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Amarnath dint answer him and silently nodded and went from there.Maan breathed as they were enjoying the party of holidays in Hotel Regaalis.Parth nudged him and Maan said,”Let’s go from here…!”Amarnath went to office along with Varun having breakfast while both Parth and Maan sat to play a game of Blood Omen 2.




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Sun dawned on the horizon of Mysore where chirping birds started flying around the Mysore.Sometime Crow would make its noise or sometimes the small Sparrow would chirp cutely sitting on the single wire of the electricity poles.

The road sweepers started sweeping the road and the bus started to move stopping in their respective stop to pick the passengers.The bus was coming from the Srirampura bus depot and was going to the main bus stand to pick up the passengers but on the way it was picking the passengers who wanted to go City Bus Stand.

The bus number 93A stopped near the Gnanaganga convent and moved on towards his next stop which was Akshay Bhandar.On the crossroads of Gnanaganga Convent,a mansion stood just like the palace where a song was coming which was sung by M.S.Subbalakshmi.

“Kaushalya Subraja Raampoorva Sandhya Pravartate…..Utthishta Nara Shaardoola Kartavyam Daiva Mahnmikam…….Utthisht Utthishta Govinda Uttishta Garuda Dhwaja………..Uttishta Kamalaakaanta Trilokyam Mangalam Kuru…..”

A woman walked towards the bedroom wearing a Maroon color Silk Sari with wrapped towel to her head.She was firing the scented candles and spreading its smoke everywhere.She was Parvathi Chakravarthy who had came to the her children’s room to wake them up.

The bedroom was looking beautiful with mild yellow colored walls.She opened the curtains of the room so that the sun light some inside the room while the inhabitants of the bed more wrapped themselves inside the blanket making fussy face.

The room had two single cots which were kept in the centre of the room while the one side of the wall was full of the photos of the great persons,Atal Bihari Vaajpayee,Subhash Chandra Bose,Mahatma Gandhi….etc.But another side of the wall contained the film actors of the Sandalwood industry and other industries too.

Parvathi smiled at her two children and said,”Srikanth……Geet….get up both…its time of the pooja and if u wont be down in 30 minutes then ur grandpa ill be so angry…..!”A sweet melodious voice came from under the blanket,”Amma…let me sleep its only dark now see…!”Parvathi said,”That’s becoz u r under the blanket dear…haa my dear cutie pie…!”

She spoke to another bed which was wrapped the blanket from head to toe tightly,”Get up son….if u get late today then u cant chose carrier till ur death….!”A manly voice came from the blanket,”Mom..just 5 minutes….!”

Parvathi dint say anything and came near him and started scratching his feet when she heard the loud snore.Parvati wanted to tickle his feet but it was more than tickling..it was scratching which made the boy get up immediately cursing her mom while the girl started to laugh hiding her face inside the blanket.

Srikanth glared at her and asked,”Mom..why wont u wake Geet like u try to wake me….!”Srikanth made grumpy face while Parvathi said,”Son..she wont let herself to be tickled like u dear….!”Srikanth cribbed and said,”Look now she is not got up yet..u can tickle her just like me….!”

Parvati came to tickle her in his orders when Geet immediately got up and ran inside the washroom and said,”Bro…today i won…!”She teased showing her tongue the closed her door when Srikanth’s brain rung the bell and he started banging the door,”This is cheating Geet….!”But Geet said cutely from the washroom,”But bro i have won…so u cant oppose it….!”

Srikanth once again glared at the door and went from there when Parvati asked,”What’s the matter….why is she teasing u?”Srikanth smiled at his mother and said,”Nothing mom….everyday i would get up and would use washroom but today Geet went inside the washroom to use it so she was teasing me….!”

Parvati said,”Son…why dont u guys sleep in different rooms…there will be no fussing and quarrels….?”Srikanth said possessively,”No mom…i cant leave my baby sister alone…!”Parvati said,”Son….Geet is not a child now..she’s matured and she have to live her life..she have to know her life..the ups and downs of her life..if u cocoon her inside u then how can she understand the life….and son some part of the life can be shared by the woman to woman only…a girl cant share those to the men and u still cocoon her inside u…!”

Srikanth said casually,”Mom..dont worry about that…till am present with her nothing happen to her and she’s an innocent flower mom which have to be cocooned inside me till u get the owner of this innocent flower so no need to sleep her in different rooms..and as a matter of fact she is afraid of darkness…how can u let her sleep in different rooms and alone too….!”

Parvati was about to argue him but on that time washroom opened and Geet came back and hugged her mother lovingly from the back and kissed her cheek and said,”Good Morning Mom….!”Paravti smiled and wished her and said them both to get ready fast.

Meanwhile in the north side of the Mysore in the far corner of the N.R.Mohalla,a big mansion stood which had the proud name Bharadwaj.Bharadwaj Constructions had the name in all over the world and the family is leaving in the Mysore in their ancestral property.There someone’s running sound was heard as the feet followed towards the god’s place where a big beefy man stood in front of the idol lord Rama with Sita and Laxman and Haunman.The boy immediately came towards the pooja room and sat silently behind his dadi who saw him and gestured in her eyes,”U r late…!”The boy cutely showed his big brown eyes and folded his hands for not to complain to him.Dadi cutely patted his bony cheek and nodded yes.After their pooja Yash got up and gave the aarti to everyone along with prasad and asked Maan while giving aarti,”Today on what time u got up?”Maan’s eyes widened with shock and he stuttered,”Woh dad….dad….!”On that time his best buddy and best friend Parth came there and said,”Actually uncle yesterday we both are working for a project given as the dasara holidays.

Amarnath dint answer him and silently nodded and went from there.Maan breathed as they were enjoying the party of holidays in Hotel Regaalis.Parth nudged him and Maan said,”Let’s go from here…!”Amarnath went to office along with Varun having breakfast while both Parth and Maan sat to play a game of Blood Omen 2.

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Agar Pyaar Ho Jannat, Aur Tanhai Ho Nark
Mujhe tanha karke judaai ki ho chali hai ek aadat
Jannat Hai Meelon Dur, Nark Bhi Hai Aaj Kabool.
Vishwaas Hai Mera ki khilemgey Saikadon Phool
Tab Nark Ban Jayega Jannat
Jab Mujhe Eshwar Lautadega
Meri Amanat
Meri Manzil
Mera Pyaar.

(Translation:-If Love Is Heaven, And Sadness is Hell
I’m Used To This Sadness And Seperation
Heaven Is Far Away, I Accept Hell Today
I Have A Belief That A Thousand Flowers Will Bloom
And Then, This Hell Will Turn Into Heaven
Only When God Will Give back
My Dear One
My Destination
My Love.

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1)MAAN BHARADWAJ-studying law in Mysore JSS Law College and is the 20 yrs old.


2)GEET CHAKRAVARTHY-about to join the same college and is 19 yr old and the daughter of the MP of the Chamundeshwari Constituency and future Cabinet Minister of Karnataka.


3)VARUN BHARADWAJ-Elder brother of Maan and had done B.Arch and MBA and taking care of construction business along with his father Yogendra Bharadwaj.


4)SRIKANTH CHAKRAVARTHY-Elder brother of Geet and is now participating himself in the campaigns of the elections but he’s the future MP of Chamundeshwari Constituency


5)SAVITHRI DEVI-Maan and Varun’s dadimaa.


6)DATTATREYA CHAKRVARTHY-Geet’s and Srikanth’s daadu.


7)AMARNATH BHARADWAJ-Maan’s and Varun’s dad.


8)MAHESH CHAKRAVARTHY-Geet’s and Srikanth’s dad


9)PARVATHI CHAKRAVARTHY-Geet’s and Srikanth’s mom

Other characters will be introduced in the updates…..IT IS A SLOW PACE STORY GUYS SO BE WITH ME 🙂

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