He then swayed her and lifted her holding her in the mid air as she looked upwards while he looked upwards towards her and she was balancing herself by keeping her both hands on his shoulder.He turned round still carrying her like that and after sometime he let her down. Geet saw her position was shocked beyond wits and everyone saw at her shocked while her eyes showed multiple emotions,she felt crying as this desires were making her sad after her heart brake.Her eyes welled up and she ran from there. Maan saw her cry and he wanted to follow her but looking around him stopped himself.He turned to go back to party but cant able to so he walked towards Geet ordering Adi to take care of the party.



Geet walked down the KC building wearing the very same saree wiping her tears.She knew that this was not good for her to dream to move one.She was afraid of the heart break and she don’t wanted that not for now.She walked faster to catch a taxi while Maan walked looking around him calling Geet’s name.Geet heard it but she don’t wanted to face Maan,not at this state so she walked faster and called a taxi.

Maan saw Geet catching taxi and spoke,”It isn’t good for her to catch taxi when that psycho Varun is at loose!Geet!”

But she dint listen to him and climbed the taxi which stopped in front of her and spoke,”Janakpuri!”

Maan said angrily,”Geet damn it stop,don’t take taxi at this hour!I’ll drop you!”But before he command the driver to stop the car started but Geet screamed from inside.

Maan heard it and shouted,”Geet!”

But the driver drove the car faster.Maan took his car and followed the taxi.While in the car it was Varun inside who had sat beside her silently.When Geet felt him then she screamed with panic then he injected the Rohypnol injection immediately.Geet got unconscious.Meanwhile Maan drove the car following the taxi but got lost with the numerous taxis which was Varun’s idea for losing the Maan.Maan got angry and opened the mobile and started tracking Geet from his GPS system.Luckily he had put an tracer on Geet’s sari when he was dancing with her.Varun was victorious kidnapping Geet and wanted to have her there and then so he drove the taxi towards his hotel.Maan saw that she was going towards the very same hotel which Meera mentioned and got to know that it was Varun who kidnapped her.So he called Meera and spoke about the incident and even told her to come with Dev who will handle the situation who’s the membership there.Meera did as Maan told and took Dev from KC.Here Varun carried unconscious Geet inside that very same room followed by his bro who was looking at Geet hungrily.He wanted to do it very quickly so that he can destroy Geet’s virtue and blackmail her to marry him.Both Maan and Meera drove faster as if they were being chased by a pack of wolves.Maan reached first and then Meera reached immediately.

Dev asked,”I didn’t know that b*****d have a permanent room here!”

Meera said,”He has kept the manager in his good books!”

Maan said,”Let’s go, no time to loose!”

Meera and Dev busied the manager while Maan ran to tackle Varun and his brother.Here Varun made unconscious Geet lie on the bed and started tracing her body from his eyes.Lust oozed inside his dark eyes while his breath was uneven.He stroked her body softly and read every curve while he heard the busted man who stood.

Varun snarled,”She’s mine,back off!Today she’s looking beautiful and in this sari..she’s so sexy!Whomever gave this sari to her has a very good taste!”

His brother said,”Do it quickly before Handas come this way!”

Varun said confidently,”No one knows this room!I have plenty of time!”

He bent dow to kiss her lips when he got a phone call.Varun got angry but took the call as it was from manager.Varun widened his eyes hearing him and spoke,”Quick,let’s go away from here.Handas got to know about this..they r on their way!How did they got to know?”Varun dressed himself in record time and opened his room door and saw a fist coming his way and he was threw inside the room with the force.Varun started looking stars but he saw in his hazy vision a big beefy man running inside the room and checking Geet is alright or not.Varun got up in difficulty and tried to run outside the room when another fist come towards him and once again he was threw away with the force.Varun’s nose bled and held a two broken teeth and spoke,”Who are you guys?”

Maan answered,”Maan Khurana!”

Varun was shocked hearing the name and said stupidly,”How did you come now? You are supposed to be come in the end to clear up the mess!”

Maan answered,”But am a man of action, i don’t come in the end but come before you mess it up!”

Varun still had a hazy vision taking two punches from the most powerful fist.He saw another man cracking his knuckles and gulped his saliva.He saw that policemen coming and carrying him towards the police jeep.

Varun shouted,”You will pay for this Maan Khurana!”


Mohinder sat on the chair holding Rano’s hand worriedly on hospital.Maan and Dev sat on the other side while Arjun and Meera saw Geet from the blinds while doctors were treating her.

Mohinder spoke worriedly,”What sin i have committed that Geet is paying for that!It is good that Maan saw that she was kidnapped and ran to save her.Or else,what would have happened to her.She and i can’t able to see this world eye to eye.Thank you Maan,for saving her.Twice you saved her,i’ll be debted by you!”

Maan spoke softly,”Uncle,please,you have repeated this from the time we came to this hospital.Just stop it!You accepted me as a son and am acting like that!”

Meanwhile Suryakanth who had come there hearing the news said,”Calm down Mohinder,you don’t need to thank my son so much!”

Mohinder said,”Suryakanth,as a father it is the least i can do to Maan!”

Suryakanth patted his shoulder and waited for doctors.

Doctor came outside and spoke,”She’s alright!She won’t remember what happened to her and its better you guys do like that.Be normal as though nothing happened to her!”

Everyone nodded while Maan carried Geet to his car possessively.Mohinder noticed it while Surykanth too.Here Meera smiled at Dev with gratitude but Dev was stunned looking Meera smiling at him.Meera thanked Dev for accompanying her and protecting her by that drunkards who were ready to pounce on her when they entered the disco.


Geet saw the news,”Varun spoke,”Am an unfortunate boy for my girlfriend don’t understand my love.Handas threw me to the prison because i love Geet Handa so much.They are manipulating Geet too saying that am an womanizer.I love you Geet so much.Please come to me and free me from this prison!”Mohinder threw the remote angrily and shouted,”How dare he humiliate me publicly?”He turned towards Geet and asked,”Geet,if i take a decision about your marriage then you won’t deny it?”Geet said,”Dad,am your daughter and i believe you that you will search a perfect match for me!”Mohinder hugged her feeling proud and spoke,”Am proud of you Geet!”



Far away the arctic sea lands was the prison of ghost tribe.Innocent people were imprisoned there who were becoming mad due to the spell which was cast on it by Vinay Bhatia.But one cell never was dark…it surprised all the prisoners for it was the cell of Aarti Sharma who was doing strong penance.Due to Vinay Bhatia’s spell,every prisoner suffered hell but because of Aarti’s penance that cell had become outcast to the inhabitants of the prison.No one had guts to enter inside it as they were scared of death.Aarti was doing strong penance to save herself being mad and double her cultivation so that she’ll be ready for the revolution against the ghost kings Virendra Bhatia and Vinay Bhatia.Yash knew about this so he was encouraging her by transferring his small amount of powers to her to save herself from the mad spell.

One day,Geet went to mortal realm to practise divination and some field work with Sixteenth when she encountered a woman who wanted to ask about her future.But in the real means she was searching Geetansh with an jealousy emotion.She was indeed a warrior named Pari who was trying to impress Yash by her skills.But Yash never looked upon her because of Aarti.But Pari thought because of Geetansh,Yash never looked upon her.Pari was waiting for an opportunity which was available now.When Yash came back from fox tribe holding Manchanda’s peach wine he gave that wine to Geetansh reminding him of his birthday which was day before yesterday.

Geetansh was happy getting this gesture from her master so she ran towards the wine cellar to have a drink when Pari kidnapped him.

Pari insisted when Geetansh came around,”Little fox,you are going to become my disciple and follow me!”

Geetansh asked her,”What is the purpose of that madam?”

Pari glared at her while her servants spoke angrily,”How dare you question our mistress?One who going to tie the knot to your master Yash Sindhia!”

Geetansh was amused hearing that so she spoke arrogantly,”When i have my master then why do i have to accept tutelage from you who is no match to my master’s finger?”

Pari glared at her and spoke,”Ok then,you are going to stay here in water dungeon till you accept me!This water dungeon will become graveyard to you!”

Geetansh started to struggle trying to free her chains but Pari pushed her inside the water.Meanwhile Yash got to know that Geetansh is missing and doubted that it was Pari’s work and walked towards her house.

Geetansh shouted angrily,”Pari,don’t be stupid free me immediately or bare the consequences!”

Pari smiled and went away when she heard her water dungeon blast into smithereens.Pari was shocked looking at Geetansh floating freely and coming towards her.Pari went back while Yash entered there and looked at the scene with shock and proud.Geetansh freely slid down and the water which held her went away leaving her on the earth.

Pari looked shock while Geetansh spoke,”Pari,you think me as some mere disciple of Yash who is so soft and still need to become immortal.No,am chosen for a purpose,am born like that,am here for some purpose which isn’t clear to me and you take me out of jealousy and want exploit me?”

Geetansh immediately started to concentrate on the powers which she held.When he did that then 5 balls came in front of her.Fire,wind,water,sky and earth came in front of Pari.

Geetansh held the chinmudra and started to speak a spell and spoke,”I can control the 5 elements of the earth!You want to war with me?”

Pari dragged her sword and spoke,”Let’s test our powers Geetansh!”

Geetansh bowed to her in approval.Both dragged their sword and clashed with force which made her house blast into smithereens.Yash immediately put a protective spell around his students and dragged his sword too.First thought Yash going to help Geetansh but he stood with Pari to attack.

Geetansh was shocked while Pari smiled sarcastically and spoke,”What happened?You are shocked!”

Geetansh said calmly,”Pari,you may make my master towards you!But,you can’t make me towards you!I’ll crush you!”

Pari smiled,”Let’s see!”

Geetansh held her chinmudra and spoke some spell which made Yash to be thrown out and make Pari prison in an iron prison.Geetansh made Yash to get up and was about to hurt Pari when Yash stopped him.

Geetansh asked,”Sir,why are you stopping me?”

Yash said,”This was your test seventeenth to test your powers.Release her,she was acting on my orders!”

Geetansh was shocked and immediately released Pari from the iron prison.

Pari smiled and spoke to Yash,”Yash,you have got a great disciple,who didn’t distract though you were against her!”

Yash smiled when the cloud started to darken.

Aditya spoke,”Sir,its seventeenth heavenly trial!”

Yash came forward but Geetansh pushed him back and ran forward.

Yash spoke,”No,you are still not ready!”Geetansh said,”Whatever sir,but this is my heavenly trial!”

The sky struck first lightening on Geetansh which she took with confidence.When she finished her trial then her powers had drained out and she spat so much blood.Yash thought that she has passed out but she immediately came round healthy and more powerful.Her aura was more strong with strong powers.Yash was impressed looking at her.On that time a messanger came to Yash who wanted to meet him who was from his uncle celestial tribe.The messanger gave the message that Virendra Bhatia and Vinay Bhatia are trying to collect allies for the war against celestial tribe and Yash.War had called Yash Scindia to get ready.Meanwhile Geetansh became high immortal with immense powers waiting to use it for her destiny.Yash still need to say what is her destiny while so many incident happened in between that.Naintara who was Geetansh’s cousin came to meet Geetansh trying to save herself from unwanted alliance.Brij sent the letter to Geetansh seeking the help from her to save Naintara from unwanted alliance.


Yash came to his quarters and slept peacefully.But before that he remembered a incident of Geet that morning.Geet asked Manchanda,”Godfather are you sure,you have brought me to the right person?”

Manchanda asked her sternly,”Why do you ask?”

Geet spoke doubtfully,”Because,I don’t think,he’s an god of war who has so many disciples!”

Yash who heard their convo asked,”What makes you think like that?”

Geet who was unaware got startled hearing Yash’s voice from behind and fell silent looking downwards.Yash persisted,”Seventeenth,tell me what makes you think so?”

Geet spoke fearlessly looking at his face,”Sir,you look like those pretty boys who flirt with girls in the mortal realm!”

Yash asked astonished,”Did you called me pretty boy?”Geet nodded hesitantly.

Manchanda chuckled,”Yash,I’ve sent you a great disciple,you will be in quite fun!”

Yash chuckled looking at Geet’s eyes which had blushed furiously.

Next morning,Geet as Geetansh started her training.She came to her quarters dressing as boy wearing moustache and walked towards the training ground but stopped by her master Yash who spoke,” Seventeenth, before I start your actual training you need to be fine tune with some of the characters. So I expect you to take care of this golden lotus (pointing towards the lotus pond).Don’t make it wither away or don’t make it too floody in the water or else you will get detention and detention will be that you need to carry a pitcher full of water from tip of the mountain to down.You need to run around holding the pitcher around the mountain if you spill a drop of the water from the pitcher.”

Geet looked at Yash innocently open mouthed.

Yash asked,”Any questions?”

Geet nodded no still blinking.

Yash said bossily,”Good get on with the work!”

Geet got to work and started taking care of the golden lotus.In her care it started to bloom and twinkled under sunlight happily.Actually there was some divine energy which made Geet’s work easier.Yash saw this and one day he did some magic to make it wither away.

Geet was shocked looking at it and asked her first disciple Aditya Mehra,”Senior,look at the lotus,it got withered!Yesterday only,it was looking good!What do I do now?”

Aditya thought,”Oh no,if master gets to know then Seventeenth’s hard work will be wasted!”

Aditya asked,”Did you put manure sufficiently?”

Geet said,”Yes!”

But on that time Yash landed so that his first disciple won’t help Geet and asked,”Seventeenth,how’s the golden lotus?”

Both the disciples stood in front of it closing the withered away lotus but Yash’s sharp eyes caught them.

Yash took one look and spoke,”I think it is time for your detention Seventeenth!”

Geet stammered,”But sir,I honestly don’t know what happened!It was good yesterday but,it got withered away today!”

Yash said bossily,”Nothing doing,I said you to don’t wither it.But you didn’t listen to it.Now get ready for detention!”

Geet turned to her senior for support when Aditya spoke,”Sir,I’ve seen Seventeenth taking good care of it.He has done so much hard work!”

Yash said bossily,”Rule no.1 Seventeenth,don’t leave your loved ones near your enemy.You won’t be able to win the war against him.Now get ready for your detention,but an revised detention.You won’t be carrying the pitcher of water around the mountain the whole day but going to carry ten times.Mind it,if you spill then we need to get on with the original detention.”

Geet nodded happily and did her detention.Yash saw her determination and got impressed.Yash knew that he has very little time,so he was teaching Geet so much.After 10 years,Geet was expert in war art and she has grown up to a handsome girl.She was about to take a heavenly trial of three lightening bolts.This would show that is she able person to get immortality and to ascend herself to an high goddess.The second prince of celestial tribe had already rejected her because he was in love with someone else while fox king was struggling to get justice for his daughter.The heavenly king who was the uncle of Yash had requested fox king that if Yash accepts Geet as his fiancée then they won’t have any objection.These develpments never reached the ears of Yash or Geet whose budding relationship of teacher and student was stronger.

It was a weird day for Yash when he got a vision which made him worried to go to seclusion.Summer was going on and at broad daylight he got the vision of him going inside his own artefact which was given to ghost tribe out of peace.The wizard king Vinay Bhatia had decided that he will imprison inside his own war artefact by the orders of Virendra Bhatia.By doing so he wanted to create chaos in the world by trampling the security and peace treaty between celestial tribe and other tribes.After that he wanted to rule the world declaring himself as king.After sometime Yash came from the seclusion and spoke to his first student Aditya.

Yash said,”First,no matter what happens to me,you will protect Geetansh!”

Aditya asked,”Sir,why are you saying so?”

Yash said,”First,i would like to reveal some secrets for you which you need to keep it for yourself!”

Aditya spoke politely,”Sir,don’t be afraid.Whatever you say will be kept secret in my heart till eternity!”

Yash said,”First,you need to know that Geetansh isn’t a boy but girl Geetanjali Handa,little princess of fox tribe who has come here to learn war art!”

Aditya was shocked,”What?”

Yash told,”Yeah,but she doesn’t know why fate had roped her here,only i know!”

Aditya asked,”What is it sir?”

Yash said,”First,she’s here to learn war art not for her interest but it is the play of destiny.She’s the key to free my beloved Aarti and free this world from Virendra Bhatia’s rule!”

Aditya asked,”Key?I still don’t understand sir!”

Yash said,”Do you remember the battle of Nashik when that wretched Bhatia had imprisoned Aarti?”

Aditya said sadly,”Still she’s imprisoned there sir!”

Yash said,”I know first,seeing your sister imprisoned there you feel sad!”

Aditya said angrily,”Angry too sir,but what is the connection between Geetansh and my sister sir!”

Yash spoke,”Seventeenth is the one who going to free your sister and this world too!”



In Vindhya mountains,Yash’s disciples were trying to catch that dagger while he sat in meditation to get to know who will be his future disciple.When he closed his eyes and started to concentrate then his x-ray vision started like a pattern started to form which turned into a girl with hazel brown eyes long white nose and pink lips..the look of her can say that how much she was mischievous..then the vision turned her into a boy wearing moustache…Yash felt shocked concentrating on the vision while his face showed the shocking expression.

But when he saw further then he saw a wizard…a king who was the ruler of ghost tribe…he was doing some weird magic and shouted,”After defeating Yash Sindhia am going to rule the three worlds…no one going to match me unless the person who wants to defeat me…the one who want to vanquish me never took birth in this world…am immortal always!”

Immediately Yash opened his eyes shocked.He thought,”Howcome I got this vision?Am getting that vision from quite a time!I know that ghost king want to defeat me and want to rule this world because apart from all the clan I have the powers to resist him.But what is the connection between this vision to that girl whom I saw in that vision…is there any connection?”

Yash closed his eyes to concentrate once again but he can’t able to concentrate and he opened his eyes breathing heavily.There was a pitcher of water beside him which downed immediately under the throat and felt calm.He once again closed his eyes but he felt the knock at the door.

The person spoke,”Sir,a student has come to see you to get enrolled for war arts!”

Yash thought,”May be that girl who I saw!”and he spoke,”Tell him to wait for some time!”

That person spoke,”Yes sir!”

Yash came outside and walked towards the great hall.

Meanwhile Manchanda walked with Geet while Geet asked,”Godfather,are you going to meet me the great..the high god of war Yash Sindhia?”

Manchanda spoke,”Yup!”Immediately he changed her to a boy.Geet felt something change and saw a moustache under her nose and sneezed as the hair of moustache tickled the tip of her nose.Geet asked angrily,”Why am I wearing a boy’s dress and this torture?”Pointing towards her moustache

Manchanda hid his smile looking at the cute eyes of Geet as she was looking like a comedy piece and spoke,”Yash teaches only boys not girls so if you want to learn war art from him then you need to wear this dress and that torture!”

Geet asked,”Don’t I get caught?”

Manchanda spoke still walking,”May be or May be not!”

Geet asked out of breath,”What that supposed to mean?”

Manchanda turned stopping and spoke,”May be Yash can catch you but other disciples won’t!”

Geet asked,”That will be good as I don’t want to tell lies to my teacher…what will be my name?”

Manchanda said,”Geetansh!”

Yash came outside and saw a young boy standing while he saw Manchanda walking towards him with a girl dressed in boy costume with a bushy moustache.Immediately he felt his powerful dagger fly faster past his students and turned around the boy and stopped in the midair in front of Geet.Manchanda eye gestured to Geet to take it but Geet was already very curious so she went forward but the dagger ran forward slipping from her hand.When she ran behind it then she saw that it going to hurt a bird which was flying above it.Geet jumped immediately and held the handle when the dagger came to her silently.Yash saw this astonished and his inner eye looked at her appearance.She was indeed beautiful.

Yash thought,”Do I need to teach woman too?”Then he thought,”But this dagger has chosen her,so she’ll be a special person which fate has connected to me!”

Manchanda eye gestured to her to speak while Yash was lost in his thoughts.

Geet folded her hands and spoke,”Sir,I wish to receive tutelage from you in war art!Am Geetansh from fox tribe!”

Geet gave the dagger back to Yash when Manchanda eye gestured to give the dagger back.Yash took it.When these incidents were going on…on that time the boy who waited the audience of Yash came forward and requested,”I also wish to receive tutelage in war art from high god Yash!”

Yash asked,”What is your name?”

That boy spoke,”Prateek Arora!”

Yash spoke,”I have already 15 disciples if you two get enrolled then it will be 17…who will be the junior here?”

Geet thought,”I don’t want to be the junior here!”

Yash asked,”What do you think Manchanda?”

Geet thought,”Manchanda say the number as 16!”

Manchanda looked towards her but spoke,”Yash,mine is quite irresponsible and unreliable so make him as junior!”

Geet spoke angrily,”Then I wont get enrolled!”

Yash’s first disciple asked her,”You were very eager to get enrolled then why are you denying it?”

Geet pouted,”Am the one who’s youngest in my family so I don’t want to become junior here!”

Yash smiled at her pouting face but immediately threw the dagger towards her which she took it without any difficulty while other students asked,”Sir,you gave it just like that,why?”

Yash answered,”Because it chose her,so I gave it to him!”Geet said,”Then it is ok then!”She folded her hands.

Yash said,”Prateek,you will be 16th disciple and Geetansh will be 17th disciple!”

Manchanda went away while Geet was settled down in her quarters.Yash once again sat to meditation seeking some answers when he felt that something dark is swooping around his mountain.He felt uneasy and came outside and went to the highest peak of his mountain and smelt the air.He felt some sinister and he felt the hairs of his back neck stand.He swallowed and sat there doing meditation when he saw the ghost lord celebrating that no one can’t defeat him unless and his concentration broke once again.Yash gulped down his saliva and came back to his students quarters.Everyone were asleep when he slipped inside Geet’s room.He saw that Geet was sleeping.Yash looked that her palm was open and was sleeping it was her left palm.Yash held her left palm softly and felt the palm softer than cotton.Yash immediately felt calm holding it.He closed his eyes holding her left palm.He immediately saw numerous visions like some twin of him coming to her and kissing her and most important was why was her birth happened.When he opened his eyes then he was smiling.Yash who never smiled in his lifetime smiled.He saw Geet stirring so he vanished into thin air.Geet opened her eyes and saw around her as if she felt someone here.She saw no one so drifted to sleep immediately.

Yash came to his quarters and smiled and spoke,”It is near Virendra Bhatia!”


Vindhya mountains which has been dense with forests and animals was the habitat of the disciples of Yash Sindhia,high god of war.Vindhya mountains had 15 disciples who were learning the war art from Yash.But right now he was doing penance to gain knowledge..to invent a unique artefact which will be more powerful for a person who gains out of hard work.After doing penance for 100 years,he was successful gaining an artefact…god had smiled upon him to present this artefact…this was the purity dagger which can be mastered by a pure heart.That dagger need to choose its owner as it was slipping from his disciples hands when he tried to present it.

On that time a thought crept in Yash’s mind,”Am I going to get another disciple?”

Meanwhile a beautiful girl screamed out loud for her brother when she was chased by her father.

She screamed,”I want to go to Vindhya mountains no matter what happens!”

Her father Mohinder Handa snarled,”Geet,I have fixed an alliance for you.Its the second prince of celestial tribe!Just go and meet him for once!”

Geet screamed stubbornly,”I don’t want to marry him..right now I have my goal…and that is I want to learn war art?”

Mohinder sat there keeping his hand on his head feeling defeated as he know that his daughter is so stubborn like him.

Rano spoke gently,”You need to think of your daughter’s wishes or else if you act against her then she flees and we won’t be able to find her..remember when you dint let her go to that trip to kashi at her 10th year then she fled so angry.”

Mohinder continued worriedly,”She fled to Himalayan mountains and freeze to death!”

Rano sighed when Mohinder spoke,”But from whom I ask the tutelage for Geet!”

On that time someone spoke from behind,”Yash sindhia from Vindhya mountains!”

Both spun around to see smiling Manchanda.

Mohinder sighed and spoke,”Ok,but I heard that Yash teaches only boys…howcome my Geet can be joined there?”

Manchanda said,”That won’t be a problem..since our Geet acts like a boy..its better we disguise her and make her present in front of Yash as a boy!”

Geet glared at him and asked,”Do I act like boys?”

Manchanda smiled looking at her anger,”Yup,since your wishes are like boys then you act like boys!Come on let me enroll you there as he’s a good friend of mine!”


It was a very beautiful palace placed inside the heart of the sea.Maids started to move in hurry taking some medical equipment while a man with twinkling eyes entered inside the palace seeking a sick patient.He was followed by a beautiful girl who looked around.The water king greeted and led them towards the sick patient.That beautiful girl looked around her walking inside.That man who was a doctor took a look into the sick patient and got to know what was his ailment.He requested the water king to step outside.

When water king exited then he spoke to the beautiful girl,”Can you sense the different aura from the crown prince Geet?”

That beautiful girl nodded and sat in front of the sick patient and snapped her fingers and sat doing meditation holding the chinmudra.After some time she entered the mind of the sick patient using her power and walked inside the sick patient’s mind.She walked further and felt the strong power and took a look into it to get her master…her mentor….her favourite teacher Yash sindhia.Geet’s eyes watered seeing her teacher taking the reign of the sick patient’s body trying to get powerful to return to his body.She immediately came outside and spat blood all over.

The doctor threw some power towards her and made her well instantly and asked,”Do you got confirmation Geet?”

Geet nodded and spoke,”Thank you for bringing me here Manchanda. I’ve waited for him for a long time!”

Manchanda spoke twinkling at her,”Oh,it’s ok my dear.Since you are very loyal to him that you fed your heart’s blood and waiting for him from 1,00,000 years,its my duty to ease your pain.”

Geet smiled at him and sat near the sick crown prince sighing.

She asked,”Any chance of helping him god father?”

Manchanda spoke looking at the sick patient,”Oh don’t worry.he was powerful at his times and now also he’s powerful inside this crown prince Ansh.He’ll come around in 3 months!”


Image result for gurmeet choudhary images

Maanveer Singh Khurana-Crown prince of the celestial tribe.

Image result for drashti dhami images

Geetanjali Handa-Queen of fox tribe.

Image result for gurmeet choudhary images-yash

Yashwardhan sindhia-High god of war,teacher of Geet.

Manchanda-Doctor and high god in medicine.

Image result for Behzaad Khan images

Brij Handa-Brother of Geet and high god too and expert in medicine too.

Prashant Chawla

Tej Handa-big brother of Geet and Brij.He’s the crown prince of fox tribe.

Image result for karishma randhawa

Naintara Rathod-Rival of Geet who always wanted what Geet wanted.

Image result for Heena Parmar

Sameera Shroff-She’s the first wife of Maanveer but never got an opportunity to be his wife dutifully.Maan hates her and he marries her due to his grandfather’s pressure.

Abhinav Shukla

Dev Shukla-Cassanova loves Geet truly but circumstances make him to marry Naintara who despises Geet.



Maan once again glared and snatched his hand from her hand and walked away.His anger was bottling up and he doesnt want to shout on Geet when Noor is sleeping peacefully.Geet sighed looking at his bare back as she wanted to taste it.Maan came back to his study and threw a rack of books angrily.Then he saw what he has done and started to collect his books to assign it back.He thought about his life when he collected his books.How his life has started to twist…his father’s betrayal towards his mother…his father suffering due to that Major Shatru..everything came into his eyes just like a movie.He remembered how he behaved with his mom..his Geet…his Noor…his Veer…his Dadi…everyone who is so important in his life.Everyone tried to show him right pathway but he dint go instead he chose the painful pathway…his anger pathway in which he hurted his loved ones and himself too.He closed his eyes sitting on the nearby chair holding the stack of books on his lap.He saw a dream…a nightmare of losing every single person whom he loved beyond his life going away telling that he always keeps his anger inside him which hurts them so much.


“Noor!don’t run dear…wait for me!”Geet called the 5 year old miniature Geet who was running helter skelter saving herself from the food which she was about to be fed by her mom.Immediately Noor felt her ground slip as she was in the arms of her father.

Noor glared and spoke in her soft small babyish voice,”Dada,i dont want to eat more!Am full!”

Geet said immediately,”I know your stomach..you will be running around me after 30 minutes saying am hungry!Finish your lunch dear!”

Noor refused making disgusting face while Maan spoke smiling,”Do as you told dear…don’t trouble your mumma!”

Noor pouted just like Geet when Geet felt a kick in her stomach.

Geet pouted,”Look your brother is also kicking to say that you need to have food.”

Noor widened her eyes looking at her stomach and slided down from her father’s body.Maan let go of her very carefully and Noor kissed Geet’s stomach to calm the baby.Geet smiled looking at Noor who was shedding its love towards the baby cocooned inside the womb.Geet was 6 months pregnant and Noor’s naughtiness made her tired so much.Geet sat on the sofa immediately because of tiredness while Noor’s eyes filled with tears and she started crying thinking she troubled her mumma.

Maan lifted Noor and spoke softly,”Don’t cry my sweetiepie,nothing happened to your mumma!Now finish your lunch,we are going to see your Veer mamu!”

Noor smiled immediately hearing Veer’s name.On that time someone said behind,”My Noor is going to eat with me!”

Maan turned to reveal his father Samarth who was smiling at Noor lovingly.

Noor screamed,”Glandpa!(Grandpa)”

Noor jumped from his father to reach her grandfather when both father and son held Noor.Geet smiled at the duo.Samarth smiled at his son and daughter-in-law and went away holding her food tray.Geet got up slowly while Maan helped her and she walked towards their room.She lied on the bed while Maan comforted her.

Geet smiled at her husband’s love and spoke,”Thank you for completing my family!”

Maan said getting bored,”Geet give it a rest…you are repeating this sentence for the nth time!”

Geet spoke,”But for my hubby..it may be infinite times!”

Maan nodded dismissively while asked,”Now tell me what may i be service to you!You have interrupted my working in KC and had called me forcefullly!”

Geet said looking at him darkly,”Well you know what i insist!”

Maan smiled but spoke underbreath,”I have become sex slave to her!”

Geet glared at him and spoke,”If you don’t like then you can go!”

Maan immediately held her chin gently and traced her face in his dark eyes,”How can i,when you have initiated me?”

Maan tenderly traced her lips looking at her darkly while his eyes made her cheeks flushed but her eyes showed the anger and spoke,”You only spoke those words!”

Maan said still tracing her round eyes,”But you initiated it…if you never initiated it then also i would take you tonight anyway!”

Geet widened her eyes with shock but asked angrily,”Then why you spoke those words?”

Maan spoke tracing her flushed cheeks,”It is true!Since your second pregnancy,you have become more beautiful..this pregnancy making you more tender and demanding along with sexy and hot!”

He nuzzled her tender breasts which heaved with every single trace.As if he’s loving for the first time.

Geet moaned,”Maan!”

Maan spoke,”Hmm!”and immediately a groan escaped feeling the wetness in her deep corner.

Immediately she was flat on the bed and comfortable and he started to take off her clothes.He kissed every inch taking her clothes off.Geet moaned loudly while he held her tender breasts.Her nipples got aroused tightening the tip which made him so excited and took it inside his mouth.He sucked it till his fill making it more tender and soft while Geet screamed in pleasure.Maan looked at himself.He was still clothed in his office attire.

Geet observed him and panted,”I will help you!”

She started to take off his clothes kissing him every inch.Maan groaned controlling his demon as he knew that he need to be tender with Geet.

Geet kissed his every inch and felt tired due to pregnancy while he made her sleep on the bed and asked,”You ok jaan,you think that we need to continue!”

Geet dint speak for sometime relishing the moment and Maan startd to move back but she held his hand and spoke,”Don’t stop!”

Maan saw the dark pleasure in her eyes and chuckled.He knew that she won’t back off looking him like that..naked and hot as hell.Geet blushed furiously while he took her hands and made to hold his hardness.

Geet took a deep sharp breath feeling it aroused and he spoke,”Do you know,you make this to me always and this feeling has only with you!”

Maan felt the enormous satisfaction feeling her hands rubbing his manhood but he spoke with concern,”Are you sure you want to continue?”

Geet pleaded,”Please don’t stop!”

Precap-Epilogue 2-Geet held a baby boy on her hand having tears in her eyes while Maan looked at the innocent life with happiness


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