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The would be bridegrooms were wondering how they got so beautiful and innocent girls in their life and they took a trip to their past in their mind.(Guys in this story sometimes i may give attention to one couple to continue story so u need to keep patience in that)


There was a gunshot and a man screamed and fell down holding his chest.Another man came and held that falling man and screamed his name,”Daniel!”

Daniel looked towards the man who screamed his name and gave an satisfied smile and said,”Good Bye Friend!”

That man screamed,”Noooo,stay with me damn it!”

Immediately there was the shower of gun shot which was held by reinforcements which came there immediately and the other man sat their holding his friend’s dead body with total shock.Meanwhile there was movement around him where reinforcements were arresting the gang and saving the hostage and ambulance was ready to carry dead bodies of the dead criminals.One man dint move from there who was holding his best friend come his big brother Daniel D’Cruz.

Chief came and said,”What happened,explain Captain Shekhawat!”

Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat sat there with shock as he had lost his most precious friend who was big brother to him too.Chief looked at him sympathetically and called doctor.A lady walked towards him and sat beside him and looked into those black eyes.Rajveer dint looked towards her.She was Naina who sat there beside him looking at him intently.Rajveer still sat with shock when the lady injected an injection which made him so alarmed that he jerked her and she landed on his rock hard chest.At once he saw into those dark brown eyes which were looking back at him with concern and immediately he felt fatigue catch up and he slept still holding her tightly.

After one month….

In an cafe Rajveer sat looking around him searching for some signs of someone’s arrival.He was handsome,alert.His dark eyes were intent and was having an worry too.After few seconds of his wait a big beefy man entered and walked towards his table.Rajveer’s eyes widened looking at that man and concern etched in his face for that man.That man was old but was stockier and his physique was built in like he was still working in an defence agency.His head was half-bald and moustache was big.His eyes were round and wide with black eyes.He was indeed an officer in defence agency.

Rajveer smiled and spoke,”Mr.Ambrose D’Cruz….pleasure to meet u!”Ambrose said,”U can call me ACP,Captain!”

Rajveer nodded while ACP continued,”I need ur help son!I want to investigate my son’s death!”

Rajveer said,”ACP,i may be rude but its better u stay away from this matter.They sure gonna find the culprit!”

ACP said fiercely,”Nope,they arent and they’re creating new accuse and is gonna drop Daniel’s case in few days!”

Rajveer had trust on his system so he said,”Calm down ACP,its not gonna happen!”

ACP said gruffly,”U mark my words son,they’re gonna drop this case and the truth will be in grave for sure!”

Rajveer nodded dismissively and asked,”Then why have u called me here?”

ACP said,”I need ur help son…i can give u lots of information which i had collected as i hv got a lead.But before u work on it,u try to get to know abt the case from ur dept!”

ACP dint speak further and walked away in fast pace leaving Rajveer in thoughts.After this meeting,Rajveer tried to investigate abt the case but his superior officer warned him to stop butting in and resume his work for where he was posted.Rajveer was furious and one day he decided to take retirement from Army itself.He did that and came home to get together with his two beloved sisters Paakhi and Parvati who pampered him after getting to know his state.Then after another month he dialled to ACP and said that he has took retirement from the Army and he cant be any help.But ACP dint listen to him and offered the Senior Inspector post to him.Rajveer was shocked with the matter but he joined CID gladly and his first case after joining CID was his best friend come brother’s death.

Next day…..

Tobacco smell filled the air while Rajveer frowned looking at the man who was smoking.He had become chain smoker these days after losing his son.

Rajveer said with concern,”When r u getting rid of this habit sir?”

That man looked up and dint speak and he sprinkled the ashes on his ash tray and said sternly,”Lets come to the point Rajveer!”

Rajveer nodded dismissively while he continued,”When i investigated then i got a lead Rajveer and i want u to follow it!U remember Naina Singh Ahluwaliya?”

Rajveer nodded and asked,”But what u want to say…she’s only a doctor having Captain rankings in Army in Delhi Military Hospital!”

ACP said,”Correct!But i want u to follow her.I dont know abt ur informations but i have infos that her mother who had been an drug addict and becoz of her only Captain Ahluwaliya struggled to get medical degree from Army is hooked up with my son’s murderer!”

Rajveer was shocked hearing this piece of information as he never got it when he was in Army.

ACP continued,”I want u to follow her.Get to know her and get in the informations and kill him silently!”

Rajveer said,”What,u want to make me as murderer?Am not gonna do this!”

He got up to walk away when ACP spoke,”Sit down son,i havent finished!And the matter of my son’s murderer,if he gets killed then this country will be freed from a traitor.He’s a spy son and has been sending secrets of our country to our enemies!”

Rajveer said wearily,”Army can see to that!”

ACP said,”Have u gone mad son?What will army do?They do the trial on him and he will be transferred to the prison for some years and then he will be freed!I dont want him to be alive!I want him to be dead.He’s a threat to our country!”

Rajveer sat there silent when ACP spoke,”Think abt it son!”

Precap-Naina heard the calling bell and she went and opened the door and her breath caught in her throat seeing the person.She felt current run down her spine as his dark eyes fell on her face.




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Loud music was coming and a song was playing “Where’s the party tonight”.Meanwhile the bartender was preparing drinks which he supplied to 7 young guys who were sitting having the drink.

One of the guy who was dancing came to the bar and grabbed the first man and peeped between the men and said,”Come on guys…its ur bachelor party is going on!What r u doing here!”

The 7 boys looked up and said,”U go Dhyan,we will join u after sometime!”

Dhyan said,”Come soon!”And went away.

The 7 boys turned and ordered another one.One of the boy was thinking while another one asked,”Maan,what r u thinking?”

Maan answered,”Anshuman,am thinking that how did this happen….tomorrow we r getting married and we all 7 got our own beloved’s in different ways after trying so many girls and waiting patiently to the correct girls.How we ended up with best and beautiful and perfect girls?”



Capt.Maan Singh Khurana-29 yrs old,Retired army officer and having a big firm which gives security to everything.He’s the bodyguard of singer Geet Shergil.


Capt.Anshuman Rathore-29 yrs old,Retired from Air Force and now Businessman.


Capt Rajveer Singh Shekhawat-30 yrs old,Working in CID now taking retirement from army.


Capt.Armaan Malik-27 yrs old,Doctor in Delhi Military Hospital.


Capt.Arjun Singhania-25 yrs old,Military Lawyer in profession.


Major.Rudra Singh Ranawat-28 yrs old,Major in Border Security Force.


ACP Zain Usman Abdullah-27 yrs old,Assistant Commissioner of Police in Delhi.


Geet Shergil-Singer in profession.


Paakhi Shekhawat-Rajveer’s sister.


Naina Singh Ahluwaliya-doctor in profession


Ridhima-doctor in profession


Arohi Ahluwaliya-Naina’s sister-fashion designer in profession


Parvati Shekhawat-Another sister of Rajveer.



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