major Bharghav’s voice & Pooja’s voice. Naina saw that Pooja is giving those photos to Major Bharghav. Major Bharghav said impressively,” Thank you Cadet Pooja Ghai. To kick Cadet Naina out from the academy, this artillery is enough.”Then Naina smiled dismissively & went from there.

                                  Naina came & stood in front of the poster. Meanwhile Capt.R came & saw the poster in anger. Naina saw Capt.R & said,” Sir, I don’t know that whose rudeness is this.”All Cadets stood nearby started talking about them giggling. Dr.R came there & said angrily to those Cadets,” Cadets, are you not having any class? Move it.”All the Cadets went from there silently. Then Dr.R came to Naina & said angrily,” Cadet Singh because of you your sir is ashamed in front of everybody.”Naina was amazed hearing Dr.R’s words & said innocently in hurted voice,”Madam, you also saying this.Sir, you know that am not the victim. You know that sir.Sir, please talk with me. Please say something.”Dr.R said angrily,” Cadet Singh, is it correct that you run to your teacher for every problem. Aren’t you supposed to fight your battles? Aren’t you are responsible?”Naina was so hurted with her voice. Arjun saw this & said in his mind,” Major Bharghav you’d made my sister ashamed in front of everyone though it was not her mistake. But I’ll not leave you. You’ll repent for this. I’ll expose you in front of the academy.”Then Capt.R said slowly,” Cadet Singh, you’re late for your drill.”Naina saw Capt.R’s eyes & went from there silently. After her drill she stood near notice board continuously. Some Cadets came & voted thinking only. Then some Cadets voted mistakenly. Arjun & Yudi voted mistakenly. Ali was about to vote thinking but Yudi said warningly,” Ali, I know that you’re angry with Naina but don’t make her characterless yaar.”Pooja said angrily,” Why’re you stopping his incoming & outgoing? You said yourself previously when we wanted to make mugambo kick out of this academy that we can’t trouble 4 commandos for 1 commando.”Yudi said immediately,” That situation was different.”Pooja said immediately,” Now also that’s situation is there.”Then Ali voted thinking & Pooja also. Then other cadet came & was about to open ballot box but Pooja stopped him saying that Huda isn’t voted yet.

                                       Here these incidents were going on but on that time only in the same forest where the Cadets & mentors had came to the camping trip, there a meeting was going on. A man was talking to a woman in the mobile phone. That man said to the woman from the mobile angrily,” That Cadet Singh has becoming threat to our mission madam. During mentorship programme, I’d caught Capt.R & was about to kill him but Cadet Singh saved him once again. We were about to attempt once again but Indian army came & we’ve to run away from there. Capt.R had informed on time & the Indian army came. Cadet Singh also killed our fellow soldier who had caught Capt.R. What to do, she’s becoming a big threat to us. Now Huda not works with us. Because he knows that who we are & he’s not going to tolerate us further. Now how we kill Capt.R or make him to go away from his mission. I think Cadet Singh will once again come between Capt.R & us. You are the only hope.”That woman said calmly,” What have you gone mad? It’s not so easy to reach the thing. What do you think killing Capt.R we can get near the thing? You’re an idiot. We’ve planned this from so many years. I’d spent 4 yrs to reach this place with so many difficulties. We can’t become unsuccessful this time. I’d planned & I’ll act like that only. But don’t you ever see towards Capt.R. This man is a sweet pie to me. I can cheat him very easily. Now am taking the advantage of my quality of woman & I’ll be success in that very soon.”That man said angrily,” If you’ll be defeated this time like previous time then am going to kill you by my own hands. Do you get that, I don’t want any problems this time. You did use this trick on Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya & what happened, you were almost caught in that. Till now we hadn’t got a single one of that thing also. That Captain Navin Singh Ahluwaliya arrested himself to save the thing. This time this can’t happen, you know that Cadet Singh is investigating about her brother. If your truth is revealed then your attempts are futile. You’ll have to escape from there.”That woman said laughing sinsterly,”Don’t worry, if she does like that then she’ll be expelled from the academy.Brigadier has given orders that if she starts private investigations about her brother then she’ll be expelled the then only. And in fact what makes the difference that if she starts investigating; you know that I didn’t leave any clues which showed that I had stolen that thing. That innocent girl not knows that her brother’s killer is Capt.R only. When she knows then she starts hating him & that is the opportunity to me to come close to Capt.R. Now this time our mission is with our hand only. I’ll inform you the date of stealing in shortwhile, till then good bye.”Then both disconnected the phone.

                                 Here in the academy everyone is celebrating Christmas. And Naina asked Huda the Christmas gift that he’ll come back as his friend. But Huda can’t do this & votes against Naina. Major Bharghav counts the votes & said to Capt.R that he had equal votes for both options. Capt.R warned to close that issue the then only. But Major Bharghav didn’t close the issue. Then during the outdoor drill with Capt.R Huda challenges Capt.R to a free style boxing match. Capt.R refuses first time by shouting at him that we’ll discuss about the syllabus only not any other subject. Then he gave 30 minutes break for the lunch & said to assemble here in the same place after the lunch. Everyone went from there but Naina didn’t go & try to talk to him but Capt.R refused to talk to her & sent her saying harsh words to her. Naina thought that because of her Capt.R is suffering so many problems & was so sad. In the mess all are having the lunch. Naina said angrily,” Huda hasn’t any respect to his teacher. He doesn’t even know how to talk to his teachers.”Yudi said seeing the lunch disgustingly,” Yes, once again, baingan’s masala.”Arjun ate the dhal & said disgustingly,” Is this the salt in the dhal or dhal in the salt.”Then he saw Naina eating silently & said,” How are you eating this Naina? Is it delicious to you?”Naina said dismissively,” As a matter of fact, what’s going on in the academy is bad only. Then why we scold the food?”Arjun said angrily,” That Huda only he praises himself. He doesn’t know anything seriously.”Meanwhile Simran madam entered the mess & spoke to other Cadet. Yudi said angrily,” There’ll have to be full respect between a student & a teacher.”Then he saw Simran madam & went to talk to her saying to his friends,” I’ll just be back, guys.”Naina & Arjun saw Yudi & nodded dismissively. Naina said angrily,” Arjun why people think that between a teacher & student, slavery will be there or a relationship?”Arjun didn’t answer & ate his lunch. Yudi came back talking to his mentor smiling. Arjun said directly,” What is it Yudi, why the smile on your face.”Yudi said impressively,” Well bro, I’ll tell you afterwards.”Arjun said directly,” Mr. India, don’t fly in the air so much or else another poster will be stuck to the notice board.”Yudi saw Arjun in the fear & said dismissively,” Ya right.”Arjun got up & went near the food table to serve more food. Meanwhile Major Bharghav entered the mess & everyone stood seeing him. He said to everyone to sit & came to Naina’s table & sat opposite to her beside Yudi & said to Yudi bossily,” Cadet Yudi, please help me with a cup of black coffee thank you.”Yudi said politely,” Yes sir.”And went to order black coffee for Major Bharghav. Naina started eating silently. Major Bharghav said slowly,” How’s the food Cadet Naina?”Naina didn’t answer him & was eating silently. Arjun also overheard their conversation giving attention this side. Major Bharghav said slowly & softly,” I’ve the custody of those photos which you’re searching, Cadet Naina.”Naina didn’t answer & was eating silently.”I can give those photos to you but you’ve t