It was a very beautiful palace placed inside the heart of the sea.Maids started to move in hurry taking some medical equipment while a man with twinkling eyes entered inside the palace seeking a sick patient.He was followed by a beautiful girl who looked around.The water king greeted and led them towards the sick patient.That beautiful girl looked around her walking inside.That man who was a doctor took a look into the sick patient and got to know what was his ailment.He requested the water king to step outside.

When water king exited then he spoke to the beautiful girl,”Can you sense the different aura from the crown prince Geet?”

That beautiful girl nodded and sat in front of the sick patient and snapped her fingers and sat doing meditation holding the chinmudra.After some time she entered the mind of the sick patient using her power and walked inside the sick patient’s mind.She walked further and felt the strong power and took a look into it to get her master…her mentor….her favourite teacher Yash sindhia.Geet’s eyes watered seeing her teacher taking the reign of the sick patient’s body trying to get powerful to return to his body.She immediately came outside and spat blood all over.

The doctor threw some power towards her and made her well instantly and asked,”Do you got confirmation Geet?”

Geet nodded and spoke,”Thank you for bringing me here Manchanda. I’ve waited for him for a long time!”

Manchanda spoke twinkling at her,”Oh,it’s ok my dear.Since you are very loyal to him that you fed your heart’s blood and waiting for him from 1,00,000 years,its my duty to ease your pain.”

Geet smiled at him and sat near the sick crown prince sighing.

She asked,”Any chance of helping him god father?”

Manchanda spoke looking at the sick patient,”Oh don’t worry.he was powerful at his times and now also he’s powerful inside this crown prince Ansh.He’ll come around in 3 months!”


Image result for gurmeet choudhary images

Maanveer Singh Khurana-Crown prince of the celestial tribe.

Image result for drashti dhami images

Geetanjali Handa-Queen of fox tribe.

Image result for gurmeet choudhary images-yash

Yashwardhan sindhia-High god of war,teacher of Geet.

Manchanda-Doctor and high god in medicine.

Image result for Behzaad Khan images

Brij Handa-Brother of Geet and high god too and expert in medicine too.

Prashant Chawla

Tej Handa-big brother of Geet and Brij.He’s the crown prince of fox tribe.

Image result for karishma randhawa

Naintara Rathod-Rival of Geet who always wanted what Geet wanted.

Image result for Heena Parmar

Sameera Shroff-She’s the first wife of Maanveer but never got an opportunity to be his wife dutifully.Maan hates her and he marries her due to his grandfather’s pressure.

Abhinav Shukla

Dev Shukla-Cassanova loves Geet truly but circumstances make him to marry Naintara who despises Geet.




Maan once again glared and snatched his hand from her hand and walked away.His anger was bottling up and he doesnt want to shout on Geet when Noor is sleeping peacefully.Geet sighed looking at his bare back as she wanted to taste it.Maan came back to his study and threw a rack of books angrily.Then he saw what he has done and started to collect his books to assign it back.He thought about his life when he collected his books.How his life has started to twist…his father’s betrayal towards his mother…his father suffering due to that Major Shatru..everything came into his eyes just like a movie.He remembered how he behaved with his mom..his Geet…his Noor…his Veer…his Dadi…everyone who is so important in his life.Everyone tried to show him right pathway but he dint go instead he chose the painful pathway…his anger pathway in which he hurted his loved ones and himself too.He closed his eyes sitting on the nearby chair holding the stack of books on his lap.He saw a dream…a nightmare of losing every single person whom he loved beyond his life going away telling that he always keeps his anger inside him which hurts them so much.


“Noor!don’t run dear…wait for me!”Geet called the 5 year old miniature Geet who was running helter skelter saving herself from the food which she was about to be fed by her mom.Immediately Noor felt her ground slip as she was in the arms of her father.

Noor glared and spoke in her soft small babyish voice,”Dada,i dont want to eat more!Am full!”

Geet said immediately,”I know your stomach..you will be running around me after 30 minutes saying am hungry!Finish your lunch dear!”

Noor refused making disgusting face while Maan spoke smiling,”Do as you told dear…don’t trouble your mumma!”

Noor pouted just like Geet when Geet felt a kick in her stomach.

Geet pouted,”Look your brother is also kicking to say that you need to have food.”

Noor widened her eyes looking at her stomach and slided down from her father’s body.Maan let go of her very carefully and Noor kissed Geet’s stomach to calm the baby.Geet smiled looking at Noor who was shedding its love towards the baby cocooned inside the womb.Geet was 6 months pregnant and Noor’s naughtiness made her tired so much.Geet sat on the sofa immediately because of tiredness while Noor’s eyes filled with tears and she started crying thinking she troubled her mumma.

Maan lifted Noor and spoke softly,”Don’t cry my sweetiepie,nothing happened to your mumma!Now finish your lunch,we are going to see your Veer mamu!”

Noor smiled immediately hearing Veer’s name.On that time someone said behind,”My Noor is going to eat with me!”

Maan turned to reveal his father Samarth who was smiling at Noor lovingly.

Noor screamed,”Glandpa!(Grandpa)”

Noor jumped from his father to reach her grandfather when both father and son held Noor.Geet smiled at the duo.Samarth smiled at his son and daughter-in-law and went away holding her food tray.Geet got up slowly while Maan helped her and she walked towards their room.She lied on the bed while Maan comforted her.

Geet smiled at her husband’s love and spoke,”Thank you for completing my family!”

Maan said getting bored,”Geet give it a rest…you are repeating this sentence for the nth time!”

Geet spoke,”But for my hubby..it may be infinite times!”

Maan nodded dismissively while asked,”Now tell me what may i be service to you!You have interrupted my working in KC and had called me forcefullly!”

Geet said looking at him darkly,”Well you know what i insist!”

Maan smiled but spoke underbreath,”I have become sex slave to her!”

Geet glared at him and spoke,”If you don’t like then you can go!”

Maan immediately held her chin gently and traced her face in his dark eyes,”How can i,when you have initiated me?”

Maan tenderly traced her lips looking at her darkly while his eyes made her cheeks flushed but her eyes showed the anger and spoke,”You only spoke those words!”

Maan said still tracing her round eyes,”But you initiated it…if you never initiated it then also i would take you tonight anyway!”

Geet widened her eyes with shock but asked angrily,”Then why you spoke those words?”

Maan spoke tracing her flushed cheeks,”It is true!Since your second pregnancy,you have become more beautiful..this pregnancy making you more tender and demanding along with sexy and hot!”

He nuzzled her tender breasts which heaved with every single trace.As if he’s loving for the first time.

Geet moaned,”Maan!”

Maan spoke,”Hmm!”and immediately a groan escaped feeling the wetness in her deep corner.

Immediately she was flat on the bed and comfortable and he started to take off her clothes.He kissed every inch taking her clothes off.Geet moaned loudly while he held her tender breasts.Her nipples got aroused tightening the tip which made him so excited and took it inside his mouth.He sucked it till his fill making it more tender and soft while Geet screamed in pleasure.Maan looked at himself.He was still clothed in his office attire.

Geet observed him and panted,”I will help you!”

She started to take off his clothes kissing him every inch.Maan groaned controlling his demon as he knew that he need to be tender with Geet.

Geet kissed his every inch and felt tired due to pregnancy while he made her sleep on the bed and asked,”You ok jaan,you think that we need to continue!”

Geet dint speak for sometime relishing the moment and Maan startd to move back but she held his hand and spoke,”Don’t stop!”

Maan saw the dark pleasure in her eyes and chuckled.He knew that she won’t back off looking him like that..naked and hot as hell.Geet blushed furiously while he took her hands and made to hold his hardness.

Geet took a deep sharp breath feeling it aroused and he spoke,”Do you know,you make this to me always and this feeling has only with you!”

Maan felt the enormous satisfaction feeling her hands rubbing his manhood but he spoke with concern,”Are you sure you want to continue?”

Geet pleaded,”Please don’t stop!”

Precap-Epilogue 2-Geet held a baby boy on her hand having tears in her eyes while Maan looked at the innocent life with happiness


From ancient times a war is going on between good and evil…after Ravan’s destruction and Kurukshetra’s war…gods thought that evil has been destroyed completely…but as said in puranas evil never can be destroyed so easily…they’re present in this world hidden…trying to fulfill their desires…and today they are active doing yajna in which they can be fulfilled with all their desires…this yajna..where their mother Diti is called and she has come to this human world to fulfill their desires…make them immortal…invincible….but some are their who are trying to stop their plans…and they’re Daanav Hunters!

Character Sketch

Professor Akhilesh Handa-Last descendent of Ikshvaaku family and the boss of daanav hunters clan.

Geet Handa-Daughter of Akhilesh Handa sole survivor of Ikshvaaku clan who is unknown to this world.Enemies of Ikshvaaku clan think she’s no more but is alive and has grown to a beautiful girl in USA under her naana and naani(her mother’s parents)

Maan Singh Khurana-Son of Mithila…but an retired army officer.

Dr Aditya Mehra-member of daanav hunters and an expert in ancient weapons and its powers.He’s researching to how to transfer those ancient weapons powers to modern technology.

Dr Arjun Mehra-member of daanav hunters and twin of Aditya Mehra.He has the knowledge of the ancient devils.

Brij Handa-Geet’s cousin.He’s an abandoned son of Ikshvaaku clan.He’s expert in hypnotism but never got victory in controlling Geet till now.Not a member of daanav hunters.

Lanka Bhai urf Dashaanan-He’s the sole descendant of Poulasthya family and very much determined to make this world asura world…devil world…devoid of humans and gods.He want to become god.He’s doing an yajna in which he want to impress the devil’s mother Diti.By doing so he want to get invincible powers from devil mother Diti and rule this world.


Mr.Chopra went away satisfied while Geet turned towards Maan and said,”Maan,i can’t take this project!I have come here to work and am happy as your personal secretary..please don’t make Sasha leave this company!”

Maan said softly,”Geet,Sasha isn’t going to leave this company!She’ll be senior architect and you’ll be junior architect and as your father’s wish you will be working under me only!”


Here in Handa Mansion,Ramu kaka walked inside Meera’s room calling her and holding an white envelope,”Meera bitiya!”

Meera came into his focus holding a dress for some party and asked,”What is it Ramu Kaka?”

Ramu kaka gave the envelope which was named and went away.Meera opened the envelope and saw something for which she was stood shocked.There was so many pictures and a letter too which said….


How’s your sister looking?So beautiful naked wrapped under that blanket.Well seriously she’s wrapped inside a man too whom you know so dearly.The great Maan Singh Khurana…right!

Meera saw that there wasn’t any name in that letter.Meera collapsed looking into that pictures don’t know what to do.She gulped her saliva getting so scared.

She thought,”We’ve handled Geet in difficulty because of that Varun…if she gets to know about this pics..then…!”

Meera saw in her inner eye the hanged Geet and got up screaming,”No!”

Immediately her mother shouted from below,”Meera what happened dear?Are you alright?”

Meera heard it and started sweating profusely. Rano didn’t get any answer so she climbed up to her room.When she opened then Meera smiled forcefully.

Rano asked suspiciously,”Meera,why you screamed like that?”

Meera’s voice trembled but got the coolness in her voice forcefully and said,”Look mom,my favourite dress got teared hooking with the wardrobe nail..when will you fix this…now what i wear for Geet’s party?”

Rano banged her hand to her head and said,”Why am forgetting so many things?”

Rano looked at her dress and spoke,”Don’t worry,i’ve a new dress for you..well i wanted to give you this at your birthday..well i need to buy another one for your birthday!Wear that one my dear,i’ll fix this one today only!”

Meera nodded and took the dress while thought,”Maan Singh Khurana,because of you i had said lies to my mother for the first time…i won’t forgive you.You’ve ruined my sister’s life.I will ruin you!”

Rano went away closing the door while Meera dialled to Maan and spoke,”Maan,i want to talk to you!”






Meera shouted,”You don’t have any shame..when you were homeless,we gave you shelter..but what you did…i’ll ruin you Khurana!”

Maan angrily holding his red cheeks,”Just shut up Meera,i wasn’t interested with your sister…on that time the doc said that’s why i was forced to do that..she was freezing…if she was left like that then as a human i would feel guilty.I had promised your father that i’ll take care of you guys on that trip and i would be a cheater in front of your father!”

Meera shouted,”To hell with your promises…if a girl’s virtue is going to be destroyed then you would’ve broken the promises with my father!You r a good man right..what would you do if you get pics of your sister like this?”

Maan shouted angrily,”Meera!”

Meera asked sarcastically,”Why?Why are you mad at me for a mere sentence?What would be my state seeing these pics?Tell me how i fix this?If this goes public then who going to marry my sister tell me Khurana?”

Maan spoke out of blue,”Am going to marry your sister!”

Meera was shocked and looked at Maan.

Maan said,”Yes,am going to marry your sister!Whatever the situation..whatever this fate wants me,am going to do this!”

Meera said angrily,”Are you going to pity her?Don’t marry her out of sympathy!Am not going to let you do that!She’s a girl…she’s my sister..she’s not your mistake which you are going to right it just to overcome your guilt!She’s my sister!Before hurting her..you need to face me Khurana!Do you understand..this won’t come into public..do you understand!Who sent this do you know?”

Maan nodded,”His name is some Varun!Do you know him?”Meera widened her eyes with shock.She looked back the pics and was shocked.He was a photographer and he has his own style of taking pics and she got to know as Geet had shown his photographs numerous times.

Meera said,”No!”

Maan asked,”Do you know him Meera?”


Loud Music started to play as the atmosphere looked as it is a disco.Numerous partners were dancing for the music high in the alcohol.A man entered inside the disco and started to walk towards the bartender.

That man asked,”Have you seen Varun?”

The bartender gave a room key which the man took and walked towards the room.He took the lift and stopped on last floor.He walked towards the door and opened it when he heard a moaning voice.He looked towards the bed and was aroused. Varun was inside a girl who was high in drugs. Varun looked towards the door and nodded when the man unzipped his pant and freed his *****.Varun turned the girl and stuffed his inside her **** while that man stuffed his inside her butt.She screamed in pleasure and pain as they both rode on her.That girl was so high in the drugs so she dint know what was happening.When they switched then both were so high to throw their come inside her.Both Varun and that man stuffed a condom into theirs and stuffed inside her from front and back.She screamed in pain and pleasure once again and they climaxed inside her.That girl slept like a baby while that man started to stuff his inside her forcefully.That girl pushed him but he held her hands and stuffed inside her.

He was very high when Varun stopped him and spoke,”Just stop it bro,we can’t rape her.She’s under Rohypnol!”

That man said angrily stuffing inside her,”When i said to her that i will love her then she dint believe me!So here is the punishment!”

Varun said smiling cunningly,”Don’t worry,she’ll come to you very soon!”

That man asked,”How?”Varun said,”I have a plan!”

At the end that man was so happy and sat near the sofa downing the whole bottle.

He looked at the girl who slept like a baby and asked,”Will she accept me?”

Varun said,”Sure she’ll accept you!She don’t have any choice!”

That man asked,”What about your girl?”

Varun said happily,”She’ll come around and i’ll make her lay here and enjoy fullest!”

That man asked,”Can’t i get a small of piece of her!”

Varun said,”Sure!But only inside her ****!I want my come brim inside her *****!She has tortured me so much!”


Maan asked Meera once again,”Do you know this man Meera?Tell me damn it!”

Meera spoke,”He was ex-boyfriend of Geet!”Maan was shocked and also felt painful when he thought that she had a boyfriend too.

Meera explained,”He has a room inside this xyz disco.He makes beautiful girl as his girlfriends and make them high in drugs and manipulates them and steal their virginity.He was about to make Geet as like that when i got a phone call from one of his girlfriend.She showed numerous pictures of her and himself and i showed it to Geet and then only Geet broke up with him.She loved him truly but after his cheat she was heartbroken then only i took her to Manali.So that she forgets that Varun and his cheat!”

Maan closed his eyes feeling her pain as if he’s present in her pain.

Meera continued,”Maan,he’s dangerous person who is trying to get her back so that he can finish his dirty plan.He’s behind beautiful girls!”

Maan said,”Don’t worry Meera,i’ll do what is best for her!”

Meera nodded while Maan hatched a plan to throw that Varun away from Geet’s life. Maan came to KC as the party is coming on the way.In absence of Maan, Sasha hatched a plan to defame Geet so she apologised to Geet. Geet thought Sasha is asking sorry truly so she forgave her.But Geet dint know she was deceiving her.Sasha made Geet to wear a beautiful white sari thinking that Maan will blast on her wearing an informal clothes to a party but it went vice versa.

Maan saw Geet with widened eyes.She looked like an angel wearing that white sari.He can’t resist himself to ask her for dance so he walked towards him.

Sasha saw him walking towards Geet and came forward and asked,”MK,shall we dance?”

Maan without looking at the person said,”Sorry,you don’t have that right!”And walked towards Geet.

Geet felt awkward seeing the party as they had wore office attire and she was different.Everyone saw her with shock while she walked towards Sasha so that she give her a piece of mind but stopped seeing Sasha invite Maan for the dance.When Maan rejected her and walk towards her then she saw Maan in new light.He was looking dashing with his white tuxedo.

Maan asked,”May i have the pleasure to dance Ms Handa?”

Geet nodded and gave her hand without any hesitation.A soft music started playing the song Ang Laga De…while Sasha was shocked hearing the choice of song.She wanted to stop and walked towards the DJ but slipped on the floor breaking her leg.Sasha called for Maan to help her but Maan dint gave her attention while someone was laughing out loud.They were Adi and Pinky who came forward to help her.They had put oil on the floor so that she fell off and she slipped.

While Maan swayed Geet softly turning her and her soft back rubbed his front and his hand went towards her soft waist which was half bare.His fingers brushed softly making her skin to catch fire heating her already heated blood.Geet was blushing furiously feeling this sensation as if her skin rejoicing feeling him.But she dint understand why these thoughts occurring inside her mind.


Geet gulped her saliva as her throat went dry.She heaved for breath.She looked towards his dark chocolate eyes which were narrowed towards her staring at her hungrily and shook her hand moving his fingers on her soft skin.She softly moaned feeling it.But she tried to suppress her desires and tried to go away but he held her hand and turned her and she faced her back to him.


Ang laga de re
Mohe rang laga de re
Ang laga de re
Mohe rang laga de re

Maan once again turned her and she saw his dark eyes once again and felt to drown her in those oceans of emotions. Maan was no less as he was boiling in the sea of desires.He pulled her petite frame towards his hard one and she felt his hardness poking her softness.She blushed furiously and lowered her eyes but the force of the pull made her look up to his dark eyes.

Main toh teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re

Jog laga de re
Prem ka rog laga de re
Main toh teri joganiyaan
Tu jog laga de re

Maan swayed her once again and she bent down on his left shoulder while he balanced her soft body on his hard shoulder.Geet got up and he turned her and held her body closed to his hard frame and she felt his hardness once again poke.She blushed furiously as she got to know that this closeness was making him and her both insane.She lowered her eyes when her eyes welled up controlling her tears as she was feeling these strong emotions for the first time and she was astonished that she’s feeling comfortable inside Maan’s embrace.But he once again pulled her chin up and swayed her colliding her back to his front.He lifted her soft body with the help of his hard chest and his face came near her white waist.


Ram ratan dhan
Lagan magan man
Tan mora chandan re
Ujli kori preet piya
Satrang laga de re


Ang laga de re
Mohey rang laga de re
Main to teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re

Then he repeated the steps by swaying her and making her more agitated with desires while he enjoyed the dance with immense passion.He never felt alive feeling her in his arms and this untamed desires were brewing to brink of spill.Geet felt she was in the oceans of emotions and desires where she can melt inside his ocean of passion.

Raat banjar si hai
Kaale khanjar si hai
Raat banjar si hai
Kaale khanjar si hai
Tere seene ki lau
Mere andar bhi hai


Tu hawa de isey
Toh mera tann jale
Jala de re sang jala de re
Mohey ang laga de re
Main toh teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re

Maan came from behind and Geet took a round around him and went behind and bent on him and he stretched his left legs and more bent her towards her from behind.All the way he was staring at her so hungrily that she melted completely and drowned in those deep oceans.Maan’s was no less as he lost himself in those almond eyes.

Raas hai raat mein
Teri har baat mein
Raas hai raat mein
Teri har baat mein
Bol main kya karun
Aise haalaat mein
Hoon main teri malang
Tu hi mera nasha
Chadha de re bhang chadha de re
Prem ki bhang chadha de re


Main toh teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re

Jog laga de re
Prem ka rog laga de re
Main toh teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re


Ram ratan dhan
Lagan magan man
Tan mora chandan re…


He then swayed her and lifted her holding her in the mid air as she looked upwards while he looked upwards towards her and she was balancing herself by keeping her both hands on his shoulder.He turned round still carrying her like that and after sometime he let her down. Geet saw her position was shocked beyond wits and everyone saw at her shocked while her eyes showed multiple emotions,she felt crying as this desires were making her sad after her heart brake.Her eyes welled up and she ran from there. Maan saw her cry and he wanted to follow her but looking around him stopped himself.He turned to go back to party but cant able to so he walked towards Geet ordering Adi to take care of the party.

Precap-Varun carried unconscious Geet inside that very same room followed by his bro who was looking at Geet hungrily


Maan declared,”Geet am terminating you!”

Geet was about to argue then Adi came as saviour,”MK,listen to me!”

Maan turned towards him while Adi continued,”You want Geet to be in bigger post as her qualifications,so let’s appoint her as junior architect here.We are leading Chopra’s project and they want new ideas and today also an email came asking new ideas cancelling Sasha’s ideas for that project.You are saying that Geet is B.Arch in highest GPA.So why don’t you give her another chance.Let us call the clients and make her give the presentation.This will be her test and interview to her and we can see her capacity too!”

Maan was happy and nodded and said,”I’ll inform dad that new post has been set up!”

Geet was shocked seeing the turn of the events and she stood mum while Sasha was angry as now no one going to ask her for the projects.



Geet sat on the chair in her cabin working under pressure.

She typed something wrong and spoke,”Damn!”

On that time Maan was passing by heard it and peeped inside and asked,”Geet,what happened?”

Geet looked at him angrily and hid her face behind the computer.

Maan entered inside happily looking at her and asked,”You dint answer my question!”

Geet said in anger and agitation,”Why?Because,you are my boss or my friend?”

Maan knew why was this agitation and said,”Geet very soon,you will get used to this environment!”

Geet said angrily,”Maan,am not working in this post,you have appointed me.But your staff r jealous because i buttered you and took this post.Some are saying that i got laid with you then only you gave me this post..disgusting!”

Maan got angry with the last remark and got emotional and said,”You are not that type!”

Geet lifted her head immediately and looked into Maan’s face curiously.While Maan remembered their last moment how he had wrapped himself naked inside naked Geet.His cheeks turned pink slightly.Immediately Geet snapped her fingers.Maan came out of his reverie and pretended innocently.

Geet spoke,”Maan,don’t get any ideas!You are only my friend!”

Maan said bitterly,”Right!”

Geet didn’t recognise that bitter tone and spoke,”Maan,it’s better you speak to the staff or else am going to have trouble finishing this project!Sasha already envies me because,i got appointed as junior architect and she’s creating trouble for me which is going to affect your project mind it!”

Maan nodded and got up and turned and was about to walk past the door when he saw Sasha was listening to their conversation very carefully.When Sasha saw Maan glaring at her she turned and ran from there.Maan followed her and reached her cabin.

Sasha pretended,”Tasha,i know Maan sir is so innocent and that’s why am trying to kick Geet from this company.I heard her speaking after that interview that she’s going to get Maan sir at any cost.That’s why am mean to her.”

Tasha spoke,”But what use of that she got what she wished,junior architect post.But madam,i think DD and that behenji knows each other.That’s why they’re arguing each other like friends!”

Sasha said confidently,”Whatever,am not going to make that girl come near Maan sir.He’s so innocent and he needs better person!”

Maan heard their convo but didn’t enter inside the cabin to bash her but walked past it silently.When he went both Sasha and Tasha looked at Maan’s back cunningly behind the blinds and hi-fied.

Maan came to his cabin and sat on his chair.He was a bit restless as if some problem going to happen.His sixth sense was giving the answer.He wanted to get rid of this restlessness so he turned and opened his laptop when he saw a envelope.He thought who sent it as there was no name on it.He opened it getting so curious and read it.When he was reading the letter then his eyes went wide and his mouth went dry.Fear was the first time he was feeling.

Mr Maan,

I know how Geet got cured from that high fever in Manali.

Reading the letter,Maan got panic and looked at the letter top to bottom.He wanted to think of this incident as lies.No one was there on that time when he did that thing.He was thinking so much when he felt someone keep a hand on his shoulder.Maan got up with panic and saw it was Rudra.

Rudra saw him getting panic and asked,”Maan,what happened?”

Maan fell silent and thought,”If i say everything to him then what of my oath of not telling anyone.Its reputation of Geet and i need to protect her reputation at any cost.Its better to handle it myself and get to know this person.Let’s know how much he knows about Geet and our incident!”

Rudra shouted,”Maan!”

Maan once again got panic hearing his voice and asked,”Rudra,what happened to you?”

Rudra asked,”I asked you the same question!What happened to you?Why are you so panicky?”

Maan brushed off the situation,”Rudra,i was so concentrated in my work that i didn’t see you coming and when you shook me off then i got panicky!I didn’t notice you have come!”

Rudra asked suspiciously,”Are you sure?”

Maan said not seeing him,”Yup!”

Rudra sat there noticing his features as he was getting so suspicious and he saw Maan’s hand which had an white envelope.

Maan noticed Rudra looking at his envelope and immediately stuffed it in his pocket and asked,”Anyways what brings you here Rudra?”

Rudra said,”I heard that you have searched a permanent solution for Mr.Chopra’s problems!What is it?”

Maan was happy instantly which was noticed by Rudra,”Look,left side of you!”

Rudra turned and was shocked seeing Geet there.Rudra asked,”Geet?”

Maan nodded and spoke,”Yup,i had heard that she had passed highest GPA in architecture from her father.Mr.Handa too wanted his daughter to work under me to get good experience.She had come here as my personal secretary job.But i didn’t like that so i gave her junior architect job here.I had informed dad about this,let’s see that she passes this test or not!”

Rudra was astonished,”You gave her the job without any experience!Am mean MSK who never think about any girl thought about a girl’s career!”

Maan glared at him while Rudra sniggered but fell silent.

Maan asked irritated,”You don’t have any work of your own instead of spying me?”

Rudra said smiling cheekily,”Well Maan,it was your own idea that our company got merged so if you like it or not you will see me everyday morning!Have a nice day!”

Maan glared at him one last time.Rudra left his cabin and walked inside his cabin seeing the girls swooning at him.Rudra gave them not interested attitude.

Here Maan opened the letter once again and saw the words.There was not any blackmail in his words but there was an P.S.”I wish i was there wrapped around her naked.She’s such a beauty which makes men salivate on her feet!”

Reading it Maan got angry and he wrinkled it and threw it into his dustbin.


After two hours,the presentation got ready and Geet went for lunch.Maan too went for lunch but secretly he called his private detective.He thought that the guy who sent the letter is a sex maniac reading the PS.He wanted to stop that man by coming near Geet(Am thinking,itni jaldi possessive ho gaya?)Sasha sneaked into Geet’s cabin to destroy the presentation and switched on her computer.She saw that the presentation has been half so she was happy.But she didn’t know someone was playing with her.When Sasha sneaked then Maan was looking at her from his cabin.He had transferred the presentation on his computer and deleted the half of it so that one who tries to deceive Geet then get caught in his own plan.

Sasha thought,”She took two hours to complete the presentation but she had completed only half!Anyways why am thinking,this is my oppurtunity to stab her from behind.She had tried to destroy my career.Am not going to leave her.No girl going to stay near MK.It is only my right..only mine!”

Sasha left the cabin satisfied while Maan smiled at his intelligence and looked at his computer as he had opened Geet’s presentation and he was so impressed. Geet had worked hard for this presentation and Maan saw her hard work from far.He had seen some negativity in Sasha which affected the presentation but at the end the presentation time came.Sasha went to receive the guests.Both Maaneet sat in the presentation hall silently.Geet tried to look into the file but was interrupted by Maan who was observing Geet.He wanted something from her so he distracted her.Geet helped him and sat back.Mr.Chopra entered with attitude with his assistant Mr.Rahul Narayanan.

Mr.Chopra said sarcastically,”So finally you took my advise Mr.Khurana!”

Maan didn’t react to his sarcasm and said,”Have a seat Mr.Chopra!”Mr.Chopra saw Geet and nodded dismissively.

Geet said,”Morning Mr.Chopra,am Geet Handa…Khurana constructions junior architect!Its better you look into the file which is kept in front of you sir!”

Mr.Chopra saw the file and asked angrily,”What is this Mr.Khurana?Blueprints are half-done and what is this rough sketches?If you can’t handle a simple presentation then what use of giving projects to you?And i said to appoint an experienced architect other than Sasha..not some college pass out!”

Geet got angry and her eyes filled with tears but spoke softly,”But sir,based on this degrees only you guys appoint people…you won’t bring an illiterate person and say to him to build a plan!”

Mr.Chopra was apprehensive and got angry and spoke,”Now see here miss…we’re not doing this project to some rich person…we’re doing this project to middle class people..do you understand?”

Geet said politely,”Yes sir…these people are the one who dream of having their own house and collect the money of their lifetime to fulfill this dream!”

Now Mr.Chopra got impressed hearing her words so asked politely,”Then why these plans are half-filled?”

Geet answered,”Because…i want to give oppurtunity to those people who want that their house to be like this!They dream it and we fulfill it!”

Mr.Chopra got impressed seeing the remaining blueprints and seeing Geet’s presentation too.While Sasha boiled with anger and shock as she had seen the presentation was half-filled.Geet had completed the blueprints but Sasha had replaced it with her half-filled blueprints but Geet took care of it too looking at Sasha’s face.

When presentation ended then Mr.Chopra got up happily and said,”Am impressed Mr.Khurana,your project is still on!I request you that Miss Geet handle this project!My associate Mr.Rahul Narayanan will deal this project with Miss Geet.”

Geet turned to Rahul who smiled at her good naturedly.Geet too smiled back while Maan’s throat went dry with jealousy.Geet took a deep uneasy breath seeing Sasha throwing daggers at her and she exited the hall angrily.Rudra and Maan nodded dismissively

Mr.Chopra went away satisfied while Geet turned towards Maan and said,”Maan,i can’t take this project!I have come here to work and am happy as your personal secretary..please don’t make Sasha leave this company!”

Maan said softly,”Geet,Sasha isn’t going to leave this company!She’ll be senior architect and you’ll be junior architect and as your father’s wish you will be working under me only!”


Maan saw Geet with widened eyes.She looked like an angel wearing that white sari.He can’t resist himself to ask her for dance so he walked towards him.Sasha saw him walking towards Geet and came forward and asked,”MK,shall we dance?”Maan without looking at the person said,”Sorry,you don’t have that right!”And walked towards Geet.


Maan closed his eyes rubbing his head for he’s having headache.Now what can he answer her when he’s having the very same situation.Well he can’t disappoint her letter girl so he answered her politely.But what happened to him he don’t know himself.If he shares this problem with Rudra then,he’s going to say that he’s in love which is an useless word to say.Maan closed his eyes and kept his head on the steering wheel of his car.



Still feeling agitated,he started his car and geared up to reach his office faster.

Here in Handa mansion,

there was a celebration going on….Rano sang happily,”Jai ambe mata….mata jai ambe mata…tumko nish din gnaavat…..!”She prepared cake for celebration and wrote the words as icing….CONGRATULATIONS.

She brought the cake on the dining table where breakfast was getting ready…Rano had instructed servants to prepare Geet’s favourites.

Aloo paratha smoked hot on the table inviting every member of the family.Few seconds later the table filled with people and their laughter.

Geet screamed happily,”Aloo paratha!”

While Meera made a face and said,”Mom,where is Paneer Paratha?”

Rano smiled and put her favourite on her plate.How can she leave her darling daughter.

Arjun screamed angrily,”Mom,where’s my favourite?”

Rano laughed and put his favourite Matar Paratha.Mohinder nodded dismissively and gave an admired look to her. Rano blushed furiously and turned away.She too had prepared his favourite but Geet’s favourite was more. Today it was Geet’s first day in office. Geet was happy to be the part of KC family. She was appointed as personal secretary to Maan Singh Khurana.

Mohinder said happily,”Maan is an hard working guy!You need to stay to his expectations!Don’t fail him Geet and me too!I have an iconic image in his eyes and he expects more from you my daughter!”

Geet said smiling,”Yes dad,i will live upto his expectations,he won’t be ashamed of me.But i think he don’t know that am his personal secretary.I think he’s going to get the shock!”

Meera asked,”Why do you say so?”

Geet said,”Meera,he wasn’t present in my interview!His associate Sasha took interview and she was looking at me so weirdly!She refused to take me though i fulfilled all their qualifications but Adi the senior manager to the finance dept there….he supported my interview.I think am going to have trouble with that Sasha girl!”

Meera said angrily,”No one going to mess with my sister!”She said so protectively and possessively.

Geet smiled at her confidence and spoke,”Don’t worry Meera,nothing going to happen to me!”

Meera nodded approvingly as she knew that this was not her old Geet.

Geet checked the time and widened her eyes with shock,”Oh know am getting late…bye guys!Will see you later!”

Geet touched her mom and dad’s feet and ran to her car.


Both Maan and Geet sat in the usual traffic. Geet was looking at the time repeatedly and was horning her car.While Maan who stood agitated looked towards the noise and was shocked. Geet sat in the car and was making that noise. He lowered his eyes and looked back. But Geet was making the noise. Maan’s face turned into angry expression and turned that side for he thought her as his imagination. Maan closed his eyes and took a deep calming breath and turned and looked towards to see her but she wasn’t there. This made him even more angry on himself and turned that side as traffic moved and he too moved forward. Geet who was making noise had retreated back taking another shortcut to reach KC as she was getting late.

Geet entered the office happily but her happiness lasted when she saw Sasha standing saying that MK has reached office 10 minutes early and asking for her.

She said bossily,”MK says to arrange HOD meeting in the conference hall!Go and get to work then!”

Geet asked innocently,”But ma’am,where i can get HOD’s contacts?”

“You don’t know where to get HOD’s contacts,”said a bubbly girl called Tasha….

But Sasha stopped her and said,”You have come here as MK’s personal secretary..so get to know yourself!”

Geet looked at her with questioning expression.Sasha turned with attitude dragging Tasha.

Geet took a deep calming breath and came to her cabin and complained,”Now where i can get to know the HOD’s contacts..and why Sasha’s so mean to me?”

On that time someone said from behind,”She envies your beauty and brains!”

Geet turned with wide eyes to see it was Adi smiling at her.

Geet was puzzled and said,”She too have that!”

Adi sniggered sarcastically and said,”But she never became MK’s personal secretary..she envies because you have all that qualifications!”

Geet still dint understand him but said,”Anyways,can you tell me where i can get HOD’s contacts?”

Adi said,”Get it from MK’s cabin,its adjacent to yours!”

Geet turned towards MK’s cabin and showed her finger looking at Adi. Adi nodded and Geet saluted gesturing thank you and ran inside the cabin.

Maan entered inside his cabin feeling agitated when he dashed to a soft body and papers which were held flew helter skelter.Before the body falls on the ground,he caught it and opened his eyes to glare when he saw her almond eyes smiling back at him.His anger vanished into thin air and saw her longingly.His body rejoiced feeling her body and he felt so calm holding her so near.As if he has got a long sleep after so tiresome day.There was a brief moment of eye-lock and both stood immediately feeling shy.As if  they’re being caught doing mischief.

Maan immediately got angry thinking it to be his imagination and shouted,”Geet,stop troubling me and get out from here!”

Geet was shocked and stood there uproot looking at his anger.

Maan turned seeing her there and said,”Geet,this is the last time am saying,stop troubling me and get out from here!”

This time Geet’s precious pearls tickled from her eyes hearing his harsh words.

She asked crying,”When i troubled you sir?”

Maan looked into her almond eyes and saw tears and felt weird.In his imagination,he would always saw Geet as mischief girl.But today he was seeing those tears and that agitated too.

Maan immediately shouted,”Stop crying!”

Geet shivered hearing his shout and this agitated him too.He stretched his hands to hold her when she backed out.

Hearing his shouting everyone came inside while Sasha asked,”MK,what happened?”

Maan asked,”What is she doing here?”

Sasha answered politely,”MK,she’s your personal secretary,you only appointed her!”

Maan was shocked like when and turned towards Adi then he remembered how Adi was recommending someone.

Maan asked,”Adi,is she the girl who you were speaking about!”

Adi stuttered,”Yyyesss sssirrr!”

Geet felt bad seeing Adi sir stuttering in fear and glared at Maan.

Maan shouted angrily,”What have you done Adi,she’s the daughter of one of our client!She’s the daughter of Mohinder Handa!”

Adi was shocked,”What?But she said that she don’t have anyone!”

Maan glared at her now,”You have become so big to accept yourself leaving your parents?”

Geet said angrily,”That’s my personal life..and as a matter of fact,you also do that yourself.So stop blaming me!My dad know about this and he only encouraged me to work under you to learn business skills and morality!”

Maan asked,”And you are qualified for this personal secretary job..am mean have u lost it…completing B.Arch in highest percentage..do you think you can pass project files and set up meetings for me?”

Geet said innocently,”But my dad wanted me to work under you and he knew that if i come taking his name here then i would never get a job and only personal secretary job was open for me here.So i tried this!”

Maan said angrily,”U and your father…both have lost it completely!You have brains to be get used and you want to spend time doing some job you dont have any interest!”

Geet said innocently,”But dad wanted me to do it!”

Maan asked,”Leave your father now..as you have left it when you came here for the interview..what do you want..do it!Or else am going to giver termination letter to you!”Hearing this Sasha was happy.

But Geet was angry and asked,”What for?”

Maan said,”The reason of terminating you will be that you aren’t qualified for this job..you are more qualified for more higher job!”

Geet said angrily,”Mr Maan Singh Khurana,you have made me signed contract..and if you terminate me then i’ll go to court!”

Maan closed his eyes and opened it taking deep calming breath and said,”Geet,am thinking of your future and you r trying to destroy my future!”

Geet said,”If you terminate me then people will ask me what happened…then you will be destroying my future only!”

Maan declared,”Geet am terminating you!”

Geet was about to argue then Adi came as saviour,”MK,listen to me!”

Maan turned towards him while Adi continued,”You want Geet to be in bigger post as her qualifications,so let’s appoint her as junior architect here.We are leading Chopra’s project and they want new ideas and today also an email came asking new ideas cancelling Sasha’s ideas for that project.You are saying that Geet is B.Arch in highest GPA.So why don’t you give her another chance.Let us call the clients and make her give the presentation.This will be her test and interview to her and we can see her capacity too!”

Maan was happy and nodded and said,”I’ll inform dad that new post has been set up!”

Geet was shocked seeing the turn of the events and she stood mum while Sasha was angry as now no one going to ask her for the projects.


Geet turned towards Maan and said,”Maan,i can’t take this project!I have come here to work and am happy as your personal secretary..please don’t make Sasha leave this company!”Maan said softly,”Geet,Sasha isn’t going to leave this company!She’ll be senior architect and you’ll be junior architect and as your father’s wish you will be working under me only!”

Precap 2-

Maan saw Geet with widened eyes.She looked like an angel wearing that white sari.He can’t resist himself to ask her for dance so he walked towards him.Sasha saw him walking towards Geet and came forward and asked,”MK,shall we dance?”Maan without looking at the person said,”Sorry,you don’t have that right!”And walked towards Geet.



He called doctor and doctor came and examined her and said,”She’s fine!I think you did as i instructed you!”

Maan immediately said,”No doctor,i didn’t. Her fever subsided after sometime.So i didn’t do anything!”

He told lies to doctor and the old lady.

Doctor said,”Oh,that’s great,may be paracetamol worked!”

Maan nodded and turned and saw Geet opening her eyes.Geet saw Maan smiling at her and spoke,”Maan!”

Doctor said,”Geet,you need to take rest.I’ll arrange for your transportation!”

Geet smiled and said,”Thank you.But what happened to me?”

Maan said,”You were frozen cold Geet when that avalanche happened and doctor saved your life by coming here at right time!Our friends don’t know about this.May be they’ll be still searching for us!”



Here Mohinder entered and saw Meera worried.

Meera came to his arms and apologised,”Am sorry dad,i can’t able to keep my promise.I thought Geet would be happy going trekking.I had given instructions too.But i didn’t know that avalanche would happen here!”

Mohinder calmed himself as he was abt to shout on Meera but seeing her remorse he melted,”It’s ok champ,we’ll search Geet.Now i have come here na.We’ll search her.Nothing will happen to her.”

On that time Khuranas entered with Singhanias.Handas looked at Khuranas and Singhanias apprehensively.Mohinder motioned to Rano to give room to them as they have come here to see their children.Mohinder handled them politely while ordered his security to search for Maaneet.

Meanwhile Suryakanth scolded Rudra,”It was your responsibility Rudra.Maan was your responsibility.On your trust,i had sent him here.But you said that your friend needs a break from his work and brought him here.But what happened,you disappoint me very much Rudra!”

Immediately Rudra’s mother Nikhila said politely,”Stop blaming my son brother Suryakanth,you do know that it was not his mistakes still you blame him.This is a nature cause.You need to be patient till we get to know about the whereabouts of Maan!”

Before Surykanth argue he heard Maan’s voice saying,”Yes dad,don’t blame Rudra for this!”

Everyone turned to see Maaneet standing near the door. Geet was still wrapped in an shawl while Maan was standing wearing an crisp white shirt and jeans pant which was presented by that old lady.

Rano said,”Geet!”and ran towards her and engulfed her inside her warmth. Geet sobbed softly seeing her mother sobbing hardly. Mohinder too hugged them tighter feeling them both and Meera and Arjun ran towards them hugging them more tightly. Savitha who was shocked because of the incident saw her son and she too ran to him and hugged him tighter.

Maan consoled her by rubbing her back and spoke softly,”Am ok mom,don’t panic!”

Savitha sobbed softly inside his chest. Suryakanth came towards him and stroked his hairs.

Mohinder asked,”How did you escaped that avalanche?”

Maan explained,”I’ve training in this tight situations and dug the ice and reached Geet. Geet was hurted in the head and that made her so freezing that i need to carry her to a village nearby.There an old lady helped us recover faster and so we’re here on our feet.Dad,stop blaming Rudra. It was he who saw me worried and wanted to cheer me up.They had called us yesterday only but we dint go.When we decided today then this incident happened. If we would have gone yesterday when they called us then this incident would never happen with us.”

Mohinder said gratefully,”Thank you Maan for taking care of my daughter!”

Maan gulped his saliva hearing the word care but composed himself and smiled weakly. Suryakanth composed himself and apologised to Rudra. Everyone were happy to see Maaneet back and went back to their respective homes. Geet thanked Maan a million times for saving her life while Maan was a bit reluctant seeing Geet thanking him.She looked cute when she thanked him and he wanted to crush her with his demand. Maan had become uncontrolled seeing her so close.He wanted to crush her inside his arms and feel her naked body once again.He wanted to run away and prayed to god for not to come across her in this life.But time had played its part,it had sealed him to Geet’s possession only and if he runs to any corner of the world then also time would take Geet to him or him to Geet. After the happy ending of this incident all the family parted to their respective homes but dadimaa was very impressed with Rano’s cooking. She wanted to eat Rano’s cooking everyday and had made a deal that she wanted her dishes everyday. Rano too approved for that and decided to send it with Geet everyday. Dadimaa was very impressed with the Handa family and she wanted Maan to see both Meera and Geet for the alliance.Well how these old people can catch god’s wishes very easily don’t know but seriously dadimaa was very impressed with Geet’s attitude and she wanted her to be Maan’s wife.When nature has decided to make them unite then how can man deny it.Just like the proverb ‘Man proposes and god disposes’ But here the situation is other way round ‘God proposes and man disposes’ .Both maaneet are in disposing mode but god is in proposing mode.


After one month….

A man is exercising aggressively in his gym.He’s doing suryanamaskara in fast pace.Beads of sweat rolled down from his sexy body.From his head to his cheeks and from his neck to his rock chest.It stroked the nipple of his chest making him ticklish and making him more sexy.He looked more sexy with his bottled anger.His pupils dilated and nostrils flared releasing CO2.He was agitated with something and he wanted to get rid of it.Immediately he stopped his exercise and looked up apprehensively.As if he was seeing someone.He smiled looking towards it.But there was no one in that place.He smiled sexily but immediately his expression changed and he was giving shocking expression.As if he has seen someone and after that he thought it as his imagination.He came towards the mirror and wiped the sweat off his face and looked into the mirror.He was Maan who was flustered with something.Angry on someone…or him?

Maan thought,”Damn,what am i thinking?Am becoming mad.She’s troubling me all the time!”

Immediately Savitha called him,”Son,breakfast is ready!Come down soon!”

Maan shouted,”Coming mom!”

He ran to have a long hot shower.His body ached as he hissed when hot water flowed on his body.He closed his eyes keeping his both hands on the wall of the bathroom.He was indeed having calm feeling after his raging emotions.But someone still made him troubled by coming to his vision.He cursed himself for becoming mad and ran out of bathroom.He dressed himself and went to breakfast table to have breakfast but looking at his watch.

He was already late for his meeting so he shouted to his mother,”Mom,i’ll have something in the office!Don’t worry!Am getting late for my meeting!”

This time Savitha got angry and screamed,”From past one month,you r not having any breakfast in the house.You r not like this before!You were always at the time for breakfast,lunch and dinner.But these days,you have become so careless!Maan listen to me..!”

But Maan didn’t hear her and ran to his car.He took a deep calming breath thinking today it will be his lucky day but Savitha stopped him and stuffed two hot boxes inside his hand angrily said,”Now don’t you dare shout on me!I want you healthy!I have packed your breakfast,lunch!Go wherever you are but do have your breakfast and lunch!”

Savitha went back cursing under breath.Maan banged his hand on his head for seeing his mother like this.He was cursing for his behaviour and was agitated too.First of all he was sex flustered.After touching Geet like that in that state,his body never recognised anyone.He was angry,flustered,agitated and moreover he was running away from girls.Sasha who was the head architect of KC for whom he saw her respectfully.He can’t able to go near her.In work environment,he can’t able to go near her.He feels suffocated when he’s around her.Due to this behaviour,from past one month a dozen parties happened in KC for project success or of new projects.But he can’t able to dance with Sasha formally.He remember one incident……

……Client Mr.Chopra said happily,”Mr.Khurana am so happy today as our project started in collaboration!But i would advice you to keep another architect.Am very disappointed with Sasha.She shows only rich people ideas.We’re doing this project for common man,middle class people!”

Sasha said politely,”Don’t worry sir!I’ll try my level best to show you best designs!”

Mr.Chopra nodded and said,”Mr.Khurana,why don’t you dance?Young man like you need to be active!”

Maan took the hand of Sasha and came to dance floor.He held her waist to twirl her but stopped mid way.

Sasha asked,”What happened MK?”

Maan felt suffocated and said,”My apologies Sasha,but am not feeling well!”

Sasha kept her hand on his forehead and asked,”Are you alright?”

Maan immediately took the hand off from him and felt more suffocated and said,”Bathroom!”

Sasha got angry and came back while her colleagues gave a taunting smirk. Maan didn’t go to washroom but took his car and went to KM. Maan reached the home and ran inside his room without answering his mother’s calls and turned cold shower.He was suffocated when he held Sasha like that.After spending the night with Geet,his body had stopped responding to others.Whenever he held Sasha or any other girl to dance or flirt or even sex with any other girl.He always felt suffocated.As if his body adjusted to Geet’s body and he can’t live without her body contact.As if Geet had sealed the sanctity of his body inside her body.

Here Geet was no less.She too felt some odd.She for the first time got a new boyfriend Yash after that Varun’s fiasco.But she can’t able to dance with him in farewell party of the last batch of the architect.

Another problem to Maan was because of his letter girl.She had written countless letters to him complaining that she had changed so much…..

Dear God,

I have changed completely!I can’t sit with my new boyfriend Yash.I can’t dance with him.Few days back he had given a farewell dinner to me and congratulations dinner for getting top marks in architecture.I was happy with him.But when it came the situation of dance.I quarreled with him.I said,i feel suffocated whenever he comes near me.Poor guy,he was so sad,hearing my words.He left me because of this saying that someone is there who’s waiting for me and he has possessed me!What is happening to me god tell me?

Maan closed his eyes rubbing his head for he’s having headache.Now what can he answer her when he’s having the very same situation.Well he can’t disappoint her letter girl so he answered her politely.But what happened to him he don’t know himself.If he shares this problem with Rudra then,he’s going to say that he’s in love which is an useless word to say.Maan closed his eyes and kept his head on the steering wheel of his car.

Precap-Maan entered inside his cabin feeling agitated when he dashed to a soft body and papers which were held flew helter skelter.Before the body falls on the ground,he caught it and opened his eyes to glare when he saw her almond eyes smiling back at him.His anger vanished into thin air and saw her longingly.His body rejoiced feeling her body and he felt so calm holding her so near.As if he has got a long sleep after so tiresome day.



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